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File 128182925243.png - (4.18KB , 640x480 , rq.png )
896 No. 896 ID: f80af7
I'm taking requests of spoof "screenshots" of what would a given quest look like as a game on a chosen 8-bit or 16-bit system. Provide an image/link of a desired situation if you wish. Multiple requests are fine.
I might also do spritesets of some characters but that takes a little more effort/time.
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No. 897 ID: d560d6
File 128183581139.png - (7.81KB , 646x512 , rubyquestagi1.png )
This is actually a "real" AGI fangame, although pressing buttons in the box and taking the coins is about as far as you can get. I got seriously demotivated by WinAGI (apparently the best and only complete editor available) being so very, very terrible. (The actual engine limitations are fine, more or less, but the toolchain stores resources as big, monolithic binary blobs so they can't be merged easily, and the "compiler" (read: barely a macro assembler) tends to lock up and truncate the source file.)

Also drawing backgrounds in AGI's crazy vector format is pain incarnate. But that's kind of worth it to run it to 100% authentic Sierra limitations.
No. 898 ID: d560d6
File 128183586437.png - (14.42KB , 646x512 , rubyquestagi2.png )
And here's Ruby picking up TWO COINS. Sadly showing off the walk animation would require more faff.
No. 899 ID: e31d52
oh wow that's pretty cool.

I'd ask you to do Bubble Bucket but that might be tough.
No. 900 ID: f80af7
Why won't someone just make it in flash then?
No. 901 ID: f80af7
Which moment and what style?
No. 902 ID: 8bdb6a
Spikesby in a beat-em-up with some palette-shifted baddies and corpses.
No. 903 ID: 55c4cf


do the insult battle monkey island style
No. 904 ID: 8bdb6a
http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/src/125045373680.jpg <- sidescrollan spikesby
No. 905 ID: f80af7
File 12818414048.png - (5.22KB , 512x480 , bite1.png )

For the lack of specified style, I assumed Famicom/NES for the hell of it. (and for having a palette handy)
Simulated everything, from the 16x16 palette "chunks" to sprite limit artifacts. Best viewed with Cutman's stage music played in background.
No. 906 ID: f80af7
File 128184267164.png - (3.74KB , 512x480 , bite2.png )
This comes next because of simplicity and reusability of the previously created sprite.
No. 907 ID: 8bdb6a
No. 908 ID: 117dce
That is cool, you are fucking rad.
No. 909 ID: f80af7
File 128185138616.png - (8.83KB , 640x400 , bukkit.png )
Epic fail, I can't draw THAT good. This is the third attempt, still sucks and is inaccurate and all. Mostly because old computer adventure games did not use actual pixel art for backgrounds, but higher quality art merely dithered down to a 16 color palette. I also couldn't be arsed to find a proper font nor recreate the interface. (I haven't even played this thing so...)
No. 910 ID: f80af7
No. 911 ID: 620bfb
We need you on pixel art and someone to codemonkey a working version of one of these.
No. 912 ID: f80af7
Willing to learn ASM and Famicom's architecture, and code a game on that limited thing? Suuuuuure. Though once that'd be out of the way, I could make sound and graphics for something like this with ease.
No. 913 ID: f80af7
File 128185610437.gif - (28.32KB , 512x512 , WHATTHEFUCK.gif )
I'll just leave this here by the way.
No. 914 ID: ce04b3

I don't even
No. 915 ID: f80af7
File 128186163890.png - (2.61KB , 512x512 , youwantit.png )
No. 916 ID: f80af7
could I get some actual requests ffs
No. 917 ID: 45be60
Draw a pretty flower!
No. 918 ID: 117dce
Okay well zoom in on Peji licking the guts. Guts are fun to draw, trust me.
No. 919 ID: f80af7
File 128186237519.png - (2.31KB , 512x512 , cawkflower.png )
No. 920 ID: 45be60
no no no, everyone knows flowers need teeth and fireballs.

Interpret that how you will.
No. 921 ID: f80af7
IRC request.
>Super Lunar Bros 3. Raccoon Saulanna.

