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File 164030584354.png - (395.98KB , 1200x1200 , Title Card 3.png )
1018225 No. 1018225 ID: 7dab23

Welcome to the Basement.

Coral has Gained a New Ability:
- Water Dragon's Breath - Once per Day, you can emit a 30ft Line of Lightning from your mouth.

Coral now has 5 Magic Points per Day!

Coral has Gained New Spells:
Two Point Spells:
- Arcane Itch - Makes a creature magically itchy, making it very hard to focus on anything.
- Summon Rain - You dance and summon a 20ft Wide Rain Cloud, soaking everything.

[Baldy Has Joined the Party!]

Baldy has Gained New Abilities:
- Single Combat - Once Per Day, Baldy can issue a Challenge to a single enemy, this focuses his mind and body on defeating that enemy.
- Protector - During Single Combat, Baldy can extend his Unyielding Ability to an Adjacent Ally, as long as that ally remains adjacent to Baldy.
- Unyielding - Allows baldy to focus his mind, forestalling Fatigue, Sickness, and Fear. Additionally, allows Baldy to remain conscious despite physical traumas.

All Stats and Equipment have been updated on the wiki.
Wiki will not be updated again until the end of this Thread.
Please take some time to read through the wiki, to familiarize yourself with the state of things.
Chapter 3 will properly begin tomorrow, Dec 24th.

Thread 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/974951.html
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Magic_Elevator_Quest
My Website: https://www.WorldFamousArtisan.com/
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No. 1019094 ID: 6c227a

I think we're good here.

Any idea how a person would identify potions besides drinking them?
No. 1019395 ID: 7dab23
File 164126898802.png - (423.67KB , 1200x1200 , 62.png )

The Party heads back to the locked door and attempts to use the Rusty Key.

The door opens to a short hall that bends to the left, after the corner, a door is held ajar by a small rock. Sneaking up to the door and peering through, Coral see's a Square room with Three Doors and a Large Hole in the Center of the Room. The Hole appears to be completely filled with some form of Webbing.

the Two other doors are also held ajar by small rocks.

What do?
1. Go somewhere? Avoid the Hole?
2. Investigate/Interact with the Hole?
3. Send Baldy?
4. Other?
No. 1019409 ID: 7dab23

Sorry I forgot to answer your Question!

During Corals time at MudTown Wizarding College, she had opportunity to learn about potions. And her advisor advised her that, as a Witch, it would be Vocationally Apt.

Despite this, Coral could not afford to pay the Materials Fee for the class.

Our best bet on identifying the potions pre-ingestment, would be to have an Apothecary of some sort look at it. Generally there are 3 types of Potions; Arcane, Divine, and Alchemical. Again, the Potions Class would have helped you identify at least that much.
No. 1019488 ID: 96c896

Well there's clearly a giant spider down there. Avoid the hole for now, don't step on any of the web. Try the door on the right.
No. 1019513 ID: 6c227a

IS that traditional spider web? some of those lines look a bit rune-ish.

Tradition has taught me that webbing is flamable, and we do HAVE a candle. I feel like it might be a bit much to jump straight in to setting a fire and leaving the room though.
No. 1019566 ID: 7dab23
File 164135527109.png - (490.75KB , 1200x1200 , 63.png )

This webbing appears to be traditional, in exception of it's Size and Quantity.

Coral: "Careful, don't step on any of the webs."
Coral slips into the room and sneaks along the wall.

Baldy, Sneaks across the floor, careful to avoid the webs with each step.

16 eyes, between Two Large Spiders, spot you.
One cuts Coral Off at the Door, the Other lunges for Baldy, biting his Breastplate.
In doing so, they have cornered both of you.

Baldy recognizes This is an unusually coordinated assault for Spiders.
Baldy: "Careful, spider not this smart."

Coral: "Maybe we're just unlucky?"

Baldy shrugs motionlessly, at Coral.

