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File 130335589281.png - (1.15KB , 800x120 , title.png )
6452 No. 6452 ID: 1578e2

Ok, tried this before and it flopped entirely, but we're doing this again.

We have enough DF people here to warrant a proper succession game. I figure we can run it normal style, that is one year from Granite 1 to Granite 1 for each player, take turns and write up nice little synopses for each year, with pictures.

I'll take first run. I suggest we never have a list of more than a couple players in line. I also suggest a week time limit on playing your year, since you can do it in a day with a decent box and taking more than a week wrecks all the fun of having a succession game.


That said, I'm going to give till say midday tomorrow for suggestions for worldgen parameters, embarkation parameters/locations, and anything else the other players feel might enhance the game for everyone.

Otherwise I'll default to a small region, embarking in a temperate/cold area with a river and no aquifer, with my standard embark package.

Any suggestions?
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No. 6453 ID: 2563d4

Well, I'm interested.
No. 6454 ID: ee1442

No. 6455 ID: 868a23

I'll play but i tend to be boring and not at all good with stories :<
No. 6457 ID: cf244d

Sounds good to me. Although I reckon it'll end up always being Granite 1 to Granite 5 or something like that. Because catching it on a single day is a non-trivial task.
No. 6459 ID: 5b95eb

Have it autosave at the season change.
No. 6462 ID: af830a

I prefer it to be either a taiga or a moist broad-leaf forest. Undead-evil. That's gray/red as opposed to purple, on the world map.
No. 6498 ID: 1963d1

I say, I'd like to have a go! Where do I sign?
No. 6500 ID: e0c719

boom count me in
No. 6501 ID: d6f532

Interested too, non-nice world would be best (tundra, evil, aquifer or something more challenging that temperate) Let the first guy choose the starting gear, it wont matter in a year or 2...
No. 6502 ID: d6f532

forgot the name
No. 6504 ID: b5136c

Im interested in this
No. 6511 ID: 1578e2

The first year is mostly done, I embarked on a terrifying moist broad-leaf forest on the side of a volcano. The terrain is a little stupid but hey :V

Anyway update probably tomorrow
No. 6513 ID: 1854db

Whoa if this is actually happening I want in too!
No. 6531 ID: 1578e2
File 130348037527.png - (26.18KB , 808x327 , 001.png )

Granite 1, Year 3:

We've been traveling for two months, across most of the known world, in a wooden wagon. All just to come to this hot, humid forest in the southern reaches of the continent, "The Fat Forest". We've arrived at the site assigned by our glorious ruler. In the side of this mountain, we are to carve a new outpost for all of dwarfkind. Left with little in the way of actual instruction, we are to do what we can to make the dwarven mountainhomes a bit richer. We are to dig into the mountain "The Accidental Blaze" and turn out whatever sort of wealth we can. I've sent a few dwarves out for survey.

The site looks good! The rumors of this forest being haunted seem to have been exaggerated. There is a tremendous amount of wood here, and various mineral deposits gleaming from the side of the mountain. A river of clean water runs nearby, and despite the huge, tubular magma pipe reaching into the sky, this place seems like the perfect spot for a fortress.
No. 6532 ID: 1578e2
File 130348042444.png - (37.89KB , 1014x551 , 005.png )

Granite 8: A week later, things are going smoothly. I've assigned an entryway just above water level, as well as a large stockpile room dug out. Hopefully this will be enough storage space for the immediate future. I've been working on cutting down some trees for our lumber needs while the miners take care of the digging.

Granite 12: We've struck native gold in the stockpile! A good omen from Istrath.

Slate 5: We've struck native copper in the hallway. The mountain seems rife with valuable minerals.
No. 6533 ID: 1578e2
File 130348049804.png - (35.70KB , 1014x551 , 007.png )

Felsite 1: Apparently we've been going through food far too quickly; we're nearly out of reserves. I've got a farm built in the clay above the main hall, but plants take time to grow. I've asked the butcher to slaughter the two mares that pulled our wagon here. It's unfortunate to have to kill the horses, but we need the meat more than we need the companionship. We've lost two of the cats we brought with us to local wildlife, and the slaughtered mares attracted swarms of horrible blood gnats. The disgusting bugs get into every room and crawl all over every living thing they can find! I wish I had a clean area to go sit in, but there's no office or bedrooms set up. I'll need to fix that.

Hematite 1: It was a productive spring! As we move into summer it's a good idea to take stock on what we've got. I've managed to get the refuse area mined out, as well as some working area for the craftsdwarves, masons, and the like. The forging wing is going smoothly as well, though there's a lot left to do over there.

Malachite 9: After getting a floodgate rigged to a mechanism upstairs, we've managed to flood the lower reservoir with magma, for powering forges. The noble Tosid Dodoklelum broke through the obsidian casing of the magma pipe, and managed to run away fast enough to avoid too much searing! Truly a dwarf of the mountainhomes.

Malachite 15: Four dwarves showed up on the edges of our land today, migrants from the mountainhomes. A brewer, a spinner, a pottery glazer, and a weaver. We don't have much call for any of those skills, so I've assigned them all various other duties. The weaver may be useful for making phantom spider silk thread though; their webs are all over the trees outside.

Galena 24th: I have no business being leader. We've been so focused on getting the magma forges and smelters running that I've completely forgotten to tend to our drink stockpile. We've run bone dry, and have been lowered to drinking water from pools and the river. I could order a well dug, but instead I've ordered an emergency still set up. We're going to get this resolved.

Limestone 1: Officially autumn now. The still is working on new booze, and everyone's tempers are getting a bit short. Still, autumn should bring that promised caravan from the mountainhomes, and they should have some food and drink to replenish our stocks.

Timber 1: The drink issue has been resolved by our brewer, though he's continuing to make more for stockpiling. THe wine from the plump helmets grown here has a unique character, but I'm hoping some elves or humans bring up some river spirits in the coming years. It's been a while since I've had a proper drink. Still no caravan, but we did get another batch of migrants today, ten all told. Mostly miscellaneous skills, though our first warrior arrived, a swordsdwarf with experience forging. I've created an official military, though there's no barracks and nowhere for him to train.

Timber 25: At the very end of autumn, the caravan from the mountainhomes has finally arrived. Over the past two months, the forges have been operational, and the smiths have been producing fine gold jewelry and goblets, which granted me pretty much my pick of wares I wanted from the eager traders. I purchased a tremendous amount of varied meats, some drink, cloth, hospital supplies, and various other things, including quite a bit of metal armor for any future military. We should be well-stocked for the time being. Another notable incident is the appearance of kobolds. One was spotted nosing around our trade depot, by one of the merchant guards. He was chased off for some distance, though they can move surprisingly fast on their short legs. The idiot came back again, but was driven away after another lengthy chase. We may need to invest in some crossbows.

[Pictured: The farm just above the main hall]
No. 6534 ID: 1578e2
File 130348074231.png - (41.18KB , 1229x719 , 008.png )

Opal 10: The negotiations with the liason from the mountainhomes are complete. I've requested loads of wood and drink for next year, to avoid having to make everything here. They've asked for a confusing assortment, primarily backpacks, thread, and assorted powders. They'll probably take the gold knick knacks we can produce and take them gladly. In the meantime, I've had the remaining workshop space mined out, as well as a nice common dormitory and leisure room. Hopefully someplace to sleep will help out morale here.

Obsidian 12: The winter is passing uneventfully. I've assigned myself to be bookkeeper for the budding fortress, as I've become increasingly tired of not knowing how much of this and that we have. This task keeps me pretty busy, however.

Obsidian 22: I've been told that the weaver encountered another kobold while out gathering webs for silk spinning. The vermin ran away quickly when confronted with a dwarf, but the weaver is worried about being ambushed while he works. I've assigned one of our war dogs to him as an escort. It should suffice for the kobold threat, and at least buy the weaver time enough to run if he meets any of the giant jaguars we've spotted prowling about.

Granite 1, Year 4: It's been a full year since I took position as leader of this fortress, and I believe I've done good work in getting everything up and running. We have workshops laid out for most craftwork, we've got running magma forges and a tolerable industry of gold crafts when we're working on that. Our food and drink stores are sufficient if not exactly overflowing. There are a few issues. We need a well, firstly. A hospital may not be bad in case anyone comes out injured in the coming years. Individual bedrooms would be a nice luxury as well, and after that, the common room could easily be converted to a barracks for a military, which would also be a good idea. Come to think of it, we might be a little short on trade goods, working some more gold might be a good idea.

But that's not for me to decide. While I'm still leader in name and on paper, I'm leaving the running of the fortress to someone else for the time being, as I find the simple task of counting and keeping track of the fortress' goods and production is enough for me. I wish the future overseer good fortune.

End of 'Driblis' Nicatrith's Journal.
No. 6535 ID: 1578e2
File 130348100130.png - (246.08KB , 1920x2304 , Wheelsplattered-157-region2-4-174.png )

[Alright, I believe Lionsphil is next on this. I know the first year is boring, but first years are always boring. The fort's in good shape though.

There are a couple additional pictures available, but nothing interesting: http://www.genericcoder.com/misc/DF/

The savegame is here, just renamed from region2 for ease of ID in the game list: http://www.genericcoder.com/misc/tgchan.zip

Good luck!]
No. 6540 ID: 868a23

oh what the hell I'll try it
No. 6541 ID: 180ec2

If you still have space, I'd like to put my name in. Otherwise, tell me if/when you do.
No. 6543 ID: 2563d4
File 130352494404.png - (1.62KB , 515x145 , tgchan-y2-00-getbusy.png )

So, ol' Dribbles has sat back from leadership a bit (although I've bullied him into ticking off work orders), and since as chef and brewer round these parts I'm kind of the jolly fat power behind the burly bearded force shaping this mountain I'm going to take a shot at running the place, all discreet like. We've got a miserable little cramped dining hall, an overgrazed pasture, no medical facilities, no defences, no well, and I've got this cunning idea to make the new hall enough to calm you down even if all of hell were right on your heels.

Get to work lads.

More Spring
Memo: Carve a calendar or something. Driblis only went and locked his in his office so I couldn't crib the date off of it. I think it's a Tuesday?
Stinthäd Berotam demonstrates the genius of the mining team by digging himself straight down into a pit while working on the new dining room. Thankfully it was a pit which was going to have a route out to the stairwell anyway, but how dumb do you have to be? I've set them excavating more farm space, even though we're low on plump helmet spawn, since that's easy work. We could do with putting this cave wheat seed to work. Cooking with one type of plant kind of limits your options.

Hmm, kobolds running about out there. Maybe one of the newborn kittens will drive them off.

Granite 10
Memo: This calendar business is more trouble than it's worth. Jammed the lock on Driblis' door with horse tallow instead.
Alright, we've got sawblades already. Just need the mechanics to step up their game on generating some decent quality mechanisms to control them. Everyone's busy, the furnaces are smelting, the glassblowers are working on pump parts...this leadership lark's pretty damn easy.

Of for the love of...Tosid Dodóklelum just dug himself down into a pit. Real geniuses, these miner guys.
No. 6544 ID: 2563d4
File 130352499104.png - (11.92KB , 1217x769 , tgchan-y2-01-scarygear.png )

A little later
Memo: Damn hungry cats managed to clear out the lock. Will have to try kitten tallow next time.
We're running out of barrels for booze. The solution is clearly more barrels. Also bins.

There's some trouble with the gearing for the waterfall outflow pump; mechanics arguing that they can't work in such a cramped space. Whiners, the lot of them. Surely won't be an omen.
No. 6545 ID: 2563d4
File 130352504625.png - (30.99KB , 1216x768 , tgchan-y2-02-summer.png )

The traps are going in. Anything busting through the front door is going to find itself with mincemeat for legs.


Memo: Enquire about fitting one of these for a giant blender. We could probably fit a whole elf in it.

Anyway, we've got fourty-odd bars of gold sitting around, so half of those are becoming crafts before some prissy noble shows up and demands his room is lined with them or something. Geshud Gusilkanzud used the last of the season's phantom spider silk cloth to make some kind of masterpiece. Apparently the kobolds have been poking about again but just run away.

Malachite 17
Adil Stizashïtheb sealed himself into a drainage channel despite there being construction warnings in place right where he was standing. Had to knock down a grate to escape. Momuz Idedtûl then got himself trapped rebuilding it. May be brewing the booze may be just a little too strong.

The new meeting hall is ready with tables, although it's not done yet. Going to be a while before the centrepiece is ready.

Galena 7
Discovered that I can't make ash in an ashery, so set up a nice wood furnace in the new dining hall to give it an appropriately smoky, crackling fire. Burning things on purpose is kind of weird.

Started building a hospital. If some idiot stands on top of the waterfall (OH YEAH) drain power shaft while digging the surface open it they may need it.

Galena 11
Oh boundless joys, the humans are here and want to trade. Geshud showed off by making another masterpiece in front of them. So just to spite him I'm going to flog them generic rock and gold crafts.

Galena 23
Goddamnit. Driblis still counting pebbles. Won't go out to meet traders. Bored miner throws a party in the awesome new dining hall. Geshud makes another masterpiece.

Autumn, Limestone 1
Fuck it, Driblis is too busy with his sergal whores or whatever it is he's doing in there. I snare the first person who comes past—Udib Sazirimik, a woodcutter, apparently—and push him up to the depot to talk to the oversized bastards. Turns out we've got 20,480 worth of rock and gold knickknacks, so we buy up various bars, glasses, clays and other raw resources in case someone gets a foolish creative notion into their head. Also some cheese and variety in booze for the cooking. Fuck yes cheese, I am going to enjoy melting you. They have 4,273 of stuff that isn't overdecorated, overpriced gawdy crap, so most of the gold goes right back into the fort. Cheeky bastards try to make a counteroffer 2,000 more in their favour first time. Humans.

Limestone 7
We have finally made horse soap. Out of horses. The hospital is being smoothed out and prepared to have furniture installed.

Limestone 9
Some kittens have grown up. We also need to keep up the fat supply for soap. Self-solving problem.

Try to thwart my lock-jamming efforts now you furry little fucks.

Limestone 22
Asked how the cave wheat was growing. Farmers stared at me blankly. Shouted at them to go plant some in the second farm. Do they want bread products or not?

Limestone 25
We planned five buckets of lye and five bars soap. Driblis signed it off and everything, very official. There is now not enough lye despite all five being produced. Some idiot probably rendered it into a bucket that was already full of water, so I'm going to have to be damn careful what I drink from if this stress gets to me and I need a lie down.
No. 6546 ID: 2563d4
File 130352508602.png - (12.70KB , 1216x768 , tgchan-y2-03-hospital.png )

Sandstone 7
Soap! Also the hospital is clear of crap and being furnished. The aqueduct pumps are being positioned. And the beehives have been deployed.

Sandstone 15
Îton was nominated as chief medical doctor bloke, since he's one of the few people who can think straight for more than five minutes and is a sympathetic friend to all. 'Twas a good party, although I couldn't help but notice the lack of gentle mist in the dining hall. At least there's a floodgate.

