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File 145603709539.png - (519.12KB , 1500x1000 , discution copy.png )
97971 No. 97971 ID: 939c7f

I get the feeling this thread will end up being quite necessary...
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No. 117941 ID: 600f38

How are you doing, BH? Still burning the candle at both ends AND the middle?
No. 118145 ID: a3ac63

Vacation didn’t happen like I initially planned. I ended up busy nearly every day of my vacation... but I’m feeling better now! I’m still trying to find time and motivation to draw. I should be cracking down to it soon!
No. 118417 ID: 600f38

You need motivation? Think about how you're going to work Trixie into this one! :D
No. 119026 ID: 3bdd52

so... I'm in a weird place right now...
I've been going through a hard time, physically I've been overworked by the Christmas season. And I've been going through some emotional problems... I've started cutting out a lot of things from my life that cause me grief, my letsplay channel for one. I want to focus on sitting back and enjoying art.

with that I plan on drawing more, both questing and drawing in general...

So about my quest... I just realized that it's in the dump... which is fine I haven't posted in months...

With that in mind I'm not really sure where I was going with it, the whole dr. tran thing was really just stalling, but it did seem funny and folks seemed interested.

So really there's a few ways I could go at this point, I'd like your input.

-I could just get back to Aalos quest.
-I could get back to Aalos quest and rush back to Vileblood.
-I could do DR TRAN Phantom Blood.
-I have a new idea for a post apocalypse pokemon story... (think fallout, waterworld, madmax, pokemon all smashed together...)

I'll leave you to help me decided.
thank you.
No. 119032 ID: 0d4b79

You come back. You give us this these options! You expect us to choose ONE!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US!!!

But seriously I'd love to get back to Aalos and Vile Blood, I could take or leave DR TRAN, but the Pokepocalypse Idea has my interest so if you do this can you promise you'll come back to Aalos later?
No. 119034 ID: 90f3c0

I'd prefer to get back to Aalos. While DR TRAN Phantom Blood does sound amusing, it would probably be better as a brief summary than a whole protracted side story.
No. 119036 ID: 3740b1

Agreed that getting back to Aalos fast is best (and for me, then quickly back to Pathfinder). A quick synopsis of the movie is sufficient. I think you need to table the Pokémon thing until you actually finish a narrative. I think the satisfaction of finishing something you've created might help lift your spirits. It's a very satisfying feeling. Don't know where you're going? Outline a story in very broad strokes and let suggestions fill in details.
No. 119053 ID: 094652

Aalos quest, with a return to Kelda's side-story. Try to build and design some new material for Vilebloods as we play pathfinder, and don't be afraid to get merciless for the pathfinder campaign for the sake of Vilebloods material.
No. 119128 ID: 0a4dab

Alrighty then I summarize the movie for comedic effect and get back on track.

I figure I’ll start a new thread since the last one is the graveyard and I’d rather not bother anyone to dig it out...

Maybe shuffle it into the completed threads at a later date?
No. 119144 ID: 3bdd52

well great my tablet broke... might be a little bit before I can get back to drawing...
No. 120448 ID: be0b68

Aaa, it's back! Can't get enough of your quests.
Are the priestesses a tanuki and kappa?
No. 120479 ID: 1945b2

yup thats right
No. 120717 ID: 600f38

You doing ok, BH? It's been a week.
No. 120798 ID: 1945b2

Computer died... might be a while...
No. 120841 ID: 1945b2

Using my roommates computer to draw... new set up feels weird...
No. 120843 ID: be0b68

Hopefully It'll be a temporary thing, is your PC 'dead' dead or 'waiting on random PC part to arrive' dead?
Either way, I hope it turns out okay for you.

As for the update, is Hwan okay? She seems a little sad.
No. 120851 ID: 600f38

We have tech support.
Can you describe the problem you're having with your system?
No. 120897 ID: 1945b2

oh sure sure, It`s an aurora R3, since I`ve got it, the thing crashes when ever it reboots, the windows logo appears and little dots spin to indicate that its loading, and they stop, the device crashes.

it opens just fine once fully off, but if it restarts it crashes.

recently windows required a major update, and the update needs to reboot multiple times during the update, when it inevitably crashes it states that "the update has failed and it must restore to a previous version"... this one time it couldn't, nor could it finish the update...

it starts, tries to restore to a previous version, then crashes and shuts off with a click.

I`ve tried reformatting from the install disk, but it says, "unexpected error has occurred" and shuts off with a click.

I'm not a tech wiz, I hope this helps? anywho... my boyfriend and I have been talking about getting a new computer for a while and this kinda stoked the flames...
No. 121036 ID: 600f38

Sounds like a bad stick of RAM.
No. 121053 ID: 1945b2

Tried replacing my 4 2gig sticks with a 4 gig but no difference is spotted.
No. 121057 ID: 05ff2f

It's been crashing on restart ever since you got it? Did you get it new or used? Generally when strange behavior like this happens I suspect a flaky power supply, but usually one wouldn't last years without dying and maybe killing the system in the process. Still wouldn't hurt to get a known good power supply to plug in to test.

