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File 139819848089.png - (21.86KB , 900x700 , title.png )
81099 No. 81099 ID: 13ef94

All questions and discussions here...
I will try to mend this convoluted mess of a plot...
Expand all images
No. 81102 ID: 49b933

Doesn't seem too convoluted to me. Originally I think you were going with an amnesiac protagonist trapped in a mysterious (haunted?) location. Then you stepped back and went with this phantasm thing instead.
Or rather...I know you SAY It's convoluted, it probably is, on your end, but from what I can tell, at least, all that happened was you started down one story path, changed your mind and went another way.
No. 81105 ID: 2f4b71

[Unnamed Protagonist]'s Bizarre Adventure.
No. 81106 ID: 53ba34

it's ruby quest with STANDS
No. 81108 ID: 57a559

It's like Pokemon-Silent Hill
No. 81109 ID: ca0da5

Persona-Silent Hill. They just get one spirit, not six.
No. 81114 ID: 987c92

I am more than Ok with this.
This is like my two favorite things mashed together and I am excited as hell to see where it goes.
No. 81118 ID: 13ef94

yeah its true originally its intended to be about
>amnesiac protagonist trapped in a mysterious (haunted?) location
without any supernatural elements

then i thought of adding ghost like enitites to it... done some sketches... then tried to put one behind characters back, and it clicked.
No. 81295 ID: ca0da5

Doing so would also leave Spike unarmed and in danger. Besides, since it resulted in a death, it might actually be a storyline STRONG point, fortifying everything before it even to the point where it couldn't be undone.
No. 81368 ID: 47f43d

Guys. Guys! GUYS!
WHAT IF WE'RE the protagonist's Phantasm?
We could be called [spoiler]Guided by Voices[/spoiler]
No. 81383 ID: ca0da5

Interstingly, I already had that thought. I mean, he seems to just accept being given advice, as though it's natural, despite not really knowing much about the Phantasms or even being able to manifest his visually.
No. 81421 ID: 13ef94

I think i need to make a warning at this point, not to treat power of "SweetChild" lightly... cuz "butterfly effect" can be a bitch...
No. 81424 ID: a95b2e

Aw geeze, this is why I didn't want to mess with it before. We just retroactively caused someone to die of starvation.

...whatever food blue (didn't) take from the vending machine hasn't reappeared, though.
No. 81425 ID: ca65e6

No, it wasn't starvation. Apparently the coins were needed for something... or we messed with the timing of the timeline in general, so the guy wound up meeting a monster that he wouldn't normally have by virtue of being a minute early.
No. 81427 ID: 13ef94

>...whatever food blue (didn't) take from the vending machine hasn't reappeared, though.

cuz the food namely twinky was taken... plotpoint affected whether or not the change was taken out of the coin return...
No. 81436 ID: 57a559

I still think the person was likely attacked sometime later between now and then and that an unknown factor with Sweet Child's power is what completely erased the person's timeline, like my "For people, they have to do everything over again in their timeline, however, physical objects will be where there supposed to be before the eaten plot point as they were interacted with the timeline, even if the person would be unable to interact with that item from the beginning because of a wound that carried over from the future" theory.

So the items were bought and dropped somewhere. It's probably within the person's inventory still if a person's inventory counts as a physical location an object stays in. And that person has probably been freaking out over their wound they gained that they have no idea how they got.

I think what Sweet Child's ability actually does to the reality around them is that it merges bits and pieces of different timelines according to what was eaten. Wounds from the future get kept regardless if what was eaten, so the new timeline has to figure that wound in somehow.
No. 81484 ID: 13ef94

so looks like nobody wants to know who the heck they are playing as... :) oh well...

I think he should have at least temporary name... so leave your suggestions here.
No. 81488 ID: bbb906

Spike's been tossed out there before I think, but if it comes to throwing a new name out there, I'll go with Harry.
No. 81489 ID: a95b2e

How does plagiarius work? What are the restrictions on when we can copy an ability, and from who?

