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File 144719741912.png - (91.34KB , 500x500 , discuss.png )
95999 No. 95999 ID: 3e2cae

Questions, Comments, Tips, Tricks and Lore Unlocks for Horny Futa Adventures go here.
Expand all images
No. 96001 ID: 3663d3


but yeah, is a good thing this is a silly quest or i would be mad about that suplex.
No. 96002 ID: 3e2cae

I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for sex coming up, don't worry ;)
No. 96003 ID: 88e46e

Is she going to have consistently bad impulse control or only when it's funny, and how severe are the consequences likely to be?
No. 96004 ID: 3e2cae

Well that's up to you guys, isn't it?
No. 96005 ID: 3e2cae

But to answer your question more accurately I'll generally stick to "when it's funny."
No. 96006 ID: 939c7f

By the way, love the humor love the art style. Keep it up~
No. 96009 ID: f56624

you should never be mad about a suplex
No. 96011 ID: a6b0fe

No. 96017 ID: 3e2cae
File 144727978147.png - (104.36KB , 500x500 , Sexual.png )

No. 96018 ID: 3e2cae
File 144727978664.png - (129.38KB , 500x500 , seduction.png )

No. 96020 ID: 3e2cae
File 144728439841.png - (133.15KB , 500x500 , Elasticity.png )

No. 96021 ID: 3e2cae
File 144728803025.png - (113.54KB , 500x500 , Xtra Large.png )

No. 96022 ID: 3e2cae
File 144729692354.png - (133.37KB , 500x500 , Unusual.png )

No. 96023 ID: 3e2cae
File 144730082571.png - (132.83KB , 500x500 , Ability.png )

No. 96025 ID: 3e2cae
File 144730240446.png - (114.00KB , 500x500 , Lustfulness.png )

No. 96027 ID: 0b4dd7

clearly gotta max out the EXU
No. 96030 ID: 3e2cae

One thing I should clarify about the Ability stat: having a high Ability stat doesn't give you abilities, it just determines how well you can use the abilities you gain.
No. 96031 ID: c90c0a

Corruption of Champions: Quest Edition
Or TiTS: Quest Edition.

Choose what you like more.
No. 96032 ID: 839eda

Def TiTS inspired. It's a fun game but its lack of visuals is sometimes disappointing.
No. 96033 ID: eab55d


I prefer a more subtle approach, so I'd favor S and L. But I'd guess that subtlety isn't exactly going to be a resource in high reserve with this quest.
No. 96035 ID: e773f2

Play it however you like. I go where the consensus goes. My only priority is to make it funny.
No. 96079 ID: 89941a

I think I'm favoring EXU as well. Although perhaps in an X>E>U order.
No. 96086 ID: 12b273

>inb4 her horniness penalty is so high that her entire life and everyone in it and all these stats and zaniness is just a hallucination
>just strapped in a bed in a mental institution with her libido driving her insane
No. 96096 ID: 936d58

>Apples was FRACTAL all along
No. 96129 ID: 3bb18f

>People actually want EXU
>Not going for the much more effective SEAL method

wow guys, it's like this is the first time you've ever played horny futa adventures or something
No. 96144 ID: 3e2cae

Sorry the pace of updates has slowed down a bit. This week was very busy for me IRL. I'll have something up on the weekend for sure.
No. 96153 ID: 0b4dd7

don't ever apologize for providing free entertainment and amazing art by taking time out of your own day for a bunch of randos on the internet.
No. 96172 ID: 763a04

Unusual is ALWAYS the best attribute and don't you forget it. Need the looks to back up that outfit.
No. 96265 ID: 3e2cae
File 144880717085.gif - (57.98KB , 500x500 , HF90e.gif )

Lavender's eye sparkle gif without the speech bubble.
No. 96266 ID: 3e2cae

Also, I noticed 800x800 images are a little obtrusive when you hit "expand all" in the thread. I'm thinking of going back to 500x500. Does anybody have any feelings on the matter?
No. 96268 ID: 3663d3

mix and match, 500 for most panels but 800 for anything important.
No. 96290 ID: e18d6f

The bigger the better, just ask Lavender.
No. 96297 ID: dbe554

Both's good, would prefer the bigger 800 though.
No. 96308 ID: 2ca12e

Hey, Apples. Do you post art anyplace else? Like FA or tumblr or someplace? I love your minimalist cartoon style.

