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File 164210390778.jpg - (257.04KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom.jpg )
1020382 No. 1020382 ID: dd40ce

Previous Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/977359.html

You are part of the Secret Extermination Command

You control a squad of Constructed Organisms, each with useful biological powers.

Your job is to monitor and command your squad to exterminate paranatural threats to Gray Lake, an amazing and prosperous city. It is extremely important that the people of Gray Lake aren't aware of the somewhat unfortunately common paranatural threats, and so officially, you don't exist.

Do well, and you will be assigned more C.Orgs, or even be able to commission specific gene combinations, and reap the probably-existent benefits of being part of a secret government organization.

Do poorly, and your squad will be recycled and you'll have to get a real job or something.

Detailed Rules:

Equipment Pastebin

Equipment GDoc (Weapons, Armor and Items all on different sheets)

C.Orgs Pastebin

C.Org Relationship Pastebin

GDoc Relationship Matrix

Species List

Trait list
Expand all images
No. 1020383 ID: dd40ce
File 164210405340.jpg - (328.23KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom115.jpg )

Zarah is "interrogating" a Corporate Cultist
Fucc is helping Lurleen back at the base.
Noot is caring for the Frilled Demon
Danovin is investigating the Pee Bandit
and Eilie, Rockit, Ixander, and ViiVeen are resting.

You have agreed to send your remaining C.Orgs to invade the Kobold Kaverns and kidnap kobolds!

There are five types of kobolds:

You gain increased rewards for each type captured, and must capture at least one to succeed in the mission. You can also capture eggs for increased rewards. This will require you to explore the kobold kaverns.

To complete the mission, you must return to the Extraspace gate that your troops deploy from or use a Portable Gate Relay.

Your C.Orgs are outfitted as follows:
Batons You have brought batons instead of knives, greatly reducing the chance of killing an enemy if you engage them in CQC


Wolf Abilities:
Animal Senses - Larger detection radius
Improved Animal Senses - spend an action to learn specific number and traits for detected enemies. has a chance to detect invisible/hidden enemies.
Animal Toughness - Harder to kill than a human.
Trophilaxis - when drug is used on this troop, an adjacent troop also gets the benefit.
Healer - Trauma kit has 3 uses
Presence - The Calm action has 100% chance of success when used on adjacent units. Can Calm units that aren't adjacent as long as they can see or hear her. All adjacent allies gain a bonus to Calm.
Tough as Nails - The unit has to be reduced to 1/3 HP to be injured. The first time she would panic during a mission, she is shaken instead.
Lead From the Front - as long as Kayree goes on a mission, reserves get XP
Camo Suit - less protective than a standard plate carrier, but can spend an action to hide, making the troop wearing it harder to detect. Flechette weapons will not reveal location.
Stinger Rifle - Medium range, Single shot, low damage.
When hit, most non-mechanical enemies have a penalty to Aim and movement for several turns, and there is a chance based on how wounded they are that they either only get one action per turn or become paralyzed for several turns.
Can be used underwater.
5 round magazine.
Trauma Kit - Use to revive a disabled teammate or remove injuries.


Horse Abilities:
Animal Senses
Animal Toughness
Juggernaut - Can interact to push/throw as part of move action.
Monstrous Frame - High HP, DR, CQC damage, and speed. Large profile. Equip restrictions.
Leggy - Bonus movement.
Steady - Firearm attacks with an aim bonus deal extra damage
Guts - bonus to death/injury role if he becomes a casualty
Energy Katana[i] - CQC range, no ammo, high damage, 1h.
Deals very high CQC damage and the troop carrying it is harder to hit in CQC. Can be equipped alongside one other weapon with the 1h property.
[i]Capture foam gun
- short range, no damage, 1h
Targets hit and encased in immobilizing foam. Alternatively, removes "on fire" from a unit.
1 round magazine.
Ballistic Shield - troop carrying it takes reduced damage from firearms and is harder to hit in CQC.


Centipede Abilities:
Alien Anatomy - Can carry an extra weapon, tougher than a human. Affects armor.
Extra Venomous - Deals very high CQC damage that also gives penalties to the target
Murder Noodle - Deals increased CQC damage against larger opponents. Harder to hit with CQC attacks.
Wriggler - Can wiggle through vents. Less movement penalty when prone.
Eagle Eye - Can Lookout with S. Rifle for 1 action.
Agility Frame - Slightly better than plate carrier. Can jump long distances and move further. Exotic anatomy can use.
Capture foam gun - short range, no damage, 1h
Targets hit and encased in immobilizing foam. Alternatively, removes "on fire" from a unit.
1 round magazine.
Sniper Rifle - long range, high damage.
Takes two actions to fire.
Can't be used at point-blank range.
6 round magazine.
Portable Gate Relay - Spend an action to permanently deploy this exit gate, which can then be used to leave the mission area instead of the original Gate.


Striped Hyena Abilities:
Large Frame - Hp+, CQC+ but larger profile.
Low Light Vision - Ignores all penalties for in darkness.
Improved Plate Carrier - Better than the standard-issue.
Light Machine Gun - Medium range, high damage.
Ammo takes up item slot.
Reduces movement when carried.
Only fires in 10 round bursts.
[/i]LMG Ammo[/i] - 200 rounds for the LMG

And in reserve:


Nudibranch Abilities:
Animal Toughness
Waterborn - bonus mov in water. Can't drown.
Improved Alien Anatomy - Bonus CQC and toughness. Long instead of tall. Equip restrictions.
Eagle Eye
Light Mulit-Limbed Plate Carrier - Worse than the standard-issue.
Blood Plasma Gun - Long range, high damage, single shot.
Can be used underwater.
Overpenetrates, hitting multiple enemies in a line.
Uses firing troop's HPs as ammo.
Hero Juice - his item is a one-use combat stim.
The troop under the effects of this stim cannot be Shaken and is immune to Calm checks from large creatures.
The troop gains a bonus Aim and Calm, but sometimes may not follow orders and will act recklessly.
The troop cannot be Injured or become a Casualty while the stim is in effect, but once the effect ends, they will make any appropriate death or injury checks with a very large bonus to prevent Injury or death.
This item can be used on troops who are currently Injured or Casualties.

The light of the Gate illuminates the cavern around your C.Orgs. Sinthee can see three Cutebolds with Assault Rifles in the room ahead.
No. 1020384 ID: 094652

Welcome back, I missed this.

D'aww, maybe we can deceive them with some fuzzy hugs and ice cream-
>with assault rifles
... shoot two, capture one.

Head to cover and hunker down. Try to converse with the cutebolds, throw them off guard with persuasion! Once they've wasted a clip trying to hit you, charge in and take em out!
No. 1020388 ID: 3f3b39

First we need to learn if these kobolds are all of the same type, or are there several. If they're all of the same type, then we don't need the other two alive. So, Kayree should first use Improved Animal Senses.

And then, it depends if we detect extra enemies hiding in the room or not.

Kayree: Improved Animal Senses, and if you can, stinger the middle kobold. If not, then move behind the left barricade.
Sinthee: Move behind the right barricade and hunker down. Use your low light vision to possibly notice any traps.
Yiann: If no extra enemies are detected, rush in while avoiding any traps, to the leftmost kobold (but in a way that you've got full cover against the other two kobolds. If you still got a move left, use CFG on it.
Beatriss: Move behind the cover of the middle kobold.
No. 1020389 ID: 96c896

Seems like we started pretty close to the enemy.

Kayree: Spend an action to activate camo, then use animal senses.
Sinthee: go to the barrier on the right and shoot at the bold on the left.
Yiann: run up and smack that middle 'bold with baton. If you can't quite reach one, double move to get off to the side of the middle stalagmite, blocking line of sight to as many enemies as possible and granting some cover.
Baetriss: if you're within movement range(thanks to agility frame), go with Yiann to beat up a 'bold. Otherwise, get up to that barrier on the left, and use Lookout.
No. 1020398 ID: c92a02

Keep the airwaves clear of chatter, they probably can't understand you anyway.
They are all cutebolds.
K: Move up into cover. Animal senses, make sure this is all of them.
Y: YEE HAW. Move up into melee with the forward left cutebold, take him down if you can.
B: Move up into right cover and lookout.
S: Double move up to the right cutebold's position. If you can't make it due to LMG... drop the LMG it was a dumb choice to pack hunker down with Kayree.
No. 1020417 ID: 12eb7b

Hell yeah, charging again! But why our bosses want kobolds?

Send the stealiest one (Baetriss?) to take a look from the cover and plan a stealth attack.
No. 1020423 ID: dd40ce
File 164217863158.jpg - (341.91KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom116a.jpg )

Kayree uses Improved Animal Senses! There is an invisible creature (not simply hidden) somewhere in the room.

She is already behind cover, so activates her Camo Suit. She won't be attacked by enemies until she's detected.

Baetriss moves up and goes on the Lookout. She will automatically attack anyone who moves within her field of view.

"We don't want to hurt you, just kidnap you a little" she says.

Sinthee moves up behind cover and hunkers down.

"Surrender and nobody gets hurt," she says.

Yiann moves up to the closest Cutebold and attacks. The small humanoid is reduced to a fine red smear.

"Nobody other than that guy," Sinthee says.
No. 1020424 ID: dd40ce
File 164217899982.jpg - (376.60KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom116b.jpg )

Kobold 1 is dead.

Kobold 2 burst fires at Sinthee and hits! She has a penalty to AIM! He fires at Baetriss and hits! She has a penalty to AIM!

Kobold 3 fires at Yiann twice and misses twice!

Two more Cutebolds move in from the top passage and hunker down.

Baetriss fires and misses.

A Dragonbold moves up from the far passage.

The invisible enemy moves. Its location is unknown.
No. 1020425 ID: 3f3b39

Beatriss: If you can get to [2] in a single move, do so and CFG it, otherwise do whatever
Sinthee: Burst the two far kobolds
Yiann: If you can get to [3] in a single move, then do so and melee it, otherwise go for [2]. Should also go for [2] if it's still up
Kayree: If it's not too far, double move to [3], otherwise to [2]
No. 1020428 ID: 894419

Sounds like a workable plan
No. 1020430 ID: 96c896

Does Yiann not have a baton?

Baetriss: move to 2 and baton it. Or CFG if you don't have a baton (I don't see it in the equipment square)
Yiann: move to 3 and baton/kill it.
Sinthee: double burst at the pair of kobolds that just entered. If no line of sight, move to the cover at 2 beforehand.
Kayree: move to cover at 2, or any cover that gives a good view and can be reached in one move. Then Lookout, because that invisible enemy is probably going to attack this turn.
No. 1020431 ID: c92a02

K: Advance and suss out the invisible pursuer. Who could they be going after, I wonder? Yiann or Sinthee are my guesses. Give whoever the stalker is closest to a warning.
B: Move up and baton kobold 2.
S: Move up to Yiann's current position. Lookout if possible.
Y: Advance to top passage and reconstitute kobolds into a fine paste.
No. 1020864 ID: 12b116
File 164279536972.jpg - (355.05KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom117a.jpg )

Yiann moves up to Cutebold 3 and attacks it in CQC!
The Cutebold is reduced to a fine red paste.
"Oops," Yiann says. "I don't think I can hit these guys without killing them ... "

Baetriss moves up to Cutebold 2 and fires the Capture Foam Gun!
The Cutebold is encased in foam! A Cutebold has been captured!
"Got one!" Baetriss says.

Sinthee burst fires twice at the two northernmost Cutebolds and reduces them to bloody ruin.
"These guys are weak!" Sinthee brags.

Kayree moves up to the closest cover. She is on the Lookout for the invisible enemy.
"I know it's around here somewhere," she says.
No. 1020865 ID: 12b116
File 164279543698.jpg - (399.21KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom117b.jpg )

The Dragonbold casts a spell! A magical bolt of lightning blasts through Yiann and Baetriss!
The Dragobold chitters excitedly!

A Goblinbold appears next to Baetriss!

Kayree fires but misses! She is still concealed.

The Goblinbold attacks Baetriss with its cursed knife! Baetriss is wounded!

Baetriss is shaken!

Sinthee is shaken!

Yiann shrugs off the panic.

Kayree shrugs off the panic.

Cutebold 1 moves in through the left passage and burst-fires at Baetriss! He hits! Baetriss has a penalty to Aim! The Goblinbold has a penalty to Aim!

Cutebold 2 moves in from the forward passage and burst fires at Yiann! He misses! Yiann has a penalty to Aim!
No. 1020866 ID: eb82ff

Baetriss: Grapple the goblinbold and land on top of it while still in cover, keep it pinned down. Or reload and fire the foam gun.
Kayree: Move to the left pillar, shoot the leftmost kobold.
Yiann: CHARGE. Do not attempt to capture the mage, they're not worth the risk of spellcasting.
Sinthee: Aim and fire at any living kobolds.

Also, it has become apparent that we need to research some kind of low-grade healing between stages.
No. 1020869 ID: 12b116
File 164280332610.jpg - (354.82KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom118a.jpg )

Kayree moves up and fires at Cutebold 1 and misses!
"Shit," she says under her breath.

Baetriss reloads and fires the Capture Foam Gun at the Goblinbold! She hits!
"Got two!" she shouts!
Baetriss is still shaken ...

fires at Cutebold 1! It explodes in a spray of gore!
"Eat shit!" she shouts.
Sinthee is still shaken ...

Yiann runs up to the Dragonbold and attacks in CQC!
Cutebold 2 explodes instead!
No. 1020870 ID: 12b116
File 164280335868.jpg - (351.70KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom118b.jpg )

The Goblinbold vanishes!

The Dragonbold flees!

Reinforcements will arrive soon!

You can trade a unit out for your reserve unit.
You can order your troops to:
Maintain position here
Take the left tunnel
Take the right tunnel

No one considers splitting up, which would be a horrible idea.
No. 1020871 ID: c92a02

Take the left tunnel. Switch out Bae with Qay. Did the goblinbold escape the foam completely?
No. 1020872 ID: 96c896

Heal Baetriss, others Aid the shaken, go right. Let's see if we can get some eggs.
No. 1020879 ID: eb82ff

If you're going to switch Baetriss out, make sure she gives the capture foam gun to someone else.

>Cutebold 2 explodes instead!
I. Hate. Psionic. Sorcerers.
Don't let him escape! We need to kill him before he can plan out a way to stop us! Go right, have Yiann take point to soak up any traps and kill that Dragonbold!
No. 1020885 ID: 9d4d1d

Kayree heal stress and use trauma kit on Beatriss, then go Right
No. 1020889 ID: 12b116
File 164280905435.jpg - (315.82KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom119.jpg )

Baetriss reloads.

Sinthee calms Baetriss.

Yiann calms Sinthee.

Kayree uses her Trauma Kit on Baetriss, healing her somewhat.

Kayree is excited! She gains a bonus to damage and Aim, and is immune to Panic!

