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File 137065792583.png - (274.52KB , 684x502 , DiscOP.png )
71965 No. 71965 ID: 933f92

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No. 71966 ID: 9ddf68

quick question

how would this quest be playing out if we would have chosen one of the other two races instead of the fairy because the fairy just kinda mingles with the crowd and throws miracles around I don't think the wisp could have done that and I'm guessing it would be a lot more hands on with the shape shifter.
No. 71967 ID: 933f92

The Wisp is supposed to be more about hiding, like in lanterns or the like, and using miracles only.

The Avatar is more about personal capability than miracles, capable of, say, wrestling with the Goblin personally.
No. 72012 ID: f102af

I will delete my meta post in the thread in a week or so. Future readers don't need to be bothered by drama.

That said I will make one post about it here to make myself clear:
1) I don't need to calm down because I already am calm.
2) I don't mind the restriction. If no aroused genitals are to be shown this is the QM's decision and they can do what they want.
3) The only thing I dislike is how it was handled. If there are such non-obvious restrictions they should be explained as soon as they come up. When people suggest stuff that you don't want in your quest TELL THEM. Don't just ignore them. That's rude.
4) The rule had not been completely clear and if someone asks for clarification you shouldn't tell them to shut up. I know it was an indirect way of asking and I now know what you mean despite the vague description.

If I interpret it correctly you don't want to show anyone naked that you know is aroused regardless of whether the arousal is visible and you want to avoid arousal in general if possible. This should have been made clear the first time someone suggested making someone horny.
No. 72014 ID: c9247d

I think Shot wants his quest to not be outright porn. my problem with this is that all of our powers involve getting people naked or roofie magic.
No. 72015 ID: f102af

What you see as a problem I consider a challenge. I just wanted to know what the challenge was instead of suggestions being ignored and questions shut down. Public nudity with a hint of humiliation without any arousal will be more interesting than just using spells to make the hot and bothered in front of people.
No. 72026 ID: dcfc4c


>3) The only thing I dislike is how it was handled. If there are such non-obvious restrictions they should be explained as soon as they come up. When people suggest stuff that you don't want in your quest TELL THEM. Don't just ignore them. That's rude.

This is exactly what happened you incomparable dipshit.
No. 72053 ID: b22bbd

My sincere apologies if I missed the part where it was explained earlier. I had only read the quest in passing but even after looking for it the first post regarding it I found was >>514920. This post was a reaction to
>Just curious was vibrate not a valid command for animation? Because I count two votes for that where as there was only a single vote for tighten.
If there was a previous post I have missed I'm very sorry but I don't think there was one. As I said I consider it too late to explain it only after being called out on ignoring suggestions.

Given how minor it was I wouldn't have mentioned anything but I disliked how the response to the suggester pointing out that the given rule simply didn't apply to the situation at hand was "Just drop it". I didn't think much of making a single post about it in the slight hope that a more fitting rule would be given. Then I explained myself more fully here and made two more posts responding to people. How this sort of stuff gets out of hand.....

In any case this is no reason to be rude.
No. 72056 ID: b7169d

I'm kinda curious. Is there a determination for victory loss?


Great Success
Spectacular failure
No. 72057 ID: 933f92
File 137090954070.png - (207.86KB , 330x500 , 1362377189008.png )

Apologies for being brief or rude. Perhaps I should explain the inception of the quest, and my discussions with LonelyWorld on the topic. On /tg/ is a quest called Blatant Fetish Quest. I personally, for some time, desired a quest with the basic premise of being a sort of 'excuse' for softcore porn - a Blatant Ecchi Quest, if you will. me and LonelyWorld share similar tastes in this respect - loss of clothing, inhibition, public nudity, and the like. We came up with a simple premise - a God humiliates those who get too proud, usually by stripping them, etc. We didn't want to write/draw outright sex or the like. It's a line to toe.

The mission-based structure of the quest and the abilities are meant to make it puzzle-driven rather than plot-driven though there will be plot later, and the choices in regards to the player species and powers meant to bring about a level of customization and freedom in the world.

However, this is a two-man project on the creation end. I need to respect the limits of LW, and he relies on me to write and post. Therefore, I feel the need to clamp down on routes that can lead to a standstill, or that would force us to compromise the actual images in the quest. While I admit to the plausability of the action I called out and ignored, I couldn't take it, because it might lead to a situation that would lead me written into a corner in regards to LW's sensibilities.

In short, I failed to forsee the players bumping up against those limits, and I should have established them sooner. I apologize for the drama that occurred. Thank you for your participation and continued interest despite it!

