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File 128418040470.png - (136.15KB , 928x550 , aaa.png )
22942 No. 22942 ID: 0b2a05

<Theta][Sigma> now I have mental images of a dick chart for all the different quest character species.

Throughout history, man has engaged in the contest of "whose is bigger." The words "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours" have visited their share of backyards. Today, we bring you that same experience, quest-style: The Definitive /Quest/ Character Penis Chart.

Now, technically, "penis" is a limited definition, so you can use "intromittent organ" if you want to. Claspers, gonopodia, hemipenes, aedeagi, etc. are equally welcome.

With all the variety present here, it seems to me like a fascinating endeavour for science... And of course we can finally figure out whose is biggest.

In this thread you can and should request for authors to contribute characters.
You can also ask for info about why any of the chart entries are thusly shaped, or other relevant things.
Authors don't need to consult with anyone to add on; just draw the thing on the chart with the name and species/race of the character. That's it! Do try to keep to the general style of a black outline with colourless shading. Otherwise, draw it as if it were an image in your quest!

Known entrants: Anciu, Baod*, Eustice, Everett*, Glukmil*, Jehral, Narus, Ram, Ruzke*, Sekani**, Sul, Tiak, Epsilon*
Completed: Anciu, Baod*, Narus, Ram, Ruzke*, Tiak

*Drawn with permission from quest author, by someone else.
**Permission granted but no designated artist. If you want to draw an entry for one of these, please contact the person who owns the character, to make sure you do it right. If you don't mind submitting one of your characters into this category, say so in this thread!
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No. 22943 ID: 0b2a05
File 128418042714.png - (41.93KB , 300x1000 , doqa.png )

Here is the chart so far. 10 pixels = 1 inch.
No. 22965 ID: fa5286

Where's Mudy? I think he would have a big one.
No. 22967 ID: d560d6
File 128421617146.gif - (13.63KB , 640x480 , evil-bard.gif )

There's someone missing from that lineup.
No. 22969 ID: f57857

You guys are fucked up...
No. 22971 ID: 85a9f1


Welcome to /tgchan/. Its funny until it becomes unironic. Then the hide button becomes your friend.
No. 22972 ID: 79927b

>implying that it was ever ironic
No. 22973 ID: a594b9

It's just a chart. I mean, have you seen the fanart thread? There's been tons of porn of quest characters, yet a clinical chart of male genitalia is fucked up?
No. 22975 ID: abb30a

According to Slinkoboy, Sekani's is shaped like in >>332381 , and just under 6 inches long. Since it's the lymphy avian variety, you can either ignore the left side or have a little piece there on the top or bottom (depending on where it connects).

Have at it. :v
No. 22978 ID: d560d6

>ribbed for her pleasure
What is this, FurAffinity?
No. 22979 ID: 70d9eb

I don't know I think we need bluewine to expand upon the details for Reshishi dicks.
No. 22983 ID: 1963d1
File 128422904776.jpg - (41.21KB , 230x228 , MediumThumbnail.jpg )

No. 22985 ID: 67c611

No. 22989 ID: e0ba65
File 128423821351.png - (58.36KB , 350x350 , slowpoke.png )

People realize that they are on a furry porn board.
No. 22990 ID: 754124


No. 22994 ID: 9b6c31

I don't think naked woman-chart and dick-chart are not that comparable.

Also, ewwww dicks.
No. 22995 ID: e0ba65

>Some dicksdicksdicks scribbles is the same as rather tasteful and technically well done pictures of naked women.
This is what faggots really believe.
No. 22996 ID: 5705c9

Needs more dicks.
No. 22999 ID: abb30a

I nominate Lucid to add Demesi and/or Tav!
No. 23001 ID: 5705c9

I am curious to see who has the bigger dick out of those two.
No. 23002 ID: 55c4cf

i am apathetic and edgy towards this topic.
No. 23003 ID: 754124

These dicks are drawn quite well. Furthermore, a chart of naked girls is not what I'd consider the most tasteful. Certainly not more so than a chart of dicks.
No. 23004 ID: 0b2a05

Guys. Really. It's just penises. Either hide the thread or don't, half the board is perverts, the other half is prudes.
No. 23006 ID: a594b9

What exactly is the difference here? You're being very vague about what's wrong about this.

