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File 142885343434.png - (124.66KB , 600x600 , jukashidraws.png )
26669 No. 26669 ID: 7092c6

It's about time I had a thread for things I don't feel like putting elsewhere.

What, I already have a drawthread? Don't be silly, and definitely don't go looking for such a thing. That would be a really dumb thing to do. I think we are all quietly offended by such a suggestion and should forget it forever.
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No. 30912 ID: 35830c

I hope someday we'll get to see Twin-Faced Hero Saulanna. And Askalaff, he's cute too.

... Ok, I really just want to see all the characters gender swapped, but I've got an excuse for the Lunars. :P

Also, in the lineup on >>28249
is that Saulanna's height before or after the boost at the end of the internal phase?
No. 31035 ID: 6c3c49

I'm not gonna beg for more Keychain, that would be silly, but could you at least update the text post on the site so people don't have to go on an Epic Quest to determine whether or not you're straight up dead?
No. 31323 ID: 3bad4c

Pretty sure if Jukashi died nobody would be paying for the hosting?
No. 31326 ID: 3abd97

He was alive and on irc just last week, so it's a reasonable bet he's still kicking.
No. 31330 ID: 91cfcf

Sites are cheap and can be paid for in advance.

I suggest you read the original post. tgchan's IRC is not readily accessible from Keychain of Creation, meaning it's difficult to learn about Jukashi on the actual comic site itself. That's what he's asking about.
No. 31339 ID: 44bc30

I'm not dead. I never paid for the hosting, it was very generously given to me by the person who ran the Exalted forum where it originally began, and has continued to be hosted through all the various shifts in who held which domain since then, also very generously.

As regards putting updated information on the site, well, to be honest... I've, uh, forgotten the login information.

I'm sure it's stored in the program I used to use to upload, though it's old and I'd have to dig in using some weird method or other to retrieve it, since my current OS doesn't support it any more. Alternately, I could just contact the current host to beg for the information, though then that would probably be some effort for them. Considering the bother that either of those options would be, I don't feel inclined to make the effort unless I have something more substantial to do with it than a mild "what I'm doing now" text update.
No. 31340 ID: 03e118

Heh heh heh, oh man, isn't it just the worst when you lock yourself out from your Keychain?
No. 31341 ID: 398fe1

But think of all the traffic it'd generate for tgchan!
No. 31536 ID: f4ebf4

Have you ever considered talking with any of the official White Wolf/Paradox/Onyx Path people about the legality of getting a print version of Keychain made up? I mean, some of the people who are currently in charge of producing Exalted are fans of yours, I think if any fan-work ever has a chance of getting produced, it's absolutely Keychain of Creation.
No. 31628 ID: a107fd

I've got an idea for adapting the premise of Incubus Quest to Exalted. PoV character would be a male neomah, summoner would be a dragonblooded who dropped out of the Heptagram right before the class on Abscissic Binding. So, knows how to banish, and how to lay a task binding, but only learned how to summon with thaumaturgy, years later, from the encrypted subtext of the blasphemous pornographic novel A Lover Clad In Blue. Overall setting would be the southwest of Creation, similar to how most of Keychain was in the northeast. Starting area would be a Guild caravan under siege, Doom Macguffin would be that can of soup from MoEP: Abyssals, and plot would consist of delivery to the Elemental Pole of Water and unsealing it at the moment of sunset on a particular auspicious day, which will, depending on who you ask, either allow the sun's light to cleanse it once and for all, or infect the dragon lines themselves and reanimate every fishbone in the entire ocean (any similarity to "the Heterodyne Boys and the Race to the West Pole is pure coincidence). Sensual skills neatly integrated with the Crane, Fainting Maiden, and Victorious Concession styles of supernatural martial arts, and spells like Impervious Sphere of Water, Lightning Spider, Spirit Sword, Summoning the Harvest, Violent Opening of Closed Portals, and even Flying Guillotine and Purifying Flames, will prove to be, if not useless (given a bit of creativity), at least frustratingly inefficient in most zombie apocalypse situations. Antagonists, apart from the obvious deathlord minions, unclaimed plague corpses, and the Green Lady, would likely include dune people, Autocthonians, and Lintha pirates.