A mission's success is determined mostly by how humble the target becomes. Ironic punishment, careful working of the surrounding events, things like that will maximize the reward received.

Oh, and quick interest check: Male targets, yes or no?
No. 72061 ID: 19b3c3

I would like to point out there's no actual rule for authors to take every suggestion. Or even follow the majority. (Or in rare cases, any of the suggestions). There's a lot of wiggle room for what they feel is appropriate for the quest, story, or character.

And in their defense here, I thought the intro and prior content made it pretty clear what the content level was supposed to be without outright saying it.

>Male targets, yes or no?
Yes. The god of humility doesn't exactly seem a discriminating fella. Just so long as we get to see Modesty suitably embarrassed. :V
No. 72063 ID: 9ddf68

might as well get both genders in there because I can't really think of a reason why you shouldn't.
No. 72066 ID: 735f4f

Hey I was the one that originally suggested the whole arousal thing and honestly it does not bother me much that you avoided it. I understand what you are aiming for and can see not wanting the possibility of being written into a corner.

Keep up the good work.
No. 72068 ID: b7169d

>Male targets, yes or no?

I'd be fine with that!
No. 72071 ID: b22bbd

Thanks for the explanation. Really, it was a minor thing that kind of grew out of proportion. Now I know how to give constructive suggestions without concern over whether my suggestions will be ignored.

Any and all sexes are fine by me.

>I would like to point out there's no actual rule for authors to take every suggestion.
>And in their defense here, I thought the intro and prior content made it pretty clear what the content level was supposed to be without outright saying it.
Of course there are reasons not to take suggestions. No one disputed that. And I knew there would probably never by any outright sex. There was still a lot of wiggle room concerning where the line was drawn.
No. 72085 ID: 5337ed

Yes to male targets.
No. 72099 ID: b5ca1e

Humility should be known by all, not merely the female, Modesty will seek out male and female alike.
As an aside, the OP amuses me.
No. 72100 ID: 7fcad0


Equal Opportunity Humiliation.
No. 72110 ID: 25312f

Male targets please. It should help deal with the whole creepy "these woman got too uppity so lets knock them down, yay patriarchy!" vibe I've been getting from the quest.

I'm sure that wasn't the intent, given that you're now considering male targets, but as a lit critic its hard not to notice that kind of stuff.
No. 72149 ID: 1766db

you mean a women's lit critic, right
No. 72151 ID: cf49fc

I noticed that too. I'd rather torment men in this manner. It'd be funnier, and less implicatory of implications. Also, I really want to pants Zeus.
No. 72156 ID: 933f92

This is exceptionally bizarre because I've been called sexist in the past over my quests. Oh well. Message heard, male targets confirmed.

Also, minor spoiler: For fans of Hat Quest and its derivatives, this quest is taking place in Avalon. However, the times in the setting you will be visiting will be random.
No. 72352 ID: b7169d

More curiosity, whats the gods name, just Humility? Also what is he a god of exactly.
No. 72353 ID: b7169d

Also I wouldn't call it sexist, we are helping a modest women overcome someone who only challenges weaklings!
No. 72370 ID: 2ddb7b


well, judging by pretty much every quest in the Hatverse, you are kind of a horndog. I wouldn't call you sexist, but I would call you heterosexual.
No. 72441 ID: 933f92

So part of the reason I didn't allow teir 3 powers is because they're too powerful.

The other reason is that I don't know what they could possibly be.

Any suggestions?
No. 72442 ID: beeca1

Shapeshifting into someone the target knows well, minor hallucinations, teleportation of small objects like chairs, bottles, and lingerie?
No. 72485 ID: 9ddf68

I'm guessing they would branch of into 2 other powers based of what powers we picked right

well for tier 3 for the ANIMATE branch, WEAK CONSTRUCT and MASS ANIMATE
WEAK CONSTRUCT - using random objects that you find around you can create a construct or golem that you have full control over for (time here) however at this stage even the slightest blow against the construct will cancel the miracle and the construct itself is even weaker then the fairy so it can't pick up or move any object that weighs as much as itself or more then itself (basically at this point an animate spell but can understand more then one word commands)
MASS ANIMATE - for the price of (x) miracles you can animate an entire room or a small area 30ft around. only problem is that animated objects or dumb as hell and may believe a command given to another object was meant for that object and will act as well or may believe a command given to it was meant for another object and won't act at all. So the more objects you control the more chaotic things can be (not to good for subtly)

and Tier three for CONTROL
MASS CHARM - same as charm but can control up to (x) people but all people charmed will follow the same command (if you say jump they all will jump and you would have to use normal charm to make individuals do something else from the group)
EXTENDED CONTROL - Same as control but you can control the person longer, however after the one minute mark the person being controlled can brake free at any time. (the stronger the person's will the shorter time you will have to control them)

