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File 135842613105.png - (133.70KB , 800x800 , DISCUSSION-HEADER-IMAGE.png )
66192 No. 66192 ID: 70e1c0

Expand all images
No. 66193 ID: 70e1c0
File 135842624713.jpg - (225.44KB , 900x900 , helmet2_colour.jpg )

Original concept art done for helmet of soldiers in Necropolis. Obviously the design has changed all of a sudden, almost entirely for simplicity purposes.
No. 66194 ID: 70e1c0
File 135842632390.gif - (75.90KB , 800x800 , troopes.gif )

Another image of how the soldiers were going to look.
No. 66198 ID: 3712d7

Stop making me feel horrible for being unable to draw anything except squiggles.

You'll make me cry for my lack of artistic prowess in comparison!
No. 66206 ID: a478de
File 135849165312.png - (48.67KB , 800x800 , Magistrate_Great_Wolf.png )

Another magistrate. I was originally going to represent this one in the quest, but whatever. Basically they're all scary important dudes. There were once 26 magistrates, but now there are 23.

'Magistrate' was the term I originally had to describe what I now call a 'Judicator.' A judicator is a senior ordinator. I haven't portrayed any ordinators in the quest yet, but there is at least one ordinator in my drawthread. Ordinators are drawn from the army to receive specialist training including crowd control and subterfuge.
No. 66207 ID: b0d1a8

personally, I hope there will be more of kali soon
No. 66208 ID: a478de


That was actually meant to be a one-shot, but if people show enough general interest, I am sure I could dream up another (likely better) scenario to run.
No. 66211 ID: 5d98c3

I like this dark and horrible planet. It seems nice. Also, mysterious, and with something strange lurking beneath the surface.
No. 66212 ID: 8ffedb

More Kali please. Also Overlord-kun one shots would be great.
No. 66214 ID: 9cdfda

Necropolis is a really awesome quest. that is all.
No. 66215 ID: 62496e

Yes please.
No. 66216 ID: 035ce3

I have been awaiting the day you would a quest OVERLORD and it looks as amazing as I hoped it would.
No. 66228 ID: 134072

Thank you for these positive comments.


I have run several other quests in the past. If you are interested, you can see them here:


There was also that quest with the escaping robot, but that isn't on the wiki yet.
No. 66235 ID: be7fd9

>There was also that quest with the escaping robot, but that isn't on the wiki yet.
This clearly must be rectified.

In lieu of a better name, Escaping Robot Quest is now wiki-ed.
No. 66277 ID: 87a28c

is there somewhere to go to look up the general background of Necropolis quest? it looks interesting but I don't know anything about the world it takes place in.
No. 66278 ID: d13f2f
File 135865649626.jpg - (0.97MB , 2000x2000 , Brainstorm2.jpg )


Not really. Well, sort of. But I want to keep a lot of it hidden. Part of the reason I am running Necropolis is to develop the world in more detail.

Basically, what you have is this enormous city, trying to keep alive in a dying world. It is the size of a small country. This is the last major civilisation of humans. Outside of this, there are only outcasts and aliens.

Ash clouds dim the sun, and the atmosphere is heavily polluted. Acid rain is common.

The setting is ~supposed~ to have a theme of water and its running out, but I have chosen to omit those details at this point, because I am not sure of it.

There was, at one point in modern history, a meteor shower or something (dunno), which caused not only catastrophe, but it also brought alien life to the world. The aliens vary in many ways (and only one is pictured so far), but they have their own habits, and cause their own problems.

There are many settlements. The city has the advantage of being built during a more plentiful time, and made to survive a great war. The outcast settlements are mostly made of junk, and have far fewer inhabitants.

Pirates are a big problem.

And yeah, idk. I don't even have a map of this world.
No. 66283 ID: b6edd6

So where do people get food? (Or food for the animals they eat?)
No. 66284 ID: 5d98c3

>Children killed for no reason at all

Okay, that made me laugh. I am a terrible person.
No. 66287 ID: ea047b

Hydroponics would work for primary production of food I suppose, secondary production is simply a question of necessity over squeamishness.
No. 66288 ID: 5c11b4


I got 50 bucks on soylent green being involved.
No. 66294 ID: 2f4b71

>The setting is ~supposed~ to have a theme of water and its running out, but I have chosen to omit those details at this point, because I am not sure of it.
The city is a (very localised) Hydraulic Empire?
No. 66296 ID: 2f7e00
File 135868870736.jpg - (897.42KB , 2000x2000 , Brainstorm1.jpg )


I thought hard about this question today. I have decided that the answer lies in cloning. That is, cloning not advanced enough to replicate functional creatures, such as cows, but works well enough to create large amounts of dead meat. How these are nourished, I dunno. Let's not get into that much detail yet.

