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File 145207613786.png - (16.37KB , 640x480 , quests_concepts_title.png )
96871 No. 96871 ID: 7ae8e1

Given the surge of interest in it, let's get started talking about all those quests that never made it past the drawing board for whatever reason or elements of quests that didn't make it into the final product.

Here's the crotches that never were that got it started:

Expand all images
No. 96872 ID: 7ae8e1
File 145207631210.png - (29.58KB , 800x480 , vapour_for_brains.png )

From my own vault of half formed ideas, first up is Questroid.

The elevator pitch for this is 'Metroid meets X-COM'. Specifically, commanding a rag-tag band of Space Pirates in an obsolete frigate fleeing the calamity of their latest exploding base. Even more specifically, playing as a branch of the infamous Science Team.

The big gimmick of the quest is doing science to research better guns and mutant super pirates, then sending the prototypes off on missions. I originally considered allowing the suggesters to command the missions a well, but that seemed it would slow things down too much. Instead they'd get after-action reports on what worked and what didn't. Because Science Team is... special, they get more research points for failed experiments, so you're encouraged to pursue some absolutely insane lines of research in order to build up points for making sure the practical stuff works.

The trick was going to lie in balancing the collateral damage with the resources you had coming in from missions. This was unusually mechanics heavy for me and I hadn't really pinned down the details. A research turn needed to be short enough to give a good update speed but have enough steps to capture that mad science feeling of 'Aaaaah it's not working! Give it more power!' Not to mention how to handle the human (lizard-bug) resources side of things. Giving everyone names would turn it into spreadsheet quest, but it's nice to have a few recurring personalties. A heavily restricted squad size didn't feel right for this since pirates should have high turnover and customising lead scientists for Science Team felt like it might get too complicated.

It was in danger of getting bogged down in minutia and it was a very open ended quest with no definite end point so it didn't make it far past the doodles phase. I tend to doodle in greyscale before settling on a palette. I didn't have much success getting the hang of their look. The research assistant Mother Brain knock-off came out looking pretty cute though.
No. 96873 ID: 7ae8e1
File 145207655811.png - (15.40KB , 640x480 , how_are_snakes_made.png )

Second is Serpent Spirit.

This was going to be about playing as a snake that has become a minor god by living long enough and so it is slithering around having adventures to cultivate its divinity. Basically a very small scale god game with heavy shades of Okami. The snake might do favours for the villagers to encourage them to worship it like dealing with the toad squatting in a dried up well, offering them rare, magical herbs from its hiding hole or try other methods like eating the eggs of that thunderbird that keeps trying trying to eat it. The snake would have the option of doing other things like hunting mice for dinner and to predict the future by watching their motions.

The snake considers the suggesters its 'wisdom' and steadily develops miraculous abilities as it goes. Writing-wise, there's a bit of back and forth chat between the snake and the suggesters. I wasn't sure whether to lock in its personality as things went or keep offering a very wide range of solutions to problems, some of which are much more morally upstanding than others. It was essential that it feel confident but also a bit dopey because, well, it wasn't that long ago that it was just a snake.

This felt like it needed a different art style and unfortunately getting an expressive snake was giving me trouble. It also had no clear progression so it didn't get much further in the planning phase. I wanted to research a few areas that had animistic religions to get some ideas to go off but that was more difficult than I expected.
No. 96874 ID: 7ae8e1
File 145207677221.png - (30.65KB , 560x640 , eyeshadow_means_evil.png )

Lastly for now is You Are The Villain In This Story.

Because Earth Defense Force was neat and Gnome is gone, probably forever, I wanted to make a story about an unwilling supervillain.

The main character avoids dying due to a series of events resulting in a ridiculous costume. I had an earlier concept drawing that was more of a witch but then I decided to try MAXIMUM ANIME. I hope I succeeded. Unfortunately this person is now constantly attacked by superheroes convinced she is a maniacal supervillain bent on world domination.

To power up, it's necessary to showboat in front of a crowd. The more emotions that are harvested this way, the longer she can go under the radar. The problem is the more successful she is, the bigger a threat she's considered and getting beaten up sucks.

Again, this has the misfortune of being an incredibly open ended quest and it might be hard to keep every superhero unwilling to talk because we all know tgchan loves talking. The other problem is I'm not how well the joke can stretch. It felt like it needs extra incentives to be committing acts of cartoonish supervillainy. I didn't want to give her much in the way of a support organisation, though perhaps a really pushy 'League of Villainy' would be the way to go.

Keeping them relatively unpowered seemed like it might be interesting, but there was something to be said in a completely unwanted exponential power gain as well.
No. 96875 ID: d4e1e3

Even though I haven't authored a quest yet, I have a few ideas that turned out to be impractical due to focusing in the wrong areas.
My earliest idea for a quest was based in the Total Annihilation universe, after the events of the CORE CONTINGENCY Campaign, the player character was to be a damaged ARM commander that escaped the galactic collapse device's area of effect.
The goal and main focus was rebuilding the lost ARM civilisation while encountering alien civilisations that developed in the absence of the two colossal militaries that feature in the games. Eventually you would come across information that the CORE are rebuilding nearer to the galactic core and have to contain the threat while dealing with others attempting to exploit and learn from the conflict.
While converting the stats of the Total Mayhem mod's units to a more quest friendly setup was easy enough, trying to figure out plot and and making a focused AI that only exists to crush its enemies interesting was not. The system I planned to use was turn based but rather than the sort seen in Reformation and Iron Hearts it would be scaled to dozens of units and built around more flowing commands and missions.
Predictably the quest title was going to be Four Thousand Years of War. People have done it better on /tg/ and BBS forums, but I am satisfied enough with the framework it laid for future concepts.
No. 96876 ID: 5ad4a7

Okay so, I had two ideas for quests before I realized that I'll never have the gumption to go through with them and I don't really have enough skill in art or game/puzzle design to do them justice anyway.