What do?
1. Attack Mundanely?
2. Use a Spell/Ability?
3. Retreat? How? Where?
No. 1019582 ID: 6c227a

You need to disable the one in front of you so Baldy can focus on his. Does Shrink Body have a notable impact on a creature's melee threat? If that's not going to do much, try a Mudball on it's many, many eyes I guess.
No. 1019583 ID: 96c896

Use Shrink Body! Then squish it.
No. 1019690 ID: 7dab23
File 164143292956.png - (505.64KB , 1200x1200 , 64.png )

Shrink Body won't get the spider small enough to Squish easily. Though It will weaken its strength, any Poison the spider might have would remain fully effective.

Coral: "I've got this one, Focus on yours Baldy!"
A glob of Mud forms at Corals Fingertips, and falls squarely onto the spider, covering its many, many eyes.
[-1 Spell Point, 4 Remain]

Due to its hard Exo-Skeleton, the spider struggles to wipe the mud away.
Without vision, the spider pushes the southern door open and stumbles into the hallway. leaving both the Southern and Eastern Doors open to Egress.

Baldy flails wildly at his assailant, Missing Completely with the Ratsmasher, and shaving the spiders Cephalothorax with his sword.
Baldy: "Hold still!"

The spider spins around giving Baldy a chance to strike again, Stabbing squarely into the abdomen. This only serves to give the spider better aim, entangling him in a sticky, silly string like, spider web net!

What do?
1. Chase the Blind Spider?
2. Help Baldy? how?
3. Retreat? Where?

Sorry, I forgot to add the grain to the wood doors.
No. 1019712 ID: 96c896

2. Shoot the spider with crossbow.
No. 1019794 ID: 7dab23
File 164151803778.png - (563.29KB , 1200x1200 , 65.png )

Coral draws her crossbow and starts loading a bolt.

The Spider quickly turns and bites Baldy on the leg, the large fangs easily pierce his Pants, just as the spider is pierced with a Bolt! Stunning the Spider.
Baldy, takes this opportunity to plunge his sword down between the spiders many eyes, splitting the cephalothorax in half.

The spider collapses, dead.

Coral runs over to cut the webbing off of Baldy.

Baldy: "Me feel weak, leg heavy.."

Coral: "You've been bit,"
Coral pulls Baldy's Pant leg up.
"This doesn't look good, I have a spell that can determine if you're poisoned, but I can't remove the poison myself."

Baldy: "No, me be okay."
"Only one bite, not kill Baldy."

[-1 Bolt, 13 Bolts Remain]

What do?
1. Cast Arcane Diagnostics? This costs 1 Spell point.
2. Go Somewhere? Where?
3. Do Something here?
4. Retreat?
5. Other?
No. 1019808 ID: 96c896

Oh, from now on we should probably keep the crossbow loaded, or at least the string drawn back without a bolt in it. Then firing it will be faster.

The poison is probably paralytic in nature. Spiders prefer to keep prey alive, after all. Let's kill the other spider before it sets in! This time just bonk it with staff to stun it so that Baldy can finish it off.
No. 1019825 ID: d1891c

I mean, spiders also like to inject prey with toxin so virulent if liquifies their insides and they can drink it. Spider poison can be a big deal. But without anything to do about it, its like knowing the exact age and weight of the dragon about to eat you.

Baldy cant be trusted as a judge of his own status, better just do anything you can medically for now and keep an eye on it.
No. 1019910 ID: 7dab23
File 164161982558.png - (122.53KB , 1200x1200 , 66.png )

Coral arms the Crossbow, in anticipation of the next fight.
Storing the Crossbow while loaded is dangerous, and having the string pulled for long periods of time can lessen the strength of the Crossbow.

Unsure about the poison, and less sure about Baldy's Experience, Coral takes some of the spider web and uses it as a makeshift bandage. Light weight, absorbent, and fits under his clothes.

Baldy: "Where you spider go?"

Coral: "I blinded it with a MudBall, and it ran away."
"That's why I was able to help you deal with this spider."
"If you're still able to walk, we should finish that spider while it's still blinded."

Baldy wiggles his leg, and swings his Ratsmasher.
Baldy: "Me not feel better, but me not feel worse."

