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File 135786557536.png - (855.73KB , 1600x800 , fractalquests.png )
65967 No. 65967 ID: 6808dd

running a disthread for each quest is a huge fucking pain so here's a big clusterfuck one
681 posts omitted. Last 100 shown. Expand all images
No. 99472 ID: 34dbe0

mm.. as much as it's true that eartha kitt was a huge character inspiration for jolene, i don't think the voice fits. i don't really have any headcanon voices for any of them ... except a bunch of people told me they read belial's lines in the voice of bill cipher from gravity falls. i had never seen the show before, but when i looked up some videos of the character i was like. well fuck. pitch that down and yeah, that's him
No. 99477 ID: 3641d4

Thanks, now I've got ANOTHER group of songs to listen to now. You've got some god-tier taste.
No. 99480 ID: 15a025

Agreed. FRACTAL has introduced me to some pretty kick ass bands and songs.
No. 99543 ID: 88965b

I love jolene so much im already hurting in anticipation for the story to completely ruin her for the bad things she's done

and this hurts the most
No. 99587 ID: 7fbbbf

damn, I'm beginning to feel hugging Jolene would be worth the risk of death.

Also hi I'm kind of new, is there somewhere I can throw money your way in what I hope is a supportive manner?
No. 99593 ID: 34dbe0

you would definitely die and it would definitely be worth it

anyway wow thanks!! i don't have a patreon or anything and my commissions are closed rn, but if you were really hellbent on sending something at me anyway it would definitely be accepted and deeply appreciated. i could like. wing my paypal your way or something idk. but honestly quests are really fun for me and they've been a massive benefit to my art and my wellbeing in general! i'm having more fun than you guys are, i promise
No. 99594 ID: a107fd

Try setting up the Patreon thing in a really halfassed way, then see if enough money starts magically appearing in your digital guitar case to justify further refinement.
No. 99600 ID: 3d2d5f

FRACTAL this quest continues to spit out the best dialogue choices.
No. 99608 ID: 2c4dc5

seriously this entire sequence is KILLING ME its everything i never knew i needed
No. 99619 ID: eb9715

I wouldn't say hellbent and it'd probably be around the end of the month until I was able to actually do any donating, but I'm definitely interested in doing so.
I'm sure if you were to put up a patreon or something similar a few others would join in too.
No. 99620 ID: eb9715

I wouldn't say hellbent and it'd probably be around the end of the month until I was able to actually do any donating, but I'm definitely interested in doing so.
I'm sure if you were to put up a patreon or something similar a few others would join in too.
No. 99669 ID: 34dbe0

remember when i said i dont have a headcanon voice for jolene. i lied https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1UCxfRvRGo
No. 99675 ID: cc08c7


Hot Pockets Earl Grey Tea sounds like an Acid Soup beverage.
No. 99718 ID: 15a025

This is just way too fitting to listen to for Dog soup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY2KnW19Tls
No. 99731 ID: 94c47b


Oh God, what about this
No. 99732 ID: 0d6c82

>D. "I'm just being cautious."

Related video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6Y5xLvYdMM&feature=youtu.be&t=4m23s
No. 99743 ID: 34dbe0

im so fucking glad we're all on the same page here. my artistic vision is clearly coming through to you guys just fine
No. 99744 ID: 34dbe0
File 146311924029.png - (16.03KB , 545x493 , nana.png )

also hey you guys wanna hear something fucked up for nanako https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZm9rFfwZ-w
No. 99761 ID: cc08c7


Considering the related songs with that one things don't look like they're boding well for the bunnies.
No. 99788 ID: cd90cb

Is Loretta quest and lickbutt dead?
No. 99806 ID: 55ac4d

Loretta loretta loretta loretta.
Oh how her hooks bite into this aching heart of mine.
No. 99834 ID: 34dbe0

our related vids might be very different bc of google's algorithms - but if you're seeing more maretu songs, i can tell you that almost every song off that album can be related in one way or another to acid soup (with a heavy lean towards sloane and ne)

loretta is definitely not dead, i'm just focusing on acid soup rn. lickbutt.... lickbutt might be a little dead
No. 99842 ID: cc08c7


