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File 128503905981.png - (68.02KB , 700x500 , 000 copy.png )
232364 No. 232364 ID: 4953e3

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No. 232365 ID: 4953e3
File 128503933040.png - (79.91KB , 900x400 , 001.png )

Select your TYPE.

Brute: A giant hulking beast of incomparable power. Lacks intellect and charisma, as well as fine motor skill. Has ridiculous strength and stamina, and a shoulder mounted rocket. Needs lots of food all the time.

Soldier: Strong and fast, with a standard issue weapon. Can have a few different weapons load outs. Well rounded, with no real weaknesses.

Stealth: Very fast but somewhat frail. Able to turn invisible and jump incredibly far. One of its hands is replaced with a sword.

Science: Very frail, but very good with all sorts of mechanical equipment, as well as TUUUBES. The weakest in combat, but the most useful outside of it.
No. 232366 ID: 9efdda

No. 232367 ID: 476456

Stealth is the only thing that ever gets a hit in.

so stealth :3
No. 232368 ID: e31d52

No. 232369 ID: f4963f

No. 232370 ID: f475f8

Stealth. Stealth is still pretty good with TUUUUUUUUUBES.
No. 232371 ID: a9a46d

Let's SCIENCE this shit up.
No. 232372 ID: d560d6

There is no possible answer other than SCIENCE.
No. 232375 ID: 4953e3
File 128504025174.png - (110.44KB , 700x500 , 002.png )


Are we a BIOLOGIST, who specializes in medicine, mutation, and creature taming?

Or are we an ENGINEER, who specializes in TUUUUBES, turrets, and cybernetics?
No. 232376 ID: 476456

No. 232378 ID: d560d6

Engineer. We're gonna solve us some practical problems.
No. 232380 ID: a9a46d

Engineer, for the TUUUUUUUUBES.
No. 232382 ID: 6a17b0

No. 232384 ID: e31d52

No. 232391 ID: c71597

Mutation would have been fun. But Cybernetics holds some promise as well. Lets go with engineer, there's gonna be some crazy ass shit built to make us less suck in combat!
No. 232392 ID: 4953e3
File 128504253755.png - (97.22KB , 700x500 , 003.png )

You are an ENGINEER! The best around! Well not really. You aren't bad, though.

SCIENCE TEAM has discovered an anomaly in sector 3-G of the base! You have been selected/forced to go investigate, with a team of 3 Soldiers. Your bring your Engineering Tools which you, which allow you to do all sorts of weird shit.

You arrive in Sector G-3 to find the first room you enter has suffered lacerations throughout the area. A dead GEEMER lies on the floor, and the northern door has been cut in half. You do not know what sort of creature could cause this sort of damage. Where shall you begin your exploration?
No. 232393 ID: dad664

Inspect TUUUUUUUUUBES to ensure that they have not been damaged.
No. 232395 ID: 701a19

Send one of the soldiers to investigate the other side of that slash.
Use your Weird Shit tools to figure out what made the slashes.
No. 232397 ID: 4953e3
File 128504276692.png - (101.04KB , 700x500 , 003.png )

>I SAID, a dead GEEMER lies on the floor.
No. 232398 ID: 9b8b83

Install a gun turret in the back of the dead geemer.
No. 232399 ID: 175f4a

whew, at LEAST it isn't the hunter, she leaves melted holes not giant cuts.

anyway, inspect thing in top right corner of room.
No. 232401 ID: 701a19

You also said there were THREE soldiers.

STUDY the Geemer to figure out what kind of weapon made the huge gash in it.
No. 232403 ID: 476456

determine who's blood that is~
No. 232405 ID: 9efdda

Inspect large steam-spewing tank! Is it dangerous?
No. 232406 ID: c71597

Scoop up the dead geemer and take it back to base for further SCIENTIFIC study, send your soldiers ahead to explore a bit. Make sure their helmet cam feeds goes to your workstation.

