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File 135786557536.png - (855.73KB , 1600x800 , fractalquests.png )
65967 No. 65967 ID: 6808dd

running a disthread for each quest is a huge fucking pain so here's a big clusterfuck one
Expand all images
No. 65968 ID: 639e01

look at all those quests!
No. 65972 ID: 60c5da

Popping in to say that I adore adore ADORE your art.
No. 65974 ID: cf49fc

I agree, tis beauteous.
No. 65983 ID: a731a8

; _ ; She gonna die, ain't she?
No. 65984 ID: 6808dd

thank you, guys! <3

(i'm assuming you're referring to loretta)
not necessarily! loretta quest is set in the same universe as katherine quest but it is completely separate from that canon. you can think of it as a parallel universe, sort of.
loretta quest is going to be a lot more pliable than katherine quest was - i was using katherine quest more as a way to tell a story i wanted to tell than to be super interactive the way quests traditionally are. loretta quest will be more like a traditional quest, with reader suggestions having way more impact on the plot.
No. 65986 ID: 6808dd
File 135793971052.png - (154.11KB , 700x600 , 0humanized.png )

humanized loretta and paris
loretta is much younger in loretta quest than she was in katherine quest, which is why this human version of her looks so different than the first one i drew
No. 65987 ID: 2de44c

goodness gracious, i'd have to say you're one of my favorite questers! keep up the wonderful work <3 loretta quest is excellent so far!!!
No. 65988 ID: 7d4474

I thoroughly enjoyed Katherine Quest, and I am also enjoying Loretta Quest currently. I'll have to read some of your other stuff because you're evidently very good at this.
No. 65996 ID: 78c6ea


> not necessarily!

Oh, good. I guess I can stop looking away from the quest then.
No. 66054 ID: 6808dd
File 135805379536.png - (60.35KB , 600x600 , dolly.png )

idly sketching out future loretta quest characters

thanks guys U//u//U
No. 66060 ID: 57a559

oh god loretta looks so innocent in this shot
Even though Katherine Quest was a dying hallucination afterlife deal, it's hard imagining that poor innocent girl becoming that heart broken and hardened. And that someone could do something so horrible to someone that adorable in the styx ending. Granted, that's if everything in Katherine Quest was made into their human counterparts and the story went on the same way kind of (we probably you have just plain murdered Loretta instead of eat her, I suppose, or maybe human Katherine would have been a cannibal?)

I could have imagined it when she was a bunny easily because she looks far more grown up and less innocent without the hair helping her pass off the pouting, puppy dog-eyes look. She looks like a worn down sad 16/15-year old girl than a stipper whatever age she's supposed to be (god I hope she isn't actually 15 or 16 years old in the quest. It's themes seem to be heading to be dark and disgusting place enough to be, I suppose. But jesus...)
No. 66086 ID: 78c6ea

I like your art style a lot better without the bruised noses. Just wanted to say.
No. 66089 ID: 8dbc01

loretta is 17, which is still young enough for this to be really upsetting imo. at her appearance in KQ she was probably in her early to mid twenties.
uh ... i think i still draw noses the way i always have but ... th...ank? you?
if you meant to say that you WOULD like my art style better without the "bruised noses" well gee that stinks bc that's the way i draw! oh well
No. 66091 ID: b33427

As horrible as it is that Loretta is that young and in the situation she is in, there is a small silver lining in the huge cloud: That contract she signed with her boss wouldn't be legally valid and binding. So she doesn't have that over her head if she walks away.
No. 66092 ID: be7fd9

That depends. We don't actually know what the laws actually are where she is.
No. 66094 ID: 4ede1b

If I had to guess, I think the person is referring to how you normally color noses a noticeably darker shade then the rest of the character's face, such as in the picture in the OP of this thread as opposed to what you did in >>65986

Personally, I'm not sure which I think looks best.
No. 66112 ID: 57a559

If the laws do say she's underage than that's also a bad thing for her, sure the contract is invoid and she wouldn't have that over her head, but that means she's working at the boss's whim. She can be thrown out for no reason whatsoever legally. Nothing of what's in that contract that protects her actually protects her. Loretta would be an under the table worker technically.

That still might mean we could blackmail the boss, but that's nasty business. And I bet she knows a few nasty sorts which could get Loretta into an even worse situation, even killed by hitmen or whatever just to cover it all up.
No. 66151 ID: 16e2bd

I personally like the 'bruised noses' so you can kindly fuck yourself.
Fractal, all your quests are lovely. I really love your style.
No. 67011 ID: 8dbc01

sorry about the unannounced haitus, i will be returning shortly!

a note: recently i've been considering the quests i run, and i've reached the conclusion that i do not intend to continue fudgequest. i'm fond of it because it was my first quest and what introduced me to tgchan, but i've lost enthusiasm for the plot and i've grown irritated with the mistakes i made in pacing and other plot mechanics. updating it has become a chore and a hassle and i feel none of the enthusiasm for it that i do for my other quests. i quest for fun, so if it's no longer fun i really can't convince myself that it's worth pursuing.
if anyone else wants the story to be finished badly enough to pick it up, you can contact me privately and i'll divulge the plot and major puzzle solutions to you, but i really don't see that happening and i'm prepared to just let it wither away.
thank you to everyone who played fudgequest! i really appreciate that you supported my first venture into questing, and i'm sorry that i can't really bring myself to drag that quest to a proper conclusion.
No. 67013 ID: 66ff59

awww :(
i really liked fudge quest
No. 67046 ID: 13742d


yeah, authoring never works if the writer doesn't actually enjoy her own work as she creates it. so good call, I suppose.
No. 67184 ID: 8dbc01
File 136030583317.png - (1.16MB , 3600x3360 , datequestconcept.png )

oh whhhhooaaaaa what could this be whAT COULD THIS BE????
No. 67192 ID: f0d2e5


okay man I gotta be honest here

them eyes are creeping me out
No. 67194 ID: 370c40

does this species eat its mates

because they look like they would
No. 67199 ID: 8dbc01
File 136035047717.png - (56.46KB , 700x600 , HMMMMM.png )

oh are they
are they really

No. 67208 ID: baa530
File 136037098201.jpg - (60.73KB , 768x512 , blue-sclera-1.jpg )

It's only pigmented sclera, blue rings around a person's iris are actually kind of common!
No. 67227 ID: c72f24
File 136042130913.jpg - (69.56KB , 510x890 , Untitled-1.jpg )

No. 67307 ID: 496ea1

i found her adorable, definitely not scary
No. 68222 ID: 96dde8

Fractal, any news from the warfront?
No. 68489 ID: 8dbc01

i'm gonna update either today or tomorrow! update order will probably go rekitzchenstreben -> loretta -> datequest. i also have two days off after today so i might be able to update a lot, especially for the quests with faster updates like datequest and loretta quest. c:
No. 68565 ID: b479de

Am I the only one who kind of ships Loretta and Paris......>_>
No. 68566 ID: 57a559

too early in the ques for shipping.
I'm too worried about the current situation to think about romance! I want her alive and safe first, hopefully not in jail!
No. 68596 ID: 68bbc5

I am bracing for Datequest to suddenly turn into horror at any moment.
No. 68597 ID: 8dbc01
File 136260640014.png - (79.50KB , 700x600 , heheheeheheheheeheheheehe.png )

i don't know what yr talking about
No. 68599 ID: 78c6ea
File 136260707292.png - (80.80KB , 700x600 , fixed.png )

No. 68777 ID: 112f0a

No. 68970 ID: 2c322d
File 136312357023.png - (189.05KB , 651x797 , bypkatherine.png )

a few people on tumblr did fanart but they don't come on here so i thought i'd post these here bc i like them a lot UuU

this one is by blessyoupineapple!
No. 68971 ID: 2c322d
File 136312359308.png - (217.16KB , 400x600 , sboplkatherine.png )

and this one is by sapphirebulletsofpurelove
No. 68972 ID: 2c322d

there was also this and it's probably not as funny as i think it is but???? i laughed really hard when i first saw it: http://goggledsmileyragface.tumblr.com/post/40366339191
No. 68973 ID: 57a559

This weirds me out because I was watching those guys right when I clicked that in a different window, and thought that they were doing a callback to one of their old episodes and that this was something else entirely.
No. 68975 ID: 2c322d

i don't even know what the audio is from hahaha
i'm guessing some kind of playthrough thing on youtube? but idk
No. 68976 ID: 57a559

Arin "EgoRaptor" Hansen and Jon "JonTron" Idon'tknow's game play through channel called game grumps
Specifically this episode of their Sonic '06 playthrough http://youtu.be/WuGsRmEEx6s
And here's the specific moment made in source filmmaker!
No. 68977 ID: 2c322d
File 136312580521.png - (356.42KB , 1363x729 , lorettabadendwip.png )

WIP of a loretta quest illustration i'm working on in my free time
No. 68979 ID: d6ef5d

>bad end
No. 69007 ID: cf49fc

No. 69109 ID: 6808dd
File 136340538666.png - (101.32KB , 700x600 , retrospectively.png )

"what are you gonna do when you grow up?"
"i'm gonna get married, of course."
"who are you gonna marry?"
"not somebody as scruffy as you. hahahaha ..."
"you're mean, katherine."
No. 69116 ID: 78c6ea


No. 69121 ID: f2c20c

No. 69148 ID: f0e101

I've got a question about loretta quest. do you use a reference for your characters? they look better than your 'normal' draw style
No. 69150 ID: ecb09c

How old are all of your quest characters? Including finished/cancelled ones like FudgeQuest and Katherine Quest? I don't think any ages have ever been mentioned in canon, but I might have just missed it...
No. 69169 ID: 6808dd

i actually don't. but i DO put a little more effort into the loretta quest art, though. it's actually more similar to my "normal" drawing style than my other two quests. now that i think about it, i don't know why that is! you'd think rekitzchenstreben, my most serious and long-term quest, would have the best art. maybe i should just make the rekitzchenstreben art better!

fudgequest: all high school seniors.
rekitchenstreben: uh well???? deerling measure time differently and age differently but basically lief and gunter are mentally and physically equivalent to early 20s, lutzi and fritzi are equivalent to mid to late 20s, sergeant brielle is equivalent to her early thirties, and hans is equivalent to eighteen or so.
katherine quest: katherine was 35. her husband was 50. ulric was 37. loretta was 25.
loretta quest: loretta is 16. paris is 22. paula, the club owner, is 46. loretta's gentleman is 32.
No. 69170 ID: aa4e1a

FudgeQuest... CANCELED? Say it isn't so!
(I actually did fanart for that one)
No. 69171 ID: 57a559

I forgot to comment on my sadness of its cancellation as well.
Fudge was a cool main character! We deal with to many Debbie Downer's, quiet, shy, and inconfident MCs, or overtly brave MC's. She resembles John McClane at the beginning of the Die Hard series, only slightly more of a coward, obviously, and with less combat experience. But that's what's make her funner to read.

She also had good characters to bounce off too, with her butt!
No. 69173 ID: 17152b

16? she's barely old enough to be her own person. the story was sad before i knew her age, now it's mainly creepy. less her making bad choices and slightly more only now slowly gaining the ability to make proper choices.
No. 69174 ID: 57a559

And a 32 year old man wants to tap her...
Then again, he might think she's older since she's working at a gentlemen's club. Let's see, 32 divided by half is... 16. Add 7 and you get 23. The gentleman couldn't court Paris and have it not be creepy, according to the age/2+7 rule.
No. 69175 ID: 78c6ea


She's plenty old enough to be her own person and make proper choices. Way too young to be working at a whorehouse though.
No. 69176 ID: 57a559

I don't think it's a brothel. It looks more like strip club or burlesque dancing house. Maybe there's services upstairs or downstairs or whatever, but I'm unsure.
No. 69182 ID: d93d04

what do you think paris was doing there with tom? having a tea party?
No. 69184 ID: 57a559

Private backroom dance, it's common in strip clubs. It's usually a little bit more extreme and personal, but nothing is supposed to happen. The dancer is still in charge of what happens, at most second base happens, but first, third, and home are off the table. And it's always the dancer that's supposed to instigate it, at least in somewhat fancy controlled clubs. In less strict clubs, one might slap asses freely.

The "Tom" or "John" wanting sex from that is probably what started this situation. It starts off with him getting really grabby and forward, she starts with small violence like a slap or small scratch, he gets into bigger violence and deeply scratches her and tries to go all the way against her will, and then Paris gets SUPER violent and tears out his eyeball and all sorts of mess happens.
No. 69185 ID: d6ef5d

>and the stuff on the side, where you go in the back ... well, that's part of the job. i didn't want to do that at first but boss says that's how you get noticed, and anyway it makes way more money than just dancing. besides, it's not so bad. it's okay. i just play dead when it's not him.
I dunno. You can play dead through sex. Doing so in any kind of dance would be difficult.
No. 69187 ID: 57a559

oh, yeah, that part... wow. I guess I just was hoping it was just a private dance room. Really bad.
16 and sleeping with John's for money... that's... yeah
darkest quest darkest quest darkest quest
No. 69217 ID: 8eb4ba

What the Fuck? Katherine's husband was 50? Dude THAT is so fucking creepy.
No. 69219 ID: f2c20c

Pretty sure that guy Paris mauled decided he wanted to kill her as part of having sex with her, or something similarly bad. I mean, you don't claw someone's eye out if they just want to stick it in your pooper.
No. 69220 ID: 553ad9

He wanted her to call him "Onii-chan"
No. 69955 ID: 8dbc01
File 136590883803.png - (190.19KB , 663x441 , wip.png )

sorry about the absence! here's a digital painting WIP as an apology

gonna upd8 tonight!!
No. 69958 ID: ca3a73

Not really. She was nearing 40 in that quest, so it looks like a pretty normal age difference to me. My parents are ten years apart.

Im more worried about Loretta being 16 and her gentleman in his thirties...
No. 70246 ID: 5d1012

15 years with the implication they got together when she was way younger.

although i did read 35 as 30
No. 70275 ID: 78c6ea


Justifiable homicide.
No. 70639 ID: 5e9f8f

About Deerling Quest: If the failure rate for reproduction is 50%, and each successful reproduction produces a single child, how did the deerlings grow beyond whatever their initial population was?
No. 70640 ID: bf54a8

>implying it's 50%
No. 70643 ID: f2c20c

That's what was stated in-quest, iirc.

The case is probably that there were rather a lot of deerlings initially. That, or possibly the failure rate was lower at first but has been getting worse.
No. 70663 ID: 57a559

Well, to accurately assume population growth or decline we also need the death rate, an actual birth rate would actually be easier. Even though the success rate for the ritual is supposedly 50%, actual population statistics could prove otherwise. We'll probably be able to get exacts at the university, if we're curious. That's where they'd keep that information. If for every death there's a birth, then it simply evens out. However, I'm sure that while couples who go for second children still suffer the risk of losing the other, I'm sure it's much more statistically successful after that. So like, for every deer that dies attempting the ritual, I'm sure another couple has made three or four. Judging from what deer culture we've seen, it's highly desirable to have multiple children despite the risk so the average per household is probably very high. I'm also assuming there's no deer menopause since reproduction doesn't require age, so an oldass couple could still have children somehow, and probably pass those children on to relatives when the couple simply can't take care of the deer anymore. Which would probably be a great honor too.
No. 70664 ID: 57a559

>I'm also assuming there's no deer menopause since reproduction doesn't require eggs.
Ugh damn typoes.
No. 70696 ID: f2c20c

It was 50% for each attempted ritual. As in, even established couples have a high chance of failure (and death) if they want another baby.

So basically they're going extinct.
No. 70739 ID: 57a559

I would expect that the couple would be more confident in going through with the ritual, and that despite the 50% odds of success, it's more probable that a couple that has proven their love before produces another child than a couple that has never had a child before. A child can improve love (it can also ruin it), but with deer culture, I assume that a couple with a child is very much in love and might try and spam child making in that period of love before it wains.

I'm sure that in practice, thanks to the nature of statistics, that the deer population as a whole does not reflect the 50% success rate. We still need birth and death stats to make an accurate guess if deers are going extinct, that ritual death rate we're quoting is indicative of only maternal mortality rates in our world. As far as we know, the infant mortality rate could be very very low, which is important when calculating population growth statistics. We can't assume extinction is on the horizon from simply one stat. That's being an amateur statistician, we're not informed enough to make that guess.

And really, one of the shadow deers (I keep forgetting it! Frolichs are an easily to remember name!) dying from the ritual is so very different than our deaths from child birth, god damn, that implies entirely alien stat gathering techniques and perspective. I mean, with child birth that's might mean a +1 baby -1 Mom, but with the ritual, that's just like any other death ever. There might as well have never been a ritual in that regard because the baby won't exist to effect infant mortality rates at all.
No. 70746 ID: f2c20c

>more probable for repeat attempts to be successful
No. This was explained. Relationships change over time, so each attempt is about as risky as the last.


She even says the population is steadily shrinking.
No. 70747 ID: 57a559

Ugh sorry, it's been a while and I'm trying to get all the context.
It just seems like it would make sense that a couple who's done it before would have a better chance is all. Yes, relationships over time change but not necessarily for the worse. And I'm also discussing an extremely small change in time between the rituals might improve the probability, perhaps a sadomasochistic couple as well that get off on doing the ritual.

Wait, that makes an interesting dynamic to ask Fractal about. How would a couple that somehow enjoys the ritual effect it's outcome, if at all? It's been stated that the intention must be to produce children, but what if that requirement is met but there is a secondary reason? Can turning the ritual into an erotic act ruin it? The couple does need to truly love one another and want to produce children after all. Would the eroticism null and void the ritual by qualifying as ulterior motives?
No. 75193 ID: 6808dd
File 137654445931.png - (65.52KB , 512x438 , wb.png )

back from the dead!

my computer is fixed for good so i hope to soon start updating all my quests again

thanks for being patient during my absence!
No. 75195 ID: 22e46e

Aww yeah, more depressing stories about miserable cat people
No. 75206 ID: 34cbef

No. 75240 ID: c23ab0

>> Aww yeah, more depressing stories about miserable deer people
No. 75327 ID: 6808dd
File 137681981897.png - (173.63KB , 500x700 , clothes.png )

also street clothes, bc someone asked how they would dress if they could wear whatever they wanted
No. 76221 ID: 497431


i'm gonna do a full illustration of two of my quest characters 2 celebrate bc i feel like it and u guys get to pick who

here's yr choices

1. katherine & ulric (katherinequest)
2. gunter & lief (rekitzchenstreben)
3. loretta & paris (loretta quest)
4. charlotte & h.nuki (datequest)
5. mimi & the as-of-yet unintroduced antagonist (sad girl club)

cool okay go vote
No. 76222 ID: 5869f6

Katherine, an' make it happy now, otherwise I might just done throw a fit an' throttle ya with yer own organs! Just wanna done se her happy now, see?
No. 76224 ID: a36601

No. 76225 ID: 67bfa9

Lorreta & Paris
No. 76226 ID: 07e3a8

The pimento cheese sandwich and green olive!

...er, I mean, Loretta & Paris.
No. 76227 ID: 1ac4be

gunter & lief
No. 76229 ID: 5a5dd4

Lorreta & Paris!

Welcome back, FRACTAL!
No. 76230 ID: be53aa

No. 76233 ID: 5e5614

wow your grammar deteriorated, you've been spending way too much time in tumblr. but it's good to have you back nonetheless.

also, katherine & ulric
No. 76235 ID: dbe554

No. 76237 ID: 8dbc01

well, normally i clean it up for this website to avoid exactly these kind of comments, but yo whatever
also katherine and ulric it is, since votes on my blog were also strongly in favor of them, but since there were a lot of loretta and paris votes both here and there i'm gonna do both eventually!
No. 76268 ID: ab9230

tumblr has the right idea sloppy typing ftw
having to slow down to express yourself when there's no need to follow conventional rules of written language, is for ninnies
No. 76624 ID: 8dbc01

gonna b back soon but for now have this animatic i did 4 my visual narrative class. it was supposed 2 be like an opening sequence 4 a tv show and i based it on sad girl club!

No. 78286 ID: 36c336

> running a disthread for each quest is a huge fucking pain so here's a big clusterfuck one

I predict it will be no less of a clusterfuck because the essential problem is keeping track of multiple different quests-worth of discussion, and here you've just traded organization for concentration. Hope I'm wrong.

What's the roll-call for which quests you're updating now, planning on updating soon, and leaving on the backburner?

Also, I recently posted these same questions, and somehow it auto-saged my reply. Does anyone know what black magic is this?
No. 78287 ID: fd6ae9

>what black magic is this?
There's a script that auto-fill the email field with sage when you load the page of a thread that haven't been posted in for some time.

It's supposed to stop spam bots from bumping ancient threads.
No. 78323 ID: cef479

YAY. It's good to see you're finally coming back~
No. 78336 ID: 36c336

Careful with that enthusiasm, FRACTAL's last response in thread is still over two months ago.
No. 78349 ID: cef479

Not really enthusiasm, more like a slight burst of hope.
No. 80726 ID: fce72e

Nice to see you back Frac
No. 80797 ID: 2c322d
File 139747937195.png - (332.67KB , 700x600 , alienbabes.png )

blah blah color ideas
No. 80799 ID: 2c322d
File 139748148937.png - (123.86KB , 600x1017 , zjaha.png )

radial asked what zjaha looks like in casual

btw, her name is pronounced....well, okay, take the "ge" sound at the end of "mirage"
it's that "ge" then "ara"
No. 80801 ID: ca0da5

Swiftly spoken, where they merge together, or with an emphasis on the first a?
I'm hoping those are just stickers and decals and that she really didn't get spiked through the helmet.
No. 80805 ID: 2c6ff1

I bet her parasite doesn't like it when she has to wear a full-body suit. Or maybe the end of the tail section has some transparency so it can see?
No. 80815 ID: 8dbc01

you merge them! emphasis on the first syllable.
and yep, it's all just decoration - totally against the rules, but of course GG doesn't give a shit.

no tail transparency - making suits that fit a bunch of different alien species is expensive enough without taking Vreener growths into account. her Vreener colony does NOT like putting the suit on, but they don't really have any say in the matter so they kind of just have to tough it out.
No. 80819 ID: 8dbc01
File 139752857982.png - (198.18KB , 700x600 , eeeeeeeeee.png )

okay this is like nowhere near done but i really really like how it's coming out so far so i couldn't resist posting a WIP
very nsfw
No. 80848 ID: 55bec4
File 139761780952.png - (120.22KB , 700x600 , djihihi.png )

time to blabber about alien species

zjaha is a djihihi - a proud, aggressive species residing in the z-91 solar system, on the planet uhira. djihihi consist of three biologically distinct genders - female, male, and reles.

djihihi reproduce via oviposition. reles lay eggs, which are then fertilized by either males or females and generally guarded/incubated by males (females are capable to incubating, but this is socially and culturally uncommon). males and reles both sport venemous stingers, while females and reles have venemous barbed spurs (but female spurs are much smaller.)

socially and culturally, reles are dominant. females are generally delegated to intellectual or science-oriented fields, like politics, engineering, education, etc; males are considered the most suited for physical labor; and reles usually hold jobs that lend themselves to celebrity and wealth, like athletics, entertainment, and the gladitorial blood sports of which djihihi are so fond.

more details on djihihi culture, reproduction, and anatomical details to come!
No. 80850 ID: ca0da5

Oh, didn't see this until after I posted a reply to the ITQ thread. Well, I guess my question's already been answered.
No. 80853 ID: 55bec4
File 139761904370.png - (99.80KB , 700x600 , djihihivenom.png )

no worries - i didn't post this until after i'd already mentioned the reles gender in ITQ, anyway.


venom!!! probably the dhijiji's most feared defense mechanism. shown here is a reles - in males the spurs are absent, so the secondary venom gland and connecting vascular system is absent, whereas females are tailless and only have spurs, so the only have a secondary gland.

each djihihi's venom is chemically unique to their bodies - while structurally similar across the board, each individual's venom will always be different in strength, pH, etc. as such, djihihi are immune to their own venom (in small doses - accidentally scratching themselves with their own spur wouldn't cause any problems, a ruptured venom gland definitely would) but not to the venom of other members of the species.

when used against another species of comparable size and constitution, dhijiji venom is painful - possibly to the point of temporary incapacitation - but not fatal unless the victim was stung repeatedly.

the size of one's spurs/stinger head and the potency of one's venom are considered standards of attractiveness and social status, and young djihihi will often vie for attention and favor from potential sexual partners by playing a game of "chicken" by taking turns stinging/spurring each other until one of them gives up.
No. 80861 ID: ca0da5

Good lord their species is violent. I can see why they love blood sports.
No. 80867 ID: 53ba34

not really. no more so then human wrestlers
No. 80868 ID: d45c9b

if every human had the mindset of a wrestler, we'd all be in pretty deep shit right now.
PS: wrestling's fake.
No. 80870 ID: 53ba34

i mean high-school wrestling. they fight till someone says uncle.
No. 80895 ID: 6adc92

I can't stop imagining a Macho Man Randy Savage-esque dhijiji now.
It's glorious.
No. 80939 ID: 32f812

Why do females and reles have breasts if they reproduce through egg-laying? Do newly-hatched djihini still need nursing? (And what role in reproduction do females serve if males typically incubate?)

