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File 145858047434.jpg - (294.95KB , 800x600 , 133849472895.jpg )
710774 No. 710774 ID: a107fd

You all met in a tavern in some no-name logging town out on the frontier. Scruffy prospectors, scheming merchants, disgraced minor nobles, and deranged veterans from thousands of miles away converged on rumors of a ruined fortress from the Old Empire and the priceless treasures within. Seemed like a great way to get rich, make a name for yourself, or at least keep busy while avoiding the big cities for whatever reason.

You assembled a team, planned an expedition, set out for one of the better-known cavern entrances... then things started to go wrong. Currently you're deep underground, hopelessly lost, and likely to be forcibly impregnated by a grue.

Pick a class (hedge witch, rich bastard, soldier, or townie), and a specialty within that class. A hedge witch specialized in healing can resurrect the dead, if all the key giblets are in place, but after they start to go rancid it's like pushing an avalanche back uphill.
Pick a higher ambition (compassion, fame, honor, wealth, rule the world, etc.), and a lower ambition (fetish).
Pick either a phobia, a concealable mutation/parasite, or a supernatural vulnerability - or all three plus an innate power.
For example, an elf could have a phobia of disfigurement (an un-pretty elf is called an orc), pointed ears providing acute senses but vulnerable to overstimulation, and the power to balance effortlessly on any solid surface, no matter how narrow or fragile. An adventuring vampire could have a phobia of holy powers, concealable fangs to heal by drinking blood, vulnerability to immersion in running water, and the power to transform into mist. A corrupted princess could have a phobia of slime, vagina swarming with ravenous centipedes, supernatural incompetence at stealth (due to perfume, sparkles, and ghostly theme music), and the power to channel magical energy blasts through jewelry, although the actual jewelry is sold separately.
Obviously, you can't have any power that would make escape trivial... but since the surrounding rock is effectively sealed airtight, and twisted geomancy interferes with scrying or teleportation across different dungeon levels, that doesn't rule out much.

Everybody starts with travel clothes including boots, gloves, a hooded cloak, knife, flint for sparking, and food and water for a day.
Pick up to seven additional pieces of equipment, carried on the left hip, right hip, left shoulder, right shoulder, chest/neck, top of head, and hidden somewhere uncomfortable. Armor only protects the part of the body you're wearing it on. Concealed armor is only useful against nut shots, garrotes, and similar precision attacks to areas covered by clothing.
Equipment options:
arrows (specify bow or crossbow; requires a hip or shoulder slot)
big hammer (requires a hip or shoulder slot)
block of soap
boiled leather armor (on shoulder or hip, upgrades corresponding glove or boot with vicious spikes)
bow (requires a hip or shoulder slot)
bronze statuette (dildo-sized; specify a saint, demon, etc.)
candles (longest-lasting but weakest light source)
canvas (hang it up for a tent, throw some leaves on it to conceal a pit, add a sail to a small boat, etc.)
chain armor (on shoulder or hip, upgrades corresponding glove or boot with sturdy scales)
clean cloth, hooked needles, & thread (fishing, first aid, etc.)
coin purse (simplify trade and bribery, distract intelligent monsters)
dried bread (postpone death from hunger, improvised weapon or tool)
dried fruit (postpone death from hunger, distract slimy monsters)
dried meat (postpone death from hunger, distract toothy monsters)
feathers, penknife, lots of parchment & ink (for mapping)
fishing net/hammock
iron spikes (jam doors and traps, add handholds to walls, distract rusty monsters)
iron statuette (dildo-sized; specify a saint, demon, etc.)
jade amulet (rumored to have some mystical protective value, certainly looks pretty)
jug of fortified wine (disinfect wounds, or drink to postpone loss of sanity)
jug of oil (enough for several lantern refills, or one big slippery mess)
jug of water (postpone death from dehydraton, quench a small fire, etc.)
kindling (feed a small cooking fire for 6 hours, or get a big bonfire started if you can find some heavier logs)
knives (in a bandolier if carried openly)
lantern (burns for 6 hours on internal supply of oil)
lead bullets & sling
manacles (includes padlock, key, and about four yards of heavy chain)
mining pick
plate armor (only available for head or hidden slot, unless you're a rich bastard)
rope (ten yards per slot, 3/4" thick)
spear (requires a shoulder slot)
tools for lockpicking and field surgery
wooden shield (requires a shoulder slot)
wooden statuette (dildo-sized; specify a saint, demon, etc.)

Hedge witches can also take consumable magic items: Brass Balm (for cuts & burns), Cinnamon Incense (smell makes demons sleepy & suggestible), Dragonweed (for ingested poison & rune-borne curses), Salamander Salve (knead to produce heat without fire), Wolfsbane (for blood-borne curses), etc. One slot per type, but that represents several applications.
Rich bastards get better-quality versions of most equipment, and also one seriously expensive thing, such as a master-quality sword (requires shoulder or hip slot), jug full of honey, slab of salt, telescope, or minor permanent magic item.
Soldiers don't have any extra equipment options, but make more efficient use of weapons, ammo, armor, and food, and are generally tougher.
Townies can take books (anything from 'cooking for beginners' to the Necronomicon), drugs, or poisons. Again, one slot per type, several doses.

New players, or new characters for players whose current character has been incapacitated, can join in at almost any time; adventurers wander into the ruins and get lost on a daily basis, it's plausible enough they could encounter each other.
Limit one character per player to start. I'll explain further mechanics as we go, but for now, any nontrivial action should be accompanied by a 3d6 roll.
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No. 710775 ID: 2a7417

If you feel the opening image needs to be marked NSFW, you should probably use a different one.

>The opening image in a thread must be safe for work.
No. 710778 ID: 02422f

>Seemed like a great way to get rich, make a name for yourself, or at least keep busy while avoiding the big cities for whatever reason.
Get killed.

>Obviously, you can't have any power that would make escape trivial... but since the surrounding rock is effectively sealed airtight, and twisted geomancy interferes with scrying or teleportation across different dungeon levels, that doesn't rule out much.
So... we can't play as a rock worm, then.

Hedge witch, specialization: suggestion / mental influences
Ambition: greed / wealth
Phobia / mutation / parasite / vulnerability: allergy to shellfish
Equipment: Coin purse, lockpicking / surgery tools, knives, jade amulet, cinnamon incense, dragonweed, bronze statuette (deity of trade / wealth / prosperity).
No. 710791 ID: 29470b

Soldier,specialiazation: veteran instincts/ PTSD
Ambition: seeking redemption/ solace
Phobia: dead allies/ diseases and infections
Vulnerability: occasional flashbacks equal inability to do things
Equipment: axe, chain armor, plate armor, dried meat, dried fruit, dried bread, boiled leather armor.
(I just hope it won't turn out like a bad darkest dungeon run.)
No. 710796 ID: a107fd

It's worksafe, just kinda creepy.

So, jade hypno-coin in your right hand, dragonweed braided into your hair, no light source other than magic, and... no name?

A heavy granite door pivots closed behind 02422f-01, driven by some unseen but audibly rusty mechanism, and locks in place. There's an inch-wide gap at the bottom (and presumably the top, too, though the ceiling is at least five yards high and obscured by some sort of pinkish fog) with a cool breeze coming out of it. The room seems to be symmetrical, kite-shaped. Straight ahead, there's a matching alcove with another door, although at this distance it's impossible to tell whether that's open onto another unlit hallway or just made from darker stone than the surrounding walls. Halfway between, water laced with glowing algae burbles through a narrow channel, from a slightly elevated circular pool at 02422f-01's 11 o'clock, which is the brightest part of the room (and most plausible place for random coins), to drain through a squarish grating at 02422f-01's 2 o'clock. Only good way to figure distance would be counting paces across the floor. With such dim low-angle light, there would be difficulty from incidental tripping hazards if not outright traps.
No. 710804 ID: a107fd

"Redemption/Solace" is fine for higher, but doesn't cover a lower ambition. How about an unhealthy fascination with incorporeal undead, due to the connection with lost comrades?
Phobia of disease, and flashbacks triggered by destructive magic... either would be fine, but there's no need to take both. Unless you want to also have, say, an old improperly-healed injury that's sensitive to barometric pressure and other subtle influences, and some sort of special power?
Which kind of armor are you wearing on which part of your body? Plate would have to be either a helmet or concealed.
No. 710813 ID: 02422f

rolled 3, 2, 6 = 11

>no name
Oh, derp, there was no name in the request field.

Random name generator says... Marijke.

>no light source
I always forget that in games that make you micromanage light sources.

First objective I suppose is to investigate the lit pool. There might be something of value there, and if nothing else, maybe one of those glow-y bulbs can be claimed as a light source.

To reduce the risk of tripping or stumbling across a trap, follow the wall around the perimeter of the room, then cross to the pool, instead of making a straight line for it.
No. 710824 ID: a107fd

Marijke paces out eight yards of reasonably even flagstones with no surprises, and then three oddly-proportioned stair steps, about two feet wide each. The topmost step is waist-high relative to the larger room but looks like it would be about neck height for someone standing on the bottom of the pool. The pool itself is some ten feet in diameter, and flush with the wall around the back third of it's circumference, which helps explain why the 'corner' was so blurry. Luminescent algae is diffused throughout the water rather than gathered into discrete lumps; turning it into a useful portable light source would most likely require some kind of filtering process to concentrate the stuff, and a clear glass bottle to carry it in.

There's something about the size and shape of a human in plate armor down there, possibly obscuring whatever submerged hole the water is flowing from, but they're not standing; just curled up in fetal position and exhaling the occasional foul-smelling bubble. A small section of the pool floor in front of the figure has been swept clear of pebbles and sediment to make way for glittering coins, stacked in a neat grid like troops on parade.

The coins are not magical, but there's basic defensive dweomer all over the armor, something more complicated in a bubble around the helm, and a notably stronger aura of righteous anger hammered into some other object Marijke can't actually see, behind or underneath, approximately along the figure's spinal column.
No. 710850 ID: 02422f

Well it doesn't take a genius to guess the pool is set up to be hard to escape quick once you're inside.

Bubbles suggests it's alive, or at least that something is moving.

And I want to guess the final thing being sensed is an enchanted weapon of some kind, being crouched over or held to it's chest.

This screams "trap you in a pit with a angry guardian".

If we assume the guardian isn't some kind of undead or automaton, it might be susceptible to mental manipulation.

Uh, what's my spell list? Do I have a fixed one?
No. 710859 ID: e47e93

Hm. How do you roll? is there only one character in this quest? Image from Song of Saya, I presume? I wouldn't know if i would prefer to participate in this quest, but it might be a nice read.
No. 710862 ID: 02422f

I'm guessing it's a one character per suggester quest and multiple characters will be dungeon crawling in parallel? (That or the author just went with the first suggested character and no one but me suggested an action for her).

You roll dice with the email field, explained here.
No. 710868 ID: 29470b

Boiled leather armor is on the hip, plate armor on the head, chain armor on the shoulders.
All those suggestions are good.
Also a name, just going to stick with Nick.
No. 710875 ID: 4201a2

"Sir" Garaile
Soldier, specializing in single combat.
Ambitions of fame and renown, and a fetish for collecting trophies.
Phobia of insect swarms, and unusually-jointed limbs which limit the usefulness of found equipment until time can be spent on fitting/customization.
However, excellently takes care of the equipment he can use, and has the ability to repair anything that's not completely destroyed.

Wears chain armor. Wields an axe and shield. Carries a shovel, rope, candles, and a jug of water.
No. 710878 ID: a107fd

>one character per suggester quest and multiple characters will be dungeon crawling in parallel?


Any time you have no character capable of taking actions, either because you're new or all your characters are incapacitated, you can make a new character. If the new character enters play, and then one of your previous characters recovers from whatever incapacitated them, both remain active and under your control. Multiball!

Anyone who has a character ready before anything interesting happens in this first room will be assumed to have been following along quietly the whole time; after that, you'll need to wait for something like the respawn closets in Left4Dead, or for your number to come up on the wandering monster table.

When a suggester is absent, their character will continue to exist and act, but in an uninspired manner. Try to plan more than one step ahead and/or be prepared for a certain amount of escort-mission NPC foolishness.

>undead ambush
The figure hasn't yet reacted in any way, but on the other hand, the water is undisturbed. All that gold is giving Marijke a tingly feeling that'd be hard to walk away from without some solid reason.

>spell list?
As a hedge witch, you have no formal training, no clear-cut theory of what is and isn't possible with magic. You can detect magical phenomena, easily by touch, out to twenty yards or more if you concentrate. There are a lot of little tricks you can do easily all day long, like manipulating echoes, or lifting stains out of cloth as if they were solid, or coughing up a little glob of illusory fire (bright as a torch but heatless, with the consistency of chewing gum). Anything more advanced has to be prepared at least one good night's sleep in advance. The only one of those you currently have ready is your specialty, inflicting friendly sentiments toward yourself on a human-like mind.

You can learn new spells by experimentation. Describe the effect you're trying to produce and how hard you're willing to push for it, on a scale from "thought experiment" to "escape by gnawing my own leg off," and roll 3d6. Inventing new spells in the middle of a fight is... theoretically possible, and if you push hard enough something exciting and educational will surely happen. Safer to take at least ten or fifteen minutes per attempt.

Tools can also improve your chances: chalk diagrams, candles, idols of relevant spirits, wands, chalices, robes, herbs, all that. Problem is, any ceremonial, tool-assisted magic cast amid the corrupted geomancy of an Old Empire ruin will stir up some kind of trouble even if the spell itself works perfectly.
No. 710880 ID: a107fd

>All those suggestions are good.
There were multiple options. Choose one:
A)Drop the phobia.
B)Drop the flashbacks.
C)Add a 'war wound' mutation, and some power, yet undefined.

Which equipment is where? If you're only taking one piece of chainmail, chest or concealed might be the way to go; just ask Frodo.

Insect swarms is a solid phobia, and abnormal joints could be a fun mutation, but compulsive equipment maintenance isn't much of a vulnerability (I can't see how it would plausibly get somebody killed), and 'repair anything' needs some limitations for a survival-horror game. Maybe, only stays fixed if nobody watched you work?
No. 710883 ID: f461c5

How would conjuration magic work in this environment? Obviously a conjurer cant teleport out of the dungeon/level, but can they summon stuff as per normal, with the summons coming from outside the dungeon and leaving at the end of the spell as per normal, or is this a ravenloft sort of situation where summons can only come from the area one is in, dont despawn at the end of the spell, are randomly antagonistic...?

Wont make much of a difference to my build though.
No. 710885 ID: b8ceae

Tourist. (Townie)
High: See the world!
Low: ... and engage in rampant xenophilia!
Special traits: Oblivious with no sense of self preservation, but Mr Magoo luck.
No. 710921 ID: a107fd

Summoning magic is not specially impaired by the environment. In terms of scrying and teleportation and so forth, think "thorny hedge-maze" rather than "hermetic seal."

Mr. Magoo-level luck is one of those powers that would make escape trivial. Also, no equipment?
No. 710922 ID: 29470b

Alright drop the flashbacks, concealed chain mail is probably the best in my opinion.
Can I just get a random vulnerability? Cause if not then this one must brainstorm a bit.
Also the helmet isn't concealed along with the boiled leather.
No. 710929 ID: a107fd

Just to make sure we're on the same page,and get the whole character sheet into one post...
Class: Soldier
Specialty: intuition
Higher Ambition: redemption
Lower Ambition: fascinated by ghosts
Phobia: infected wounds and rotting corpses
plate helmet
concealed chain shirt
leather armor on left hip, spikes on left boot
axe hanging off right hip
backpack with all three kinds of dry food occupying chest and both shoulder slots

If that's all good, you can start. Combination of veteran's instincts and phobia mean Sergeant Nick doesn't want anyone to touch, let alone drink or swim in, water that seems to have a corpse marinating in it.
No. 710933 ID: f461c5

Nico Nashville
Townie (Bluff/Acting)
Ambition; Occult secrets / Costuming
Phobia: memory loss
Parasite: Babel worm translates most languages, animal noises, and random sounds and markings. Distracting.
Unusually receptive to magic; even beneficial effects can go haywire.
Power: Uncannily adept method actor, can convince observers of blatant untruths and take on aspects or abilities of his persona, Believes it while acting.

Left hip: 'Carcosa, A Fantasy in two acts' (A playscript that summons a strange and knowledgeable entity known as the King in Yellow when parts are acted out),
Laudanum, Soap, Chalk, Surgery/Lockpicking kit, Sling w/bullets, Hammock.
No. 710934 ID: 29470b

Alright, all is well for Nick. Now to see how long he will live.
No. 710945 ID: a107fd

Looks good. Which item is concealed? I'd assume the lockpicks, but the sling would be easy enough as well, or you could have the laudanum in a hip flask.

An actor, an infantryman, and a sorceress walk into a bar...

Marijke is crouched at the edge of the rancid pool, staring into it's ominous phosphorescent depths, muttering to herself and slowly reaching down toward the surface with one hand. Are Nick and/or Nico going to interfere, and if so, how?
No. 710950 ID: 02422f

rolled 5, 1, 1 = 7

>All that gold is giving Marijke a tingly feeling that'd be hard to walk away from without some solid reason.
Oh she's not walking away. Just trying to figure out how to get the bait without getting bitten by the trap.

Well, let's try poking it. Magically.

Let's break out the bronze idol to my greed deity, and see if I can levitate some lucre out of the trap. (If I call a "thought experiment" as 1, and "gnaw my own leg off" as 10, let's say I'm putting in a 3 for effort?). If I'm lucky, I score some gold. If I'm not, maybe I get to see what I'm dealing with while I'm safely up, over, and behind this nice high wall.
No. 710956 ID: a107fd

Marijke messes around with currents in the water and manages to form a geyser-vortex sort of thing, which then spits about 250 inch-wide gold coins onto the floor behind her before dispersing. The other half of the former grid, unfortunately, is now scattered around the bottom of the pool and concealed by stirred-up muck. The magic itself went very well; she could confidently repeat the technique, or even adapt it to different fluid media, such as air.
No. 710958 ID: 02422f

rolled 3, 5, 6 = 14


...uh, before Marijke scurries around greedily scooping up the coins behind her, did the hunched over armored bubbling thing react at all? *Peer suspiciously*

(Assuming it's not doing anything suspicious, indulge greed).
No. 710960 ID: a107fd

The water currently looks like somebody hit a swarm of fireflies with a smoke grenade, 14 is a moderately bad roll, and Marijke is distracted by falling over backward down a short flight of stairs trying to catch all that money before any of it rolls off and disappears into crevices on the dark, irregular floor. If anything is moving in that pool that shouldn't be, she definitely doesn't notice.
No. 710965 ID: 02422f

Pff, okay then, no monster rising out of the depths to retaliate, that I see. So defaulting to scrabbling on the floor to collect the coins.

I suppose I'll wait to see if any baddies attack, or if any other players do anything to help / hurt.
No. 710969 ID: a107fd

To put the sheer quantity in perspective: Marijke now has enough cash in hand (or rather, in purse) to maintain her accustomed lifestyle, without doing any actual paying work, for the next seven years or so. Assuming she makes it back at all.

Speaking of which, there's a flicker of movement near the far door.
No. 710973 ID: 4201a2

Okay, chain armor on chest, axe and rope on hips, shield and shovel on shoulders, knife concealed, and everything else in pack.

As for the vulnerability and skill, how about the ability to jury-rig broken items to function as if repaired, but they have a chance to fall apart again when used, which could easily kill if it happens at an inopportune moment.
No. 710974 ID: f461c5

The laudanum is hidden in a flask, the rest is packed visibly.

Well I think Nico is just going to sit back and let the wealth witch scrabble about for her filthy lucre And clear that space of the floor for traps.

Going to unwind his sling from his arm and stand ready behind the soldier in case that moving thing is aggressive.
No. 710979 ID: a107fd

>chain armor on chest, axe and rope on hips, shield and shovel on shoulders,

Good so far.

>knife concealed, and everything else in pack

"Everything else" is candles and a supply of water, and the remaining slots are your head and 'concealed somewhere uncomfortable.' So...
A)wax crown and an oversized waterskin under the chainmail making you look like a hunchback, or
B)clay pot on a load-bearing turban and candles tucked into secret pockets?
You get one free knife which doesn't require an inventory slot, and can be concealed easily enough.

Jury-rigging doesn't require a special power. You can do that with just mundane trade skills as part of the soldier class. How about dropping the phobia and simply being a double-jointed knight without further weaknesses or superpowers?

Gimme a 3d6 roll to get a good look at the moving thing in the extremely poor lighting conditions, and further apply your occult knowledge to identify it. In fact, probably a good idea to attach a 3d6 roll to every in-character post.
No. 710980 ID: 02422f

rolled 6, 4, 6 = 16

>Marijke now has enough cash in hand (or rather, in purse) to maintain her accustomed lifestyle, without doing any actual paying work, for the next seven years or so. Assuming she makes it back at all.
Yaaaaay! I am now comfortably wealthy. Now to not die. And get wealthier.

>And clear that space of the floor for traps.
Pff. I am now a very expensive trap tester.

>what do
Since nothing has deigned to attack me, and Nico's opting to hang back, I think I'll try conjuring a mage-light. Maybe get a look at whatever that is by the far door. (Assuming I'm up for an action, and we aren't just waiting on Nico's roll to decide what happens this round).
No. 710981 ID: f461c5

rolled 3, 1, 3 = 7

Sorry for minimal datum post.
No. 710982 ID: 4201a2

I guess ordinary double-jointed knight is fine.

Wax crown sounds like a horrible idea, but a hands-free light source might be helpful, so, how about a candle hat that I can swap fresh candles on?

Then, I guess conceal the rope and wear the jug on the hip instead, and that should cover it.
No. 710984 ID: a107fd

Between all that sudden wealth, successful magic experimentation, and getting the bronze prosperity idol re-situated in *ahem* wherever she's concealing it, Marijke is somewhat giddy and overconfident, and a 16 is up there in or near crit-fail territory. So, the gummy wad of illusory fire forms normally, but she fumbles the timing somehow and inhales instead of spitting it out.

Marijke has gained the 'choking' affliction. Marijke cannot breathe or speak. Staggering around and gesticulating remain possible, but anything more complex will require struggling to focus against the crushing panic of asphyxiation.
She's got about 20 seconds of good air already in her lungs, maybe less with vigorous exertion, then another 10 seconds of increasingly debilitating hypoxia, followed by unconsciousness and death within the next few minutes if the blockage isn't cleared.

Also, her neck and tongue are glowing. That's probably the new brightest thing in the room.
No. 710987 ID: f461c5

Rolled for spotting and identifying the movement here, and depending on what that appears to be Nico may be able to very successfully pretend to be a doctor.
No. 710988 ID: a107fd

> candle hat
> jug on the hip
> sneaky bondage

Fine by me! Things are starting to get exciting, but not to an extent that would exclude plausible bystanders. Go ahead with your first action (and roll).

The thing is as big and bristly as a capybara, but a flare of light from Marijke's miscast spell reveals forward-focused eyes with catlike tapetum lucidum, and the angular bone-plated jaws of some primordial predatory fish.

Nico's best guess is 'giant mutant rat.' If one or two good hits with the sling don't kill it, or at least scare it off, maybe reassess.
No. 710998 ID: f461c5

rolled 5, 1, 1 = 7

Its a dungeon critter, so I dont figure Marijke to be in too much danger; things that live here likely learn to avoid messing with weird magical glowing stuff. Nico will stand clear, but not step past Nick, and give a try at beaning it with a hurled bullet to show it what for.

If it clears out after that he will move over to Marijke and give her back a thumping, see if he cant help her cough her magic chewing gum up.
No. 710999 ID: a107fd

Moving target, more than ten yards out, in bad light... to Nico Nashville's credit as an amateur marksman, he manages to land that first bullet less than five feet away from the creature. It is undeterred.

The attempt took four seconds. Roll again for first aid.
No. 711001 ID: f461c5

It didnt clear out. Nico aint getting closer to that thing. Did you see its mouth? It looks like a beartrap convinced something to use it for dentures!
No. 711003 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 1, 3, 1 = 5

...oh damn, we want low rolls? And here I was thinking I was good.

Marijke stumbles away from the monster, towards her fellow humanoid, hoping for help, trying to clear her throat.

(If it becomes clear she isn't going to get any help, she'll probably try something desperate with magic next).

Same anon / player, different ID cause I'm at work.
No. 711004 ID: 4201a2

rolled 1, 3, 2 = 6

Nico may not be interested in getting close to the thing, but Garaile is up for the challenge.

Approach and engage the beast.
No. 711008 ID: 29470b

dice 3d6
(Trying the dice for once)
No. 711009 ID: 29470b

And it didn't work, eh, I'll get it right someday. (someday....)
No. 711016 ID: a107fd

Thanks to practical trial-and-error medical experience, and some previous close calls with anaphylactic shock, Marijke manages to find exactly the right spot to punch herself in the stomach in order to expel the blockage... which she then vomits forth as a 10' conical spray of non-illusory fire.

Marijke is no longer choking! With a few minutes to catch her breath she will be fully recovered. Furthermore, if she makes it through the night (or arbitrary sleep period, underground), she will be able to prepare this fire spray as a spell in order to cast it deliberately, and quite a bit more safely, tomorrow.

First, however, Nick and Nico should roll to dodge.

"Sir" Garaile is already safely out of the way, swinging at the little beast.

Lessee... a soldier working within his specialty, and not trying anything fancy, candle-hat mostly mitigates the darkness penalties, still a small target, but that's a really good roll. Critical success.

Garaile's axe tears into the creature's hindquarters with a crunch. It's left rear leg is messily severed from the rest of it's body, along with half the shattered pelvis. The beast shrieks and spasms, foreclaws kicking off against the wall, contorting what remains of it's spine to twist around and lock those fearsome bony jaws onto the haft of Garaile's axe (gouging the wood, and missing his thumb by scant inches) before bleeding out and expiring.

Steam rises from exposed entrails and swirls up to join the thin pinkish fog at the ceiling. Distant wails and shrieks echo back, which Nico's babel worm helpfully parses as "Distress call acknowledged, gathering reinforcements."
No. 711017 ID: d2d2bf

This was already explained. It goes in the email field.

You also didn't supply any action to that roll, so not sure exactly what you were expecting.
No. 711023 ID: f461c5

rolled 1, 5, 1 = 7

Nico will, assuming he doesnt burn to death, inform the others that it sounds like the critter's death wail brought attention to us. More are coming, and likely to be more populous and aggressive this time.

If the flame of Marijke's breath lingers at all, Nico will take the time to look around the temporarily much more brightly lit room.

Also if he is on fire he will attempt to douse himself, probably tearing his shirt off and soaking it, and then himself, with water.
No. 711025 ID: 29470b

For rolling away
No. 711032 ID: 29470b

So tried to do the roll in the email but didn't work, instead made the word suggestion blue and it literally says 'To: dice 3d6' if one were to click on the aforementioned blue suggestion.
No. 711036 ID: a107fd

Nico steps nimbly out of the way, escaping any serious injury, but a frilly bit on his sleeve has ignited and is flickering through an alarming variety of colors. Will he dunk it in the channel down the center of the room, or in the larger pool, or take the jacket off and stomp the fire out to avoid thrusting his hand into murky, foul-smelling water?
No. 711041 ID: 02422f

>get rich
>chock myself trying to turn on the lights
>learn how to breath fire by accident
I am laughing my ass off about this.

You can't capitalize it if you want it to work. "dice 3d6" in the email field, verbatim.

>what do
After she catches her breath, and Nico's done being on fire, Marijke will offer up an "excuse me" over her outburst, and then second the motion we leave before more things show up to kill us.

Did that thing manage to trap Garaile's axe in a death grip? If he can't wrench it free, it might be worth helping the fighter's weapon free before we high tail it.
No. 711054 ID: a107fd

Sgt. Nick catches the full brunt of Marijke's exhalation and is engulfed in flame from head to toe. Howling in pain, but tightly disciplined and driven by deep-seated fear of corpse-borne disease, he hops over the channel running down the center of the room, approaches "Sir" Garaile, and attempts (as politely as possible, under the circumstances) to secure the jug of clean water in order to pour it over himself.