Also, any chance of us ever seeing Lavender use that tank gun she's carrying around?
No. 96311 ID: 3e2cae

I currently do not have any art posted in online galleries. The best place to go for my art is here, though I do keep a sparsely updated Tumblr to which I may soon upload the pages of Horny Futa.
No. 96312 ID: 3e2cae

Oh also I'd say there's a pretty good chance we'll get to see Lavender in all her glory at some point.
No. 96313 ID: 2ca12e

NICE! Thanks.
No. 96336 ID: 3e2cae
File 144919620908.png - (341.28KB , 900x900 , Dogmom.png )

Lavender doing mom stuff.
No. 96338 ID: ecd257

Dogmom best mom.
Also, cuuuuuttttteeee~<3.
No. 96342 ID: f56624
File 144921630528.jpg - (371.91KB , 936x936 , TGchan_meme_by_Gannadene.jpg )

No. 96343 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh no those glasses.
My heart.

You know you love it.
No. 96346 ID: 4041c8

I want to snuggle with her.
No sexy. Just cuddles.
No. 96347 ID: d86d69


Getting into those jeans seems like it would be an impossibility.
No. 96348 ID: 3e2cae

Yeah no kidding.
Maybe they have an elastic waistband?
No. 96349 ID: a36057

Now imagine: jean shorts.
No. 96350 ID: dbe554

I imagine she has something like a huge shoe horn, cept designed for pants.
No. 96352 ID: 3e2cae
File 144928569984.png - (196.45KB , 800x800 , Dogmom2.png )

No. 96356 ID: a36057

No. 96358 ID: 313e5e

When will horny futa actually get horns and learn to play the trumpet in a jazz band so as to attain horn enlightenment while also becoming perfect in literally every way?
No. 96361 ID: 3e2cae

That's up to the players!
No. 96362 ID: 3e2cae
File 144929055573.png - (442.69KB , 900x900 , HFdetail.png )

Messing around with drawing Horny Futa in a more realistic style.
No. 96381 ID: 358a34

I love this quest!

It's cute, sexy, and gloriously insane!

Three of my favorite things!
No. 96382 ID: 531a2e

I second that. I was actually going to post something on the main thread but, thankfully, found the discussion thread before I could be a big silly.

Now, what came here for:
This quest gives me life. I love me something bit more serious like most of FRACTAL's work or Weaver's stuff, but this is... mind boggling in a whole different way. xD I love how silly it is and how you're marrying a stat-based system with a quest whose solutions have been so silly so far. :3

Um, I uess what I'm saying is... keep up the good work. ^__^ I hope you continue this for a long time.

No. 96411 ID: dbe554

Silly sex quests are always fun without being too off.
No. 96464 ID: 3e2cae
File 145006383812.png - (273.45KB , 1200x600 , HF194a.png )

In retrospect, I regret the "dead fish" in the environment poster. It's a bit on the grim side.
But it was fun to catch a glimpse of Horny Futa's world.
No. 96465 ID: 3e2cae

One poster I'd planned in the sketch but left out of the final was a picture of the destruction of St. Louis by a Category 5 Macro Furry in 1993.
No. 96466 ID: 5f9714

>dar poster
No. 96467 ID: 3663d3

that's coming from the Mississippi river, which travels through Louisiana and several other states. bet most of that was from the last mardi gras
No. 96469 ID: 3e2cae

BTW if anyone's interested in having their OC make a guest appearance in the quest, I'm open to that. Just let me know in this thread.
I won't guarantee they'll appear and preference will be given to OCs who fit the theme of the quest (futa/hyper/macro/furry etc...) but it might be fun to see your guy in the background of some scene or other.
No. 96472 ID: 5f9714

Actually, that makes a lot more sense.
No. 96477 ID: f56624
File 145008539056.png - (3.54KB , 384x384 , father nugget.png )

this is my oc father nugget
No. 96478 ID: 2a1897
File 145008961940.png - (282.70KB , 800x1200 , necromancer5.png )

gotta throw the DONUT STEELS into the hat.

