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File 145603709539.png - (519.12KB , 1500x1000 , discution copy.png )
97971 No. 97971 ID: 939c7f

I get the feeling this thread will end up being quite necessary...
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No. 97973 ID: 7805cb

Immediate topic that comes to mind: why hair on what appears some sort of exoskeleton? I mean maybe it's skin-like but it look at least plasticy. also why hair there

Also, uh this is sort of a weird thing to bring up so sorry but, is it just me, or does that precise pose and face being made remind anyone unpleasantly of Goblins (the webcomic)? Like something about the smirk and the nose and the ear in a way that feels offputting.
No. 97974 ID: 67d5dc

Between the joints, hair, and camera-shutter eyes I'm getting hit hard by the uncanny valley.

Which is interesting, since its so damn far from being human.
No. 97981 ID: b17b81

Not a fan of the hair, looks very weird to me. The like collar boa thing is fine and a nice style, but the hair covering the bits and the hips does not mesh with me. (also not sure why this robot stuff is happening in a dnd campaign. One level of high fantasy is enough for me. Playing someone who is playing someone just seems really weird to me.)

yeah, the ear positions especially. I don't necessarily see it as bad though.

I get the feeling it's staring right at me. Like me on this side of the computer me; like those paintings in a haunted mansion.
No. 97984 ID: e18d6f

I'm ok with the fur boa design, and I have a feeling our appearance might be mutable anyway. Jury is out on the quest-within-a-quest. It's a cool-sounding idea; but tg spent a lot of time deciding how to build our gnoll and I personally was looking forward to a simple tg style quest. However I trust Flynn will make the frame story interesting - I just hope we get a focus on the pathfinder game, at least at first. It's definitely going to be a challenge to balance the pace of the quest so that both aspects are enjoyable instead of one feeling like an unwelcome pause screen to the "actual" quest.
No. 97986 ID: 88e46e

I like Aalos' design. It's absolutely bizarre, but it isn't in my uncanny valley and I like strange. As for the quest in a quest, I feel that OOC interactions and so on are a huge part of tabletop games and the quest can handle having those, although I agree that some initial focus on the community-created gnoll would be nice.
No. 97987 ID: 99a64d

I think that as long as the meta plot doesn't get too out of hand it could be interesting. As long as the other players are interesting it should be good. Kinda like Unforgotten Realms or something.
No. 97988 ID: 99a64d

Also, Aalos' design doesn't have the uncanny valley effect on me, but it still looks quite ugly imo. I hope we get a chance to change it.
No. 97994 ID: 939c7f

Well okay~
What could be done to Aalos to improve it, without changing the overall design...

And yes, in fact, you can eventually acquire a new body or simply some new pieces... "They" ship to your location not address, there wont be another mistake...
No. 97997 ID: b17b81

I'd just say trimming in a few places (hips and bits; the boa is stylish), shorten(and possibly crop? I can't think of how it would look cropped on something humanoid) the ears, maybe get some contacts for the eyes? It's not bugging me nearly as much when it's not looking directly at me.

Everything else about the design I like. (stubby lower legs, digitigrade feet, wide hips, visible separation of joints are all good and blend together nicely to me) It's certainly a unique design; and distinctly mechanized/non-human.

If you would be using the hair to cover up manhood, you might go for some kind of sliding/retractable codpiece thing instead. Gives that part more of a mechanical bent instead of making it uniquely human. (also there are only so many ways I can keep from saying the word dick. I just don't feel comfortable saying the word for some reason)
No. 97998 ID: 88e46e

Personally, I think the hair is fine as-is, and provides some contrast to the body, which is a bit sparse on detail even with the lines and joints, which I do like.
No. 97999 ID: 4854ef

Well it's certainly unique, that much I can say. I could go with this, or something else.
No. 98008 ID: 4d6560

I like the design, though maybe the hair should look more "pasted-on", like something that has been taped/stapled on the shell.

Maybe with adding visible metal clips...
No. 98009 ID: a3a5d7

I think the color is a factor. In the quest it doesn't look as bad because it's white, but in the full colored picture it just looks... unpleasant.

If it was really white, or purple or blue or some other artificial-looking color, it seems like it'd fit a bit better.
No. 98010 ID: 99a64d

I wouldn't really mind the fur if it actually was white. The facial features should be simplified to avoid the uncanny valley, but I honestly think we need to completely replace the head (maybe we could do one of those monitor head things? I like those) of course, that would be something that we'd have to do in-quest, you can't really retcon a whole head. The thighs are way too wide, if you look they're actually each the size of Aalos' waist, which really looks weird, that might just be me though. I think a more bottom heavy leg design would look better. The whole design seems to be going for robotic, cute, and sexy, but it kinda winds up not being any of those.
No. 98011 ID: 90f3c0
File 145618659708.png - (86.42KB , 294x278 , waifu bold.png )

You could always swap the head for the adorable waifu model, and melt TGchan's heart~

But seriously, I like the current design. It's unique, cute, and... vaguely sexy? I would keep it as is.
No. 98012 ID: a3a5d7


You know, I think another thing is, if you have patches of fur on the body and none on the head, you look like you're bald.

I mean like, if there was no fur at all technically you'd still be bald, but you wouldn't seem bald, if you get me.
No. 98013 ID: 88e46e

I agree with the conclusion. I don't think it's particularly sexy, but it does stand out and I like the vibe it has. It isn't sexy or sleek or bestial or anything in particular, and that appeals to me. Plus, based on the posts so far, I don't think we could really get any meaningful consensus, just an unhappy compromise where three guys agreed on one thing and the other seven or whatever have to suck it up. It's probably best to just go with whatever Halo likes.
No. 98026 ID: e18d6f

No. 98033 ID: 15720c

I like how Aalos looks to start with. The positions of the fur are fine, but if you must make a change, then I suppose a kami (Short waist-cape) instead of butt fuzz and maybe a thin line of fuzz along the waist originating from the crotch fuzz to give the appearance of a fuzzy pear of underpants would do.

As for the bald problem, I think a short tuft of hair that sticks forward in a miniature forelock would work. I'm thinking two or three one-two inch spikes.
No. 98034 ID: 88e46e

I disagree, I think hair on the scalp would just look weird. It doesn't particularly look bald.
No. 98035 ID: 15720c

I don't think it would look weird, but I do agree that it looks better as is. Anon.a3a5d7 was the one who said he looks too bald.
No. 98121 ID: 939c7f
File 145655231407.jpg - (1.37MB , 3500x2333 , prince copy.jpg )

Just a little art dump...

Prince O'Devilin - 18 year male old Undine, descendant of Ooze Mephits...
No. 98122 ID: 939c7f
File 145655248683.jpg - (1.72MB , 3500x2333 , Varonos copy.jpg )

Varonos Argyris - Almost 16 year old male Faun... Trims horns, "they get in the way"
No. 98123 ID: 939c7f
File 145655258541.jpg - (664.14KB , 2500x1406 , baronness.jpg )

Doukissa Argyris - 22 year old female Faun...
No. 98126 ID: b17b81

I really like those faces.
Her's especially.
No. 98127 ID: 15720c

>Trims horns, "they get in the way"
Kind of causes a bit of a feminine look, and the white spots, which I know are supposed to make him look young, just enhance the femininity.
No. 98133 ID: fa9b55

Trims his horns with what though?
No. 98134 ID: 939c7f
File 145663717302.jpg - (137.89KB , 800x449 , tools.jpg )

>Trims his horns with what though?

With tools of course~ As much as ancient faun would use the noble tree to shed their antlers, now a day we posses the luxury of technology...

It's worth noting that unlike horns that have veins and nerves inlined within, antlers do not, and break off a the base or "Pedicle" ... Antlers grow back in entirety about once a year and fall off about once a year, but it's common to clip and shave them away~

And yes... I only know this thanks to Wikipedia~ thanks internet!!
No. 98242 ID: 939c7f

Hey there, I'm gonna have to apologize for a slow update rate for a moment, I've been rather sick lately, though not terribly sick it has been rather painful, and as such I'm taking a syrup medication that causes drowsiness and dizziness... which don't mix well with drawing and writing... so I'll be a few more days before can I update, thank you for your understanding...
No. 98243 ID: e18d6f

Take your time; get well.
No. 98463 ID: 67d5dc

Man, this is what we get for dumping Will saves.
No. 98565 ID: fa9b55

think we should roll up a back-up character?
No. 98663 ID: f562b1

Did some poking around a D&D info site and it looks like the Rooster familiar would grant +3 hit points to the master character.
The only ability worth noting is Drift, which means they can fly a short range, but can't end their turn flying.

I don't really understand the rest of the pages, so maybe there's something I'm missing here.

Unrelatedly, once we get our characters to define their strengths, can we also get the character sheets for the others here?
No. 98672 ID: f562b1

Gave the characters and players their little spaces on the wiki page over at http://tgchan.org/wiki/The_Slave_the_Thief_and_the_Slut:_Rise_of_the_Vile_Bloods
Being the dungeonless dragonless freak I am though I'm not going to be able to add much useful information to the characters section.
No. 98746 ID: f562b1

Question for you D&D nerds:
>All familiars have special abilities (or impart abilities to their masters) depending on the master’s combined level in classes that grant familiars
Does this mean that the Rooster would only grant the +3 hp, none of the abilities that familiars get, due to nobody having the right classes for it, or does a not-bladebound Magus still count for familiars? (I say not-bladebound because according to the wiki, Bladebound Magus can't have a familiar)
Yes, I am trying to become a D&D nerd myself. I'm just too lazy to sit through it all in one sitting.
No. 98748 ID: a6dc58


It does not even provide the +3hp. In our party the rooster Familiar does nothing other than be a rooster. The ability to get any benefit at all from a Familiar (including the +3hp) is granted to Wizard by a class feature called Arcane Bond, which Magus' don't have. However, Magus' can acquire the ability to get a Familiar as a Magus Arcana, which are powers they select as they they level up (sort of like bonus Feats but more specifically tailored towards Magus abilities). Cid will acquire his first Magus Arcana choice at level 3, if he really wanted to use a Familiar he could learn to do so then.
No. 98749 ID: a6dc58


It does not even provide the +3hp. In our party the rooster Familiar does nothing other than be a rooster. The ability to get any benefit at all from a Familiar (including the +3hp) is granted to Wizard by a class feature called Arcane Bond, which Magus' don't have. However, Magus' can acquire the ability to get a Familiar as a Magus Arcana, which are powers they select as they they level up (sort of like bonus Feats but more specifically tailored towards Magus abilities). Cid will acquire his first Magus Arcana choice at level 3, if he really wanted to use a Familiar he could learn to do so then.
No. 98865 ID: d13697

I've noticed that evil is yellow so far, probably just assumptions but the spider and the visions were yellow. Plus that unmistakable yellow triple interrogation mark, I expect we'll need lots of will saves to get out of this quest in one piece?
No. 99623 ID: 58379b

sorry for the absence... things have gotten pretty fucked lately... first, Vincent takes his two weeks off work, then bob takes his two weeks off work then he gets sick and I'm stuck having to carry their shifts... I know it doesn't matter but it's important to me that I apologize...
No. 99626 ID: 3082a8

Gotta love doubles. Hang in there and get back when you can. Looking forward to it.
No. 100211 ID: e751cf

This thread is in dire need of lewds and noods. Oxgutter first!
No. 100220 ID: d3fdbc


If you want them so badly, maybe you should commission someone. Otherwise, you'll just need to wait until someone feels like drawing something on their own initiative, and has the spare time and will to do so.
No. 100228 ID: 3082a8

No. 100266 ID: 2719a9

Hey bwtbh if you insist on making a sex scene with the kobold, don't do it on the main thread, post it here instead.
No. 100267 ID: 595d54

Hahaha what? Are spoilers not enough for you?
No. 100308 ID: f562b1

Spoilers have an odd habit of cancelling out when you're in the thread, but you shouldn't be viewing an nsfw thread while at work or school anyways.
No. 100793 ID: 2a0eec
File 146713637233.jpg - (1.31MB , 1500x1125 , look at that.jpg )

Holy shit well okay!
My boyfriend got me this for my birthday! So I'm really exited to get back to drawing!!

to celebrate this new drawing tablet I'm gonna take in about three FREE commissions. So post in the comments if you have something you want drawn~! Don't be sad if I don't accept it...
No. 100797 ID: 3740b1

The offscreen Oxgutter x kobold scene and/or Oxgutter lewds. Or Shenzi being a pretty (naughty) princess. Ok yeah I like your gnoll chicks. Also congrats, it looks damn nice.
No. 100800 ID: cc08c7


Eadoo or Trixy bound and dominated by Hel. I still have her refs if you need 'em.
No. 100806 ID: 59ec86

I believe I once made a suggestion for porn of having all the dick equipped members of our group run a train on Eaddo. If you're up for a massive fucking undertaking.
No. 100817 ID: 4854ef

A group shot of all the "Real Life" cast mates of the current quest, Doukissa, Prince, Varonos and Aalos. Either clothed, unclothed, or having sex, whatever floats yonder boat.
No. 100822 ID: 2a0eec
File 146716380971.jpg - (895.38KB , 1800x1012 , sexy time with kobold full opacity.jpg )

No. 100823 ID: 2a0eec
File 146716383153.jpg - (847.76KB , 1800x1012 , sexy time with kobold half opacity.jpg )

No. 100824 ID: 2a0eec
File 146716385146.jpg - (763.89KB , 1800x1012 , sexy time with kobold zero opacity.jpg )

No. 100831 ID: 3740b1

Awesome piece. Your shading and lines are really solid on this. A cut above your quest posts (which I wouldn't expect you to polish to this level). Bout how much do you charge for something like this?
No. 100834 ID: 2a0eec

all depending on the LFG (level of fucks given) I would charge between ten to fourty bucks for a piece... all depending on if it's just a sketch, black and white, color, how many characters, level of shading, is there a source material, background... stuff like that... this took me like maybe two hours of solid work over the course of four hours. so I'd charge about 20 to 25 for this. especially since I've gt a new tablet, my old one was so jank... it's falling apart and barely held together with tape and greenstuff...

So I wonder what I'll draw next?
No. 100837 ID: cc08c7


Duct tape is man's double edged gift to deteriorating electronics.
No. 100838 ID: 2a0eec
File 146717032507.jpg - (3.72MB , 2500x1406 , sasha at window.jpg )

not part of the commissions but here's the first thing I drew when I got this up and running~

It's my cat at the window, for those who remember Sasha is also in Eadooquest~!
No. 100864 ID: 2a0eec

I feel like drawing this, but I'm unsure of how to go about it... someone care to make a suggestion?
No. 100865 ID: 4854ef

Well since I suggested it, might as well toss some idea's.

