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File 141705435517.jpg - (38.75KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )
87142 No. 87142 ID: 3d6e79

One week only! Send questions to your favorite quest characters! Can include any of my quests, (Panty Raid, Suitors, Shackles, and To Guard and To Protect).
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No. 87160 ID: a2f9bc

Brady, how bi-curious are you?
On a scale to 1-10, with 10 being super gay and 1 being mega straight.
No. 87162 ID: 386885
File 141706136539.jpg - (26.56KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"Bi-curious? Oh honey, I'm guy-curious~ 100% gay!"
No. 87163 ID: 4f004c

Well that answers what your gender is. You always looked androgynous, so I kept saying "They" instead of "he."
No. 87164 ID: 630070
File 141706179026.jpg - (46.89KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"Humph. Why would I help a bunch of homophobes? Besides, it's really none of my business. Shouldn't mess with affairs I don't understand. I might've done a few things here and there but I don't think it's right to meddle."
No. 87166 ID: e8f317
File 141706976519.jpg - (36.67KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"Culturally, I have no idea. I don't know any halflings aside from myself...but in terms of why I don't wear clothes, it's for practical reasons. Transforming into a dragon would ruin any outfit I would have on at the time, so I just don't wear clothes."
No. 87168 ID: 9b57d3

What races can you reproduce with, as a halfling?
No. 87170 ID: e8f317
File 141707084236.jpg - (43.98KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"H-HEY! How did you get that photo?"
No. 87171 ID: 9b57d3

Aw, how cute! Do halflings hatch in that form, or in their full-dragon form?
No. 87172 ID: ec2e47

Alrauna: What is your non-dragon half?
Also, can full dragons still turn humanoid? (I would suppose so, since the creation of halflings would be a bit awkward without that.)
No. 87175 ID: a7a6b0

Reina: how Ron-curious are you?

Also are all lions that big?
No. 87181 ID: 71f34b
File 141710465226.jpg - (39.75KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"Oh um, funny story...halflings are conceived when a full dragon mates with a mortal. Full dragons can't change into a humanoid form either so...that's probably why they're so rare..."
No. 87182 ID: e8f317
File 141710751392.jpg - (29.77KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"My favorite movie would have to be, The Help, my favorite book is, Ulysses, my favorite TV series is Game of Thrones and my favorite Indiana Jones movie? Raiders of the Lost Ark."
No. 87183 ID: 9dd1ee

Reina, Ron said you "probably have a dick" is that true?
No. 87186 ID: b8ceae

Pantsu: How much are YOUR panties worth?

Panty Bandit: Call me Professor Oak, because I can't tell if you're a boy or a girl. Which is it? Also, why did you get into this life-or-death panty battle?

Mia: Do you have a blackbelt or something? Or just lots of time spent streetfighting? Where are your sisters now?
No. 87188 ID: 024b25

Ahahah, size jokes.

So many size jokes.
No. 87189 ID: c9d5f3
File 141711548129.jpg - (40.43KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"Figure it out."
No. 87190 ID: bb78f2

You were born from an egg so it's clear your Mom was the dragon.
I question the halflings born from mortal mothers. Or if they too, come out of eggs. Somehow.
Though, most halfing's are probably made on purpose by the governments or organizations like the order rather than made out of natural love for a dragon. Am I in the ballpark?
Dragon's ARE sentient, right? I hope so, if not, that implies awful things.
No. 87191 ID: bb78f2

Charles, your favorite Game of Throne's character?
No. 87192 ID: a7a6b0

That doesn't prove anything.

Take your pants off. We need a close examination.
No. 87195 ID: e8f317
File 141711852451.jpg - (29.02KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )

"...Figure it out."
No. 87196 ID: a7a6b0

...This suffices.
No. 87197 ID: b8ceae

So, how did you get started with the whole panty bandit thing?
Also, what's your sexuality like?
No. 87198 ID: 9b57d3

Are we allowed to use the information here in the quest? Like, can we tell Ron the thief is a girl?
No. 87200 ID: e855f9

Oh no! She doesn't have any panties to claim!
No. 87204 ID: 4f004c

She probably already claimed all her panties, anyways.
No. 87205 ID: a7a6b0

She could only claim three, while any girl would be likely to have more.

Maybe she's just an exhibitionist? Sure is pretty happy to show off to a bunch of pervs on the Internet.
No. 87210 ID: e45825


I'd call that metagaming.
No. 87211 ID: f927bf

It's probably more a precaution. Wouldn't want to get into a fight with another competitor, lose her panties and have her opponent get a new power in the middle of a fight would she?