How does the single use thing work? I kind of assume that means, say, we could borrow Becky's power to observe plot points, but we can't eat them (since they would involve two consecutive actions).
No. 81491 ID: ca0da5

Was this asking us to choose our power from the three, or saying that we have all three powers?

Anyways I threw Spike and Stabs out there as joke names, and somebody said that Spike was a good one, so for the time, I just kept at it.
I think I like Barry more than Harry, but Harry's still a good name.
No. 81493 ID: 59ba28

I must say, this is my new favorite quest!
No. 81494 ID: a95b2e

I'm fine with continuing to use Spike, for now.
No. 81496 ID: 13ef94


I should have been more clear about it :P sorry

>What are the restrictions on when we can copy an ability, and from who?

You can copy ability of any phantasm as long as it within 1 meter range of you... you must know the name of the ability (so you must expirince it or see it in use at least once)

>How does the single use thing work?

After you stole it, original user cant access that ability until you use it once, after that you will have to steal it again (you cant steal the same power two times in a row)

>I kind of assume that means, say, we could borrow Becky's power to observe plot points, but we can't eat them

Yes they are two different powers so you will have to use up 2 slots for that (you have 3 max)

>Was this asking us to choose our power from the three, or saying that we have all three powers?

You have all 3 powers (the third one being extra bonus for loosing the memory fragment.)
No. 81502 ID: 2f4b71

>After you stole it, original user cant access that ability until you use it once
Damn, I was worried that would be the case. Pretty much rules out the willing lending of powers.
No. 81506 ID: ca0da5

Not necessarily, an ally might be willing to give up one of their phantasm's powers so that you can use it as you see fit, especially if you're going separate directions and it's not a joint power (such as Sweet Child's ability to see plot points and his power to eat them are separate, but jointed powers). Say we find an ally who's phantasm can shoot out a fireball and also has the power to punch really hard: they could let us "borrow" one while still being able to use the other one themselves.
No. 81556 ID: 521d2a
File 139967514010.png - (82.69KB , 512x384 , harvester.png )

>"you always were a kidder Harry"
oh shiii-
No. 81565 ID: 87701a

Yeah, this is totally my new favorite quest. Fun stuff, good twists, I like it!

Now I have to wait for chapter 2, darn ._.
No. 81572 ID: 13ef94

>Now I have to wait for chapter 2, darn ._.

You wont have to wait long :)
No. 81586 ID: fe8b1a

I'm interested in where this is going I'm just not invested yet. Can you do horror and action/powers? I was curious about that
No. 81588 ID: fe8b1a

Also I say we all band together and find the magic locker factory so we can prevent anymore poor souls from waking up inside dark boxes with light switches.
No. 81610 ID: ca0da5

Something I wanna note about Helter-Skelter: I can't claim to know Sombermann's true reasoning, but from appearances, I would guess he used a lot of the suggestions together. There's a feline like apearance to the mask, as in >>/questarch/573091 but it's also completely covered up, possibly as suggested from >>/questarch/573103 wherein I asked for a "Full head covering mask," combined with the mask from >>/questarch/573101

Sombermann, is this anywhere close to true?
No. 81611 ID: 57a559

Sombermann also brought the star nipples from the first picture.
No. 81619 ID: 13ef94
File 139985486480.png - (321.44KB , 700x500 , ora.png )

>Sombermann, is this anywhere close to true?

Yep :) thats pretty much spot on :D
No. 81630 ID: 306997


I figured that was the idea, and that's a good way to go about it! Also, the amount of Jojo in this thread is magnificent.

No. 81643 ID: 8bb1f7

It's gonna be so cool when we get to do this to somebody.
No. 81661 ID: 57a559

Also another tidbit about "Deep Blue" the song, it was written by George Harrison, lead guitarist of the Beatles, which is the band that I mentioned that also performed "Helter Skelter". The connection may imply a friendly male character. That or all the character's with shady pasts and are potentially evil will now get Beatle's related phantasm names.