Clothed: Simple enough, could also use this as a size chart and having them stand together, either looking on or looking through some of the Paizo books.

Unclothed: Having Aalos show off his ability to 'grow', with everyone looking on

Sex: Foursome with Doukissa in the middle, with Aalos inside her, Prince in the back and Varonos up front.

This is.. certainly not something I write often! If you have any other thoughts you'd enjoy drawing feel free tho.
No. 100866 ID: 2a0eec

>Aalos inside her, Prince in the back and Varonos up front

please define front and back... if aalos is inside, isn't he in front?
No. 100872 ID: 4854ef

Front = face, back = ass, Aalos = slit. Haha my apologies.
No. 100883 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146726517055.png - (278.77KB , 1200x674 , sinners all lines up.png )

well I couldn't quite figure out how I wanted to draw them in a sex scene in the end, so i just lined them up... it'll be good for size chart purpose, and I'll draw a few more versions of this, with clothing, pajamas ext... any suggestions for an alt version of this?
No. 100885 ID: 47160d

Those hips appeal to me...Also damn I keep forgetting you are such a good artist given the style of the quest
No. 100887 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146726961925.gif - (123.76KB , 1200x674 , sinners-all-lines-up-naked.gif )

woops maybe I should of censored that last one, definitely gonna censor this one...
No. 100890 ID: 4854ef

Oh god wasn't expecting it to just animate like that. That's awesome.
No. 100891 ID: 595d54

hahahaha nice
No. 100894 ID: cc08c7


Fish Hips/10
No. 100898 ID: 3740b1

Haha Aalos is awesome, that vibe tho.

Would love to see something similar for their characters - I guess the kobold could stand in for Prince?
No. 100932 ID: 9fee73

Without spooling any major points, what characters are in the current story that we don't know yet? Parents friends rivals allies.
No. 100943 ID: c441c1

I forget was the DnD game set in cross-over territory with Eadoo/Gatling quest?
No. 100947 ID: f562b1

There was never a mention of that, so I assume it's its own universe.
No. 100948 ID: 7fb8bb

it is, the two story are not connected. but that wont stop me from drawing cross over stuff~ plus there's a few characters from eadoo quest that get cameos in sinners/vilebloods and vise versa.
No. 100949 ID: c441c1

Damn I thought we might have had a chance at some point of becoming Gaticians. (I am taking this as characters might appear from Eadoo but the events didn't happen.)
No. 100950 ID: 7aa8c3

There are deer people all around, and I can't stop dancing my frogishly wide hips.
No. 100951 ID: bfa142

There are deer people all around, but I can't stop dancing my frogishly wide hips.
No. 100952 ID: cc08c7
File 146739635227.jpg - (393.76KB , 2880x1440 , 142181398315.jpg )


Also in case I probably should of put up a ref in the first place (which I probably should have oops).
No. 100957 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146742324608.jpg - (2.05MB , 3888x1756 , sinners parents.jpg )

here's a line up of the parents we haven't yet seen...
No. 100959 ID: c441c1

How does the gelatinous cube fit into the family tree?
No. 100960 ID: 7fb8bb

!!Spoilers about the parent's personality and history!!

Vasilias - biological parent of Varonos and Doukissa. he was strong and firm on the outside, but kind and gentle on the inside. inspired Doukissa to be who ever she wanted and not to let anyone stand in her way... Died in the war...

Thea - mother of Doukissa and Varonos. Very protective of her children but leaves them the room they need to grow as per her late husbands wishes. Caring and loyal, yet playful to a sin~ fond of pranks and puns... Stay at home mom.

Kaiser - ID Slime who fought with his best friend Vasilias, in the war. Being told "take care of them for me" by the dying Vasilias, ended up marrying his late friend's wife three years later after. Extremely loving father to his step children, he in no way wishes to replace Vasilias, to the point of taking on his family name... Now sells life insurance.

Poet and Minstrel O'Devilin - undines descendants of water mephites. Passionate with the art, and each other. They've parented little Prince from an egg. Though out of the house on frequent trips around the country searching for inspiration, they offer much love and support to their only child. Together they write children's story books.
No. 100961 ID: cc08c7


Is the slime normally nude or does he have like a little cube suit that he wears?
No. 100970 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146743399094.jpg - (3.96MB , 6750x1756 , sinners all dressed.jpg )

now with clothes!!!
No. 100971 ID: 4854ef

*Sees a cube* Well I am starting to tell why they were so understanding that the bio droid/bot wants to study various species if that's an actual creature.

Out of curiosity, is the coloration for Prince because he's younger, or is there a genetic disposition for different coloration that may vary a child from their parents so much.
No. 100972 ID: 7fb8bb

I see you're curious about the cube~
ID slimes were created in the sixties when local scientists tried to disprove that slimes could feel emotions or pain. through a series of test involving bombarding test subjects with psychic waves, causing immense pain and looking for reactions with primitive neuroscanners, they found that the slimes developed sentient brainwaves to fight the psychic bombardment... resulting in a new bread of thinking slimes with basic psychic abilities~ the two scientists were offered a nobel prize for their discovery. though a subtle "dis" was removed from their theory...

and nope, Prince is an undine descendant of Ooze mephits and his parents are descendant from water mephits... Honestly we call prince a fish a lot, but he has more in common with a frog than a fish... poet and minstrel are both women and even in this world, having biological children when you're both gals is kinda tricky and mostly unheard off... Prince is adopted~
No. 100973 ID: f562b1

Poet looks like the more fatherly of the two. Probably because she's actually wearing pants.
No. 100978 ID: c441c1

Looking at these designs I think that the Undines should have looser clothes. Their fins look like they are made of thin membrane and are made to stick out more looking at the socks on the last character so pants and tight shirts would be a pain to put on and take off right.
Edit: looking at the nude versions Shirts are okay, but maybe footie socks instead of the large colorful designs of the clothed version.
No. 101012 ID: f562b1

Maybe the fins fold up effortlessly, allowing socks to go on and off easily?
No. 101129 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146784471374.jpg - (156.12KB , 1000x468 , various trixies.jpg )

By the by, for those who may have noticed a correlation between my quests and a character named Trixy...

Almost every story I've ever written since I was a kid had a Trixy in it. red eyed albino, typically female, a tad merrysue (very talented/smart/powerful/loving/strong/loyal) but always has some kind of mental problem that near completely ruins the character.

So close but so far, is the description I try to go for.. Each one I try to make unique and memorable.

The first time I made that character, was back when I was very young and wrote a fan fiction of fairly odd parents, where timmy (for reasons) lost his fairies and got trixie as a temp fairy, he ended up hating her and tossed her away for the negative version of her, which was compassionate but socially awkward and extremely introvert... and then she just, kinda popped up in everything from that point on...

So yeah, that's why there's always a Trixy in my stories~
No. 101131 ID: 6c57bc

Well that's interesting... I guess white is here to stay then. Is her name Trixy this time too?
No. 101146 ID: 7fb8bb

you'll find out soon enough if you play your cards right, but her name is Wyssal Trixie Bounce II
As always, Trixie is either ally or enemy and can die, all depending on your choices and bad luck.
No. 101148 ID: b7883c

Which one off them would win in a fight?
No. 101153 ID: 7fb8bb

From left to right

Blake's alter ego Trix, is a very psychotic killer, who's good with a knife.

Tricky is an enderman, so he can teleport and hits like a truck, but dies in water.

Tetra is a digital construct, who's only real world power if healing.

Trixy is an all powerfull archmage who can summon the most powerful spells known to man and one known only to dolphins!

Trixie is a decent alchemist who specializes in traps and tricks.

??? - is a ???? and can ???? but she hasn't appeared yet...

and Nega-Trixie can grant any with but only if it follows a specific guideline: no killing, no love, no crimes...

So yeah! Trixy the kobold, servant of the great eater! But spoilers!! she looses all her powers after sacrificing herself for us, and since we took [I love her level 2] she comes back to life at level 0 with slightly less mental problems...
No. 101155 ID: 2eb506

Wait what!??!?!?! I thought this was in a new world?
No. 101156 ID: 7fb8bb

it is, vile bloods is not in the same universe as eadoo quest.
No. 101157 ID: e4cf2c

There may be an art mistake in the latest update, where the text sees double (which is reasonable for any being with two eyes) but the image sees triple (which would require *three* eyes losing focus)...
No. 101158 ID: 2eb506

So... she's going to do that or has already? Bah screw it I'll just find out later
No. 101210 ID: c441c1

For refence sake about how long do you think till the next chapter?
No. 101237 ID: 7fb8bb

I've got a pretty heavy work schedule, yesterday, today, tomorrow and Sunday... But Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I've got off, since Bob made a miraculous recovery and wont need surgery. So It'll come out between Monday two Wednesday, depending on how elaborate the intro is...
No. 101238 ID: 7fb8bb

Well sorry to say, in pathfinder, when a character goes into a coma, due to critical stat damage; Bad things happen!
I've rolled on a few tables and short of kelda dying off screen between chapters (which would suck balls! so it didn't happen) something did happen how ever~ and it's gonna... how to say... it's gonna make roleplaying your character really... "interesting" Saying no more~
No. 101241 ID: 7b4d07

Gotta love critical damage tables. I tried to implement Dark Heresy's into D&D once. It was funny to say the least.
No. 101242 ID: 74640a

Wwwwhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy must you make us wait until Monday or Wednesday!!! Lol
No. 101244 ID: 74640a

Also Edrukk and Wyssle both called us sweet pup, was that an accident or...?
No. 101249 ID: 595d54

Damn, son, you mean you're NOT killing off the protagonist in a conflict with a self-described "Mary Sue" where the players didn't have as much choice as they usually do? You wild for this one.

Critical stat damage doesn't exist barring houserules, and it would have been nice to know you were using that houserule before it came up. To the best of my knowledge, stat damage is not normally capable of killing anyone unless it's to Constitution and it heals naturally at a rate of 1 per day of rest in any case. I assume your houserules changed this? How exactly do they work, and are there any other houserules we should know about?
No. 101424 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146832827045.jpg - (416.34KB , 1000x657 , overture color.jpg )

No. 101426 ID: 8a13c1

Honestly I think the 'take enough Wis damage, contract insanity' thing makes sense. There are things man is not meant to see.
No. 101429 ID: 4854ef

I honestly enjoyed the madness rules from Paizo, so I'm particularly okay with this, though of course it taking up with trixie immediately is a bit.. Iffy, I'll accept it.


Madness and Insanity rules are based off those mental stats hitting 0 rapidly, which is good enough for me.
No. 101430 ID: 595d54

True, but we were using a pre-established system of rules that included no such thing, and generally speaking, if you have a new houserule that inflicts permanent, severe consequences on top of a normally temporary, if still severe, condition, then you should be telling people that before the game, especially before it actually gets used.

That said, I do appreciate being told of the rules we're using. I'm not sure about the surprise rules, though. The joy of discovery is nice and everything, but if Broken Halo doesn't mind, I'd like to ask one yes-or-no question. Are a significant portion of the "surprise" rules about unexpected bad things that might happen to our character?

If it makes sense, it's not that I mind unexpected bad stuff happening, we're on a risky adventure and everything, but I'd like to know if that sort of thing is possible beforehand. What about the rest of you guys?
No. 101431 ID: 8ca51b

Yeah I am with you on this
No. 101434 ID: 8a13c1

I get that.
No. 101435 ID: ad6ef3

I get where you guys are coming from but if we're being perfectly honest with ourselves, would foreknowledge of ability score damage side effects have changed anything?
even knowing that risk, we can't predict what random intake is going to be poisonous or riddled with disease, and if we did without being incredibly paranoid and checking everything with magic and alchemy, it'd likely be via GM discretion.
Ultimately, even in pathfinder proper and other pen-n-paper RPGs sometimes the GM creates a setpiece or gently railroads in order to get the ball rolling in the intended direction, and considering one of the initial announcements of this Quest was a greater story-driven aspect, this would be a necessary evil of following the planned story story.

I'm kind of new so I'm in the middle of reading backlogged stuff but I've loved both iterations of the Trixie character thus far, mary sue traits or not, they have flaws and don't or can't solve all issues they face with sheer personal awesomeness, so you're safe in my books
No. 101436 ID: ad6ef3

uh by both I mean eadoo's and vileblood, no idea if any of the others have appeared
No. 101440 ID: f562b1

>Either roll on the table on this page or select an insanity appropriate to the cause of what reduced the victim’s score to 0. You should make the victim’s saving throw in secret—he should not know the result, nor the type of insanity that might afflict him.
Looks like since Trixy caused the insanity, being a "Kobold" was the effect caused. No indication of a roll was made because it's supposed to be kept secret, so now our character truly believes themselves to be that Elf-Become-Seabold, Heldalel.

>Prince - your personality disorder has a DC of 12 and reacts every time you wake up from at least six hours sleep.
Apparently, DC stands for Difficulty Class?
Supposedly, the DC is supposed to be 19 for this form of insanity, but anything that counts for "Restoration" could explain a drop by 1-per-level from the user. If Trixie is a level 7 alchemist, she'd be able to do that, I believe (I have misunderstood these pages in the past, so please inform me if I'm wrong here). If she were a spellcaster instead, at level 7 she'd gain Greater, which can instantly cure it, but alchemists only get regular Recover.
Of course, Prince could just be going easy on us, too. If Trixie used Restoration, our Wisdom would be back to normal (All temporary ability damage is cured, and even if it were permanent, one stat could be fully restored anyways), whereas if it's Prince going easy on us, we'd still have that zero Wisdom.
So, question is, did Trixie use Restoration, or was that a GM call?
I think the surprise rule just means Broken Halo can add any rules he wants on a whim. Having a story-driven saga, some realism is to be expected, and if you have to add a new rule every here and there to preserve that, then it's fine.
No. 101509 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146852169361.jpg - (694.90KB , 768x1024 , IMG_0023.jpg )

going larping this week end, I'll update Monday or Tuesday
No. 101522 ID: 28f20b

no Pic has ever been more related.
No. 101539 ID: f562b1

Is that Paladin Big Boss?
No. 101755 ID: cc08c7

>A.I. that controls the D

You've given me a horrible idea. I'll need a bit to get it all together. Prepare for something awful.
No. 101758 ID: 7fb8bb

No. 101791 ID: c441c1

Why is prince underneath The Slut? in the title card of Thread 2.
No. 101793 ID: 595d54

Take a wild guess
No. 101806 ID: c441c1

I have an idea but I want author confirmation. huehuehue.
No. 101812 ID: 7fb8bb

Do tell
No. 101814 ID: c441c1

He was running the game in order to get in an incestuous threesome, but has had to change his plans because we arrived.
He is very submissive.
He absolutely loves Role play sex.
I think it was confirmed that he is having sex with our mistress/owner/friend of the female gender, and she is probably in on the hidden agenda of the game.
Also he is a total and complete Slut.