Did it include a Windows install disc or just a reinstall disc or drive partition? What version of Windows is it running? Windows 7, 8, 10 or other? A cursory search regarding Alienware Aurora R3s and crashing on restart turned up issues regarding its USB 3.0 controller not having the correct drivers included with the Windows installer past Windows 7. If you're still on the Windows 7 that was included with the Aurora R3, then this shouldn't be cause of the crashes.

Also, Alienware systems are overpriced ugly rubbish. Just looking at this model with the cover off I see a airflow nightmare. And single-fan all-in-one water cooling loops like the one on the processor in this model are stupid and wasteful. You're supposed to go water cooling 'cause you can't fit as many fans and as much heatsink directly on the processor as you need. A water cooler that small just presents the risk of leaks with no benefit. ...Sorry, I have Opinions about this.

If you decide to get a new system, please don't go prebuilt. Prebuilts are more expensive and lower quality. Find someone who can assemble a PC for you from quality parts chosen to match your needs. It's also not that tough to do it yourself. PCpartpicker.com has build guides for different price/performance points you can check out.

Put all four original RAM sticks back in and download MemTest86+ and put it on a bootable USB memory stick. There's a Windows based installer that make one here: www.memtest.org/#downiso Boot it and run it overnight and if there's bad memory it'll show up.
No. 121092 ID: 600f38

If he's tried swapping memory, then I'm thinking something fucky is going on with the BIOS settings. Timings might be set too tight.
No. 121095 ID: 05ff2f

So try underclocking the system and see if that helps with the crashing?
No. 121102 ID: 006e5c

Bad RAM would result in blue screens, not problems with booting.
I also don't think it's a power supply because in that case you'd never reach Windows.
It's got nothing to do with BIOS, because it worked fine before.

Here's a question. Did you try booting into windows safe mode? If you can do that, then it would be possible to try some things there.

>I`ve tried reformatting from the install disk
So you have Windows Install CD? Can you access repair utilities there?
No. 121115 ID: 600f38

"since I`ve got it, the thing crashes when ever it reboots, the windows logo appears and little dots spin to indicate that its loading, and they stop, the device crashes."

So it's not a new problem.
No. 121117 ID: 006e5c

It worked fine as in, it was possible to boot normally as long as it was done after a shutdown and not a restart. Crashing on restart isn't really a problem right now. That's a separate issue which can be fixed later.

The immediate problem is that the update rollback is failing, preventing access to the OS. This could be for several reasons. Probably system files or registry corruption. Or a bad sector on the hard drive. Certainly not due to faulty RAM or PSU.
No. 121122 ID: 600f38

Actually, no. That's normal behavior for Windows 10 and Server 2016.
Every update install is a roll of the dice.

This is a consequence of Microsoft firing its QA team, and I wish I were joking.
No. 121245 ID: 1945b2

I tried booting into safe mode, it just crashes outright.
I can’t access the repair utilities from the OS install disk
No. 121254 ID: 006e5c

Very strange. You're using Windows 7, right? I'm assuming that you also tried the "Repair Your Computer" option from the Advanced Boot Options before Windows starts.
In this case, I'd recommend trying another boot repair utility, for instance, by creating a System Repair Disc on a USB stick and booting from it.

Here's a really long and annoying (but very comprehensive) article about repairing windows startup; how to access Advanced Boot Options, creating repair discs, and what to do thereafter:
No. 121961 ID: c9ff79

just thought of a parts combination that might be fun to play with in future. get induction-based power transfer plates installed in aalos' hands and cheeks, and NFC transmitters in his neck. that way he can pop his head off easily without running into power or control problems. would be handy if he ever had multiple bodies. or a partner with wierd kinks.
No. 123187 ID: 2202fb

Try chkdsk or sfc scannow if you can get into safe mode and/or access the command prompt. If not, I would suggest connecting the hard drive to another computer and defragging it if possible. If not (or you are just feeling lazy/impatient) download the install disk for your version of windows onto another computer and using the easily accessible instructions, format a spare usb flash drive into a boot disk. Plug said drive into your pc and use the bios to boot off of the thumb drive. It should then allow you to scan your computer's hard drive and repair/reinstall files as needed.

chkdsk: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee872425.aspx

sfc scannow: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929833/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system
No. 123225 ID: 2202fb

So from what I gathered, Eadoo Quest was abandoned because you(BH) thought it turned into a porn quest and you didn't want to do that. (Personally, I think that it had more than enough plot to resuscitate and revamp, but that is neither here nor there) This seems kind of odd seeing what TSTS is/become. Is this unintentional or did you just decide fuck it (so to speak) and just go for it? I personally dont care whether it is a porn quest or not, I am just curious.
No. 123309 ID: 3740b1

My personal opinion is that both Broken and most of his constant readers actually prefer heavy doses of lewds/porn. However, thanks to a few persistently loudmouthed trolls telling him his quests are ruined by the porn and fetishy stuff, he shies away from it... but the truth is he likes writing and drawing it and he's good at it. For me, a BH/Flynn quest without some weirdass pervo characters just wouldn't be the same. You don't become a Stephen King fan if you hate horror. Personally I wish we'd see more.
No. 123314 ID: a62780

That's annoying if true, I loved Eadoo.
If it's BH himself just not happy with how it was going that's cool. Sometimes you just lose steam and enthusiasm for a story, it happens, sad as that is.
But people going out of their way to ruin a quest just because it doesn't conform to their own rules is infuriating. Especially since I think one of BH's best powers was knowing how to balance porn material with adventure and drama.

