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File 138961850193.png - (655.54KB , 782x572 , 138938974914.png )
79051 No. 79051 ID: 011678

Throwing this up here for anyone who wants to know what the hell im doing with this quest..

Basicaly im doing a Vote's style quest instead of a pick and choose, right now were in the intro desciding Gwen's life prior to reaching skyrim, alongwith exactly how she gets there and in what state.

for those intrested i can also tell yuo what the other options would have lead too, and were the points of no return where.
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No. 79052 ID: c83296

Sooo Orphanage friend choices-how would that have played out?
No. 79053 ID: 011678

The group of girls would have increased Speech a crap ton, with the girls splitting up to go to various guild/buisnesses.

the girl in the corner would have boosted Magick knoladge a ton and gone on to join the collage of whispers.

The fighting kids would have raised fighting skill along with toughning you up, they went on to become military and gang kids.

Had you concentrated on the lockpicing kid alone you would have gained alot of Thief skills, but have suffered in speech and contacts

The archery group was the most all round in the kids destinations, so its more then likley youll see at least one of them again, along with the lockpicker.
No. 79054 ID: 74c4ad

If these are just skill and knowledge based decisions, that makes our reluctance to swipe that purse based on it being terrible circumstances to try right now somewhat amusing.
No. 79060 ID: 011678

Right now these are choices that bild your skill and knoladge, the consequences are predetermined, once we get to skyrim however its all up in the air..
No. 79062 ID: 57a559

Is Gwen canonically adopted by the parents that told her the stories about thieves? Gwen Stark sounds like an Imperial or Breton name, but she's a khajiit so...
No. 79063 ID: 100739

They were her original khajiit perents, however what with the thalmor taking over the homeland they thought it best to put a more.. Cyrodilic spin on thier daughter to let her blend in a little more, hence the name and the fackt she has a surname.
No. 79064 ID: 100739

Of course Gwen isnt a particularly cyrodilic name, what with them being proto-Rome and all, but its the thought that counts.
No. 79066 ID: 9ddf68

so what did we miss out on in the square?
No. 79068 ID: 100739

Well the deadra worshipper would have explained each god and directed you to the shrine you chose, the posters and recruiter where bieng honest and open what they are selling, snatching the purse would have led to the Thieves guild, the woman was basically a recruiting agent, on the look out for pickpockets just starting out.

The docks would have lead to a life on the high sea's and possible piracy XD
No. 79069 ID: 100739

Also can someone direct me to a decent Gif maker? all the ones ive found online are either bullcrap or crop the image to a insanely small degree
No. 79070 ID: 1f8505


GIMP has the ability to make .gif's.

I would try this too: http://www.gamani.com/
No. 79071 ID: 57a559

So there was no DB path available to us yet?

I mean, I guess we can kill an innocent at any time. Even an accident is enough. At least it was in Oblivion, but you did just offer us an in into the thieve's guild/fighter's guild/legion before the skyrim campaign (which might not actually be the campaign and this is totally a different dovahkiin/aspect of akatosh.

Wait, until we can confirm we have the save ability we can't actually tell we're an aspect of akatosh yet. We can totally be a dovahkiin without being a PC, because there were other dovahkiins without the ability to save. Like the one in dragonborn.

Going to make a post that is straight up just quicksave and quickload.
No. 79072 ID: cc212d

>the woman was basically a recruiting agent, on the look out for pickpockets just starting out
I knew it was too tempting to be true. Although a recruiting sting by the thief's guild is better than anyone else setting a trap.
No. 79082 ID: 57a559

Cutting the bag with our claws would probably have worked pretty well and I wish I suggested it before I went all "Oh hey look a Dark Brotherhood recuiter!" and no he was all like Daedra this daedra that. Actually, would rather be working for the Morang Tong if we could.

As useful as the skills we collected with just the wizard shop, specializing as a thief would have been really fun.

But that's cool, having illusion powers helps a lot with being an assassin. Once we get there.
No. 79131 ID: 57a559

Hey so is the imperial city in this quest more like the lore version of the city which is actually a full blown city with a really big population worthy of a medieval capital city or is it the Oblivion in-game city, which is a lot smaller with a lot less people because computer resources have limits?

And are you going to make Skyrim it's ingame size where it takes only about a day to get to Riften from Solitude or a full country where it should take quite a lot more days?
No. 79133 ID: 100739

Its Actualy a little of both, to me the imperial city was always more of a spread out government building with shops (based on oblivion) crossed with a place, a small self contained city state that was meant to ensure that what ever the emperor wanted was always within reach.

The one ive shown here is the start of a transition from Elaborate palace to full capital city, refugess of the thalmor are moving in and have created a small third ring of homes outside the city proper, as time went on more people joined them seeing the inexpensive wooden houses as a cheap way to get close to the heart of the empire, eventually if nothing bad occurs the city will grow in size to encompass the entire island its situated on, but thats some decades away and will not feature in the story.

As for travelling in skyrim id say for a normal person riften to solitude by carriage is a four day journey, three if the weathers good. This is of course not counting stops due to bandits, dragons,giants,trolls or simple exhaustion (the skyrim horses are breed for stamina)
No. 79135 ID: 57a559

So the answer to my second question is that there's going to be a lot more square mileage in your version of skyrim? And that traveling is going to be quite a bit more of a journey?

How about the skyrim cities their though? The only one I know that would probably reflect their ingame size is Winterhold thanks to being mostly sunken.
No. 79140 ID: 0ab4e5

Skyrims cities are gonna be a little harder to do i think, but ill try to increase thier size in proportion to how many people would realisticly live there.

For example Solitude is going to be roughly the same size as its the capital and far more up market, but whiterun's districts will be enlarged somewhat to reflect its nature as a trade hub.
No. 79366 ID: 100739

Clearing up the pro's and cons for those not in the Elder scrolls know.

Julianos concentrates on magick in all its forms. but post Oblivion crisis peeps are less trusting of mages..

Dibella concentrates on Social skills but her temples have a reputation as nothing more then sex cults

Stendarr worship has slowly changed to Deara hunting more then tending to the sick, good for loot but dangerous for a young kitty

Kynereth concentrates on outdoor pursuits, hunting ect but you run the risk of getting eaten by a bear.. or a rat.

Akatosh worship has no real consequence these days, as the dying of the septim line along with the extinguishing of the dragon fires have removed alot of the evidence of his power at work, in the impirail city he's a less popular god who dosent really do much..

Arkay concentrates on putting the undead to rest and buring the dead, the training they recive tends to have the priets live solitary live's as few wish to talk to people who spend thier days arms dep in corpses..

Mara is a more chaste version of dibella, but she is less adventurous as well, think a victorian lady snubbing a invitation to do something actualy fun.

Zenithar worship leads to wealth, but demands seriously hard work to get it.

Talos worship is outlawed by this point

hope this helps
No. 79368 ID: 88960e

>assuming peeps are familiar with the elder scrolls
Nope. I mean, I know of it, but little direct knowledge.

>god stuff
Julianos: aren't we already a mage with the enchanting and stuff? And we already work for a mage. If the only drawback is stigma by association, we already have that.

Dibella: is that reputation accurate? Having an annoying reputation to put up with versus actually being initiated into a sex cult are two very different drawbacks.
No. 79371 ID: 9ddf68

so since it's probably safe to assume that we're past the point of no return on where to go to cure our vampirism what would have done what. Feel free to leave out the temple for obvious reasons but if these places can still effect us in some way feel free to point that out and I'll wait till we are done to ask again.
No. 79384 ID: 100739

this is a case of player input helping the plot develop in a far more interesting way then i originally planned, as this little bit was simply to get you outfitted and decide wether to be a vampire or not, how ever your choices and the way you put them have given me a far more characteristic way of getting gewn to skyrim, with each temple growing into its own little story for gewn arriving in the country.

But for now the other options, Bieng a vamp would have given you the vampire skill boost's as well as lead to gewn heading to skyrim to investigate rumours of the dawnguard re-forming.
the collage of whispers choice would have seen gwen join up in a menial role, later quitting to head to the less strict collage of winterhold.
the docks would have seen you getting involved in some shady dealings, as the cure disease potion would have been cut with moon sugar to get you hooked on the taste.
the market district would have simply continued you on the shop keep path, eventualy leading to gwen forming her own caravan. and the pink kitty option would have seen you join with the talos worshippers before fleeing to skyrim in the face of thalmor pursuit.

As for the temple's they would have each pushed you towards a different pilgrimage to skyrim for differing reasons, effecting your equipment and skill.
This will be the last choice before the story starts proper, im leaning towards julianos but will still draw the dibella route to see if it appeals more.
No. 79385 ID: 4a75fa

I'm thinking the Dibella route just provides the opportunity for more amusing color than the pure magic route. :V Rogue / enchanter / illusionist with the embarrassing sex cult background is more entertaining than the rogue / enchanter / illusionist who just bolstered her magic.

Bonus- or mechanics-wise, it's fairly obvious how the magic stuff would be useful. The social stuff is less obvious, but we always end up talking to everything anyways. Might as well be good at it.
No. 79386 ID: 100739

reguarding the DB for those not in the know lore wise, by this point the brother hood is in sharp decline that will eventualy see them entirely ousted from cyrodill, at the time of gwen's temple shennanigans the night mother has been taken away by ciscero and he is now making his years long journey to the other sanctuary's, finding each a smoking ruin in turn..

kinda fudgeing the timescales here a bit, but other wise im tring to stick to canon as much as i can
No. 79387 ID: 100739

im planning on it bieng a little more Fallout'y when it comes ot dialouge's here, as the fackt you cant talk your way out of alot of problems is the thing about the elder scrolls that always pissed me off..
No. 79391 ID: 9ddf68

oh forgot to ask but back in the cave where we grabbed all that stuff, what did what?
No. 79392 ID: 100739

Ok the enchantments on the weapons are all built around explaining away certain aspects of the game. like the bladed weapons would display a small health bar above enemys heads ect, the bow has a odd little illusion spell on it that makes people ignore the fackt that a arrow has hit them, theyl know something happaned, but with no further attacks assume it was noisy rats and go back to guarding, ignoring the arrow sticking in their shoulder.

inking the next part now, turns out lesbian's win over wizards..
No. 79394 ID: 9ddf68

ok for the first part, cool

for the second

that is all
No. 79395 ID: 53ba34

not entirely sure how to feel about this. i mean, some of the votes were like "well as long as its only a rumor". i mean it's interesting, but we essentially saw her grow up, and seeing someone that was a kid talking about how much they lezed out is disconcerting.

this is one of those polarizing things, i know some people that drop quests for things like this. and others that get REALLY creepily into it, suggesting to fuck everything.
No. 79402 ID: 9ddf68

ok time for the what were our other options question. This time for the other divines.
No. 79404 ID: a87e3a

I'm sure she lezzed out for perfectly healthy reasons as a growing young adult.
No. 79406 ID: 4a75fa

Well, as one of those "only a rumor"-ers myself, what I really meant was I wasn't okay with trading participation is some kind of sex ritual for our cure.

As it was written though, it sounds more like they gave her the cure she needed, but she found a place of acceptance and comfort she had been missing, and... things developed over time from there. I'm perfectly okay with that. If she wasn't cool with it, it wouldn't have happened. As tongue in cheek as >>79404 sounds, I think that's the right way to read it.

I mean, honestly, I was more expecting this background choice to result in humorous awkward embarrassment, but I'll take a healthy and comfortable sex life too.

>seeing someone that was a kid
Yeah, a slight awkwardness of the whole fast forwarding through someone's life, deal.

>lesbians win over wizards
No dresses beats dresses. :V

Oh, I just wanted to say this sharing the consequences of the might-have-beens of the choices is neat. One thing I'm always interested in is how our choices actually change things, or what might have gone differently.
No. 79407 ID: 57a559

>Oh, I just wanted to say this sharing the consequences of the might-have-beens of the choices is neat. One thing I'm always interested in is how our choices actually change things, or what might have gone differently.

Yes it is the best
No. 79411 ID: 100739

Ok,`First off G'morning! Second of lets address questions and concerns.

Little bit disconcerting i know to suddenly have sexuality jump at you like that, but you dont have to worry this wont turn into a "Sleep-with-everything" quest, and while it is a little awkward to see someone you controlled as a child in this situation, bear in mind at the time of the temple shenanigans shes 24.

As far as consequences go her time there increases her social skills as well as making her more open too new idea's and more comfortable with herself and her past. Of course her association with the cult may cause some in society to laugh behind her back..

The reason i went with this one is, as i said, i was drawing both the choices and picked the one the looked best, i found that the poses, background and shrine of the dibella route appealed more then the julianos route.. the guys altar is a freaking black triangle! =3=

As for the shop, like the other people youve met it will effect certain paths open to you throughout the adventure, its not a case of simply cutting all ties the second she joins another group, more snapshots of someones life as they meet new people and drift away from others.

Ok consequences away!

Stendarr! Increased combat skills leading to you heading to skyrim as a vigilant, but your choices would have been more black-and-white as your morality polarises.
Akatosh! this would have increased you ignored stats to a more rounded combat role, as you began to train in arms for reasons you couldn't quite explain. eventually heading to skyrim for the same vague reason's
Julianos! HUGE Increase in magick ability leading to you heading north to join up with the collage of whispers. people in skyrim would have been a little less trusting of you however..
Mara! Increase in healing magick but a cost of social skills due to the more strict regiment, eventually you head north to aid the efforts in cleaning up Riften
Arkay! You would have gained valuable knowledge in the putting down (and raising up) of the dead, but you social life would have suffered somewhat
Kynereth! This would have seen your already alarming bow skills rise to near legendary status, but as you spend more and more time in the wild you would have lost social skills and gained a few scars..
No. 79413 ID: 9ddf68

alright so if I added everything up right we should have

so we're basically a smooth talking roguish type with a slight magical background. Good to know

Also you forgot to say what Zenithar would have done for us if we choose to worship him.
No. 79414 ID: 4a75fa

Wait, are we sure those are additive? I thought they were displaying the current level after change. (Ie, we didn't add 3 speech craft to our total at the temple, we leveled it up from 2 to 3).
No. 79415 ID: 100739

/facepalm, crap sorry.