Your C.Orgs enter the right tunnel. Short tunnels disappear into the darkness ...

Yiann has a penalty to movement, Aim, and Cqc due to the tight squeeze.

Baetriss can wriggle through the small tunnel ahead, but none of the other C.Orgs can fit.

There are sounds of enemy movement up ahead, and also coming from behind.
No. 1020892 ID: eb82ff

... Can we go back and fight the reinforcements instead? This looks like a guerilla ambush waiting to happen.
No. 1020899 ID: ee9ae6

Kayree use senses and move forward
Yiann and Sinthee move forward (to a place where you have some cover) and Lookout
Beatriss move into the small tunnel and Lookout
No. 1020906 ID: 96c896

Kayree go out in front. Stealthy scout. Also use Improved Senses.
Yiann stay at the entrance, beat the crap out of anything that pops in. Use CFG on anything that's not a cutebold.
Baetriss go into the tunnel and Lookout.
Sinthee hang out next to Yiann and Lookout.
No. 1020918 ID: 12b116
File 164281654194.jpg - (372.96KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom120.jpg )

Yiann turns around and prepares to attack anything that comes through the door. He can't benefit from cover here.

Sinthee gets behind the closest bend and goes on the lookout for anything that comes through the door behind them.
"Just wait 'till they see what's waiting for them," she says.

Baetriss wriggles through the small passageway but stays inside for cover.

She sees three Ratbolds with crossbows!

The Ratbolds were on the lookout and fire!

One misses and two hit!

"Motherfuckers!" Baetriss shouts, although the damage is minimal.

Kayree moves foward and uses Improved Animal Senses!

There are two Dogbolds in heavy armor in the corridor ahead, with one visible Ratbold on the Lookout and one concealed Ratbold on the Lookout.

There are two more Ratbolds ahead, four more Dogbolds, and the Dragonbold.

Kayree frowns, plotting her next move. She feels her adrenaline rush fading.
No. 1020920 ID: 12b116
File 164281659012.jpg - (392.73KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom120b.jpg )

The three Ratbolds fighting with Baetriss reload! Two fire and miss!

One throws a ball of filth!

Baetriss is covered in filth! She has a severe penalty to Aim as the stench makes her stomach churn and her eyes water!

The Ratbolds chitter gleefully!

The Dogbolds advance slowly and murmur softly to one another. They will detect Kayree if they continue to advance.

Three Cutebolds attempt to come from behind.

Sinthee opens fire and reduces the first one to a bloody mist!

The remaining Cutebolds panic and flee. The Cutebolds have been dissuaded from flanking for now.
No. 1020924 ID: 96c896

Hmm, Baetriss's area is dangerous, there's a group up above that can flank her and there's reinforcements coming too.
I guess her best bet is still to rush in and bite a bold, to get Excited, then CFG something and run away next turn to get swapped out (because she's going to get shot a bunch). Head towards the top of the ratbold room to dodge line of sight with the group in the corridor while still being within CQC range of that one near the top. If that kind of maneuver isn't possible maybe she should just move back into the main tunnel and recover.
Sinthee move up and fire at a dogbold.
Kayree fire once at each of the two dogbolds. Or twice on one if only one is alive.
Yiann charge forward. Foam a dogbold if you can reach them.

I feel like if we can capture three types that'll be enough. This room doesn't seem like it has eggs...
No. 1020939 ID: ee9ae6

Beatriss shoot the foam at the ratbold with the least cover. Even if you don't hit anything, they might be dumb enough to touch it and get ensnared anyway. Shoot the foam and then move back into the tunnel out of LOS of everything.

Kayree, Yiann, and Sinthee move to where Sinthee is and Lookout in a specific direction - where the dogbolds will come from. Prioritize killing one dogbold and capturing the other... assuming they reach the bend this turn.
No. 1020944 ID: 96c896

Oh right I forgot the CFG has range, it's just much easier to use point blank. Yeah, might as well try using it at that range, so she can stay in cover. Aim then shoot.
No. 1020946 ID: 094652

The reinforcements are in a rout! Head them off instead of throwing yourselves into these tunnels!
Baetriss: Retreat, wipe the gunk off your face. Be ready to throw it at the dogbolds.
Everyone Else: Return to the first area, kill anything nearby.
No. 1020951 ID: 12b116
File 164286685055.jpg - (366.26KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom121a.jpg )

Baetriss wipes off some of the filth, reducing her penalty to hit, and fires the Capture Foam Gun at the closest Ratbold. She misses.
"Motherfucking sonofabitch," she says. She needs to reload.

Kayree is no longer Excited. She shoots at one of the Dogbolds and misses.
"Ok, this is getting ridiculous," she mutters under her breath. She pulls back toward the rest of the C.Orgs.

Yiann moves up and goes on the Lookout toward the Dogbold corridor with the capture foam gun.

Sinthee moves up and goes on the Lookout.
"I thought these missions were supposed to be dangerous," she says, smirking.
No. 1020952 ID: 12b116
File 164286688875.jpg - (377.27KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom121b.jpg )

One of the Ratbolds scampers into the forward corridor. Three more Ratbolds pile into the room, one scampering down a bolt-hole.

Four Ratbolds shoot at Baetriss, and three hit. They chitter with glee!

The stench on Baetriss fades somewhat.

The two Dogbolds round the corner. Yiann fires his Capture Foam Gun and hits! You have captured a Dogbold!

Sinthee fires at the remaining Dogbold and riddles it with bullets! Its body slumps to the ground.
No. 1020955 ID: 5f70a7

Baetriss: Retreat, reload foam gun.
Kayree: Animal Senses, move up.
Sinthee: Move up and cover Yiann.
Yiann: Charge, brace with shield.
No. 1020971 ID: ee9ae6

Baetriss back, Yiann and Sinthee cover our backside, Kayree go... abuse your stealth - go forward and solo
No. 1020985 ID: c92a02

Baetriss, fire your sniper at a ratbold and withdraw.
Kayree, pop around the corner and shoot someone.
Yiann and Sinthee, advance together and lookout.
No. 1020988 ID: c92a02

right, 2 actions to fire. Just retreat and reload then.
No. 1020989 ID: 12b116
File 164288842251.jpg - (362.28KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom122a.jpg )

Kayree moves up and fires! She hits! The Ratbold is paralyzed, but has a chance to shrug off the effect every turn. Kayree is not detected.

"Fucking finally," Kayree mutters.

Yiann moves around the corner and reloads. One of the Ratbolds was on the lookout and fired! He misses! Somehow!

Yiann smirks.

Baetriss reloads and wriggles back to the rest of the team.

She frowns.

Sinthee moves up and goes on the Lookout.

"We got 'em on the run!" she shouts.
No. 1020990 ID: 12b116
File 164288846067.jpg - (349.28KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom122b.jpg )

One Ratbold is paralyzed.

One Ratbold retreats.

You do not know the position of the other enemies.
No. 1020992 ID: 5f70a7

Baetriss: Move up, capture foam the ratbold.
Yiann: Move up, capture foam the ratbold.
Sinthee: Move up, overwatch.
Kayree: Animal Senses, move up.
No. 1021001 ID: ee9ae6

Yiann CFG ratbold and reload
Sinthee move closer and shoot at the ground where the third ratbold here was
Kayree senses, heal Beatriss
Beatriss move up and lookout

If Yiann misses then... someone else should baton it I suppose.
None of our C.Orgs should be in the LOS of the next large group of kobolds yet, but if Kayree senses kobolds approaching, she should probably go on a lookout instead of healing.
No. 1021004 ID: 96c896

Alright we need a ratbold, and there's one right there.

Yiann move closer to the ratbold and foam it, or if aiming would be better do that. Oh, maybe aim twice this round, to guarantee a capture next round? No idea what the hit chance is.
Kayree heal Baetriss, move up to peek around the corner. Direct vision is better than animal senses.
Baetriss move just past Kayree if not within range of healing already, otherwise move up towards that bit of cover. Then go prone to engage wriggle mode.
Sinthee move up a bit and lookout. We can cover both the tunnel and the corner at once from a nonfocused lookout action right?
No. 1021008 ID: 12b116
File 164289611477.jpg - (361.36KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom123a.jpg )

Yiann moves up. The chamber widens and he can stand!

Two Ratbolds were concealed and on the Lookout! They fire their crossbows and hit!

Yiann uses his Capture Foam Gun on the paralyzed Ratbold! He hits!
You have captured a Ratbold!

Baetriss moves close enough for Kayree to use a trauma kit and goes on the lookout.

"Medic!" Baetriss says.

Sinthee moves up to have an angle on both passages and goes on the lookout!

"I'm gonna wreck their shit!" Sinthee says.

Kayree uses a trauma kit on Baetriss! Baetriss is healed. Kayree is excited because she aided an ally! She gains a bonus to Aim and damage, and is immune to panic! Kayree is detected!

Kayree uses Improved Animal Senses!

There are two Dogbolds and five Ratbolds in the crawlspace!

There are two Dogbolds and two more Ratbolds in the corridor ahead.

The Dragonbold and three Ratbolds are near the upper corridor.
No. 1021010 ID: 12b116
File 164289618950.jpg - (384.37KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom123b.jpg )

One of the Ratbolds near Yiann moves up and activates a trap! A net falls on Yiann!

Yiann can spend an action to guarantee the net is removed. If he doesn't, there is a chance he will lose an action each time he attempts an action. Yiann is so large and strong that it is very likely he can simply ignore the net.

Two Dogbolds move up near Yiann, protecting the Ratbolds behind them.

One Ratbold reloads and two fire! One hits and one misses.

Two Dogbolds move out of the crawlspace!

Baetriss is on the lookout and fires! She hits, and the Dogbold slumps to the ground with a spray of blood.

Sinthee misses! The Dogbold and all five Ratbolds have a penalty to hit.

The remaining Dogbold moves up to protect the Ratbolds behind it!

The five Ratbolds fire! Three fire at Sinthee, one fires at Kayree, and one fires at Baetriss!

Two hit Sinthee and one misses! The bolt aimed at Baetriss misses! The bolt aimed at Kayree hits!

The kobolds chitter excitedly!

The Dragonbold and her entourage have moved somewhere.
No. 1021013 ID: ee9ae6

Sinthee burst the bottom group 1x (unless miss), and use the 2nd action to Lookout towards the top group.
Kayree and Beatriss deal with the remains of the bottom group.
Yiann move to the right to force the kobolds into LOS of Sinthee, who can then burst the whole top group as well, and go on a lookout towards the top group.
No. 1021014 ID: 96c896

Yiann start going nuts with your sword.
Baetriss bite the dogbold, make sure to give the others a good firing line on the ratbolds.
Sinthee double fire on the group.
Kayree fire once and reload.
No. 1021089 ID: 12b116
File 164296646642.jpg - (376.13KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom124a.jpg )

Sinthee fires twice into the Ratbolds! Two are reduced to bloody ruin!

"This is what you get for messing with me!" she shouts.

Baetriss charges forward and attacks the dogbold in CQC! She hits! Her venom kills the Dogbold instantly.

Kayree fires at a Ratbold and hits! Kayree is Excited and deals bonus damage! The Ratbold is paralyzed and also dead!

One Ratbold panics! One Ratbold somehow keeps its cool.

[b]Yiann attempts to move but the net restrains him! He attempts to move a second time, but the net continues to restrain him!

"This is ridiculous," Yiann huffs.
No. 1021090 ID: 12b116
File 164296649829.jpg - (389.79KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom124b.jpg )

The panicked Ratbold flees.

The remaining Ratbold throws a ball of filth and Sinthee and hits! The horrible stench gives her a severe Aim penalty!

The Ratbold flees through the small tunnel.

The two remaining Dogbolds are on the Lookout for anyone approaching.

The Ratbolds all fire and reload, or reload and fire, depending on the status of their crossbows.

Three bolts hit and one miss.

The Kobolds chitter gleefully!

Kayree can hear Cutebolds preparing to reinforce from the lower tunnel. She can hear Ratbolds preparing to reinforce from the room past the small tunnel.
No. 1021097 ID: ee9ae6

Yiann try moving out of LOS again, Kayree camo, Sinthee remove aim penalty, Baetriss move up to Yiann.

All four of them should go on a Lookout, Kayree cover both sides while three focus to the left.
No. 1021106 ID: 96c896

Sinthee wipe off that gunk, twice.
Yiann try again to move out of LOS.
Kayree Camo and Lookout.
Baetriss move towards Yiann and Lookout.

All Lookouts aim towards yiann's corner, since I don't think enemies can actually reach us from the other locations.
No. 1021161 ID: c92a02

The group should form up on Yiann and get ready to restore their momentum. If we get boxed in, it's time to deploy the portal.
Yiann, slice through the kobolds, the net, and part of the wall.
Sinthee, wipe off the shit and move towards Yiann.
Kayree, fire at ratbolds and move up.
Baetriss, CQC and move up.
No. 1021163 ID: 96c896

All the ratbolds ran away, except for those near Yiann.
No. 1021378 ID: 12b116
File 164323802473.jpg - (391.66KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom125a.jpg )

Yiann moves, tearing effortlessly through the net. he goes on the lookout with his sword.

"Finally," he mutters.

Kayree hides and goes on the lookout.

She feels her adrenaline fading ...

Baetriss moves up and goes on the lookout.

"Just show your faces, fuckers," she says.

Sinthee wipes most of the gunk off of her.

"Eww! Ewww!" she says.
No. 1021379 ID: 12b116
File 164323805541.jpg - (404.45KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom125b.jpg )

The two Dogbolds come around the corner. Baetriss fires and hits! The Dogbold is riddled with bullets and begins to slump toward the ground.

Kayree fires and hits! The second Dogbold is poisoned and only gets one action next turn.

The four Ratbolds come around the corner Two reload and two fire at Sinthee!

One hits and one misses! They chitter excitedly!

Kayree can hear several Cutebolds moving up and several Ratbolds moving up. More are on the way.

"We need to move," Yiann says.
No. 1021380 ID: 96c896

These ratbolds are basically no threat, and the dogbolds aren't on lookout anymore so we can move past them. Everyone just double move, we need to get to the dragonbold and/or enter another room.
No. 1021396 ID: fc15cc

Yiann: Charge through and bowl the ratbold group over, then move in front.
Sinthee: Move up and unload on the ratbolds.
Kayree: Double move.
Baetriss: Double move.
No. 1021428 ID: c92a02

Yiann, has anyone told you you look awesome today? Juggernaut through these ratbolds, everyone else CQC to clean up behind him and forge ahead.
No. 1021434 ID: 96c896

Guys, Juggernaut doesn't work like that. He can only push/throw objects as a free action, not enemies.
I'm not sure we're even allowed to push enemies around, even if they're tiny...
No. 1021443 ID: ee9ae6

Yiann+Beatriss+Sinthee move+CQC the ratbolds. Preferably in a way that you'll be out of CQC range of the dogbold and out of LOS of the incoming cutebolds. Since the dogbold has only one move, it won't be able to move+CQC us.

