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File 124978613873.gif - (31.60KB , 468x470 , 20060823.gif )
913 No. 913 ID: 6faa8c

Ohai, Gnome.

Expand all images
No. 914 ID: 93d079

I like where the quest is going. Most of the outfits are fucking repulsive however.

Rock on!
No. 918 ID: bde1b8

>Most of the outfits are fucking repulsive however.
Terrifyingly so.
No. 921 ID: 98dab8

It's guys playing with a dress-up doll of a girl, it's to be expected.
No. 922 ID: acdc9b

Expected doesn't mean acceptable.

It's quite pathetic.
No. 940 ID: 98dab8

I thought it was funny, even if only in a fairly retarded way.
No. 943 ID: 033b20

What did you expect
No. 955 ID: 84ae51

/quest/ - Serious Business

Most of the outfits were posted in jest.
No. 976 ID: 458d32

Wait a second. I just thought of something. Vresch interneted the world. Now unless sci-fi movies have lied to me, in which case everything I know is a lie, the sentient and world conquering AI gets to use the nukes and have power over them. Yet the govermnent used them agains't him in highly populated areas, and I'm surprised they didn't just try to pinpoint his location and bomb that place. I think Vresch used the nukes, not the government so he could make people turn against them and be less resistant to the idea of serving him. He faked the govermnent's of the world doing those acts. Who are you going to owe allegiance, the guy who gives you an option to live or the guys who don't?

We might want to call him up on this. He may be eviler than we think from his actions. Which isn't surprising, being a demon and all.
No. 979 ID: 98dab8

I doubt he had successfully internetted the government at that point.
No. 980 ID: ed8d8a

The nukes aren't connected to the internet. Demon (not AI) would have to go there in person to get control of them. And you know what other thing scifi movies have taught you? in an emergency situation, the president may order nukes on US cities if they can't think of any other way to fight back. I mean, you DID see Independence Day, right?
No. 986 ID: 458d32

Would have thought that'd be his first target. Eh.
Usually they only use a few nukes, see what happens, if it doesn't work come up with a new plan. Actually we should try and see if any part of the govermnent remains. And if they still have nukes. If we're going to work with Vresch for the moment then they are still threats. They may be getting ready a plucky, patriotic American hero to foil us. With explosions.
No. 1003 ID: 2cbe3e

I wonder if we're gonna get an update on this soon.
No. 1004 ID: 954933

Dude, Gnome has at least 2 quests going - he's working on Crossover Quest right now. Give the man some time.
No. 1005 ID: 2cbe3e


DERP I was just asking a question bro. I don't think I got unruly. Isn't that the POINT of discussion threads? Forgive ME if I saw the quest on page four and decided to inquire about the status.
No. 1009 ID: 82167e

Sorry bro, it came out a little harsher than I meant it to. Simmer down, and let's be friends. :3
No. 1017 ID: bde1b8
File 12501562835.png - (75.11KB , 400x600 , Dresscolor.png )

No. 1028 ID: 6faa8c

No. 1030 ID: 6faa8c

Gnome, I must say your art has improved by LEAPS AND BOUNDS since DQ 1.
No. 1048 ID: bde1b8
File 125027271911.png - (69.69KB , 600x800 , 8 months later.png )

:3c Nyo-roooon~
No. 1116 ID: 987386

In my opinion, it may be more an improvement in effort invested. Probably didn't put much effort in at first due to the potential for it to flop. As people started caring more, more effort was put in to not disappoint fans and followers.

Then again, maybe it was just constant details being added and getting called on it if he missed even one.
No. 1459 ID: bde1b8
File 125123672429.png - (68.02KB , 600x400 , bonus.png )

Coralina's notes: Her boobs are bigger than mine, but she has no ass to speak of. Still, kinda cute, and has a position of power. She creeps me out with all her talk about death, though.
No. 1460 ID: 760049
File 125123696096.png - (148.33KB , 600x574 , sookayugi.png )

pettan pettan, tsurupettan
No. 1465 ID: cde660

A flat chest is a STATUS SYMBOL! Extremely RARE and VALUABLE!
No. 1627 ID: 27145e

Okay so question, not an exact discussion topic though.