Meanwhile the Thief or Doukissa somehow managed to redirect our packaging to her house through means that I have no current clues of other then possibly something to do with friends of one of the Dads and thought that we would be some cool toy or something.

Finally the Slave or Varonos is just caught up in the middle of their plans and has no idea what is going on and is probably going to be forced into some stuff by the other two by the end of this.

That is all I got for now.
No. 101815 ID: 7fb8bb

well that is quite the theory~
But it's actually much simpler than that...
Varonos, the slave... Works at starbucks and hates it.
Doukissa, The theif... Cheats at online gambling.
Prince, the slut... Well we haven't seen what his job is yet... but I have hinted towards it~ Spoilers! he is not a prostitute.
No. 101816 ID: c441c1

And this is why I wanted confirmation because I knew I was way off target. :P
Honestly though it does seem the best way to name a story that has referenced title characters like this is to keep it simple and not overthink it like I have fun doing. Especially with a format that can change the story so easily like user suggestion.
No. 101826 ID: 9211c5

Does he work in Marketing and Advertisement.
No. 101831 ID: 595d54

No. 101832 ID: c441c1
File 146914088051.gif - (839.60KB , 400x188 , tumblr_mm3b8oDM3D1qz8x31o1_400.gif )

Does he work at O'Nutters or Tallywackers?
No. 101849 ID: f562b1

Ideas for what Prince does:
Barista, Pole-Dancer, Stripper...
>He works at a caffee, but I've never seen him there, he must work in the back...
Alternatively, an Escort, who sells company, not sex.
Or a torturer:
>I will find out how to make you suffer, and I will make sure, you live to regret ever meeting my friends~ ... Understood?
No. 101855 ID: c441c1

So ??? Trixie is a virus isn't she?
No. 101856 ID: 595d54

Trixie is a fat kobold alchemist.
No. 101857 ID: 4854ef

He's probably thinking Eve be one, but I doubt it, probably just a weird reaction to how updates work with AI.. man that's gonna be weird though.
No. 101860 ID: c441c1

At this point I think that most interactions which involve 006 will inevitably wind up with me thinking "oh you," because he is quickly becoming the best non-character character that I have heard in a while

Actually I was thinking that Eve got infected with a virus that will inevitably be named Trixe because every story BH writes has one and on a technicality of their being a story within a story Canada land does't have one.
No. 101863 ID: cc08c7

It's been done.
No. 101864 ID: c441c1

where at?
No. 101865 ID: c43722

>...Canada land does't have one
Just a note: Aalos and company are in England, not Canada. The package Aalos was in was addressed to somewhere in Canada, though.
No. 101866 ID: cc08c7
File 146923717483.jpg - (259.25KB , 2434x1564 , Hackslash.jpg )

Hackslash is a malware program that looks for unprotected or weak systems to infect and wreak havoc with. She has the ability to control the systems she infects and if she was say, downloaded while Aalos was updating his junk, would more than likely use it to torment and "play" with him. Aside from controlling his reproductive systems she'd eventually start getting into other things and making Aalos do whatever she wants through either teasing or just hijacking his motor skills. Despite her generally playful nature she can be sadistic or violent if pushed far enough.

Apologies in advance for the messy sketch.
No. 101867 ID: cc08c7

And I forgot to put the spoiler tag on it because I'm so totally smert.
No. 101919 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146941315629.jpg - (1.40MB , 3527x1000 , all her costumes.jpg )

all of Eve's costumes
No. 101920 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146941555578.jpg - (463.90KB , 1163x1406 , hack slash.jpg )

No. 101922 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146941661478.jpg - (194.03KB , 1000x1124 , colors.jpg )

No. 101925 ID: cc08c7


That face screen is horrifying and I love it.
No. 101931 ID: 47160d

It scares me you made a real picture of that virus fanart
No. 101932 ID: f562b1

I swear I saw the static move on that, despite it being a JPG.

I'm kind of curious, does our database include the general location of the other models? I'd guess ours is still registered as "Canada," but like, is Griska in Russia? And where is Love Machine?
No. 101933 ID: f562b1

Also, it's okay to ask "Database" questions here, right? I figure quick little queries into it are easier to handle through the disthread.
No. 101934 ID: cc08c7
File 146942820233.png - (290.24KB , 1212x1516 , HackslashSingleColoured.png )

After two hours of struggling with my tablet I managed to ink and colour Hackslash. I was going to do this tomorrow but then I saw that you already made the costume and decided to just finish it. I'm super sorry if it looks messy, I've barely used my tablet so this was kind of a practice thing too.
No. 102019 ID: 7fb8bb

don't fret, the only way for miasma's virus to appear in Aalos quest is if you fuck up royally and intentionally. Though a piece of advice, aggression and destruction doesn't make good friends...

Griska is a registered citizen of Russia and Love Machine is located in japan. Though you were sent to Canada you landed in Cornwall England, since this doesn't interfere with the administrations plans, you're offered to stay if you like and will have your official location set to England... It's of note that Aalos is supposed to have a Canadian accent, though for immersion I never wrote it in...
No. 102037 ID: cc08c7


Even if it's only for costumes and a Bad End scenario I'm glad you liked her enough to add her somehow.
No. 102568 ID: c441c1

I found a prototype TG.
No. 102629 ID: 595d54

I'm curious, if there's no consensus on the upgrades are you going to pick the popular ones or go semi-random?

Also, we might as well discuss why we're picking what we are. Tentacles are incredibly useful, since I assume they're capable of lewd stuff they'd have a lot of fine motor control and decent strength, very handy to have eight more limbs if they're retractable. The emotion stuff would be great for studying and I feel like they'd pay for themselves quickly with how much they'd boost our studies.
No. 102635 ID: dbfaea
File 147101810479.jpg - (160.65KB , 1000x562 , tentacles.jpg )

I'm curious, if there's no consensus on the upgrades are you going to pick the popular ones or go semi-random?

>If there's no majority voter of it's a tie, I cast my own vote. But Ass of hat's suggestion won.

Also, we might as well discuss why we're picking what we are. Tentacles are incredibly useful, since I assume they're capable of lewd stuff they'd have a lot of fine motor control and decent strength, very handy to have eight more limbs if they're retractable.

>The tentacles are very usefully indeed. They have a lifting power of 50pounds each, given that Aalos weights 30, they pretty much mitigate the extend-0 legs completely... They can retract completely and can extend 15 feet and have a variable girth of 2 inches, they can squeeze through very tight passages, much like a squid... the tentacles are rubbery and gripping, making them ideal for grabbing and manipulating, they can how ever excrete a fast drying lubricant allowing them slide along and throughout delicate surfaces. As per 006's request, the lubricant tastes much like sweet raspberries and is perfectly safe to ingest... They are resistant to extreme cold, heat and acids, they're also extremely difficult to cut. The tentacles are completely biological, thought they are iron based biomass. They are not safe to eat, presuming digestion were possible. They offer tactile senses to the user, but are not an erogenous organ... They can be very delicate and can lift and manipulate soft glass and even small bugs, but they are not dexterous and would have a hard time unlocking a door or dialing a phone...

the upgrades go all the way to Tendr8l doubling up the access points (2 per wrist, 4 at the shoulders, hips...) for a total of 16
There is also a Tendr2l+ Variant for 30RP which encompasses a modified Shev'R1 that houses three tentacles and a modified 1stfall Tentacle.
So for the full tentacle build you've got 19, one of which is a penis. though it will cost you a whooping 70RP
No. 102641 ID: 3740b1

Nifty. Personally I hope we stick to just the 2 shoulder tentacles. More than that gets us into tentacle porn monster territory without adding that much utility (which is the main draw imo).
No. 102642 ID: 9647cc

I say we get at least 4 so we can lift a human or fawn easily. Can we have 4 on shoulders?
No. 102646 ID: c441c1

Honestly yeah I think that with what BH explained about tentacles if we have 3-4 we will be able to do pretty much anything physically that we might need to so I say we aim for a max of 4 and having one is enough to lift us so we might not even need more we can already reach the cookie jar when they try to hide it from us.
Also BH after Prince goes home for the week you might want to let a few day go by without anything super interesting happening to move time forward a bit get us closer to the inevitable return of the parents event.
No. 102647 ID: 595d54

Yeah, I suggested 8 because I wasn't sure about their capabilities and it was a convenient number. 4 seems sufficient, although we might want to see if we can upgrade how dexterous they are, especially since we can apparently make them thinner. They'd be great for getting into small spaces. Stuff falling down drains, picking locks, stuff like that.

Although, is there a minimum girth and how quickly can it change?
No. 102720 ID: dbfaea

they generally can't control their girth but can squeeze through tight spaces... Assuming said space doesn't rip or break, they can fit through half and inch squared. Also they are 3 inches wide, not 2... may mistake~
No. 102721 ID: dbfaea
File 147121650102.jpg - (93.26KB , 800x449 , curled horns.jpg )

No. 102722 ID: dbfaea
File 147121651396.jpg - (85.92KB , 800x449 , backwards horn.jpg )

No. 102723 ID: dbfaea
File 147121652375.jpg - (97.79KB , 800x449 , antlers.jpg )

No. 102724 ID: dbfaea
File 147121653194.jpg - (67.84KB , 800x449 , unicorn.jpg )

No. 102726 ID: dbfaea
File 147121742840.jpg - (189.82KB , 1200x505 , arrows.jpg )

No. 102727 ID: dbfaea
File 147121744159.jpg - (191.08KB , 1200x505 , spirals.jpg )

No. 102728 ID: dbfaea
File 147121745138.jpg - (196.02KB , 1200x505 , lines.jpg )

No. 102737 ID: dca077

likey but can pweas see Ibex

but with arrows on head and hands like we're an air bender.
No. 102741 ID: c43722

Sorry, but you missed the vote. And the vote wasn't in here either. The vote was in the quest thread, as BH said here >>/quest/742267, with the final vote tally here >>/quest/742300. ...Actually, rereading BH's post, I'm unsure if the vote was intended to be in the quest thread or in here. Ah, well, too late now.

Hey, BH, in the future perhaps you should put a common distinctive marker image in your text updates, just so it's apparent it's you posting. One that's small, like a icon image. Then suggesters won't end up overlooking them as much.
No. 102792 ID: 8f0f45

Hey Brokenhalo, do you post artwork anywhere besides here? I know your deviantart but don't think that's been updated in a long while. Just wondering.
No. 102797 ID: cc08c7


He posted some stuff on e621 when he was still doing Eadoo Quest. Didn't even know he had a dA.
No. 102819 ID: f562b1

Neither Flynnmerk nor Boywiththebrokenhalo have sources on their uploads. I don't remember where I first saw the Flynnmerk name, so I can't be sure that's even the same person, but they both have accounts on e621. However, Flynnmerk hasn't uploaded since 2014. Boywiththebrokenhalo signed up in 2015 and last uploaded something in november.
No. 102825 ID: cc08c7


I just meant he literally posted his stuff on there, not that there were sources to somewhere else, sorry if I wasn't clear enough.
No. 102827 ID: f9f21c

It's the same person, lol. He just wanted a new alias.
No. 102828 ID: 544cb7

You know, off the rails is not unheard of in your work, Boy, but this has gotten ridiculous.

I kinda feel like I helped steer things off course with that groping bit, but seriously, what happened to d&d? Now we are buying upgrades and doing porn research.
No. 102831 ID: 595d54

Doing research has always been part of the plot, to be fair. There's two parallel stories concerning what we do inside and outside the campaign.
No. 102833 ID: 3740b1

I think we're getting back to the game soon. Hopefully next update or 2. It's tough to have 2 stories going at once and inevitably some will feel like too much time is being spent on one or the other with each shift.
No. 102854 ID: f562b1

Kind of an unusual thing to do when you can request a name change, but it's possible the password was lost or, for the time, he wanted to keep the names separate.
No. 102859 ID: f562b1

Something I was thinking of, Eve mentioned that for 150 rp we could get a new SINbot:
>just to put it into perspective, you cost 150. for 150 point you could have mom ship you another body with a functional mind as your lab assistant
If we ever get to that point, it's something to bring up with the crew, as having two robots in proximity to one another might be helpful with studies, though it would also mean risking losing other research to one another.
No. 102863 ID: 6e0270

Seeing as all purchases would likely be compatible with either body, it'd probably just form a point pool assigned to the research 'team'
No. 102873 ID: df2b46

as a few others mentioned I have a deviant art account and a e621 account, but I haven't really
posted much lately...

Yeah on e621 I have two accounts, largely because I lost not only the password for flynnmerk but also the email that it's attached to... I'd actually like to have it removed or renamed if possible, since I was commissioned to draw some pretty rapey stuff and wouldn't want that attached to my name anymore... back in the days, as some will remember, I had lost the will to live and didn't care about my future or what people thought of me, outside of tg and my friends and family...

I'm honestly sorry if its been a bit since we got back to the pathfinder game, I try to balance the two without pushing either, and I did offer multiple outs to simply skip to the pathfinder... we should be getting back to it soon though, we've got a scene or two, a big plot dump, maybe another scene, and then pathfinder...

