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File 133251053860.jpg - (187.75KB , 756x810 , POKERFACE.jpg )
50543 No. 50543 ID: 8e18cd

Well people probably heard the news by now...

I am in the process of developing the NEW Poker game. Here's a quick ran down of things:

- Did you get paid to do it?

Yes. I got paid. I'm sacrificing my real work time for this, so I felt some financial recompensation will be needed.

- Will it allow me to use old pokergame .dlls?

Yes, I'm working day and night to make sure the .dll integration will work. The old 16-bit .dll format is simple enough to extract resources from, there are few problems with it I'm trying to iron out on paper before I can start implementing that.

- Will it support * version of poker

The game will only support Texas Holdem rules. A new version might support more of them.

- Will there be a netplay option

No. This requires a lot of resources to develop, so for this version the netplay will not be supported.

- Will the poker-dll making be simplified.

Yes. There will be a new format in form of character files along with some new stuff (Modifiable AI etc.)

- Will it be free?

The agreement said that the poker game will be free of charge for binary redistribution

- Will the source code be released?

Yes. After a certain time period (2-3 years).
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No. 50544 ID: 8e18cd

PokerTest app.

This is a Win32 console app to test some hand dealing, hand sorting and hand checking routines. It will shuffle a deck, deal out 5 cards for both players and check what kind of hand they have.


This is mostly for demonstration purposes but if someone wants check and report any anomalities feel free to.
No. 50545 ID: 1854db

Numbers, that's not Texas Hold'em. That's 5 Card Draw.

The shuffling and dealing looks correct, although initially I was confused because the hands are automatically sorted numerically. I wonder if it's easier to code the AI if they're sorted like that? On the other hand it could just be sorted invisibly, leaving the dealt-order displayed to the player.
No. 50546 ID: 8e18cd


Yeah the error of that was because derpherp conversations I had about poker variants during beign tired.

If the cards are sorted it's very easy to check hands/make AI think their strategy through. I could technically make the the hand stay unsorted. Sure why not.
No. 50549 ID: 2563d4

>Will the source code be released?
>Yes. After a certain time period (2-3 years).
What is the rationale for this delay?
No. 50551 ID: 8e18cd


The agreement gave me the right to the original source code and there is no rationale behind this decision other than my own discrection.
No. 50553 ID: 8e18cd

Today's update:


A card exchanging function that is currently random for testing purposes. Again if you see any anomalies, report them.

Tomorrow I'll try to do the bidding functions.
No. 50568 ID: a2853b

>Yes. I got paid. I'm sacrificing my real work time for this, so I felt some financial recompensation will be needed.
Real work? Where?
No. 50576 ID: 8e18cd
File 133261359901.png - (108.77KB , 1280x1024 , DeckCompiler.png )


At the university. I think I've said it on IRC quite a few times...

Well today instead of bidding I tackled onto something else - here's a screenshot of the 'Deck Compiler' tool for making and compiling your own card decks so you can use them later in game.

It will support 16 card backs' patterns and 1 pattern per each card type. Supported formats to load up is so far BMP but I'm looking into supporting PNG, JPG and GIF natively.
No. 50597 ID: 8e18cd

Deck Maker Release Candidate 1 -

It's a utility to make your own card decks - just prepare 53 images, 1 of the back, 52 for all of the card fronts and wham. You can add 15 alternative card backs as well.


Report any bugs.
No. 50603 ID: 1444d5

Bug report:
The 'Instructions' window for the Windows versions (32 and 64 bit, tested on Win7 64bit) will display a greyed-out scroll bar rather than a usable one if the window is too small to display all the text (e.g. default size).
No. 50606 ID: 8e18cd


Fixed for RC2. Seems bad bit was set.
No. 50721 ID: 6dddd5

No update so far because well...

I've been busy trying to design the inferface for the character creator which is harder than one might think.

Nevertheless if there isn't ANY more bugs to report I can probably release RC2 of the Deckmaker tomorrow.
No. 50722 ID: 6dddd5

Or I will release Release Candidate 2 now...


Happy Bughunting.
No. 51122 ID: b85f8c

Still working on this?
No. 51376 ID: 6dddd5
File 133452619823.png - (25.27KB , 771x492 , CharacterEditor.png )

Yeah I'm still working on it bug it went slow.

So this is... Character Editor mock-up.
No. 51377 ID: 2fe09b


No. 51405 ID: 6f371e

A couple of questions:

1. What's the plan for the player character? Is the player going to be represented graphically or will there be different text options for each stage of loss rather than just the end?

2. Will we be able to put more text in for this version? The previous Win32 game was pretty skimpy in that regard.
No. 51411 ID: 6dddd5


1) Something to graphically represent the PC's amount of clothing. PCs will have X pieces of clothing and Y amount of bucks in the wallet. Using a PC is totally optional though and it would be there to add flavour

2) Yeah I'm working on that really. Not that easy as one might thought... I guess I can do more variations on stages/actions... like 3 quotes per action/stage. It would be better that way.
No. 51493 ID: 2fe09b

Why not make it so that quest characters can play against one another, while you control one of them?
No. 51500 ID: 34c044


That is what this idea is designed around.
No. 52015 ID: 6dddd5

Well my university was KIND ENOUGH to provide me with a legal copy of Delphi XE2 so I can continue the development.