I see the Apocalyption in questarch, and #3 in quest, but I can't find #2. Where do I find it?
No. 1629 ID: a3b36a

As of the time of this post,

No. 1676 ID: bde1b8
File 125162371126.png - (16.86KB , 284x191 , Coralina Somber.png )

For all your reaction image needs.
No. 1677 ID: bde1b8
File 125162372474.png - (17.21KB , 285x193 , Coralina SRS.png )

No. 1678 ID: bde1b8
File 125162373889.png - (32.87KB , 303x197 , Hope RAGE.png )

No. 1679 ID: bde1b8
File 125162375354.png - (14.59KB , 304x195 , Hope YAY.png )

No. 1680 ID: bde1b8
File 125162377951.png - (16.54KB , 283x197 , Rastin IM SAD.png )

No. 1681 ID: bde1b8
File 125162379174.png - (19.75KB , 287x198 , Rastin Success.png )

No. 1682 ID: bde1b8
File 125162380170.png - (19.47KB , 302x192 , Vresch Ah Yes.png )

No. 1683 ID: bde1b8
File 125162381769.png - (19.33KB , 301x190 , Vresch orly.png )

I hope some of them find use.
No. 1691 ID: cd08c0
File 125166305675.gif - (6.54KB , 400x400 , D&DHope1.gif )

> Err, Hope? Hope? You wanna play a game?
> I was thinking we could play something like DnD.

Hope was pretty eager to play a game with someone, given all the time she'd spent cooped up alone.
... still, it took her awhile to really understand the concept.
No. 1692 ID: cd08c0
File 125166307165.gif - (5.35KB , 400x400 , D&DHope2.gif )

Eventually she got the hang of it, however. Although she tends to solve problems in a very linear way.
No. 1693 ID: 7eda8b

It's like I said. If she'd had people being blunt and honest with her, maybe they'd have gotten through to her in the last sixteen years.
No. 1700 ID: bde1b8

I love you Reka.

The orb's D&D with Hope is totally canon, although I'd rather leave it in here.
No. 1706 ID: 27145e

404 Error
No. 1708 ID: 789c25

It's archived now.
It occurs to me that Hope's issues might interfere with the whole "alignment" issue. "He disagrees with me! Of course he's evil! Smite Evil!"
No. 1729 ID: 541dc4

I don't think she qualifies to play a Paladin. Good implies compassion and respect for life. Lawfulness means following the established societal order. She's definitely not big on either of those.

I'm not sure what alignment she is though.
No. 1730 ID: 43d730

Lawful Stupid paladin.
No. 1742 ID: 034a30

She gets by being 99% Lawful, 1% Good. I.E. Asshole Good.
No. 1743 ID: 034a30
File 125169749112.png - (5.09KB , 81x120 , OotS Pimp Miko.png )

Darn. Here I was all set to give an example, and this is the only saved image I have of Miko Miyazaki.
No. 1869 ID: ab91ae
File 125185391029.png - (72.80KB , 400x600 , Vresch Ref.png )

Bonus arts.
No. 1883 ID: 6faa8c

Is that a USB plug/cable skirt?
No. 1887 ID: 789c25

My first thought was ethernet
No. 1897 ID: ab91ae

No. 4699 ID: 4553b2
File 125554560256.png - (154.65KB , 600x400 , Wake Up Dreaming Title.png )

Self serving bump.

Feel free to use this thread for any of my quests, should you have anything to discuss.
No. 4742 ID: 904da4

Out of simple curiosity, are WUD and Apoc same continuity, or separate?
No. 4751 ID: 4553b2

Separate. Wake Up Dreaming is in the same continuity as Nevermore, however.
No. 4802 ID: 4553b2
File 125573046033.png - (78.48KB , 600x400 , Tyler's Notes - Tosh.png )

Tyler's Notes
No. 4817 ID: f4963f

We must research this anomaly immediately.
No. 4822 ID: 5d5878

We're just crazy, not xenophilic. Probably.
No. 4881 ID: 18bca5

It seems like Tyler has worse handwriting than Coralina. Intentional?
No. 4902 ID: 4553b2
File 125606677090.png - (19.59KB , 600x400 , Yes.png )

Tyler's a very sloppy sort of person. This information is mostly unimportant, however. Mostly.
No. 5858 ID: 4553b2
File 125767794932.png - (268.36KB , 600x400 , METALGEAR.png )

<Rawl>vresch should make a metal gear and ride in it
No. 5859 ID: 5eea01

Maybe YOU are. Others might very well be filthy xenophiles.