Problem is, while I know the canon setting and the mechanics well enough, and feel I could manage the pacing of 'neomah charter business' when it comes up... I have drunk too deeply of postmodernism, and my narrativist-fu is weak. Your quests seem to have the opposite problem, and the original seed of this plot was yours anyway, so I'd like to get your input somehow, or even make it a fully collaborative project. Wasn't sure how else to contact you about this.
No. 31631 ID: 595d54

Hey, he might even get a chance to use that sexual combat subsystem he wrote.
No. 31658 ID: a107fd

You mean this?

If so, I have several objections to your statement. In no particular order:
*GURPS is very different from Exalted
*Exalted already has mechanics through which the impact of sex on other spheres of activity (time use, physical fatigue, emotional entanglements, etc) can be adequately represented
*I did not, and would not, call it "sexual combat" because that phrase has obvious connotations which I want nothing to do with
*lower bandwidth and frequency of interaction means that effective imageboard quests need to have fewer decisions per scene, relative to tabletop or other realtime games, and those decisions should be relatively complex. The system in question involves potentially dozens of rolls per scene, with corresponding minor decision points, and as such is poorly suited to the format.
*Jukashi thought (and I mostly agree) that Exalted's mechanics were too complex for Lunar Quest, and simplified them accordingly
*GURPS is very different from Exalted. Both systems track personal combat on a scale of seconds, but in Exalted 2e the baked-in assumption is that combatants will be taking some significant action only every three to seven seconds, while GURPS plays out each second as a separate round. GURPS is a lot more mechanically complex and fiddly.
*In the course of mashing up GURPS and Pathfinder for Pdn[T]tO, I simplified both systems, as shown here >>/questarch/717150 where a single roll represented a mix of situational awareness, tactical analysis, sniping, and snail-wrangling, which would by RAW in either system have to be resolved separately.

In conclusion, I sorta hope you were joking and that Jukashi-sempai notices me.
No. 31659 ID: 595d54

No, I mean the sexual combat system that Jukashi wrote for Exalted.
No. 31668 ID: a107fd

Oh! Sorry, didn't know about that. Link?
No. 31672 ID: 595d54

Eh, I came across it by accident. Part of a bunch of homebrew that got saved from forums going down, dunno if Jukashi is cool with it getting reposted.
No. 31674 ID: f9a70c

>Have you ever considered talking with any of the official White Wolf/Paradox/Onyx Path people about the legality of getting a print version of Keychain made up?

No. It would be a huge legal mess. In any case, when I was making KoC I made a conscious decision to not bother making any of the considerations that a comic that might get printed should get. The pages aren't a consistent size, the color selections are for a screen and not ink, and so on. I doubt there's enough demand to justify it, anyway.

>neomah quest

That's a lot of good thought! It could work. I don't think I'm the person to help make it work, though. I already have Exalted-related creative projects under my belt, and though I do obviously love the setting and take a lot of inspiration from it, I think I'd end up stretching the affection thin if I added another one. Plus, if I did slide another quest onto my plate, at this point I'd really like it to be something more original, of my own, since both my (theoretically) current quest and Lunar Quest are based off other people's settings.

I'd be very interested if you went ahead and followed those ideas, though. I have no problem with you taking the Incubus Quest idea and spinning it out into something yourself.

>sexual combat

Oh geeze, that was ages ago, I barely remember doing that. From what I can remember, it was hardly enough to call a "system", more a bunch of loose ideas for how it could possibly be made to function.
No. 31675 ID: 44d919

For the curious or nostalgic: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4y0UWJLcwy1RkowRTZGbW5IeUE/edit
No. 32200 ID: becd1a

Hi Jukashi! I read KoC about 4 months ago and have reread it twice since. I also read through Lunar Quest. I'm a huge fan of your Exalted stuff, is there any stuff by you besides what can be found on your tgchan page?
No. 32201 ID: becd1a


Secret was my favorite (Like I imagine 90% of fans) but I always loved Ten Winds and Misho too! I was honestly disappointed that we never got a chance to delve into Misho's Lunar Mate. Misho spent most of the story as the generic exposition spouter and team conscience, but when he shone, he *shone*. His battle against Flame was amazing.