Both of those links are NSFW.
No. 96479 ID: 3e2cae

Is there anything in particular that activates Kyreli's dong?
No. 96480 ID: 2a1897

It's a long and weird story. The shortest way to explain it coherently is thus:

She is a necromancer/blood mage, but has figured out that jizz can be used in place of blood as the "vital essence" needed for blood magic. So, instead of cutting herself or keeping a horrific blood/sex dungeon, she magics herself a dick when she needs to top off her stores of "vital essence". She keeps it in jars. Somehow she gets more power out of the jizz than she needs to magic the dick. Truly the classiest of magical exploits.

...unless you meant "activates" as in like, what gets her dick hard or what fetishes she has, then.


I dunno. Anyways, I'm also kind of on the tgchan IRC basically any time I'm awake, so if you have any more questions, it's probably easiest to just yell at me there.
No. 96481 ID: 2a1897

Addendum: As might be obvious from my drawings, even I am hilariously inconsistent with my OCs. You can do whatever you want with 'em and 'll just be happy that they're gettin' drawn.
No. 96482 ID: 9bd177

Nah I meant "activates" as in what determines whether she has one or not. Thanks for the info!
No. 96491 ID: defceb
File 145015876447.png - (127.68KB , 621x486 , cattycatcrops.png )

Here's a bundle of furry trash I'll unearth for you. Don't shoot them in the leg this time, please.

Or do, it'll probably be just as funny a second time tbh
No. 96494 ID: a7bce3
File 145016637666.jpg - (190.96KB , 640x1136 , image.jpg )

Behold, fools unable to comprehend true majesty!

Behold the eternal glory of a fully maxed U stat!
No. 96495 ID: a7bce3

She delivers pizzas.
No. 96500 ID: 3e2cae

She is adorable!
So majestic!
No. 96504 ID: 55c4cf


neat, will show face since apollo did.
No. 96514 ID: 3e2cae

Wow! Noice! I'm guessing she has a pretty decce U stat :)
No. 96543 ID: 3e2cae

Yay! A successful close to chapter one. Gonna start on chapter 2 tomorrow and hopefully get a few good posts in before Christmas.

I'm very interested in feedback.
No. 96544 ID: 2244ca

Fabulous! Simply fabulous!
Looking forward to much more!
No. 96549 ID: a19923

Its a very funny thing that can make an adventure out of anything, with cute characters where anything can happen.

4/5 stars Needs more rap battles
No. 96551 ID: 86cfc3

Belated, but when then happened, I was actually pleased to see you'd stopped to work some negative consequences into silly lewd-land. It's a touch that makes it more of a world.
No. 96554 ID: 5ea852

It's bretty good, with only nightmare fuel like penis with face to gripe about. That shit is just too disturbing to be funny.
No. 96556 ID: 88e46e

You've got some low standards for disturbing. Like I hate to start acting elitist about how depraved the internet is but a cartoonish penis with a face is pretty tame by most standards.
No. 96557 ID: 3e2cae

I wasn't happy with any part of the office guy sequence. I was still finding a tone for the quest and I agree that part did veer into disturbing territory for me (lesson learned: big veiny dicks do NOT look good in green). That's why I got us out of there as quickly as possible.
I'm surprised the silly penis face was what stuck out to you, though.
No. 96560 ID: cc08c7

The idea that HFA is taking place in the same or a similar world as Hail Cyclops is entertaining to me. It also gives me horrible ideas.
No. 96562 ID: 55c4cf


I'd expect to have an obscene Elasticity stat, and high Seductiveness and Lustfulness imo.
No. 96563 ID: 5ea852

It's not the face that's the problem. It's all the possibilities with it that terrify me as it can enter into most magical realms I don't enjoy at all. Like, imagine that guy peeing.
No. 96568 ID: 82b312