None of this is to detract from TSTS, it's got that same magic as Eadoo's did and I like the characters and two-stories thing going on, that was just news to me.
No. 123345 ID: 3740b1

Well that's just my perspective, but I was there from start to finish. I think BH also did feel like he'd lost the thread a little on Eadoo but his detractors probably didn't help him feel good about the quest. There was a lot of blowback on his quests early on when there was a larger population of typical chan people on this board who couldn't pass up a chance to troll a quest with "furry" "dickgirl" "porn". I think things are much more mellowed and accepting around here these days.
No. 123627 ID: 1945b2

Hey I’m back, I have my own computer again and I won’t have to borrow a laptop to get things done~
No. 123628 ID: a62780

\o/ huzzah
No. 123630 ID: 3740b1

Sweet, looking forward to updates.
No. 125789 ID: 900f15
File 153854165963.png - (2.41MB , 1721x1728 , profile.png )

hey, anyone who still cares about me...

at this point I've really come to terms with things... As much as I love this community, though I am particularly antisocial, and I truly enjoyed the time spent on this site making stories, I've finally come to terms with the fact that this medium, just isn't for me... I love to draw, but my motivation and output just isn't enough for /quest, and the way I tell stories doesn't lend well to this kind of medium...

Frankly I think I've hung up the coat a long time ago, it just took me this long to admit it... so I'll lay it to rest officially... I'm finished writing quests for now, and should I return I doubt it would be more than a one off/short quest...

I've had many good followers over the years. and to any of you who are still here after all this, I'd like to offer an internet high five~

>High fives all around

this of course isn't the end of my stories, just the end of it here... anyone wanting to see more of my crazy nonsense you can find me on www.twitch.tv/paladinfisher I try to draw on there and play games when I have time. I'll probably make a thread where I post my doodles, here on /draw...

>Also! and this is important... If you want Flynn stories, Straight From The Mothers Tit! I'm making a D&D podscast, starting literally next week! (as of the submission of this post)<

My podcast is called "Roll+coffee" and I'm writing a Pokemon game called "Light over Sinnoh"

I'll be streaming the games on twitch and posting them afterwards on youtube
Though since someone far more popular took my handle... I might make a new channel... who knows... things are gonna get hectic for me...

Anywho... this is pretty tough for me, but I'm glad I'm doing it... thanks for any and all support and it would help me a lot of you checked out my channels... I hope to see you guys around... bye bye for now...

~Flynn Merk

>_ _ _
No. 125792 ID: 094652

You will be missed.

>High Five
Hell yes.
No. 125794 ID: 864e49
File 153854492511.gif - (372.45KB , 300x167 , 134566899445.gif )

Your art was beautiful, your stories unique, your characters lovable and your lewds exquisite.
You will be remembered and you will be missed
Go well my friend, go well.
No. 125796 ID: 1851b6

No. 125798 ID: e3e99e


Any chance of you continuing this latest quest as a webcomic or something?
No. 125802 ID: 93f082

Will there be more Trixy?
No. 125803 ID: 3740b1

Dang, that's a shame. You going to have time for any commissions?
No. 125804 ID: 3740b1

Dang, that's a shame. You going to have time for any commissions?
No. 125806 ID: a62780

Aww, you and your quests here will be missed, but you need to do what's best for you.

Good luck in your other ventures!

>how about quests as webcomic
would that even work?
No. 125809 ID: 4854ef

Like Prequel does it I suppose.
No. 125814 ID: eeb7d9

God damn it... now i am sad... Oh well, if this is the best for you, then go forward, you perverted devil you! And good luck in all your future endeavors!
No. 126016 ID: 900f15
File 153947884787.jpg - (619.30KB , 3000x3000 , starters.jpg )

hey guys, just a little follow up here~

Thank you all so much, I honestly didn't think this many people cared and really liked my work. it makes me wish things worked out better...

I'd like to make a webcomic at some point but im not sure how or when I'll be able to. I might need help with it if it ever ends up happening.

I might have time to take commissions, but I've been very preoccupied with the podcast lately. Soon I'll be back to my Tuesdays drawing sessions on twitch around 2pm, I'm always looking for new material and I take suggestions... but I'll keep it tame on twitch...

that being said the first episode is tomorrow, sunday the 14th around 6:00 6:30 Pm... Arceus Willing... on my twitch Chanel Twitch.tv/paladinfisher

With all the shilling out of the way...

I'd just like to say again, that writing stories on this site was some of the better times of my rather bleak life, and I'm happy about every post, even the really lousy early ones... thank you all for such a great ride~
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