The Party quietly follows through the southern door.
This is another hallway, immediatly turning to the right, then turning left several feet later.
At the far Turn, stands the Blinded Spider, delicately brushing at it's eyes, with it's back turned to the party.

What do?
1. Sneak up and Stab it together?
2. Shoot it, then have Baldy charge?
3. Use a Spell/Ability?
4. Other?
No. 1019918 ID: 96c896

There's a trap door in the hallway. Do not engage the spider unless it comes to us. Carefully check to see how the trap works. Even if that just involves whacking it with your staff.
No. 1019936 ID: 6c227a

oh good spot. I still feel like a crossbow bolt and javelin might be acceptable risk though. It's blind and it's back is turned, we're not going to get a better chance.
No. 1020256 ID: 7dab23
File 164195847688.png - (107.43KB , 1200x1200 , 67.png )

Coral notices a narrow gap in the floor, she motions for Baldy's attention, then points out the gap to baldy. This is likely a trap floor, falling open when stepped on. The trap extends nearly the full width of the hallway, and about 10ft across.

Baldy makes some gestures at Coral. Possibly meaning something like, "You stay here, me can jump."

Coral shakes her head, and holds up her crossbow. Then points to Baldy's leg, then to his javelins.

Baldy stands and holds a Javelin over his head, ready.

Coral takes aim, and Fires!

The Bolt sinks into the spiders abdomen, and as the Spider turns, it's skewered completely through by baldy's Javelin. The spider curls up twitching and bleeding.
[-1 Bolt, 12 Remain]
[-1 Javelin, 2 Remain]

Baldy: "Me jump trap, get javelin."

Coarl: "Wait, there might be another way Across."
"We didn't see how the spider got over there."

What Do?
1. Let Baldy Jump?
2. Go Somewhere?
3. Investigate here? Neither Coral nor Baldy have any kind of Trap Related Training.
4. Other?

Sorry I missed yesterday's update! I didn't get any sleep Sunday night, and spent all day Monday trying to get a new Battery for my Car. I drive a Prius C, and I needed the 12v Auxiliary battery, which I thought would be easy to find. Long Story Short, the Toyota Dealership was able to rush order a new one for me, and I passed out Monday evening.
Should be smooth sailing from here on out!

No. 1020271 ID: 96c896

Well, try inspecting the walls. Run your hands along them, knock to see if anything sounds different. Maybe there's a hidden passage? Or a switch?
No. 1020315 ID: 7dab23
File 164202353574.png - (176.12KB , 1200x1200 , 68.png )

Coral: "Let's inspect the walls, perhaps there is a hidden passage or switch?"
"Just touch all the stones you can reach."

After several minutes of searching, Coral finds one stone on the Eastern Wall. As it depresses, there is a faint click and a section of masonry pops open.
A hidden door.

Behind the door is a narrow, very dusty hallway, extending eastward. on the far end is another door.

Coral: "I don't think this leads around the trap?"
"Baldy, take a look at this."

Baldy walks over to the now UnHidden Doorway.
Baldy: "Me not see tracks. Maybe you first find Secret Hall?"
"Two Javelin.. Okay number, but us come back for cross trap."

What do?
1. Go Somewhere?
2. Do Something here?
3. Other?
No. 1020316 ID: 6c227a

honestly I just kind of assumed the spider walked on the wall to get over there.
No. 1020318 ID: 96c896

Or maybe carefully around the sides? Looks like there's room to put your feet. If that's possible we can try it. Though, maybe the spider jumped over the trap. You could try poking the trap door with your staff to see exactly how dangerous it is?

If nothing comes of that, let's head through the passage. It might just be a shortcut, but... who knows?
No. 1020391 ID: 7dab23
File 164211140703.png - (188.29KB , 1200x1200 , 69.png )

Coral: "Okay, fine."
Coral walks back to the trap, and takes a deep breath.

Baldy: "What?"