Zenithar would have boosted the gold reserves even further and lead too you heading to skyrim as part of a khajiit caravan, possibly as the owner. it also would have increased health somewhat, as all that hard work would have toughened you up a bit.

And yeah thats a good expression of the skills, i was doing it mentaly as the Out-off-100 thing but i think that will be easier to track :)
No. 79416 ID: 100739

ill post the skill list/scores soonish, but the numbers he has ascribed roughly correspond to the strength of the skill's as they stand, with speech being you main strength followed by archery ect ect
No. 79417 ID: 53ba34

hopefully speech power enhances our FUS ROH DAH. otherwise fighting dragons is gonna be a pain.

did people voting for things remember that that is a thing that will probably happen?
No. 79418 ID: 9ddf68

well it just means we'll be better at convincing people to help us fight the dragons. But I voted we go for Kynereth
No. 79419 ID: 4a75fa

Nope. Totally went with what was interesting, not with power-gaming our ability to kill things.

Honestly, versus a dragon, our best bet would be to hide with illusion magic illusion magic and let it pass. Or if we needed to kill if for some reason, to conceal ourselves and then slowly snipe it to death with those arrows the target can't tell they were hit with (I'm amused our enchanted weapon is basically the bow of badly programmed enemy AI).
No. 79420 ID: 57a559

We sneak snipe all the dragons okay
Get us a dagger and start spamming that sneak skill, blade skill doesn't matter if we get the right perks. And we will fucking OWN with a bow and keep getting better gear with our bitching speaking skill and making it better with our enchanting, eventually causing a loop in enchanting, smithing and alchemy and becoming the best at everything forever.

All this growing up shit skills were min-maxing so we'd have an easier and quicker first start before we start breaking reality as every good Akatosh aspect is wont to do. Also essentially making an interesting backstory. So bonus!

A Kaijiit with our skills is pretty overpowered already.
Now the really fun part begins, exploring the world and breaking it.
No. 79457 ID: 011678

First draft Stat run down with perks.

Speech (65)
Alure, Haggling, Bribe, Merchant, Persuade.

Archery (45)
Overdraw, Steady hand, Eagle eye, Critical shot.

Lockpick (35)
Novice, Apprentice locks.

Illusion (30)
Novice, Dual cast, Animage.

Light amor (15)
Agile defender
Lockpick (35)
Novice, Apprentice locks.

Non-canon perks (may change)

Dibella's embrace
The arms of The Lady hold you close, sheltering you from sickness and the cold.

Vampire's bite
Your clos encounter wiht the creatures has given you a edge at spotting them, where as before they looked normal you now see the beastial taint in thier faces.

The Thief.
Born under this star sign, you find yourself more comfortable learning skills that fall on the other side oflegal.

Hey i know you!
Your old friendss and ex-lovers have a odd habit of turning up in the strangest places..
No. 79461 ID: e9e331

what about enchanting skills?

also will we get a spell list for Gwen anytime soon?

also that last perk... I have a feeling that it won't always be a good thing.
No. 79462 ID: 100739

Damn it sorry forgot enchanting =3=
its one of the lower ones, id say 20/25 off the top of my head.
as for the spell list ill dig that out too, i wrote the skills at work so kinda had to rush it, hense the mistakes
No. 79499 ID: 011678

Getting the spell list together, theres nothing huge on thier, its mostly a slightly wider selection of starter spells then normal due to her magical backround ect. should have it ready by tonight.

apprapo of nothing but i was thinking about the dibella worship and came up with this little idea about how the roumors of Dibella's worship bieng a sex cult are both true and false at the same time.
To explaine, lets compare it to Sanguine worship, wich on the surface is a little similar to what i portayed here, both are gatherings of people that feature nudity and sexual activity, the big difference bieng how thos activities are approached.

In sanguine cults there is no emotional attachment, hell bearly any thought at all, the worshipers simply hurl themselves at what ever will satiate them like animals, dibella worshipers would likley find the whole thing repulsive and insulting.
In the dibella cults feelings and thought's are often more important then the acompanying event's, the removal of their cloathes symbolic of them shedding pointless shame reguarding there perfect, beautiful bodies (And to them all bodies are perfect and beautiful no matter thier shape, size or condition) the sexual acticity that follows (if any) is mearley the consequence of learning to love and appriciate all you see around you... whilst being buck ass naked. (Not gonna deny theres simple lust present there too, but its no-where near as prevalent as poeple outside the cult assume it is)
To a true dibella worshipper, beauty is a state of mind, a inner light and warmth that shines ontyo all they see, to quote rhol dhal (and butcher the sdpelling of his name..) "You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."
No. 79500 ID: 011678

Another difference between Diballa and Sanguine is that the dibella "Erotic Instruction" is all legal and over the required age limit.
im pointing that out beacuse A) at one point a 10-ish year old girl joins the markath dibella church and i want to stamp out any suspician before it begins and B) what other reason would the worshipers of what is basicaly the party god have to hide away all the time?...
No. 79516 ID: 011678

Ok, here's the spell list along with her inventory. While im tryinbg to stick to the canon as much as i can ill stretch things and build on them where it seems appropriate.

Healing hands
Lesser ward
Rally (Cant actualy cast it as the mana cost is far to high, but knows the incantations and rituals to do so)

Amulet of Dibella
Nordic Bow of the hidden. (illusions pell makes detecting the arrows/location of the attacker difficult)
Light Leather Armor (full set)
Hooded Shawl
Steel dagger
Steel arrows (40)
Gold (100)
Half of a Promisary note for use in the Whiterun Bank (1 equal too 2000 gold)

Promisary notes are basicaly what you have befor papaer money, in this case the account holder signs the note then rips it in half, one half is sent via curior to the intended destinations bank and the other is carried by the account holder them selves. its mostly used by merchants to ensure that if they are robbed they only loose the cash they have on them at the time scince bandits care little for scraps of paper, and the note is worthless without the matching half.
No. 79518 ID: d90d89

don't see why we really have the steel dagger when khajiit claws are better then some swords. Well if you going with the game mechanics that claws can only do x2 bonus when you pull off a sneak attack even with perks then the dagger would be useful... I and I guess you can kinda block with the dagger.
No. 79592 ID: ca4118

Wouldn't be a cliff racer. In canon, anyway, they were exterminated by Jiub, who was awarded sainthood. Who's Jiub? The Dunmer guy who happened to be on a boat at the same time as the Nerevarine. (OOC, it's a joke about how common and annoying the things were in-game.)
No. 79593 ID: d2995c

Aha, but the dragons were supposedly extinct too, were they not? Thus, cliff racers' defeat was merely a delay, and when the truth finally dawns, it dawns in annoyance.
No. 79605 ID: d90d89

hey quick question that popped into my mind that I can't help but be curious about, if we went the dadric route and chose to worship Sheogorath the daedric prince of madness, what would Gwen be like now?
No. 79610 ID: 100739

hmmn that is a good question, some for m of hallucination i think, perhaps bieng followed by someone who isnt there or seeing what people are thinking as little images over there heads.
No. 79629 ID: 011678

Okay, here's how a few of the deadric prince option's would have gone down, ill fill in the rest soon as well as a run down of what to expect visa vi setting and combat.

Sheogorath: the fourth wall would have been compleatley broken, with gwen often moving outside the comic framesor messing with the console commands ect. Eventualy she would have headed to skyrim ad walked into the imperial ambush simply beasuse she knew this was where the main quest started.

Azura: Drawn to the edge's, the begignings and the ends, gwen would have moved through the world rapidly, rarely staying in one place. Eventualy she is drawn ot skyrim, but wether the thing that calls her is a ending or a begining she cannot say for sure..

Sanguine: This would have amrked the start of a steep moral decline for gwen, especialy joining at such a young age, Eventualy she'd get run out the city and end up on the road. or possibly working in the pink kitty..

Molag-Baal: Taken into slavery her memories would be hazy at best, really only starting when she kills her enslaver taking thier place in the chain of command. eventualy she heads to skyrim to take advantage of the chaos of the civil war to tighten the Lord of Dommination's grip on nirn.

Boithia: In the servie of the prince of plots, Gwen would have become a fearsome assasin, her natural affinity for stealth allwoing her ot slip more easily into the chambers of the wealthy and powerful, eventualy bieng drawn to skyrim to ensure that the civil war remains in bloody stalemate for as long as possible.

Clavicus Vile: This pathe would lead to a more mercentile upbringing, constantly barganing and batering, always trying to get more then you give. not sure where it would have lead..
No. 79630 ID: 011678

No. 79632 ID: ddfb02

Sheogorath=no fourth wall
For some reason I imagine Gwen playing on an IPhone or something, before someone points out it's just actually a rock, only for Gwen to just not care. Good example of the kind of crazy that would happen?
No. 79671 ID: 100739

Writing up the rest of the deadra routes but something strikes me, no one noticed that the guy offering you the path had blue skin.

Also i have a idea for a event that might be the saddest idea ive had (if it gose the way i expect it too)...
No. 79672 ID: d2995c

>Writing up the rest of the deadra routes but something strikes me, no one noticed that the guy offering you the path had blue skin.
Is there something notable about that? Orcs and Dunmer are a thing after all.
No. 79673 ID: 100739

True but none of the mare Blue :)
Long story short, that wasnt a person, and his comments of gwens path already having been chosen are going to come back to haunt her at some point
No. 79674 ID: ca4118

Looks like the quest is headed toward being forced to pick a side between Stormcloak and Imperial, though I like the proposal for a temporary alliance. Gwen's got an Imperial friend, but it'd be nice to see her be at least neutral toward the "true sons and daughters and cat-people of Skyrim". In canon, Ulfric & Co. don't actually mind you, and Ulfric seems not to care about your race, though Galmar does ask, "Why's a cat want to fight for Skyrim?"
No. 79676 ID: 88960e

The bigger problem, immediately, would be that we're unarmed (unless the bow is in magic inventory, or covered by an illusion), outnumbered, and way too close to draw and fire without being overrun. Unless our orc bub can take then all alone and unarmed, fighting would be suicide.

Even without taking the dragon on our ass into consideration.
No. 79681 ID: 60fee2

...Wait a second. Gwen has a really high speech skill AND illusion magic. Ok, new long term plan idea. What if we engineer the imperials and stormcloaks into uniting against the dragons, and then possibly against the thalmor later on. Because they are dicks.
No. 79690 ID: 011678

You wont be forced to choose just yet, as this is basicaly the intro to skyrim playing out, this will introduce you to ulfric's mannerism's and personality. As for the canon i think what you had there was a bit of gameplay/story seperation, since they wanted you to have the option no matter your race, the same way the caravaneers would talk about not bieng alowed into the citties but you could swan in ect ect.

in this setting itll be much less forgiving, for example you wont be able to simply walk into places like markath or solitude without explaining yourself to the guards/bribing the hell out of them, and ulfric is going to be much less personable when/if you meet him in his own territory.

However this dosent mean im going to paint the civil war as good vs bad, both sides are moraly grey with good points and bad, ill try to keep the depiction balanced between them.

On the magick inventory point, i was thinking that she has some form of bag of holding, where you can put anything in it and it wont take up more space then a small rucksack, how ever the spell dose not effect weight, so while you can stuff a entire dragon skeleton in thiere itll be almost impossible to lift..
seems good?
No. 79692 ID: 9ddf68

eh, I always saw the civil war as morally grey even in game but I wont lie the stormcloaks are shit at presenting there side without sounding like racist pricks.
No. 79694 ID: 4a75fa

A bag of holding type thing is completely valid. I just wasn't sure if we had an invisible inventory mechanic, or if the lack of a bow on our back meant we'd left it in the inn.

Seems to me we'd start out pretty biased against racist pricks. What with the being a fuzzy kitty, who more than half of our friends have been, and what with the actual philosophy of the goddess we embraced.

Not that we'll necessarily agree with everything in the politics the other side puts forth, but we've certainly got a lot of dislikes piled up on one side.
No. 79698 ID: 57a559

I don't want to end the civil war until we can at least get to the diplomacy part of the main quest and I can talk down both sides like I always wanted to, because they act like squabbling children in the face of the end of the world.

I will have Gwen threaten to shout both factions to death and remind them that they are defying the dragonborn's will to protect the world from Alduin. That we will singlehandedly end the war right that very moment in that room by destroying the stromcloaks and Empire's main leader's. That's one way to get what we want. They will walk around like headless chickens and then kaijiit will be the one that makes the calls.
No. 79699 ID: 9ddf68

I can see that but at the same time the whole Stormcloak thing is a CIVIL-war and it never was really clear just how much about this war was known outside of skyrim other then some nords are fighting the imperial legion. I mean I always just kinda saw it (in game anyways) as the war was something you heard about but didn't really have any clue what it was really about.
No. 79700 ID: a87e3a

They ARE racist pricks though. The only things they have going for them is that Ulfric should technically be king and they want to fight the Thalmor, but that's stupid because Skyrim already LOST the war against the Thalmor and Ulfric would be shit as king.