It comes out the little face's mouth. This is canon.
No. 96575 ID: 5ea852

I knew...you would...say...THAT!
No. 96576 ID: 436c12

what, not his nose or tear ducts? booooriiiiiing
No. 96577 ID: 436c12

what, not his nose or tear ducts? booooriiiiiing
No. 96589 ID: 3e2cae

>Tear ducts

*Red guy spends 25 minutes at urinal while his dick sobs into the bowl*

"Haha don't mind me!"
No. 96610 ID: cb945c

I don't care what anyone says, Sporty Futa is Fartface Turdburglar in disguise it is friggin canon to me
No. 96612 ID: 833f38

So we're posting OC's? I'll post mine :3

No. 96613 ID: 3e2cae

Ooh, I really like! You think you can give me a rough rundown of her stats?
No. 96622 ID: cc08c7

After some planning my horrible idea has come to fruition. I'll scan the final results tomorrow.
No. 96628 ID: 32ce64


I just realized that if you squint the op pic looks like HF has John Travolta's hair from Battlefield: Earth
No. 96630 ID: cc08c7
File 145063684108.jpg - (405.62KB , 2285x2963 , ArtificialCatgirlNyancy.jpg )

Created on a dark and stormy night using years of Cyclops paychecks, Nyancy is an attempt to make the world's first artificial catgirl. Cloned from cat fur and futa DNA, she needs a collar to speak English, or whatever language is needed, but she's more than capable of interacting with the regular public. Just ignore the fact that weapons were integrated into her body to meet Cyclops Project Minimum Standards. Also she liked cat puns.

(Stats and level are subject to change since I kinda guessed and didn't want to go too low or high, also apologizing for the "eh" artwork.)
No. 96631 ID: 3e2cae

Haha She's awesome!
Does she have to take off her hands and swap them out or do they transform?

As far as SEXUAL stats go, I distribute them assuming characters get 6 points per level, so a level 9 character's total stats would add up to 54. However, that's just the baseline and doesn't take racial bonuses or other potential modifiers into account.
No. 96632 ID: cc08c7

Thanks, I'm glad you like her! The hands transform yeah, they can make other phallic shapes too but the two shown are the most common.

And okie dokie, I just wasn't too sure.
No. 96633 ID: 833f38



She's extrmely used to doing the fucking and not getting fucked, so low E, and she's got a crazy sex drive, so low L
No. 96634 ID: 833f38

Didn't see that...uh...Just do whatever you want with her stats.
No. 96636 ID: 3e2cae

Don't sweat it. I wouldn't hold other people's OCs to it. It's just a rule of thumb I use to stay consistent.
No. 96637 ID: 833f38

I'm assuming 10 is around normal? or am I wrong?
No. 96638 ID: 833f38

Oh! she's also Tall, like 6'6 or so...
No. 96659 ID: 3e2cae

I was hoping to get one last update in before my parents come down for Christmas but they get here tomorrow and what with decorating and other prep I wasn't able to finish the post. So Horny Futa Adventures is gonna be on Hiatus until January. Marry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year everyone!
No. 96661 ID: 833f38

Aww nuuuuu TT-TT

Merry christmas apples~
No. 96709 ID: 833f38

Question for when apples comes back... Can things that happen influence a stat separately from leveling up? Like say, Doing a ton of cock pumping increase X? Or is it a one way thing only?

Also, You should totally make this system into a kinky tabletop heh~
No. 96710 ID: 3e2cae

The stats only go one way as it stands right now. Increasing your X stat will affect how big you are, but getting bigger will not increase your x-stat. Having a high X stat increases the rate at which your size increases and raises the cap on how large you can get.
No. 96711 ID: 3e2cae

That being said, there are special items and events which might raise individual stats.
No. 96712 ID: 833f38

Thank you for the information.
I will not abuse this in anyway.
Mainly because I can't.
No. 96777 ID: 833f38

