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Some quests, like e.g. PokémonQuest and Pomanticar, not only share the same continuity (the PokémonQuest Universe), but also some or all of their events happen simultaneously. The lists below are an attempt to reconstruct the order they happened in. Threads marked with * were run at the same time and have simultaneous events. Threads are listed in approximately the order that they were created.


Including: DiveQuest / PaladinQuest / Knight Blades / GiftQuest

DQ Chapter 1: The Tragic Prince

DQ Chapter 2: Born Bad

DQ Chapter 3: Not Buried Deep Enough

DQ Chapter 4: High Roller

DQ Chapter 5: Something in the Way

DQ Chapter 6: About a Girl

DQ Chapter 7: Build High

DQ Chapter 8: Nobody Home

DQ Chapter 9: Buried Alive

DQ Chapter 10: Wishful Thinking

DQ Chapter 11: Nobody's Hero

DQ Chapter 12: Nailed

PQ: PaladinQuest

KB Chapter 1: The Fighting Spirit

KB Chapter 2: The Great Divide

KB Chapter 3: The Sun Underground

KB Chapter 4: The Double Edge

KB Chapter 5: The Forgotten Harmony

KB Chapter 6: The Four Walls

KB Chapter 7: The Ultimate Swordsman

KB Chapter 8: The Last Laugh

DQ Chapter 13: Lucky

DQ Chapter 14: Hello, My Treacherous Friends *

KB Chapter 9: The Littlest Feeling *

KB Chapter 10: The Wilting Flower

KB Chapter 11: The Forgotten Dance

KB Chapter 12: The King Below

KB Chapter 13: The Bleeding Heart

DQ Chapter 15: Bad Harmony *

KB Chapter 14: The Mysterious Stranger *

GQ: GiftQuest

GQ: GiftQuest II

KB Chapter 15: The Fire Inside

KB Chapter 16: The Precarious Concord

KB Chapter 17: The Dying Storm

KB Chapter 18: The Mourning Youth

KB Chapter 19: The Fair Interest

DQ Chapter 16: Vengeance

DQ Chapter 17: Forever

KB Chapter 20: The Effort's Reaping

KB Chapter 21: The Blind Duty

KB Chapter 22: The Dearest Gesture

DQ Chapter 18: Hunting Bears

KB Chapter 23: The Missing Component

DQ Chapter 19: Head On *

KB Chapter 24: Of Great Design *

DQ Chapter 20: Breed

DQ Chapter 21: The Pretender

DQ Chapter 22: Stuck in The Middle

DQ Chapter 23: Prove Yourself

DQ Chapter 24: Czar

DQ Chapter 25: We're Not Alone

DQ Chapter 26: Sex and Dying in High Society (active)

Rastin-Vresch Continuity

Including: Kara Quest / NicQuest / BlazeQuest / Apocalyption / The Protagonist Dies

Kara Quest: Chapters 1-2

Kara Quest: Chapter 3

Apocalyption: Chapter 1

Kara Quest: Interlude

Kara Quest: Chapter 4 *

Nic Quest: Chapters 1-2 *

Kara Quest: Chapter 5

Apocalyption: Chapters 2-4

The Protagonist Dies: Prologue

Apocalyption: Chapters 5-6

The Protagonist Dies: Chapter 1

Blaze Quest: Chapter 1

The Protagonist Dies: Chapter 2

Nic Quest: Chapter 3

Apocalyption: Chapters 7-9

The Protagonist Dies: Chapter 3

Nic Quest: Chapter 4

Apocalyption: Chapters 10-12

The Protagonist Dies: Chapter 4

The Protagonist Dies: Chapter 5

Nic Quest: Chapter 5

Apocalyption: Chapters 13-14

PokémonQuest Universe

Including: PokémonQuest / Pomanticar / PQ Report / Shed a Tear / Pokémon Quest Gaiden / Krabby Quest / Rattata Quest

[1] PokemonQuest Chapters 1+2

[2] PokemonQuest Chapter 3

[3] Pomanticar

[4] PokemonQuest Chapter 4

[5] PQ Report

[6] Shed a Tear

[7] Pokemon Quest Gaiden

[8] Ratatta Quest

[9] Krabby Quest

Mana Ritual / Unforgotten

Mana Ritual Chapter 1: Finding A Teacher

Mana Ritual Chapter 2: Helpless or Helpful

Mana Ritual Chapter 3: Come To The Party

Mana Ritual Chapter 4: Creationism

Mana Ritual Alternation 1: All Alone

Unforgotten Passage 1: Blank Slate

Unforgotten Passage 2: Decision *

Mana Ritual Chapter 5: Info Dump *

Mana Ritual Chapter 6: Pushed Too Far

Unforgotten Chapter 3: Royally Screwed Up