Is it the art quality? The fact that the dicks aren't attached to anything? What?
No. 23007 ID: f4963f

Very good point.

Clearly, the only option is to commission the good Cap'n to draw male versions of all /quest/ species.

So either crack out your wallet or deal with the thread, pussy.
No. 23008 ID: 8c0848

I think they want a chart of each character standing in profile with a raging erection and by they, I mean LawyerDog, Fredrick and Numbers.
No. 23009 ID: 81343b

There's a disturbing lack of sergal penis on the chart
No. 23010 ID: 70d9eb

Gnoll if that's what you want you can just come out and say it you know. There's no need to be embarrassed and try to say it's what others want.
No. 23011 ID: 5705c9

needs more erect penises
No. 23012 ID: a594b9

I think those are all erect, actually...
No. 23016 ID: d560d6

Goshen, that's your cue.

No, Lyan, not yo---dear Gods man, did it take you and Sal two kiloseconds to disentangle from each-other?
No. 23020 ID: 82061c

I would contribute but I don't really have much in the way of male characters established quite yet. Also I am not set yet on what I'm going to do about male scellor genetalia! Should I make them a different shape? Set standards on length and width? not all cocks are the same
what's the differance

the selection has too many

No. 23021 ID: 97cb33

well, i think scellor as a whole would be pretty similar with variations between the different types small so as to work with any type of female. but other things can be whatever.
No. 23024 ID: 754124

They get a different cock for each caste. that way you get to draw lots of cocks. The diplomat's cock should be big, but not too big, and ribbed. The warrior's cock should be barbed.
No. 23025 ID: 82061c


Weerl, not to sound like I put too much thought into this, but I am wondering about the whole half-plant/fungus thing. Originally I figured it was just the mother who passed on that part of the biology, like how we get mitochondria, but I don't think it would really be viable for such a pervasive aspect of their physiology.

So, if reproduction was simultaneously both plant and animal, then both genders would need a little extra. Maybe a little ridge or ring of nubs along the penis to introduce pollen or spores or whatever, probably in at least a semi-liquid form for comfort. Self-lubricating penis? Strange idea. That, then, would probably require a specially textured matching surface on the inner walls of the vagina to accept them.
No. 23026 ID: 97cb33

well the mother would obviously manufacture the ovum, the father's fungal materiel would create the internal parts that are fungal.
No. 23028 ID: 754124

Wait... I didn't even know there was a plant component. Are the plant, animal, and fungus components of their physiology all biologically discrete? Because if not, they don't need more than one set of reproductive bits. But I dunno, maybe I don't get it.

>not to sound like I put too much thought into this
It's tgchan, it's full of people from /tg/. We're used to this sort of thing, and embrace it.
No. 23030 ID: 97cb33

nono, he said plant/fungus because they have properties of both. those trees with the eggs on them are what that part looks like alone. the egg things are ovum which unless they come out that size (ouch) get stuck to the tree and grow over several years. if a scellor dies on soil then the fungal part eats the body and grows into a new tree. unless the scellor that died had an ovem waiting to be laid when this happens then it needs to be found by other scellor before it starts producing anything.

so the female would lay an ovum at like... a fist sized pod. which is then placed on the tree. the tree then acts as the placenta, feeding the child until it is big enough to be born. the female and male obviously combine the animal parts together.

now with that sorted out i think taht the father doesn't contribute fungal part directly but what happens is the fungal parts in the ovum fuses with the tree. fertilizing the fungal section of the child and letting it row properly.
No. 23062 ID: a41aaf