Stormcloaks are a shit faction, and there's no reason to dislike the Legion aside from the fact that they tried to execute you despite being innocent. The civil war isn't morally grey at all if you look at the facts. It's one of the weakest parts of the game, really.
No. 79701 ID: 100739

Thats the problem with bieng even handed with the civil war stuff really, the poor handling of it in game means i have to make up a lot of stuff or build on things that are only set dressing in game =3=

Also drawing the next parts makes me realise that god damn gwen is short as hell..
No. 79702 ID: 4a75fa

Well, that's not entirely a bad thing, since having to explain or clarify what actually is in-quest helps us scrubs without in-game knowledge. :p
No. 79704 ID: 9ddf68

Alright according to what I know of elder scrolls lore, WAY back during the oblivion crises Cyridal wasn't the only place getting attack via oblivion portals, all of Tamriel was. In the summer set Isles the high elves where powerless to protect themselves excepts for one group, a group of eleven supremacist know as the thalmor. After the oblivion crises was solved the elves of summer set were so grateful for the thalmor's help that they put them in charge of the islands. Over time they brought back the Almary Dominion(summerset, vialin wood, and elsweyr) which hasn't been seen since the second age. Some time later the new Almary Dominion threatened war with the Imperial legion which basically said stop worshiping Talos, give us a shit ton of gold, and a few other things. The Imperials (which have been declining ever since the last of the septim bloodline died sealing the way to oblivion) said no, the war started and the Almary dominion actually got to and captured the Imperial capital in cyradil, the white gold tower. The Imperials managed to get it back with the help from the provinces still loyal to the empire but where so battered by doing so they decided to hold peace talks with thalmor and the thalmor gave the empire the same list of demands they did before the war started and this time the Imperials accepted. This pissed off many of the provinces that help take back the white gold tower only (as they saw it) for the empire to surrender to the elves. Which drove this feeling home even further is that Hammerfall actually DID secede from the empire and when the Almary Dominion attacked them for that insult Hammerfall actually managed to push them back on there own and won the battle. Flash forward 25 years and the empire is still just as weak as it was when it signed the peace treaty with the thalmor 25 years ago, the thalmor are running freely through the empire doing whatever they damn well please, and all the provinces are just meant to smile and say please and thanking as they get there faces kick in by a thalmor boot.

The gray area comes in as the Stormcloak feel as though the empire has abandoned them and that the thalmor are dictators who are now really in charge and see anyone who isn't one of them as nothing more then some animal only to be tolerated until it starts making to much noise. The Empire on the other hand is trying to regain it's strength to be able to push back the thalmor and retake the lands they've lost in the previous war but are being forced to fight a civil war in skyrim as the nords tended to be some of the best warriors the Imperial guard had to offer. Basically it's people fighting for a dying empire they feel that can still be saved and those who feel that the empire died in the war and are jumping ship before it drags them down with it.
No. 79705 ID: d2995c

From reading the lore I get the impression that the Thalmor's primary skill is stealing credit for things. They stole credit for stopping the Oblivion invasion (somehow distracting people from the stuff with the giant dragon avatar), as Altmer they by default steal credit for basically all culture, and apparently in Elsweyr they also somewhat dubiously took credit for the end of a crisis the Khajiit were having involving disappearing moons.
No. 79707 ID: 011678

The thalmors primay skill is sucessfuly bluffing on a weak hand, when they put the peace treaty to the empire they themselves were one fight away from loosing, problem was so was the empire.

in my eyes its kinda like the deal britian made with hitler before ww2, a empty promise no one expected anyone to keep but bought vital time for us to re-arm and raise more soldiers. The empire desperatly needs troops and supplies to re-arm for the inevitable conflict with the thalmor, allowing skyrim to succed would be a major blow both to its integraty and its supply chain.

there are a few reasones gwen could side with the stormcloaks, they banned talos for bieng human, whats stopping them banning Dibella for bieng human shaped? ect ect so if the votes swing that way i think i can justify joining.
(id rather not, cause god damn! ulfric is a prick =3= )

On a side note a intresting thing to rember about the world of the elder scrolls is that there is no sky. When you look up your looking right into the infinite plain of oblivion, the planets are the infinatly large bodies and realms of the gods, and the moons are the two infinatley large halves of (what some belive to be) Lorkhan. the mortal mind obviusly cannot comprehend a infinate space within another infitie space, so it simply defaults to the globes shapes.

The moons of Nirm do not wax or wane, they simply decay to nothing then regenerate, hence why you can see stars through the dark halves. Originaly the moons where a brilliant white, but they have rotted to the dull colors of today.

The sun and stars are simply giant holes through to Atherius(heaven) left when the god magnus and his followers jumped ship from the forming nirn and tore huge ass holes in oblivion, Day light is pure magic and the day sky a reflection of Aetherius (no idea how that is spelled).

Clouds are still just clouds though..
No. 79709 ID: 9ddf68

I thought they just banned Talos in general because they saw him as there trickster god that is stopping all High Elves from obtaining godhood.

Alright long story short every, every province has there own view of the gods, the nords see the gods in a more warrior way, the Khajiit see the gods looking more like cat people, but the High elves, The high elves believe that there entire race was once minor gods but a trickster god (who's name I can't remember) tricked them out of there godhood and made there race mortal and as long as this god is alive the High elves will never regain there godhood. They see Tiber siptem (Talos) as this trickster god and the only way to kill a god is for people to stop worshiping him and forget about him. Hence the war with the empire.
No. 79710 ID: 53ba34

course, that COULD all just be bullshit because they haven't invented a way to go up that high.
No. 79711 ID: 011678

They did ban him in a effrot to undo nirn, but there hardly going to tell people that are they?

OK, i said id put a thing here about the male-form god, but looking into this has thrown me face forward into the rabbit hole of industry sexism, examaning the female leaders in thegame turns up some less then favorable charecterisation, and i cant think of a single female charecter in a questline who didnt hand power over to you or a man...
Going into the why's and wherefores of this in a industry context would take up a insane ammount of time, but sufiuce to say the games industry is stupid to be ignoring/insulting 47% of its purchesing audience.

Examaning sexism inside skyrim from the point of view of someone who actualy lives there would take even more time, but if your intrested on my point of view ill write it up and post it here.
Long story short ive found the world of the elder scrolls to be a odd mix of extreme forward thinking and crippling ignorance. It allows anyone to make it in any carrer whislt moking them for it.
While there is no god that specificaly deals with the male form, the male gods are them selves idealised males, strong, tough leaders who dont go for any softness ect, Shor bieng a prime example as a (Basicaly) Immortal Sky Viking..
No. 79712 ID: 011678

Normaly id agree, but bear in mind this is the eldser scrolls, where not only is magic real, but the gods frequentley abduct people to there realms for a laugh, the moons dont rise they simply appear (least they did in morrowind ill have to check skyrim) and whole sections of history can retcon themsleves out of existance. (there used to be hundreds of kingdoms in the breton providence, one day everyone blacked out, when they woke there were about 4, years or possibly decades of warfare and poletics apparently having happaned overnight)
No. 79713 ID: 011678

Heres a link to a vast ammount of text about all this stuff, its written by a guy who was a developer on the elder scrolls games.


the text is taken from a developer forum post, not sure how widley its considered cannon but considering other posts from him appear in skyrim imn taking it as true.
No. 79716 ID: 53ba34

now i'm curious as to what going up really fucking high would do...
No. 79717 ID: a87e3a

The "Trickster God" is Lorkhan/Sithis, who tricked the other gods into making Mundus. Talos is... well, I'm not quite sure how he became a god, he may have mantled Akatosh.

It's worth noting that Akatosh and Lorkhan are actually two sides of the same deity. So there's a whole bunch of aedra and daedra that are actually the same thing.
No. 79718 ID: 100739

Its commonly thought he mantled Lorkhan, filling the empty spot in the pantheon and becoming god of Nirn
No. 79719 ID: 9ddf68

for those who don't want to read try this, it's where I got most of my knowledge on the elder scrolls back story
No. 79720 ID: 100739

one last thing, ive mentioned Manteling a few times without explaining what it is, basically mantling is where you imitate someone so closely that reality simply assumes your the same person.
No. 79723 ID: 7400f2

Yeah, I'm all too aware of the game industry's issues in that area. Therefore my "it was made by heterosexual men" comment (admittedly an overgeneralization and oversimplification of the issues involved).

I've been enjoying your quest, though. And I found your treatment of the Dibella stuff respectful enough.
No. 79725 ID: 60fee2

Hey since Gwen has some back ground with enchanting and uses bows one of my favorite things to do is enchant a bow with soul trap and have the effect just last one second. This maximizes the amount of charge the bow would have because if your kill what ever you are shooting the bow with it does not matter how long the soul trap effect works. Simple and easy way to collect souls.

By the way Cthulhlu, I liked the idea of the Nordic Bow of the Hidden's enchantment, but wouldn't it make sense loot wise to have that enchantment on a quiver instead. I mean what happens if we come across a better bow?
No. 79756 ID: 011678

Ok, while we wait for the updates to spill from my head like some kind of gruseme art explosion, heres a partia list pf the mods im using.
Most of these are simply graphical improvments, but as these tend to alter layout and item placement as well as graphical quality im including them too.

Mainfile/Mod list (willl update as i rember wich mods i have..)

Dance of Death (kill animations)
Pines of Whiterun (Pines... in Whiterun
Vaults of skyrim (For ideas of where to put the banks ect)
The Unofficial Patches
Water and Terrain, enhanced redux
Jaysus Swords (Some tasty sword designs that might make it into the quest)
Lush grass/tree's
Skyrim 2k Textures
Static mesh improvment
Alternate start
Birds and Flocks
Deadly combat (Dismemberment HO!)
Crimson tide (Blood, lots of blood)
Drinking fountaines (a simple added touch of realism)
Bella's better faces (not sure if thats the right name, but its a mod that improves the face quality somewhat)
Immersive Armor/Weapons
Improved npc clothes/ Eleborate textiles (spruce up the clothes a bit)
Dovahkiin relaxes too (for the poses)
Race menu enhancment. (again, wrong name. This allows me to adjust the hieght of the main char to gwen levels, wich if you have it is about 0.89 ...Man she is Short, but i kinda like that, the Great hero of norse legend is a short khajiit X3)

Theres also a compaion mod nam,ed vijla (i think) thats intresting and enjoyable so far, but ill see how it pans out before dropping her in.
No. 79757 ID: d2995c

So does that mean that there will be an actual game of Skyrim you run based on the audience decisions? Will that limit our ability to go off the rails story-wise with things like plots to convince and/or coerce the factions into working together?
No. 79758 ID: 011678

Basicaly the skyrim game im playing at the same time is bieng used as reference for what something looks like from your angle as well as where certianb quests normaly activate and the locations certian people can be found in.

Once this intro sequence is over the gates will be thrown totaly open for you to go down what ever path you want. However there are limits, while you can convince the factions to cease fire tempoarily you wont be able to re-unite them ect.

This is mostly due to the fackt that destiny isd a thing in the elder scrolls universe. in skyrim its represented by certian charecters bieng esential, there destiny keeps them alive and safe until the do the thing there supposed to, then all bets are off.
in morrowind they would simply tell you "Welp you fuck it! stay in the doomed world or start a new game, idiot", both versions have thiere merit, but from a story telling view the Essential charecter thing is both eiser to explaine in universe and less of a interuption to the flow of the story.

So while you could have shot ulfric, it wouldnt have done anything, to everyone else it would have looked like a near miss or flesh wound, but to gwen (awakaning as she is to her role in life) she would have seen the actual damage suddenly rerverse itself or simply not occur "I shot you in the face! how did it just bounce off!?"
No. 79759 ID: 011678

On that note combat in this quest is going ot be alot more brutal then in game, less aroorw-to-the-head = 20hp damage and raised alert satus and more a-t-t-h = Fecking Dead son!
There will be exceptions of course, but ill try to keep them sensible.
No. 79798 ID: 011678

Quick thing, im not ignoring questions like "what happaned ot the amulet" or "when did she get all those pirceings?" ect, just waiting for a more sensible time to dig into them, like during a conversation or in a remanising scene ect ect.
No. 79887 ID: 100739

10 pages done. JESUS CHRIST ME WRISTS!
No. 79888 ID: d90d89

if it makes you feel any better they were amazing and I thank you for making them
No. 79890 ID: 60fee2

You know having a different beginning really makes the choice of who to follow at this point way different. In the game, I tend to follow the Stormcloak guy. I mean the Imperials were about to execute the dragonborn, who in their right mind would follow them then?
No. 79893 ID: 57a559

Hoping to help the imperial to get a pardon makes sense.
Going with the Stormcloak just might get you in more trouble than you were already in.
I mean, sure you were going to get your head chopped off just the same but that's because your character didn't petition or appeal reasonably at all with his predicament.
Not that that probably would have helped, maybe yelling out help to the people of helgen would have done something, I mean if rumors spread around about Imperials beheading a poor illegal immigrant got around it would have been bad publicity, especially if they were a nord or imperial character.

I just don't know, that imperial captain was being cartoonishly dickish and I had no idea why everyone just went with it. The General could have said something at least, it's the captain that made the execution order and I just wish I could have had a decent conversation over it with Tullius. He'd probably just called me a big baby but then I'd know for sure that both sides are just chock full of assholes besides whatever guy you help at the beginning and that one Nord chick that's second in command for the Imperials.

Tullius is a smarmy asshole, not a complete asshole until we at least had that conversation. The guy did pardon me after all anyway (well the Jarl of Whiterun did first), and jokes with his second in command about her clear Talos worship.