Can't have an important mind like your own being in danger out here.
No. 232407 ID: 4953e3
File 128504354356.png - (64.91KB , 700x500 , 004.png )

>Use WEIRD SHIT TOOLS to investigate the cause of the lacerations
You discover that the lacerations are incredibly clean. There is no scuffing to speak of, and the edges of the cuts are sharp. You can not locate any rubble or debris - the matter appears to have been disintegrated. The GEEMER does not have a blood splatter from its wound - it seems the blood has simply pooled alongside it. It is the Geemer's blood.

>Send a Soldier North
Yes yes, go my minion. Go to your horrible death. The Soldier heads North, leaving me here with just the one soldier.

>You also said there were THREE soldiers
You had three soldiers sent with you. Only two made it here.
No. 232408 ID: 476456


you might wanna keep that last soldier close.
No. 232413 ID: 915b70

Install the geemer into the steam tank! LIVING STEAMGEEMER CYBERNETIC SENTRY!!!
Maybe an intricate security lock made of TUUUUUUUUUUUBES on it to protect the squishy thing that used to be a geemer?
No. 232416 ID: edb273

You should investigate the geemer further, is there any structural benefit to their skeleton? Think about making geemer armor, or geemer soldiers...
No. 232417 ID: 4953e3
File 128504426711.png - (46.04KB , 700x500 , 005.png )

>Inspect large steam spewing tank! Is it dangerous?
Of course it's dangerous! Extremely so. If it were not dangerous it would not meet protocol. This gas is excessively hot, and would burn anything that contacts it. Unfortunately, it disperses into the air quickly, and is not toxic.

Ah! There we go. You heard a scream from the North! You should go check it out.
No. 232418 ID: 4953e3
File 128504442366.png - (61.94KB , 700x500 , 006.png )

But first, TUUUUUBES
No. 232421 ID: fd6d7e

no wait, moar tubes
No. 232422 ID: 701a19

Write "Rebel leader DO NOT KILL" on the front and back of your coat in whatever language humans use.
This will confuse people long enough for you to trap them in TUUUUBES and flee.
No. 232423 ID: 5eea01

Oh my god you are the cutest mad scientist.

Have the remaining soldier peek through the north door and see what's what.
No. 232424 ID: c71597

Awesome use of tubes. Now lets find some more tubes and build us some tube based weaponry with some extra tubes on it that maybe shoots tubes.

Then we can go and examine what happened to our poor minion.
No. 232434 ID: 4cdabb

Carry the tube/geemer with you in case you need it.

Hurry to the screaming. It's probably something cool.
No. 232435 ID: 3416ec

Find some Phazon and inject it into as many people as you can find.
No. 232446 ID: 650f24

QUESTION: Do we have the beast with the giant sensitive vagina or not?
No. 232451 ID: a594b9

...um, go north with your remaining soldier.
No. 232456 ID: 4953e3
File 128504916611.png - (67.42KB , 700x500 , 007.png )

You hurry to the screaming. It is probably something cool.

Oh man, he's been cut in half! You wonder how that could have happened. You see something strange floating in the air.
No. 232457 ID: fd6d7e

Put a tube around the strange floating thing. Siphon it off to the place where hot steam is escaping.
No. 232468 ID: 9b8b83

Oh shit. What planet are you on, again?
No. 232470 ID: 476456

go touch it~
No. 232471 ID: 650f24

No. 232472 ID: 175f4a

add a stopper thinng for now. when you get more metal you can give hi mega hyper death legs.
No. 232478 ID: 4cdabb

Throw your half a geemer at it and see if it turns into a quarter of a geemer.
No. 232493 ID: f57857

That spline thing must be the cause of the lacerations throughout the facility, it must be procured- for SCIENCE (and later, injected into ourselves). What kind of tools have you brought with you?