At this point I have no idea if Sombermann has fully embraced the Naming Scheme's for player characters or Main Ally's phantasms or if the connection is just a huge coincidence. The user of Deep Blue may be an important character.
No. 81662 ID: 53ba34

or it could be everyone in the 'gang' will get the same theme. aka, everyone in the 'band' gets songs they wrote.
No. 81675 ID: 740428

I find it amusing that so far, every corpse we have found has been in a bathtub, and every bathtub we have looked inside (and likely the one we haven't) has contained a corpse.
No. 81679 ID: 13ef94

>At this point I have no idea if Sombermann has fully embraced the Naming Scheme's for player characters or Main Ally's phantasms or if the connection is just a huge coincidence.

Believe it or not... it's just a huge coincidence... and there is no such a thing as santa...

>I find it amusing that so far, every corpse we have found has been in a bathtub, and every bathtub we have looked inside (and likely the one we haven't) has contained a corpse.

Bathtubs and corpses... something just makes them fit prefectly with each other...
No. 81684 ID: fe8b1a


So the song titles aren't in the same naming scheme? There's still a chance to get "Closer" then muhahaha
No. 81689 ID: 2ea27c

The naming scheme is the same as JoJo's.
Just about any popular western band or song is fair game.
No. 81755 ID: a36601

I just gotta say; I LOVE the way the other characters are just setting things up the way they were in the other timeline for *seemingly* no reason. I know they probably *have* a reason for doing these things, but it just seems so awesome. Alternate timelines are a thing I like a lot!
No. 81757 ID: 13ef94
File 140042660691.png - (11.53KB , 900x500 , dialogtest.png )

well it will only count if it will somehow pay off ... otherwise there is no reason to set them up.
i also like seeing stuff like that in other quests, makes stuff seem more interconnected.

Pic - original draft of the encounter with "the Shape" where Harry connects to his Phantasm.
No. 81758 ID: 13ef94
File 140042695701.png - (11.78KB , 400x650 , pink.png )

first drawing of Sally, biggest change was color of panties...
No. 81843 ID: 5b596d

This quest has made me want to start drawing up fan characters... I'm such a jojo fan
No. 81844 ID: 13ef94
File 140078501110.png - (44.52KB , 700x500 , phantasm 4.png )

>This quest has made me want to start drawing up fan characters... I'm such a jojo fan

Well then go ahead and draw them :D then post em here, i would like to see them :D

hmm... how about this... draw your fan char. with his/her phantasm describe and name it and its ability's, choose your color code and assign a room number to them.
No. 81849 ID: 5b596d


Well now I may just do that. I'd already thought of three when I was driving around for work today.
No. 81861 ID: 5b596d


So I tried to draw something up in your style....needless to say...i'm not feeling like posting it. Too many things look wrong besides the fact that I tried to get the white outlines and the way you did the stand's lines correct and that didn't happen >=I
No. 81862 ID: 7e06e7
File 140082143060.png - (73.91KB , 700x500 , CROSSFIRE.png )

I tried
I'm sorry
No. 81863 ID: 13ef94

outlines are actually really easy to do, for phantasm i first highlight it from outside with magic wand then fill it with white then i do 1 pixel increment and fill it with black, and then 1 pixel increment again and fill it with white again. Line them all behind one another and you get this kind of outline. By the way what soft do you use to draw?

Dont be sorry its awesome :D, what it can do? is it have bullet for a head? what is users name?
No. 81864 ID: 186341
File 140082673518.png - (125.06KB , 800x600 , Planet Telex.png )

Ormus and his phantasm, Planet Telex.


Ormus is a serene, meditative man, with a powerful and utterly alien morality. He thinks nothing of killing in cold blood to attain his ends, and does it always with a look of beatific restfulness on his face. There is a core of justness inside him, a strict honor code, attained after long and strange journeys through the emotional and physical cosmos, but it is so unknowable to most that he often comes off as pitiless or mad. His true beliefs and motivations are difficult to read. He never lies.

