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File 125998569244.png - (165.00KB , 640x480 , Dis.png )
7114 No. 7114 ID: abb30a

There's some stuff to discuss. I guess you can do that if you want. I already made this nice image just for this discussion thread and everything...
Expand all images
No. 7115 ID: d6a141

I dig the shape shifting receiver. It makes things convenient. We would probably have enough mass to form into a bracelet or whatever their suitable version of small jewelry would be.
No. 7239 ID: abb30a

This setting is based on that of a story I am writing, which starts at http://quizilla.teennick.com/stories/8861211/flight-of-the-megasus

I hate Quizilla too, but it was convenient and then maladaptive whatever thingy that makes me not change.

Anyhow, the quest takes place several years before the story, in an alternate timeline. Try not to get too carried away with information you take from it into the quest.
No. 7796 ID: 216108
File 126111240820.png - (106.64KB , 640x480 , d1.png )

Hey uhhhh, quest is paused until after X-mas. Won't have access to my regular computer... But maybe this'll give me time to prepare some more stuff. OR maybe not! woooOOOooo
No. 9036 ID: abb30a
File 126343699187.png - (20.58KB , 640x480 , 1c.png )

Since I haven't updated in like a day here's a bonus thing from before quest part 1 was going to be about Narus.
No. 9554 ID: abb30a
File 12642191981.png - (136.13KB , 658x250 , IOoSC2.png )

I hope to update in the next few hours. Until then, have this lovely cross-sectionoid.
No. 10064 ID: abb30a
File 126504520876.png - (37.74KB , 350x334 , u5e.png )

Here's a possible Bad End. Drawing it made me hungry.

No. 10065 ID: 697b23

But how can you be hungry? You have 24/7 access to the Toast Line.
No. 10069 ID: c16184

quest's adorable, captain
No. 10758 ID: abb30a
File 126638576286.png - (17.49KB , 640x480 , u0.png )

Sorry it's taking so long to update. This isn't exactly in my comfort zone, and I've had to scrap the image once and I had a bunch of work piled on too. Here's a consolatory soup, which Narus did not order because Cyral mouths are not well suited to eating soups.
No. 10876 ID: abb30a
File 126655033374.png - (50.51KB , 640x480 , U0b.png )

Hopefully will have an update tomorrow...

For to-day, here is a thing that might be something in the quest. I'm not sure yet.

Also you can discuss stuff here you know :<
There's some stuff people still haven't noticed. You might want to look at some of the images again.
No. 11018 ID: abb30a
File 126677818693.png - (289.66KB , 640x480 , 39.png )

Here's the image from the most recent update: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1467119/34e.png
The one in the update was distorted by a perspective effect. Get this one before I stop hosting it, if you want.
No. 11924 ID: abb30a

For those of you who were not in IRC, here's essentially how combat works:
There's a number of people who need to agree on one action for it to work. The number depends on the action.
If you have a surplus of votes for that action, your success becomes increasingly more spectacular.
No. 12774 ID: abb30a
File 126880007489.png - (15.05KB , 640x480 , u1.png )

Hey. Updating in a while. It seems that things keep happening that make me busy.

This dish is prepared in factories, essentially, and is hard to prepare by hand. The droplet shape is caused when the blue stuff has some goo injected into the middle, and the needle used is pulled out. The blue stuff is slightly bitter and gritty, which Cyrals tend to like. It was invented within the past 5 centuries or so, at the time of the quest.
No. 12806 ID: 717301

so it's like some awful gusher mush.
No. 12813 ID: abb30a

Sorta! Not as sweet, though. And more doughy. And in a pasty substrate. Mmm~
No. 13165 ID: 632862

I updated the wiki with the Internet. It should be a lot easier to read when it's all grouped up like this.
No. 13321 ID: abb30a
File 126991727420.png - (528.23KB , 640x480 , d2.png )

I invite some constructive criticism while the quest is paused!
No. 13322 ID: 1ac39d

i give the graphics an 8
story a 7
and mechanics an 11.
No. 13329 ID: 632862

No. 13335 ID: bf49dc

+impulse weight
No. 13361 ID: 632862

The reason for me that the story is a 7 is that it moves so slowly and we have yet to really discover a long-term goal.
No. 13368 ID: 288dda

I like the unique method of player agency in the game. And Narus is an ok guy.

My complaint with the mechanics is that there is very little reason for everyone to not just "this" the first reasonable suggestion made. There's certainly a point between updates where making an original suggestion feels entirely pointless.
No. 13369 ID: 1ac39d

i wonder... if we get enough guys to +1, could we transform into a hyper death ray and blow up a star?
No. 13370 ID: 632862

That would probably require like +100 or something. But yes. Anything is possible.