But if you'd like a main pathfinder story, I'm going to apologize in advance, as though we will skip lots of uninteresting moments and even days of the real world, there are "optional side plots" that spring up and don't have room for pathfinder...
Aalos - oh hey a contest... win a all expenses payed trip to Hawaii for 2... We should try!
Doukissa - Nah I never win these things...
Aalos - we've got nothing to loose though, lets at least try~
[the following side story has no pathfinder involved, will you proceed? [try contest/stay home]]

the option to focus on pathfinder will always be there but meat of the real world plot is in the side stories... some are long some are short, some even permit pathfinder games... one such side story is coming up soon~

if you buy or are given a lab assistant you'll be in charge of her expenses, TG models are modular and interchangeable...
No. 102878 ID: f562b1

>I'd actually like to have it removed or renamed if possible, since I was commissioned to draw some pretty rapey stuff and wouldn't want that attached to my name anymore...
You can contact the admins to have that art removed, at least, if not change the account name.
>if you buy or are given a lab assistant you'll be in charge of her expenses, TG models are modular and interchangeable...
Once again, Broken, you're reading my mind, only that thought kind of applied to before we purchased the Shev'R1 for ourselves. Although, I guess it would provide an extra part for an assitant too, if parts are interchangeable between both bodies?
Anyways, being in charge of the pool is pretty neat, but I'd also feel we'd have to be micromanaging our expenses between our luxury, hers, and what's important, and she'd end up with the lowest priority. Guess thems the breaks for assistants, though.
No. 102879 ID: 595d54

Maybe we could incentivize our assistant to keep working and stay productive by giving them control of some portion of whatever RP they personally earn so they have more say in the matter.
No. 102880 ID: 16f38c

>You can contact the admins to have that art removed, at least, if not change the account name.
Or, preferably, ask them to delete just those pieces of art you don't want in public instead of nuking the whole account.
No. 102881 ID: f562b1

That's what I meant, but it's good to have it clarified since I apparently didn't (Oops).
No. 102886 ID: f562b1

Another question regarding the SIbliNs, were there gender interests (sexualities) recorded? Griska, I assume is bisexual like Aalos, but it could be he's willing to switch parts around and be consistently straight (or gay) to his current parts, and is Love Machine only interested in females? Were the sisters recorded in preference, or did the request only come from Eve?
No. 102887 ID: 16f38c

Oh, no, you did write it correctly. I just had a reading comprehension failure, so my mistake.
No. 102890 ID: 3740b1

Was hoping to see more art from BH rather than catalyze the removal of some of it, heh. Well think about opening a tumblr or reopening your patreon or some such if you do have anything more to share.
No. 103188 ID: df2b46
File 147232013739.jpg - (345.25KB , 1000x1098 , twins.jpg )

Since you've chosen to go down the full moon dance questline, you can expect to see a few new faces~

Here's a few pretties from that quest line!

Satyrs, Aris and Tika Didyma. Identical twins, daughters of Lagneia Argyris and Paidi Didyma. Effectively Varonos and Doukissa's cousins~

Their habits are not well received by most and the rest shrug it off as "twins are weird"... Simply put they share everything and do everything together, Clothes, meals, lovers, Everything is shared between the two sisters. Completely inseparable they see themselves as the two parts of a single person. When rarely apart, they both suffer an overwhelming discomfort... Frisky and playful, they're described as being "fun to be around, but they can drive you crazy"... They have no problem with people confusing their names and consider them interchangeable, but an easy way to tell them apart: Tika is left handed, Aris is right handed... They are both mid level druids, and worship the all-mother.
No. 103189 ID: df2b46
File 147232032913.jpg - (359.14KB , 1000x1098 , twins naked.jpg )

As previously mentioned, they are druids and suckle to the All-Mother's breast. They can even summon some minor spells, Share a familiar and have been "Blessed" by the All-Mother...
No. 103190 ID: 5715c5

Generic but strange, creepy but charming and unnecessarily perverse. Typical BH character really.
No. 103192 ID: 3740b1

S why we love em.
No. 103420 ID: a19bee

So hold on, aalos can handle a big cock because his/her belly is rubber but how is trixie doing it? In the comma scene she hilts kelda, so what's going on? Of course I'll accept it's fiction in fantasy but is there an explanation. How big is kelda, how small is trixie? Can we have a size chart or maybe visuals of the comma sex scene?
No. 103423 ID: 881425

remember her spiel on flexibility? she's alchemically altered her biology (pathfinder alchemists regularly fiddle with their internals for bonuses)
Probably has permanent Extreme Flexibility or Bouncy Body extracts as part of her 'alchemical health' to boot
No. 103433 ID: df2b46
File 147335388778.jpg - (287.73KB , 1000x803 , looking at that juicy cock.jpg )

Actually there is an explanation to that~
For starters, it wouldn't be Trixies first rodeo, being raised with halflings for the better half of her life, she later moved up to humans when she got to the big cities. And yes her self experiments do offer her a massive boost in flexibility and elasticity. However these factors alone wouldn't allow her to take a beast the size of kelda's pride... The gnoll lady cock is a strange and magical beast indeed. Our little albino blue kobold's curiosity drove to obsession over the two last days, while kelda was in her comma.

Trixie holds a diary and whether you look for it or not, it ends up in your hands and the option to read it or not is yours... both choosing to ignore the truth about your friend or breaking her trust brings about good and bad outcomes, so technically there's no right or wrong choice, its a pick your poison kind of situation... But in the last few pages she writes extensively about her scientific studies of her latest obsession, the female gnoll's psudo penis and it's bizarre anatomy.

If you like I could share her notes, for those curious and aroused~
No. 103436 ID: 668cc1

No. 103439 ID: 3740b1

Notes please. Pretty please!
No. 103441 ID: 28ff5a

Did you just ask if we wanted notes? Are you out of your fucking mind!?
Of course we want to Read Notes!

hug Tom
No. 103442 ID: 44bc30

Just keep an eye out for the fanservice event horizon, BH.
No. 103448 ID: 3740b1

No, embrace it! We don't need morals where we're going.
No. 103454 ID: 44bc30


It's not about morals, it's about the whole quest tripping up in itself and dying away, narrative strangled by its own oversized dick. It's happened before.
No. 103455 ID: 595d54

No. BH himself said he wants to avoid it and he's worried that too much fanservice will do to this quest what it did to Eadoo. Keep your dick in your pants, we're here for a quest, not our dicks.
No. 103457 ID: 4854ef

..While normally I agree, this is in the discussion rather then the quest proper.
No. 103458 ID: 595d54

Oh yeah, I meant generally, not for this one specific thing. I have no objection to the notes being posted if other people actually want it.
No. 103459 ID: 4c709d

Been reading since Blake so I get where you're coming from but disagree. What trips him up is usually the constant introduction of new obstacles, distractions and characters coupled with irregular updates. The two together lead to a narrative stagnation that is detrimental to both author and audience. Personally the oversized dicks and antics of his oddball characters are half the reason I read his quests. Other half is trying to figure out just what the hell is going behind the scenes in his worlds.

I don't think I'd check back as often without the occasional fanservice or the ubiquitous shedick. There are plenty of quests with solid stories to go around but only BH/Flynn delivers the SheD on the regular. (Also best cutebolds imo).
No. 103460 ID: 4c709d

Sometimes I'm here for both quests and my dick and if you think I'm the only one then you haven't been here long. Don't forget that BH runs democratic quests - his readers are the ones choosing to pursue the romantic options. Sure he had a habit of carpet bombing lewds throughout his quests at one point, but I honestly think that's fallen away since about halfway through Eadoo's run.
No. 103465 ID: 881425

I think we've a decent balance going on here, yeah there's lewds going around but there's also two major stories with quite serious stuff going on in both.
(I think I actually like the Aalos segments more, but I'm a sucker for emotional drama)
Have a little faith in BH and the suggesters
No. 103469 ID: 7177c6

Ok I'm not sure how to get this across but, BH really seems to like doing porn but he also likes to to do complex stories, these two things are not known to have a strong relationship.
So why not run two quests? He could run Vile Bloods as a porn quest (cause it really does have the makings of a porn quest, it's almost like it was set up that way I mean we just ordered ourselves a vagina add-on for fuck sake) and wake up Eadoo quest but keep the sex to a minimum and focus on story and and characters.

He said completely aware that this would require the running of two quests and the putting up of ever more of our bull shit.
No. 103470 ID: b1960b

His fetishes are always going to get in the way of his storytelling. There's no way he's ever going to do a sfw quest. Prove me wrong.
No. 103471 ID: f562b1

I... kind of like having story with porn. It's what I like about Weaver, and it's what I like about Halo.

...I wonder if that's what erotic fiction are, is just porn with a major story to them?
No. 103473 ID: 3740b1

I don't think this quest was designed as a sfw. The 4 main characters are a bunch of young people with various sexual tensions. I personally also don't think being sfw makes a quest automatically better than a nsfw quest. He makes the quests he enjoys and plenty of us enjoy them as they are. All the assholes who show up in these threads just to dump on him and his quests are just lashing out because it's a quests with "fetishes" they aren't into. If there was even a single detractor who honestly was only upset with the quality of storytelling rather than butthurt about big floopy girl dick I'd eat The Ass of Hat's hat. Haters gonna hate.
No. 103475 ID: 595d54

Eat up then, because I don't care which fetishes make it into the quest so long as they don't overwhelm the story. ...granted, I've been suggesting ever since early Eadoo Quest, so I'm not sure I count as one of those haters you're so worried about.

>Ok I'm not sure how to get this across but, BH really seems to like doing porn but he also likes to to do complex stories, these two things are not known to have a strong relationship.
That's generally because a lot of people who try it end up focusing too much on one element or another. A Song of Ice and Fire has pornographic parts, for example, but no one would really call it porn because of how story-focused it is. It can be done just fine if the author manages to get the execution right, and so far things have been fine.
No. 103476 ID: df2b46
File 147352981191.jpg - (684.75KB , 1000x781 , keldas junk.jpg )

>Trixie takes notes by writing literally everything that passes though her mind, then when she refines her studies she removes all unnecessary notes...

I've found a new subject to study father, it's so great to be inspired again, to want to break out my quill and ink and take note after note, I've found a deep and profound interest in the female gnoll's strange genitals. I know you don't appreciate this kind of work, but surely you're happy to see me exited and passionate again! I will conduct my research in private while my two captives sleep. Surely Kelda won't mind my prodding while she's out cold, it is for science after all! During my notes I will be referencing my personal experience and my written work: a thorough study of kobold anatomy.

First things first I should preface my study with my own specifications, since I will be using my own body as testing grounds. I am a blue scaled kobold, standing at 3 feet 2 inches. My vaginal cavity measures rougly 3-2/3 inches and my Egg chamber should measure around 4 inches. Not to be prude but I am rather loose, being raised around hefty cocked folk most of which stood taller than me at 4 to 6 feet. I've noted myself being able to handle around 6 inches of man meat at most without notable pain, during which my Egg chamber is pushed back and my cervix is slightly penetrated. During my first encounter with miss Kelda she forced my legs apart, with my partial consent, and forced roughly nine inches into me. the sensation was entirely rapturous! How I was able to handle that much is beyond me and thus begins my study.

The first thing of note is that miss kelda is female and yet has a penis, this is espicialy strange since I've seen a male gnoll before and noted their penises to be considerably different to the one in my hand. Male gnolls have red penises, are pointed at the tip and have knotted bases, quite like dogs. Furthermore their junk retracts into their body when not in use. The female gnolls genitals are always exposed and measure their full length even when not erect. it is salmon and grey, even purple towards the tip, said tip is flat but ends in a point. she has no testicles to speak of, perhaps they are intentional? To properly asses this in it's entirety I would need to dissect this lovely meat, an act I wish to conduct on another specimen. The skin is smooth, silky almost wet to the touch, yet clean. It is squishy, rubbery, I can squeeze it in my hand quite a bit, though not without difficulty, it remains rather hard even when flaccid. while handling it with both hands I'm able to squeeze it rather impressively! Is it able to penetrate such a small pussy as mine due to it's squishiness? that doesn't seem fun? I will conduct a controlled test run and report back with my findings.

My test run came somewhat inconclusive, the squishiness is clearly at play here, since her sheer girth would normally rip my tender folds apart. But I could not bring myself to go deeper than six inches. How did it manage to penetrate nine inches last time? did it penetrate my cervix and into my inner chamber? It might be possible, the kobold cervix is rather easily to open, but still... I simply doubt the squishiness of her penis, the kobold cervix is not meant to expand more than an inch to accommodate an egg. tough it is possible i have been poped before during intercourse. ("pop" denoting the sensation of an egg passing through the cervix, as noted in my book, the kobold cervix is a highly erogenous organ, and egg laying is entirely rapturous. coupled with the monthly heats of female and seasonal ruts of male, the kobold race survives mainly by sheer numbers, its very convenient that child birth is so very pleasurable.) Still I will continue my studies tomorrow night. I feel like what I'm doing is somewhat wrong... Perhaps I should stop, although when we met she pushed herself onto me and even penetrated.

I have just conducted another test run on miss kelda's lady meat, and was startled by the dwarf Edrukk, during the endeavor I slipped and all 12 inches slammed into me. I am now convinced that magic is at play! this time without doubt her penis poped my cervix and entered my egg chamber! but all 12 inches still seems impossible, I simply don't understand how it works... Hold on! I am missing something here! Where is miss kelda's vagina? I will have a closer look... I'm looking around and can't find it, wait, don't tell me the male penis is inserted into this? by the gods, it does! how rubbery is it? I've inserted my finger, two fingers, my god my entire hand! I can't help but feel that this is rape, though I'm far too compelled to stop now. I wonder if she'll allow me to continue my studies when she comes too? My god I'm such a fool! Status! I will use alchemy!

Alright, I've concocted a potion of status with which I can study my internal affairs and fully understand what's going on. I'm about to insert, I will write as I experiment to preserve precision and numerical value as the truth revealed by status fades like a dream once it's effects are gone...

I've inserted 6 inches, I am comfortable but my vagina is entirely full. The phallus has pushed and stretched my vaginal halls to their maximum capacity before accepting to squish into it's self. I will allow my weight to take control and attempt to fully insert... by Iomadea save me! it's too much and yet! it hurts but there's so much pleasure. I can see it, clear as day, it has completely filled my vaginal cavity and pushed my cervix all the way to the back wall of my egg chamber before fully penetrating my cervix. it is getting extremely difficult to write! I don't understand where the rest of the length is? all 12 inches are inserted inside me, but only 9 inches are inside? I don't understand... the pleasure is too much, I can't stop wiggling and have already climaxed, this is all too unprofessional I'm not even studying at this point. I am too easily addicted, I cannot allow myself to over indulge in this magnificent beast, if I do I fear no other will suffice...

I've figured it out! the phallus is penetrable, and can retreat into her vaginal cavity! I've discovered this by cupping my hands over her tip and pushing down to see the exact effects of lateral pressure on the penis. The phallus can be pushed all the way back into the vagina, where I assume a cervix leading to a womb exists. I simply must dissect a female gnoll, I am far too intrigued by the internal organs!! But to summarize, when fully inserted the phallus is firm and pushes the vagina to it's limits but doesn't have the strength to pierce or rupture the inner walls, once this limit reached it collapses into it's self and squishes to fit. likewise lateral pressure causes the girth to expand further and any excess length that cannot fit inside the cavity is pushed back into the lady gnoll's body!