His phantasm, Planet Telex, has these powers:

You Can Force It But It Will Not Come: Planet Telex has the capability to join two touching objects together with a nigh-unbreakable force. This joining means that said objects will be impossible to separate, fusing together and becoming one. These bonds dissipate after a while if not concentrated on.

You Can Taste It But It Will Not Form: Planet Telex can sever any of the joined bonds it has created in order to release every joule of energy that has been exerted to physically sever that bond, with concussive force. For example, if it were to fuse a bodybuilder's hands together and he gave a titanic effort to separate them, Planet Telex could then sever the bond and rebound all of that bodybuilder's effort and force into a devastating attack. This attack often manifests as either an explosion centered on the severing bond or a wave of force rippling a short way out of it. The more powerful the repulsive force of the attempted severance, the more powerful the resulting attack.

Everything is Broken: Planet Telex is itself made up of a great number of its own fused bonds at any one time, and its core is unstable enough that those bonds are constantly straining to be free. As a final attack it can explosively unleash every bond on its body at once in a room-clearing pulse of violence, although it then needs to manually rebond and re-assemble itself, leaving it and Ormus highly vulnerable. Since it usually reduces everyone he faces to a red mist, this has rarely been an issue for Ormus.
No. 81865 ID: ca0da5

Man, that's way better than I could do, probably. Maybe I'll try something tomorrow. For now, however, I would like to at least post my idea:
A Phantasm which looks like its head and hands are on fire, but has more control over cold than heat.
Phantasm name: Cool Water
Chilling Touch-By lessening the flames upon its body, Cool Water can gradually reduce the temperature in an area. This effects an AREA, not a target, meaning a conscious entity could simply move out of the area unless somehow restrained.
Miracle Water-When encountering an area that was frozen by non-phantasm means (Yes, Freezers count), Cool Water can siphon the frost, effectively melting it back into water, and use the sapped cold to heal any friendly target, so long as they are still alive. Mostly useful for light wounds, as finding large enough bodies of ice to heal anything larger would be difficult.
No. 81868 ID: 5b596d


photoshop cs2

trying to visualize what you mean
No. 81869 ID: 5b596d


missed opportunity to turn it's head into one of the shapes with the ball baring in the middle

No. 81871 ID: 13ef94

draw the thing then use magic wand to select area around it then inverse it and after that use Select/Modify/Expand by 1 pixel, you'll see what i mean.

Awesome look and idea for power :O

Can't wait to see it.
No. 81873 ID: e1dc76

Hey Sombermann I need you to poke me through email so I dont step on your toes out in the open. Its urgent enough That Id want to get in contact with you
No. 81880 ID: 5b596d

nope can't draw....I keep trying it's just not happening sorry
No. 81885 ID: 7b53bf
File 140089740046.png - (5.64KB , 300x300 , Pauline (pew-pew).png )

Here's my entry!

Pauline Galigari
Room 402
Persona- Silent Gun

Powers:- Frame Overlay- Silent Gun can 'merge' and enable a person to continue to function despite wounds via 'puppeteering' (Think Twig, but external instead of internal)

Strike through- Silent Gun can stab it's lance arm through an object to strike at whatever's behind it. For this ability to work, the object must completely obscure Pauline's vision of the target behind it. (Basically? She can stab through walls but she's shooting blind when she does so.

History: Pauline is an ex-military soldier, who came to the Sunset Hill looking for a place to spend the night. She vaguely recalls a surprisingly sterotypical boot-camp training that suggested a personal tendancy towards mischief and pranks...
No. 81887 ID: 7e06e7

Th-thanks ;w;
Anyway, sorry for not providing anything about it
Now let's see...