Coral: "We're gonna get your Javelin Back."
Coral raises her staff, taps on the floor, and flinches.
"Oh, uh.."
Coral shrugs and raises her staff over her head,

The Section of Floor hinges downward, revealing a Spiked Pit.
Corals Eyes dart around franticly, as the Floor starts to hinge Closed, with a faint tapping sound.

Baldy: "Me know that sound, same sound as spiders we kill."

Coral: "It would seem that the trap is weight sensitive, though I'm not convinced we're light enough to walk across."
"Also, there is a ledge along the walls, with just enough room to get maybe half your foot onto it, the long way. Do you think you could climb across?"

Baldy: "Climbing easy, maybe easier than jump across."
Baldy takes his backpack off, pulls out his Old Rope, ties a loop around his waist, and hands the other end to Coral.

Coral takes a moment to consider how much help her witchy muscles would be.
Coral: "Good Luck."

Baldy Carefully wedges his feet into the corner of the hall, making sure to put as little pressure on the trapped floor as possible, while bracing himself against the wall.

Once Across, he unties the rope, and retrieves his javelin.
[+1 javelin, 3 Remain]

Baldy: "Door!"
Baldy walks around the corner out of sight.
Baldy steps back around the Corner.
Baldy: "Me not hear anything, but look through door, see many web."

What do?
1. Ask some questions?
2. Get Baldy back over here? Then What?
3. Get Coral over there? How?
4. Other.

I am rolling skill checks off site. I wont be revealing exact numbers, but when asked, a character typically has a good idea of their odds achieving any given task, even if they don't want to admit it. In this case, Baldy is Very Confident in his Agility, how as Coral is not in hers.
No. 1020403 ID: 96c896

Patron Call to find out how you can cross the pit safely.
Shrink Body might let Baldy help you across, but we'd have to cast it again on the trip back, and I'm not sure entering the spiders' den is a good idea regardless. We're here to kill a necromancer, not an arachnid infestation.

Maybe we should just go through the secret passage...
No. 1020416 ID: 6c227a

curiosity sated. lets just give the spider room a pass for now and check out this secret tunnel.
No. 1020489 ID: 7dab23
File 164228676373.png - (383.09KB , 1200x1200 , 70.png )

You prepare to Contact your Patron.

Coral: " How do I get across this pit?"

A Voice only Coral can Hear: "A boar's path is blocked by a tree, she is neither Strong nor Cleaver, so must forge a new path. A boar in the forest grows hungry, she is not Strong enough to take food from the other animals, but she is clever enough to find edible roots where other cannot. The boar's den is being invaded, she is strong enough to defend her home to her very last breath."

Coral: "Well that wasn't very helpful."
Coral pauses to think.
"Maybe the tree is a metaphor for the pit. and the Roots are the secret passage?"

Baldy: "What?"

Coral: "Climb back over here."
"We're like pigs, and that passage is a root, and we have to go and fight something until it dies."
"Or we die? cause we're the pig, but like we're also intruding here in the ruins.."

Baldy ties the rope to his waist again, and carefully squeezes across the ledge, back to coral.
Baldy: "Me not want die."

Coral: "Look, it'll be fine."
"Once we go through that door, it will all make sense."

The party continues through the hidden passage, opens the door, and walk inside.

Skeleton: "What? WHO ARE YOU?!"

This is a large T shaped room, with a door on the northmost wall. On the southern end, there is a Large Wooden Throne, a Long Tapestry behind it, and Three Skeletons positioned on/around the throne.

What do?
1. Answer the Skeletons? Lie?
2. Go Somewhere else? Ignore the Skeletons?
3. "Surprise" Attack? How?
4. Other?

I spent too long on this Tapestry, sorry yesterdays update was postponed to today. I was simply too excited to draw this tapestry.
No. 1020502 ID: 96c896

Attack! Summon Rain Cloud, soak all three skeletons. Baldy stay next to you, intercept the skeletons when they advance. Maybe throw a javelin if he feels like it but I doubt it'll do much to a skeleton.
Next turn, it will be time for lightning.
No. 1020578 ID: 6c227a

"Secret passage inspectors. Are you the owner of this construction? It's in pretty good shape, though it could use cleaning. I can give you a B on this inspection, but don't slack on your maintenance."