So Talia, have you checked online for how Ron measures up to other canines? For the purposes of research only of course.
No. 87212 ID: 17a829

Rat-gal: What's a dumpster thanksgiving like.
No. 87215 ID: 7c65ee
File 141715738037.jpg - (40.61KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"You have the right to know my gender. But like hell am I going to spill my entire life to you...however, if you must know I'm straight. Though I have yet to find anyone I would spend the rest of my life with."
No. 87216 ID: 4ba39a
File 141715790052.jpg - (47.80KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"My Dad said that dragons hatch as their most dominant part. Mortal or dragon. Apparently I'm more human than I am dragon."


"Of course dragons are sentient! They can talk and think just like any regular person! Dragons are a noble race! Are you implying we are the same as mindless, thoughtless animals?!"
No. 87217 ID: 17a829

>You have the right to know my gender.
We... do? Huh. Never knew that was a right.
No. 87218 ID: bb78f2

"We" You're a halfling. Just because you're sentient doesn't rule out the possibility that one of your parents wasn't because from my knowledge dragons be all totally magic and shit.
Sentience doesn't imply nobility. Just self awareness. A creature can be a noble beast. Had to ensure that in your universe that dragons are capable of making their own decisions and consent.

Sometimes you hear of non sentient dragons that are just big, flying, fire breathing dinosaurs. Might have nice scales, a penitent for shinies and princesses, but not self aware. Very simple goals. A simple life. Chomp chomp eat sheep burn village.
No. 87220 ID: b8ceae

Did you know going in that if you lose you die? Like, super-die?
No. 87221 ID: a7a6b0

When was this stated, anyway? Everyone's talking about it but I haven't actually seen anyone say it in the Quest itself.

Seems pretty dark for such an otherwise lighthearted story.
No. 87227 ID: d3d3e9

Pantsu mentioned the consequences for losing back here:


>>"And uh...when YOU'RE the one to get defeated...what happens? Do you get sent to panty hell or something?"
>"Well...not really...you just sort of...cease to exist. You disappear forever. No heaven OR hell I guess!"
No. 87228 ID: a7a6b0

Oh. Well, that's still dark as fuck.
No. 87229 ID: b77899
File 141719577322.jpg - (41.94KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"I am fully aware of what happens if one loses the challenge. It would be foolish to assume there's no risk in possible godhood...but my cause is well-worth the consequences, mind you."
No. 87231 ID: a7a6b0

Is your cause worth dooming others to nonexistence?
No. 87232 ID: e878df

is your cause obtaining more panties? because that's not much of a cause.
No. 87233 ID: bb78f2

With your powers would you bring back the losers?
No. 87234 ID: 44dae8

Panstu: do you have any counterparts that you know about? Other laundry and/or fetish gods? Is there some weirdo sock god who has a thing for only stealing one sock at a time? Is that why they go missing?

Charles: what's the prize piece of your plant-nerd collection.
No. 87237 ID: c9d5f3
File 141721341936.jpg - (41.25KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )


"Like I told Ron, that's all a secret~ perhaps there are other Gods...or maybe I'm the only one! If you wanna find out yourself better become the Panty God!"
No. 87242 ID: b8ceae

What IS your goal? Given that other contenders might be willing to achieve your goal for you even if you lose, doesn't it make sense to share that information?
No. 87243 ID: 98c63e

Eyo pantsu, can we see you nude in all your glory?
No. 87254 ID: eb8e5d

Nudity is one of the privileges of the gods, after all. Mortals wear clothes to cover weakness and shame, animals conceive neither weakness nor shame, gods have nothing to be ashamed of and no weaknesses to protect. That's why all those classic greek god statues are in the nip.

Also why superheroes wear spandex and skimpy clothes, with the modern-hero thing going.

Also perverts.
No. 87258 ID: 4f004c

So, Jacob, after Ron came over to talk about taking down the Panty Bandit, you seemed to be opposed to his pervertedness. If that's the case, then why were you the one to tell him to put panties on his head in the first place?
No. 87260 ID: 0eaf76
File 141732187207.png - (12.54KB , 600x600 , turkey.png )

This was ongoing through Thanksgiving Break, which is now over! Thanks for humoring me while I was away! This thread is closed now!
No. 87266 ID: 342657

Aww, no nude Pantsu?
No. 87268 ID: e45825


Pull your pants up, Anon.
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