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File 144592550576.png - (1.15KB , 800x120 , title.png )
10969 No. 10969 ID: 7f4f29

Well, we did this before and it went... sort of okay. There's been some interest expressed, so here's another!
Last Time: >>6452

Would people be interested in a Dwarf Fort Succession Game?

Standard one-year turns I suppose, preferably with say a week-long limit on taking your turn, and trying to keep the waiting list short.

I'll go first unless someone else would prefer to.

I thought I'd give people a day or two to have a chance to give opinions on starting locations.

If left to my own choice I'll just embark in some wooded area in a temperate zone, with a river.

Any suggestions?
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No. 10970 ID: 341f7b


Make sure there's a bunch of bad guys nearby. We need danger!
No. 10971 ID: d9ddf9

Sure, I'm up for it.
Whatever you feel like. Personally I have been embarking to glaciers and evil zones recently, but fine with whatever.
No aquifer though!
No. 10972 ID: a788b7

I'm all about this noise. I haven't played since the last succession game it surely won't be a disaster.
No. 10974 ID: 7f4f29
File 144598813547.png - (95.85KB , 1616x833 , Location.png )

>evil zone/glacier

Well okay then! I've settled down on a lava tube in a plains, with a haunted mountain nearby.

1. Driblis
2. Colour
3. Rand
4. Seal

The goblins always hate dwarves, but also the elves have it out for us.

Anyway hopefully this location will work. I'll start year one and pass it off when I'm done.

If anyone has any huge objections lemme know.
No. 10975 ID: 52ebd9

No objections!
No. 10976 ID: 331cd8

are there sergals or other modding in it?
No. 10977 ID: 7f4f29

No mods, no. Sorry Sharah :V
No. 10978 ID: 7f4f29

Welp, year one is finished. I'll write this up tomorrow, with pictures!
No. 10979 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622794147.png - (24.07KB , 1616x833 , 00 Embark.png )

15 Granite:

Today is the 15th of Granit, year 100. We've arrived here on the Bewitched Crest, between the Hills of Wetting and the Waning Dunes. Here is where we will found Cudgelknights, a new stronghold

for The Blameless Treaty. We have been named the Peaceful Palisade group, though I have my doubts that there will be anything peaceful about settling here. Only a few ravens inhabit the area

we've decided to settle, and one wolverine corpse that is half decayed and yet still walking around. I've asked everyone to avoid that monster.
No. 10980 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622802308.png - (64.43KB , 1616x833 , 02_lava_Clay_sand.png )

The first few posts are short because I'm showing off pictures.

In this area we have plenty of useful sand for glasswork, clay for pottery, and lava for all sorts of forging. The open-air lava pit nearby will fuel much of our crafting going forward. Immediately in the hillside we found a vein of galena. Low-grade silver and lead ore, but still useful. The silver will be good for cudgels, for our knights. The weather is reasonably mild, and though there's no nearby river, we have various ponds that will work well enough for water needs for the time being.
No. 10981 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622805481.png - (20.51KB , 922x378 , 01 StartStatus.png )


This is my sheet listing what we came with. A bit inexact, I know. I'll have to work on that.
No. 10982 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622809987.png - (68.14KB , 1616x833 , 03_Digging.png )


I've ordered a few areas for digging, and I will be hefting my own pick for this as well. We need farms, storage areas, and a few places to work. I want to have something to show by the autumn caravan, lest our countrymen think us failures. Hopefully the dirt and clay on the outside of the hill goes deeply enough inside for reasonable planting.
No. 10983 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622820982.png - (18.89KB , 551x423 , 04_Farm.png )


26th Granite:
Well, a snag. Firstly, the digging showed that there's not enough room for planting in the area I intended to farm. I've ordered the seeds sown in what was to be the storage area, and we'll just have to work around that. How annoying. At least with this much space we'll be ensuring that we'll have enough food to go around.

While we worked to plow the soil, scouts spotted a yellow fog rolling in. I know the reputation of places like the Bewitched Crest, and so I've called all dwarves and animals inside. This accursed fog won't be killing my dwarves, just yet! While we're trapped in here, I went ahead and placed orders to have the old planned farm expanded into a hall for food storage. Hopefully one day we'll have enough food and booze to fill it!

18th Slate:

The miners have struck native silver underground, in the workshops. That's a nice, quick way to build wealth! Let the silver flow!