Karee prioritize scouting the way ahead. If there's someone there, move+shoot them, otherwise double move.
No. 1021476 ID: 12b116
File 164333213181.jpg - (406.47KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom126a.jpg )

Yiann moves up as far as he can. The tunnel narrows so he has to squeeze, giving him a penalty to movement, Aim and CQC. The Dragonbold and three Ratbolds are there! The three Ratbolds were on the lookout and fire! One hit and two miss.

Sinthee moves up and CQCs the closest Ratbold that has reloaded. Her heavy weapon prevents her from moving out of line of sight of the corridor. She knocks the Ratbold unconscious! You have already captured a Ratbold.

"Caught one!" she says.

Baetriss moves up and CQCs the other Ratbold that has reloaded! It explodes in a fountain of gore! The remaining Ratbolds panic! Baetriss is Excited! She gains a bonus to Aim and Damage and cannot Panic!

"Glad we already caught one of these," she says.

The remaining Ratbolds panic!

Kayree moves up twice. She remains hidden. Her adrenaline fades, she is no longer Excited.
No. 1021477 ID: 12b116
File 164333218791.jpg - (460.22KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom126b.jpg )

The panicking Ratbolds flee!

The Dogbold moves away.

The Ratbolds in the 1st group reload and fire at Yiann! Two miss and one hits! The Dragonbold casts a spell! A bolt of lightning streaks down the corridor, only hitting Yiann!

Yiann is Wounded! Yiann manages to keep his cool!

Kayree would Panic, but is shaken instead!

Baetriss is Excited, so it doesn't bother her!

Sinthee Panics!

The group of cutebolds round the corner and fire at Sinthee! All four miss!

The second group of Ratbolds fire at Yiann! Two miss and two hit!

A third group of Ratbolds emerge from a secret passage ahead!

More Ratbold reinforcements are on the way!

More Cutebold reinforcements are on the way!
No. 1021478 ID: 094652

We need to move further or wrap this up!
Kayree: Calm Sinthee down, then shoot at the Dragonbold.
Sinthee: Move up, tear into the Dragonbold's meatshields.
Baetriss: Move up, shoot the Dragonbold's meatshields.
Yiann: Move up, then guard everyone with your shield.
No. 1021479 ID: 96c896

Yiann move up and try shooting the dragonbold with CFG. Or aim and fire from this distance if that's better.
Kayree aid Sinthee. Then move towards the dragonbold. If it isn't captured this turn then bludgeoning it is a good idea.
Baetriss Aid Sinthee if Kayree doesn't manage to snap her out of it. Otherwise, move up and shoot at dragonbold with CFG if it's not captured. If it is, then use the portal device so we can bug out next turn. ...complicated conditionals here I hope that's ok.
Sinthee, shoot cutebolds. They're the most dangerous opponent at the moment.
No. 1021480 ID: c92a02

Kayree, calm Sinthee and shoot the dragonbold.
Sinthee, suppressing fire on our flank!
Yiann, move up and clear out the ratbolds on the right.
Baetriss, shoot the dragonbold. He'll either be wounded for easier capture or die and stop casting spells, both seem like a plus to me.
No. 1021517 ID: 4286b4

Kayree calm Sinthee and move towards the dragonbold;
Yiann, if you can, move+CFG the dragonbold, otherwise double move
Baetriss, if you can, move+CQC one of the ratbolds, otherwise double move to the dragonbold
Sinthee double move towards the dragonbold

In general, I think calming Sinthee this turn would be a good idea. Since Sinthee moves slower, we can't let her fall behind or let our group get surrounded. I also think that one of our C.Orgs needs to move next to the nearby group of ratbolds, because it might cause them to waste their whole next turn moving out of the CQC range (at least I think that's how they would react). Lastly, we should disable the dragonbold, or have one of our guys in CQC range of it, since that might cause it to run away. Trying to kill it obviously doesn't work due to the meat shield magic, but CFG probably would.
No. 1021537 ID: 12b116
File 164340697212.jpg - (448.73KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom127a.jpg )

Kayree tries to calm Sinthee ...

"Are you a coward!?" she yells.

Sinthee shakes off her panic!

Kayree is excited from aiding an ally! She gains a bonus to Aim and damage!

Kayree shoots at the Dragonbold and misses!

Sinthee[b/] shoots at the cutebolds!

She hits and turns one into creamy paste. The rest and the dogbold gain a penalty to hit!

One Cutebold panics! One is shaken!

Sinthee moves up.

"There's a shitload of 'em back there!" she says.

moves up and shoots at the Dragonbold with his Capture Foam Gun! He misses!

"My back hurts," he says.

Baetriss leaps forward and fires at the Dragonbold with her Capture Foam Gun! Despite the odds, she hits!

You have captured a Dragonbold!
No. 1021538 ID: 12b116
File 164340702906.jpg - (473.35KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom127b.jpg )

One Cutebold flees, the rest move up.

The Dogbold shakes off the poison and the panic. He moves up.

A group of Cutebolds move up.

The Ratbolds consolidate.

Every visible Ratbold fires at Yiann!

Ten hit and three miss!

Yiann isn't feeling too hot!
No. 1021543 ID: 96c896

Baetriss pop that portal.
Kayree heal Yiann.

Everyone leave asap.
No. 1021548 ID: ee9ae6

k, leave
No. 1021549 ID: 0159c8

We've only captured three types of Kobolds, the rest of the squad is holding up, and we haven't even used Qay-
That's it!

Baetriss: Open Portal
Yiann: Retreat into the portal
Qay: Charge in and line up a multikill!
Sinthee: Shoot the dogbold!
Kayree: BATTLECRY! And shoot.
Everyone: Act like you've got an army coming through the portal!
No. 1021556 ID: ee9ae6

afaik we got all 5 types
> >>1020864 >A Cutebold has been captured!
> >>1020869 >fires the Capture Foam Gun at the Goblinbold! She hits!
> >>1020952 >You have captured a Dogbold!
> >>1021008 >You have captured a Ratbold!
> >>1021537 >You have captured a Dragonbold!

Also, we can't swap for Qay without Yiann becoming a casualty.
No. 1021557 ID: 96c896

We didn't get the goblinbold, it escaped the foam via its bullshit invisibility magic.
No. 1021570 ID: c92a02

Alright, we got four types, that's plenty! No need to test Yiann's guts. Baetriss, pop the portal and everyone move out.
No. 1021571 ID: c92a02

Sure hope the dragonbold gets dragged along with us. Maybe it's still webbed to the gun and Baetriss can reel it back in.
No. 1021580 ID: 12b116
File 164342278429.jpg - (447.53KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom128a.jpg )

Baetriss deploys the Remote Gate Relay and your C.Orgs hurry through! The kobolds scream in anger and sadness as their compatriots are whisked away as well!
No. 1021581 ID: 12b116
File 164342291382.jpg - (480.57KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom128b.jpg )

You did it! You invaded the Kobold Kaverns and kidnapped innocent creatures!

You've been awarded 4 gene points!

You can:

Recruit a random C.Org: 1 point

Activate a C.Org: 1 point

Commission a C.Org: 3 points

You can recruit a special unit:

0 Gene Points. Windscale - Dragon, Rank 0
Dragon Skills
Impervious Draconic Resilience - A dragon's hide is immune to energy/electrical damage and takes reduced damage from all other sources. A dragon is immune to poison and most effects that would slow, paralyze, control or charm it.
Awe-inspiring Draconic Form - A dragon's massive body cannot benefit from cover. It has a massive pool of health, deals very high CQC damage, and moves quickly. It can provide cover for lesser units.
Annihilating Dragon Breath (Radiation) - This dragon can fire a wide beam of radiation from its mouth, dealing high energy damage and poisoning enemies, giving them a penalty to Aim and Calm and dealing damage every round. It deals very high energy damage to robots/machines and ignores most defenses. It can fire a limited number of times per mission. This attack does not roll to hit.
Draconic Perfection - As perfect beings, dragons do not need to use or benefit from any armor, weapons, items, stims/drugs, cybernetics, rituals, spells, magic items or other equipment. It automatically passes most Calm checks.
Draconic Hunting Prowess - A dragon ignores all penalties from darkness and can spend an Action to detect nearby and hidden enemies. It can act underwater with no penalties, cannot drown, takes no penalties from cold environments, and can scale most surfaces.
Enviable Draconic Ennui - Dragons do not partake in between-mission activities other than resting or using the Spa.
Unrivaled Draconic Value - If a dragon somehow manages to be killed, gain a large bonus to requisition and credits.
*Draconic Sacrifice - to recruit this dragon, you must assign a troop you currently possess to act as its servant. The dragon will only have its servant as a roommate, and the servant can no longer be taken on missions or partake in between-mission activities, effectively removing them from your roster.

Your units report on their activities!

Zarah interrogates a corporate Cultist!

She does a good job, but unfortunately the cultist expires! "Good thing we have a spare!" she says.

She unlocks the following Rites:
Summon Lesser Demon - This troop in addition to two initiates can spend time between missions to call forth a lesser demon. Has a chance to injure the troops that participate in the Rite.

Binding - This rite is used alongside any Summoning rite. It binds a summoned creature, allowing any Initiate to control it as long as the troop that performed this Rite is still alive. One Bound creature can be brought on missions without using a troop slot, and can be controlled by any Initiates on the mission. It takes an Action to give it an order.

This Rite can also be used to Bind captured summoned creatures to your troops, destroying any Binding Rites that existed previously.

Ixander, ViiVeen, and Rockit rest and recover. They are now fully healed!

Eilie rests. She is now only Wounded!

Fucc is helping Lurleen.

Fucc is terrified of Lurleen! He's much less likely to misbehave now!

Lurleen appreciates the assistance and gives you the following item:

Mule Armor - This armor has less protective capacity than a standard Plate Carrier, but can carry two Items.

Noot takes good care of the Frilled Demon.

"I think we're starting to understand each other a little," he says.

Danovin investigates the Pee Bandit.

"I'm pretty sure it isn't an ungulate of any kind," he says.


You got 4 Requisition Points! Because your date with Lurleen went well, Requisition costs have been reduced!

You can:

Upgrade Pistols and SMGs: 1 point
Pistols & SMGs will be more powerful.

Upgrade Rifles: 2 points
Flechette and assault rifles will be more powerful.

Upgrade shotguns: 2 points
Shotguns will be more powerful

Upgrade S.Rifles: 3 points
S. Rifles will be more powerful

Upgrade LMGS: 3 points
LMGS will be more powerful

Upgrade Explosives: 4 points
Explosive weapons and items will be more powerful

Increase Barrack Space: 2 points already purchased
Gain four more rooms for C.Orgs

Increase Barracks Space: 2 points already purchased
Gain 2 more rooms for troops.

Improved Command Structure: 3 points already purchased
Be able to bring one reserve units on missions that can replace injured C.Orgs during a mission.

Retraining Station: 1 point:
C.Orgs spend between-mission time to remove 1 rank and the skill of your choice.

Requisition Sidearms: 1 points. Every C.Org will be equipped with a small-caliber pistol that can be carried in addition to their primary weapon and CQC weapon.

Requisition one Improved plate carrier: 3 points
Gain one suit of Improved plate carrier

Requisition one Improved multi-limbed plate carrier: 6 points
Gain one Improved multi-limbed plate carrier

Requisition one Heavy armor set: 8 points
Gain one Heavy armor set for monstrous troops.

Requisition a Cyber Arm: 1 points
Gain one Cyber Arm

Requisition a Cyber Leg: 1 points
Gain one Cyber Leg

Requisition an Improved Cyber Arm: 3 points
Gain one Improved Cyber Arm

Requisition an Improved Cyber Leg: 3 points
Gain one Improved Cyber Leg

Cybernetic Upgrade: 1 point
Give one Cybernetic Limb 2 upgrade slots. Once per limb.

Requisition an Emergency Maser: 2 points
Gain one Emergency Maser

Requisition a Trauma Response System: 3 points.
Gain one Trauma Response System.
This will Injure the C.Org it is implanted in when it is implanted.

Requisition Ultimate Guts: 1 points.
Gain one Ultimate Guts
This will Injure the C.Org it is implanted in when it is implanted.


You have 1 credits in weapons to trade.

1 credit each:
Capture Foam Gun
LMG Ammo
Battery Pack
Heavy Harpoon Equipment
2 credits each:
Flechette Rifle
Harpoon Gun
Trauma Kit
Breaching Charge
3 credits each:
Heavy Harpoon Gun
Rocket Launcher
Torpedo Launcher
Lightning Gun
4 credits each:
Large Heavy Harpoon Gun
Large Torpedo Launcher
Large Rocket Launcher
Large LMG

Your C.Orgs also improved! Pick an ability for each one!

Kayree improved from Rank 4 to Rank 4.25!

Yiann improved from Rank 3 to Rank 3.5!

Baetriss improved from Rank 1 to Rank 2!
She can learn one of the following skills:
CQC Specialist - Deal extra damage in CQC
Quick Scope - If this troop misses with a Sniper Rifle, immediately take one additional shot. Missing with the second shot doesn't activate this skill.

Sinthee improved from Rank 0 to Rank 1!
She can learn one of the following skills:
Area Denial - when using a fully automatic heavy weapon, this unit can use an Area Denial attack for one action. It consumes two bursts of ammo to attack all enemies in a 45 degree arc in front of the user with lower damage. It counts as suppressing fire.
Head on a Swivel - This troop doesn't take penalties from Looking Out.

Qay improved from Rank 1 to Rank 2 due to Kayree's presence on the mission!
She can learn one of the following skills:
Side Pocket - This troop can bring one injector/drug items in addition to any other item they choose to bring on a mission.
Walking Fire - When this troop misses, she gains a bonus to hit her next shot.

Choose how to spend your Gene Points, Requisition, and select skills for your C.Orgs!If you choose to recruit the Dragon, choose which of your current troops will be assigned as a servant.
No. 1021584 ID: 094652

Give them Danovin or Sinthee or Qay, or someone who wants to retire.

>Gene Points
Activate Windscale thrice.
Activate Zarah.

>Mule Armor
We needed double-medpacks for so long!

>Requisition Points
Upgrade Rifles
Upgrade Shotguns

Store for now.

Baetriss: Quick Shot
Sinthee: Area Denial (Would have been useful earlier but that's pretty much why she's trying to learn it)
Qay: Side Pocket (put those stims to real use)
No. 1021585 ID: 6c227a

Saccrifice Ixander on the altar of draconic perfection.

requisition sidearms and improved plate carrier.

Zara should Initiate Noot and then they can Bind the frilled demon together.