Marijke's cone of fire doesn't persist on stone or open air, but Nick the human torch lights up a room very effectively, allowing Nico Nashville a better look at some architectural features. An engraving on the front of the stairs in Old Empire script reads
"This fountain made |}~{| possible by a grant from"
and on the second line
"Damien, second son of Hargon |}~{| and heir apparent to the Duchy of"
but the third line is obscured by some kind of mold or lichen and thus illegible. At the opposite end of the room, it looks like the metal grating through which water drains is hinged at the far end. Maybe two or three people working together could lift it, prop it up, and climb down.
No. 711068 ID: a107fd

>leave before more things show up to kill us.

Which way? Plausible options are the door that rat-thing came in through, and down the drain. Less-plausible options include unlocking the door your group came in through, or diving into the pool and swimming upstream toward it's source... but the true range of conceivable foolhardy plans is virtually unlimited, particularly if you're willing to risk improvised ceremonial magic.

However, if you're planning to make any sort of stealthy exit, with all your teammates still alive, the immediate obstacles are
1) Nico being a little bit on fire, and
2) Nick being almost entirely on fire.

>Did that thing manage to trap Garaile's axe in a death grip?
Yes. The poor thing's body is otherwise limp, but it's skull is locked on there like a vise.
No. 711070 ID: 02422f

rolled 6, 2, 6 = 14

Okay, then. So our priorities are then:

1) Put out the people who are on fire.
2) Get axe out of the dead thing
3) Get some kind of door open and bail.

Leaving people to burn to death or unarmed when they could be used to help you stay alive long enough to live comfortably off your riches isn't smart.

Hmm. Okay, so if Garaile doesn't opt to put Nick out with his water jug, Marijke will attempt to duplicate her "waterspout" spell experiment from before (since it actually worked), aimed to put Nick out. Since he's the most one fire, and Nico can probably put himself out without assistance.
No. 711071 ID: 02422f

Haha, that's a bad roll. Nick better hope Garaile doses him so Marijke doesn't try.
No. 711072 ID: f461c5

rolled 2, 3, 5 = 10

Nico will avoid all of that messy stuff and simply tear the frills off his jacket sleeve (Or his sleeve in its entirety), and leave it to the side on the steps, hoping that the magic flame persists and can be used as a torch later when all this hullabaloo with Nick burning to death and the eminent threat of being eaten alive by dunkleostus rats pans out.

That done, he will either scrub at the moss obscuring the writing, or remove the rest of his jacket and attempt to extinguish Nick with it, dependent on just how consuming Lend thinks our primary obsessions are.

While doing either of those things, he will conversationally state that he would rather venture into the more public spaces of the dungeon, but opening and leaving the grate as a potential escape route would be ideal.
No. 711074 ID: f461c5

FFFF. I want to delete my post and fix my typos but I dont want to cheat and change my roll.
No. 711080 ID: 4201a2

rolled 3, 2, 4 = 9

Garaile is extremely alarmed by the burning man running towards him at top speed and, in the interest of not also being lit on fire, will attempt to nonlethally fend him off with the unwieldy corpse-axe, perhaps knocking him into the magical waterspout or pool to extinguish him without the loss of the only jar of potable water.

Secondary objectives include breaking the head off the corpse, to retain more of the weapon's functionality, and to take the skull as a trophy. (Lower ambition)
No. 711085 ID: 02422f

Yeah, I definitely want to see what happens there before I cast magic in there, bad roll or no.
No. 711107 ID: a107fd

Garaile neatly sidesteps the human torch, then bludgeons him (gently, more or less) back toward the pool with a clumsy improvised flail. The dire rat corpse's neck snaps, then tears loose entirely, leaving skull and some associated flesh stubbornly affixed to the axe handle as a grisly trophy. On closer examination, the jawbone seems to have actually fused with the rest of the skull; it's probably never going to come off, short of shattering it completely.

If Marijke were at all familiar with computer programming, or really, any sort of modern math, she'd call it a 'sign error.' Something like the intended vortex forms, but in the wrong direction, pulling toward the bottom of the pool.

Nico smartly rips the cuff off his jacket and throws it aside. Once it's away from him, the anomalous fire reverts to a more typical dull orange glow, then gutters and goes out. There's even enough left of the scrap to use it as a rag for wiping grime off that bottom row of letters! Unfortunately, the fungal gunk is really crusted on there. Even with soap, getting the whole thing legible will take at least an hour or two of hard scrubbing. Before he can get started on that, there's a gurgling "Eeaargh!" which the Babel worm manages to unpack into "I have just had the worst five minutes, of the worst day, of a very long, hard life."

Nick is now at the bottom of the pool, pinned under some light armor, the middle third of a mutilated monster, a heavy backpack full of formerly dry trail rations that are about to get soaked with non-potable water, and powerful currents within that water. The unnatural malevolence of those currents more or less confirms his worst suspicions about it being a trap. He is face-to-face with, almost kissing, a corpse in full plate armor who probably met a similar fate... two, possibly three weeks ago, judging by the state of decay. Nick's entire body, except the face, feels like it's burning and freezing and being torn by centipedes all at the same time.

However, inexplicably, he is not drowning. He is also not waking up at the common room of some rural inn and remembering that the war is already over, which would normally be happening any moment now, in such situations.
No. 711123 ID: 02422f

Hey, fires out, weapon free! Two problems down. Too bad we now have a person stuck in a trap.

>If Marijke knew any math
She knows how to count her coin, thank you very much. (I can't decide if knowledge of modern finance would send her into an apoplectic fit, or an ecstatic one).

...is Nick only not drowning because my failed, inverted waterspout made a little whirlpool with a recess of air below the effective water level around his head? Wow, that's lucky.

Although trapped and face to face with his own worse fear, not so lucky.

I don't think my waterspout can push a full grown man in armor up up over the wall the way it did the coin, especially pinned as he is. And if my last spell effect is the only reason he can breathe, I don't want to mess that up.

...I feel like the only way he's getting out of this alive is if he manages to get up and out from under the stuff pinning him, and gets to the wall so people can help haul him up and over. Not gonna work if the stuff is too heavy, or if the current is too strong, or if his fear locks him from doing anything.

Off the top of my head, I could either try and counter or still the water currents so his escape is easier, or I could use the jade hypno-coin to try and motivate him to move, getting past the fear. Screwing up either would probably be fatal at this point. I feel like I should at least give Nick's player a chance to suggest before unilaterally getting him killed.
No. 711124 ID: 4201a2

rolled 5, 6, 5 = 16

Hmm, that could have gone better. Garaile would like to rescue him, but would also like to survive the rat-monster horde that's incoming any minute.

Since he's not drowning, he's probably not in immediate danger, and it might even protect him from the beasts.
Therefore, Garaile is inclined toward sneaking away and hiding for now, and returning to rescue him when there isn't a certain-death time limit.
No. 711131 ID: f461c5

(it probably has more to do with the magic helmet he is all up in the faceplate of, but thats none of my business. The water itself seems inherently dangerous anyway.)

Nico will conclude that he can clean and decode the text more easily if he is not situated within the bellies of several disparate dire rats. He will head over to the grate and request some assistance in opening it from the other two party members not currently underwater.
No. 711135 ID: 02422f

rolled 4, 6, 5 = 15

I suppose the dead guy could have a magic item that's letting Nick breathe, but hypothermia or starvation that killed them.

Since the rats didn't eat the corpse in the water, that means Nick should be safe until we double back to help him. Hopefully.

"Play dead!" Marijke offer, encouragingly. Then she goes to help Nico with the grate.
No. 711137 ID: 4201a2

rolled 5, 1, 6 = 12

If Garaile hasn't met with some spectacular diabolus ex machina from crit-failing the stealth decision, he will be happy to assist Nico with the grate and get the hell out of dodge.
No. 711138 ID: a107fd

>sneaking away and hiding

Seventeen would have been a crit fail. Sixteen, not quite, but still very bad. So, "Sir" Garaile tucks his newly-adorned axe back into it's belt loop and begins shuffling away toward the open door, concealing his footfalls among the wailing of the damned emanating from that pool he just shoved Nick into. Unfortunately, the skull prevents his axe from sliding all the way down into it's belt loop, and when he turns to sidle through the narrow gap in the door, it pitches forward and slips out. Steel clangs against the rocky floor, half an inch away from having split his right foot open.

Garaile has also forgotten to extinguish the candle mounted on his hat.

>is Nick only not drowning because my...?

No, Marijke's spell is stirring the water just enough to be pushing Nick down with about five pounds of force, total. (The rest of that apparent strength and "malevolence" is the phobia talking.) There's something else going on.
No. 711142 ID: a107fd

Feel free to start on a new character at this point, 29470b. Psychological trauma alone would be enough to count Nick as incapacitated.

With a bit of grunting and straining, the three manage to lever the grate open. However, the passage beyond is not encouraging: nearly vertical for at least fifty feet, over wet, jagged rocks, and it's just a little bit too wide to brace against opposite walls. Also, nobody has any pitons, and "Sir" Garaile's rope is not readily accessible.
No. 711146 ID: 4201a2

rolled 1, 3, 2 = 6

Well, Garaile isn't risking it. Retrieve axe, extinguish candle, and sneak away with everyone.

However, if a swarm of mobs appear, Garaile is prepared to re-light the candle and make a break for it, hopefully also together with everyone.
No. 711148 ID: a107fd

Alright, a little ways past the open door there's two passageways, both 10' square: straight ahead, and perpendicular off to the right. Straight ahead smells notably less like rat-monsters.

Is Marijke taking the time to check for ambient magic, or just focusing on moving along quickly and quietly?
No. 711157 ID: bdb883

Hello everyone I am writing from the phone so I'm a little uncomfortable but I do a couple and paste my Pg

the image will be put later, now I can not

Name: Yeven Surgis

Class: rich bastard

Appearance: Young woman of 22 years, 172cm high for the weight of 63 kg. fair complexion and short white hair, this woman has an athletic body with breasts and ass well-rounded and firm. round face and delicate features where stands a mole under her thin lips.

Clothes: dresses elegant blacks clothes, long boots and clothes with generous side vents that allow it to move freely in addition to showing a good part of the thigh and hip. the clothes he wears cover perfectly the torso and arms, leaving just see a little part ofher breasts and cleavage. On the face Yeven holding a black bandage that hiding completely the woman's eyes.

History: Countess of a land in the heart of the kingdom, Yeven was exiled because of practices which are banned to preserve her youth, as a pact with a demon in exchange for power and Youth he torn her eyes. feeling betrayed and humiliated the woman to vent his frustration decides who ruled with an iron fist in its domain until the king angry by the continuous lamente and attitude snooty and arrogant attempted to assassinate her. Fortunately, the loss of vision It has resulted in a change in Yeven that sense the danger and escape. all this and passed air, the Countess has no more a real concept of time so her do not know how much time has past but now suffer of terrible crisis. The demon with which in fact the pact is dead and she is likely to follow him in his grave if not find her eyes to break the pact. otherwise the remains shortly before his heart stops, allowing the daemon to be reborn.

Character: Yaven and nature extremely proud that a person behaves in a tyrannical and inrazionale when he hears that his pride is hurt . Easily leads resentment and tends to be vindictive . But despite this it is affable when he feels that her needs help, or his peers or people who conceives as such . The loss of the views very upset , and so now tends to give advice on the way of magic to prevent others to do his mistake obviously under consideration. Despite the unpleasant nature , Yeven turns out to be a person with a strong sense of teamwork , and responsibility. an ally to rely on, although many difficulty setting to interact normally with those who think less of her. In combat the tendency to be rather cruel especially if you realize that the enemy is a woman .

Higher Ambition : revenge and clear his name.

Lower ambition ; groom themselves frequently , and be impeccable.

Phobia : fear of closed spaces , such as coffins and the like .

Mutation : Eyless view, although no longer has eyes . Yeven can understand what surrounds several meters from her even in the most total darkness can perceive individuals, understand their size and outline their appearance, " See" through walls and alleys , basically functions as a kind of radar, Yeven always knows well is 5/7 meters from her ... over that distance his world is dark . this make the girl immune to any kind of attack that affects the view and very difficult to ambush her .

Malus : Despite the healing spells work normally , contact with consecrated or symbols of faith is painful , besides songs and positive spells are much more effective even if weaker her until she fainted .

Power: gravitational control. You can change the gravity on her, and things immediately next to her . to make it short . may fluctuate walk on walls and ceilings . lift heavy objects as if they had weight and launch them by changing their center of gravity . mainly that the increased mobility and by the opportunity to launch aggressive attacks both distance and in close combat

block of soap
Boiled leater armor (sholder)
clean cloth, hooked needles, & thread
2 Jug of water
1 dried meat

SPECIAL: sword
No. 711170 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 4, 2, 3 = 9

Let's check for ambient magic, I guess. No point avoiding rats to run into something worse. Marijke follows to the door and checks her senses.
No. 711187 ID: a107fd

Just a few points to clarify.
1) If she's slain without first reclaiming her eyes, the demon will be reborn from her body, but until then she has nothing to fear from old age?
2) For ease of recordkeeping on my end, would you be alright with the blindsense being extendable to a 10-meter range? Other demons, and anyone else sensitive to demonic influences, would be able to clearly hear her heartbeat (in some metaphorical sixth-sense way) out to 20 meters when she's looking around at full power, or 8 meters when she's trying to be sneaky and thus blind beyond 5 meters. She would also get blurry impressions of particularly obvious things beyond the nominal range, such as big flat stone walls or intensely consecrated/desecrated items, rather than being absolutely blind beyond a particular cutoff distance.
3) Likewise, serious gravity control is limited to a 2-meter radius around her heart, and about as strenuous to maintain as holding her breath.
4) To summarize the vulnerability, spells affect her as if she were a demon (hedged out by wards, injured by holy smiting, healed normally because she's not undead), while even nonmagical symbols of faith or purity are uncomfortable by proximity and injurious to touch, as if they were unnaturally cold.

If all that's fine, I've got an idea for how to introduce you.

There's a lingering magical aura in a trail leading down the straight-ahead hallway. Narrow-heeled bootprints on the ground, and a bobbing line at chest height above them. If it were heat ripples, Marijke would be thinking this trail was left by a fire elemental or magma golem or something of that ilk, but it's not heat so much as... crookedness. Bubbles and cracks in the glass of a fancy silvered mirror. The trail is quickly fading, and will be gone within the next few minutes.
No. 711188 ID: a107fd

Given that you're not heading toward a riled-up nest, the straight hallway continues twenty paces, then there's a side passage. Follow the magic trail to the left, or continue straight, toward a faint smell of rust and powdered rock? It's pitch dark in either case.
No. 711193 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 3, 3, 6 = 12

Marijke votes we follow the magic trail, although she's not going to leave the group to do it on her own.

She's not terribly concerned about the dark since Garaile is ahead of her and will run into trouble first, and mage senses might pick stuff up in time. Not about to risk killing myself with mage light again so soon. He can light his candle once we've moved away a bit.
No. 711197 ID: 9f3ccb

1) yes, at the moment she does not age but if it die would become the demon it did in the pact.
2) for me ok ^^
3) 3 is also ok ^^
4) you have hit the point you purpose of spells and kaind her is to be regarded as a demon and not a human.
No. 711214 ID: f461c5

rolled 1, 4, 2 = 7

Nico will gladyl follow the group, playing backguard for three reasons;
#1: keep the wizard in the middle. Even if they do have a tendency of accidentally activating area spells.
#2: Nico is the only person currently armed with any ranged weaponry, so far as I know.
#3: Going to keep a ear/worm out for the sounds of any dire rats deciding to follow the branching smell trail, or anything else of note.
No. 711229 ID: 4201a2

rolled 1, 6, 3 = 10

This is fine. Garaile will cautiously lead the way, keeping senses peeled for danger, and ready to re-light his candle if light becomes necessary.
No. 711239 ID: a107fd

Two left turns later, Garaile kicks open a familiar-looking door into a room whose layout triggers a sense of deja vu. Pool at 11 o'clock, another door opposite, drain at 2 o'clock, fifteen foot ceiling, channel down the middle.

In the center of the room, eight goblins and a young female human with short white hair are visible, huddled together around a hooded lantern, pawing through various items laid out on the floor. All of them are half-naked, dripping wet, and very surprised by the intrusion.

When the young woman's head turns, revealing black bandages over her eyes, Marijke feels foul magic pounding with the rhythm of a heartbeat, across the entire front surface of her body, like the gut-rattling rumble of an avalanche or the rolling of a ship's deck or the heat of a forest fire or a hurricane chanting "I see you, I see you, I see you, I am eternal, I see you, pitiful dust, you cannot escape."
No. 711246 ID: 146cb1
File 145885481512.jpg - (158.28KB , 850x1587 , sample-558b6da5cb2bf23f81adaa2adc34f053.jpg )

The woman did not turn his head, but perceive their presence , finish dressing and make themselves presentable doing as guide between the two groups to quell a possible clash .

-There ... I think you have arrived in time , These goblins have offered to show me around , so I would ask you not to harm him , well if the gobblin attack you cen respond-

Countess expects a response from both groups also expecting that the leader of the goblin asked more, but they would have contracted in the event .

As usual his " views " only travels to part of the features of the three men, but she is sure that they can all get along for the moment
No. 711249 ID: 4201a2

rolled 2, 4, 2 = 8

>three men
At least one of the members of our party is female.

Garaile remains on guard but does not aggress, wary of the large number of goblins, choosing instead to sidle around the edges of the room to try to reach the far door.
"Keep yer distance, if ye not be foe."
No. 711276 ID: a107fd

One of the goblins steps forward and calls out in broken humish "No foe! Sacred place, healing, no blood here." Another, with two triangular notches in one ear, mutters anxiously in the goblin-tongue "Counting these three, Morask, we've seen ten giants in as many days. Maybe Oolarg's patrol ain't full'a shit, and we really are being invaded." to which the apparent leader replies "Shut your yap! Save it for the report, and never, ever talk strategy in front of a prisoner." then, turning back to face Garaile, Marijke, and Nico, with his arms wide in a don't-want-no-trouble gesture, the goblin leader repeats slowly and clearly "We go to camp. If you try to stop us, then we fight, but not here! No blood here."
No. 711280 ID: 02422f

rolled 3, 5, 6 = 14

Marijke visibly tenses in response to the screaming of her magical senses, starring at the women who's pretty sure is possessed, cursed, or worse. She keeps her distance as much as possible, hanging back with Nico and Garaile.

When she's not keeping her eyes on the apparent biggest threat in the room, her eyes flit to the possibly treasure laden trap pool in this new room.

>At least one of the members of our party is female.
This is true, but Marijke isn't going to object to not being ogled by the blind terror.

Marijke speaks quietly to her companions. "Let the goblins go ahead to their camp. I want to see if there's gold to be pulled from this pool as well. If they see, they're either going to want a cut, or be upset we messed with a 'sacred place'."
No. 711291 ID: 146cb1

sorry but I answer immediately , tomorrow I might have difficulty setting to respond with speed


There is a little friction , but nothing serious at the end , but apparently the two groups did not cooperate was also obvious that matter, Yeven would not consider an alliance with the goblins if he had been with other human beings . true goblins knew the place but the countess knew from the beginning that her could not trust them, then moves away from the gobblin group.

- Too bad it seems our affair jumps . nothing personal , but I prefer the company of my species, unless if we do not unite for the moment-

He has not even asked the other if her can join the group but Yeven guve it for granted so would approach the three but not in excessively manner .

- Greetings , I would ask permission to accompany you if you do not mind , we could discuss best of our business , in private -

Meanwhile the woman with blindfold checking if all her ojects are in place. It has been careful , but you never know . while it is waiting for a response from both groups
No. 711305 ID: f461c5

rolled 2, 4, 6 = 12

Nico cant really resist talk of sacred spaces and all that. Standing somewhat aside from the rest of the group, but not approaching too far towards the goblins, he will give a polite nod to the blind woman who seems to be able to see us, and address those who interest him more. "I dont want to harm anything sacred. What makes this place something to protect from bloodshed, and can you tell us of any other places to be wary or respectful of?" HE will ask, trying to determine whether their prisoner is one of the goblins, or if they were referring to the woman.
No. 711323 ID: a107fd

>who's the prisoner
One or two of the goblins always seem to be lingering generally behind the woman in black, busy with something unrelated yet slightly tense, as if prepared to abruptly lunge in and punch the backs of her knees. Whenever she notices and starts to move away, the current 'guard' drifts off and a different one coincidentally wanders into position.

>What makes this place something to protect
"To us simple folk, warm clean water is enough," says the goblin leader. As a competent actor and all-around con artist, Nico is fairly sure that was a lie.

>can you tell us of any other places
"Ah, you want maps?"
"Gold?" He grins like a shark and glances at Marijke's cringing. "Somewhere hungry fog and thirsty dead will not wander while you sleep? Outpost has all these things. We escort you."

The goblin patrol has strapped on all their armor, gathered up, oiled, and re-sheathed their various knives, hatchets, and shortbows, and generally seems ready to depart through the same door by which you all entered. One of them picks the lantern up off the floor and moves to extinguish it, which will plunge the room into darkness.

>risk killing myself with mage light again
Before this gets too far out of hand as a meme, I'd like to clarify: that mage light spell is as safe as chewing gum. Surely you can imagine somebody choking on their gum if they got distracted badly enough? Marijke was giddy with greed as well as physically off-balance, then got extremely unlucky, and even so managed to recover without assistance. Specifying something like "takes a moment to calm down and center herself" before casting would have averted the incident entirely, all else being equal.
No. 711329 ID: 02422f

rolled 3, 6, 2 = 11

>goblins holing the terrifying woman captive
Either her senses must be overestimating how big a threat she is, or the goblins have no idea what they're messing with. Marijke knows which she believes.

>Gold? [...] Outpost has all these things.
Despite questionable goblin trustworthiness, and blind gal's off-putting aura, Marijke is now willing to follow them to the outpost. People vulnerable to suggestion with gold to be relieved of is a better situation than running from rat monsters.

>Before this gets too far out of hand as a meme
I was mostly joking.

>what do
Marijke makes an effort to calm herself, touches her idol for comfort (and possible divine warding from demonic influence) and then summons a dim mage-light as the goblin fire is extinguished.

She makes a point of hanging back long enough to peer at this room's pool before following the group. (If there was anything good down there the gobs or the girl probably looted it, but she wants to be sure).
No. 711363 ID: a107fd

>touches her idol for comfort
Simple enough, though a little awkward around so many strangers, if it's concealed in the obvious place.

>summons a dim mage-light
Seeing this, the bruise-colored goblin holding the lantern snorts and says "I called it, giants are night-blind. Pay up." Three others fish out and hand over copper coins or trinkets, then the leader stomps back to the lantern-bearer and slaps him on the back of the head, snarling "What did I just say about strategy talk?" which the goblin with the twice-notched ear seems to find hilarious.

>Check the pool
Crystal clear, nothing at the bottom. Not even any silt. Below the waterline, rocks look like cut-and-polished samples in some alchemist's workshop. Definitely some sort of magic in the water, with excess bubbling out invisibly all over the floor, but structured completely unlike conventional healing or purification. Hard to say any more, especially with Ms. I-can-see-you-I-am-eternal around to drown out finer details. Maybe something to do with the lunar cycle?
No. 711375 ID: f461c5

rolled 4, 2, 4 = 10

Do the goblins have reflective surfaces in their eyes as well, or is the source of their darkvision less obvious? After trying to see that (And hopefully not coming off as creepy. For that matter hoping nobody notices I can follow their conversation.), Nico will search around for any markings, writing, or symbols of interest, especially around the fountain, and see if he can see any trail of water that denotes where the 'dripping wet' people entered the room from, before following along.

Again, none of my business, but blood and lunar cycles bring to mind a fairly specific set of themes. I doubt they are lycanthropes, so it may be a birthing area.
No. 711399 ID: a107fd

> source of darkvision
There's a famous scene in the Romance of Zanarska and Gilead where the dragon Chrysomelkarcalchaxis lectures two feuding elven clans on differences between low-light vision and true darkvision, developing a metaphor for the futility of the larger struggle, since (as a neutral outsider and a dragon) she can see both sides more clearly than they can see themselves or each other. 'True' darkvision isn't based on amplifying light at all, but rather, perceiving darkness itself, when reflected off the land of wind and ghosts at certain counter-intuitive angles.

Poetry aside, it's a little bit like the difference between taste and smell. This means goblins won't be able to distinguish colors without light bright enough for a human to read by, and there's an abrupt cutoff distance beyond which they can't see in the dark at all. For the desert elves, the range was "a hundred handspans, scarcely more" according to a dragon whose hand could grip a grown man's head "like an under-ripe peach." Even if that were a hard number in units familiar enough to be useful, elven and goblinoid eye geometries are probably almost as distinct as elven and draconic, so there's no telling where the cutoff point would actually be.

> markings, writing, or symbols of interest, especially around the fountain
There's a similar inscription around the pool, but it's in a liturgical language, familiar enough that magical translation is unnecessary. Unfortunately everything after "a grant from the church of" has been chiseled off.

>trail of water
Looks like they came in dry, then took a bath in the pool.
No. 711400 ID: e47e93

Specialization: A Sniper that can shoot Vitals (Vitals as in, weak points of the enemy, not just head shotting, and you get to choose them).
Higher Ambition: Purification of the phantoms
Lower Ambition: Companionship...maybe.
Phobia: Fear of being cornered.
Mutation: Heterochromia with a blue eye that can tell if someone is lying, but not the truth itself, and the red eye can see the vitals themselves.
Supernatural Vulnerability: Has to deal with phantoms, which are two to three times more durable and stronger than any enemy, and cause Mounting Dread, which makes nearby enemies invulnerable to her attacks, and buffed against her party members in either some way, or all of the buffs. Upon death of phantom, can once again start harming normal enemies which are now debuffed by the buffs for everyone, no phantoms of "boss" monsters, but can be of elite monsters. You can choose what happens with those.
Innate Power: Wields a trick weapon spirit bow that can be summoned and desummoned at will. Any arrows that have something affixed to the head fired through the bow can have a special effect to a certain degree, i.e. coated in poison, can be anything from a minor inconvenience to certain death (that I have to roll for).

Equipment: Bow and crossbow arrows, 2x crossbows (if possible), a jug of fortified wine, mining pick, and either tools for lockpicking and field surgery, or could i have a kit that makes ammunition? It's not like I have infinite ammo...right?
Appearance: Female elf with white hair and wears a fox mask to cover her face, mostly just for comfort though.
Personality: Can be friendly, doesn't trust strangers until they tell something about themselves, has a bit of a screw loose due to wandering alone, and sometimes unable to tell the difference between what is real and not due to phantoms. A tad eccentric. A bit put off by anyone who is haughty, but can deal with it.

I took forever to do this...I think this is too much, if you could tell me how to tone it down, I could. I still want to keep that innate power if possible. Also testing the dice roll.
No. 711405 ID: f461c5

WHat the fuck goddamn stop modding darksouls to hyperagression gravelorded. How about something that doesnt incentivize the rest of the party to kill you as soon as they learn you are the one summoning shittons of dickwraiths.
No. 711406 ID: 3d2d5f

Seeing that Nico is apparently interested in / studying the fountain and/or what's sacred about the room, Marijke will share with him what she sensed about the pool.

She's not really interested herself now that it's clear there's no lucre in the liquid, but it doesn't hurt to curry favor with people you need to help you stay alive, and aren't scary psychic nightmares.

She'll follow with the group when they're ready to move on, presumably following the goblins.

That is.... a pretty severe malus that would sentence the group to nonstop combat. You are pretty much asking for the party to at best abandon you if they find out, in-character.
No. 711420 ID: 146cb1

for those who do not know me as Badtransletor not a case . I write with the translator of the internet so sometimes the translation is not perfect , be patient


Apparently they are changing their minds other than the one who understands " sees " the goblins who are close if they touch her... could not answer of her actions .

Note the assent hint of Nico , it can not affect the appearance with precision but it " sees " in reality at the same time sees all in its own way . however expects that everyone is ready to go . the hand rests on the chest .

How much time remains ? He does not know but he understands the urgency .

- Emmm ... we could reach an agreement and muove-

Certain things she does not see them , much less can be seen then if you put a chat has nothing to do .