It's January, when we get more futa shenanigans?~
No. 96778 ID: 88e46e

When they happen. Alternatively, when tildes stop existing.
No. 96779 ID: 3e2cae

I've got about four or five more panels to draw for the next update. If it's not up tonight it will be tomorrow.
No. 96785 ID: cf91e4

My god there are so many sport puns you could make.
No. 96786 ID: cf91e4

Hopefully no watersports though.
No. 96787 ID: 1a8cca

You mean, like, water polo?
No. 96798 ID: 833f38

Is there any way to be rid of hornyness penalties besides leveling up?
No. 96799 ID: 3e2cae

Depends on the nature and rules of the penalty.
No. 96800 ID: 3e2cae

But mostly no. Maybe through a special event.
No. 96805 ID: 833f38

What does futa's dick sound like...I don't know what to hear it as...
No. 96806 ID: 3e2cae

Wanda Sykes
No. 96807 ID: d0868f

If the dick is now has a consciousness, what happens if we lose the talking dick horniness penalty? Do we enter into an I have no mouth and I must scream situation where it's still there, but unable to communicate? (Are all dicks in this situation constantly, by default?). Does it get lobotomized back to being a sub-sapient organ?
No. 96808 ID: 3e2cae

It becomes quiescent. If sentience is restored to it it can recall all the time that passed during its slumber (and can, in fact, recall its entire life up to this point) but it only has an inner life and consciousness while the penalty is active.
No. 96812 ID: 3de47d

Good. I'd hate to have a moral dilemma over her junk.
No. 96896 ID: 3e2cae

Man, this week has been crazy hectic. I might not be able to get an update up until this weekend.
No. 96900 ID: 833f38

Take all the time you need apples~
No. 96916 ID: 833f38

...So if it remembers things from before it could talk...It could totally tell people about futa's awkward teenage years...WE MUST SILENCE THE DICK
No. 96947 ID: 3e2cae

So I spent Saturday away from my computer all day and only got to draw this evening. I've got the Horny Futa update just about half done, but I was able to hammer out the first few panels of a new, non-futa related quest: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/692872.html
It's called "Battle of the Cosmic Champions" and hopefully its simpler color palette will make it easier to update.
I am still updating Horny Futa as often as possible, but BotCC is an idea I've been really wanting to try for a while. Please check it out!
No. 96948 ID: 833f38

Just glad everything's okay apples, when there was no post I was worried that the quest would be dead...Oh, and that you might have been hurt or something.
No. 96972 ID: 3e2cae

lol thanks for your concern :)
How it's probably gonna work is I update Battle of the Cosmic Champions on weekdays, and Horny Futa on weekends.
No. 96977 ID: 833f38

so no more futa until this weekend? aww.
No. 97006 ID: 8a204b
File 145268406602.jpg - (126.56KB , 800x1200 , devilbunny.jpg )

Sure, why not.
No. 97007 ID: 3e2cae

Yohoho, nice!
No. 97063 ID: cc7ce4

Dog Mom is gonna give me type 2 diabetes with how sweet she is.
No. 97079 ID: 833f38

So...How does sportiness points work?~
No. 97080 ID: 3e2cae

If she gets too sporty, she gets a sportiness penalty.
No. 97081 ID: 007e78

...oh gods, she's not even a jerk, is she. Sportiness penalties just force her to be competitive with everyone.
No. 97082 ID: 833f38

but she can't get TOO competitive, because then it would be unsportsmanlike conduct!
No. 97083 ID: cc7ce4

I'd hit it
No. 97087 ID: 3e2cae

Don't worry, just because I updated Battle of the Cosmic Champions today doesn't mean I'm not planning on updating Horny Futa as well.
No. 97090 ID: 3e2cae

You know... this weekend.
No. 97304 ID: 3e2cae

Both Horny Futa Adventures and Battle of the Cosmic Champions are delayed while I play Arcadia Quest with my family.
No. 97401 ID: 833f38

...Does arcadia quest normally last a few days? I've never played it. :P
No. 97413 ID: 3e2cae