Baetriss take Quick Scope
Sinthee take Head on a Swivel
Qay take Side Pocket
No. 1021604 ID: 9b127b

Do not recruit Dragon. Sacrificing C.Org to a dragon's existance seems cruel and unfair and the team will resent us for such harsh treatment that none of them deserve (except maybe Fucc)

if Dragon MUST be taken Sacrifice Qay. last in first out

Bind Frilled demon it will make a better friend than dragon.

for Req get Sidearms for 1 REQ, upgrade pistols for another 1 REQ, and upgrade rifles for 2 REQ
No. 1021606 ID: 96c896

Take a volunteer from our roster. Surely someone wants to serve a dragon? Dragons are awesome. Also it means they never have to go on a mission again, so long as the dragon lives.
If nobody volunteers, well... ask why? Is there something we don't know about what being a servant entails? Is it more like slavery? Is there abuse involved? Is the work generally unpleasant? Like, how bad is it? If it's really bad then we shouldn't do it. We can get by without a dragon. No one should have to suffer involuntarily for the safety of the group. I'm also slightly worried that the dragon will make further demands after this one. Like, offerings for her hoard or letting her eat captives.
I'm leaning towards Sinthee if the dragon won't mistreat them and it's not likely to be a long term problem. Sinthee has no real friends yet and we can also easily escort another rank 0 unit through a mission with a lmg to get area denial. Like in the backup slot.
I guess it's possible Ixander might enjoy it, he seems subby enough. Also they can bond over hoards.
A few missions ago I would have instantly chosen Fucc but him and Noot are lovers plus we JUST got him some discipline. Also I'm not sure the dragon would appreciate a bird servant.

Upgrade Assault Rifles (2)
Upgrade Shotguns (2)

Don't spend any.

Baetriss take CQC Specialist.
Sinthee take Area Denial.
Qay take Side Pocket (though it might not matter)

>gene points
Baetriss gets one. (pls get improved alien anatomy)
ViiVeean gets one. (aiming for cold res or gregarious)
Save two points for later. I still think a custom C.Org would be worth buying; there are some very strong species.
No. 1021610 ID: 96c896

Yeah on further reflection we really shouldn't make a choice until we find out more about dragons. What are they like, beyond powerful, beautiful, and greedy?
No. 1021622 ID: ee9ae6

Kayree is rank 4, too high rank to sacrifice
Yiann is rank 3, too high rank to sacrifice
Eilie is low rank, has poor traits, poor species traits, and poor skills. However, she's a lover of Kayree
Fucc is rank 2 and has good traits, also easy to excite, so not a good choice
Rockit is rank 2, has ok traits and already has date hearts. The sunken costs are too high.
Ixander is rank 2 and has a very useful skill (LMG)
Baetriss is rank 2 and has excellent traits
Danovin, despite low rank, has a species with excellent traits, so it's a C.Org worth keeping and improving
Noot is low rank, has poor traits, and poor species traits. He would be a very good choice to sacrifice... but Noot and Fucc are... , plus Noot is making LSD
ViiVeean is low rank, has poor traits, ok species traits and poor skills. She's an excellent choice to sacrifice.
Qay is low rank, but has excellent traits; we spent 3 GP getting this recruit so it would be a poor choice to sacrifice
Sinthee has excellent species traits, plus we need more LMG skill, definitely a top C.Org to keep and improve

So yeah, I'd vote to have ViiVeean be the Dragon servant, a distant second choice would be Noot or Eilie.

Save the rest of the GP.
Save RP for a Heavy armor set or improved multi-limb... unless the cost reduction is temporary, in that case get Improved plate carrier and Requisition Sidearms

Baetriss Quick Scope, Sinthee Area Denial, Qay Side Pocket
No. 1021624 ID: 96c896

ViiVeean is one of the waterborn species that also gets cold resistance, making her useful in both water missions and cold missions. She also gets Gregarious, which would make her a potential long term roommate for Zarah. Echolocation is about as good as Improved Animal Senses and probably lets us detect invisible creatures. Finally, Improved Pack Mentality buffs everyone she's near. Her species traits are very good!

Qay isn't low rank, they're rank 2. Also the cost to get them is irrelevant, that's sunken cost fallacy. Qay's current value is the only thing that matters. That's not to be said Rockit's date hearts are sunk cost fallacy, those make her more valuable. Of course, Qay is a fairly well developed unit anyway, just with far less social connections than other developed units.

Noot may be rank 0, but we need a rank 0 unit to become an Initiate. That itself has value.

Sinthee has good potential, sure, but is also easily replaced by a custom unit.

Honestly none of our units are very expendable. They all have good value. We haven't rolled any of the really bad species (especially swan, but there are some species that have low hp at first and no real advantage to make up for it so they soak up gene points just to become viable)
No. 1021628 ID: ec4166

Ixander is traumatized and we have no way of knowing when or if he will ever be combat ready again, and his only strong bond is with a non-squad member. Let him hang out with a dragon.
No. 1021632 ID: ee9ae6

I don't put a lot of value in water, cold, or darkness traits, because those traits are too situational, altho I suppose it would be useful to have at least two units with each of these traits.

Oops, yes, Qay is rank 2. So we agree that Qay isn't a good choice to sacrifice?
Rank 0 isn't anything rare or hard to get. We can either get a Retraining Station to drop ranks or recruit a new C.Org.

We should definitely get a Dragon tho. After all, it was a "Special Reward" for the last mission. It's just a question of who to sacrifice... everything is a compromise.

Ok, then I'll change my vote on who to sacrifice. In order of preference:
1. Noot (If we're gonna piss someone off, it may as well be Fucc)
2. Danovin (He's similar to Sinthee, but Sinthee has better potential and a useful skill)
3. Eilie

If Noot wins, then spend 1GP (either the one we have, or later from Mary) to recruit a new C.Org and use that one to become an Initiate. To begin with, I don't think Noot would be a great Initiate because of Large Frame.
No. 1021642 ID: 32db8b

What about sending zarah to serve the dragon. They might like each other.
No. 1021645 ID: 094652

1) She's going to be a core member of our crew when her arcane research reaches a climax. Doubly so if we can find some kinetic-shields.
2) I don't know if anyone else can interrogate the cultists as well as she can, let alone teach the OP spells she has learned. She might not have fully transcribed them to the database due to their eldritch calculations and observations.
3) Do you really want to piss off an arrogant dragon by giving them an antisocial, thoroughly scarred mage as a servant?
No. 1021664 ID: f57349

Sinthee can pick up Area Denial while Ixander enjoys early retirement. Worst case, Windscale dies in another Heretical Teratomorph raid and we get Ixander back.
No. 1021666 ID: ee9ae6

>Ixander is traumatized
Ixander can easily remove his traumatized trait by visiting the spa a couple of times. It's hardly a reason to sacrifice a C.Org with a high rank, good traits (he can get a rare Improved Pack Mentality trait), and good skills.

She can and she will, but we need more than one C.Org with LMG skills, because our C.Orgs are often wounded, let alone die. Retiring Ixander would be just asking for trouble.
No. 1021721 ID: f57349

I'm having a hard time seeing rank 2 as "high" when more than half the team is already there, and apart from Noot the rest are only one mission short. If we keep this zero-fatality streak going, Ixander might be solidly below average by the time he's ready for action again. Also, if I understand right he'll still be getting chances to recover psychologically while working as a dragon's servant, just at somewhat worse odds than by going to the spa. So, if a mission goes bad enough that Windscale gets killed, Ixander comes right back out of "retirement," possibly fully recovered.
No. 1021750 ID: c92a02

Say YES to dragon. I volunteer Noot as tribute.
>gene point spending: 4 pts
Commission a C. Org, preferably a python with Entangler or velvet ant with Monstrous Frame. Activate Sinthee.
>Requisition: 4 pts
One improved plate carrier and... hm. Is the CFG improved by upgrading our pistols and SMGs? If not, would the retraining station allow us to extend a C. Org's service term for longer? Hmm... that idea might be controversial among the troops. If no to both, save the req point up.
Baetriss: Quickshot.
Sinthee: Head on a Swivel. Don't always plan on taking heavy weapons with Sinthee.
Qay: Side Pocket.
No. 1021751 ID: 96c896

>commission a corg
Oh hell yeah I'll support that. Velvet Ant is preferable. I'd wanna activate Baetriss though. Activating Sinthee has a chance of hitting her with Improved Monstrous Form, and I'd rather we got access to at least one ranged monstrous weapon before we do that. Yiann can at least act like a backup healer, while Sinthee has no other role. Plus Swivel doesn't work very well without a ranged weapon. Also the rest of her activate-able traits aren't that great.
No. 1021752 ID: 96c896

...huh, here's a crazy idea: Can we give BOTH Noot and Fucc to the dragon?
No. 1021826 ID: 12b116
File 164359969499.jpg - (524.38KB , 1300x975 , WINDSCALE.jpg )

Baetriss learned Quick Scope!
Sinthee learned Area Denial!
Qay learned Side Pocket!

You have recruited Windscale!
Ixander is the Draconic Sacrifice, assigned to serve Windscale.
"This one will do nicely," Windscale says.

Ixander doesn't say anything.

Word of your decision spreads throughout the compound ...

Ixander hates you!
Joannifer hates you!
Lurleen dislikes you!
Mary-Kil dislikes you!
Kayree dislikes you!
Yiann dislikes you!
Eilie dislikes you!
Rockit is deeply concerned ...
Danovin dislikes you!
ViiVeean dislikes you!

You aren't sure exactly what to do with your Gene Points or Requisition Points.

The CFG can't be improved. You choose to retire C.Orgs, although they're only eligible at Rank 5. The Retraining Station could be used to prepetually prevent a C.Org from reaching Rank 5.

How do you spend your Gene Points?
The two things you were mainly considering were either saving the Gene Points or commissioning a Velvet Ant and Activating one of your C.Orgs.

You upgrade Rifles!
You have 2 points left. How do you want to spend them? You were mainly considering either purchasing Sidearms or improving Shotguns.
No. 1021828 ID: ad4e36

Wtf /quest/, that was fucked up.
No. 1021832 ID: c92a02

You chose the wrong servant. Whether or not they would have liked the draconic sacrifice of someone else is irrelevant, Ix had other issues going on.
Get the velvet ant, and activate Sinthee or Rockit.
Improve Shotguns. We need to keep weapons tech in line with enemy armor.
No. 1021834 ID: 96c896

Welp, hope Windscale treats Ixander okay.

>gene points
Velvet Ant, activate Baetriss

>2 requisition left
We could just save it? Get a bigger upgrade after next mission.
No. 1021836 ID: 094652

>Team does not like unethical decision
>We didn't accidentally first-past-the-post into rejecting the dragon
... Well at least we're no longer in danger of nosediving into failure.
Prepare a formal apology stating that there was literally no mention of... this in the contract or fine print, but you will own up to the fact that you intentionally offered Ixander as a humiliated butler-for-life, and that you fully intend to work Windscale to the bone keeping the team alive, or alternatively, ensure they won't have custody of Ixander for very long...
Also, immediately demand that Windscale agree to certain contracted (and negotiable) boundaries on Ixander's rights as a sapient being, or you're going to go straight to the harvest. For Bahamut's sake, man, let him wear some fancy clothes!

>Gene Points
Let's... hire a couple random C.Orgs. Fill the ranks with rookies who don't hate our guts. Activate Kayree and Windscale so they'll charge through the next fight.

>Upgrades Left
We should finish up our purchases before Mary and Lurleen jack up the prices for being dickweeds.
Upgrade Shotguns
Upgrade Pistols / SMGs
Squad Upgrade - Sidearms
No. 1021837 ID: 9b127b

Undo previous action remove dragon. this has been a colossal mistake and has completely ruined the cohesion of the team going foreward.
No. 1021839 ID: b55c59

Well that was fucked up.

First things first, we need to apologize. Tell the team that we we were looking at the big picture, trying to secure a powerful ally to make future missions a breeze and bring everyone back safely. But in doing that we forgot the little picture. Admit that it wasn't our right to commit Ixander to this.

We should try to send Windscale and get Ixander released. If we're stuck with the dragon, see if it'll accept a swap, letting Ixander go and receiving a volunteer instead. And if that doesn't work, try to get some sort of guarantee that Windscale will treat him with dignity.
No. 1021840 ID: 96c896

No apologies, no back-walking. Being wishy-washy is a terrible leadership practice and will just make us look unpredictable.
Stand firm until we know how Windscale treats Ixander. If possible we can request that from Windscale but we've never been able to talk to troops 1-on-1 outside of dates before so I doubt we'll get the chance now.
No. 1021841 ID: 96c896

I'll request Weaponized Body instead of Monstrous Frame on the ant. Or Fearless. It'd kindof suck for a rank 0 corg to be melee only.
No. 1021847 ID: fd4d13

Commission a Coelecanth IMO, with improved monstrous frame.

Coelecanth doesn't get weaponized body, but does get improved versions of both armored body and monstrous frame. It is also waterborn, which helps us to round out an underwater squad so we have more options without taking rebreathers into underwater missions. It tops this off with a bunch of other traits that will result in being extremely reliable and unlikely to panic
No. 1021849 ID: 9b127b

I support this, our water team needs a new tank since Teevin went back to his own unit
No. 1021850 ID: ca2950

Coelecanth is required for chomping and swimming
No. 1021853 ID: 96c896

I'll support Coelacanth as well. Not sure if I want Stoic or Low Light Vision for its extra trait.
No. 1021871 ID: fd4d13


improved monstrous frame, start off super tanky so no armor is needed
No. 1021879 ID: 96c896

Well, we could do that, but then we'd basically have to equip them like we just equipped Yiann, which means we're either going to get melee skills or... I don't know. If we didn't equip the ballistic shield then we could make them a support unit by bringing a medkit or drugs. What is your long term plan for the unit?
No. 1021881 ID: ee9ae6

We have no room space...

I'm against using GP to commission or recruit C.Orgs because we only have a couple of rooms left. So I'd prefer to save the GP for the next time unique Extraspace recruits, like Zarah, become available.
My vote is to save up GP. If we have to spend them, then spend them on activating ViiVeean to get Improved Pack Mentality.

If commissioning C.Org wins, then get one with Improved Armored Body. I'd prefer to get Pillbug with Improved Armored Body and Improved Alien Anatomy. My second choice here would be Coelacant with Improved Monstrous Frame.

Hmm, both Improved Plate Carrier and Rifles had 3 votes?
If we had to upgrade weapons, then a better choice would've been LMGs or Explosives.
Anyway, in order of preference, my first choice here is to save the RP for the armors, second is to get the Retraining Station, third Sidearms.
No. 1021910 ID: 19da02
File 164366173656.jpg - (555.85KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom129.jpg )

You got the following loot!

5xAssault Rifle

The prisoners you captured this mission that weren't turned over to the Cult of the Dragon aren't particularly useful for anything.

You Requisition a C.Org!

3 Gene Points. Cymdee - Coelacanth, Rank 0

Coelacanth Skills:
Waterborn - Bonus movement in water, can't drown.
Improved Armored Body - Higher HP and very high DR.
Improved Monstrous Frame - Very high HP, DR, & CQC damage. Large profile, Equip restrictions.