If this sound good to you I can keep trying to come up with more when we actually get to the 3rd tier with the other branches if you'd like.
No. 72489 ID: 05dce8

Goddamn, can...can I just say that that goblin is stacked?

and can we asked for afterimages of how their humility shows?

and possibly nude character references of the characters we've humiliated?
No. 72491 ID: b7169d


I agree with everything you said :P
No. 72596 ID: 933f92

No. 72604 ID: 735f4f

Hmm having a "Where they are now" thing to show what happened to people after we humiliated them would be entertaining.
No. 72606 ID: 625456

look far be it from me to be a proponent of nude dudes but poppin' a boner on stage is a pretty humiliating thing
No sex is one thing sure but I don't see why you can laugh at a guy gettin' a hardy-hards
No. 72665 ID: 05dce8


Dude thrives off of attention, good or bad.
No. 72675 ID: 2645fa

agreed. "ain't no such thing as bad press."
No. 72773 ID: d1d627

Ummm, something I just thought of, what's the Pantheon of Humble Quest look like now?
No. 72774 ID: b7169d

Kitty-Modesty is the most adorable thing I've seen lately, those cute tattered ears are just the best! <3
No. 72807 ID: 19b3c3

All right. We now have a wiki page with a spell miracles list and descriptions, because I was sick of scrolling up to check the details every time.


Couple of thing I wasn't exactly sure on:
* Charm targets a subject, not the caster, right? We're making one person susceptible, not ourselves persuasive?
* Does control require us to issue verbal commands, like charm, or are the commands given mentally, like animate?
No. 72844 ID: 933f92

Charm's 'commands' need to be spoken.

Control's do not, and are sent by intent.
No. 72917 ID: 3af198

you're right, guys getting boners in awkward situation IS pretty effective as humiliation

however I personally do not feel comfortable drawing aroused genitals
and since I'm mostly doing this for some lighthearted fun, I'm not going to draw things I'm uncomfortable with

maybe this attitude will damage the quests narrative, if people feel strongly enough about it I am willing to step down in favour of a more versatile artist
No. 72919 ID: 19b3c3

Pff. If roguelikes have taught me anything it's that a god's conducts don't have to make sense.

If the god of humility decrees that humiliation by forcibly de-clothing targets is good, it is. If he decrees that humiliation by sexual arousal is bad (even if it would work), then it's bad.

Functionally, it's no different than the paladin god saying go forth and be relentless in fighting evil! ...but oh, by the way, there are some means of fighting evil that might work that I forbid you from using because I consider them dishonorable.
No. 72953 ID: cf49fc

Or the god of kindness and friendship dropping a mountain on an entire species because they were better in every way than his own? Or the god of paladins being not actually good, and simply using Paladins to kill everything evil like a rocket launcher? Or Old Testament God forbidding murder and then smiting muthafuckas all day and night?
No. 72954 ID: c23ab0


Now you're getting it!
No. 73018 ID: 933f92

Crossover opportunities!

Some folks mentioned a desire for quest characters to be humbled. For this, I'd ask that appropriate characters be used (Prideful ones, for example), and a situation for the mission to be included. If the quest runner for the character posts that he'd like them not to show up, they won't, but otherwise, silence is permission.

Also it's my last word whether it happens or not.
No. 73019 ID: 933f92

Er, rather, whether it doesn't happen.
No. 73021 ID: b64ef2

No. 73025 ID: c23ab0

No. 73027 ID: cf49fc

Snaketits already gets her tits out regularly.

Although this path will most likely lead to our Lord being killed and eaten.

So in other words, it's a win-win scenario.

Hang on a tic, I just realized something. If we're supposed to shame prideful people out of pride with public humiliation, doesn't that mean REALLY prideful people who are REALLY powerful will just become more angry and attempt to hunt down the source of their humiliation?
No. 73028 ID: b64ef2


no, the other Snaketits.
No. 73029 ID: bf54a8

good thing we TELEPORT through space and time once they are adequately humiliated. can't catch us if we move to a time they are already dead.
No. 73042 ID: 57a559

The most prideful quest character I know is Zane
but that sounds like a really complex one to even try a crossover on, how would sci-fi quests even mix with this one?
Any Elf character ever.
Abel, Fluffy or Beatrice from How to be an Overlord
The Boss from Loretta Quest needs to be taken down a notch, another Fractal character might be Harriet
Hope, Kara, any member of the Seven Sins family from that old classic Kara Quest, can't forget about Rastin
No. 73050 ID: 25312f