User's name: Nicolas "Nicky" Jaquet
Phantasm: CROSSFIRE (yes, all caps is a must also yeah that's a bullet for a head, I'm so regretting that now thanks to >>81869 ;w;)
CAUGHT!:Can detect the location of an specific person the phantasm has seen either in person or a portrait.
Rapid fire: Creates and shoot projectiles of varying size and shape crafted from nearby objects, doing so is taxing on the phantasm making his accuracy low and his presence unstable to maintain, if Nicky loses focus of the target while using rapid fire then crossfire vanishes for a few moments.
No. 81888 ID: 189a54
File 140090061626.jpg - (130.42KB , 1366x685 , On A Wire.jpg )

I don't know how to drawing software so pardon the everything xD

Ezekiel and Two Birds.

An amateur author that came to the hotel hoping to take a break and rethink his writing style. He's a bit of a coward.

Phantasm abilities:

Fly Away: Two Birds enters any person Ezekiel choses, giving them near-weightlessness.

Poison Tongue: Enables Ezekiel to convince people who trust him even slightly of almost anything.
No. 81889 ID: 189a54

Woops, forgot a room number. 109, I guess.
No. 81893 ID: 13ef94
File 140090758121.png - (16.06KB , 700x500 , OC\'s.png )


Awesome :D each Phantasm have uniqe set powers and looks :)

Pauline and Ezekiel have interesting backgrounds :D

The more i look at your OC's... the more i somehow wanna make them part of the story :)... If I would have your premission... of course :D
No. 81895 ID: ca0da5

Yeah, I can't draw it. If you wanna use the idea, go ahead, but I guess the specific details are your choice :P

The user I decided on would be "Archibald," a man who wears a pair of shades which has the right lense "broken" off, though he wears it as a necklace and can just slip it in and out as he desires. The reason for these shades is that his left eye is clinically blind (He can technically still see out of it, but he'd have a hard time recognizing things) and dims what it sees so it doesn't interfere with his standard sight.
No. 81896 ID: 57a559

Careful with integrating OC's into canon
Fans may badger you forever to join your story
No. 81901 ID: 189a54

Go ahead, I'd be flattered to have him in it!
No. 81902 ID: 186341

Yea if you find a place for Ormus feel free to use him
No. 81903 ID: 7b53bf

Go right ahead and use Pauline!
This hotel might just get crowded soon...:3 gotta love the awesome meta of using a hotel for the setting in a quest where we can submit characters eh?
No. 81904 ID: 5b596d
File 140094857704.jpg - (106.66KB , 600x500 , DARETOBESTUPID.jpg )

Name: Alexander and Dare to be Stupid

Powers: DtbS constantly projects an anti-ability field which stops the use of abilities from all phantoms except those of great strength, and allows Al to go toe to toe with his foes.

Personality: Alexander is caring, content, and helpful since he adopted his daughters. He used to only live to survive, getting by however he could until they came into his life. He's always at odds with himself because he feels sad and guilty for not being able to get back home to his daughters but he relishes the freedom and excitement of the hotel even so much as to dip into his selfish survivalist ways.

Background: Al left out on his own when he was young and did what it took to survive, lying and cheating where ever he needed to. Since he adopted two young and beautiful daughters he's started working hard to become stable and raise a decent family. He wound up here somehow and is always trying to find a way out as he lives day by day.

Room: 705
No. 81906 ID: 7e06e7

I'm speechless, go ahead ;w;
No. 81910 ID: 7e06e7
File 140098225398.png - (108.48KB , 700x500 , CoolWater.png )


Something like this?
I'm sorry ;w;
No. 81911 ID: ca0da5

That actually looks very incredible! The one problem I have is that I wanted him to wear his shades, but I can see they're definitely there in whole in his back pocket, so I can pass it off as "he just didn't want to wear them at the time" :P (Which is totally plausible, I doubt anybody would want to wear such shades every waking second)

Thank you so much for drawing it for me :)
No. 81913 ID: e1609c
File 140099409411.png - (485.23KB , 1912x1962 , bluesteel.png )

I spent way too long on this, then that time got doubled when paint dot net crashed on me.
Meet Jack Reigner, and his stand phantasm Bluesteel Blackout.
Jack, before getting sucked into the hotel goings-on, was an impending college burnout. His slow spiral downwards was just slow enough he might actually have made it, though not in any impressive capacity.
He's a smart dude, studying Architecture and with some natural talent at it he does actually have a future.
He lacks motivation in most cases though, and this usually results in him having a bad time of things as a result of his inability to get shit done without a fire at his back.
He's generally kind of a laid-back person, his default attitude being a sort of mellow happiness that clashes a lot with the hotel.