With the fog still in recent memory, I've ordered all the foodstuffs and general supplies brought into our newly finished storage area. It's a lot of work, but everything will soon be out of the elements and properly underground. The crafters are getting set up downstairs, and soon they'll be working on trade goods to ship off on the autumn caravan.

Speaking of trading, the Trade Depot is done, in brightly polished orthroclase. I haven't built a road yet, but the land is level enough for caravans anyway.
No. 10984 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622824768.png - (16.76KB , 527x366 , 05_FoodArea.png )

1st Felsite:
The first official day of spring. Still cold here. Also, another rolling batch of fog came through today, not exactly an auspicious start.

10th Felsite:
We've managed a nice food preparation work area off the side of the food storage hall. Already brewers are working on producing fresh plump helmet wine for everyone. Having on-site production will surely raise morale. Not overly much to report on, it's been a steady season of mining and working the fields.
No. 10986 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622841453.png - (10.63KB , 427x398 , Bedrooms.png )

1st Hematite:
It's officially summer now, and the work is harder in the relative heat. The craftsdwarves below have been working tirelessly on stone crafts for export, and we're practially flooded with the things. More and more bins are required to house all the production.

In the meantime, we miners have been working on designing and digging out an area for forges. My hope here is to drain out a few corridors full of magma, and build forges on top of that, with storage for the ore and bars above the forges. This will keep everything nice, compact, and together. I've had an orthroclase grate produced, which when placed in the path of the lava, should keep any strange fire creatures from invading the fortress proper.

The northern hall, as I have it designed, will be for smeltery. The southern hall will be for proper forges. It's a matter of where you dig the channel into the lava.

22nd Malachite:
A group of migrants has arrived at the fortress. This is a good thing.

First to arrive was a skill glassmaker, which will certainly be useful with all this sand and lava around. A handful of other dwarves followed with no appreciable skills, who I have mostly set to farming and learning crafting trades. Among them was a swordsdwarf with no useful skills besides. He's become the military commander for lack of other options, and I've assigned him to mine once we have a few spare picks.

One of the migrants claims to be a legendary thresher. Despite being a useful enough skill, I don't see how someone legendarily picks leaves off of quarry bushes. He's a farmer now.

After migrants, the population is at seventeen. All these new faces reminded me that we can't always sleep on piles in the stock room, so I've ordered bedrooms to be dug, and beds put together.
No. 10987 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622856534.png - (68.12KB , 926x773 , AccursedFog.png )

24th Malachite:
A few undead gnomes have been spotted. Walking corpses out in the wilds! We have no weapons.

25th Malachite:
Two of the zombies wandered close to our door, and attacked the animals. I slew one with my pick.

Another found a woodcutter and their child, and mangled both before anyone could help. Monom Bomrekdum, a miner, has slain the gnome with his copper pick. The troubles are over for now, though we are down two dwarves, two horses, and a reindeer.

17th Galena:
We've lost another woodcutter to these gnomes. Damn. I've ordered grave sites to be dug out below.

1st Limestone:
It's officially autumn now. We've lost three dwarves and most all of our livestock to the zombies, but things seem to have settled. The caravan from the mountainhomes is due any day now.

13th Limestone:
The caravan from the homeland has arrived. No outpost liason came with them, so here's hoping they brought what we need.

16th Limestone:
I've traded several bins full of stone crafts, as well as some clothing from our departed countrymen, for a collection of raw cloth, booze, piles of food, and a few anvils, as well as equipment for our swordsdwarf. It's good to free up some space, and the new variety in our foodstuffs will be good as well.

24th Limestone:
Yet another cloud of fog is rolling by! I still don't know what it would do, but I've kept everyone clear.

Image is accursed fog from later in the year. I forgot to take pictures for a while.
No. 10988 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622860603.png - (11.64KB , 276x349 , forges.png )

30th Limestone:
The magma smelting and forging area is complete! We have eight slots for smelting and three active forges. Though I haven't assigned any work done yet, the future capacity should be quite high. Rememer, the channel into the lava needs to be dug on the western wall, under the forge block. Don't leave open gaping pits into fire if you can avoid it, future rulers.

1st Timber:
More migrants have arrived, including another 'high master thresher'. At least that's worked out then. Among the others were a skilled carpenter and mason. All told we have eight new dwarves, and a few more in the military. The total population of the fort is 22.