I am a bit concerned about the boar metaphor and the tapestry in the back of the room here, ngl.
No. 1020684 ID: 7dab23
File 164254474657.png - (601.84KB , 1200x1200 , 71.png )

Coral: "Uh.."
"Secret Passage Inspectors!"

Skeleton and Baldy: "What?"

Coral: "Yeah! We inspect, uh, Secret Passages."
"And let me say, you've been very negligent of these Passages."
"Dr. Baldy, please give him our report."

Baldy gives Coral a blank stare.

Coral gestures towards the skeletons.

Baldy's face lights up with understanding.

Skeleton: "That might have worked, if you hadn't overlooked One Small Fact."
"These secret passages are UNREGISTERED!"
All three Skeleton's advance towards the party.

Baldy: "Have Plan B? Right?"

Coral: "We do now, keep them grouped together."
Coral begins Dancing around and chanting incoherently.

Baldy runs to meet the Skeletons, Smashing his Ratsmasher square into the Ribcage of one Skeleton. Shattering it's breastbone and sending ribs flying across the room!
[Critical Strike!]

One Skeleton Collapses, as the other two claw at Baldy, ineffectually groping his Breastplate.

Coral: "AME KUMO!"
Suddenly, the far end of the room is filled with a thick dark cloud, a torrent of rain begins pouring down, soaking everything in front of Baldy. The Skeletons, the Throne, and the Tapestry are all soaked to the bone, or their respective equivalents.
[-2 Spell Points, 2 Remain]
[Dragon's Breath is now on Cooldown]

Baldy holds his position, deflecting the skeletons attacks with his Ratsmasher and Short Sword.

This gives Coral enough time to run up and position herself in a line with the two Skeletons. She Takes a Deep Breath.
If anybody here had hair, they would feel it stand on end, as she let's out a thunderous roar, spewing a bolt of Electrical Energy through the drenched Skeletons. The tail end of which reaches the Tapestry, the water in which propagates the current throughout the whole tapestry, scorching it beyond recognition.

The Charred masses of bones, once called Skeletons, crumble into sludge.

What Do?
1. Investigate here?
2. Go Somewhere Else?
3. Talk to Baldy?
4. Other?
No. 1020685 ID: 96c896

That looked like the boss...
Check behind the throne and tapestry.
No. 1020797 ID: 7dab23
File 164266671801.png - (298.32KB , 1200x1200 , 72.png )

Coral: "That was too easy."
"There's got to be more to this.."
Coral approaches the Charred Tapestry to investigate.

The Same Voice from the Skeletons, except it's actually coming from Behind the Tapestry!: "Vertu Kyrr!"
The Tapestry Collapses to the ground, behind which is ornatly dressed Skeleton with a Strange Longsword.

Coral Takes the only cover she can get, behind the wooden throne.

Baldy, for the first time ever, stands completely still.

What Do?
1. Call to Baldy?
2. Retreat? Where?
3. Attack? How?
4. Other?
No. 1020800 ID: 96c896

I think Baldy just got hit by Hold Person.

Use Misfortune. Then run back to Baldy and protect him with your staff until the freeze wears off, so that he can use Single Combat and share Unyielding with you.
...Shrink Body might be very effective too. It'd make it hard for the skeleton boss to use his sword!

...can you Bless the rainwater to make it damage the undead?
I feel like Arcane Itch won't work because the target doesn't have skin.
No. 1020839 ID: e7c7d3

1.) Ask Baldy what's up
No. 1020854 ID: 7dab23
File 164276041649.png - (356.93KB , 1200x1200 , 73.png )

Coral runs to Baldy.

Just as, the Skeleton attempts to throw the charred tapestry at Coral. However, it tangles up at his feet, causing him to trip and fall!

On closer inspection, Baldy does not appear to be paralyzed. He is still breathing properly, and even blinks.
Coral: "He must have cast some kind of stillness spell on you, They don't usually last very long, but.."
"Well.. I'll keep you safe in the mean time!"