I only want to talk about one of them here, though, because the other one is really plot-centric and if I said it here, nobody would be able to steal the idea. If anyone's interested in hearing it and maybe running it (I don't think anyone's tried this kind of twist in a quest before), go ahead and ask and I'll contact you on IRC.
So, Time Skip.

It was going to be a puzzle-based quest, where you control a time-traveler/chrononaut/time scientist with a damaged timesuit, crash-landed or drifting in space in a damaged spaceship. The damage to the suit caused his consciousness to be split between four different time periods with environments linked up so that events in one directly affected the others. In essence, the time periods were just different representations of a single true environment that you could not interact with directly at first- the damaged timesuit would not be able to stabilize the MC's consciousness in his native time. Because I am not imaginative, the time periods were going to be stereotypical prehistoric-era with a caveman version of the MC, medieval era with a knight, 20th century with a military soldier, and of course the space-future/present. The goals of the quest would progress past repairing the timesuit's various functions to fixing up the ship you were in and heading back to civilization.

Initially, the chrononaut would only be present in one time period at a time, and have no control over when it switches to another time period. I'm not sure if it would be fun for it to switch every update (which would generally require puzzles to be solved in any era at first) or only switch when it'd be convenient for the plot or puzzles(which would mean I could have the first puzzle's solution cause a switch, explaining that mechanic)... Or how soon to allow suggesters to switch at will. Difficult design choices like that are part of why I abandoned the idea, despite having developed it considerably. Another difficult choice was how to even start the thread. A cutscene introducing each era's version of the MC, with the true era being a garbled mess? Or should it just start off with the caveman and introduce each era with every "timeskip"? Is the ship crash-landed or is it adrift in space? Is the MC trapped in a room or floating outside an airlock? What caused the damage to the ship and the timesuit? I liked the idea of "Timelock" technology that would disable time travel in a large area, which would allow for piracy of timetravel ships.

I did have some mechanics nailed down. The caveman would be strong, the knight would be immune to damage, the soldier would have a rifle, and the repaired timesuit would have all three, as it would be revealed that the timesuit has strength augmentation, a forcefield, and a blaster cannon. However, even after you repaired the timesuit, there would still be reason to view the spaceship in the perspective of other time periods. Every object or obstacle in the ship has a parallel representation, which could be interacted with differently in each era. A leg of meat to feed the hungry caveman would be the holy grail to bring youth to the old knight would be a medkit to heal the soldier's head injury would be a battery or something to repair part of the timesuit. Cooking the leg of meat would be the same as filling the holy grail with water, refilling the medkit with supplies(or opening it? is it locked or sealed or what), or recharging the battery, even if it was impossible to do so in one or more of the other time periods. Perhaps some items could be unique to one time period, but once picked up could be taken into other time periods, where they would morph into a new, more-appropriate item? Maybe fully repairing the suit would let you view time periods with the "wrong" character, letting you bring in the caveman to the medieval period where you needed raw strength for a task. Bringing the full timesuit into any era would be boring though, so that would be disallowed, at least until endgame. I also had the idea of the structure of a time period changing depending on what the current goal was. Like, certain objectives would end at dead ends, but in reality that's at a corridor or intersection in the ship, so you have to decide on a new objective and so the view would rotate to a new perspective to allow progress to a new part of the ship.

Anyway, I don't have the drive to go through with it and plan out all the puzzles and environments alongside figuring out how to not suck at drawing it. I'm not completely awful at art (I mean, I can draw past stick figure level) but my cheapass tablet('s pen?) broke and I don't draw enough to justify buying a new one. So it'd have to be mouse-drawn, which would take forever to look passable. Also, I play videogames a lot.
No. 96880 ID: 64f631

The Pit.
Set in very bleak medieval/victorian setting, nameless orphan tries to save his twin sister from dark demonic entity.

-I took some elements of it and overall setting for quest wich might become real someday. Still i think this might become a small sidequest set within it.

Another Quest.
Originally intended as a sidequest to adventures of John. Nero is on a quest to find entity known as "MOTHER" ventures deep into broken down science facility. Eventually his path is crossed with Ben, survived security officer. Constantly at each other throat they forced to work together to uncover secrets behind nature of "MOTHER" and fend off it's twisted creations.

-Did a lot monster concepts for this one. Eventually lost interest in it.

SWUT Quest.
You are in command of a five-man special weapons and tactics team, called in to resolve problems with guns and flashbangs. You will face a vast array of criminals, terrorists, kobolds and wizards.
Missions wich your character and his/her team would take on could vary from taking down a meth lab run by kobolds, to saving a soon to be sacrifice hostage princess from a tower of demons.

-I'm very bad with comedy. Thought of f**king it up was too much for me. So if anyone like this idea feel free to make quest based on it.