After the gnomes wounded a few of our dwarves, I've set up a small medical center in the main hallway. I'm doing my best with improvised healthcare. Someone more skilled wlil hopefully migrate soon.
No. 10989 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622873996.png - (11.56KB , 908x247 , Mood.png )

16th Timber:
Muthkat has gone all weird and quiet and sequestered herself in a mechanic's shop. I can't help but wonder what she's got in her head. After a very short time collecting materials, she's set to work with a hunk of gneiss and some silver bars.

21st Timber:
Muthkat is done with her work. She's made a complex sort of mechanism, with a really nice picture of a stupidly obscure noble appointment forty years ago. How nice. That said, she's certainly proven herself a legendary mechanist, despite being primarily concerned with brewing previously.
No. 10990 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622891779.png - (38.28KB , 876x619 , Dribbed.png )

1st Moonstone:
It's officially winter! We're doing fine though. We have plenty of food and plenty of workers. All of the ponds outside have frozen over, we should keep in mind when we dig a well that any well open to the air will freeze and collapse. At least there are no more zombie gnomes threatening us.

25th Moonstone:
I've started work on a small bedroom for myself, as a reward for my service. Also all the other bedrooms are done.

4th Opal:
The stonecrafters have been creating masterwork quality crafts left and right. Some weird subject matter, but still. They seem to enjoy depicting me, as well as my likes and dislikes. It isn't that I mind the attention, but would the dwarves back home really care enough to buy figurines of me?

20th Opal:
Another damned cloud of fog rolling by. It's getting worrisome.
No. 10991 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622903256.png - (23.95KB , 877x362 , EndStatus.png )

15th Obsidian:
My tenure is drawing to a close. I leave the fortress in reasonably good condition. As you can see, we have piles of resources of all kinds, sturdy, skilled workers, and tolerable enough defenses for how long we've been here. I'm sure the next leader wlil continue my standard of excellence, while I remain in my private quarters here.

1st Granite:
My year is up. The fortress is in good shape, stable and productive. We're a little low on raw stone and we're out of galena to process, but those are easy enough to work with. To our future ruler, I trust our fortress.

Fort map with notations forthcoming. It's all fairly simple but seeing as how Colour and Seal aren't exactly up to speed on DF, I figured I'd show my work.
No. 10992 ID: 7f4f29
File 144622982357.png - (147.43KB , 2466x782 , Map_01.png )

So to summarize fort design:
The only entrance to the fort is the doors to the south, near the trade depot. I've chained a few dogs there but didn't have time to get more set up.

The main storage holds everything aside from rocks, metal bars, and food. The rock storage is in one corner, 'cause rocks are heavy and dwarves are slow hauling them long distances. Put any rock-based workshops near-ish to the bottom-level corner.

The food storage is over to the east, the ore/bar storage is over the forges to the west.

The farm there is growing plump helmets year-round. Boring, but most efficient. We have seeds for other crap but not farm space laid out yet. Might be a good idea in year two.

The workshops are under the stockpiles, connected by staircases. This is faster than hauling stuff down a hallway and all. We're a little short on variety but what do you want, it's year one. Feel free to set up clothing industry or whatever.

The lava area should be safe with the grate blocking crap coming in. Three forges and six smelters/glass/kiln is more than enough for a while. We're out of ore anyway, though there's plenty around for digging.

The bedrooms are bog-standard cells that are depressing but dwarves don't care about that anymore so thbbt. My house is neat.

Don't screw with the lava unless you know what you're doing.

Next up is Colour and I'll give him the save in a bit.
No. 10996 ID: d78b39

I'm not good enough at DF to join in, but could us unwashed masses offer Dwarf names to add personality to the fort?
It seems to be pretty common among other succession games I've read through, and I think it'd be a good way to draw interest.
No. 10997 ID: 7f4f29

Well, we do have two people who haven't played this version. You can just join!

Otherwise sure, we could slap your name on a dwarf.
No. 10998 ID: 4afe69

Hey guys!

I'm a butt and still haven't finished. I only need a few more days. I hope that's okay!

No. 10999 ID: 7f4f29

It's been twice as long as we're allowing for a turn, Colour. Are we stopping this thread after one turn?
No. 11000 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749385258.png - (177.98KB , 780x406 , DF1.png )

The moment I begin my new position of management over the Peaceful Palisade, I notice this:

Rocks! Magma-proof rocks in the dug out magma forges! Disgraceful! I fear they'll remain stuck there, forever an annoyance.