His Phantasm, Bluesteel Blackout, exists partially in 4-dimensional space, and has 2 abilities that reflect this;

Escher's Box is essentially extra storage space, not limited in any way shape or form save for it being highly-traumatic/deadly to living things due to 4-d space not being exactly the healthiest thing to be in. probably.

Penrose Fractal brings out a freaky violation of natural physics in the form of a fractal pattern of impossible shapes. Looking at these can induce severe nausea as the brain attempts and fails to parse them right, and in some cases can lead to passing out. Maybe.

Room number is 302.
No. 81914 ID: 7e06e7

I don't get it, why do you quote me I'm not Sombermann. ;w;
No. 81915 ID: 20208d
File 140101462718.png - (99.68KB , 700x500 , UPAROUNDTHEBEND.png )

Name: Michael and Up Around The Bend

Power: UATB can create 'Joints' wherever it touches, this includes on living organisms like people and on objects like pipes, machinery and furniture. UATB can also change existing joints directions and types.

Michael is a middle-aged man that suffers from insomnia, and can only get sleep with the help of medication. The constant fatigue makes Michael impulsive and easily irritable, and that irritation is quick to turn into anger.

Room: 506
No. 81916 ID: 13ef94

I really like this guy's background and his reasoning behind staying in the hotel...

His presonality prefectly reflected by the power of his phantasm :D... leveling the playing field to fight his opponents head on in a fair fight :).

I cant decide if this guy is seriouly OP or his two powers are 1-extra invenotry space 2-sick stick from "kickass2" :) ether way he got really cool design :D i kinda dont get why the elf ears?

Awesome looking phantasm :D Archie himself is really good base for a "mysterious"-type of character :D
No. 81917 ID: 13ef94

Now this is really really original power :D awesome character in any way you look at him :D
No. 81918 ID: 5b596d


I had a longer more detailed post but axed because i thought i was going overboard but none the less thankyou
No. 81919 ID: 20208d


Thanks man, though i am still not sure about the phantasms name. There aren't many songs about joints. (actually there are lots but about the wrong kind of 'joints')
No. 81920 ID: 5b596d


this man knows a good hairstyle when he wears it.

"rainbow connection"
"Conjunction Junction" (would be funny as hell if he could even use his powers on written words)
(irony) "One direction"
"Link Park"
"Hook" blues traveler song

that's all I could find...you'd think crossroads swivel or joint would have soemthing
No. 81923 ID: 20208d


Shit those are good. I guess i was too caught up on classic rock when i was thinking about the name.
No. 81926 ID: e1609c

I dont actually know anything about classic rock so I just went with the first thing that sounded good.
shit. shit fuck dammit I did it again. God dammit. *slaps hat on knee*
No. 81927 ID: 13ef94
File 140103996411.png - (31.70KB , 250x500 , Sally 2.png )

Sally - pants missing spunky lass
No. 81932 ID: 5b596d

the thread dissapeared...looks like it's time for the next one...god dammit everyone is dying =/
No. 81933 ID: 9a281a

What? The thread's still there. On page 1, even.

Terrible deadly situations notwithstanding.
No. 81936 ID: 5b596d


@.@ it was gone when i went looking for it
No. 81939 ID: ca0da5

Strangely, when I checked the site again, the entire thread was considered "New posts," so I think something bugged up in it.
No. 81945 ID: 189a54

RIP Sally. If she's going to die from this, dying while punching a gunman from through a door while pantsless sounds like as good a way to go as any.
No. 81948 ID: 5b596d
File 140112834634.gif - (704.37KB , 700x400 , Lifetheateninginjury.gif )


It's not as bad as it seems....it's worse
No. 81949 ID: 5b596d


^^^[animated btw]
No. 81979 ID: 2e8b6e

k i wont do that again
No. 82001 ID: 13ef94

:D ahaha this is awesome thanks :D
No. 82002 ID: 5b596d


you're welcome, i thought we'd lost you... but i'm still used to /tg/ postings so i may have been hasty
No. 82003 ID: 2bfcdf

So that's it?