Also, we must make haste to save our comrade! The only way to save his life is to weld two rods of iron in place of his legs. Exactly how will that save him? NOBODY KNOWS, but it must be done- for SCIENCE. Perhaps later we may turn both his legs into cannons and/or machine guns for the obvious betterment of his life.
No. 232511 ID: d560d6

No. 232517 ID: 82d1d6


THis is the superior solution, because you A) save his life, ensuring his loyalty to you, and B) get to do SCIENCE! Not to mention robot legs would have lots of wires in them, which are essentially little TUUUBES filled with electricity.
No. 232528 ID: c71597

Order your remaining minion to investigate it. If he shows imagination and resourcefullness he might survive and be worth keeping. If he doesn't and dies then you gain valuble information and no great loss has occured.
No. 232577 ID: 4953e3
File 128509451810.png - (72.58KB , 700x500 , 008.png )

BETTER! STRONGER! FASTER! He now has robot legs.
No. 232578 ID: 4953e3
File 128509458252.png - (110.20KB , 700x500 , 009.png )

While you were operating, it seems the strange thing has grown larger! And more purple. A red spot sometimes appears on it, but it disappears quickly.
No. 232580 ID: 4cdabb


Use MINIONS to CAPTURE it inside a TUBE.
No. 232581 ID: a594b9

Poke it.
No. 232582 ID: 175f4a

test energy fields on thing, capturing it would be great.
No. 232583 ID: 3416ec

Inject Phazon into it.
No. 232586 ID: 4953e3
File 128509603453.png - (53.31KB , 700x500 , 010.png )

TUUUUU- It's too big for Tubes! Your tube is passing right through it!
No. 232587 ID: 4953e3
File 128509604389.png - (32.50KB , 700x500 , 011.png )

Oh no! Now you are passing through it! Aggh ow your foot!
No. 232588 ID: 4953e3
File 128509605367.png - (275.62KB , 700x500 , 012.png )

...What is this place?
No. 232589 ID: 4cdabb

Graft that foot to replace your foot.

I know you didn't specialize in biology, but come on, this is easy mode for space pirates.

...you've got tools, right?
No. 232594 ID: e31d52

Welcome to Dark Ae- er, Nevermore.
No. 232596 ID: c71597

Who knows, but it seems like you will have some difficulty to get out. Now get one of those feet to replace the one you lost. Otherwise build a robot replacement for yourself.
No. 232597 ID: a594b9

No. 232598 ID: 4953e3
File 128509692110.png - (53.37KB , 700x500 , 013.png )

Of course you have your tools! And more TUBES than you could possibly ever run out of! TUBES will always be on hand, forever. Space Pirate Tech is amazing.

You are completely lacking in medical science skills, so you turn to your robot parts. You replace your foot with a metal foot. SCIENCE!

Your soldiers have hopped through the rift after you. How very considerate of them.
No. 232599 ID: a594b9

There's a thing in the distance. Go and see what it is.
No. 232600 ID: c71597

Tell them to guard you will you fix your foot problem. Then go check out that thing in the distance. Possibly lay tubes over there for the purpose of building a pipeline for some reason.
No. 232601 ID: 701a19

Make TUUUBES that lead back home, and have them pump soldiers through the tubes. WE WILL MAKE THIS PLACE OUR NEW DOMAIN!
No. 232602 ID: 4cdabb

>You are completely lacking in medical science skills
But... how are we going to make more space pirates to conquer this place with?

Test out your new foot by heading for that strange structure in the distance. Maybe there you can find something to return you through the rift. (Or call for someone who can build pirate-growing tubes)
No. 232603 ID: 9fad67

Make a fortress out of tubes. Like some kindof... giant hamster fortress.
Then put some cannons on top. Cannons are just tubes, right?
No. 232616 ID: e3f578

Make a TUUUUUUUUBE fort, sit inside and imagine
No. 232617 ID: c71597

No. 232623 ID: 020239

Build Tube-robots, which automatically run around and collect stuff.
No. 232628 ID: 6ebbe9
File 128510419833.png - (92.13KB , 700x500 , 014.png )

Science Log: Day 1.

I have spent several time units attempting to re-establish a link back to base. However, the portal home refuses to remain still, and continues to slice through anything in its path. Attempts to build tubes back home have met 0% success.