I'm glad you're back, by the way! Deerling Quest is one of my favorites.
No. 80959 ID: 55bec4

the bullshit afterthought answer is blah blah evolutionary leftovers blah blah vestigial blah blah mating blah blah
the real answer is I Love Tits

and thanks, glad to hear that you like it!
No. 80960 ID: 55bec4

oh, and females usually just aren't expected to participate in the upbringing of djihihi hatchlings. they're allowed to just bail. if they do, the reles incubates/raises the hatchlings.
No. 81072 ID: d567ea

Well people are being kinda boring about it so far! Not that I blame them much, but still.
No. 81308 ID: 8dbc01

i set up a patreon!! http://www.patreon.com/chrysanthebomb

there are a lot of cool tier rewards, the majority of which are quest related, and if i get enough support on there i'll be able to update way more frequently and maybe even in full color

also some of the tier rewards include like, getting quest characters based on u and stuff, so all in all it's pretty neat
No. 81594 ID: 7ab2db

Right, so I'm late to the party, but I'd just like to say that I just found out about you and your quests, and went for KatherineQuest first.

Having finished shortly afterward, I would just like to say that you are pure evil, and that was the biggest gut punch of a story I've felt all month. Perhaps longer. So congratulations, to hell with you, and GIVE ME MY HEART BACK DAMMIT.
No. 81595 ID: 7ab2db

And WHOOPSEE DAISEE with the subject there. Forgive me, I've only just stopped lurking around this site and I don't quite know how to work these posts.
No. 82558 ID: c3ad33
File 140307564488.png - (258.52KB , 1400x1000 , lorettaparis.png )

i was doing palette requests on my blog and a paris/loretta request came up! i guess it's sort of an AU thing because their canon outfits aren't very fun to draw.

also sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth again - i hope paris' buff bare midriff is a suitable apology
No. 82559 ID: c3ad33
File 140307577987.png - (146.89KB , 1500x891 , RRP.png )

No. 82562 ID: 0835d4

All is forgiven for sweet, sweet abs.
No. 82572 ID: df793f
File 140314371887.png - (4.11KB , 201x197 , plushcute.png )

oh fractal, you so silly with your edgy and depressing quests, trying to twist up all my happy fuzzies with mopey dopies.
No. 82575 ID: c3ad33
File 140314594170.png - (66.54KB , 700x600 , gorgana.png )

(spoilered for nudity)

gorgana are a docile, sexually dimorphic species that hails from the r-45 system. they are remarkable for their society's near-total lack of violent crime. this is not due, however, to a particularly well-functioning society or species-wide morality; it's because they are lazy, lazy assholes who can never really be bothered enough to enact anything as labor intensive as violence.

they reproduce sexually with in-body incubation and live birth, and are devoid of gender-based cultural or social differences. gorgana are too lazy to be sexist.

as a whole, gorgana are one of the universe's primary consumers of entertainment media like magazines, tv/movies, and games, and despite how much they import, they have also become one of the greatest producers. gorgana-dominated planets often have multiple recreational satellite moons that are used as tourist attractions and getaways for the citizens of the planet proper, and the satellites are often themed or associated with popular media series.

the general universal opinion of gorgana is poor; almost all other species value enterprise and hard work at a much higher level than gorgana so their species at large is considered by most to be irritating and worthless.
No. 82586 ID: 95170a

I love how their entire species can be summed up as "lazy fucks".
No. 82592 ID: df793f
File 140320283261.png - (4.85KB , 198x200 , fanart.png )

i like this character, don't you screw this up for me!!!!
No. 82593 ID: c3ad33

never fear! no horrible dark twists in GGHSA, just dysfunctional babes in space doing goofy shit forever.
No. 82594 ID: c3ad33

actually, as i posted that, i realized that due to my originally demurral when people expressed wariness about datequest, i MIGHT be considered by some on the site to be untrustworthy. but really. i promise.
No. 82595 ID: ac14c0

They're too lazy to shoot people too? Or did they never bother to make guns?
No. 82598 ID: c3ad33

gorgona technological advancement has almost exclusively focused on recreation, so their weaponry/military tech is extremely lacking. they DO have guns - crappy ones - but at this point in their society violence is so abnormal that it's just not something that comes up. it's a situation where nobody even really thinks about it in the first place.
No. 82599 ID: ac14c0

Makes sense.
No. 82607 ID: cc08c7


And then the terrible truth comes out, the entire thing is a comic written by Katherine's spirit who is now a best selling ghost author.
No. 82609 ID: a7868d

You know, I really love Loretta quest, but I find I'm annoyed with my own suggestions. The reason? In Katherine quest we got a spoiler of how this is gonna end, and it's pushing all mine (and I think a couple others) suggestions into the unreasonably cautious.

Damn you for telling us how it ends before it begins!
No. 82610 ID: 0ee153

After the apparent shitstorm about Bo and Grennie's quest I'm surprised Datequest is still going.
No. 82611 ID: ac14c0

There wasn't really a shitstorm though, Trout just got sick of people poking fun at him for it.
No. 82614 ID: c3ad33

oh, that's the thing tho. loretta quest is basically an alternate timeline.
it COULD end exactly the same way, but it could also end completely differently. it could even have a happy ending. i'm considering it separate from katherine quest canon!
No. 82616 ID: c3ad33

i'm confused about what this means, i must've been AWOL for whatever yr talking about.
No. 82617 ID: ca0da5

Boaga and Grennie the dragons, their quest was coauthored between Drgons and Trout. Nnnot sure what that has to do with anything, though.
No. 82622 ID: a36601

I think it might've been the rape thing at the beginning of his quest. I heard that some people objected to the use of rape as drama/a plot point in the quest, but I never saw any big arguments about it myself. (I don't go on the chat so idk if anything happened there)
No. 82623 ID: 0ee153

Never saw any such arguments myself, but I remember there was enough that they quit the quest. Hope things don't go that way, the quest looks morbidly interesting so far.
No. 82624 ID: ac14c0

It was only co-authored towards the point when it stopped updating, afaik.
No. 82654 ID: 32f812

Hm, I just realized (2 months after the fact) that you didn't explain the difference between male and female djihihi. Is there a meaningful difference, or is it just more author appeal? Or evolutionary vestigial technobabble etc.? It seems to me that one gender is completely unnecessary, since both can fertilize *and* incubate.

Sorry if this feels like nagging, I'm just really interested in sci-fi biology stuff.
No. 82707 ID: c3ad33

simply for the sake of my taste, to be frank! the technical answer is that it is vestigial - djihihi were originally a sexually dimorphic race, but then the reles evolved as a more effective way of handling reproduction - but honestly i think if we got more into that it would be full of holes. i really honestly haven't given it a ton of thought due to how lighthearted GGHSA is.
No. 82708 ID: c3ad33
File 140344224840.png - (65.90KB , 700x600 , everesk.png )

everesk are a small, intelligent race characterized by asexual reproduction and brainpower that makes up for their tiny statures.

culturally, everesk's most noticeable trait is their fascination with other species. everesk are largely diasporic, preferring to live in extremely diverse areas rather than in colonies of their own kind, and many everesk have taken to choosing genders for themselves after coming into contact with gendered species. they quickly and enthusiastically adapt to and absorb foreign cultures and mannerisms, willingly assimilating into whatever communities they settle in with surprising speed.

everesk are capable of floating a few feet above the ground near-indefinitely in earth-comparable gravity, and are capable of excreting a toxic, pungent gas when threatened or frightened. most everesk cannot float themselves higher than six feet off the ground without considerable effort, and even then the multi-galaxy record is eleven and a half feet for a duration of five seconds. still, it doesn't stop them from floating happily around wherever they happen to be.
No. 82710 ID: c3ad33
File 140344395282.png - (85.76KB , 700x600 , hopknocks.png )

hopknocks are an aggressive, eusocial species with extreme sexual dimorphism and an instinctual, thriving caste system.

hopknocks live in colonies, usually comprised of several small groups called "broods" which subsequently serve a mated pair called the king and queen. broods consist of one female hopknock and three males, and a hopknock colony can contain anywhere from 10 to 12,000 broods.

the social system is divided into reproductive, warrior, and worker classes; shown here are a warrior female and male, because that's the class skerz is. drawings of the other castes will follow. all classes have genitals but all classes but reproductive are sterile. the castes listed are also ordered in terms of social power and comfort, from greatest to least.

hopknocks are not particularly intelligent as individuals, but their instincts and emotional intuition with regard to their own species means they can engage in formidable teamwork when with even just a handful of other hopknocks. when separated, though, they are easily confused and tricked - something that is only exacerbated by the fact that most hopknocks never leave their colonies, so those wandering about outside of one are typically ignorant to a lot of things that most would consider common knowledge or common sense.
No. 82711 ID: c3ad33
File 140344585040.png - (71.37KB , 700x600 , hopknocksrepro.png )

reproductive caste hobknocks are the highest ranked, considered to be just below the king and queen in social status and importance to the community. they usually comprise 10% of a colony and their broods are housed close to the king and queen's personal nest.

as would be expected, the main community role of reproductive hobknocks is to have as much sex with the king and queen as possible. they are strictly forbidden from engaging in intercourse with each other (doing so is strongly discouraged for other classes but not specifically forbidden, because other classes are sterile; but because a pregnancy between a pair not including the king or queen would be a community disaster, the risk is deemed to be too great between reproductive hobknocks.)

they are smaller, more attractive, and less physically intimidating than the other two classes, and are usually smarter than warriors but less intelligent than workers.
No. 82712 ID: c3ad33
File 140344598783.png - (82.94KB , 700x600 , hopknockswork.png )

worker hobknocks are at the bottom of the colony totem pole. they comprise 50% of the colony and take care of almost all manual labor, from building and maintaining colony housing to waste disposal and food gathering.

worker hobknocks have larger ears and less fur than the other two castes, essential traits to keep them comfortable in the cramped, stuffy, and warm environments of the close-knit colony. they are almost as strong as warriors and are the most intelligent of the classes.
No. 82713 ID: c3ad33

and because they didn't get their own blurb: warrior hopknocks are big, strong, dull creatures, usually with broods stationed in a ring separating the worker broods from the reproductive broods and circling the colony completely. they work not only as protection from things outside the colony, but also as enforcement within the colony.

they do everything from break up fights to serve as personal bodyguards for the king and queen, and their lack of intelligence is usually made up by their fierce loyalty and sharp instincts. their extra-fluffy coats can be puffed up to make them look even more intimidating.
No. 82714 ID: ca0da5

>asexual reproduction
Has this actually been thought out, or is it simply that they don't have genders? If it was thought out, do they lay eggs, give live birth, binary fission, etc, and how does raising the young go? (Unless they reproduce by Binary Fission and share memories, in which case I suppose it's not so necessary)
No. 82716 ID: c3ad33
File 140346190449.png - (148.01KB , 700x600 , evereskrepro.png )

they reproduce by a form of budding that has a lot of surface similarities to live birth, and is often treated with the same emotions/cultural attitudes as live birth, but biologically isn't. when an everesk is at sexual maturity and conditions are right, it can consciously choose to begin budding a polyp. the polyp will begin to develop in a shallow, elastic cavity just beyond the everesk's cloaca. it'll take about 3 months for the polyp to grow to the size when it's developed enough to break off, at which point the connecting tissue to the cavity disintegrates and it has to be pushed through the cloaca; again, much like a pregnancy and a live birth.

new polyps live with the everesk they budded from until sexual maturity; the two usually develop an extremely close bond during the polyp's development but rarely keep in touch after the polyp leaves to start its individual life.
No. 82724 ID: 2fd516

Do reproductive males have only two arms, unlike the other males? Or are the other two arms in that image hidden somewhere?
No. 82725 ID: c3ad33

that was a drawing error! i didn't notice it til after i had already uploaded some things after that post so i didn't want to delete and reupload it. sorry for the confusion!
No. 82728 ID: 53ba34

interesting that a budding race could become sapient. one of the big problems with budding is the incredibly slow rate on mutations. even compared to evolution as a whole. this is because a bud is practically a clone of the parent, only DNA copy errors produce mutations, instead of the sexual reproduction method of mixing two different globs of DNA and seeing what sticks. so did they get lucky and manage to get on the path first try, or did they start REALLY early, like, their home planet was one of the first to start getting life, so they had an extra 100000000 years to work on it?
No. 82729 ID: c3ad33

they are a very old race, they live for a long time,they reach sexual maturation quickly, and both the incubation and active childcare periods are very short compared to other races - everesk have a LOT of babies. despite the fact that they can only bud one polyp at a time, they still overall have the highest birthrate of any other known sapient species. when your sample size is that huge, rare things like mutations just tend to crop up more frequently in total. they are also hardy and immediately adaptable by nature, which means that frequently, specieswide change wasn't necessary for survival in new environments.
another factor is that, because they do not tend to live in species groupings but instead spread out among other species, they gain the benefits of herd immunity against many diseases - and even if a disease does happen to completely wipe out a certain group of them, they are always spread out enough that it never becomes endemic to the species. their instinct to remain isolated actually is rooted in an understanding of the ways that keeping populations separated from each other is a safeguard against genetic-based disasters.
No. 82730 ID: c3ad33

oops, i cleared my cache so it got rid of my name and i didn't notice! that last comment was me
No. 82741 ID: 32f812

Also, DNA copy errors are often systemic, precisely so that asexual organisms have access to mutation. They could simply have a higher rate of copy errors than Earth organisms.

What I want to know is how they pull off the levitating trick. What's the biology behind *that*?
No. 82749 ID: e7d222

And here I thought GG was a lazy fatass but she's just a typical member of her race
No. 82769 ID: e607cd

yeah! The nature of reproductive practices are boring in comparison to biological systems related to indefinite gravity resistance. [/nerd]
No. 82809 ID: 5e3970

Gees FRACTAL you've been busy lately.
How many quests are you running at the same time?
No. 82813 ID: c3ad33


rekitzchenstreben, loretta, SGC, GGHSA, datequest, and newly formed ADC

ADC is fine bc i don't write it, i just have to draw the images, but i'm excited enough about the story that i'm just as invested in it as any of my other quests anyway.
No. 82843 ID: 189a54

I swear to gawd FRACTAL, if 8-year-old loretta's about to go through some traumatic shit imma cry Dx
No. 82846 ID: c3ad33

No. 82848 ID: 189a54

Damn iiiiiiiiit D'x
No. 82855 ID: df793f
File 140365870837.png - (7.43KB , 400x243 , lorettafanart.png )

No. 82856 ID: c3ad33

i for one welcome our moe overlords
No. 82858 ID: bb78f2

You know, it's gonna sound weird but if Ulric also kinda wants to eat Loretta as well as bone her, it's not ACTUALLY that scary or traumatic. If Loretta really wants this, it's clear she has to understand that she also looks fucking delicious to him and that him going into "eat all herbivores mode" is incredibly likely. That seems to be the theme here with the eating stuff. (Was that dude Paris was with that started the whole thing also trying to eat her? If the backdoor operation is actually hooking instead of private dancing then what had to have started wasn't initially rape, but something set off Paris's alarm to attack him partway through and then it got rapey and I still can't help but wonder what the fuck happened. What did that guy do to trigger Paris's defensive skills? Would any predator class animals try eating a cat? Do cat people also hunt and kill in this world? Is Loretta just in as much danger with Paris as she is with Ulric or that guy who's missing an eye? Will Paris also want to eat or like, kill Loretta and present it to somebody who she thinks is bad at hunting like real cats do and not just eat her? Like, maybe she has children and would take her home to feed them eventually?)

Any culture wrapped around the fact that some of it's denizen's may eat another and that be normal has some real complex moral issues. Of course emotionally the related victims would hate the predator that ate the victim, but what actually happens on a legal basis? The government's response to natural phenomenon integrated into some of it's citizen's own diets? Is the government predator heavy? Or herbivore heavy? Is there slaughter houses with regular old cows or are their slaughter houses with sentient cow, pig, and chicken people that are bred specifically for eating? Just how fucked up IS this society? Should we, the readers, respond negatively to carnivores wanting to eat other sentient creatures? Yes, we care about the sentient creature potentially being eaten here, Loretta, but we had Catherine eat people in her quest and not give a fuck. Shit, I think we ate Loretta too, or her soul or whatever. While we should be very fucking wary of Ulric as we play Loretta, if he eats her, should we hate him for it? If Paris decides to eat Loretta and present her corpse to her children, should we hate her for it?

Christ, this is a fucked up quest not only because the regular narrative shit like it's super depressing and people are eating people regularly in the world, but it's also fucked up because we can't honestly fucking tell if killing someone to eat them in the context of this world is a bad thing. We liked and rooted for Catherine too, but she ate Loretta's mother and obviously incited everything that we see happening today, shit, even fucking Ulric is here and a huge potential threat to Loretta because of Catherine's own actions in the past.
Oh my god, we thought Paula was the villain of this quest.
But no, it was Catherine all along. Everything goes back to Catherine. Or her husband. Whoever ate Loretta's mom. And if he did that makes the husband a significant villain of both Catherine quest and Loretta quest.

Oh man, and what Ulric was implying over the speaker was that he was probably going to kill himself if Loretta didn't come with him. Which means if up until Loretta didn't go with that one guy and sent Paris in her place, Ulric not only killed himself over Katherine in the original timeline, but Loretta too. Or he was the one that actually killed and ate Loretta in the original timeline, got really fucking depressed over that and finally offed himself, which is consistent with Loretta's own broken heart in Catherine Quest, which means that everything that happened in the original timeline is happening right now, and what might split the main timeline into the Loretta lives timeline is her own ability to survive whatever Ulric may try to do to her. Her real danger wasn't with that douchebag Paris was with, it was Ulric. It was Ulric all along. She probably had a chance to live in the encounter with the eyeless man.
No. 82860 ID: 0acb3a

I'd like to think that the Ulric in Loretta Quest is the same one from Katherine Quest, and that since the end of that quest he and Katherine have become transdimensional travelers, traversing the multiverse to prevent any wrongs that happened in their timeline from happening in others.

Granted, I'm 99.99 percent sure this isn't the case (the truth is probably more mundane, though equally mindfucking), and that wouldn't explain how they went from being dead to being Time Lords, but that didn't stop the Luteces. Mostly just wishful thinking, though.
No. 82868 ID: bb78f2

oh, so that new update sorta addresses the issues. But it might just be a simple deal with the swamp. And living on just fish and birds isn't very healthy. And the fact that she can eat outside the swamp and then the way the writing was like implies it's okay to eat sentients outside the swamp, like it's some community deal. And Catherine never mentioned that shit and didn't feel guilty at all about the things she's done, so maybe it still is really confused and fucked up.
No. 82870 ID: c3ad33

without writing an essay, here's what it basically boils down to:

it is something that herbivores accept as a constant possibility. it's something that carnivores insist they wouldn't do, but it still happens at a rate so alarming that it's difficult to believe that the society really wholeheartedly condemns it. it's something that is very, very rarely reported, and when it is, there's always a line of questioning along the lines of, "well, did they PROVOKE them? why weren't they carrying someone to protect themselves? sorry, if you don't know exactly who did it there isn't much we can do" or "well, you know, that's just kind of what happens with carnivores ..."

it's not an issue of need, either. as demonstrated with katherine's pimento cheese sandwiches, carnivores can eat what we would think of as "human food." as mentioned by tiny loretta, there are non-sapient creatures, and eating them is considered a moral nonissue.

many herbivores - like the rabbit warren in the swamp - have decided that their survival mode will be "whatever, as long as you don't eat ME." the swamp is not the only place where an "area ban," as it were, is in place for the resident carnivores. but yeah, an extremely disturbing level of apathy in the interest of self-preservation has arisen as a result of predator-prey relations.

as for the paris issue - in the same way that a cat COULD kill and eat a rabbit but ppppprobably wouldn't, paris is a potential threat to loretta but not considered an imminent one. animals like hounds, foxes, wolves, and hawks are considered more immediate and likely threats than "smaller" animals (when i refer to size i mean the relative size the animal would be if they weren't anthro - something that is considered directly proportional to their power in the universe of katherine/loretta quest.)

okay that turned into an essay anyway
No. 82871 ID: bb78f2

So Paris is more likely to kill and eat moles, gophers, mice, and other things that size then? Are there bug people? Cats also eat bugs.

And the way people treat eating sounds very, very familiar.
No. 82872 ID: c3ad33

yep. there are bugs but they aren't sentient, similar to fish and birds - the only sentient species are generally mammals and reptiles.

aaaaand yeah. i'm trying not to like, smash people over the head with it, but it definitely is meant to hold a mirror up to aspects of real life.
No. 82873 ID: c3ad33

this also brings up some really uncomfortable truths about what kind of person katherine was, now that we're on the subject. we all love katherine and katherine is meant to be - well, she is - a good person

but she LIBERALLY used the threat of consumption as a way to get what she wanted. she knowingly used power that she had over herbivorous species as a way to twist their arms and get them to do things against their will. and when katherine was our protag, it was a means to an end and not a big deal - but when you take a step back and consider what that reveals about her as a character it becomes a lot more complicated.
No. 82881 ID: dcd48d

Well I can't say I agree in the slightest with this allegory I do find the concept sort of interesting in this more appropriate setting and I'm glad you are apparently doing your best to avoid being preachy.