So, they would essentially have 3 sexes (male, female, and fungal)? Sounds a bit like the alien race in The Gods Themselves (Asimov).
No. 23064 ID: 754124

So basically, there three sexes are Male, Female, and Dead.
No. 23070 ID: 98e08d

Keeping in mind that the setting runs on science fiction of about the same hardness as Star Wars, the kel (that being the name for this plant/fungus lifeform in its distinct form) exists in a scellor's body (its second life stage) in two forms. First, in a large system that is in place of the lymphatic system that humans have, with further outgrowths connecting it through the centers of the nervous system and brain and, in particular, the orel and the tail, with strong connections all the way down the spine. This is part of the powerful scellor immune system, as the animal and kel aspects of their biology each eliminate infections in the other. It also spreads the psychic emanations of the undermind throughout the body and acts as a secondary, psychic nervous system, allowing the scellor greater perception and control of psychic powers; in case of disturbance in the normal nervous system, it can even be used as a backup, though reaction time is slow. This can be thought of as the "roots" of the kel in the scellor body.

The second aspect is the kel "spores", which exist in every animal cell in place of mitochondria, performing the same service (though not with quite the same efficiency, which contributes to the high dietary requirements of the scellor). In addition to this function, these spores can be psychically influenced to manipulate macro- and micro-biology, facilitating the art of psychometabolism.

Kel is dependent on trace amounts of psykonium, and in absence of enough will start to grow in search of more. The animal half of the scellor, aided by their own psychic power, can keep this in check to a degree; at the age of about twenty, this begins to become harder to keep balanced and the scellor must depend on a higher intake of psykonium and a greater application of psychic power to keep the kel in check. Thus, a scellor who has greater psychic power and more regular access to psykonium can live longer. Those who do not have these face slow paralysis and eventual death. Upon death, both the "roots" and "spores" of the kel will grow into each other and mature into the kel's third life-stage, in which it takes root, consumes the flesh and grows into a tree.

I imagine the reproductive aspect of the kel could be considered a third aspect of the whole system. As I'm imagining it now, the fertilized egg implants itself into the lining of the uterus and releases hormones that attract the kel, which - either from the mother's body alone or in the first stage of a new organism that is also a mixture of father and mother - begins to grow around the zygote. As it matures into a fetus, the kel grows and hardens into a shell or seed around it, developing a yolk-like store of nutrients from the mother, from whom it gradually takes over the nutrition of the child. At this stage, after about a month of development, the fetus becomes dormant and the entire package, referred to as an ovum, is laid (usually). The ovum can keep the fetus safe and alive in its state of hibernation for a very long time before eventual implantation into a mother tree - a kel tree developed through use of psychometabolism for the job. With nutrients from the tree, the ovum can begin to grow and the infant to develop, over a matter of more than a year, through which the ovum itself extends the kel systems throughout the developing body. The "umbilical cord" extends through the tail, with the gland at the tail tip being the last development before the ovum hatches.

Now, a scellor female does have the option of "holding in" an ovum, and if she does so for more than about two months the ovum will reattach itself and its hard shell be reabsorbed, and the mother's vestigial placental functions will take over. A child can be brought to term in this way, but severe medical complications are certain.


why the fuck am i typing all this in the penis thread
No. 23071 ID: d560d6

>why the fuck am i typing all this
That is a good question. :V
>in the penis thread
Well, it's sort-of topical.
No. 23074 ID: 5705c9

too much discussion. where are the dicks at? :(
No. 23133 ID: ad7ce3

Seriously, all this hubbub and no one's posted anything? I really doubt the intention here is to have something crazy-detailed and such, given what's in the OP.
No. 23137 ID: 6547ec

Don't look at me!


