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NicQuest by Adept
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NicQuest is a quest set in the Rastin-Vresch Continuity. Its author is Adept.


NicQuest follows the adventures of a psychic black lawyer who gets annoyed when some douchebag nobody's ever heard of takes over the internet and replaces his memetically wonderful lolcats with rofldogs. Despite the absurd premise, the setting's actually a bit bleaker than Kara Quest from the same timeline, primarily because of the squishiness of the protagonist and the difference in drawing style and narration.

NicQuest is set in the Rastin-Vresch Continuity, along with Apocalyption, Kara Quest, The Protagonist Dies, and BlazeQuest.


Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.


Nicolas Zere

The primary protagonist. Nicolas is a black business lawyer with no real combat skills and an unhealthy obsession with lolcats. His lack of combat skills makes the first few chapters fairly awkward, until his psychic abilities improve to compensate. Now he's more of a glass cannon than anything, and magic equipment helps bolster his pansy ass up to fighting gear.

Favors his recently-upgraded classy Derringer for combat.

Joel Grey

Joel Grey is a defecting MIB mook with a love for animals and a passionate interest for firearms. She speaks with a stutter and seems to enjoy dressing up in business suits; whether this is a side effect of living as a red shirt or simply a character preference remains unclear. She often winds up as a more level-headed foil for Nicolas' strange but genre-savvy behavior.

We later learn that Joel is a metal head; she carries a comprehensive collection of CDs with her, and has said she enjoys traveling, particularly in Europe.


Nic's pet cat. Has been used as a weapon in the past. Probably not appreciative of this fact.


This... THING is not natural. It better resembles a freak attempt to animate a dustmop than a small yappy dog. Despite allegedly detesting dogs, Nicolas found himself saving Mappy from the antagonist's office in chapter two.

Hello, ladies~


'Prince' Tyrael is the perfect exemplar of modern man and everything one can aspire to be. You cannot hope to be as awesome as Tyrael. All units of awesomeness are, in fact, measured in units of 'approximate awesomeness in relation to Tyrael'. Nobody's ever gone above half a Tyrael. Ever. Owner of the Seven Deadly Sammiches.

In Chapter Four, Tyrael was spotted at a diner several miles from the location of his shop. After speaking with Nicolas, he wound up joining the party. Here, we find out that he drives an impeccably flashy car and isn't so hot about paying his taxes.



The ultimate troll.

Here to kick ass and chew bubble gum. Simultaneously.


Allegedly a mook, though he certainly doesn't play the part. Repeatedly withheld from promotion, we are told, due to a refusal to stop chewing bubblegum on the job. Don't think too hard about that.

Fought Nicolas and Joel once. His body was never found, meaning he's definitely alive.

Victor Radley

Nicolas Zere's unknown rival, and apparently the SIC of the MIB. He professed to be controlling the demon of technology, Vresch, and made it clear that he very very personally 'hated' Nicolas.

Probably dead.



Some unimportant jealous bitch. Tyrael's assistant manager.

CZ and his Minions

Paranoid criminal mastermind. Played a role in chapter 3.


The Mustachioed Cat Pig Devil Dog

Allegedly nonmagical. Haunts Nicolas at night. It's pure evil.


NicQuest and KaraQuest are derived from an online d20 Modern campaign that Adept and Reka took part in. Nicolas was Adept's character. He has been somewhat flanderized for questan purposes, and has since come to be more distinctive than the original character probably ever was.

NicQuest almost died early in its existence; the author had stopped updating until a random necro post brought it back to the top. Since then, NicQuest has been updating fairly regularly.


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