Poppycock Quest
-Yeah i consider this to be a quest that almost happened. Originally intended as murder mystery quest. Set in interdimensional city called Vice-Versa (think kinda like Sigil - City of Doors). Wanted to use this setting as way to implements all ideas and characters wich never fit anywhere else.
No. 96884 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey what if the "heroes" aren't people? They could be security robots, triggered by the terror of the civilians you're getting the emotion-based boost from. Thus, the more terror you generate the more/bigger robots are sent against you.

As a bonus, maybe you gain more power from salvaging robot parts? Or their power cores/batteries/whatever?
No. 96886 ID: 2f4b71

>a really pushy 'League of Villainy'
Union of Super Villains demanding unpaid dues/attempting to bust a 'scab' during a Villain strike (why all the Heroes are so set on fighting with no discourse: only independent villain in town).
No. 96887 ID: 54d6e0

Of the first three, this one seems like it's the closest to working as a real quest.

One obvious fix is to implement something that makes it so trying to reach an accord with heros isn't an option. Say, heros aren't anonymous vigilantes with secret identities, but registered and licensed law enforcement. As such, there's no getting around the fact you have to face trial and be held accountable for your actions, and they'll be held accountable if they let you off.

(But obviously we can't, if we surrendered and went to jail / took off our suit, we'd be dead before we ever got out).

You could also flip it. The police / heros want to talk the crazy person down without property damage, and try to reach out all the time to the point we're sick of it (and trying to explain ourselves and no one getting it). And there are always tempting, easier, flashy solutions available and more appealing than listening to a speech from a police negotiator.

There's also giving us something to prove / do so we're not willing to stand down. I think as we proved in nanogoo, we're more than willing to be less than goodey two shoes about stuff if it's fun enough. And suggestors are usually willing to go along with a character. If the protag says "this is what I want" quest will usually work to try and get them that more than they'll try to talk them into something better. (Although it depends how it's presented).
No. 96888 ID: fd8fad
File 145213745502.png - (400.20KB , 1024x980 , kjfdhsf.png )

Some sort of quest with a tozol baby

This is about as far as I got with the idea where you are a tozol baby that grows up alone in a bunker or something. I didn't really have any good plot to go with this to make it something interesting.

I got a lot of other quest ideas but most never make it to the tablet.
No. 96889 ID: fd8fad
File 145213808646.png - (362.80KB , 1024x1024 , trapquest.png )

Trap Quest
Basically you are vinetits and suddenly there's a portal or something in which i assume people will say go in it and you end up in a dungeon sort of thing where you have to get to the other side. The trick is that every time someone gives a wrong suggestion she dies but you have to figure out how and why as a new vinetits will eventually wander in to take her place. She remembers everything save for about a few seconds of whenever she encounters pain due to every one of them having their memories synchronized. I decided against it because I think it would have just weirded everyone out and also generally a weak plot.
No. 96891 ID: 1f8505
File 145214232689.jpg - (131.60KB , 1024x768 , a_lazy_gumshoe_by_vidgamer123.jpg )

A long time ago, I had an idea called Gumshoe Quest that took place in a fictional dieselpunk world akin to the post-WWI era. It was going to star a hardboiled detective who solved mysteries and went on quests to find exotic artifacts, and made love to beautiful women. He would carry two revolvers; one a standard Police Revolver, and a badass Dan Wesson-style break action high caliber revolver for when the shit hit the fan. Eventually he would get sucked into a war between a fictional Britain/American nation and a fictional Nazi Germany/Facist Italy country and all sorts of crazy shit would happen. Also there's airplanes and zeppelins and flying ships a la Skies of Arcadia. And explosions! Lots of explosions!

The problem would be drawing all those crazy stylized vehicles and buildings in the style of the time. If I had known how to 3D model those, it might have worked, but it just kind of fizzled out. I also like the June Quest setting a little more.
No. 96892 ID: 67d5dc

I've had plenty of ideas I can't be bothered to really flesh out. Since I fell into the trap of 'suggestions will write things for me!' with Notquest, I've been leery about starting a new one without a plot bible of some kind.

One setting I'm playing with, which I have sworn not to try until I finish a chapter of something else:

We're at a fancy dress party of sorts. People get to pick from one a few mysteriously named factions, basically religion/servants/nobles/secret vampires.
Spend a couple updates chatting around, then the vampire sire's brand new gifted-at-this-event pocket watch explodes and drives a stake into his/her heart, dusting him. Chaos reigns, and... who knows?

I might run it as a DnD game at some point.
No. 96893 ID: 0bb612

This reminds me a bit of the video game "They Bleed Pixels"...
No. 96894 ID: 82b16d

Sheeit, there's plenty. Either they're WIP, or just failed tries at questing, here or on 4chan's /tg/.

Nightstalker Quest
I once ran this on /tg/, but died due to lack of commitment on both sides. Doesn't help that IP blocks and dynamic IP shenanigans on 4chan forced me to ground my questing for a long time.
Basically the MC is a human who can switch to this nightmare realm, and in that realm they are the boogeyman. The Nightstalkers are the boogeymen who keeps sleeping ordinary humans out of the realm by scaring them to wakefulness, since too much exposure to the realm will warp normal humans. There were also Mages, humans with the spark of magic in them, who walk the same nightmare realm to either hunt abominations (including Nightstalkers), or to seek lost knowledge. This idea is now free to a good mind, who can develop and/or remix it further.

The Wall Quest
This one went well, but I got stumped at the end. Based on this thread http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/1034444 , you play as a soldier stationed on the Wall, and over time creepy shit starts happening. Feel free to take it and run.