Is this beautiful phallus a mystery, does no one know of it's magnificence? why is there not a lovely gnoll mistress in every brothel of every town?! Is this why they are killed in mass by humans, to avoid having their women whisked away willingly? In all the books of the academy I've never seen an example of this at all! I believe I may produce another book during my adventures to come! :a thorough study of gnoll anatomy. However I MUST control myself! I must not allow myself to become a mere vessel for this majestic beast, the though of submitting myself to her completely has crossed my mind, gnolls are known for their slavery, the thought of becoming this woman's slave has filled my dreams, but I must resist, I have too much to live for, I cannot allow myself to become like the breeders of my lesser kin, their minds addled with sex. I will not submit to sex addition, I will not!
No. 103479 ID: 8e1a15

Leave it to BH to have not one but two "ultimate" dicks and still not have a proper sex scene.
No. 103480 ID: 8e1a15

Wait trixies name is wyssal bounce? Is trixie her middle name or just a nick name? Also if you want to dump another giant wall of text how about that anatomy of kobolds?
No. 103520 ID: f562b1

I imagine Trixie is just her Kobold name, while Wyssal Bounce is her original name.
No. 103664 ID: df2b46

Trixie is a nick name, given her tricky nature. She has no kobold name since she was never baptized as a kobold. Though if she was baptized and given a kobold name it would likely be tricksy in kobold. kobolds name their friends when they grow mature, at the ripe age of 5. before that age, kobolds are likely to simply die of weakness or don't have enough of a personality to own a name.
No. 103667 ID: df2b46
File 147405086963.jpg - (586.43KB , 1250x1406 , trixie in armor.jpg )

Trixie is a rapid strike npc. she wears light gambeson armor that offers Damage reduction to ranged piercing weapons. she fights with bombs and pistols. Saving her extracts for non combat. Given her kobold heritage she developed a form of trap bomb, she can place bombs on the floor as traps. Her mutagen can offer her enhanced strength, dexterity or constitution, thought she uses it sparingly. When push comes to shove she can swing a guilded flanged mace, though her tiny kobold arms don't offer much punch to her swings...
No. 103668 ID: 1898aa

The design of her items speaks to me of wealth, was she particularly well off?
No. 103759 ID: df2b46

Indeed, her adoptive father was quite wealthy, she was raised with modest luxury and even had two handmaidens to herself. (as part of her fathers experiments, she was taught to be kind, but never taught how to treat servants, to see the effects of nature vs nurture and how they would unfold... she never once showed anger towards them, even when they made mistakes, she treated them with respect and kindness, thought she saw them as instruments, property, not quite people... "No point in mistreating a servant, they're like clock work, if they misfire, it's mostly my fault, I should of taken better care of them.") Later in life her father left to teach at the academy of alchemical science of DaggerMark, where upon she fell into a wealth of wealth as her father accounts skyrocketed... Though she did live a good year of luxury that still follows her to this day (timophilia and an ever present weight issue.) she quickly realized that no amount of gold or pies can replace her fathers love... So she invested her time and money into reaching comparable heights of prestige and after a few years joined the Academy where her father taught by the age of 7.
No. 103763 ID: 3e790a

Personally, still not sure if I love or hate her. Still better than eadoo quests trixy IMHO but I feel that she should be fatter since she's described as being the fattest kobold ever, I mean she has a bakery in her pocket. We know you have a thing for fatties BH just admit it. Give the lads some more meat. One last curio, how high does her fishnet go?
No. 103768 ID: 9876c4
File 147438962324.jpg - (9.77KB , 220x300 , Kobold.jpg )

This is a medium weight kobold.
They are noteworthy for being one of the only monsters that did not get a full die of hit points at one time.
No. 103775 ID: df2b46
File 147447963646.jpg - (683.28KB , 1250x1406 , trixy flex.jpg )

as raccoon guy mentioned kobolds are gaunt and skinny creatures, so seeing one with a belly is a rare sight. I originally meant for Trixie to be really fat, like a sugar touched or Nisse from eadoo quest. But a thing to note about me is that I don't Specifically like fat girl, or skinny girls, I don't see one as being sexier than another, the shape and details of the form bring a good looking body together... as much as Trixie was supposed to be really fat in her original design, she looks better plump than fluffy.

I was gonna draw a few example body weights and see which one you guys liked most, but I just really like her form as is, so fuck it.

One thing I do like consistently throughout and I feel almost any character will be improved by is body suits... It shows off the body whilst hiding the body in all the right ways and breaks up skin tones. Wear it alone to pilot a mecha or wear it under your clothes to accent the folds, it's great. It's tight, it's comfortable, it feels so good, I love it. And so does Trixie~

I mean fuck, some of my character designs are just, form fitting body suit... fur boa... Done~
No. 103777 ID: df2b46

I feel like drawing some smut... but I'm king drawing a blank...
No. 103779 ID: 47160d

Um, draw trixie?
No. 103780 ID: 9876c4

Orcs culturally enriching a village of halflings in a loving fashion?
No. 103781 ID: 44bc30


You should really make your own drawthread.
No. 103788 ID: cc08c7

Eve and Hackslash smut. And Trixie.

Also going to second this.
No. 103796 ID: 30628e



A tribe of Gnolls anally restructuring a village of kobolds in a gnollish fashion.
No. 103801 ID: 241e41

How about the scene at the end of Eadoo's Quest Thread 5? I mean the part here >>/questarch/660350 where Trixy traps Gatling in magical bondage gear. The first time, we only got to see a text description and one close-up, and I think it deserves a couple full-body shots of Gatling strapped up nice and tight, maybe even some more pics of the other two playing with him.
No. 103802 ID: ac47fc

No. 103811 ID: df2b46

Aight gonna start a draw thread!
No. 104266 ID: e66267

why the hell did you give us a magic greatsword? Why do you keep making trixy super powered? She could be a cool character if you made her an appropriate fuck up instead of a silly weeaboo.

It's like you took all our decisions, and said "Nope, this is what it's going to be".
No. 104267 ID: 665ed8

Trixie is because as he has een admitted she is a massive self insert character, at a guess the sword is because he had several planned rewards written out before hand and didn't take into account that we might make the build we did. Of course that is just supposition based on what he has done so far and my own experiences as a GM so take it with a desert sized grain of salt
No. 104270 ID: e3a526

what options have been limited?
the only thing there's been an actual 'no' to is trying to kill trixie on account of her being able to kill us.
It's like running a game for a low-level party and having this big overdesigned elder dragon who's vital to the story as a quest-giver: some dickhead is going to try and attack/insult/rob the dragon and get the party killed, so you say 'no, stop being a moron' and move on.

Now you generally don't then put said overdesigned vital NPC in with the party since you need to re-balance things so that the mighty NPC doesn't just handily solve all problems for the party.
No. 104326 ID: e66267

Our options are limited because we are a gnoll magic-brawler who's just been handed a magic greatsword and told they are now half poncy kobold who's madly in love with Trixy.

Now any, and I mean ANY gnoll bloodrager worth their salt is going to be hurting Trixy as punishment for how their first meeting went down. The only way these two could manage a relationship is a master/sub type of thing.
No. 104327 ID: ea2bfa

Yeah I'd say getting actual brain damage from being poisoned is something worth being pissed off about. I guess we just gotta play along for now, though.
No. 104329 ID: 432dda

What's wrong with the sword? loot is awesome, even if we only use it to overcome DR.
(I won't lie though, I want to see what moves Heldalel's mind conjures up to justify his tiny princely self being able to punch out an ogre.)

Fair point, the fixed persona would be a bit of an asspull even around a table, spending time on a character only for you to fail a save and be given a totally new identity does kill the joy a bit.

The actual brain damage and condition themselves aren't the problem, we can't just be exempt from repercussions after all.

I am now 100% on-board for Kelda wanting payback when she's remembered herself, which is ultimately the sort of thing GM-mandated twists should open up.
No. 104434 ID: ef0f95

Kelda's reaction is entirely yours as whole to decide. Being that she is chaotic neutral and bipolar... Kelda could forgive, love or even kill her if you all vote on it. Trixy is not vital to the quest. But you will loose her story arc if she dies. That being said knowing the story might be detrimental in the long run... But you've gotta know right?
No. 105038 ID: 3740b1

Ass day Kelda please?
No. 105068 ID: 9bb6dd

No dick please
No. 105111 ID: ef0f95

let me tell you a secret... I love taking requests...
No. 105131 ID: 3740b1

Yea dicks please.
No. 105160 ID: ef0f95
File 147776647067.jpg - (1.03MB , 1194x1406 , ass day plus cock.jpg )

as per a friends request
No. 105161 ID: ef0f95

oh and you too I guess...
No. 105162 ID: aa0359

well isn't trixie a lucky girl
No. 105386 ID: ef0f95

very busy as you can assume, I'll get back to my quest soon...
No. 106658 ID: 4854ef

Did you learn some new shading techniques? Things got really detailed.
No. 106734 ID: 3740b1

Yeah the last few updates are a great quality. Like I'd commission that quality. How long would it take to do something like that? Too bad we didnt see anything that went on between Kelda and the prissy prince.
No. 106830 ID: ef0f95

why thank you I have been practicing lately and watching some shows about drawing and art in general~

As for commissions it depends on the complexity of the pose and scale of the detail, and if I even have time... these days it's been pretty crazy in my life, I wish I could update more often...

I already have a commission that needs doing, but if you're interested I could give you a free sample~ When I have the time... Maybe something a little less complex than a full frontal rape scene...
No. 106879 ID: 3740b1

Haha but those are the best scenes! Well anything with Kelda in the style of the latest pic would be awesome. The lewder and newder the better. But just if you'd want to. Updates are always more fun if you don't have much free time at the moment. Hope life settles down a bit for you soon.
No. 107098 ID: ef0f95

had a bit of a hard time with that one, just couldn't make it work, but I posted it anyways cause it was taking too long, yeah~
No. 107103 ID: 6b1966

Eh I imagine a near miss gunshot is pretty tough. I think it's communicated pretty well in your pic. Regardless very happy to have the update. Hope for more soon. Always happiest on this site to see an update from you.
No. 107183 ID: e66267

Maybe time to move Kelda discussion to the disthread.

I think the majority of our suggestors seem to lack a solid concept of our archtype as a gnollish bloodrager. Basically we are gnoll beserker with a tinge of demonic blood in us (I think we chose abyssal, I don't quite remember). Now we've been far more civilized and pleasant than the nicest gnoll warrior, and honestly haven't really shown much of a temper, which is... well, stupid. When genning a character we chose something that just acting like a normal person won't do justice to. The best characters are the kind where you do stupid things that'll cost you in the short and/or long term. It makes them a person instead of just a collection of stats and tools to get through obstacles with.

Now being nice to party members is one thing, but being shot in the face by trixy and... being nice about it? There's just no Roleplaying justification for it on any level. Kelda SHOULD be losing her shit, but I don't think it'll happen because too many people are itching for that next Trixy sex scene, and just wanna continue that thread. Metagaming is gonna happen to some degree, you all know Trixy is going to OP and at least a combat asset later on, but when the big character moments come that's no excuse. Killing her still might not be the answer, but tearing chunks out of her shouldn't even be an asking thing, and if you are worried about getting killed, you have to know any good game master will let you be your character and still leave SOME path to victory, and we all know damn well Bwtbh is a damn fine GM.

Also, about the comment about getting aroused by random violence. Maybe that's a Kelda thing, I don't really see it yet, but getting aroused by violence after being shot in the face isn't gonna result in chat and snuggles, it's gonna result in broken arms and stretched buttholes, so yes what you were implying couldn't really be taken any other way than an endorsement of rape. That's not terribly out of character for our archtype, but... well, I dunno, it's kinda cruel to have any writer center a story and art around an enthusiastic rapist.
No. 107186 ID: 8cb228

Wasn't there a bit where the GM warned us trying to kill some of the NPC's would be lethal to our character?
No. 107189 ID: e66267

I'm pretty sure that's because we were in the process of passing out and going mad from wis damage.
No. 107190 ID: fe7355

Just one NPC: Trixie, right after Kelda shared a drink with Trixie of the booze Trixie had poisoned. If Kelda hadn't given Trixie a reason to keep Kelda alive right after that, in that case by fucking her, Kelda woulda been dead by the time Cid and Edrukk arrived. And if Kelda had attacked and got the most unlucky lucky rolls ever and somehow incapacitated or killed Trixie, that'd leave nobody who'd know the antidote to the poison Kelda drank, meaning Kelda would have died.
No. 107191 ID: 2169b1

So what you're saying is her gun is the SECOND time she's attempted to no-shit murder Kelda?

I think, perhaps, some of the suggestors are a bit too forgiving of yon sex-scene-giving maiden for their own good.
No. 107192 ID: 952ab0

Yeah, it was a one time situation, which has (presumably) passed. That said, things that happen to level 1 blank slate characters tend to be formative. That is how Cedric got to be driven by bees and how Polo became interested in coffee cake. I didn't particularly like it at the time, but now it's out there and I am rolling with it.

I will freely admit that responding to anger with violence would be a valid in character response for Kelda, but we are dealing with an interaction between two unstable characters who tend to behave in such ways. I am certain that if the resulting tantrum spiral runs its course, at least one of these characters is going to end up dead. Since I am still curious to find out what Trixie's deal is, I am looking for the nearest off-ramp from that spiral that would still be an in character response.

>Also, about the comment about getting aroused by random violence. Maybe that's a Kelda thing, I don't really see it yet, but getting aroused by violence after being shot in the face isn't gonna result in chat and snuggles, it's gonna result in broken arms and stretched buttholes, so yes what you were implying couldn't really be taken any other way than an endorsement of rape. That's not terribly out of character for our archtype, but... well, I dunno, it's kinda cruel to have any writer center a story and art around an enthusiastic rapist.
Again, there is a huge difference between having an arousal response and actually carrying out enthusiastic rape. I would sooner see it play out as a that trope where the fighting turns into a kiss, and then get on with the Pathfinder game. But this whole dang QUEST revolves around power imbalance in quasi-sexual relationships. One of the other people at the game table has a vibe inside her right now. This appears to be subject matter Flynn is prepared to write through. Correct me if I'm wrong, dude.
No. 107195 ID: 2169b1

This is probably gonna be an unpopular opinion but I've come to the conclusion that Trixie is actually a huge liability.