Okay - I'm coding string management right now and so:

There will be now 4 strings for 'actions' like taking cards, raising bets etc. instead of just one. That is to add some randomization to the dialogue! Right now I'm working on integrating this into the UI.

Next comes the image handling.

The good thing about this code is that I can later re-use it for the game.
No. 52016 ID: 6dddd5


Also new feature:

There will be 4 strings for "Good hand" and "Bad hand" to simulate the character 'losing his/her pokerface'. "Drat", "Damn" etc. might be a hint they drew a bad hand, or just they're deciving you!

The whole thing is controlled of course by AI sliders. So one can make a character that is cold and silent like Clint Eastwood or a character that will comment on his/her every hand like a naive child. In other words: FLAVOUR!
No. 52018 ID: 1f8505


Wow, dude. You are definitely making this the best Poker Game on TGchan.
No. 52041 ID: 6f371e

Actually if you look around, he seems to be making the best strip poker game anywhere. Seriously, it's kind of sad that before this, the most customizable strip poker game anyone had made was back when most of us were in grade school.
No. 56005 ID: 3c70d1

It's been a while since we've seen an update here. Any new progress?
No. 56041 ID: c74c7d


There is! The strings editor for the character editor finally works! Now to integrate it with the image loader. It will be some time before a RC will be released since I'm not sure how to finalize the format yet.
No. 56075 ID: 3c70d1

Cool. Coolcoolcool.
No. 59174 ID: c74c7d
File 134585436176.png - (173.30KB , 1280x1024 , PokerTestMore.png )

I've been pushing development further. Now the prototype of the character creator can actually read bitmaps, arrange the order, store strings etc. etc. etc.

Tomorrow I will start the character file format implementation and that's the last thing that stops me from jumping into fullswing game client development.
No. 59217 ID: 61e7f9

No. 59225 ID: 90c494

No. 59257 ID: 8be69f
File 134595469009.png - (3.22KB , 88x124 , card_back.png )

doing the graphics, make suggestions for characters for the face cards. Preferably not from dead quests, finished or current ones. Dilia has been suggested already and will be on there somewhere.
No. 59258 ID: 927258

But... what is there other than current quests, finished quests and dead quests?
No. 59260 ID: 34cbef

... but... that means no one. You gotta word that better.
No. 59262 ID: fa9f7e

Uhhhhhhh... abandoned quests that aren't in the graveyard yet but on page 11 or 12, I guess?
No. 59263 ID: ec0bf5

Clearly only quests in limbo, not currently running but not theoretically dead, are fit for the job. Like, literally all of Cirr's quests. Or literally all of Typo's quests.
No. 59264 ID: ec0bf5

I think this means I need to vote for Kata. Or Scalene.
No. 59330 ID: c74c7d

Pektil from Neo Sex Mall
No. 59332 ID: fa9f7e

Everyone from Neo Sex Mall.
No. 62616 ID: c460ad

Making the obligatory "How's development going" post.
No. 62692 ID: c74c7d


Having problems with compressing bitmaps and reading them properly. Due to lax documentation (Thank Embracadero for their garbage docs, something I told them few times - pretty much every time there's a programming conference.) it was hard for me to find a proper algorithm. I think I've found something that I can use few days ago, so stay tuned.

Right now the files can be as bloated as 200-300 MB. And we don't want that.
No. 65016 ID: 623deb

Good news is the source code can accompany the game on release.
No. 65055 ID: c74c7d


Haw haw
No. 65639 ID: c74c7d

While Bitmaps proved not to be a challenge in saving (The PNG compression out of the box support was pretty great and I didn't have to recompress the images with zlib), Unicode strings gave such a headache...

...that's a thing of the past now and I'm now working on RC 1 of Character creator. As soon as Character Creator hits RC 1, the main game will be worked on some more.
No. 67720 ID: 67bfa9

I'm going to be doing some Art for this game.
Numbers asked me to create a default cardset

I want to make a unique look,
so let's decide on
-4 new suits
-2 suit colors
-12 face card characters

No. 67726 ID: 57fdb4

Butts, Dongs, Boobs, and Bacon
Butts and Boobs are Mauve, Dongs and Bacon are Burnt Sienna.
No. 67733 ID: 57a559

Green and purple make a good compliment to black and red
For Suits, maybe using important computer code characters as symbols could be cool like # or @, or meaningful symbols we've seen in most quests. Droplets (blood, water, etc.), Hands, Mouse Curser, Circles, and/or a phallic symbol for good measure.

Face characters I'm not sure it would be wise to include quest characters. Everybody will be wanting to get in on that shit as the default, which could create conflict. Perhaps just the main races popular on Tgchan then actual characters. Kobold Queen/Jack, Sergal/Tozol Ace, Another good Jack might be Lohrkes, Furries could go anywhere as anything, cat girls seem to be the most prominent on them, so queen. Maybe a Lizardman or Dragon King. If not a dragon king, a queen. You need dwarfs, good kings and an excellent queen joke.
No. 68649 ID: ca4bb2

So, uh, how's development going on this thing? Haven't heard anything in awhile.
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