Honestly I sort of lost most of my love for Kathrine as soon as she murdered someone.

Also, considering Ulric loves Kathrine enough to kill himself over her marrying another man I don't think he could actually harbor much affection for Loretta. I'm firmly against her going with him now that I know he can't actually be all that interested in her safety.
No. 82889 ID: 189a54

Dammit FRACTAL, if this Wilbur kid is eaten too I dunno what I'll do! Dx
No. 82891 ID: c3ad33
File 140369564893.png - (141.77KB , 478x602 , dfdsf.png )

okay what if i just repost blog stuff like this instead of copy-pasting everything
No. 82894 ID: a2f9bc

I knew he was a questionable guy, but I didn't know he was popped collar questionable.
No. 82898 ID: cc08c7

The possibility of Paris being a (very unlikely) threat has been something I've been mulling over recently, especially if she's strong enough to lift Loretta and kill that guy in the strip club. Again, very unlikely but I'm curious to see how this develops.
No. 82912 ID: 2fd516

What? Why would that subject even come up?
No. 82915 ID: 0ee153

If I had to guess, that anon read gender lines into it and assumed everyone else would.
No. 82920 ID: 6e85c8


presumably because it reads as a find-replace on talking points from the manufactured rape hysteria prevalent in many online circles.

No. 82921 ID: 675d4e
File 140374530469.png - (27.00KB , 1000x1000 , gg.png )

ignoring the gross convo going on ("manufactured rape hysteria"), heres a thing
No. 82923 ID: 0b90a3

Clearly they aren't going to read into that. The carnivore/herbivore divide indicates that both men and women can be victims or perpetrators. Loretta is obviously a vulnerable young woman with a lot to worry about, but it sounds like her entire species has similar problems.

You are derailing the conversation to discuss a hypothetical derail. You aren't forbidden from discussing topics like that on this board, provided its quest related and respectful. Your comment is not about the quest, rather it is assuming rather offensive things about the audience.

Don't do that.
No. 82926 ID: cc08c7

Back on the subject of Katherine eating the rabbit, even though at this point it's become a little bit of a Quest cliché, aren't we kinda the real evil in that case? I vaguely remember us telling her to do it. Also I'm wondering if we'll be getting more "HD" Katherine Quest cameos. On another note I doubt there's just one "main" antagonist in Loretta Quest yet.
No. 82929 ID: 9fabea

>I doubt there's just one "main" antagonist in Loretta Quest yet.
it's too early to even speculate

granted if we are going along the same timeline that ends at katherine quest, then some event or series of events was enough to turn 17 year old loretta into a heartless/heartbroken deceased person at 22

but for now i will bet on the antagonist being the most vicious carnivore of all: reality
No. 82930 ID: 6b7ea4

that's so rad ty!!! i really like the way u drew her mouth

i mean, i'll admit that i crafted the encounter 2 be frustrating and difficult enough that killing her would feel like an attractive option. but there were still also - as a few people realized immediately after the fact - lots and lots and lots of ways the situation could have been handled without killing her.

and, depending on whether or not the plot provides an opportunity, there is a very good chance of seeing katherine quest characters drawn in my genuine style rather than with katherine poe's scribbly charms! it's something i'm actually very excited about.
No. 82931 ID: dcd48d

I'd call that term accurate, not gross.

We sort of are yeah, though it is strongly hinted at the end of the last quest that she was involved in three other murders before that. Also considering it seems that the whole trip down the river was all some sort of dying fantasy who knows if that last one we told her to kill even existed.
No. 82933 ID: bb78f2

Well the biggest thing is that Katherine is basically the butterfly that caused this hurricane if things are mostly consistent between stories all beyond the contradictions.

Like I said earlier, big fucking villian and a horrible person in her own right.
Also this might make Katherine a middle-aged woman by this the time her quest rolled around, that or she's actually also a kid now living in her future house because it's her family's house. And that means a minor ate a adult bunny, which adds even more huge moral complexities.
No. 82934 ID: bb78f2

I forgot to add a detail
but it would also add an interesting parallel to Loretta's case. If Katherine's like 17 when she ate Loretta's mother, and it was possibly true that it was accidental (unsure how the fuck it can be accidental. Not wasting food lying around?), then Katherine might be going through her own breakdown right now about it. Disgusted with herself or something. Then she simply accepts it as natural by the time her quest comes around and she's kinda fucking nuts even without the whole husband thing in the future, and that might be why she went with her husband instead of Ulric.

Does it all come around?
No. 82941 ID: 6b7ea4

this is actually something i wanted to bring up anyway because i have had a LOT of inconsistency in character ages and i'm actually just about to retcon stuff AGAIN

in the old KQ discussion thread i posted a pic of humanized loretta and offhandedly remarked that she had just turned 22

but then earlier in this thread the official ages for characters i've given are:
katherine quest: katherine was 35. her husband was 50. ulric was 37. loretta was 25.
loretta quest: loretta is 16. paris is 22. paula, the club owner, is 46. loretta's gentleman is 32.

clearly i wasn't fucking thinking straight bc those ages do not match up. i don't remember if i hadn't had ulric-is-the-gentleman plotted for sure yet but i'm pretty sure i had it locked in pretty firmly? but even then it's clear that i was like half-asleep when i wrote that because even a few posts before that i had accurately given loretta's LQ age as 17

anyway, those ages were picked almost arbitrarily - i'm shamelessly retconning so that things make more sense in terms of timeline and stuff so that everything is more cohesive.

in loretta quest, loretta is 17, ulric is 32, paris is 22, and at the same time katherine would be 30
in katherine quest i am shifting the ages up to give us more room between loretta quest and then: ulric is 40, katherine is 38, which makes loretta 25
in the current flashback chapter of loretta quest, loretta is 8, which means ulric would be 23 and katherine would be 21

No. 82942 ID: 50338d

>clearly i wasn't fucking thinking straight bc those ages do not match up
This is already a kind of alternate history / alternate universe thing, isn't it? Why would the ages have to sync up perfectly? Being born earlier or later could just be one of the way things are different.

Well, unless you wanted everything to sync up perfectly except for the one or two details that changed things.
No. 82943 ID: bb78f2

Hmm, Katherine is 21 now. Could have been 20 when eating Loretta's Mom, but it defeats the parallel possibility regardless. If Katherine hasn't developed any mental issues herself from natural causes, then the eating issue is fairly more a straightforward evil act and probably hasn't affected her psyche too much and is likely not the reason she pushed away Ulric, so everything isn't that super connected.
No. 82944 ID: cc08c7

Even if we defeat Katherine, she'll unleash the Four Fluffy Fiends upon the world, and we'll have to get rid of them before going back in time to fight them again and face off against Katherine in her true pen drawn form, Khaos. This may or may not have happened before.
No. 83078 ID: 2fd516

I don't see Ulric in that image.
No. 83089 ID: 2fd516

Sigh. More fuel for the hysteria I guess.
No. 83090 ID: 189a54

Dammit Wilbr's eeten, ins't he DDDx
No. 83109 ID: cc08c7

Well clearly if he was as adorable as little Loretta was his eater probably assumed he was made of adorably delicious marshmallow.
No. 83112 ID: bb78f2

I know I even have trouble resisting eating adorable animals. I never do, but sometimes I think that Corgi, otter, hamster, or kitten might look really good between two buns and slapped with ketchup and mustard.

I'm sure plenty of sane people on this board share the same sentiment.

Fractal, do you get hungry whenever you make an adorable quest character or doodle?
No. 83114 ID: 0835d4

Aww man you know we're gonna screw it all up and get one (or both) of them killed stop playing with our emotions
No. 83116 ID: cc08c7

Loretta and most rabbits are marshmallow flavoured, Ulric tastes like black licorice, Katherine is some sort of spicy cinnamon and
Paris is apple flavoured..because she can be a real sourpuss sometimes.
No. 83117 ID: cc08c7

Getting off the sillier topic of animal flavours, I sent an Ask on Tumblr a long time ago about artistic inspiration and I'm guessing you just didn't have time to respond so I might as well ask here where the question won't be buried in Tumblr asks: Do you have any huge artistic inspirations?
No. 83118 ID: 784110

BTW can anyone here serve as emotional support if anything happens to Loretta bc the last goddamn update had me in tears fucccck
(Also I'm too lazy to scroll down and get the ID number but noooo Wilbur can't be rated he's our only friend D:
Maybe he's going away for a whilem)
More on-topic, can't wait to see the new updates tonight!! Hope I don't break the refresh button
No. 83122 ID: 0b90a3

I don't think that's the kind of emotional support Vivi wanted. Also, not an appropriate use of language.
No. 83150 ID: 000499
File 140415743576.png - (35.69KB , 600x700 , the creepiest woof.png )

ulric seriously creeps me the fuck out so the vERY BEST thing to do is procrastinate updating my own quests and draw him
snarling woof face hell yeah hell yea
No. 83151 ID: 784110

ahh oops I'm sorry I'll be sure not to swear I'm sorry!! ♥
No. 83153 ID: 0b90a3

That post wasn't directed at you, rather a post which was deleted for using a racial slur. Sorry for the confusion, swearing is perfectly fine.
No. 83158 ID: 784110

oh wow someone did?? eughhh that's rlly shitty and awful >.< what a douche
tysm for clearing that up and deleting that jerk's comment!! ♥♥♥ yr so kind!
No. 83162 ID: 2fd516

I saw that post. It was part of a joke. It wasn't meant to be hateful.
No. 83169 ID: 784110

moving far past that incident, im very worried about wilbur and!! conflicted- i dont want her to break the rules (due to in general getting her in trouble or, y'know, dead) but also... I really wanna know how close katherine's getting to the Styx ending so we can know if Ulric's just an antag or the BBG.
As for the other quests, i have no idea where sad girl club's going!! I'm super worried about mimi tho and hope she vets outta there fast. Charlotte should flirt with the counter girl to get past the RX. Andddd im really hoping GG just takes over the facility and starts conquering empires bc oh my god
No. 83171 ID: 000499

i for one welcome our lazy asshole overlords
gg for empress of the universe ok bye
No. 83187 ID: 52db8d

Hell yeah I want a lazy convict with a megacute parasite as our adorable galactic overlord
No. 83191 ID: 2fd516

Is Ulric's last name Wolfe?
No. 83199 ID: 0b90a3

There is an official thread for fanart.

I'm seeing that there are a lot of new people; I'd recommend checking out the rules and FAQ if you aren't familiar with the site.
No. 83200 ID: 7a71e4

Sorry, didn't realise that this thread was exclusively for discussions, by which I mean that most quests only have one thread for this sortof thing.
Also didn't see the other art thread.

Sorry again.
No. 83229 ID: 50338d

Dude, there's no rule against posting fanart in a relevant disthread. Both the fanart thread and dis thread are acceptable locations.
No. 83298 ID: 6b7ea4
File 140445238879.png - (704.68KB , 700x700 , dq.png )

datequest now has an Official soundtrack. wiggles eyebrows
No. 83303 ID: 0835d4

Th-that's a weird looking piece of fruit
No. 83309 ID: 6b7ea4
File 140450436378.png - (324.97KB , 700x700 , sr.png )

oop my hand slipped and i made playlists for all my quests
for the record yolandi vi$$er is my voicecast of choice for zjaha
No. 83310 ID: 6b7ea4
File 140450439605.png - (149.31KB , 700x700 , lq.png )

and this one oOP
No. 83311 ID: 6b7ea4
File 140450441370.png - (115.65KB , 700x700 , sgc.png )

ok last one
No. 83381 ID: 6b7ea4

alright, i’m gonna set myself a pretty firm update schedule for quests. this is the MINIMUM - it’s very possible that i’ll update MORE frequently than this but i’d like to give you guys a kind of schedule where you can be looking forward to the quests you happen to be following updating on certain set days.

MONDAY: sad girl club, loretta quest
TUESDAY: date quest, GGHSA, rekitzchenstreben
WEDNESDAY: sad girl club, loretta quest
THURSDAY: date quest, GGHSA
FRIDAY: sad girl club, loretta quest, rekitzchenstreben
SATURDAY: day off/wildcard!
SUNDAY: all quests!
No. 83394 ID: 784110

did Wilbur's family sacrifice him to the Big Bad Wolf/Fox D:
No. 83400 ID: ab400e

i hope im wrong [!!!], but, he wouldn't be saying 'stop' in short bursts if he was eaten alive, it would be a long continuous howl of 'NNNNNNOOOO STOOOOP'. it's sounding a lot more like something else unpleasant.
No. 83401 ID: 6b7ea4
File 140474694947.png - (644.52KB , 700x700 , picchi.png )

why did i do this
No. 83408 ID: 784110

oh no
Oh my god oh nonononono
People are telling Loretta to go in the woods
What do
Nooooo D:
No. 83410 ID: ab400e

THEYRE LIKE 'WELL THIS IS A FLASHBACK WE CANT KILL HER' like yeah dude but you can still mess her up D:
i hate fractal why does she hurt me so
(i luv it)
No. 83411 ID: 784110

I'm the one who said it and friend I was wrong I was so wrong
What do we doooo? Leave Wilbur to die? I mean... Well, Loretta's our first priority but what if after she feels it was her fault noo precious bby
This also makes Wilbur's family so scary holy shit there best not be anything in that candy
Cramp, may I cash in our massive blue-skidoo right around now and just keep Loretta safe ;n;
No. 83412 ID: ab400e

if she doesnt help him right now now she will feel bad 5ever, but, realistically...she's 8. like, what's an 8 year old gonna do?
No. 83413 ID: 784110

I agree, I mean I can only see her maybe giving him time to run, but then we'd be trapped
:c I hope this isn't how they always have enough money holy shit D:
I mean. I feel like this is a pick your poison sorta thing. Either she's going to feel guilty about this bc she was too small, or she goes in the woods and-
So I say option #1, we run away asap and maybe get wibur or hell even Bad Fox. I'm chicken too but I have the worst feeling that going into the woods is a bad, bad thing and can only end awfully.
But... Yeah I don't want wilbur to die but Loretta has to come first, right? I think??? I... I don't know. All I know is I'm gonna cry ;~;
No. 83414 ID: 784110

*****uncle Horace not Wilbur >.<
No. 83415 ID: 784110

okay okay so i sent an ask and
>ive literally never felt as overwhelmingly concerned about loretta as i do now please cramp i give up i call uncle please give me a hint or a nudge of what to do im gonna cry

FRACTAL: here is the nudge:
everything will be mostly okay no matter what you do. i’m not saying the suggester decisions won’t have any impact on the flashback, but the flashback is mainly for background info and storytelling purposes, not plot development or advancement. barring someone going really off the wall, i don’t really intend to give u guys an opportunity to really fuck things up in the context of the flashback.

so... i feel like we can do something action-y and try to save wilbur... no matter what happens, i dont think it can have as much impact as what we do in the present-tense.
... im still torn but i know that i WANT to save wilbur, ya dig?
No. 83416 ID: ab400e

o: !
WELL. i really wanna save the poor rabbit deary too D:
i also hope that ulric isn't the big bad wolf here, tho he prolly is.
No. 83418 ID: 784110

that, or Bad Fox's husband I'd say. if it's horace im throwing my computer off a cliff
i really... really wanna save him. he's good :c
No. 83956 ID: e66b79

Just read Katherine Quest. Loved it up until the ending. Despised the ending. After all the time and effort and growth she'd done, it just felt like a pointlessly cruel twist for the sake of having a twist, and fuck you for it.

But on the other hand, it wouldn't have had so big of an impact in me if the rest of the quest hadn't been so good. So kudos for that. And I'm sure a lot of the other readers loved it anyway, so no need to listen to me about it... I just would've liked a happier ending.

She even found her old flame! I'm a sucker for a good romance, and that was as good as any. So... ugh. UGH.
No. 84268 ID: bb78f2

You know guys I can't believe we haven't considered the consequence of cross-breeding before in Katherine/Loretta-verse. Like, supes cross-breeding wolf-rabbits.
I'm guessing the rabbit would take mostly after the mother but I don't know magic genetics.
No. 84327 ID: cfe8e5

Might just end up being like regular genetics and crossbreeds aren't really possible except in rare circumstances.
No. 84496 ID: 88625f
File 140737767469.png - (121.45KB , 524x563 , dskjadfa.png )

No. 84498 ID: 88625f

you can only impregnate others who are relatively close to your species. so ulric could probably knock up a dog or a coyote, but loretta and paris are gonna be no-gos.
No. 84499 ID: bb78f2

Hmm, found another huge concern about Ulfric
In the Fractal Drawthread, Ulfric is boning a short catboy. If this is in anyway representing canon, it seems that Ulfric may be one of those ilbibliophiles or whatever. The ones that like teens instead of children, at least judging from the picture. It really depends on how old that cat is in /draw/, but he definitely looks like a shota.
Which raises the risk that Ulfric may have boned even Wilbur at some point.
Which means that Ulfric is probably a predator not in the "eating" or "killing" fashion, using money as a main draw. Wilbur may have been happy when we saw him, but I doubt that's the entire picture, and he would probably do it anyway if he completely understood what was happening but he received money for it. Ulfric may have a harem of his own prostitutes that he's personally raised and trained.

I wonder if this world has internet, we might be able to look up the SO list for him. Does the SO list indicate crimes of the offender, or does it throw them all in the same boat with no description, from public urinaters to catholic priest? Maybe I should tell Paris to ask Lamb lady to get the SO list up for us. Have Loretta put in her uncle's address, then filter for all Ulfrics. Even a low tech area like the swamp still probably has property and crime records uploaded to the net every once in a while, right?
No. 84500 ID: bb78f2

Oh my god I'm so embarrassed his name is Ulric not Ulfric.
No. 84502 ID: 6560ff

Now I want to see Ulric and cthulhu's Dovahkitty in a shout-off.
No. 84503 ID: 53548a

>If this is in anyway representing canon
The word is ephebophile, and it's not.
No. 84504 ID: bb78f2

I mean in his actual tastes, not that the cat boy thing actually happened,
No. 84507 ID: 88625f
File 140738444782.png - (173.40KB , 700x600 , 1.png )

somebody on the blog asked about GGHSA fashion so! here's a GG in her normal, non-prison-issue clothes
No. 84508 ID: 88625f
File 140738446192.png - (88.91KB , 700x600 , 2.png )

and a casual zjaha too
No. 84509 ID: 88625f

catboy in that case actually wasn't supposed to be much younger than him, i just tend to keep relative size differences in mind when drawing furs in this universe (cats are smaller than wolves, etc)
however, ulric's tastes DO tend younger than they should. he is a predator in the sense of the word that you're thinking. it's also canon that ulric is pansexual.
No. 84599 ID: 4e41c3

Glad Loretta quest is back, it's great.
No. 84605 ID: de7b87

Tacky. In other words, it suits her perfectly. I love it.

Also fits the character wearing it. The see-through skirt's a bit odd, though. Is that common fashion for her species?
No. 84624 ID: dff0a8
File 140785764269.png - (9.36KB , 417x265 , bawoonpicchi.png )

here's some fanart for you
No. 85277 ID: 2c322d
File 141046844267.png - (408.06KB , 818x900 , doulike.png )

"do you like hurting other people?"

the person the character alex is based on is a huge hotline miami fan so,,
No. 85301 ID: 6ff029

this is so cute omg thank u

also! silly little notice: the communal internet at my new apartment SUCKS and my bf and i are still trying to get new service of our own set up, which means i've been using my school's internet to update. the side effect of that is that when mermaid (my irl friend and the author of desolate journey) comments on my quests we have the same id number! and if any of my other friends who go to the same school end up commenting on my quests they'll have the same id number too

so yeah, just fyi? 20% bc i don't want there to be any confusion and 80% bc i would be really embarrassed if ppl thought i was trying to suggest on my own quests, lmao

but hopefully soon i should have much more reliable internet at home which would mean more frequent updates and i'kk be back on IRC
No. 85316 ID: 8b533b

Holy crap, fractal. I don't have the words to express how awesome Sad Girl Quest is. It was really rad already, but Edith there just kind of topped everything.