You save the remaining Requisition Points.

Updated Unit List:

Current Relationships:

You have no casualties, so everybody needs a room!

Now you can rearrange living quarters!

Kayree would like to have Eilie as her roommate.
"I'd like Eilie as my roommate," she says, looking away.

Eilie doesn't express a preference for a roommate.
"Kinda fucked what you did to Ixander," she says.

Cymdee is cool with whatever.

Fucc and Noot are getting along great.
->Noot loves Fucc
->Fucc loves Noot
"Uh, whatever you think is best, boss," Fucc says.
"That frill demon is as clean as possible," says Noot, saluting.

Zarah and Qay weren't getting along.
->Zarah dislikes Qay
->Qay dislikes Zarah
"Qay disgusts me, physically. I don't want a disgusting roommate," Zarah says, grinning.
"Anybody but this piece of shit, please," Qay says with an exasperated sigh.

Ixander and Windscale are roommates.
->Ixander hates Windscale
->Windscale is neutral toward Ixander
"Fuck you," Ixander says.
"These facilities are ... acceptable," Windscale says haughtily.

Sinthee and Yiann were sort of getting along?
->Sinthee likes Yiann
->Yiann dislikes Sinthee
"I think Yiann's warming up to me," Sinthee says.
"I don't think it matters whether I tell you what I want or not," Yiann says coldly.

ViiVeean and Baetriss were getting along!
->ViiVeean likes Baetriss
->Baetriss likes ViiVeean
"I thought you were nice!" ViiVeean shouts, frowning.
"ViiVeean is Ok, but I'm fine wherever," Baetriss says.

Danovin and Rockit were doing alright.
->Danovin loves Rockit!
->Rockit likes Danovin!
"I think I need to keep an eye on Rockit. She was recruited with Ixander," Danovin says.
"I, uh ... could I maybe have a room to myself?" Rockit asks.

Mary-Kil has special news!
Mary seems a little drunk as she relays some information to you. "I got a potion! I'll use it on whoever spends time with me! Supposedly it'll make them beautiful! I'll need to keep an eye on them for a little bit though. As a bonus, I also got us some dream treatment that should make everybody recover from mental trauma better! How cool is that?!"
Due to her strip poker antics, Mary-Kil has a beautifying elixir. The first unit that spends time with her will receive the Lustrous Coat trait. If they already have that trait or get it later, it will be upgraded to Improved Lustrous Coat. If they already have that trait or get it later, they will get a unique trait.

Please assign C.Orgs roommates!
It is better for C.Orgs to have a roommate! C.Orgs without a roommate will lose morale unless they're spending time with Lurleen, Mary Kil, or Nurse Joannifer.

Decide whether anyone will be spending time with Mary Kil, Lurleen, and/or Nurse Joannifer. Those C.Orgs have to have a room to themselves.

It's also time to spend time with one of your troops! Select a troop to spend time with, and decide whether you'll do so as a man or a woman.
No. 1021912 ID: 094652


Date Kayree
Please consider hosting a group meeting between commanders.
No. 1021917 ID: 9b127b

Spend time with Ixander

it is the only valid option.
Apologizing/justifying to someone upset with you is pointless if you don't first apologize/justify your action to the person most effected and most upset by the action.
spending time with someone who doesn't care only reinforces the concept that you only want blind acceptance of every choice you make and will further alienate you

we aren't making friends today. that ship has sailed.

date Ixander and to tell him the cold hard truth about why he was picked for this. He was picked because he was mentally ill and not fit for combat and thus the least useful member of the team
and explain why you're doing this: the Terratamorph it's still out there killing C.Orgs. it needs to be destroyed at all cost. This is why you need the dragon.
Remind him of what the Terratamorph mission did to your team. what it did to him.
the truth will hurt the least over any sort of sentimental bullshit.
Let him hate the dragon. let him hate you. be there so he can rage and voice his hatred in person.

reiterating that you have it on good authority that he won't be abused should be mentioned as well

the rest of the team will eventually respect that you handled this matter personally. rather than from the cowardly distance of your desk.

Kayree and Eilie
Fucc and Noot
Yiann and Zarah
Baetriss and Viiveean
Danovin and Joannifer
Qay and Cymdee
Sinthee and Lurleen
Rockit and Mary-Kil (being with base personnel still counts as a room alone)
No. 1021919 ID: 67181a

I agree with spending time with ixander. He will still hate us but we can at least explain that the dragon can helo get revenge against tue terratomorph and it was a way to help him stay out of combat since he seemed unwilling after the bad mission. Absolutely apologize for not consulting first tho.

Only housing proposal right now is to have qay hang out with mary for eventual omegafrills, and to have roxkit eother by herself or spend time with lurleen (shes vurrently uncertain about us so having her hang out with joaniffer will be bad news bears)
No. 1021920 ID: 0bf517

Give Eilie the beautigen!
No. 1021928 ID: ee9ae6


Send Zarah to Mary to get the elixir. The Lustrous Coat trait gives bonus to romance. It would effectively solve Zarah's biggest issue. In fact, I think it would be selfish if anyone other than her, who need it the most, got it.

Second choice would be to send Qay, who can get Improved Lustrous Coat, so Qay would get the mentioned unique trait instead.
No. 1021932 ID: ee9ae6

I'm against dating Ixander because, well, he hasn't even spent any time with Windscale, so there's nothing he can tell us about the dragon. If we're gonna date Ixander, it should be later, after this date.
Similarly I'm against dating Windscale yet, not only because it would look like we have a dragon fetish, but because Windscale hasn't spent any time with Ixander yet, so there's little to learn.

I'm fine with dating anyone else tho, doesn't matter much whom. I'd prefer if it was a female C.Org as a male.
No. 1021935 ID: 96c896

I am very surprised Windscale can fit in a barracks room. Maybe some of them are bigger than the one we saw?

Rockit gets a room to herself as requested, she can assist Lurleen.

Hold onto the potion, since Rockit specifically requested a room to herself, whoever we give it to needs to have a room to themselves, and I don't really want to give her the potion. It would be best to give it to either Qay or Zarah. We can have Zarah turn one of our rank 0 units into an Initiate this round and Bind the demon, then next round we'll be able to move the demon out of the barracks and into a separate facility, which frees up two room slots, which means we can easily give the potion to whoever we want.
Give Ixander the dream treatment. Doesn't matter that he's not going to go on missions anymore. It sounds like it's not an expendable resource though? Whatever, he still needs it.

I say "date" Ixander. What we're actually going to do though is sit down with him and Windscale and ask how the arrangement works. Like, how he's planning to treat Ixander, how much free time Ixander is going to get, what kind of requests he'll be making from here on, etc. We can voice objections to any parts of the arrangement that are objectionable, and negotiate recompense for any changes.
No. 1021956 ID: c92a02

Kayree and Eilie. Yeah, yeah it was.
Zarah and Danovin.
Ix, goes without saying.
Sinthee and Cymdee. These rooms are big enough for the two of them, right?
Viivi and Baetriss.
Yiann and Fucc.
Qay and Noot.
Rockit alone, spending time with Mary K. Time for a super kawaii shark.
Date Sinthee as a guy. Come back in a week to see how Windscale is treating Ix.
No. 1021981 ID: c7b86e

This is a very good answer. Do this.
No. 1022017 ID: 19da02
File 164374839985.jpg - (571.74KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom130.jpg )

You have decided to spend time with Ixander as a male.

But the living arrangements have left something of a conundrum.

Sinthee and Cymdee are roommates.

Eilie and Kayree are roommates.

Zarah and Yiann are roommates.

Fucc and Noot are roommates.

Windscale and Ixander are roommates.

Danovin is spending time with Joanniffer.

Baetriss and ViiVeean are roommates.

That just leaves Qay and Rockit.

You aren't sure what to do about the Beautigen.

*Suggest which of your troops, if any you want to recieve the Beautigen.The roommate situation will be arranged to accomodate that suggestion with as little disruption as possible.* To be clear, you can suggest someone other than Qay, Danovin, or Rockit recieve it.
No. 1022018 ID: 8ad7b6

Eilie should receive the beautigen, and here's why.

Fluffy Eilie gives a bonus to romance with Kayree. We want happy Kayree.

Eilie is also eligible for Lustrous Coat, which gives her the option to stack it for Improved Lustrous.
No. 1022019 ID: 8ad7b6

Addendum to above: Eilie with Improved Lustrous Coat gives boatloads of free credits. Free credits mean awesome flamethrowers and big alien weapons.
No. 1022020 ID: ee9ae6

I'll reiterate that I prefer Zarah gets the Beautigen. Due to Zarah's traits, she's got issues with roommates so the Lustrous Coat trait would give her exactly what she needs the most. With other C.Orgs liking her more, it would let her feel better about herself and possibly even solve her mental issues.

My second choice would be Qay because Qay can already get Improved Lustrous Coat, therefore, as written in the previous update, the Beautigen would cause them to get a super secret unique trait instead. These trait would most likely be way more useful than giving other C.Orgs a simple Lustrous Coat.
No. 1022021 ID: 9b127b

Rockit and Mary-Kill
Qay and Danovin

Pretty Rockit can use her improved prettyness to advocate for Sempai.

Rockit should absolutely not be roomed with Danovin. he's getting creepy and clingy and she wants out.

Rockit also wants to be alone and since we have only one spare slot she has to be the only C.Org paired with a staff member (like Mary-Kil) for alone time
No. 1022022 ID: 96c896

None for now, because I want to honor Rockit's request for a room to herself but don't want to give her the potion, and I'd want Qay or Zarah to get it later. Qay to get the unique trait and to see the sheer magnificence of it. Zarah to reduce morale penalties of being her roommate.
No. 1022023 ID: 094652

Try Qay and Rockit. Qay needs to make sure Rockit doesn't self-harm.

1) Eilie: We can't afford to lose Kayree's loyalty; we've groomed her to be the team leader, we need to give her a reason to stay or she'll rally the other pissed off members and forcefully quit en-masse. Plus, the Improved Lustrous thing should increase revenue.
2) Zarah: Like naileD said, we can normalize her charisma, possibly improve her mental health, and make classes with initiates far less grating.
3) Rockit: Because we want her to be even cuter.
No. 1022040 ID: c92a02

Priority for the beautigen goes to Rockit, then Eilie, then Zarah. Credits aren't that useful, in that we receive them a lot faster than we spend them unlike gene and requisition points.
No. 1022045 ID: 8608ca

Qay and mary kil. I want the prettiest frilliest slug
No. 1022046 ID: 96c896

Well, it looks like we're choosing *someone* this round so I'd prefer Rockit not have a room with Danovin at least?
No. 1022087 ID: 629f2e

Give enhanced beauty to Rockit. The pretty get prettier.
No. 1022088 ID: d96889

Danovin deserves to be beautiful, give them the beautigen.
No. 1022163 ID: 12b116
File 164385033931.jpg - (573.81KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom131.jpg )

Danovin and Qay are roommates.

Rockit spends time with Mary-Kil

"Woo! She's gonna be so pretty!" Mary says drunkenly.

*The next time you see Rockit, she will have a Lustrous Coat!*

Now it's time to spend time with Ixander!

>Ixander hates you, and resents being drug out to spend time with you.

You see him, still in his loincloth, a glowing mark on his chest.

"Just fuck right off with this shit," Ixander says, tapping his chest. "You think you can fix this by taking me out for fries and a milkshake? Get fucked."

The following facilities are currently available:

A) Ice Creams parlor - A small place with booths. Fairly quiet and intimate.

B) Skating Rink - Sit and watch or skate around.

C) Arcade - Loud and busy, full of games. The carpet has been stained and is currently being cleaned.

D) Dinner Restaurant - Fancy food, formal atmosphere.

E) Your room - Hang out and watch movies, or whatever.

F) Pool - There's the big pool, and the hot tubs.

G) Race track - Loud and busy! Watch the cars go 'vroom!'

H) Spa - Spend some time getting a massage and a mani/pedi

I) Bar - Eat bar food! Loud and casual. Dance! Booze! The floor of the bar has been pissed on. In this case, it's not pee bandit related though, just drinking way too much.

J) Art Show - Relaxed and quiet.

K) Sport complex - Watch people or play basketball, volleyball, or fence.

L) Theatre - Watch a stage play. Somebody pissed in the prop room.

M) Arts and Crafts - do some pottery or make a painting together

N) Strip Club - Boys, girls, or both!

O) Costume Party - Get drunk and wear stupid outfits! No costume party is scheduled for this evening.

P) The Other Bar - This one has live music and pool. A lot smaller and less busy than the previous bar.

Q) Festival - Play games and watch the fireworks! There's not currently a festival going on.

You also need to chitchat with him on the way there. What do you ask him/talk about? Ixander is likely to leave if he gets any more upset, ending your time together.
No. 1022165 ID: a67e5e

Strip club or costume party, he's already dressed for the occasions
No. 1022166 ID: e51896

Our room. Let him trash our place to blow off some steam. We deserve it.
No. 1022168 ID: 96c896

Tell him that is not what this is about.
First, let's go somewhere to buy him some clothes. Ask him where he'd like to go afterwards. This is his time, not to make him like you better. Does he want to visit someone? Buy some more stuff from a shop? Relax in a specific location?

On the way there offer to do this every week so that he can have some time away from Windscale and get to talk to his friends if he wants.
It's true that he has lost most of his freedom, but that is in exchange for the dragon's power on missions, which will keep everyone here much safer. It will also allow you to take the harder missions, which spares other Units from having to take them, which means they're safer too! You understand that this was done without his permission, and that is wrong, however someone had to be chosen. Nobody was going to volunteer for this, but it was just too important.
You are optimistic that the dragon will not treat him too badly. You know you don't know him that well, but from what you know of him, it seemed like he had a better chance than most of getting along with the dragon. Lastly, yes, there was also the factor of him not being fit for combat, and no way to know how long that would last.
You know this will not make him like you more, but he deserves to know what your decision making process was. Everyone does, but your communication lines are very limited.
No. 1022169 ID: 9b127b

First things first
don't be nice or apologize at this point, play the role of cold hearted command bastard. it's who you are today.
if he leaves he leaves. the point is to let him vent some aggression so it doesn't fester. and to explain why

it seems sexcom HQ confiscated all his clothes upon being removed from the roster.
get him some clothes if possible.
something plain like coveralls or a work jumpsuit of some sort.

Take him to the sports complex perhaps some fencing(kendo) would help him put his anger to constructive work.