How many time paradoxes are we going to cause?
No. 82004 ID: f28bf6

Becky& Sweet Dream transferred over to another dimension, and Harry seemed to go backwards into his past...When really he flipped to another dimension. So naturally, when something like that happens, it's the end of THAT Sally, but not the end of the Sally Harry met earlier, understand?
No. 82005 ID: 189a54

Thank goodness, it was far too soon for that to be the end of Sally. She never got a chance to seduce even one person with those garters.
No. 82007 ID: 5b596d



No. 82008 ID: d6e000

You'll find love again. A new Sally. A better Sally. With white panties.
No. 82009 ID: 5b596d


She's not my type
No. 82983 ID: cb78a5

Any idea what happened? Sobermann taking a break or something? Love this quest to death, but I'm not one to rush it.
No. 82989 ID: d8f5b3

Yeah its kinda on break I got too much shit to deal with right now, if all goes well it will continue sometime in the end of july... if not... I will be fulfilling my duty towards my country for the next year... soo (fingers crossed)
No. 82992 ID: cb78a5


It's all good, good luck!
No. 83395 ID: d8f5b3
File 140472232757.png - (75.17KB , 700x500 , sisters.png )

Hartmann sisters, Becky and Vicky
No. 83396 ID: 5b596d


I feel like vicky is the speedwagon of this adventure right now
No. 84812 ID: 2f2fc2

Hey....you coming back again soon? This is still one of my most anticipated quests
No. 84813 ID: e06dcb

sorry dude, my daliy schedule became really packed lately, so Im having a hard time updating anything, still glad to hear that somebody still cares about this quest. :D I will try to update it soon. Probably on the weekends
No. 84822 ID: 20b3d0

the quest, style, homage, and atmosphere are all great!

Ive been waiting because this is my fav quest here
No. 84931 ID: e06dcb
File 140897175592.gif - (80.50KB , 700x500 , jump.gif )

What would have happened if Vicky would let go of the rope...
No. 84944 ID: cb78a5

I guess a leap of faith woulda worked, but since we went back up we got to make all sorts of bull puns! Worth it~
No. 84967 ID: 2f2fc2


I think her part would have got alot more interesting...for varying amounts of time depending on what you decided
No. 86124 ID: 2f2fc2

Guess which quest should update again =D

It's time.... you know this to be true

I believe in you....and the heart of teh cards....and Harvey Dent....and a thing called love
No. 86126 ID: 8ea109

Well as format of this quest dictates... player must input command for characters to actually do something. As of time of last update nobody suggested any action for character... so i figured that the quest reached its rock bottom. There you go... no commands = no updates.
No. 86127 ID: 2f2fc2


I never noticed that D=

here I've been waiting for it to update but you've been waiting for a command......
No. 86128 ID: 2f2fc2


actually....umm I'm not sure what to command besides gtfo of bed and do something.....

be better to give us a lead of some sort
No. 86129 ID: f5f61b

Well think back on what you know about this character so far. What he can and can't do. And commands don't always have to include 'physical' actions... Come on I don't want to railroad the entire thing.
No. 86130 ID: 2f2fc2


since i have the worst memory in the history of this board i went back to look...basically we did nothing and let him sleep while his phantom floated over to of him so I'm not sure. ( I really do have a horrible memory i'm sorry)
No. 86131 ID: f5f61b