Baldy blinks in a way that Coral assumes means, "Don't worry, I trust you to defend my Life, I believe in you, and am very proud of your accomplishments so far. I'll focus on overcoming this Evil Spell, so that I can aid you in battle once again!"

The Skeleton shuffles back onto his feet.
Skeleton: "That wasn't very nice."
He charges up to coral, and deftly stabs her in the leg!

Coral swings desperately with her Staff, but the Skeleton Intercepts it with his off Hand.

Skeleton: "I'm starting to think you might not want to be my friends?"


What Do?
1. Attempt to Cast a Spell?
2. Attack Martially?
3. Attempt to Retreat? Abandon Baldy?
4. Other?

Blessing the rain would damage certain undead, and make others uncomfortable. Although blessing larger bodies of liquid requires more time. Beyond that, clouds are "Droplets of Liquid suspended in a Gas" which makes the casting a little more complicated.

As for Arcane Itch, It Magically Induces the Sensations of Itchyness, so no skin is no problem. In fact, the lack of skin makes it that much harder to scratch the itch! But it would cost your 2 Remainging Spell Points.
No. 1020873 ID: 96c896

Cast Arcane Itch. It's expensive but I expect that means it's very effective, and right now we need something to keep this guy busy until Baldy snaps out of it.
Could try the crossbow while the boss is busy. Or drink a potion.
No. 1021061 ID: 58d572

Seems to be the best option
No. 1021204 ID: 7dab23
File 164307306023.png - (222.66KB , 1200x1200 , 74.png )

Coral begins to cast a spell, but due the the close proximity, also gives the skeleton an Opening. Pulling his sword out, and slashing across her gut!

Coral: "Mahou No-" "- Kayumi!"
Despite the interruption, Coral manages to cast the spell.
[-2 Spell Points, 0 Remain]

Just as the Skeleton is overcome with the sensations of Itchyness, Coral hears a Loud Gasp then,
Baldy: "AAAHHhh!"
"Muscles, hurt.."
"Feel as fire."
Baldy glares at the Preoccupied Skeleton,
"You do this! You not do again to Blady!"
"Not again to anybody!"
[Single Combat Active: Skeleton Priest]

The Skeleton begins to slowly back pedal.
Skeleton: "Oh my, Is this what friendship feels like?"
scratch scratch
"I don't like it."

What do?
1. Coral Drink Potion?
2. Attack? How?
3. Retreat? Baldy is UnWilling to flee after issuing a Single Combat Challenge.
4. Other?
No. 1021210 ID: 96c896

Coral drink potion. Stick with Baldy for the buff but out of melee range of the skeleton. Support with crossbow.
Baldy bash that skullheaded fuck.
No. 1021340 ID: 7dab23
File 164318631840.png - (134.94KB , 1200x1200 , 75.png )

Coral removes her backpack to retrieve a Potion of Minor Healing.

Baldy leaps forward to swinging at the Skeleton, the skeleton again intercepts the attack, but was unprepared for how surprisingly strong such a small Goblin can be.

His arm shatters,
Skeleton: "I had hoped to use the power of friendship in my experiments,"
The Skeleton shuffles with discomfort.
"But this is proving too Bothersome.."
The Longsword Glows Red, as it narrowly slashes down Baldy's Left Arm, releasing a fountain of blood.

At Last, coral retrieves the Potion and Drinks it.
All of her wounds gently close, as she is filled with a feeling of vitality.
Being careful to interpose Baldy between her and the Skeleton, Coral advances and loads a crossbow bolt.
[-1 Potion of Minor Healing, 1 Remains]

Baldy Swings again aiming for the skeletons other arm, knocking the longsword from his hand.
The Red Glow Fades.

having a now free hand: Scratch Scratch Scratch!
Skeleton: "Damn!"
"You haven't bested me! I've mealy underestimated you two!"
The skeleton Turns to run, but this gives Baldy an Opening to strike!

Baldy crouches low, to sweep at his legs!