Timber 8
Told Stinthäd Berotam to bridge the river. He waited until it started raining to do it. Guess he figured he'd get wet either way. Was almost disappointed when he didn't fall in.

Timber 15
Ustuth Idokfath has given birth to Îton's son. Didn't even realise the newly-appointed doc was bonking the Militia Commander. Oddly distant this whole leadership thing. Kind of missing the kitchen.
No. 6547 ID: 2563d4
File 130352513450.png - (1.79KB , 567x79 , tgchan-y2-04-bullfight.png )

Timber 17
The liason is here. The water buffalo are sparring right around the trade depot. Sparring. Hmm. Something's nagging at me, but I can't quite think what. I'm sure it'll come to me eventually.
No. 6548 ID: 2563d4
File 130352516347.png - (3.11KB , 728x277 , tgchan-y2-05-wanted.png )

We've settled on importing wood, miscellaneous resources, and especially sand since there's none to be had here. Some jugs for the honey would be useful. The moment the liason wanted to make export demands of the fort, however, Driblis ran away. Smooth.

They're in dire need of seeds and large gems. Thankfully we bought some of the latter from the humans. Also short swords, hats, tools, and various uninteresting kipple. Yeah, sure, whatever. The traders bought a huge amount of wood, so we've snarfed the lot. The river shall be paved with waterwheels. Since it's cheap and Driblis asked, may as well take the booze too, and every kind of metal bar they have to offer. Various food we can't get locally—I really need to find a spare moment to try some of this stuff out in the kitchen—but we're already drowning in plump helmets without buying more. Our countrymen left rather ecstatic after some bartering but it's not like we don't have gold crap from floor to ceiling in the stockpile.
No. 6549 ID: 2563d4
File 130352519719.png - (38.82KB , 1216x768 , tgchan-y2-06-boldkobold.png )

Winter, Moonstone 1
The kobolds are getting bolder; one appeared right outside the fortress entrance, next to all the trader guards and a constant flow of dwarves. It ran off empty-handed pretty quick.

One of them finally showed up in the main hallway! While the caravan guards were chasing it off, they found a gobbo, and another 'bold showed up on the hill by the aqueduct. 'Tis the season for pilfering little twerps, apparently.

Oh, bollocks. Miscounted a pump stack. Or rather, counted it right initially, then got confused and left one out and made a needless channel. I'll just get someone to floor over that and nobody need ever know.

Moonstone 26
There's a couple of Stranglers about. One's chased off one of the buffalo cows and the other is causing havoc with the aqueduct plans by running off the workers. Dwarves are running everywhere trying to get the cow back and the war dogs are taking a hit. I've had to tell the idiots to let her roam free before someone gets cornered and gored out there.
No. 6550 ID: 2563d4
File 130352524816.png - (34.12KB , 1216x768 , tgchan-y2-07-geshudhome.png )

Opal 4
Goddamnit, that weaver Driblis had problems with went and got himself cornered, and his dog's been wounded and knocked out. The same weaver who keeps making masterworks. Ustuth is sent out to help the fight. She promptly decides to sleep instead and Geshud screams he can't fight, so they're ordered to hide behind the traps and he finally actually manages to run past it to safety. Even his dog manages to wake up and limp home on a wounded paw.
No. 6551 ID: 2563d4
File 130352529247.png - (37.67KB , 1216x768 , tgchan-y2-08-deadbuffalo.png )

Opal 8
For the love of Ók and Shin WHY WON'T PEOPLE MOVE THE DAMN SOAP TO THE HOSPITAL. I know we're dwarves but I had to touch it to make it and my beard hasn't fallen out yet.

After an extended chase the strangler has finally slain the buffalo cow. Maybe they'll stop to eat and leave us in peace.

Opal 9
Oh right, that was wishful thinking. The stranglers are heading for the front door. And they've just injured Vabôk Stukosdolush's hands, so I hope he can farm with a bloodstained green thumb. STOP GOING OUTSIDE PEOPLE.
No. 6552 ID: 2563d4
File 130352531975.png - (5.38KB , 592x274 , tgchan-y2-09-babiesarehardcore.png )

Ustuth's out there taking care of the things while the rest of the militia stand around sheepishly. Holy crap, young Tun just took a pop at one. That kid's got spirit.
No. 6553 ID: 2563d4
File 130352535405.png - (19.87KB , 1216x768 , tgchan-y2-10-stranglerdisarmed.png )

Remind me to never, ever get on Ustuth's bad side. The strangler grabbed Tun's hip—poor kid's blacked out from pain but seems to be recovering now—and her response was to cut it free by systematically dismembering it until it bled to death.

Opal 17
With normality returning, I note that we can't fit a double-high windmill to drive the waterfall return pump, and the wind around here is too weak. Thankfully the waterwheels are putting out enough force if we can just transfer power across the aqueduct.

Obsidian 2
The mechanics have hooked something up wrong; power isn't transferring up the pump stack. Also the parasitic tap for the drainage system will only work if the waterfall pressurisation pumps are on, which is a nice bonus. At least there's a floodgate. I've ordered the river-level drainage backflow opened anyway since we will at least then have a working well before spring arrives. Curse those stranglers.

Obsidian 11
...why is there cat blood in the river channel?

Obsidian 14
Ugh, the refuse pile stinks. Thank Shin for doors.

Obsidian 20
O frabjous day! The mechanics have got the pump stack working. A few driveshafts to hook up for the exit pump and we can throw the lever. The full array of waterwheels are generating 400 Urists of power, right down into the fortress for our use. Uh, as long as the waterfall pumps are running. At least there's a floodgate.

Obsidian 21
Domas Ônammadtob has thrown the lever early for a pressure test since the axle team keep slacking off for booze not ten feet from actually doing their jobs. Make note to gob in theirs. However, it works, and water has reached the aqueduct, and also no places that are not the aqueduct. Well, almost. It leaks a bit near the bottom where the seals aren't so good, but that's right next to the river and it just started raining so nobody will notice.

We're close. I can taste it. Also the faint hint of cat blood. I'm sure that's nothing to worry about.

Obsidian 24
The last axle is in. The mechanics reckon the water system is using less than half the capacity of this lot. Lòr Oddomdastot and Domas are pulling the levers tomorrow. Here goes.
No. 6554 ID: 2563d4
File 130352538537.png - (37.18KB , 1216x768 , tgchan-y2-11-mist.png )

Obsidian 25
Mist! Glorious, soothing mist! Someone should probably have told Melbil Lûknil that that was a bad time to be admiring the fine floor grate, but, hey, he needed a shower. He said it was lovely and comforting once he'd stepped out of the way.

The return pump is perhaps working a little too well and keeping the, uh, well from filling completely, but apart from some splatter around the room it's also preventing the hospital from flooding.

Obsidian 28
Little bit of backpressure irrigating things slightly; might need to encase the pump stack a little more thoroughly. Still, that corner of the pasture was getting a bit dessicated.
No. 6555 ID: 2563d4
File 130352542588.png - (9.40KB , 1216x276 , tgchan-y2-12-done.png )

Spring, Granite 1
Well, once done wiping the mud off of the dining tables, I'm willing to call this project a success, and it's about time I got back to the kitchen. The stockpile is full of strangler tallow and I bet that will go beautifully with some strangler tallow and a strangler tallow garnish. Driblis continues to need, uh, a little directing—he recently completed an accurate count of every last bee in the hives—but other than giving him some ideas about restocking on crafts, soap, and containers (we're running a fairly ridiculous food and drink surplus, but hell itself couldn't stop me firing up the kitchen at this point) I think it's about time someone else took to prompting him.

And, hey. At least there's a floodgate.
No. 6556 ID: 2563d4

Savegame: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/moo/src/tgchan-lionsphil-done.zip

Driblis wasn't around to hassle, so I'm going to make a guess that we're mostly doing this in thread order and it's now Deadbeard's turn.
No. 6561 ID: 0750cb


No. 6564 ID: 868a23

No. 6568 ID: 1578e2

Take your turn when you can, you have a week and sunday is tomorrow.
No. 6665 ID: 419a2b
File 130403287638.png - (13.83KB , 390x298 , tgchan-y3-01-flooded_dining_room.png )

Granite 1

Well, it seems LionsPhil has broken down from the pressure of being a

leader. His final words to me were, "Deadbeard, throw all the levers to shut

everything down, find the gap between the floodgate and the grate on the

river return tunnel underground, channel it from above, then build a

surface-level pump to raise the water out of it and walls to direct that to

fall back into the river. Hook it into the power grid, throw all the levers

again, and that should fix the drainage problem." Then he ran off to cook

something, I guess.

I've not a damn clue what they mean, but it seems I will have to take hold

of this fort and bring it up to standards.

Dwarven standards.

-Granite 5-

I have successfully stopped the dining room from flooding, and have re-

designated the fields so that we aren't only farming one crop at a time.

I have also inquired as to what jobs everyone has, and have repositioned

everyone. There was even one person with 33 jobs!

-Granite 16-

Figured out what levers go where, and have placed notes nearby to better

indicate what they do.
No. 6666 ID: 419a2b
File 130403293046.png - (26.38KB , 643x303 , tgchan-y3-01-clutter.png )

-Slate 13-

I have finished that wall, and also designated places for new stocks to go

in! That clutter in the main hall will finally be sorted!

I have also set for a large amount of the animals to be slaughtered. Last

time I'll trip over those damn cats!

-Slate 25-

Glorious day! Migrants from another fortress!
Time for me to start assigning jobs!

-Felsite 21-

Ambush today. We've lost at least one, and one other is unaccounted for.

Thankfully, the bridge was finished and the small moat built to stop them

from smashing down the bridge that goes across it. The bridge was raised,

and hopefully everything will move smoothly.
No. 6667 ID: 419a2b
File 130403294043.png - (11.08KB , 563x521 , tgchan-y3-01-stocks.png )

No. 6668 ID: 419a2b
File 130403296677.png - (51.95KB , 887x683 , tgchan-y3-01-wall&stairs.png )

No. 6669 ID: 419a2b
File 130403305487.png - (16.66KB , 390x300 , tgchan-y3-01-strange_mood.png )

-14th Hematite-

Well, one of our woodcutters is acting strange. He's claimed one of the

craftsdwarf workshops and is running abour the fortress grabbing at things

and bringing only some of them to the workshop.

~later in the day~
Well, it seems he has everything he needs as he has stopped running around

and started working on... something.

-Hematite 19-

Two things of good news!

One, that woodcutter has finished making his creation, a native copper

bracelet! He calls it Avuz Lemlor.

The other thing is that we've finally cleaned up a large amount of the

clutter! Food is now in its own pile near to the kitchens, and that mess of

a stockpile in the main hall is much cleaner now.

-Malachite 23-

Heard the screams of dwarves outside.
Evidently, we got more migrants, but the ambushers had not left yet. I have

had more coffins constructed for when we may go back outside.

-Galena 20-

Just when I thought it safe for us to go back outside, since the arrival of

a human caravan and their guards, there was a second ambush!
However, with their help, the ambush was fended off. We lost another of our

numbers, but at least now we may lay to rest those who have fallen.

-Limonite 24-

Huzzah! Workers be praised, we have finished the rebuilding of the pump


Now all that stands is to test it out, but that is for another day.

-Sandstone 4-

More migrants, and this time they aren't getting attacked!
Time for more assigning!

-Sandstone 16-

Well, everyone's inside, so I have raised the drawbridge for the winter. We

have all we could need to survive a siege, so I fear for nothing.

-Sandstone 18-

We have tested out the mist machine, and it works very well!

So well in fact that the pump out has begun to flood. I'll see to this

getting rectified, hopefully.

-Sandstone 25-

Seems we left a floodgate closed. This has been fixed and the pump out is

working perfectly.

~later that day-the page is slightly damp to the touch~

Well, despite our best efforts, the dining room continues to flood under the

amount of water coming in. It simply doesn't work well.
However, this has not dampened the spirits of one of our miners who is

acting quite like that woodcutter earlier in the year!

-Timber 12-

That miner has created a Native Copper Hatch! It is worth quite a bit.

-Timber 17-

The outpost liaison has come today, with a caravan of merchants! Time for us

to ply our crafts and such to our people!

I have traded some extra food we had for logs, meats, cheeses, bars of

metal, and other things.

-Moonstone 13-

Winter has come. It is not as cold or as biting as I expected. I have built

a secondary wall around the first, to encompass our pumping constructs.

-Opal 21-

We have a new addition to our large family! One of the engravers, Mosus

Cattenzes, has had a baby!

-Obsidian 18-

Yet another person is acting strangely! This time it is our militia

commander! I wonder what he will yield...

-Obsidian 26-

He has created a Bronze Greaves. These things twinkle with incredible

power... perhaps it would be safer to lock them away for now.

-Granite 1, Y4-

I feel a great weight lifted from my shoulders this morning. Reports are

that the smoothing is nearly done, booze production and barrel production is

high, and all around us is the free land.

I shall find another dwarf to take up leadership of this fort. For now, all

I wish to do is rest a bit, and go back to mining.
No. 6670 ID: 419a2b


there is the save
No. 6694 ID: 1578e2

Skipping Cruxador since he cant' be arsed to respond in IRC or here. Going to Lanlar Tak—th whom we all know as Cockhole.
No. 6695 ID: 1578e2

Cockhole>Skip me for now.

Ok then, next up appears to be PointHeritage

I have no idea who that is! \o/

I'll wait a few days to see if he responds in the thread. Tell us if you're picking it up!
No. 6696 ID: e9ab30

Hello all!

I am actually a person who frequently lurks this site, and suggests for quests fairly frequently. I just figured that using a Name would probably be advisable if I was to participate in this succession game.

That said, my computer that I would have used to play this game is fucked and I have to get it fixed. So you guys can skip me for now and I'll take my turn later.
No. 6697 ID: 1578e2

Well hey, that happens. Hope you continue to enjoy the site~

Cockhole>Fine fine I'll do it later this week.

So we'll just roll back to Lanlar Tak—th for now.

Good luck :V
No. 6698 ID: 221021

Alright, I'll throw my name in. I've never done a succession game, but I'm reasonably good at Dwarf Fortress so I should probably not blow everything up. (I'll check this thread periodically but if I don't notice that I'm supposed to be doing something then just message me on IRC.)
No. 6782 ID: 09bbc7

so who's turn is it now?
No. 6785 ID: 1854db

It's been a week. Next person would be Samuel.
No. 6786 ID: 2563d4

Lanlar Tak—th is taking his turn.
No. 6813 ID: 1854db

There's a week time limit. That's long past.
No. 6814 ID: bf1e7e

I'll toss in on this. I'm probably not terribly good at the game as I've never really been tested in it and I can't guarantee I won't ruin everything forever, but hey why not =V
No. 6818 ID: 2563d4

Lanlar Tak—th is taking his turn. Stop being a rule nazi.
No. 6823 ID: 1854db

Okay fine, when do you want the rule enforced? When someone doesn't play at ALL for a week?
No. 6839 ID: 1578e2

We had two or three people in succession that did not manage to play. Cockhole has completed his year and is writing up the report. Cutting him now would just be idiotic.