Tell him you're not here to apologize. if you regretted the choice you wouldn't have done it. if you're sorry about anything it's the situations that led to this. namely the Terratomorph mission and how it set all this in motion.

it's still out there killing C.Orgs. it needs to be destroyed at all cost. This is why you need the dragon.
tell him the cold hard truth about why he was picked for this. He was picked because he was mentally ill and not fit for combat and thus the least useful member of the team
maybe he could have recovered. but even if he did he'd never be as powerfulas the dragon. no C.Org would be

if he's still around after the first few comments mention you have it on good authority that he won't be abused. and that this factored into your decisions.
you don't want any more C.Orgs to be horrible injured because you lake the power to defeat your foes.

the truth will hurt the least over any sort of sentimental bullshit.

Let him hate the dragon. let him hate you. that's likely never going to change.

but let him know that his suffering serves a purpose
No. 1022170 ID: 15447a

Agree on taking him to fencing to let him take out some aggression on you.
This post has the right idea and I second this attitude
No. 1022171 ID: 15447a

But ask him if he wants to do that first of course
No. 1022174 ID: c92a02

Fries and a milkshake won't fix this, at best we can run damage control on a snap decision. Snap decisions belong in battle, not the barracks. Admit that you made a mistake selecting Ix for this duty and now we have to run with it.
I support sports arena after the acquisition of additional clothes. Hope the tattoo lets itself be covered...
No. 1022209 ID: 1e170e

do NOT say you made a mistake picking Ix, do not say it was a snap decision, because it wasn't. It was a carefully considered and difficult decision, measuring pros and cons with no "right" answer that we just accidentally missed. We made a judgement call in an attempt to find the best outcome in support of our primary objectives, which are, in descending order:
1) Everybody in the squad is alive
2) Everybody in the squad is whole
3) Everybody in the squad is happy

We recognize that we are demanding a sacrifice of Ix, but we hope that it means we will not have to ask another squad member to make a greater sacrifice. The dragon is a potent combat asset, one which will hopefully make a difference, but if this arrangement becomes a threat to priority 1 or 2 we WILL intervene.

In a world where sending squad members into dangerous combat scenarios with incomplete intel is apparently a fucking given, not all outcomes will be favorable, and we are forced to make decisions we may not like. We are here today to own up to the consequences of those decisions.

You wanna go to the gym and beat the shit out of me?
No. 1022211 ID: c7b86e

Seconded. This is our job.
No. 1022222 ID: 12eb7b

I wouldn't apologize as if this was a mistake, but I would formally apologize for things to get so far (to show this is not something we wanted). I would explain why this choice was made (mainly the unchained Terramorph who can wipe lots of our C.Orgs and other teams' C.Orgs which is getting stronger every day). He was selected because was the less willing to fight and maybe the only one who would be willing to find an alternative to the battlefield. This was a hard choice to make, but one we needed to do. After all, the alternative would be sending C.Orgs after C.Orgs to die until a lucky shot killed the beast.

But right now is not the moment. First get him clothes, let him regain some dignity for now. Then bring him to a calm and private place like a park or office. In the meantime ask him if he is being treated right and the conditions in which he is so far. You must make sure he get's a decently enought treatment, but don't say this to him he will take this porly (show don't say).

We might have sacrificed him, but is still our responsability to take care of him.
No. 1022224 ID: 094652

"This is where we discuss boundaries and limitations, so Windscale doesn't commit any war crimes on you.
This is also the last time we'll meet in person, so take your revenge while you still can.
Also, feel free to shoot me in the face."
No. 1022226 ID: 9b127b

Taking him to a park or an office is also a good idea if available (I like to imagine Sempai has an office filled with Anime figures)

if he does start to leave once last thing we should insist on is taking him to see Joanifer to make sure he isn't receiving lethal levels of ambient radiation from windscale (considering the dragon can emit a radiation breath powerful enough to kill a person in seconds)

he probably won't react well when we ask this but I'm fairly certain he'll want to know
No. 1022229 ID: ee9ae6

Start off by apologizing to him. Don't say anything about why you did it (he's smart enough to imagine why; talk about it only if he asks himself), instead tell him that you could make a million different excuses as to why he was chosen for this task, but the fact will always be that you were the one who made the choice and he's the one who's suffering for it. And you understand that even after the dragon is dead and he's free again, he won't forgive you. The most you could do at this moment is to try to lessen his burden by spending some time with him and sharing his pain. If he really wants you to get fucked, then coming with you would be a prime opportunity for that. But even if he doesn't, you still need to hear about what's going on between him and the dragon to figure out if there's anything you can do.

Sport complex would probably be the most logical choice, assuming there's some sports that you could also play with him one on one. Like boxing heh.

Once you two start walking, tell him about stopping at a clothes store on the way. There's probably a reason he's still wearing a loincloth, so there's a chance that it's simply impossible for him to wear anything else. But if he can, even if the dragon would destroy the clothes once he gets back, it's still fine to buy them, since you're the one paying. If he can't, hmm, then we might need to choose a different place to go to, maybe the Spa.
No. 1022291 ID: 12b116
File 164394013624.jpg - (457.01KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom132.jpg )

"At least we can get you some clothes," you say.

Ixander just snorts, but follows behind you.

Clothes are freely available to your troops, and Ixander walks over to pick some things out. You see him wander towards the skirts before he stops, squeezing his eyes shut and shaking his head. Then he grabs a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

As soon as he covers the mark on his chest, the cloth begins to blacken and flake off until it's exposed again. He just looks at you.

As you walk towards the sports complex, you talk.

"Making decisions like this is my job," you say. "All of my troops are still alive, and I made the decision that I think will keep them this way."

Ixander doesn't say anything.

"We need something like that dragon if we're going to have any chance of killing the Teratomorph-" You see him flinch "-that'll keep killing C.Orgs otherwise, more likely than not."

He stays silent as you reach the sport complex. There is a variety of exercise equipment off to one side, but the bulk of the complex is a vast open are with various kinds of courts demarcated on the floor.

"I didn't want to have to make a decision like that, and this isn't something I wanted for you," you say. "I think you know why I chose you, but I'm not happy about it, and I want to do what I can to make this situation bearable for you. Let me know what you want, and I'll do my best to provide it. We're here so you can beat the shit out of me if that's what you want to do."

Ixander narrows his eyes.

"I'm not a fucking child," he says. "Frankly, it's insulting that you think that I give a shit about hitting you."

>Ixander's opinion of you has lowered, if that's even possible.

"Of course, if you had any faith in your C.Orgs, you wouldn't think you need some horror from another world to be able to do your job," he says.

"But so you can have some peace of mind," he says, the words dripping with sarcasm, "the dragon isn't going to mistreat me. The dragons are just animals before they do the servant ritual, so the only reason he can ... you know, think and talk is because I'm there. Plus, anything that happens to me happens to him. Before you ask, it doesn't work the other way around, so I'll be perfectly fine while he's getting shot or whatever."

"Don't pat yourself on the back yet, though," he says, "I have no idea if the shit in my head is me, him, or what he wants me to think and feel. It's fucking horrifying, and it's probably only going to get worse."

He looks directly at you.

"Are we done here? I'd just as soon not be anywhere near you. I'm not impressed by this ... whatever this was."

>despite what he says, you explained yourself reasonably well, and Ixander can't really find fault with your reasoning.

You can ask Ixander if we wants to exercise or spar with you, or let him go. You should also either keep the conversation going, or tell him what you want to tell him before he leaves.
No. 1022298 ID: 96c896

Tell him you'd like to actually get to know him better so that you can help him better with any problems that come up, but you also understand if he doesn't want to do that right now.

...is that really the only clothing he wants? You're sure there's something he could wear that wouldn't interfere with the mark. You won't judge his choice in clothing, no matter what it is, and you won't tell anyone either if he wants to keep it private.

Is there somewhere he'd like you to drop him off at? He doesn't have to go straight back to Windscale.
No. 1022302 ID: 094652

>Plus, anything that happens to me happens to him. Before you ask, it doesn't work the other way around.
Aaand there's the deterrent.
If he snaps, he could simply ask Zarah to "have a go" while we're in the middle of a mega-boss using our mini-kaiju, and boom, total party kill. Or he could just desecrate Windscale's corpse so we can't cash in on the death benefits.
This is good. It means we have incentive to not be a complete psychopath.
As of right now, Ixander gets full authority over Windscale's 'wages'. Actually, you know what? Screw the profit from Windscale's hide, it goes directly to him.

>What else
Spar. With rubber-bullet guns. We play to win. Show him we know what we're doing in battle; show the rest of the squad that we don't need the dragon to be victorious - but we need it to prevent incalculable loss.
I guess you could also play a strategy game, give him a figurine representing Windscale as a handicap, and find a way to beat him.
No. 1022313 ID: 9b127b

Tell him it isn't the C.Orgs you don't have faith in.

It's SEXCOM HQ where you are questioning your faith.
They have almost no regard for the safety of the C.Org units and seem only concerned with profit margins.
They hide crucial information and tell you only the bare minimum to complete objectives.
you are constantly underfunded and under staffed. profit seeming to be their only concern.

in fact the C.Orgs are the only ones you DO have faith in. That's why you're telling him all this. You need your C.Orgs to believe in you not for you own ego. but because you're just as expendable to SEXCOM HQ as he is.
You need to produce results or Sexcom HQ will replace you with someone who will. Someone who won't flinch at sacrificing endless C.Orgs into the corporate meat grinder.

you can't ask him to trust you. but tell him to trust in his fellow C.Orgs. you can allow for messages to be delivered. you encourage the Unit coming together even if it is against you.
If you have any words for your team you'll take them now and deliver them verbatim. no matter how damning or critical.
It's essential they know how you feel.
They are very upset by what has happened.

Also recommend an open jacket look, he could pull it off.
No. 1022328 ID: 96c896

I don't think complaining about HQ is going to be very helpful. It could be seen as diverting blame.
No. 1022334 ID: c7b86e

I think this is the right approach.

Re him responding disdainfully to the "beat me up if you have to" comment: "Well what else am I supposed to say? I fucked you over. It's horrible, and even if you aren't going to literally beat me up about it, I certainly wouldn't blame you for wanting to. I would, in your position. This is my way of acknowledging that. I don't know what else there is to say. I'm sorry things had to go this way. Really, I am."
No. 1022337 ID: 96c896

>the shit in my head
Hold on, what does he mean by this? Is he having intrusive thoughts?
No. 1022338 ID: 9b127b

how it's seen doesn't really matter. what matters is letting him know the facts.
and that's that Sexcom is rot right up to the top.
but then again it's not terribly important, and it's a little long winded so we might save the conversation for someone who cares, and just leave Ixander alone with his misery

I don't think he wants empty apologies and he's not going to offer forgiveness of we give them.
if we don't know what to say, we should say nothing and let him leave as he's asked to do.

offering to have him visit someplace he wants before we send him back is a good idea. I don't think he's allowed free movement unless escorted

he's already stated he doesn't want to spar, there's no point pressing the issue.
He doesn't want to be here nor spend any time with Sempai, so we should keep anything else to the absolute essentials
No. 1022345 ID: c92a02

Was only offering you an outlet. Ask if he wants to exercise and stretch his legs. It takes more than faith in my C. Orgs to handle a problem like that.
No. 1022355 ID: ee9ae6

The way Ixander wanted to try on a skirt at first implies that it was the dragon that wanted him to try it on. Which implies that dragon can see what's going on with Ixander at all times. Interesting. And what Ixander said about not knowing if it's him or the dragon in his head implies that most of his subconscious thinking is controlled by the dragon as well.

This is what's bothering Ixander the most, isn't it? The fear of not being in control of himself and of his thoughts. Sadly, there's not much we can do here...

...or can we?

I can think of one plan, but I'm not sure how effective it would be. It's called "Placebo Effect". See, even if we can't help Ixander, as long as we can make him believe that he's in control of himself, it should make him feel better and more confident about himself. Or, it would at least give him the courage to fight against the dragon's influence. If he believes that he can win, then maybe, with enough practice, he actually can?
We also know that what gets Ixander excited in battle is looting items, so maybe giving him something physical would be effective for this purpose. I dunno, a necklace, or candy or whatever would be scientifically plausible.

For instance, with candy it could go something like this:
Tell Ixander to wait here, there's a doctor that you know that comes to this place and you want to go talk to him for a minute. Leave Ixander and... go buy some candies from a vending machine, the worst taste you can find, without him noticing. Move them into an unmarked packaging on which you write a name for that candy, something that sounds like a mind control prevention drug. Then return to Ixander and present him the "drug". Explain to him that it's an illegal, but effective drug in helping him stay in control of himself. Tell him that coming to this place was a part of your plan, because there's no way a dumb animal could beat you at whatsoever sport. That is, competing with you would be an effective way to test the drug to make sure that it works and that he's in control of his body.
No. 1022373 ID: 96c896

Wow, I hate this idea.
No. 1022388 ID: 12eb7b

Absolutely not sparring against him, Windscale is not going to like to feel surprise hits.

I would really like to pass some time with Ixander because we barely know him, but I doubt he wants to. The best we can do for him is asking what he wants to do or who he want to visit. You can give him space so he doesn't go directly to Windscale. Maybe he would like to visit Lurleen?

Don't try to become his friend all of suden thought. If he is going to forgive us someday he will need lots of time. Try to appease him because it's our work, not to get on his better side. Leave open a way for him to contact you if he feels that this thing goes wrong.

I really want to know him better because if he suspect that something is changing his mind, I want to be able to detect it and be able to take action on the matter.
No. 1022575 ID: 12b116
File 164417565318.jpg - (609.01KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom133.jpg )

"Are you sure those are the only clothes you want?" you ask. "You could probably get an open vest or something.

>Ixander couldn't look any more disdainful.

"I'm fine," he says.

"Look, I'd like to actually get to know you, and help where I can, but I understand now might not be the best time, so just let me know if you want me to drop you off somewhere and I'll leave you alone."

"The spa," he says without thinking, as if the words just fall out of his mouth on their own. He squints, pinching the bridge of his nose again. "No, I want to stay here. Just ... leave me here."

You're concerned, but he starts to wave you off.

"Look," you say, "I want you to know that the people I have no faith in are SEXCOM HQ. They care about as much about me as they do about you."

He snorts, but you can see a hint of a smile quickly hidden.

"I'll deliver messages or whatever else you want me to do."

"I need some time to think," he says, and starts lightly jogging away.

>Ixander still hates you, but you made some headway.

Your date has ended, but you get a special message from Mary Kil!

"Hey Sempai, the potion was a big success!" Mary says, giving you a thumbs-up.

Rockit looks at the camera and smiles. Rockit now has the Lustrous Coat trait, which makes it more likely that her roommate will like and be romantically attracted to her.

You can spend Credits and then select a mission!
You can also choose to donate or trade any equipment you currently have.

You have 14 Credits to spend.