No. 922 ID: f80af7
File 128186443260.png - (4.01KB , 512x480 , zombygoasts.png )
You are likely to stomp on a ZOMBY GOAST.
No. 923 ID: 8e18cd
Try doing Verremar from Pink Dragon


Totally Larry
No. 926 ID: 8bdb6a
Draw Gunstar Heroes, except with the pair of your choice in place of Red and Blue:
Team Ponytail: Kara ( http://quest.lv/w/images/2/26/KQKara.png ) + Cheren ( >>/questarch/76192 )
Team Lohrke: Tav ( >>/questarch/518681 ) + Imli ( >>/questarch/54769 )
Team Furry Murder Simulator: Vel ( >>/quest/215232 ) + Penji (you know what she looks like)

They are fighting Tory from Tory's Tower ( >>/questarch/197627 ) who is in some kinda fightin' robot. Like the crab walker from stage one.
No. 927 ID: f80af7
Can't really figure a good concept for that, not for now at least.

I'll do this instead. Last for today.
No. 928 ID: f80af7
File 128187324030.png - (13.06KB , 640x480 , 2dsomething.png )
Meh. On a second thought, fulfilling this request would be as uncreative as shopping three sprites onto an existing game can be. Oh, and I couldn't manage to draw Vel right for shit.

So here's Penji vs. Tory in a non-descript sidescroller. (so the sprites aren't wasted)

For today that's it, I'm off to sleep. Please avoid making more requests like "X game but with Y sprite" because you may as well go and make an actual rom hack. They're boring as fuck to draw anyway.
No. 929 ID: 99ffa5
File 128187513997.png - (29.86KB , 640x480 , gray_hair_tory.png )
Tory's hair is actually gray. Let me fix that for you.
No. 930 ID: 99ffa5
Also, thank you.
No. 931 ID: c33cc8
>Oh, and I couldn't manage to draw Vel right for shit.

Are you sure you're not just mad at me for that poleram thing in R-project?
No. 932 ID: f80af7
Nope, I just had trouble drawing a character from a quest I don't follow, that's all.
No. 933 ID: f80af7
Oh, and requests plz. I'm up and running again.
No. 934 ID: f80af7
File 128190463181.png - (2.30KB , 320x240 , gaydragons.png )
Gay dragons in glorious 16 colors and awfully stretched horizontal resolution.
No. 935 ID: 1ee3df
Since we didn't get to see Cheren machine-gunning bolds in the quest maybe you could make it possible in delicious pixels.
>>/questdis/319359 animated
No. 936 ID: 55c4cf

Last Flight of the Sparrow ala Space Quest. (Sierra adventure game).
No. 937 ID: 05dd93
I would like to request some pixelly Dive in whatever format you find most appropriate.
No. 938 ID: f80af7
File 128191263553.png - (3.21KB , 640x480 , hurrdurr.png )
Dat fukken kitteh delivers.
No. 939 ID: b0020f
Being the egomaniac I am, can I get Agent Steel infiltrating the alien base in Infiltration like a run-n-gun side-scroller game?
No. 940 ID: f80af7
Link please?
No. 941 ID: b0020f
No. 943 ID: f80af7
File 12821933441.png - (3.81KB , 320x288 , dive.png )
Because who said GB can't have a good adventure game.
No. 944 ID: cf68aa
Do a scene from Shoujen :3 Any one, it doesn't matter.
No. 945 ID: f52552
The events of Infiltration, as seen from the perspective of the Empire as a turn-based strategy.
No. 947 ID: ff0567
Can we see MudyQuest as a sort of Prince of Persia thing?
No. 951 ID: f80af7
File 128237110018.png - (11.15KB , 512x480 , dartpwnsyou.png )
Didn't come out as good as I intended it to be.
No. 952 ID: d06fe5
his one weakness is selecting:
No. 960 ID: e31d52
Hmmm... Ooh! Muschio, Finny, Dompag and Ashedel walking in a line a la an old Dragon Quest.
No. 961 ID: cf68aa
That looks amazing :3 Thank you.
No. 1021 ID: f68ace
File 128340287365.png - (3.78KB , 320x240 , mgruby.png )
I believe this fits here, despite not being pixel art and me generally not doing this crap anymore. Request done off-site.
No. 1022 ID: f68ace
File 128340288015.png - (6.02KB , 320x240 , mgruby2.png )
No. 1072 ID: f6b553
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