I vote Zane.
No. 73056 ID: cf49fc

And then we made the mistake of humiliating a Time Lord...
No. 73067 ID: 2fbf20

Who is Zane?
No. 73068 ID: c23ab0


Zane is a very humble hard working furry whom everyone wants to get embarassed and naked for some reason.
No. 73071 ID: cf49fc

I vote for Commander Comfy-Bat. None of you remember her name either.
No. 73343 ID: 67bfa9
File 137326449429.png - (144.88KB , 490x744 , Gnollcentive.png )

Wildeye fancied herself a scholar, but a gnoll thinking they possessed intellect? HUMILITY cannot allow such hubris, and punished the creature accordingly

public exposer and dropping books earns her two more strikes, and with her first strike earned last month(eating without utensils) she is expelled without any return on her tuition.

Sorry Wildeye, looks like it's back to the hunting ground with you.

Zane is the protagonist of my Quest Colony Guard, a tiny raccoon anthro space trooper
No. 73345 ID: 735f4f

Aww I feel bad for her. Humility is one thing but messing with someones education? A vengeful god indeed.
No. 73350 ID: 1d5849

Vengeful and racist.
No. 73363 ID: cf49fc

What a prick. It's a wonder an army of irate mortal heroes have not arisen to try and murder the gods, at this rate. Or that they haven't sold all their souls to Demons in exchange for power. Or that Steve the Titan of Ether hasn't shown up to curbstomp all the gods and consume their delicious, delicious essence.
No. 73370 ID: c23ab0


Dammit Steve, always slacking on the job.
No. 73371 ID: cf49fc
File 137331615241.png - (2.66KB , 67x75 , STEVE.png )

I bet Humility would declare Steve too "Prideful", and disintegrate her ridiculously fancy Avatar outfit. I can only imagine her suitably-vengeful response. Steve wasn't very good at embodying the Eight Virtues now that I think about it. She was actually more their polar opposite whenever she could get away with it.
No. 73373 ID: f5680f

Pride is super-prideful.
No. 73379 ID: c23ab0


Pride is currently blubbering like a baby having soiled his drawers while begging pitifully for his life. I'd say pride is the last thing on his mind right now.
No. 73380 ID: cf49fc
File 137333436362.png - (232.63KB , 537x297 , Deus.png )

Deus is prideful. Look at his pimp-ass beard. It's made of GOLD. He so fly, he don't grow hair, he grows MARBLE. And his facial hair is so much more impressive than Humility's.
No. 73383 ID: f05efa


Her name is Ekia, you dumbface.
No. 73399 ID: cf49fc
File 137340290213.png - (439.81KB , 640x480 , Bittenfeld 3.png )

Does anyone else hear that strange buzzing sound? Ah, well, it's probably nothing. Also, this man is very prideful.
No. 74421 ID: 67bfa9

Shot_ has found himself pre-occupied of late and no longer has time to write for Humble

I however am still willing and interested in drawing for the quest, and with Shot's blessing I will will be searching for an author to take his place

if you are intrested in possibly writing for the quest, or have any other questions let me know here our in IRC
No. 74454 ID: e1609c

It seems like a pretty straightforward quest idea, honestly. No particular overarching plot, just find ways to humiliate assholes
I might be able to do it, pm me on irc tomorrow and I'll toss a few ideas your way, characters are my strong suit and I should be able to mix up the challenges a bit so that the humiliation process doesnt consist entirely of "cast loosen on clothes, laugh at exposed boobies/penis"
No. 74458 ID: f0357f

You should do one involving an Artist!

Imagine the sheer fun of humiliting a 'Modern Artist' at a posh Gallery Opening, as we pose as a mortal Art Critic!

>ridicule choice of acrylic paint like an amateur
>bullshit by pointing out that if you cock your head one way, the whole thing looks like a crudely drawn cock and balls with color splashed onto it.
>ANIMATE picture frame support so it falls onto the floor
>LOOSEN stricken artist's shoelaces so he falls onto his own painting
>CHARM fellow critics to laugh at the stupid amateur before moving on.
>CHARM fellow critics to laud avant-garde "sculpture" of chicken wire next up, as the humiliated artist is forced to listen on while tying his shoes, so that he is crying quiet tears of shame as he picks up his destroyed picture and leaves the Gallery.
No. 74471 ID: ca1c58

But that doesn't support the obvious fetish content of the quest.
No. 74476 ID: e1609c

>CHARM Artist into drawing furry porn and presenting it at his gallery
No. 74478 ID: beeca1

Or becoming a performance artist and enacting furry porn at his gallery.
No. 74486 ID: 01531c

I want to try to Humiliate a drill sergeant!
No. 74491 ID: e1609c

>Drill seargent
>ANIMATE a fluffy pink tutu to attack said drill seargent
No. 74512 ID: 01531c

The Drill Seargent rips the fluffy pink tutu apart with his bare teeth.
No. 74515 ID: cf49fc

I want to see us bite off more than we can chew. Like trying to humiliate Rance.