1 credit each:
Capture Foam Gun
LMG Ammo
Battery Pack
Heavy Harpoon Equipment
2 credits each:
Flechette Rifle
Harpoon Gun
Trauma Kit
Breaching Charge
3 credits each:
Heavy Harpoon Gun
Rocket Launcher
Torpedo Launcher
Lightning Gun
4 credits each:
Large Heavy Harpoon Gun
Large Torpedo Launcher
Large Rocket Launcher
Large LMG

Cymdee and Sinthee get along.
Sinthee acts like an aloof older sister toward Cymdee.
->Sinthee likes Cymdee.
Cymdee misunderstands Sinthee and thinks she doesn't like her.
->Cymdee is neutral toward Sinthee.

Kayree and Eilie are still deeply in love!
Kayree spends a lot of time talking with Eilie quietly.
->Kayree loves Eilie.
Eilie gets some new dresses and shows them off for Kayree.
->Eilie loves Kayree.

Zarah and Yiann get along about as well as expected.
Zarah talks casually about how Ixander deserved what he got for being a little bitch.
-> Zarah likes Yiann.
Yiann ends up yelling at Zarah, which only eggs her on.
->Yiann dislikes Zarah.

Fucc and Noot are having some trouble!
Noot reminisces with Fucc about the fun shit they'd do.
->Noot loves Fucc
Fucc seems to look around as if he expects a giraffe to be peering at him from the shadows ...
->Fucc likes Noot

Winscale and Ixander are getting along?
Ixander tries to stay as surly as possible around Windscale.
->Ixander hates Windscale.
Windscale thinks his bratty behavior is cute.
->Windscale likes Ixander.

Danovin and Qay get along!
Danovin talks about the situation with Ixander and how worried he is.
->Danovin likes Qay.
Qay cracks jokes, but talks about how it was the best decision.
->Qay likes Danovin.
->Danovin is neutal towards you.

Baetriss and ViiVeean argue with one another.
Baetriss says that you made the right call with Ixander.
->Baetriss likes ViiVeean.
ViiVeean vehemently disagrees until they both agree to stop talking about it.
->ViiVeean dislikes Baetriss.

Rockit and Mary-Kil have some problems.
Mary-Kil has fun playing with Rockit's hair!
-> Mary-Kil likes Rockit
Rockit is put off that Mary keeps things light and won't talk to her about Ixander.
->Rockit is neutral toward Mary-Kil
->You gain 1 Gene Point! You can only spend it to Activate Rockit or recruit a new C.Org.
If you Activate Rockit, you can spend the Gene Point you have saved up to exclude a trait from the list.

Now it's time to pick a mission!

Suburban Commando
A group of raiders has entrenched themselves in outskirts of Gray Lake
Difficulty: Hard
Opposing Force: Cult of Pure Love
Mission Type: Elimination
Special Danger: Enemies attack from ambush
Special Reward: Bonus Gene Points

Rescue Nakken Daisley
A defector has contacted Extraspace Unlimited and wishes to escape from the totalitarian regime he lives under. Rescue him and he will work for SexCom as base personnel.
Difficulty: Hard
Mission Type: Rescue the VIP
Opposing Force: Fascist Foxes
Special Danger: Cold in certain areas. Unprotected units suffer penalties.
Special Reward: Recruit Nakken Daisley as SexCom base personnel.

Heavy Petting Zoo
The Cult of the End has taken over a nature preserve just outside the city.
Difficulty: Hard
Opposing Force: Cult of the End with altered animals
Mission Type: Elimination
Special Danger: Civilians present
Special Reward: Bonus Requisition

C.Orgs from Unit 3 failed to defend the city outskirts.

C.Orgs from Unit 5 did an excellent job for the Lords of the Beneath!

You'll be able to select your C.Orgs and equip them after you select the mission.
No. 1022576 ID: 8483cf

I wanna say Heavy Petting Zoo because of the name, but Suburban Commando has a nice reward for the Gene Points.
No. 1022579 ID: fd4d13

We don't really need a lot more gene points right now, our bunks are pretty full. Either getting additional Base Personnel before some other squad recruits them (though we don't yet know what they do) or getting more requisition to expand our bunks are better options.
No. 1022582 ID: c92a02

Just put a post-it on the assignment board or something saying Rockit gets a room of her own for now.
Activate Rockit for a new trait.
Mission select: Heavy petting zoo. We got a water team together, but I don't think we have an ice team... Requisition will fix that.
No. 1022584 ID: 094652

Now this was a good idea.

At a quick glance, the choice is obvious. Suburban Commando has no restrictions on military-grade overkill whatsoever. We have a huge dragon who can breathe sterilizing radioactive fallout. It has filled our squad with hatred. And there's enough area for the dragon to maneuver. The Cult of Pure Love will beg us to enslave them and @#$% them in the ass, rather than face our unending might.
However, gene points aren't what we need right now. Our barracks are packed and our teammates are fussy. We could hire some 'replacements', but in contrast we could see outright resignations, further demoralizing the squad. Activating might be a good idea, but we'd need more options, or we'll turn even more of our troops into hulked-out thugs.

We've pissed off our Base Personnel, and Naikon is an ex-fascist. I don't think he'll mind the giant dragon. He might even like it. If he's assigned to experimentation duties I think he'll be a horrible-yet-effective solution to our morale problem. My only concern is that there are going to be civilians - kids - indoctrinated into fascism but non-combatants nonetheless. And if we're dealing with tunnels then we don't get the full benefit of the dragon. Unless we can somehow have him drop in as a reserve, for the final showdown in a large area. That would be sweet.

Heavy Petting Zoo has all the right benefits of open spaces and requisition points that we need, but there are definitely civilians present. I don't think we'll be able to reign in Windscale on this one, but if we do, we could score some bonuses taking pictures of a dragon fighting all kinds of other animals. Should make some morale-boosting artwork for the C.Org facility in general.

I say, can we send the dragon on a Solo op? It wouldn't be hard for them to swoop in, set the camp on fire, and bug out. We'd only get paid a fraction due to the overly massive collateral damage, but the PR suits can simply say the cult had a sex party and some idiots lit a match next to 160-proof booze.

1) Rescue Nakken Daisley
2) Suburban Commando
3) Heavy Petting Zoo
No. 1022585 ID: 9b127b

Activate Rockit, exclude monstrous form (we don't want to ruin that prefect hair she just got!)

a tough choice for mission

Gonna pick PETTING ZOO Elimination seems to be a better test drive for windscale, plus we need the bonus REQ

Rescue mission is not a bad choice though. since that one only has a single person to protect rather then an unknown number of civilians
No. 1022598 ID: ee9ae6

2x Rockets
1x Large Rocket Launcher
1x Large LMG

Activate Rockit. For 1 GP. She can still be activated 5 times so it would be way too wasteful to spend 2 GP on every activation simply to avoid a trait that isn't that bad.

Tsk, only hard missions... can't leave out the dragon then.
Rescue Nakken Daisley. Second choice would be Suburban Commando. Heavy Petting Zoo offers bonus RP, but I'm pretty sure we wouldn't get any if we brought a dragon because civilian casualties.
No. 1022609 ID: 96c896

Oh hell yeah Activate Rockit while excluding Monstrous Form.

Either the rescue mission or the petting zoo.
No. 1022643 ID: 12eb7b

We need Windscale to show off and pump up the morale (show that Ixander's sacrifice is for something). Also it would be good to send Windscale to one mission before the big one to know her limits and how she works with others.

I fear that Nakken Daisley has limited time, but I don't think that Windscale is the most apropiate.
No. 1022720 ID: 12b116
File 164427770572.jpg - (344.98KB , 2000x1500 , Sexcom134.jpg )


You Activate Rockit and spend your extra Gene Point to exclude Monstrous Form!

Rockit gains the following trait:

Stoic - This troop takes half the normal penalties from being Shaken, Panic, or being Wounded. They are much less likely to Panic outright when failing a Calm check.

You purchase:
1x Large Rocket Launcher
1x Large LMG
2x Rockets

for 10 creadits, leaving you with 4.

You decide to rescue Nakken Daisley!

The mission is simple: Find and extract Nakken Daisley.

As soon as you arrive, the Foxes will know and begin to converge on your location. You must move to the VIP's location and bring him back to the Extraspace Gate.

Exterior locations are Cold, meaning units without Cold Weather Gear will suffer cumulative penalties to hit opponents with any attack or abilities as long as they are in the Cold.

You get some info from the previous attempt:

The Foxes have normal soliders with assault rifles and grenades, and the occasional heavy weapon.

They also have female soliders called Whisperwomen, who can manipulate probabilities to make it hard to hit Fox soldiers, and easier for them to hit your troops.

They also have monstrous Coyotes who have some kind of strange magic that can at minimum reflect damage from the Coyote to the attacking troop.

Moving quickly will be to your advantage. The longer you stay in one place, the more enemies will arrive.

Choose which troops to bring and what to equip them with.

You can bring four characters, with a fifth one being held in reserve if you so choose.

Ixander can't be assigned to a misson or task.
Winscale can only go on missions or go to the Spa.
Yiann, Eilie and Baetriss should rest, but anyone else who stays behind can:

Assist Lurleen for possible bonus items
Work with the Corporate Cultist prisoner for magical insight
Work with either Cult of the End prisoner for cybernetic insight (one person can be assigned to each prisoner)
Zarah can perform a Rite
Investigate the pee mystery to possibly gain more clues. Chose one unit: 1-5, to get a detailed roster.

No. 1022723 ID: 094652

>Rockit gained Stoic
... We just turned Rockit into a fashion model.
Can we get bonuses for that?

>Form a Par-
>That's not fi-
>You nee-
>Are you ser-

Kayree: Blood Plasma Gun, Improved Plate Carrier, Trauma Kit
Cymdee: Large Rocket Launcher, Mule Armor, Cold Weather Gear + Rockets
Fucc: Flechette Rifle, Camo Suit, Bloodfire
Baetriss: Energy Katana + Ballistic Shield, Agility Frame, Cold Weather Gear

Windscale on reserve.

Also, why is Eilie still wounded?
No. 1022725 ID: 12b116

Eilie was a Casualty from Hell in the Water. She rested during Kobold and the Beautiful, so she recovered from Casualty to Wounded. Unless I missed something.
No. 1022730 ID: 96c896

>squad formation
Kayree with assault rifle(we just upgraded them), basic plate, medkit
Qay with sniper rifle, agility frame, cold gear + bloodfire
Danovin with assault rifle, improved plate, cold gear

Sinthee in backup with LMG, mule armor, lmg ammo + medkit

>base duties
Zarah Bind the demon and turn either Noot or Cymdee into an Initiate.
The other one assist Lurleen.
Rockit can also assist Lurleen, for better item chance.
Fucc, ViiVeean investigate pee bandit.
Choose list: Unit 3, because it rhymes with pee
No. 1022738 ID: c92a02

-Kayree: Every time! Assault rifle, agility frame, trauma kit.
-Zarah: SMG. Guaranteed damage abilities, healing and she doesn't give a damn about the cold.
-Fucc: Assault rifle, improved plate carrier, scope. The scope both negates the Aim penalty outdoors and improves it indoors.
Reserve: Sinthee, lightning gun, mule armor, cold weather gear (in case it's needed to swap out).

Other activities:
Cymdee: Interrogate End Cultist
Noot: Interrogate Corpo Cultist
Vivii: Interrogate End cultist (or the kobold, who knows?)
Qay: Investigate the pee mystery, look into unit four no wait that's us. Uh, start with number 1.
Rockit: Work with Lurleen.
Does anyone need to be assigned to Frillbert between missions, i.e. Danovin?
No. 1022742 ID: 9b127b

1: Kayree on medic duty also giving our reserve C.Org exp (also she's a fluffy wolf, her natural terrain)
-Improved Plate Carrier, Trauma Kit
2: Windscale, gotta prove his worth (Main tank, high threat take down)
3: Danovan: needs the experience and could stand cooling off from his Rockit lust. (as V.I.P. babysitter)
-Energy Katana + Ballistic Shield, Agility Frame, Cold Weather Gear
4: Qay: needs to be deployed for real. (serve as sniper support)
-Sniper rifle, Mule armor, Scope, Cold weather gear, bloodfire
5(Reserve): Fucc: we probably won't need heavy support but it's nice to have an ace in the hole in case something unexpected show's it's face.
-Rocket Launcher, Rockets, Platecarrier

Yiann, Eilie and Baetriss can enjoy a nice nap.

Rockit can work with Cult of the End prisoner,
Viiveean can work with the Corporate Cultist prisoner
-the both have experience with respective forces

Sinthee can investigate pee bandit.

Zarah should train Noot or Cymdee
my pick is Cymdee first and Noot next time
Noot can assist Lurleen. then he can know a little more about Fucc's fears
No. 1022799 ID: ee9ae6

Hmm, we'll probably need a couple of CFG's against the Coyotes that reflect damage? We'll also need to move fast, so I don't think bringing snipers or heavy weapons is a good choice.

Arm: Improved Plate Carrier
Wep: Blood Plasma Gun
Itm: Trauma Kit

Arm: Agility Suit
Wea: CFG + Blood Plasma Gun
Itm: Bloodfire + Cold Weather Gear

Arm: Birthday Suit
Wea: CFG
Itm: Ballistic Shield


Fucc (backup):
Arm: Mule Armor
Wea: Rocket Launcher
Itm: Rockets + Trauma Kit

Danovin -> Frilled Demon
Sinthee -> Lurleen
ViiVeean -> Mary
Zarah -> Initiate Noot
Rockit -> Pee mystery (unit 3)

I think using Retraining Camp on ViiVeean would be a good idea to then turn her into a 2nd Initiate. I don't like turning Cymdee into one because Cymdee has traits that fit a frontline tank / melee, not a magic caster.
No. 1022817 ID: 12b116
File 164438099746.jpg - (389.51KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom135.jpg )

Zarah is performing the Rite of Initiation with Noot!
She is also performing the Rite of Binding on the Frilled Demon!
ViiVeean is interrogating a Corporate Cultist.
Sinthee is investigating the pee bandit (unit 3.)
Cymdee is interrogating the Cultist of the End.
Rockit is assisting Lurleen.

You agree to rescue Nakken Daisley!

You must move to his location, which will be indicated by green arrows, and then return with him back to the Extraspace gate.

Your C.Orgs are outfitted as follows:


Wolf Abilities:
Animal Senses - Larger detection radius
Improved Animal Senses - spend an action to learn specific number and traits for detected enemies. has a chance to detect invisible/hidden enemies.
Animal Toughness - Harder to kill than a human.
Trophilaxis - when drug is used on this troop, an adjacent troop also gets the benefit.
Healer - Trauma kit has 3 uses
Presence - The Calm action has 100% chance of success when used on adjacent units. Can Calm units that aren't adjacent as long as they can see or hear her. All adjacent allies gain a bonus to Calm.
Tough as Nails - The unit has to be reduced to 1/3 HP to be injured. The first time she would panic during a mission, she is shaken instead.
Lead From the Front - as long as Kayree goes on a mission, reserves get XP
Improved Plate Carrier - Very high protection
Assault rifle - Medium range, Single shot or 3r burst, Medium Damage+.
9 round magazine.
Trauma Kit - Use to revive a disabled teammate or remove injuries.