I check the various stockpiles, stocks, farms, workshops. The basics seem to be in order. Beyond this it seems that Driblis did well.
No. 11002 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749398355.png - (8.44KB , 116x90 , DF2.png )

My next task was far greater than I would have ever imagined. I took notes for each and every able dwarf in the fort: 21 in total including myself. Once this was done, I was able to find who was useful, and who wasn't. Sadly my list of who was useful was far shorter than those who weren't.
I reassigned jobs to each and every dwarf, making them more specialized to a specific role or set of roles so that they could carry out their jobs without falling behind. This included the creation of a military, where the most physically or mentally able were assigned. Those who had invaluable skills, or were weak cowards, were reassigned appropriately.

CommanderKogan Amidtulon, Militia Commander
WarriorsAdil Febrabed, Trader
Cilob Dastotalis, Manager
Monom Bomrekdum, Stonecrafter
Dodok Cusilselor, Bookkeeper
Sibrek erithteshkad, Furnace Operator
RangedShem Nakuthzol, Glassmaker
Miners/EngraversMebzuth Nethducim, Miner
Datan Logemolin, Trader
Edem Rithnil, Miner
Lokum Keskalbelal, Miner
Kadol Ustuthrisen, Miner
Doctor/DesignerDriblis itonkizbiz, expedition leader
Trader/BookkeeperDeduk Degelal, Mason
GrowerCatten Kubukkonos, Lye Maker
StonecrafterVabok Avuztatlosh, Stonecrafter
Mechanic/BrewerMuthkat Lorsithalath, Mechanic
Gems/MetalGoden Shukarfikod, Gem Cutter
Hammerer/MasonTun Edemtosid, Metalcrafter
Wood GuyIton Lisedlibash, Woodworker
ClothespersonRovod Likottan, Thresher

With this complete I was able to begin my time managing the Peaceful Palisade with a more efficient workforce.

I designated the room next to Driblis' office as a barracks, as it contained the weapons racks. I plan to create a larger more extravagent barracks in due time.
No. 11003 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749404441.png - (80.48KB , 1564x815 , DF3.png )

Migrants arrives. I quickly assigned them to their appropriate roles, mostly more soldiers and miners, and started a small mining project a few floors down.

I also set up a dumping area in one of the magma pits to dump bodies before they reanimate into undead! I believe the large military I have been collecting will help is in the future if anything goes wrong.
No. 11004 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749412380.png - (25.90KB , 235x399 , DF4.png )

I begun excavation of a new dining room and more bedrooms to house the large amount of migrants that came in. These have been built one floor below the existing bedrooms and follow the same layout. Although there are more beds than dwarves, I'm sure we can use the extra beds should further migrants appear.
No. 11005 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749416569.png - (95.40KB , 609x537 , DF5.png )

One of the many masterpieces our dwarves created was this! I noted this as one of the notable kills of Monem Bomrekdum! It seems I was correct in assigning Vabok to this task. He continued to create masterpieces throughout the year. A single dwarf is all we need to make this fort rich.
No. 11006 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749423689.png - (19.58KB , 508x95 , DF6.png )

It seems one of our dwarves is acting strangely...

He finished his creation! A silver armor stand! Surely a sign of hope and prosperity in our new found military forces.

A human caravan appeared! They had cloth, food and picks. I bought as much as I could and sold them a mass of stonecrafts. I made sure to keep some in case another caravan visited. I expect the dwarves will appear soon.
No. 11007 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749429480.png - (231.34KB , 712x591 , DF7.png )

A zombie wolverine appears on the outskirts of the fortress territory. I decide to test out our newfound military and send them out into battle. Though they are barely trained and barely equipped, i have no doubt that our 20 strong warriors can defeat this foe.

The fight goes well, with one of our axedwarves cutting off the evil creature's head! I grow more confident in our abilities to fight off the undead hordes.
No. 11008 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749437651.png - (486.41KB , 888x846 , DF8.png )

5 Zombie Chinchillas appear next to the fort entrance. Unfortunately the military is far from the territory! I call them back before anything bad happens. They obliterate them with their silver cudgels.
No. 11009 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749441840.png - (51.73KB , 421x487 , DF9.png )

I noted dwarves constantly going outside to collect water, or drink. I soon checked my stocks and noticed that we had ran out of drink! The 200+ Dwarvern Wine that was present before had disappeared much quicker than I had anticipated. I restarted production immediately to solve the problem.

