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File 133339859765.png - (97.45KB , 840x630 , mousetara.png )
50891 No. 50891 ID: ce4a4d

This past weekend both my car and my computer died. Astara may need to be put on the back burner while I acquire a new system, and I'm not entirely sure when that will be. I'm not begging for money, just your patience and possibly moral support.

In the meantime, have a mouse doodle done on my work pc.
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No. 50892 ID: 7864e7

Here's hoping all this infrastructure can be replaced quick and clean. :(
No. 50897 ID: b85f8c

BLARGH. Just when we were getting to the meat of the quest, too.
No. 50898 ID: 2563d4

I thought we were getting to the vegetation.

No. 50909 ID: 394881

Take as long as you need to take, man. Hopefully things get better soon.
No. 51077 ID: f2c010

Good luck with resolving these problems. Your quests have always been amazing with fantastic art and I greatly look forward to Astara continuing. It's had a promising start already.

and maybe halting state in a year or two? :D?
No. 51092 ID: 063c28

I was so glad to see an Ñ quest running again too :(

Hope you can get everything sorted out

halting state would be awesomegasmic
No. 51140 ID: ce4a4d

Update - I'm currently reduced to drawing with crayons and photographing them with my phone.

Still fixing the computer.
No. 51166 ID: f2c010

Man, you're not even letting a thing like computers breaking down stopping you from posting art. I need to learn from this dedication.
No. 51167 ID: 953355

some day ;-;
No. 51196 ID: a2853b

Halting State should stay buried.
No. 51244 ID: 6dddd5


Well, I think you should stay buried.

How about that.

Halting State was a great quest.
No. 51248 ID: affb00

Halting State needed more SPAESS DORFS
No. 51317 ID: ce4a4d
File 133438308003.jpg - (51.59KB , 449x800 , IMAG0318.jpg )

...the brand new, doa motherboard is soon to be on its way back to the manufacturer.

>Halting State should stay buried.
Care to explain? I'm curious.

>Halting State needed more SPAESS DORFS
Probably a terrible idea. See attached image.
No. 51329 ID: cf49fc

The beard is priceless. Also, feel free to bury that guy. Everyone loves Halting State.
No. 51330 ID: bb5075

Halting state is one of my favourite quests evar!

Also spess dorfs need extended helmet for beard storage.
No. 51331 ID: f2c010

Holy shit that's some bad luck D:

Which manufacturer was it, incidentally?
No. 51332 ID: 70591e


they need BEARD ARMOR
No. 51334 ID: 97bd86

<Typo> oh god N's luck is like Tyshawn Taylor's ability to shoot three-poibasketballbasketballbasketballbasketballbasketball

Seriously though that's a tough break. :C
No. 51940 ID: 3734f6

>Put on clothes
>Show some variety of mercy towards the assassin. Be it keeping his shape or mind or offering him deals.
No. 52023 ID: f2c010

Little belated, but, given you're running a quest again, glad to see you've got a new machine up and running again! :D
No. 52498 ID: 3734f6

Why is everyone offering the mortals deals and promises and concessions?
No. 52500 ID: d5f488


I think it's called not being a dick.
No. 52501 ID: 369d34

And seeing if we can get what we want without using too much mana.
No. 54587 ID: 3734f6

Offering them free stuff they don't deserve to convince them to do something they would anyways is how you define not being a dick?
I didn't complain about people talking and diplomacy, I am saying too many people are out there offering them very one sided (to their advantage) deals and gifts.

Those gifts being offered to them would take more mana, not less.
No. 54614 ID: 369d34

I wasn't thinking of just creating bountiful crops out of thin air, and shit like that. More like they'd get the benefits of the geomancy working right again, with good weather and fertile land, and all that jazz.
No. 59347 ID: b33427

Was there supposed to be another post in the latest update? It feels like there's one missing between >>/quest/448231 and >>/quest/448233, what with the last line Astara said.
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