I don't know what that is.

That could work as a thing, but I'll have to think more.
No. 66297 ID: 5c11b4

it's people. soylent green is people.
No. 66298 ID: 2f7e00


Well, I guess the previous image confirms that.
No. 66316 ID: b6edd6

Vat-meat is a real thing being grown experimentally now, and can apparently be possibly made using various chemicals as nutrients. Interestingly, it does not actually require genetic engineering, though of course that would help the process in many ways. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_vitro_meat )
In retrospect I should have thought of it and brought it up when I was asking the question.

Soylent green can reduce waste, but cannot produce a surplus of food for similar reasons to why a recycling center cannot produce as surplus of paper.
No. 66318 ID: 60aa47


That is exactly what I am talking about.
No. 66424 ID: 710329

How much does Mord know about the aliens?
No. 66447 ID: d4862f


Mord has a decent general knowledge of common aliens. Not only from experience fighting them, but he was also educated about them by the military.
No. 66560 ID: 4c04b0

I regret to say that henceforth, updates for Necropolis will be sparse. I can only offer apologies and the reason for this as being my education.
No. 66565 ID: a28731

Cloning just meat is AFAIK more difficult then cloning a whole creature
No. 66596 ID: 2f4b71

Not really (no need for artificial insemination, minimal worry about telomer damage, etc). The difficulty is growing a culture of cells on their own that usually require an extensive support system; the two obvious ones being a replenishing blood supply and a lymphatic system, but also a skin (to prevent infection from foreign objects), connective tissue to provide support, etc. Additionally, you can't just stick some muscle cells on an agar plate, you need to structure them and stimulate them to contract. Otherwise you don't get muscle fibres, you just get a homogeneous mush with minimal nutritional value.
No. 66604 ID: a28731

There is no telomer "damage" (in cloning or otherwise).
Telomers are an anti-cancer measure in vertebrates, when a cell replicates it shortens the telomers, when the telomers are all snipped out the next replication disables the outermost genes which are needed for replication (but not for normal cell operations).
Stem cells manufacture telomerase which extends telomers to their appropriate length. A mutation causing a non stem cell to produce telomerase is an absolute necessity for any and all cancers.
Shortening telomers is natural, the intended function, and non harmful to the cell. (it can be problematic for the tissue though as it reaches its end of life without a new stem cell source to rejuvenate it)

Artificial insimation does not exist in cloning; semen is completely absent from every single step of the process.
An ovum is taken, the haploid DNA is removed from it. The DNA from an adult cell (duploid) is taken and injected into the hollowed out ovum (using very very very fine tools). And the egg is then given a chemical and electric shock to jumpstart it. It then begins developing into a zygote as if fertilized (and its all stem cells so they are all producing telmoerase as needed). The zygote is then physically placed in a womb of choice. (technically it can be deposited anywhere on the flesh of any male or female, but anywhere other then the womb would be fatal as the surrounding tissue is transformed into a placentea... one of the more horrific conditions one can have is when a baby is born with a bit of placentea embedded in their flesh which grows and horrible deforms them and damages organs). If you just shove stem cells into a tissue or play around with them your most likely result is cancer, this is why so much research is needed to develop stem cell treatments (minimize cancer, maximize tissue rejuvination)

In vitro flesh can be VERY expensively grown from simply harvesting cells from an adult animal and growing it as you described. However it is exceptionally expensive and difficult (and definitely more difficult than cloning; although we have both today, cloning has been around longer).

Excercise is also only necessary because the tissue is taken from regular animals. And antibiotics are absolutely necessary due to lack of supportive body systems. It would be far more practical to genetically engineer something to grow massive amounts of muscle and then shed it. Play around with myostatin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian_Blue
Maybe even chimeric plants (imagine, a gourd which grows a big fat tube of beef 2 foot long and 6 inch in diamater. the "steak tube" has a pair of bones in the center, NO BRAIN, and twitches regularly to "excercise" the muscle, which is already doubled up thanks to the myostatin engineering).
No. 66620 ID: 2f4b71

OK then, telomers are 'shortened', not 'damaged' (though the shortening is due to them acting as a sort of 'ablative shield' to prevent damage occurring to coding sections...), it's still something that needs to be dealt with.