I cried at Secret's backstory, and I showed it to people new to Exalted when I was first telling them about the system.
No. 32223 ID: 51aede

Hi there, I tried to read KoC again, but found that the website appears to be down. Is anyone else having this problem?
No. 32224 ID: 3abd97

Works fine for me.
No. 32226 ID: 1fadfa

It takes a few tries but the website isn't down. It's been a little buggy for me.
No. 32228 ID: 1fadfa

The God of the Beach actually cemented himself as my favorite minor character despite only being around for the final few strips.
No. 32238 ID: a107fd

>I don't think I'm the person to help make it work, though.

Fair enough.

...could I beg of you a single piece of art, for the start of the first thread, befitting your Cytherian role in the metanarrative? Specifically, the protagonist lounging around somewhere in Malfeas, just before responding to a summons. Possibly aboard the Engine Rising to the Wounded Sky, or somewhere on the Street of Gold Lanterns.
No. 32249 ID: 4863e5

>is there any stuff by you besides what can be found on your tgchan page?

Maybe one or two images on my FA page? I don't use it much. Aside from what I post here, my drawings are mostly done on paper, and generally in particularly unprofessional form on spare notepaper, used envelopes, et cetera.

>Misho spent most of the story as the generic exposition spouter and team conscience, but when he shone, he *shone*.

I'm glad! I generally got the impression that Misho was one of the less popular of the main group. He suffered a little from having to serve as a walking toolbox, in addition to the functions you rightly point out. As I think I've mentioned before, he was also sort of deliberately designed to not fit in with the world and the rest of the characters. One of his narrative functions was to help illustrate, for people not familiar with the setting or who needed reminding, how the world of the comic was in a fallen state despite the amount of heroic high magic shenanigans were still going on. The most obvious example was that page when I had him flashing back to how a place looked in the first age and then showing what it was now, but he did it in other ways as well.

He had a lot of jobs to do in the story, in other words, so it wasn't as easy to give him his moments for himself.

>The God of the Beach actually cemented himself as my favorite minor character despite only being around for the final few strips.

Minor spoiler: he doesn't actually have sole claim over beaches. He's technically God of where Land meets the Sea, and he doesn't get along very well with the God of where Sea meets the Land.


I have had an interest in drawing some crazy malfean architecture, but I have some work I'm actually doing for money that has to come first, and a lot of other back projects that I should have gotten a move on as well. So, I'm willing, but I can't honestly say I'd get it done any time soon.
No. 32250 ID: a107fd

Alright. Been taking time to plan things out, anyway, against my usual impulse to jump right in and then improvise. Should circumstances change, say if I had a crowd on Patreon pushing me to get on with things, how much money would we be talking about in order to jump to the head of the queue?
No. 32317 ID: 21fd95

Are there any good Exalted fanfics/comics/quests in existence besides KoC/Neverborn/Lunar Quest?
No. 32362 ID: 61c7b9

A Green Sun Illuminates The Void is pretty okay.

It's a Familiar Of Zero X Exalted Crossover Fic. Familiar of Zero's setting is a remnant of Marduk's worldbody drifting in the Wyld and the failure protagonist of that show ends up summoning an Infernal Exaltation and completely fucking up her world while berzerk Sidereal ronin and Shogunate Remnants do their best to terminate her ass.
No. 32621 ID: 3b5ae2

Epiphany's Righteous Steel is pretty epic as fanfics go:

I think it's based on a campaign in 1st ed Exalted.
The series got through 4 out of 5 planned books before it stalled 9 years ago, but stops with things relatively resolved; it's an OK read if you've got the time.
Note: Contains genderbending.