Like me :3
No. 5860 ID: af3e6d

Final boss of Apocalyption!
No. 5868 ID: f4963f

No. 6327 ID: 8ec3f9

Are you guys fucking kidding me? seriously, wow. You have seen the stuff that they are most proud of and you are thinking about going that route? REALLY!? This is the most reckless thing I could think Cora could do besides going to the man club and yelling "HEY PLEASE RAPE ME"
No. 6328 ID: 107da3


Wow, strong emotional connections. Good job, creator.

Anyway. It's much more likely the creatures were grown entirely in vat-grown tubes, and may or may not have brains at all for prototypes. Who knows? It's easier to do genetic therapy to a fetus then a full-grown human being, and it may also explain why they didn't try to keep the projects alive to check the mental changes. They may not even have brains.

More importantly: transhumans seem like pretty cool guez eh, do their own thing.
No. 6329 ID: 8ec3f9

as I said in #RQ, I'm not mad with Cora, I'm just disappointed she would be so easily tempted.

And even if they were vat-babies, the would still need a brain to have a heartbeat, and to perform basic cognitive tests in the case the would succeed. They didn't let them die just to display them, they died because their bodies were in such a state that there was no longer any way they could function. In any case, they are still willing to horribly disfigure and kill humans for their own goals. I would never want to associate with them, let alone put Coralina under their knife.
No. 6330 ID: 7eda8b
File 125853603087.png - (122.25KB , 600x600 , man_up.png )

No. 6331 ID: 8ec3f9
File 12585364551.png - (165.82KB , 612x777 , Asali no.png )

>Let's also get a prehensile tail, because those are stylish and useful, and maybe some special glands so we can spit knockout gas like an Engsami.

I'm not willing to accept you are doing anything but trolling.
No. 6332 ID: 7eda8b
File 125853709954.png - (136.54KB , 600x600 , I_said_man_up.png )

I am serious as a motherfucker.
No. 6333 ID: 632862

Hey. Look at the employees we've met. If they can safely modify a human beyond normal specifications they would be modified already!

Just get a replacement eye. Well, first we should ask to make sure it's safe, and that they've done it before.
No. 6334 ID: 7eda8b

>Hey. Look at the employees we've met. If they can safely modify a human beyond normal specifications they would be modified already!
They're just NPCs. We're a protagonist.
No. 6335 ID: 8ec3f9

alright, how's this for a compromise Test:

We get the eye, it would really help, even if it doesn't summon.
She can keep taking the pills, hey it makes her happy.
we leave this place and only come back to give the results.
No. 6336 ID: 632862

Agreed. It's not like a prehensile tail is going to be very useful anyway.
No. 6337 ID: 7eda8b

Two words: Unexpected pickpocketing.
No. 6338 ID: 8ec3f9

what is there to pickpocket? We can get all the credits/stuff we need from Vresch.

are you cool with the compromise or not?
No. 6339 ID: 7eda8b

>what is there to pickpocket? We can get all the credits/stuff we need from Vresch.
Yeah, yeah. Why take ANY initiative? We'll call that "Plan Do Not Deviate From Vresch's Orders In The Slightest Detail." Or "Plan NPC," for short.

And this is /quest/. We're not supposed to come to compromises. We bicker and the character goes with whatever. (PS: no)
No. 6340 ID: 8ec3f9

I'm trying to be fucking nice here, you're pretty much the only one who wants anything to do with these guys. If I turn I know a few others will follow and this will go through. It's the compromise or fucking nothing.

And I'm in the camp of people who want to betray him, but we can save that until you know, AFTER we find somewhere to go and have a position of power. Not while she is still exploring the city. This is not the time to just say "Hey fuck it" to such a ripe opportunity.
No. 6341 ID: 7eda8b
File 125854029810.png - (182.00KB , 600x600 , I_distinctly_recall_telling_you_to_man_up.png )

No. 6342 ID: 8ec3f9

Man SDF is rubbing of on you hard.