No. 23140 ID: dad664
File 128443006589.png - (45.81KB , 300x1000 , ffhffhfhfhf.png )


No. 23141 ID: abb30a

I'll add a little "x2" next to it in the final version :v
No. 23142 ID: dad664

Pfff, that's only for special occasions.
No. 23143 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128443090752.png - (52.76KB , 268x481 , chart_goshen.png )

If someone's going to mention the guy by name, out of the blue, a year since the quest was last updated, who am I to argue?
No. 23145 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12844312761.jpg - (110.36KB , 928x550 , M_chart.jpg )

There's no room on the sides of the chart so he'll just have to stand in front of less important characters.
No. 23147 ID: d560d6

>less important characters
Easiest layout decision ever?
No. 23148 ID: ad7ce3

As wonderful as this is, isn't he supposed to wind up on the chart in >>332940 somehow?
No. 23149 ID: d560d6

The lineup is character comedy.
The other one has one, deadpan punchline, and that joke's now been made.
No. 23150 ID: 6547ec
File 128443266917.png - (48.69KB , 426x426 , Sekaniisagiantcockgetit.png )

Okay fine
No. 23151 ID: 649123
File 128443323579.jpg - (170.24KB , 928x550 , M_chart_edit.jpg )

I didn't want to notice this.
But I noticed this.
No. 23187 ID: 8c0848
File 128450644896.png - (305.23KB , 928x550 , Dick chart.png )

inb4 this becomes a contest to see who has the character with the biggest dick.

inb4 Lucid posts Ga'nneda.

But in the meanwhile... I AM THE WINNER!
No. 23188 ID: 8bdb6a

Who didn't see that coming?
No. 23189 ID: 70d9eb

But what if Goshen is a grower and Thodren is a shower!
No. 23190 ID: d560d6

I don't think anyone's seen it coming yet.

No. 23191 ID: f5e6a3


Inconclusive. It actually looks more or less the same size as Goshen, actually.

That's what >>332940 is for.
No. 23192 ID: f4963f

I like where this is going.
No. 23196 ID: 8c0848
File 128451555158.png - (45.51KB , 300x1063 , Technical specs.png )

Hurr... Dicks
No. 23197 ID: 70d9eb

Oh god how can you fit that 16 inch behemoth into anything.
No. 23198 ID: f4963f

A good running start.
No. 23199 ID: abb30a

I think that move is called the "Large Hardon Collider."
No. 23209 ID: f1df52


Well, by finding/bedding a behemoth?
No. 23210 ID: 754124

Presumably, female minotaurs have appropriately proportioned vaginas.
No. 23214 ID: 8c0848

That is usually how it works, I think.
No. 23216 ID: 8bdb6a

CANON: The minotaur uterus is between their lungs
No. 23222 ID: 8c0848

The average human female is about five and a half feet tall and can take 12 inches maximum? I think a seven and a half foot minotaur female would be able to take even more, which puts it well within the realm of possibility. YOU'RE JUST SILLY.
No. 23223 ID: 969e74


The average size of a human females vagina is 5-6 inches deep...

That would never, ever be a comfortable 12 inches.
No. 23225 ID: 8c0848

I didn't say comfortable. I said maximum tolerance.
No. 23226 ID: ea2a3c

Hey, hey listen.

Bulls horses deer etc are ungulates. They have evolved big muscles for galloping, which give them big asses. Most of the penis's length is just to reach around 'dat ass, and doesn't actually go in. Also they only last a few seconds before finishing.

Now, you want crazy amounts of penetration, try a mallard duck. That's crazy amounts of penetration.
No. 23228 ID: 754124

This is why pregnant minotaurs have so much difficulty breathing. And why they have shattered ribcages.
No. 23242 ID: f1df52

Male tozols do not have a penis. The female just rips off the testicles and eats them.
No. 25408 ID: 10c20a
File 128769249540.png - (197.01KB , 1000x1000 , DemeDong.png )

just saging because I'm not really sure if this warrants a bump
No. 41637 ID: 13b599
File 131355585874.png - (107.48KB , 900x1600 , ilIdXw2.png )

It was more momentous than this! Demesi is a big name here.
No. 48778 ID: a83682
File 132788266866.png - (129.82KB , 900x1700 , doqr.png )