The L Llama above was also inside and starving. Note that when migrants come, make sure to put grazing animals outside. We wouldn't want them to die inside the fort and cause a crisis now would we?
No. 11010 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749454806.png - (255.22KB , 999x596 , DF10.png )

Another construction! Sadly I was very busy with military matters to focus on much within the fort. They created an artifact hatch cover, which I then placed within the farm plot. Our dwarves will surely be happy to see such a hatch every day as they work mindlessly growing plump helmets.

Dwarven wagons appeared alongside a liason. Note the requests here.

The wagons left right after I spoke with the liason!!! We didn't get to trade at all.
No. 11011 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749464638.png - (335.19KB , 1002x846 , DF11.png )

A huge TITAN appeared!

I prepared my miltary for this unusual beast. They prepared their 3 dimensional gear.. I am confident this survey corps will succeed. They dispatch this creature with ease. My military successes know no bounds.

I noted that this beast did not reanimate. Perhaps our fort is safe from the reanimation problems.
No. 11012 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749478144.png - (138.01KB , 629x735 , DF13.png )

I dug down into the caverns! Exploration yay! I sent my military down to take a look, but it seems rather peaceful. It's quiet... too quiet.

I started my exploration immediately. There I encountered an Ant Queen Spearwoman who stood their ground and didn't bother anyone, and a troglodyte Skeleton. The Trog Skeleton's head was severed, and remained 'alive' in undeath.

Meanwhile above ground this happened: An ELK BIRD FEATHER reanimated in the garbage disposal. I made sure we would stop using this for anything, before something of strength reanimates. It seems our fort is not safe. I am considering relocating.
No. 11013 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749485726.png - (2.20KB , 187x83 , DF14.png )

Had a little scuffle when an Elk Bird got itself killed on the very first trap I made. The bird reanimated twice before being put down. It managed to disable two dwarves, who were brought upstairs for Driblis to look at. Unfortunately, Driblis was on a break. The poor dwarves couldn't collect any water as winter had come.
No. 11014 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749494502.png - (64.36KB , 382x316 , DF15.png )

A horde of Dark Gnome zombies approached my fort. I readied my military appropriately. They charged valiantly and repelled the horde, 9 in total, with few injuries. They added to the growing pile of dwarves waiting for medical attention, with no water or assistance. (Get to work Driblis!)
No. 11015 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749511606.png - (35.62KB , 398x188 , DF16.png )

More Elk Birds fell into the trap (the other trap I planned to make remains unconstructed), passing through the doors I had set up to prevent them. My military repelled their reanimated corpses as they rose. More dwarves got hurt in the conflict and had to be allocated to the medical bay.

I soon noted a message from Driblis, he was horrified at something. A dwarf had rose from the dead somewhere upstairs and was causing havoc. I barely understand what happened. All I know is that my military seemed to stabilize the situation with a mass of silver cudgels before it got out of hand. A dwarf or two is dead, but I'm not sure who they are as their corpses are mangled and nobody has been reported missing.

One member is missing from the first cudgelsquad. I have stationed them around the medical bay until winter has ended. Hopefully we can get water soon and prevent further casualties.

Another dwarf, and the remannts of their limbs, rose from the dead and hurt more of my dwarves. I was able to put it down before it did too much damage however.

A troglodyte skeleton got through my doors and murdered a dwarf in the barracks. I thought I had locked these doors but it seems that was not the case. I have dispatched my military once more to take care of this. There seems to be one outbreak after another. At least three, maybe four dwarves have been killed now by this corpse, including a baby.

Driblis is suddenly possessed. It seems he has had enough of this crisis and has locked himself away. I will need to assign another dwarf as the doctor in the meantime. he has taken over a Mason Workshop.

