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File 145149693579.png - (241.00KB , 700x700 , crotchday2015.png )
96736 No. 96736 ID: ab25fe

Crotch day is here again! For anyone new, Once a year we celebrate crotches and fan art in festival of lewdness. Pictures should be both Quest and crotch related and are encouraged to be tasteful. However pictures depicting sexual acts will be moved to the fanart thread, where that kind of thing is welcome year round.
Crotch day lasts until we get bored of it, so don't worry if you miss the day itself.

Past event days:
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No. 96738 ID: ab25fe
File 145149708034.png - (213.77KB , 700x700 , 12-29-2015 bika2.png )

Needs more crotch!
No. 96740 ID: de8025

No. 96743 ID: 5e0bda

Bika, you cheeky, little thing!

I've got a good feeling about the new year.
>2016: Year of the Skut
No. 96746 ID: 7b7ab3

Best crotch.
>2016: Year of the Skut
Looking forward to it.
No. 96749 ID: 34389b
File 145152837898.jpg - (242.94KB , 621x792 , big pussy.jpg )

ENDURE this garbage picture of Roxanne
No. 96750 ID: e7e247

>mfw: D8
No. 96751 ID: fd8fad
File 145153060647.png - (210.91KB , 888x846 , spiksbycrtchday.png )

=3 pomf
No. 96752 ID: e7e247

I wanna *wak* that!
No. 96753 ID: 911968

No. 96760 ID: c8c9a6

welp now I need to think of something else
No. 96768 ID: e89427

Post-transformation Spikesby.

Time to canonize that penis.
No. 96771 ID: ab25fe
File 145162562664.png - (130.96KB , 500x700 , zeke1.png )

Needs some dude-crotch too.
No. 96774 ID: 7b7ab3

Zeke deke.
No. 96780 ID: 9cd047
File 145171953379.png - (241.76KB , 800x800 , giantcrotchday.png )

So I wanted to do something for Crotch Day, but I didn't feel like doing any of my existing quest characters, who have had plenty of pictures already, most of them.

So, instead, I'm going to do something different: The Quest Crotches That Might Have Been.

Basically, I've had several ideas for quests that I ended up discarding, but which I developed quite a lot of ideas for. In order to give the protagonists of these doomed stories a chance to show off, as it were, I decided to draw Crotch Day pictures for them instead. Arguably, each of these quests could be argued to be particularly crotch-related, in a way, though these pictures will probably make them seem like they would have been especially so. They wouldn't have been, so maybe keep that in mind before you judge me too much. These are Crotch Day specials!

The first up would have been called Giant Quest, or Mountain, or Don't Step On Anyone. The basic plot would have been that a female mountain giant wakes up from her slumber of ages, and discovers the area around her now covered in various forms of civilization. Being a nice lady, she then has to try go about her business without ruining anything for the tiny specs of flesh running around below her. The whole appeal of the quest, to me, was about the perspective: I wanted to explore the idea of playing not only on a huge scale sizewise, but timewise as well, with the giant lady thinking of days and weeks as barely any time at all, and perfectly willing and able to wait centuries or even millennia for things to happen. Artistically, I also wanted to do a quest with a female character who had what you'd call fertility-idol proportions, and also to see if I could pull off a quest where the main character was just constantly nude without it becoming a thing.

The main problem I found with the whole notion was that there'd be, obviously, very little urgency to anything. The main character would have been basically invulnerable, and any attachment to something with a mortal lifespan would sort of defeat the point of the quest. The amount of puzzles to solve or challenges to meet would be pretty limited.
No. 96781 ID: 9cd047
File 145171957052.png - (266.26KB , 900x850 , reproductioncrotchday.png )

The next cancelled quest I have for you would have been called Reproduction, though if I'd felt like giving away the planned prologue's ending, it could also have been called So You're The Only Girl.

The story would have been that, as we enter events, a race of alien conquerors has been pushed back by an alliance of their victims, the more vindictive of whom decide to wipe them out entirely. One ship - or most of one ship - manages to escape, though with only 700 or so out of a crew of thousands surviving. The quest would essentially play as a Civ-esque game, with them needing to find a planet to crash on and proceeding to rebuild a civilization and repopulate.

The twist, as the alternate name suggests, was that due to circumstances of significant sexual dimorphism and gender role disparity, there would be only one single surviving female of the entire species. Our protagonist. The scenario portrayed in this picture would not have been literal, but she might have felt it was so metaphorically.

I got the idea originally when I ran The Sword, and some players seemed keen on the idea of arranging the repopulation of an entire species. It could also be said to stem from various instances of shows and video games having "last members of an all-but extinct race" character groups, most of which I now can't actually remember, of whom there would be only one girl.

I eventually decided the quest would be too gimmicky, that the repopulation angle would run out of steam pretty quickly, that a species/planet scale civ-like quest would get too complicated for my tastes, and that someone might come to the conclusion that I had some sort of fetish.

The very idea!
No. 96782 ID: 9cd047
File 145171962182.png - (298.39KB , 781x850 , incubuscrotchday.png )

Finally, for this Crotch Day presentation, there could have been Incubus Quest, an idea stemming from the desire to do something with a male protagonist, because goodness gracious those scales are out of balance.

The main story of the quest would have been that an ancient, potentially world-ending artifact is under threat from villains who want to misuse its power. Under siege, in desperation, a sorceress summons a demon to take the artifact away and see to its protection. Unfortunately, to her embarrassment, she only knows how to summon one kind of demon. The "personal companion" kind.