-What rude I not presented, Yeven Surgis, nice to meet you-

A slight bow , and then wait to hear the voices of others does not mention being a countess , for now does not want to give creative ideas to goblins...
No. 711429 ID: e47e93

rolled 3, 4, 3 = 10

>>711405 No need to be so hostile about it. Jesus christ. I agree it's bad and thank you for your feedback, albeit not in the way I wanted.
>>711405 You are correct, and I'm glad you didn't have an outburst. I knew it was too much, but I went and did it anyways. I'll either change it or start anew, and plus it looks like I have like 3 or 4 innate abilities? anyways. It was a bridge too far.
No. 711430 ID: a107fd

Once everyone's ready to go, the goblins take the lead, moving with a rolling, slouching gait that's surprisingly quiet, occasionally pausing to coordinate with quick handsigns. At the four-way intersection they turn left without discussion. After what feels like at least a quarter-mile of straight, featureless hallwsy, in which the ceiling height has gradually dropped from ten feet to six, there's a sound from behind you like a cork being pulled out of some titanic winebottle, but in reverse. The dull red fog which has been flowing serenely around your knees begins to churn and then surge upward, a river below a broken dam.
The goblins, hearing and seeing this, break into a run.

Sharpshooter specialty and claustrophobia is fine. Power, likewise, you've got a bow that doesn't take up a slot, doesn't need maintenance, and can't be lost or stolen, that's all very straightforward. Given that, though... taking two crossbows is a bit silly. If you're concerned about running out of ammo, spend all four shoulder and hip slots on arrows, seize every opportunity to salvage intact arrows from corpses or supply caches, and choose combat tactics that achieve the result you want with fewer shots.

For the mutation, how about the ability to see blood as if it glowed? That could let you spot internal organs and provide insight into physiological stress response, and you get the CSI benefits of Luminol, but it's not an absolute lie detector or weak-point indicator.
For the vulnerability? Well, what you've got there... isn't really a personal problem. Instead, how about deliciousness? Should be a pretty close substitute for practical purposes. Hostiles will consider you a higher-value target in direct proportion to their willingness to eat human flesh, and any benefits they gain by doing so will be magnified.
No. 711433 ID: f461c5

rolled 6, 4, 4 = 14

Nico will nod absently at Yeven's introduction, pondering the implications of the information Marijke revealed. "Likewise a pleasure, the name is Nico. Mesntruation? Lycanthropy? Something older?" He mutters to himself.

Nico will quietly follow the party, occasionally making some thoughtful 'Hmm...' noises, only mildly distracted with attempting to get enough of a view of the goblin's sign language to receive a translation. When the group begins to run, unless their hand signs have indicated it to be a trick, he will speed up with them.
No. 711434 ID: 286f3c

Nico is presented , it seems a kind person and so . Countess just nods and then begin to walk down the hall that slowly begins to test the woman
- urgh-
the ceiling starts to become more and more low thing that begins to give her much trouble showing some nervousness not she likes the tight spaces .
perceive smoking and goblins running so instinctively it starts to run too making his body and that of human next to her more light to run more quickly and if necessary to pass or step if the goblins will get in the way of
No. 711439 ID: a107fd

You should include a 3d6 roll with any in-character action where failure, or extraordinary success, might have meaningful consequences. There are instructions on how to do so further back in this thread.

>translating goblin tactical sign language
"Stop," "spread out," and "go the way I'm pointing" are intuitive enough. The Babel worm doesn't seem inclined to cough up a full dictionary.
No. 711441 ID: 02422f

rolled 1, 3, 4 = 8

>-What rude I not presented, Yeven Surgis, nice to meet you-
>Likewise a pleasure, the name is Nico.
Since the party has started to exchange names, Marijke introduces herself in turn.

>The goblins, hearing and seeing this, break into a run.
When the natives start running, it means trouble.

Marijke follows suit. Since she was standing near / talking to Nico previously, she'll take a moment to snap him out of it if he's too distracted to notice.

She'll spare some attention for her magical senses as she moves. Am I picking up anything from the rising fog?
No. 711445 ID: 286f3c

3d6 roll

oops now I do , or I try
No. 711446 ID: 02422f

Type "dice 3d6" in the box labelled "email".
No. 711447 ID: 4201a2

rolled 1, 6, 1 = 8

Light candle. Chase after goblins. Stick with original party if possible. Keep distance from stranger.
No. 711449 ID: 286f3c

Ok tray
No. 711451 ID: 286f3c

Ok meiby naw
No. 711452 ID: 286f3c

Let's Go!
No. 711453 ID: 286f3c

No. 711454 ID: 02422f

Your problem in this one is the capital "D".

In in this one, you put a space in front. " dice".
No. 711455 ID: 286f3c

Dice 3d6
No. 711456 ID: 286f3c

3d6 roll
No. 711457 ID: 286f3c

rolled 5, 2, 6 = 13

No. 711490 ID: e47e93

rolled 5, 6, 1 = 12

>>711430 All right, I'll take these suggestions, I went a bridge too far. How about for my supernatural vulnerability, I cannot wield any melee objects as weapons but still as tools or great harm of some sort would come towards me? It is why I wanted the bow to work as both a short bow and long bow in the first place, and if worst comes to worse I could be forced to start stabbing them with arrows (Although the short bow is there to prevent it in the first place). I'm sort of not into being eaten in the first place...but if that's what it takes I suppose I can accept those terms. Also I'm still making sure the dice works, sorry. I have trust issues. Change Higher Ambition to Redemption for a friend since that's scrapped, I think that's it unless I missed something?
No. 711497 ID: a107fd

>magical senses
The fog has something to do with necromancy, but whatever's stirring it up right now doesn't seem to be magical at all. Yeven Surgis's presence is more bearable the less she's paying attention, and seems to be founded on an attitude of blasphemous arrogance, as if natural law were a children's game she plays along with just to be polite.

>Light candle. Chase after goblins.
It's tricky to keep a candle atop one's hat lit while running, let alone under an increasingly low ceiling, but Sir Garaile somehow manages.

The passage gets tighter and tighter, while remaining ten feet wide, until even the goblins are on hands and knees. They don't offer any explanation or slackening of pace. Larger humanoids have to belly-crawl to proceed.
No. 711502 ID: a107fd

Purifying undead, especially incorporeal undead, so that their tormented spirits can pass on, is still a perfectly valid and appropriate Higher Ambition.

If you want a supernatural vulnerability that turns you into an obligate long-range fighter... are you familiar with Rory Mercury from "Gate: Thus The JSDF Fought There," and particularly how proximity to battle makes her feel? If you had some comparable supernatural reaction to any violent death within, say, five yards, the effects of which were at least momentarily incapacitating, that would be more than enough reason to minimize your direct involvement in hand-to-hand fights.
No. 711516 ID: e47e93

>>711502 No, I am not familiar unfortunately. I can accept this vulnerability, as long as it doesn't involve being eaten. Being momentarily incapacitated or paralysis is acceptable to me.
No. 711538 ID: a107fd

Alright. I think the only other issue is the Lower Ambition being vague. What sort of companionship? Clear that up, put all the revisions together in one post, and I'll bring Than into the game at the next reasonable opportunity.
No. 711555 ID: 286f3c

rolled 4, 3, 1 = 8

Yeven continues to advance , but begins to miss the air , is too narrow for a while strives to continue, eventually relies on one of the sides to pass

- N -no , this shit are leading us into a trap , we must look for other ways ! We do not pass them to remain stuck ! -

Was visibly panicked , the countess would have to summon all his strength of will to proceed unaided ( high roll think) or else would have to force her
No. 711562 ID: a107fd

In this system, actually, low rolls are better. The exiled Countess's wits are intact... at least, for the next ten minutes, or until the situation gets significantly worse.

As for other options, the most obvious is to turn around and confront head-on whatever the goblins are fleeing from. Variations include demanding information first, and manipulating them (socially or physically) into facing the worst of the confrontation for you.

If you're comfortable with the current direction of travel, but unsatisfied with the speed, consider how capabilities already available could be used to make things go faster.
No. 711564 ID: e47e93

>>711538 Soldier
Specialization: A Sniper that can shoot Vitals (Vitals as in, weak points of the enemy, not just head shotting, and you get to choose them).
Higher Ambition: Purification of the phantoms
Lower Ambition: Verifying what is dead, stays dead. Vitals do not discriminate from the dead or undead, may shoot corpses
Phobia: Fear of being cornered.
Mutation: Heterochromia with a blue eye that can tell if someone is lying, but not the truth itself, and the red eye can see the vitals themselves.
Supernatural Vulnerability: Any violent deaths withing 5 yards will momentarily leave her incapacitated or paralyzed.
Innate Power: Wields a trick weapon spirit bow that can be summoned and desummoned at will and change between a short and long bow. Any arrows that have something affixed to the head fired through the bow can have a special effect to a certain degree, i.e. coated in poison, can be anything from a minor inconvenience to certain death (that I have to roll for).

Equipment: 4x bow arrows, a jug of fortified wine, mining pick, and tools for lockpicking and field surgery.
Appearance: Female elf with white hair and wears a fox mask to cover her face, mostly just for comfort though.
Personality: Can be friendly, doesn't trust strangers until they tell something about themselves, has a bit of a screw loose due to wandering alone, and sometimes unable to see reality for what it is. A tad eccentric. A bit put off by anyone who is haughty, but can deal with it.
Backstory: Lived on an island happily with other elves, with much hubris and arrogance among most, even a bit in her friends and family. On a fateful day, the king decided to take in an immortality ritual,since he believed he was so great, that they needed him forever. It failed, horribly. As the only survivor of the incident, she went to the spirit tree which too, was alone as all the others were naught but twisted images of their former selves. Purified most of the island afterwards, even purging former friends and family, and banished the king and his court elsewhere, as their destruction would only mean the certain demise of her old homeland. She leaves the island with nothing left for her and the necromancers to hunt.

Well, I tried to make a backstory without editing it and making it worse than it already is to flesh her out. Coincidentally, the Rory Mercury character you linked me is a God of Death, and I chose the name since I thought it had a little ring to it, and it happens to be Death as well. Well on the side note thank you for your help, and yes I might be a little insane and my character as well, different causes though.
No. 711567 ID: e47e93

Ah shit forgot the name. Well you know what it is anyways.
No. 711577 ID: 02422f

rolled 6, 6, 5 = 17

Marijke concludes the group is unlikely to outrun whatever the golbins are running from while crawling on their bellies. If we follow the goblins into the crawlspace, we're just going to be helpless when attacked from behind.

The for the jade hypnocoin. Marijke is gonna try casting mental suggestion on the goblins to get them to stick around and help us.

Hey! You're leaving your valuable prisoner behind! You can't have that, can you? And you were in the middle of guiding the rest of us somewhere, doesn't running away from us work against that? Come back here, tell us what we're dealing with, and stand against it.

Putting rather more effort into this. Suggestion is what she's used to relying on, and it's pretty clear we'll be in danger if she fails and they bail on us.
No. 711578 ID: 02422f

Wow, 1 off from the worst possible roll, when her specialization would have actually been relevant. The attack on their minds is probably just gonna scare them into running faster.
No. 711607 ID: a107fd

Marijke is now out of major spells for the day, and has a pounding headache (the 'moderate pain' affliction). Green and orange motes dance in the corners of her vision. The goblins remain unresponsive.
No. 711622 ID: f461c5

rolled 6, 4, 4 = 14

Nico will begin acting strangely, his accent changing and His belly crawl becoming less awkward, seeming practiced and efficient.
"Roight, fellahs, cavins 'ard and dangerous keep movin an be quick and you come out fine. Dont breath too 'ard, now, especially you miz Yeven, no hyperventilating in 'ere,breath too hard and your chest takes up the room ye need for crawlin. Just keep movin, squeeze and pull, roight?"

Nico is acting an awful lot like an experienced spelunker, trying to get the rest of the party moving efficiently and together.
Magical method acting; hooo!
No. 711624 ID: f461c5

Bugger aye?
No. 711625 ID: a107fd

Yeven will have a bonus on her next roll for claustrophobia. Unfortunately, however, even the most masterful self-delusion does not imply the ability to instantly develop actual skills. Not without a crit success, anyway.
No. 711630 ID: f461c5

Was more about keeping the party orderly and moving efficiently.
Bards a hard job, mate.
No. 711632 ID: 146cb1

rolled 4, 5, 5 = 14

It makes it hard but the words of Nico reach Yeven, hes face turns to him and nods trying to adjust the breath and move forward without hindering others . Not even notice that the call by name , would not let him in normal situations .

Countess tries to continue , he does not use her powers is risky at this time to use the gravity in a place so tight especially in a stressful time so could be disastrous . so just trying to advance on all fours while almost feels her heart is about to explode
No. 711633 ID: 146cb1

ouch , high, I know that is not good XD
No. 711635 ID: 02422f

Honestly, less backfire than I expected.

Can I assume assume the mage light isn't a major spell? (But spitting fire, the waterspout, and mental suggestion are?).

Wow we're rolling great today, aren't we.
No. 711664 ID: a107fd

Waterspout's an at-will, otherwise correct. Marijke can still experiment with minor effects, although that's increasingly unwise as penalties accumulate.

Just barely succeeded. Without Rico's help that would have been failure by two, resulting in some sort of panic attack.

No more replying to your own post just to complain about the RNG, please.

If everyone's continuing to follow the gobbos, and the Countess isn't using gravity control to turn "forward" into "down" thus getting through the tight space faster yet with less effort, after fifteen minutes the group emerges through what seems like an outsized mail slot into another ten foot wide corridor. However, unlike the previous hallways it has a high arched ceiling, and appears to be flooded ankle-deep with blood.

The goblin patrol is standing around, nonchalantly waiting for their captives new friends to catch up. Other obvious exits are at 3 o'clock and 10:30, each being watched by two gobbos with bows at the ready. Visibility through the fog is about forty feet.
No. 711668 ID: 02422f

rolled 2, 4, 6 = 12

Marijke, scowling though her headache, irritably asks the goblins if we were even running from anything.

She gives the blood a quick glance for magic to see if we're walking into some kind of horrible ritual, but no more.

She is prepared to toss bloodspouts in their ugly little faces if they try anything. Although blood in the eyes doesn't make up for the headache.
No. 711681 ID: e47e93

>>711664 Why can't they complain about rolls? Too much clutter in the thread? Also my character sheet is fine now, right? I'm just trying to make sure here, maybe a bit due to impatience too.
No. 711685 ID: a107fd

>asks the goblins if we were even running from anything

"Yeah, an Empty Sweeper. Maybe you heard it seal off the way back? Unstoppable. Kills at a touch. Slow, st least, and up here," he kicks up a splash to indicate the liquid on the floor "we see where it is."

>She gives the blood a quick glance for magic

Same necrotic background radiation as the fog.
No. 711687 ID: a107fd

Just a polite request to reduce clutter.

You could jump in right now, walking down the hallway, although, fair warning, the relevant goblin sentries will probably use their readied actions to shoot at you.
No. 711691 ID: e47e93

>>711687 I'm not proactive, I'm reactive. I'm ready when you are, jumping into things isn't my style, my version of impatience is more "shit did he forget me because I forget people".
No. 711704 ID: f461c5

rolled 2, 3, 3 = 8

Nico will pull himself out of the slot, keeping up his strangely accented banter. "Roight. And thats how we do it. Keep calm and keep moving and you get out of the squeeze alroight.And onwards, what do we have out her- Oh."
His accent and mannerisms drop back to his norm. Any sihn language or whispering from the gobbies?
No. 711721 ID: 146cb1

rolled 2, 2, 4 = 8

somehow he manages to get out of the hole in the room a bit wides her a little breathing room but still has irritated his eyes had to be put right there ? a place to open it?
It is not the right mood to endure the insolence of goblins , but decides to keep himself in countenance for now and talk
- Well this is the time when you deliver the guns ? or we can still hope to resolve it in a kennel and friendly to both parts ? -
as he spoke the Countess was already start to affect gravity to allow her and the others to fall upon the goblins before now but for now is only waiting for the answer
No. 711790 ID: a107fd

>can still hope to resolve it in a kennel and friendly to both parts ?

"Yes, everyone friends!" says the goblin patrol leader. "We go to the outpost now." Once everyone is out of the crawlspace, they lead you off to the right, past another 'mail slot' on the left. Then, the arched hall meets up with a much larger passage, twenty feet high and wide, still flooded ankle-deep.

The goblins are in single file, as close as possible to the right-hand wall. They don't want to let you get separated, but they're not exactly micromanaging anyone, either. Where are you walking, relative to the goblins and each other? In short, what's your marching order?

>Any sign language or whispering from the gobbies?

Nico now knows hand signs for "wall-shifting mechanism is in state twelve," "take the eastern route," and "sentries, withdraw from your current positions and follow me."
No. 711806 ID: 02422f

>marching order
Before we broke into a run and stuff, I believe the marching order was Garaile, Marijke, then Nico, which still seems fine to me. I assume we're trailing the goblins, since they're leading, and we're probably not so close the wall, being taller and all. (And there are probably goblin sentries trailing behind us. That seems like the obvious move for them, and we're not in a good position to stop that. Well, maybe someone else could try some social fu, but I'm not in a position to try mental influence again).

If the goblins broke ranks when running and haven't secured Yevon again, I suppose that frees her up to join our marching order somewhere. Although Marijke is still wary of her aura, and really isn't going to be pleased being closer to her.

No significant action from me, just moving with the group and grumpily nursing a headache.

...I don't suppose Cinnamon Incense or Dragonweed can be used as headache remedies? (Not unless a magical backlash headache counts as "rune-born").
No. 711817 ID: f461c5

rolled 6, 3, 5 = 14

It seems reasonable to keep to the right hand wall as well, no real reason not to. That said, the priorities of travel have changed somewhat, as we now have more than one light source, and likely several goblins in front of us, so Garaile is no longer our only defense against ambushes. In addition, Marijke no longer has the capability to perform advanced battlefield control, and the more Nico can see and hear of the goblins and surroundings the more information we are likely to collect on the scenario at hand.

That said, nico will prefer to be further forward, and perhaps a bit further from the wall than most, so his line of sight is less obstructed. He will also attempt to converse with Marijke, not wispering but quieter than not, subtly blending inquiries about the magical aura's in the area, occult pondering about things such as the pool from the previous room and this 'empty sweeper, and wondering what it was about our seemingly blind addition that had her so rattled.
No. 711837 ID: 02422f

rolled 4, 4, 4 = 12

Fair enough on the marching order.

When questioned, Marijke shares about the necromatic buzz she picked up from the blood and fog.

When questioned about Yevon, Marijke get very quiet. After a few moments of hesitation and furtive glancing, she moves closer to Nico and starts whispering rapidly about how facing Yevon's aura is overwhelming and feels like being lit on fire while someone chants over and over what an insignificant bug you are. There is something wrong with her. Very wrong.

In character, I'm not sure if Marijke would know enough of the right lore to recognize that as a demonic possession?
No. 711840 ID: a107fd

>I don't suppose Cinnamon Incense or Dragonweed can be used as headache remedies?
Dragonweed works by inducing vomiting, so, even if it would be effective, probably not plan A. (If you've seen Spirited Away, it's the stuff Sen received from one river and gave half of to the other.)

Smoke from cinnamon incense might make a headache worse, by itself, but if the pain is a result of ongoing demonic influence you'd be able to use it as part of an attack on that root cause.

Chewing willow bark would be the usual choice, if you could find any.

She'd be aware of the concept, but more by rumor than firsthand experience. Yeven isn't at all displaying the stereotypical self-neglect, melodramatic blasphemy, or random aggression. It's almost like the reverse, actually.

>perhaps a bit further from the wall than most
Just as Nico is about to go off on a tangent about accusations of covert infernalism among the nobility which initially sparked off the war, he steps out into the middle of the corridor to examine an oddly persistent ripple. There's a soft click, and then a six-yard square of floor under his feet (the full width of the corridor, minus a foot on either side) folds down in four neat triangular segments, revealing open air and red-slick walls all the way to the limit of visibility.

Who falls?
No. 711842 ID: f461c5

rolled 6, 5, 3 = 14

Nico will obviously try to leap away from the pit, but holy shit thats really unlikely without Yeven pulling some gravity tricks or something, and I think she is the only one we dont have in concrete location relative to the rest of the party.
No. 711843 ID: 4201a2

rolled 6, 1, 1 = 8

Reflex save.
No. 711845 ID: 02422f

rolled 5, 1, 2 = 8

Well dang, and I'm standing near Nico too.
No. 711848 ID: a107fd

Near Nico, but also closer to the front, and nearer the foot-wide safe zone at the wall.

Will Marijke attend strictly to her own safety, for which the existing roll is sufficient (fortunately a headache doesn't spoil twitch-response), or attempt to rescue Nico somehow?
No. 711850 ID: 24daea

rolled 2, 4, 1 = 7

sorry I'm writing from the phone I hope you understand what I write

in spite of the situation , Yeven feels much better and is putting a bit aside compared to the group , her do not know the cause of this distanze maybe she does not strive who knows .

perceives the chasm below while walking is very tempted to drop a few goblins fact, with a little change of gravity will attempt to drop a few goblins unnoticed . accidents captain of the rest .

shame that Nico also seems to want to fall and then drop the plan or simply to bother with his powers goblins .

try to pick straight nico if there were not successful would start to take it and then while they were falling would manipolate gravity to stop maybe out of sight of gobblin
No. 711865 ID: 3d2d5f

I assumed that was just the reflex roll to dodge.

I could try a waterspout on the blood to try and push him to the side, but I doubt I can do that and dodge at the same time, and after will be too late (twitch casting probably isn't as good as twitch reflexes for a hedge mage, and an impaired one to boot).

I suppose Marijke will try to grab / drag Nico with her as she dodges, since he's made an effort to engage with her. (Do I need another roll for that?).

I think Yevon is using gravity to help, although I'm not sure I get the conditional at the end?

Yevon helping get them out of a bind would earn her some points in Marijke's book, though she'd still be wary.
No. 711879 ID: 467ffb

rolled 1, 6, 2 = 9

Since Garaile has evaded the pit, if Yevon can use gravity to at least keep Nico within 10 yards of the top, Garaile will attempt to rescue Nico with the rope.
No. 711885 ID: a107fd

Unpacking concealed rope takes at least a couple minutes, longer if you're keeping the armor in place while you work.

Marijke grabs Nico by the wrist and catches the edge of the pit with her fingetips, producing a disturbing strobe effect as opaque gobbets in the blood-pool cascade across the group's primary light source and splash onto Marijke's forehead.

Yeven Surgis remains upright relative to the section of floor she's standing on, even as it pivots down. Two goblin archers behind her are launched sideways by an unseen force, and plummet out of sight. Wet splattering noises echo back up.

By the time the light, the churning red foam, and the nauseating sensation of weightlessness have stabilized, Marijke and Nico are laying on the drained floor like a pair of spent fish, and Yeven Surgis is standing calmly between them, miraculously untouched. Nobody seems to be seriously hurt and everyone is accounted for, except those two goblins.
No. 711933 ID: 02422f

rolled 5, 4, 3 = 12

(Did Yeven help Marijke and Nico, or did we just hang on till the effect ended while she ditched those two goblins? I can't tell from the description).

Marijke gives Yeven a weird, though less hostile, look, then starts getting up, glancing at the goblins to see if they're about to turn hostile or otherwise blame the group for the loss of the two sentries.
No. 711949 ID: 146cb1

rolled 4, 6, 1 = 11

(yes i help)

The Countess looks at his two companions , slowly breathe must still maintain the concentration . sure of have a pretty firm grip , it would continue to help Nico and Marijike bringing them up to be able to return to a safe area .

It does not touch the subject on her powers , if they do not touch them, personally has only done his part , so perhaps succeed to integrate into the group showing its usefulness . so that in turn will help her in her search. in due time
No. 712006 ID: a107fd

>glancing at the goblins to see if they're about to turn hostile

The goblin leader strolls over to Marijke and Nico. "You set off pit trap." It's not a question. "My tail-end charlie down there now, legs broken, maybe dead. You think this funny?"
No. 712036 ID: f461c5

rolled 3, 5, 1 = 9

Nico is of course suitably abashed, because even if you are unhealthily curious its still not good to get people hurt or killed for it. Serious face.
"Not at all. This would be safer for everyone if we were made aware of dangers like this. Is there some way to rescue them, because if there is, you have my assistance should you wish it."

Also, since the are here drained, and presumably drains regularly/was leaking through the trap, there is probably a flow of the blood. Where is the flow coming from?
No. 712041 ID: a107fd

>Not at all.
"One says you got no sense to stay out our lands. Other says you got no sense to see dark. Now I don't got to punish, and you say you got no sense to humor. I say all this is high-lair-yus." There's a round of harsh, barking laughter from the remainder of the patrol.

>This would be safer for everyone if we were made aware of dangers like this.
"Safer not to have a hole in the world." It's unclear whether he's referring specifically to this one pit trap.

>Is there some way to rescue them, because if there is, you have my assistance should you wish it.
"They crawl back before dinner, or outpost gets two more next wagon. I wish you come with us."

>Where is the flow coming from?

There's some seeping out of a long seam where the foot-wide ledge meets the wall.
No. 712070 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 4, 4, 2 = 10

(Haha, the little jerks. If Nico hadn't spoken first, I would have misread that as anger too).

Shifting gears to match the goblins' apparent antipathy, Marijke inserts herself as the callous counterpart to Nico's compassion "Right, so if we're done having a laugh over clumsy falls, can we get on with it?"

Before she moves on, Marijke will take a moment to study the space where the trap was. If it was at all magical in nature, maybe she'll be able to see the next one coming.
No. 712080 ID: a107fd

The trap itself seems to be purely mechanical, but way down at the edge of detection range there's some sort of enchanted weapon.
No. 712128 ID: aba591

Dimitry Nikola, nicknamed "The White Snake" or just "Snake".

Appearance: Pale skin, shaved brown hair and a slim build, there's nothing which particularly stands out about him which is good for slipping into crowds. His eyes are an unnatural black, as if his pupil was enlarged.

Clothing: Wears dark-blue dyed clothing with straps on the lower arms and lower legs to keep the clothing in place, but otherwise wears it loose, as well as a white mask.

History: Spent the majority of his youth working as an apprentice to a wizard, but since he never had the ability to cast spells he ended up as pretty much a test subject; In exchange for getting pelted with a number of spells, he would earn his keep as well as money.
These experiments ended up giving him a number of strange characteristics; His eyes turned black and sensitive, his skin a deathly pale, and most curiously, he gained female traits such as wider hips and, well, other such traits of the gender. These can mostly be hidden, however, as he keeps his clothing loose around his torso and hips, making his figure hard to discern.
After deciding to leave and discovering his talent for sneaking, he decided to become a sort of "Hired Help"; For enough Coin, he'd do almost anything. Including delve through old dungeons, fortresses - Anything. He was hired to help a crew of adventurers, who all managed to die when going through a trapped room. Dimitry was the only survivor, but he fell down a trap door, and now he has no idea where he is...

Townie - Skilled in stealth, assassination, thievery, and such.

Higher Ambition - Find some way to revert the numerous changes to his biology, so he can live comfortably.

Lower Ambition - Interested in feeling "out of control"; being afflicted by things such as mind control and hypnosis.

Phobia - Fear of Arachnids and such creatures.
Fear of being labelled as an outcast, being shunned, etc.

Concealable Mutation: Due to his past of having random spells thrown at him, he's developed cursed, black, soulless-looking and reptillian-like eyes which are really sensitive to light, but adjust easier and see further in the dark. He hides this by keeping his hood on, and by wearing a decorated skull-like mask.
His skin is also a deathly-pale, and he's had his gender contorted to have female traits.

Supernatural Vulnerability: He's been hit by so many alteration spells. This means that he'll light up like a fire when someone uses Detect Magic, he'll seem more appetizing to magic-absorbing/eating creatures, he's less likely to gain positive effects from spells that alter things about him such as making his skin tougher, etc.

Uncaring Resolve: Either due to the many, many altering spells changing him, or due to his work experience as an assassin, or even his lack of contact with others, Dimitry has managed to become skilled at keeping his head clear and his morality (or lack thereof) unwavering in times of stress. This has saved his life many times, but has also led to the loss of others, and he's frequently been called a Psycho for his actions.

Allows him to remain calm in situations where others would be desperate, and make decisions which other people wouldn't be able to make, whether because they're too cowardly or are too pure of heart.