No fighting in this thread :|
No. 6849 ID: e640d0
File 130513195623.png - (12.81KB , 802x302 , 1 - Cockroom.png )

2st Granite
Driblis ran into the meeting hall yesterday. We were celebrating spring's coming, and, maybe more importantly, the second flood-free week in a row. Right away he started pointing fingers left and right. I lounged by the back of the hall at the time, and came closer to listen. Turns out he was seeking a replacement for Ol' Deadbeard as the fort's manager-type dwarf.

This, of course, I learnt only after he asked me to visit him tomorrow. Tomorrow was today. He shoved this journal into my arms, along with a pile of papers. Told me to write only my most deepest musings and desires, that is, were they concerning the fort. Of course. Why couldn't he do that himself, I asked. We are now a barony, he answered, which means he is the baron. He has to tend to baron business. Very important. Very official.

Deep musing for the day: Driblis has a pair of pants engraved smack in the middle of his office walls. Not as impressive as the dormitory's dragon.

5th Granite
Dear journal, I officially cannot work under these conditions. Passers-by were never this loud and my papers are plump helmet stained. Not a single work order left my desk these past days. I do believe I know just the thing.

6th Granite
I ordered a group of dwarves to dig me out a place of residence at the side of the main hall, right across the meeting hall. They told me to shove off. After showing them my official guy-who's-in-charge-of-stuff slip of paper, they explained they require a sort of base blueprint to work with. That's what I spent my day doing. As official guy-who's-in-charge-of-stuff, I believe my blueprints are most modest. Tomorrow I'm visiting the forges.

7th Granite
The miner team accepted the blueprints without question and began work immediately. Should I be worried?

I learned Deadbeard's final production orders were to waste perfectly fine gold on merchant trash. If it's so abundant, why wouldn't I simply coat my new room with it? I am, of course, not that vain. I settled on having all my furniture golden instead.

22nd Granite
A little misunderstanding came to light today. Apparently, all this time, Driblis thought this room I'm digging is for him. No, see, it's for me. That's the misunderstanding. I'm sure he didn't mean those things he said when he said them.

He did mandate for two copper picks, however.

28th Granite
Ah, sweet peace and quiet. Today me, my wife and the children moved to our new place of residence. It's a bit minimalist, but I'm not greedy.

I hear Driblis' picks are finished. I hope he chokes on 'em.
No. 6850 ID: e640d0
File 130513198413.png - (6.50KB , 802x302 , 2 - Barracks.png )

1st Slate
Finally reorganized Driblis' pile o' paper. Surprising as it is, everything seems to be in top condition. The worst issue around is how cluttered our stockpiles are. To keep the populace from calling me useless, the thankless ingrates, I've sent for twenty copper bins to be forged.

Speaking of which, Driblis has been getting really antsy lately. I suppose I should expand his room some time soon.

4th Slate
My intern, Rith, approached me today. He's a fine lad, albeit somewhat shy. Apparently he has been gently hinting that it's high time to finally complete furnishing my hospital. So gently, in fact, that I did not realize he was doing any hinting. I've ordered some stone coffers. Maybe now we'll have enough stock room to house those three meager bars of soap.

5th Slate
The one thing Driblis' papers didn't specify were the assortment of levers dotting the fortress in arbitrary locations. I've taken aside a lad claiming to be one of the engineering team's finest, Urvad I think was his name, and we both took a tour to remedy my confusion.

Later this evening, as we were laying my clothes across the floor to dry, my wife told me of a special request she had. It appears every single manager so far overlooked the military having no place to train, let alone spar or learn or even sleep. I'll make sure our new barracks will be at least as pretty as my wife's face. Or something.

10th Slate
Filed a yet another case of a bitch giving birth. The howling from that tiny cage has been really starting to cook my mushrooms. I've decided to have all breeding females slaughtered to pad our meat and leather stockpiles. Speaking of which...

11th Slate
I called for Lionsphil today. Once the fort's manager now reduced to head cook, he's the one in charge of the kitchens.Seems he kept working by the prior manager's orders, to turn literally anything into alcohol. Maybe he lost track of time. Maybe he just assumed. No matter. His eyes glistened with tears as I asked him to restart meal-preparing operations. He looked so happy. I hope my wife doesn't find out.

14th Slate
I've found out we have a shortage of barrels and an abundance of lead. I've sent the forges orders to follow the logical progression.

15th Slate
Migrants! The dread of any manager. They are: one suturer, one fisherdwarf, a ranger, an animal trainer, a fish dissecter, a weaponsmith, trapper, tanner, miner, cook, hammerdwarf, herbalist, pump operator, two children, a gem cutter, a strand extracter, a weaver, siege engineer, herbalist, bone doctor, and ranger. Oh, also an assortment of useless farm animals to keep the front lawn tidy.

I've created a ten-dwarf squad from the more useless of the bunch and even wrote a training schedule for them to follow. They've arrived just in time, as well. The barracks' furnishing has been almost completed. They are to be a light, spear wielding, leather wearing, infantry and would serve as front lines in case of an assault. I've ordered for leather armor and iron spears to be assembled immediately.

15th Felsite
Driblis has mandated the construction of unspecific rose gold items. What in Medtop's name is "rose gold?"
No. 6851 ID: e640d0
File 130513200456.png - (24.19KB , 802x604 , 3 - Niceshot.png )

21st Felsite
Two hunters ran out from behind the hill to the south of the fort's entrance, followed by no less than two squads of armed and armored goblins. To the eyes of all watching, myself included, the older of the two—a fellow called Urvad Delerosan, I later learned—turned and shot a goblin straight through the head with his first and only arrow. I've already made plans to immortalize his badass death on slab.
No. 6852 ID: e640d0
File 130513202522.png - (19.50KB , 802x302 , 4 - Riverfight.png )

Our front line squad, consisting of not-fully equipped, untrained, peasants were met by immediate resistance once dispatched. No less than three goblin spies were already inside the gates, most likely looking for unattended children. By the time the main gate had been closed a whole squad of hammermen already made their way inside. To our luck, and perhaps advantage, goblins were never the sharpest bulb in the bushel. They've met our speardwarves right by the river, and while our squad held ground in one spot, they've jumped about all around. Many of our dwarves took hits, but once the goblins' numbers dwindled their morale broke and they scattered all about. Easy pickings for my wife's support squad.

In all, we've lost three men and many more lay injured. I'll have my hands full these next few months.
No. 6853 ID: e640d0
File 130513205871.png - (20.67KB , 802x604 , 5 - Cemeterypants.png )

1st Hematite
I've been voted mayor. To celebrate the occasion, I've ordered a golden armor stand and weapon rack set forged. To make the study room more homely, you understand.

Things are looking rather up. Most injuries were rather minor and my new bone doctor assistant seems competent in his work. I've asked Phil, offhand, to prepare more soap. I hope his groan meant agreement.

8th Hematite
Recent events lead me to reconsider those tiny boxes at the ends of the workshop halls we dump our dead in. The last thing I want are vengeful spirits walking our halls. I've laid groundwork for a mighty graveyard grounds to house all our future dead. Of course, I couldn't help but construct myself a modest mausoleum, being the most important figure in this mountain. I suppose Driblis deserves one as well.

17th Malachite
A young lad staggered up to me just as we were placing the final furnishings on the great graveyard hall, and flashed a pair of underwear at my face. At first I couldn't understand his conundrum, but a second glance at the pants shone some light onto what has happened. According to him, he had just woke up in a clothier's workshop with them in his arms. He does not remember making them, and was rather agitated when I told him the date. Supposedly, the last time he was awake was exactly one week ago. As he never had no business making clothes in his life, I could only suppose it is the work of ghosts.

See? I was totally correct about the vengeful spirits thing. I always am.
No. 6854 ID: e640d0
File 130513207502.png - (29.88KB , 802x604 , 6 - Magmadepot.png )

6th Galena
Disaster! Several squads of goblins attacked the human caravan while it was making its way to our gates! Not willing to risk another confrontation so soon, I've ordered to throw the main gate lever before they regroup and come for a visit. I could only hope the humans won't take it as a sign of dwarven aggression. Last I heard, our relations were already on the shaky side of things.

14the Galena
Those bastard goblins are sitting right on top of the hill overlooking the fort. They scare every non-soldier coming out to the pastures, even though they could never get close enough to cause any real harm. Doesn’t matter. I've laid plans that would surely spook them right back to their filthy fortress, where they came from.

21st Galena
Finally a use for that ugly, ungodly, magma vent we've settled next to. Today, the final part of my plans was set in motion. I had the miner team dig directly up to a spot overlooking the goblin occupied hill, right next to the vent. With some clever use of iron and quick miner pickwork, I've made a reasonably large cranny in the side of the vent to let magma trickle out. Here's to hoping it works.

10th Limestone
Success! While scouts report no actual casualties among the goblins, they must have been so traumatized by my ingenious strategy that they simply left! I was so happy I demanded a green glass weapon rack to be placed in my bedroom. It symbolizes glassing the goblins into a nervous wrack.

This incident did not leave me ignorant, however. I've commissioned the masonry team to reinforce the depot with additional walls and a roof. Can't have merchants feeling too unsafe to walk these lands!

11th Sandstone
Driblis prohibited the export of weapon racks. I suppose he's gotten jealous of my marvelous green glass weapon rack.
No. 6855 ID: e640d0
File 130513209339.png - (27.50KB , 802x604 , 7 - Agreenentmerchants.png )

* On the next half-dozen mottled pages is written, over and over: "where did the goblins disappear to?"
No. 6856 ID: e640d0

Here's the save: http://quest.lv/kusaba/moo/src/tgchan-Cockhole-spr-7.rar

No. 6857 ID: 1854db

Sorry, didn't know that Lanlar Tak—th was you, and you were saying you were going take THIS turn later in the week. I missed the post just prior saying that was you, apparently, or simply forgot about it. So... I thought you were talking about next turn in that little excerpt there. I guess you did do it within a week of your agreed upon delayed starting point, didn't you? :I

So yeah, sorry for that.
No. 6873 ID: 1578e2

Woo! Ok that was a good year. Let's see... probably good to get a turn order list here so I don't have to keep combing the thread.

PointHeritage dropped, so...
1. Samuel
2. d__D
3. what
4. Shiitake
5. Asplosionz
6. Clockwork Seal
7. Driblis :V

So currently up is Samuel, whom I don't recognize from IRC and have no way of contacting. You have two days to post at least saying you are taking your turn~. Then a week to do it :V

Good luck!
No. 6876 ID: 882cf5

No. 6897 ID: 1578e2

Also just throwing this out here, no more people on the list until we get below five waiting.

Need to keep it short I say!
No. 6993 ID: 1578e2

So Squeegy didn't do his turn.

How unreliable this tgchan lot is!

Next up is d_D

1. d__D
2. what
3. Shiitake
4. Asplosionz
5. Clockwork Seal
6. Driblis :V
No. 6996 ID: 88f7de

10-4, downloading now. Might take a couple of days.
No. 7078 ID: 2563d4

It's been a couple of days~
No. 7087 ID: 1578e2

Actually it's been a week. d_D your time is sorta up. Do you have something to post? :V
No. 7089 ID: 1854db

He has a few hours yet!
No. 7095 ID: 0c16cf

just posting here to say im still here to play some dwarf fort.
No. 7096 ID: 1854db

...I guess it's what's turn now.

No. 7101 ID: 1578e2

Good, 'cause it's your turn.

You have till next thursday to post a writeup. It'd be right swell of you to do it quicker though since it's been QUITE A WHILE.

Haha :V

1. what
2. Shiitake
3. Asplosionz
4. Clockwork Seal
5. Driblis :V
No. 7128 ID: acfe27

Finished my turn a little early but not by much.
not much happened i damed a river, built some walls in underground cave, and reclaimed a bunch of stuff from outside the fortress.

No. 7131 ID: 1854db

Um... are you going to post a synopsis?
No. 7133 ID: acfe27

I forgot to take screen caps and write down every event that happened but i can give a general list of what happened roughly in the order that it happened.
Goblin Ambush
river dam project started
Animal cavern exploration (failure)
Reclaimed some items
Goblin/kobold ambush
River dam Finished
Coffins Made and built
Cage traps built
Walled off small amount of cavern
comprehensive item reclamation via stocks screen(z)
more migrants
Grazers die from starvation
Faffleing about
Goblin Siege
No. 7135 ID: 1854db


Should I even take my turn? Does anyone care about this anymore?
No. 7137 ID: 1578e2

Yes, so the previous ruler lost his journal or something. Apparently what didn't see the previous turns and see how succession games are generally run.

Anyway, next up is Shiitake. If you feel that enough people care about the game still go ahead and take your turn. If you don't feel it's worth doing, feel free to post as much and we'll pass it along to Asplosionz.

1. Shiitake
2. Asplosionz
3. Clockwork Seal
4. Driblis :V

Got a slot open if someone else wants a turn :V
No. 7145 ID: 1578e2

Ok so the option has been raised of reverting to Cockhole's turn since what didn't actually post a story or anything.

Quick vote, by the end of the day: Should we use what's save or revert it back to before his turn?
No. 7146 ID: 5e755a

No. 7147 ID: acfe27

No. 7148 ID: 2563d4

Grilled vegetables.
No. 7163 ID: 1854db

You are bad at dates! I'll start working on it today anyway. I feel up to it, now.
No. 7192 ID: 1854db
File 130753646831.png - (14.04KB , 800x500 , pump.png )

Granite 1
Today is the start of a new era for Wheelsplattered, for I, Pump Genius Shiitake, have finally been granted permission to reconfigure the pump drainage system.
When I'm done, they'll acknowledge my greatness. Oh yes. They'll all see.

Granite 3
Now here's your problem! This pump here's got water pressure from the river acting against it! It's trying to push the river away to get more water in there. Just gotta set up another pump to dump water to draw water out of the drainage canal and onto the top of the river, not straight into the thing.
By my beard, what's with all the shouting outside? A man can't work through all this noise!
No. 7193 ID: 1854db
File 130753671716.png - (9.70KB , 800x500 , catvslizard.png )

Granite 15
I heard two of our soldiers died, and many were injured in a goblin ambush. I swear if I'd been in charge, none of this would have happened! I hear grumblings about the lack of coffins set for burial. What we need is more pumps, not coffins! If that waterfall was running, the military would have had higher morale, and then they would've had less losses! See, it's all in the pumps.
I've ordered the second pump and walls to be built. I expect a raise from this! Onul- the miner who dug out the extension to the water draining channel- has a cat following her that is, surprisingly, earning its keep. Ferocious little bugger.

Slate 1
What's taking so damn long? What are all the Masons doing? Engraving? I need this pump set up NOW!
...there's some kid acting strangely. He's gone quiet, and has been running around collecting bones. Could it be... necromancy? He'd better not be one of those slag-born corpse stealers...