Enjoy being a Double Faggot Pattern.

We keep being cautious.
No. 6343 ID: 4f736e

>How about a compromise: We do what I want and nothing else.

>If you do not get radical reconstructive surgery, the terrorists win.

This is fucking hilarious. It's like two train wrecks converging onto a puppy-smashing factory.
No. 6344 ID: 5d5878

Kids, if you keep this up I'm turning this car around.
No. 6345 ID: 44ad00
File 125855418485.jpg - (9.23KB , 247x143 , vanCliff.jpg )

too late.
No. 6348 ID: f0dfaf
File 125855724727.png - (88.23KB , 500x500 , Iagreecompletely.png )

No. 6349 ID: 7eda8b

Hey man, all I'm saying is we should stop fleeing from every single risk just because there is risk.

Stop eating all my glasses. :C
No. 6351 ID: f4963f

Glasses! <3
No. 6352 ID: 6a6a5e

Oh god Shadran Jailbait
No. 6353 ID: f4963f

>Shadran Jailbait
If this is the side effect of trusting the Transcendents, I'm all for it.
No. 6357 ID: 4f736e

Personally, I am all for uniting the Sorcerer's guild, Transcendents, Arcanitec and Technotics and basically getting a lovely utopia/dystopia of magitek mad scientists going.

Not that we're not already at least partway there.
No. 6361 ID: 8ec3f9

all I'm saying is don't get something pointless and useless just because it is a risk. Seriously, give me 2 reasons to get a fucking tail.
No. 6363 ID: dcc3f3

1. Balance
2. Gripping things

The issue isn't that there are no possible benefits. The issue is that they suck. A tail would be a bad idea even by itself - it makes her different, and thus a less appealing leader to the masses. This greatly outweighs all physical bonuses.

The risk merely serves as dangerous icing on an already shitty cake.
No. 6365 ID: 988e4d

Nah, looking cool and distinct would probably be a plus. This is a crazy cyberpunk city and it deserves a crazy cyberpunk tyrant!
No. 6366 ID: 43d730

I have a proposition.
Buy piles of gadgets and armor plate.
Use the Armor of Whatveritwas to glom it all together into power armor.
Also use this to create a realistic face under the helmet.
We can stick whatever the shit we want onto the armor, and use that as a justification to have a life outside of ruling the city, as well pulling whatever transhumanistic stunts we wish.
Also master uninhabited armor.

As to the experimentation, that eye will be quite valuable. I suggest getting an eye we can 'turn off', then erasing the records of the transaction.
No. 6367 ID: 5d5878

No. 6372 ID: dcc3f3

Your understanding of human psychology is flawed.
No. 6376 ID: 7eda8b

What, you've been a pollster in a cyberpunk city before?
No. 6388 ID: dcc3f3

The city in question is not really cyberpunk, so much as dystopic. People are not all "LOL WE SO CRAZY, DIFFERENT IS BETTER" all the time. See the demonstrations for particularly stark example of this - people were mostly just worried about their kids. Thus we see that human nature is not, as you suggest, fundamentally different in Vresch's domain. People still form groups. The factions which we have been visiting are, in fact, such groups. Therefore, the differences between their members and the members of different factions do not cause the members of a given group to feel poorly about their compatriots, because within their affiliation they share many characteristics. What that difference does do is contribute to an us-and-them mindset. We've seen evidence of this pretty much every time someone other than Vresch talks about groups of which they are not members. ("You can't trust them Transcendentalists!" "Those sorcerors are gonna get us all blowed up!" etc.) People focus on problems they perceive among other groups, and have strong loyalties to their own factions.

Whether this attitude applies to the general population is not something we really know yet. Since this is a literary thingamajiggy, however, we can assume that most of what we're shown has relevance. In character, we can assume that because it's what Vresch recommend we scope out. Thus it's fairly safe to assume that the types of attitudes we've been seeing are not, as you would have us believe, drastically atypical. It is likely that the common folk band together by family, or by the physical types that they were magically formed into when shit first got hairy.