He carries on him a Bandoiler of Knives around his Chest, Tools for Lockpicking on his left hip, a Quiver of Crossbow Arrows on his Right shoulder, Mapping Supplies on a pouch on his Left Shoulder, A Flask of Poison Hidden under his hood, and a Crossbow kept around his Right Hip.
To sum up:
L Shoulder: MAPS
R Shoulder: ARROWS
Chest/Neck: KNIVES
No. 712258 ID: a107fd

Than and The White Snake are in a dead-end chamber, about thirty feet in diameter. Their last stick of firewood burned out hours ago, so the entrance isn't really secure anymore, but that giant snail which wiped out the rest of the team hasn't attacked yet. Maybe it's sated, or moved on to easier prey.

They were trying to figure out whether the glowing mushrooms are safe to eat, and if not, how to catch some tasty-looking eyeless cave fish from that pool in the center, when suddenly the ceiling broke open to dump a gush of reddish water and two goblin archers on their heads.
No. 712262 ID: 02422f

An enchanted weapon on a dead body at the bottom of a pit trap isn't worth trying to retrieve. Marijke ignores it, continuing on with the group.
No. 712293 ID: e47e93

In a cheerful tone she asks "So, do you two know what to eat around here?" She glances at their quivers, if they die to that giant snail or something else, just in case. She's rather positive that this liquid isn't theirs, because then they would be dead.
No. 712377 ID: aba591

Snake notices the Goblins, and keeps a hand near his crossbow, just in case they turn out to be hostile.

Then he asks if they're okay after that fall.
No. 712388 ID: a107fd

The goblins are unresponsive. On closer inspection, one of them has jagged bone protruding from an extra set of leg joints. The other seems to be more structurally intact, but isn't breathing.

Somewhere up above, a torch flickers. If you wanted to ascend and investigate... well, free-climbing a wall of blood-slick natural stone isn't impossible, but it's certainly enough of a challenge that I'd want you to roll for it. Scrounging up appropriate equipment first (or describing how you improvise with existing stuff) could make the climb easier, and more importantly reduce the risk of a disastrous fall.

An echoing voice at the bottom of the pit asks about food in perfectly clear humish, and a different one asks after someone's health. If there is, in fact, a dead body holding the weapon in question, it's the kind that can carry on a conversation.
No. 712394 ID: aba591

He investigates the depth of the pit they're in, and decides to first try to good old fashioned way: Getting boosted up and then pulling the other climber up. To aid this, he'd take out a knife to use to dig into the wall if possible, and use it like a piton.

He turned to the other in the room, and asked:
"Hey, do you think you could give me a boost up? If I reach the top, I can pull you up."
No. 712398 ID: aba591

rolled 3, 3, 1 = 7

Forgot to roll
No. 712401 ID: e47e93

rolled 3, 1, 3 = 7

>>712394 "Yeah sure, beats being eaten by that giant snail at the moment. Do you want to use my mining pick for extra grip?" she replies.

Rolling for lifting. Wonderful.
No. 712403 ID: e47e93

rolled 3, 2, 3 = 8

She's still looking at those arrows also. If I have to roll to take some of the arrows, so be it. If the roll is high, let doubt kick in and not take any.

sorry for the clutter
No. 712404 ID: e47e93

Hold on, these actions are queued right? I'm not going to pick him up and drop him halfway for those arrows. No way. Don't hurt me James please, I just wanted to enjoy the low rolls.

Too bad there wasn't another 7 as a side note.
No. 712410 ID: aba591

"Yeah, I'll take the pick, thanks. Probably has a better grip than using a small knife." He replies, nodding.
No. 712422 ID: e47e93

"Great! Let me see if I have anything else for a second before we go..." she replies while using the small amount of light from above the pit to sift through the contents of the lockpicking and field surgery kit.

Anything in the lockpicking and field surgery kit that could be used for climbing? If so, take it out and give it to him, if you can have an item in each hand for grip while climbing. Might be better than a basic knife anyways.

For sake of clarity or maybe you'll already be queuing the actions correctly, I am the definition of a walking mess, boost him into the climb, take some arrows while he's climbing without dropping him, and then follow promptly. I'm apologetic that you have to come back to my mess.
No. 712446 ID: a107fd

>Anything in the lockpicking and field surgery kit that could be used for climbing?
Not really. More like a swiss army knife, or the sort of tools a dentist would use to poke at your teeth.
>mining pick
Suitable as a general climbing aid, and, if you're willing to take some time and make some noise, could be used to carve entirely new handholds and footholds into the rock.

>these actions are queued right?
When there's ambiguity, I'll err on the side of characters following their personality traits and/or doing whatever isn't dreadfully stupid.

So, Snake is four, maybe five body-lengths up above the cavern floor, which seems like about half the total distance to the torchlight, but further progress is stalled. Above that point, knobby natural stone has been chiseled away into a flat, square shaft that might as well be wet glass for all the handholds it offers. Tran is still poolside, plundering the dead-or-dying goblins, assessing which arrows are intact enough to be usable.
No. 712447 ID: aba591

rolled 6, 2, 6 = 14

"Good grief, trying to climb this probably isn't worth it."

Snake calls up toward the torchlight, in the hope that somebody will help him.
"Hello? Anyone up there? Can you give me a hand up?

If no one responds within a reasonable amount of time, he'll just climb back down and return the pick.
Better a waste of time than an injury.
No. 712454 ID: e47e93

rolled 6, 5, 3 = 14

Ok, thank you. Also, Tran? That's not close to h at all. Maybe you're thinking of Snake and his unique physique at the moment?

Than shouts "Anything up there?" to Snake. Look around in the cavern. Maybe if the giant snail returns it can be taken care of around here, unlike where most of the party's demise occurred. Might be a secret passageway as well.

Than checks around after looting the goblins. They could probably be used as bait or just food if the snail ever returns. They seem like their legs are broken from the fall.

But for now, feel around the walls, can somewhat see due to adjusting in the darkness but not far.
No. 712455 ID: aba591

> Tran
> Closer to Snake's unique physique
> Kek

"I don't see anything, but I can't climb higher; The walls are too smooth and slick." Snake explains.
No. 712466 ID: e47e93

"Is the stone soft as well? Have you tried punching or chipping into it if you think you could?" she shouts as she still continues feeling up the room.

Feeling up the room. Yes.
No. 712500 ID: 02422f

rolled 6, 4, 5 = 15

>An echoing voice at the bottom of the pit asks about food in perfectly clear humish, and a different one asks after someone's health. If there is, in fact, a dead body holding the weapon in question, it's the kind that can carry on a conversation.
>climbing noises and yelling.
Right, so assuming we're still anywhere still near the pit, we can hear that.

Marijke crosses her arms and notes wryly to the goblin chief: "Is it funnier if your scouts landed on someone? Because we woke something up, and it doesn't sound much like your lot."

I'm a mage without any major actions left, a headache, no rope, and not the best upper body strength. Marijke doesn't have the means to get anyone out of that hole, nor does she really have the inclination to step in. If rescue's coming, it'll have to be initiated / orchestrated by someone else in the group. Marijke watches, half curious to see what will happen. Maybe Garaile will try to haul them up, or maybe Yeven will do... whatever she did before. (Marijke was a little preoccupied trying not to fall to death before to get a good look at the gravity effect).
No. 712675 ID: 8d665e

rolled 3, 2, 2 = 7

the leader of gobblim is a little annoyed the happened , for his part Yeven ago as if she had nothing to do with it . she also feels the rumors below , and no rumors of gobblin , Countess sits on the board and then to resort to its power and down gently while the hand and ready to take the sword for security. then with his " views " would seek the source of the voices

- is there anyone? made to feel , that we give you a hand .-
and perhaps only if they are friendly but that does not say it
No. 712954 ID: a107fd

Yeven hops off the edge and hovers elegantly down the pit. As she passes within arm's reach of Snake, he feels a wave of disorientation, loses his grip on the wall, and goes plummeting upward, caught in some magical effect like a leaf in a windstorm.

At the bottom, she readily locates the weapon, one goblin corpse, one mangled goblin stubbornly clinging to life, and several blind cave fish, but no humans. The weapon seems to be a bow, hovering just over the goblins, but it's... slippery, somehow. Resistant to being gripped and wielded.

Than realizes that young woman in slightly disheveled semi-formal dress, with bandages over her eyes, has just silently appeared behind him and is joylessly groping and clawing at his neck and upper back, like a confused bird pecking at food that's visible but inaccessible behind glass.

The goblin leader says "Nothing funny about that Empty Sweeper. We go now, you follow, or... not." He's pointing down the way you came, but there's nothing to see. Maybe a slightly thinner patch in the crimson fog, slightly drier spot on the floor. Without further discussion, the surviving goblins walk away, clinging to the right-hand wall as before.
No. 712966 ID: e47e93

Are you talking about my character, or is she grabbing Snake? Because my character is a she. You seem to be mixing it up. Not sure how to react at the moment.
No. 712979 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 4, 3, 6 = 13

Marijke, overcoming a little of her former reticence, and deciding terror auras are marginally better to have on your side, shouts down the pit to Yevon:

"Get back up here! That thing is catching up and the goblins are moving on!"

Hopefully I won't get smacked by Snake, but if he goes flying by, Marijke will try and push him over the side so he's above ground, not air.
No. 712985 ID: c46b5d

rolled 1, 1, 2 = 4

"Eh? Well this certainly makes climbing easier."
Snake isn't entirely sure about how he's floating, but it's pretty easy to figure out that it's some type of magic.
As he floats, he attempts to push off of a wall to propel himself towards a ledge to grab onto.
No. 712986 ID: e47e93

rolled 4, 1, 2 = 7

"Eh? What are you doing?" Than asks with playful curiosity even with the situation at hand. She's not sure whether or not to grab the hand, but the gloves might protect from the scratching.

I'll roll a dice for safety check I guess?
No. 712988 ID: a107fd

Sorry about the misgendering. Copy-paste error in my notes, no disrespect intended.

Marijke just barely manages to catch Snake safely. Any further delay, however, and the goblins will be vanishing into the fog.
No. 712996 ID: e47e93

"Also, don't worry about my bow. It's bound to me spiritually. Do you know the way out? I can go with you." Than asks with mild curiosity as well.

I think i rolled pretty well for not getting gouged by Yeven in my books.
Anything beats getting eaten by a giant snail as well.
No. 713060 ID: a107fd

Crit success! The runaway magical effect is controlled and sustained by Dimitry Nikola's iron will. Until he decides to dismiss it or it's seriously disrupted by some outside force, his body has no weight. Equipment is unaffected. Without at least a quarter-pound of ballast (ordinary clothes suffice), the White Snake will be drifting slowly upward in air; traction might be difficult, and sinking in water will be nearly impossible, while 'wire-fu' stunts will be relatively easy.

Yeven can hear Than talking, but not "see" her, only the (currently inactive) spirit bow.
No. 713066 ID: e47e93

Than grabs Yeven's hand and is willing to go since Snake already went up. If you want me to roll, I could do it again. It should be all right now though.

Except for the Empty Sweeper. Is it invisible? Does it have some sort of weak point? If it's able to be stunned at the very least, I would like to know if it has anything to shoot, Than could see it since with having to deal with the undead generally, some being ethereal. Will the spirit bow allow interaction with it?
No. 713236 ID: a107fd

Assuming Yeven is willing to carry Than back up...

>Is it invisible?
Technically no, but it's very hard to see.
>Does it have some sort of weak point?
Absolutely not. It's easier to find vulnerable spots in the surrounding stone walls.
>If it's able to be stunned at the very least, I would like to know if it has anything to shoot, Than could see it since with having to deal with the undead generally, some being ethereal.
Not undead, but it's not exactly alive either.
>Will the spirit bow allow interaction with it?
Than can't confidently evaluate this just by looking, but there's an easy way to test.
No. 713285 ID: 02422f

rolled 1, 6, 3 = 10

>Any further delay, however, and the goblins will be vanishing into the fog.
Marijke's first instinct would be to stick with the group, although we haven't heard from Nico and Garaile in a bit, so I'm not sure what they're doing.

Well, avoiding the invisible wall-monster and keeping up with the only guides we have seem like decent priorities. And if / when I can cast reasonably again, Marijke is better off with social creatures she can use suggestion on.

"Come on!" Marijke shouts, dragging along a confused Snake she somehow ended up having to catch, hoping to spur Nico and Garaile into following. If Yeven doesn't come flying back up, well, there's nothing she can do about that.

(I'm hoping characters follow the path of least resistance / least stupid if their players go quiet?).
No. 713348 ID: f461c5

Nico will be traveling with the goblins, now much more careful to stick to the wall. He will stay behind Marijke, watching the group's back, mostly because the invisible wall of pressure, anti-gravity albino, Yeven, and whatever else is down that tunnel all easily beat goblin sign language for mystery and interest.

Nico is an adventurer, they dont have compassion. Instead they have guilt, which is like responsibility, except dwarfier, and shouldnt be mistaken for actually taking responsibility for one's actions.
No. 713458 ID: a107fd

Nico, Marijke, Snake, and "sir" Garaile hustle to keep pace with the goblins. After thirty more yards of the grand hallway and it's partly-drained ankle-deep puddles, there's a 10' square passage on the right, at the top of a 5' high ledge. The goblins help each other climb up in well-drilled order, wasting no time. Once up the ledge, the passage continues straight beyond visibility in still thicker fog. The goblin patrol ignores a standard size but visibly downward-sloping hallway which seems to run parallel to the big hall in favor of the second opening on the left which is a rough 6' diameter borehole, twisting somewhat irregularly. They gesture for the humans to go in ahead.

By the time Than and Yeven make it back up from the pit trap, everyone else is out of sight.
No. 713509 ID: e47e93

rolled 2, 4, 1 = 7

As Than gets out of the hole, she sees dry ground that is inching through the pool of blood, whatever it is, it doesn't seem to have a care in the world.

Without the party in vision, she's going to have to rely on Yeven to know the way, or at least a safe way if not back to the party.

At the end of her thought process, she summons the spirit bow and decides to shoot at the patch of ground, and then forward behind her to see how tall the thing is, if it hits the middle, then shoot upwards at it. At least she'll know the thing's reach, if not what it does.

"Hey, were you with anyone? No one seems to be here anymore. Do you know where they might have gone?" asks Than with mild worry.
No. 713552 ID: 02422f

rolled 5, 3, 1 = 9

Hopefully Yevon will remember which direction they were running in.

Still, reluctantly, concluding her chances of survival are better with the terrifying Yeven around, Marijke will try to subtly stall everyone going getting through the passage, giving them time to catch up. If the monster starts to get close, they'll see it in the blood, and will still have time to duck through and close the entrance.
No. 713562 ID: 146cb1

rolled 5, 6, 2 = 13

I have not forgotten > . < I had a bit of commitments now I write . ( I will write something to justify my prolonged absence )

Yeven helps everyone out with its powers but this requires a lot of concentration to that estraneano a bit by the concepts of time . Countess hears the words of others but at present exists in a moment of trance while waving it takes a while to give meaning to the words of others. once recovery tries to pull off herself and follow in the footsteps of others or go to memory where they were hoping to find less junctions possible . now that he has found someone who can help her would want to avoid going back to being alone .
No. 713569 ID: 02422f

>I have not forgotten
I was only joking!
No. 713570 ID: 4201a2

rolled 2, 5, 3 = 10

I have not said anything because nothing really has happened that requires Garaile's input.

Before jumping into pit of maybe death, maybe goblin captivity, Garaile wonders: we have all of us and there is only one of it. Why can't we just kill it?
(Avoid entering pit, if possible, but stick together with Marijke.)

Also, prepare rope ahead of time in case it is necessary to help the stragglers climb the ledge.
It would be nice if there was a way to carry the rope that didn't require several minutes to retrieve it.
No. 713596 ID: f461c5

Same here, wasnt much to do really.

As for the rope and your shameful self-exposure of your shibari situation, you could always hide something else instead.
No. 713614 ID: 4201a2

The shibari is fine. Garaile has nothing else to hide.
However, the inaccessibility of this rope is going to get someone killed one of these days.
No. 713623 ID: a107fd

Based on where the arrows stopped, as if fired into water, the 'Empty Sweeper' is at least eight feet wide and ten feet high. Based on the lack of other response, it cares nothing for pain nor poison. The arrow shafts and fletching begin to visibly dissolve, although the heads appear intact. As the Empty Sweeper approaches, the pit's covering folds closed and clicks shut and the blood-colored puddles begin to refill.

The goblin leader patiently explains that this path leads directly back to the outpost, and through there to the surface. There are no Ducal traps or foolish side-passages remaining ahead, so further hesitation is hard to interpret as anything other than reluctance to accept hospitality.

His hand is on the hilt of his blade, as he says this. Distant sobbing echoes up from the borehole.

Just to clarify, the borehole is horizontal, leading off from the left wall, not vertical. Two goblins could walk down it side-by-side with no problems, and two humans would have plenty of space to pass each other, but if it came to a fight anyone over four feet tall would have to be either effectively in single file, or hunched way down to avoid hitting their head.

There are six remaining heavily-armed goblins, with uncharacteristic discipline which implies extensive training at fighting as a unit, against (currently) four humans, of whom only Garaile has any armor, or any melee weapon better than a knife. A fight might, conceivably, go poorly for our heroes.

Fortunately Yeven and Than arrive a few minutes later, but that only brings the odds up to even.

It's possible to carry considerably more, in fact, you probably were doing so when first entering the dungeon. The 'starting equipment slots' represent what you kept when discarding nonessentials in order to run faster, after the original expedition plan fell apart. Carrying more stuff, or in a more lopsided manner, just means you'll either be risking encumbrance penalties, or leaning on some magical trick to lighten the load, as Snake currently is.
No. 713641 ID: c2b2be

Seeing as he's had no reason to distrust the Goblins so far, and the fact that having to fight without the element of surprise is very risky, Snake believes the best decision would be to just go where the Goblins want them to.

"I think we should move on now. Standing here is doing nothing for us."

He also adds "Finding something to aid in maneuvering" onto his mental list of priorities.
No. 713646 ID: 02422f

rolled 6, 5, 6 = 17

>Distant sobbing echoes up from the borehole.
"Who's crying?"

Personally, I think still we're better off going along than standing and fighting here. That said, Marijke will try not to be the first nor the last person through the hole, which are the positions that would be first attacked if goblins ahead or behind of the group betrayed them.
No. 713647 ID: e47e93

Judging from what occurred to the arrows, the Empty Sweeper is nothing more than a large translucent slime. Deadly too, considering what happened to the arrows. With nothing to deal with it so far, Than isn't too worried due to how slow it is. What seemed odd is it could close the pit trap, could the Sweeper have set it up? Is the dungeon itself alive? Peculiar.

"So, what's going on here? What's with the sobbing? Can that thing get up here?" she asks impulsively towards the goblins despite the situation.
No. 713731 ID: a107fd

Crit fail on the diplomacy, around a touchy subject. The goblin patrol leader simply growls "Nobody's crying," then draws a handaxe, gestures toward the borehole, and continues "...yet. Now move!"
No. 713746 ID: e47e93

rolled 4, 1, 6 = 11

Than crouches and dashes as quickly as possible through the hole, preventing an ambush on the other side if there is one. The goblin patrol leader has an axe to grind, and she's not going to bother with that at the moment.

Overall pretty bad idea to go in close quarters combat with most people who are lacking weapons, especially Marijke.

If worst comes to worse on the other side, as soon as everyone crosses over we should be able to pick two goblins off at a time if the goblins decide to try and kill us. Beats being eaten by a giant snail or giant slime.
No. 713749 ID: e47e93

"If you don't have something that can cut through acid, don't bother dealing with that thing back there! I tested it out and it digests everything rapidly except metals." Than shouts as she continues through the hole.
No. 713765 ID: 02422f

rolled 6, 5, 4 = 15

For a manipulator, Marijke sure has terrible rolls with anything related to it, that's for sure.

I'll go through the bolt-hole, again trying to stick close to the middle.

>Overall pretty bad idea to go in close quarters combat with most people who are lacking weapons, especially Marijke.
I have knives, actually. But yes, putting the mage in a knife fight still isn't the best idea. They're more for utility and maybe if I have an unfair chance to hit something unprepared.

>giant slime
...I suddenly have the best worst idea for an application of my waterspout spell. If the goblins turn on us, I'm going to try and melt one.
No. 713796 ID: a107fd

The borehole continues more or less straight for fifty yards, then turns sharply left, zigzags a bit, goes on for another fifty or sixty yards and briefly widens to about ten feet in diameter, at which point Than nearly trips over a young man curled up sobbing on the floor. He's got cocoa colored skin and bleach-blonde hair. His clothes are an unrecognizable tattered mess, and he's soaked in that ubiquitous crimson mist except for his hands and the lower half of his face. Passage continues beyond him, and he presents no immediate physical obstacle.
No. 713820 ID: e47e93

"Are you alright? You seem to be covered in a lot of red from back there." she asks while remaining weary.

This guy is either a zombie or ghoul, or in the process of making one, or maybe what the goblins have in store for us past this passage is what happened to this man. Either way, Than isn't going to rush forward yet after seeing this man. He may have something to do with the goblins, but what he has to do with them as of now is unknown.
No. 713825 ID: a107fd

Upon hearing a friendly voice, the man uncringes slightly, and moans "I'm so~o thi~irsty. This," he sniffles and licks some red dew off the back of his hand, "this isn't even real water, but I'll take what I can get. Help me, please. They've got plenty enough in that damn goblin fortress but they keep turning me away!" His ears are slightly pointed. Maybe a half-elf?

Than can see that all the statements are factual, though perhaps misleadingly vague, while the plea for assistance is utterly sincere and heartfelt.
Speaking of which, Than's other eye can see that the man on the floor has enough heart in his chest for it to be a vital spot, which rules out several types of undead, but... no kidneys? Or at least, far fewer weak points around and inside the abdomen than an unarmored living mammal should be able to have.
No. 713831 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 4, 6, 5 = 15

When Marijke and/or the group catches up (assuming I don't somehow trip and kill myself with the bad roll for walking into the borehole) I'll roll for sense magic, giving the person Than is standing over a visual inspection from a few meters away. And maybe Than too.
No. 713832 ID: a107fd

Than has - or possibly IS - the magic weapon previously spotted at the bottom of that pit.

Strenuous physical exertion, hunger, magical eyestrain, and individually minor yet improbably repetitive impacts with the low, irregular ceiling, have by synergistic effect escalated Marijke's headache from Moderate to Severe Pain, doubling the relevant penalties.

Nico has a secret stash of powerful pain suppressant. Is he willing to share?
No. 713835 ID: 68b513

rolled 4, 2, 4 = 10

"I'll get you some water then, if you would let me pass." she replies.

Than begins to walk around him cautiously and ready to dodge. He could be a vampire or partially a vampire, at least the goblin fortress is ahead, but for now just leave him where he is.
No. 713843 ID: 146cb1

rolled 2, 5, 4 = 11

He joined the group and noted that relations with the goblins have made sharp, unfortunately calls into gear before she could speak. She would like to force the harm of goblins to kneel only to behead him on the spot, you kill one, you put it in line five, oh and it was for this reason that had been banished punch too hard. But it is the only way to govern according to her anyway and proceed pin floor space starts to ristringersi, so she begins to feel again the sensation of suffocating. As they move here is a strange thing her eyesight does not allow her to understand the situation well, but there seems to be something stuck in the walls of a being who asks the water ... he could know something.

- Good man ... Please, a little water to quench your thirst -

Yeven approaching quietly, but also with making prudent, he has already heard that someone wanted to offer the water, but she needed his help s could provide it. He takes one of her ration and handed it rests close to your lips to help him to drink in case.

- I need to know one thing, I know that a powerful demon hid his treasures here, you know where he might be exactly, I will help you at best I can if you will help me -

Yeven try to be more gentle, almost sensual as possible in order to win his friendship and his help if possible.
No. 713923 ID: a107fd

"The demon prince..." he accepts a sip of water, grimaces, and swallows "pleh, it tastes like lard and ashes. Er, anyway. The demon prince, whose name I dare not speak, supposedly has one of His greatest footholds in the mortal world deep underground, near here. Mortal demon-beckoners and unclean priests infest this place. They surely know more of whatever treasures you seek, and I'd gladly aid you in putting them to the question. The goblins have some tenuous alliance with the priesthood, and foul aims of their own. You..." He stares intently at Yeven's bandages for a few seconds, "need eyes, but not to see?"

Turning to Than, the man looks impossibly regal for a moment as he says "An unholy seal is graven in the floor up ahead. Destroy it and the way will be clear." Behind her fox mask, a blue eye sees that he's still not strictly lying, and a red eye sees that his heart beats only by his own will, and an iron claw settles around Than's mind. Two violet-spiral eyes see only that this man's orders must be obeyed.

(Rich bastards have a higher base resistance to psychic attacks than soldiers do, and in this case it's partly vision-based so the countess's blindness gives her a further bonus - though not outright immunity.)
No. 713926 ID: e47e93

rolled 1, 1, 5 = 7

Than ends up complying and walks to the seal, then firing straight into the middle of it.

After leaving the trance, not knowing what happened, is currently in somewhat of a daze. Recovering her sense quickly though, she asks "What just happened?" with no recollection except of the man earlier. A little frustrated as well not being in her own control.

Any mind resistance gained for Than after this brainwashing? Or is it still static. If rolling is necessary for it I just did it. Snake would probably enjoy it more.
No. 713927 ID: 02422f

Dang it, not fair, the npcs get to make their mental influence rolls.

Marijke would have probably reacted negatively to watching someone use mind magic on the party, if she wasn't too busy nursing a splitting headache to pay attention too magic or whatever they're mumbling about up ahead.
No. 713943 ID: a107fd

The target is another hundred yards further along the borehole, after a downward slope and curves further to the left. Than's arrow bounces off in a shower of sparks, leaving the stone apparently intact.

The seal itself is about thirty inches in diameter, on a polished circular area set into the floor. There's no dust on it, and no red fog beyond it. It consists of an elaborate geometric diagram, with a loop of writing around the perimeter. Than can't actually read fiend-script, but the basic design is familiar enough: it invokes a particular demon prince's authority over the undead, and should have no effect whatsoever on the living.

Realizing she's been ensnared by a vampire, Than snaps out of the mind control before wasting a second arrow. The first one might even be salvageable, although it flew some distance after bouncing. Scout ahead further, or run back to save the rest of the party?
No. 713957 ID: e47e93

rolled 2, 5, 6 = 13

Than decides to run back and check up on the party. Worried about whether or not the vampire is currently attacking the party, and more worried that she was mind controlled and that some party members could be mind controlled.

A little less worried remembering not all undead were hostile, as there were some she met on her travels with body and mind intact, but still furious over what occurred on her homeland with the minds of her fellow citizens intact, but screaming for help and apologizing while attacking her. She's still going to purify those undead though later...they still have something to do so she lets them be until the time of their natural deaths after learning about them.

She can check ahead later, and even if she checked ahead alone, she may encounter something she couldn't deal with alone in these passageways.

Feeling peeved though that she was mind controlled and it hasn't happened in a while.
Can retrieve the arrow later. It's not like the seal or whatever is past it is going to consume the arrow...


After all the thought and remembrance of past events, slightly less distressed now and more focused than she was before while heading back.

Ready to kill and to block mind control if the vampire proves uncooperative. If not, spare until ready to die for his "natural" death. All the undead slain by her, have a chance for redemption for their soul, regardless of if they wanted it or not.
No. 713991 ID: f461c5

rolled 3, 3, 2 = 8

I assume Nico's flask is filled with laudanum already diluted in liquor or water, and not straight, for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, he will offer suffering Marijke a capfull.

That said he is likely quite distracted by the goings-on with the man we have come across, and I would imagine that if he was close enough to hear that bit about the unholy seal down the line this roll might dictate whether he is curious enough to head after Than to get a look at it before it is destroyed.
No. 714004 ID: a107fd

>pre-diluted laudanum
An alchemist back in town was fond of saying "everything is poison, everything is medicine, only the dose matters."

Than encounters Nico, coming the other way. They're in near-total darkness, and far enough from either end of the borehole that a whispered conversation might plausibly escape notice, despite the tunnel's tendency to focus echoes. It would be a reasonable opportunity to converse... until Than remembers, prompted by Nico's playful move to block her way and insist on an answer to some esoteric question, that goblins control both known exits from this little tunnel, where the terrain negates her main combat capabilities and magnifies their own.