The portals occasionaly seem to drop things. Mostly bits of rock, but sometimes its bits of animal or vegetable matter. There are multiple portals, not just my own. They appear to go to different places, judging by the materials deposited by each. Tuna fish sandwich was found, and consumed.
No. 232629 ID: 6ebbe9
File 128510421337.png - (128.80KB , 700x500 , 015.png )

Having failed in my attempts to return home, I used the remaining parts from my attempts to re-enter the portal to build myself a fortress. It is armed with a pair of Gauss 317 cannons, and a single Armillary Attack Grid.

But I can't take it with me, so I tear it all down and head on over to see that strange structure in the distance. Nothing else sits on the skyline but dunes, mountains, portals, TUUUUUBES, and my Soldier units.

-End Journal.
No. 232630 ID: 6ebbe9
File 128510425294.png - (105.10KB , 700x500 , 016.png )

You arrive at the mysterious structure. There is evidence that something lives here, but there are no signs that it is currently here. The door appears to be a simple cloth, and a wood pile is stacked with sheets of paper or cardboard between layers.
No. 232631 ID: c71597

Order quadlegs to check it out.

Oh, did you bring along his lower half to ward off starvation? Might wanna get that meat smoked to preserve it.
No. 232632 ID: 175f4a

set up some tubes for your soldiers to hide in so they can hold whoever lives here at gunpoint when they get back. the fact that they have had a large structure here for a while may mean they know how to ward off the portals.
No. 232633 ID: 4cdabb

Build a small missile turret. Send troops in with orders to capture inhabitants. If the HUNTER or similar entity is encountered, lure them within range of the missile turret.

Don't forget to put a Missile Expansion power up underneath the turret so that Samus can't get it when it isn't destroyed.
No. 232637 ID: 020239

Build x-ray-googles to look through the walls.
No. 232638 ID: 6ebbe9
File 128510594785.png - (103.72KB , 700x500 , 016.png )

You send 4legs to go investigate the building.
No. 232639 ID: 6ebbe9
File 128510595682.png - (110.13KB , 700x500 , 017.png )

He returns just as you finish setting up the turret on top of the missile expansion. He explains that he saw no one in the initial room, but there is a trap door. He lifted in and found a ladder leading downward. He would have investigated further, but can not climb ladders with four legs, and his new legs do not allow him to wallwalk, as his old ones did.
No. 232643 ID: 4cdabb

This is a good place to build an elevator and a map room.

But first you need a map. Take the other soldier and head down the ladder. Have 4legs stand guard until you have finished making the route handicap accessible.

Leave the turret. Nothing bad will happen to it.
No. 232647 ID: 175f4a

add wall climb feet to spider legs.
No. 232648 ID: fd4aa7

No. Add a grapple and winch so he can dangle by a thread. ROBOSPIDERMAN.
No. 232649 ID: 476456

Upgrade the shit out of that house
No. 232653 ID: 383006

House needs more TUUUUBES
No. 232665 ID: ff0a7c

Mister space pirate! Mister space pirate! :3c
umm.. umm... what are your exact abilities?~
No. 232688 ID: c71597

Tell two legs to investigate the shit out of that ladder and where it leads while you upgrade quadlegs with some spider grip thingies or something to allow him to climb like a boss.
No. 232782 ID: f245f1

Clearly its time for an upgrade.
Half-Soldier needs wall-walking, an undermounted gauss cannon, and some sweet rims.
No. 232899 ID: f57857

"Yo dawg, I heard you like suction cups, so I put suction cups on your legs, so you can suc while you walk. Plus I put some totally mad chrome flamethrowers where your junk should be, so you can show dem bitches who really brings the heat."
No. 233660 ID: 990ee1
File 128539429599.png - (118.79KB , 700x500 , 018.png )

You decide this is a good time to modify some buildings. You install a map room and an ammo room and windows and also actual walls and a shielded door, too. No wild critters are getting in here! Meanwhile you send 2legs to go check out the underground area.
No. 233661 ID: 990ee1
File 128539430363.png - (139.57KB , 700x500 , 019.png )

You build a spiderwinch for 4legs and head on down to the underground path. 2legs is not here, but there are 3 tunnels leading out of this area. This seems to be an entire subterranean cave network, carved out by errant portals. There is stuff here but it is probably not important or anything.
No. 233662 ID: 1ef7bb