Actually, looking back at your post, I just realised that I'd read it as "cloning a whole creature is more difficult than cloning just meat", so we're both arguing for the same thing.
No. 66652 ID: 21982b
File 135938469963.jpg - (172.05KB , 510x546 , 1352063270442.jpg )

Just recalled what the society in this quest reminded me of...
> SecretaSecretorum.jpg
No. 66845 ID: 94e908

Sorry for the infrequent updates. I hope they are content-rich enough to make up for their lack of speed.

Here, I want to blab about some character backgrounds and other stuff. Actually this is more for me to remember it, but you might as well know it too.

Most of the people in Necropolis are quite young. Old people are more scarce because people frequently die before they get the chance to become old. Not only from war of predatory creatures, but also because the atmosphere is quite polluted, and a frightening amount of people develop cancers and other life threatening illnesses from constant exposure to it. This is why everybody wears a respirator of some type. Only in certain places is the air filtered and recycled, and those places are certainly not outside of the city.


Samael is a walking antique; more than 150 years of age. He predates the fortress city. He was a firefighter-turned-soldier. He was born and lived in the society that created the city to shelter its population from the great war, though he never at any point lived in it himself. He was sent into war before it was completed.

He was upgraded semi-voluntarily. He agreed to undergo minor genetic adjustments to make him more physically capable, but this was a false pretense for a total conversion to machine. Only his brain is still human, but this is also heavily modified and augmented. The purpose of his upgrade was never anything other than to make him a more lethal warrior. Despite this, Samael does not have an aggressive or otherwise militant personality, but is actually very placid.

Like most Ordinators, Gryr was seized as a very young child, and forced to train for her role. She is an expert at urban warfare, crowd/riot control and many stealth operations. The more-formal speech patterns used by her and Mord are a result of a heavily-regulated education system. It is highly unusual for an ordinator to become disillusioned and defect. Ordinators are the hands of the oppressive government controlling the city. Normally they are very brutal and unsympathetic, as a result of their indoctrination. However, they have a strong sense of brotherhood with one another, and often develop an aloof personality from dealing with lower members of society.

Lex and Lox are regular jack-offs.
No. 67377 ID: 164389
File 136076991063.png - (169.51KB , 500x5989 , furcropolis.png )

I would like to congratulate the clever thinking to use the Lion Medallion as a symbol of false authority, in order to bypass the soldiers.

While this suggestion impressed me, and I would like to normally gratify clever suggestions by choosing to follow those actions, I thought I'd point out this; At this juncture, the Lion medallion is something that Mord shouldn't flash around in front of city forces.

The medallion is a symbol of leadership. It is a unique article, and each magistrate possesses just one, as a symbol of their position. It had been handed to the Lion from his predecessor.

While the Ordinators of the city complex are aware of Mord's activity, the soldiers are not, and seeing some possible outcast - even a soldier - even someone who is not the twelfth magistrate or his most trusted ordinators, is something that would register as hugely suspicious.
No. 67383 ID: a616a4

great, I got ninja'd by the author.
No. 67385 ID: f2c20c

No. 67401 ID: 0006f5

500% improvement
No. 67498 ID: de986b
File 136097520922.png - (157.46KB , 1000x1000 , BEETLE_9-2-13.png )

Since these have been semi-introduced, here is a bestiary entry which I had written.


The 'Frag Beetle' is an insectoid alien, forming in hives, with a caste-based hierarchy, not unlike ants or similar creatures. At their zenith, workers are approximately half the height of an average, adult human. Warrior beetles are slightly higher than the height of a human, and far more powerful, although less numerous, than those of the 'worker' caste.

Frag Beetles are extremely territorial creatures, and will attempt to kill anything that does not belong in their hive. They have the ability to warn potential trespassers. They do this by rattling their shell. The sound is described as being like bricks being hit together very rapidly. The beetles are completely blind, and identify one another by pheromones, and so it is possible to sneak past them by abusing this fact.