It's the same situation with the Peace Summit and Blades-Paarthunax situation, really, you don't get to call out on ANYONE's bullshit.
No. 79899 ID: 9ddf68

truth be told in game I usually went with the imperial guy just because his father is the town blacksmith and after he learns you saved his son's ass he'll let you take all the iron and steel ingots in his forge.

But yeah both sides are flawed but that's kinda what I like about them, it doesn't really give you a clear good bad line and leaves it to the play to make there own assumptions.
No. 79905 ID: 57a559

Hadvar is also the only Imperial that even slightly acknowledges the bullshit you're about to be put through. He at least pities you for getting executed for merely being at the wrong place at the wrong time, which means he acknowledges the injustice of it, which means a lot.
He goes "Captain? He's not on the list."
"To the chopping block"
"Sorry dude, bad time to come home to skyrim. Least you get to die here instead of some foreign country." Or some variant of that depending on your race.

I know this is kinda off-topic since in this beginning the imperial execution bullshit never happens and everything and everyone is quite reasonable from Gwen's perspective, but I'd like to thank Cthulhu for the opportunities to call out on some bullshit in the future when they come up. Even though There's going to be so much of it regardless.
Cthulhu fhtagn
Cthulhu fhtagn
Cthulhu fhtagn
Cthulhu fhtagn
No. 80016 ID: 4a75fa

Okay, dumb question: are we out of character creation yet? Is choosing to pick up the sword governed by practical what will work in the moment considerations, or are we making choices about what skills to gain, still?

Secondly, what does destruction skill mean in this instance? Simply using magic to break shit as a melee attack? (A destructive rather than constructive use of enchantment principles?). ...wrecking the items in front of us just for practice?
No. 80017 ID: 9ddf68

well here's a Gwen's spell list>>79051
With Fire, frost, and spark being the destruction spells
No. 80209 ID: 100739

Man sorry i vanished a bit, got made redundant :(
But anyway, technically speaking Skyrims character creation never actually ends, youll be constantly adding and improving new skill sets as you go along.
Destruction magic is the skill using magicka to cause as much damage as possible, this normally takes the form of a directed stream of a combination of three elements, Fire ice or electricity. However i might be open to including some os the spells from the Midas Magick mods should you decided to head down a more magick intense route.

Also quick question, dose any one know of either a in site command or a website that gives dice rolls? i was pondering how to do the next bit without railroading and the idea of doing it as % success or failure based on skill appeals, but i want to do it in a way that shows it was down to luck-of-the-dice rather then me using Gm powers..
No. 80210 ID: a97618

Okay. But we're past the rapid skill acquisition part, right? We'd actually have to use the axe to get better at it?

You can roll in-site with the email field, as explained here:

...although using visible in-quest rolls effectively is trickier than just rollin'.
No. 80211 ID: 100739

Yep, no more fast tracking skills.
Ill experiment a bit with the dice thingy to see if it works, cheers :)
No. 80214 ID: 100739

rolled 7, 9, 10, 7 = 33

No. 80215 ID: 100739

There we go, and yeah i think this will work. hmmmn, how about the skill rank determines how many d10 you roll, with the aim being to roll over the difficulty?

Sound fair?
No. 80220 ID: a97618

Skills deciding dice pools is similar to other things that have worked, sure. With something like diplomacy I'd think how high bar we need to roll to clear is would depended both on who we're talking to, and how good (or bad) the arguments the suggesters are providing.
No. 80222 ID: a87e3a

Sure. Just leave out crits, both critfails and critsuccesses. Those never work out.
No. 80223 ID: 53ba34

yeah, otherwise you get weird things like "convince your friend to help you with a difficult task" *roll 1* "they aren't your friend anymore"
No. 80282 ID: 100739

Blugh, been sick lately and dealing with real life crap, Redundancy agency dosent think the company i worked at went into liquidation ugh =3=
But little bit better now so up dates will resume shortly.
As for Crits ill be avoiding them entirely as there not exaclty a realistic thing to have in combat or anything else for that matter, instead ill simply increase the difficulty of the roll depending on what your trying to do, ie Shoot a guy=easy while Headshoot a guy through a keyhole on the other end of a castle hall=Legendary shot diffuculty
No. 80517 ID: 100739

Huh. just realized something else that the Dibella worship will bring into the quest that is normally not present within the Elder scrolls protagonists. Faith.

In the setting you are normally given very few occasions to expound belief in a particular deity and are almost never punished for worshiping multiple gods outside of a quest, hell in Skyrim alone you can sell your soul to at least three deadric gods at once..

Im wondering how Gwen,Who by this point is a very devout person, will react to the situations skyrim throws at her..
No. 80519 ID: 53ba34

well, she would react to the other gods the same way Dibella would react to them, but her good speech-craft should tone down any negative reactions, since good speech implies not committing a faux pas as easily, and make any positive reactions better, since she would be good at 'selling' the reaction.
No. 80536 ID: 100739

Oh fyi im only going to do rolls for things that will need them, so while convincing stormcloaks to leave you alone in the middle of a fort takes a roll, shooting a guy from across a room probably wont need one.
No. 80543 ID: 60fee2

I always liked to imagine that my Dragonborn was just going the Refuge in Audacity approach in regards to the afterlife. After all, if all the Gods have a stake on their soul then nobody would be able to get it because they would all be fighting over it.
No. 80606 ID: 100739

Would anyone mind if i kinda skip alot of the fort? its basically a tutorial and railroady as hell and im itching to actually get out and Do stuff =3=
No. 80607 ID: ffa549

I wouldn't mind. The railroading is starting to show (we go out of our way to use diplomacy with the Stormcloaks, twice, and then cave ins, them charging us, and choke point blocking force us into the combat tutorial anyways).

I mean, not that Gwen isn't ready and capable of shooting people when she needs to, it's just weird that it keeps coming up with people we currently have no reason to be fighting and when wee should all be busy running for our lives from the dragon, anyways. (Are the stormcloaks busy picking fights with all the other fleeing refugees? No one's going to get away, if that's the case).
No. 80608 ID: 100739

I think it wasa mistake to do the whole thing anyway, but it did let the people not familiar with the setting catch up, so time to power through and get out into the big wide world!
No. 80612 ID: d0e0a2

Maybe you could have the surviving Stormcloaks actually make a totally sensible situational decision: That sticking around to steal supplies and pick off fleeing Imperials will now just get themselves killed too. Then they take off right before Gwen and Hadvar strike. Perhaps even have them end up clearing out the way ahead for us and count it as the result of going diplomatic, since that way there were enough Stormcloaks left alive to do it.
No. 80615 ID: 53ba34

think most should die by GIANT SPIDER
No. 80625 ID: 113912

I notice the quest is kinda... stalled. Does the quest author want another suggestion?

"Try talking to them with fear readied, if one of them acts aggressive hit that one with fear."
No. 80626 ID: 100739

Nah its ok, real life kinda got in my way recently in Major ways, once i get out of the damn fort we can actually start making Real choices, right now im drawing basically All the pictures we need to fly right through the tutorial and get to the actual Game part of the Game!
No. 80659 ID: 100739

Okay next update is a,most done, im skipping HUGE amounts of Boring stuff to get us to the fun times, but since its all tutorial stuff i dont think it matters much.
No. 80723 ID: 100739

Whew, updated. TON of erros left in but i wanted it all up tonight =3=
No. 80777 ID: f12e94

Okay, a giant spider is just unfair. Plot analysis says that it's a device to strip your protective ally dude from you. I can't help but wonder what the heck a spider like this would be doing inside the caves connected to a major fortress however.
No. 80795 ID: 100739

In the actual game its preety much just a "Hey look at our new monster's!" moment. And while im powering through the intro i couldnt resist the urge to throw one last curve ball at you ;3
No. 80798 ID: 1cbcf1

Yeah, in game it's kinda like. Oh god arachnophobia! Oh, wait, these are basically just giant rats that do a bit of frost damage. Huh.
The actually dangerous one is later. Though not by much.
No. 80837 ID: 100739

And thus the game proper begins!
No. 81076 ID: 34f68b

No idea what i did but for some reason in my skyrim game gwen can jump Crazy high, like almost twice the height of Hadvar, wondering wether i should work that into the Quest as the more i ponder the more it seems plausible that a khajiit could jump crazy high..
No. 81077 ID: ca65e6

No. 81078 ID: b16fc5

A weirdly good ability to jump would kind of balance out Gwen's weirdly bad hearing.
No. 81085 ID: 824f43

So uh, what's the significance of this standing stone choice? I had assumed it was just tuned to the fact we were a thief, and that if thief's the right door, we should poke the wrong doors first. This isn't actually a class change or redefine thing, is it? Because I come back and we're talking routes.

Because I'm really not feeling that if that's what choosing the mage statue is. I'd much prefer to double down on thief and well, apply the archery and magic and social-stuff Gwen's learned along those lines. They can all be used to support or apply to rogue-type builds in various ways.
No. 81089 ID: ca0da5

How much later depends on what direction you head. ...I believe it was actually in Markarth, of course, which means, yeah, not too much further.

I believe it's an actual racial trait that Khajiit get twice as much jump height, but that might have been a mod or something? Or maybe it was just back from the days of Morrowind that I'm thinking of, pretty sure Khajiit started with more acrobatics. But, huh, twice as high as Hadvar in Skyrim. Might just be the player jumps more than NPCs... considering NPCs don't like to jump. What'd you do, toggle control to test it out?
No. 81090 ID: ca0da5

The standing stones of Skyrim are temporary choices, contrary to Oblivion and Morrowind, where it was starsigns, you chose one at the very start of the game and were stuck with it permanently (unless you cheated). The effects of each is modified from the actual starsigns, too, but in this case, the three stones basically speed up the rate at which you learn skills adhering to that class. So if Gwen wants to work with her destruction magic, she'll find it easier to level it up, if she wants to work on her sneaking, though, it'll only go up the normal rate. At least, that's the case in actual Skyrim, Cthulhlu might have changed specifics up for this quest.
No. 81113 ID: 49b933

Mayhaps Shegorath is already making a play for Gwen? Could make for an interesting angle to play insofar as plot twists go with the whole 'connection to Daedra' might go, as far as the 'jumps really high' thing.
No. 81123 ID: 763c3d

it might actually be the normal jumping height, and just look huge cause ive adjusted gwens height in game to her quest heightso everything is viewed from about two foot below the normal viewpoint.

Its a odd thing to run into a Nord child and realize your barely a foot taller then them...
No. 81128 ID: d1f2cc

so what perks would Gwen have gotten if she chose any of the other two stones?
No. 81130 ID: 763c3d

Fleet of Foot.
Your already impressive grasp of the Thief's skills is further bolstered, you feel like you can out run a horse! Your stamina regenerates far faster and your bolstered abilities may lead to new paths opening up.

Iron Flesh.
After touching the stone your suddenly aware of your body far more then you where,you feel that with a little effort you could push yourself in ways you couldn't before. Your health regenerates faster and your increasing strength will lead to new challenges and challenger's.
No. 81181 ID: 763c3d

Not sure if i mentioned this but ill be shaking up the body veriaty in skyrim somewhat
it all ways bothered me that a 35 year old housewife, a 60 year old jral and a 24 year old storkeep all had the same body model..
No. 81189 ID: ca0da5

So, question: Will there be a "Frostfall" type setting in the quest? As in, will Gwen feel the freezing cold and suffer from it, and also will she be able to lug around a tent, sleeping bag, and/or tanning rack once she gets the weight capacity to do so?
No. 81246 ID: ea816c

Questtion; what kind of Sheogorath will you use?

I mean, if he/she shows up it could be your old oblivioncharacter instead of the default hero of Kvatch.
No. 81247 ID: 763c3d

That would be interesting, however i have totally forgotten what the old character looked like =3=
No. 81449 ID: 047035

"Hmmm i have a idea, why dont i put a little thing in th#at lets the players kit themselves out with some nice stuff before the quest proper, but what to give them.. oh i know, how about some of the WORST thing to draw from multiple angles! Best idea ever!"

Oh god im dreading you guys moving into Deadric armor territory...
No. 81453 ID: a95b2e

Obviously the stealth bow should have just been invisible.
No. 81460 ID: 047035

Indeed, in fackt from now on the whole quest is invisible, just blank pages. A triumph of minimalist story telling!
No. 81481 ID: f12e94

Clearly the answer is cut & paste.
No. 81555 ID: d72edd

Three quick points.
First off im apparently running a immersive armor mod without realizing it, so the armor may be a little different then what people who played the game remember.
Secondly the artwork for the next update SUUUUCKS and i can only apologize, but frankly long term readers are used to my art sometimes sucking more then usual.
Thirdly, im sure youve noticed gwens chest getting steadily larger. I have No idea why but for some reason the gwen in my head is quite busty as well as short, im trying to keep it reasonable but if i slip and draw Power girl sized bust lines feel free to call me out on it so i can reign myself in.
Personally i think its down to the fact that the ultimate cultural hero of a race of uber-masculine vikings being a short, busty cat-woman is hilarious to me.
No. 81557 ID: 57a559

Is she also a little chubby?
Vikings saved by woman with housewife build, more at 11.
No. 81558 ID: 57a559

Also how are dungeon crawls like Greatfall Barrows going to go? Highlights like in the tutorial section or are we going to have to do all the puzzles?
No. 81559 ID: 871b7b

Id say highlights more then having to do every little thing, cause having to choose between going left or right in a single room is boring as hell...
No. 81748 ID: 4fd427

A unforseen problem ive run into, explaining away some of the more Deus ex parts of the plot, like how the court wizard of whiterun is looking for people to find the dragon stone mere moments after the dragons re-appear, wich means a certain character had to have been investigating dragon's Before the game starts and the damn things come back..