For instance the power ring we made needs a lot more impulse power to function properly but it would in fact work. Right now it doesn't, even at +4.
No. 13630 ID: abb30a

Thread 1 is over! So the story gets a 7, but how is my storytelling? What needs improvement/is fine about the style? and whatever else you have to say.
No. 13716 ID: 9a1fa4

Everything is fine, keep it up. Cultural information is nice.
No. 14280 ID: 67c611
File 127159318167.png - (156.99KB , 694x720 , 126488132855.png )

No. 16848 ID: 4cfc69

This is a strange website.

Don't mind me.
No. 16857 ID: 34470e

I love this picture.
No. 16870 ID: f21281

How does Pan-Dimensional quantum-state alien know what TCP/IP is.
No. 17467 ID: 4cfc69
File 127632724082.png - (227.97KB , 345x447 , Anciumouth.png )

Hiatus on SzQ... I'll be away from computers and internets until Wednesday or so. :/
No. 25586 ID: abb30a
File 128803432561.png - (60.56KB , 240x240 , LBH.png )

spookymode initiated
No. 26329 ID: abb30a

|Let's just shunt these to here. Here's the first batch.|

The flexible, simple skeleton of the Enial (the skeleton shown here is an hermaphrodite, [[for the record]]) allows them to perform contortions that would break a Cyral. Both are capable of [[an extreme frontbend]], but only Enials can reverse their posture, such that (to demonstrate) their wings are positioned below their eyes, with their mouth now above their eyes. ...
Read more of page?

viewing next query
If you're reading this, you probably want to learn some things about sex. Great! But don't expect everything to be explained here; there are some things you have to learn on your own. Some of the techniques herein may not be the best for your partner or yourself, so you are encouraged to experiment. This ["book"] only deals with sex between Silirw of the same species, but some principles can be applied outside of that. Now, let's get on with it.

A female and a male
A female and two or more males
Two females
Three or more females
A male and two or more females
Two males
Three or more males
read more of page?pick a section?

viewing next query
The Cramakc themselves rarely appear on Uis anymore. Their influence is still all over our planet: The phones we use to communicate intraplanetarily and interplanetarily are their technology. The translation implants that are so ubiquitous now are actually here by the Wilthes' courtesy, but without the Cramakc we would'nt have those either....
read more of page?
No. 26330 ID: b5163f

I'll admit, I'm mostly interested in hearing about:
> Two males
> Three or more males
> A female with two or more males

in that order. But I don't want to spam you with requests!
No. 26394 ID: d677cc

Well, hm. As long as we're reading these pages, and new requests are being added to the queue, why not read more of these various pages here?
No. 26513 ID: d677cc

Oh, and I suppose we can pick all of the sections too.

How will we have an Encyclopedia Silirwica if we don't go for crazy completionism?
No. 28681 ID: 8d5850
File 129297550752.jpg - (22.90KB , 640x480 , Picture 027.jpg )

Yo. No update for a week due to some stuff. Sorry! :s
No. 29501 ID: abb30a

displaying more of Anatomy and Culture
Several past cultures had come up with an idiom involving the cleaning of one's ridgeflaps, though they were not intended for the same contexts. The modern Enial Language 1 contains a variation along the lines of "maybe [[he/se/she]] is cleaning [[his/hir/her]] ridgeflaps," to be used when someone is busy with some unknown task....
read more of page?

note:pornography here is being used to mean any sexually explicit materials intended to aid sexual arousal
displaying more of Index of pornographic materials
How to Perform Various Sexual Acts Well (Cyrals) page note: A video series every Silirw should watch!
The History of Sex Robots page note: Pre-Galactic Establishment video. I'm sure it would be handled differently now...
Gmet and Hovvcpage note: television series about a pair of lovers, with some explicit scenes. It was ok, in my opinion.
The works of "Tiral" page note: Strange, fantastical paintings. Some are just crazy to me. Some are really hot.
Kink Caterer Archive page note: Features nearly any kink you can think of!
The Sexual Side of Silirw page note: publication for alien xenophiles. Why keep it to ourselves? Not available for free.
read more of page?Select a choice from the above?

Returning predicted most relevant result: Anatomical comparison of Enials and Cyrals,organs.Selecting predicted relevant data
The gonads of the Cyral can be further subdivided into 3 parts: The storage component, the fluid-generating component, and the gamete-generating component. The latter two are positioned on what appear to be stalks, offset from the storage area.
The male and female gonads of the Enial are more self-contained, with all the parts inside the body of the organ.
Just like the male genital covering, the female Cyral genital covering overlaps such to form an horizontal line.
The female Enial genital opening, fully closed, is essentially a dot, which can increase in vertical size, and somewhat horizontally, to accomodate the shape of the male member of the same species. ...
picture displayed: Sketches of Male Enial gonad in empty state, intermediate state, and full state.view more images from this page?
read more of page?

