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File 142887510398.png - (89.32KB , 690x600 , pg23.png )
90236 No. 90236 ID: 03a06f

Who likes harpies? WE LIKE HARPIES!

The people get what they ask for! Now lemme see that fan art. Lemme hear those theories. Maybe I'll even draw some butcher birds for you if you have an idea in your head.
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No. 90237 ID: cd9ba8

( >>90230 )
is the girl in the quest thread header who we would have been if we picked powerful or just a random harpy?
what does breadmom do now that shes not in the guard? :(
No. 90239 ID: 03a06f

Holy shit that's the cutest thing ever!

>is the girl in the quest thread header who we would have been if we picked powerful or just a random harpy?

The girl in the quest header may or may not come into the story later depending on where everyone takes it. I have a few different threads of story. If the strong harpy would have been picked you would have been one of the other girls ready for their Time, Echo - who we'll meet in a little bit.

>what does breadmom do now that shes not in the guard? :(

She's an Elder now, helping oversee the tribe and make decisions and such. She's not allowed to be there during the Time though - none of the girls' mothers are.
No. 90240 ID: 03a06f


Oh one other thing. If everyone would have chosen the powerful harpy - then we *could* have decided to leave before the Time even happened.

But then you never would have learned what happens.

No. 90241 ID: cd9ba8

cool! does every harpy get a descriptiony name like echo or bread and whats breadmoms name? (btw, i love that her hair is in a bun. a bun of bread.)
No. 90242 ID: 03a06f


Bread's mom is named Cream! And yes, all harpies have noun names. Sometimes they're descriptive of their personality/appearance. Sometimes not so much.
No. 90244 ID: bd8b82

i am slightly dreading what the time/test is. i have a vague feeling i know what it is. will confirm if i guessed right after it is shown.
No. 90245 ID: 330ce5

This quest is wonderful so far! Looking forward to its continuation and lovely art/story.
No. 90246 ID: 0ee153

No one cares though
No. 90247 ID: 03a06f


I care, actually! I like that people are speculating and I like to hear what you guys think.


Thank you! I'm having a great time drawing for it, it's very cathartic.

I would also like to ask if you guys could give me some color combinations you'd like to see our upcoming girls in.
No. 90249 ID: bd8b82

obligatory green and purple. :V

for serious i say black and red. pink and yellow. and.... orange and blue
No. 90251 ID: 6f4838

yellow and orange are my two favourite colors :v
No. 90256 ID: 330ce5

Although purple is our favorite color we think a pink and black combination would be interesting.
No. 90281 ID: ae8f33

Here's one:
Brown and grey.
So little presence sometimes people forget she's there at all.
Name: Bark
No. 90282 ID: 7de211

White and yellow.

Black and Yellow.

And Red and white.
No. 90289 ID: 03a06f


Haha love this! I already started fleshing out characters but I'm going to put it in my back pocket
No. 90291 ID: 61fc75

Green and purple, and oppressively flamboyant. A true showbird.
No. 90415 ID: 03a06f
File 142951002690.png - (552.46KB , 494x480 , birbs.png )

Been really sick lately which is keeping me from working on the update. I HAVE been drawing more traditionally though. Here's a birb for you!
No. 91259 ID: 03a06f
File 143219518554.png - (125.99KB , 690x600 , lilecho.png )

lil birb of one of the other girls. These are really fun to draw!
No. 103969 ID: 094652

It's been a while. Too long.

Why wasn't this completed?

(This user has been banned for this post.)
No. 103974 ID: d3768b

No. 103976 ID: 595d54

Were you actually hoping for an answer from Ennui or are you just trying to get attention to the thread?
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