Dragon Abilities:

Impervious Draconic Resilience - A dragon's hide is immune to energy/electrical damage and takes reduced damage from all other sources. A dragon is immune to poison and most effects that would slow, paralyze, control or charm it.
Awe-inspiring Draconic Form - A dragon's massive body cannot benefit from cover. It has a massive pool of health, deals very high CQC damage, and moves quickly. It can provide cover for lesser units.
Annihilating Dragon Breath (Radiation) - This dragon can fire a wide beam of radiation from its mouth, dealing high energy damage and poisoning enemies, giving them a penalty to Aim and Calm and dealing damage every round. It deals very high energy damage to robots/machines and ignores most defenses. It can fire a limited number of times per mission. This attack does not roll to hit. 3 Uses
Draconic Perfection - As perfect beings, dragons do not need to use or benefit from any armor, weapons, items, stims/drugs, cybernetics, rituals, spells, magic items or other equipment. It automatically passes most Calm checks.
Draconic Hunting Prowess - A dragon ignores all penalties from darkness and can spend an Action to detect nearby and hidden enemies. It can act underwater with no penalties, cannot drown, takes no penalties from cold environments, and can scale most surfaces.


Nudibranch Abilities:
Animal Toughness
Waterborn - bonus mov in water. Can't drown.
Improved Alien Anatomy - Bonus CQC and toughness. Long instead of tall. Equip restrictions.

Eagle Eye - Can Lookout with a sniper rifle for 1 Action.
Side Pocket - Can carry a drug/stim + another item.
Light Mulit-Limbed Plate Carrier - Worse than the standard-issue.
Sniper Rifle - long range, high damage.
Takes two actions to fire.
Can't be used at point-blank range.
6 round magazine.
Bloodfire - One-use stim. Excites the target. Eliminates Panic.
Cold Weather Gear - Negates the penalties from Cold.


Badger Abilities:
Large Frame - tougher to kill than the average C.Org, increased CQC, less benefit from cover.
Animal Senses
Nimble - This unit is harder to hit with CQC attacks
Agility Frame - Slightly better than plate carrier. Can jump long distances and move further. Exotic anatomy can use.
Energy Katana - CQC range, no ammo, high damage, 1h.
Deals very high CQC damage and the troop carrying it is harder to hit in CQC. Can be equipped alongside one other weapon with the 1h property.
Capture Foam Gun - Short range, no damage, 1h
Targets hit and encased in immobilizing foam. Alternatively, removes "on fire" from a unit.
1 round magazine.
Ballistic Sheild - Troop carrying it takes reduced damage from firearms and is harder to hit in CQC.

Fucc (Reserve)
Powerful Beak - Can pry open some locked doors or containers
Bird - Sometimes gains an extra action. Sometimes doesn't follow commands
Curious - All interactables are highlighted
Trophilaxis - can give 1 adjacent ally the benefit of a drug, or two allies and not gain the benefit himself.
Walking Fire - when the C.Org misses, his next attack has a bonus to accuracy.
Adrenaline High - stays Excited for longer.
Mule Armor - Very Low protection. Can carry two items.
Rocket Launcher - Medium range, very high damage, explosive.
Ammo takes up item slot.
Reduces movement when carried.
Can't be used at point-blank range.
1 round chamber.
Rockets - 3 rockets.
Cold Weather Gear - Negates the penalty from Cold.

Your team move through the gate.

Snow drifts gently past the windows of the warehouse your C.Orgs find themselves in. Several ordinary fox soldiers spot you, as well as some human captives. You are under no obligation to protect or rescue any of those captives. They're just random humans from another universe. Who cares? Do war crimes if you want. Nobody'll ever know!
No. 1022823 ID: 96c896

Let's... not do war crimes. In fact why don't we snag a couple civvies to see what happens, if we have a good opportunity to.

Looks like a prior team breached the wall down there. Weird spot for a breach but whatever. Maybe the cargo containers were in different spots before. That's gonna be our exit because opening that warehouse door is gonna be a pain in the ass.

Alright everyone fucking leg it. Enemies are between us and the exit so we're gonna have to take them out on the way.
Kayree: Burst fire at the perched troop to debuff it, then move towards the cargo container that's currently in front of Windscale, to break line of sight.
Windscale: move down towards those two enemies at the bottom of the room, then use Hunting Prowess to detect if there's any other enemies in here.
Qay: move towards the lower side of that cargo container to use the corner as cover, and Lookout towards the forklift because that looks like a spot that the enemy will try to take cover at.
Danovin: Move down and into that nook in the bottom right if possible, to break line of sight with everything. If that's unreachable stick with Qay.
No. 1022835 ID: 094652

Windscale: Be a Dragon.
Fly upwards and roar the following.
(In short, get the attention of everyone while Kayree and company quietly kill off the awestruck soldiers.)

Kayree: Roll your eyes, climb on top of the container (remember to go prone so you get some cover bonuses), and shoot the other combatant on the other container.
Qay: Facepalm, move to the container on your right, and take another shot at the container guy.
Danovin: Squint at your new narcissistic companion, move up to the container on your left, and attempt to fire with your capture foam.
No. 1022846 ID: c92a02

Windscale: How fast is super fast? Head south and smash a soldier.
Danovin... is this a joke? Were you looking for the training room with that loadout? Whatever. Run around the first container and take cover behind the middle one, above the forklift.
Kayree: Climb up on the central container and shoot the soldier up on the containers.
Qay: Double move up towards the forklift.
No. 1022848 ID: 076238

Lets say that from up to down the containers lend 4 paths: A, B, C and D.

Kayre take cover in B and try to shoot the guard. Danovin and Windscale take cover in C and prepare to make a combined assault. Qay take cover in D and shoot to distract the guards.
No. 1022860 ID: 6ead07

Remember, move first shoot second.
Danovin, head up the top corridor towards the upper soldier. Qay, climb up the crate in front and lookout towards the top soldier. Kayree, climb up the container and burst fire at the far lower trooper. Windscale, attack the near lower trooper.
No. 1023121 ID: 12b116
File 164458070788.jpg - (44.70KB , 543x327 , cavs.jpg )

I am concerned that I made a bad decision in choosing Danovin and his loadout. There were votes for that loadout, but also for Cymdee to have the same loadout. I don't want a bad outcome based on a choice I made instead of a choice made by the suggesters.

I don't think Danovin is an unreasonable choice, and if Cymdee is selected, should she survive the mission, she would not be able to become an Initiate, which I believe I took into consideration when deciding which unit would fill the final slot.

Please Vote:
C to replace Danovin with Cymdee. This would also reallocate the Agility Frame to Qay, which is in-line with the suggestions for her loadout.
D to keep the squad composition as-is.
No. 1023122 ID: 96c896

D. The suggestions for squad composition were all over the place, we'll have to make do with what we got. I think it'll work, Danovin will just wind up doing drive-bys on enemies as we go. Enemies that are far away and not in our way should be ignored anyway, because we won't really be able to kill them in a reasonable time span.
No. 1023123 ID: c796cf

I don’t care who takes that slot, as long as they take a ranged weapon instead!
No. 1023124 ID: ee9ae6

C) Cymdee without any armor should be tougher than Danovin with Agility frame, and Qay with Agility frame is tougher than without it. It's simply a better choice. And yeah, with CFG + Energy Katana.
No. 1023128 ID: 9b127b

D for Danovin
Cymdee has more natural armor yes, but she can be even MORE durable when we can afford to buy her armor to wear on top.
seems a waste to do that before we can afford that.

I have no objections to giving Danovin a ranged weapon, but I still think he'd be better with the sword
No. 1023151 ID: 094652

Whoever we pick, replace their sword with a 1h gun. We already have a giant melee specialist, now we just need to keep the trainee alive.
No. 1023152 ID: 12b116
File 164461621836.jpg - (390.04KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom136.jpg )

Kayree moves up to the corner of the nearby container and burst fires at the fox that's on top of a container. She hits! The fox is wounded. The fox has a penalty to hit!

"Move up!" she yells.

Windscale double moves and gets up to a fox. He effortlessly climbs over the containers in the way.


Qay moves up to the corner of a container and looks out toward the forklift.

"I'm gonna fork somebody up!" Qay says.

Danovin double moves, staying out of line of sight.

"We got this," he says.
No. 1023153 ID: 12b116
File 164461624551.jpg - (407.35KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom136b.jpg )

The top fox drops prone. He fires at Windscale and hits!

"Skeeyv! Kyff audrvan nask gyvn!" He yells into his radio.

The second fox moves toward the forklift and Qay fires! She hits! Most of his insides are now outsides and he slumps toward the ground.

The last fox moves away from Windscale and fires! He hits Windscale!

"Gke! Gke! Gkekeg!" he says.

The humans begin to panic and run screaming in random directions.

Reinforcements will arrive next turn.
No. 1023155 ID: 9b127b

Kayree finish off the Fox up top
Danovin sneak around back and use capture gun to take a fox pet (should probably do captures now before things get too dangerous
Windscale move up and be ready to dominate the next wave
Qay move up and maybe motion the innocents to stay out of the line of fire

anybody with extra actions move up , waves are endless here so we want to keep moving or risk getting overwhelmed
No. 1023156 ID: 094652

No. 1023157 ID: c92a02

Kayree: Burst fire at prone soldier, then sniff with animal senses. Are there hidden threats, reinforcements nearby, or most importantly, booby traps on the humans?
Windscale: Delete south fox.
Qay: Double move for door, use forklift for cover.
Danovin: If Kayree says it's safe, attempt to calm a civilian. Keep moving toward the entrance to the next room.
No. 1023158 ID: 96c896

Danovin: move to the nearby enemy and CFG them. Having at least one captive is nice.
Qay: try to shoot the perched enemy. If not possible, move to the forklift and Lookout towards the opening in the wall.
Kayree: try your best to murder the perched enemy.
Windscale: secure the exit, use Lookout to ambush reinforcements.
No. 1023161 ID: ee9ae6

Danovin move+CFG
Windscale move next to the forklift (gonna be throwing that next turn) and use Draconic Hunting Prowess
Kayree finish off the Fox and whatever
Qay take cover behind Windscale and go on a lookout
No. 1023162 ID: 12b116
File 164462090970.jpg - (417.36KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom137a.jpg )

Kayree takes a shot at the hunkered down fox and hits! He is riddled with bullets!

Kayree uses Animal Senses! There are four foxes outside the gate, and the humans smell like explosives! Based on their behavior, they're probably unaware, however.

"The civilians are trapped!" Kayree yells.

Windscale moves up to the gate and goes on the lookout.


Qay moves up and goes on the Lookout toward the gate.

"Uh, that's fucked," says Qay.

Danovan moves up and uses the Capture Foam Gun on the remaining fox! He hits!

"Captive secured!" he says.
No. 1023163 ID: 12b116
File 164462113508.jpg - (421.38KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom137b.jpg )

Your C.Orgs hear quiet sussurations coming from nowhere in particular, like the tail end of words they can almost make sense of ...

The gate slowly rises, revealing three foxes.

Qay takes a shot and misses!

Two of the foxes fire at Windscale and hit!

One fires at Qay and misses!

The foxes gekker wildly to one another.
No. 1023166 ID: 96c896

Oh, that hole is halfway up the wall. We can't really use it as an exit, but we could shoot through it I guess.

Windscale, breathe on the group. Move beforehand to hit all three, if you need to.
Since that will kill them all, everyone else should double move towards the exit. Don't get close to civvies. Maybe even yell at them to keep their distance, because they're wired to blow.
No. 1023167 ID: ee9ae6

Windscale melee, Qay shoot, Danovin reload and move, Kayree double move to Windscale
No. 1023172 ID: 094652

Looks like one of the Whisperwomen support units is debuffing your squad and buffing hers!

Danovin: Reload and fire the CFG at the civilian, before they get close enough for the foxes to detonate their bomb!
Windscale: Bite the nearby fox and pounce on / roar at the remainder!
Kayree: Nice work. Jump to the next container, then shoot anyone who Windscale spared.
Qay: Double move to the giant hole in the wall.
No. 1023178 ID: c92a02

Everyone: avoid the civilians! Make sure they don't come near you.
Windscale: fox one! ...Oh, right. I mean, use your dragonbreath on the three soldiers.
Danovin: Can that hole in the wall be hopped through? If it's really high up, he has the agility frame.
Kayree, Qay, double move towards the warehouse doors.
No. 1023221 ID: 96c896

In the interest of not having a big ol' tie I'll change my vote. We probably shouldn't scare off the windwhisper mage immediately, which annihilating the three enemies there with breath would probably do.
Windscale murder one of the upper enemies.
Qay move forwards and Lookout towards the gate enemies. I don't think the enemies at the gate are going to just stand there and let the dragon maul them, so this should result in a cheaper shot. Also I suspect the enemies there will prioritize shooting at Windscale so moving out of cover should be safe. Even if they take a shot at Qay she can take it. Actually, I think Qay can probably move to a spot where the lower enemy no longer has line of sight. Then she'd only be exposed to one of the upper enemies. The lower enemy might've only shot at Qay because they didn't have line of sight on Windscale, anyway.
Kayree double move towards the gate, there's still a bit of cover over there.
Danovin move towards the wall hole and reload the cfg. Gonna try to capture the mage next turn.
No. 1023224 ID: 12b116
File 164468432825.jpg - (402.40KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom138a.jpg )

Windscale moves out and fires his atomic breath at the three foxes. A blinding light and the hissing of vaporizing flesh fills the air. They're instantly reduced to ash!

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Windscale says.

The rest of your troops reload and move up.
No. 1023225 ID: 12b116
File 164468435419.jpg - (367.50KB , 1200x900 , Sexcom138b.jpg )

The Whisperwoman runs.

Your C.Orgs no longer hear faint voices.

Kayree scavenges ammo. Danovin reloads.

Do you want to trade out a unit before you advance? Units are now affected by Cold, and the street ahead seems well-defended.
No. 1023226 ID: 12b116

I'd already drawn the update before I saw this, sorry.
No. 1023236 ID: c92a02

Fucc, pass the rocket launcher to Danovin. We could use a big punch to break up a heavily fortified area.
No. 1023239 ID: ee9ae6

Wasting a map-clearing ability on a couple of weak enemies when we haven't even gotten to Nakken Daisley...

No trade, go on.
No. 1023338 ID: 96c896

Well, we don't have a breaching charge, and might need something like that to get inside the building the VIP is in.
Also the more firepower we bring to bear against this defense the better off we'll be in the long run.

So let's bring in Fucc, or at least give Danovin the rocket launcher (and ammo).
No. 1023511 ID: 094652

Fucc - The streets boast large open areas and hefty reinforcements. Melee skirmishers won't be as useful as rocket launchers.
General Strategy: Shoot the buildings to bring down rubble, keep reinforcements from swarming in!
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