>Poisons us
>Rapes us in our sleep
>Gives us brain damage
>Shoots us in the face for curing that brain damage
>Most likely a psychotic lycanthrope of some variety

Just... maybe it's a bad idea to trust the crazy kobold lady who only let Kelda live because girldick.
No. 107197 ID: 750f88

Don't forget about how she turns into a monster and kills people indiscriminately.
No. 107199 ID: 595d54

Yeah, honestly let's just murder her. I'm sure she's redeemable but I doubt her life is worth the collateral damage.

I think that's the "psychotic lycanthrope" line.
No. 107201 ID: 750f88

Ahhh. My vocabulary isn't wide enough to understand these fancy words. Thanks mate.
No. 107203 ID: fe7355

You also have to consider that there is another layer of roleplay over that of Kelda, and that is of Aalos playing Kelda. And it's already been established that Aalos is a massive horndog, pretty much because the suggesters are Aalos. Aalos softballing the situation with Trixie I'd consider in line with his previous behavior, in-game and out. I don't agree with it, but with so many suggesters pushing for it I'm not going to bother wasting my time writing a suggestion post that'd just get drowned out.

The funny thing is, I don't see their suggestions working at all. At least not without (Broken Halo through) Prince turning Trixie's behavior and personality on a dime. It seems like the other suggesters don't seem to have caught on how serious what just transpired here was. The reason Trixie was even coming with us was because of Heldalel. Trixie didn't give a fuck about Kelda beyond riding her body's phallus. And then Kelda reemerges, makes threats implied and explicit towards Trixie with her actions, and then describes with a grin raping and killing someone Trixie considered a real person. One she had a very real emotional attachment to. Trixie's response of trying to blow Kelda's head off the monster that killed her love is pretty much in line with what I'd expect to happen.

Trixie is going to hate Kelda with a burning fury, no matter how much talking and intimidation Kelda lays on. If Trixie does act calm and nice, I fully expect it'll be a ruse on her part, and once she's released to shoot Kelda in the back of the head first chance Kelda is distracted by combat. Or she'll wait and try to recreate the same conditions that caused the emergence of Heldalel, this time with more control, by drugging Kelda in her sleep. Basically, Trixie can't be trusted if she comes with us. Not that she could trusted that much before, but now she'll be actively looking to screw over Kelda if she does come along. And not the kind of screwing the majority of suggesters seem to want.

Anyway, that's my two cents on the matter.
No. 107205 ID: fe7355

Well, the first time Trixie tried to kill Kelda she thought Kelda was a bounty hunter come to capture her. A particularly inept and overly horny one who was dumb enough to trust sharing a drink with a member of a species known for its poison immunity, but still a threat.

Well, that is one outcome we could take, but there are other ways that aren't so boring. Like, we already know Trixie has a bounty on her head, so how about taking her captive and turn her in? Strip, then tightly bind, gag and blindfold her before stuffing her in a burlap sack. We even have two 'bold lackeys now who know exactly how to do that kind of thing. Then cash her in at the nearest bounty office, with the bonus of keeping all her stuff.
No. 107212 ID: f562b1

You've gotta remember: We've read her diary. We know she fears she'll "give in" to being a pet, and that likely has a part in why she decided to play things with the other-kobold idea. Creating a fictitious character to throw those feelings towards, one who she can feel equal with, prevents any chance of becoming a pet, while that persona being killed off means she suddenly has to worry about it being possible again.
No. 107219 ID: fe7355

If you're referring to >>/questdis/103476, then we haven't actually read those notes, or the diary of Trixie's they came from, in-quest. Thus we should not base in-quest decisions upon its information until such information is revealed in-quest.

That said, based on the last paragraph of the notes, I can see you're mostly right, though it's fear of becoming a "slave" to her kobold sex drive rather more than becoming Kelda's "pet." And looking at Kelda's behavior in the latest update, she basically mashed a load of Trixie's buttons at once. The bit about putting Trixie on a leash and making her Kelda's pet would hit extra hard, I'd think.
No. 107234 ID: 91ee5f

I forget, we know Trixie might be a weredragon or something, but did she ever mention if she transformed from the full moon or from her emotions being unstable or her life being in danger?

If it's from a full moon, we're safe since we're underground. But if it's from her emotions being unstable or her life being in danger, then she might end up transforming and killing us all. I think. I don't know, I've never played Pathfinder, so I've got no idea how lycanthropy works.
No. 107235 ID: 91ee5f

Also, now that Kelda is back to normal, does she remember everything she did and said as Heldalel?
No. 107242 ID: ef0f95

you all pose really good points, points I'd like other quest goes to read before making a choice.

Yes, Kelda does remember everything that happened as Heldalel.
And yes I'm prepared to write the story in that way and many more...

one thing that needs to be understood is that there are three main courses in front of us...

Forgive and trust Trixie.
Distrust but spare Trixie.
Kill Trixie.

I have plans for all three options and each one has ups and downs. The only constant is that in those three answers, there is no good outcome...
No. 107255 ID: 91ee5f

>The only constant is that in those three answers, there is no good outcome...
Probably because of how much noise Kelda and Trixie are making with their arguing. They've alerted other hostiles to our groups location and we're about to get ambushed.
No. 107367 ID: 3740b1

Requesting Crotch day tabletop lineup or at least a Kelda pinup. Plz prty plz
No. 107491 ID: ef0f95

If I have time after my current crotch day submission I might just for fun
No. 107526 ID: 3740b1

Cool can't wait to see it!
No. 108124 ID: e66267

If you are doing requests, how about all the dickgirls from Eadoo quest and The slave the thief and the slut pulling a train on Alanna?
No. 108128 ID: ef150c


That's way too complex a pic to ask an artist to do for free. How about you offer to commission it or something?
No. 108129 ID: e66267

Dude, Bwtbh can state their own interest or lack thereof in things like that, they don't need you to speak for them.

And I get that a lot of artists get commissions to do stuff here, but I've got no cash for that sort of thing and it's far from the reason tgchan exists.

It somewhat boggles the mind you'd interject like that.
No. 108135 ID: ef150c


Yeah. But, suddenly dropping in 20 days after the previous post saying "hey let me imply that you've implied you're taking requests (though you haven't really) and then use that fictitious opportunity to ask you to do a big multi-person porn picture that you could easily ask upwards of 50 bucks for depending on level of polish, for free, without even saying please" is also pretty mind-boggling. Requesting simple things like quick sketches or reference stuff is fine, but ask any artist, a person they don't know asking them for something like you did is pretty rude.

It would also be rude of me to say tBwtBH has a history of being tempted to provide more free fanservice material to his audience than he probably should, and in that context you kind of come off like you're trying to take advantage, so don't read it if you don't feel like being offended.
No. 108158 ID: 4854ef

Can we not argue over this Again?
No. 108255 ID: e66267

Why not? It's not like any quest related discussion or other fandom in general is going on here. Lets hammer all the minute detail of what's acceptable to ask a quest artist.

Now me, I'm pretty sure BH loves doing porn and really wants any reason to do a little more, so while I always keep in mind it's unlikely to come to fruition, a little suggestion never really hurts.
No. 108324 ID: ef0f95

hey, so I`ve been rrrreeeeeaaaallllyyy busy lately, I'm trying to find time to update my quest.

That being said, unless if you were to grease my paw a bit, I`d have a hard time fitting your request into my time frame. and generally if I do draw porn for fun its simple or other wise easy to draw.

Speaking of simple and easy to draw, I have felt like drawing one of those ahoge fuck faces I've seen a chart of some where in the discussion thread... maybe if I have time I`ll do one, feel free to suggest a person and face... also if someone could like the post so I can find it easy that`d be nice...

Finally on the topic of porn... there is a possible sex scene cumming up, of course it`s not in the vein of: Doukissa stripping naked and ordering Aalos to fuck her... but the availability to have sex with her does show up, and that being said... correct me if I`m wrong, but that would be the first actual sex scene in the quest?
There was mention of sex and Aalos sucked his own cock... you see boobs and penises... but no full on sex scenes? I may be wrong... Feel free to correct me...

But yeah, I'm glad to see it didn't escalate into a fight and we're all better people for it! it's true I like a perverted side to my stories and I feel most my fans love me for it, some like me exclusively for the sex and some wander around it... but the one thing you all need to know... is WATCH MY LETS PLAY CHANNEL!!! GOD DAMN IT!!

Coffee Fueled Gamming

Feel free to skip to the newer episodes... it took a little while to figure things out...

No. 108333 ID: 3740b1


So how would we contact you to grease your paw? None of your pages seem to be up to date. Do you still have a kateeo patreon I can't find it.
No. 108341 ID: ef0f95

Here's my email Address, [flynnmerk@gmail.com] contact me with your desired piece and we'll discuss a price. if you prefer a faster communication we could do skype instead...
No. 109721 ID: ef0f95

well that's happening... I suppose that's just how the game works... I can think of an in rp reason prince would undo kelda's untimely demise... but I'd rather not for game purposes... Still, if you guys are so very attached to kelda that you couldn't enjoy the quest without her, voice your open opinions and I might undo the action, though I already have ideas for if she dies and to a further extent if the entire party dies. regardless I'm sorry for rolling like shit and no fighting please.
No. 109727 ID: 3740b1

Well considering she's the character we all rolled I'd say we're pretty attached. I wouldn't want a complete undo but since the king wanted her alive I honestly would have nixed the crit if I were the DM. That's half the role of a DM in a typical campaign - judging how to balance challenge with fun. Hell even having him use the flat of the blade to deal nonlethal damage would have made more rp sense and not dug yourself into this pit. Like seriously, months and months to finally get to this fight and our character is one shot? If our hp was that low give us a hint to heal. This isn't like a real session where each player is tracking that shit round by round. It usually takes a week or 3 between updates. Hard to remember the minutiae tabletop combat when turns have that much of a gap between them.

Even if I didn't like Kelda I wouldn't want to have to sit through rolling another character, which at the current update rate would take 4 months.
No. 109731 ID: 595d54

>we all rolled
Meh. I'm not particularly fond of her, actually. Typically I'm attached to a character I made, not a character that a bunch of random suggestions and also slightly me made.

It's kind of a shame she's dead but I won't object to a new character.
No. 109732 ID: 3740b1

Well to each their own but regardless of character attachment I'm done checking the quest if we have to sit through rolling another character. It already moves slow as fuck and to go through a dozen updates before we even get to "play" again does not appeal.
No. 109733 ID: d6afc2

Not much of an attachment. I mean, she fled from slavers, got poisoned, massacred some kobolds and got killed. I would say, she lived and died like an average Gnoll.
No. 109735 ID: 4854ef

If we die we die, that's the purpose of multiple character sheets!
No. 109736 ID: 0b99d7

This is the sort of thing that happens in pathfinder, can't really get mad at anyone for dice rolls.

That said, not getting to check all numbers are accounted for is a bit of a nuisance.
For example: I'm not sure Kelda can have gotten a 17 on her combat manoeuvre check. During a rage she's rocking a +7 on grapples (1BAB + 2STR + 2RageSTR + 2ImpGrapple) so assuming the 4 wasn't somehow her grapple dice, her CMB result is at least 20

that magma asshole is strong but still getting a -1 from being small sized, so if we just missed with a 17, I imagine it's possible he got grabbed.
And if he got grabbed, he can't swing that sward in a grapple (seeing as it's not a light or 1-handed weapon)

But I might be way off the mark.

Anyway, I like Kelda and it would suck if she actually died but I wouldn't complain, crit happens.
No. 109737 ID: ef0f95

all things considered, dice are a bad thing to have as a main factor in this format! Why do I keep wanting to put game play elements on tgquests? and there's a strong possibility I messed up because of berserk rage, so I'll pull it back...

That being said, I'm cutting the dice and game mechanics out of the quest! it's simply a quest where you play a character playing pathfinder...
No. 109738 ID: 65ec8d

If you're playing a character playing pathfinder, I'd argue including dice has a perfectly valid purpose! It makes things authentic. And, after all, the character playing the game should have to deal with these kinds of dice rolls (and their DM fudging them). If you strip out the dice, it'll be harder to create the sense of a "real" game, because you'll have to cook up the illusion of random dice happenings from your own imagination and sense of judgement.

And there is a place for an RNG element in quests in general, so long as it's reasonable. It creates a sense that what happens isn't just "what was supposed to happen".
No. 109739 ID: 0b99d7

The gameplay elements are nice in theory, it's good to know the tangible numerical effect your items and abilities are having, but it does mean that you need to obey those same rules when a random element like rolling takes the wind from your sails.

It's up to you, it's cool to have but it does mean dice can screw the players or the story, for better or worse.
No. 109741 ID: 952ab0

I like the bit where we are a character playing a pathfinder game. It means that all our bitching and feeling sad about it is in character, and the IC GM can decide to fudge dice rolls, be bribed with pizza and blowjobs, or whatever we want. Even everybody stopping to double check math when somebody takes a big hit is normal and totally what happens at a real table. My immersion.

I just ask that if anything gets retconned here, it is done in universe, by Prince, at the game table.
No. 109742 ID: 952ab0

If I'm reading the dice results right, Kelda rolled a 14 on her grapple, so yeah, it appears that number was based off of base strength +2 and BAB +1. Even if for some reason she wasn't raging, improved grapple should be in there for another +2. Since we were described as just missing, that's probably the difference.
No. 109745 ID: ef0f95

I guess I messed up the math, Kelda would of rolled a 21 given her rage power and improved grapple! so I'll roll it back and we'll get a redo on the boss fight. but the way I'm gonna go about it is simple, something that would of happened later on in the evening happens right about now...
No. 109746 ID: ef0f95

and I'll keep the pathfinder game mechanics in for now I might removed them at some point if they get to annoying...
No. 109842 ID: 0397cc

I hope you don't, these games are always better if some aspects of the game are outside the control of both the GM and the players. It adds that spice where shit can go down even if it's totally against everything everyone wants to happen.

That said I thought there was something odd about a TN of 17. It's kobold, but I can see now that's the number with none of the modifiers we get present.
No. 109921 ID: 0f38a6

I would say leave them in as people seem to like them but just if things start taking a hard veer into the territory that would be a massive pain/more trouble to deal with than fun then just fudge that roll
No. 109930 ID: a363ac

I don't know if you meant to write it as "business trip" or "busyness trip" but I do like the silliness that "busyness trip sounds like for slime dad in the latest update.
No. 110264 ID: a5c2b3

Personally I enjoy the Pathfinder bits, though if it the mechanics begin to bog things down and have to take a backseat to narrative for Kelda's adventure then I suppose that will have to do, as long as the mechanics are still present in the narrative sense, even if there isn't any actual HP counts or dice rolls done.

