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File 137555849308.png - (5.18KB , 622x286 , -001-dis.png )
74609 No. 74609 ID: 2964de

Making a discussion thread because it will probably be necessary soon or eventually. Comments/praise/criticism/questions welcome.
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No. 124723 ID: fd0bee

I'm in favor of that
Not that I have any right to to demand anything, but since you are asking for opinions I will say this: I'm aways against interrupting and aways in favor of resuming abandoned quests.
No. 124724 ID: 62e2e4

I wasn't really asking for opinions I just have a lot of free time now that all that's over

This quest started in 2013, it's never dead until I am
No. 124725 ID: 62e2e4

I do appreciate the comment, though! It's good to know I haven't completely purged Felaedri's fanbase
No. 124729 ID: 91ee5f

You can’t get rid of us that easily!
No. 124731 ID: ad51b8

I'd be game
No. 124733 ID: fd0bee

I must apologize, somehow misread. I don't seem to understand anything anymore...
No. 124738 ID: 62e2e4

you probably just saw 'I should' as 'should I'
No. 128506 ID: 688dd6

Now all that's over, I have a lot of free time!
No. 128508 ID: 91ee5f

Yay! You’re back!
No. 128577 ID: c6b843
File 155311347649.png - (22.41KB , 800x700 , 1553113473396.png )

No. 128580 ID: ad51b8

come on iron tail, does that look like a face that would ruin things for you?
No. 128587 ID: 688dd6

This update's gonna spill over into tomorrow, so this joke will have to suffice for today. But that should mean a double update tomorrow.
No. 128660 ID: 688dd6

Don't let your dreams be dreams, kids. You, too, can start a quest, and finish its first chapter in just six years!
No. 128672 ID: 101c3c
File 155345124711.png - (384.45KB , 680x508 , untitled.png )

and here's to many more chapters.
No. 128703 ID: 688dd6

Next update will likely be on Wednesday, btw, to allow people to filter in and read the intro, and to give maximum time towards choosing the main character for the next little while, and also so I can do real life social stuff today and tomorrow.
No. 128775 ID: 688dd6
File 155374788087.png - (17.24KB , 700x800 , -006-dead.png )

when will the government stop my sinful hand
No. 128979 ID: 688dd6

Gonna take this weekend off. Updates will resume Monday!
No. 129026 ID: 61b096

Just wanted to say; you've got an awesome quest. Keep being cool.
No. 129049 ID: 46e756

Thanks, that means a lot to me. Unfortunately, at the current rate of suggestions I won't be able to continue it. In my experience I get most of my suggestions in the first 3-4 hours after the update, and today I have not gotten any at all. I don't mind updating off a single suggestion sometimes but I can't really post anything off none. If there's no interest in the quest anymore I guess I can't run it.
No. 129054 ID: bcc41d

>You can't cut back on suggestions! You will regret this!
No. 129080 ID: 13efb0

Take anything I say with a grain of salt, as I am both a novice quester and somewhat inexperienced with this board. But here's my two cents anyway.

The number of suggestions you receive per-day does not directly correlate to the level of interest in your quest. To speak form my own experience, I've had times where nobody suggests for a day or two, then suddenly I've got six suggestions. Many factors (readers busy schedule, home life, etcetera.) play into wether or not they are able to suggest. And sometimes, the day you choose to post an update a bunch of other quests also update, resulting in your thread getting lost in the noise. What I'm saying is, even if a ton of people are reading your quest, that doesn't mean a ton of people are going to suggest. You know what I'm saying?

Then again, as I've said, I'm not the expert. Hell, if I had a quest with art and characters like yours I'd be surprised if people weren't suggesting too.

