Knight Blades

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Knight Blades by Reaver
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  1. The Fighting Spirit
  2. The Great Divide
  3. The Sun Underground
  4. The Double Edge
  5. The Forgotten Harmony
  6. The Four Walls
  7. The Ultimate Swordsman
  8. The Last Laugh
  9. The Littlest Feeling
  10. The Wilting Flower
  11. The Forgotten Dance
  12. The King Below
  13. The Bleeding Heart
  14. The Mysterious Stranger
  15. The Fire Inside
  16. The Precarious Concord
  17. The Dying Storm
  18. The Mourning Youth
  19. The Fair Interest
  20. The Effort's Reaping
  21. The Blind Duty
  22. The Dearest Gesture
  23. The Missing Component
  24. Of Great Design

Knight Blades is a quest parallel to Weaver's Dive Quest, authored by Reaver. It features Sir Ridder, a former knight for Lord Malto, and his fight for justice.

There are two notable side quests to Knight Blades: PaladinQuest and GiftQuest.

Chapter reading guide for the Diveverse can be found in the Crossover Guide.

Spoilerth tiny.png This quest contains material that is not safe for work. You were warned.

Major Characters



A Leferran knight-errant, loyal to the lord Malto, and honorable to a fault, Ridder seeks to eliminate a great evil brewing in the realm and to serve his master, Muschio.


Timotei Bessingschauwer

A headstrong warrior with a thirst for destroying evil, Timotei possess an innate ability to sense evil and its residuals.

Interestingly enough, Timotei had his own quest before meeting Ridder for the first time.



A former halfling who got turned into a d'aaawwwable kitty halfling. Specializes in thievery.

Black fang.png

Terva, a.k.a. "Black Fang"

Super strong and super fuzzy, Black Fang serves Ridder. Excels at hand-to-hand combat and big-ass swords.



Resourceful, inventive, and cranky, Grek serves as the Q of Ridder's band, creating new items and weapons while repairing and improving armor. Does not have the same charm as Desmond Llewellyn, though.



A.K.A. Python, Iesgip is a hunter-gatherer, providing food and herbs for Ridder's merry men (and women). She is known for engaging in some tactical espionage action. Also has an amazing set of abs.



A bro of the nth degree and just as laid back, Nakraska is a carpenter, making much needed furniture for Ridder's group.

That's it.


"Mad" Petal

Petal joined up with Ridder to seek her fortune doing what she likes best: studying ancient Elven technology and metallurgy. Often works with Grek, and hijinks often ensue. The "Mad" part is one of those unfortunate nicknames you get in high school. Elven high school.



Tough as nails and just as stoic, T'lear is a weathered soldier of the bugfolk, serving Ridder in aiding his cause. Specializes in blunt weapons.



The Leferran mother of Ridder. Very warm to others and deeply caring about her son. Currently divorced.

Minor Characters


Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.
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Chapter 1: The Fighting Spirit

We are introduced to Ridder and his fall from grace, as well as his rescue of Timotei.

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Chapter 2: The Great Divide

Iniziare Citta is set on fire and Ridder saves the halfling Sticks from the flames.

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Chapter 3: The Sun Underground

A dungeon is discovered in the underground of the church. And there was much looting and zombie crushing.

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Chapter 4: The Double Edge

How to argue with confused old men: A Primer.


Chapter 5: The Forgotten Harmony

Timotei and Sticks leave. Ridder is kicked out of his church base. Friends are made.


Chapter 6: The Four Walls

Ridder moonlights as a stripper and locates an elven ruin. Everyone moves in.


Chapter 7: The Ultimate Swordsman

Black Fang bugs Grek and kills Violet Fang. Black Fang and Grek have a bonding moment.


Chapter 8: The Last Laugh

Zal has Ridder turn Sticks into a kitty. Grek gives Ridder soome dressy armor.


Chapter 9: The Littlest Feeling

Tagging along with Sticks. Ridder is drugged and bumps uglies with Sticks.