Epsilon Drive
A WIP skirmish quest that had some playtest rounds happen on /tg/. Basic ground combat seems solid enough, just needs to test space combat and add more asset. The story is that in the future, the solar system is split between three factions: The Aquila Union, the Triumvirate, and the Cayman Pirates. The Aquila Union and the Triumvirate are the result of the cold war going hot and into space; Aquila being the democratic West and their allies, while the Triumvirate is the USSR and their allies that got booted from Earth and to Mars. The Caymans are those who are dispossessed during the war, and those who seek to profit by raiding both the Aquila and Triumvirate. Unbeknownst to the three human factions, a new threat is looming from way outta the Oort clouds...
Basically players can choose a side, and play as that side for the duration of the story arc. They then can choose a new side when a new story arc begins, and see how things unfold from the other side's perspective.
Since this is still a WIP, you can only take the basic idea, but not the crunch or exact fluff, please!
No. 96897 ID: 5ad4a7

It took me fucking forever but I finally realized the twist in my second idea for a quest is basically just a rehash of a well-known twist. Welp. Okay, so here it is I guess:

Curse of Flesh

I came up with the idea for this one while in a rather bad state of mind, thinking that tgchan needed to suffer through a truly depressing quest. Then Unnatural Selection happened, among other quests, so I don't feel that urge very strongly anymore. The basic concept is "cute things go on a quest to cure a terrible flesh-warping curse that kills them slowly". You start in a village near a wizard who due to a magical experiment gone wrong has unleashed the curse upon the surrounding countryside. The wizard demands tribute before they'll go through the trouble of cleaning up their mess. The MC is immune to the curse and thus leads an expedition to go either find suitable tribute, get help curing the curse, or find a way to kill the wizard.

After that, it's mostly open world but with a pressing time limit, as while the MC is immune to the curse, the rest of the party is slowly dying. Along the expedition, you tend to run into shambling beasts, caused by the curse warping the local fauna or those that fell to the curse but didn't fully die. I had a few moral dilemmas planned out, but it occurs to me those situations would also feel very much like a rip-off of The Walking Dead. Not sure if I developed the idea that far before those games came out.

Then there's the twist. The suggesters don't control the MC directly. Instead, they speak through the MC's wife and give suggestions for how to lead the group/fight battles/etc that way. The whole quest is in second person to help cement the idea. Except, that's not the truth. The MC's wife is dead, and you're his delusions of her still being alive with him. I would've put some hints here and there that this is the case, for instance the quest starts with the MC planting flowers in his backyard(it's actually her grave), and there would potentially be little continuity errors as well. If the suggesters figure this out they can confront the MC about it, and he'll come to finally accept it. Then the quest switches to first person, and the MC is revealed to have been using all of the equipment that the dead wife was supposedly using to fight alongside him in the journey, and has been pulling double duty in combat. If they *don't* figure this out, the MC will fuck up the ending by trying to prioritize bringing his wife back from the dead instead of curing the curse in general. So, bad end.

So yeah, the twist is basically Fight Club. Whoops. Not sure why it took me several years to realize that? I guess I was just hung up on the novelty of it being obscured by literary perspective.
No. 96898 ID: cf91e4

If done subtly it could have been a good twist. Mix of fight club and the sixth sense. Not sure how well it would go with nobody interacting with the wife though. Tg chan loves its team building exercises and would try to get everyone chatting/interacting.
No. 96899 ID: cf91e4

Neat setting for a quest anyways. Slowly corrupting world/cast is an interesting idea.
No. 96904 ID: a22f87

you could just have it that some scavenger type who stumbles across a tozol derelict ship strips it of what's left with plans to pawn it all only to find that one of the things he scraped was a tozol stasis pod with a baby tozol in it. That way you could have it take place in the point of view of the tozol exploring his new surroundings, the scavenger trying to figure out what the hell he picked up and what to do with it, or you could even have it switch between the two. Still should give it the feel of what you originally thought but add some posable daww moments plus a drive to keep things moving.

Just my 2 cents on it anyways.
No. 96905 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah I thought about that a bit too. Basically, the MC and wife would stick together like glue and thus any social interaction would just be the MC speaking the suggestions for dialogue, even though from /quest/'s perspective, both of them would be saying things. Perhaps the wife would start out saying things via suggestions and the MC would often hog the follow-up dialogue. Or maybe the MC would be off to the side or background ala Fight Club role-switching. You're right in that there would be some indications that other party members didn't take notice of the wife, though.

In situations where the wife talks directly to the MC, I figure either it's an internal conversation, or if the MC is on his own he starts talking to his shield or something. Whatever piece of equipment that's associated with the wife. Other party members might approach him afterwards and ask if he's okay. I feel like they would realize he's not in a stable emotional state and try to approach the issue without offending him, and thus they would try to make it look like they're not saying his wife is dead, right? Or the love interest would be the only one to approach him on the matter, making it look like she's trying to steal him away.