> an entire subterranean cave network
Oh man. This is like the perfect place to start building a fortress full of doors that can only be opened by weapons hidden behind other doors!
No. 233663 ID: 6547ec

If stuff isn't important, you need to MAKE it important! Get some SCIENCE up in this bitch, and make some monsters out of this unimportant stuff!
No. 233664 ID: 97fa41

well it MAY not be important, but what if it's extra TUUUUUUUUBES?! also, is that a painting of a metroid?
No. 233669 ID: 990ee1
File 128539658832.png - (131.26KB , 700x500 , 20.png )

It is a painting of some sort of unknown robot thing!
No. 233670 ID: 990ee1
File 128539660018.png - (116.96KB , 700x500 , 021.png )

You redecorate the room.

You find a canteen! And the crate is labeled "Food". And these tarps seem to be concealing some large things! They might not be safe, which makes them awesome. You wonder which you should open first.
No. 233671 ID: 059120

Both at once!
No. 233672 ID: e3f578

Judging on how you just turned that cave into a square room with steps and doors it must have been days. 2legs is obviously dead.
No. 233673 ID: 990ee1
File 128539767066.png - (106.32KB , 700x500 , 20.png )

Yes you decide to unveil both at once! That way if they are both dangerous they will cancel each other out! Nothing can go wrong.

Oh! It is deactivated robots!
No. 233674 ID: 990ee1
File 128539768055.png - (102.77KB , 700x500 , 22.png )

Oh wait now they are not deactivated at all. That big one could probably cause severe internal bruising in any manner of living organisms! That little one looks weak though.
No. 233676 ID: 476456

well this could end well
No. 233677 ID: 6547ec

Put the canteen in the little one's hands. That should placate it while you figure out what to do with the other one.
No. 233678 ID: 059120

Look at the pointy head on that little one! Give it an important item to hold.
No. 233679 ID: a09a03

Ask if they're space pirates.
No. 233680 ID: 97fa41

offer them upgrades, no robot could resist upgrades.
No. 233681 ID: 1ef7bb

Reprogram them! If they attack, throw soldiers at them to distract them until they are successfully reprogrammed!
No. 233682 ID: a594b9

Tell them that you are now their master.
No. 233689 ID: 990ee1
File 128540032947.png - (110.41KB , 700x500 , 23.png )

No. 233690 ID: 990ee1
File 128540033653.png - (115.30KB , 700x500 , 24.png )

No. 233691 ID: 990ee1
File 128540034373.png - (127.70KB , 700x500 , 25.png )

No. 233692 ID: a594b9


...let's run away for a bit until we can come up with a way to capture it.
No. 233693 ID: 476456

curl up into a ball to protect your vital organs upon impact with the adjacent wall
No. 233694 ID: a09a03

Flee through that door and then lock it somehow.
No. 233695 ID: 0d7ae6

Don't flee. You have to deactivate the little one somehow or else it might activate the big one when left alone. Call two-legs for help.
No. 233708 ID: e31d52


No. 233712 ID: 6547ec

Seal the doors, before it escapes!

Yes, even the empty holes to other parts of the complex!
No. 233717 ID: c71597

Ouch, that must have fucking hurt. Retreat and mend your wounds with awesome cybernetical parts and come up with a good plan of action.
No. 233720 ID: 2563d4

Is that 2legs entering in the background?

Also, we totally need to get the little one a nifty top hat and tux.
No. 233738 ID: 644ca1

The big one was clearly just trying to shake our hand, tell it to never do that again... ever.
No. 236309 ID: 19dce0
File 128585918335.png - (126.29KB , 700x500 , 26.png )

The doors can only be locked if there are opposing enemies in the room! They automatically unlock when all enemies have been defeated, on either side. So you go ahead and do that! All doors are now locked. They won't be getting away now! Not that they were trying to leave, but they could have!