However! i think i have found a nice way of phrasing it all so it flows nicely. well see soon enough if im right.
No. 81762 ID: 2bfcdf

Gwen's backpack being built into her outfit looks really weird. Like some kind of back-boob or humpback. I feel like it would look better if the mantle was under the backpack.
No. 81772 ID: ca0da5

I don't think it's actually built in, just the same material. Placing it on after the mantle does sound reasonable, though. For the time being, however, what's done is done and it'll just have to stay under the mantle until Gwen re-equips it.
No. 81894 ID: ca0da5

Actually, I wanna ask, what sort of enchanting system do you plan to use?
No. 81922 ID: 427a1d

Im gonna go the Skyrim route where you have to destroy a item to get its enchantment, this is down to the study of enchantment changing somewhat in the 200+ years since oblivion.

they discovered that simply copying the spell over onto the weapon as they had been doing actually removed alot of power from the enchantment, meaning that the spell on the weapon was far less effective then originally thought, they found that by removing the enchantment from a weapon the caster gains a much more intense and personal understanding of how to apply it to other items both dramatically increasing the strength of the enchantment and lowering the material cost at the same time.
No. 81924 ID: 9a281a

All right, so we're going to have to collect some loot to dissemble before we make our own enchantments. Fair enough.

Thanks for fielding and putting up with my I-never-played-this-game type questions, guys.
No. 81925 ID: 427a1d

Dont worry about it, the elder scrolls lore can be a bit daunting to get into :)
Anything you want to know or need clearing up just yell and ill lay down my interpretation here.
No. 81928 ID: ca0da5

Something I never managed to figure out: In Morrowind, enchantments placed upon gear were limited to the Enchantment Value, meaning items with a higher value could get more. This was typically clothing and jewelery as opposed to actual armor and weapons. I've heard about Dreamcloth that amplifies enchantments (thought that might be one of the dozens of mods I use), but do clothing and jewelery hold enchantments "better," giving them a stronger one than armor would? If so, it'd mean that the only advantage to having the enchantments on armor is the actual AC value.

Oh, and about armor versus clothing: How are you playing it in the quest? In Morrowind, you had tons of different armor parts, lefts and rights and all that, but in Oblivion you basically got Armor, Bracers, Boots, and Helmet. Clothing takes up the armor slots now, but did not in Morrowind. I'd be surprised if you did left/right, but what about pauldrons, cloves, bracers, torso, leggings, etc mode of seperation? And can clothing be worn over/under (depending on if it's a robe or not, since robes always cover everything) armor, or in place of it?
No. 81929 ID: 427a1d

Im gonna be keeping that as realistic as possible, so clothing will go over/under armor. Like gwens shawl/poncho thingy shes wearing, if she finds a hemlmet it wont simply vanish and shell be able ot wear both at the same time.

As for the enchantment limits im gonna say there gone, in fackt my earlier staement of the progress of enchantment still stands, the EV was a side effect ff the method of enchantment that the new version totaly removes.
No. 81930 ID: 427a1d

Something jumped into my head that i want to write down before i forget it cause its just freaking adorable, gwen and who ever she ends up with(not that she will end up with someone, but in my head she totally hooks up with lydia) have built a home ala Hearthfire and adopted two orphans, the kids want to go play but gwen thinks its chore time, lydia pauses for a moment, grabs gwen under the shoulders and lifts her off the floor.

Lydia: Go play kids, ill deal with your mother
Gwen: What! noooo! im the dragonborn!
No. 81934 ID: 57a559

What, not wolf-brosis Aela, wolf bros Farkas or Vilkas?
Or cat-bros J'zargo or Kharjo
Or lizard-bro Derkeethus
Or Bat-brosis Serena
Or Lion-Brosis Mjnoll?

I'm trying to think of bro and brosis followers that are popular and cannot be described with an animal name, just elf-bro or nord-bro but am coming up with nothing.
Those are the coolest followers, well besides Bran or Sceolong and Armored Troll, who are your best friends. Kiefling is okay-tier, Shadowmere is just a horse, awesome fellow, but not a friend. He is a professional, nothing more. Barbas is great, but he's only available for a short time.
Bran, Sceolong or AT will probably be best man at the wedding. Gwen is always the Groom. Man or woman, the other will be wearing the gown and choose the bridesmaid.
No. 81935 ID: 427a1d

Its all up to you guy's who she falls for if she falls for anyone at all, it just allways made the most sense to me that lydia would be the main love interest, since she joins you right at the start of you adventures and sticks with you through thick and thin with only the occasional sarcastic remark.

Also gwen will wear a gown is she wants to, free providence man! (That is unless the stromcloaks/imperials win, then the crackdown's start...).

On the subject of marriage im thinking the whole Amulet of mara thing is a cultural display that's mis-interpreted by outsiders, its not "Im ready to marry so anyone can ask me and were good to go" and more of a signal to your beloved that now is the time to ask for your hand, so instead of "He's wearing the amulet! i'll propose at once despite having seen him only twice!" and more "He's wearing the amulet! Gods i hope his boy/girlfriend takes the hint!"
No. 81937 ID: 57a559

Since Gwen starts the game at a higher level does that mean Dawnguard and Dragonborn cultists will appear earlier than usual? I mean, maybe you want to focus on the main quest when writing, but seriously the DLC has good shit in it and when the main quest is done I mean, really, what else is there to do it's a good climax. It would be so hard to make another questline besides the civil war the climax, but fuck the civil war. We'll probably end it at the peace summit with something like an official shoutmatch with Ulfric or accusing him as a Thalmor spy or agent in front of a bunch of stormcloacks with the thalmor official documents we stole because I don't think anyone really likes the war questline as it's written to go in the main game. The main questline is marginally better.

I mean, what is your goal with handling the questlines, are you going to try and make them more attractive? The only really good questlines in the game, in the writing sense, are the DB and Thief ones, and Gwen currently wouldn't realistically go with those just yet. I mean, some dark ass shit that would change her personality would have to happen. Like, she'd have to harden up. She doesn't have it in her to be a thug or assassin. Unless we go with the "Kill the DB" questline instead, but to do that we still need to kill the cruel lady at the orphanage.
No. 81938 ID: 57a559

oh and
We'll probably just end up just romancing a lot of different characters without putting a ring on any of them, considering Gwen's religion and all. Sure, she has to love them unlike Sanguine's cult, but you can learn to love quite a few people.

But man, we have got to be careful if we try and induct J'zargo or Kjargo into our little prayer circle. If the common, non-thief Khajiit even have pre-marital anything. Wait, Cthulhu would you even humor a pregnancy issue mid-quest and not in an epilogue? And Khajiit courtship is complex and different from the regular nine gods religion's courtship, and will require a completely different ritual if we end up marrying any regular Khajiit. Unlike Gwen, J'zargo and Kjargo are full-blown cultured Khajiit's instead of being an imperial Khajiit. She might even decide to take a new Khajiit name if she gets into her race's culture.
No. 81946 ID: 9a281a

>the author having fanon for his own characters
This amuses me a great deal.

>That is unless the stromcloaks/imperials win, then the crackdowns start
...wait, they're both conservative jerks?

Well, I guess then we let things fall apart for both of them. Good thing there's dragon-chaos and civil war coming. That tends to shake up factions and break up their power.
No. 81950 ID: ca0da5

Everybody knows that the true emperor is supposed to be a Dragonborn. Anybody capable of using the Thu'um really is worthy of being the leader. That's why the stormcloaks are vying for power, Ulfric Stormcloak is a wielder of Thu'um, implying he's at least the descendant of a dragonborn.

All you really gotta do is rally supporters, Usurp Ulfric's less bigoted members, and claim the right to rule for yourself. Once you're recognized as such, cecede Skyrim from the Thalmor; by the point in time you do this you should have killed at least a dozen dragons, if not Alduin himself yet. You'll definitely have the power to defend against them, especially if you manage to "moralize" more than just one dragon. Hell, that could mean bringing a return of a similar organization to the Dragon Priests, acting as a council to the Ruler, who, rather than being an emperor/empress, is simply high council(wo)man. The dragons themselves hold just as much counciling power as the priests, if they decide they don't like the decisions the priests are making.
No. 81953 ID: 2bfcdf

One man cannot stand against an army. Ever tried fighting more than like, two high leveled humanoid enemies in Skyrim? Dragons are actually easier to deal with. Most of the enemies skyrim sends against you are cannon fodder, but an army will be full of real soldiers, and you just won't be able to deal with that in any meaningful way. The Stormcloak army would be weakened after the war, so the Thalmor would be able to just walk in and conquer Skyrim again. Bad End. On the other hand if the stormcloaks started using guerrilla tactics, which the dragonborn is well suited to, then they could maybe drag out the war enough to beat the Thalmor. I don't think guerrilla tactics are a thing in the elder scrolls universe though. All the descriptions of battles in books are fairly straightforward military engagements with at most some magical trickery to circumvent defenses or whatnot.

Well I guess Vivec could stand against an army, but he had Chim on his side.
No. 81954 ID: 9a281a

I dunno. Trying to fix the world's problems by setting yourself up to be in charge of everything is kind of a drag, really. Not sure that's the route we should take.
No. 81956 ID: 57a559

So let's get Chimmed up
No. 81957 ID: 2bfcdf

That is infinitely easier said than done.
No. 81959 ID: 57a559

No, it's easier done than said
Thinking like that is why you haven't achieved chim
No. 81960 ID: e3aff6

>One man cannot stand against an army.
Are Frenzy spells still a thing in Skyrim like they are in Oblivion? With a large-area frenzy spell with a bit of move speed slowing thrown in groups of enemies mostly take care of themselves. (That was my mage's preferred method for dealing with with all those continually spawning high level Knights of Order Shivering Isles, and not just because of the irony.)

* Maybe we have a mod for that?
No. 81961 ID: ca0da5

Khajiit and Bosmer used Guerrilla tactics according to lore, so it does exist and the knowledge of it has been spread.

Anyways, according to lore, the only reason dragons can even be killed is because the Dragonborn weakens them and deals the final blow. Nobody but the Dragonborn is actually supposed to be able to hurt them. Skyrim's coding is just faulty is all.

Well let a new order of Dragon Priests, who serve dragons that actually have morals, be in charge. You'd just be there to kick them off their high platform if they ever decide to do things unethically, the way the empire and Storm Cloaks did.

Frenzy spells do exist, but you cannot customize spells, meaning you can only get it in pre-existing strengths. That being said, dual-casting a frenzy spell repeatedly should be able to effect a massive zone.

There are mods that let you level up individual spells to make them stronger after using them specifically, but even then they're kinda limited.
No. 81988 ID: 0754f6

I was under the impression that dragons could be harmed and killed by mortal's, its jut that without the soul-absorption of a dragon born theres no way to make them Stay dead
No. 81989 ID: ca0da5

That's just it, you might knock them down to the ground for a few seconds, but then they get right back up. It takes a Dragonborn to keep them down any longer. At least... I think that's how it's supposed to work. I haven't actually gotten very far into the game, I make a habit of avoiding the main quest xD
No. 81990 ID: 2bfcdf

Chim requires "incalculable" effort. In order to achieve Chim, or at least for one way of doing it anyway, you must realize you are a dream of the Godhead, then deny the realization that you do not exist. Don't be a smartass about this. Chim is serious business.

Well a war against the Thalmor would be pretty difficult regardless of the tactics used, since Skyrim isn't exactly well-fortified overall. Almost every fort has been taken by bandits for chrissakes. Probably better in the long run to go with the Imperials, so the Thalmor at least THINKS everything is fine until you get the military in order and ready to fight a war.
No. 81992 ID: 57a559

Achieving chim is as simple as opening the console.
Like, press the ~ button.
I'm not even being a smartass here. It is debated that all player characters have achieved CHIM by having access to the mystical quicksave key, and quickload, and to go further into the prospects of CHIM is to abuse the broken universe by doing things like the alchemy loop. And then even further beyond that is the console. And the top tier CHIM use is creating mods with the mod tools.

Vivec in his writings even encourages the Neravine to encapsulate this by taking the back route to the end of the main quest. Supposedly, there's an article somewhere.

Theoretically, Gwen has already achieved CHIM. She just hasn't realized it yet. I mean, really, you think the quest is going to be over if we do something stupid and get her killed? Fuck no, we're going to reload that shit.
No. 81994 ID: 2bfcdf

I know what you're talking about, and that's not CHIM. That's just some other magical nonsense the player characters have. Mods are especially not CHIM.

Oh, and if Gwen ever achieved CHIM, the quest would be over because we wouldn't be able to control her anymore. Someone achieving CHIM is basically the same thing as a character becoming alive and acting on their own. The Amaranth is when that character goes off and makes their own world. Vivec could not manage that final step, although he got close. Only Magus/Anu has done it.
No. 81996 ID: b4a2a4

my understanding of CHIm is its Technically more or less what dirtbag said, the character in question comes to realize there in a video game and eventually activate the developer tools to reshape the world at whim.

There do seem to be limits to this however, as Vivec didnt reshape the world to erase morrowinds defeat by the empire, nor did tiber septim use it to set all the stuff in akavir to the imperial faction.

As for what happens if you mess up and die im undecided, i have a few ideas but ill mull it over, i dout it will be straight up re-loading style though as i still want dying to have consequences.
No. 81997 ID: 57a559

I figure the limits are that CHIM is controlled tightly be the developers, and doing big things like changing Akavir is hard because there's no model to work from.