But like you said, it'd have to be subtle.
No. 96906 ID: 99a64d

>tgchan needed to suffer through a truly depressing quest
That reminds me of a couple ideas I had back when I first read the "PLEASE STOP STAGE 9" part of unnatural selection. I was thinking that while unnatural selection is depressing it could be even more so, especially considering that no one ever really gets deleted. It would've been like Jigsaw mixed with Deadman Wonderland, just brutal gruesome deaths and betrayals on a massive scale. But then I realized that that would probably just end up being unnatural selection but with more standard /quest/ gameplay. Then I just decided to try to run the edgiest quest possible, making questers ask themselves questions like, "At what point does rape become morally justifiable?" and, "Is it okay to mercy-kill someone if you have no idea whether or not they want to die?" I'll probably actually still run that one once I have the art skill and the free time to do it justice.
No. 96912 ID: dbf021

>edgiest quest possible
I think the problem there is audience skew / selection. Lay it on heavy enough and you'll get the same basic problem as Eadoo Quest where you drive away everyone who isn't really into it. So past a certain point it won't be /quest/ agonizing over edge, it'll be edge catering to edge lovers.
No. 96919 ID: 2f4b71

So, Trap Quest (http://tgchan.org/wiki/Trap_Quest) but with a resurrecting main character?
No. 96924 ID: 99a64d

I mean, Ruby Quest was pretty edgy and it more than succeeded. I feel as though most of /quest/ is not edge adverse, so I could probably get away with it if I managed to get the players to care about the protagonist and then gradually ramped up the edge. I'd also have to be sure to focus on the moral aspects of it rather than edginess for edginess's sake. Heck, worst case scenario edgelords need quests too. Or I could run it as a series of oneshots, meaning suggestors wouldn't have to wade through an entire story's worth of edge to get to the suggesting. Hmmm...
No. 96927 ID: a107fd

Or maybe Hyperion, his own brain rebooted and body regrown in a childlike state, half a world away from Tethys, in the bowels of an entirely different research facility? Good news is the security forces are already broken and scattered, bad news is there's no convenient stockpile of Counter-Suppress, worse news is the larger planetary civilization has gone full Mad Max, possibly after an intervention by the Diplomats. After general exploration and survival, the goal would be to acquire exotic materials and chem lab equipment to get your metabolism running properly again, and then reconstruct what Penji and the Tibur family have been up to, so you can find and meet them. First round of clues would be preapocalyptic public knowledge, but libraries and server farms aren't in good shape anymore.
No. 96938 ID: f56624

>tgchan needs to suffer through a truly depressing quest
>>> http://tgchan.org/wiki/FRACTAL
No. 96940 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah, that was before FRACTAL too.
No. 96944 ID: cf5625
File 145247769946.png - (114.48KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

oxhs quest
also basically all/most of my quests, those count, right?
No. 96952 ID: 5ad4a7

If you started the quest, it made it past the drawing board.
No. 96956 ID: 8a204b
File 145254288413.png - (44.10KB , 640x480 , test.png )

Something something Tozols stranded on a desert planet after a blind hyperjump.

Apparently I had an idea about a Clouseau-esque detective named Professor Hieronymous Hornswoggle. Can't remember it, but it's in the old drawthread so it was a thing.

Then there was Asimov and Arcana which, while technically started, never went past a first thread.

Whee, failed ideas and unused concepts.
No. 96957 ID: 8a204b
File 145254314940.png - (375.60KB , 800x1066 , AlienSharkThingy.png )

Oh right. And something about Dark Templar rip-off Xenosharks.
No. 96969 ID: 3a9db6

I have too many of these to count, especially if you include quests that only went a few updates.
No. 96970 ID: f56624

No. 96989 ID: 4a37f2
File 145263257518.png - (7.84KB , 440x400 , Sunova.png )

>Lucys quest
Something something trapped in a haunted kindergarten with demons, limited revives and limited safe points;
>Oxhs quest
Salamander girl goes out to buy somethings, comes back to be sold to a furry. Shenanigans ensue;
>Space Chicks
Something something help out space lesbians to do something something;
Runaway kid find an alien egg in the trash;
>Which witch
Something something forest witch shenanigans
>Sunovas quest
Tuff pups training academy
No. 97001 ID: 3009b4
File 145265677691.jpg - (117.27KB , 640x720 , Aoife Concept.jpg )

I considered doing a possibly NSFW dating quest using Nem's mom Aoife (pronounced "Effa") back when she was single and going to college a long distance away to get away from her over-protective parents.

Obviously the goal would be to find Aoife's true love and Nem's daddy.
No. 97009 ID: 2eeb65

>back when she was single and going to college
You should a quest about MILF age Aoife
MILFs > college girls
No. 97010 ID: 3009b4

The problem with that is that Nem's family is the happily married type.

Culturally for the North Gaelish it's permissible to have a same-sex lover on the side (just don't rub it in your spouse's face unless they're into it) but basically Nem's family is inappropriate for a single MILF quest. If I did a quest featuring Aofie as a MILF it wouldn't be of the dating variety, and it'd actually mean I wouldn't be able to do it until Nem's Modern Quest was written since the set-up is important.
No. 97034 ID: 01c11d
File 145278369621.png - (16.50KB , 1676x899 , Spaceship.png )

Something something first person puzzle quest inside an abandoned spaceship.
No. 97103 ID: 9928ee
File 145307497037.png - (396.18KB , 1366x768 , JudgementQuests.png )

If someday i manage to get a quest done it would be one of those ideas.
If my english didn't suck so much.

>Bot Quest
In a world after the extinction of every life form, only robots roam the earth. one day a former bodyguard robot finds a human and that single human is the key for the rebirth of the life on the planet, only if they manage to survive long enough.

>Chuthulu Kid
Pretty much the tale of a rivalry between the offspring of chuthulu and satan. funny and dramatic.