Yep, I meant the Maretu songs, I probably should've clarified a bit better.
No. 99852 ID: 34dbe0
File 146372330445.png - (185.49KB , 700x600 , AAUGHG.png )

tonight instead of updating i listened to the best ne mix in the world (http://8tracks.com/steeljaw/7505490 constructed by my best friend and objectively better in every way than the official mixes) and figuring out what ne's art style would look like
No. 99853 ID: 34dbe0

oops. snip off that comma on the link, i didn't think it would latch on like that
No. 99866 ID: 395c02

i got you fam
No. 100039 ID: 34dbe0
File 146475894582.png - (183.43KB , 340x449 , hmph.png )

sorry about new quest except im literally not sorry at all

idk. ive been busy w work irl and unfortunately have been struggling a little with keeping art fun so this is going to be super self-indulgent - like, "these are revamped ocs that i had in fucking high school" self-indulgent - with all the goofy tropes and cliches that i love but have always been too embarrassed to use
No. 100040 ID: 726a91

I am 100% down with sassy monoliths.
No. 100041 ID: ce861e

indulge! if you're having fun with it it's going to be a blast.
Like, I've no idea what the hell kind of neo-apocalyptic setting is going on but there's a guy in a catsuit with the words 'swashbuckler/bard' on his statblock and I need to see it in action.
No. 100044 ID: 34dbe0

for the record: this is what i imagine varlet blasting from his speakers in the most recent update, except like, bass-boosted beyond all recognition. (lyrics are nsfw.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVqX0N1UoAo
No. 100050 ID: 1d0d36

starting tomorrow i will be at an ANIME CONVENTION and will therefore be too busy BUYING JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE MERCHANDISE and GETTING COMPLETELY WASTED to update!! see you guys next week
No. 100051 ID: 5a893f

No roundabout meme Fractal?
No. 100055 ID: abadf3
File 146497274132.png - (110.44KB , 700x800 , 145688729239.png )

No. 100115 ID: ac8ee4
File 146506992329.jpg - (134.00KB , 600x800 , whisperlistenstotheinfinite.jpg )

FRACTAL you overworked slapstick, your art is very pleasant to the eyeball organs and your characters are often enjoyable and interesting.

Do you plan to bring any of your quests to a conclusion any day from here until the end of times?
I admit am anxious for closure in Acid Soup and Wild/Weary. Character driven plot is a bitch when it keeps us hanging.
Still you do you, your stuff is amazing.

Here, have this shitty fanart that only took me about 2 hours to make.
No. 100206 ID: 34dbe0

thank you!

quests that will absolutely be finished are acid soup, loretta quest, and maroon quest. everything else is lower priority so i can't say for sure. this includes wild/weary - i love it!!! but it's also 100% a self-indulgent stress relief quest so if i lose interest in it or if it stops being fun then i'll drop it pretty quickly. but, like i said - it's a blast rn so who knows
No. 100207 ID: 34dbe0
File 146536929069.png - (1.10MB , 592x670 , dfhdsj.png )

additionally: part of the self-indulgence of wild/weary is that i'm digging up ancient characters from high school to use in it and i ended up finding old art of the character who just showed up in this past update. feast your eyes
No. 100209 ID: 3adcf8

FRACTAL you need to be self indulgent more often because a furry vocaloid ninja just made my day. Also your high-school OC looks like cool lady
No. 100301 ID: b68e42

tbfh i cant wait for loretta quest to come back, i love it. Also literally every other FRACTAL quest haha
No. 100498 ID: b17b81

Man, that looks anime as fuck.
Heels, bandana, neck chain, popped collar, that pose, and badass weapon she wouldn't be able to lift in real life.
No. 100772 ID: 34dbe0

SHE'S TOTALLY COOL i'm changing her personality a lot tho bc i unearthed and reread ancient texts (archived rp forum threads from high school) and holy shit she was fucking annoying

"but FRACTAL now all your characters are just some variation of 'generally calm/neutral and then they snap and are extremely violent in a way that's weirdly sexual'"

shhhhh shshshshshshh

ME TOO HAHA I JUST NEED TO... REGROUP AND PRIORITIZE... im all over the place and i just got a promotion at work that is 1. really cool but also 2. means i'm lifting 30-60lb bags and boxes All Day so im getting cute and swole but also i get home and im so tired lmao. but im definitely starting to get the hang of it and i feel a little more human after shifts as the week goes on so im hoping updates will become Plentiful again

dude i have other characters that aren't even making it into w/w (at least not until they get some MAJOR work done) bc they're SO anime that even in THIS quest, which is pretty clearly FRACTAL'S FETISH FESTIVAL, i would be a little embarrassed

it can only go downhill from here, my friend
No. 100829 ID: 5a893f

Fractal if this is your fetish quest, does that mean this is also a porn quest? is my assumption that I'm going to see catboi rape haggis made from his enemies intestines soon too presumptuous?