To put it succinctly: people are interested in your quest, no two ways about it. If no one is suggesting, just don't post an update until they do. Or you know, don't. Not trying to twist your arm with twisty words.
No. 129081 ID: 688dd6

I am just trying to stick to a schedule. I update every day (the last week notwithstanding). The volume of suggestions only matters to my ego, but I need to have at least one each day.
No. 129091 ID: 80c195

Ah, I see. Well then, disregard my previous suggestion.
No. 129108 ID: 688dd6
File 155512274731.png - (16.26KB , 700x800 , -009-pilgrim.png )

No. 129170 ID: 977456

Some speculation, please add thoughts on missed/stupid points.
+ desperate
+ claim to nobility/war hero or something some generations back
+ loyal/desperate servants
+ seems to have learned lessons from being ruined

- ruined
- powerful enemies
- holdings known to enemies
- could be lying about everything and we probably wouldn't know.

+ established
+ intelligent or backed by such
+ has all the contacts we want

+ can deflect cannonballs with his codpiece
- difficult to intimidate
- doesn't need us
- dangerous
- probably a big fan of the status-quot
- almost certainly lying about everything

+ personally and politically terrifying
+ knowledgeable and competent
+ Probably likes demons that are on his side
+ perfect Evil Buddy Cops material

= potentially "likes" demons

- very dangerous
- solo act?
- working for a third agenda

Our own team:
+ maide to order
+ minimal divided loyalties
+ low visibility, at first...
+ mostly compatible with Niklous

- incompetent until trained
- easily infiltrated without personal bother or empowering a flunky
- needs to find(or beat over the head and drag into a deserted alley) a niche in an established city
- potentially a bunch of fanatics who won't knowingly work for a demon even if it is the only source of food they are going to get.

My vote is to combine Niklous with a new band with a butler/maid theme that focuses on smuggling, spying, and information brokering. Recruited from the destitute and trained extensively. The first step would be to secure sufficient food and data to bunker down and get the training done. Probably set up some out-of-town farms for illicit goods and feeding our troops under the radar.
No. 129187 ID: 688dd6
File 155582192912.png - (13.19KB , 700x700 , -010-burymewithmymoney.png )

No. 129201 ID: 094652

Question: Why do the deities refuse to create an afterlife? Don't say "because their energy would run out anyway," because brain uploading is a thing.
No. 129202 ID: 688dd6

What makes you think that they don't?
No. 129220 ID: 977456

Because that would imply that deities have redeeming features.

Can deities and demons be aligned? Like, if you had a soldier demon based upon "there could be something inhuman under heavy armour and we couldn't see it" and a deity of battlefields, would focusing faith in the deity at the demon actually strengthen the demon or something? On the grounds that they both support marching onto a field and killing a bunch of people in a semi-organised play-date so that they would have collaborative compositions.
No. 129223 ID: 688dd6

>Can deities and demons be aligned?
The difference between a demon and an evil deity is A) mass worship and B) an avatar in the mundane world. Both demons and deities are mortal concepts given life through belief.

>Like, if you had a soldier demon based upon "there could be something inhuman under heavy armour and we couldn't see it" and a deity of battlefields, would focusing faith in the deity at the demon actually strengthen the demon or something?
No. Worship is also very different from superstition. Worship feeds a magical being's power. Superstition can build up until it gives life to a new being. A place in a pantheon (or monotheistic religion) gives a deity a very defined structure; a name, an appearance, spheres, powers, etc.

Think of it like mailing a letter. Worship is addressed to someone specific, and that mail will only reach that person. Superstition is vaguely addressed, and can't be delivered, and those letters pile up until someone that fits the description is created to receive them.

There are more specificities but I'll reserve them for when Dionaea meets someone learned in such matters. I think it's more fun to find out about a setting through "living" in it, from its inhabitants, rather than Word of God. That said, I'll gladly answer questions that Dionaea would know so as not to pad out the updates with asking her yourself (the above being something she would know). She's a more trustworthy source than most on such topics, since she has been around for so long.
No. 129229 ID: 977456

>Worship feeds a magical being's power. Superstition can build up until it gives life to a new being.
Ah. I was under the impression that holy-symbols could be an issue, but now can't find a reference. Is that a thing? If so, what is the mechanism for that?