I don't think any of the other continents technically exist in the universe until they finally get a game. They don't get any physical assets until then, so Vivec and Tiber Septim would have had to do a LOT of work on their own to do things like that. While changing Cyrodil to a forest land is as simple as deleting a bunch of trees and replacing them with ones you want. However, I also think Tiber Septim never really did achieve CHIM and is simply the embodiment of reaching CHIM in the lore, writings. Technically he doesn't really exist as anything more than an idea. Vivec is realer than Tiber Septim. But Vivec I believe, at most, he simulates CHIM and brings it to the knowledge of the player. He doesn't actually do much things different than any other NPC when you fight him, you're just told about his legend, like Tiber Septim. Which means that they will never understand the power of CHIM like the player can. Just because they knew they were in a video game didn't give them any power whatsoever, because they have the limited intelligence of an AI, and could never get passed that. They're straight up limited by the intelligence that's possible to program into them.
No. 81998 ID: 2bfcdf

No, CHIM is not that meta. The Godhead dreams all of reality in the elder scrolls universe. The Godhead is a fucking insane dreaming god, and is absolutely not the developers. It's not actually a video game, therefore you should stop thinking of CHIM as literally cheating in the video game. It's more complicated than that.
No. 81999 ID: d0e0a2

Just to get off the CHIM stuff and point out something that I do know.

>"Almost every fort has been taken by bandits for chrissakes."
If I remember the in-game lore correctly, all those bandit-infested forts were originally built for some conflict in a much older age. One way or another the conflict ended and the network of forts was eventually abandoned. That's why they're in such a sorry state of disrepair in addition to being inhabited by bandits and whatnot. You being sent in to clear them out was just the first step for one side or the other to claim the fort.

Also, I figure that those aren't all the forts that are actually in Skyrim, just the ones relevant to the game. There'd be other forts either side had already claimed and reactivated, but they're below the "level of detail" present in the game-world.
No. 82000 ID: ca0da5

Given that the country of Skyrim is scrunched up so much, I think a lot of stuff falls below the level of detail. There have been projects to expand Skyrim to be a lot larger, but I don't know how well they fared, just that they exist.
No. 82037 ID: 922e78

Last time ill talk about it as some of you are no doubt Sick of Chim, but i realized ive been using much to broad and bland language to describe my understanding of the phenomenon. Basicaly as far s i can see Chim is the process of coming to a profound understanding about the laws and processes that run your reality, in the case of the elder scrolls its video game coding, to us it would be something like being able to see and influence the mathematical formula for the laws of physics.

When i say they realize there in a video game i dont mean they literally go "Holy crap im in the matrix!" why would they, they have no concept of video let alone video games. its more that they are able to influence the wireframe of the world and delete things at will, as well as pausing the game to use potions and such (Yes thats a actual thing, one of the sermons of vivec all but states that they pause the game and go into inventory).

So yeah, less Meta, more Neo.
No. 82045 ID: e3aff6

One thing that I hear isn't CHIM is saving/loading; that part is apparently Akatosh shenanigans.
No. 82075 ID: 31910e

As far as i know Saving/loading dosent show up in elder scrolls lore, wich makes sense, as your basically re-writing time so that what ever caused you to fail never occurred, so from the outside view point you just succeed against all odds.
No. 82086 ID: cae5f0

I think, CHIM is more... beeing aware of the story, of the narrativium, as its called in discworld. Thats why things like mantling works. Hm, right now i see some recemblance between the Elder Scolls lore and Cheequest.
No. 82120 ID: 014430

wondering if i should do one of the "Ask the chars stuff" diss threads that are popular, kinda want to see how my chars would react to some more personal questions..
No. 82121 ID: 3d177c

ITQ is for all characters... well, except neumonos right now but that was mostly an experiment to see if more non-neumono ITQ activity would pop up. The OPPOSITE happened so that's not likely to continue past ITQ X.
No. 82122 ID: 8bf4e4

So i could just jump right in to ITQ and answer questions?
No. 82123 ID: 3d177c

No. 82124 ID: 8bf4e4

six sketches ready to be inked and colored... i appologise now for unleashing myself on the question thread..
No. 82125 ID: ca0da5

So far we've only really met two unique characters in the current time period, but yeah, they're free to join in.
No. 82130 ID: c7a241

By all means, yes.

Apologies not necessary until your responses take up half the thread and other people start complaining about that.
No. 82381 ID: ca0da5

As soon as we get back to Riverwood and start heading towards Bleakfall barrows, Gwen needs to work on sneaking around and pickpocketing. Granted, she won't have a reason until meeting up with the bandits at the watchtower on the road up, but after that (or a little before, if she spots them first) she can start practicing it. It'll be a suggestion at the point whether you intend to make her think that way or not! Well, after she knows there are bandits there, anyways.
No. 82399 ID: 410c24

I'm fine with practicing sneaking, but the pickpocketing feels odd. She never had a background that required her learning how to do it, and suddenly deciding 'hey, I should star stealing from these people around me' seems odd, and kind of out of character with what's established already.

Unless they're driven by greed or pride or something, the most common reason to start delving into theft is necessity. But Gwen's got several useful skills, money, friends, a church to fall back... it really doesn't feel like she has a good reason to resort to petty theft.
No. 82403 ID: ca0da5

She won't even have the chance to resort to pickpocketing until she is really good at sneaking, at which point it might be possible to play it off as, "Hey, I wonder if I can sneak so well I can take their stuff" but won't really be necessary. I'm just saying she'll have a chance to practice stealth.

If we need an excuse to bring her to the point of pickpocketing, then we'll come up with one, but that's a ways away--unless of course it's to figure out who has a key to something without actually killing them. That'd be a good immediate excuse, but then, Bleakfalls Barrows has nothing of the sort.
No. 83447 ID: b0bc58

Sorry the next update is taking so long, ive drawn 99% of it but it just wasn't clicking, it was missing something, today i realized what that something was, Supplex's.
No. 83571 ID: 2fd516

You sure do misuse apostrophes a lot.
No. 83573 ID: b3d064

Punctuation is my bith
No. 83581 ID: b3d064

But spelling... she evades my grasp forever.
No. 84377 ID: bb78f2

Hey guys I just discovered something in my play through with an alternate start about Delpine and Bleak Falls Barrow, and that one concern about Whiterun's Court Wizard just conveinantly researching dragons.

It appears that if you don't end up doing the Barrow and getting the dragonstone before the court wizard gives you the quest, when you return after you get the dragonstone, Delpine is in his little room talking to him about his research. And then he reveals that Delphine is the one that gave him the information about the dragonstone in the first place.

So, turns out cthulhlu, there was a good in-universe explanation after all that no one ever bothered to notice because they all apparently got the dragonstone first.
No. 84393 ID: d8a627

Alternate start is actually kinda fun. Of course, if you don't start through Helgen, you gotta actually learn about the dragons before you can get the quest.
No. 84394 ID: bb78f2

I'm sure that scene turns up regardless of alternate start, since it was fully voice acted. Just as long as only get the dragonstone when your told to get the dragonstone, as opposed to going to the barrow for the golden claw, getting the cool loot and shout inside, including the dragonstone, giving back the claw, and then going to Farengar with the dragonstone already in hand before he asks for it.

Alternate start is fun because fuck the wait to get out into the world.
Also fuck Bleak Falls Barrow, because I wasn't going to do it until I realized to go to the Dragonborn content I figured I needed to at least go to helgen, and getting and using shouts would probably be neat and you need dragon souls for them.
I don't know how many times I've done BFB, but christ I hate it at this point.
And most Nordic ruins.
Give me caves, dwarven ruins, daedric ruins, shit even aylied ruins. But nope. NOPE. No nordic.
I thought fuck caves too until I found this badass cave system in companions radiant quest. I've probably passed by that cave a lot in all my playthroughs, or completely forgot it in my previous companions run, but when I was killing Silver Hand for Aela I went to this Pointknife cave or something, with all these bitchin waterfalls and lakes. For some reason the Silver Hand threw their drunk leader in a pit and were actually considering setting a sabre cat on him, which if he wasn't a high level badass would have solved my problem for me.

I never did see where that cat was. But I tore the leader apart and ate his heart for a werewolf perk. So it was a good run.
And to make that relevant to the quest at hand I'm hoping Gwen goes werewolf. We had the vampire lead in in the backstory but fuck that shit. Werewolves can actually be goodguys. Also Dovahwerekitty has a sound to it.
No. 84395 ID: 79bc51

I was going for a more realistic version then the in game explination, as in game delphine has hired the wizard to find this stuff Before the dragons have come back, this way it makes a little more sense
No. 84398 ID: bb78f2

oh okay
I was just shocked at this new thing and that there's new stuff in skyrim that still amazes me and got a little too hype I guess
No. 84399 ID: 79bc51

/gentle pap, tis fine, excite away
No. 85413 ID: 13acaa

I know its a little spoilery but would it be ok if i toss some concept art stuff up here for peeps to yay or nay on? cause alot of characters need a redesign to avoid Errybodythesame syndrome. Prime example, delphine, no god damn way dose that woman look over 50 in game...
No. 85416 ID: 8b533b

Seems fine to me. Certainly concept art isn't going to surpass the level of spoilers to be had by simply being familiar with the source material.
No. 85531 ID: 76171c
File 141133919803.png - (1.32MB , 1587x1257 , chardoodle.png )

while gwen of course has no idea what her ancestors looked like, i do enjoy the image of her saying large chests run in the family, then cutting to a brother or uncle sitting there with a set of large breasts, cursing genetics. Also heres a sketch of some peeps that will turn up at some point, what do you think?
No. 85533 ID: 01745f

I bought Skyrim a week or so ago and have been playing it a lot. Will dragons in this quest share their vanilla Skyrim tendency of having an attention disorder and chasing anything within a mile other than the actual dragonborn? For that matter, will npcs have their vanilla habit of getting in fights with dragons instead of taking cover?

I like the nerdy looking orc, though when I think about it I am not sure of glasses are a thing in the standard TES verse. (He reminds me of my Oblivion character who was an orc pure wizard and was the best at spellmaking.)
No. 85535 ID: bb78f2

Can't tell if that's Kaijiit's pregnant or not.
All I know is that there was never a pregnant character in the vanilla game, or I think even in any mods.
I'm trying to remember if there was a notable Kaijiit female outside of the caravan.
No. 85536 ID: 8b533b

That is one grumpy, pregnant kitty, all right.
No. 85540 ID: 9ddf68

pregnant and pissed you say?

didn't one of Gwen's friends from the orphanage join the temple of Dibella in Riften who always seemed to be pissed at the world? Well it's good to see she found love at least, wonder how the mood swings are effecting her?
No. 85543 ID: d8a627

Spectacles Orc reminds me of Golgothmog, the assistant at the Magic Shop. Even has the right hair... I'm gonna speculate that he "graduated" from his assitant rank and came to Skyrim to set up shop of his own. A simple theory, compared to a lot of the complicated ones I come up with.
No. 85556 ID: 07ff88
File 141140760898.png - (1.38MB , 1549x1200 , peeps.png )

More peeps. And peeps gonna act like peeps, dont expect your local grocer to bust out the mace and go toe to toe with a dragon.

Dragons might ignore you, but not to he level they do in skyrim, you fire a arrow at them theyll be on you like lice, or once you get known as dragonborn they might steer clear unless they think they can take you.
No. 85557 ID: 07ff88
File 141140788073.png - (2.03MB , 2126x1579 , peeps2.png )

Peeps 2: the peepining
And yeah it is odd that there wouldn't be either a pregnant npc nor mention of pregnancy (that i can rember) Also the temple is in Markath, not Riften.
No. 85558 ID: 8b533b

>you fire a arrow at them [they'll] be on you like lice
...assuming, of course, they can perceive they've even been hit by an arrow, or which direction it came from.

Best enchantment. That bow was made for plinking away at big bosses that could kill you in one hit.
No. 85559 ID: 07ff88
File 141140832678.png - (1.04MB , 1269x1120 , peeps3.png )

Ok this one is spoiler'd not because im planning on having them in the back round for a few things before we find out who they are, and while knowing who they are and what they look like aint no biggy, i feel it would have more of a impact if you go in blind.

So if you do go in and spot the guys in other scenes, keep it under your hat please, kay? kay.
No. 85564 ID: 4265a3

I hope that we get to be a litte bit fluid in the dragon language,(the not so Thu'um kind) so we can shout "Stop using contradiction in an argument!" during battle.

I just associate the "Argument clinic" sketch with the Skyrimlore since i read that 2 fighting dragons actually have a very intense discussion.
No. 85569 ID: d8a627

Ooh, non-humanoids! There are supposedly a lot more beastfolk than just the Khajiit and Argonians, as well, but as far as non-humanoid beastfolk go, I've only seen the Dragons mentioned in large.
No. 85570 ID: 07ff88

Yeah theres mention of centaurs, monkey people and slug people too, baffles me that they havent run riot with them in game.
No. 85576 ID: 01745f

>so we can shout "Stop using contradiction in an argument!" during battle.
Learned Dragon Shout "Well Actually..."!

Huh, the only beastfolk I had heard of (not counting dragons and daedra*) were the Dreugh in Morrowind (before they got demoted from hostile lobster people to basically crab trolls in later games) and vague mentions of the Sload.