As 2legs rushes in to combat, you run down the hall where he was to stay out of the way. The little robot comes to cower with you.
No. 236310 ID: 19dce0
File 128585921247.png - (56.85KB , 700x500 , 27.png )

While you cower in the corner, combat happens!
No. 236311 ID: 19dce0
File 12858592256.png - (53.44KB , 700x500 , 28.png )

Okay the battle is over, and the doors unlocked. 2legs is pretty badly hurt, but alive. 4legs is unharmed - he had used his grapple winch to stay out of reach. The little robot is also unharmed, but the big one was wrecked by a hail of blaster fire. You are also pretty hurt, but you'll heal, in time.
No. 236312 ID: 2a9922

give cyborg whatevers to two leg's that will keep him alive.
No. 236313 ID: 476456

If you could build some sort of medical robot that'd be handy..
No. 236315 ID: 059120

Hug the little robot!

Upgrade 2legs to 3legs. Or even like 5legs. Legs are clearly an indicator of power as shown by our recent experiences which are totally a complete and scientifically significant sample size.

See if the little robot can talk or communicate in some fashion. If it can't, build a translator to interpret it anyway. (Said interpretations can be completely and utterly wrong. The important part is that it is trying.)

See how broken the big robot. Fix it! Where it can be properly contained.
No. 236316 ID: 19dce0
File 128586105941.png - (57.08KB , 700x500 , 29.png )

You look over the injured 2legs. He has been badly hurt! You do not think you can save him. He has a lot of internal bleeding, and a lot of crushed bones. He'll die in a couple minutes of painful bleeding out, at this rate. You can't really cyborg him better like you did with 4legs due to the extent of the damage. Why, you'd need to basically have an entirely new body all ready for him! And where would you find one of those way the hell out here.

Yup, might as well give up on this guy.

You spend the next minute trying to get the little guy to talk. He seems to be entirely incapable of speaking at all! No translator necessary. Judging by some data written upon it, however, it seems to be called a "Myr."
No. 236317 ID: 476456

why not graft two legs to the big guy?
No. 236318 ID: 5f0943

Take everything that can be saved from twolegs (his brain in the least).
Then, put him in the big robot. SCIENCE!
Then repair the big robo!
No. 236319 ID: 2563d4

Best plan.
No. 236321 ID: 059120

A new body? You'll have to graft him onto yourself! It's the only choice you have! There is absolutely no way you can find any other bodies around here. Definitely no other broken giant robots that you would have a better chance of success with anyway, being that you don't know anything about medicine.
No. 236322 ID: 19dce0
File 128586182380.png - (46.31KB , 700x500 , 30.png )

You do some SCIENCE!
No. 236323 ID: 476456

alright, high fives for everyb-wait.
No. 236325 ID: e31d52

Call the repaired one BIG GUY and the little robot RUSTY.
No. 236326 ID: 059120

And we don't even have to change his name! Yay science!

Make sure to give 2legs plenty of SCIENCE to hold, it seems like he can power himself up by flipping them on their sides.

Do we have a map yet? How much of down here have we explored? How long will that food we found last?
No. 236327 ID: 2a9922

No. 236328 ID: e31d52

Find a proper location to set up a CLONING FACILITY. If you don't have the know-how, then we'll just have to manufacure ROBO-PIRATES. Make an assembly line.
No. 236334 ID: c71597

Fuck yeah! Now resume exploration of these tunnels with your new and improved forces. We need more materials to create a robotic army that shall help us unlock the mystery of the portals and spill into several universes.
No. 236340 ID: a594b9

This is the best science ever.

Continue exploration (though I guess 2legs will have to remain here)
No. 236488 ID: f57857

Science that saves never ceases to amaze b ^_^

Anyway, can we get a rudimentary map of the area?
No. 241139 ID: 19dce0
File 128669362411.png - (77.71KB , 700x500 , 31.png )

You use the previously installed map room to ascertain your surroundings! They are as follows.

You have detected a LIVING QUARTERS, which seems to have been home to a singular creature. Likely, the master of this building dwells there when it is present.

On the opposite end, you discovered an ALIEN LABORATORY of unknown devices. The machines within seemed to hold no obvious purpose. Perhaps it is less a lab, and more of a hoarded collection?