A cute and romantic(forbidden love?)quest in the style of the romanticar series from reaver, almost like a tribute.

>Dead Babel
A quest that tells the story of characters in the graveyard section of this site, and their hopes to get to the land of the living
the triumphant return of my first character, the babel raider! now aptly named, Babel Bum.
No. 97120 ID: a788b7
File 145314025770.png - (164.48KB , 800x800 , Kayfabe001.png )


Pro Wrestling Quest. Pretty much a 'nuff said' sort of thing right there.

Would have featured character creation for a brand new wrestler making his debut for a big opportunity and polls to create extra wrestlers to populate the roster.
No. 97698 ID: b904a2
File 145487099740.jpg - (70.49KB , 1000x510 , OlatheQuest.jpg )

Something something Looking for Joy in Olathe (inspired by Lisa the painful RPG)
No. 97699 ID: b904a2
File 145487107399.jpg - (49.92KB , 600x600 , Taleofaoriginalwestern.jpg )

Something something "Tale of a original western story" featuring Patric Rob Tagonist

No. 97700 ID: 5ad4a7

This goddamn music. Hahaha
No. 97704 ID: 3a9db6
File 145487476473.png - (10.74KB , 500x500 , 1.png )

Briefly run on 4chan's /mlp/. They were comically unamused by my irreverent quest. Ponies are very serious business.
No. 97705 ID: 5ea852

Love and tolerance indeed.
No. 97706 ID: 02422f

>Bacon hair
Oh my god I can't stop laughing.
No. 97793 ID: 244bc1
File 145517008412.png - (15.66KB , 709x449 , Bumpy.png )

I've got several quest ideas, but most of them I left because I felt that it'd be too much for me to work on. One of these was called "Make you hate me". Forgot what it was supposed to be like, but I remember that the character was supposed to be an unlikable jerk at least.
No. 97804 ID: 15a025

Is this what hall evolved into? This really looks like something that could be in hall.
No. 97818 ID: 244bc1


As far as I can remember, no. Though, now that I've peeked back into its notepad file, I can tell you that it was the basis for the interactions between audience and protagonist seen in HALL at least. (Added, this popped up before HALL did, and it's existence on the drawing board came almost 2 weeks after AvatarPace started)
No. 97865 ID: 0eaeaf

I was going to do an ADVENT Trooper Quest, but I realized how much drawing was going to be involved and quit.
No. 98043 ID: eaf326
File 145628074391.jpg - (109.73KB , 600x600 , generic_foightan_quest.jpg )

Sometimes, people ask me what would happen if tozols fought some guys. Sometimes, part of me thinks too hard about it, and imagines it as a quest.

When I was young and stupid and gave more fucks, I sometimes argued on the internet about what fictional property might beat up what other fictional property. This was dumb, frustrating, and unsatisfying, but I did it anyway because some of the scenarios were fun to imagine.

This would be like that, I guess. Play some tozols in a scenario against some other fictional guys. Kind of like Battle Quest, but with a clear protagonist vs antagonist team. Also, presumably against non-tgchan dudes, so we don't need to feel bad about winning. :V

The lizards in this picture aren't anyone in particular. I guess I was thinking of posleen? Those were Earth-invading fight-aliens from some not-very-good books I read in high school. The body type is wrong, though, and the blood is the wrong color.

Someone actually did ask me about tozols vs posleen, one time. That seemed kind of fun, because the posleen had weird limitations but attacked in stupidly large numbers. Tozols could kill buckets of them and still lose, so it would be necessary to do clever things.

The tactical interplay between various factions could make for interesting gameplay, and other worlds might make for fun story opportunities. However, I'd ultimately be writing about my fictional creatures beating up some other person's fictional creatures, in fanfic form, without their permission. Battle Quest had author cooperation, but this would just be a wanky bash-fic with pictures.

Like, maybe I could run it on Spacebattles or Sufficient Velocity, where 95% of quests are garbage fanfiction, but it would still feel lame.
No. 98044 ID: 54af1f


Do a quest about a team of Tozol having tactical espionage action against some antagonist force of your own creation obviously
No. 98045 ID: bb78f2

The easiest solution to avoiding fanfiction is simple.
Two differently made races from the same author, BOOM, problem solved.
Or just make it Tozol Vs. Tozol.
No. 98046 ID: 02422f

Put the burden on quest to make the baddies cool. Quest has to come up with interesting and challenging canon fodder to throw at the tozols. Points are awarded based on how much fun the tozol has killing them.

If you fail to keep the tozol entertained, it kills you and leaves. Quest over.
No. 98050 ID: 8340ec

We don't need another quest about how mary sue op they are.
No. 98057 ID: a107fd

Maybe something that turns the innate tozol immunity to exotic bullshit into a disadvantage? For example, teleportals or hardlight bridges which they can't help but disrupt by proximity, giving non-tozols a mobility advantage.
No. 98078 ID: 99a64d

If you aren't ready to accept some level of sueness then you shouldn't be reading a quest about Tozols.

If you don't feel like writing "my dad could beat up your dad; the quest", then you could try mashing up two different fictional species. The resulting thing would count as your own original creation, and the suggestors wouldn't know what to expect, upping the challenge.
No. 98119 ID: a22f87

Well how about instead of tozols vs whatever you could do a short quest or quests where we play one of the races in the tozol universe and we are given a set amount of time, information, and resources and then have to us that time to either fortify our defensives to survive the upcoming attack or build up our attack force to beat down the enemies defensives.

