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File 147613820674.png - (1.15KB , 800x120 , 144592550576.png )
11254 No. 11254 ID: 4dc2d2

Last one seems to be over a year old so if we get a couple people to sign on we could try this again.

You need not actually know what you are doing or be any good at all to play, that just makes it more !FUN! for the next guy.

There's a 1 week period for you to take your turn, and please try to take your turn quickly if possible.

Also, vote on the embarkation site.
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No. 11257 ID: b9aa79

I don't know what dwarf fortress is or how it works but I'm fairly active. Any sort of sort over view or options one could give? Or is it just much too hard for an outsider to grasp quickly
No. 11259 ID: 52d0bb
File 147618129759.gif - (46.28KB , 540x524 , dflearningcurve.gif )

Dwarf fortress is rightfully considered one of the most complicated games known to man. That said, exploring the system and finding all the hidden nuances is a big part of the Fun.

Dwarf fortress wiki (http://dwarffortresswiki.org/) is the go to source for all dwarf related questions. The best way to learn is to just play the game and look stuff up as you need it.

As OP said, you don't need to be an expert going in. No one ever truly masters dwarf fortress.
No. 11261 ID: 52d0bb

A Mountain, for the sake of tradition.

No aquifer, but lets have enough enemies to keep things interesting. Don't care too much about climate one way or the other.
No. 11264 ID: 4dc2d2


Once we get 2 or three more people signed on we'll start.
No. 11267 ID: b9aa79

Started, dug into a mountain and intermediately fucked up how I wanted to dig the first few rooms. Still haven't figured out how to build walls. I've been told the ideal qualifiers for a starting area include
-warm temperature
-surface metal
-deep metal
-flux stone
-no aquifer
-being in a calm area
-have clay and or soil for farming

So i vote someone using the search function and choosing the area that matches those qualities.
No. 11268 ID: 52d0bb

>build -> Construction -> wall

walls and other constructions are pretty straightforward, and the wiki does a good job laying out the tech trees for the various professions and crafts. Building and equipping a military and managing macro infrastructure are more advanced.

From my own experience, I advise you to look into stockpiles and permissions. Considering how important they are, they don't stand out in the UI and the game never explicitly suggests their use.
No. 11269 ID: dc887b

I don't think I have the same hotkeys, when I hit b > c, it tries to build a chair or throne of some sorts, but I don't have the materials for it.
No. 11270 ID: ea1c62
File 147628883585.png - (266.95KB , 1000x922 , FlowchartDF.png )

Note the capitalization. When in doubt, search for it in the wiki, or just look through the UI. It may seem overwhelming at first, but its laid out in mostly logical fashion.
No. 11282 ID: 398fe1

Why the fuck would we want an ideal area for a dwarf fort succession game? We want things to go wrong! Horribly horribly wrong!
No. 11283 ID: 52d0bb

>We want things to be Fun! Horribly horribly Fun!
Basically the Dwarf Fortress credo.

Its not going to last forever. Better to go out in a blaze of magma and cat guts than slowly descend into a tantrum spiral.

That said, I want this to last long enough to reach my turn. You can have Fun without starting in a glacier.
No. 11287 ID: ea1c62

Alright, you convinced me.

Embark in glacier. Bring extra wood to last us till we strike the caverns.
No. 11296 ID: b5f367

I'll be up for another succession game. Make it a hard settle, but maybe not evil reanimating bodies hard like I recommended last time. People didn't seem to like that.
No. 11298 ID: d3b853

I'll play. I'm kind of boring as a fort designer but I won't lose the fort probably.
No. 11299 ID: 52d0bb

Has anyone seen or heard from OP? It looks like we've got enough people.
No. 11300 ID: a37684

No idea! Maybe we need an IRC chat or something?
No. 11301 ID: 52d0bb

Maybe. I'm not sure how to set one up though.

Can we get a roll-call to see who all is still watching this thread?
No. 11302 ID: 07280d

Still watching, not sure how it works though. Do we pass a saved game back and forth or something?
No. 11303 ID: 52d0bb

Yeah, basically
No. 11304 ID: 59b9ae

Still here, got Driblis too. Whoever departs please bring livestock and please settle near goblins I want to see an invasion so big there'll be wall of bodies.
No. 11330 ID: 398fe1

Well SOMEBODY start it!
No. 11460 ID: fb21be

Well Im sad now I saw DF and I was ready to go.
No. 11721 ID: 3d8693

You should have advertised this on /r/DwarfFortress.
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