Protestations of friendship and hospitality, most of which she only heard secondhand and thus had no chance to check for deception, could plausibly have been a ruse to maneuver her between a rock and a hard place. In short, she's cornered. Panic rises.
No. 714012 ID: 02422f

Whoo! Relief from the splitting headache is enough for Marijke to start considering Nico a friend, not just part of the group that increases her odds of survival. Nico now has improved odds she won't prioritize her greed over his well being.

(Uh, assuming I actually got headache relief? Do I have to roll for that, or can I just assume the penalties are gone?).
No. 714024 ID: e248b1

rolled 5, 6, 1 = 12

Admist her panic, she decides to run back to the group. She doesn't know at all about the symbols, maybe a witch or demon would understand it better. With a brief "I don't know!" she runs back to the group where her odds are better.

Roll for dodging Nico?
No. 714030 ID: 146cb1

rolled 1, 2, 1 = 4

sorry but it is not to block action tomorrow I might not be there all day


interesting information and even a little preucupanti apparently goblins in a sense were forsi the more peaceful inhabitants there. however Yeven nods to say the cratura , for a moment thirst qualosa in his head but does not mind recoils a bit confusing trying to figure out what 's going on and dares the others are doing . He knows only one thing for certain , must go deep into dangeon to get what her want .
No. 714033 ID: a107fd

Taken orally, poppy extract needs about 20 minutes to kick in, and after that will be drowning out Marijke's sorrows for several hours. Her headache will almost certainly resolve itself before the drug wears off. Chronic pain penalties are reduced by half, and any acute pain from injuries will be negated entirely, but euphoric effects mean it's still a net loss to overall coordination and mental focus. Other effects include immunity to fear, and increased resistance to any mental influence likely to interfere with laying down and taking a nap.

No need to roll for the dodge unless Nico turns seriously hostile. When Than gets back to the group, will she be shooting the vampire through it's heart immediately, or attempting to talk first?
No. 714056 ID: 1ab574

The vampire is sentient, so talk it out or listen to other conversations. If she begins to feel her mind slipping though, Than is willing to shoot to kill.

Ask why he felt the need to mind control her if conversation is possible and for what reason.
No. 714058 ID: 02422f

rolled 4, 6, 6 = 16

Okay, so I'm still impaired for now, then.

Marijke will banish her holy statue, to hopefully ward off getting jumped by vampires and/or bad mojo from unholy seals. (Not pressing forward to confront the vamp, though, just guarding).
No. 714084 ID: f461c5

rolled 4, 6, 1 = 11

Nico steps aside, letting the archer pass, and continues around the bend to check out the seal.

Speaking of seals, do any of us know of any seals, sigils, words, or names that have power, such as Elbereth? I would imagine that if any of us do, the most likely would be Than, the monster hunter, Yeven, who has obvious motives for learning such things, and Nico, the esotericist who occasionally converses with an alien god-thing.
No. 714095 ID: a107fd

The Countess curtsies to the disheveled stranger, acknowledging the best lead she's had in some time, then turns and falls sideways further down the borehole. Than only has time to flinch as she zips past in a black blur. Nico is safely caught in her wake and carried along. The two of them are over the unholy seal moments later. Stop to examine it, or fly onward and take the goblin outpost by surprise?

Than returns to the wide spot in the borehole and finds an angry standoff. From left to right:

Marijke, slumped against the left wall, giggling uncontrollably. Jade amulet in one outstreched hand, her own loincloth (?) wadded up in the other.
Sir Garaile, shield held low and off to the side to cover Marijke, punctuating shouts by gesticulating with a coil of rope.
Three goblins blocking the far exit, shortbows at the ready. Two down in front with a third above and behind, presumably supported by the remainder.
Dimitry, with Marijke's fire swirling sickly green on the forehead of his skull mask, crossbow loaded and braced against his shoulder.
The vampire, in a feral crouch up against the right wall, has one of the White Snake's knives clutched in his off-hand.

Nobody's been hurt yet but tensions are high. Dimitry and Garaile are engaged in a boisterous argument on the subject of whether this cocoa-skinned man should be restrained as a prisoner or worshipped as a god.
No. 714099 ID: e47e93

rolled 6, 5, 1 = 12

Than shouts "What's going on here?" then points at the vampire and asks "Who do you serve?" then asks Snake "What's with the witch?" then shouts at the goblins "If we are truly your guests, lower your weapons."

With high tensions, this is not an ideal situation for Than, as well as her feeling of being a tad surrounded and helpless. She could let loose on the goblins or the vampire, maybe both. Several inhibitors to begin killing begin to unscrew if the situation isn't diffused.

I sincerely hope there is a response though. Preferably not from Marijke in her delirious state as it may make it worse.
No. 714111 ID: a107fd

>points at the vampire and asks "Who do you serve?"

"Duke Aerim, long may he rei..."
Then the lower-right goblin shoots him in the neck.
No. 714127 ID: 146cb1

Yeven , it falls sideways , instinctively held his lips tight and protects the head slowing his fall with his powers . A familiar figure but to take the end it takes a while to understand , but recognizes it as Nico . trick that reassures the Countess , has not forgotten the previous aid so you feel well-disposed towards him .

His view does not allow seeing colors or designs so unless the seal is embossed , Yeven can not see it . then you must assign to the touch for examination .

-Ummm Where exactly are we ? what do you see?-

Her voice and a whisper as he attempts to examine the area in order to understand something, the rest in a sense is an expert in the field . It is currently not interested in to surprise the outpost of gobblin , but if Nico decides to embark on such an undertaking , Yeven would give a hand with his powers .
No. 714128 ID: 146cb1

rolled 2, 4, 3 = 9

forgot roll
No. 714162 ID: f461c5

rolled 2, 2, 1 = 5

If the seal is not embossed or engraved into the stone, Nico will pull some of the thicker thread from his surgery kit, catgut perhaps, and lay over the larger pattern, but not the script, of the sigil with it so Yeven has something to see. He will also describe (But not directly read) the script to her, working on the assumption that she also has some working knowledge of such occult mechanisms.
What does the worm translate the sigil as, if at all?

He will pull out his hand transcribed copy of Carcosa, and open it to the back, where he has a rather thick pile of notes in both velum and paper stuffed in, and find a clear spot appropriate to copy the (carefully disassembled and inert) sigil.

"I believe that, on account of the archer's distress as we passed her, the more important conflict is likely to be behind us, rather than ahead. That said, I find it likely that they will reach us one way or another, so may as well have this little demon seal figured out for them when they get here, yes? If we need assistance I have a mentor who is very knowledgeable on this sort of thing we can call upon." Nico says, finishing his transcriptions. "Oh, yes, and if you dont mind me asking, how do you affect that flight dwoemer of yours, it doesnt seem like a normal spell. You certainly wield it effortlessly, at least."
No. 714163 ID: f461c5

Because, I mean, he 'could' turn back to help because Than looked really freaked out, but secrets and mysteries, yo.
No. 714165 ID: a107fd

Actually, the seal IS carved in to the ground, and dazzlingly bright to Yeven's "sight" besides.

The central diagram invokes the authority of a demon. A very great demon, on the same tier as slothful Tsathoggua or drowned K'tula or the Brazen Sultan. Compared to such dark luminaries, the entity with which Countess Sturgis contracted so long ago seems as petty as a merchant hawking mangoes in the street, measured against a continent-spanning empire.

The words around the perimeter form a simple command, roughly paraphrased as "turn back, dead things, not wanted here," although the arrangement makes clever use of the oddities of infernal grammar so that it loops forever, similar 'the song that never ends.' The usefulness of Nico's Babel worm will be sharply curtailed until he finds some way to distract it and break the repetition.
No. 714169 ID: 146cb1

rolled 6, 3, 4 = 13

thanks to the help of Nico, Yeven can see better the seal, however, takes off one of his gloves pertoccare hand with the seal gently to crush or move something he did not do any disaster in this sense.

The countess tried to remember if he saw something oh generally attempted to something like the time when he still had eyes. Meanwhile, Nico speaks thing that she liked to be engaged in a conversation.

- I agree, I think they are perfectly capable of succeeding, and then this is much more interesting ... if we can have unlimited use its know we can consult it. if not, let's see what we discover in our own strength. -

Yeven continues to analizare the seal while occasionally also pays attention to their shoulders. the rest and the nice thing about having "eyes behind your head" the interest of Nico for his ability not surprising.

- It comes from a pact, you know how to give something in exchange for something else. I can impose my will on me and the things around me to prevent them, fall or drop in the direction that I want or stop them in mid-air ... not easy to explain. -

more or less he had explained the basic operation

- And you why you are in a place so enchanting? if I know of course -
No. 714203 ID: e47e93

rolled 1, 2, 6 = 9

Once again she asks "Are we truly your guests? If so, please do lower your weapons. You can still hold them." she says firmly. Pausing for a moment "Who is Duke Aerim? I do not know anyone by that name."

If she doesn't get a response from anyone or the goblins in a bit, she's probably just going to lose it for a while and kill them. Reason is beginning to give way to fear and tension.

She's going to see the goblins out here as nothing but vitals soon, and nothing but white noise will be heard by her.

Vampire is still alive, if it comes to combat feed him some goblin blood later to get information from him. Unless he's shot in the heart or staked, shouldn't be dead yet.
No. 714314 ID: c2b2be

rolled 5, 1, 1 = 7

I'm a little confused about the happenings, but from what I'm getting is that Snake is between The Goblin archers and the vampire. Also, sorry about being absent for a little while, I've been busy lately.

Damn it, the goblins fired first, that's inciting aggression in Snake's book. The poor guy they shot at was innocent, as far as he knew.

Snake quickly pulls the trigger on his crossbow, aiming at the Goblin that fired.
If this action propels him backwards, via his weightlessness and Newton's 3rd law, he'll hopefully be a harder target if the other goblins retaliate.

Also, can I get a number on how much of everything Snake has? How many bolts, how many knives, etc. It's kind of hard to judge how I should use stuff when I'm not sure how limited they are.
No. 714346 ID: 02422f

>Marijke, slumped against the left wall, giggling uncontrollably. Jade amulet in one outstreched hand, her own loincloth (?) wadded up in the other.
I have never been more proud.

>Then the lower-right goblin shoots him in the neck.
Assuming that didn't decapitate the vampire, I'm assuming that's not a fatal injury.

>The usefulness of Nico's Babel worm will be sharply curtailed until he finds some way to distract it and break the repetition.
If the worm is demonic in origin, that might be treatable by drugging it with Cinnamon Incense. Or if one could consider an endless loop of demonic inscriptions to be a "rune borne curse", dragon-weed could work.

>Snake fires at the goblins
Can I ask how far into the borehole from the entrance we are now? Is it still a straight shot to the door, or are we around a bend? Have the goblins closed the entrance behind us yet?
No. 714365 ID: f461c5

rolled 1, 4, 6 = 11

Nico seems more distracted than usual, like there is some noise bothering him. He will flip through his notes, looking through various symbols and lines of script that might catch the worm's attention, and if that doesnt work, he will get out a bit of chalk and write HIGH PRIORITY WARNING in a few of the languages he knows, see if that works.

After that he will turn back to Yeven. "Im just here to learn as much as I can, who knows what wonders and secrets are buried in this place. As for my, uh, consultant, there isnt any limit to the summoning other than the time it takes. Have you ever acted before?" Nico will return to the part of his book which contains the actual play and not just a bunch of notes, and flip through looking for a nice short scene that would work in this environment, a tunnel or sewers perhaps. Doesnt really matter but a thespian is as he does.

Its literally just the babelfish from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy but grosser.
Dragonweed might be an option, but if this here doesnt work I can just wait until we have a sleeping point and knock both Nico and his worm out with laudanum.
No. 714404 ID: a107fd

> "Are we truly your guests? If so, please do lower your weapons."
"With respect, we cannot," says the patrol leader from somewhere behind, "as a host's duty to defend against murderous intruders takes precedence over courtesy."

>"Who is Duke Aerim? I do not know anyone by that name."
"Aerim is long dead. We do not, how you say, 'normalize diplomatic relations' with the dead who serve him."
The man on the floor attempts to protest at this, but only manages an incoherent gurgle due to the arrow transfixing his voicebox.

Snake's inertial mass is unchanged, and he's got a wall to brace against, with plenty of traction because it's as heavily textured as the storm-tossed sea, so there's no dramatic recoil.

The goblin in question now has a crossbow bolt protruding from his chest. He wheezes and falls to his knees, eyes rolling back.

>ammo count

I'm keeping it vague and abstract on purpose, both to simplify bookkeeping and for the Dirty Harry factor. If you want a ballpark figure, though... arrows or bolts, one slot gets you 10-20, hips carry more than shoulders, and around half the shots (hit or miss) under typical battlefield conditions are intact enough to be reusable. Knives, one slot gets you 6-10, fewer if notably large or elaborate, and nearly always reusable.
>I have never been more proud.
Could you clarify what you mean by that? It's not essential to the game, I'm just puzzled (and generally eager for constructive feedback).
>Can I ask how far into the borehole from the entrance we are now? Is it still a straight shot to the door, or are we around a bend?
Maybe a hundred yards back to the square halls. Some zigzagging, mainly around the halfway point. If you want more detail than that, you'll need to spend at least an in-game hour pacing out distances, writing notes, and otherwise being a dutiful cartographer, preferably while properly equipped for such and not loopy on uncalibrated painkillers.
>Have the goblins closed the entrance behind us yet?
They're standing in the way, and bunched together so you might have a hard time pushing past between them, but there was no door, and not enough time or noise to have constructed any sort of noteworthy improvised barricade. Even a Catgut Legion, or legendary earth-moving artifacts like Coastcutter and the Scepter of Kablax and the Moaning Diamond can't work silently.
No. 714410 ID: 02422f

rolled 2, 5, 3 = 10

>Could you clarify what you mean by that?
A humorous reaction to having created a half naked, high, greedy apparent madwoman waving idols around by herself the corner. I'm laughing at this.

>Maybe a hundred yards back to the square halls. Some zigzagging, mainly around the halfway point. If you want more detail than that
Thanks, that's sufficient detail. Too far away and no straight line of sight means I can't attempt to cast waterspout on the presumed blob of acid slime following us to try and melt the goblins if Snake just spurned them into trying to kill us all. (Uh, assuming it can't follow down the borehole. I assumed that was the point)?

>The goblin in question now has a crossbow bolt protruding from his chest.
...I'm tempted to try and salvage diplomatic relations by applying surgical tools to try and save him, but I doubt that would work even if Marijke weren't high and still recovering from a headache. Plus running towards goblins who were just attacked with sharp objects seems like suicide. And trying and failing would leave me closest to their weapons. So... nope. Not playing medic.

>what do
Am I recovered enough to attempt suggestion yet? If so, Marijke will wave her jade hypno-amulet in the goblin leader's direction and try to get him to start laughing off this latest loss of personnel too. (Easier to do something he's already done, in similar, but not as blatant, circumstances. And the others will hopefully follow his lead).

If I can't do significant casting yet, I'm just gonna gibber by myself here until someone else plays diplomat or the fighting starts.
No. 714447 ID: f461c5

Does the quest have a discussion thread or anything up, or do you ever show up in IRC? This thread is really quite inspiring to me and I have a lot of questions and stuff I want to talk about but I dont want to clutter up the quest.
No. 714454 ID: a107fd

>recovered enough for suggestion?
That would take at least 6-8 hours of sleep and meditation. So far Marijke has been sitting down for less than thirty minutes, most of which was spent cradling her aching head until the liquid poppies started to sink in.

>not playing medic
One of the first 'real' spells Marijke managed to wheedle out of her mentor is an incantation to stanch bleeding, particularly internal bleeding. Easily enough range to reach the wounded goblin. A surprisingly potent effect, considering how easy it is, because in some sense it doesn't really do anything. Nature simply takes it's course: water washes, trees tower, stars shine, rocks rest, hearts heal, blood binds.
The spell encourages a subject's blood to bind more swiftly, and in patterns conducive to long-term health. Turns a puncture into a weird deep bruise, and can't unto a cracked rib or festering infection, but it might pinch off a spurting artery or hold open a collapsing lung long enough for more serious magic to be prepared, and will certainly stabilize any normally survivable wound... if cast correctly.

Fortunately, this is a trick which Marijke has had time and cause to practice, and the spell's age-old foundation on principles of harmony and serenity means that euphoria-related penalties do not apply. There's still some risk of messing it up due to other unfavorable circumstances, though, which could then look even worse to the goblins. How hard do you want to push, on that same one-to-ten scale as for experiments?

>see if that works
It doesn't. On the up side, Nico learns that the Babel worm is either capable of talking over itself in at least three simultaneous channels (which are only fractionally less difficult to follow than an equivalent number of groups shouting their respective slogans during a sportball riot), or... perhaps it has managed to breed. Paths of thought quietly parceled out for offspring to feed upon, all without the slightest overt acrimony! What humor, that a lowly parasite clan might put any fecund cataract-baron's inheritance proceedings to shame.

>short scene
Well, Yeven could play Cassilda and Nico could play the Stranger in that bit at the start of act 2... being tortured. Maybe not.
A duel from Uoth's apocryphal subplot could work, but would require a second sword (or prop substitute) and some smoother terrain, since it just doesn't come together without precise footwork.
Naotalba's denunciation almost stands on it's own, but the echo from Lake Hali should really be a chorus rather than a single speaker.

Beyond the seal there's another twenty yards of straight, mist-free borehole, then seven more of smooth causeway in a wide open cave, leading to a rusty portcullis set in a crude but sturdy fortress wall. Something on the ceiling of that cave radiates violet light as brightly as the full moon, indeed, the very light by which Nico has been studying.

Presumably that fortress is the goblin outpost. Perhaps they could provide a chorus, or at least the causeway would be a clearer stage? Or... rather than recruiting support for some convoluted scheme to entice vast otherworldly malevolences to gossip about one another, perhaps the research might be as simple as asking those goblins, in the tedious yet practical spirit of hospitality, whether they know who set this seal outside their gate, when, why, what it signifies, and so forth.
No. 714457 ID: a107fd

I don't do the IRC thing, but there's this.
No. 714470 ID: e47e93

rolled 6, 1, 2 = 9

"Alright then. Can I take the undead? I don't see why you would want him here, and I can get rid of him later for you. Sorry for one of your companions...the man (Snake) who shot him has knee jerk reactions to anything flying near him, he once shot at the wall. It's what got our party killed." she says giggling a little after talking badly about Snake to try and cease aggression now that the dire situation for her has passed. She's not sure how the giant snail got to them though, so she's just using that as another excuse about how it may have detected them since something theoretically could have shot at the snail to protect itself, the arrow flew near Snake, then Snake replied by firing at the snail...then it all went downhill from there. Could have been Than too.

"If you don't have anything on hand to help your injured, we can offer our slightly disoriented witch to try and heal him, though to what point is unknown at the moment, but it's better than nothing, right?" she casually suggests.

I don't know if I have to roll for this wall of text, but I'm going to just roll anyways. Shouldn't be a situation where Than decides to fight unless they shoot her. If Snake has to be detained for a while, I guess we could do that too. If they desire to execute him, we're going to have to fight though. Phobia should have passed by now, unless she notices some lies or half-truths. But half-truths she can discern (usually) into the truth.

If no further altercation occurs, we can continue down the passageway and just leave the goblin patrol at the exit. Killing them now would allow it to be easier to escape if anything bad happens in the goblin fortress, but let's just go with peace for now. Hopefully.
No. 714474 ID: c2b2be

rolled 6, 1, 6 = 13

In hindsight, shooting at the first notice of aggression may have been a slight mistake. Maybe. As he reviews his options, Snake realizes that he's got the disadvantage; It'd take a short while to load another bolt into his crossbow, as well as the time to aim and fire, when there's already two goblins with arrows ready to shoot. His best option to minimize casualties is to holster his crossbow and hope things can be resolved.

My apologies... I am used to having to shoot quickly without questions, and the sudden arrow triggered me to fire.

After apologizing, he glances at the man whom was shot, checking on his condition.
No. 714490 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 2, 1, 5 = 8

What the hell, attempted first aid can't be worse for relations than shooting one. And if this is going to turn to combat, it'll be due to a crit fail on staunch bleeding that makes one of them explode.

Effort, let's say 6? Marijke pushing herself, but not as hard as she would for someone she gave a damn about.

Maybe having the statue out will even help. Non evil gods tend to support healing effects on general principle.
No. 714524 ID: a107fd

Goblin archer is patched up,
apologies are accepted,
the cocoa-skinned man lays facedown, not breathing, heart not beating. Goblins kick and spit on him as they pass but he remains limp. Will Than bring him along to the outpost, slung over one shoulder like a sack of potatoes? Leave him as he is? Stay behind when the patrol departs and attempt to revive him?

Regardless, the patrol goblins (and anyone traveling with them) catch up to Nico and Yeven some five or ten minutes later.
No. 714537 ID: 02422f

>Goblin archer is patched up
Whee! Thank you, we accept gold, valuables, and most major forms of currency.

Marijke is going to go back to being high, giggling to herself, and and following the group for now. She doesn't care if we bring the vampire or not. Although if he tries anything else, she's going to whack him with her statue.

(Although if the goblins are at odds with the undead, then either their ancestors are responsible for the demonic seal slash undead ward guarding their settlement, or it predates them, and is the reason the chose to settle where they did).
No. 714545 ID: e47e93

Just drag him over to the front or on the seal. Also Than is going to take that arrow from his throat if it's still usable. Than will offer to Snake or Garaile to carry him if he's needed later. For now, questions. Or have Nico assume his identity and learn what he knows, if it works that way.
No. 714552 ID: a107fd

>take that arrow from his throat if it's still usable
Seems intact so far, but getting that goblin arrow out in one piece might be difficult. The business end looked like a simple cone at first, but on closer inspection it's a convoluted mess of hooks and barbs, like a tiny Gigeresque pine tree growing seamlessly out of the shaft. Could pull it the rest of the way through, instead, but if the fletching is mushed up in the process you might as well make a new arrow from scratch.
>proxy interrogation
Nico could, conceivably, deduce someone's secrets subconsciously as part of a holistic imitation, and then reveal them under suitable duress. No reason to believe that would be especially reliable, though, and anything it does ferret out could also have been figured out by some more conventional means. It might be more useful as a 'practice run' for interrogation, with successful tactics then re-used on the actual subject.
No. 714576 ID: 146cb1

Yeven see that Nico pulls out notes he consults her for obvious reasons must continue to rely on his limited senses. onstatato that the seal at the time is not dangerous for his greeting would continue to study it.

Meanwhile she and Nico occasionally speak he explains that them and to discover the secrets of the place, frankly aprezza his hunger to know, but I personally do not share. Countess would never come into a place like this unless compelled by force majeure. Meanwhile along apparently his source of information can be reached without problems.

-So Contact them as well, if you need someone to do the guard I can provide me. how come you have developed such an interest in time? -

Meanwhile through the pads, the woman is studying whether there are some clues that can help all of them to move in the maze, now that feels in the right place and the countess did not want to hold back. the rest of their group seems well-formed despite now there is only nico.
He feels that there are chances of sucess although the first should understand where to go
No. 714604 ID: e47e93

No worries, his throat is already ruined unless he can regenerate it anyways. Pull it out from the side of the fletching and tear up his throat more, unfortunately.

Hey, at least this arrow will be somewhat enchanted to either hemorrhage or coagulate an unfortunate victim's blood with the vampire blood attached to it, especially with the barbs getting into the blood stream.

Than is otherwise just kicking dust around at the moment until someone else does something, besides the gore filled arrow retrieval.
No. 714690 ID: a107fd

There's an awkward moment when Than finds herself holding a messy-but-usable goblin-issue arrow in one hand, and in the other a cold corpse that looks like he died of trying to trim his beard with a miniature rototiller, but then the body melts away into more red mist when she tries to carry it past the Seal of Orcus.

Other than that, your entry to the goblins' outpost proceeds in an orderly manner, followed by a seamless segue into whirlwind tour. The cavern it's built into is roughly seventy feet north-south by ninety feet east-west. There are three gates, of which you're coming in through the northeast. The dominant structure is a stone pillar in the central courtyard, twenty feet thick and reaching all the way to the violet-glowing fungus-encrusted ceiling, maybe sixty feet above. Accessible portions of the pillar are heavily decorated with wooden planks, a web of iron chains, and spattered paint in patterns the locals evidently consider artistic.

There are three other buildings, low and boxy, interspersed between the gates. Barracks, to the northwest, from which two dozen more goblins emerge to greet you, and cheer at the patrol leader's announcement that, in celebration of your group's presence here as guests, food rations will be increased and punitive floggings suspended.
To the southeast, a warehouse and workshop. The arrow Than retrieved is ceremoniously Returned To The Quartermaster, after which a cringing, sackcloth-clad dog-lizard-person (of such short stature and slight build that the goblins are, by comparison, towering musclebound Adonises) promises to clean the gore off it before rust sets in.
In the southwest, there's a chapel-slash-embassy, staffed by eight Acolytes and Emissary Mesifin Styx, a heavyset human with a prominent underbite, whose tonsured hair, dour black robes, and incessant bitter muttering suggest a life of many prayers, too often answered, many ambitions, too often thwarted.
No. 714793 ID: f461c5

Would the red mist that the dead guy dissolves into happen to be indistinguishable from the mist that has so far been more or less ubiquitous?

Nico answers Yevens questions politely. "I came to be a seeker of occult knowledge mostly out of habit; I have been a playwright and actor for most of my life, and in seeking out old and lost scripts for novel ideas I found more than I had imagined existed. May I ask, then, what has you so desperate that you seek the solution in this dank dungeon?"

As for contacting his benefactor, Nico supposes there are less frivolous methods of discovering the things he seeks. He will ask the goblin party leader if he can speak with him later, and seek to speak with the emissary Styx as well.
No. 714797 ID: e47e93

Walk over to the chapel, ask "Who's Duke Aerim?" to Mesifin Styx.

Regardless of whether she gets a reply of some sort or not, she's eventually going to check out around the warehouse and workshop or just sit around.

May continue conversation if he's willing to talk about it though.

Is the vampire gone though? Or is a huge chunk of his body missing.

Either way, Than didn't particularly care too much about the vampire or any undead really that she doesn't or isn't able to befriend.
No. 714908 ID: 02422f

rolled 4, 3, 6 = 13

Can Marijke tell who the chapel is dedicated to by looking at it? If she's carrying a religious icon around, I assume she'd recognize at least the other major faces in the local pantheon?
No. 714935 ID: a107fd

>Would the red mist that the dead guy dissolves into happen to be indistinguishable from the mist that has so far been more or less ubiquitous?

Slightly different color, very different consistency, and it moved with a purpose. Like watching a swarm of bees navigate through a pillar of smoke. For practical purposes, though, Nico would have a very hard time distinguishing between them outside laboratory conditions.

>ask the goblin party leader if he can speak with him later,
"Supply wagon arrives at the surface two days from now, almost to the hour. That when we send you off. Until, speak to me any time you wish!" That settled, he lifts another mug of 'snout-cracker' ale (which tastes like a dead dog on fire, but in a good way, and has a very strong kick to it) and returns to the festivities.

>speak with the emissary Styx as well

Brother Mesifin, as he insists on being addressed, is well-educated (mainly theology, of course, but far from ignorant of other esoteric matters both cosmological and local) and meticulously courteous. He seems deeply and genuinely aggrieved at the loss of those two goblins to the pit trap, and even Nick, though they never met. Further, he inquires after all the guests' health at disconcerting length, even prying into childhood injuries, family history of heart trouble or epilepsy, and so on.

Acolyte Eswic, a bald, middle-aged woman in black lacquered scale armor, bearing a flanged steel rod with a thumb-sized jade skull at one end, teases Mesifin over his excessive concern, pointing out that something more than failure to repeat a mistake will be required to get back in Hesperix's good graces. The Emissary glares at his subordinate and hisses a rebuttal in some liturgical tongue, which Nico and Yeven can dimly recognize as "New allies, maybe?" although something about the sound of it makes Nico's back teeth hurt.

>"Who's Duke Aerim?"
"In life, some high-ranking noble of the Old Empire, of which, sadly, I know little. Today his soul wanders these twisting halls of wicked madness bound in the form of The Bloodwraith. Not so much a master as a... sort of keystone, the ethereal equivalent of a kitchen-sink bezoar. If he were to pass on, many other spirits would soon find their worldly torment at an end as well."