Slate 11
While complaining at the mayor about how lazy the masons are around here, I noticed the kid showing off a nasty-looking bone spear, goofy grin on his face amongst the stubble. Are we letting our kids run around with weapons, now? What's the fortress coming to? Someone needs to shape this place up. Someone who knows how to run a good pump.
Some new dwarves wandered in today too! Maybe these will understand the importance of the work I do. Surely there's a mason among them that'll listen to me.
No. 7194 ID: 1854db
File 130753705962.png - (9.88KB , 800x500 , trainingbirth.png )

Felsite 3
FINALLY! Some not-so-good-for-nothing dwarf got off their ass and installed the pump. Now, to just pull this lever... HA! Just as I thought, the canal is draining nicely and the river is carrying away the extra water as if it no longer existed. I'll let that go for a while before seeing how much it improves the performance of the primary drainage pump.

Felsite 10
The militia commander gave birth yet again, in the middle of a fighting demonstration! Let's hope the new recruits don't take that as a valid combat technique, haha! This is the fourth child so far- that Cockhole sure knows what he's doing in the bedroom. ...the rest of us don't have any bedrooms. I'm going to give him a piece of my mind.
OH GODS WHAT IS THAT SMELL? Someone left their severed leg in the dining room. He insisted that nobody touch it, because it belonged to him. The mayor stepped in once it started to smell, thankfully. There sure are some nutters in this fort.
No. 7195 ID: 1854db
File 130753744980.png - (16.82KB , 800x500 , kobolds.png )

Felsite 17
The kobolds came. They didn't run this time.
Four good dwarves dead... At least the pump's working. The channel's shallow enough by now. Let's pull that other lever and get the mist running!

Ah, that's a beautiful waterfall. Hmm, I think I'll go outside and watch the pump run.

Felsite 23
Blasted goblins ambushed us right after the kobolds left. They set up a position on the hill overlooking the trade depot and started raining down arrows. Everyone was outside grabbing loot. We were sitting ducks. I got shot in the leg. Probably lucky to be alive. I hear people are still trapped outside, and that the waterfall system is still flooding, despite my best efforts.

Hematite 1
There's yelling inside the fortress now. All dwarves. I got news of the death of one of my friends. I swear I'll pump magma right into whatever dark tower those goblins came from. If I can get the pumps to work, heh. Couldn't even manage that, and now I'm stuck in bed. So much for being a pump genius.

Hematite 12
Can't stay awake for more than a few minutes a day now. I heard someone talking about how the baron went mad. Just started babbling nonsense and shoving small objects into his nostrils. Bizarre.

The Mayor fell into a deep depression soon after. His wife's still happy as always. We've got two brave dwarves teaming up to handle the huge task of keeping everyone from killing eachother. Let's hope they manage it.
No. 7196 ID: 1854db
File 130753759746.png - (34.53KB , 800x500 , death.png )

Malachite 9
Half the fort is dead or insane. We ran out of coffins long ago, and now the corpses of our comrades rot outside in the sun. I won't give up hope, though. We'll survive.

Malachite 18
I woke up to hear that migrants have arrived. Here, to this death trap? Impossible! They must be here to enslave us! I won't let them. I'll kill everyone myself first!
No. 7197 ID: 1854db
File 130753779918.png - (22.67KB , 800x500 , slain.png )

(the journal continues in a manner of writing that seems burnt into the page, rather than in pencil)
So this is what death is like? Driblis will join me soon. Then more. Thirst will claim the mad. I died fighting a true warrior, at least. Cockhole was a lucky man.

Galena 20
The goblins are back, on the tail of the human caravan, only to get killed by the guards. Stupid goblins.
Now another child has been inspired for great things. More bone... Which results in an earring. That will not help those still alive. How I wish I could. There are pumps yet left to build, yet I have no hands to build them!

Limestone 24
The last of the mad have left this world. Two dozen dwarves remain, huddled together in this ghost of a fortress. All I have left is to watch as they pick up the pieces.

Sandstone 5
New arrivals, again. One of them is a pump operator. A fitting victim to haunt. I do have more ideas on how to get the waterfall working right... perhaps I will whisper in his ear.
No. 7198 ID: 1854db
File 130753794652.png - (23.02KB , 800x500 , crypt.png )

Moonstone 15
The dwarven merchants come and go, and I barely notice. Funny how some things that used to excite me no longer seem to matter. The crypt expands greatly, but there is still much work to be done before the dead can rest.

Moonstone 23
Now the mayor has been inspired. Bad time for it- the diplomat was not done talking to him. This will hamper relations with the homeland, I'm sure. Thankfully there need not be worry of war.

It's an amulet. Another worthless trinket to fawn over.

Obsidian 1
It's been almost a year and still the pumps are not working. My victim is trying to ignore me. I shall have to be more insistent.

Granite 1
A full year... I will not rest until the waterfall works. Keeping a journal is distracting me from my task. This will be my final entry.
No. 7199 ID: 1854db

...yep, that was a turn alright.

There's still some ghosts hanging around, and more are popping up. Focus on making coffins to prevent more ghosts and get some slabs to make memorials if you want to get rid of the buggers immediately. Ghosts can be very dangerous... well, it could be fun to have a few around. Just make sure none of them are 'violent'. Those fuckers were taking off LEGS!

I think it may be possible to fix the waterfall so it works properly. The main problem is that a stack of screw pumps sucks up water VERY quickly, so the flow coming down the waterfall is greater than a single pump can handle. If you put in another pump alongside the one there right now, it might get the water out fast enough. Increasing the size of the resevoir could help too, maybe. I dunno, I'm not actually that familiar with pumps, despite the Pump Genius thing. We definitely need more output though... I'm not even sure if it's necessary to have a pump dumping on top of the river, or if the previous type of setup was fine by itself. A surefire way to deal with it would be to put another screw pump stack in to super-suck it up again and dump it into the river.

Oh, also, I started work on bedrooms. Since my turn wound up killing off almost all the dwarves that were alive last turn, making sure they have less bad thoughts could avoid another tantrum spiral like this one.

No. 7201 ID: 1963d1

Good-day chaps. I've fixed my shit so I'd like to get back into the turn list, if that's alright with anyone.
No. 7202 ID: 1854db

I would not object!
No. 7203 ID: 2563d4

One of the problems is that the intake is super-pressurised, because that was a simple and Fun. It might also help to install something like this (although you don't need more than a single diagonal):
in the wall structure in the aqueduct. As a bonus, this might also stop it splashing quite so enthusiastically in the dining hall.

It might also be worth digging the well pit deeper so that the drainage pump can't actually entirely empty it and render the well useless. This does mean it won't be trivial to do further work in it, short of just letting it flood out into the corridors on that level then resealing it with a floodgate controlled by another exciting lever. :3c
No. 7204 ID: 2563d4

...of course, if my dwarf is dead or insane, nobody should know that opinion. :V

Who has actually copped it?
No. 7205 ID: 1854db

One option I was considering was putting an extra block where that 2-tile wide spot in the aqueduct is. It's not even hard to drain the aqueduct for maintenance. Just turn off all the pumps and open the floodgate.

I'd like to note that trees are trying to grow up there. Gonna need to do something about that! (The wiki says building Roads is the only way to go)
No. 7206 ID: 1854db

Oh, and I think there's only 2 of the dwarves left from the end Cockhole's turn. Cockhole's wife, and... some random guy who is mayor now. All the named dwarves are dead. Pretty much the entire fort is staffed by migrants now! There's probably a few missing jobs, and I had to fill in spots with unskilled dwarves.
No. 7207 ID: 1578e2

Well geez just kill everyone :V

But it was a fun read~

Ok thanks shiitake for the first completed turn in like a month.

Next up is uh...

1. Asplosionz
2. Clockwork Seal
3. Driblis :V
4. PointHeritage

Also try not to lose >:V
No. 7208 ID: 1854db

I totally didn't mean for it to go that badly.
I described the beginning of the problem fairly accurately- the goblins set up an ambush on the hill overlooking the trade depot area which has walls and no ceiling, and I had thought it was safe to un-forbid some items to bring them into the fort so half the population was out grabbing shit. Like a dozen dwarves died, as well as half the militia that I sent to try to kill the goblins. They were poorly trained and poorly equipped so the arrow fire proved lethal. Groups of enemy marksmen are naaaasty.
This resulted in a tantrum spiral. I do admit that a few more dwarves could have survived, but I didn't know that giving food/water was a lower priority than hauling items from outside the fort, and I had stupidly told people to claim dead dwarves along with their entire tile of equipment which meant that it took foooorever. The ghosts, lack of any type of law enforcement, and noticing too late that the soap had run low also contributed. The medical system failed, so injured dwarves were not recovering. In fact, a tantrumming child (presumably hanging out in the barracks with their mother) killed two injured dwarves on its own. OH! That reminds me I think those two moody children are also still alive. Makes sense because of the big happiness boost from making an artifact, eh?

No. 7210 ID: 049dfa


>They were poorly trained and poorly equipped

The equipping thing is a problem (seriously guys all weapons/armor only take one bar in current DF there is no reason for anyone to NOT have a full compliment of metal armor at least), but the training can't be helped. The military is completely broken in current DF since the dorfs will literally spend most of their time sitting around either organizing or waiting for demonstrations, and they will either be cycling who is taking a break and interrupting the demonstration before it even starts (meaning that no training gets done, they won't even 'individual combat drill' while waiting for a demonstration since sitting around doing nothing counts as a job) or, if you set the full squad to train so that they don't do that, they won't stop to eat or drink and will die in the barracks.

Stat growth from working was also neutered with the addition of a ton of 'soul' stats, most of which do fuck-all, so training soldiers basically necessitates a war-gulag and those soldiers can basically never do anything useful for the fortress because they have to constantly either train, pump, or strip mine (and you'll need to set burrows to keep them in the quarry and keep other dwarves from going and mining it out so you can't even really make use of the shit they mine) in order to not be outmatched by goblins.
No. 7229 ID: f5fe2f

Attribute gain is tied to specific jobs now. The fact that there are a lot of soul stats doesn't factor into it. You just don't get physical benefits from purely cerebral jobs.

Also your method of training sounds like way more trouble than just building a danger room.
No. 7231 ID: 049dfa

>Attribute gain is tied to specific jobs now. The fact that there are a lot of soul stats doesn't factor into it.

Actually, it does. Because jobs give experience to the associated attributes virtually randomly, and EVERY job gives access to plenty of irrelevant soul attributes that can level up instead of something useful. Except for Pump Operator, which only gives actually useful stats.

Danger Rooms are effective, but stupid.
No. 7232 ID: 049dfa


oh, and woodcutter is okay too.
No. 7236 ID: 180ec2
File 130826981878.png - (26.18KB , 648x334 , 4Asplosionz.png )

The journal of Urist "Asplosionz" Etasdeduk, the Great Engineer
2nd Granite, Year 8
The Mountainhomes have assigned me to be the chief engineer of the fortress of Kolkekim , and already the other migrants and I can see the crest of the volcanic mountain that the fortress resides within. Immediately I meet a bloodied hammerdwarf, who grudgingly welcomes us in, and asks what we can do. He apparently just got back from repelling an ambush. He casts everybody off grudgingly, but stops to talk to me. Apparently the entire chain of command of this fort was killed in a recent battle, and they're under an interim leader. I've been promoted to fort overseer immediately, a job that I never wanted, but might as well make the best of. As we reach the summit and look down over the front of the fort, I notice to my horror that the volcano's cone has ruptured, pouring lava all over the landscape. This is not the "great opportunity" I was promised, this is a molten hellhole. I have my work cut out for me.
No. 7238 ID: 180ec2
File 130826987886.png - (23.24KB , 648x334 , 6Mine.png )

9th Felsite, Year 8
The staff surgeon suddenly stopped working and ran down the hall, claiming to be constructing some sort of secret project. His file says his only skills are medical, so I'm locking my doors in case he's trying to experiment on people. After looking at the fort's supply list, I realized that our metal industry is seriously lacking. I looked for the mine, only to find that that there was none! We can't have that, so I've started mining out a large gold seam, and devising a mineshaft. Thanks to these magma furnaces, we can just make all of the metal we want. I'll put these dwarves to work. I've been looking into the engineering challenge of stopping the lava flow, and I think I may have an idea.
No. 7239 ID: 180ec2
File 130826992590.png - (31.64KB , 648x334 , 9Why.png )

20th Felsite, Year 8
I have mixed feelings about the surgeon's latest creation. It's a useless piece of wood. He probably was possessed by some dead elf. But luckily, the he wasn't demonstrating where forgotton beasts come from. On that note, I followed a draft in the back of the fortress and found a deep shaft, going straight to some caverns. That's where forgotten beasts come from! Why was this not walled off? This fortress is literally made of bad design decisions! Some goblins attacked today, and they just waltzed right over the defensive walls, ignoring all of the work it took to find the levers to raise the bridges that are too small to let wagons in but too big to be efficient otherwise. Apparently there's a RAMP, CONSTRUCTED RIGHT OVER THE EDGE OF THE FORT. When I find out what kind of moron or traitor authorized this, I'm going to have them executed. Wait, no, they're already dead, aren't they. I need to do something. Almost as bad as the ramp are these blade traps. They've only got one sawblade in them, like they were made by some kind of economist! We need to rebuild all of this.
No. 7240 ID: 180ec2
File 130826996936.png - (21.29KB , 648x334 , 14Project.png )

18th Malachite, Year 8
I did some research into the fort's history, and I found the culprit of the ramp. I took pleasure in inviting the new migrants to the SHIITAKE MEMORIAL GARBAGE DUMP that I set up on the site of the atrocity. I've finished writing up my plans for stopping the lava flow, which has been slowly creeping further and further along. There's an old unfinished aquaduct system for a fancy waterfall in the dining hall. I'll finish it and reroute the water upwards and over the lava flow to harden it and cool it all off. The metal industry is also coming along. Soon we'll be able to rebuild those traps.
No. 7241 ID: 180ec2
File 130827000348.png - (32.10KB , 648x334 , 18Traps.png )

28th Galena, Year 8
Some human merchants came by. We bought some of their varied surface drinks, as well as some meat. Unfortunately they didn't have anything else we could use. We really need some flux stone, or steel, because we have absolutely none in this area, as my mineshaft has shown. A glassmaker went off and made something useless yesterday. It wasn't even valuable! Why can't we have somebody make some kind of amazing weapon or something? This is getting ridiculous. Upon realizing that there weren't any weaponsmiths capable of constructing quality work, I personally undertook the task of making fifty iron sawblades. By the end I had made a few that were really exceptional, and then installed them all myself into the new traps. Let's see something try to get in our door without being cut into a hundred little pieces.
No. 7242 ID: 180ec2
File 130827003342.png - (26.55KB , 648x334 , 20Flood.png )

16th Limestone, Year 8
After a lot of work building the parts and hauling them up, the pumping system for the antilava project is complete. We turned it on, and it began working perfectly! The lava up by the volcano began to solidify. We'll let it run until it can stop the lava. It doesn't look like it's getting close to anything important yet, and I have walls up to prevent flooding.
No. 7243 ID: 180ec2
File 130827007851.png - (48.94KB , 656x338 , 22Bugfix.png )