After the initial escape, in which the sorceress' apprentice and a young knight would/could be saved as well, the quest would have been a story about evading pursuit and navigating a dangerous fantasy setting in hopes of finding an eventual place of safety... Or, if the players decided, corrupting the mortal characters and setting them up as counter-conquerers, perhaps eventually dragging them to the outer planes with the artifact in tow, though that would have involved somehow circumventing the bindings laid on the demonic protagonist in the first place. The main theme of the quest's puzzles would have been how to use the incubus' powers of seduction and illusion in creative ways to solve problems they're not suited for.

Those puzzles would have depended on what sort of incubus the protagonist ended up being: the weird effeminate puppy demon boy in this particular image is only one of several designs I came up with as possibilities (you can actually find prototype versions in my drawthread), with others having different balances of physical power to magical power and different abilities for the players to have selected at the beginning of the quest.

I dropped it mostly because... well, it would have had way too much sex, basically. Either it would have to be a porn quest, at least in part, or there would end up being way too much fading to black, which would be tiresome and uninteresting after a while. Perhaps if I ever do want to do a porn quest I could resurrect it, but it's unlikely.
No. 96783 ID: 9cd047

That was probably more text than you probably expected to see in this thread.

So... sorry about that. I should be done now, though.
No. 96784 ID: a22f87

I think they're neat ideas but yeah some of them do sound a little gimmicky. The first one could probably make a good one shot or something to work on if you want to take a brake from whatever quest you're running at the time but don't want to stop questing all together.

Second one could probably make a good warm up quest if you ever felt the need to do more civ like quest or you could make it less Civ and more like FTL where it's more ship management and your trying to find what's left of the fleet to regroup and decide what to do next. Could keep the one girl thing in there though or have it that even when they hook back up to the fleet the male to female ratio is still hilariously stacked in the males favor.

Last one... Well other then just making it a porn quest like you said you could have one of the bindings make it so the incubus CAN'T have sex for something else for the players to try and work around/laugh at.

Just some thoughts but whatever you choose to do thanks for sharing, I always love hearing neat ideas and I like the idea of seeing some quest that didn't make it past the cutting board so to speak.
No. 96804 ID: c8c9a6

>and that someone might come to the conclusion that I had some sort of fetish.

Eventually there comes a point where you realise trying to hide things you're into is sort of defeated by the inclusion of things you're into.

Not that I speak from experience or anything. or had reoccuring themes come up probably far too often in my works only to their detriment because i'm a hack
No. 96809 ID: a107fd

I think Giant Quest could work. Just think through the implications of timescale: she needs to find a new place to sleep, some safe distance away from intercontinental subduction zones or equivalent tectonic hazards, and outside areas where weather, mortal miners, etc. erode her rocky flesh faster than magic replenishes it. The rise of civilization in itself provides a deadline, as traversible paths of unoccupied wilderness become increasingly scarce.

Perhaps the sorceress knew how to summon other types of demons more conventionally suitable to the task, but the material resources she'd normally use to do so had been depleted over the course of the siege, or compromised by saboteurs. Unpacking the secret stuff could be a very emotional moment, necessarily corresponding with loss of hope for the 'private party' for which she'd been holding it in reserve.

Minimization of sex through the initial binding was already mentioned; another option would be to include it, but never let it be the focus of a scene. For example, sneaking into some fortified town by seducing one of the gate guards could cut straight from whispering in her ear to bending her over a table inside the watchtower's basement, leaving most of the action out-of-frame, and then the next decision point is "I've got one hand free, and the guard's going to be sufficiently distracted for another few minutes. Should I check out the big map on the wall, rifle through papers in that cabinet, steal a set of keys, or...?"
No. 96813 ID: bb78f2

Maybe there should be a "What Could Have Been" thread, for either display cut content from quests that was decided against in the ultimate product, different choice line consequences the author would have loved to happen that just didn't because /quest/, or quests that had some fruit but just never got made, like those three?

I mean, there's lots of discussion here about Jukashi's Rough Ideas' Crotchstravangza so maybe all author's could benefit from a dedicated thread?
No. 96814 ID: 74ea1e


It's only been three posts.
No. 96815 ID: bb78f2

Okay, I just like the idea a little too much
No. 96816 ID: 99a64d

to be fair they were pretty big posts
No. 96838 ID: bfb318
File 145192318365.png - (392.65KB , 1200x900 , CrotchDay14RadminCensored.png )

Does Radmin pull off the top hat look? Would he be more approachable, like the quasi-dolphin said, without it?
No. 96843 ID: e18d6f

Nothing says approachable like hanging your stuff out for everyone to see.
No. 96852 ID: b3ae55

Dapper Dong!
No. 96869 ID: d4e1e3

This idea is interesting for several reasons, the biggest being my love of society-building quests, but also because you have a culture that has become unbalanced in terms of what people do and think, due to the gender disparity.
We'd have to figure out how to deal with that gap in society as well as the issues of aliens and maintenance of technology.
No. 96882 ID: e18d6f

Thread officially derailed?
No. 96883 ID: 88e46e

We're still discussing genitalia, so no, but if people still want to talk about quest ideas I wouldn't mind a thread for theoretical quests in general.
No. 97078 ID: fd8fad
File 145292905520.png - (159.40KB , 1024x1024 , penjicrtchday.png )

penji because why not
No. 97195 ID: f56624
File 145327651752.png - (5.00KB , 448x576 , dogmom2big.png )

behold, a LEWD qt
No. 97309 ID: bfb318
File 145358813326.png - (389.06KB , 980x820 , CrotchDay15Shup.png )

more like lord chup
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