Yeah this game lasted 3 days. We actually finished day before yesterday but there's been a lot of other stuff going on. Hopefully back to posting regularly tonight or tomorrow.
No. 97439 ID: 833f38

whoa...Hope it was fun at least,
No. 97444 ID: de28a4

Very, but also time consuming and we could only really get a chance to play in the afternoon.
No. 97515 ID: 833f38

hooray, an update~
No. 97739 ID: 3e2cae

No updates on any of my stories this week. Work is really heavy right now. HF quest is next in line to update come next monday.
No. 97748 ID: 6ea609

It's alright, man. I understand how difficult work can get. It gets to the point where I begin to wonder how people can possibly even have free time. Just remember, as much as I dislike waiting, your survival and such is always more important than providing us with free content.
Just, don't forget that we exist, alright? Haha.
No. 97750 ID: 240e41

what they said.
No. 97842 ID: 3e2cae

Actually updates are delayed until Wednesday.
No. 97864 ID: 2ca12e

Waiting with (Master)bated breath
No. 97902 ID: 3e2cae

About 2/3 of the way through the next update. Expect it tomorrow or Friday.
No. 97913 ID: 3641d4

You wouldn't happen to be related to Kazerad would you?
No. 97928 ID: 3e2cae

lol why do you ask?
No. 97941 ID: 2ca12e

Quality over speed, don't rush it. Same philosophy I use for oral.

I sent Kazerad the same message when he was on /co/ apologizing about delays.

He never responded, Don't now why.
No. 97943 ID: b17b81

The delays with the message, 'I'll get right on it, it will be out soon.'

Good quality work, just a terrible timetable.
I agree with this guy
No. 97945 ID: 99a64d

He took too long trying to come up with a high quality response and the thread died.
No. 98120 ID: 51c5c7

You okay Apples?
No. 98124 ID: f56624

dude's a family man, sometimes he just ain't gon have time to update because he gotta raise his kids.
No. 98125 ID: b17b81

Same as with kazerad; I never expect there to be an update, so I'm pleasantly surprised when there is one.

Just hope you're doing ok man, and not getting too stressed about this/comics/schedules. I know my instinct when I'm late on a deadline is to avoid the place til I've got the work and a good reason why it wasn't done then, and get more and more stressed about it. It's not a good way of dealing with it. (And i need to work harder on it myself) Sorry if I'm projecting a bit.
No. 98132 ID: 5a98a5

I'm exactly the same way. But don't worry, I'm busy but I'm doing ok.
Anyway the next update is in progress, but I probably won't have it up until the middle of the week.
There's a big update in progress for BotCC, too.
No. 98257 ID: 954bb0

"do her until she likes it" U h m
No. 98262 ID: e18d6f

Lighten up. The whole quest is tongue-in-cheek.
No. 98266 ID: 3e2cae

So one of the reasons I've been so busy lately is we're getting ready to move. I'd hoped I would have time to sneak away and draw but as the move gets closer there's just been no time. It might be as long as a month before I get to post again.
No. 98269 ID: 51c5c7

aww...Of a strange note, it seems like EVERYONE (including me!) is moving lately! Anyway, Hope everything goes well with the move.
No. 98909 ID: 51c5c7

everything okay apples? You're just busy right, nothing bad happened...right?
No. 98917 ID: 99a64d

Yes, but the posters in the background of that one panel show that we're at least somewhat acknowledging that EXTREME SEXUAL ACTS have consequences, Apples might play it straight if we rape her just to fuck with us.
No. 98923 ID: 4854ef

The one Apples regretted adding in?
No. 98934 ID: 735b52

Yes I'm still just busy. There's a lot to do on the house before we can rent it out so I've been a regular "handyman" as they say. Please bear with me a little longer I will have something up on at least one of my quests before the end of the month (not long before, but before)
No. 99013 ID: 813bc6

Just making sure you weren't dead in an alley somewhere~
No. 99277 ID: 4201a2

Just waiting for Busy Futa to show up as the interviewer and immediately incur a Business penalty for this enormous breech of professional conduct in her waiting room.
No. 99305 ID: 813bc6