V looks like the type to fuck some haggis.
No. 100861 ID: c6dfde

Fetish doesn't always means sexual. Fetish; Any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion.
I am thoroughly ok with a completely platonic Quest, even if I feel sorry for poor TIOS. Their dreams of sexy electric Clevelands would never come true. All tears in the rain, eh?
No. 100884 ID: 34dbe0

yeah when i say fetish like part of it is definitely Things FRACTAL Finds Particularly Fucky but also a lot of it just just motifs and character types and tropes that i love the shit out of

y'all are never gonna see any rape in any of my quests in any context besides oblique off-camera trauma processing. and that one bit in katherine quest.

there's probably gonna be romance in w/w. idk about any sex IN quest but again it's sort of a do whatever quest. i kind of wish i could say for sure ahead of time so that anyone who definitely wouldn't wanna read it if it's gonna get porny could bow out now before they get too invested but! tosses my hands up in the air. i've got no idea, dudes
No. 100918 ID: b1960b

sex in quests inst allowed
No. 100920 ID: 7b7ab3

listen to this guy
he makes good clean cyclops fun
no lewd ever
No. 100931 ID: ca7855

Self indulgence is cool. Best works of art out there stem from it.

Fight for me Brom!
No. 101053 ID: 34dbe0
File 146764446035.png - (71.00KB , 700x600 , FROGS.png )

No. 101054 ID: 34dbe0
File 146764454582.png - (10.21KB , 325x323 , MINDFUCK.png )

im pretty much just going through my files and finding a bunch of shit i forgot to post so brace for spam

good sloane song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rbyIphpwAo
No. 101055 ID: 34dbe0
File 146764466867.png - (215.80KB , 700x1000 , hff.png )

Sloane Trying On Different Outfits And Literally Nothing Else Quest when
No. 101056 ID: 34dbe0
File 146764477614.png - (73.58KB , 791x669 , npo.png )

i didnt finish this and likely will not but i'm giving it to you anyway
No. 101057 ID: 34dbe0
File 146764506537.png - (92.50KB , 602x492 , kjdfs.png )

oh here's some w/w pirate crew planning. they're almost all characters i made/roleplayed with when i was but a tiny shitty baby child
No. 101058 ID: 64c92d

Ow lawd! *sweating uncomfortably*
I hate Ne so much but I to fucking live in between those cheeks. Dayum!
No. 101059 ID: 64c92d

!want to!
*party popper*
No. 101063 ID: cc08c7


I legit have another Acid Soup OC loosely based on a Maretu song that I need to draw up soon. I almost forgot until I saw this.
No. 101064 ID: 34dbe0

No. 101067 ID: cc08c7



THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. She's a blackmailing birb who spies on people's phones and sells their secrets while keeping her own locked up tight. The song itself is closer to the latter part of her personality, trying to hide her own secrets from everyone else.
No. 101072 ID: cc08c7
File 146766968043.jpg - (239.70KB , 2318x1787 , LittleBirdyLock.jpg )

Apologies in advance for how messy this probably looks. An attempt was made. Also yes she openly advertises her business like this.
No. 101075 ID: e4f856

wait wait we can make acid soup ocs?? u endorse this?? i need to get on that ASAP wtf wtf
No. 101996 ID: cc08c7
File 146952038939.png - (1.15MB , 1911x1639 , SnapToIt.png )

Took 2-3 hours but I finally did it, I gave Snap some ink and colours.
No. 102657 ID: cc08c7
File 147106935929.png - (1.61MB , 2318x1787 , LittleBirdyLockColoured.png )


And coloured version, even though I dunno if Fractal still comes on TGChan anymore or not.
No. 102865 ID: e3a778
File 147154679586.jpg - (67.58KB , 606x897 , image.jpg )

tomorrow is the one year anniversary of acid soup's launch.