7th Felsite, Year 8
The new migrants tell me they found their way here easily, with the huge ploom of steam from the lava cooling project signaling our presence. I kind of hope that nobody else sees it, because our military isn't prepared for a large assault. I fixed some problems with the waterfall system and got that working too. Everybody's happy about that. It's so relaxing, my problems seem to just go away... No, no, I need to keep focused. Many an overseer has been ruined by waterfall addiction.
No. 7244 ID: 180ec2
File 130827011344.png - (51.38KB , 656x338 , 24Lava.png )

28th Sandstone, Year 8
The worst has come to pass. Because of the negligence of my predecessors, the lava flow has not been stopped in time. It's just spread over the river, blocking the very water supply that would have stopped it. What's worse, one of the hunters came back with news of a monstrous minotaur. While the military was mostly able to handle it (Save one poor soul who was strangled for hours straight), this only confirms my fears that the lava project has alerted the surrounding area to our presence. The system is offline now, but anything could be on its way. Regardless, we have to bring it back up, if only to bring water back to the fortress. I've sent the miners to divert the river around the blockage.
No. 7245 ID: 180ec2
File 130827014394.png - (54.30KB , 656x338 , 27Lockedup.png )

19th Timber, Year 8
The miners aren't coming back. It was goblins. Not just a few, either, but a full army that is now besieging our fort. We just managed to get the merchants and the liason inside of our walls before we closed the gates. It was a good thing I noticed that ramp before the siege. Shiitake could have doomed us all. But now we wait. Nothing will get inside these walls.
No. 7246 ID: 180ec2
File 130827016975.png - (44.89KB , 656x338 , 28Ruined.png )

1st Granite, Year 9
A whole year. I've been working on that project for a WHOLE YEAR. And what do I have to show for it? The lava is further than ever, and the entire system has been destroyed systematically by those Armok-forsaken trolls. Even if it wasn't, our water supply is cut off, and our attempts to salvage it have been stopped by the siege. At this rate, the river will be sealed off for good... The whole world seems like it's satisfied to literally smash my efforts at every turn. I've heard stories about forts like these, cursed to slowly die. I can't take this anymore! There isn't even anything we can do! You can take this fortress and drop it in the volcano, because I QUIT!
No. 7247 ID: 180ec2
File 130827054034.png - (114.10KB , 1600x900 , 29End.png )

OK, we're in the middle of a siege and my pump project both failed and was subsequently destroyed completely. The waterfall is also partly destroyed. All of our miners and some of our military are dead. But besides that we're mostly good, and better than we were at the beginning of the turn (except the siege). They can't get in, we can't get out without letting them in, and we lack the military to fight them. Good luck to whoever goes next.

Note: You may have heard in the IRC that I lost, and that's because I did due to Shiitake's ramp. But Driblis said that since it was such a dumb way to go and other things like that that I could restart and remove the ramp, because that is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen in Dwarf Fortress.
No. 7248 ID: 180ec2

Here's the save file.

No. 7249 ID: 1854db

>Shiitake could have doomed us all etc

You realize Shiitake was a pump operator and DEAD for half my turn right? If anyone had built that ramp it would've been the interim leaders.

Also for crap's sake I thought the thing was obvious to anyone that was paying any attention to dwarf movements. I don't appreciate being yelled at via your story!
No. 7250 ID: 1963d1

Just roll with it man, it comes with the territory.
No. 7253 ID: 2563d4

>interim operators
(i.e. you, because it was your turn)

Well, if you'd left the waterfall running until it went dry and shut off the exit pumps, there'd still be a well pool deep enough to not evaporate~
No. 7254 ID: 1578e2

Hahaha holy crap this fort is going to hell.

I blame cockhole for opening the damn mountain :V

Anyway uh.

1. Clockwork Seal
2. Driblis :V
3. PointHeritage

Might need some more players. Anyone interested?
No. 7257 ID: 1854db

I was worried about the lava on my turn as well, but it never went past a certain point. Perhaps cooling off a portion of it made the flow constrict and thus go further before running out of steam?

If you want water there's probably an underground river somewhere...
No. 7259 ID: 1854db

I'll take another turn if you guys don't think I'll kill off the fort.

I'm usually a lot better at running things, I swear.
No. 7260 ID: cac440

You can put me back on the list. I'll try to do a better job of realizing when it's my turn this time.
No. 7261 ID: 049dfa
File 130841818257.png - (28.09KB , 721x493 , DFort001.png )

1 granite:

We are doomed.

Our last leader has abandoned us after failing to route the ever-encroaching lava flow that creeps across the land. The river is gone, and with it our continuous source of water. Nothing can be done about this due to the gang of trolls frolicing in the shallows of the magma pool. We have been cast down into a pit. And the only way out is going to be to dig.

I, ClockworkSeal Channelhawk, have taken up the mantle of action. Let that fool Erib Tradedflights 'lead' all he wants. Nobles know nothing of what we need now. I will make orders that will keep us alive, he can keep his title.

My immediate priority is to get us digging. We are going to need to stop this flow of magma eventually, and I plan to build a very large channel to funnel it past our walls. While it can not be completed until the vile host of darkness has grown tired of waiting for us to leave our craven shell, much of the underground legwork can be completed without exposing ourselves to the troll menace. Unfortunately, I appear to be the only Dwarf in this place with the knowledge to put pick to stone. As such, I have conscripted the fishery team and several gem cutters into the ranks of our miners.

My immediate orders to the remaining fort concern the roaming ghosts and our now-impending lack of water. The new mining team's first order is to dig out another chamber in which memorials to the fallen can be raised in an effort to purge us of our haunting menace. Further, I have ordered the Grate in the dining room removed, and a well installed in its place. The overwrought contraption that once brought us all comfort may now save our lives, as there is a pool of water that still (currently) remains in the cistern once used for drainage, blocked in by the now-unpowered pump.
No. 7262 ID: 049dfa
File 130841823351.png - (15.89KB , 720x493 , DFort002.png )

7 Granite:

Finally someone has begun the undertaking of removing the floor grate. Unfortunately, Sazir -- a fish dissector recently conscripted to mining -- threw himself down the opening before the well could be constructed and drowned. One more memorial to construct, I suppose. I have also ordered the construction of an immense amount of raw green glass, as glass is one of the few materials able to withstand the heat of magma.
No. 7263 ID: 049dfa
File 130841829253.png - (28.62KB , 720x492 , DFort003.png )

11 Granite: Praise be to Istrath, the well is completed. Now we should have no more accidental drownings in the dining room, and will have a source of water for at least the moment. A permanent solution can not truly be put into effect until the siege has ended. I have ordered all of our large animals slaughtered, they will soon die if the lava reaches them anyway and it would be good to get their meat before they wither from hunger.

18 Granite: For the first time since I took charge of this hole, everyone is working (unfortunately, I couldn't get a screencap in time)

21 Granite: I have put some effort into reorganizing our military. I'm setting it up so that there are two squads of 5 troops (for now), one set to train in melee combat and the other for ranged. None of this leather armor nonsense, though. Our entire army will wear metal Helms, Breastplates, Mail Shirts (multiple, in the long run -- I have ordered the production of more), Gauntlets, Greaves, High Boots, and carry Shields with them. Even if they can not be properly trained, they will be properly protected. To facilitate our soldiers learning how not to die, I am setting up a room to thrust shoddy wooden spears at them until such a time as they learn to protect themselves. I have also ordered the construction of a new barracks and archery range in which our soldiers can train without leaving the fortress.
No. 7264 ID: 049dfa
File 130841836621.png - (28.79KB , 769x420 , DFort004.png )

27 Granite: I have tasked the previous leader, asplosionz, with the production of high-quality weapons for our military. Currently he is producing Silver Warhammers for use by our up-and-coming hammerdwarves, perhaps if their ability to survive can be trained they can become a formidable squad yet.

28 Granite: The hammers are completed. At least the quitter does good work.

- There has been another explosion of miasma from the southeast corner of the dining room. This has happened several times, which is odd as I can find nothing there to cause it.

29 Granite: The trolls began moving toward the edge of the map, and I thought that this might mean that the siege was nearing its end.

At this point, however, I realized that There is actually a SECOND set of trolls having a powwow on top of the waterfall's aqueduct. Armok be damned.
No. 7265 ID: 049dfa
File 130841876614.png - (16.27KB , 1015x421 , DFort005.png )

1 Slate: The first month is over, and we are doing a good job of rebuilding. Everyone is happy, Even though there is a corpse in the well. The digging is going very slowly (as should be expected with untrained diggers) -- but it IS still progressing. As soon as the various training rooms I am setting up are completed Our new military (4 hammerdwarves, 2 Swordsdwarves, and 5 Marksdwarves for now -- though most are either recruits or are currently off-duty) can begin training in earnest -- while they are unlikely to be able to break a siege, once this one ends I hope to be able to raise adequate defenses for the next one; ideally funneling the vile forces of darkness into kill-zones where they may be slain instead of forcing us to wait the siege out. The construction of a roof above the courtyard will be one of the first steps to this, as will the mass-production of traps. We have also captured two goblins who can eventually be used to train our soldiers in live combat.

We have gained a significant amount of wealth for the furst month of my tenure, which was unexpected and most likely a result of my massed cooking, brewing, and weapon/armor production orders. We are considerably better off on drinks, though I will need to produce more barrels in order to continue brewing. I have yet to locate the farms or kennels, but I DID find the hospital and have been making efforts to ensure that it remains stocked.

We may be able to dig our way out of this hole yet. I will report again at the end of spring.
No. 7266 ID: 1854db

Farms are upstairs, kennels are in that bluish area north of the main gate.
No. 7267 ID: e9ab30

Excuse me, Driblis, but would it be alright if I took my turn before you? Sorry, it's just that in a little over a week I'll be traveling to a place with no internet access, so I'd like to get my turn in before I have to go.
No. 7268 ID: 1578e2

Yeah sure~ But Seal's turn isn't done yet anyway. Sure though, you're next after he's done.
No. 7271 ID: 049dfa
File 130851746226.png - (13.64KB , 672x360 , DFort006.png )

7 Slate: I feel like I've been doing enough job so even though I've decided that, since we lack any skilled armorers that I can find, I will take up the mantle -- I feel like I deserve a break. I've been on break all month. I'm even starting to annoy myself with this bullshit.

8 Slate: Now I really need a drink. All that being on break makes a man thirsty!

12 Slate: Another unexplained miasmasplosion in the dining room.

18 Slate: Oh joy, we have run out of lumber until such a time as the siege ends.

20 Slate: Mafol Dyecombine has given birth to a boy, and named him Vabok Ringedattic.
No. 7272 ID: 049dfa
File 130851754091.png - (20.46KB , 705x362 , DFort007.png )

25 Slate: I have just discovered that We DO possess a legendary armorsmith - but he is also one of our greatest soldiers. I will continue my own training so that quality armor can be produced while he is training his squad.

28 Slate: Finally, construction of the new training facilities is complete. I will wait to actually utilize the spear room for armor training until such a time as our melee squad's armor is finished. I have been producing bone bolts this entire time, so our archers should be able to train themselves to quite a high level of competency.

2 Felsite: Ustuth is finished with his current training regimen, so for his month off I have assigned him to produce High-Quality breastplates and helms for our soldiers. Over the last month, my efforts have apparently increased our wealth by nearly 700000. Mostly in 'other objects' and 'architecture.' My efforts to melt down the goblins' steel whips (how do they even make those) have slightly reduced our weapon wealth, but the steel will be more valuable to us in the long run.
No. 7273 ID: 049dfa
File 130851760323.png - (14.03KB , 955x360 , DFort008.png )

3 Felsite: Apparently Ustuth has managed to hurt himself in some unknown manner, with both his right lower arm and left lower leg broken. Scanning the logs I can find no events that would lead to this.
No. 7274 ID: 049dfa
File 130851767181.png - (26.74KB , 705x361 , DFort009.png )

12 felsite: I noticed some troll blood splattered on the aqueduct when I decided to check on the siege status. Then I checked the courtyard and saw this. Zasit Boltedsizzled, a peasant with no job, has refused to be frightened by the trolls, grabbed a crossbow, and is currently shooting the trolls to death. I have given him a title that I think he has deserved. He has a bronze crossbow, a copper flask, and solid brass balls.

As a side note, he is also ecstatic despite having slept without a proper room. Probably because shooting trolls just makes him a happy camper.
No. 7275 ID: 049dfa
File 130851771140.png - (1.22KB , 600x67 , DFort010.png )

13 Felsite: Holy shit.
No. 7276 ID: 049dfa
File 130851776445.png - (11.66KB , 639x309 , DFort011.png )

13 Felsite (continued) - Zasit really is hardcore.
No. 7277 ID: 049dfa
File 130851786552.png - (14.11KB , 703x361 , DFort012.png )

24 Felsite: The trolls on the aqueduct have been slain. Of the seven of them, Zasit killed two, while the 4 members of the Walled Shoves felled 5 between them (and one of them was a legendary marksdorf). New orders are to hurry out and claim everything in the courtyard now that the trolls will no longer keep the citizens inside. Zasit Boltsizzled has also been inducted into th Walled Shoves, and his efforts have already raised him to a skilled marksdwarf.

27 Felsite: PRAISES BE! The slaughter of the trolls on the aqueduct prompted the end of the siege! The vile force of darkness HAS RETREATED! Also a kobold thief just arrived to attempt to pillage the battlefield. Zasit cut him down with a single shot.

28 Felsite: Ingish Wealthymerchant, a gem cutter and member of the walled shoves, has entered a secretive mood.
No. 7278 ID: 049dfa
File 130851789269.png - (14.35KB , 635x361 , DFort013.png )

1 Hematite: Summer has arrived, and with it a new resurgence of vitality for the fortress. The siege is broken, many items reclaimed, And our military shaping up to be pretty okay. We do have a severe lack of drinks, but with the siege broken the river may yet be rerouted to provide a water source. ONce the trees begin to fall, we can produce more barrels in order to store as much drink as we can. Our wealth is soaring, and things are looking up. I may replace the grate, rebuild the water wheels, and make an effort to re-initiate the waterfall, or I may leave us our emergency well. I flipped a bunch of levers trying to open the bridges, and I'm not sure what they all did, but it shouldn't (hopefully) be a problem. I close out the season with the attatched summary of the current state of Wheelsplattered. I will report again at the end of Summer.
No. 7285 ID: f5fe2f

Actually, it looks like I have no time ever for the foreseeable future, I thus rescind
No. 7288 ID: 28e94e

>steel whips (how do they even make those)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urumi (kind of)
No. 7291 ID: 1854db

So uh what happened?
No. 7292 ID: 049dfa
File 130901574207.png - (15.59KB , 921x326 , DFort014.png )

>sorry dudes, work and family stuff got in the way. Along with computer issues. It literally took two hours for the last 3 weeks with almost no pauses.