Glad you're finally back apples!~
No. 99312 ID: 735b52

"Back" is kind of a strong word. I'm still very busy, but I'll try to update as frequently as possible during May. June-Dec is up in the air and I will evaluate as my schedule stabilizes. I could be posting a lot or I might not be able to post at all.
No. 100179 ID: 660c95

My goal for this week is to start drawing and have something posted for Battle of the Cosmic Champions, followed shortly by HFA by this weekend
No. 100180 ID: 660c95

Thank you all for being patient while my family has undergone this time consuming yransition.
No. 100526 ID: e6ec84

seeing as It seems like battle of the cosmic champeons has resumed, will Horny futa continue anytime soon? also are you planning on continuing that futa force quest ever? The latter question is just mostly curiosity
No. 100531 ID: a4ec41

Horny Futa will continue soon, probably this weekend if I can find the time to draw. I was actually planning on updating Horny Futa adventures before the next BotCC update, but BotCC actually seems to have a lot of good momentum right now so I think I'm gonna do at least one more for it before I circle back around to Horny Futa.
As for Futa Force quest, I'd love to continue it but there aren't enough hours in the day to do all the quests I want to do so right now I'm trying to focus on the quests I already have going.
No. 100541 ID: e6ec84

Kay, Just wanted to know~
No. 100551 ID: 433720

PRIMA'S NOT DEAD! HALLELUJAH! There is still hope.

Anyway, Loving Horny Futa, need to Check out BotCC, and patiently waiting for More Futa Force.

Keep up the great work!
No. 101454 ID: 7c0816

Poor Sporty. Being a jock she is at a natural disadvantage when it comes to matters of both consent and how homosexuality works.
No. 101471 ID: 55d5fb

HF's theme, seems fitting.
No. 102159 ID: cc08c7
File 146987163426.png - (762.70KB , 2285x2963 , ArtificialCatgirlNyancyColouredFixed.png )

Took like 4 hours but in my quest to colour my OCs for other Quests I've finally gotten to Nyancy. Also added a spoiler this time like a good boy.

Edit: Fixed version. Missed some white space in the pic before I posted it last time because I was half-asleep when I posted it. Sorry.
No. 102160 ID: cc08c7


X the spoiler part. I am in fact not a good boy, just a very tired one.
No. 104169 ID: 213ff6

So any idea when/if we can expect another update?
No. 104193 ID: 5ee12a

I've put it off long enough. Expect one by this weekend.
No. 104268 ID: d25913

Actually don't. Turns out I have family visiting and can't draw futas.
No. 104269 ID: b9aa79

good luck pal
No. 104320 ID: 213ff6

We are patient, Take your time, draw the futas when you can.
No. 107668 ID: fcd154

Hey, guys.
I know I haven't posted in a while, so I figured I'd give you guys an update.
Owing to a change in my life circumstances (work mostly) I will probably be unable to continue my quests for the near and foreseeable future. As of right now all my quests are on hiatus.
I hope to continue active participation on TGchan and will post artwork whenever possible, but my IRL situation does not currently allow for the kind of regular updates necessary to run a quest. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.
No. 107669 ID: 9fcbff

Aw. Thats fne though, I hope you still come by for visits now and then at least!
No. 107713 ID: 143250

I understand where you're coming from. I'm in the same situation myself, I want to start a quest for an idea I had for a long time, but I am currently working two jobs which is preventing me from even starting.
No. 107726 ID: e136ae

Shit happens, just drop by when you can.
No. 107734 ID: 3343bd

Thanks for letting us know. Good luck staying on top of life stuff.
No. 130814 ID: a5d9bc

So is this thread dead or...
No. 130816 ID: 1f812f

Nobody has posted in this thread for almost 3 years. Why in the flippity fuck do you need to ask that?
No. 132337 ID: 10e2fc

I didn't look at the dates so me big dingus I guess¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No. 132366 ID: 432eee

..you just did it again, it's been half a year since gnoll answered.
No. 139283 ID: 1704f7

Is there going to be any more Horny Futa Adventures in the future?

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