Like you could play as humans stuck on a space station who have 30 days to beef up the station before pirates attack it, or play a group of Valcien who are preparing to attack a carven that they learned will be passing through there territory for reasons.

Just have each chapter be about a different group of people and races and it would let you flesh out some of the other races that were never touched on in tozol quest other then in passing as well as showing us small little snippets of the larger world without having to make another epic quest.
No. 98140 ID: 3009b4

An idea that came up recently was the concept of a TGChan Sims Quest where I create TGChan users in The Sims 2 (with whatever expansions I can find that doesn't require touching Origin).

The Quest would start in University. Each user will be recreated as best I can using whatever photo was created in General, along with 1 quest character of the opposite gender. Quest Character & creator are always put in different dorms.

For "Suggestions" players give Sims missions which I will try to execute as best I can. Then I update with screenshots.

What does everyone think?
No. 98186 ID: e80e22

There's always the diplomat grudgematch. Given their size, power, techbase and diplomatic contacts, they're on par on the bullshit to fight measurements.

Alternately, take them into a situation where smashing everything isn't an option nearly so much - maybe try and maneuver a break between Humanity and Diplomat?
No. 98187 ID: e80e22

Alternate idea: you're the poor bastard who has to stop some on the rampage.
No. 98189 ID: e80e22

Or a quest where you have two characters, like Mitzi specializing in anything that reuires talking or passing as human, while Penji is a beatstick that needs to hide most of the time lest she be dragged down by numbers?
No. 98199 ID: 15fae4

CASH GRAB was a quest me and my friend Dallas were going to run, and still might, at some future point in time. It was about a wannabe heister named Claws, and revolved around organizing a team of criminals, pulling off XXXtreme heists, and climbing the ranks.

The prototype opening posts went something like "Today's the day! After 2 years of holding up liquor stores and spotting for other jobs, you've finally made it - an invitation to CRIMINAL.ORG, a secret network of hardcore criminals organizing heists, hits, massive drug deals and other large-scale federal offences. You, personally, are interested in the first. You've always wanted to be rich, but you weren't talented or sociopathic enough for any other method of making a lot of money, so you decided to go into heisting.

You, of course, are "Claws", a nickname earned by an embarassing incident that you've carried proudly throughout your career. Criminals tend to avoid names. You are 23 years old, Caucasian, of above-average build and fitness. You have enough experience with firearms and fighting that you could be considered competent, and you consider yourself damn well smart enough to plan a couple lousy heists.

For a heist, you need two things. The easy part is picking a location and figuring out exactly what to do down to the last detail without getting caught.

The hard part is finding a crew, and since you're a beginner, you'll only be able to get in contact with fellow low-tiers. Fuckups, rookies, those trying to climb the ranks that just can't seem to catch a break. It's your job to find out who you want to hire for what role, during the heist, what they'll be doing, and when the heist proper begins, direct them."
No. 98250 ID: 51b070

this was intriguing
by the way does anyone still carry a torch for qolem quest
No. 98291 ID: f7029c

one day tgchan's war and peace will be finished
No. 98292 ID: 5ad4a7

No it won't.
No. 98317 ID: eaf326

Bob left for greener text questing pastures years ago.
No. 105557 ID: ca6f74
File 147903335142.png - (107.23KB , 800x600 , Break In.png )

FIAGRAS, which was an acronym for Furries in a Generic... something something Setting. I forget now.
It was about a thief that stumbles onto an assassination plot and ends up having to save some important individual from the forces of evil.
No. 105558 ID: ca6f74
File 147903363951.png - (383.41KB , 828x550 , city.png )

Some Martian Cyberpunk thing where a group of militaristic rebels fight a megacorporation, who is conducting horrific experiments on the population.
No. 105560 ID: ca0e20

I do have a couple of ideas that I don't think I'll get around to.

Small Robot/Big Robot Concept: This is actually one of the first quest idea I got when I was lurking tgchan. It would have been like those quest that runs on multiple sites for multiple characters. Basically one board would be in control of the smaller humanoid and kinda human size robot that isn't really a fighter but can do stuff like hacking doors open and whatnot. Meanwhile, the other board would be in control of a big hulking war robot. And yes, they could have the option to try and kill the smaller robot instead of teaming up. Although I probably would have used the small robot's nimbleness and I would have pulled some strings to make sure that small robot doesn't die immediately.

I don't remember the full plot, but there was probably a sci-fi war going on and both robots, being activated on their own with no humans to give them directive or anything, could have tried to figure out what happened to their owner, or just accept their freedom and do other stuff with everything else going on in the world. Small robot would have probably met up with a woman that would have given a potential side goal of helping her.

Souls games inspired quest: This one, like the working title implies, would have been a quest that the style would have been inspired by Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and BloodBorne. Main gimmick for this one, would have been a quest where I write nothing. Completely driven by images, all suggestions would be based on what is seen in pics, and most of it would have been about avoiding dangers or finding a good way to kill something without getting hit too much or at all. That one would have been only one thread long with the goal being "get to the end of the area, which is the ominous castle, and kill the "boss" there".

I still want to get around drawing the first panel for fun, but I dunno how well I could handle an image only quest. I probably would end up making it boring for the "readers" and suggesters.

I have other ideas, but so far, I haven't decided to leave em behind just yet.
No. 105571 ID: 36295c

God, I have way too many of these... A lot of my issues stem from having so little free time anymore. Or so I like to say. I guess, ultimately, I'm just a lazy piece of shit and wind up playing videogames or fucking off on the internet instead of doing anything productive when I'm not wasting my life at work.