I dunno if there's actual mystic creepy stuff waiting in the wings or if it's going to keep being a very human thing, but either way, I want more.
No. 85318 ID: 2fd516

I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop now.
No. 85319 ID: c2139e

ah, thank you! i'm really glad you like it. tbh i was concerned that i might be laying it on too thick with Edith but frankly after writing stuff like loretta quest i just wanted a character to have a 100% supportive pal with no catch or twist, and it's been really nice to have that to contrast the tone of the rest of the quest. mimi needed a break!!
No. 85320 ID: bb78f2

Fractal if I'm going to be honest I don't trust anyone that awesome or nice.
I mean, she's obvious real and awesome with no catch, but I guess that's personal issues abound here leading me to suspect her more than any hints she has ulterior motives.
I can believe it but I also don't?
I've been in situations with people that legit nice I just don't trust for a while. Salesman nice, but they don't have anything to really sell so why are they acting so nice?
No. 85361 ID: 1d42bd

my tablet pen has abracadabra'd its way the fuck off the face of the earth so updates might slow down until i either find it or give up and order a new one. i can still update using school equipment but i'm a baby and i despise working in photoshop so i'll probably avoid that if possible

to make up for it until then tho i can at least upload a bunch of shitty phone photos of pencil drawings i guess
No. 85367 ID: 2c322d

actually nvm, photoshop brushes are weird and blurry but it's not THAT bad. updates will pppprobably continue at normal speed
No. 85372 ID: cef479

Question! So do all animals that are herbivores in real life have panic attacks when they eat pre-cooked meat (i.e. bacon) like Loretta, or is that more of a personal thing of hers?
No. 85375 ID: 66f575

all herbivores have an extreme instinctive aversion to it - they might not necessarily panic or have a breakdown, but most probably would be inclined to induce vomiting if they accidentally ingested meat. there's less of a taboo around poultry and seafood bc those aren't sentient in this universe (and this is what would be served in restaurants - the bacon loretta accidentally ate was turkey bacon but i didnt include that specifically in the dialogue because to the characters it would be implied) but almost all of them would still find it viscerally disgusting. technically the consumption of sentient creatures is illegal but it's the kind of thing that gets glossed over as "part of life" - almost all herbivores probably have a friend or family member who's been eaten, or at least a friend-of-a-friend type thing. and again, that's not the kind of meat that you'd be able to buy through legal venues - but if, for some reason, a herbivore ever found that they HAD consumed sentient meat, they'd probably have a much more severe reaction.
No. 85377 ID: cef479


Ah I see, thanks!
No. 85397 ID: 8b533b

>there's less of a taboo around poultry and seafood bc those aren't sentient in this universe
...and now I'm imagining farms filled with brain dead or seriously retarded turkey-people and mer-people being raised for slaughter and consumption.
No. 85542 ID: 2c322d
File 141136367061.png - (451.46KB , 800x1600 , katherinepostersmall.png )

been a while
No. 85550 ID: 2c322d
File 141139671018.gif - (432.03KB , 800x800 , GGROUGHKEYS.gif )

VERY VERY rough janky keys for a GG walk cycle! definite edits are gonna be less head and tail movement, and some more chub bounce
No. 85551 ID: 2c322d
File 141139673866.png - (128.56KB , 700x1000 , ulric.png )

No. 85571 ID: cef479


Cocaine isn't good for my health? I-it's not? Well that explains a lot.
No. 85577 ID: 59295a


Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride!
No. 85621 ID: 2c322d
File 141156526008.gif - (573.65KB , 872x924 , GGpencilkeys.gif )

keys cleaned up - ready for tweening! this is a lot more energetic than i would expect from her but somehow it's working?
No. 85622 ID: 2c322d
File 141156859989.gif - (0.98MB , 900x900 , roughtweens.gif )

aaaaaaaaaaand rough tweens actually slow it down to a much more GG-esque amble.
No. 85631 ID: 2f2fc2

there's alot of swag when she's rubs on the chub
No. 85632 ID: 2f2fc2


>.> loretta quest is linked to another quest >.>

I just started reading loretta I'm missing out on stuff?
No. 85635 ID: 4a20fa

Nice work. That sure is some strutting.
No. 85638 ID: de7b87

Not really. Loretta Quest has some of the same characters, but it's a completely separate canon. Lorreta Quest is also considerably more realistic than Katherine Quest, which was kinda surreal.
No. 85649 ID: 219868


yeah, >>85638 is correct. loretta quest, while written AFTER katherine quest, could be considered a prequel in spirit - they loosely adhere to the same timeline and are set in the same universe, but i don't consider them dependent on each other

that being said, a lot of the details and certain events of loretta quest would probably be better enjoyed if you had knowledge of katherine quest, so i definitely recommend you read it, especially if you haven't reached the end of LQ chapter 1 yet (the end of the chapter has a reveal that will feel a lot more significant to you as a reader if you've read KQ.)

thank you!! i'm having tons of fun with it.
No. 85753 ID: 2c322d
File 141217312398.jpg - (46.38KB , 600x800 , jfdskhfkjds.jpg )

OKAY so. maroon quest is set in a world where humans and elves have been in contact for scant on 500 years now. the two races have roughly equal population and general advantages, so they've settled into a kind of uneasy coexistence.

humans - what you see is what you get. very very good at mechanical pursuits, military stuff, and not dying. comparative to elves they are usually a good foot or two taller, and are undeniably stronger. humans generally do not use magic for personal purposes - magic is something they view like electricity (if you could train yourself to generate electricity from your body), something to be used in technology or as a power source rather than a craft or an art to be cultivated for personal use. humans have a better sense of smell and taste than elves, but their hearing and sight is subpar by comparison. in this universe, binary gender and gender roles are still very much a part of human society and culture.

elves - obligate carnivores who are built for short, brutal hunts. nowadays, that kind of activity is obsolete, but elves retain the sharp teeth and senses, high short-term energy, and predatory aggression of their evolutionary background. elves, while not as interested in the concept of "culture" as humans, have nonetheless made much more impressive strides in technology and magic use than humans, and any elves with access to higher education usually use magic both for mundane applications and for entertainment in their day to day lives. while elves are biologically analagous to humans, the concept of binary gender is irrelevant to their social makeup, and generally elves don't have any understanding or even interest in the idea. since the integration of human and elf societies, however, it's not that unusual for an elf to arbitrarily decide that they like the idea of being a "boy" or a "girl," though their grasp on what that actually means is whimsical at best and usually not at all affected by their own anatomy. (Persimmon is an example of an elf who has decided she likes the idea of gender and has picked one out for herself. So is Voshkie, a character who may be introduced shortly.)

halfsies - there's a general mutual feeling of superiority between humans and elves, and while it normally isn't disruptive or violent, it has led to the idea of interracial relationships being extremely taboo. it's one of those rules that doesn't really make any sense but has clung to society like a bug on a windshield for centuries anyway - it's not unusual for humans and elves to work and live together, or even to be friends, but all the same the idea of going that extra step is pretty much unthinkable for most members of both races.
still, of course, it happens. elf genes have proved to be largely dominant to human genes, so most "halfsies" - the rude but not HORRIBLE colloquism for half-human, half-elf individuals - look mostly like elves, and if they can most will probably choose to pretend to be full elves. halfsies, however, are prone to a multitude of illnesses, ranging from anemia and gastrointestinal issues to congenital blindness and a higher risk for mental disorders (which is compounded by the social stress of living with such a stigmatized identity). these health risks are probably a large part of why interracial coupling was considered unacceptable to begin with.
as maroon has mentioned, one of the telltale signs of a halfsie is human teeth - while it doesn't ALWAYS happen, the teeth are one of the few parts that human dna usually seems to win out on. halfsies can also stray from the typical grey skin of their elven background (vitiligo is another common halfsie condition, one that is particularly hard on its sufferers because it is extremely difficult to hide) and they can be unusually large thanks to their human blood.
anti-halfsie sentiment is widespread on both sides of the fence, though it is slightly more virulent on the elven side because halfsies usually hide themselves among elf communities. it can very quickly become violent, especially when mob mentality is thrown into the mix, and anti-halfsie hate crimes are relatively common.
No. 85758 ID: 219868

also someone just sent an ask to my personal blog asking about the status of datequest, and because it's relevant i'm gonna c/p my response here as well

"recently i’ve been feeling kind of weird about it, tbh. it’s supposed to be over the top and all in good fun, but after thinking about it more i’m not sure i’m comfortable portraying that kind of violence in a light-hearted way when it’s like … implied, even a little tiny bit, to be sexually motivated. if it was a goofy hack-and-slash gore quest instead of a stalker gore quest i think i’d be more enthusiastic about it but recently i’ve been a little uneasy when i think about the context of it all

this isn’t me saying that it’s cancelled for good but i need to take a step back from it for a while"

so yeah. datequest is kind of on informal haitus, i just ... well, it's not that i "forgot" to mention it here it's just that for a while i wasn't even sure myself if i was putting it on haitus for real. i know there's been a small amount of controversy over the quest and to clarify this isn't a "IF THE GENDERS WERE SWITCHED EVERYONE WOULD BE FREAKING OUT BLAH BLAH" thing as people have suggested, it's more a "i'm not sure this quest is coming off the way i initially intended it to" thing
No. 85762 ID: 2ec61a

i am now forced to ask what is in elf's pants if they don't have genders. since they can breed with humans it has to be compatible with at least half of them.
No. 85763 ID: 219868

they have the same parts! that's what i meant when i said they're biologically analogous. they just don't associate any social meaning to whether you have a penis or a vagina.
No. 85764 ID: 2ec61a

ah, i got confused, pronouns are hard :V. so do malls and stuff have like "male, female, elf" restrooms? so we don't have incidents where a biologically male elf walks into the female bathroom because they decided to be a girl and flash everyone in the place.
No. 85765 ID: 2fd516

...I think it's a bit unrealistic for a culture to evolve without any gender roles. Even the most basic issues with pregnancy and childbirth ensure some sort of societal difference between males and females. For instance, it benefits the species as a whole to be protective of the females since just one male can impregnate multiple females.

But eh, it's a fictional world I guess.
No. 85766 ID: 219868

nope. elves just pick one on a whim and nobody cares

it's a quest about a half-elf with a talking contact lens and the way gender is realistically considered irl is boring as fuuuuuck
No. 85767 ID: bb78f2

Can elves be creepin' on each other though? Or do elves never creep?
No. 85770 ID: 219868

well, they DO creep, but since they view genital configuration with general indifference unless they're looking to settle down it's just not really affected by what parts they've got

some elves DO have preferences, and because of the way they view this stuff socially, if flirting or otherwise initiating sexual or romantic stuff it's not considered rude for one elf to ask another point-blank about their plumbing. it's also not considered rude to turn someone down because of it if an elf is looking to settle down - actually, a relatively common brushoff among middle-aged elves is "sorry, i really like you, but i'm looking for someone i can have kids with right now"

which also brings up another thing - while human binary gender is something that's been catching on with elves, sexual orientations have not. as mentioned before, the gender an elf picks if they decide they want one is usually 99% arbitrary and 1% "i like those clothes!!!!!", and when their grasp on gender is that whimsical and careless, they just can't seem to make heads or tails of the idea of strictly gender-based attraction enough for it to be a useful concept to them.

(elves who pick a gender are generally viewed by their peers as kind of an odd bird - it has no particular negative or positive connotations. it's kind of like if you had a friend who was REALLY INTENSE about a hobby that you thought was boring. you'd be like, "okay, i guess? i don't get it, but if that's what makes you happy *shrug*"
at worst, they might very rarely be viewed negatively for being "obsessed with human stuff" but even that isn't necessarily much of a social stigma.)
No. 85776 ID: 61771b

I thought Maroon quest was a Chirps quest at first. The art style, the colors, and the plot all seem like his kind of thing. Did anything inspire you to make this quest or was it just a random idea?
No. 85777 ID: 8b533b

>I thought Maroon quest was a Chirps quest at first.
I had the exact same reaction.
No. 85778 ID: 2c322d

i didn't set out specifically intending to pay homage to chirps' art or quests, but after putting up a few posts i also thought to myself "hm, this looks like chirps' art!!" i'm a fan of his quests and his art so i'm not surprised that his work has influenced me. i think the color scheme and the PAAL mechanics were also definitely influenced by brom's static on the wire, which is one of my absolute favorite quests.

this was another "spur of the moment" quest that happened because i made some aimless character sketches and then really liked the designs, but once i started really thinking about plot and mechanics and stuff i decided i wanted a quest that was more ........ hmMMMM i guess there isn't a "standard" tgchan quest but. something MORE like most of the quests on the board than my others, which are usually psychological slice-of-life with very little humor.

i wanted something with more room for comedy and light-heartedness and more fun action than the stuff i do now. i also really wanted to try a quest mechanic where the suggesters are directly acknowledged by the MC because i think that's really fun and interesting! i kind of have that in deerlings and GGHSA, but neither of those quests actually have a canon device that explains the direct interaction. i think maybe in that sense i was inspired a little by the suggester-character interaction mechanic in nem's quest, which i caught up to briefly before getting the idea for maroon quest.
No. 85781 ID: 2c322d

another cp from my blog that i think should go in this thread too:

>anonymous said: Do elves have naming schemes? Cause maroon, rusty, im sure persimmon is something too...or is it you going 'I dig this'?

"yes!! (a persimmon is a type of fruit that is reddish-orange.) usually family groups choose color-based names. what happened with maroon is that one of the people in the street orphanage helped them decide on a name, then when they took in persimmon and rusty - who were just dropped off and so obviously didn’t have given names - they helped the two of them pick similar red-based names. it indicates to other elves that they are a family unit, and is a cultural leftover from when elves were nomadic tribes.

sometimes this can be extremely loose - for example, the mentioned but not-yet-introduced goldie has an extremely obvious one, but then their younger brother is named voshkie - which means “golden” in armenian but other than that doesn’t have an immediately obvious connection (and this is on purpose - when he was younger his name was jonquil, but he changed his name a few years ago to something a little more disconnected to express a desire for more independence from his family).

names are considered relatively pliable to elves, especially since children pick their own names and might want to change them when they’re older, and when two elves decide to have children together one of the “becoming a family” practices involves the couple picking new names for themselves to start a new color grouping for their future family. like voshkie, too, sometimes elves change their names to express a desire for a life change, especially after significant events."

something i forgot to mention in this is that while name changes are generally considered okay, erratic or overly frequent name changes (or changes that don't seem to have a good reason) are looked on as tacky and irresponsible, and a name change that is too dramatic will be seen as nonsensical at best and a dire insult at worst. for example, if voshkie had changed his name to "auzure" or something, that would be interpreted as a massive middle finger to his entire family and an indication that he wanted nothing to do with them anymore, and would be considered extremely inappropriate if it wasn't done in reaction to a pretty nasty event.
No. 85789 ID: 219868

(just fyi from now on, pages and articles searched by the PAAL in maroon quest will be posted here instead of in the main thread! so if you follow this disthread but don't read maroon quest that's all these are.)

Are My Friends Halfsies?: Spot Fakers With This Easy Checklist

Everyone knows that when it comes to halfsies, they always camp out with elves. This is because elvish genes, being dominant, make it much easier for halfsies to blend in with us than with humans. Depending on the halfsie, sometimes they can seem nearly impossible to ferret out! But there are always some tell-tale signs when there's a halfsie in your midst.

● Teeth - Does your friend keep their mouth covered constantly? Depending on your climate and area, face coverings in public may not be uncommon at all - but does your friend constantly avoid activities that would require the removal of that covering, like eating meals with you, going swimming, etc? This may be because their teeth are human-like, one of the most common giveaways of a half-breed. Test your friend by asking them to do something that would require them to take any bandannas, masks, or similar accessories off!
● Skin Tone - While not foolproof, because skin shades can obviously vary widely, sometimes the tone of someone's skin can give them away. Elf skin tones are obviously always a neutral grey - does your friend have pinkish undertones, or skin that is much lighter than usual? Do they wear what seems like an excessive amount of foundation or makeup? These may be signs of a halfsie covering up their human-like skin tone! Swimming, going to a spa, or trying to catch your friend in the morning before their daily routine can be ways to catch a potential halfsie in the act.
● Ears - Are your friend's ears very short or oddly shaped? Do they always keep their ears hidden by a hat, scarf, or similar accessory? Sometimes human blood can affect the shape of a halfsie's ears by making them rounder, smaller, or thicker.
● Height - This one is easy because it is impossible to mask or change. If you friend is taller than 5'0", it's almost certain that they have at least some human blood in them. Friends who constantly slouch could be trying to hide something!
● Family - While this trait could be touch and go, because it's certainly not exclusive to halfsies, the vast majority of halfies are not raised by their biological parents. If you friend is excessively secretive about their past and especially about their parents, they could be a halfsie!

Have more tips? Send us an email!
No. 85790 ID: 8b533b

Easiest way to do cross boards links to specific posts is like this.

Or if you actually want to display the full url for whatever reason, the only thing you had wrong was the "i" after the "#". Click the "No." next time instead of the actual number. One focuses on a post, the other provides a link to it in your response.
No. 85792 ID: 219868

excellent!! thanks very much!
No. 85795 ID: 219868

Human-Elf Relations, 4450-4500 RH

Human and elves made contact roughly around 4000 RH (Recorded History), though it's difficult to pinpoint an exact time because the contact was made sporadically on the coasts of what are now Gorlax and the URK. It would be more accurate to say that contact occured slowly between 4000 and 4020 RH, and by 4020 RH it can safely be assumed that thanks to trade, the spread of new forms of communication, and general travel, all members of each race were aware of each other's existence, with the exception of smaller satellite communities like indigenous populations of both races.

Early encounters varied widely; some were highly violent and ended in one party or the other being entirely decimated, while some were founts of new trade partnerships and cultural exchange. Soon, however, tensions and violence had escalated enough to spark a world war, now known as the Great Human-Elf War. (Note: some groups still insist on changing the name to the Great Elf-Human War). The Great War lasted from 4055-4068 and resulted in massive casualties on both sides. It ended in a peace treaty and set of worldwide conventions that are still in place today, with amendments and changes along the way to reflect societal changes, and is considered the only war in history without a winner.

Modern relations are still strained, but much less explosive and unpredictable than earlier climates. Most major cities and surrounding areas are integrated, though there can still be a majority of one race or another depending on the region. There is still general prejudice and mistrust from each side, though in recent times most ill will and intolerance has instead been focused on populations that are mixed-race. The colloquism for these individuals is "Halfsies," and they are generally looked upon with extreme distrust - especially in elf populations, as mixed-race individuals typically look more like elves and will sometimes attempt to disguise themselves as such to live a life free of persecution. There is currently no legislation in any country or territory regarding housing or workplace equality for mixed-race individuals, though several countries have passed legislation classifying racially motivated attacks against mixed-race individuals as hate crimes.
No. 85796 ID: 219868
File 141235125043.png - (87.43KB , 700x600 , map.png )

Summary of Major Political Current Events, 4500 RH

Current Location:
You currently reside in Markark City, which is in Carvalo Province of the URK. The mayor is Amaranth, an elf; the premier of Carvolo Province is Celadon, an elf; and the prime minister of the URK is Holly Horovitz, a human, though she has formally expressed her intention to resign from office next year due to health problems. The URK is not currently at war, but pressures with the neighboring country of Joroia have been increasing since 4481 when the elf Absinthe came into power after a violent coup. The URK are not alone in challenging Absinthe's current foreign and domestic policies, but most other nations are choosing to avoid conflict due to Joroia's extreme militarization.

Mass mixed-race genocide is occurring in the nation of Lorras. The CWP (Committee for World Peace) has publicly released a statement condemning the actions of the Lorras government and military, cosigned by every nation currently participating in the CWP, but as of yet has made no move to intervene. Currently the death toll is estimated at 3000, but with the media blackout in Lorras it is difficult to obtain accurate figures. The Regent of Lorras is Isabelline, an elf.

No. 85797 ID: 219868

Modern Technology, 4490-4500 RH

The fastest-growing device among most developed populations in the past ten years has been the PAAD (Personal Assistant AI Device) produced by J.R.R. Incorporated, a personal tech company based in the UKR. The most popular of these devices is the PAAL, which is a contact lens, and the second runner up is the PAAW, a wristwatch or bracelet. The PAAL is currently on its fourth generation, while other, older PAAD, like the PAAG (gloves) or PAAH (hat) have gone through many more iterations. The PAAL is generally considered to be the most convenient and aesthetically pleasing of the PAAD currently on the market, but is substantially more expensive when compared to other wearable devices offered by J.R.R. Inc.

There are non-J.R.R. Inc. devices analogous to the PAAD available, such as Flowcorp's ScanBuddy and the LAD (Life Augmentation Device) by Starr, but these have been met with lukewarm reviews and popular opinion of them is scathing. Some die-hard PAAD users even go as far as to say that these alternate devices are "virtually useless" in the face of how quickly J.R.R. Inc's devices evolve and improve, though others appreciate the lack of a rigorous update program introduced by the PAAD.

Personal computers are nearly ubiquitous, with a 1.2 per household average in developed nations like the UKR.

Environmentalists have criticized what they call a "rabid and frivolous obsession" with personal technology while transportation and energy resources have remained largely unchanged for the past thirty years. Air pollution is a common issue in most major cities thanks to emissions from cars, buses, and other vehicles.
No. 85805 ID: 142219

Pffft-bwwhahahahahaha~ I have to ask, where did you get the idea for the additional superfluous user ID names from?
I feel like that'd be a great source of laughs even for the users themselves as well as their collective AI.
No. 85807 ID: 219868

nothing particular that i can think of! just those goofy annoying jokes where someone goes "oh my god i'm starving" and you're like "hi starving, i'm fractal! nice to meet you!"

i'm pleasantly surprised that nobody fixed it manually, because that's what i thought people would do, but it offered me a cool opportunity to indicate that the AI pops have personality and a sense of camaraderie.
No. 85813 ID: 219868
File 141237838543.png - (174.45KB , 476x852 , 212goldie.png )


no, azalia banks does not exist in this universe, but i don't think i could resist throwing that line onto goldie's shirt. first impressions are important
No. 85815 ID: 3009b4

I would assume that if elves don't take on gender roles that they're either bisexual or use something other than visual cues for sexual relationships.
No. 85816 ID: 219868

they're not ALL bisexual but the vast majority don't care either way unless they want to have children - and if they do want children, or if they do have a preference one way or another, it's not considered rude or weird to ask the person they're flirting with point blank about what's under the hood. outside of a serious romantic/sexual context, though, it would still be considered rude.
No. 85819 ID: 4f004c

Well, I mentioned in quest that I was considering it... But then I figured it would upset people who found it hillarious.
Are they poly-(bi-)amorous, then, so that if they want a child and their partner happens to be the wrong sex, they just fine somebody who's the right one?
No. 85825 ID: 7a25b8
File 141241843563.jpg - (10.21KB , 300x168 , Who_watches_the.jpg )

I really hope I know where this is going.
No. 85826 ID: 219868
File 141244074821.jpg - (107.13KB , 600x336 , 141241843563.jpg )

No. 85827 ID: 219868

elves consider romantic relationships to be a lot more casual than humans do, but most of them still aspire to monogamy, even if they don't view it as the "END ALL BE ALL MEANING OF LIFE FIND YOUR SOULMATE AND BE HAPPY FOREVER" narrative that many humans do. so if an elf is with someone they really like and want to stay with, but can't have children with, usually first they'll look into the same methods a human couple with the same problem would - sperm or egg donation, adoption, etc. but if none of those things are options, the idea of having another lover on the side isn't as taboo or upsetting for elves as it would be for most humans.
No. 85954 ID: 0ee153

Friendly reminder to certain people who know who they are that if the elves were real they would laugh at you and think you were weird for caring about gender.
No. 85956 ID: 4f004c

I think the problem here is risking offending them by calling them genders. We aren't trying to assign genders, it just comes by instinct.

Anyways, I did some searching about and found http://genderneutralpronoun.wordpress.com/
I particularly like the Spivak set (Look down the page for the table, it's under Invented pronouns), with Ey, Em, Eir, and Eirs. It's basically the "They" pronoun, only without the TH, permitting it to become a singular word, even as far as grammar is concerned.
No. 85957 ID: 8b533b

Except the elves themselves use 'they' in conversation, and don't seem to give a shit. Bringing whatever else into it is over-complicating the issue. Just follow suit.
No. 85958 ID: 4f004c

The problem, like I said, is that as humans, we instinctively assign a gender pronoun. We basically need a gender-neutral singular pronoun for use.
No. 85960 ID: 8b533b

That claim goes rather beyond the scope of the quest, and is debatable. (That, and you're extrapolating behaviors and tendencies of a culture and/or language to the species).

For that matter, it's no less difficult to accept that 'they' can be singular (appending or expanding a definition) than it would be to define a new word to mean the same thing. It's largely displaced the more outmoded 'he or she' in common use, anyways.