Some benefactors (anonymous for now) contributed new doodads. Only 4/14 are missing now!
No. 51270 ID: a83682
File 133429685167.png - (159.83KB , 900x2000 , doqr.png )

No. 55488 ID: a83682
File 133835705657.png - (148.70KB , 900x2000 , doqr.png )

oops Bo got miscalculated and Kaizi changed sizes
No. 70309 ID: f2c20c

Sir, this is a thread of science.
No. 70310 ID: f7f73a

I can't believe I need to say this, given this thread topic. I really can't believe I need to say this or that this could ever apply to a thread with this kind of topic.

But congratulations, you've somehow sullied the spirit of this thread. Before it could be said to be a purely analytical effort, or at least pretended to be. But no. You've made it into a literal dick measuring contest.

This is a dark day for the penis chart thread. why the fuck do we have a penis chart thread in the first place, what's next, a breast chart? vagina chart?? chart of alternate reproductive systems to the conventional mammalian style? actually no that one sounds like a salvageable idea
No. 70311 ID: ec06d0
File 136726591848.jpg - (1.97MB , 3700x2475 , 130119272759.jpg )

>a breast chart?
No. 70312 ID: f7f73a

One guy's continuing descent into the inner circles of rule 34/63 hell is not the same as a communal chart project.
No. 70313 ID: b3dd38
File 136727072698.png - (140.92KB , 900x2000 , doqr.png )

This opportunity will be taken to address a miscalculation with regard to the size of Kaizi.
No. 70315 ID: 150fea

Heh... Sorry about that, didn't mean to offend anyone. I'f anyone really cares I'll make a thread for the contest.
No. 70320 ID: a593b6

> chart of alternate reproductive systems to the conventional mammalian style? actually no that one sounds like a salvageable idea
A few people would just make that into a competition of how weird and edgy they could be if they still ran quests. So, look, Jukashi would just be the only interesting entry and he already posted an essay in here.
No. 70322 ID: 5d5ee0


Yes, yes. We are all aware of your massive boner for harboring petty grudges for extended periods of time. Kindly keep it off the fucking board, kthx
No. 70347 ID: 9dba7d

>massive boner
>penis thread
No. 70793 ID: befc95

I'm adding Lilac to this.

give me like 30 minutes.
No. 70799 ID: befc95

Done. I gave it to Toastline to add because I'm REALLY REALLY GOOD at fucking up charts.
No. 70961 ID: befc95
File 136979685537.png - (137.54KB , 918x2000 , dix.png )

Now with added Chameleons
No. 70995 ID: 593f45
File 136987919590.png - (62.35KB , 368x375 , dohoho.png )

"I see a Jehral slot that's blank."


"I dunno~ It should probably be filled in. For science or whatever."


"I haven't seen it in about ten years, so my information might be inaccurate."

No. 71002 ID: bdb3f8

but.. the Jehral on that list is a halfbold. This is a different universe!
No. 71003 ID: cf49fc

But Jehral was ALWAYS a half-bold. He was just half-elf or goblin or human or something smaller than a dragon. Or maybe he was just a quarterling.
No. 71005 ID: bc8d67

Not the current, rebooted Jehral seen here >>70995. This one is 100% kobold. It might not look like he's pure kobold 'cause Gnoll changed the look of his kobolds to be fuzzbolds.
No. 71006 ID: cf49fc

Awww, I liked Spikybolds.
No. 71008 ID: f2c20c

So draw it then.
No. 71023 ID: 593f45
File 136999553434.png - (71.95KB , 434x486 , measure.png )

>"Why the hell do I have to be the one on this stupid chart?"