i don't have a whole lot to say that wasn't already said in a sappy post a few months ago ( >>99075 ) but i do feel like Some words are in order

idk. this entire month sucks. august has sucked for me for almost six years now and sometimes it feels like it's going to suck forever. last night i cried my entire walk home from work, in front of all the college kids and businessmen and rich yuppies walking around in the old north, because the cicadas were loud and so was my shitty brain and sometimes one thing is all it takes to send me to hell and make me a scared seventeen-year-old again

but unlike the past few augusts, i talked about how i was feeling (holy shit, what a novel concept) and my friends all sent me messages saying they loved me and that they were proud of me and when i got home my roommate showed me that the fridge was full and i bawled my eyes out all over their shirt and by the end of the night i felt better and honestly, i didn't think about drowning myself even once

i guess what im saying is: acid soup is about ptsd and about the ways that sometimes it can feel like recovery sucks harder than the things that happened to you in the first place. but at the end of the day, fighting through works. telling stories is working. thanks for helping me do that. thanks for being patient when i drop off the face of the earth. thanks for liking lowry, because it sort of makes me feel like less of a shithead.

see you guys when i get time to update again - i hope it's soon
No. 102867 ID: 398fe1

Have you tried EMDR?
No. 102868 ID: cf1196

Thank y o u for an awesome quest. Go you. :)
No. 102869 ID: cf1196

Thank y o u for an awesome quest. Go you. :)
No. 102870 ID: cc08c7

Glad to see that you're still around, and its really great to hear that things are slowly improving for you.
No. 102871 ID: 6e0270

It's good to hear you're doing okay and have people looking out for you.
Also: Happy anniversary to Lowry and co.
No. 102892 ID: 2b5368

Just letting you know that Katherine Quest always have that special place in my heart. Keep on shining, you crazy diamond.
No. 102893 ID: 2b5368

Also dangit I noticed that typo way too late. Apologies for doppelpost.
No. 103490 ID: 15a025
File 147362541741.gif - (10.70KB , 256x256 , tunamouth.gif )

Little present for FRACTAL.
No. 107615 ID: 9cdcfd

Yo fractal could I hypothetically steal your six sided star diagram for characterisation?
The one from Wild/Weary
No. 111203 ID: 160092
File 149335470267.png - (195.19KB , 731x567 , shitheads.png )

okay so everyone's been wondering when i was gonna end up doing a jojo quest, because i'm obsessed. surprised! you've been duped and i just started it

for the past few months, the way i've been unwinding in my free time is via a casual jjba twitter roleplay with a handful of other people. i've always had a bad habit of getting really attached to minor antagonists, and i ended up writing for melone, a character from jjba part 5 who appears for literally 2 chapters and whose personality can be summed up as "gleefully evil, weirdly sexualized, extremely inconsistent re:self-preservation"

then because i am incapable of living well, i got really invested in a CRACKSHIP between melone and ANOTHER minor antagonist, massimo volpe from the part 5 light novel purple haze feedback that nobody fucking knows about, who is so obscure that there is only ONE canon image of him in existence, and whose personality can be summed up as "debilitatingly depressed, loves heroin, surprising whip temper"

and the thing about writing characters who have very little actual canon development every day for MONTHS is that they end up belonging to you by the end of it more than they ever belonged to the original canon, because very quickly there's more shit that YOU made up than was ever available to go off of in the first place. so melone and massimo ended up feeling like OCs, and then finally i said fuck it, i'm gonna make them OCs, and now they're fio and lucca. (credit where credit is due, ofc, bc i wasn't the one writing massimo in the rp: that was my close friend tjesje, and i write the character lucca now with his blessing, and he wouldn't be the same character without him.)

so placebo, as it turns out, is weird, hyper-obscure jojo's bizarre adventure AU fanfiction focused on nearly insignificant villains that nobody cares about and i'm totally fuckin stoked about it. you're welcome
No. 111470 ID: c4f242

So eyepatch is Melone, right? Does he have an approximation of that creepy baby laptop stand or something else this time around?
No. 111474 ID: bb78f2

wheres the quest I don't see it its not obvious its FRACTAL brand if it is AHHHHH I just got obsessed about Jojo last summer
My standsona is Joker and it nullfies stands and stand users into normal dudes in its proximity because I'm a lameboi and of course its gotta be OP and boring and lame and predictable (but face it if there's ever a Joker stand that's gonna be it's ability or its gonna be some card thing like changes all cards into deadly weapons or turns people into cards or traps their souls in cards, you know the deal)
What's YOUR stand
No. 111475 ID: bb78f2

I found it!
I blame me being at the wrong place and wrong time and thinking it started today
No. 113947 ID: 160092

eyepatch is melone!! for placebo i'm really toning down the stand abilities - all that remains of baby face for fio is the ability to look at people and get a list of their pseudoscience personality test stuff (blood type, zodiac, etc) and gauge compatibility. no homunculus murder baby.