>Is the vampire gone though? Or is a huge chunk of his body missing.
The entire body is missing, along with those rags he was wearing. He might be far away, but is certainly not gone; Than couldn't possibly have failed to perceive true death at such close range.
No. 715005 ID: e47e93

"I see. Thank you." is all she says.

Than goes to retrieve the arrow from the warehouse and workshop if it's possible. If anyone asks why, the reply will be "To get rid of the undead you dislike so much."

The arrow itself tainted with the vampire's blood even if washed off should be able to solidify the Bloodwraith, if not able to harm him.

On a side note, is the quest ending soon with return to the surface? Or merely to resupply? Not sure what's going on here. If we're planning on ending, scratch arrow retrieval.
No. 715016 ID: a107fd

The chapel doesn't have much decoration on the outside, and the door is locked and guarded. However, what few bleary glimpses Marijke manages to sneak when the door opens, and inference from the heraldry of the Emissary and Acolytes, clearly reveals that it's not dedicated to any theological ally of Brem Marst, The First Guildsman.

Speaking of which... Marijke will be sleeping soon. She's witnessed, even participated in, more danger, more excitement, and more advanced thaumaturgy in the past week than in several years before that. Sparks of insight flickering at the edge of her conscious mind will touch the dry tinder of those experiences, kindling and bursting into a new circle of magic. It's time for the hedge witch to think about her career. There are two key choices, which can be taken independently, but the consequences of each are intertwined.
First, the presence or absence of a familiar spirit, closer than a spouse. On the up side, an ally whose trust is beyond question, a second pair of hands and eyes, new perspective adding depth and versatility to the soul as spices add flavor and nutrition to broth. On the down side, a potential hostage who cannot be treated as expendable, another voice in every argument, a distraction from moral clarity and the pursuit of straightforward power.
Second, the presence or absence of a greater, more distant supernatural patron. On the up side, more spells, of higher circles, with less work. On the down side, committing yourself to one faction or another in some sort of cosmic civil war, without even knowing up front who's winning. Also, fewer at-will/always-on sorts of powers.
Patron without familiar would make Marijke an adventuring priestess, calling down miracles in her god's name, with almost all that terrible power contingent on unflagging faith.
Familiar without patron would make her a ghost-speaker, neglecting the brazen idol in favor of the jade amulet, dealing in subtle corruption and purification on a personal level.
Neither patron nor familiar would free Marijke to focus utterly on manipulating minds. She's had little luck with that so far, but the truly dedicated can forge their own luck.
Both familiar and patron would mean continuing along the broader archetype of the hedge witch, haggling with gods rather than selling herself to them outright, whispering secrets back and forth with an unnaturally wise animal companion.

(Everybody else will be getting their level-up here at the outpost too, with different choices according to class, specialty, etc. Just figured I should handle Marijke's first since she's likely the first to bed. Gaining a level requires a certain amount of XP followed by at least three uninterrupted hours of meditation or restful sleep, as opposed to the dreamless unconsciousness of drug overdose or severe injury. If you somehow manage to gain two or more levels' worth of XP without a chance to slow down, you'll start the next day already very close to leveling again, but any XP beyond that goes to waste.)
No. 715276 ID: 02422f

Dang. That is a much harder / more complicated choice than I was expecting.

Hmm. Despite the temptation of silly money-god powers, I don't think full on priest is the archetype I want to go for here. I was thinking she'd be observant in her worship too her god, but it's a more practical belief, not the purely devotional kind. She'll pray when she needs to, she's do the rituals, and she'll even pay her tithes on her lucre to Him the next time she sees a proper church (gotta spend money to make money; and He's the one entity His believes don't cheat), but she's not spreading his gospel.

I'll set aside the no-patron path, too. Focusing exclusively on mental manipulation seems too fickle and too restrictive a path.

So... that leaves familiar or familiar / patron. Which I'm not sure how to choose between. How much of a trade off is there in the familiar's usefulness / power if I split the choice that way? Does selling secrets have to be between multiple gods? (I feel like Marijke thinking it was okay to enter a sort of mercantile relationship with her money idol would be okay, but doing that with multiples seems like she would see it as sketchy / not compatible with her faith).
No. 715277 ID: 02422f

(Also sorry for the belated response. It's a weekend, and I've had a terrible cold slowing me down).
No. 715305 ID: e47e93

So what do you have in mind for Than upgrade wise? Just curious. After she retrieves the arrow, she can pretty much sleep.

On the roof of a building.

Just because.

But really, she's not buying too much from the goblins or anyone. Only on a mutual/survival level of trust so far. Same with most of the party except maybe Snake, due to life threatening incident.
No. 715386 ID: a107fd

>How much of a trade off is there in the familiar's usefulness / power if I split the choice that way?
Ghost-speaker's familiar is much more powerful overall, a credible combatant in it's own right, eventually growing into the ectoplasmic equivalent of Tony Stark's armor. On the other hand, split with a patron, you get something more like Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon, or Jiminy Cricket, or Kyuubey. That's the tradeoff of fewer at-will/always-on powers, as listed for having a patron. The patron's influence over your life is also proportionately reduced, the same way Sailor Scouts don't feel any need to go around proselytizing about the Silver Millennium, Pinocchio barely knows anything about the Blue Fairy, or Conan's prayer to Crom ends with "if you don't listen, to hell with you." That kind of more distant patron still wants something from you, but it's more narrow, likely to be an esoteric side effect of what you were already doing rather than an explicit, overt grail-quest sort of deal.

>Does selling secrets have to be between multiple gods?
Absolutely not. There are many such patrons, but any given witch is aligned with only one of them.

>That is a much harder / more complicated choice than I was expecting.
Versimilitude and meaningful choices are cornerstones of roleplaying.

>So what do you have in mind for Than upgrade wise? Just curious.
Where a hedge witch's power is connected to nature, magic, and spirits, a soldier's power is inextricably entangled with discipline, rage, and violence. How will Than deal with her anger?
Sweat it out in tempered exercise,
bottle it up until it explodes,
distill it into self-reinforcing righteousness against all things corrupt and unjust,
or circulate it through feral fantasies of revenge?

>sleep on the roof of a building
The roofs are about ten feet above the floor, linked by narrow walkways over the gates into a defensive parapet. So, easy to climb up there, but not much more privacy than sleeping on the ground. Might be able to overhear some stuff that goes on in the relevant building overnight, though. So, barracks, chapel, or storage?
No. 715389 ID: 02422f

>Versimilitude and meaningful choices are cornerstones of roleplaying.
Sure! I've just never seen a punnett square for class change.

Put in those terms, I think I'll go for the split.

...and Marijke will be sleeping indoors, thank you. On a bed. Preferably one scaled for creatures of greater than goblin stature, if we can find 'em.
No. 715430 ID: a107fd

>punnet square
Interesting comparison. Popular study of memetics has focused too much on virology, stuff like cat videos and cicadas and fruit flies and the common cold, likely because population explosions are fun to watch. Serious genetics research started with documentation of dominant and recessive phenotypes in bean plants, because they were easier to control, and I think there's some similar fundamental research on phenotypic differences among character concepts in RPGs that needs to happen before memetics can be a mature field of study, with deterministic predictions derived from a few fundamental theories, instead of priceless expert intuition and unrepeatable alchemy.

>sleeping indoors, on a bed. Preferably one scaled for creatures of greater than goblin stature

The only sleeping area in evidence is the barracks, where goblin-size futons support a thriving ecosystem of parasitic vermin, including a semi-domesticated species of highly specialized louse-eating centipede. Unclear where Mesifin and his acolytes sleep, or for that matter, eat and bathe.

The chapel is only four or five hundred square feet, and looked like all one big room inside. That's plausible for a meeting hall doubling as ceremonial space, but not so much as living quarters, particularly considering how well rested, groomed, and fed the acolytes seem. Keeping a head clean-shaven, butchering and boiling a chicken for dinner, picking gunk out of all those little crevices in scale armor... life is messy. For those who take their religion so seriously, there would have to be a clear separation between sacred and mundane.

When Marijke asks Brother Mesifin about this issue, he deflects the question with a joke about the improbability of weather underground, then delegates to Acolyte Eswic the recitation of a brief prayer for safety from extremes of heat and cold. To Marijke's magical senses, the prayer wraps around her like a blanket, a cocoon, a divine seal against discomfort. For someone out on the uttermost polar ice, it would be far safer to walk around barefoot, or even to be naked, yet under this spell, rather than to wear heaviest boots and finest furs but go without magic. The half-forgotten ambient chill of the caves is banished entirely, for Marijke at least. Between that blessed warmth, laudanum, and a crude tent which two dog-lizard slaves cobble together from scrap canvas and lumber when she presses for privacy... recent misery, indignity, and imminent death seems like nothing more than distant memory. Even her headache melts under corrosive relaxation.

What little animal does she dream of?
No. 715444 ID: f461c5

Nico will stay to question brother Mesifin on the subjects that have interested him the most recently, so much as he can focus past his bothersome earwig, things like who placed the seal at the entrance of the goblin hold, how the hold is protected or hidden from the sweeper mechanism, that thing's nature, to what extent have they mapped the dungeon, and how the goblin commander can trust the wagon to perfectly replace any casualties.
After talking the poor man's ear off, Nico will excuse himself with promises of more of the same tomorrow, finding somewhere out of the way with a good view and earshot to set his hammock, measure himself a quarter cap of laudanum for 'clarity', and take to his notes, writing down new findings and considering old until exhaustion takes him.
No. 715461 ID: 02422f

>What little animal does she dream of?
Hummingbird. Male preferably, so it's all iridescently colorful. A teeny tiny work of art to flit around, or perch on it's owner.

(I considered a magpie, but the whole shiny thing myth is just that).
No. 715470 ID: 4201a2

rolled 6, 2, 3 = 11

Garaile is interested in finding somewhere reasonably comfortable to rest, near comrades if possible, as the goblins are still somewhat untrustworthy.
Surely the goblins have some source of water that can be used wash up a bit. If not, use the bare minimum from water pot to clean hands and face.
Also, re-conceal rope for easier carrying, though maybe in the morning if it'd interfere with sleep.
No. 715559 ID: e47e93

rolled 2, 6, 5 = 13

Options 3 and 4 are plausible for her. The feral fantasies are her love of hunting, as it's the only thing that allows her to have reminiscence of her family and friends. Yet, she still doesn't want to lose herself on her battle against the necromancer. She's technically in limbo, but more on the alive side. Her bow is also somewhat cursed and storing latent necromantic energies.

She'll choose to sleep on the roof of chapel.

Stealth check roll? Any plans for innate ability empowering or evolving as well? Or are they just an added bonus that is stagnant and not technically a class but only a part of the characters.
No. 715741 ID: a107fd

>who placed the seal at the entrance of the goblin hold
Higher-ranking priests of the same order, many years ago.

>how the hold is protected or hidden from the sweeper mechanism, that thing's nature,
Some sort of transparent, paralytic parallelogram. Never seen the thing himself, but suspects that it doesn't like rough ground or dry air, since it reportedly turns away at the mouth of any given borehole rather than even approaching the seals, as undead do.

>to what extent have they mapped the dungeon,
Gobbos handle the scouting, and they're militantly illiterate. He's just a liaison, staying back at the base, although he'd be willing to put in a formal request on your behalf.

>how the goblin commander can trust the wagon to perfectly replace any casualties
Gobbos breed fast, and controlling this choke point to the surface world is a strategic priority for the whole city of Greznek.

Nico also has a punnet-square advancement problem of his own. Literal or figurative escape? Through chemistry and logic, or mystery and song?

Garaile faces the same question as Than about how he manages anger.

>water for bathing
The goblins seem to be confused by certain basic concepts of sanitation, but the booze they're sharing freely is certainly strong enough to be sterile.
Easy enough to pick out a place to sleep in the courtyard next to Marijke.

>technically in limbo
Gaining a level means you have to decide. Stuck in a cruel, dirty world, is Than going to accept the dirt, learn to use it, try to get the cruelty to fall on those who most deserve it? Or deny the dirt, deny the 'easy way,' deny that cruelty is inevitable, and try to do what's right no matter the cost? Hunting ghosts, or redeeming them? Realism tends to be more stealth/DPS, while idealism makes a better healer/tank, but either way you have to decide.

Inside the chapel, overnight, there's a lot of chanting in a language Than doesn't know, and the grinding of metal on stone, like knives being sharpened.

The next morning, one of the goblins approaches Than, curious why she's been so aloof, so reluctant to accept their full hospitality. He says, in jest, "it wouldn't kill you to relax," and she can see that it's a lie.

Marijke wakes up with a rainbow macaw standing atop her head. Nobody saw it arrive. The inside of her mind feels expanded, yet disordered and unfamiliar, like a house that some lunatic carpenter added a third floor onto while the family was away. Dream-space where she'd usually go to prepare spells is missing. That very colorful bird... stole it, somehow, but is willing to let her borrow it back. So, preloading magic for the upcoming day!
Minor (four slots, reusable so no point picking the same twice): staunch bleeding, resume bleeding, sense poison, gum-fire, whisper-web, bestow fool's luck, green milk curse, footsore curse, experimental miscellany.
First circle (three slots): spit fire, least true healing, least true spite, bestow shadow armor, bite-the-pinecone curse, friendship curse, first servant invocation (specify type).
Second circle (two slots): demand gift, spit spiders.
No. 715744 ID: f461c5

Its been less than a day since beginning of quest, I think. I doubt two days is soon. May as well check the disthread for deets.

mystery and song seems the obvious choice for Nico, but what exactly does the difference between literal and figurative escape imply? Literal escape seems obvious, presumably making Nico more stealthy, swift, and slippery, but I dont want to assume, and I would like the figurative described better. It sounds like Nico's bag, as the idea of being able to escape more readily and totally into an assumed identity comes to mind, but again I am loath to assume.
No. 715749 ID: 4201a2

Definitely righteousness. Due to fame ambition, Garaile swallows anger with the (slightly condescending) attitude that it's all insignificant compared to the great and amazing heroic renown that Garaile will surely have someday from weathering these trials.
No. 715764 ID: 02422f

>rainbow macaw
Wow. That sure ain't the tiny thing I was thinking of. Those are pretty huge, actually. Did I pick a bird too small and get integer rollover?

>spell picking
Okay... a bunch of those are obvious from their names, but there's a few I have questions.

gum-fire: Sticky flame / magic napalm?
whisper-web: A stealth buff? Spying or communication? Sound dampening?
green milk curse: I assume this induces sickness / vomiting and it's not just a color changer.
experimental miscellany: Is that a bonus to freeform spell shaping like I did before, or is it necessary to use a spell slot on it if I want to do that at all?
least true spite: I'm not sure if this is literally invoking spite in someone, or if it's supposed to be more metaphorical.
bite-the-pinecone curse: pain? mutes?
friendship curse : charms target, I assume.
first servant invocation: basic summon of some kind?
spit spiders: Is that "I spit spiders as an attack" or "the target of my spell now has a mouth full of angry spiders to contend with"

Are the curses longer lasting effects that persist until something breaks them?
No. 715785 ID: a107fd

Physical 'thief skills' would be more about literal, logical escape, while scientific figurative escape would involve abuse of alchemy. As for mystery and song:
Figurative escape means developing the conventional social skills, stories of distant places and times, inspiring hope or despair. Mostly subtle, but subversion and supportive force-multiplication are nothing to sneeze at.
Literal escape is more overt. It wears no mask. Couldn't set the scene, before, for lack of players and a stage? The world's a stage, the script is already written, the Sign is in your mind like a hook in a fish. Tug on your lines, pull a herald of the King out of your hat. It's the 'Lovecraftian pokemon trainer' option.

>gum-fire: Sticky flame / magic napalm?
Same old light w/o heat. It can also be inverted, producing momentary heat without light, which is quicker and easier than lighting a fire with flint and steel, but still not useful as a direct attack.
>whisper-web: A stealth buff? Spying or communication? Sound dampening?
A 'web' of allies can hear each other whisper from forty-plus yards away, around corners, and through some walls. Magical equivalent to a set of encrypted radio headsets with throat mikes tuned for subvocalization.
>green milk curse: I assume this induces sickness / vomiting and it's not just a color changer.
Targeted food or drink becomes unpalatable and possibly diseased.
>experimental miscellany: Is that a bonus to freeform spell shaping like I did before, or is it necessary to use a spell slot on it if I want to do that at all?
The second thing.
>least true spite: I'm not sure if this is literally invoking spite in someone, or if it's supposed to be more metaphorical.
It's the exact opposite of healing. Mostly useful for reinforcing undead, or making an assassination look like natural causes.
>bite-the-pinecone curse: pain? mutes?
You offer someone an object (sold separately), and they accept it, including eating it if it's food or drink, without regard for common sense. For example, attempting to bite into a pinecone as if it were a ripe peach.
>friendship curse : charms target, I assume.
>first servant invocation: basic summon of some kind?
>spit spiders: Is that "I spit spiders as an attack"

>Did I pick a bird too small and get integer rollover?
I could work out hummingbird stats if you'd really like, but, apart from lifting capacity, there's dietary considerations. Fruit and nuts are a plausible component of trail rations. Where were you planning to procure nectar?
No. 715795 ID: f461c5

rolled 5, 2, 3 = 10

Damn. Both of those are really good choices, I like how weighty the decision is. I initially was just making an expy of bloodbourne's Micolash, and mysterious literal escape takes me further towards shooting tentacle portals and teleporting away like an asshole than I ever expected.

That said support is my favorite role. And morale multipliers would stack very well with Marijke's new wisper spell, not that Nico knows about that yet.

Assuming Nico doesnt suddenly lose his preexisting support abilities, I think I have to go with mystery/literal. It just follows his primary obsession.
No. 715807 ID: e47e93

"Maybe so, but I've had enough life threatening experiences trying to relax, so it would kill me to relax." Than replies.

Than is going to accept the dirt, there are plenty of plots she has not known, and plenty of lives lost that she has seen, all due to secret magical rituals by the nobility. Not all nobility are cruel and selfish in that way, but most are.

Purifying or killing the undead is redeeming them, but instead of the more righteous way, those who have committed crimes will have their judgement when killed, instead of redemption for all.
No. 715809 ID: 3d2d5f

>spell list
Further questions: would sense poison work on allergens? If so, Marijke can increase her odds of not getting killed by shellfish. Are only the minor ones reusable?

Minor: staunch bleeding, sense poison, gum-fire, whisper-web
(If sense poison won't work on shellfish, I'll take experimental miscellany instead).

First circle: spit fire, least true healing, friendship curse

Second circle: demand gift, spit spiders.

>dietary considerations
Honestly, I wasn't sure how ethereal to physical this thing was going to be, and if diet were going to be an issue.

Nectar is just sugar water, although admittedly assorted nuts / fruit are probably easier to keep in stock than making sure you always have a bag of sugar. Hummers also eat (small) bugs, which I assume there are plenty of, at least in the settlement.

But nah, I'll keep the Macaw. It's grown on me, and is certainly ridiculous enough to aid to the amusing madwoman look I seem to have going. And if Marijke survives to live a life of luxury and clean herself up, a tropical bird of paradise becomes more appropriate.
No. 715832 ID: a107fd

So, for the actual avatar, your default summon-subject... I'm thinking approximately humanoid body plan, aura of terror, yellowed mummy-wrappings that function as a tentacle with increased reach. Sound about right?
No. 715838 ID: 146cb1

OFF: (sorry I had problems in the real so I could not respond well to this quest , or at least this is the excuse , and the fact that the English used in this post often escapes me and not understand well what happens then thought to take off if it is not a problem. otherwise i do my best to follow you > . < )
No. 715880 ID: f461c5

I can think of no better form than the classic one that answers the play, so yeah, thats about perfect. Behold my Stand; In the Light of Hyades!

Speaking of, not that I want to change my choice, but does this level up come with greater understanding of arcane forces and such, greater ability to interact with them?
No. 715913 ID: a107fd

>would sense poison work on allergens?
A variant on the spell which registers relevant mollusk proteins as poison? Sure, no problem. Just be aware that'll produce false positives with regard to what's dangerous to anyone else.

>Are only the minor ones reusable?
Integer-circle spells can only be cast once, then re-prepared. Possible to prepare a new load of spells two or even three times in the same day, but you'd run into mental and/or spiritual problems, comparable to the physical problems associated with twelve or eighteen hours of hard labor over a similar period.

Of Nico's options, literal/science has the least spellcasting, but all have some. In this case... I'm a little brain-tired, basking in positive feedback, and I'd like to move on with the plot, so I'll set aside some of my usual obfuscation and just tell you to pick known spells like a 3rd level Summoner. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/summoner#TOC-Spells
System I'm actually using is at least as much GURPS as Pathfinder, but the only change I can think of that affects known-spell options here is Mount and Unseen Servant being rolled together as variants of Summon Monster I.
No. 715915 ID: 02422f

>A variant on the spell which registers relevant mollusk proteins as poison? Sure, no problem. Just be aware that'll produce false positives with regard to what's dangerous to anyone else.
Marijke is self interested / selfish enough not to be particularly concerned about that.
No. 715928 ID: e47e93

Shellfish enough? *winks*
No. 716164 ID: f461c5

So here is what Nico's list should look like.

6-0; Read Magic, Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Resistance, Daze,...
and either Arcane Mark or Open/Close, depending on how versatile arcane mark is. Can Nico create distinct glyphs or symbols with it, or can it only produce one mark? Being able to instantly scribe such things is too much to pass up. ...Can an Arcane Mark produce the full affect of the yellow sign?

4-1; Identify, Infernal Healing, Mage armor, Summon Monster 1
No. 716166 ID: 02422f

That pun is poison.

(At least as far as I can tell).
No. 716210 ID: a107fd

Arcane mark can produce arbitrary marks, but if cast without a specific symbol in mind it spontaneously produces a "personal seal" which is notably difficult to counterfeit. You can't break somebody's mind with it unless you could do so with nonmagical pen and paper... which may yet be possible.

Take Open/Close instead of Daze, and be advised that Identify requires some lab equipment not currently available.

Than is feeling stiff and sore from sleeping on a hard stone roof. The other PCs are mildly hung over (except for Marijke, who received an excellent night's sleep and an inexplicable dream-bird, as previously established), and dangling from that central pillar by their wrists (except for Yeven Sturgis, who seems to have completely disappeared).
Apparently all those chains are more than just goblin military aesthetics, and the surrounding red-black splashes... might not be paint.
No. 716216 ID: e47e93

"Huh." Is all Than can say silently while looking down at her comrades.

The red-black splashes look familiar, but not fresh enough to carry the smell to her. Could be blood and ashes. Doesn't seem good at all.

She's going to stay hidden for now until someone reacts. She's not going to deal with whoever did this alone at the moment. She considers who to help first when she can.

If the chains have locks, she may prioritize Snake first to be stealthy and lockpick them. If they're just tied, maybe Marijke can detonate the chains or melt them? Or Yeven could lift the pillar out of the ground...?
No. 716226 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 3, 6, 4 = 13

Marijke's first act after realizing she's tied up is to try and determine if she still has her coin purse. (If it's not, cue curses and general invoking her god against thieves).

After that, she'll look up skeptically up at the large bird on her head. "I don't suppose you're any good with locks?"

Are my casting options restricted or penalized by having my hands bound in iron?

Does anything about the place where we find ourselves jump out as magical?
No. 716245 ID: f461c5

Two things. If Nico *Opens his shackles, will he fall, or can he support his weight in some other way? And who appears to be around? Are the priest and his acolyte visible?
No. 716323 ID: a107fd

>stay hidden for now
That incorrectly presupposes a state of currently being hidden. Three goblins are up on the roof with Than, dozens more are on guard or wandering around.

>Yeven could lift the pillar out of the ground...?
Yeven is not present. Even if she were, the pillar is twenty feet in diameter and mostly solid stone, which would make it extremely difficult to lift even if it were a 750-ton freestanding block, rather than securely fused with the floor and ceiling.

>determine if she still has her coin purse
She does, although counting the contents might be difficult.

>"I don't suppose you're any good with locks?"
Claws might qualify as improvised tools, acute eyesight certainly doesn't hurt... and Marijke's familiar effectively has as much training at locksmithing as she herself does, which is to say, none at all.

>Are my casting options restricted or penalized by having my hands bound in iron?
Might be distracting, but some spells require no gesture, and even those that do can be managed with just finger-wiggling. Some iron can interfere with magic directly, but this isn't that kind. At worst, the distraction penalty can be offset by taking extra time... although that also widens the window of opportunity for someone to interrupt.

Open/Close can deal with simple latches, and tie or untie basic knots, but the actual locks on these shackles require a spell of at least the second circle, or mundane skill and tools.

>Are the priest and his acolyte visible?
Not at the moment. The chained group is facing toward the northeast gate, directly away from the chapel.
No. 716333 ID: 02422f

rolled 6, 6, 5 = 17

>She does, although counting the contents might be difficult.
So long as it's got a comforting weight, Marijke is reassured, for now. (Though she will be checking her money in more detail when she's free).

>If they're just tied, maybe Marijke can detonate the chains or melt them?
I really doubt spit fire is long lasting or hot enough to cut through metal. And while I could probably use gum-fire to dump heat into the chains all day long, I really doubt I'll hit the melting point before reaching a steady state. And then there's the unfortunate fact that we're touching the chains, and metal is an excellent conductor of heat. We'd get burns long before we got freedom if we ever did, that way.

My best magical solution for freedom would probably be a friendship curse on someone holding the keys. (Assuming they're alone and no one else could interfere). Or maybe the classic "send the pet animal to fetch the keys" plan, if the goblins were careless enough to leave them out, and blind enough not to notice a giant colorful bird.

Assuming someone else can't talk us out of this first, or just be a rogue.

>what do
The sensible option is probably to cast whisper-web so we can plot escape without being heard, and rope Than into the conversation.

Could the macaw take off and do a brief fly-around? See what's going on nearby, give us a better perspective. Maybe see if there's an execution squad marching in this direction. (Not the best choice for stealthy reconnaissance, but hey, people are bad at looking up. And goblins are at least ostensibly people).

>Claws might qualify as improvised tools, acute eyesight certainly doesn't hurt... and Marijke's familiar effectively has as much training at locksmithing as she herself does, which is to say, none at all.
I'm going to write this off as getting an unhelpful inquisitive stare down from the large lump of color in response to Marijke's inquiry.
No. 716347 ID: 4201a2

rolled 3, 5, 6 = 14

Garaile should not be hung over, as alcohol was used only for sanitation.
Garaile would not have consumed alcohol together with goblins that were explicitly considered to be untrustworthy. See >>715470

It is time for Garaile to combine unusual joints with bondage experience to attempt an escape from these shackles.
No. 716353 ID: e47e93

rolled 4, 6, 4 = 14

HUH. Did they notice her? How close are they to the edge of the roof? Garaile making any progress in the chains?

If she's not stealthed, TRY AGAIN. Or to continue not being noticed. Worst case scenario is combat attracting more attention.

No. 716375 ID: a107fd

>try again
Stealth requires cover or concealment. If you're currently being watched, it's also necessary to break the observer's concentration and/or line-of-sight, at least momentarily. That's why ninjas love flash bombs.

The cavern is adequately lit by those violet-glowing fungi up above, and even if it were not, goblin eyes make mundane darkness-based concealment a nonstarter. Fog or smoke can provide concealment, but there's no red mist inside the outpost, and no significant fires. As for hard cover relative to the courtyard and parapets, Than's closest options would be to jump down off the roof and force entry into the chapel (sturdy door, probably a dead end) or go over the wall and hide somewhere that's not actually inside the outpost. West gate is closest. There are four or five goblins in the way, armed but not yet actively hostile; shoving or pirouetting past them should be easy enough, though not risk-free. South gate is about four yards further away, in the opposite direction, but the guards on the relevant section of parapet seem less alert.

>how surrounded
Fairly surrounded. There are at least fifty or sixty goblins total, and Than's right in the middle of their fortified base.

>Garaile should not be hung over,
Did he have any of the local mushroom-bread, or just eat the last of his own rations?

>attempt an escape from these shackles
Left hand free, right wrist feels like blood circulation's been pinched off. Ten minutes of further squirming for a second attempt, or try something else?
A small crowd of off-duty goblins are watching as Garaile struggles, occasionally elbowing each other, laughing, or speculating what he'll do next.