All of which is irrelevant. The simplest, and most respectful behavior in these matters is to follow suit.
No. 85961 ID: 2fd516

We can't offend them by assigning genders. THEY DON'T CARE.
No. 85963 ID: 219868

okay, looks like it's time for me to weigh in on this

i haven't been making a fuss about the pronoun thing because, let's be real, no matter what i say ppl are gonna keep using he or she when referring to neutrois characters. it happened in rekitzchenstreben, it's happening here, whatever.

one thing i do want to clear up: i'd say it's less "you can't offend them because they don't care" and more "you can't offend them because they're fictional." whether or not the characters would get offended or not is pretty much a nonissue. this is a meta thing, not a plot/characters thing.

but anyway. would i prefer that people stick to they/them pronouns when referring to genderless characters in maroon quest? yeah, if for no reason other than A. it makes it easier for me to figure out who's being referred to and B. not doing so removes the impact of the elf characters who DO choose a gender - he/she pronouns are supposed to be pretty rare, but when everyone is automatically getting called "he" you kind of lose that cultural detail

i think the main source of annoyance that is being felt by posters who have complained about others using gendered pronouns for the genderless characters - and the vague annoyance i feel about the issue - mostly stems from the fact that when someone has a "who cares" attitude about pronouns, it's difficult not to assume that that attitude carries over to their view of ALL pronouns, not just those applied to fictional carnivorous elves. there's a tendency to object to ALL cavalier attitudes towards using proper pronouns/gender markers, even fictional ones, because it's annoying and rude when people can't put in the effort to use the right ones. also, it really honestly isn't that hard to use "they" as a singular pronoun, nor is it grammatically incorrect.

tl;dr: when you say "the character's don't care, we can call them he or she if we want!!!" you aren't incorrect, but i also think you're making things way more complicated than they need to be. i mean, hell, i saw someone typing out "he/she" every single time they referred to maroon, which is just ridiculous. it's not a big deal if you don't use "they" to refer to the genderless characters but it also frankly isn't any more difficult than using "he" or "she" so i'm puzzled as to why this has become such a huge debate.
No. 85965 ID: 2fd516

It's only a debate because people keep nitpicking other posters about it.
No. 85967 ID: de7b87

"They" as singular is actually an old usage that's coming back into vogue. Also, the need to assign gender isn't a human universal--there are languages in which you can easily get away without it, for example.

The most respectful habit to get into is referring to people with the same gender they refer to themselves by--it's a good habit not just for this quest but for other situations in general (using the wrong pronoun is a good way to tick people off). Besides, in Lilac for example, there's Meyeri who strongly insists upon the 'they' pronoun.
No. 85974 ID: 2fd516

Sure, but most of the elves in this quest don't use any particular pronoun for themselves. That's the main issue here. Some people are assuming the characters want to be called "they", when in reality they do not have a preference at all.
No. 85982 ID: 219868

also - i posted a link to this in the specific music thread, but just fyi, i have tons of quest-related playlists on my 8tracks and more are always in the works


i really really enjoy making them! i usually listen to the appropriate ones while updating
No. 85983 ID: e607cd

>The most respectful habit to get into is referring to people with the same gender they refer to themselves by.

Unfortunately, the situations where a person would refer to themselves using a gendered pronoun in normal conversation are rare to the point of non-existence, so I am not sure how this respectful habit is supposed to work unless someone proactively tells you.
No. 85986 ID: de7b87

You took me a little too literally. (Though there are languages with gendered forms of "I", or ones with gender associations though they do see some use by the opposite gender, but that's tangential.)
No. 86050 ID: 219868
File 141324757712.png - (463.23KB , 600x600 , wilbur.png )

rrrreally wanna introduce this guy
No. 86054 ID: 3a2ed7

I am suddenly interested in what this guy's story is, especially because Ouroboros Parable might have a similar character also in store. He's cameo'd (?) twice there now...
And I haven't heard of Wilbur until now. Which is kinda weird coincidence. Mainly I just wanna know if this is a case of convergent creativity in motion.
No. 86055 ID: ea90d3

Wilbur's the kid from loretta's flashback, isnt he?
No. 86057 ID: 219868

iiii probably need to reread ouroboros parable a little more carefully because even tho i caught up on it the other day i'm not 100% sure which character you're referring to!

yes, he is. he was loretta's best (and pretty much only) friend when she was a child.
No. 86058 ID: bb78f2

Admittedly, I'm super confused on how Paula or Pauleen (I keep forgetting her name it's not mentioned much) found the sheep and thought it wise enough to involve another third party and create more bodies over two girls who clearly haven't gone to the police. but that's the cutscene. Maybe you don't want to answer that, who knows? Paula's crazy paranoid I guess. I'm super interested in her, to be honest, if only because the entire inciting incident from HER perspective is... unknown? It's not normal for pimps/madames to throw away product like Paris. Even scratched and scared she was attractive, and would probably get a niche crowd. Killing the customer I get. I'm guessing Loretta would have been fine if Paris didn't take Loretta with her, right? All the dancers and johns saw and pretty much knew what happened, or could reasonably guess.

Fractal, do you have notes and backstory on Paula like the rest of the cast, or is she a much more simple character and force to drive fear and paranoia straight, while Ulfric is the more complex iffy maybe-villain to drive fear and paranoia with confusion?

And to be clear, miles away is not figuratively, right? Wilbur and Ulfric are not there with Paula right?

Until this torture cut scene, I wasn't even actually SURE Paula was looking for us after the main escape. Just cut her losses and maybe go after them if they're within convenient range.
Do you also have backstory for the lamb too? She's a bit of a badass.
No. 86059 ID: 219868

i do have a lot of stuff on paula, i just haven't reached a point in the story where i want to really give all that information to the audience yet.

also, there is a reason paris took loretta with her despite loretta not being actually directly involved, but that's another thing that i'd rather have come up in plot.

for paula, at this point, it's an image game. if paris gets away with all of this without any consequences at all, it will be a massive blow to paula's hold over the rest of the girls, and to her image of power in general. at this point she HAS to drag paris back and punish her, dramatically and publicly, or she'll lose a lot of face. also, she views this entire situation as a personal insult, and is operating from that motive as well.

and yes, ulric and wilbur are currently in ulric's home, in the forest outside the swamp.

i don't have a specific backstory for the lamb, but like paula, i've thought a lot about her personality and motivations in a way that just didn't really end up coming out much in the story itself. i'm not sure at this point that i'll ever go back to that, either. if not, i'll probably write up some supplementary stuff on her after the quest ends (and the same for paula, but i'm assuming i'm going to have an opportunity to flesh paula out more at some point. nnnnot so for the lamb.)
No. 86060 ID: 3a2ed7

Don't worry if you can't find a description of the character in the text yet, he hasn't made an introductionary appearance yet. But he did show up twice in the library. I have something planned for him which I think is definitely different from your Wilbur.
It's just like, seeing a doppelganger or something when I see your pic. Uncanny. Either that or rabbit nerds with glasses are getting cliche'd now.
No. 86061 ID: 219868

OR we've both realized that rabbit nerds with glasses is definitely the Best character design
No. 86062 ID: 3a2ed7

Just saw the latest update of Loretta, and mind = blown. Wilbur has several similarities besides looks with my planned character. Are you a mind reader??
No. 86064 ID: 219868

we must be on the same wavelength!! i'm really excited for the formal introduction of your character now!
No. 86087 ID: 2c322d
File 141331573225.png - (283.90KB , 700x1200 , 33.png )

a little wire in my tablet pen snapped before i could finish this! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ farts loudly. why is fast shipping so expensive
No. 86224 ID: 24b23b

Oh man, I love Ruby.
No. 86225 ID: 5af684

heh. haha. HAHAHAHAHA.
No. 86232 ID: 2f2fc2

No. 86264 ID: 219868
File 141403680120.png - (283.80KB , 700x1200 , 141331573225.png )

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No. 86927 ID: 1bd72a

Ok, this took a moment to find. Anyway. I'm guessing you recently played Loved, Fractal? Love Quest seems very much in the same vein as it.
No. 86928 ID: 219868

not recently - it's probably been more than a year or so? but yes, i'm definitely deliberately including nods to the language used in that game.

i think that when it comes down to it all narratives that are aggressively about inappropriate/abusive control are going to have similar language, too, because controlling people all end up drawing from a similar cultural script, so i think that even if i hadn't played it the overall tone of this quest probably would have ended up pretty much the same
No. 86929 ID: cef479

This is certainly going to be interesting.
No. 86931 ID: 219868
File 141630951916.png - (159.57KB , 600x600 , grace.png )

here's a more detailed grace for good measure, since i'm gonna keep the art really bare for this one
No. 87283 ID: 8f01e8

I have an idea which I'm not sure at all how well it would fit into your plans, but it amuses me. First, Loretta gets some coaching from Paris in how to be cruel. Then, she calls up her Gentleman, from an untraceable pay-as-you-go phone preferably.

L: "Do you love me?"
U: "More than all the stars in the sky, more than..."
L: *cuts him off* "Would you prove it?"
U: "I would climb any mountain, cross any..."
L: *again, rudely* "Make a sandwich."
U: "A what now?"
L: "A pimento cheese sandwich on rye. With your own two hands, and post a video of the whole process on Youtube. Then put it in a fancy box, like a christmas present or nice jewelry, and go back to the club..."
U: *likes where this is going*
L: "And ask to talk to Paula, tell her you've got a present from me and Paris. For all the trouble we caused. Then take the sandwich out of the box,"
U: *still following*
L: "cram it into your own mouth, and punch her. With your mouth full, say she's an evil lying bitch and that Paris and I aren't sorry."
U: *starting to get confused, still willing to indulge weird revenge fantasies for the sake of TWOO LUVV*
L: "Then call the cops. Tell them you just punched somebody for no good reason and, before that, had sex with a minor. But chew and swallow first, so the operator can hear you."
U: *baffled, speechless*
L: "Then after that we can go somewhere for a nice romantic dinner. After they let you out of prison, I mean."
No. 87591 ID: 6b7ea4

CLEARS THROAT seriously tho uh. apollo if u were being jokey about asking me if i was okay then whatever, egg on my face, but just wanted to make a quicky quick quick post about my christmas quest

i was hoping it was coming across as goofy and over the top rather than genuinely stressed?? maybe some of my genuine stress is coming through whether i want it to or not, hehe

but anyway. i have a retail job that i love, but i also have an anxiety disorder, so if this isn't presumptuous of me i think i can say that retail is even MORE draining and emotionally costly to me than it is to the average joe. but like i said, somehow, i still love it! i really enjoy my job and i'm pretty good at it. but sometimes loving your job makes it even harder to deal with when the going gets tough

basically, since i'm in retail crunch time right now and not in the best of mental health to begin with, i'm pretty stressed and upset like 24/7 and this quest is just a way to blow off steam! it's actually been really effective at releasing work-related tension so far so i'm looking forward to continuing to work on it
No. 87592 ID: e30e12

Stay stronk! Those with the patience and love for humanity required to work in retail are better people than I will ever be.

Also yea as far as stress relief quests are right up there with smoke breaks and a lot better for your lungs unless you work in a smoke photograpy medium
No. 87594 ID: defceb

It was half jokey, half this-hits-so-close-to-home-oh-no. Tbh I'm in a similar situation so this quest is pretty cathartic. Keep it up! I believe in you!
No. 87674 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141827017069.png - (96.25KB , 600x600 , sketch.png )

bark bark
No. 87675 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141827262493.png - (119.69KB , 781x605 , LISTENOKAY I CAN EXPL.png )

he's just curious about your weird flat teeth dude chill out
No. 87685 ID: 28cee3

No. 87999 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141895807262.png - (98.05KB , 488x624 , skdjfsdjd.png )

eeeeeeeeeeh im never gonna finish this probably so. here

it also feels prudent to mention at this point that elves don't have fatty breasts so. this isn't a Reveal or anything
No. 88001 ID: 2ec61a

i am guessing the only time you can tell for sure if an elf is female is during pregnancy.
No. 88175 ID: 6b7ea4

yep, that's about it! even then, it's less noticeable than human pregnancy in terms of tummy-to-body ratio, but you'd still definitely be able to tell.
No. 88198 ID: 90504c

PAAS are shoes, right?
No. 88202 ID: 6b7ea4

No. 88284 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141965408222.png - (314.37KB , 900x900 , goldiemix.png )

this is the best mix i've ever made http://8tracks.com/baphomeme/one-leather-glove-one-satin
No. 88286 ID: ea0ad9

Personal Assistant Ai--Shoes, Lenses, Gloves, Hats, maybe even Ascots, Bracelets, Chokers...
No. 88357 ID: f461c5

So Elven children are generally born small and less developed in comparison to human babies?


Also, what exactly are the parameters for leveling up and advancing with a PAAD, because I didnt see anything really going into that information.
No. 88358 ID: 687279

Your quests are getting a bit too heavy for me.
No. 88360 ID: 337362

Fractal's first quest ended with the main character's suicide. Heavy is what they do. What is this "getting"?
No. 88367 ID: 687279

...no it didn't.
No. 88369 ID: bb78f2

The first quest she ended. Katherine quest.
Fractal always goes for dark and heavy man. Legit the only light ones WAS Fudge Quest.
No. 88371 ID: 687279

I know. That's not how it ended. She was dead the whole time.

Anyway, it's getting worse.
No. 88374 ID: ea0ad9

I dunno, Fractal's DRUNKEN quests seemed pretty light.
No. 88384 ID: 381e24

for NOW!!

also less light is that when you consider she has more than 2 beers a year she is at the top 70% of alcohol consumers in the US

No. 88387 ID: 0ee153

>top 70% is scurry

What, drinking an average amount of alcohol is somehow frightening, heavy shit? I'm genuinely confused here.
No. 88388 ID: 687279

No, not top 70%. Not "average", either, in any definition of the word.

According to this article, by drinking 2 beers a week, FRACTAL would be in the 60-70% bracket. 30% of the US is above her and 60% of the US is below her. You could say she's in the top 40%, or the bottom 70%.
No. 94094 ID: a6f913
File 143959549964.png - (248.18KB , 1200x1028 , goldiesmut.png )

i could like, work on improving myself as an artist or i could just continue to do shit like this
No. 94100 ID: 7289bd

hey fractal, real talk, how long are you gonna stay this time?
No. 94101 ID: b88e47

That IS improving yourself as an artist. It's practice.
No. 94103 ID: 409b75

Seeing Loretta update just made my day happier.
No. 94105 ID: 91cfcf

long enough to flood us with dumbass tumblrites and/or SU fans probably
No. 94106 ID: e607cd

Since drunkquests came up again, I will revive this conversation unsolicited, because only today did I notice somebody being wrong on the internet.

>Not "average", either, in any definition of the word.
Sure it is. You just need the definition that means "normal" and not "add all numbers up and divide by the number of entries." That strict mathematical definition of average in this data set is 10 drinks per week, which puts FRICTAL well below average. Usually when people talk about normality, they are looking for the median.

If we limit the data set to people who are not teetotalers, the article itself says that the Median number of drinks consumed by people who consume drinks is three per week, so again, that would put our hypothetical 2 drink FRUCTUL below that landmark.

In Descriptive Statistics, (the most useful branch for comparing very large discrete data sets, such as the drinking habits of the populations of different countries) the middle 50%, or the range from 25% to 75%, is the normal, core population. FRUCTOSE would fall neatly inside that box.

We could put this into a bell curve and get similar results, or I could stop arguing with ghosts on the internet and go enjoy this lovely sunny summer day.
No. 94115 ID: 8df724

can't say, my dude. i'd LIKE to say i should be a lot more solid now bc im probably done moving around for a bit but that's what ive said every time ive moved so...... but anyway im not in school anymore and i actually have a job that doesn't stress me out too bad so let's go with saying that when i inevitably do fall off the face of the earth again it won't be for nearly as long


glad to hear it! im definitely happy to be updating again
No. 94137 ID: f68a09

No. 94272 ID: a6f913
File 144012043001.png - (210.82KB , 900x1028 , goldie.png )

No. 94560 ID: a6f913
File 144099500222.png - (700.08KB , 900x572 , tumblr_mmgd93maKO1rhqnyyo1_1280.png )

fun fact: most recent acid soup panel (and a lot of acid soup's motifs/aesthetics) was heavily based off this digital painting i did a couple years ago
No. 94601 ID: f461c5

So, some questions. Did elves ever develop the whole companion animal thing like humans did, or did they just stick to domesticated livestock and never go past that? What do elves think about dogs?

How creative does one have to be when only meat is a viable food source? What is elf cooking like? Can they even handle a wide variety of seasonings, or are they like a lot of other obligate carnivores and have a bevy of things that poison them? Can elves take aspirin? Chocolate? Are halves ever omnivorous? Have elves solved the trophic levels issue or do they just set massive swathes of land aside for livestock and the feed required for them?

Am I asking too many questions?
No. 94642 ID: a6f913

elf society developed largely from nomadic hunting groups, and they did develop domestication of non-sapient animals to assist with that relatively early, with dogs being the primary animal used. however, elves culturally have never developed the familial fondness towards domesticated animals that humans show and generally don't participate in the entire concept of "pets," though here and there they will pick it up from humans in the same way that a few individuals might pick up human gender.

elves are largely intolerant of anything but raw meat and organs. they can eat fruit and vegetables, but in a healthy diet that would make up <30% of their intake. their aversion to a lot of things is more about taste than actual physical intolerance though - while they do have delicate digestive systems, they also just think a lot of things are fucking gross. cooked/seasoned flesh is one of these things - they can eat it without a problem but you'd be hard pressed to find an elf who would WANT to.

half-elves are omnivorous and can eat a lot of things without the illness/digestive distress that full elves would experience, but the general distaste towards most human food is still pretty much intact, so most half-elves still don't eat much besides plain produce and raw meat.

agriculture and the domestication of livestock were fringe activities in elf society until human contact, at which point it became more widely introduced to elvish society in general. in the modern era of the quest, human agriculture accounts for almost all food production in the world, with elvish populations supplying less than 20%. the flip side of that is that elves have a near monopoly on technological and magical trade.

and you definitely aren't! i just figure it's worth knowing that i honestly don't care a lot about technical stuff so everything is pulled out of my ass so there are more than likely going to be big holes in my knowledge/explanations that im not going to care to fix ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No. 94643 ID: f68a09

That's the best and only acceptable way of worldbuilding

What color is elf blood
No. 94644 ID: a6f913

it's red. originally i was gonna have it be something cool like black but then maroon wouldn't be able to have moe blushes without blowing their cover and im not willing to sacrifice moe blushes for anything so red blood it is i guess
No. 94645 ID: f68a09

Sagely nod
What does it taste like
No. 94646 ID: a6f913

you can't see it but im narrowing my eyes at you suspiciously.

it tastes the same as human blood but it's a little thicker and therefore grosser
No. 94761 ID: a6f913

whipped together a quick descript of sweat before it took its fleshly form because i was raised catholic and i love this shit

“There is, some miles beyond the city, a most peculiar seraph who resides on the mountainside, and from which come the shrieks and screeches which plague our nights – I have seen it, though I wish I had not – it takes the form of a great wheel of light, radiant, suspended in which is an orifice that cannot be pierced by one’s eyes, and which weeps; and below it two similar wheels and two similar orifices, in miniature, suspended; and around its main body fifteen eyes, of searing yellow, which all turn and spin madly, independent of each other; and it has four wings, two aloft, and two held below, which alternate in their beating to hold the creature aloft; and near it there is always a loathsome stench of coitus and of seed, and it rains from its weeping mouths a substance which clings terribly to the skin, and burns, and which has destroyed all vegetation below, and which incites the beasts of the mountainside to attack man and fellow beast alike, and to copulate even out of their breeding season; but upon birth the mothers devour their young, or the fathers kill their progeny, and thus the fauna of the mountainside dwindles. As this substance runs into our groundwater, our people turn on each other in madness, and our livestock sicken and die. We have yet to find one who can drive the seraph out, and we verge on desperation, for how much longer can we listen to its cries and suffer its stench?”
No. 94763 ID: bd0fbc

You've really taken a shine to body fluids and general grossness with acid soup. Its interesting.
No. 94765 ID: a6f913

ive actually always loved themes of bodily grossness - it's just normally been restricted to vent art/painting and this is the first time i've introduced it to my narrative work! i'm really really enjoying working on acid soup so far.
No. 94766 ID: a6f913
File 144184591119.jpg - (53.01KB , 500x369 , dfsdsfd.jpg )

on another note: my partner has decided that their human faceclaim for maroon is mr. the weeknd and i honestly can't really say that i disagree
No. 94778 ID: 149da0

Can I just say talking to the other AI Pops is like the best thing.
No. 94861 ID: a6f913
File 144237363751.png - (293.31KB , 700x600 , blarp.png )

messy wip im never gonna finish
No. 94965 ID: a6f913
File 144281328895.png - (295.67KB , 1000x1000 , SWEATS DICK.png )

just take it. just take this from me
No. 94967 ID: d78cc1

oh....... i'll take it alright
No. 94968 ID: e114bc

I never asked for this.
No. 94969 ID: defceb

Yes please
No. 94970 ID: bb78f2

I know this is way early and an inappropriate time for a name change, but I think Terracotta would be a good one for Maroon, since it's a red -yellow mix.
No. 94971 ID: bb78f2

Wait, I'm stupid, red-yellow is fucking ORANGE
I mean, we could just go straight up Orange too. Lame though
Here are shades of orange
Vermillion, Apricot, Salmon, Peach, Peru, Persian [Orange] (Drop the orange cause fuck it), Coral, and Mahogany (which is probably the best representation of Maroon while adopting a yellow color)
No. 94974 ID: bb78f2

What is this elf world's view on abortion by the way? If hiding a child to hide an interracial relationship is so hard the parents pretty much always dump half-elfs off at orphanages, I'm honestly surprised abortion rates aren't fucking off the charts. Maybe they are, and it's only the religious parents that drop off the children at orphanages? Or is it typically the case that elves are the mothers and abortion has a much greater social stigma for elves then it does humans at this point in history?

(I'm assuming due to the Humans and Halfsies: Why so complacent article existing means that Humans are more progressive than the elves, and that the entire reason half elves don't hang with humans is that full elves immediately make targets of the half-elves. Probably the history of racism within human culture just kind of deafened them to the whole half-breed hate stuff though. Like, "Oh, this is a hate phase, just fuck it we're weirded out and dislike them now, but they're not worth killing since in next 20 years or so we'll just have some tolerance movement again, probably paired in with the AI movement, and we'll just dislike them in an even quieter way. May as well just get used to them." and the elves are going "What the fuck are you talking about 'tolerance movement, what are those, we've never had those before! We'll hate 'em forever KILL KILL KILL" and the humans are like "Hey, remember when we were at each other's throats and now we're pretty much complacent though there's a bit of tension now and then? That's a form of tolerance movement" and the the elves shut up and are like "You're weird, Hugh Mon, and stupid. You should shut up.")
No. 94985 ID: a6f913

no way for them to get an invasive medical procedure (requiring prelim checkup, blood tests, etc) without the med providers finding out the fetus is half.
backalley abortions and stuff like that happen, ofc, but they're dangerous enough - esp for pregnant elves - that a lot of ppl decide not to risk it.

also, maroon's not changing their name! they already have a family group and the quest is called maroon quest.
No. 94986 ID: bb78f2

Oh right, it's the interracial relationship that's the HUGEST issue the parents want to hide, the child comes second.
I take it that the doctor-patient confidentiality clause goes out right the fucking window once the half-elf is discovered, or is the mother that afraid of it getting out that they're not chancing the interaction with a real doctor?

Statistically speaking, are the mothers of half-breeds usually human or elf, or is there an even split?