Now this brings us back to the original point: that people are most willing to support those who are like themselves. If you recall, the magical change is fairly recent. Everyone was human a mere handful of years ago. Thus, human is a sort of "neutral" state with which everyone can empathize. It is true that modifications would endear us somewhat to those who choose modifications themselves, to some extent. However, it would alienate us to every other group. Hell, it might even alienate us from folks who modify their own bodies, if a tail of this nature is generally held by them to be a poor choice. For all you know, getting a tail could be the local equivalent of showing up at the game table wanting to play FATAL. And even if modders think tails are bitchin' rad extremities, that does nothing for the general population.

tl;dr: I am a dystopian pollster.
No. 7642 ID: 4553b2
File 126088127594.png - (77.05KB , 600x400 , allen scarface.png )

>Tyler: His hair is like that because he's missing half his face.
No. 7660 ID: de3db8

Hey Gnome, considering that you said Wake Up Dreaming takes place in 2004, are you worried about any time paradoxes taking place?

>People discussing getting Coralina a tail

No. 7685 ID: 4553b2

It'd be pretty hard to time paradox a setting that isn't in the same continuity as any other setting on /quest/.
No. 7831 ID: de3db8

I was assuming that it was supposed to be in the same continuity as this one "reality" setting but then again he could be going for an alternate history sort of thing so whatever.
No. 7863 ID: bb9fda

A short video that reminds me of Vresch's robot takeover, well that or EDF.
No. 10841 ID: 7318ec
File 126648720369.png - (451.36KB , 720x856 , vreschshutdown.png )

Hi I drew a thing.
No. 10991 ID: 445c48

It's a good thing.
No. 11071 ID: cfad4e

Gnome, stop having excuses to not update Apocalyption.
No. 11080 ID: 7318ec

Update After Quest.
No. 11116 ID: cfad4e

I win!
No. 11118 ID: 7318ec

You win the right to go update After Quest. Git to it.
No. 11266 ID: 393d7d
File 126736885313.gif - (897B , 16x16 , favicon.gif )

No. 11773 ID: c0f3bf

No, Test.

Tgchan won.
No. 13031 ID: 4b1405
File 126925634932.png - (255.03KB , 500x1628 , Akinator.png )

No. 13065 ID: 37ab54

I giggled.
No. 14020 ID: c5bc5a
File 127130017217.png - (457.61KB , 1280x800 , ApocBackground.png )

Now available in desktop wallpaper variety!
No. 14421 ID: 3441fa
File 127174287519.png - (631.14KB , 2220x900 , apoc height chart.png )

The only ones shorter than Cora are the gnome and the goblin.

Also, the names of people you haven't met yet have been omitted. You can feel free to guess, if you like - other than the four on the far left, everyone is a guild leader.

http://www1.tgchan.org/w/images/3/3e/Annotated_List.png Potentially useful.
No. 14440 ID: 83deb4
File 127177540512.png - (146.92KB , 1350x900 , KQ-Height_Chart.png )


I really enjoyed this, so I made one for some old quest nobody cares about.
Remember when I drew in MSPaint and you could barely tell what things were supposed to be? Those were the days.
The differences between then and now fascinate me.

There is someone taller than Kara in Apoc. I'm frightened!

Hope included to show the effects of the timeskip. Also, it makes this a little more Apoc related. What a difference a decade makes!

Prevous is a disgusting lardball and I am never drawing him in detail again.
No. 14688 ID: 059120

I'm not sure if no one pointed this out because it was obvious or because they all missed it, but I just realized that KaraQuest wasn't related to the Apocalypse. It was ten years before it. Which means Vresch was summoned twice.

Hope's said that it was 16 and a half years since she was sealed. Everyone has said that the world ended 6 years ago. A rough timeline with some conclusions drawn:

2059: Cora is born.
2065: Rastin finds the Crystal, Victor summons Vresch, Vresch meets Rastin, Paraply takes over a few cities, Kara takes down Rastin, Kara seals Hope, Nic banishes Vresch (Adept, get on that last one.)
2075: Cora summons Vresch, Vresch seeks out Rastin, Nuclear destruction, Vresch founds Neotis.
2081: Apoc

Looking at this now, I'm not sure it actually means anything. I thought it was interesting how long I missed it, though.
No. 14689 ID: 1ac39d

now i am sure kara and george had some half-bolds. after sixteen years together something had to have happen.
No. 14690 ID: f95872

I reckon that's what we call a "continuity error" also known as an "accident".
No. 14704 ID: 620bfb

I'd prefer it to go like that, makes for a neat tweest. Also gives Nic more of a purpose than just lolcats.
No. 14706 ID: 3441fa

It is not an error. Vresch was, indeed, summoned twice - once by Victor, and again, ten years later, by Cora.