4 Hematite: Ingish has created a Fine opal coffin known as 'DrilledUnited.' On an unrelated note, I have begun

construction on my eventual tomb. Also, apparently I constructed our danger room too close to other rooms, and the

soldiers would not use it. I have begun to expand the corridor in order to make it more accessible.

16 Hematite: No Idlers! Nothing else to report, everyone is working overtime hauling things inside the fortress.

17th hematite: There are no more local wildlife for our hunters to hunt.

22 Hematite: We once again breached the walls of the dry riverbed in an attempt to reconnect the river. Bizarrely,

the blood of a long-dead dwarf flowed out instead of the pooling rainwater.

23 Hematite: Our surgeon threw a party today, and nobody else attended. He must not be very popular. Perhaps our

glut of dwarf corpses has something to do with that.

24 Hematite: One of our miners stranded himself today. The only way I could think of to save him was to channel out

some of the world to engineer a collapse of the tile on which he was standing into the fledgeling river. He is now

out and unharmed.

25 Hematite: Stranglers! I have sent out the military to drive them off.

26 Hematite: combat begins! Ustuth Pointsacks charged forward, dodging past the second strangler as it attacked a

war dog, (oddly running straight past the first to do so) and then charging it from behind. She then proceeded to

sever two of its arms, stab it in the body repeatedly, then turned and stabbed the other strangler in the brain.

Only one remains.

She then charged directly at the rmaining strangler, surprising it with her ferocity. She chopped off its left foot

a low swing, then kept her momentum to plow into it with her shoulder. After knocking it over and stunning it, she

proceeded to slap it across the leg with the flat of her blade with enough force to fracture the bone. Not

satisfied, she turned the actual edge of her steel to the beast and severed the offending appendage entirely. After

this, she stabbed it directly in the liver and then chopped off one of its arms. This all happened before the

strangler even had a chance to respond. And it never got to, as all that remains of it now is a mutilated corpse.

The strangler menace is no more.

Neither the walled shoves, nor even the remaining dwarves in The Inky Doors, arrived at the battle.

8 Malachite: The river redirection channel is functioning!

As if on queue, migrants have arrived. A furnace operator, a tanner, a conversationalist, a woodcrafter, A fishery worker, a mechanic/hospital worker, and a new soldier for The Inky Doors. Not a bad haul, considering the tantrum spirals, death, and sieges that have occurred. Also, our cheese maker gave birth on top of the waterfall aqueduct.

20 Malachite: Another strangler. Zasit got a hold of this one. He shot both of its legs off and began using it for target practice. Once he ran out of bolts he casually walked up and then pounded the fuck out of the strangler's head with his crossbow. The poor thing lived through the first hit, and so got another.

11 Galena: I am being positively bombarded with 'has created a masterpiece!' messages. We may well have our production back in line, with the exception of not having dwarves skilled in a number of fields.

17 Galena: Human Merchants have arrived. Perhaps I can get Erib to get something decent out of them. After he finishes detailing the floors and walls of my modest new quarters and tomb, naturally.

25 Galena: Goblin Ambush! The Walled shoves shot their hammerman leader in the chest and leg, the crossbowmen fled, and Ustuth casually walked up and decapitated him. Both of the mafols died when a second wave of invaders showed up and they decided to interpret 'station here' as 'run off to the other side of the map and try to melee the goblins with your crossbow.' At least the hammerdwarf mafol actually killed some goblins before dying like a retard. The military seriously needs to be fucking fixed. And now another hammerdwarf is killed by randomly deciding to run away from the goblin and magically being TOO FAST FOR ANYONE ELSE TO KEEP UP. Ustuth finally catches up and severs both of his feet with a pair of swings.

2 Limestone: autumn is here and our military failed in the most epic manner possible: several dwarves were lost (4 in total, if you count babies) due to an inability to tell where a location was and a refusal to pick up equipment because 'it doesn't match (seriously I have never had this 'equipment mismatch' error when arming my dwarves until this version, which is hilarious because according to the wiki there is nothing that should be triggering it and it should only refer to an older version. Fantastic.)' We're over 3 million in fortress value, and I'm giving up on our military for now. Until they can be danger room'd up to the point of not dying like idiots we're just going to have to close off the fort during sieges. To that effect, I have begun construction of a roof over the courtyard.
No. 7293 ID: 049dfa
File 130901585416.png - (4.82KB , 872x82 , DFort015.png )


12 Limestone: The danger room is active. Unfortunately, one of our war dogs managed to slip by the pet-forbidden door and had puppies right as the room was initially switched on. So now the room is a bit of a bloody mess despite failing to cause even a single dwarven injury.

13 Limestone: 4 members of the Inky Doors are now Legendary Fighters, with all but the recently-inducted axedwarf (who is still gathering equipment) at master or better, along with drastically improved other skills.

23 Limestone: Zasit gets upset every time he is relieved from duty. He has actually done this ever since he was first drafted. He has yet to complain about the length of a patrol. He is going to be an amazing soldier. Unfortunately, due to people not keeping the finished goods stockpile either A: stocked with bins or B: anywhere near the trade depot, I wasn't able to trade much from the humans. Also, the honorable mayor erib being useless. I have put him to work on the courtyard's new ceiling.

3 Sandstone: Another baby is born to us.

7 Sandstone: Why do people just toss food in the hall and wait for it to rot?

11 Sandstone: Tigermen approach! But they fled before they could be slaughtered.

15 Sandstone: These fucking children won't get out of the goddamn danger room while I'm trying to train the troops. I should just turn the spikes on and solve the problem immediately, but the minor chance of Ustuth throwing a tantrum stays my hand.

19 Sandstone: More useless migrants, though there were two new soldiers among them. I opted to switch on the traps anyway despite the children, but they snuck out before they activated despite the door being locked.

24 Sandstone: One of our carpenters has been possessed. On the plus side, if he completely loses it he should be easy to put down.

Additionally, Tun Veiledsmiths has become a LEGENDARY axedwarf, along with a legendary fighter and a legendary shield user. He is currently wielding a masterwork iron battleaxe (as we have no flux). Huzzah.

28 Sandstone: Cilob (the carpenter) has begun his construction.

1 Timber: I have assigned a large number of idlers to enable masonry to help with the ceiling. (If this isn't done by my turn, keep in mind that there will be a BUNCH of unskilled masons running about.)

6 Timber: Cilob has created a fine weapon rack indeed.
No. 7294 ID: 049dfa
File 130901591876.png - (14.39KB , 640x302 , DFor016.png )


16 timber: Another caravan arrived. Maybe I can ACTUALLY TRADE with this one.

22 Timber; It is amazing. Ustuth's worthless children want absolutely nothing to do with their mother until she is stationed somewhere for the military, at which point they cling to her hip incessantly. I am going to lock them in their rooms while the sleep and leave them there until they are on the verge of dehydration, simply because that is the only way I will be able to train the Inky Doors.

1 Timber: Retard is locked in his room, but Moron hasn't gone to sleep yet. Here's the readout for the end of autumn, just got winter to get through. I probably won't get the ceiling finished in that period of time.

5 Moonstone: We are apparently impressing the envoy from the mountainhomes!

I asked for steel bars, marble, booze, and sand. These are all wonderful things to have.

They want musical instruments, legwear, and shields. Also fish, but those are more useful to just keep.

12 Moonstone: WheelSplattered has become a county! Although I guess this means we'll end up with more useless nobles (Erib STILL has not gone to the goddamn trade depot, despite having no labors enabled. This entire caravan might sit there waiting until they leave). And now he heads over, and I pick up some metal bars and steel equipment for the cost of a few hundred pounds of mugs.

26 Moonstone: the Doors are back out of the training room, so I can unleash the horrible children.

28 Opal: Great, one of the ghosts is violent.

I ordered a tablet carved for him last month, but nobody is working on it for no particular reason that I can discern.

1 Granite: First, the bad news: The magma flow flowed back over the river and closed off one of the source tiles with obsidian. It has since receded, but something will need to be done about it.

Next, the good news: everything else. Most of the ghosts (and all of the violent ghosts) are gone, our food stocks are amazingly better, our fortress is far wealthier, our military is far more powerful, and our fortress has a much more defensible construction. The ceiling over the courtyard is nearly finished.

We also now have access to a great armorsmith who is not also our best soldier (and I seriously mean Ustuth is our best soldier, just look at her stats if you get the chance. It's kind of obscene).

For now, I think I'm done. We are no longer in a hole, and I doubt that even the nobles like Erib (who has turned around and made himself useful, perhaps I rubbed off on him a bit more than I intended) can screw it up easily. I think I'm done making decisions for now, I'd like to just sit here with my anvil and make sure that any future soldiers we decide to train will be well-protected. For now I'll just keep pounding out iron pants for practice.
No. 7295 ID: 049dfa
File 130901606726.png - (15.93KB , 905x410 , DFort017.png )


So that's it for my year, here's the final status page. Some of those hammerdwarves are actually marksdwarves, which is something to keep in mind. Their hammer skill went up from blocking spears with their crossbows. The danger room trains up fully armored, cloak-wearing soldiers very quickly, but will likely murder anyone else who goes in when you turn it on. So if you plan to use it be careful.

Save is here: http://quest.lv/kusaba/moo/src/tgchan-Seal.rar
No. 7297 ID: 1854db

Wow, you got shit DONE.
No. 7298 ID: 1963d1
File 130907269849.jpg - (624.22KB , 640x897 , PointHeritage_1.jpg )

From the diary of PointHeritage, 1st Granite of the 10th Year:

Ever since I arrived at this fortress, I have had but one dream. To see this place turn into a bustling center of dwarven might and prosperity. Since then, we’ve been ransacked by goblins, trolls, and one particularly capricious lava flow that have left this landscape little more than some sort of… large bowl of despair. Lately, we’ve had a stroke of good fortune when ClockworkSeal took the reins and proved he could actually lead a colony, which is more than I can say for a few of the dunces who have tried their hands at running this place. However, Seal recently informed me that he no longer wishes to rule, and so, I will take upon myself the great yoke of leadership, and lead these dwarves into what I expect will be a new golden age. I will follow in the footsteps of all the great dwarven militia commanders who have come before me, and with their wisdom, I hope to bring order, peace and happiness back to our community.

1st Order of Business: Constructing death chambers

Hey, I never said order, peace and happiness would come cheap, did I? Every great military leader of our past has had a way to neutralize dissenters prisoners of war (at least I think they have; our records only go back around 10 years or so), ergo, I ordered this lava chamber built. It works using an existing lever in the forging area to shower magma down into a tiny chamber, where it is removed via a grate, and then pumped back into the caldera. There’s no possible way this could go wrong!

2nd Order of Business: My office

Of course, a great leader must also have a suitably great office. I have ordered some modest quarters to be dug out of solid gold for my residence. I suppose it will have to do for now…

3rd Order of Buisness: Goddamn puppies

While I was leafing through our population records, I noticed a disproportionate number of puppies were listed in the register. Thinking that the bookkeeper must have gotten bored and just written “Stray Puppy (Tame)” in the book 50 or so times, I was shocked when I checked with him and found this to be an accurate count. This is preposterous! Our meat supplies have been dwindling for years and you mean to tell me that we’ve been sitting on a gigantic cache of tender, succulent puppy ALL THIS TIME?! Naturally, I ordered the majority of the puppies to be slaughtered, except for a select few who will be groomed into war dogs. Perhaps their violent rage at seeing their piers butchered before their eyes will make them better warriors? Who knows?

Addendum: I also had all of the stray kittens slaughtered, because really, that was a powder keg waiting to explode in our faces. I’m surprised nobody did anything sooner.
No. 7299 ID: 1963d1
File 130907274256.jpg - (108.23KB , 640x300 , PointHeritage_2.jpg )

11th Granite, 10th Year:

Things are not going quite as fast as I’d initially hoped.

I suppose disappointment is part of the job when you’re a leader though, so I’ll just have to suffer through this in my solid gold office.

I’ve ordered various little improvements around the fort; there was this one wall that looks like it was built to keep the lava flow at bay, but it doesn’t actually cover the entire mountain era and the lava is nowhere near it, so I’m ordering it extended to separate us from that lava for good. I’m also planning some big things from our military in the near future.

Oh yeah, and one of our Fish Cleaners, Stukos Ugoshododok, has completely withdrawn from normal society and has locked himself in a jewler’s workshop, refusing to talk to anybody. I’ve heard of dwarves doing this before, and that they usually produce brilliant products of unrivaled quality, so I’m exited to see what he comes out of there with.

17th Granite, 10th Year:

The longer I run this place the more I notice that the design and architecture is absolutely nuts. Nothing makes any sense and entire rooms are just haphazardly strewn about, lacking any sort of purpose or practicality. I guess that’s what you get when you design by committee.

Stukos started his mysterious masterwork today, and the digging on the POW neutralization chamber keeps getting interrupted because, and I quote the miner “Them rocks is warm”. Of course they’re warm, you idiot. We live next to an active volcano. You know, I think stupidity like that is why we relegated that guy to the mines in the first place.
No. 7300 ID: 1963d1
File 130907283127.jpg - (49.74KB , 642x298 , PointHeritage_3.jpg )

21st Granite, 10th Year:

Aaaaand the mystery item is finished. Turns out it’s a prase bracelet, whatever the hell that is. I must say, it’s really very nice, and it looks super expensive. Maybe I could look into making it a part of my regular wardrobe…

I’ve diverted a large part of our metalworking industry to making furniture for my new bedroom, because nothing is more important than the impression a leader gives. If I can’t live like a leader, nobody will respect me as one. Actually, I get the impression that many don’t respect me, because I’ve been forced to tell that miner guy to get back to work after every tile he clears, and it’s getting very tedious to do.

7th Slate, 10th Year:
Gee, it sure is boring around here. I’ve been getting done what I can, most of the tunnels for the happy funtime chamber have been dug out and we’re now waiting on the proper grates and pump parts to be made. I’ve put phase 1 of my military plan into action, shifing 2 or so soldiers from the vastly overrated Inky Doors, and moved them into my unit, the Walled Shoves. As I was moving them between assignments, I was puzzled by their choices of interim profession. It seems, were they not soldiers, their next best job to work would be… planting. Go figure.

There’s been a lot of miasma in and around the dining hall lately, mostly because the Butcher’s Shop was built INSIDE THE DAMNED FORTRESS. This was working out well for nobody, so I moved it outside.

I have been continuing to construct various walls in needed places while making further plans for my great military strategy. I can almost hear the adulation and applause my Ultimate Defense plan will afford me. More on that later.
No. 7301 ID: 1963d1
File 130907285439.jpg - (94.60KB , 641x301 , PointHeritage_4.jpg )

23rd Slate, 10th Year:

Nothing’s happening… nothing’s happening… nothing’s happening…

I wonder if all the great dwarven leaders of our past had to deal with this monotony. When I first pictured myself as a leader I thought I’d be heroically trying to build monuments while being besieged on all fronts by goblin attackers, at the same time as fending off starvation and savage beasts of the wilderness. Hell, that’s why I became a militia commander. So far though, this place has been snoozeville. At least my office is finally done.