Summary of Enial/Cyral hybrids query results: Such an hybrid is not currently possible.

request is on hold.
No. 39265 ID: 13b599
File 131001257307.png - (6.88KB , 640x480 , 112.png )

Update should be coming soon. I've been busy with things that take entire days. Frequently. Here's a preview in the form of unused art!
No. 41186 ID: 13b599

[[The next thread will begin in a few weeks, when I might have more time to work on it!]]

displaying more of Abbreviated Timeline of culturally significant events
548-Lhgeehdths-relocation methods are dramatically improved
549-Excavation of first of the Second-set Underground Cities begins
550-Large increase of Lishg activity on Uis
551-Presence limit is instated for all Lishg in all areas of Uis
552-Zauds are introduced and become popular pets
553-Dnids Occupation is quarantined for unknown reasons
skimming page
563-"na ekjrhi" is murdered
598-Extradimensional storage becomes available to the public
655-Synthetic Pathogen targeting Silirw is discovered
702-Monner 24 North is born

select an event for details
read more of page?

displaying more of The Sexual Act (Modern)
An hermaphrodite and a female
An hermaphrodite and two or more females
An hermaphrodite and a male
An hermaphrodite and two or more males
Two hermaphrodites
Three or more hermaphrodites
A female and two or more hermaphrodites
A female and a male
A female and two or more males
Two females
Three or more females
A male and two or more hermaphrodites
A male and two or more females
Two males
Three or more males
Other combinations

Accomodating nonstandard sexes:
Hermaphroditic Cyrals
read more of page? pick a section?
view more of another page?

No. 41187 ID: ce5017

Who the heck is "na ekjrhi"? Also, more details on the synthetic pathogen, please.
No. 41201 ID: 1854db

More on Anatomy and Culture, please.
No. 41223 ID: 13b599

viewing next query
"na ekjrhi," the extraterrestrial vigilante of the Upleft region's 4-33 Prefecture, had been evading death for [[time equivalent to multiple Earth years]] when an authority from his home planet came to kill him in accordance with interplanetary policy laws established there. The inhabitants of the area discov...

read more of page?

viewing next query

On a research station near in the 4th Mooby system, a Gledicvemb scientist known as "Righteous One" created a pathogen specifically to infect Silirw. Symptoms of the infection varied, but in most cases would lead to death within under 36 Uis days if untreated. Impaired motor function and tissue death were the others most common. Eir rea...

read more of page?

displaying more of Anatomy and Culture
There are many phrases with similar origins, most commonly in Enial languages. Another example, this time for Cyrals, is the phrase "It's like your ears are crumpled." In older times, before genetic assistance became widespread, Cyrals would sometimes be born without the parts of their ears that receive vibrations and send signals...

read more of page?

viewing Cyrals:Two males
Most male Cyrals, even if they are [[to-male]], agree that penetrative vaginal intercourse is the most pleasant of the standard sexual experiences. Most Cyral males also agree that males are most frequently the most skilled at providing other varieties of sexual experience, particularly fellatio and manual stimulation....

read more of page?

viewing Cyrals:Three or more males

When participating in sex with multiple partners, more positions become possible. That said, things can easily get crowded. With ordinary individuals, 3 is most male Cyrals who can comfortably simultaneously use their penes to stimulate each other's penes. This is a very popular action for groups of three to...

read more of page?
view more of another page?

No. 41225 ID: ce5017

Read more of the entries on the death of alien Batman err "na ekjrhi" and more on the synthetic pathogen.
No. 41924 ID: 5b0012

I intend to have updates a few times a week, but THIS update has 16 frames and it might take longer than usual! Be prepared.
No. 43057 ID: 5b0012
File 131630040061.png - (47.09KB , 658x770 , CL1 ortho.png )

I might not be able to update before tuesday argh!! Just warning you.
No. 43061 ID: ec0bf5

You are pretty insane. I can't believe you're actually developing a whole language!
No. 45672 ID: ec0bf5

Hmm, [Enials>>Male and Female], [Enials>>Two Females], possibly [Enials>>Three Females] and MAYBE [Enials>>Two Hermaphrodites]. I'm totally confused as to how they physically reproduce, especially how they orient themselves, and from those cases it should be possible to extrapolate.

Also, it would probably be easier to understand the cultural stuff for silirw sexuality by reading ["The Sexual Side of Silirw"] [Electronically wire money from somewhere easily accessible if nessicary] because since it's intended for members of other species it won't make as many assumptions of knowledge.