First, pretty much everything I've done on this site that isn't Journey Quest or Shed A Tear (which hardly counts). So that includes; "Riarda Legends", "The Island of Onigashima", "Pony Adventures: Heart Fixer", and "Shipwrecked"[b].

Quest ideas that never even got off the ground:
[b]Mecha Quest
- Originally, my second quest idea after Journey. The idea was for /quest/ to take control of a mercenary pilot trying to make their way in the world using what ever they could get their hands on for a robot/ weapons. At the start they would be thrust into a situation where, to survive, they would have to hijack one of three different robots with varying abilities, weapons, or customizability levels. Then it would have gone on from there taking missions which would have involved combat that was sort of a puzzle of sorts to figure out how to beat the opponent. Allies could be made of other merc pilots, or employers. It was intended to be kind of armored core inspired with some Super Robot Wars mixed in. Idea was abandoned because I couldn't figure out a way to really keep things interesting enough for the plot to form and not just be combat or something.

Code Name: Lohrka-Morka- At one point I wanted to try and make a Gorka Morka-esque tabletop skirmish game based around Lohrkes fighting eachother in the underworld of Layridin. After I started messing around with converting the Iron Kingdoms RPG system into a Layridin RPG I had the idea of trying to do a quest where /quest/ could build a team of Lohrkes and work their way through the underworld dealing or fighting with other Lohrke factions/ teams. Abandoned for similar reasons to Mecha Quest. Also the desire to do something with a Layridin race that wasn't in Journey Quest, leading to Shipwrecked happening.

Riarda Legends: Isidra- The comic I was wanting to work on before I wound up making Layridin converted into a quest. I decided against this because one of my problems with quests, I suppose, is that I get an idea in my head of what I want to happen, and that never does and I wind up getting stumped as to what should happen as a result. So yeah...

Wacky Layridin Racers- A quest about a bunch of Layridin people having a ridiculous race based off the old Hanabarbara cartoon. I couldn't figure out a way to actually make this work in quest format, so I dropped the idea.

Another Layridin quest- Never made it past basic concept stage. Basically just doing an Iron Kingdoms RPG game with the Layridin supplement I was working on. I'm a bad DM so I rather swiftly decided against this.

Some D&D thing- I had an idea to do, what effectively would have just been a D&D 4th edition game since the emphasis on grid-based combat I figured would translate pretty well into quest format. The initial plan was to either have it star DBchan (a dragonborn I drew a long time ago for /tg/) or a human character made by /quest/. The latter would have wound up having dating sim style garbage with the other characters. Issues arose when I realized things like interrupt actions exist in 4e and can't really be done in a turn based, slow ass system like a quest. Also I lost access to the character builder for a long time so couldn't make characters.

Maverick- A recent idea I had, and quickly abandoned. Mega Man X is one of the few settings I've ever made OCs for. I made a whole list of 8 mavericks and everything. The quest would basically follow the 8 reploids labeled as mavericks as they go about doing their various things. Basically, their story before a Mega Man X game would take place. Dropped because I can't think of enough actual stuff to happen, and time issues.

Skaven Quest- An idea I had a long time ago for a quest following a Skaven Clanrat who was the lone survivor of a battle with the Dwarves in the Warhammer Old World. /quest/ would control the rat man on his quest to live and claw his way up the ranks of the horrid rat creatures crawling below the world of man. Abandoned because I couldn't really get the motivation to come up with conflicts and shenanigans to occur.
No. 105572 ID: af6e04

About a year ago I got like six updates into a quest called Future Club. Like a dark/goofy cyberpunky story where the zombie outbreak happens. Everybody freaks out and kills each other even though the zombies are actually harmless and don't attack people. Also there was like a transhumanist illuminati group involved? I don't remember

Someday I'd like to run a text quest where suggestors can make their own characters, Please do not [T]ake these Organs style. I'd probably use a stripped down version of Gigacrawler for the mechanics. This would probably be really hard to run though, so I dunno.
No. 105573 ID: 1f8505


Man, I'd love to collaborate with you and maybe resurrect a couple of these. I love the ideas here.
No. 110162 ID: 0555b9

Oh for bump's sake people.
No. 110189 ID: 144af2

had an idea for a quest about alchemy where the main character was a golem, but it was kinda steven universe-esque in that the golems were made out of enchanted metal brands, and the kind of metal determined their abilities and appearance. i probably could EVENTUALLY make this, but my skill as an artist would have to improve drastically, and i never really liked how rip-offy the concept sounded compared to SU, even if the setting is completely different.
No. 110194 ID: 2863df
File 149081017618.png - (780.34KB , 1829x800 , UF!.png )

Underground Fights!

It was a quest where you'd have aid one of the races living underground in conquering the caverns below. It would have had story-driven campaigns, diplomacy, resources and city managements and actual turn based battles.
No. 110200 ID: dcc44a

+1 million interest solely because of Mushroom people.
No. 116371 ID: 9b80a5

/quest/ as a floating sentient crystal orb with telekinesis / gravity magic in a dating sim while occasionally breaking the 4th wall?

a quest to become the most powerful mage by punching things so hard the universe forgets what its doing and levels up your mage stats?

someone destroying bad guys by throwing kale at them and ending with them overthrowing the Illuminati?
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