"Because it's funny and you don't have any naked pictures floating around yet. Also, you have no choice."
No. 71026 ID: cf49fc
File 136999896301.png - (589.47KB , 1024x768 , Shapeshifted Forms in parallel universes count.png )

He does too have naked pictures floating around!
No. 71031 ID: 57a559

How do you expect him to get hard Rynh? With his hands? No girl, you gotta do it someway some how. Pure dog kobolds hands are simply inefficient for personal foreplay. It's your responsibility.
No. 71033 ID: 0eef61

No. 71034 ID: 57a559

it won't be long until we start talking about vaginal depth and then finally will this thread peak.
No. 71035 ID: 593f45

Like an orgasm.
No. 71036 ID: 735f4f

Clitoris size?
No. 71039 ID: b3dd38
File 137004871082.png - (154.63KB , 900x2000 , doqr2.png )

Sul finally puts in an appearance.
More entrants confirmed for eventual inclusion.
No. 72570 ID: 593f45
File 137180509102.png - (139.26KB , 906x643 , Just measuring and nothing else.png )

Oh geez... I didn't even do anything, except stripping him down and licking him. That would hardlymakethishappenwoulditImeanitsalotbiggerthanIthoughtitwouldbeIfigureditwouldbesomecutelittlenuborsomethin
aybetheyre luckybecause thatsenough for even me... to... uh...

>"Can you speed this up? Not too fast. Sudden movements might be a problem. You'd better calm down too. If you do this with shaky hands, things will get messy really fast."


Okay. Just give me a bit to work up the nerve to put the tape to it and we'll have the results.

Oh God, it moved!
No. 72571 ID: 9ddf68

not turning out the way you thought it would huh?

So think you're going to start having dirty fantasies about him now?
No. 72572 ID: 735f4f

And you wondered why kobolds had so many kids.
No. 72577 ID: 93ed4d

Jehral must have an amazing poker face.

... this is probably going to afffect suggestions in the quest 'slightly'
No. 72578 ID: 57a559

Have his sister and Shera help.

His sister probably doesn't give a fuck he probably walks around newd all the time that entire family cuddles and jesus christ the morning wood must be extreme to the point it's annulled all nerves.

Shera so the sight of his sister doesn't make him go completely flaccid.

With those two professionals you should be able to do this no problem.
No. 72581 ID: 450660

You have opened up some amazing potential ...!
for delicious boldcest
No. 72599 ID: 593f45
File 137186464529.png - (66.44KB , 418x308 , Final results.png )

Alright, I measured it. Here's your information for your chart thing.

We are both young and healthy, so of course we probably think about that... maybe. Do you?

"My parents really want me to have children with you, remember? So, I guess I have."

See? Normal.

That and we can have around three or four at a time and we lay eggs, which frees up the space for another three or four eggs. Kobolds used to take over territory by just overrunning the place.

I think we're done here. Now we will never speak of this again.
No. 72601 ID: 735f4f

Be careful if you tease and lead him around to long he will find someone else. And the only other guy in your life is quite a bit higher on the list there.

Also you should check Thodren to make sure there have not been any changes since we last saw him. There was a universe reboot and all.
No. 72615 ID: cf49fc

Seven-point-three? Seven-point-three WHAT? Inches? Centimeters? Parsecs? Scalene's-Tails?
No. 72617 ID: 34cbef
File 137189963795.png - (23.24KB , 646x511 , mineisthisbig.png )

No. 72621 ID: ee8b47

>I think we're done here. Now we will never speak of this again.

But Rynh, we still don't know if he's particularly large (or small?) for his species! You'll have to look at some others.
No. 72623 ID: 450660


Large enough to ..... do what?

Come now, Rynh. Do explain your thoughts and feelings to the class. There's nothing to be embarrassed of; it's just youthful energy, no?
No. 72632 ID: 593f45
File 137192685934.png - (44.04KB , 356x329 , nuh uh.png )

Inches. That's what we're using, right?

Oh well. The only other male kobolds I know are my dad, Jehral's dad and Jehral's six year old brother. None of those are cool by Rynh's rules.