Or trying to humble Order.
No. 74530 ID: 67bfa9

you want to lose?
No. 74544 ID: e1609c

I dont think it would be a definite lose situation, just a bit of a tough battle where they either know what is up or if they figure it out we have a high chance of getting smote
No. 74545 ID: b5df96

>believing Rance is even capable of experiencing humiliation
>not a definite lose situation
That man is like a sociopath. Only instead of being incapable of empathy, it's shame. There literally is no win condition in that match up.
No. 74546 ID: 933f92

Rance can be shamed. One of the bad ends is of that. It's just such an extreme situation it almost never happens.
It's the genderswap shrine.
No. 74549 ID: cf49fc
File 137547872391.jpg - (9.79KB , 232x217 , Pooh-Bah.jpg )

Yes. I want to see the GODS brought low by the pride of one individual. A being so ABSOLUTELY FULL OF THEMSELF that literally NOTHING can faze them. A single creature of such abhorrent, nightmarishly vast self-worth that the very soil he walks on develops a god complex. I want someone who is JUST THAT PROUD.
No. 74562 ID: c23ab0


"We literally have a 4 alarm underwear situation and he just does not give a fuck! Repeat he just does not give a fuck!"
No. 74564 ID: cf49fc

"I'm not wearing any clothes you say? Then BASK in my GLORY."
No. 74566 ID: 57a559

How about we Humble the humilty god? He seems pretty prideful and boastful. He thinks he's better than people who think themselves better than everyone else!

The nerve!
No. 74571 ID: cf49fc
File 137551135004.jpg - (93.05KB , 336x500 , moth_2.jpg )

My GOD. You're right. Prideful, vain, arrogant, is currently wearing clothing... ALL signs of people who must be humbled.
No. 74574 ID: c23ab0


I'm sure we'll get to that eventually. Well, either that or Lonelyworld gets tired of this quest.
No. 74575 ID: cf49fc

Hold on a second, I have a question: How does one humiliate someone who wanders around without any clothing on?
No. 74579 ID: 256d52

You put the clothes on, then you take them away!!!
No. 74580 ID: b0d1a8

How would you humiliate someone with no concept of clothing, personal space or words like vinetits.
No. 74587 ID: 13a36d

You make them wear an embarressing outfit.
No. 74606 ID: 57a559

She probably has a alien sense of pride it wouldn't fall on our radar. I mean, if she can't be brought down she can't build up either.
Humility would have to be stretching far to justify an attack on vinetits or someone similar. She's even outside most social bounds. With a person who isn't ashamed of nudity or close contact the only way to shame them to to socially astrange them. You'd have to make Vinetits do something she would regret. Hurt something she cares about.
No. 74696 ID: 67bfa9

after much consideration
I've selected the new writer to be Beakiehelmet,
No. 74911 ID: c23ab0


Animate vines to curl up and away from her, as if in disgust or fear!
No. 74948 ID: 67bfa9

I don't want work on a quest that actively offends other authors and would-be authors
Until I am convinced that the majority of quest authors on the site do not have any issue sharing board space with Humble, I will be unable to continue drawing for it

any other suggestions, critiques and opinions are incouraged and welcome.
No. 74950 ID: 933f92

now what brought this on
No. 74951 ID: 41690e

You need to stop being bothered by Ralith or whoever it was complaining in irc.

Seriously, not offensive at all. It's cute, fun, and fairly silly.
No. 74952 ID: bf54a8

i vote YES to humility.
No. 74953 ID: a23afd

This could be seen as holding the quest hostage in order to get praise from the Cool Kids Club. It would be better to continue unless those specific people you care about actually object to it instead of people in IRC just offhandedly saying they aren't interested in stripping people.

I mean what are the chances that all the people you want to respond will even READ this?
No. 74954 ID: 214399

"I don't like it" and "I'm offended by it" are two completely different things. I think everybody on this board just chooses not to read the things they don't care for.
No. 74955 ID: 3e4b6e

If people don't like it they can DEAL. They don't have to read it.
No. 74956 ID: 214399

Also yeah, I mean, people who don't read the quest aren't gonna bother reading the discussion thread unless they heard you talking on IRC or whatever.

