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File 136278291502.png - (70.55KB , 372x426 , OP.png )
68675 No. 68675 ID: a68e3e

Last one hit 1000+ posts so here's the new one.
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No. 68676 ID: a68e3e
File 136278332707.png - (162.27KB , 600x500 , Map.png )

>>37367 Older thread.
And some maps and whatnot
No. 68678 ID: ba5f2c

been a while since I saw that map. I can't help but notice how ??? is far away from Abel, is uninhabited, is lush with wildlife and is close to the Wilds, which is pretty much ours. it's just asking for someone to erect a city there.
No. 68679 ID: 49e805

I say we make it a STRATEGIC WILDLIFE PRESERVE instead of a boring ol' city.
No. 68680 ID: 068dff

We should try capturing Alemoor, it is closer to where our allies are.
No. 68690 ID: cf49fc

Also it's full of ale.
No. 68703 ID: 76b151

Oh god its dorf country.
No. 68704 ID: 8eb4ba

??? is Rachel's island.
No. 68727 ID: 6b2fce


and only Rachel lives there, and we made her our bitch.

seriously, all we need is money, and to get money all we need is some stuff we can make and sell. like a brewery. we can buy a brewery, and buy hops for cheap and sell beer for expensive.

maybe we can name it Candyland okay I'm getting carried away
No. 68753 ID: a68e3e
File 136288833738.png - (158.64KB , 700x535 , Map.png )

Current (actually past) map of the land. This is for the current Guardian timeline.
No. 68754 ID: a68e3e
File 136288836292.png - (164.19KB , 700x535 , Map 2.png )

The map as of Item Quest.
No. 68759 ID: f2c20c

What was the Forbidden Zone, again?
No. 68760 ID: a68e3e

A large stretch of land filled with a terrible miasma. Being in the area too long makes your body slowly rot away.
No. 68781 ID: f2c20c

That sounds like Red Sky.
No. 68795 ID: 3bad4c

It sounds like where the dragons go to take a ****.
No. 68822 ID: 1546a9

"shit" is a perfectly cromulent word, you know.
No. 68911 ID: a68e3e
File 136306120226.png - (67.30KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

Dragons don't even have a physica

Anyway, time for some livestream drawings.
No. 68914 ID: a68e3e
File 136306150225.png - (275.02KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

more clothe swapping
No. 68916 ID: a68e3e
File 136306167648.png - (153.28KB , 800x600 , 46.png )

No. 68917 ID: a68e3e
File 136306169782.png - (148.33KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

No. 68918 ID: a68e3e
File 136306172724.png - (164.67KB , 617x600 , 48.png )

No. 68921 ID: a68e3e
File 136306205823.png - (147.14KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

No. 69393 ID: a68e3e
File 136419887439.png - (95.48KB , 800x600 , 91.png )

I hope the fact that A1 is actually a robot doesn't seem cheap to anyone. I'd planned for her to actually be one from the start and I didn't expect the amount of care she was given.
No. 69401 ID: d6ef5d

We did fall for the reverse Pinocchio identifying as a robot thing pretty hard, didn't we?

It works, though. It certainly explains the scanner and hyperbeam. And we technically did have the means to figure it out earlier if we'd pursued it (we could have pushed Cid harder, or gotten her injured, or tried to posses her, or actually gone to the dark elf instead of worrying about her health, or hell, pursued her more effectively in the Doki Doki~ chapter. :V ).
No. 69979 ID: a68e3e
File 136601644194.png - (225.78KB , 850x641 , races.png )

>Is the land we see in Guardian the only continent in the world?

Why no good sir, it isn't!
There is in fact one more major continent directly opposite of the one seen in Guardian. This is the same land that Gram and Mu come from and even has it's own group of Dragons.

>But Larro, I thought if all the Dragons died then the reincarnation cycle breaks?

Correct! However that only counts for the Dragons on Saisai's homeland. These new Dragons/races came about after the first continent was created. You could say that Ombra and her siblings were Dragons 1.0 and these are 2.0. If they are somehow killed they reincarnate perfectly just like everyone else.

>So do they all have their own race?

Yes they do.
From the Dragon of Land, Cadia, comes the Curi. They are a race of catfolk that are known for exploration and tradition. They are also known to die for the sake of seeing the world.
The Dragon of the Forge, Thysi, made the Dwarves. Short, powerful, and proud. These guys craft some of the greatest works of arms and armor in the land.
The Dragon of Knowledge, Oghma, made the Aerar. These kind people value science over magic and wish to share this with all other races. However, no one seems to trust what they have to offer.
The Dragon of Hunt, Ceal, made the Dragonborn. The only Dragon to actually make a species based off himself. They are arrogant people who will not hesitate to cut down other races that are not their own. Curi are their favorite food.
Finally the Dragon of Love, Jyhli, made the Keepers. These people firmly believe that so long as there is at least one person out there who is happy then all is well. If joy were to vanish from the world then the world would soon follow.