Now that winter is ending, hordes of dwarves flood out the fort doors to grab as much water as they can. I check for undead, but am glad to find nothing more on the upper floors.
No. 11016 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749516425.png - (234.25KB , 962x608 , DF17.png )

This is the state of the bottom floor. The barracks is a mess of body parts and blood but otherwise seems safe. The outside doors are now locked. A troglodyte corpse claws at them, trying to get through.
No. 11017 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749522563.png - (45.48KB , 289x386 , DF18.png )

A few floors above: This is the 2nd bedroom and intended dining room I created. Due to the chaos that ensued, I was unable to continue my project. The dining room is empty, but the bedrooms can be used.
No. 11019 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749536644.png - (127.52KB , 673x394 , DF19.png )

One floor above is the initial bedroom complex, and Driblis' offices. These were completely untouched during the chaos, and nothing of note happened here. As a result, Driblis remained quite safe during the events that unfolded.
No. 11020 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749551001.png - (139.91KB , 616x428 , DF20.png )

This is the Forge, Workshop and Burial floor. I believe the burial grounds are currently a place of great danger and all troops should be stationed there immediately to prevent further damage. The more troops, the less damage we are likely to take. I highly recommend preventing further burials until a safer burial ground has been created.
No. 11021 ID: 1ae9c7
File 144749574189.png - (198.51KB , 562x550 , DF21.png )

This is the top floor of the fort. The central hallway is full of injured dwarves who have been injured in previous battles. Now that they have water, we should be able to stabilize them. I trust the next ruler knows what to do if they don't make it.

I had not mentioned in previous updates, but walls had been erected to make the fort more defensible. I left the stockpiles alone throughout my time managing the fort, except the refuse pile which no longer functions.

I would recommend expanding our fort south, into an area less cursed, where we may bury our dead and let them rest in peace.
No. 11022 ID: bd4058

oi im interested, how do i sign in
No. 11023 ID: 7f4f29

Well, I think the current rotation is basically
1. Rand
2. ClockworkSeal
3. newfig (If you'd like)
4. Driblis
5. Colour

So theoretically it'd be your turn in about two weeks.
No. 11024 ID: 85ce69
File 144764057756.png - (60.97KB , 1655x980 , everythingisgoingwell.png )

Gonna be very brief here, pretty tired.
My year started with dealing with trash that Colour left behind, which was done with no casualties.

I immediately setup new burrows for the fort, "inside". Which came useful, since fog came about. Made contact with nobody, thankfully enough.
No. 11026 ID: 85ce69
File 144764068296.png - (10.46KB , 1351x184 , RIP_COLOUR.png )

Colour died for some reason, wounds, probably. Buried hastily to avoid reanimation.
No. 11027 ID: 85ce69
File 144764074102.png - (15.42KB , 426x439 , thisisyournewhome.png )

Since I didn't notice a dump/pit, I made my own. Should be used to dispose corpses quickly, since reanimation is a serious threat to the fortress ( as shown later ).
No. 11028 ID: 85ce69
File 144764082798.png - (23.28KB , 532x585 , drawbrigde+magma_is_wonderful.png )

New entrance in progress. The original was bit unsafe ( enough for zombies, since they cannot go through forbidden doors ), but would have been woefully weak against building destroyers, etc. The depot will be moved inside, to protect the traders from occasional undead ( or to trap them in )
No. 11029 ID: 85ce69
File 144764088428.png - (7.56KB , 431x344 , fugge.png )

However, getting water is bit troublesome if everyone is told to stay inside. Dug a well into the caverns, should be safe enough.
No. 11030 ID: 85ce69
File 144764093356.png - (27.70KB , 1269x889 , FUCK.png )

Well shit, an uninvited guest.
Thankfully, just sealing off the caverns did the trick, since I don't think the fortress is in good enough state to fight it yet.
No. 11031 ID: 85ce69
File 144764096805.png - (18.64KB , 487x450 , chasing_elk_birds.png )

Thankfully enough, it seems more content chasing down elk birds than us.
No. 11032 ID: 85ce69
File 144764103844.png - (22.23KB , 1622x230 , spear.png )

A fey mood occurred. A spear was made.
No. 11033 ID: 85ce69
File 144764114615.png - (40.65KB , 823x654 , goodtiming.png )

The new entrance was finished along with the depot, just in time for the first traders.