* It is bizarre that there are only two types of non-prince daedra (atronachs and dremora) that show up in (non-expansion) Skyrim. Makes me kind of miss scamps.
No. 85582 ID: 07ff88

Sload are the slug peeps i mentioned, but in the Dance in the fire (i think) books it mentions serveal other races, among wich are monkey peeps and centuar like peeps, there are also several types of Argonian mentioned, from the standard guys walking abut in skyrim to very thin snake like people, as well as (extinct probably) fox people and a race of beautiful naked women called Nymph's.
No. 85583 ID: d8a627

There are also several types of Khajiit, based on which phase of the moon they were concieved under. Starsign is when you're born, but Khajiit take it another step from when the sperm penetrates the ovum.
No. 85585 ID: 07ff88
File 141149691845.png - (671.09KB , 993x815 , peeps4.png )

Peeps4: Peepnado
Lydia, delphine and some old guy roughs.
Next up will be some gwen clothing and armor roughs, in wich i think i finally hit the Too-much-Boob threshold, but you know what there's characters on this site who's spines would explode the second they took a step, im gonna stop worrying about it and just run with what feels right in my mind.

Besides theres something redundant about worrying whether the build of a cat woman who eats dragons souls is "Too Fantasy"..
No. 85589 ID: 07ff88
File 141151381538.png - (1.13MB , 1497x1185 , kittynaked.png )

Ok, first one is Gwen naked showing her kinda insane proportions, ive been tracing it and using it as the base for the clothing, the little ones on the top are the side view and how her tail looks, its important to remmber that tails are continuations of the spine, so there realistically gonna look like there sprouting out of their butts.

The second figure is a design for gwens wedding dress should you go that route, im assuming that by the time you actually do gwens status as dragonborn will be widely known, and the designer of the dress has added in little dragony touches. The veil is a traditional khajiit wedding veil (Something i totally made up but it makes just so much sense to me.)

The final pic is a second set of clothes that you might wear to the embassy ball, Basically the in game clothes are used when gwen isn't known, there generic enough to be lost in a crowd allowing her to leave without raising suspicion for a while, However, once people know who gwen is they'll be keeping a close eye on her and digging up all the dirt they can. This outfit recognizes that and uses it to gwens advantage by playing up on the widely held stereotypes of both Dibella worshipers and Khajiit themselves.

During the ball she would flirt as hard as possible, getting "Drunker" as the party gose on (at no time will her drinks actually have alcohol in them, shell fake the hell out of it) so that when near the end of the night she and her contact vanish everyone will assume she seduced them and is currently boning. giving them more time to grab what they need and get out.

Next up. Underwear, Armor and random ass clothes.
No. 85591 ID: d8a627

I think her time worshipping Dibella induced breath growth in Gwen...
No. 85592 ID: d8a627

Breast* not breath.
No. 85593 ID: bb78f2

Marry Kharjo guys
I want adorable, tough little catlings crawling all over Lakeside Manor.
We can adopt too but dammit I want kittens. So ONE orphan unless we make bedrooms in more than one manor.
No khajiit children referring to themselves in the third person in the vanilla game sucks. There's no khajiit children even referring to themselves in the FIRST person for god's sake.
No. 85618 ID: 879a42

I like Kjargo too but what about Jzargo? Kjargo is a fighter and Jzargo is a sneaky mage, they would fit much better for each other I think. They could sit up late and tell each other stories, and practice magic, and share ambitions. Can a guy be a waifu?

Gwen's waifu all the way. (I think so.) (Also seriously can a guy be a waifu or is there a special name for that :P)
No. 85623 ID: d8a627

I believe the term is husbando.
No. 85628 ID: 07ff88
File 141157494218.png - (1.63MB , 1704x1116 , peeps5.png )

Dragon scale, Blade's, Thieves guild and Elvish armor.
Is it me or dose gwen look hotter fully armored then when shes naked?..

Also glass armor is a nightmare to draw, with all its details and fancy bits..

You know thinking about it gwen might just look insanely proportioned because she's so damn short, on a normal person they'd probably not stand out so much.. Man i really need ot stop thinking about kitty-boobs...
No. 85636 ID: 07ff88
File 141160129227.png - (1.02MB , 864x1200 , Dibellanknight.png )

Question, what would you call the Dibellan version of a vigilant of Stenddar?
No. 85637 ID: d8a627

Purveyor of Dibella.
No. 85639 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, purveyor reminds of pervert, or is that just coincidence?
No. 85645 ID: d8a627

Purveyor is a "Supplier," and when you're talking about a supplier serving the sex goddess... Yeah, perverted is kind of the goal.
1. Someone who supplies provisions
The main goal is to supply protection and companionship, I would guess, but if companionship leads to sex... Well, I don't think Dibella would mind one bit.
No. 85646 ID: d8a627

PS: That's my theory on what a <Vigilant> of Dibella would do, anyways. It's ultimately up to Cthulhlu.
No. 85656 ID: 07ff88

Well what i meant was a Dibella version of the viggilants, witch hunters who do so in dibella's name ect.
No. 85658 ID: d8a627

Yeah, okay. They're still supplying the service of hunting out Dibella's enemies... Although, while Stendaar is opposed to all Daedra, Dibella I believe would be friendly with a good lot, so long as they're neutral or better to the mortals. Except for any in service to Sanguine. Her and Sanguine are arch-nemeses.
"Witches" is a term I don't much like, but in this context, a simple user of magic would be called a mage or sorceress. A witch would be a more malevolent user of magic.
I still like the term "Purveyor," as it sounds fitting for a <vigilant> of Dibella, but if somebody else can come up with their terms for it...
Oh, something worth mentioning: In European culture, when a female was granted the status of knighthood, she was not referred to as "Sir" or "Ma'am," but rather, "Dame." So Housecarl Lydia would be considered "Dame Lydia" before being called to serve the Dragonborn.
No. 85801 ID: 490ed5
File 141235514217.png - (1.35MB , 2257x1458 , mons.png )

A little monster WiP, im making the vampire lords look more like Molag baal since there basicaly his children (kinda.. its..complicated)

Im also working on normal skiyrim vampires, as it always annoyed me the kind you meet out and about where just the normal oblivion vamps and not the variations mentioned in Immortal blood (least i think that's the books name..)

Also dwarf obsessed giant for some reasone.. probably beacuse Giants are the source of the Dwarf name, as the early nords kept hearing them refer to the dwemer as that and the name stuck
No. 85802 ID: 490ed5
File 141235538120.png - (1.34MB , 2202x1594 , peeps6.png )

A few body variations, muscely woman (might go with this for lydia) thin weedy man, midget and guy with no arms.
No. 85803 ID: 490ed5
File 141235557118.png - (1.70MB , 2146x1609 , demora.png )

A few quick sketches of Scamps, Winged twilight's and Draugher.

Im trying to move the draugher back towards they way they appeared in Bloodmoon a little, where they did look like some thing that Used to be a corpse but is now.. something else, skyrim dose that pretty well with the skin color and texture, but i want to make it a little more Freaky.
No. 85804 ID: 4f004c

Pretty sure there are different courts for vampires, and they should each look different. There's a court that looks like people and wanders through the day without being harmed by sunlight, to the kind that are complete monsters, consuming everything they can like a werewolf. Only not a werewolf.
No. 85806 ID: 4f004c

Hit reply early, whoops...
That giant looks like he wouldn't just be the sort to stand around herding mammoths and attacking trespassers.
Huh, didn't know about the Winged Twilights. Basically a Daedra version of harpies, yeah?
No. 85808 ID: faf8e7
File 141236064566.png - (1.20MB , 1333x1700 , Vamp.png )

Vampire lord Gwen.
No. 85809 ID: 9ddf68

you were really hoping we'd go the vampire route huh?
No. 85810 ID: faf8e7

This is just practice for when we get to tthe Dawnguard stuff.
No. 85811 ID: cfa06d

So if Dawnguard is in, or rather planned, what about the Dragonborn DLC? Will Gwen be able to kick Miraaks ass?
No. 85812 ID: faf8e7

All the dlc is planned, its when it shows up thats up in the air, it might be that we go through the main quest before we get into Dawnguard or Dragonborn, what ever feels more natural.
No. 85817 ID: 4f004c

At least gotta go through collecting a few souls and/or words before we go for DLCs.
No. 85820 ID: 8b533b

That is clearly too tall to be Gwen.
No. 85821 ID: 879a42

Also what side quest routes do we plan on doing? Mage college? Companions? Thieves guild? Dark brotherhood? Every freaking one?

We really just have to be decent at whatever area of expertise to make any of these believable to start a quest line, such as all we need is to strengthen our illusion and we can join the college under reasoning of mastering illusion and etc. For the dark brotherhood whenever we hit windhelm we hear the rumor of about the kid doing the black sacrament, investigate, sympathetic Gwen and blam we have us a dark brotherhood Gwen. (Also we would be realisticly to weak to kill Astrid yet so that's probably off the table.) Of course morality would decline but she could justify a lot of the early kills because most of the first few targets are bastards.

Any case wondering if cthulhlu would like us to do one questline at a time or generally go as we please, accepting a few quests at a time doing them at a reasonable pace hopefully.
( or willy nilly 80 quests in our list at once doing them as we come across the areas where the destination of the quest is located.)
No. 85822 ID: 879a42

Sorry for bringing that up out of nowhere, it was on my mind for a while.

Also nice drawings BTW I like how the armors fit on gwen, and vampire lord is horrific. (In a good way.)
No. 85836 ID: 01745f

About Vigilants, going by the Vigilants of Stendarr I feel like "Vigilant" translates to "Redshirt". Seriously, I have seen like a dozen of those guys and only one of them were not either dead or unavoidably about to die.
No. 85839 ID: 4f004c

I only ever see them go up against bears, wolves, and bandits myself. Never any Daedra, which are supposed to be their target.
No. 85848 ID: 2fd516

Really? In my experience they tend to spawn within fighting distance of a fire atronach.
No. 85881 ID: 9b8c0d
File 141272428182.png - (2.22MB , 2262x1639 , newspapers.png )

im planning on doing All the quests in a way that at least feels natural if i can, with appropriate time passing between events happening and people knowing about them ect, so no case of one dragon soul leading to the Dragonborn dlc, it will be quite a while before you get to that.
As for gwens morality i totally leave that open to you, im just extrapolating it from whats happened to her so far, so maybe you go all queen of the night on me or maybe you go full on nun, what ever :)

As for this here picky is concept for various news papers that will turn up in the game, it always having bothered me a little that the skyrim equivalent of the black horse courier wasnt a thing.

Highland times and Plains Courier are local news type things.
Storms voice and Imperial Herald are propaganda for the stormcloacks and imperials respectively.

Herald of the nine concerns itself on temple matters mostly.
The light of Truth is a thalmor propaganda newsletter.

Dibbelas delights is almost flat out pornography (the equivalent of Britain Sunday sport) thats almost single handily responsible for reducing the public image of dibella worship to sex cult staus, the church is very keen to find out who prints and sells the damn thing, but no one ever admits to buying it..
(On that note while sex is a part of the cult its only one facet, they spend just as much time painting, singing and writing as they do having sex, something gwen often points out to no avail.)

The Wildman is skyrims source of all things wired and supernatural, on earth this would be either a spoof or some kind of insane conspiracy theory paper, however in skyrim its a good, if eccentric, source of news on strange happenings throught the region.
No. 85882 ID: 2fdec1

>Herald of the nine concerns itself on temple matters mostly.
Shouldn't that be "Herald of the Eight" or is the paper printed and distributed only in Stormcloak territory? Or is it that they distribute all across Skyrim but print two different editions from (at least) two separate print shops that have basically the same content but change the paper's name to match the local attitudes?
No. 85888 ID: 9b8c0d

Doh, your right about that. however your idea dose give me pause for thought, might work it in there somehow..

Also brain picking time, dose anyone have any interesting ideas on what, exactly the house karls did before they got attached to your entourage?
No. 85889 ID: 4f004c

>(On that note while sex is a part of the cult its only one facet, they spend just as much time painting, singing and writing as they do having sex, something gwen often points out to no avail.)
Clearly, Gwen needs to go on a quest about this. No need to stop them from printing the pornography, they just need to change the name to Dibella's Debauchery or something. Make a second branch for more appropriate or contextually proper works.
Or you could just go about starting up a proper printing anyways, though Gwen would probably have to fund it herself.
No. 85890 ID: 4f004c

Lydia was probably a soldier. I don't know who the other house carls are.
No. 85892 ID: 8b533b

>or maybe you go full on nun
It occurs to me being a nun of Dibella might mean something very different than what it normally means to be a nun. Almost to the point of being an oxymoron.

But yeah, what happens should definitely be character driven. Not we-need-to-do-all-the-quests driven. (Or I suppose Gwen could just go off the rails with quests she might disagree with or find morally reprehensible...).

>they spend just as much time painting, singing and writing as they do having sex, something gwen often points out to no avail
It's your own fault, Gwen. We haven't exactly seen you making use of those talents. (Surprising someone with unexpectedly good art / writing / signing etc is going to be a running joke, now).
No. 85893 ID: 4f004c

>It occurs to me being a nun of Dibella might mean something very different than what it normally means to be a nun. Almost to the point of being an oxymoron.
A Nun of Dibella can still be chaste... As chaste as Gwen can be at this point, at least, meaning none more.
However, the point of being a nun is to spread the good word and accept confessions of people. They can tend to the wounded, unfortunate, or orphans.
No. 85900 ID: 879a42

I think the housecarl for markath seemed to be a mercenary, not exactly uncommon for markath so the question might arise why did you stop being a mercenary?
No. 85910 ID: a0fca2

Im not saying that they dont screw like rabbits, im just trying to get my head into the same space as gwens would be regarding Dibella and the public's opinion of her, so sorry if i get a little by polar on the topic (Saying no sexy times with one had whilst drawing a TON of them with the other XD)
As for the joke i can totaly see it going more like this

Gwen: Oh for, We do other things! We sing! we paint! we wright! but d oyou people care? Nooo its all just sex sex sex with you lot isnt it!