I was wondering when someone would notice this.
No. 14707 ID: e3f578

Damn, Gnome, Reka, Adept, and Brom sure did make a fucking epic here.
No. 14709 ID: 059120

Quite the coincidence. I wonder how exactly Cora got that book~? (Tildes can be used for non-innuendous implications, too, right? Though I suppose this is an imageboard, so:
>implying Cora was used as a pawn to resummon Vresch)
No. 14714 ID: 059120

Oh, yeah, I just realized. How exactly are The Secluded in debt? Wasn't Vresch supposed to get rid of that 'money' thing? On that note, Luxury Tickets aren't a currency since they don't change hands, right? Businesses don't keep the tickets they're 'paid'? Or am I getting the system entirely wrong?
No. 14716 ID: 1ac39d

most likely the debt is in promises and I.O.U.s
No. 14719 ID: 3441fa

You have the system right.

But thanks to promissory notes and accepting payment on credit, you can still be in debt, as this anon points out. Vresch's new system is still a monetary one, just with a strong socialist core. His solution is not as perfect as he will tell you it is.
No. 14720 ID: 797482

I'd say its as perfect as he could think of... its mostly a carrot system to make the common man actually want to work, and simple enough for him to be able to keep track of.

Big business and cults most likely deal on direct exchange of goods and credit with the value linked to the perceived value of said goods. An economy within the economy. How else do you think you gonna pay off somebody at FurReality if you have to? One thousand luxury tickets?

Do luxury tickets expire?
No. 14722 ID: 3441fa

>Do luxury tickets expire?
They expire upon receipt. Performing a legal transaction in Neotis causes the tickets you spent to cease to exist. If you do not spend them, they do not expire.

However, they can be traded under the table, which would not cause them to expire, but this is illegal. Not that it doesn't happen, but Vresch does not like it when it does because it turns the tickets back into, essentially, money.

The entire system wouldn't work if it weren't all digital.
No. 15074 ID: 059120
File 127278453192.png - (16.86KB , 298x198 , Mirastin.png )

I was thinking that now Mira's getting interested in Chemistry, she could add some yellow to her outfit. Maybe she'll even look into ways to combine science and magic! She could found a company to help her, and call it Paraply or something!
No. 15076 ID: 3441fa
File 127279940596.png - (686.84KB , 762x979 , Mira Toadstool Protection Racket.png )

While I was at work, I drew some things.
No. 15077 ID: 3441fa
File 127279943053.png - (545.02KB , 765x1007 , HTRP Main Characters.png )

No. 18451 ID: bde1b8
File 127754424948.png - (112.05KB , 700x500 , 198 FAKE.png )


Alternative art for that post.
No. 18454 ID: bde1b8

Everyone seems to have so little faith in Cora. The votes in the thread act like she is completely helpless on her own and has no ambition, but that's because SHE TRUSTS YOU.

Her grandma always told her stories about how the orb would fix everything. Cora may not like your attitude much, but she trusts her grandma, and by extension, she trusts you. She is letting you do your thing, because she is confident you guys will make sure everything is okay in the end.

Ever since she got to Neotis, Coralina has been out of her element with no clue what's been going on. Thankfully, she had this convenient magical orb to lean on and help her through things, so she's been depending on it. The orb has been her crutch to get her through this.

If you take away the crutch, then she'll be forced to stand on her own. And you will see a very different person from the weak, frightened girl you say she is. She is smart and strong willed, with a mastery of conjury and years of experience surviving an apocalyptic wasteland.

Do you really want to hold her by the hand forever?
No. 18455 ID: f4e4f9

Goddamn you Gnome.