Also, how much CP (or was it RP?) do we have left, because I really think we should get a pair of Antler-horns to better fit in with the family. Also to fit ourself into Varonos' shota faun fantasy.
No. 110266 ID: a5c2b3

Also I don't think we ever really agreed on what the horns we DID order were supposed to be. Or did I miss that? Plus there's the thing of "put vagina on underside of tail", which was an interesting idea.
No. 110325 ID: 47160d

Weird sudden question is there a Trixie equivalent IRL in the quest? Just cause I suddenly realized the insane murder waifu doesn't actually exist and I know how much you like said waifu so... basically I find it interesting your go to romance character for /quest is not a character that we can really romance since she is in a game within a story
No. 110327 ID: 0b99d7

there's the virus thingy, and Eve had the colours even before the update incident (kicked myself for not noticing before then)
No. 110443 ID: 678780

I don't really think so, it zeems like Pathfinder Trixie is the only one here. From what I gather Trixie is an old old character of the author and he puts her in just about all hiz stuff in some way, even if just as an easter egg.
No. 112848 ID: 62dd04

Is no one going to mention the fact that crits and crit-fails can only occur on attack rolls in Pathfinder (and 3.5 for that matter)? A natural 1 on a skill check can still succeed with a high enough modifier, and a natural 20 on a skill check can still fail with a DC high enough. I can understand why crit(-fail) confirming is overlooked though, as it makes for a slightly less interesting story.
No. 112871 ID: 62dd04

Oh, and on Saves, too. Use Magic Device also has its special crit-fail case when a natural 1 would not meet the DC.
No. 112899 ID: 7fad5d

No. Rule Zero.
No. 113868 ID: 56ffef
File 150087204418.jpg - (30.50KB , 1024x438 , godzilla-vs-megalon-tail-slide.jpg )

hey BH you might want to start another quest thread it is starting to get really long.
as for a tail a xtra-large size godzilla tail like this would be cool. also draw a tail.png is cute as a button
No. 113869 ID: 3bdd52

this chapter is ending soon so expect a new thread.

That being said I'll take a moment to speak of something... I've been having a hard time keeping motivated, and drawing has been difficult... I don't want to stop the story but I need a break. my boyfriend suggested running a short quest in between chapters...
Namely a new chapter of Chaser Quest since it has a strict post limit.

For those who don't know, Chaser quest is a non narrative quest where in you drop into an existing cartoon or game franchise and take control of a character to then murder everything in sight, within a 60 post countdown... it's messy, it's mean, its a whole lot of fun and free violence... No plot, no character development, just blood and guts!

Last game we killed the shit out of some ponies. and I've got a few ideas for the next one.

After this short quest I'll be right back to [Slave, thief and slut]. but if you guys really really want me to get right into the next chapter and not do chaser quest, please speak up!

Thanks and I'm looking forwards to tail suggestions~
No. 113872 ID: 3bdd52
File 150087403472.png - (134.02KB , 755x642 , draw a tail.png )

No. 113873 ID: 094652
File 150087846781.png - (118.39KB , 755x642 , 150087403472.png )

I do not regret the horrible, horrible thing I have done here.

1) Laser pointer
2) Exactly what you think it looks like
3) Barbed wire tazer (put a mitt over it)
No. 113874 ID: 3740b1
File 150089708427.png - (208.10KB , 1080x1920 , Bh tail 1.png )

XL with fuzz on top to match our boa, turning to charcoal at the tip. Retractable mini tentacle for fine manipulation and surprise insertions. Mother always says you can never have too many tentacles.
No. 113909 ID: f66698

Small faun shaped but tailored to look like your biology... err, construction.
No. 113913 ID: df00b4

am disappoint at lack of dickbutt.
No. 113927 ID: 04bb11

No. 113930 ID: f076ad
File 150100814392.png - (129.37KB , 755x642 , tail.png )

It's supposed to be spiky hair.. kinda.. something..

Better than nothing!
No. 113949 ID: 3740b1

Looking forward to Chapter 2: Tap Dat Fawn Booty.
No. 113969 ID: 56ffef

BH remember to mark your first thread as complete for the mods to archive it.
No. 113973 ID: 3bdd52

That's cool guy, You do you~

already done, but thanks for reminding me.

Who or what is wordblood? am I copying someone?
No. 113976 ID: d36af7

No. 113977 ID: fe7355

This, though it doesn't really apply since your character has static and not words.
No. 114001 ID: e420b6

Okay we didn't get to directly reply to the Mother's closing comments. golly that's cool.

So Aalos is a reverse terminator then, Machines won the future war and regretted it sorta deal?
No. 114018 ID: 3bdd52

oh good, I'd hate it if I was inadvertently copying someone... besides a visual similarity they seems entirely different.

pretty much. There is a rather detailed back story to it all, but you'll have to ask mother next time you catch up~
No. 114316 ID: 3bdd52
File 150234039592.png - (142.61KB , 919x554 , house.png )

Here's the house layout.
No. 114324 ID: a363ac

Varonos's outfit is very nice.
No. 114411 ID: 3bdd52

okay this is probably not the place say this, but my draw thread is buried miles deep and I feel people read this.

I'm gonna be live streaming "passpartout the starving artist" game on sunday 13th around 2pm.
It's a game about painting and art. Anyone who wants to see me doodle and paint see me there at Twitch.tv/coffeefueledstreaming

also I'll occasionally be streaming other games and even my artwork so feel free to follow or have a look~!
No. 114532 ID: 600f38

So, how about we DON'T kill and eat the elf?
Gnolls are slavers. Keep her around, make her do unpleasant things for planning on betraying us, then sell her or ditch her in a town if she survives.
Pack mule, trap finder, etc.
Or have Trixie give her a case of Stockholm syndrome - pretty sure her alchemical powers are up to the task.

Also, it's bad practice to condone the hunting of sentient beings for food - that's going to get the kobolds killed eventually.

(Also, eating sentient beings by choice, or choosing to feed sentient beings to other people, are explicitly evil acts. Automatic alignment shift, which IIRC means you no longer gain XP.)
No. 114671 ID: e420b6

Where are you getting automatic alignment shifts and no further XP gain from?

It's definitely not pathfinder, you can generally perform a couple of willing evil acts before needing to write a villain song (subject to GM discretion), and even when yer alignment does shift, you can level as normal unless you happen to be a divine class who is now >1 steps of alignment from your deity (or a paladin, because mandatory Lawful Good) and even then you can seek atonement (usually via spell of the same name)
No. 114673 ID: 600f38

Hrm... Maybe that was AD&D? Or a house rule? It's been so long since I played.
Eating sentients is still generally an automatic alignment shift to evil, and not something to encourage. It'd definitely bite us in the ass later.
No. 114679 ID: 3740b1

Disagree. There is no alignment shift unless the GM warns otherwise.
No. 114879 ID: 3bdd52
File 150380192415.png - (75.12KB , 291x773 , i77^cimgpsh_orig.png )

I originally drew Adam like this but shrunk him down to match Eve's proportions. I feel some of his charm is lost at that size...

And yes LoveMachine's design is based partially on doflamingo.
I initially just thought: Aalos but better, more tone, golden and more fluff... then I got a bit influenced by Sugilite from Steven universe and later DoFlamingo... So yeha he's a bit of all three in essence.
No. 114904 ID: e420b6

Adam is cute
No. 114990 ID: 3af16b

oh, hey naz
No. 114992 ID: 9876c4

No. 115289 ID: 3bdd52
File 150458591914.png - (156.10KB , 958x1004 , in the changing room.png )

draw some clothes~
No. 115671 ID: 69fef8

So with the synthflesh/clothing updates I've come to the conclusion Aalos unfairly attractive/cute.
With his plates he's incredibly cool. Why do we have to chooooose!?
No. 116628 ID: c9278f

Live action Dr.Tran movie that incorporates both JoJo and Metal Gear, staring Nic Cage?
I don't want to live on THIS planet anymore!
No. 116695 ID: 0c84a3

what we need is fur dye so we can get those awesome glowy blue lines even in this form.
No. 116696 ID: 27600a

I think I remember seeing the brown fur boa and stuff can be made to be glowy blue. Which would be pretty neat.
No. 116708 ID: 0c84a3

that would be sweet.

hey... you ever wonder if we could get enough rp to buy a lifelike 'Kelda' body & synthskin mask we could plug our head into?
No. 116714 ID: 3740b1

Yes. I mentioned it way back. Still hopeful. (Hell hopeful we'll get back to Kelda in game before the year's up.)
No. 116715 ID: 27600a

The Aalos story is fun too, I honestly don't think I could easily say which I prefer.

But yes, it'd be nice to get back to pathfinder shenanigans, wrestlerager is something I've never been able to try in my own campaigns.
No. 116790 ID: 3740b1

Yeah they both have interesting storylines so far, and the usual menagerie of idiosyncratic characters BwBH tends to supply. I enjoy both, but I love me some gnoll, so excited to get back to Kelda eventually.
No. 116951 ID: 0c84a3

maybe this is a dumb idea, but didn't the synthflesh bit say it could be cut without damaging it if it was done a certain way? maybe we can mix and match? maybe at some point, try out being flesh and blood down to the knees and elbows, but wearing your plates like boots/gauntlets?
No. 117246 ID: da345a

Hey guys... little update on the quest.

I haven’t been able to so much as touch my tablet in a while. I’ve been over worked to hell and back. having to cover for coworkers on vacation for about a month now... I’m overworked to the point that I think I passed out yesterday at work... ( all of a sudden I was on the ground and people where asking me if I was alright... apparently when they asked if I knew my own name I answered “Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens”... I don’t remember doing that but that’s what my boss tells me. )

Anywho. My vacation starts ina week or so, at which point I will update furiously!!! But in the meantime, I’m sorry but I just can’t...
No. 117251 ID: 27600a

I hope you're okay and things get less hectic even once your vacation ends.
No. 117797 ID: 0c84a3

any luck finding some downtime to relax BH?
No. 117941 ID: 600f38

How are you doing, BH? Still burning the candle at both ends AND the middle?
No. 118145 ID: a3ac63

Vacation didn’t happen like I initially planned. I ended up busy nearly every day of my vacation... but I’m feeling better now! I’m still trying to find time and motivation to draw. I should be cracking down to it soon!
No. 118417 ID: 600f38

You need motivation? Think about how you're going to work Trixie into this one! :D
No. 119026 ID: 3bdd52

so... I'm in a weird place right now...
I've been going through a hard time, physically I've been overworked by the Christmas season. And I've been going through some emotional problems... I've started cutting out a lot of things from my life that cause me grief, my letsplay channel for one. I want to focus on sitting back and enjoying art.

with that I plan on drawing more, both questing and drawing in general...

So about my quest... I just realized that it's in the dump... which is fine I haven't posted in months...

With that in mind I'm not really sure where I was going with it, the whole dr. tran thing was really just stalling, but it did seem funny and folks seemed interested.

So really there's a few ways I could go at this point, I'd like your input.

-I could just get back to Aalos quest.
-I could get back to Aalos quest and rush back to Vileblood.
-I could do DR TRAN Phantom Blood.
-I have a new idea for a post apocalypse pokemon story... (think fallout, waterworld, madmax, pokemon all smashed together...)

I'll leave you to help me decided.
thank you.
No. 119032 ID: 0d4b79

You come back. You give us this these options! You expect us to choose ONE!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US!!!

But seriously I'd love to get back to Aalos and Vile Blood, I could take or leave DR TRAN, but the Pokepocalypse Idea has my interest so if you do this can you promise you'll come back to Aalos later?
No. 119034 ID: 90f3c0

I'd prefer to get back to Aalos. While DR TRAN Phantom Blood does sound amusing, it would probably be better as a brief summary than a whole protracted side story.
No. 119036 ID: 3740b1

Agreed that getting back to Aalos fast is best (and for me, then quickly back to Pathfinder). A quick synopsis of the movie is sufficient. I think you need to table the Pokémon thing until you actually finish a narrative. I think the satisfaction of finishing something you've created might help lift your spirits. It's a very satisfying feeling. Don't know where you're going? Outline a story in very broad strokes and let suggestions fill in details.
No. 119053 ID: 094652

Aalos quest, with a return to Kelda's side-story. Try to build and design some new material for Vilebloods as we play pathfinder, and don't be afraid to get merciless for the pathfinder campaign for the sake of Vilebloods material.
No. 119128 ID: 0a4dab

Alrighty then I summarize the movie for comedic effect and get back on track.

I figure I’ll start a new thread since the last one is the graveyard and I’d rather not bother anyone to dig it out...

Maybe shuffle it into the completed threads at a later date?
No. 119144 ID: 3bdd52

well great my tablet broke... might be a little bit before I can get back to drawing...
No. 120448 ID: be0b68

Aaa, it's back! Can't get enough of your quests.
Are the priestesses a tanuki and kappa?
No. 120479 ID: 1945b2

yup thats right
No. 120717 ID: 600f38

You doing ok, BH? It's been a week.
No. 120798 ID: 1945b2

Computer died... might be a while...
No. 120841 ID: 1945b2

Using my roommates computer to draw... new set up feels weird...
No. 120843 ID: be0b68

Hopefully It'll be a temporary thing, is your PC 'dead' dead or 'waiting on random PC part to arrive' dead?
Either way, I hope it turns out okay for you.

As for the update, is Hwan okay? She seems a little sad.
No. 120851 ID: 600f38

We have tech support.
Can you describe the problem you're having with your system?
No. 120897 ID: 1945b2

oh sure sure, It`s an aurora R3, since I`ve got it, the thing crashes when ever it reboots, the windows logo appears and little dots spin to indicate that its loading, and they stop, the device crashes.

it opens just fine once fully off, but if it restarts it crashes.

recently windows required a major update, and the update needs to reboot multiple times during the update, when it inevitably crashes it states that "the update has failed and it must restore to a previous version"... this one time it couldn't, nor could it finish the update...

it starts, tries to restore to a previous version, then crashes and shuts off with a click.

I`ve tried reformatting from the install disk, but it says, "unexpected error has occurred" and shuts off with a click.