I’ve conscripted a good deal of new recruits into my squad, as well as a few for the Inky Doors, because the commander wouldn’t shut up about it. Food and booze stocks are up now that the kitchens and still are working again. I’ve also planned lots of walls to enclose our perimeter, but most of the time the dwarves will not build one part of the wall, leaving a glaring weak spot in our defenses.

I’ve really got to get the infinite vacation chamber up and running…
No. 7302 ID: 049dfa

>shifing 2 or so soldiers from the vastly overrated Inky Doors, and moved them into my unit, the Walled Shoves.

[spoiler}For the record: all of the dwarves in the Walled Shoves were set to use crossbows, and all of the inky doors set for melee. They were in separate squads for easy of issuing commands to units with different capabilities. See the note about hammerdwarves and the training room above[/spoiler]
No. 7303 ID: 1963d1

Yeah, I know. I was making comedy. :P
No. 7304 ID: 1963d1
File 130913512862.jpg - (82.10KB , 623x222 , PointHertiage_5.jpg )

24th Slate, 10th Year:

Migrants have arrived! All in all we’ve gained a Trapper, a Peasant, a Farmer, a Blacksmith, a Fish Dissector, a Weaver, a Gem Setter, an Armorer, a Siege Operator, another Blacksmith, a Diagnoser, a Tanner, a Brewer, a Wood Burner, another Fish Dissector, another Farmer, a Surgeon, a Potash Maker, a Cook, another Gem Setter, a Butcher, a Siege Engineer, an Herbalist, and a Clerk. We’re gonna need a lot of beds.

6th Felsite, 10th Year:

Nothing new to report, except that this place is crawling with animals of every sort as if we were a zoo, and that every time I order a floodgate built for the magma chamber, the worker unfailingly gets stuck behind it and needs to get bailed out by some other worker.

16th Felsite, 10th Year:

A thief showed up today, breaking the usual monotony of this retched settlement. The kobold succeeded in scaring a surgeon back into the fort, and is now menacing about outside our walls, at least until the military get off their lazy asses (myself not included of course; I have a fort to run) and take care of business.

In the meantime, some person or another is cranking out masterpieces at every quarter-hour and the dwarves keep disobeying my orders regarding the construction of additional pylons walls.
No. 7305 ID: 1963d1
File 130913518082.jpg - (85.96KB , 641x299 , PointHeritage_6.jpg )

10th Hematite, 10th Year:

I keep getting these notices about equipment mismatches from our military and I have no idea what it means or how to make it stop. I’ve taken to ignoring them when they come to me, but my keen general’s intuition tells me this probably won’t work for very long.

Another thing about our military: we’re greatly understaffed and unprepared for any sort of outside attack. That is to say, we WERE unprepared, before I put phase two of my ultimate plan into action. Now, a great wall of fortifications encircles our fortress, acting as a bulwark against our many enemies. They haven’t made any full-scale assaults yet, but I expect one. My general’s intuition tells me we’re overdue for a skirmish.

Now is to enact phase three of my master plan. Massive recruitment.

We have four Cheese Makers in our fort. FOUR. In my opinion that’s four more Cheese Makers than we’ll ever need. As of today, they’re all drafted into a crossbow only unit, The Oily Banners. Swords and hammers and axes are things of the past. Gone are the days when we resolve our conflicts by jabbing each other with glorified pointed sticks. The ranged weapon is the future, and the future is now.

I quickly filled up the squad with dwarves who held the most stupid or useless jobs in the fort, and set them to train. With the fortifications set up the way they are now, we should be able to hold any malcontents at bay outside our front gate while bombarding them with death from above. This idea is so brilliant I should be commended or something. Oh, wait… I guess I’m the one in charge of doing that sort of thing now. I suppose I’ll just commend myself then. Great job, me!
No. 7306 ID: 1963d1
File 130913526254.jpg - (40.20KB , 640x300 , PointHeritage_7.jpg )

11th Malachite, 10th Year:

Again, not too much has happened since last time. A few animals died and somebody had a baby. The Oily Banners seem to be adjusting well to their new lives, and have taken up training in the archery hall, which I will really have to expand in future.

What I really want to talk about though, is the artifact. Late last month, the Armorer started speaking in tongues and shut himself into his forge. Today, he finally emerged, looking haggard and clutching some sweet iron greaves. I’ve never seen such opulent leggings in all my life. Unfortunately, he claimed not to know anything about where it came from, so it looks like we’re not going to be able to reproduce his results.

24th Malachite, 10th Year:

More migrants have arrived, perhaps attracted by our great wealth, excellent defenses, and stunningly handsome leader. Among this clutch is a Siege Operator, a Carpenter, a Wax Worker, a Wood Worker, a Fishery Worker, a Glassmaker, a Trapper, and a Spinner. Having two great waves of migrants arrive in a single year has shown that my dream of making Wheelsplattered a great dwarven city is coming true.

Incidentally, I noticed that I’ve been spacing these entries out by longer and longer periods of time. This is not intentional of course, but, that lava flow has been getting real close lately and the fumes are doing things to my head. I’ve been losing long looong tracks of time lately, what with the blacking out and all. Good thing it doesn’t seem to have affected my leadership ability.
No. 7307 ID: 1963d1
File 130913534557.jpg - (227.84KB , 639x303 , PointHeritage_8.jpg )

6th Galena, 10th Year:

I’ve succeeded in resizing the archery range, resulting in a 60% training rate increase. I tried to name the new range in my honor, but I ended up writing some weird symbols instead. Damn lava fumes!

I turned the old range into an ammo depot and a hallway, because I figure it’s more convenient that way. I also expanded the armory and made it more accessible for everyone.

One of the ghosts got aggressive today. An ex-Animal Trainer I believe. He up and murdered an engineer, so we’re trying to get a tomb set up for the ghost as fast as is dwarvenly possible.

19th Galena, 10th Year:

Today the human caravan arrived. I am eager to impress them with our many achievements over the last few seasons.

Some kobold thieves also wandered in to the fort, but were swiftly and brutally put down by our expert war dogs. When will the kobolds learn that it’s the pure, primal hatred that the dogs have of us that makes them so good at busting heads?

27th Galena, 10th Year:

I finished trading with the Humans. Gave them 4 or so bins full or random clothes and instruments in exchange for basically everything they had, which was a lot. Tonight we dine on turtle soup. No really, they were selling like 50 live turtles, and I bought them ALL.

Stupid Humans.
No. 7311 ID: 1963d1
File 130914013043.jpg - (50.63KB , 641x300 , PointHeritage_9.jpg )

25th Limestone, 10th Year:

It’s autumn now, but you wouldn’t know by looking. Everything goes by exactly the same in this place no matter what season it is.

Nothing interesting ever happens here. The Humans left and it rained once. That’s as exiting as it gets

At least, that’s what I thought before I awoke one morning, sleep disturbed by a chorus of cries and screams. It arrived under the cover of darkness, nearly catching us by surprise, but there it was. A detestable Hill Titan saw fit to test his might against us. Oh, and we shall battle! We shall battle until the dawn breaks and one alone among us emerges victorious! And I promise you this, diary: with my ultimate defense plan in place, we cannot lose.
No. 7312 ID: 1963d1
File 130914016738.jpg - (890.63KB , 638x882 , PointHeritage_10.jpg )

6th Sandstone, 10th Year:

To begin our epic battle against the Hill Titan, I followed the great wisdom of all the dwarven generals who have come before me: find your enemy, and then send your entire military in their general direction.

When I deployed my soldiers, one particularly plucky Hammer Lord named Ingish Limarasmel rushed ahead of his combat buddies and engaged the titan alone next to the deadly lava flow. He rushed forward, managing to land a few good hits on the titan’s head and throat, but the titan was too fast, and it tackle-dived the brave Hammer Lord into the nearby lava. Ingish was consumed almost immediately by fire, taking with him two masterpiece items. However tragic his death was, Ingish must have known beforehand that this would happen, for when he was tossed into the mighty lake of fire, so too was the titan by the force of his own inertia! I like to imagine that Ingish went out smiling, knowing that his death had also caused the downfall of his killer. By the time the rest of the army arrived, the titan was already immersed in lava, unable to move and burning to death. After that we all stood there for a while, firing off insults at the titan (as we had no arrows) as the flames consumed him. Then we went home, and I ordered a memorial to be constructed for the brave Ingish, who will be a hero forevermore in our legends.

I can only hope that I too may be graced with such a glorious death when it comes time. For now though, I return to my office to ponder the autumn boredom…
No. 7313 ID: 1963d1
File 130914201483.jpg - (232.08KB , 640x598 , PointHeritage_11.jpg )

17th Sandstone, 10th Year:

And just when I thought I had a spare moment, this ugly beast rears its head! Now this is it! This is the kind of event that a leader is supposed to lead through! The excitement of the moment has given me new life and energy! I feel as if I could go down there and take the beast out myself!

The Forgotten Beast revealed himself to be very deep down in the mine shaft, and figuring it safer to fight it down there, as opposed to in the fort commons with all the civilians, I once again exhibited my tactical genius and sent my entire army at it with orders to KILL.

Little did I realize that the beast was completely sealed off from us and therefore, we were entirely incapable of killing it without some fancy pick-work. However, I put the order through and soon enough we had breached the ancient mine shafts that the beast inhabited.

Buuuuut then some migrants arrived and I had to deal with processing a Fish Cleaner, Gem Setter, Woodworker, Planter, Carpenter, and Cheese Maker.

When I could finally descended into the depths, what I saw was nothing short of astounding! The very walls were lined with gold and valuable stones of all colors. I knew we had to claim these resources for the betterment of our dwarven empire! Just one more reason the worm had to be slain!

The worm rushed right at us, but we cornered it in our lifeline to the surface and slew it. It felt good to be back in combat again… and now we have revealed an entire new world of minerals underneath ourselves. I shall wall it off for now and decide what to do with it later.
No. 7314 ID: 1963d1
File 130914508925.jpg - (360.04KB , 638x600 , PointHeritage_12.jpg )

7th Timber, 10th Year:

A furnace operator went mad today, claimed a workshop that was in use and started gathering materials for a project. Hopefully, this one will detail some part of our mighty struggle against those two savage interlopers I so valiantly defeated.

14th Timber, 10th Year:

Nah, it’s just a figurine. A really really neat looking figurine!
No. 7315 ID: 1963d1
File 130914698455.jpg - (181.54KB , 638x296 , PointHeritage_13.jpg )

24th Timber, 10th Year:

The Mountainhomes’ liaison came today, even though I’m pretty sure we already outclass them in sheer material wealth. I again traded some useless trinkets and clothings with them for essentials like metals and drinks. But goddamn was it expensive this time around. These guys from the Mountainhomes really want their dwarfbucks’ worth.

As an aside, ever since we opened up the vast underground we’ve been having a giant mole problem in the dining room. I think there may be a correlation between the two. Never fear though, I am training a new pack of war dogs as I write this.

1st Moonstone, 10th Year:

Ahh, winter… yes… winter…

And with the coming of winter comes the seasonal tradition of everybody in the military promoting themselves to their same position.

Don’t ask because I don’t know either.

4th Moonstone, 10th Year:

I chatted with the guy from the Mountainhomes today, and he told me he was genuinely impressed with our progress. Genuinely impressed~! I’m sure to go down in history as a great general if I can “greatly impress” one from the homeland! We also talked a little of trade, I asked him for more seeds, drinks, and especially ammunition; he asked me for drinks, large gems, figurines, and especially musical instruments, fish and headwear. I guess they don’t get a lot of music, seafood and hats in the Mountainhomes? After the discussions were over, it started raining. Oh joy.
No. 7316 ID: 1963d1
File 130915048371.jpg - (323.41KB , 637x297 , PointHeritage_14.jpg )

12th Moonstone, 10th Year:

We’re a dutchy, everyone!

10th Opal, 10th Year:

And so I return to my seasonal boredom, although, I am strangely ok with it this time around. Could it be that the stress of leadership has gotten to me? What kind of general would I be if that were true?

I need more time to think on this…

8th Obsidian, 10th Year:

Now that I have had time to meditate on my experiences, in the dark chill of this everlasting winter, I fear I may have been too overzealous in my quest for glory. I may have alienated the very citizens I was attempting to lead into a bright new future. Was it even really about them, or was it about my insatiable hunger for praise? …I must continue to think about this. Maybe head down to the range and practice a little. That always helps me think straight…
No. 7317 ID: 1963d1
File 130915089504.jpg - (212.05KB , 640x299 , PointHeritage_15.jpg )

1st Granite, 11th Year:

I can see it all now. How sorry I am… I have been wrong this whole time! On one of the herbalist’s suggestions, I ingested a special plant which he assured me would “help me relax”. In truth, I do not know what effects that plant had on me, but the next few days I spent in my office were the most eye-opening in my life.

My glory has been false. I have not truly earned the right to claim I am a great general, or a great militia leader, or even a great fortress overseer. I delude myself about my combat prowess and my grandeur. I never even touched those beasts we fought. Never touched them once! I can have no claim upon their defeat! I renounce it all! Including my leadership position! Someone more qualified than me can run this place a million times better than I!

I think from now on I will just live as a regular soldier, and do my part to earn the honor that I am afforded… and I also have to go see that herbalist again, because when I woke up this morning I had a bad case of the shakes and chills all over. I gotta get me some more of that plant, man. That was some good stuff…
No. 7318 ID: 1963d1

Alright, so this is about done. Total profit earned is up by about half a million dwarfmoney and another artifact is on it's way (which I forgot to mention). I'm sorry in advance if I fucked anything up in-game. Also, I picked the militia commander because of narrative positioning, not because he was a MONDO COOL legendary marksman. So... yeah.

Save should be here: http://www.4shared.com/file/DdV1dA8w/tgchan-PointHeritage.html
No. 7322 ID: 049dfa

>And with the coming of winter comes the seasonal tradition of everybody in the military promoting themselves to their same position.

>Don’t ask because I don’t know either.

Well, I gave everyone in the military off-months to prevent them from getting too many bad thoughts from long patrols/trainings. If it's the beginning of the month, that's probably when they're all reactivating as military instead of civilian.

Also, how's my armoring skill doing?
No. 7332 ID: 1578e2

Dammit you guys, making interesting writeups with characters and happenings and things.

Now mine is going to seem (more) flat and boring by comparison.

Anyway, player list:

We could use some more players :V

I'll get to my turn probably tomorrow. No time today.
No. 7333 ID: 1854db

Who's next?
No. 7334 ID: 7c5179

No. 7335 ID: 1578e2

>320 second wait for file download

No. 7336 ID: 1578e2

I got it already, no need to put it on another site. But wow what a lousy filesharing site :V
No. 7338 ID: 1854db

I... must've had the thread open for more than half an hour.
No. 7340 ID: 180ec2

I think Squeegy said he was signing up next, so I'll go after him and sign up again.
No. 7342 ID: 1578e2

Alright. Just letting folks know that I'm working on this, just been a long week hurr durr.