oh dude the whole POINT of jjba is for everything to be totally OP and shameless. i don't really have a set stand, though! every time i try to think of one for myself, it doesn't really seem right, or i change my mind. i think at the end of the day i'd just have one like star platinum - A Big Boy Who Punches
No. 114006 ID: 160092
File 150121060189.jpg - (292.93KB , 700x756 , cc.jpg )


for the cat and crow as a crew: down the road, c2c https://open.spotify.com/track/1x5MjCffpcdHLf65eR9r3T
for cleveland: bury our friends, sleater-kinney https://open.spotify.com/track/7jcQIiqLX2wJVHRitsXAS4
for varlet: daikirai, teddyloid/chanmina https://open.spotify.com/track/2bLzTLafCBqmafhdKLDFfo
for TIOS: robot in love, damian hagger https://open.spotify.com/track/5uDbqJb436PsiRN2NUPAXC
No. 114009 ID: 160092
File 150121080868.jpg - (264.05KB , 700x557 , pt.jpg )

and for the parlor tricks as a crew: vodoo mon amour, diablo swing orchestra https://open.spotify.com/track/4xtuYNdQyVWgVS7AQBGbSP
for eulogy: wonderland, by caravan palace https://open.spotify.com/track/16XwQvqSxrEdpx7adI4Vik
for lucien: i never woke up in handcuffs before, hans zimmer https://open.spotify.com/track/12Jla2J8GbggfqxWrxaAdx
for kel: yung rapunxel, azealia banks https://open.spotify.com/track/7g5nQ207ppVDp7czoZkIFb
for vermilion ii: life/universe, detektivbyran https://open.spotify.com/track/6vyStw2mr0Eq3izsBjJj4R

the parlor tricks' TIOS doesn't get a song because they don't consider it part of the crew
No. 114337 ID: 160092
File 150238797363.jpg - (346.37KB , 700x905 , DG4vTHqV0AE7oML.jpg )

warmup sketch for today - cranky gals in oversized olive drab trenchcoats
No. 114338 ID: 36de2e

Must've been a sale at the Trenchcoat Warehouse(TM).
No. 114363 ID: 36de2e

Important question, are Lucien's ears fluffy and if so how fluffy are they?
No. 114376 ID: 160092

depends. if he's feeling relaxed and grounded, they're incredibly fluffy. the more stressed out he is, the more incorporeal/smoky they get, and he's usually at a round base of 50% stress capacity at any given time.
No. 114378 ID: e420b6

I just realised all the parlour tricks (except Eulogy and the TIOS) had a 'Condition' tag, what's the deal there?

Also oh no! jJasper was coool!
No. 114383 ID: 9876c4

>UNHAND me! Unhand me, you barbarian!" The prophet's tiny hands are doing exactly nothing as they beat against Lucien's broad chest.

I confess, I saw this in Pokapokavision:
No. 114385 ID: 160092

it just happened to work out that they all have conditions!! it's not really related to them being on the same crew, it's just a coincidence.

i had never seen this before so i have to thank you for bringing it into my life
No. 114386 ID: 160092

ALSO OOPS i forgot to say: yes, jasper was cool and i had been hoping to use her more - i actually wasn't expecting suggesters to be as cautious as they were, given that a lot of times quest tends to be diplomatic/amenable to recruitment, but once the majority had tended solidly towards leaving them i realized i had a pretty convenient opportunity to 1. show that i will pick npcs off at the drop of a hat, 2. provide the information that dating routes are a thing, and that they can be lost, and 3. show how thoroughly the parlor tricks outstrip the cat and crow ability-wise, all in one fell swoop. sorry, jasper!! you became a device of exposition UnU
No. 114398 ID: d36af7

On the plus side, valiantly defending the Unnamed Prophet against an overwhelming assault by piratical scumbags seems like the main way Jasper would've preferred to go out, compared to other plausible options like dehydration, or cannibalism, or being captured, stripped of armor and subject to various other indignities, or ransomed back and executed for treason.
No. 114403 ID: 36de2e

My partner sent me this and I'm imagining it as Snap and Gretchen having a moment with one of Rabies gang members.

No. 114404 ID: bb78f2

Fuck it, gonna ask some fun sex system questions because they're fun.

Can platonic boning be achieved under any relationship score, depending on the openness of the individual, or is our main squad only fine with romantic boning? Does the act of boning have statistical benefits like relationship tiers or conditions?