>cold iron (different from regular iron; it's holy)
Is that an abstraction or is holiness a practical thing?
No. 129231 ID: 688dd6

Since deities are magic, holiness is also magic. Cold iron is, as mentioned in the first thread, just regular iron that's been quenched in holy water. Holy symbols have power because the god behind them disapproves of the existence of the demon. In the parlance of Dionaea's time, a "demon" is just a wholly or partially magical creature that is antagonistic towards established "good" religions. She wasn't born a "demon" but that's what she is classified as now.

Clerics and paladins and such get their power through their deity. Holy symbols and blessings are no different. They channel a tiny portion of a deity's power and influence through them. The effects depend on the deity.
No. 129236 ID: 977456

So what happens if the "god" likes the demon? Or whatever "good" demons are named. How does Dionaea feel about collaborating with a less physically-inclined and more worship-based magical being. Does she know of any that might be collaboratively inclined towards her? Did we ever find out what Dionaeais made from? What her "cause" is?
No. 129237 ID: 688dd6

>So what happens if the "god" likes the demon?
Followers of the god won't be alerted to the demon's presence, and their power won't target the demon unless specifically diverted to that purpose.

>Or whatever "good" demons are named.
Probably angels?

>How does Dionaea feel about collaborating with a less physically-inclined and more worship-based magical being.
Depends on the collaboration, I guess? Dionaea wants to lead more than follow, though.

>Did we ever find out what Dionaea is made from?

>What her "cause" is?
She discusses her origins in ITQ: >>129087
No. 129250 ID: 688dd6

No update tonight! Too tired, not enough time to do what I wanna do for it. Will resume tomorrow!
No. 129286 ID: 688dd6
File 155659419731.gif - (43.24KB , 700x800 , -011-attention.gif )

People seemed to have a lot of trouble understanding what was actually happening in yesterday's update, so I've put the panels of the tree falling into an animation in the hopes it will help people see the flow of movement better.
No. 129287 ID: b1b4f3

Uh, still looks like the tree fell on him, but now I notice someone grabbed his arm. So this is another memory of Dionaea's, but she's in disguise.
No. 129288 ID: 0ebfe7

I've run those weird filenames through the usual easy ciphers (roman, rot13) and come up empty. There's gotta be a way to make sense of them.

you can see hands on the trunk pushing it from the other side, in the first frame. though I hadn't even caught the hand grabbing his wrist!
No. 129297 ID: 688dd6

Mordhau is out (´・ω・`)
No. 130614 ID: 688dd6
File 156506560612.png - (10.00KB , 700x800 , 1565065533079.png )

content aware goblin
No. 130715 ID: 688dd6

Thank you all for your patience.
No. 130720 ID: 997f7c


Yes, that disclaimer is my guarantee that neither of those things will happen.
No. 130731 ID: b1b4f3

If we choose the side-adventure, will we return to Dionaea where we left off, or will she have been on her own for a while?
No. 130733 ID: 688dd6

Where you left off. If she were on her own then it would affect her story.
No. 133686 ID: 9c6850

Yadda yadda life shit you know the drill.

Honestly though I had finished a good portion of the next update when I stopped last time. What kept me from continuing was an insecurity I'd like to ask anyone still lingering in this blasted wasteland of a discussion thread:

Are my updates too wordy? I'm really insecure about how much text I put into a single post, and it often ends up with me splitting it into like, five posts for an update, which I then have to draw 5 times as many panels for, and that is brutal. It was pretty much why I stopped more than anything (although work did pick back up). I feel like my updates have gotten wordier and wordier and I just can't stop filling them with dialogue, and I worry that turns people off of catching up on updates and people's eyes are just bouncing off my text walls. What do you guys think?
No. 133687 ID: b1b4f3

I think it's an acceptable amount of words.
No. 133688 ID: 470289

I think more text is fine, as long as it's formatted to be easily readable. pacing is more an art than a science, but I wouldn't worry about it to much, at least imo.
No. 133689 ID: 9c6850

Here's some specific examples beyond the one I got too anxious to post:
No. 133690 ID: 9c6850

No. 133692 ID: b1b4f3

It's fine.
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