Chapter 10: The Forgotten Dance

Post-coital regret, Ridder kills Green Fang, and locates the elves.


Chapter 11: The Wilting Flower

Iesgip hunts and gathers, TGchan attempts to convince Grek to make smokeless powder, and Ridder is introduced to Petal.


Chapter 12: The King Below

Ridder and Petal escape via the Trollbarrows, freeing the Trollking along the way. We discover Petal has awesome boobs.


Chapter 13: The Bleeding Heart

Iesgip goes on a Sneaking Mission and kills the Trollking, the Petal/Grek duo engineer a hot water supply, and Ridder kills Orange Fang. Sticks still has the hots for Ridder.


Chapter 14: The Mysterious Stranger

Sticks scores with Ridder, Nakraska is bro-tastic, and Ridder fends off some bandits (with help from a Paladin). Ridder visits a hot spring and catches up with Muschio Malto, effectively intersecting Dive Quest precisely.


Chapter 15: The Fire Inside

Ridder rides to Fort Fleur, and teams up with Tchergat to find the remaining Fangs. Tchergat dies in an ambush, and Ridder kills Yellow Fang while capturing Gray Fang. Tchergat is brought back to his widow. Many manly tears were shed.


Chapter 16: The Precarious Concord

Arriving at The Red Mesas, Ridder finds a civil war between bug factions. Ridder has sex with an advisor to gain access to the Matriarch, and is set in command of his own unit. Petal and Grek burn things.


Chapter 17: The Dying Storm

Ridder leads his bug unit to a glorious victory, and is rewarded by the Matriarch. He also learns of the Advisor's trickery in getting Ridder to knock boots with them. T'lear joins his party. Sticks has her heart broken. Petal and Grek blow shit up.


Chapter 18: The Mourning Youth

Ridder learns of Grey Fang (Geppa)'s tragic past. Timotei returns a full-fledged Helianthus paladin wanting to destroy Geppa, believing she is a source of evil.


Chapter 19: The Fair Interest

Helianthus paladins confront Ridder and Geppa but is let off the hook. He rides off with Iesgip to Sepia town to find it in chaos. Ridder fights off criminals, meeting up with the Helianthus paladins. Ridder decides to close the prison gate but is yanked inside by Footsies, a Nedynvor. Soundly trouncing the Death Row Inmate, Ridder escapes with Sticks. Another love interest enters the playing field.


Chapter 20: The Effort's Reaping

Ridder informs the Helianthus about his quest against The Boss and his evil. Black Fang waxes zen (and Nakraska :3c). Ridder encounters another Northwalker; nearly diddles his mom. TGchan throws a shitstorm.


Chapter 21: The Blind Duty

Ridder meets Ritari, his mother again and has a talk with her, while learning more about The Knight Blades. He later takes her back to his home base, and introduces her to everyone. Ring gets transferred, redecorations happen, and Ritari departs for Sepia Town.


Chapter 22: The Dearest Gesture

Ridder wakes up to a handjob from Sticks, learns that his mother tucked him in after he passed out as his desk. A gypsy doggie alerts Ridder to his invisible comrades. Ridder turns into a kitty, discovers the wand that made everything invisible, and reverses the spell. Ridder goes back to normal.


Chapter 23: The Missing Component

Iesgip ponders her relationship with Ridder. Petal finds out Nakraska is actually a girl, and Babrakus is one of her sons. Grek seeks out an old flame.


Chapter 24: Of Great Design

Ridder dreams of his dilemma and awakes to Muschio Malto at his bedside. Introductions are made, marriage proposals are told, and dark revelations said.



Known Locations

  • Westwater village
  • Tower of Olber
  • Muschio's Lair (or dungeon or keep or whatever)
  • Iniziare Citta & its Church/Dungeon
  • Goblin Settlement
  • Kobold Village
  • Sepia Town
  • Elven Ruins
  • Wonderseed
  • Village near the woods
  • Hot Springs
  • Fort Fleur
  • Yellow Fang's cave
  • Red Mesas
  • The River


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