Also just to be clear I am not in any way offended by the quest.
No. 74957 ID: 0046c5

In lieu of writing out an argument I'll just second this. This quest is not for me at all but that doesn't mean I want to run you off the board or anything.
No. 74958 ID: 34cbef

i don't mind it, i've been wondering if my quest should cross that nudity line myself
No. 74959 ID: 1f8505

I vote yes. It's a light-hearted quest.
No. 74960 ID: 35edd4

First, I am not an author, so take or leave this comment as you like.

This quest disturbs me in a way that no other tgchan quest has, and that's saying something. It strikes me as immensely creepy and fetishistic, and lowers my opinion of those involved.

That in mind, it should carry some weight that I think anyone who's actually offended by it does not deserve to be accommodated in the slightest. This is tgchan, not the local church. Be as creepy as you like. You're not even trolling; if anyone has a problem with your quest, they are free to press the hide button. Despite my feelings on the matter, there has been and will continue to be far more overtly offensive material on tgchan, and that is normal; as far as I'm qualified to judge, you're not further reducing the respectability of the site at all.

I don't like your quest, but I very much like tgchan's quality as a place of relatively free expression. Someone being offended should never be sufficient reason to stop anything--at best, you're trying to accommodate a highly subjective moving target. I would be very happy to see this quest replaced by something better, but let that decision be made on the basis of its own merits, not to quiet any claims of offense.

Besides, you know how to draw and (your writers know) how to spell, and in my book that puts Humility above a good chunk of tgchan despite its character.
No. 74961 ID: 67bfa9

a number of people calling the quest garbage. this came as a shock because until this point I'd not heard any real critisism. I feel insecure because I don't know how much is not being said out of being polite

I'm not holding the quest hostage, but as the current chapter is over now is a good time to evaluate how the quest has been going, and general opinion, I'm not asking for praise I just don't want silence, I think it's important to know why people don't like certain things as that is the first step towards making improvements.

personally, though I like the fetish, it was not my idea, I'm mostly offereing a pen to a creative cause I agree with.
some people have suggested less fetishy directions for this quest to go in and have absolutely no problem with that concept
No. 74963 ID: 35edd4

Also I don't think anyone's actually claimed to be offended at all in the first place.

>some people have suggested less fetishy directions for this quest to go in and have absolutely no problem with that concept
I'd certainly like that. I guess part of my deal with this quest is it's got technically competent writing and good art so I want to like it, it's just that the whole malicious pervert god objectifying more or less innocent women thing is creepy as hell.
No. 74964 ID: 67bfa9

I actually don't like humiliation,
I mostly just like funny expressions and clothing loss (little/no audience prefered)

Humility is straight up a terrible and evil being
I think the long term plan is that he will end up being the main villian
No. 74965 ID: eba9b6

I think the quest is fine as is. It's a silly and entertaining quest.
No. 74966 ID: 34cbef

listen brudda, why do you torture yourself with something you don't enjoy- if you feel like continuing it you have the power to direct it to a place you would rather be

Don't force yourself on account of obligation- you got a whole board of folks who'd understand if you took a few creative liberties
No. 74967 ID: 67bfa9

I'm not "torturing myself"
I'm just saying I empathise with the humiliation aspect bothering people, I continue doing it because I believe there could be an adequate payoff storywise and understand that sometimes characters in stories are asses and are abusive to people
No. 74968 ID: 34cbef

what is it that you call doing something that you don't like?
No. 74970 ID: 67bfa9

what I'm saying is I don't have to enjoy murder to write a story in which people get murdered

bad things happen to people in stories, it's true
No. 74971 ID: 34cbef

i'm just wondering if you enjoy writing the story, you're getting a little too worried about what a small minority thinks- if you like doing the quest i don't see why someone's opinion about it bothers you this much
No. 74972 ID: 735f4f

You should never censor yourself because someone might "get offended". They are free to hit the hide button if they do not want to read it.

As for the quest itself I think its very entertaining. Humility is obviously a creepily evil old school sort of god and I hope to see his powers turned against him one day.

The board could use more lighthearted fetish quests. People like to get offended over fictional writing far to often.
No. 74973 ID: 13a36d

>This quest disturbs me in a way that no other tgchan quest has, and that's saying something. It strikes me as immensely creepy and fetishistic, and lowers my opinion of those involved.

If this quest honestly disturbs you more than the works of Reaver, Flynnmerk and Vytalibus to name a very select few among many then I don't really know what to say.