Oh well why the heck not. Dr Herman Strauss is quadriplegic so he can't move on his own. His phantasm is 'Lemon Tree' able to peer into alternate dimensions and displace people and or objects between them. This is how Becky 2 got into dimension where Becky Prime died in the bathtub and met Harry Prime.
No. 86132 ID: b29c49

Ahh, so he's a hub for alternate dimension shenanigans then.... well he's awake and hadn't noticed two people sneak into his room so all we have with him right now are his musings. I can say lets think about stuff or peer into different dimensions but Im not sure what exactly he should be doing. Ill make a suggestion and lets see if we can get some better thinkers to help out.
No. 86139 ID: 2f2fc2


Doesn't hatman take care of him too? That could be something to work with... get him thinking
No. 86204 ID: cb78a5

It's back, huzzah! Round 3, go!
No. 86322 ID: bb78f2

I forgot the last bit of round 2 so I read it up again
Meat City is by John Lennon
Another Beatle's relation.
Even though Sombermann said the last Beatles song name "Deep Blue" was coincidence, I still can't but help to love the pattern.
I'm guess Sombermann loves the Beatles?

I've found two Lemon Tree songs
This video is for a much more recent song but the video reminds me of Strauss's powers with the whole being stuck in a moving room seeing everything.
This older folk song is about unreachable lemons and shit apparently. Also relevant to his character.

I am also curious how a quadraplegic from birth received a doctorate or if it's informal or not. Then again, he might not have been disabled from birth so I don't know where I got that assumption. The idea of pursuing a doctorate while dealing with the difficulties of not being able to do most stuff with your limbs is an impressive history. I believe Steven Hawking was able to walk for most of his graduate work, as he was diagnosed with his motor disease at 21.

I also forget Strauss's major, if it was stated. What's he a doctor of?
No. 86328 ID: 1dcbcf
File 141431598469.png - (70.78KB , 300x600 , doc.png )

>I also forget Strauss's major, if it was stated. What's he a doctor of?

It was not yet stated.
No. 86442 ID: bb78f2

Hey guys, next time we want to use Strauss to change something in the timeline, can we investigate everything that happened to the first incarnation of Becky when she died in the first chapter? Maybe also investigate the bullshit that happened when we used Sweet Child's powers on the blue timeline?

I'm curious what would happen if we teleport a single chain link out of Becky's handcuffs at that time. It's a really small, but insignificant change compared to fucking plucking out a bullet mid-air. Shit, we might as well do that as soon as she meets Harry. Harry will find the key eventually and then we can get the rest of the handcuff's off of Becky 1.
I wonder if Becky 2 will show up at all? She was teleported in by Strauss and I'm really curious about the whole chain of events that would transpire from Becky 1 and 2 meeting.

Probably a fight. I mean, come on, another version of yourself. There's ALWAYS two things to do with another you that you really can't do anywhen else.
No. 86633 ID: 2f2fc2

so what's the hangup bro?
No. 86650 ID: f99558

>so what's the hangup bro?

Right now im sorta in a very "floaty" position. It could happen that in the next week or so i will be gone for 1 year... serving my country. Im currently running all sorts of med-exams to avoid the draft. So cross fingers for me, if im not very lucky Sunset Hill Quest is up for a veeery looong hiatus... ;-;
No. 86651 ID: 2f2fc2


wait wait wait....why does your country need a draft? =/

I really hope you don't get caught up in it
No. 86663 ID: 50731a

aw damn good luck mann
No. 87007 ID: 2f2fc2

How is that military stuff coming along? haven't heard from you but saw you post
No. 87024 ID: 95a470

right now i'm done with medical examination, so all that is left is wait for a decision from the draft board, it should be done by the end of the next week. fingers crossed
No. 90525 ID: 2f2fc2

I miss you..... I hope you stay ok
No. 91464 ID: cfb12a

I really hope this quest gets revived. It's Fucking amazing Sombermann.
No. 99426 ID: 0e172e

I hope you're still alive and well
No. 99428 ID: cab7d6

Thread necroing aside, Sombermann is still active. This >>/quest/709136
is his currently running quest.
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