Yeah, well, when you belong to a race where 'youthful energy' can score you a dozen kids in the span of a year, you hold off.
I guess anti-fertility charms have been used for hundreds of years and are really popular with adventurer-types, but I never bothered because I wasn't interested in banging dudes left and right and uh...

I am not feeling up some giant bull monster to measure his dick. You do it if you're so interested.
No. 72641 ID: f2c20c

So you've never had sex because you don't want to get pregnant, and you don't use protection because you don't want to have a lot of sex?

What is this, sex ed in hillbilly country?
No. 72642 ID: 3a3fd8


trust me, if I could, I would.
No. 72643 ID: 7e859d


>Inches. That's what we're using, right?

Well how long is the typical foot in your era?
No. 72660 ID: c23ab0


I've got one word for you, kobolds.
No. 72676 ID: 593f45
File 137199580147.png - (44.87KB , 356x329 , guh.png )

Also because the only things I need to actually worry about are other kobolds, other dragons and maybe a few weird crap like pixie faeries.

Kobolds are super fertile with themselves and not fertile with anything else, unless the anything else gets around it by being ridiculously magical. So it wouldn't be an issue until there was another kobold, like Jehral. WHICH IS NOT TO SAY I'M GONNA START BANGING HIM.

I'm just saying that Jehral is not safe, while I could go at Thodren all day long and never have anything happen.

Like you all aren't pushing that shit all the time anyway.
No. 72677 ID: 2645fa


this is some very useful information. thank you.

No. 72678 ID: 19b3c3

You're assuming the kobold species compatibility rule (only fertile with bolds) takes precedence over the draconic one (fertile with damn near everything). And considering there have been few enough draconic half breeds (let alone half kobolds) that each probably qualifies as their own case study (if they were studied at all) you really don't have enough data to say that with certainty.

Obviously the only safe solution is to bang other ladies.
No. 72732 ID: bc8d67

And not only is this a strong possibility, it also doesn't preclude you inheriting the kobold super fertility trait as well. So, Rynh, your theory of banging Thodren all day long being perfectly safe (procreation-wise) would not only backfire, it'd very likely do so in a spectacular manner by getting you pregnant with multiples. Half-minotaur multiples... Yep... As if you didn't already have enough reason to never ever be fucked by Thodren.
No. 72734 ID: f05efa


Reread the post.

>unless the anything else gets around it by being ridiculously magical.
No. 72740 ID: 1d5849

Rynh, you do know there are other ways for pleasure than straight-on penetration? Even without getting too creative, there are such simple, pleasurable, and completely safe things to use as hands, mouth, and anal.
No. 72754 ID: 450660

Rynh! Weird question, but:

If Jehral is over 7 inches long and he's just a regular little kobold, and you're at least twice his size as a half-dragon-bold... just how big of a penis would you have?

I mean, being both a dragon and a bold, doesn't that mean that if you were a guy, you'd have one MONSTER of a dick?
No. 72755 ID: 34cbef
File 137212083949.jpg - (82.38KB , 250x179 , 598-eabf008b6378cc42db37bea37eb7d73d.jpg )

Rynh, "whoops, i dropped my monster condom. The one that fits my monstrous sized dong."
No. 72787 ID: cf49fc

Hey, if you're doing an opposite gender Rynh, change the name to Rynn at least, to grant SOME differentiation.
No. 72793 ID: f920f8


the vast majority of dwarves actually have normal-sized dicks. so it would make sense for a giant to also have normal-sized dick.
No. 72809 ID: 450660


I have to ask: are we talking about "dorf" dwarves, or just really short humans?
No. 72823 ID: f920f8


humans with dwarfism.

though I have yet to come across a dorf represented as having a below-average cock.
No. 72855 ID: dad2ee

But we're not talking about giant kobolds or miniature kobolds

We're talking about kobolds who are half-dragon. They technically arent even kobolds. They're... dragbolds... kogans... things with big dicks.

Hey, how big of dicks do you think Rynh's brothers have?
No. 80693 ID: ca0da5

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