Most notable about these aliens, is their species-wide ability to quite literally explode – hence their name. Examining the corpses of these aliens, it is possible to notice sutures, or visible seams along its carapace. It is believed that these seams are designed to split the shell into distinct fragments, causing a deadly threat to anything within its explosive radius. The ability to explode comes from several chemical substances that the alien produces in its body. The substances are stored in different parts of the body, but when they are mixed together, in a several organs believed to be solely for this purpose, they produce immense amounts of gas in an extremely rapid fashion. The result is that, with a loud bang, the beetle literally bursts from the pressure. The potency of this chemical reaction is such that several cunning outcasts have successfully used these chemicals as a source of fuel for vehicles, homes and weaponry. This is not easy to harvest, unsurprisingly.
No. 67577 ID: 0006f5

of course the progression of the symptoms, particularly cramping and seizures, will make it extremely difficult for him to get timely aid unassisted. we cant spare sam, still requiring decontamination or risk endangerment of the company, or escort (inadequate protection / endangerment of company if not sam)

No. 67840 ID: e5cfd5
File Necropolis_strong.swf - (336.98KB , 500x380 , Necropolis strong.swf )

Mord hard at work.
No. 67851 ID: 8ffedb

This better be cannon.
No. 67852 ID: eaf2f5

Remove undead
No. 68199 ID: 259f33

To answer the question that was asked before the most recent update (since I didn't want to put it in the update), regarding mutants:

In this case, they are the somehow-possible children of alien and human (almost always because somebody has randomly decided to rape an alien). Unfortunately for them, they do not inherit many positive attributes from either parent. Their own ability to breed causes the existence of many more mutants, even more degenerated than their parents. They almost never allowed into human settlements, so they inhabit other places.

Note that this is not the origin of all mutants.
No. 68201 ID: 259f33
File 136204578724.png - (165.34KB , 1000x1449 , PARASITE_10-2-13.png )

I also did a bestiary entry for the parasites (it's older than the frag bettle entry). Since they're well and truly introduced, I will share it. Text wall incoming:

'Tentacles,' 'Crawlers,' 'Worms'

One of the most repellant aliens, the 'Parasite,' as it is usually referred to as, has the ability to enslave a man and turn him into a drooling, brain-dead thrall.

A parasite is usually presented as a tiny, grey, maggot-like larva. It can be easily ingested by a creature without it knowing. There is a long incubation period, during which the infected will not notice any symptoms. This can be as long as six months, but usually lasts for only two or three. During this time, the infected will actually 'give birth' to many more parasitic larvae. They will be passed with defecation, urination, or vomiting, and can even be spread by sexual interaction. The infected creature might become aware of its condition upon noticing the small larvae in their excretions. This is uncommon, and seeing the larvae in stool can easily be mistaken for a more common intestinal worm.

When the incubation period is over, the infected may begin to notice any combination of symptoms, such as chronic intestinal cramps, diarrhoea, and solid masses forming in the intestinal region. They may occasionally pass blood or a milky, pus-like fluid, while urinating. This might be confused for a bladder infection or kidney stones.

This will continue for a week or two, until the infected creature begins to notice frequent muscle spasms and cramps in any part of their body. Almost always, they will experience a chronic 'pins & needles' sensation, or minor twitching of muscles. They may experience partial or complete paralysis, lasting from minutes to hours. They may completely lose bowel control.

The reason for this is that the growing parasite is now attempting to commandeer the nervous system of its host. This is a gradual process, and can take months to complete. During this time, the infected will experience the aforementioned muscular symptoms, increasing in severity with time. Occasionally, the infected will die at this stage from seizure of the cardioid-respiratory system, but this is a rare occurrence.

If the parasite manages to successfully overtake the nervous system of its host, it will begin to move the body by itself; at first slowly, though eventually becoming more agile (never near as much as the host originally was, however). At this stage, the mind of the host is still very much intact, but it has no control over its body any more. The mind of the parasite is very simple, and runs on its own extremely basic instincts. This will cause it to mindlessly graze. It will attempt to eat anything, though it will slowly learn that not everything is edible. Many dead specimens have been found to have broken teeth, from trying to eat metal or other inedible debris. If an infested host is in the presence of living creatures, it will try to eat them. The parasites are somehow able to differentiate between infested and non-infested lifeforms; a way to identify 'friendlies.' If in the event of a host congregation, the parasites will migrate from place-to-place as a group.

With time, the parasite will grow considerably, often in contrast to its host, which will shrivel and become slower, as any food consumed by the host will nourish the parasite primarily. The host may begin to suffer necrosis on any part of its body. The advanced parasite will begin to burst through the abdomen of its host, in a horrific display of dangling, grey tentacles. Parts of the parasite's body will burrow around in the host, and often find their way out into the open air. If a tentacle obstructs the oesophagus of its host, it will choke on it. By this time, the host is well-and-truly brain-dead. The body is occupied and operated solely by the parasite.