Goddamn you. Fine, you have a point.
No. 18456 ID: c2c011

Not really hold her by the hand. Just guide her down the path I want her to take. If she really wishes to rule the place even without our prompting then I have no problems with taking LaVerne instead of Cora.
No. 18472 ID: 8bdb6a

16 image cutscene. You broke my record.
No. 18738 ID: 9c88ce
File 127781483077.png - (61.02KB , 600x400 , trolled.png )

> There will be a lottery to determine who begins with the Pendant, using a program built into Rob7 here. I will feed this list of all those in attendance today into him. The winner will be picked at random.
No. 19457 ID: a6008c
File 127865414377.png - (133.06KB , 900x552 , SuperKara2.png )

Alternative ideas for Kara's outfit.
No. 21479 ID: 6547ec

Just randomly musing, but Rastin's 'be the first one here with the orb' game is too straightforward for his style; there's going to be SOME kick in the teeth the moment we finally help someone claim victory. I'm wildly guessing, but I have this strange hunch that it's on Highlander rules. Sure, the position's for life, but as soon as that person kicks it, there's going to be some stupid subclause that says the game starts up again.
No. 21490 ID: e3f578

>Just randomly musing, but Rastin's 'be the first one here with the orb' game is too straightforward for his style; there's going to be SOME kick in the teeth the moment we finally help someone claim victory.

You're pointing out obvious stuff here man. Of course something funky is gonna go on. Though to be honest now that we know how Rastin lived through Kara Quest ending and now he went and died again, I don't think we'd see him for a while unless he faked his death by Kara somehow, which is likely since it happened offscreen. Mentioned deaths are hardly ever real.
No. 22084 ID: a6008c
File 128243021998.png - (61.91KB , 700x500 , LeMoogle.png )

Every time I draw LeVerne with that hat, this is what I think of.
No. 23916 ID: 19dce0
File 128587550619.png - (161.01KB , 500x1000 , Scientist 62.png )

Protagonist of Secret of Nevermore. Name now included!
No. 23959 ID: 5eea01

No. 25683 ID: 93e8e3
File 128816191517.png - (132.57KB , 700x700 , Little Ben Speedpainting.png )

I drew a thing.
No. 25867 ID: 93e8e3
File 128834287448.png - (227.59KB , 700x800 , TheObviousJoke.png )

Another thing. Not technically complete, but I just spent 4 hours on this, so I am done for now. The wings are lazy and the shading is subpar at best, but I doubt I'll return to it anytime soon so here you go.
No. 26309 ID: 6c4937
File 128911276297.png - (76.31KB , 400x400 , seriously no homo.png )

Someone asked, I guess.
No. 26310 ID: 754124

No. 41317 ID: a6008c
File Is_There_A_Hero_Somewhere.swf - (1.89MB , 600x400 , Is There A Hero Somewhere.swf )

I am never going to finish this
No. 41319 ID: 1854db

Just like Apocalyption AMIRITE
No. 41322 ID: 3fd4fb

It does look like a lot of work. But what's there so far is pretty neat.
No. 41340 ID: 5388d6
File 131301697934.png - (72.83KB , 1107x737 , obviously.png )


This is my favorite panel.
No. 41353 ID: a6008c

It is less because it is a lot of work, so much as I do not have Flash anymore, thanks to a couple of hard drive wipes over the years. I made the entirety of that animation over a year ago. If I were to come back to it, I would probably start over entirely.
No. 41944 ID: e4fed5
File 131438875319.png - (166.40KB , 800x600 , MATEYS.png )

No. 42044 ID: a6008c
File 131468507186.png - (276.63KB , 600x1399 , Another 2 Years.png )

So I was looking through this thread in the hopes that I wrote down the name of Cora's fire demon somewhere (looks like I did not and will need to reread the entire quest because I just know I named it somewhere SIGH), and I saw this image. Well, here's another two years for comparison.
No. 42054 ID: 59d2a5

Fire demon post is here >>2513
No. 42057 ID: a6008c

oh, thank you.
No. 42071 ID: 12ca4d

It's like impossible to reach you in irc sometimes so I'll just ask here, why the change in style? I was sorta looking foreword to being handed off to all the different people during the fight for the orb.
No. 90419 ID: e7d055

So the quest is dead ain't it.
Did the author ever explain why?
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