Housecarl: Ive been traveling with you for a month and i haven't heard you sing once.

Gwen: ..i wasnt in the mood..

Housecarl: you didnt paint either,also i never saw you even look at a quill.

Gwen: ...just shut up and carry this.
No. 85914 ID: a0fca2

On the subject of housecarls i apologize now for railroading when we get to Lydia, ill try to resist it but in every skyrim game ive played she basically ends up as the other half of the Battle couple thing.
I cant help it, Shes so snarky XD
No. 85917 ID: 4f004c

You don't play using any of the follower overhauls? They tend to let you have five followers at the same time, y'know.
No. 85918 ID: bb78f2

I play alone unless I want a pack mule (or a tanK)
Which I guess is ENITRELY the reason cthulu has lydia. For a pack mule, you need no one else. Why get Kharjo, Aela, or Mjnoll when you have to work for those when you almost ALWAYS get lydia as soon as you kill your first dragon, which you will want to do on most playthroughs because SHOUTS.

cthuhlu, do you have a plan in case the suggester go the way of most players and just completely ignore the main quest/CW forever?
No. 85940 ID: 01745f

J'zargo all the way. I am fond of him, and as a destruction mage he has none of that nonsense some followers have of running into melee in from of your spells and shield charges* or reanimating corpses you wanted to loot. Carrying things, decent ranged support, and otherwise staying out of the way are exactly what I want out of a follower.

*I finally unlocked that today and it is the best thing, like Fus with no cooldown that is also a block.

>They tend to let you have five followers at the same time, y'know.
I never got why people want that. Even two companions (counting the temporary ones in some quests) are more of a hassle than they are worth.
No. 85947 ID: bb78f2

I've found J'zargo to be a bit of a douchenozzle. Too damn proud, like a Thalmor, I don't think him and Gwen would actually get along.
No. 85955 ID: 3ecc14

Well, we're not forced to limit ourselves to the Followers you can get in the Game. Perhaps we save someone that was doomed to die in Skyrim.

Or we amass enough followers to have a tiny Army of our own. Well, the blades were something like that but unfortunately i liked paarthurnax.
No. 85964 ID: e3aff6

J'zargo can be a jerk to varying degrees depending on whether you read some of his lines as tongue-in-cheek or entirely serious, but I don't think it is fair to compare him to the Thalmor. The Thalmor want to control everything while J'zargo just wants to be the best.
No. 85984 ID: 4f004c

>I never got why people want that. Even two companions (counting the temporary ones in some quests) are more of a hassle than they are worth.
I play with some absurd mods that make the game rather difficult if you travel alone. Having allies to fight alongside really helps even the odds when you're fighting dozens of enemies at once xD
While characters in-game may be scripted to only have certain types of responses, out of game, they can be given more responses, and the "Player character" can be given more, as well. Treat a guy right and he's sure to change his tone.
No. 86049 ID: 379233
File 141324724317.png - (958.86KB , 828x1141 , zombos.png )

little picy of the next bits, just wanted some feed back on the Drauhger, im more or less fine with them but i was wondering if any of you peeps had some suggestions or had spotted faults i missed.
No. 86063 ID: 3a2ed7
File 141326134023.jpg - (238.71KB , 1100x620 , iron-maiden.jpg )

Iron Maiden them up, I guess? The center two Draugr looks off.
No. 86065 ID: 2fd516

Pretty spooky. Looks like their faces are twisted. I like this rendition of the rank and file Draugr.
No. 86079 ID: 879a42

About the draugr, a lot of them were buried in armor, like roughly 50% I think. As far as the features go I like how you have drawn them. Makes them look threatening and evil.
No. 86233 ID: ff07f5

Well these guys are basically peasants, the stronger, more heavily armed draugher are locked away deeper within the barrows. As for the looks im going for less zombie and more a creature that Used to be human but is now inhabited by something strange and alien, this is mostly due to how the nords treat them in game, they dont talk about them like there zombies or spirits, to me it was always like they where talking about a monster.

Also i done lost mah jerrb, so updates will be both slow due to vauge feelings of sad, and fast since i gots a crapton of free time now.
No. 86242 ID: 879a42

A reasonable explanation of your choices on the draugr, I guess I'm still too stuck in how the game is, oops.

Also I feel bad for you, don't know what to say except good luck with life. :)
No. 86287 ID: 3ecc14

According to a book i found in the Dragonborn add-on, drauhger were primarily not tombgurds, but batteries for the sleeping drangonpriests. The entranced people all over solstheim were something like the first stage of creating drauhger. Of course, that was also stated as just a theory.
No. 86289 ID: 8cea5d

just noticed something, is it just me or do the carvings on the word walls look less like chiseled letters and more like claw marks?
No. 86314 ID: 879a42

Maybe they are carved letters and claw marks at the same time, is it possible that these walls were made by dragons? No seriously, they etched power into the written words and stored it for future dragons, only to be moved around and drained/studied by humans to learn shouting themselves.

This is all theory but its not completely impossible, unlike to think that this gives an explanation of how humans just managed to 'pick up' the art and language of shouts, and how they were able to teach it to certain people that had the potential to learn. Unless there is a real lore explanation of course in which I guess the cannon would trump this.
No. 86319 ID: 2ec61a

only the dragonborn can shout, aka people with dragon blood. a part dragon learning dragon powers from dragon writing, easy.

and yes, the runes you learn shouts from were made by dragon claw, dragon alphabet is scratches and dots(by tapping with the claw instead of scratching)
No. 86323 ID: bb78f2

Regular people can shout with lots of training and focus.
Greybeards and Ulfric are regular people.
In the fight with Ulfric at the end game, does he actually shout in combat at all? I know he killed Torigg with his voice, but I don't know what shout. All I know is that he at most probably knows one or two shouts, and they're probably not the full ones.
No. 86325 ID: 879a42

I saw a video of killing ulfric while siding wit the imperials, and after some back and forth between tullius and ulfric and each of their bodyguards, ulfric used a shout after drawing his weapon and rising from his throne.

It looked like and sounded like fus ro da, and it sent tullius flying on his ass, so we can safely say that's what it was.
No. 86726 ID: abc218

next updates are comeing, poses have been a bit of a dick so its taking a while =3= sorry for the delay.
No. 87005 ID: 534cc4

No problem, good luck with the updates.
No. 87098 ID: cee02c

/ollies in randomly punching
And im back! not much to choose for the next update beyond what Kick ass way you'll deal the final blow ;)
No. 87105 ID: 534cc4

(How about arrows In both its eye sockets and then a leaping slash in the head with an axe?)

So in this quest will we need a dragon soul for EVERzy shout? That's gonna be a lot of dragon encounters. How about one soul could maybe power 3 shouts or something, or three words of a shout in this quest.
No. 87199 ID: 2ec61a

not sure where else to ask so 'll do it here. is empirequest(aka Dragon Commander quest) dead on arrival?
No. 87222 ID: d641fa

Ive been in a bit of a artistic funk recently that i seem to be getting over, so im going to try and continue All the quests i started, it seems to be a thing with me where ill start a quest but not finish it and i really want to get over that, as while this is all fun and games it is somewhat rude to present something that will go nowhere..
No. 87313 ID: bde7e5

OK os available perks are as follows.

You qualify for All the tier first tier perks which increase there respective stat success chance/damage by 20%, first tier perks available are for All schools of magics, One handed weapons, two handed weapons, block, Stealth, pick pocketing, enchanting and alchemy.

The only skills available right now that have other effects are Steel smith, wich allows for the creation of Steel armor and is the first tier of the Smith skills, And Quick hands, wich allows you to pick locks without being noticed.
No. 87314 ID: bde7e5

Bear in mind you already have the perks listed here http://tgchan.org/wiki/Dovahkitty
No. 87581 ID: 235046

Health and magicka increased.
Quick hands And novice Destruction chosen.
No. 87978 ID: 482c6a

While we fiddle about with the last few bits of the quest line, im gonna throw the doors open for people to redesign gwens hair style, for now simply use the pics I posted before http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/src/141157494218.png and http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/src/141151381538.png
to give yourself a idea of her facial structure and how the hair will work with the rest of her.

Don't worry about her not having enough hair, they have enchantments and magic to grow it the right length ;)
No. 88031 ID: 185cb8

I dunno, I liked the fluffy / messy hairstyle she was sporting before the sudden sword shave. Drawing a blank on how to improve that, at the moment.

I would like to note that now we've got one Cthulhlu quest about a dragon, and one about a (would be) dragon slayer. Cue inter-universe strife!
No. 88035 ID: bb78f2

I will say only this.

Olivia Wilde's Tron Legacy Haircut
You're goddamn right.
No. 88037 ID: e97201
File 141902021411.png - (259.65KB , 584x526 , gwenhead.png )

Rou for the head
No. 88038 ID: e97201
File 141902026374.png - (249.88KB , 666x616 , gwenhead2.png )

Rough sorry. And you manlike this dirtbag?
No. 88040 ID: bb78f2

Huh, didn't think it would look like that on her.
I was thiking more flat in the back, like Paz's from Gunnerkrigg Court. This is the best shot of her hair I think that let's you see the curvature.
I mean, I love Olivia Wilde's hair in Tron but Paz's hair is what I was actually thinking would look great on Gwen. It helps Paz and Gwen have the same hair color.
No. 88041 ID: bb78f2
File 141902296678.png - (31.42KB , 200x180 , gwen.png )

More like this I guess.
No. 88043 ID: ea0ad9

That is an awesome looking hairstyle.
No. 88045 ID: fee736

Personally I'm a huge fan of long and/or full hair. Something with body and life.

Her old style wasn't too bad. Maybe something a bit below the shoulders?
No. 88046 ID: 8f06da
File 141903082909.png - (240.22KB , 584x526 , cat lady.png )

How does this look?
No. 88047 ID: 9db9c3

I love both of these XD
ill work on them as well as some longer designs tomorrow.
No. 88051 ID: fee736

Pretty good.
No. 88069 ID: a19cd5

I dunno, I was a pretty big fan of the sorta mussed-up do she had for a while. Love me some short hair mang
No. 88076 ID: bd8f7b
File 141907306860.png - (260.26KB , 584x526 , test 1.png )

more hairs
No. 88077 ID: bd8f7b
File 141907308149.png - (260.66KB , 584x526 , test 2.png )

No. 88078 ID: bd8f7b
File 141907309407.png - (260.86KB , 584x526 , test 3.png )

No. 88079 ID: a19cd5
File 141907382373.png - (266.91KB , 584x526 , PHAT LOCKES.png )

However if we DO gotta go long...
No. 88080 ID: 1d00b5
File 141907393526.png - (235.54KB , 584x526 , cat_pre_hair.png )

Maybe Gwen had a big powerup after that last fight and after lots of yelling we arrived here?
No. 88084 ID: 8f06da

yelling = hair gel
No. 88091 ID: 1005b9
File 141912034104.png - (2.15MB , 2338x1700 , gwenheads.png )

These are all good :) working on some more and finishing the next update, So much shopping to do!
No. 88133 ID: fee736

Middle top and bottom right are nice, tho bottom right is looking a little flat.
No. 88161 ID: bb78f2

Cthulhu, why did you list some of the spells we already have?
No. 88162 ID: 2ec61a

those are the shop's wares. just because we know them doesn't mean the shop doesn't have them in stock.
No. 88169 ID: 742b4a

I feel like if the scarf wasn't there, she'd have a huge neck.
No. 88173 ID: 20e221

HAh! nah its normal size, shawl is just bundled up around her neck.

ill always list spell books as they are the quickest way to teach followers spells, so having a few under your belt, even the ones you personaly know, is gonna be a good thing.
No. 88174 ID: 20e221
File 141934465785.png - (1.16MB , 2338x802 , heads2 the headaning.png )

Ok i think these are the four finalists, im really leaning towards the longish dreadlocks..
No. 88176 ID: 1ae57f

I like far right.
No. 88177 ID: bb78f2

Left shows of femininity but is also a practical haircut for combat. Three is also practical but not nearly as fun.

Votin' number one from left.
No. 88183 ID: 20e221
File 141936457547.png - (339.68KB , 538x583 , hairsecond.png )

First of the final two contenders.
No. 88184 ID: 20e221
File 141936466450.png - (314.54KB , 488x583 , hair.png )

Second one and my personal fave
No. 88190 ID: ea0ad9

Personally I liked the far left best, but with these two as the finalists, I'm gonna say dreads.
No. 88192 ID: 76eb68

Iiiii kinda prefer the first one, mostly because I´m not a fan of dreads.
No. 88195 ID: 1f8505


Go with the cornrows.
No. 88196 ID: 6c42b7

Fluffy head is better
No. 88203 ID: 20e221

I have made my decision at last, and will have to live with it until the next close encounter/dragon hair scorching
No. 88208 ID: 742b4a

...yeah, her head is definitely longer than normal under that scarf in the latest few updates. Once she got out of the dungeon her chin got noticeably higher than the tops of her shoulderpads; this should not happen. While she was in the dungeon still it was fine.
No. 88215 ID: 170ec0

thats my fault, part illustration error and part movement of her shoulders lowering the pads.
No. 88274 ID: 170ec0

As you can see i went with the dreads, if just seems to really Really suit her in my head..
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