If the parasite cannot feed, it will slowly die. A brave and desperate human may get nourishment by eating the flesh of an advanced parasite. This is risky, and anything that comes into contact with a parasite should be thoroughly heated or destroyed, in order to minimise the risk of bodily infestation.

There are immunisations in existence for the treatment of early parasite infestation, but these are primarily held by military and city forces. Therefore, most people who become infected by the parasite succumb to the condition.
No. 68206 ID: 4224e5

At least it was Lox.
No. 68403 ID: 533f39
File 136232388269.jpg - (226.62KB , 1000x2000 , GRYR-PORTRAIT.jpg )

Part 1 has come to an end. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please do not hesitate to share them. I will actually leave open a brief window for people to make these suggestions, before I begin the second act.

One thing I am considering doing away with, is greentext for NPC dialogue. In several situations, I found that it stifled my writing somewhat. Of course, the tradeoff is general readability. If people think that these conversations would be more confusing or whatever without that level of contrast, then I will continue to use it.

Thanks to those who suggested throughout the duration of the chapter.
No. 68462 ID: 17e4f3

I rather enjoyed the way Mord's manner of speech contrasted with the way common folks spoke outside the city.
No. 68482 ID: 252e1b

I've enjoyed reading your quest so far.
The contrast is helpful, but if you find it stifling, might I suggest trying out colored text instead? The color tags, used appropriately, can serve to help keep who is speaking very clear.
No. 68483 ID: 2f4b71

I really like the Iron forest as a locale. Both it's appearance, and that the construction of The City didn't invoke magical logistics as many fictional megastructures seem to do (Minas Tirith, the mountain-sized city? Where'd you quarry all that stone from, eh?).
No. 68499 ID: bf0685

yeah the coloured speech helps tho if that's too bothersome maybe just adding a mark before the persons speech (IDK say ---"I am talking here"---)
otherwise tho I've had no input as of yet for the quest I have had great enjoyment reading it
No. 68562 ID: 998be8
File 136255539028.png - (43.81KB , 800x800 , prisoner-truck.png )

Well if you guys prefer greentext, then I will continue to use it. I don't want to use colours because that's a pain in the arse.

Expect the second chapter to begin within a day or two.
No. 68830 ID: 6a601e
File 136297026723.png - (103.86KB , 500x3750 , furcropolis2.png )

>Expect the second chapter to begin within a day or two.

Okay, so it was APPROXIMATELY A WEEK ago that I said that. Well, of one part of the news, have almost completed the introduction, the other news, is that I will hold off on posting it until my internet will be running at optimal speed again. This will be in three days. I think I can do that.

Thanks for your patience (or apathy).
No. 68839 ID: 6630b7


greatest summary.
No. 68886 ID: 2f4b71

That is a nice truck. Overlord, you are the Syd Mead of pointy bits.
No. 69034 ID: 753403
File 136325625536.jpg - (175.81KB , 900x900 , helmet_colour.jpg )

For those who are unaware, act II is now underway. I told you I would submit it today!
No. 69702 ID: 2e79fc
File 136508008012.gif - (85.17KB , 800x800 , artstyletest4.gif )

In response to the suggestion, suggesting to ask Gryr about city snipers, the answer is:

Turrets with artifical intelligence. Some discreetly hidden, others (most) blatant, and specifically designed to look dangerous and scary.

Ordinators patrol around as well, with some filling a sniper role, but mostly this is for observing, and maintaining a presence.

You can assume Mord already knows this, as he lived in the city prior to his military service.
No. 69705 ID: 2c7c89

hackable enemy turrets are the best kind of enemy turrets.
No. 69738 ID: 58c5e4


Hmmm. I mean, the actual city, has those. Not this settlement. The settlement is too primitive. Well, maybe it could have them, but it doesn't.
No. 69741 ID: dd1ec1

...as far as you know
No. 69744 ID: be2e7e


I have a fairly good idea.
No. 69745 ID: be2e7e
File 136516578820.jpg - (65.53KB , 491x614 , tumblr_mgyx4so4sH1r5xkeko1_500.jpg )


Oh, wait- no, I getcha. Whoops, too late now.
No. 69906 ID: 148aa5
File 136575863579.png - (28.72KB , 900x900 , ArtstyleTest1.png )

I hope people do not find 'what do you ask them' updates to be boring. If you have criticisms I am open to them.
No. 69907 ID: 148aa5
File 136576385070.png - (269.30KB , 1202x1200 , mercs.png )