Current turn order:
No. 7343 ID: 1578e2

Ok, I've finished spring. My writing sucks worse than usual tonight, but I'll post a writeup shortly. Nothing too traumatic.
No. 7345 ID: 1578e2
File 130969436118.png - (67.51KB , 1017x811 , Stuffneedsfixing.png )

Granite 1:

I am Driblis Nicatrith, risen from Armok's gardens to return to this fortress. I have been granted one year to return this fortress to a serviceable state.

Enough of that. I'm back to see what the hell has happened to my once orderly and well-organized fortress. I've begun looking through the eyes of one Morul Mokezsazir, a carpenter. There were initial doubts but given that the previous leadership walked right off the job, I was quickly obeyed regardless.

This is a good thing. Good lord, what the hell happened to my fortress? The hospital is full of rotting corpses. The dining room is full of rotting corpses. The wilderness is full of rotting corpses. We've got an enormous graveyard, completely full of the honored dead, and a number of dishonored spirits floating about harassing people. I've ordered the four dead dwarves cleared from the hospital, immediately putting one spirit to rest. I've also ordered slabs engraved for the remaining ghosts. Such an easy thing, overlooked by all the previous rulers.

Just for a pointed note, the dining room's 'mysterious miasma' that the previous rulers have been concerned over was caused by dead animals. I could see how they could have missed it, it was only a skeletal goat, skeletal bull, two rotting lungfish, a dead rabbit, skeletal cow, skeletal war dog, some kind of dead knuckle worm, and a dead donkey foal. Easily overlooked.

Also we've got upwards of a hundred and twenty dwarves living in Wheelsplattered, and about sixty bedrooms, with a common area of eight beds. This is unacceptable for a fortress of this age. Everyone should at least have their own bed and closing door.

Of course, we can't clear the bodies from the dining room right yet, as the damned refuse piles are full of useless garbage like cartilage and goblins and trolls, let alone unused niceties such as ivory, horn, shells, and skulls. I've ordered more refuse area dug out to compensate. It's temporary, at best, but still a start.

Oh, also the mountain has been slowly drooling lava over itself for years now. I suppose we could do something about that.
No. 7346 ID: 1578e2
File 130969440628.png - (21.82KB , 1468x179 , Artifact.png )

Granite 2:

Alright, I've decided to make the lava flowing everywhere top priority. I've ordered a stopgap measure of a channel dug out around the river, to stop the lava clogging it again. It's temporary, however. The main pull is converting Lionsphil's dining room waterfall aqueduct from it's current state of 'ruined mess' into 'pouring water all over the lava'. Hopefully this can be done by the end of spring. The lava encroaching on the river makes me damned nervous.

There's a microcline lever in the hallway, near the dining room, that turns off the initial pumpstack for this aqueduct. Don't mess with it.

The work on the refuse room is proceeding well, as well as cleaning up the general mess in the fortress. I've ordered the craftsdwarves to stop just mindlessly carving arrows and start working on totems, decorating things with shell, ivory, tooth, and nail, and spinning thread. They are still making bolts, though the count of available useful bone is dwindling.

Though I did have to order folks to move a number of starving animals outside today. They may be a future source of bones once we get the lava problem taken care of.

On the topic of bones, why does my tomb contain only two mediocre statues, while other rulers have huge, astounding mausoleums? A statue of a cyclops, and a statue of mussels? I am offended!

Granite 12: Kivish Bermishos has begun an artifact! As a glassmaker, I'm sure it will be something strange. Still, a good occurrence like artifact work is always appreciated.

Granite 15: Kivish Bermishos has created a glass miniforge. It's rather decorated, but still stunningly worthless.

Slate 1: The work on the aqueduct is progressing rapidly, particularly after realized we only had one or two masons, and their skill left something to be desired. I've assigned a dozen or so others to masonry as well, just picked at random out of the dining room. This project needs speed, not beauty.
No. 7347 ID: 1578e2
File 130969449498.png - (8.21KB , 330x308 , waterspreading.png )

Slate 5: The aqueduct is finished. It's an ugly mess, with windmills perpetually driving the pumps, and no clean way of turning it off. But right now we need to stop this lava flow, and it seems that dumping hundreds of gallons of water overtop of it has done that. I believe I've saved the fort! Time to go drink.

Slate 18: The lava is cooling all across our lands, and migrants have arrived in the very midst of the lava and steam. Eighteen new dwarves overall, and some new animals. I didn't keep full track of who does what. I'll assign them tasks later. This knocks our population to 136, still with the paltry few workable bedrooms as before. Time to shift focus. The beds in the common room are goddamn disgusting.

Slate 28: Twenty three days of pumping, and the lava seems basically defeated. The flood around the base of the mountain is cooling rapidly, leaving disgusting ash and burnt equipment laying around. There's a huge gouging scar of obsidian down the side of the hill, and the entire outside reeks of steam and volcanic gasses, but the flow has been stopped, dammit. I've turned off the water flow, though it will probably take a month for the aqueduct to actually empty itself.

Don't dig out the goddamn magma again, or I'll come haunt you so hard you won't know what hit you.

Felsite 7: It is now a week into the third month of my tenure here, and things are going fairly well. The lava problem is solved, most of the ghosts are settled into the afterlife, the animals rotting in the dining hall are gone, everything seems to be running smoothly. I'm clearcutting a swath of woods for new beds, and working out a few of the disused mines for veins of hematite and copper.

Felsite 17: You know, the fortifications around the entry to the fortress are excellent. We have tons, literally tons of stone built as walls to defend this place. Traps, cages, fortifications, thousands of dwarf-hours of work, but a goddamn open-air staircase opens to the mountain above, bypassing all of them. I've got to wall this area in before we get a siege.
No. 7348 ID: 1578e2
File 130969458921.png - (29.55KB , 808x334 , EndOfSpring.png )

Felsite 18: Speak of the devil. A siege has come to Wheelsplattered! Looks like four squads of goblins, primarily hammerers, with a number of marksmen, and a few very well-trained hero goblins, as well as three or four trolls. Hopefully they'll be stupid and take the front entrance, so we can pepper them with bolts.

Felsite 26: After days of fighting, the siege is ended. We've got heavy casualties across all three squads, with few of them are left in fighting condition. There are also a lot of dead civilians, somewhere around 20. Thankfully I was safe in my bedroom at the time. The goblins and trolls split up, with some combat happening around the fortifications, and a splinter of the goblins coming in through that open staircase. I'm going to have to find a way to fix that. The only real access to the outside should be through the front entryway, though having a walled in courtyard up there might be nice. Cleanup is going well, though I think I need to expand the hospital.

There were no particular individual heroics. Everyone played their part.

Hematite 1: Summer has arrived. Hopefully the rest of the year will go smoothly.

Writing's a little weak due to thing and this and that. Hopefully I'll be able to finish my turn on monday, since I don't have work. YAY THE MAGMA IS STOPPED.
No. 7349 ID: 049dfa

Wait where did that staircase and all of the corpses and ghosts come from? I had taken care of our restless dead problems during my turn and pointheritage didn't mention any sort of mass slaughter =|

Also how's my armoring?
No. 7350 ID: 2563d4

Maybe someone decided it would be a good idea to take the driveshaft access stairwell all the way up to the surface. :| Plus the gear at the top to where the was a hole has probably deconstructed with all the wreckage. It wasn't possible to secure the actual shaft tile AFAICT but at least it was a leg-breaking several-story sheer drop down into the well chamber.
No. 7351 ID: 1578e2
File 130972288391.png - (13.28KB , 561x387 , cws.png )

Doing fine. Legendary Miner and Armorsmith. One dangerous dwarf, no doubt.
No. 7356 ID: 049dfa


Probably not actually all that dangerous, thanks to no combat skills (outside of mining with picks I suppose) and soul stats =V
No. 7357 ID: f5fe2f

Mining is the combat skill for using picks, and if he has mining enabled he will have a pick on him. Picks are actually pretty good weapons. If he goes berserk there will be a lot of death.
No. 7358 ID: 049dfa


I am aware, and in fact mentioned the possibility of mining + picks as a 'combat' skill. The problem comes from no fighting, armor, shield, dodging, striking, et cetera.
No. 7362 ID: 1854db


What's going on?
No. 7363 ID: 1578e2

Writing it up now.

I finished yesterday, it's just been an annoying week. SORRY.
No. 7365 ID: 1578e2
File 131021604589.png - (5.68KB , 448x128 , NudeBurrowingCanines.png )

Hematite 24: A number of naked mole dogs have infiltrated the fort and are wandering around the hallways. It's odd that no one seems to mind them and they don't seem hostile. Still, I've ordered the military to put them down. We need to figure out where they are coming from, we can't just have open holes in the fort defenses.

Hematite 26: A couple of migrants have arrived, maybe ten or so. Frankly I'm too busy organizing mole dog extermination to worry about a few new hands arriving. We've traced the mole dogs to a small passage with ramps down some couple hundred feet to the underground caverns. I've ordered the masons to brick it up.

Malachite 2: Ineth Amostkeskal went into a fey mood as I was speaking with her. Honestly it sort of puts a bit of a kink into my trying to chat her up that she just suddenly goes nuts and runs about looking for wood. She claimed a craftsdwarf shop and has begun gathering items, starting with a few logs. I'm sure in a few weeks she'll churn out some useless wooden trinket that we throw on to the hoard of garbage we seem to collect here in Wheelsplattered.

Malachite 7: A hammerdwarf, Rigoth Mafoligath, was just found dead in his bedroom. I have no idea what happened, but this sort of thing can't stand unresolved. Addendum: Apparently Tulon Kanmeng was in was in a blind rage over the state of the previous siege, particularly the unburied state of dwarves he knew. As far as I know, all dead dwarves are currently entombed. The realization that he's been found out seems to have thrown him into another rage. We need to do something about this.
No. 7366 ID: 1578e2
File 131021610479.png - (12.99KB , 957x163 , Artifact2.png )

Malachite 9: Ineth finished her artifact. A wooden amulet; how quaint. In the meantime, I've been working on getting a jail built, and searching for some folks to man a police force. It's not reasonable to let murderers roam the halls unpunished.

Malachite 11: I've finished up the jail and assigned Ideth, the new legendary woodcrafter, to captain of the guard. Hopefully she can work well, she's a stout woman. It's a much more more useful skill than crafting wooden amulets, in any case. I don't believe we need more than one guarddwarf, for a fortress of this size. She immediately threw Tulon into a cage, and I can hear him ranting violently from here.

Galena 1: Ineth has beaten a friend of hers to death, while he lay wounded on a hospital bed, because he violated an export ban some years ago. I don't know what to make of this. She might have been a little too devoted a choice for a position like captain of the guard.

Galena 17: The human caravan has arrived, and is making its way to the depot. Meanwhile two military dwarves have succumbed to infection: Udib Erithzes and Tholtig Aranid. I'm not sure why the hospitalers are not doing their work.

Limestone 1: Still haven't managed to trade as the broker is busy with wall construction. But it's autumn now. The walls being built are to fix the lax security on the slopes of the mountain. After these are done, the only way into the fortress will be through the front gate. This might slow down some logging operations, but is much better for security.

Limestone 3: We've finished trading with the humans. A few bins of garbage left over from sieges and a few bins of stonecrafts netted us a few hundred pounds of meat, mostly turtles, with a lot of booze and some various metals and gems. I figure a pile of various metals and gems are good for those dwarves that suddenly decide they need esoteric garbage to throw together in some masterful way.
No. 7367 ID: 1578e2
File 131021616395.png - (12.74KB , 1031x128 , Artifact3.png )

Sandstone 8: A clothier, Tosid Geshuddural, has withdrawn from his peers and taken control of our clothing shop. A skilled clothier is always a nice addition, so I'm looking forward to see what he creates.

Sandstone 19: Well... it's a nice cape. Covered in leather trimming and some weird wooden images on it. Still, a nice trinket.

Timber 2: Migrants have arrived. I don't care who they are, I'm sure they will be willing to work. Only six came in though.

Timber 11: The dwarven caravan has arrived!

Timber 20: We've traded some random garbage, mostly crafts, for a few hundred gallons of booze and some weapons and armor, along with a lot of plaster for casts. I'm hoping we don't run out of plaster for a while. I've also requested they bring wood and booze next year. Frankly I'm at a bit of a loss for what to ask for, as we don't want for much here. We worked out the export agreement as well, though it's not that important. I'm sure they'll be fine with whatever garbage we trade them.
No. 7368 ID: 1578e2
File 131021620851.png - (4.72KB , 425x175 , tradeagree.png )

The trade agreement.
No. 7369 ID: 1578e2
File 131021627408.png - (20.30KB , 404x520 , Mining.png )

Moonstone 5: I've reassigned all animals to the interior courtyard, so the goblins don't just slaughter them on the next siege. It makes a mess and wastes good meat and bones.

Opal 1: I've had the miners start digging out some veins of gold, iron, and copper, to the northern end of the main floor. We've got no shortage of ores, but I intend to see to it that we don't for some time in the future.

Opal 15: I've struck up a romance with one of the marksdwarves. Just as a note to myself here: quiver/bolt puns aren't the way to go with her.

Obsidian 1: One month left in my temporary rulership, which I have voluntarily limited to a year. Not much going on, which I guess is a good thing. I feel like I've restored some semblance of order to the fortress.
No. 7370 ID: 1578e2
File 131021640833.png - (31.13KB , 1049x327 , endstatus.png )

Obsidian 13: A couple stranglers are outside, freaking people out. Sent the marksdwarves to handle them, but the stranglers ran off before the marksdwarves got in range. I guess that's fine.

Obsidian 18: A goblin snatcher approached, and then killed a blue peachick. I'm sending military after it, but it is already running for the edge of our lands. I doubt they'll catch up.

Obsidian 18 Addendum: An ambush squad of crossbowmen has arrived! Goblins, on the other side of the river. Thankfully they ambushed was destroyed with no casualties. During the fighting, a woodworker became possessed by some spirit and claimed a bowyery. He needs bones, I've ordered a few animals culled for that purpose.

Granite 1: Times up for my rule here. Everything is going fairly smoothly, an easy situation for whoever takes my place. There are a few things to do: finish up furnishing the bedrooms, they're all dug but need beds and doors. We're fairly short on booze, so that might be good to fix. Other than that, everything's pretty stable. Good luck, future rulers. I'll fade back into the background for a time.

A weak finish mostly because nothing happened to write about. But hey, stability can be good for a fort. DON'T OPEN THE GODDAMN MAGMA AGAIN

Next up is Squeegy.
1. Squeegy
2. Asplosionz
No. 7371 ID: 1578e2

Suppose I should paste the save. Way to go there, champ.

No. 7373 ID: 049dfa

I'll sign back up for another go.
No. 7374 ID: 1578e2

1. Squeegy
2. Asplosionz
3. ClockworkSeal
No. 7392 ID: 1578e2

Squeegy flaked out because steam sales.

Asplosionz is up.

1. Asplosionz
2. ClockworkSeal
No. 7467 ID: 1578e2

Asplosionz flaked out 'cause DF crashed (understandable!).

Seal flaked out 'cause work and trip to spelunking.

We're out of players!

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