The final door contains an EXITING BUFFER. It is a large room that seems to serve no purpose other than exist between this household and further areas of cavern. The cavens extend well beyond this room, but it seems the floor of it is coated in some kind of poisonous fungoid creature, and would be highly unsafe for anyone but Rusty to pass. Maybe 2Legs, if he doesn't mind not being able to breathe for a bit.
No. 241140 ID: 19dce0
File 12866936748.png - (107.87KB , 700x500 , 32.png )

While analyzing this map, you hear gunshots from outside! Something has triggered your Gauss Turret.
No. 241147 ID: 754124

Well, hop along up and see what's going down.
No. 241148 ID: a594b9

We need some security cameras built! With the red lights on them and everything.
No. 241178 ID: 19dce0
File 128669910956.png - (93.93KB , 700x500 , 33.png )

The gauss turret has disappeared! How could that have happened? You note that the missile ammo is still there, untouched.
No. 241181 ID: c59f60

whoever did it obviously doesn't use missiles so they couldn't pick it up. build another one and put a camera on the wall.
No. 241182 ID: 5eea01

You should get the missiles into a more secure location, underground.
No. 241183 ID: a594b9

Is that blood? Follow the blue stuff.
No. 241185 ID: 1ef7bb

Well that's just backwards! You should follow the trail of blood and explain to the thief how this is supposed to work.
No. 241186 ID: a09a03

He broke your turret! After him!
No. 241202 ID: 5f0943

Build a new turret in it's place.
With TWO barrels.
And then follow the trail.
No. 241220 ID: c2c011

Well then, retrieve the missiles. Put cameras on your two trust henchmen and tell them to track the creature through the trail of blood while you set up a new turret. And maybe place a few more TUBES!
No. 247549 ID: 93e8e3
File 128794527019.png - (145.59KB , 700x500 , 34.png )

Space pirates don't know what cameras are! Seriously, if they did they might actually find Samus BEFORE she blows up half the base.

You take the missile expansion, and follow the trail of blood. A 4 armed guy is passed out in the woodpile! You explain to him how this is supposed to work, but he doesn't seem to be listening.
No. 247550 ID: 93e8e3
File 128794528652.png - (145.51KB , 700x500 , 35.png )

You take the liberty of equipping him with the missile launcher.
No. 247561 ID: 5c4201

wait... he may have no energy tanks.
No. 247566 ID: c71597

He looks passed out and shit. Lets take him back to base, build a nice robot body and put his head on it. I'm sure he will be grateful when he comes by.
No. 247568 ID: 1854db

Okay let's go install some red doors now! Oh, as for the four-armed guy, maybe you can construct a robot that would be able to mend minor wounds such as this?
No. 247632 ID: 1ef7bb

Be sure to install some kind of failsafe so he doesn't turn on you. Like a large button that temporarily deactivates him for a couple seconds or a critical weak point indicated by flashing triangles. Also, be sure to install the missile launcher! He earned it.
No. 247893 ID: 93e8e3
File 128798903212.png - (111.11KB , 700x500 , 36.png )

4arms already has a missile arm, so you go the extra mile and make him a cyborg. And also stick him in a tube. He'll probably get better, but he is still unconscious right now.

You have established yourself a base of operations. You have lost communication with main base, which is unfortunate but bearable. All that is left now is to determine what it is you shall dedicate your efforts to in this barren, unknown world. A Space Pirate does not rest idle.
No. 247894 ID: 476456

Pirate town,duh.
No. 247896 ID: e31d52

Mining down, refining, and BUILDING an outpost here.

Also robots for all the labour.
No. 247898 ID: 5c4201

yeah, mining, maybe we can find some SPACE CRYSTALS/MACGUFFINS that do cool things.
No. 247918 ID: c71597

Build an outpost here with fucking tubes everywhere! Oh, and a whole shitload of combat robots. And maybe a few other ones for those lonely lonely nights.
No. 247949 ID: 2563d4

We are a SCIENTIST. Therefore we must find unknown things and rub them on other known or unknown things until we discover some science.

But building a humongous deathtrap of a laboratory while robot minions dig for unknown things is a good way to start.
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