Here is also some character art I just did. Well, one is a character; the other is a scrub.
No. 69908 ID: 431b3a


Does the one on the left have the indisputable and unquenchable desire to beat the living daylights out of clowns and staff assistants?
No. 69909 ID: 5aa76e


that is a perfectly good art style but is less in line with the established mood of Necropolis.

kinda reminded me of Rand, actually.
No. 69910 ID: a5e901
File 136577081187.jpg - (42.67KB , 440x550 , yes as you can see i ripped off this design a lot .jpg )


Haha, no, that was an art test that predates Necropolis as it exists today, when I was trying to establish a way to draw efficiently. That particular one was drawn on 19th May, 2012. One of the earliest ordinator drawings I did. I think they went under a different name back then, too. 'Lawmen,' or just 'guard,' if I recall.


That is a reference to something that I completely do not understand.
No. 69913 ID: 431b3a


Space Station 13, he looks like a security guard, which players of are renowned for abusing authority and equipment privileges to break the staff assistants(fodder) players.
No. 69917 ID: 0006f5

i think it just takes longer to respond to and or people are hesitant to mess up the opportunity which is bogus
No. 69992 ID: e523d4
File 136602820118.png - (653.05KB , 1600x1200 , Nosk.png )

Alright, I'm going to add some information here, for the sake of preventing the prolongation of 'stand around and ask Frost questions,' as I sense staleness, and would like to move on.

Therefore, provided below:

• Yes, Zore lives in the brothel. She has a private office. For all intents and purposes, that is her home.

• Frosty's poison is fast-acting. There is the chance of screaming if Mord were to go and jab her with a rusty old needle, but as far as drink poisoning goes, she'd feel a little funny, and then collapse.

• Zore (and her guards, which I neglected to mention until now. Don't worry; they serve the purpose of bouncers, rather than bodyguards), are well aware of the toxicity of Frost's fangs. Therefore, Zore possesses an antidote to the poison, to be administered in the event of a bite. This antidote was formulated by Toldeg, and it is kept in Zore's office.

• Zore's activities are generally carried out in that room. I.e, for quest purposes, she's in there forever, and unguarded. Basically, it's easy to kill her unless Mord does something loud and silly, or allows something loud and silly to occur by way of his actions.

• To clarify, I am making this easy for the sake of progression. I don't really want to do it. However, it needs to be done to give feasibility to the actions that follow.

No. 69993 ID: e523d4


You can assume this information has all been provided by Frost.

If you have any other relevant questions you'd like to ask Frost, ask them here, rather than there. I'll reply, and you can assume it's been canonically answered.
No. 70175 ID: 558894
File 136672583964.png - (25.61KB , 800x800 , MordFace.png )

Apologies for the delay in updates.
Mostly, this is for lack of planning in this chapter. Again, I am sorry to those who have been reading the quest. I assure you, they are forthcoming.

In the meantime, a super secret drawing of Mord without his helmet.

I don't care if he doesn't look 24; it's canon.
No. 70177 ID: d3c9cb

he looks 24.

also, I'd tap that.
No. 70178 ID: ccf689


[spoilers]He looks as if he were to remove some kebab from premise.
No. 70193 ID: 91cf9d

I always imagined Morde with more of an Idris Elba face.
No. 70725 ID: 0f3c7c

As far as I'm concerned, Mord has no face. Nobody has a face. It's just a world of Darth Vaders.
No. 70735 ID: c6ca42


And that is perfectly acceptable! In fact, I don't even have faces for any other characters.
No. 79517 ID: 8fa2cc
File 139170236511.png - (189.22KB , 1000x1085 , specialfocis.png )

The Necropolis quest has been in a period of regrettable dormancy for approximately six months now, and I lament the poor planning that led to this situation.
I am going to strive for the resolution of the settlement situation in upcoming days. I will make sure that before I begin this revival, I will have a reasonable idea of what I will continue with, to avert the troubles of dreaming up what happens next.

Should I fail this, let it be known that I am a weenie of unsurpassed magnitude.
No. 79533 ID: 379075

>Should I fail this, let it be known that I am a weenie of unsurpassed magnitude.

Tall claim, it's hard to be more of a weenie than Bill Gates, to name just one of the megaweenies.
No. 79811 ID: 829b0a

I'm a weenie. Quest is dead 'til further notice. I'm out of time!
No. 86739 ID: e0ae48
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THIS IS WHERE WE TALK ABout it if we feel the need. Jesus, fucking caps lock.
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