I'm not a tech wiz, I hope this helps? anywho... my boyfriend and I have been talking about getting a new computer for a while and this kinda stoked the flames...
No. 121036 ID: 600f38

Sounds like a bad stick of RAM.
No. 121053 ID: 1945b2

Tried replacing my 4 2gig sticks with a 4 gig but no difference is spotted.
No. 121057 ID: 05ff2f

It's been crashing on restart ever since you got it? Did you get it new or used? Generally when strange behavior like this happens I suspect a flaky power supply, but usually one wouldn't last years without dying and maybe killing the system in the process. Still wouldn't hurt to get a known good power supply to plug in to test.

Did it include a Windows install disc or just a reinstall disc or drive partition? What version of Windows is it running? Windows 7, 8, 10 or other? A cursory search regarding Alienware Aurora R3s and crashing on restart turned up issues regarding its USB 3.0 controller not having the correct drivers included with the Windows installer past Windows 7. If you're still on the Windows 7 that was included with the Aurora R3, then this shouldn't be cause of the crashes.

Also, Alienware systems are overpriced ugly rubbish. Just looking at this model with the cover off I see a airflow nightmare. And single-fan all-in-one water cooling loops like the one on the processor in this model are stupid and wasteful. You're supposed to go water cooling 'cause you can't fit as many fans and as much heatsink directly on the processor as you need. A water cooler that small just presents the risk of leaks with no benefit. ...Sorry, I have Opinions about this.

If you decide to get a new system, please don't go prebuilt. Prebuilts are more expensive and lower quality. Find someone who can assemble a PC for you from quality parts chosen to match your needs. It's also not that tough to do it yourself. PCpartpicker.com has build guides for different price/performance points you can check out.

Put all four original RAM sticks back in and download MemTest86+ and put it on a bootable USB memory stick. There's a Windows based installer that make one here: www.memtest.org/#downiso Boot it and run it overnight and if there's bad memory it'll show up.
No. 121092 ID: 600f38

If he's tried swapping memory, then I'm thinking something fucky is going on with the BIOS settings. Timings might be set too tight.
No. 121095 ID: 05ff2f

So try underclocking the system and see if that helps with the crashing?
No. 121102 ID: 006e5c

Bad RAM would result in blue screens, not problems with booting.
I also don't think it's a power supply because in that case you'd never reach Windows.
It's got nothing to do with BIOS, because it worked fine before.

Here's a question. Did you try booting into windows safe mode? If you can do that, then it would be possible to try some things there.

>I`ve tried reformatting from the install disk
So you have Windows Install CD? Can you access repair utilities there?
No. 121115 ID: 600f38

"since I`ve got it, the thing crashes when ever it reboots, the windows logo appears and little dots spin to indicate that its loading, and they stop, the device crashes."

So it's not a new problem.
No. 121117 ID: 006e5c

It worked fine as in, it was possible to boot normally as long as it was done after a shutdown and not a restart. Crashing on restart isn't really a problem right now. That's a separate issue which can be fixed later.

The immediate problem is that the update rollback is failing, preventing access to the OS. This could be for several reasons. Probably system files or registry corruption. Or a bad sector on the hard drive. Certainly not due to faulty RAM or PSU.
No. 121122 ID: 600f38

Actually, no. That's normal behavior for Windows 10 and Server 2016.
Every update install is a roll of the dice.

This is a consequence of Microsoft firing its QA team, and I wish I were joking.
No. 121245 ID: 1945b2

I tried booting into safe mode, it just crashes outright.
I can’t access the repair utilities from the OS install disk
No. 121254 ID: 006e5c

Very strange. You're using Windows 7, right? I'm assuming that you also tried the "Repair Your Computer" option from the Advanced Boot Options before Windows starts.
In this case, I'd recommend trying another boot repair utility, for instance, by creating a System Repair Disc on a USB stick and booting from it.

Here's a really long and annoying (but very comprehensive) article about repairing windows startup; how to access Advanced Boot Options, creating repair discs, and what to do thereafter:
No. 121961 ID: c9ff79

just thought of a parts combination that might be fun to play with in future. get induction-based power transfer plates installed in aalos' hands and cheeks, and NFC transmitters in his neck. that way he can pop his head off easily without running into power or control problems. would be handy if he ever had multiple bodies. or a partner with wierd kinks.
No. 123187 ID: 2202fb

Try chkdsk or sfc scannow if you can get into safe mode and/or access the command prompt. If not, I would suggest connecting the hard drive to another computer and defragging it if possible. If not (or you are just feeling lazy/impatient) download the install disk for your version of windows onto another computer and using the easily accessible instructions, format a spare usb flash drive into a boot disk. Plug said drive into your pc and use the bios to boot off of the thumb drive. It should then allow you to scan your computer's hard drive and repair/reinstall files as needed.

chkdsk: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee872425.aspx

sfc scannow: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929833/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system
No. 123225 ID: 2202fb

So from what I gathered, Eadoo Quest was abandoned because you(BH) thought it turned into a porn quest and you didn't want to do that. (Personally, I think that it had more than enough plot to resuscitate and revamp, but that is neither here nor there) This seems kind of odd seeing what TSTS is/become. Is this unintentional or did you just decide fuck it (so to speak) and just go for it? I personally dont care whether it is a porn quest or not, I am just curious.
No. 123309 ID: 3740b1

My personal opinion is that both Broken and most of his constant readers actually prefer heavy doses of lewds/porn. However, thanks to a few persistently loudmouthed trolls telling him his quests are ruined by the porn and fetishy stuff, he shies away from it... but the truth is he likes writing and drawing it and he's good at it. For me, a BH/Flynn quest without some weirdass pervo characters just wouldn't be the same. You don't become a Stephen King fan if you hate horror. Personally I wish we'd see more.
No. 123314 ID: a62780

That's annoying if true, I loved Eadoo.
If it's BH himself just not happy with how it was going that's cool. Sometimes you just lose steam and enthusiasm for a story, it happens, sad as that is.
But people going out of their way to ruin a quest just because it doesn't conform to their own rules is infuriating. Especially since I think one of BH's best powers was knowing how to balance porn material with adventure and drama.

None of this is to detract from TSTS, it's got that same magic as Eadoo's did and I like the characters and two-stories thing going on, that was just news to me.
No. 123345 ID: 3740b1

Well that's just my perspective, but I was there from start to finish. I think BH also did feel like he'd lost the thread a little on Eadoo but his detractors probably didn't help him feel good about the quest. There was a lot of blowback on his quests early on when there was a larger population of typical chan people on this board who couldn't pass up a chance to troll a quest with "furry" "dickgirl" "porn". I think things are much more mellowed and accepting around here these days.
No. 123627 ID: 1945b2

Hey I’m back, I have my own computer again and I won’t have to borrow a laptop to get things done~
No. 123628 ID: a62780

\o/ huzzah
No. 123630 ID: 3740b1

Sweet, looking forward to updates.
No. 125789 ID: 900f15
File 153854165963.png - (2.41MB , 1721x1728 , profile.png )

hey, anyone who still cares about me...

at this point I've really come to terms with things... As much as I love this community, though I am particularly antisocial, and I truly enjoyed the time spent on this site making stories, I've finally come to terms with the fact that this medium, just isn't for me... I love to draw, but my motivation and output just isn't enough for /quest, and the way I tell stories doesn't lend well to this kind of medium...

Frankly I think I've hung up the coat a long time ago, it just took me this long to admit it... so I'll lay it to rest officially... I'm finished writing quests for now, and should I return I doubt it would be more than a one off/short quest...

I've had many good followers over the years. and to any of you who are still here after all this, I'd like to offer an internet high five~

>High fives all around

this of course isn't the end of my stories, just the end of it here... anyone wanting to see more of my crazy nonsense you can find me on www.twitch.tv/paladinfisher I try to draw on there and play games when I have time. I'll probably make a thread where I post my doodles, here on /draw...

>Also! and this is important... If you want Flynn stories, Straight From The Mothers Tit! I'm making a D&D podscast, starting literally next week! (as of the submission of this post)<

My podcast is called "Roll+coffee" and I'm writing a Pokemon game called "Light over Sinnoh"

I'll be streaming the games on twitch and posting them afterwards on youtube
Though since someone far more popular took my handle... I might make a new channel... who knows... things are gonna get hectic for me...

Anywho... this is pretty tough for me, but I'm glad I'm doing it... thanks for any and all support and it would help me a lot of you checked out my channels... I hope to see you guys around... bye bye for now...

~Flynn Merk

>_ _ _
No. 125792 ID: 094652

You will be missed.

>High Five
Hell yes.
No. 125794 ID: 864e49
File 153854492511.gif - (372.45KB , 300x167 , 134566899445.gif )

Your art was beautiful, your stories unique, your characters lovable and your lewds exquisite.
You will be remembered and you will be missed
Go well my friend, go well.
No. 125796 ID: 1851b6

No. 125798 ID: e3e99e


Any chance of you continuing this latest quest as a webcomic or something?
No. 125802 ID: 93f082

Will there be more Trixy?
No. 125803 ID: 3740b1

Dang, that's a shame. You going to have time for any commissions?
No. 125804 ID: 3740b1

Dang, that's a shame. You going to have time for any commissions?
No. 125806 ID: a62780

Aww, you and your quests here will be missed, but you need to do what's best for you.

Good luck in your other ventures!

>how about quests as webcomic
would that even work?
No. 125809 ID: 4854ef

Like Prequel does it I suppose.
No. 125814 ID: eeb7d9

God damn it... now i am sad... Oh well, if this is the best for you, then go forward, you perverted devil you! And good luck in all your future endeavors!
No. 126016 ID: 900f15
File 153947884787.jpg - (619.30KB , 3000x3000 , starters.jpg )

hey guys, just a little follow up here~

Thank you all so much, I honestly didn't think this many people cared and really liked my work. it makes me wish things worked out better...

I'd like to make a webcomic at some point but im not sure how or when I'll be able to. I might need help with it if it ever ends up happening.

I might have time to take commissions, but I've been very preoccupied with the podcast lately. Soon I'll be back to my Tuesdays drawing sessions on twitch around 2pm, I'm always looking for new material and I take suggestions... but I'll keep it tame on twitch...

that being said the first episode is tomorrow, sunday the 14th around 6:00 6:30 Pm... Arceus Willing... on my twitch Chanel Twitch.tv/paladinfisher

With all the shilling out of the way...

I'd just like to say again, that writing stories on this site was some of the better times of my rather bleak life, and I'm happy about every post, even the really lousy early ones... thank you all for such a great ride~
No. 133007 ID: 49c9bd

I've been gone for a while... just kinda dropped off the face of the earth. I even erased my you-tube account.

for those who don't know me, or who don't remember me... I used to draw some quests here a long time ago...

Welp! I'm doing better, sort of... how ever I need more stability in my life. so I've built a schedule to govern when I sleep when I wake what I do with my waking hours...

You may be wondering... why am I telling this to the internet? why does this concern you?
I've decided to include time and effort in writing stories here on tg in my schedule... Deep down I just really love it here~ I wonder how much has changed, I wonder who's still here... I wonder whats new and if anyone even still remembers me...

anyhow the stories I write MUST be short and concise, with a beginning and an end... I cannot let myself get to precious about them because that's what always breaks me with my previous stories.

I'll be updating around 1pm to 3pm (hopefully time constraints will help me be less precious) and I'll be updating Mondays Tuesday, Friday, and Saturdays... maybe the other days of the weeks, but those aren't self imposed obligations...

Anywho, I'm sorry for always being so flaky... I hope we can have fun, if anyone even remembers me

oh I'm doing twitch streams... well... I'm trying to do twitch streams~ Tuesdays and Friday 4-10

and I'm trying to congeal all my internet persona's into a single character, i.e. PaladinFisher

Thanks for putting up with me~
No. 133008 ID: 49c9bd

wait wow i just noticed that the sites name changed from TGchan to QuestDen
No. 133009 ID: d2eea9

Welcome back. Are you continuing or running new quests?
No. 133010 ID: 49c9bd

all my previous unfinished quests are too big and daunting for my [small, concise, beginning and end] rules... there's a reason I gave up on all of them...
I'll be running new quests~
No. 133015 ID: 80dac6

I remember you! It's been a while! I really, really hope you are doing better!
No. 133022 ID: e0acaa

Nice to see you back, I enjoyed your quests!
And good to hear you are in a better/good place, I hope it'll stay fun for you to run here again.
No. 133035 ID: 864e49
File 159092124033.gif - (967.58KB , 380x262 , tumblr_inline_mjzpqg8m6t1qz4rgp.gif )

No. 133039 ID: 4854ef

The return!
No. 133042 ID: 49c9bd

it really means a lot to me that some of you still remember~!
I hope I don't disappoint...
No. 133043 ID: 80dac6

That's a logass name. I should know.
No. 133044 ID: 9e6490

I am greatly pleased that you have returned to questing here; I quite enjoy your art and your quests. It is unfortunate that Mother of Monsters will not be continuing, as it hit my interests and I wanted to see how it would have played out. That said, I am definitely looking forward to whatever you have in mind for your next quest.
No. 133059 ID: fa029d

You are very well remembered. You did some of the best quest. The only sad parts was they got left hanging. But your incomplete quest were often more satisfying than others that were finished.

Welcome back.
No. 133061 ID: 659551

Good to see you back, and though I'd love to see Eadoo or Mother of Monsters finished, I'll be happy to read whatever you produce.
No. 133091 ID: 77e804

Halo, you cheeky bastard, you use the designs of the ghosts from OFF.
No. 133152 ID: 49c9bd

welp! I'm out of a job... so I guess I'll try streaming full time? Wish me luck. I'll still find time to update here
No. 133153 ID: 49c9bd

if anyone knows how to help me I'm all ears.
No. 133154 ID: 9876c4

Sadly, I have nothing to offer you but a Gwen-sized craving.

Best of luck, however.
No. 133393 ID: f133dc

Hey Boy, you all right? It'll be sad to see you pop up and then disappear again.
No. 133411 ID: 49c9bd

Thanks for asking, it means a lot to me~ I had another episode recently, still am actually. it makes drawing or being motivated to do anything difficult...

Thankfully I'm finally on some form of medication and it's been helping a lot!! I'm going to try to post more often~

Trying to stay happy and fun, in these trying times. stay hydrated and wash your hands
No. 133426 ID: 1c1d17

Good to hear that you are somewhat ok! Take of yourself! This is a harsh year.
No. 133545 ID: 49c9bd

welp plans backfired slightly...

so medication has helped a lot with my stress~! yay less stress~

the down side is that I'm not stressed about my release dates... and I update less often... heh... dang... i'll try to be a little more stressed I guess heh... hmmnn...
No. 141240 ID: c922c3

As always, health comes first, physical and mental alike.

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