The skeleton falls to his hands and knees, just as Coral Takes Aim and Fires over Baldy's shoulder.
The Bolt Ricochets off his Shoulder Bone and catches the base of the skeleton's skull, dislodging it from his spine!
[-1 Bolt, 11 Bolts remain]

The skeleton crumbles to dust, leaving; An Oversized Priest's Uniform, a Strange Longsword, a Strange Contraption that makes a noise when you flail it, 17 Copper, 3 silver, an Un-Even 6 Sided Die made from some kind of Bone, and a Pile of fresh Bone Dust.

Coral retrieves the Bolt, as it does not require Dissecting an overgrown spider to do so.
[+1 Bolt, 12 Bolts remain]

Baldy: "Uh, why arm still bleed?"
Blady's arm is bleeding at a visibly alarming rate.

On closer inspection, the Cut run along the outside of Baldy's Arm, missing any major Arteries. It appears as if his blood is pulling itself out of Baldy's arm.

What do?
1. Dress the Wound?
2. Baldy Drink Potion?
3. It will be fine, let's Explore?
4. Other?
No. 1021341 ID: 6c227a

oh uh.. did your wound do this when he stabbed you? Probably that red glow causes bleeding wounds. This would have been a good time for Arcane Diagnostics.

Could be the sort of thing a heal check and a bandage can stop, but keep that potion ready if the blood doesn't seem to be stopping.
No. 1021342 ID: 96c896

Try dressing the wound. Baldy isn't particularly wounded aside from that one cut, so it'd suck to blow a potion on it. If Baldy starts feeling faint from blood loss then you'll probably just have to use a potion.
No. 1022054 ID: 7dab23
File 164377140689.png - (209.66KB , 1200x1200 , 76.png )

Coral learned a little about Field Dressing at Wizarding College.

Using the sleeve from the Bone Priest's Robes, and a Bone from Blady's Bone Necklace, Coral crafts a Tourniquet.
[+1 Bone Tourniquet]

Coral: "There, now that the bleeding has been stopped, I can get a look at this wound."
Coral uses the rest of the Bone Robes to clear the excess blood.
"The wound wont hold itself closed, though the Cut isn't deep enough to see bone."
Coral rips the other sleeve off and wraps it around Baldy's arm.

Baldy: "Arm. Hurt.."
Baldy winces in pain.
"Maybe, Baldy die?"

Coral: "No!"
"We got the wound stabilized, and if we act quick, we might not have to amputate!"

Baldy takes a confused look, and directs it at Coral.

Coral: "Uh, nevermind that."
"We have several hours before your survival is called into question."
"but only about 2 hours if you don't want to risk having to cut your arm off..."

Blady changes his Look to one of Solemnness and Acceptance.
He lays down and spreads out like a starfish.

It would seem there is some Cultural Significance to this, but all of it goes over Corals head.

What do?
1. Do Something here?
2. Go somewhere?
3. Get Loot?
4. Other?
No. 1022055 ID: 7dab23

Sorry I took so long to update!
Last Wednesday I got the Covid Vaccine, and it really kicked my butt. Having fallen off the update schedule, made me feel dishearten, and I had a hard time getting motivated to restart.

But I'm back now!
Thank your for your Patience!

No. 1022056 ID: 96c896

Yeah the vaccine tends to do that that.

Okay we've delayed the use of a healing potion for now. Can't rest to regain spell charges and just cast healing on him though, so eventually we'll need to use one. For now, let's collect the loot. Baldy can take the longsword to replace his shortsword and you can take the shortsword instead, so you have a melee option. Though, I wonder if maybe the longsword is better used in your hands, if it requires some understanding of magic to activate? Also maybe Baldy doesn't want it, idk.