Like the main continent there are several other species without Dragons. This includes groups that look quite similar to humans but are subtly different.
No. 69980 ID: a68e3e
File 136601652126.png - (121.59KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

Why am I bringing this up? Because I'd run a quest that was actually in this land called The Pathfinder. It was about a Curi known only by the title The Pathfinder. His job was to travel the land and fill out a magical map.
No. 69981 ID: a68e3e
File 136601660109.png - (346.08KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

He traveled the land.
Saw many sights.
No. 69982 ID: a68e3e
File 136601665097.png - (228.21KB , 800x1200 , poor guy.png )

Met many beautiful women, like this here Aerar.
No. 69983 ID: a68e3e
File 136601668531.png - (178.96KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

This lovely Dwarf
No. 69984 ID: a68e3e
File 136601673154.png - (50.87KB , 488x320 , 66.png )

Even a Dragonborn!
No. 69985 ID: a68e3e
File 136601679634.png - (88.20KB , 540x463 , 50.png )

He ended up sleeping with most of them.
No. 69986 ID: a68e3e
File 136601868089.png - (94.72KB , 800x600 , 76.png )

It didn't always end well.
No. 69987 ID: a68e3e
File 136601875398.png - (192.26KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

The quest is done for now though so I thought I'd just post a bit of what was done on here for everyone else to see
No. 69989 ID: 47a120

>Even a Dragonborn!
A Dragonborn is fine too!
No. 69999 ID: 57a559

Catshota Travels: The Quest is what it sounds like to me.

Flexiest shota
touch scaly tail
No. 70001 ID: 92c81e

Is there any other possible outcome on /Quest/?
No. 70002 ID: de262c

Was this a /tg/ quest?

If so, link? I can't search for it on suptg for obvious reasons.
No. 70003 ID: a68e3e

It was not actually. It was run somewhere else and it's gone now.
No. 70018 ID: a68e3e
File 136614138517.png - (203.19KB , 1000x900 , 66.png )

Lilith's castle
No. 70024 ID: bf54a8

No. 70025 ID: d6ef5d

I believe the appropriate response here is "worth it".

Hmm. Rather phallic, ain't it? And those domes at the base don't help. :V
No. 70047 ID: 2baea8

I think that's the joke.
No. 70061 ID: a68e3e
File 136632088776.png - (48.07KB , 307x600 , Maria.png )

when it was being built she was asked to design it. She made the first thing that came to mind.

Also this is Morgan's younger sister
No. 70064 ID: 2fbf20

She has a sister?
No. 70293 ID: ff9179

That's unfortuante. Larro's stuff was one of the few reasons I went to that place. Seeing him permanently gone gives me almost no reason to go there.
No. 70415 ID: a68e3e
File 136787896667.png - (67.71KB , 267x466 , Tank top Sai.png )

No. 70797 ID: a68e3e
File 136917714177.png - (106.91KB , 800x800 , Blue 2.png )

Doodle of Blue from Red Sky Quest
No. 73274 ID: c23ab0

Wait, Saisai can change forms? I thought it was just Artemis! What changed? She looks the same!
No. 73275 ID: 32868f

we a futa now
No. 73277 ID: a68e3e


She looks more like Ombra. So far all that happened is her boobs got bigger and her hair gets a bit blacker.
No. 73279 ID: bf54a8

it also makes her more likely to listen to suggestions ombra likes.
No. 75328 ID: a68e3e
File 137682146990.png - (285.62KB , 1034x600 , cast.png )

I don't think it's much of a spoiler to post the first sketches of the various possible protags in Tales of Serda.
No. 75368 ID: 2e19b7
File 137696929152.png - (40.39KB , 570x597 , Asam.png )

Someone made a suggestion that implied that Asam was a man who lead the Sons of Asam.
That is actually not the case. Asam is the God of Cruelty. One of the minor gods of Serda's pantheon he is an Aelor who believed that the way to achieve godhood was to appease the gods through sacrifice. He went on a killing spree, murdering hundreds of people before finally being brought down by the Guards.
The sheer negative energy that surrounded him however was strong enough that he did manage to achieve godhood, despite the other god's wishes.
He is the least liked out of all the gods and they watch him closely out of suspicion. It is all because of his actions that Aelor have the bad reputation that they do now.
Those who worship Asam call themselves his 'sons' and that is where the name came from.
No. 75433 ID: a68e3e
File 137712493063.png - (161.31KB , 800x600 , Unused.png )

Unused update
No. 75592 ID: 72e47b
File 137747981028.png - (83.13KB , 443x600 , Minia.png )

Minia the goddess of Flowers and Thorns. The youngest of the gods, she is spoiled by the others. It is said that her innocent looks hide something sinister.

It is typically women who worship Minia though men are more than welcome. Like their goddess many of the members of Minia's church are quite sweet but if wronged they will strike back with a vengeance. In Windcrest the Ladies of Minia are a group of healers that have set up shop in the district of Falcrest.
No. 75607 ID: 72e47b
File 137755030340.png - (22.08KB , 293x388 , Vakuun.png )

Vakuun the god of Creation and Destruction. A humanoid shaped god that holds a pickaxe of silver. From the minerals within the lands he destroys come the finest crafts in the world.
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