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File 144454038679.jpg - (230.38KB , 1346x962 , TGChanPoker.jpg )
95430 No. 95430 ID: 477b7d

I have no talent with style or presentation so here's just the link:

That link will stay updated as I keep working on it. Comes with a single character (Aggeia). It should be compatible with Python and win16 DLL formats.

Things to do in the future:
Multiple opponents
New XML format
Configurable AI for characters
Expand all images
No. 95858 ID: 477b7d

New version is finished, at the same link.

New XML format finished, contains an example character and an empty character.
Tweaked AI and added some simple AI settings in the XML format
Added character compressor to work with the the XML format. Drag and drop (or use command line) a folder to the compressor to create a .tgpk file which can be used instead of the folder, assuming it has valid character data.

Things to do in the future:
Multiple opponents
Add a password feature to conveniently extract tgpk data? (I don't think people would be too interested in this)
Any requested features?
No. 95888 ID: 5ad4a7

Are there any distinguishing features?
No. 95889 ID: 477b7d

There's a few small things:
Works correctly to poker rules and sensible results - will even handle side pots right when multiplayer is added.
UI works without any bugs or quirks. Can be played with only mouse, can resize or scroll images.
A few gameplay options to finetune things if you want, such as preventing people from stripping except in between hands.

If anyone has a request for a function or something they'd like for a character they want to make, or for UI/options tweaks, I can probably add it in.
No. 96446 ID: 477b7d
File 144988890749.png - (240.40KB , 1109x750 , MultipleOpponents.png )

New update! Multiple opponents fully implemented now.

Does ANYONE have any feedback? Feature requests for character makers or for players? It's kind of strange nobody has aid a single thing about this yet.
No. 96447 ID: 5ad4a7

It looks rather plain at the moment. I suggest adding some sort of background color.

Oh hey I like the slider for betting. Much more streamlined than typing in the value.
No. 96448 ID: 15a025

Current thread is over here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/95526.html
No. 96449 ID: 5ad4a7

No, that is a DIFFERENT poker program.
No. 96453 ID: b61260

Is this program a continuation of >>/questdis/50543, or should it be added to the wiki's Strip Poker page as "The new, new win32 Game"?
No. 96455 ID: 477b7d

I am not at all a visual artist! I can start making selectable background colors but I'm not sure that would really do much for people.
(Also something I keep meaning to do but never actually do: Make a config file that is automatically read/saved for defaults and stuff)

Nope. This is its own thing I started around 3 months ago, in C#.
No. 96687 ID: 477b7d
File 145102629090.png - (314.48KB , 1072x767 , ChristmasPoker.png )

New update!
I've added significant changes in the UI options. In addition to choosing different colors if you want, you can also pick how images will scale.
Options (both game and display) will be remembered while the program is open. You can also save them to file so they will be the defaults when you open the game again.

Unless people actually request anything, I don't really have anything more to add to the program at this point.
No. 96701 ID: f56624

unique card sets would be cool, would inspire a whole new kind of art and fanart.
No. 96702 ID: 477b7d

Again, I'm not an artist, so I'm not about to make one myself. Custom decks are also already possible by group file, using C# or Python groups.
I could add something to select custom decks in the display screen if anyone says they wants it.
No. 96708 ID: 577882

a gui to put tgem in's what I meant, yeah. I'm willing to draw up gui elements if thats something.
No. 96837 ID: b8aecb

Can you please release the source code?
No. 96848 ID: 477b7d

Sure. You can check it out with git: http://tgchan.org/TGChanPoker.git
It should work fine out of the box
No. 96853 ID: b8aecb

Can't find any code there....
No. 96854 ID: 477b7d

It's compressed, you need to use git to clone it.
No. 107175 ID: ae49d6

Question. With the XML format, is there any way to compress the images so that the data file can still access them?
No. 107630 ID: 477b7d

Sorry, I didn't think to check this very often.

You can put the images in several different formats, including .png. That will compress the images pretty well.

You can also use the included compressor utility passing in either a folder or a zipfile to generate a .tgpk file, which can be used as a compressed character also. In Windows Explorer you can simply drag the folder onto the compressor program.
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