As you can probably see, the bridge is linked to a lever. Takes some time to work, so in case of danger, just pull it

Imported ton of food and weapons.
No. 11034 ID: 85ce69
File 144764118468.png - (17.00KB , 783x445 , newwall.png )

Since the new entrance is safer, the old entrance was closed off, and made a pasture.
No. 11035 ID: 85ce69
File 144764121310.png - (79.20KB , 1663x976 , OHSHIT.png )

No. 11036 ID: 85ce69
File 144764137199.png - (9.79KB , 451x638 , panic_room.png )

A new addition to the fort; panic room.
In case everything goes to the shitter ( inevitably will ), all civilians should be evacuated to this particular panic-burrow ( see burrows ). The area contains some food, beds, lever to bridge and lever to a cave-in trap ( blocked off by a wall for now. For safety. )
There is stockpile for picks as well, so in when UH OH strikes, dwarves do lot around the fort.
...They are not placing any picks in the stockpile, so please, work on that.
No. 11037 ID: 85ce69
File 144764143637.png - (132.45KB , 1621x713 , eventuallyItwilldie.png )

The forgotten beast seems to be pretty feisty, and the fights are taking toll on it. It will probably die, eventually, which is good thing.

No. 11038 ID: 85ce69
File 144764156491.png - (24.93KB , 613x442 , newbarracks.png )

New barracks, more closer to the surface ( where main threats will be from, most likely. )
Also has an archery range.
No. 11039 ID: 85ce69
File 144764159119.png - (25.41KB , 1189x272 , baron.png )

We got a baron.
No. 11040 ID: 85ce69
File 144764165790.png - (29.68KB , 1184x413 , huskproblem.png )

As the caravan was leaving, they happened to stroll through an accursed mist.
At least we now know what it does.

Husks are very serious business.

Thankfully they eventually wandered off the map.
No. 11041 ID: 85ce69
File 144764175811.png - (12.35KB , 492x404 , execution_pit.png )

An execution-shaft. Although, the remains will probably re-animate, so that should be thought about when dropping down prisoners.
No. 11042 ID: 85ce69
File 144764182077.png - (12.41KB , 467x306 , shittt.png )

A possession occurred, we could not manage to fulfill his needs.
No. 11043 ID: 85ce69
File 144764185171.png - (11.52KB , 1094x226 , bigger_problem_than_before.png )

The Forgotten Beast died.

And it returned.

We should stay away from the caverns.
No. 11044 ID: 85ce69
File 144764196267.png - (50.58KB , 789x471 , mulezombie_aftermath.png )

A zombie mule appeared and killed two dwarves.
As it turns out, animals that die in cages are subject to re-animation.
Pretty obvious.

What wasn't obvious was that they become uncaged when that happens.
So do not just forget animals in stockpiles.
No. 11045 ID: 85ce69
File 144764198994.png - (24.49KB , 899x98 , are_you_fucking_serious.png )

Are you serious?
No. 11046 ID: 85ce69
File 144764201204.png - (31.52KB , 930x98 , are_you_fucking_serious2.png )

Are you fucking serious?
No. 11047 ID: 85ce69
File 144764211677.png - (456.10KB , 1223x871 , are_you_fucking_serious3.png )

So, products of butchering can animate, as well.
And in this case, the resulting undead can be totally unkillable.
I would have tried to figure out to deal with it, but spring arrived, and along with that, end of my turn.

I highly recommend against butchering animals. In fact, it is probably safer just to pit them in magma.
No. 11048 ID: 85ce69
File 144764221774.png - (357.01KB , 1212x810 , horriblehorriblehorrible.png )

So, that was my year.
Whatever happens next... is up to ClockworkSeal.

No. 11049 ID: 85ce69
File 144764233423.png - (15.61KB , 589x305 , holyuck.png )

No. 11050 ID: 85ce69
File 144764236384.png - (13.16KB , 1137x171 , more_hopeless_than_that.png )

No. 11051 ID: 89941a

I think it might've been better if you fellas hadn't embarked in a completely evil area where flaps of skin and hair reanimate, ahaha. But hey, that's half the Fun, isn't it?
No. 11052 ID: 7f4f29

Hey, Colour requested it. I'm not sure Seal can pull it off, but we'll see.
No. 11091 ID: 7f4f29

So uh, looks like Seal might not be doing his turn. Newfig, you around?
No. 11124 ID: 7f4f29

Ha. Guess not. Well, fun while it lasted anyway.
No. 11249 ID: 4dc2d2

Is this still going on or could we start a new one?
No. 11253 ID: 52d0bb

Looks like the last post is just under a year old, so its probably dead. Probably best to start a fresh thread and see if anyone's interested.

I would be if enough people get in on it.
No. 11292 ID: b5f367

I'm all good with doing another one.
No. 11293 ID: 52d0bb

Sign up down at >>11254
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