Also look around this room a little. Is there a secret door in the back where the necromancer was, perhaps? We haven't gotten a good look at that wall yet.
No. 1022199 ID: 7dab23
File 164386492653.png - (220.00KB , 1200x1200 , 77.png )

This Longsword was designed to be used by a Human Sized Creature. Since Baldy is a Smaller Creature, he must used Both Hands to wield this weapon effectively.
Baldy: "Me like hold two weapon."
"But, maybe big weapon good sometime too?"
[+1 Strange Longsword, Held by Baldy]

Coral gathers the coins and the Noise Maker, but discards the bloody remains of the Priest Robes.
Coral: "Bone Dust is a common reagent in many spells, potions, and rituals."
"Though I've trained in the, slightly less stable, practice of eschewing spell reagents, this could fetch a good price. If we find the right customer.."
Lacking any better containers, Coral crams full, the vile that once contained a Potion of Minor Healing.
[+1 Vial of Bone Dust]
[+3 Silver Coins, +17 Copper Coins]
[+1 Noise Maker]

The party investigates the back wall, It appears the Tapestry was placed to leave a 2ft gap.
Coral: "He probably saw the passage door open, and quickly hid himself behind the tapestry."
"I didn't mean to scorch it, we may have been able to check for an Eye Hole?"
Further investigation of the room shows no new secret passages, though Coral finds a key hidden in a compartment on the bottom of the Wooden Throne.
Coral: "Hey Baldy, look at this."

Baldy: "Another Key? Look familiar."
Baldy compares the Key to the two he already has,
"Look same as Rusty Key."
Baldy returns the key to Coral.
[+1 UnRusty Key, held by Coral]

What Do?
1. Do Something Here?
2. Go Somewhere?
3. Other?

Beyond Baldy's preference for Dual Wielding. Coral already has a Dagger for Melee Combat, and has less confidence in her skills with a Short Sword.
No. 1022221 ID: 96c896

Alright let's head north. Peek through door before opening fully.
No. 1022332 ID: 7dab23
File 164395534471.png - (149.24KB , 600x600 , 78.png )

Satisfied that the room has been fully explored, Coral carefully cracks open the northern door to peek through.
With neither sign of life, nor imminent danger spotted, Coral Opens the door and walks through.

This is yet another Hallway. But unlike the other hallways, this one has a Large Gate. The gate is made of a thick metal, its hinges are as big as Coral's arm, and the central portion has a large Locked Box. Coming out of the box is a metal cord wrapped around the gate. Coral's UnRusty Key doesn't fit in the lock.
Coral peaks her head back through the door.
Coral: "Baldy, get over here."

Baldy pulls his Longsword out of a chunk of what used to be a Wooden Throne.
Baldy: "Chair not fun anyway."
"Maybe you find Big Spider for Me kill?"

Coral: "No, it's a locked gate. And please be quiet."

Baldy walks into the hallway, and attempts to use his two Keys on the Lock.
Neither of his keys work.
Baldy: "Feels to me, that Skeleton Leader, maybe strongest in basement. And we kill Skeleton, so now Us Strongest."

Coral: "Okay, that logic checks out. But you're Injured, and I have no spells left today."
"I'd rather avoid, having to Prove we're the Strongest around."

in addition to the gate, there are Two Doors to the East. One on the the Northern Wall, slightly cracked open with a rock. The other closed on the Southern Wall.

What do?
1. Do something clever with the gate?
2. Go Somewhere?
3. Other?
No. 1022335 ID: 96c896

From what we've seen I think cracked open doors are like that to allow spiders to move around. Let's peek through the northern door first. Load crossbow just before, unload crossbow if nothing's in the room we need to shoot. Thus, avoiding the danger of carrying around the loaded crossbow in a noncombat situation.
No. 1022439 ID: 1e170e

seems to me we already have access to both sides of this gate, so it's not a huge priority right now. Lets see where these other doors over here go.
No. 1022440 ID: 1e170e

Oh, thought. Maybe if we grabbed those robes we could let anything we run into down here KNOW we are the strongest in the basement. (or maybe that's what the noisemaker is for, keep that handy if you find another spider)
No. 1026098 ID: 96c896

On second thought maybe we should go back up and close the entrance up to keep the spiders from coming out, report our progress to the boss, heal Baldy's weird wound, and take a nap to recover MP.
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