Now I just recently signed on to this (you can see where the trip changed), but my plan is to make this quest ridiculous and fun, I don't think there's anything necessarily creepy about stripping the clothes off pompous people. In my view, the entire thing is and should be tongue in cheek, light hearted, and not taken so seriously. It's a puzzle quest about harmless nudity, and the targets all have a ton of negative karma to boot.

If anyone's on the fence about this then I ask you to withhold judgement until after the next round, when I get to write for characters I've created for this. After that, we'll see how things go.
No. 74974 ID: 01531c


Since you're writing now, I want to humiliate a tzeench sorcerer.
No. 74975 ID: 13a36d

>, it's just that the whole malicious pervert god objectifying more or less innocent women thing is creepy as hell.

That's not objectifying. Objectifying is taking away everything that makes someone human to glorify their physical attributes. When a character exists purely for fanservice or to show off their amazing body and has zero character otherwise, that's objectifying.

Second, nobody is innocent and one of the targets has been a man. The entire plot of the quest so far is that the god of humility is punishing those who partake in the sin of pride, in addition to being generally bad people. Refer to my post above for my take on the future of the quest.
No. 74976 ID: 13a36d

Actually... that has potential. I'll think about it.
No. 74978 ID: 41690e

>Humility is straight up a terrible and evil being
In the sense of one being ordering what amounts to vigilante assault against another? Sure.

But in the sense of a god trying to punish a sin, with the intent to allow the sinner a chance to reform and repent? And in a fairly benign manner? Humility's tactics come across more in the league of fae pranks and cruelty than the torment that could be inflicted by a vengeful god.

And I am more than happy to run around taking people down a peg who need it, and not turning on the dude giving us our orders.
No. 74979 ID: dbe554

I like this, wanna see it keep going.
No. 74982 ID: 7e859d

Humility is pretty cool. Loving Modesty. I should also mention that I really liked your Clamp Quest thing a while back. I thought it was strange that that one got so little attention.
No. 74984 ID: dab45d

>In social philosophy, objectification means treating a person as a thing, without regard to their dignity.
Pretty much exactly what's going on. Pointing a finger and going "well I'm not as bad as those guys!" doesn't help your case here either. Classy.

Quest, have fun, do whatever. Not everyone will read it.
No. 74985 ID: 67bfa9

I'm glad you liked that, but it's understandable that it wasn't very popular as my writing is fairly weak, which is especially noticable when I'm compared to Lagotrope
(not everyone can make Lago spinoff's as good as Jukashi!)
No. 74988 ID: 57a559

I like stamping hubris into the ground. I mean, nudity ain't what I like the best I'd rather Nameless One shame 'em through dialoge-like but my dialog rants suck shit so I guess this is the simplest way.

I just want fun various ways. Nudity? Fine brah. But I also like screwing with the mind. Enough times just getting 'em nude to humiliate them is going to be too similar. I would have loved finding the priest's own embarrassing secrets and revealing them to the world. Something actually permanent. Everyone in that congregation is just going to laugh and snicker but know it was just an "accident" or if they're smart enough figure out that it was a third party (those cat ladies aren't just going to forget our fake get-up, some sort of word's going to get around).
No. 74989 ID: beeca1

I think the idea was that it shouldn't be permanent because they didn't do anything deserving permanent humiliation.

I do hope we get someone who does soon, though. No way saying that is going to bite me in the ass later.
No. 74990 ID: 57a559

An embarrassing secret reveal would have been pretty permanent without being too harsh. And it wouldn't have been viewed as an accident either, well that depends on the secret.

We must bear ALL secrets, be they flesh, sin, or words!
No. 74991 ID: a23afd

...at worst, you can complain that the god in question is focusing on the most perverted way to humiliate people. That's... really not objectifying them. In a way, you could say that seeking to humiliate someone is IMPOSSIBLE while objectifying them, because objects cannot be embarrassed.
No. 74994 ID: 13a36d

I said that the quest was not as bad as what others have done in the context of that the quest disturbed someone more than "any other"

There are far worse quests and quest content than simply "Oh my a person is naked how lewd." and honestly, I can see no way that this quest could possibly disturb anyone more than the content of something like the quests authored by those named and more.

Secondly, nobody is being treated as an object or thing you silly billy. They are persons who are targeted by a vengeful god because of things that they have done.

Now everyone calm down, have fun, and stop over-thinking these things.
No. 74995 ID: 933f92

Speaking as the one to start this, I think I've a stake to take part in the discussion, although it's a mite late.

Haha, I love arguments.

Anyway, you have to understand a few things - first, not much of the quest is really planned. Or was, anyway. It was meant, from the beginning, to be a silly, fetishy romp, which appealed to both me and LW. It's not so much meant for just porn as it is shits and giggles.

