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File 144719741912.png - (91.34KB , 500x500 , discuss.png )
95999 No. 95999 ID: 3e2cae

Questions, Comments, Tips, Tricks and Lore Unlocks for Horny Futa Adventures go here.
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No. 97842 ID: 3e2cae

Actually updates are delayed until Wednesday.
No. 97864 ID: 2ca12e

Waiting with (Master)bated breath
No. 97902 ID: 3e2cae

About 2/3 of the way through the next update. Expect it tomorrow or Friday.
No. 97913 ID: 3641d4

You wouldn't happen to be related to Kazerad would you?
No. 97928 ID: 3e2cae

lol why do you ask?
No. 97941 ID: 2ca12e

Quality over speed, don't rush it. Same philosophy I use for oral.

I sent Kazerad the same message when he was on /co/ apologizing about delays.

He never responded, Don't now why.
No. 97943 ID: b17b81

The delays with the message, 'I'll get right on it, it will be out soon.'

Good quality work, just a terrible timetable.
I agree with this guy
No. 97945 ID: 99a64d

He took too long trying to come up with a high quality response and the thread died.
No. 98120 ID: 51c5c7

You okay Apples?
No. 98124 ID: f56624

dude's a family man, sometimes he just ain't gon have time to update because he gotta raise his kids.
No. 98125 ID: b17b81

Same as with kazerad; I never expect there to be an update, so I'm pleasantly surprised when there is one.

Just hope you're doing ok man, and not getting too stressed about this/comics/schedules. I know my instinct when I'm late on a deadline is to avoid the place til I've got the work and a good reason why it wasn't done then, and get more and more stressed about it. It's not a good way of dealing with it. (And i need to work harder on it myself) Sorry if I'm projecting a bit.
No. 98132 ID: 5a98a5

I'm exactly the same way. But don't worry, I'm busy but I'm doing ok.
Anyway the next update is in progress, but I probably won't have it up until the middle of the week.
There's a big update in progress for BotCC, too.
No. 98257 ID: 954bb0

"do her until she likes it" U h m
No. 98262 ID: e18d6f

Lighten up. The whole quest is tongue-in-cheek.
No. 98266 ID: 3e2cae

So one of the reasons I've been so busy lately is we're getting ready to move. I'd hoped I would have time to sneak away and draw but as the move gets closer there's just been no time. It might be as long as a month before I get to post again.
No. 98269 ID: 51c5c7

aww...Of a strange note, it seems like EVERYONE (including me!) is moving lately! Anyway, Hope everything goes well with the move.
No. 98909 ID: 51c5c7

everything okay apples? You're just busy right, nothing bad happened...right?
No. 98917 ID: 99a64d

Yes, but the posters in the background of that one panel show that we're at least somewhat acknowledging that EXTREME SEXUAL ACTS have consequences, Apples might play it straight if we rape her just to fuck with us.
No. 98923 ID: 4854ef

The one Apples regretted adding in?
No. 98934 ID: 735b52

Yes I'm still just busy. There's a lot to do on the house before we can rent it out so I've been a regular "handyman" as they say. Please bear with me a little longer I will have something up on at least one of my quests before the end of the month (not long before, but before)
No. 99013 ID: 813bc6

Just making sure you weren't dead in an alley somewhere~
No. 99277 ID: 4201a2

Just waiting for Busy Futa to show up as the interviewer and immediately incur a Business penalty for this enormous breech of professional conduct in her waiting room.
No. 99305 ID: 813bc6

Glad you're finally back apples!~
No. 99312 ID: 735b52

"Back" is kind of a strong word. I'm still very busy, but I'll try to update as frequently as possible during May. June-Dec is up in the air and I will evaluate as my schedule stabilizes. I could be posting a lot or I might not be able to post at all.
No. 100179 ID: 660c95

My goal for this week is to start drawing and have something posted for Battle of the Cosmic Champions, followed shortly by HFA by this weekend
No. 100180 ID: 660c95

Thank you all for being patient while my family has undergone this time consuming yransition.
No. 100526 ID: e6ec84

seeing as It seems like battle of the cosmic champeons has resumed, will Horny futa continue anytime soon? also are you planning on continuing that futa force quest ever? The latter question is just mostly curiosity
No. 100531 ID: a4ec41

Horny Futa will continue soon, probably this weekend if I can find the time to draw. I was actually planning on updating Horny Futa adventures before the next BotCC update, but BotCC actually seems to have a lot of good momentum right now so I think I'm gonna do at least one more for it before I circle back around to Horny Futa.
As for Futa Force quest, I'd love to continue it but there aren't enough hours in the day to do all the quests I want to do so right now I'm trying to focus on the quests I already have going.
No. 100541 ID: e6ec84

Kay, Just wanted to know~
No. 100551 ID: 433720

PRIMA'S NOT DEAD! HALLELUJAH! There is still hope.

Anyway, Loving Horny Futa, need to Check out BotCC, and patiently waiting for More Futa Force.

Keep up the great work!
No. 101454 ID: 7c0816

Poor Sporty. Being a jock she is at a natural disadvantage when it comes to matters of both consent and how homosexuality works.
No. 101471 ID: 55d5fb

HF's theme, seems fitting.
No. 102159 ID: cc08c7
File 146987163426.png - (762.70KB , 2285x2963 , ArtificialCatgirlNyancyColouredFixed.png )

Took like 4 hours but in my quest to colour my OCs for other Quests I've finally gotten to Nyancy. Also added a spoiler this time like a good boy.

Edit: Fixed version. Missed some white space in the pic before I posted it last time because I was half-asleep when I posted it. Sorry.
No. 102160 ID: cc08c7


X the spoiler part. I am in fact not a good boy, just a very tired one.
No. 104169 ID: 213ff6

So any idea when/if we can expect another update?
No. 104193 ID: 5ee12a

I've put it off long enough. Expect one by this weekend.
No. 104268 ID: d25913

Actually don't. Turns out I have family visiting and can't draw futas.
No. 104269 ID: b9aa79

good luck pal
No. 104320 ID: 213ff6

We are patient, Take your time, draw the futas when you can.
No. 107668 ID: fcd154

Hey, guys.
I know I haven't posted in a while, so I figured I'd give you guys an update.
Owing to a change in my life circumstances (work mostly) I will probably be unable to continue my quests for the near and foreseeable future. As of right now all my quests are on hiatus.
I hope to continue active participation on TGchan and will post artwork whenever possible, but my IRL situation does not currently allow for the kind of regular updates necessary to run a quest. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.
No. 107669 ID: 9fcbff

Aw. Thats fne though, I hope you still come by for visits now and then at least!
No. 107713 ID: 143250

I understand where you're coming from. I'm in the same situation myself, I want to start a quest for an idea I had for a long time, but I am currently working two jobs which is preventing me from even starting.
No. 107726 ID: e136ae

Shit happens, just drop by when you can.
No. 107734 ID: 3343bd

Thanks for letting us know. Good luck staying on top of life stuff.
No. 130814 ID: a5d9bc

So is this thread dead or...
No. 130816 ID: 1f812f

Nobody has posted in this thread for almost 3 years. Why in the flippity fuck do you need to ask that?
No. 132337 ID: 10e2fc

I didn't look at the dates so me big dingus I guess¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No. 132366 ID: 432eee

..you just did it again, it's been half a year since gnoll answered.
No. 139283 ID: 1704f7

Is there going to be any more Horny Futa Adventures in the future?
No. 139861 ID: 435f13


The future is now.
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