Bit of a spoiler, but it does slightly scratch the very specific itch that LunarQuest made me aware of, which I vaguely formulated to myself thus:
"Really, MORE fictional protagonists ought to metamorphose into multi-souled demonic entities halfway through the plot."
No. 32626 ID: 21fd95

>4 out of 5 books
>stalled 9 years ago

God damn being into fanfiction of Exalted is like being a god damn archaeologist.
No. 32640 ID: 61c7b9

Good thing for you Indivisible's coming out.

They share your pain. Oh well, at least we still have our lord and savior Jukashi, blessed be his name!
No. 32962 ID: cad57d

Psst, Jukashi, just a question about a pretty old pic:
I always assumed that Secret had yet to take her panties off, but it looks like there might actually be a suspicious extra line down there. So is that really her skin?
No. 33263 ID: 21fd95

So is there anything new on the Jukashi front? Anything that currently updates?
No. 33264 ID: 1226ae

I believe he is currently busy with college work, commissions, recuperation, illness, that sort of thing.
No. 33813 ID: 7c3831

As long as you're doing archaeology, FrivYeti's stuff is pretty good. http://www.thefreedomstone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2462 And you can find lots of other Exalted fic on that message board.

For new stuff, you can look around the Onyx Path Exalted board: http://forum.theonyxpath.com/forum/main-category/exalted

Lastly, I'm considering doing some of my own Exalted fic. I'm not Jukashi and I can't draw and I'd probably do straight fiction rather than a quest, but if you had any ideas for stuff you wanted Exalted fic about, you could say so.
No. 34748 ID: 21fd95

So I hate to sound needy, but is Jukashi still alive?
No. 34751 ID: 17c2ee

No, he died in a tragic accident involving garlic bread, aglets, a hot spring, and three different types of alien. You and everyone else can stop asking now.
No. 34950 ID: c88e6d

He's just busy. Relax.
No. 34990 ID: fa4b71

This might not be the best time to ask, since he's busy, but maybe others have the question and would appreciate an answer to it on-record, too:

I know Jukashi at least has done commissions; how might one go about contacting him for such?
No. 34995 ID: c88e6d

I believe he has a FurAffinity.
No. 34996 ID: 91ee5f

You're not gonna have any better luck over there. He hasn't had any activity on there for over a year.
No. 36581 ID: f4ebf4

He also has a Hentai Foundry account, and he was just on it yesterday.
No. 36619 ID: 3ce125

Guys please don't stalk Jukashi.
No. 36621 ID: f4ebf4

One guy was trying to get in touch with him because he literally wanted to give Jukashi money for a commission.
No. 37358 ID: b5fb67


Maybe so, but don't go listing every single thing he does on here. We want Jukashi to come here and enjoy questing, not having to worry about every thing he's doing online getting posted here.
No. 38015 ID: 2939d2
File 152036347927.png - (111.18KB , 500x500 , 142885351841 colour.png )

Just coloured this Maolla in because. Hopefully I didn't mess it up!
No. 38017 ID: 2efe4b

Only one thing I can see: Maolla's underbelly color extends a bit into "landing strips" on the insides of her thighs and tail. You can see it in >>30005 and >>26671
No. 38735 ID: 153dbc
File 152534072174.png - (63.96KB , 1041x578 , Exalted Jukashi Ebon Dragon.png )

This is only tangentially related to the thread, but I figure this is where I have the best chances: I'm looking for a screenshot kind of like pic related, except it's Jukashi talking about how there's really only two endgames for Abyssals, facing the maw of Uncreation or being seared anew by the Unconquered Sun. Anyone have that in their folders please?
No. 39271 ID: d22dc0

Just read and enjoyed Keychain of creation, figured this was as good a place to say as any. Great work thumbs up really makes you wanna play exalted, huh?
No. 40977 ID: 0c3c2c

Even better, the Dragonblooded book for third edition is in redlines, so that means we'll have more variety in protagonists and antagonists in the Exalted community. Even better, Dragonblooded have really good charms now.
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