>backalley abortions and stuff like that happen, ofc, but they're dangerous enough - esp for pregnant elves - that a lot of ppl decide not to risk it.
I would have figured that whatever underground railroad that leads the halfsie parents to the secret street orphanages to drop off the kids would actually know which legit abortion clinics don't care about shit like that.

Man, do gangs like Black and Blue's also hunt down interracial relationships aggressively as they hunt down half-elves?
No. 95006 ID: a589ab

I have a very important question. Are elf ears erogenous zones?
No. 95012 ID: 3b4b6d

No. 95020 ID: 401f23

When you say elves in MQ have magic, do you mean the sort of magic that lets PAADs augment physical strength and such, or does that still count as tech and someday we're gonna meet a sorcerer
No. 95037 ID: 0f858a

>bodily grossness
>first time
surprising! i didn't think it was physically possible to forget date quest. i'm impressed and slightly jealous.
No. 95038 ID: a6f913

it's an even split. and yes, participants in interracial romance face the same levels of ostracization/violence as halfsies themselves.

only if you're going to use this information to write/draw porn

OKAY LISTEN things are dire and stressful rn but maroon quest still fills my shoujo/fun adventure slot so it's still going to be markedly more lighthearted than my others. which, yeah, looking at acid soup and loretta isn't saying much, but. you get me

magic is a lot less powerful on its own than when it's filtered through tech so not a lot of people still practice it for the sake of practicing it. we'll probably meet a character who still uses plain old sorcery eventually.

oh yeah, that. i guess that counts. i guess i put guro and like, sweat-type fluidy nastiness in different categories. plus date quest is dead as a doornail so yeah i do forget about it most of the time
No. 95039 ID: 8e1ff4

I hope we get to see this in-quest.
No. 95040 ID: e114bc

>don't comment on themes
How about we still talk about it, and you not try to cover for people you don't even know by claiming they're some sort of victim?

Even if they WERE, overuse of a theme is still a valid criticism. I'm not really sure the theme is important enough to complain about though. It's not like every quest is abusive ex boyfriend quest-- it tends to be a side element? I guess ACID SOUP is unique in that there might even be THREE abusive exes and all they seem to be central to the plot.
No. 95041 ID: a6f913

this is cool and everything but i am "some kind of victim" so i don't find someone pointing out the possibility of that being an explanation for my repeated themes to be something that like. embarrasses or discredits me. i don't know for sure if that's what u meant - like that for the person to say it might be a coping mechanism for me reflects poorly on me - but that's kinda how the tone came off so i wanted to clear that up first and foremost

and like. i think the issue with the comment that started the whole thing is that like ... my quests are largely autobiographical to at least some degree, and i use narrative and art to explore things that have happened/been done to me in a safe and less-traumatic way than just thinking about them straight up by themselves, and i think other people who have experienced similar things recognize that and recognize immediately that the reason i write these things is bc i'm making sense of things that i've experienced and am still trying to find answers for. so i think that to see those reflections of trauma dismissed as like ... just tropey or boringly overdone or something made a couple people bristle. i'll admit that it made me bristle. i just wasn't gonna say anything.

anyway. i'm not really interested in facilitating a debate about it i just figured as long as people were blessedly putting things in disthread where they belong instead of cluttering up my thread i'd throw my input at the wall
No. 95042 ID: a6f913

also since it came up in some comments in the quest thread and i don't think there's anywhere it's stated where people could like. know this. yeah i'm not a girl, i use he or it pronouns. i used to be so i guess this could be confusing for some ppl who have followed my quests for a while but like. things change, etc
No. 95043 ID: cdec48

>don't comment on someone using themes of trauma and abuse often because that's something some people use to cope.
Trauma is not a free pass on criticism.

>i think other people who have experienced similar things recognize that and recognize immediately that the reason i write these things is bc i'm making sense of things that i've experienced
That gave me a sensible chuckle. Are you saying I don't recognize the reason why you write these quests? More than that, are you saying I can't understand because you think I haven't been in those types of situations? Those sure are some mighty big presumptions you have.

I'm just waiting for something different. I want to expect more from you, but it's looking like I can't. It's a shame, but it's not the end of the world.
No. 95044 ID: 6e8e45

buddy you speak like a batman villain and its slightly unnerving
anyway: can all of sweats eyes cry?
No. 95045 ID: 7553f5

A sensible chuckle? OK.

Fractal writes some of the best quests on this board. Her characters have more emotional complexity in their big toes than some other entire stories have. If that comes with a clear stamp then so be it. Attacks on Brom for writing constant romance or idiom for constant genderswapping or gnoll for literally starting the same quest 50 times in a row are all conspicuously absent and it might be worth thinking about why you've chosen this as your personal crusade between your sensible chuckling.
No. 95046 ID: 7553f5

Or his, whatever
No. 95047 ID: a6f913

the sentences you pulled out of context here were being used to outline why i felt there were a handful of people who reacted negatively to your initial statement - that the fact that they identified with the experiences i tell stories about informed their negative reaction, not that a lack of negative reaction means a lack of understanding or identification with the experiences. that may have been loose wording on my part. also what's a sensible chuckle. like as opposed to what. an unreasonable chuckle

also "i want to expect more of you" ... like


that's. super condescending and rude. i'm not interested in meeting your expectations with your narrative, and i don't really care if i'm not delivering an amount of variety that keeps you happy. that's like.... not really important to me at all and it's pretty annoying that you're acting like it should be

yeah but the one on its stomach cries the most because it's closer to the Dique than it would strictly like to be

that's a cool compliment thanks
No. 95048 ID: a6f913

with *my narrative lol. we're all makin typos tonight
No. 95049 ID: 0ee153

While we're having this discussion, can you explain the point of complaining about authors having genres? That's not a sarcastic question, I genuinely want to know whether you dislike Iain M. Banks doing lots of scifi, Pratchett doing a lot of fantasy, or Grisham or any other murder-mystery writer.

And one thing I do like about Fractal's quests has been the treatment of abstract things like memories or someone's heart as physical objects. It's an interesting mechanic, and it's handled fairly naturally, with characters acting like it's a normal part of the world. It doesn't feel clunky or awkward like it might otherwise feel if it were... shown off or treated like a mystery, I guess. It's pretty cool.
No. 95050 ID: 0ee153

Forgot the quote, first bit is at MonsieurBarazoku.
No. 95051 ID: cdec48


Despite most of your comment being unrelated to the actual discussion, I will address it: I'm not bringing them up because this isn't a discussion about them, their quests, or whatever their associated failings are. For all of the QMs you listed, I've read approximately one each of their quests. I have a vague idea of their overall writing habits based on comments from other questers, but since I haven't had time/willpower to read everything, those aren't calls I can make for myself. Badgoat's are ones that I can since I've read almost all of them since they're usually short or have been dropped [while also being short], making it easy to do a quick catch up on in archived form.

When I get around to reading more of the others' works, then I'm sure I will have more concrete thoughts on them to discuss with other questers or the QMs themselves, but as previously noted, this was not a discussion about those QMs or their quests.

For the part of your comment that was actually related to the current subject: Two offhand comments about identical themes hardly make a crusade.

So you would say that as an artist, you are happy repackaging the same story with different window-dressings over and over?

Better than a Fantastic 4 villain, no one gives a shit about them. Except Dr. Doom, I guess.
No. 95052 ID: 0ee153

>So you would say that as an artist, you are happy repackaging the same story with different window-dressings over and over?

I can't actually speak for Fractal, but so far it seems fairly clear that the quests are more meant to help deal with past trauma and serve as a sort of autobiography than to be "art".
No. 95053 ID: a6f913

as an artist i'm happy that i've found a way to examine and explore negative experiences and projections of harmful people i've known in a way that's helpful and soothing to me while also creating narratives that i'm proud of. i'm unconcerned with whether they look like the same thing to you over and over, because to me they each have been providing valuable conclusions and new understandings. also character design is fun.
No. 95055 ID: a6f913

this is correct and incorrect in equal measure. i tend to think of art as pretty much just a pleasant byproduct of being alive so like, one begets the other whether i'm actively trying or not

it's happened that the best way for me to work through trauma/remind myself that i'm real has drawings and stuff in it, and that's working out pretty cool so far
No. 95056 ID: 149da0

I would think the more pertinent point is a running quest thread isn't the place for criticism, artistic or otherwise. If you were going to bring it up at all, it should have been in /questdis/.
No. 95057 ID: cdec48

>can you explain the point of complaining about authors having genres?
You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding about what we're talking about.
1.a class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content, technique, or the like: the genre of epic poetry; the genre of symphonic music.

2.a unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc., as in a work of art.

The complaint was regarding theme, not genre. I've never read any of the authors you've listed, but I'm sure they explore different themes throughout their works. For an example, I have the complete collection Clive Barker's Books of Blood sitting here on my desk with me. Every story in them is a horror story, but they cover a variety of themes within them, ranging from what it means to be a member of society (In the Hills, The Cities) to the origin of sin (In the Flesh) to the reason for the seemingly chaotic structure of the world we live in (Babel's Children). Same author, same genre, different themes. He does often put aspects of eroticism in horror or body horror in his works, but those don't crowd out the core theme.

It didn't start out as a lengthy criticism or discussion, people made it into one.
No. 95062 ID: df0baf

Hey so I can't speak for anyone but. I think by asking that question you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to a HELL of a lot of people to BE an artist, of any sort.

I know that as a visual artist myself I don't do art to appeal to anyone else. I might do close to the exact same picture a dozen times, but I don't care because that's what I like. If other people like it, GREAT, but that's not why most people I've spoken to do art.

Art is self-expression. Sometimes you need to express the same thing multiple ways, maybe to help yourself, or maybe because you feel like it should be done, or maybe just because you like to. Guess what?? That's the artist's business!!! Not yours to criticize!! If we were talking professional level, published stuff, then maybe, MAYBE, you'd have some ground to stand on. Right now you're just making a giant ass out of yourself. I mean seriously, linking wiki pages of terms now? How tryhard can you GET, friend.

People may have made it into a lengthy discussion, but guess what. It was you who felt the need to lay down that first line of venom. It wasn't anything to add, it wasn't a constructive note - it was venom. Perhaps next time if you don't have anything constructive to give, you'll learn to keep it to yourself.
No. 95063 ID: 0dc9cf

Just look at this guy, guys. He's trying to impress us with his Clive Barker collection. Like, oh my god. I thought his namefagging was a joke, but I think he's being sincere.

I figured most of us here are fa/tg/uy-esque, but this fedoralord is really something. Reminds me of that other newbie in the Divequest thread complaining weaver wasn't making flash games.

Anyway, I feel really bad for sad Sweat right now, but I'm waiting for everyone else to make Lowry feel bad for it and comfort it and stuff. Which is what I'd like to do, but it seems a little incongruous with Lowry's established handicap.
No. 95064 ID: 0dc9cf

Also, also fractal has some of the best, like most consistently good art up on here, of still-running authors.
No. 95069 ID: 8e1ff4

We did get some memories back. Struggling through mental repair is the theme of the quest, after all.
No. 95070 ID: f56ff3

This poor discussion thread.

Also Sweat is a such an obsessive sweetheart and I hope he doesn't turn out to be an obsessive asshole.
No. 95071 ID: ea99ae

FRACTAL do you actually care about people using Sweat's pronouns
No. 95072 ID: 0dc9cf

I think fractal's point about sweat's pronouns is less that it's genderqueer or something and more that it is an alien entity that is not native to it's fleshly form (and is originally an abstract concept-thing without physical form/gender). From the description of the weeping orifice wheel thing, I wouldn't be surprised if it has multiple sets of genitalia, even.
No. 95073 ID: cdec48

Anything that is posted in a public format is subject to criticism. Both the person putting out the work and the people viewing the work should have this understanding. tgchan is a public imageboard dedicated to running works of interactive fiction and every work and post hosted here are open for discussion or criticism because we are, for the most part, adults capable of expressing ideas with one another even if they are not necessarily ideas that we agree with. It's by communicating these differences in opinion and understanding how other people perceive our works that we can develop as QMs/artists/writers/etc. Even within this thread, there is at least one comment criticizing other QMs and their writing habits that I think (while situationally inappropriate) exemplifies this concept. Before you go barking up the "how would you like it if..." route, you are even free to criticize me and my works--the former of which which is what you and several other people have been attempting to do since yesterday--and I would be okay with that. I'm not saying these things to make myself look good or to keep the higher moral ground, I'm saying them because I honestly believe this.

Your "no criticism allowed, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" may fly elsewhere, but this isn't wherever that may be.

0ee153 posted several examples of writers who worked primarily in one particular genre. In return, I posted an example of an author who works primarily in one particular genre to explain that genre and theme are different things and that one can stay within the same genre while exploring different themes. I do not see the issue of using examples in order to facilitate a discussion.

Are you still waiting on a Mahou Shoujo Mystical Dungeoneer update, by the way?

In this case I'm going to agree with >>95072 given the abstract, weird, and varied forms angels have taken throughout history.
No. 95077 ID: 4b209f

oh my god this thread is a trainwreck.
forget it. im gonna say what's really on my mind, what's really on everyone's mind, the reason for all this tension:
sweats really kinda hot in a weird way and i like the way it talks in weird metaphors and strange compliments okay. i like the gross angel. i want lowry to dump all the shitty things in her life and fly away into the sunset with sweat and chidori. i cant draw someone pls illustrate my point.
No. 95078 ID: 6e8e45

No. 95079 ID: 5a02f7
File 144330340462.png - (298.18KB , 500x634 , lolwut.png )

No. 95080 ID: 557bac

The only criticism you've leveled are "you use the same themes too much" and " you haven't lived up to my expectations" which are, as far as critiques go, completely subjective. FRACTAL has explained why particular themes show up in his quests, and you handwaved that away as if it were completely unimportant. The fact is that a LOT of QMs produce quests as a method of coping with some kind of personal issue, quests are hardly unique in that regard. In fact a lot of writers/artists have based their whole careers around a single issue or even a single moment in their lives and saying their bad artists for doing so is pretty fucking myopic.

No one is saying "if you can't say anything nice..." Rather people are pointing out that your "criticism" is just whining that an artist isn't meeting your arbitrary guidelines for your expectations, which honestly NO-one is obliged to fulfill. And now you're arguing about semantics rather than actually saying anything of substance.

The sad thing is that you aren't entirely wrong: I feel its not so much the reoccurring theme, as the characters feel very similar, as well as their voices. As FRACTAL stated, that's because there's a autobiographical angle to his quests. It would be cool to see something more fresh, but since he said that the quests are a way of DEALING with trauma, then I expect to see more of the same until hes ready to move on to something else.

Now as much as I LOVE stepping into FRACTAL threads and putting down slapfights, I'm going to have to ask you to either put up some legit critique or stop because this semantic argument about whats a theme and whats a genre is the opposite of constructive criticism.
No. 95082 ID: 4b209f

:D!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it
what a gr8 night 4 fractal fans
No. 95083 ID: a6f913

im gonna get this tattooed on my dick

this criticism i completely agree w (check chidori/nanako vs. alex/avery vs. black/blue) and is something that's not a product of the why/how of my quest building but rather a case of me not paying enough attention when i get new character ideas to make sure that like....i don't already have characters in that role, lol

also put paris and lowry next to each other. yeah. that was a fuckgoddamnit moment on my part when i noticed

but anyway yeah that's actually sth i was thinking about the other day anyway
No. 95084 ID: b8208b

*Scruffy voice* Second.
No. 95104 ID: a6f913

oh i forgot to address this
depends on what u mean by like. care about
if u mean do i have an opinion, yeah. if u mean do i lose sleep over it, nah

ive been over this a little bit the last time a slapfight broke out (re: maroon quest and they pronouns) but basically my main reaction to ppl refusing to use the right pronouns for my characters is mild annoyance, and most of that annoyance stems from 1. being trans myself i've got a personal dog in this fight and it's kind of hard not to see someone ignore pronouns and have my cynical little brain not go "ah, so that's how you feel on that front" and 2. it's like literally not that hard and on a basic level i'm bewildered by the continued failure to just like. type things correctly

i don't really. care as much with sweat bc >>95072 is spot on and also bc like. i get it. it has a dick and so u immediately go YES, SWEAT, THE MAN, WITH HIS MANLY MAN DUDECOCK AND HIS MAN's MAN MENSCHY MANDUDE FLAT CHEST!!! so whatever. the only reason i got annoyed enough about wrong pronouns for ne to make an obnoxious meta update about it was because it was mind-bendingly stupid and i couldn't really see any defensible reasons for confusion

tldr: not really but like how difficult can it honestly be
No. 95107 ID: 3663d3

most probably just forget.

"so what's up with.... him?"
No. 95113 ID: 12a8d5

yeah, I'm an incredibly forgetful person and pronouns areright up there with names and dates on "shit i cant remember too good" list
No. 95122 ID: 4b209f

ah, i didnt really notice any parallels between avery/alex and chidori/nanako (or black/blue lmao) until FRACTAL pointed them out oops.
now im scared!! i feel like ive been putting a lot of faith in chidori lmao whoops. i hope shes half as considerate & good as i think she is bc then well be fine!!
No. 95143 ID: cc08c7


In an alternate universe Sweat makes its living selling molds of its dick online. Sales are rare because all the links and descriptions are in strange riddles.
No. 95145 ID: 586f5c


I absolutely fucking loathe and love this idea
No. 95158 ID: 7733fb

I think I found something that's similar to Katherine Quest in theme and intensity. Well, maybe not intensity, but still.
No. 95165 ID: a6f913

this was really, really excellent - thank u for linking it. you're right that it resonates a lot with katherine, esp on the subject of like...how trauma is tied to locations

i really really loved it. i'm gonna be revisiting that video a lot, i think. thanks again for the find!
No. 95166 ID: e59994

We aren't gonna get much support from Chidori, aren't we. Look at her eyes, what happened to her?
No. 95167 ID: cc08c7

The art style on that vid was actually really awesome. Love short films like that.
No. 95179 ID: a6f913
File 144364569626.png - (154.07KB , 700x600 , sdfds.png )

camera roll 2013
No. 95181 ID: bb78f2

So this world runs on our standard years? Just pondering about the lore of ACID SOUP.
No. 95182 ID: a6f913

yep! acid soup takes place in late august of 2015
No. 95185 ID: cc08c7

I'm actually curious as to how people in Acid Soup are able to steal body parts and memories. Is it like, something you have to learn?
No. 95186 ID: bb78f2

Do people in Acid Soup call it 2015 AD or After Christ
or do they call it something else, basing it off an event of another religion that happened in a similar time frame?

Just curious if this actually is our world and history on Acid, with the technology and biology also running on Acid (hence the ability to remove memories and replace heads/brains with computas)
No. 95187 ID: a6f913

it's learned, and it's difficult. difficulty level generally goes physical objects/body parts < physical things that people Have < abstract concepts/feelings. people who can steal all three categories are rare (ne is one of them; chidori is another)

Having things is essentially a form of metaphysical warding; it's a pocket dimension protected by your own psyche and sense of self. people with low self-esteem, difficulty with identity, or who are emotionally/mentally vulnerable are much easier to steal from.

a weird surrealist furry version of jesus christ did exist in this universe, but generally they use CE and BCE.
No. 95189 ID: bb78f2

>Having things is essentially a form of metaphysical warding; it's a pocket dimension protected by your own psyche and sense of self. people with low self-esteem, difficulty with identity, or who are emotionally/mentally vulnerable are much easier to steal from.

Which is why Lowry was a victim of this, but probably won't fall prey to it now (I assume that potentially our presence as suggestors can metaphysically mean astronger sense of self for Lowry, since she has goals and purpose now thanks to us)

Chidori doesn't act like a blind person, and uses a laptop (granted Lowry could just say the emails out loud for her), I'm guessing that while her eyes were stolen, she has an abstract concept of sight or something which allows her to see.

Man, if ordinary (if rare) people can do that stuff, what could surreal furry jesus do?
No. 95190 ID: a6f913

that's correct. to a certain extent, physical items and their actual functions are separate in the acid soup universe; so while chidori and nanako's literal eyeballs were stolen, their sight wasnt. this is also why you can take somebody's head off and they don't just, like....die
No. 95192 ID: a6f913
File 144366253617.png - (177.60KB , 700x700 , nana1.png )

No. 95193 ID: a6f913
File 144366255741.png - (173.16KB , 700x700 , nana2.png )

i didnt like the color version nearly as much but here it is anyway
No. 95196 ID: 401f23

Fractal. Do Sweat's eyes have eyelashes.
No. 95199 ID: a6f913

hmmmm. i wanna say the ones on its face do but the rest of them dont. but even that is kind of...nnnnah you know what lets say no eyelashes
No. 95227 ID: cc08c7


With all those lashes Sweat would be the tickle master.
No. 95228 ID: bb78f2

Is Lowry a Sphinx cat person?
No. 95302 ID: 3d43fb

>still using pronouns
no but really, i lost track, which pronouns should i use for the fractals?
No. 95304 ID: 0ee153

Fractal's male now, uses the normal male pronouns, iirc.
No. 95323 ID: a6f913

he or it pronouns are cool! thanks

im agender and don't rly consider myself male but its all good
No. 95385 ID: a8a6d5

hey guys my other partner is visiting for the week from out of state so i might be too busy being gay to update!!! who knows!!! keep my seat warm for me
No. 95539 ID: a6f913
File 144496433654.png - (90.42KB , 700x600 , 8.png )

IM BACK thanks for your patience guys. end of acid soup chapter 1 and acid soup intermission should go up tonight
No. 95545 ID: a6f913

i didn't initially intend for her to be but then one of my friends did an absolutely sick illustration of her as a hairless cat so i changed my mind
No. 95552 ID: bb78f2

Aww, does that friend not want to share it or is it somewhere on here and I haven't yet to look to find it?
No. 95648 ID: a6f913
File 144526937551.png - (1.33MB , 1200x1500 , lowry.png )

they gave me the green light to share it with you guys! iiii love it
No. 95649 ID: bb78f2

Oh man the neckfolds!
So accurate
so deadly
Also really bloody looking, even with just that one scratch up top.
No. 95954 ID: a6f913

im gay and i've made AESTHETIC BLOGS for several quest characters! they're kind of a combination of "what visuals remind me of these characters?" + "if these characters had a blog what kind of stuff would they put on it"

avery - http://averynohana.tumblr.com/
alex - http://gutwr3nch.tumblr.com/
loretta - http://rvnawayrabbit.tumblr.com/
sweat - http://rottingprincipalities.tumblr.com/
gretchen - http://i-on-u.tumblr.com/
nanako - http://s0maruy0.tumblr.com/
chidori - http://yubitsume.tumblr.com/

sweat's is the best one

the asks are open and if you send them questions they'll be answered in character! also if there are any other characters you'd like to see aesthetics for, lmk. i am planning on making a lowry one at some point as soon as i think of a url for her??

but anyway. yeah. there's that fuckin thing i did
No. 95955 ID: a6f913

oh and as long as i'm talking avery/alex stuff - i'm considering rebooting sad girl club. i love the characters and love the concept, but i hate the pacing of what i have going now, and i think i could do a lot better. it's not set in stone - i might just end up picking up where i left off and just making the REST of it better - but it's something i've considered. and either way, i'm probably not gonna resume work on sgc until i finish at least one between acid soup, maroon, or loretta.
No. 95956 ID: bb78f2

There's a lot of pics and reblogs in these things to convey character, but you should probably use tags for things like character questions so people can quickly get to those tasty character question tidbits.
No. 95959 ID: a6f913

ooh, thats a good idea! i hadn't thought of it bc so far alex and avery are the only ones who have gotten any asks (and one of them was the same question!!!!) but from here on out i'll use #ask universally across all the character blogs, and #text for in-character text posts.
No. 95964 ID: bb78f2

You've gotten asks on Avery and Alex because they allow non-tumblr using people to ask.
Which means you're going to get a lot less asks, since I can't imagine a lot of the non-artist tgchan quest readers using tumblr. Not a lot of point for a person to make a blog if they don't really like expressing themselves publicly and just particularly like to consume.

