PokémonQuest Universe

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The universe that PokemonQuest takes place in, as well as a number of other shorter-lived quests. Created by GREEN. The setting is three years after Pokemon Gold and Silver, when Team Rocket has just started to come around again.

The quests that take place in the world include:

PokémonQuest - Pomanticar - PQ Report - Shed a Tear - Pokémon Quest Gaiden - Krabby Quest - Rattata Quest

[1] PokemonQuest Chapters 1+2

[2] PokemonQuest Chapter 3

[3] Pomanticar

[4] PokemonQuest Chapter 4

[5] PQ Report

[6] Shed a Tear

[7] Pokemon Quest Gaiden

[8] Ratatta Quest

[9] Krabby Quest