>cast whisper-web so we can plot escape without being heard,
>critical failure
Difficult to target Than without knowing where she is. So, for the next half-hour, the elf, and every goblin in the outpost, will hear Marijke's subvocalizations repeated in a piercing parrot screech, which is magically inaudible to the chained-up prisoners, including Marijke herself.

In the chapel, under Than's feet, the acolytes whinge about this new noise. One of them asks some overly-formal question, to which Brother Mesifin bellows "Denied! Not one minute ahead of schedule, you hear me?"
No. 716377 ID: 4201a2

rolled 6, 3, 5 = 14

Admittedly, Garaile probably ate some food. No one ever expects alcoholic bread.

Continue squirming. Garaile is nothing if not determined.
Also, if Garaile's axe has been confiscated, scan the immediate area for a potential weapon to acquire upon getting free.
No. 716473 ID: e47e93

rolled 1, 3, 1 = 5

During parrot noise land, run towards the west gate. They'll see her coming if they're focusing, but shouldn't hear her coming. If there's anything in the gate that i can lure out to the goblin outpost, she'll aggravate it. May as well cause some chaos. If not, Than can just dawdle around until something happens and she can get a better position to shoot.
No. 716482 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 6, 1, 4 = 11

That sucks for Than, but I take grim satisfaction in the discomfort and frustration I'm causing our captors.

I'm half tempted to have Marijke break out in song to drive them crazy or give them all headaches, but they'd probably just kill me to shut me up.

I suppose I could bluff. Pretend that was deliberate, and roll to intimidate.

No. 716489 ID: f461c5

rolled 3, 6, 6 = 15

Is it possible for Nico to summon living or organic weaponry, similar to daedric weapons, organcraft equipment, or the stuff some dark sun people wield?

If so, Nico will prepare to summon a weapon when requested, and see about getting himself unchained as well. How are the chains connected to the pillar, are they threaded through or just looped through rings or what? Does each individual of the party have their own length of chain or are they all connected to the same length?
No. 716598 ID: a107fd

Than darts around and over the goblin guards, a blur of motion. Seconds later, she's perched atop the wall, looking out past the west gate. It's another borehole, with a similar seal engraved in the floor about twenty yards out. A giant snail is approaching. Up on the parapet there's a crank mechanism, presumably used to lift the gate, and a lever whose function is not immediately obvious.
What next? Climb over the wall and hang by fingertips? Jump down and run away, or taunt the snail somehow? Stand and fight, with the narrow parapet limiting how many attackers can approach at once, and a high-ground bonus, but no cover relative to archers in the courtyard?
There is a type of demon known to disguise itself as a bejeweled sword of magnificent sharpness, and exude memory-stealing poison, but, alas, summoning it would require a spell of the third circle. With only the first circle, combative options include one of those fish-faced rat-things encountered previously, various small poisonous reptiles and amphibians, and an otherworldly firefly the size of a large dog.

The chains are a haphazard mess, and difficult to examine from Nico's current position. Some of them loop all the way around the pillar, and others are held up with heavy staples driven into the stone, or cross-linked.
In order to pretend the effect was intentional, Marijke would need to be aware of it. So far she has every reason to believe the spell worked correctly, as it directs the augmented echoes away from her own ears and those of the intended targets. It would seem like her fellow prisoners are simply choosing not to respond.
No. 716606 ID: e47e93

rolled 2, 3, 1 = 6

A giant snail. Oh dear. Traumatic memories are coming back to Than as the snail deliberately consumed her party one by one, all because no one could flip it over and expose it under the shell.

Well one way to get out of a mess is to use another mess, so Than is going to get in on that.

Bring the snail into the outpost and use it as a decoy, if they can kill it, to shoot down some gobbies and maybe those missionaries if they're the cause of this.
No. 716755 ID: a107fd

Than successfully dives through a narrow gap between the wall of the borehole and the snails 10' diameter shell, then clings to the back and works out a pattern of kicks which resonate inside the shell, driving the monstrous gastropod onward toward the goblin outpost at it's apparent maximum speed of two yards per second.
No. 717105 ID: a107fd

As the snail approaches, Mesifin Styx and his acolytes walk out of the chapel and around the pillar, standing behind the mob of goblins to address the prisoners over their heads. In a disturbingly jovial tone he explains,
"Well, in case you haven't figured it out already, all that stuff about hospitality? That was a lie! We're actually planning to perform certain sacraments upon your vital organs which will, sadly, result in them no longer being functional as such. You there, Garaile... I see you've managed to get a hand free, and are still struggling, which says to me that you're a go-getter, someone with a bit more of that vital spark than most. I could use people like that. How would you feel about betraying your comrades and joining my church?"
No. 717140 ID: 4201a2

rolled 1, 4, 4 = 9

"How about no, ye crazy goblin bastards?"

Continue struggling free.
No. 717148 ID: 02422f

rolled 2, 4, 1 = 7

>In order to pretend the effect was intentional, Marijke would need to be aware of it.
Oh drat, I was afraid that might be the case.

>We're actually planning to perform certain sacraments upon your vital organs which will, sadly, result in them no longer being functional as such.
"Hey! Some of our organs are already spoken for! This is religious persecution, this is!"

Trying to catch the attention of Marijke's deity. I didn't go full priest, and I'm not sure exactly what benefits I get with lesser patronage, but surely gods don't appreciate having followers poached as sacrifices to other gods.

...hmm. Presumably a properly cast whisper-web would discriminate between covert whispers and open speech. I'm not sure if the miscast one will echo those words or not.
No. 717150 ID: e47e93

rolled 2, 1, 1 = 4

As the snail draws near the outpost, Than readies to shoot whoever is nearest to the pillar in the outpost.

In the head.

If it's Styx, so be it.

If Than heard anything of what Mesifin just said though, it will trigger her immensely.

In another way to look at it though, yay shooting people!
No. 717154 ID: 02422f

Damn, Than just rolled a critical headshot, I believe.

...if that happens right after she invokes her god, Marijke is totally going to loudly credit that to divine wrath on our behalf. Maybe it'll intimidate the survivors.

Oh and I just realized this would be a perfect time for a title drop.
>Please do not [T]ake these Organs
No. 717201 ID: a107fd

Brother Mesifin accepts the refusal with equanimity, but something about the name-calling hits a nerve. "I'll have you know my mother was the very flower of the Silver Scorpion Tribe, and her husbands had precisely as much say in raising me as was proper! How dare you compare me to these fil..."
pauses, remembering he's severely outnumbered by bored, excitable goblins with knives, "...valued allies of the Church?"
Distant patrons in general, and Brem Marst (the Great Investor) in particular, are not well-known for throwing good money after bad. Main benefit Marijke gets right now from patronage is earlier access to the second circle. So, obvious options for using that: she could compel Mesifin to hand over that nasty-looking steel rod with the thorned skull and aura of black fire that he's brandishing (which would also, incidentally, bring him close enough for to Garaile to attempt a grapple), or vomit ten thousand telepathically-controlled venomous spiders into the crowd.
The watch officer on duty at the west gate catches Than's arrow in his right eye. It penetrates so deeply, so perfectly aligned with his optic nerve, that the arrowhead glides cleanly through brain tissue and bounces off the back of his bulbous skull, concealing itself entirely before the other guards even realize they're being fired upon. He slumps over against the winch, spasming and babbling (something about key lime pie?), which the second-in-command somehow interprets as "those two from the patrol, lost down a pit trap, found their own way back. Please open the portcullis." By the time they realize their mistake, Than and the snail are through the gate and ready to wreak havoc.

However, Mesifin, three acolytes, and the prisoners are currently on the opposite side of the pillar. Than has no line of sight to them.
No. 717250 ID: 02422f

rolled 2, 6, 5 = 13

>Distant patrons in general, and Brem Marst (the Great Investor) in particular, are not well-known for throwing good money after bad.
Hmm, well, honestly, I wasn't expecting lightning from the heavens. Really, I was using Pact logic. Even if it didn't draw a reaction, drawing the attention of and even the tiniest bit of influence from a power in your favor is a good thing. Stack your advantages!

>she could compel Mesifin to hand over that nasty-looking steel rod with the thorned skull and aura of black fire that he's brandishing
Well, it's probably a magic item, but I'm less sure it's potent enough to turn the course of this mess by itself. And this doesn't seem the kind of crowd that would back down just because we got ahold of their leader.

>or vomit ten thousand telepathically-controlled venomous spiders into the crowd.
Oh my goodness they're smart weapons? I assumed they were dumbfire and therefore only useful at close range. But that means they would work as effective crowd control. I'm doing this. I'm so doing this.

"Fine. You want my organs? Let me help. I'll hork em up for you."

...I can only imagine how vomiting sounds, translated to parrot screeches.

It might as well make a futile lockpick check. Or maybe it could look around to see if anyone has any keys it can snatch in the chaos that's about to ensue with spiders, snails, and surprise arrows hitting people.
No. 717263 ID: a107fd

>divine intervention in the form of spiders
>rolled 2, 4, 1 = 7
Brother Mesifin is leading the acolytes in prayer. He recites "Where for the glory of the Horned One does the true essence lie?" and each of the acolytes offers a response.
"Not in the brain, for thought is fleeting, ever changing; crack the skull and suck it forth."
They've just gotten to "Not in the belly, that furnace of power, for it so easily turns; dissolve it in acids of its own creation,"
when Marijke croaks out "You're wrong about thought. In the Eternal Ledger, thought endures. Life... endures. The day turns, and the year, and the belly,"
There's a chittering, a gurgling, a terrible discordant whistling roar that sets the whole cavern ringing like a bell. Seething mass of miniscule eight-legged predatory arachnids erupts from Marijke's mouth and nose, streaming down her neck and chest, out across the floor to set upon the goblins as they cringe with hands over ears. "Everything turns, but the Ledger endures!"
>futile lockpick check
>rolled 2, 6, 5 = 13
Once everyone's so thoroughly distracted, the parrot fetches some hooked bit of metal from Marijke's tool belt and starts attempting to unfasten shackles, to little immediate effect.
No. 717297 ID: f461c5

rolled 2, 6, 4 = 12

How obvious is it when the King's avatar is summoned? If it can be done with any level of covertness, Nico will summon the ragged man as far out of the priest's current line of sight as possible, on the walls or just among the buildings, while beginning to yell at the chanters, in an attempt both to damage their concentration and perhaps turn some of the goblins against them. The ragged man will close while being all spooky and shit, gotta be theatrical and all that.

"I cant say I have a great deal of experience with cults,never seen any point in it really, but I cant say Im terribly impressed by yours. Yesterday you were hoping to get some of us to join you, and now you only bother to offer to the guy who has literally no reason to! If nothing else your fathers didnt do a grand job of instilling any wit in you!Too busy wasting their time selling the fruits of your whore mother? Or perhaps you are just that desperate? A particularly greedy one, is your thorny patron? Without us here would you be poaching goblin sweetmeats for him? or would you fall amongst your own followers?"
Nico will peer about the goblin captain. If spotted, he will be called out to.
"You should really choose your allies better! This ones an idiot!"
No. 717300 ID: a107fd

Summoning the King's avatar involves a ritual which can't be cut down to less than 60 seconds, and involves gestures and dance-steps which Nico can't perform while bound as he currently is.

Taunting works just fine, though. Brother Mesifin's eyes bulge and his face turns red as he bellows "Silence!" and a ten-foot radius around Nico's tongue becomes unnaturally quiet just as the giant snail slithers into view, hammering it's way through the crowd with four whirling club-ended tentacles.

Back near the west gate, an elf regains her senses. It seems at least one goblin died attempting to repel the snail, close enough that the sensation of a soul shuffling off it's mortal attachments shot through her chakras like a lightning bolt. Than is currently laying on her back in an eight-foot-wide path of slippery snail-slime. There's a goblin standing on top of her abdomen, getting ready to remodel her face with a hatchet, and two more on the walkway ten feet above, holding some sort of alchemical grenades.
No. 717303 ID: e47e93

rolled 3, 4, 2 = 9

Considering the fact that her allies were chained to a pillar possibly being a ritual, the current situation the incoming adrenaline from the kill, Than is beginning to go off.

"Release my allies, or your lives are forfeit!"

She proceeds to let out a mimicry of a banshee's shriek to further intimidate the goblins, confuse the acolytes and Styx if they know about the seal preventing undead from entering, to further incite the snail into violence against her enemies all, and protect herself all at the same time.

Launch off the goblin on top, roll to evade the grenades. Pin their knees or arms to make them unable to attack or walk, maybe both, and not cause a violent enough death to temporarily shut her down.

The hatchet slamming down into her face would only break her mask, and reveal her face which is not in a pleasant state at the moment. Wearing a slasher smile and with her red eye being the most active, as the only truth to her right now is death, slow or instantaneous. She still has a higher chance to trigger her supernatural vulnerability, and she can't hear anyone speak, but her allies are a little more noticeable.

It may not be magic, but Marijke can see something coming out of her mask as a representation of her state right now.
No. 717311 ID: f461c5

rolled 5, 6, 2 = 13

If Arcane Mark can be cast without verbal components, Nico will smugly mark the pillar his hands are chained to with the yellow sign. Even without its memetic affect, marking the place of a religious rite with the mark of another entity is sure to bother the priest.

After that, Nico will attempt to convey to Sir Garail that he ought spare no effort in getting out of his bonds, and Nico will do the same.
No. 717314 ID: 4201a2

rolled 3, 4, 4 = 11

Garaile is already sparing no effort in getting out of these bonds, but they are pretty tough bonds.
No. 717332 ID: 02422f

rolled 6, 4, 1 = 11

Hahahaha. That's fantastic.

Well, now that the crowd is distracted by spiders, I guess it's time to try and escape.

>Equipment: Coin purse, lockpicking / surgery tools, knives, jade amulet, cinnamon incense, dragonweed, bronze statuette (deity of trade / wealth / prosperity).
...I can't believe I just remembered I had those.

Marijke will try to reach her tools and/or get her familiar to take them off of her (hopefully we weren't searched well?). Once in hand, the bird can either try to pick the lock while better equipped, or maybe it could pass them off to someone in the party who's skilled in their use. (Well, assuming they could actually reach their own lock).

>a ten-foot radius around Nico's tongue becomes unnaturally quiet
Is Marijke in that radius? If so, that may interfere with any future casting on my part. And I'm not sure if that would block the active parrot screeching repetition effect or not. Or if that would block attempts to communicate with my familiar.
No. 717333 ID: 02422f

Oh, derp, the link there should be >>717263 not 717250. And I can't deleted and repost to fix the typo without losing the roll.
No. 717391 ID: a107fd

Than still hasn't actually seen the condition her allies are in, since they're around the other side of the pillar, though she might have made inferences from Marijke's "whispering."

Squirming out of the way of the axe is partially successful, reducing it to a glancing blow. The fox mask is cracked, and Than's face is marred by a bloody gash along the hairline, above her right ear. The ear is still attached, and her skull seems to be intact.
The hatchet's wielder was expecting this to be a coup de grace on a helpless target, and was accordingly completely unprepared for a counterattack. Moments later, Than has spun him around into a hammerlock, hoisted him overhead to ward off grenades, and regained her footing.

However, the slimy patch is slick as ice, and those few moments have allowed half a dozen goblin archers to assemble in the courtyard, arrows nocked and leveled at the masked intruder.

The yellow sign is inscribed successfully, though not on the first attempt. Spoken components are hampered rather than prohibited by magical silence, just as gestured are hampered by ordinary shackles, and it requires both.

Garaile manages to locate his remaining shackle's mounting point and simply yank the relevant staple out of the wall. He is now unbound, and has some five pounds of heavy chain securely fastened to his right wrist.

>(hopefully we weren't searched well?)
You weren't really searched at all.
>Is Marijke in that radius? If so, that may interfere with any future casting on my part. And I'm not sure if that would block the active parrot screeching repetition effect or not.
Yes, it will, although the nonmagical echoes take a little while to die down.
>Or if that would block attempts to communicate with my familiar.
The empathic bond is unimpeded, though it remains inconveniently vague and low-bandwidth.

The three acolytes retreat from the wave of spiders, falling back to the warehouse/workshop, while Brother Mesifin wades through the increasingly panicked mob of goblins toward the oncoming snail, waving his ornate morningstar through an inauspicious kata while chanting foul (and, to the prisoners, inaudible) imprecations.
No. 717398 ID: 4201a2

rolled 2, 6, 2 = 10

Garaile will take advantage of the chaos to target Brother Mesifin, rushing forward to cave in the back of his head with the impromptu flail.
Eliminate the leadership and cut off the snake's head, so to speak.

Also, since Garaile's axe was stolen by goblins, it would be ideal to acquire Mesifin's morningstar.
No. 717400 ID: 02422f

Okay, since all I did this time was get questions answered, I'll commit to the plan I rolled for here >>717332 of trying to get my familiar to help get my tools for lockpicking.
No. 717425 ID: e47e93

rolled 2, 3, 1 = 6

Toss goblin, run towards allies while evading projectiles. Nothing much else to do.
No. 717426 ID: e47e93

or well, the pillar at least. evading snail counts too
No. 717480 ID: a107fd
File 146094708608.jpg - (13.06KB , 275x220 , tactical.jpg )

If not for Mesifin's own demand for silence, the chain would be whistling audibly through the air as Garaile winds up. Instead, it makes no sound at all until the sharp crack of two inch-wide links connecting with Mesifin's left temple. The priest stumbles another half-step forward, which brings him into the snail's reach. Two more thumps from rocky tentacles and he's crumpling like a sack of potatoes, splintered bone protruding through the flesh of his right forearm, left knee shattered.

Peeking around the corner, Nico's Babel worm recognizes the snail's movements as some kind of sign language. "What's going on? Where did all these damn goblins come from? Please, I just want to go home!"

Inside the vile priest's brow, a dark star dawns. Raw cosmic spite, the fundamental energy of destruction, pours forth to strike at all life within ten yards. Most of the goblins within that range collapse, half-dead.

Archers on the other side of the pillar, however, seem unaffected. Three of them fail to fire, distracted with catching their thrown comrade, one misses, but two aim true. Than now has a pair of barbed goblin arrows protruding from her flesh, one in the left upper arm and one in the groin, perilously close to the brachial and femoral arteries, respectively. She scrambles off the slime trail and takes cover behind the chapel's open door before they can line up a second volley.

Through the doorway she can see what's going on to the east. The workshop's door is directly opposite, fifty feet away.
Y'know what, I'll show you a map. Nico and Marijke are chained up at waypoint 1, Garaile and semiconscious Mesifin are at 2, goblins regrouping at 3, barracks 4, chapel 5, acolytes hiding in the storehouse at 6. North is up, squares are ten feet, etc. The circular thing is the snail, to scale, not a staircase.

Tools have been fetched, and shared with Dimitry Nicola, who is significantly more skilled at locksmithing. Parrot is not feeling so great after that spite-blast. Marijke's summoned spiders, fortunately, were wandering off toward the southeast gate and well out of range. It seems they continue in a straight line, attacking mindlessly, until she consciously directs them otherwise.
No. 717482 ID: f461c5

rolled 3, 3, 1 = 7

Nico, finding that his casting is significantly less impeded than he thought, (As sometimes is infinitely better than never) will continue trying to slip at least one hand out of his bindings, not giving much care to weather he damages them or not.

After freeing his hands, he will either try to cast infernal healing on himself (If his hands are injured) or mage armor on Ser Garail.
No. 717483 ID: e47e93

A little bit of tears from the pain, a lot of cursing in elvish. What's the success rate of pulling out them barbed arrows without making the injury any worse? Otherwise Than is in a lethal situation unless anyone can help her. Fortunately Mesifin just died and Garaile escaped at least(?)

This is bad.

Really a bad situation for Than.
No. 717525 ID: 02422f

rolled 2, 3, 5 = 10

>Marijke's summoned spiders, fortunately, were wandering off toward the southeast gate and well out of range.
I see gates W, NE, and S. The storehouse is SE, did you mean that? Or are they off the map somewhere?

>It seems they continue in a straight line, attacking mindlessly, until she consciously directs them otherwise.
If I'm going to direct them, I would split the swarm. One smaller group to finish the reeling heretic priest (or to at least go for his face and interrupt the vocal aspect of his casting) and a larger group to pursue and harry the retreating goblins.

The Macaw can stay put for now. Hopefully it has the sense to hunker down and not attract arrows.

>what do
Besides ordering my spiders around, there's not really much Marijke can do but pray someone undoes her bindings before her distraction is used up.

>Tools have been fetched, and shared with Dimitry Nicola
Is he at 1 too? You left him out in the summation. Marijke really hopes he uses those lockpicks to help soon, since being tied to a pole in the middle of a fight sucks.

>Peeking around the corner, Nico's Babel worm recognizes the snail's movements as some kind of sign language.
If the snail is sapient, I wonder if I can order a few spiders to try and communicate with it. Except info from Nico's worm would be OOC for Marijke, and Nico can't share with the silence still in effect.

>What's the success rate of pulling out them barbed arrows without making the injury any worse?
In the real world at least, terrible. For most kinds of stabbing or impaling injuries like that, usual prescription is to leave the arrow in place and bind the area around it until you can get to proper medical help, because pulling it out almost always makes the bleeding worse. And barbed arrows are specifically intended to cause further harm if you yank em out.
No. 717527 ID: a107fd

Nico slips free of the shackles, and successfully bestows shadow armor on Sir Garaile. Not a moment too soon: half-formed plates of tenebrous force deflect a grazing hit from the snail's flailing tentacles.

Each casting of Infernal Healing would consume either a pint of sunwater or a drop of alchemically preserved devil's blood, worth about five pounds of coinage-grade silver on the open market, although the price is a moot point when Nico simply doesn't have any on hand. Even apart from that cost, the spell has some marked disadvantages compared to Least True Healing, such as inability to bring people back from certain types of injury or any type of death. For some reason I thought you'd taken Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon instead, and I'll let you go back and switch to that if you'd prefer.
No. 717552 ID: a107fd

Northeast gate, yeah. Misspoke because the corresponding borehole curves around to the south.
>split the swarm
Doesn't work. Marijke's got a little RTS mini-map in her mind, with three commandable units: self, parrot, swarm. Asking the spiders to split up is like asking her own right and left legs to walk in opposite directions.

>The Macaw can stay put for now. Hopefully it has the sense to hunker down and not attract arrows.
Parrot on shoulder, check. Eyepatch and peg leg on back-order. Let's hope you get through this without needing 'em.

>Is he at 1 too? You left him out in the summation.
Than took the precaution of sleeping on a rooftop, which made her inconvenient to carry over to the pillar. Yeven Sturgis disappeared overnight, perhaps noticing the impending ambush and effortlessly circumventing the outpost's perimeter security with her gravity powers. Sgt. Nick is, as far as you know, still at the bottom of a rancid pool, screaming himself hoarse. The other PCs - Marijke, "Sir" Garaile, Nico Nashville, and Dimitry "the White Snake" Nicola (we sure have a lot of folks named 'nic,' huh?) - were chained up to be sacrificed.

Snake has successfully unfastened his own restraints, and goes to work on Marijke's. She's the only one still in chains, apart from Garaile's improvised flail.

>If the snail is sapient, I wonder if I can order a few spiders to try and communicate with it.
Arachnids and gastropods have at least as little in common with each other as either do with mammals, and these particular spiders are intellectually on par with earthworms, or koalas; problem-solving and abstraction are utterly beyond their comprehension, never mind language. It would make more sense to attempt semaphore using a pair of live cuttlefish as flags... or, perhaps, simply wait for the Silence to expire and re-cast Whisperweb, including the snail and Nico as targets.

>In the real world at least, terrible.
Yep. When in doubt, I'm going for brutal realism here. One casting of Least True Healing on each of those two wounds would fix Than up good as new, though, and if that happens within the next in-game hour you won't even need to worry about infection.
No. 717556 ID: 02422f

>spiders can't split up
I'll send them after the gobos, then. Drive away the group of arrow shooting baddies, and leave Garaile to finish the priest.

>One casting of Least True Healing on each of those two wounds would fix Than up good as new
...too bad for than I've only got one of those prepared.
No. 717570 ID: a107fd

Swarming spiders pursue into the barracks, leaving wounded, in some cases paralyzed and/or blinded goblins in their wake. When they're done, the place will most likely be more nearly free of fleas and bedbugs than on the day it was built.

The last pair of shackles opens. Marijke can feel the mechanism click, and see Dimitry's lips move, but the actual sound of his witty comment or request for gratitude is lost.

It looks like Mesifin Styx isn't quite out of the fight yet, and is in fact readying another pulse of killing energy even as Garaile and the flail snail begin to stave in his ribcage. Intervene, or flee?
No. 717581 ID: f461c5

rolled 5, 2, 2 = 9

(I think I will indeed take rejuvenate eidolon rather than the unusable regeneration spell, yes)

After paling at the realization that he nearly broke his hands for reliance on a spell that he doesnt have and couldnt cast anyway, Nico will move around to the corner of the storehouse, and try his hand at tossing a blob of acid at the general area of Styx's face, considering that a burnt out tongue likely plays merry hell with verbal spells, regardless of arcane or divine nature.

After that he will simply try to keep out of the way of any fighting, and out of line of sight of any more goblin archers, rubbing his wrists and keeping the flail snail in his line of sight to learn as much of its vernacular as possible.

(Forgot to dice first time around)
No. 717589 ID: a107fd

Brother Mesifin Styx's eyes melt and sizzle away into empty sockets where Nico's caustic ray strikes. The fallen priest lays, twitching, in an ever-broader puddle of his own blood. For a moment, all is still.

From the cracks in his accursed skull, a final spiteful blast erupts. Though it leaves no wounds, Garaile suddenly feels dizzy and short of breath, while Nico's joints and teeth ache like a deep full-body bruise. Some fifteen or twenty scattered goblins, already struck down by the first wave of negative energy, spasm and expire, joining their erstwhile ally in death.

A mass of phlegm and bile, more than the corpse could possibly have contained, rises like smoke and coalesces into a twisted, semi-humanoid shape, foul and demonic and bizarre, yet somehow bitterly familiar. "Mister Nashville," it says, not in any earthly language, not even in sounds, but rather through the refined medium of willful, malicious intent, direct from one soul to another and therefore clearly comprehensible to all sapient beings present, "You insulted my family, my faith, my future... weighed against that wounded pride, mere omnipresent pointless death scarcely stings. May your rapier tongue be forever sheathed!" Those last words spent, the specter falls down, deep into the earth, borne on a swirl of putrid green flame.

The snail simply shudders in horror and withdraws into it's shell.
No. 717597 ID: e47e93

I guess Than will just sit around until help comes. Anything more in action will make the injuries worse.
No. 717598 ID: a107fd

There's more than enough clean cloth at hand to make bandages, and her own supply of fortified wine for sterilization. Is Than willing to plunder a shrine for first aid supplies?
No. 717601 ID: f461c5

rolled 1, 6, 1 = 8

Pride?... Cultists, bah. Nico will test his sheathed tongue. "Ah, so am I to be robbed of speech or merely insult?"

That quandary satisfied, he will lend his surgery kit, as well as the use of his laudanum for painkilling and soap for cleansing, to Than, though he will leave the actual physicking to someone more competent in general, and to whom Than has given fewer mistrustful glances. An actor notices these things.
No. 717602 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 2, 2, 4 = 8

>Marijke can feel the mechanism click, and see Dimitry's lips move, but the actual sound of his witty comment or request for gratitude is lost.
I'll offer a smile and thumbs up in return, then attempt to move out of the silence.

>another spite blast
Was Marijke out of range from that? My Macaw is still feeling the first one.

>what do
First priority: Marijke checks that the contents of her coin purse are intact. (Charcter flaws are so much fun).

Second priority is treating Than's injuries. I think the proper procedure would be to use the surgery tools to remove the arrows, cast staunch bleeding to stop the blood loss that triggers, then cast least true healing on whichever of the two injuries is more serious. (Or to prioritize the leg shot, so she's not slowed as we flee). Unfortunately, I only have the one casting prepared, so the other will just have to be bound / bandaged normally.

Looks like Nico is assisting with the surgery or at least the cleaning the wounds? Marijke might have to shoo him away from the patient so she can cast, if he's still broadcasting silence.

Third priority is applying magic sight to Nico, see if Marijke can perceive anything about that curse.

(Uh, that's several things, do I need more rolls?).
No. 717647 ID: e47e93

Well it should be more noticeable to Nico with Than's broken mask. Making another can come another time or during the change between quest threads or whatever transition you're planning.