If romance is going to be in depth system in this quest, do we also have to worry about STDs and pregnancy?

If so, will we have to have to like order Cleveland to apply condom to Lucien manually, or will it be accepted by default safe sex will occur? Whether automatic or not, will we have to inventory condoms and ensure they're there anytime we want characters to bone safely (or whatever safe sex method may be available)?

If the sex system is as deep as it can possibley go, will we have to roll Constitution checks as Varlet to pull out for example?
No. 114406 ID: 9876c4

None of this is fun.
No. 114409 ID: bb78f2

I'll be frank I just wanted to make jokes about Lucien putting on a condom and whether or not Varlet needs to make a Constitution check to pull out at the last minute.

Honestly surprised I didn't make a joke about Cleveland taking the knot.

I love relationship systems though. Wish I had more video games with them. Looking forward to however this turns out and what the hell that prophet is going to do about that vendetta they have.
No. 114414 ID: 9876c4

Fair enough. Obtuse bookkeeping and overtly safe sex just really grinds my gears.

Platonic boning is a legit point. though
No. 114431 ID: 1ff0b8

i am never gonna make you guys worry about stuff like pregnancy/stds. i get that level of immersion is fun for a lot of people (we've all been on skyrim nexusmods) but to me it would just feel tedious. also, even tho you're joking, i will take this opportunity to also say that the stats/classes are not an indication that i'm going to be playing a crunchy numbers game behind the scenes, it's all just for flavor.

the availability of casual sex will depend on the characters involved, as will whether or not you gain any diplomacy advancement from it. varlet will fuck anything that moves (or more accurately, anything that stands still long enough), cleveland is open to the concept of casual sex but is too standoffish to seek it out herself without prodding, and TIOS can't fuck anyone unless you guys get it ported into an android (but even in that case it doesn't know enough about sex to even know what its own preferences are yet.) and of course other characters each have their own attitudes. some of them might get really attached after having sex, even if that attachment isn't romantic - for others, it won't change how they feel about the PC at all. sex itself won't offer any undue benefits, though.

the reason i'm being really distinct about romance and sex not offering huge benefits outside of actual relationship progression is bc i don't want w/w to reward a "date/fuck everything in sight" approach - not that that's a bad quest premise, obviously, bc a lot of the most fun and successful quests on the board are built on that premise! but in this quest what i want to reward instead is carefully made decisions about who to get close to and what to prioritize, and i want to reward questers finding successful ways to actually make characters connect meaningfully (as well as highlighting that you can't make everyone happy, and you can't be close to absolutely everyone)

also, for what it's worth, it's going to be very hard to get lucien into bed. he's very self-conscious about his wolf dick
No. 114439 ID: 9876c4

I want to do what it takes so that Cleveland will kiss Eulogy. Platonic, romantic, whatever. I leave that up to foppery and whim.

Because then whenever things go sideways, Varlet can pull out
the "Like kissing your sister" idiom, and cause a meltdown.

I'm playing the long game, here.

No. 114733 ID: 160092
File 150346229487.jpg - (113.15KB , 640x607 , IMG_8812.jpg )

No. 114734 ID: 14f7da

Poor Gretchen.
No. 114798 ID: 9876c4

TIOS' coordinates cofunse and interest me.
Gonna maintain my shipping lanes, though.
No. 124704 ID: 270774

hi i'm back i brought uhhhhh pinterest boards https://pin.it/qwyaxqzayg7fai posting this means you guys will also see all the anime boy boards that i have poured hours and hours of my life into but i've made peace with that
No. 124712 ID: e258c8

No. 124715 ID: 270774

on twitter unfortunately

lmao nah the real answer is working a lot and getting my shit together. which is what i've ALWAYS been doing every time i pop back up here but this time my shit is like...... really really soundly together. like just moved into a big apartment with the girl i'm gonna marry together. like i have a DESK now instead of a tv tray and a couch as a workspace together. like i eat at least two meals a day, every day together. like the whole year i was gone i haven't seriously thought about offing myself even once together

so what this means is acid soup is gonna run until it finishes, no more hiatuses, unless i get hit by a truck (knock on wood) or get a tattoo apprenticeship (cross your fingers, except then i'd still be doing it just slower)

that's true!
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im tired of how Old this thread is and how it's bloated with a bunch of info on now defunct quests so i've started a fresh lovely clean one on a whim https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html we're movin over there folks
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