Is it intentional for Chidori not to have an ask feature?
No. 95967 ID: a6f913

OH SHIT i just checked all of them and i'd forgotten to turn anon on for ALL of them!!! thank you! i forgot that it's a separate setting from opening the inbox itself.

that was a silly mistake on my part! i'm glad you pointed it out
No. 95969 ID: bb78f2

Going through these blogs, man, it's obvious that Chidori has a type.

Oh, one more thing
I know that you've already had some of these character's reblog some nsfw but artsy stuff, but you don't actually plan on having them reblog actual porn from porn and porn artist's blogs, even if it's in character right? I know quite a few tumblr bloggers love doing that shit, so I wouldn't second guess Avery, Sweat, and Nanako (maybe Chidori instead, since she's posting the occasional fit girls and Nanako's is a pretty dark and depressing place)

Just would like to know ahead of time how extreme you might take things in character and how they might express themselves in anonymity. Sometimes you got to go incognito on tumblr, even when you're fine not doing it on tgchan of all places.
No. 95970 ID: a6f913

nope, no outright porn. there might be full nudity on sweat's occasionally but it'll be artistic.

there MIGHT be some mild gore on avery/alex and possibly nanako, but even then i'm not really interested in anything that would get into the category of shock images. any really squeamish body horror/gore would be drawn stuff, not photographs.
No. 95985 ID: a6f913

lowry ( http://stupidpieceofshitblogname.tumblr.com/ ) and ne ( http://monodick.tumblr.com/ ) are live - it was only a matter of time. and i actually remember to turn anon asks on this time lmao
No. 96098 ID: a6f913
File 144774421515.png - (491.22KB , 2000x2000 , nanako.png )

nanako playlist done! short and sweet https://8tracks.com/baphomeme/smoke-gets-in-my-eyes
No. 96159 ID: 15a025

Somewhat new reader to your series. Been really enjoying Loretta Quest and Acid/Rabbit Soup. Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you've put into the two.
No. 96810 ID: bb78f2

I strongly believe that Sweat's post-Rabies primarily from the fact it has different enough form from it's current one in the first few posts (the wings are spread, less droopy. The hair's a little different), then it adopts it current look after Rabies strikes it.

Also, I know I sound harsh on Sweat, suggesting Lowry not trust it, but the truth of the matter is that, for some reason or another, Lowry left it and did not return. After that cutesy memory, I can only assume for a bad reason, and Sweat gives me some stalker vibes. It comes and goes out of nowhere, that may be a part of the mysterious Angel aesthetic, but I think that may be a dangerous sign.
No. 96811 ID: 9dc575

im fairly sure is the reason is that dickangel allmighty here has ptsd or something like that from dying
and i mean, lowry cut contact with the sukebun, yes? that doesnt make her a bad guy
No. 96817 ID: 8679fe

a quick word of god thing here, while the subject's up: like 90% of the characters in acid soup have ptsd because, in case it hasn't become obvious by now, acid soup is A Quest About PTSD

i'm not gonna make a definitive statement here on if sweat is A Bad Dude or not because i like seeing discussion but i am gonna point out that while i definitely have SUPER OBVIOUS COMPLETE AND TOTAL BAD GUYS - not just in acid soup, but in all my stuff - i never have, and don't plan on having, anyone who is completely 100% obviously a good guy. so there's that
No. 96818 ID: 6dbafd

i kinda thought he just took on the wings because he was pissed, seeing that he can shapeshift.
remember all the hands he held lowry's face with in first thread?
come to think of it his eyes got all distorted when he got freaked out at what lowry was asking him.
probably an emotion thing, might get interesting if we ever see him do something extreme.

anyway seems like sweat is a bit obsessive over lowry, and thats what i see poking through some times.
i think and hope that sweat's overall more good than bad, his body was made for love after all.
No. 96819 ID: bb78f2

Some of the kids in the party of Fudge Quest seemed pretty 100% good
No. 96820 ID: 8679fe

you know what. i had literally forgotten that fudge quest exists
No. 96833 ID: 8679fe
File 145190070674.png - (160.63KB , 700x651 , gntransp.png )

gretchen get money for college
No. 96834 ID: cc08c7


Gretchen is the true villain of this story and her ability to look adorable in rabbit ears only further proves she has dark wizard powers.
No. 96835 ID: 8679fe
File 145190274540.png - (262.66KB , 900x574 , BADEND.png )

oh shit that reminds me i had two other drawings to post!

hypothetical BAD END doodles i did a little bit ago. ofc now one of them has been actually integrated into the quest (on a whim, tbh)
No. 96836 ID: 8679fe
File 145190411105.png - (672.51KB , 1000x777 , goodies.png )

also, additional doodles i found digging through old stuff - including, most interestingly, some beta ne. that red cat was the first pass - totally unrecognizable! the second beta was, at least imo, a little more aesthetically pleasing than what i've got now, but i'm pretty attached to ne looking sort of stupid. it works.
No. 96839 ID: 8679fe
File 145192663721.png - (810.20KB , 1000x1289 , comp1.png )

i have to admit: i genuinely think these kinds of things are funny
No. 96840 ID: 8679fe
File 145192667987.png - (583.29KB , 1000x1285 , comp2.png )

No. 96841 ID: bb78f2

You know, since we've only seen the lower half of Nanako's Mom's face, (and I know that we don't really have detailed facial features to differ characters of the same race, only color and visual style), I've kinda think that Chidori looks a bit like Nanako's Mom from the small details we've seen of her.

I noticed it in that "Laughter Now Exclusively Used to Mask Feelings" Panel.
No. 96858 ID: 5d8e81

why'd you name ne ne? did u intend it to mean "no"?
No. 96867 ID: cc08c7

Are eyeball people a normal thing in Acid Soup or did Gretchen replace her head with a giant eyeball at some point? Also I love how she drew herself with the anime sparkles and giant eyelashes.
No. 96868 ID: d0868f

I'm actually wondering if she's an ascended eyeball. Like, an eye that was lost that got built up out of other stuff into a person, instead of a person who got pared down to an eye.

If she was built out of one of Nanako or Chidori's missing eyes, it might explain the sukibun obsession.
No. 96870 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh my god. If she's specifically one of Nanako's eyes, that would further explain her behavior.
No. 96877 ID: 8679fe

a vaguely uncomfortable visual link between nanamom/chidori/the oyabun is intentional, yeah

bc spoilers

sorry to disappoint, because this is a cool theory, but nope, no connection to any other eyeball-related plot things. she's just a fucked up eyeball girl. sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and in acid soup sometimes self-indulgent body horror is just self-indulgent body horror.
No. 96878 ID: 8679fe
File 145208836569.png - (202.47KB , 663x562 , gijinkas.png )

also did someone say gijinkas? nobody said gijinkas but here's some gijinkas
No. 96879 ID: bb78f2

Current Lowry being Furiosa is confirmed.
Is there a word for a lesbian Oedipus complex? Or is it just lesbian Oedipus complex? You don't see it a lot, ever, so, like, I guess it would just be lesbian Oedipus.
Guess we'll call it the Nanako complex and hope it takes off. Next up, Gay Electra Complex... the Guts Complex.
No. 96881 ID: 88e46e

An Oedipus complex is just defined as a child desiring sexual relations with the parent of the opposite sex, according to Wikipedia. Jung came up with Electra for a girl competing with her mother over her father, but apparently Freud disliked that name. There isn't a name for same-sex attraction, and in fact Freud believed that an Oedipus complex was resolved when a child started identifying with the same-sex parent rather than the opposite sex.

Hooray for Wikipedia making me an expert on the topic in two minutes /s
No. 96964 ID: 09bd04

Something that always caught me off-guard when reading Acid Soup was the regular mentions of real world brands, bands, etc. Is there a particular reason that you decided to use these?
No. 97000 ID: cc08c7

Okay since it just came up again I'm curious. Is Tunamouth's voice stolen and replaced with water and fish, or is this just a "This sort of thing is normal" instance?
No. 97002 ID: bb78f2

I'm more curious about it being a health code violation for that diner.

I mean, it's a diner in a shitty city so, like, I don't have a high bar for the health services but a man who drools a river is gonna raise some fucking health inspector eyebrows.
No. 97016 ID: 8679fe

i've never actually thought consciously about why i do this, so i had to kick this question around in my head a little before i came up with an answer. i guess the first thing that comes to mind is that it's simultaneously jarring and grounding? it breaks the fourth wall in a really obnoxious way but at the same time sort of tethers this absurd world to the one that we know and live in (in a similar way to me insisting on pinning down specific dates in the quest, and mentioning more than once that it takes place in 2015.) i'm interested in the ways that that raises questions about where the city and world of acid soup line up against The Real World, or whether it does at all.
to a much lesser extent, incongruity is the root of humor and i think it's sort of passively funny.

tunamouth's voice was stolen and replaced with an entire lake, to be accurate. the fish that leave his mouth are actually not tuna - they're fingerling lake trout.

it is absolutely 100% a health code violation
No. 97017 ID: bb78f2

If it's a lake, it'll drain, eventually. Right?
No. 97018 ID: 8679fe

nope. the rate at which water leaves his mouth - even if he were to just stand around with his mouth open all the time, which would be excessively uncomfortable for him - doesn't exceed the rate of the lake's natural inflow.
No. 97022 ID: 15a025

I think tuna mouth here is my new favorite character here.
No. 97028 ID: cc08c7

So for reasons that may or may not be pertaining to something I might or might not draw would it be feasible for someone to replace their teeth with a bear trap? No reason just kinda curious as to what the limits are to "switching X part with Y".
No. 97030 ID: f56624

hey, if peacock (a blind quadruplegiac amputee child with no eyes) could do it, so can you
No. 97038 ID: 8679fe

No. 97039 ID: 8679fe
File 145280049115.png - (263.84KB , 849x832 , BLAHHH.png )

oh yeah i finished this the other day
No. 97043 ID: 8679fe
File 145280688360.png - (96.33KB , 700x609 , MORTICIANtransp.png )

this too blah blah
No. 97138 ID: bb78f2

How does the memory trade work? From my initial perception when talking to Ne, it sounded like they could be used multiple times and read by several people. But the current capsule model for the mortician's store seems to imply they're one-time use, which would seem to me would make them REALLY useless as a trade item for anything besides the information trade.

A more practical model for the Mortician to make a lot of bank would be to rent them out at a cheaper price, but keep them. I would figure memory reading would be instantaneous, so POP comes the capsule for cheap, then you put it back in, then resell. Realistically, a person would only want to keep or permanently purchase a favorable memory, like a favorite movie.

Can memories be mass produced (well, copied en masse, to sell at a bunch of different places), or could a method be synthesized to copy them if a person smart enough to create a process existed? What I'm saying is, if the tech for copying memories isn't out right now, could it theoretically come out in the future in the world, or is there a roadblock in the physics of doing such a thing?
No. 97258 ID: 8a14f7

No. 97259 ID: 8679fe

you lose all knowledge of a memory once it's no longer in your physical possession - granted, if someone picked up a memory and it was useless, they wouldn't care much, but in an overarching sense, acquisition of memories is considered much more desirable than temporary access.

additionally, while there is a certain rinse-and-repeat appeal to renting memories out, the mortician can get more per item when they use the capsule method with a relatively high price - either people will be getting a good memory at a typical price, or a crappy useless memory at a price that's way too high, no take-backsies, so either way it still ends up being a good deal for the vendor. this also ensures that their stock is always replenished and cycling out, rather than getting stuck with the same memories that people view and chuck back in the bin over and over.

memories cannot be mass produced or replicated, though they can be tampered with - each one is unique and can only be harvested directly from a person's mind.

No. 97260 ID: 8679fe
File 145342484599.jpg - (310.82KB , 640x694 , 2016-01-20_00010.jpg )

btw.... a pic of the real live lickbutt, if anyone was curious
No. 97261 ID: 15a025

All I can say is wow. The art for the new quest is just beautiful. Can't wait to see this flower into something amazing.
No. 97262 ID: bb78f2

I love every picture of this new quest.
The OP would make a lovely painting.
No. 97263 ID: 8679fe

thank you guys!! i know it's going to be challenging keeping this level of quality up, but that's kind of the whole point - imo my biggest weakness as an artist is, frankly, laziness and a shitty work ethic/short attention span. already these first three images feel really rewarding, so i'm confident about the rigor of this quest being effective in ironing out those personal character wrinkles and making me better at just sitting down and really working.
No. 97269 ID: 3641d4

No. 97273 ID: 5ad4a7

No Elder Scrolls quest has ever been completed.

Will you be the one to break the curse?
No. 97275 ID: 8679fe

man, i hope so. but no matter what happens, i at least hope to give you guys a good mountain of pretty art and some good times with a gay cat.

i mean, to be fair, no fractal quest besides KQ has ever been completed either, so the odds are stacked against me, but. something something slow and steady wins the race
No. 97283 ID: 15a025

Lickbutt is a guy?
No. 97284 ID: 4e5a7b

yep! he's much smaller than his younger sister bc she's a cathay-raht and he's a suthay.
No. 97285 ID: f69fb8

lickbutt reminds me of refurb the cat
No. 97286 ID: bb78f2

Wait, are you going to keep game mechanics similar to how they are in game, so we don't have a hard time finding a gay Nord husband? We're a khajiit allowed in town, so I assume that every potential suitor is bisexual like in the game, but you can change that if you want, though it's a tough call to make for each and every suitor in the game.
No. 97289 ID: 8679fe

i didn't know who refurb the cat was until you said that and now i do. thanks for that

the only straight person in skyrim, for the purposes of this quest, is mikael
No. 97296 ID: 15a025

Still really digging the look of Lickbutt. It really looks like your taking photos of handmade cardboard cutouts and sticking them over handmade backgrounds. It looks very pretty and gives it a cute pop up book kind of feeling.
No. 97299 ID: b17b81

Yeah, it looks very nice.
No. 97301 ID: 8679fe

thanks, you guys!!

in other news: whoever it is who's giving lick advice in-character as a khajiit is really making my day
No. 97303 ID: 47160d

So out of curiousity, if this is who we think it is and we got Lick with him would we follow him around on his adventures?
No. 97548 ID: 03c8e7

haha ok so. my phone was stolen and until i scrape together enough $$$ from commissions to get a new one my job hunt is on hold (which means More commissions on top of that) and also that was how i was updating florist of whiterun so..... whiterun updates might be on hold until either i get a new phone or i get my roommate's scanner working. whichever comes first.
No. 97549 ID: 03c8e7

also uh. well i guess the most recent update answered that but: while it might be the most obvious course of action, you dont HAVE to follow the dragonborn plotline.... one of the reasons i started florist was bc i realized that a lot of my quests are like...not actually as interactive as i assumed, outside of incidental things, and so i wanted to try something way more openworld. the dragonborn will also not be the only potential love interest!! i'm gonna try to find at least one hottie per city (or make a fresh one, if there's no burly nords that i like to be found in canon).
No. 97678 ID: 57fc24
File 145481343994.png - (258.74KB , 800x1333 , maroondress.png )

if i post this will you guys forgive me for not updating maroon quest for so long
No. 97679 ID: 4fad30

but that's mad cute, I'm with it
No. 97681 ID: 15a025

Speaking of old quests, what ever happened to Loretta quest?
No. 97682 ID: 57fc24

same thing that happened with maroon - still into it, still planning on trying to get back to a regular update schedule, it just got temporarily overtaken by my interest in acid soup for a bit. i actually have the next loretta quest update like 80% written and i just need to follow through.

No. 97694 ID: 47160d

dude... why are you running 3+ quests at the same time? This is insane
No. 97695 ID: 8679fe

i tell myself it's so that i can keep things fresh and interesting and so that i'm not just doing the same tone/style/etc all the time

in reality it's because i'm extremely irresponsible and i have very bad judgement and i fucking love quests
No. 97696 ID: 47160d

But Imean it makes you update slowly and the plotlines must get jumbled for you sometimes. I mean I can understand loving quests but jesus man show some restraint. I mean they all seem well done, but I am sure they would be even better if you focused on one or two. Apologies if I am insulting you
No. 97697 ID: 47160d

change the slowly to more slowly than you could. You update averagely for the most part
No. 97701 ID: 8679fe

i mean that's all definitely true. but i guess as long as i've already got these ones going simultaneously, i don't want to abandon them? i mean i've already shelved a LOT of quests - sad girl club, deerlings, etc - but the three i'm really focusing on rn are ones i'm really invested in, and ones that i don't want to let fall by the wayside.

i definitely don't have a great track record on consistency in my update schedule, but i do at least think that it's not THAT unusual for authors on here to have a lot of erratic projects at once, and i'd rather have 3 big ones all clumsily but steadily chugging along than keep starting things and dropping them the way i did a couple years ago.
No. 97702 ID: 8679fe

to clarify: i actually really do want to reboot sad girl club at some point (i think i made a lot of pacing mistakes in my first attempt and i'm not happy enough w it to just pick it up again) but there's no way that's happening until i get a few of the quests i'm already running wrapped up and put away.
No. 97703 ID: 47160d

Heh well it's a good thought certainly. I look forward to the updates of the quest(s) I do read from you. Have a nice day/night sir/ma'am
No. 97708 ID: 15a025

It's nice to see Loretta quest has came back. It's actually one of the first quests I started to read here on tgchan. It also got me into Blue October.
No. 97742 ID: cc46be

im on team cute puppy for lyfe srry
No. 97757 ID: 8679fe

okay listen i have to ask. why are commenters and all of my friends alike expressing horror and confusion at the concept of the giblet bags. have you guys seriously never bought an uncooked chicken before. why is everyone i know acting like i made giblet bags up. i promise they are not only real but actually really common
No. 97766 ID: 401f23

is Ne pronounced knee or neigh?
No. 97767 ID: 8679fe

phonetic pronunciation is interchangeable between "neigh" and "shithead"
No. 97779 ID: 082c9a

Damn it why are all of your quests so good :(
No. 97789 ID: 3adcf8

Is The Mortician's hair a mass of tongues?
No. 97794 ID: 5ad4a7

Brings new meaning to "giving head".
No. 97800 ID: 5f0700

What, really? Because that is horrifying, its not a thing here at all
No. 97816 ID: 2f4b71

We get offal in separate packaging here, but I've never seen it included with a chicken before.
No. 97817 ID: 5ad4a7

I've seen giblet bags before, down in the south. Usually with turkeys.
No. 97836 ID: cc08c7


Weird, I always assumed giblet bags were a pretty common thing myself, and I'm from magical canuckland.
No. 97839 ID: 4fad30

Dunno. Pretty common in Latin food markets round here and I'm in the northeast.
No. 97877 ID: eaa5d1
File 145567290498.png - (33.50KB , 500x500 , N.png )


N: https://t.co/Nyn5U4jRgQ
No. 97878 ID: eaa5d1
File 145567291813.png - (38.70KB , 500x500 , E.png )

E: https://t.co/4OgKws0f3i
No. 97879 ID: 1e0d98

Ne is a creepy mofo and we should have plugged him when we had the chance.
No. 97882 ID: eaa5d1
File 145568106689.jpg - (20.06KB , 638x479 , ye.jpg )

No. 97883 ID: bb78f2

In opposition, Thrall is best husbando and we should have asked them out on a date when we had the chance.
No. 97884 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm still holding out for angel friend.

Sweat is one attractive whatsit.
No. 97887 ID: 88965b

i saw em a bunch when i was young but i havent seen them in a store in a loooooong time. like it felt normal but i havent seen em in forever. i figure its a thing thats normal in certain places and alien in others, like pigs feet?
No. 97932 ID: 939fec

The mortician is an awesome design.
I assume it's a leech-monster thing? Man, I bet it's final form looks like something out of Toxoglossa's library. Gnarly to the max.

