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PokémonQuest by GREEN
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  2. Chapter 3 and Interlude
  3. Chapter 4

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PokémonQuest (by GREEN) is a quest about Pokémon. It follows Steve, a 19-year-old drunk asshole as he stumbles his way to getting all 8 badges in Kanto. Takes place in the PokémonQuest Universe.

Has lately taken a darker turn with the introduction of Zealot, who will fuck your shit up. With crazy. And creepy. Crazy-creepy. Crazeepy?

Pomanticar, done by Reaver, is a one-shot spinoff that ties into the PokémonQuest continuity. It stars Clive Steveson, brother of Steve Steveson. We can only pray it continues.

This is our protagonist, seven years late on the scene and drunk. He's one cool bro.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

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