It's not meant to be creepy, nor is it meant to be serious. I mean, really, this is like Senran Kagura, or even Queen's Blade. No sex, no aroused genitalia. And we're (or at least me) aiming for additional, secret objectives that give you more power for being more clever, like making the goblin wrestler lose in addition to losing her clothes. (I hope this trend continues, btw)

I understand the dislike, but as everyone else says, hide and ignore if you don't like it - It's not like we're taking over the board!
No. 75001 ID: ba8629

I don't have any strong feelings about this. It's a fetish quest and that makes people uncomfortable, but I think the ship has sailed on disallowing fetish quests.

It's a pretty mild fetish at that.
No. 75004 ID: a4d6ab

You're doing that thing again.
Also, ”sexual objectification” is not the only meaning of the word. My point is that if you can't see why someone could find this a bit creepy and intend to dismiss any other opinions as silly there is zero point in continuing the conversation. There is a difference between overthinking things and not thinking about them at all.
No. 75013 ID: 4652c9

I wish the creative energies and cool concept of a power-based puzzle quest was applied to something with fewer nipples that didn't make me feel as bad but w/e! I'm down with it

I don't read it because I feel funny about taking peoples' clothes off against their will but I can see the appeal of the mechanics and etc. and even moreso if public nudity is yr thing. We don't have enough puzzle quests! And the art is nice! So that's a good thing.

Oh but making an argument about how it isn't even a little fetishy and is just giving prideful people their just desserts is p silly until there's a character who has that happen to them in a way that isn't getting naked
No. 75019 ID: c23ab0

I love how everyone's yapping about objectification, when the titular picture of this thread has the god of humility reduced to an inanimate statue.
No. 75027 ID: 4410f7

I had a bit of an issue with the quest up until the latest mission, at which point it became basically fine: hey, at least we objectify both genders now.
No. 75033 ID: 939000

Ok, first off this whole debate is big, stupid, and completely unneccessarry, and beyond this singular post I wont really be weighing in on the matter.
What it boils down to, however, is that porn exists, and it stands to reason someone would want CYOA style porn stories.
Yes, it is kind of creepy. Y'all are right about that much, but then again most porn IS.
Thing here is, who cares? this is hurting literally nobody, and people are having fun DOING it. And when it boils down to it, that is pretty much what quests are about, having a goddam good time

And honestly, this isnt even the harshest fetish quest on here
I mean god damn, soulsworn is about some douchenipple that steals panties to feed his megaman gear new powers, that is loads creepier than this man

TL:DR stop your bitching, people are having fun
No. 75034 ID: 67bfa9

>TL:DR stop your bitching, people are having fun
critisism is good, it's the only way to learn.
if I wanted to receive nothing but praise I'd go back to deviant art
No. 75036 ID: 4652c9

Cut that out.
Even if that wasn't a scuzzy as fuck thing to say normally, the author asked for people to give input and have this conversation.
Don't tell them to shut up.
No. 75066 ID: e1609c

Oh, well shit
that was my bad, ignore that post entirely because that was dumb
Next time I wont jump into the middle of things, sorry again yo
No. 75121 ID: 0bc691


There is a difference between finding the quest 'a bit creepy' and saying that it is creepier than the various quests that have included 'trying to fuck retarded people who are clearly hesitant' and 'telling retarded people to rape and eat other people.'

The response was, in fact, in response to this post:


So here's the answer:

Quit being a dipshit. You are being completely dismissive of what he IS saying in a textbook strawman sense. You are ignoring the context to which he is specifically referring in order to say he's trying to deflect ALL conversation.

No. 75123 ID: 4410f7

Hell, you know what used to be creepier than this? Mudy Quest.

And we all basically loved Mudy Quest.
No. 75125 ID: ccf689


> And we all basically loved Mudy Quest.

U wat m8?

It was pretty much divided between people that loved it and loathed it. It was a very polarizing quest and it was certainly not 'loved by all'.
No. 75134 ID: 4410f7

Ehh, maybe time has gilded the memories for me.

It was definitely more creepy than this thing, though. It should be remembered just for that, so that pretty tame quests such as Humble Quests wouldn't be declared the epitome of creepiness.
No. 75148 ID: 4116fa

A good amount of people do remember it as just that
No. 75162 ID: 4410f7

Clearly not enough, since we still get posts like >>74960
No. 75210 ID: ca1c58

To be fair, if that's how he feels, that's how he feels. Just saying that you think something else is creepier doesn't suddenly invalidate how another poster actually feels about this thing.
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