I thought giblet bags were only for turkeys.
No. 97935 ID: fe3bae

I'm wondering if it's not just that people are unknowingly leaving the bags in when they cook and eat a chicken.
No. 97939 ID: eaa5d1

I FORGOT TO ANSWER THIS - when the mortician is looking pretty human, they aren't tongues, but they are uncomfortably fleshy and they don't look/feel like normal hair. basically, they aren't tongues unless the mortician wants them to be.

thank you!! to be totally honest, i don't even really know what the mortician is. demon-adjacent, at least, but i don't really have anything worked out past that.
No. 97940 ID: bb78f2

Fractal, I'm confused, is ichor blood? Some suggestors are talking about nutting some Ichor and like, I'm really getting confused. Is it blood or is it some straight up Corruption of Champion's shit?
No. 97944 ID: eaa5d1

it is blood - but the nutting jokes have all come from sweat sheepishly admitting that the reason that it hasn't ever offered ichor before is because drinking ichor is "intimate."
No. 97948 ID: cc08c7

Okie dokie, I put together something I said I'd work on. I dunno if I should post it here or post it in my draw thread and just link it here.
No. 97949 ID: eaa5d1

either way i'd love to see it!!! plus there's always the good old fanart thread too
No. 97950 ID: cc08c7
File 145593975524.jpg - (307.73KB , 1911x1639 , SnapToIt.jpg )

Apologizing in advance if it came out kinda bad, character with a bear trap for teeth as promised. Tried to make her proportions a bit weird and gave her long fingers to fit into the sort of surreal feeling I get from Acid Soup. Also her tongue is steel and painted stripey for no real reason.
No. 97951 ID: eaa5d1

AAA THIS IS SO CUTE??? i'd love to have her make a cameo at some point if u dont mind???? idk where i'd work her in at this point but i'm sure an opportunity will present itself sooner or later
No. 97952 ID: cc08c7


I don't mind at all! I'm super happy you actually like her and I'm glad you got some enjoyment from my messy art.
No. 97958 ID: eaa5d1
File 145600311461.png - (64.30KB , 508x356 , dfjsdshj.png )

i'm posting this without context
No. 97960 ID: f62d5d
File 145600587376.jpg - (5.78KB , 164x164 , 2015-01-21-13-51-47--1525641850.jpg )

inhale my dong enragement child.
No. 97964 ID: 209a42

O god please not canon.
I get this reference.
No. 97989 ID: eeeaca

god damn fractal, sweat is the most consistently adorable character i've ever seen in a webcomic

like, some people make characters that are designed to be cute or whatever but whenever sweat's on the scene i just wanna comfort them omfg
No. 97993 ID: 3a6cd8

How a creepy angel thing manages to be so adorable is beyond me.
No. 98014 ID: 6eee93
File 145619143782.png - (166.60KB , 550x550 , thisistheworst.png )

No. 98015 ID: 4201a2

imo, not far off the mark.

tbh, it's like learning somebody has healing cum and wanting to suck their dick just as a pick-me-up. kind of feels scummy of us and like we're taking advantage
No. 98029 ID: 8679fe

MAN that was a close vote. i wonder if people would have kept going if i hadn't updated tonight? i was kind of waiting for the suggestions to trail off but they just. didn't.
No. 98030 ID: 6eee93

i was expecting angel soup to be an intermission but. well. i guess we got it early.
No. 98107 ID: 88965b

these angels are the COOLEST the designs and weird ways of talking, just fuckin everything about em is interesting please don't kill them
No. 98131 ID: eaa5d1

sweat and belial will probably be the only two that show up in canon, but they're def sticking around! unless you guys like. fucked up MASSIVELY. massively. unless you fucked up in a way i couldn't possibly anticipate. idk

anyway. sorry for my absence lately, gonna try to get an update up tonight or MAYBE tomorrow depending on if my roomie pumps me full of beer or not
No. 98135 ID: 3079c4

oh, also - sorry that all of these updates with belial have been so chunky and disjointed. people are asking a lot of different things and there's a lot to talk about, so i've been struggling to include as many suggestions as i can while also trying to make sure the updates aren't just huge fucking textwalls. i'm ... not accomplishing as much of that as i'd like, lol
No. 98137 ID: 47160d

Is it just me or is Belial kinda hot? And Sweat too for that matter...
No. 98142 ID: 3079c4

it's definitely not just you. pretty much all of my friends who read the quest are Dirty Sweatfuckers and i know at least one person now who has officially claimed belial as husband material. that's what i get for giving them so many eyes
No. 98143 ID: cc08c7

It's the hips, them angels got some damn fine hips.
No. 98148 ID: 47160d

Wait we are allowed to CLAIM THEM?!?!?!? I get sweat then! And yeah dem hips....
No. 98149 ID: 3079c4
File 145672277421.png - (243.40KB , 700x700 , aa.png )

drew a pair of emo lyric things
No. 98150 ID: 3079c4
File 145672278505.png - (312.85KB , 700x700 , bb.png )

because its always 2007 in my heart of hearts
No. 98183 ID: 3079c4
File 145694687020.png - (1.19MB , 1000x2570 , laughtrack.png )

i did this last night instead of doing anything useful
No. 98184 ID: 7b7ab3

And it was well worth it!
No. 98188 ID: 35dcbd
File 145696712167.png - (291.48KB , 828x825 , jojolowrt.png )

yare yare daze
No. 98190 ID: 3079c4

No. 98191 ID: 15a025

No. 98209 ID: bb78f2

Getting serious georgette flashbacks here
No. 98210 ID: 3079c4

im sooooo glad it shows - i had three main character inspirations for jolene, and georgette is one of them!

the other two are eartha kitt ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGYwf7e_cr8 ) and graham specter from baccano ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKiOpv0-pPc ), specifically the english dub
No. 98211 ID: 3079c4

okay i was trying to limit myself to one graham video but i can't. i just can't. plus there's some ladd in her too anyway, so, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNdISWqmPgU
No. 98215 ID: 15a025

Congrats on Acid Soup being the featured wiki page!
No. 98216 ID: 2c322d

No. 98217 ID: bb78f2

Okay, I keep having new ideas after every new post.

Major plan is fake exonerate Ne in regards to the Sukebun with the evidence we gain at this meeting, when he resurfaces, kidnap him, and bring him to the Mortician and liquefy all their memories and give non-consenting blood ALL in the same course.

Perfect plan, all Ne has to do is fall for it.
No. 98218 ID: cc08c7

This is something I've been wondering since Rabies was first mentioned in Acid Soup, is he in any way inspired by the nasty doberman from Courage the Cowardly Dog? The one from the Mask episode. I just noticed a bunch of similarities between the two already and I was wondering if you ever watched Courage or if it's impacted your art/Quests in any way.
No. 98222 ID: 15a025

Always thought Lorreta seemed kind of like that bunny from the same episode you mentioned.
No. 98223 ID: 3079c4

buckwheat's got it - loretta quest was very heavily influenced by 'the mask,' even though i didn't realize at the time (i had forgotten all about the episode when i first started the quest, but once someone mentioned it to me and i rewatched it i realized there was absolutely no way it was a coincidence, especially since i loved courage as a kid.)

while rabies wasn't specifically influenced by the dog from that ep, there's just something satisfyingly tropey about casting a big nasty drooling doberman as your bad guy - just like i've carried the big nasty poodle as our bad girl from loretta quest.
No. 98247 ID: 0dc9cf
File 145740640309.jpg - (63.13KB , 500x477 , image.jpg )

Acid Soup: the boyfriend drama quest. She can't help dudes falling for her. Lowry is the ideal woman.
No. 98251 ID: 3641d4

Congrats to FRACTAL for getting her quest featured and congrats to Buckwheat for not fucking things up for once.
speaking of, when are you going to kick Buckwheat's ass at olive garden?
No. 98254 ID: 3079c4


thank u!!! and i go by 'he,' actually, just fyi!
No. 98258 ID: fc9409

I dont want to push you or be obnoxious but I am curious because I dimly remember you saying you'll resume old ones when the new ones finish? Is that still the case?
Ok mostly I miss the horrible space adventure but sad girls club was cute too...
No. 98261 ID: 2c9f6b

i don't think you're being obnoxious! that is the loose plan, yeah. but by new ones i mostly mean Main ones - acid soup is top priority, then loretta, then maroon. also im Horrible and im planning on starting another quest soon, but i won't consider it part of the group that needs to be finished before i resume old stuff.
No. 98263 ID: 15a025

Is lickbutt dead ;_;
No. 98264 ID: 2c9f6b

oh, nah - i just haven't had the time/motivation to do those kind of illustrations lately! it's a lot easier to keep up with the digital stuff, and that's why whiterun has fallen a bit by the wayside, not bc i've lost interest or anything.
No. 98287 ID: 34dbe0
File 145759317061.png - (219.94KB , 800x1000 , GUTSPINUP.png )

listen it's starting off bleak but eventually this WILL be fun. more fun than it is right now at least
No. 98288 ID: 34dbe0
File 145759340801.png - (226.05KB , 800x1000 , GUTSPINUP2.png )

ok wait i made a grave error and a very dear friend was kind enough to point it out. here's the fixed version
No. 98299 ID: 4201a2

>people complaining the boy is wearing a skirt
It's like you've never played animal crossing: new leaf.
No. 98301 ID: 15a025

>Dressing up AC character in a manly skirt
And here I though I was the only one who did this.
No. 98309 ID: cc08c7


I totally don't have a spare nurse outfit somewhere in my many drawers in New Leaf, totally.
No. 98310 ID: 3f9dc0

What to you have against noses, Fractal?
No. 98312 ID: 34dbe0

They Hurt Me
No. 98318 ID: cc08c7


I thought it was because.

They smell funny.
No. 98320 ID: c47b0c

You just one all teh Internets.
No. 98329 ID: 88965b

my fav character in new leaf moved out a long time ago and i have never gotten over it. i was thinking about her the other day. it's been like a year and half. maybe two.

so what i'm saying is i am READY to get all sorts of emotionally invested in durian boy
No. 98337 ID: 03c8e7

in the town i had before meatcube, kabuki was my favorite villager - there from the beginning, etc. i ended up having a period of time when i couldn't play at all, and when i finally got back he'd moved out while i was gone. i had everything unlocked, all the furniture i wanted, etc, but i was so heartbroken that i decided i just had to remake the town entirely, just because i couldn't stand to be in the same town without him - but somehow for him to move back in a new town felt more bearable. still waiting for him to come back to me!
No. 98338 ID: 03c8e7
File 145780531539.png - (137.34KB , 700x600 , junkostats.png )

additionally: the stats that really matter
No. 98339 ID: 99a64d

How is babby formed in the acid soup universe?
No. 98343 ID: 03c8e7

same as anywhere else, my dude
No. 98347 ID: bb78f2

Can Belial or Sweat have kids?

Also, Junko is great and now I'm thinking about Dangen Ronpa. Great.
No. 98350 ID: 03c8e7

they could but chances are high that the kids would be like. cosmically fucked up on multiple levels
No. 98425 ID: 0543a8

this just in: FRACTAL confurms that lowry & sweat will have fucked up ethereal kittens
No. 98426 ID: 34dbe0
File 145793853699.png - (100.68KB , 353x406 , dfsdd.png )

zoom. enhonce
No. 98428 ID: cc08c7


This thread's starting to get a bit hairy.
No. 98429 ID: 0543a8
File 145795155339.png - (25.30KB , 200x157 , Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1_22_21 AM.png )

are you.... purrhaps.... bothered by something????
No. 98477 ID: 88965b

o my god good luck, i hope u get em back. mine was monique, i did the same thing-didn't play for a long time and she left sometime while i was gone. i wound up getting happy home designer and she came for a house so now i just get on there and visit her and it is totally worth it. i dont even care about the rest of it (even tho it IS cute and great) i just missed her so much

A N Y WAYS as for quest discussions: is there anything u can tell us about jolene

i want to like her and side w/her but i'm afraid she will be the Real Bad Guy
No. 98591 ID: 34dbe0
File 145833170174.png - (97.21KB , 800x1000 , BELIAL.png )

here it is. the Standard Prettyboy Gijinka. now even normies who don't like body horror can have a boyfriendial
No. 98592 ID: 34dbe0

if you want extra jolene info, you'll have to ferret it out in-quest!!
No. 98608 ID: 76b25a
File 145842597099.png - (0.97MB , 1249x2260 , sweatuncensored.png )

i went from zero to sweatfucker in about 2 days
No. 98625 ID: cc6b51

That is a tasty pretty boy. I suppose this means I have to make more Morty/Bell sinfulness.
No. 98631 ID: 47160d

We must have moar!!!
No. 98652 ID: cc08c7
File 145860867290.jpg - (159.41KB , 1357x1224 , IScream.jpg )

I was drawing more Snap last night and decided to throw this sketch here. Snap mourns the loss of her loyal ice cream cone.
No. 98655 ID: c180f3

hi everyone i just want you consider "like o, like h" by tegan and sara for nanako
No. 98676 ID: 34dbe0


this is Brutal
No. 98680 ID: cc08c7


No. 98682 ID: f0d7d8

I keep thinking her eyes are the screws of her bear trap teeth.
No. 98688 ID: cc08c7


I need to try to get her coloured and inked at some point to help fix little things like that.
No. 98690 ID: bb78f2

Before anyone calls out my idiotic suggestion about admittance for responsibility that may get us killed, you should know I have a painful desire to sate my curiosity for the potential result.

Might be fun.
No. 98691 ID: cc08c7

A little off-topic, but my BF's been reading Acid Soup lately and he was wondering if Sweat would like Mars Volta.
No. 98692 ID: 668515

I love how Sloane is wearing a poodle skirt. Awwww.
No. 98699 ID: 15a025

Fractal, what are japanese rythem games do you play?
No. 98768 ID: 34dbe0
File 145948821863.png - (185.40KB , 700x840 , goldiesmall.png )

hey guys im gonna be awol for a while because i am ssssuper desperate on the money front and any drawing i do will have to be commission stuff until my heads above water again! take this raunchy goldie for now

(in related news, if you want a fullbody fullcolor pinup like this one i'm takin em for $30 and doing sketches starting at $5, hmu at iraprinceillustration@gmail.com with the subject line "commission." tbh the faster i can get on my feet again the faster i can start updating again lol)
No. 98769 ID: 34dbe0

ahaha you guys haven't seen the full thing yet

i only play love live! one of my friends is really tempting me to start idolmaster, though.
No. 98875 ID: 15a025
File 145988786864.png - (238B , 16x16 , another failure.png )

I tried making you a fav icon for acid soup but it didn't turn out to well...
No. 98878 ID: f56624

just keep at it man, you'll get there.
No. 98915 ID: 34dbe0

i like it! consider it OK'd for the thread tbh, it's been needing a favicon for ages
No. 98968 ID: 15a025

Woo! I'm glad you like it! I noticed the left ear was a tad bit bigger then the right so I fixed it and posted the slightly better one over in the icon thread.
No. 99075 ID: 34dbe0
File 146048516576.png - (114.53KB , 512x512 , 2016.png )

it's time for me to get a little sappy, i think. i'm gonna touch on suicide, so if that's something you don't like to read about, this is a post to skip.

katherine quest, my first completed quest, began on august 24th four years ago, and acid soup began on august 19th this past year. i've found myself thinking a lot about how far i've come in that time. katherine quest's overall message was pretty clear, and pretty bleak: sometimes people take things from you, and you never get them back, and you're left broken.

acid soup isn't exactly a rosy jaunt, and its theme is really similar, but i think it differs in a really important way: sometimes people take things from you, and you never get them back, and you're left broken - so shove garbage in the holes they left and keep moving. it's not pretty and it's not like you aren't still suffering, but these things are fixable, however shoddy those fixes may be.

it's not august yet, but the weather's getting warmer. every august gets easier - it's been over a year and a half since my last suicide attempt. i'm feeling a lot less like katherine, and a lot more like lowry. i didn't die, and i'm not dead, and i'm not planning on dying anytime soon, especially not by my own hand, and especially not in some shitty man-made lake behind someone's house.

i still think of quests as, first and foremost, something i do for fun - but there's no denying the way they've helped me analyze myself and my experiences in a way that's way easier than just sitting around alone trying to dig holes in my brain. this form of storytelling has been a huge part of my life for the past four years, and i anticipate it being important to me for a long time coming. i guess the point is thanks for sticking with me, and thanks for being the sounding board to all of these stories that have ended up being so incredibly close to my heart.

here's to another year of survival.
No. 99076 ID: 9f0151

No. 99077 ID: 3adcf8

Congratulations on finding the garbage you needed to keep moving and thank you for the last couple years of spectacular quests.
No. 99084 ID: 15a025

Stay strong buddy! Hopefully one day you can turn that garbage will blossom into something amazing.
No. 99085 ID: a5256e

I for one feel deeply privileged to be part of the garbage with which you fill your holes FRACTAL
No. 99086 ID: 5ad4a7

Garbage garden.
No. 99188 ID: b1b975


i memed. includes acid soup chapter 1, rabbit soup, and maroon quest
No. 99196 ID: b17b81

Keep on keeping on.
No. 99203 ID: 15a025

That was pretty cute.
No. 99220 ID: 34dbe0

No. 99222 ID: 34dbe0
File 146093126954.png - (206.25KB , 700x600 , warmup17.png )

lil guts pinup i did for warmup today
No. 99223 ID: 9f0151

i. honestly did not expect that.
No. 99262 ID: 34dbe0
File 146103856340.png - (509.93KB , 600x863 , alignments.png )

No. 99270 ID: 40c532

No. 99284 ID: cc08c7

I for one like Sloane's fashion sense.
No. 99288 ID: 88e50b

(sloane voice)
sweetie, you are literally so out of line it’s fucking unbelievable. i could drag you so hard right now but i know you’ll just end up crying. i’ve roasted you before and you know it. chances are you’ll just say i bullied you because you’re gay and have different skin. talk shit get hit, you don’t wanna mess with me kiddo; i’ve got a black belt. i know threats are fucked up but that’s all i’ve been receiving all day, probably from her royal hoodrat olive and all of her nasty friends. but you can gang up on me and make fun of me for being goth all you want. i’ve been hurt a lot. my first boyfriend cheated on me, my dad screams if i forget to do my chores, and there are some days i don’t even want to get out of bed in the mornings. i’m a jaded teenage girl. i’ve been through shit that you wouldn’t even dream of. you think your life is hard? try asking the cutest guy in your grade out in the middle of the cafeteria only to find out he has a fucking girlfriend. you don’t know my life or my story so keep my name out of your nasty mouth. life is a battlefield and it looks like i’ve already won.
No. 99350 ID: 34dbe0
File 146130518688.png - (117.30KB , 612x583 , fkdshjfds.png )

only 2012 kids will remember
No. 99353 ID: 34dbe0
File 146130728850.png - (171.84KB , 897x514 , they need tails.png )

also ive decided the elves have to have tails. i made such a massive mistake by not giving them tails from the beginning. i fucked up. i'm gonna just start drawing them with tails
No. 99354 ID: e791c0

No. 99355 ID: 726a91

Arse Annoyers.
Thigh Ticklers
Caboose Caressers.
No. 99356 ID: 5ad4a7

Uhhh how will tail-less halfbreeds have any chance of passing as an elf, then?
No. 99363 ID: 34dbe0

shhh. only tails now
No. 99364 ID: 59a537

Clearly the answer is that EVERYONE gets a tail!
No. 99365 ID: bb78f2

Since elves are androgynous, and female elves don't have boobs, what is, in general, elves opinion of human's boobs?

Like "Oh my god, they look fun to motorboat", every single one of them, or no? "Boobs are funny looking" to "I LOVE BOOBIES HOLY SHIT BOOBS BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS"

I'd love to see some elf on human interaction, since all we've had is elf on elf, but I forgot if you ever said the odds of us meeting a human.
No. 99403 ID: bb78f2

In Acid Soup, is murder even a crime? Are there police or justice system at all?
Since you can tear our a person's eyes and have them still see through their eye sockets through abstraction, I'm just wondering what it might even mean to kill somebody in this world. Seems not at all like a serious action, since it's so frequent, but that may just be from the perspective of someone from this crime filled city.
No. 99404 ID: 34dbe0

for an ef to experience sexual attraction to human titty would be Extremely Taboo. as it is, elves are mostly indifferent and a little bit weirded out.

yeah it's a crime but this is also a surrealist trauma-fueled acid trip and law enforcement stuff is boring to write and draw. stares with dead eyes at the loretta quest intermission
No. 99405 ID: a075ba

The abstraction with the eyes is that their eyes were taken, but not their sight. Fundamental functions / purposes / concepts exist independently of the physical components that make up a body.

So... taken to the absolute extreme, you'd think it would be possible to take someone's form, but not their life. Put them in a helpless ghost hell.
No. 99407 ID: bb78f2

>law enforcement stuff is boring to write and draw
It's always fun to suggest a read for and think about. I LOVE getting law enforcement involved and trying to avoid common tropes.

>So... taken to the absolute extreme, you'd think it would be possible to take someone's form, but not their life. Put them in a helpless ghost hell.
Man, if we fuck up on Rabies murder, it could be really bad for Rabies or really bad for us. If he comes back as an unsent ghost, we're proper fucked.
No. 99412 ID: 34dbe0
File 146156528832.png - (218.59KB , 771x631 , jol.png )

found these in my files from when i was still working out her look! i know i have some other stuff hiding somewhere too, maybe i'll find it tomorrow
No. 99414 ID: 3adcf8

I really like Jolene.
I love her obsession with storytelling.
I love that she's a mother and all the violence that requires of her.
I hope she can see how beautiful her own story is.
No. 99453 ID: b389b9

I just hope she goes back to wearing her hair down.

And maybe gets her eyes back.

Taking peoples eyes is a dick move, rabies.
No. 99470 ID: bb78f2

When you think voices, is Jolene voiced by Earth Kitt?

If so, is Cain or Rabies voiced by Patrick Warburton? Yes okay, because of Krunk.
I'm having a tough time imagining Patrick voice acting a huge evil asshole like Rabies but maybe it could work.
Cain's a better fit for Patrick, personality wise, but Cain is scrawny so hearing Patrick come out of him might be disconcerting.
No. 99471 ID: 34dbe0
File 146173882308.png - (192.09KB , 700x700 , warmup26.png )

so can you understand
why i want a daughter while i'm still young?

No. 99472 ID: 34dbe0

mm.. as much as it's true that eartha kitt was a huge character inspiration for jolene, i don't think the voice fits. i don't really have any headcanon voices for any of them ... except a bunch of people told me they read belial's lines in the voice of bill cipher from gravity falls. i had never seen the show before, but when i looked up some videos of the character i was like. well fuck. pitch that down and yeah, that's him
No. 99477 ID: 3641d4

Thanks, now I've got ANOTHER group of songs to listen to now. You've got some god-tier taste.
No. 99480 ID: 15a025

Agreed. FRACTAL has introduced me to some pretty kick ass bands and songs.
No. 99543 ID: 88965b

I love jolene so much im already hurting in anticipation for the story to completely ruin her for the bad things she's done

and this hurts the most
No. 99587 ID: 7fbbbf

damn, I'm beginning to feel hugging Jolene would be worth the risk of death.

Also hi I'm kind of new, is there somewhere I can throw money your way in what I hope is a supportive manner?
No. 99593 ID: 34dbe0

you would definitely die and it would definitely be worth it

anyway wow thanks!! i don't have a patreon or anything and my commissions are closed rn, but if you were really hellbent on sending something at me anyway it would definitely be accepted and deeply appreciated. i could like. wing my paypal your way or something idk. but honestly quests are really fun for me and they've been a massive benefit to my art and my wellbeing in general! i'm having more fun than you guys are, i promise
No. 99594 ID: a107fd

Try setting up the Patreon thing in a really halfassed way, then see if enough money starts magically appearing in your digital guitar case to justify further refinement.
No. 99600 ID: 3d2d5f

FRACTAL this quest continues to spit out the best dialogue choices.
No. 99608 ID: 2c4dc5

seriously this entire sequence is KILLING ME its everything i never knew i needed
No. 99619 ID: eb9715

I wouldn't say hellbent and it'd probably be around the end of the month until I was able to actually do any donating, but I'm definitely interested in doing so.
I'm sure if you were to put up a patreon or something similar a few others would join in too.
No. 99620 ID: eb9715

I wouldn't say hellbent and it'd probably be around the end of the month until I was able to actually do any donating, but I'm definitely interested in doing so.
I'm sure if you were to put up a patreon or something similar a few others would join in too.
No. 99669 ID: 34dbe0

remember when i said i dont have a headcanon voice for jolene. i lied https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1UCxfRvRGo
No. 99675 ID: cc08c7


Hot Pockets Earl Grey Tea sounds like an Acid Soup beverage.
No. 99718 ID: 15a025

This is just way too fitting to listen to for Dog soup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY2KnW19Tls
No. 99731 ID: 94c47b


Oh God, what about this
No. 99732 ID: 0d6c82

>D. "I'm just being cautious."

Related video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6Y5xLvYdMM&feature=youtu.be&t=4m23s
No. 99743 ID: 34dbe0

im so fucking glad we're all on the same page here. my artistic vision is clearly coming through to you guys just fine
No. 99744 ID: 34dbe0
File 146311924029.png - (16.03KB , 545x493 , nana.png )

also hey you guys wanna hear something fucked up for nanako https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZm9rFfwZ-w
No. 99761 ID: cc08c7