Also look up [enial gender statistics for parents and children] and [modern military weapons of mass destruction].
No. 45681 ID: a83682

viewing next query
ered the death when it was announced as part of the news during the next few days. The announcement was paired with another surprise. The authority sent to kill "na ekjrhi" had already taken his place. The name by which she became known was "uybelr bre." It means "official replacement" in the language of the government of their home planet YStrn. The Upleft regional government had warned the prefecture's local government beforehand. No government had warned the other citizens. The Silirw in the area were generally outraged. "uybelr bre" became the subject of ridicule to so...

read more of page?

viewing next query
soning was based on the idea that Silirw ideology would lead to the destruction of eir own race. Ey is believed to be mistaken by completely sane people. However, "Righteous One" had reasoned that due to the xenophobia present in Silirw combined with our tendency to do what we feel is best for us in spite of damage that it might cause, we would ultimately cause the end of all Gledicvemb civilisation. Ey had not thought eir plan through. The pathogen was detected in all of the places that ey released it (Space stations Cramakc catalog designate 14,27,44,68,59,and 112) and further spread was halted. The synthetic nature of the pathogen was surmised. Those infected are reported as having been curious as to what would become of the creat...

read more of page?

viewing Cyrals:A Female and two or more males
Uninformed Cyrals, in a sexual situation involving a female and two or more males, sometimes try to have the males simultaneously insert their penises into the female's vagina. Do not do this. It is extremely rare for it to work comfortably for any of the participants. Do not try to insert two penises simultaneously into a mouth, either. Instead, here is a position to try. With the female lying down, and the males ori...

read more of page?
view more of another page?

No. 45710 ID: 3bd8ec


I guess we could look at more of the various pages we've seen a couple sentences of...
No. 47192 ID: 13b599

displaying 6 results for [modern military weapons of mass destruction][i]
History of Uis' weaponry
Weapons of the Galactic Community Era
History of Uis' [Weapons for killing many]
Extreme-velocity weapons
Weaponisation of extradimensional phenomena
Teleportation as a weapon
[i]select a page? view more results?

displaying 6 results for [enial gender statistics for parents and children][i]
Studies of Enial genetic inheritance
Correlations in Silirw behaviour and upbringing
Lineage records
Studies of Enial sex changes
Studies of Enial gender identities
Correlations in Silirw sexes and sexual orientations
[i]select a page? view more results?

viewing more of 563-"na ekjrhi" is murdered

...me of the prefecture's inhabitants, who made the situation known to more of the global population. Despite their anger, the Silirw were willing to give the new vigilante a chance to prove herself. She did not have quite the same skills as her predecessor, but was nonetheless about as effective in counteracting crimes. There have been movies made which were inspired by these events, or which attempt to chronicle the true story based on video footage, reports from regular citizens, and even interviews with "uybelr bre." ...

read more of page?

viewing Enials:A female and a male

Most female or male Enials, regardless of sexual orientation, agree that penetrative vaginal intercourse is the most pleasant of the standard sexual experiences. One of the most basic ways to achieve this is for one partner to lie down while the other holds themself above and performs a thrusting motion that brings the male's member from shallower to deeper and back, into the female's vagina. If you try it, be careful if the penis exits accidentally - you'll be lucky to be able to get it in again on the next thrust! Most likely, you'd end up striking each other, perhaps very uncomfortably....

read more of page?

viewing Enials:Two hermaphrodites

When it comes to the standard sexual organ combinations, only hermaphrodites are capable of the famous [double-sex]. Even so, you don't always have to give hermaphroditic partners [double-sex] in order for them to enjoy a sexual encounter. Any of the things in the other Enial sections of this ["book"]are applicable! One technique that is unique to sex between two hermaphrodites is for both partners to be lying on their sides, undersides facing each other, with their sexual arrangements upside-down relative to each other, so that they can both vaginally penetrate each other with their penes simultan...

read more of page?

displaying latest issue of "The Sexual Side of Silirw"

Greetings! This part of the issue is provided at no charge from us, except in cases where it is in poor taste not to charge. Here you will find information about the publication in general (that's this first section), about this issue, and about basic psychological and physiological Silirw sexuality. There is a similar part in each issue. The main part, containing things unique to each issue, must be paid for. The free content is not specifically intended to sexually arouse any species, but the paid content is. Each issue's paid content is targeted toward a particular species or other group, as enumerated by the catalog (which is available at [link]).

About the issue:
About the Silirw:
pick a section? view the catalog?

perform another query?

No. 47946 ID: 13b599

It may take a while for me to get back into the swing of writing and arts, so pardon me when the first bunch of updates turn out all weird.
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