She'll accept help from Marijke, and looting for more medical supplies sounds like a good idea.

What happened to the Snake guy?

On a personal note, I don't think Nico will be muted at all. All he says is "may" conditionally, which is usually a hope, never a promise.

But hey, I'm not JamesLeng.
No. 717687 ID: a107fd

>test his sheathed tongue
All the mouthparts seem to work normally, but no sound is produced. Nico Nashville can hear sounds originating more than ten feet away almost normally, though oddly distorted, but anything within that radius is utterly silent. Those standing close to him cannot hear anything at all.

>Was Marijke out of range from that?
Might have been. Which way did she move, immediately after being unshackled?

>contents of her coin purse
All present and accounted for.

>Unfortunately, I only have the one casting prepared
Triage, bandaging, removal of the projectiles, and treatment for shock proceed in a mercifully uneventful manner. When it comes time to apply serious magic, the parrot recites a memorized phrase.
"Free samples, urawk! Limit one per customer per day, warrk!"
Sure enough, only the second application of miraculous healing actually uses up a prepared spell. Both puncture wounds and the cut on Than's forehead seem to be fully recovered, or near enough, although her mask remains cracked and hair disheveled.

So, you're all been barricaded inside the chapel, wounds treated, breath caught, 'free sample' healing passed around to anyone who seems to need it. Conversation is possible, so long as Nico is standing at the far side of the room. It's been about an hour since the fighting stopped when some goblin knocks on the door, shave-and-a-haircut, and shouts "Parley!"
No. 717703 ID: a075ba

rolled 4, 1, 3 = 8

New ISP, new ID, woo.
>Which way did she move, immediately after being unshackled?
Being a squishy caster, probably away from the writhing giant snail, the angry dark priest, and the teammate haphazardly swinging a chain around all engaged in melee.

>free sample healing
Bird has earned a treat when next Marijke gets the chance, and Brem Marst gets prayers of thanks.

>So, you're all been barricaded inside the chapel
Where's the snail? In the chapel with us, hunkered down by the site of battle still, or fleeing goblintown as fast as it can?

>what do
Immediately before the goblins arrived, Marijke would have been studying the curse placed on Nico with her magic sight. While there's a certain amusing irony in a gregarious chatterbox being silences, he's been nice to her. She's looking to see if she can tell if there might be a way to reverse it, or if a whisper-web could safely bypass it.

If there was time permitting in between the medical treatment and the goblin's arrival: I'd also liked to have given the interior of the shrine a quick inspection. Mostly so we can avoid anything unholy, cursed, or otherwise sacrosanct to the local vengeful dark deity. (And on the off chance anything else jumps out as enchanted or magical- stuff left behind by previous sacrifices, maybe)? If Garaile took Mesifin's weapon, I'd like to have inspected that too.

Since the most outspoken member of our party isn't on speaking terms with anyone at the moment: "We're listening".
No. 717704 ID: 4201a2

rolled 3, 1, 4 = 8

Garaile will equip the pilfered morningstar on the hip slot where the axe used to be.
Can I get an inventory check, so I know what they did and did not take?

Also, now that the fighting is over and a real weapon has been acquired, Garaile would like to more calmly take the time to remove the stubborn shackle and eliminate the dead weight.
No. 717716 ID: e47e93

Than will just do an inventory check on the shrine. With her mask broken, she's not in a good mood at the moment. She's not going to touch anything though, only look.

"Can you still communicate by writing on the ground using chalk?" she asks Nico not within his null zone.
No. 717742 ID: a107fd

>squishy caster away from melee
After a dose of free-sample healing the bird seems to be fine.

>If there was time permitting in between the medical treatment and the goblin's arrival: I'd also liked to have given the interior of the shrine a quick inspection.
Not much time, if Marijke's the lead healer, but enough to get a basic layout. Semi-portable wooden altar up against the back wall topped by a cubit-high cast-iron idol of some bloat-bellied divinity, flickering black candles highlight focal points of an eight foot wide chalk diagram in the middle of the floor that looks like it's been smudged out and redrawn several times. Padded benches around the perimeter, shelves and cabinets of morbid devotional whatsits and grisly sorcerous lab equipment. Nothing stands out as especially valuable, or magical enough to be of immediate use, but it's badly organized enough that a comprehensive search could be fairly tedious and time-consuming. One of the spare robes hanging by the door was torn to strips for bandages, but the place is otherwise undisturbed.

>Mesifin's weapon
Apart from straightforward basic weapon enchantments, it is extraordinarily baneful to the softhearted, the generous, the righteous, all those who cleave to the principle of compassion and value the lives of others above their own.

>Garaile will equip the pilfered morningstar
>Definitely righteousness
Notably baneful against Sir Garaile himself, to the extent that gripping the unholy weapon feels like something's trying to rip out his soul through the palm of his hand. Not trying quite hard enough to actually succeed, but very nearly so, and intensely unpleasant in any case. The tearing sensation ceases immediately when the weapon is set aside.

>We're listening
"Kamlyss is me. Was second-in-command, until your elf shot my boss at the west gate. That shitsack 'emissary' and his horseface corspefucking god killed more of my boys than you all together, and then paying for that, you kept my hands clean. My dead boss, Morask, who you met in the healing-hall, he got greedy. Flicked the snake's head, forgot to put it down. Forgot why we're here. I say, you wanna go up and out, no more blood between us? You can go. Show you secret safe passage to the surface. We got lotsa supplies and six slaves locked up in storage, you take what you want from that too. All I ask is this: when home, to the king of the giants, tell her Greznek makes a better friend than enemy. Tell her Kamlyss, who holds this pass, talks before she fights, always listens, never lies."
No. 717769 ID: 4201a2

>all those who cleave to the principle of compassion and value the lives of others above their own
Oh, oops. That's not what I intended.

>distill it into self-reinforcing righteousness against all things corrupt and unjust
I misunderstood this as self-righteous, against things I think are corrupt and unjust against me.
So, in the context of anger, I meant it like "You can't anger me because I'm superior to you and someday I'll be a big shot and you'll be nothing."

In other words, I meant to go the lofty, discreetly arrogant hero path, not the paladin path, since it's a more gritty setting and paladin path will probably get me killed.
No. 717770 ID: 4201a2

rolled 1, 1, 6 = 8

Will discard unholy weapon anyway though, and look for more mundane one.
No. 717776 ID: f461c5

rolled 5, 1, 1 = 7

'Chalk, or spell in pinch. If goblin trustworthy, thats best offer all ways but one; route out good but too much opportunity deeper.' Nico will write, and go about studying the less smudged markings on the chalken diagram, and look for some extra chalk. He will then look through any notes and such he can find, especially if the equipment here looks to be able to supply for the identification spell. Then he will stand back and cast detect magic.

After thus rummaging about, he will silently snap his fingers, and add an addendum to his writings. 'Also, should ask about why they are here, and about styx's acolytes.'
No. 717779 ID: f461c5

I feel your pain, Nico. Choosing between concise and purple prose cannot be easy for you.
No. 717782 ID: a075ba

>goblin's offer, through the door
...dang it, Than's truthsense probably needs line of sight, doesn't it.
No. 717808 ID: a107fd

Grand strategy goes over here:

>truthsense probably needs line of sight
Than isn't actually sure! It doesn't come up much. Her mutation is not a sense for truth, as such; solidity shows the same blankness as being blind, because those eyes seek out vulnerabilities, whether that's a soft spot in armor, a crucial blood vessel, or a verbal argument's flawed foundation. Deliberate, explicit falsehoods may be clearer than distortion, evasion, misdirection, and omission, but always that synesthesia of a crack, a counterpoint that could be struck to devastating effect. Than can't see any serious flaws in the offer, but on some level can't escape the worry that she's simply distracted herself by staring at that iron-bound oak door in lieu of the speaker.

Drawer in one of the cabinets has finger-sized sticks in a variety of colors.
>supply for the identification spell
No such luck. There's an unlabeled bottle of what might be wine, but no owl feather to stir it with, and no wide, flat gemstone or blue glass lens. Disappointing lack of basic research equipment in general, really; to a seasoned occultist's eye it seems like this place is stocked with reagents for a few basic ward-maintenance and mid-range communication rituals, but not much else. Not even trans-etheric range... which, assuming some minimal competence, implies that whatever god they were praying to was believed to be personally holding court somewhere within that range, on the order of hundreds of miles at most.

> ask about why they are here,
Snake or somebody relays Nico's questions, and Kamlyss replies "We here to hold open the passage, for Greznek's use."
> and about styx's acolytes
"Slaves all yours now, if you want 'em. Already said that. Deal or not?"
No. 717819 ID: f461c5

'It seems Styx's horned patron holds on this plane, less than 1000 miles. Some sendings decrease range w intervening mass. Can think of no better place than this dungeon? Maybe ask kamlys.'

Nico will then make a small tally field;
kamlys' offer
No. 717826 ID: 3d2d5f

rolled 6, 1, 3 = 10

Marijke asks: do you know what became of the last member of our group? The woman yesterday's patrol found first, Yevon?"

Marijke will vote yes. She would much rather cut deals than fight our way out, and this one seems reasonable.
No. 717830 ID: a107fd

>what happened to Yeven
There is some whispered discussion in the goblins' native language as Kamlyss checks with surviving witnesses before responding. "She drank almost nothing, ate like trained to avoid poison. While the rest of you sleep, asked her guards questions about latrine that make no sense, to distract them. Somehow made them dizzy and 'fall sideways.' Then she fled, maybe through south gate. If hurt, wasn't my boys."
No. 717843 ID: e47e93

Wanting nothing to do with the goblins anymore, Than votes yes.
No. 717935 ID: a107fd

Three in favor, out of a quorum of five. Any counter-proposal, dissent, eleventh-hour unilateral treachery, etc.? Or shall we simply move on to division of spoils, as I queue up the start-of-thread-2 cutscene?
No. 717939 ID: 4201a2

Seems like a fine deal to Garaile... if it is true.
Having already been duped and nearly killed by goblins once today, Garaile finds the generous offer somewhat suspicious.
"How do we know is not another trick? This goblin can be offering any proof?"

Also, what about Sgt. Nick? Can we get some goblins to fetch him before we go?
No. 717946 ID: a107fd

>not another trick
"Bad liar is Kamlyss. If only wanted to kill, be drilling on roof, pour burning oil by now."
"Open door a handspan, I give back your shield and axe. What fool arms an enemy?"
>what about Sgt. Nick? Can we get some goblins to fetch him?
"Your friend, lost near healing hall? Can't send a patrol out now. Too many dead or down, barely enough to hold the gates. Can't wait, neither. Better for everybody if you gone before reinforcements."
No. 717961 ID: 4201a2

Garaile will accept the axe and shield, check that they're still in good shape, and refit that axe belt loop so the axe no longer falls out at inconvenient times.

>Sgt. Nick
IC, I don't think it's right not to save him, but OOC, his player is gone and he'll be a burdensome vegetable that we'll be sacrificing our best change of escape to retrieve.
No. 718024 ID: a107fd

If Garaile was down here by himself, OR with a proper expedition, the best option would be going out to find the fallen, maybe after providing some medical magic to goblin scouts to get them back on their feet in time. With the battered remains of three different lost adventuring parties, so close to the exit, and no map? Won't do Nick any good if you all get eaten before even finding him, and even less good to the other survivors. Honorable-yet-sane thing at this point is to get out, report him MIA to whoever cares, and think about retrieval after you regroup. Apologies, grieving, and somehow motivating the goblins to help when they become able, are all optional but recommended.

Refitting the belt loop is not a five-minute no-tools job. Fortunately, one of the kobold slaves is skilled and equipped for sewing or leatherworking. Another is a brownsmith and porter, while the third does cooking, tanning, and hazmat remediation. They are not recognized by the goblins as having names.
Of the three acolytes, all are more or less identically equipped and trained as ceremonial assistants and bodyguards, with black lacquered scale armor and small but elaborately-sculpted metal batons. Eswic, as already mentioned is a matronly woman, bald and pallid as a mushroom, who made some sarcastic comments about Mesifin Styx's career prospects and provided a blessing to Marijke. Goris is a younger woman, sluggish and taciturn as if stumbling through life half-asleep, kept her hood up the whole time, but performed her part in the group prayer with meticulous precision. Altsoba is lanky, androgynous, bursting with youthful energy, and has short black hair with green showing around the roots, but spent most of last night's party inside the chapel.

As to the supplies... hundreds of pounds of starchy dried mushrooms and wax-sealed green glass jars of dubious pickled meat, two massive barrels of Crack-Snout Ale that couldn't possibly fit up the spiral stair to the surface, two 4' cubic cages for the kobolds to sleep in, canvas, rope, sackcloth and coarse brown thread, some assorted animal bones and hides (small pig or large rat, hard to say) in various stages of tanning and dissection. Not much worth the trouble of carting off to resell, apart from a little bit of copper and iron bar stock, but many things potentially of direct use. Who's taking what, and how much?
No. 718025 ID: a075ba

rolled 6, 1, 5 = 12

Out of curiosity, what's the legal situation regarding slaves, or at least human slaves, on the surface? If it's not legal and we're headed thataways, that means the acolytes are either operating under the assumption their servitude will be temporary, or worried they might be headed for the black market.

Also, since it's liable to effect how my character sees the situation: how much is a slave worth, and does her faith have a moral stance on slavery? (I could rationalize opposite extremes from "people are just as much a commodity as all things are" to "souls are the currency of the Gods, and not for mortals to trade in").

For now, Marijke will regard their slaves with caution and wariness, but not cruelty or malice. The group's position isn't strong enough that they can afford to abuse or debase slaves with impunity safely, and we need all the help we can get to leave her alive and purses intact. Provided they aren't going to turn on us.

>what do
Marijke will cast detect poison on the eatables. And idly browse to see if any of that looks like it would make good familiar-chow.
No. 718036 ID: e47e93

"So, did you like Styx at all?" says Than in a joking manner.

She personally doesn't think Styx is a likeable man, but they could have gotten along, or only a business relationship, considering Eswic didn't seem to like him much.

A bit of friendliness may go a long way here. Give them a little smirk.
No. 718100 ID: a107fd

>legal situation regarding slaves
Out on the frontier, for most practical purposes the law is whatever the toughest guy in town says it is.
Orc tribes and most pirate charters take prisoners for ransom, or sometimes recruit by pressganging and sword-point conversions, but prisoners don't do forced labor, and recruits get paid in shares of plunder proportionate to how much they helped, regardless of how they joined.
In civilized parts of the world, agricultural serfs are sometimes considered a component of real estate, like the buildings they live in, and various other sorts of indentured servitude are fairly common. There are humanitarian standards for fair treatment of sapient beings, varying wildly from one jurisdiction to the next in both formal phrasing and consistency of application.
One universal rule throughout the Drakocracy, however, forbids buying or selling any mammal, or nonskeletal part thereof, as a commodity denominated in any dragon-backed currency. Slavers and cattle-ranchers alike have to deal with the complexity of barter or trades mediated through bearer bonds, redeemable for specific containers of wheat or honey or whiskey or cheese at ancient vaults in elven lands, rather than actual gold and silver coins of guaranteed purity.
So, the kobolds would be much easier to convert to cash when you make it back to a settlement. Rule of thumb for pricing is, five years' wages from the best-paying job they'd be able to do, but morale, health, attractive appearance, and so on can swing that quite a bit.

>detect poison
Half the shroom starch and almost all the pickle jars are at least mildly fishy, possibly due to improper storage rather than malice. The alcohol is technically poison by definition, and would be met with revulsion by any non-goblin oenophile, but seems uncontaminated. The chemicals being used to tan leather should definitely not be consumed, or probably even touched without waterproof gloves.

>"So, did you like Styx at all?"
Eswic thinks for a moment before replying "Yeah. He wasn't so bad apart from all the complaining. Gave his best effort, on the few occasions when it mattered." Altsoba nods vigorously, and adds "He really knew how to handle a whip!" Goris simply shrugs, then goes back to nervously picking at her fingernails.
The kobolds don't seem to understand Humish much at all, and in any case have been trained not to respond on matters of opinion.
No. 718113 ID: 4201a2

Garaile will take a decent emergency ration of whatever mushrooms Marijke deems safe.

Also, lop off one of Mesifin's ears, as well as taking an ear off the rat-axe. Since there's an ample supply of thread, might as well start up an ear-necklace to keep that lower ambition in check.
No. 718119 ID: a107fd

Eswic covers her face, then turns around and retches. Goris and two of the kobolds watch with an attitude of detached resignation, while the third moves to assist. Altsoba hesitantly squeaks, "D-do you want one of mine, too?"
No. 718135 ID: e47e93

So Styx wasn't a bad person, but definitely a fanatic or cultist. That's a shame.

Than flashes a nervous smile while narrowing her eyes, looks at Garaile, and all she can say is "Really?"

To Altsoba with a slight frown Than says "I don't think he takes trophies from living bodies from what I've seen so far."

Regardless of how Than feels, I feel it was a little funny.
No. 718145 ID: a107fd

Eswic, thinking Than's comforting words were directed at her, waves defensively/dismissively and says "I'll be fine. Past thirty summers old but that squeamish streak is why I'm still just an acolyte." Then she takes a slug of the goblin ale, gargles, and spits it into the puddle of sick, which the chubbiest of the three kobolds has already begun cleaning up.

Altsoba calms down fractionally and lets out a sigh that might be relief, or disappointment.

>good familiar-chow
Pure starchy stuff is unhealthy, but a marinade mix in one of the few jars of confirmed-safe pickled meat appears to include some whole walnu... nope, nope, those are rabbit brains.

Fortunately, given that you're headed for the surface, one day's standard trail rations for a human is about a week's worth for a two pound parrot, if supplemented by similarly modest amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables.
No. 718184 ID: a075ba

rolled 4, 1, 2 = 7

>Half the shroom starch and almost all the pickle jars are at least mildly fishy, possibly due to improper storage rather than malice.
>nothing good for the Macaw
Well, I guess Marijke is on a shroom diet, and the bird is eating from any proper rations I have left. I'll take a few meals worth of the safe stuff, and store them in some canvas, assuming the canvas looks fit for that. (Actually, it might be worth asking the kobold who's good with a needle to make some sacks to carry things in). I'll recommend safe stuff to anyone else too. (The slaves should probably be encouraged to take food for themselves if they don't make a move to. Everyone needs to eat, and can carry the weight of their own food).

Giving the objects of denigration and undesired carrying weight an unpleasant glance Marijke asks "are those really necessary?"

>takes an ear from the body
...the body that had it's face melted by acid and had a corrupt mass of phlegm and bile erupt from it? That's gonna be one nasty trophy. Garaile earns a weird look from Marijke.

>Altsoba hesitantly squeaks, "D-do you want one of mine, too?"
I can't tell if that's fear speaking, or if she's (?) that broken / ready to please / has a perverse tendency towards self harm. (Any could be possible, from their background).

"Keep your parts attached, they do more good that way. And I've patched more than enough bleeding for one day, I think."

>what do
Once supplied, Marijke will take the time to study Nico's condition with her sight. I'd also like to ask the acolytes if they're familiar with this effect.
No. 718261 ID: a107fd

>study Nico's condition
The outward-facing portion is more or less straightforward magical silence, but instead of being a freestanding echo-manipulation that will eventually dissipate, it's rooted to a persistent structure. The overall effect might usefully be compared to a lotus: there's the visible flower (blocking sound), fed by a 'stalk' trailing back down the length of Nico's tongue to the throat chakra, fed in turn by roots deep into his identity and capacity for speech.

>ask the acolytes if they're familiar with this effect
Dying-breath curses? Yeah, definitely. Not exactly just-another-day-on-the-job stuff, but it's in all the stories. This specifically? No, pretty much every one is unique.
Obvious treatment options, ranked approximately by increasing feasibility and decreasing thoroughness:
1) Bring Mesifin Styx back to life. A dying curse whose speaker isn't dead falls apart like a tree with no trunk. Downsides: requires magic of the 9th circle or divine intervention, he'd immediately resume trying to murder you all.
2) Bring Nico back to some major city, hire a licensed and bonded curse-unraveler. Downsides: expensive, doesn't always work.
3) Bring Nico somewhere with no ambient magic. Downsides: magic is useful for a lot of other things, curse resumes as soon as he leaves.
4) Cut off the tip of Nico's tongue and put it somewhere more than 10' away from him, or into a suitably sealed container. Downsides: surgery is messy, curse resumes normal functioning as soon as tongue grows back. Upside: curse causes tongue to grow back when it otherwise wouldn't.
5) Develop some kind of sign language and/or upgraded variant of Whisperweb as a workaround.
No. 718306 ID: a075ba

Hmmm. Would applying my class ability to barter and trade with various deities be an option? Not that I'm even close to willing to try something as ballsy as asking Orcus to un-curse someone who slew a priest of his without anything significant to offer as compensation, but it might be an option, in the long term.
No. 718336 ID: a107fd

As a hedge witch, you barter and trade with mortals and local spirits. One specific deity facilitates that, for reasons of it's own, the way somebody might help a blacksmith set up shop in their basement to get free under-floor heating. With all three acolytes' help, you could maybe use the stuff in the chapel to contact Orcus, but there's... no real plausible positive outcome, from there. Undoing curses isn't really the Horned One's style. There's no long term where it would make more sense, either. It's like...

Say you're James Bond, in the villain's lair. You slip out of your restraints, shoot him in the leg before he hits the Big Red Doomsday Button. On the floor, plan foiled and bleeding out, he shoots your girlfriend-of-the-week. Asking for Orcus's help with this would be equivalent to activating the doomsday device yourself on the off chance it somehow fixes the girlfriend.
No. 718348 ID: 3d2d5f

I was thinking it was more equivalent to walking into the villian's base and asking if they wouldn't mind terribly releasing that person they're having so much fun torturing, and not using this as an opportunity to smite me?

But yeah, even if this god were amenable to letting people buy out of his curses, I doubt we'd be able to afford (or willing to pay) the asking price.

Marijke will make sure Nico is aware of what she learned, and will thank the acolytes she consulted with.

Nothing she can really do to help him, for now. Tongue surgery (even if he wanted it) is too risky in our current situation (especially since his condition would block healing magic if we cut the big blood vessel to the tongue and he starts bleeding out or drowning in his own blood before the silence is cleared). Experimenting with modifying Whisper-web would be possible, on a day when I have experimental miscellany prepared, and I can afford to spare magic. (Paying for an expensive cure is currently a non-option, as far as Marijke is concerned. Nico would either have to be a lot more important to her, or she'd have to be wealthy enough for the cost to be inconsequential).
No. 718578 ID: a107fd

So, just to review the inventory... you're taking all six captives, along with their equipment, some burlap sacks full of as much of the safe food as everyone can reasonably carry, Garaile is taking Styx's ear for a necklace, and Acolyte Goris stole Styx's belt while she thought nobody was looking. Is that all? Any goods or services you're planning to leave behind as a goodwill gesture for the goblins?
No. 718619 ID: a075ba

>anything else
Someone should probably take some rope, just on general principles.

I can't think of any immediate use for the metal stock, at least not one that wouldn't require melting it down and casting it. Which I don't think we have time for. The cages seem too cumbersome / heavy to bother taking.

>Any goods or services you're planning to leave behind as a goodwill gesture for the goblins?
We don't have much in the way of material goods we can afford to spare. (Short of gold, which Marijke's flaw / ambition would prevent).

I'm going to assume the spider-summon expired and I don't need to order them to leave?

I suppose I could offer to spam staunch bleedings if the goblins have people in need of medical treatment, although with spiderbites, they're more likely to be in danger due to poison and/or infection, so I don't know how much help that might be. The slaves might be of more use, if they still have better healing spells prepared, or if any of them know cure poison. (I'm sort of assuming we'll be rested up by the next session so spending spells on diplomacy won't cripple us).

If the snail is still in city limits, I might be able to use Whisper-web to communicate with it, and persuade it leave / guide it to an exit so it doesn't cause the goblins further problems.

Nico's aura of silence might be useful, if there's a persistent magic effect somewhere in town they're like interrupted.

Can't really think of any other "sorry we killed up your town when you betrayed us to a dark priest" gestures.
No. 718676 ID: a107fd

Actually, Brem Marst had quite a bit to say on the difference between coinage and wealth. Leaving behind, say, two or three gold coins, out of hundreds in your purse, and hundreds more still at the bottom of that foul pool, in exchange for the goblins maybe not feeling like this new leadership screwed up, like they've been robbed, and thus being willing to work with you again in the future? Could be a pretty good deal, long term. Depends how you spin it.

>spider-summon expired
Yep, gone after three minutes.

>rope, just on general principles
Most of what they've got for rope is actually treated cave-fisher filament. Each strand is twenty yards, slightly sticky and almost too thin to grip, like a rolled-up post-it note. Over 300 pound test, which compares favorably to conventional 3/8" rope. Weighs about a pound each, so three strands would displace two man-days of food, and the goblin stockpile holds more than you could reasonably carry. As with tallow candles, the stringy extrusion is edible in an emergency, though even goblins find it unappetizing. How much are you bringing?

> if the goblins have people in need of medical treatment
Very much so. Fortunately, it seems you can still hand out more true-healing 'free samples' to anybody who hasn't had one yet today. After a bit of experimentation, the parrot can even deliver touch-range magic on your behalf, for occasions when somebody is inconveniently far away or too grody to touch. Only one 'sample' can be delivered before recharging, though.

>staunch bleeding
Most of the time, if it's been an hour or more since the damage was inflicted, it's too late for Staunch Bleeding to do any good. The rare exceptions would be when somebody's got slowly-deteriorating internal injuries, or hemophilia plus an enchanted anti-dehydration tattoo that makes it possible for them to keep bleeding an abnormally long time without being dead, or something weird like that. Even in such a case, True Healing is better to the point that Staunch Bleeding would be completely redundant (unless they got injured again after the healing, or something like that).

>Whisper-web to communicate with the snail
It is unresponsive to the point of catatonia, and Nico's translation capabilities are effectively unavailable. With so many scouts and officers back on their feet earlier than expected, though, the goblins readily agree to roll the snail back outside by their own labor.

>Nico's aura of silence might be useful, if there's a persistent magic effect somewhere in town they're like interrupted.
Magically-imposed silence and a null-magic zone are completely different things. They cannot coexist; the active presence of either one is sufficient evidence of the absence of the other. Creating a null-magic zone outside lab conditions requires spellwork of the 6th circle or major geomancy. If Mesifin Styx had anything like that up his sleeve, you'd probably all be a lot less alive right now.
No. 718681 ID: a075ba

rolled 2, 4, 5 = 11

>Actually, Brem Marst had quite a bit to say on the difference between coinage and wealth. Leaving behind, say, two or three gold coins, out of hundreds in your purse, and hundreds more still at the bottom of that foul pool, in exchange for the goblins maybe not feeling like this new leadership screwed up, like they've been robbed, and thus being willing to work with you again in the future? Could be a pretty good deal, long term. Depends how you spin it.

Marijke will invest a few gold coins of blood money with Kamlyss for diplomatic purposes, recognizing she might have to pass this way again (perhaps more prepared to clear the remaining gold from that pool?) and that maintaining good relations could be profitable in the longer term.

>Fortunately, it seems you can still hand out more true-healing 'free samples' to anybody who hasn't had one yet today
Well if the god if feeling generous, no reason not to spread the love. Free goodwill and evangelism.

>How much [treated cave-fisher filament] are you bringing?
I'll take one strand, I suppose.
No. 718691 ID: e47e93

If Than has any money, leave half of it, she has no use for gold really. She can have some makeshift things made on the surface (if possible) and hunt for her own food.

Anything else noticeable in Styx's (heh river of the dead) death liquid pile thing? The goblins will sweep him out and he may become undead. She really doesn't want that at ALL. She wasn't disgusted at Garaile, only disappointed to be honest, desecration isn't her favorite thing to do, but when she has to do it she'll do it.
No. 718698 ID: a107fd

Styx's robes are pretty nice material, apart from being drenched in goo, and he's got some chainmail on underneath them. On his left hand there's a ring, some silvery metal with a pretty big blue gem. And, of course, that spiky skull-rod Garaile dropped like a hot potato.
No. 718719 ID: e47e93

Try taking everything but the chainmail. The robe can be washed, ring could be useful, maybe give it to Marijke (if it's not cursed), skull-rod is like welp why not
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