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File 134593913125.png - (162.76KB , 700x600 , 0disthread.png )
59239 No. 59239 ID: 8dbc01

i don't think there's honestly really that much to discuss i just need a place to dump questart
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No. 59240 ID: 8dbc01
File 134593915717.png - (165.29KB , 700x600 , 0humankatherine.png )

humanized katherine blarp blarp
No. 59242 ID: 7f2d33

I just want to say that this is one of the most adorable quests I've seen in a while. Keep up the good work.
No. 59246 ID: 927258

FRACTAL, I didn't realize until just now that you ran the deer quest as well as this one and FudgeQuest... ranking ALL of your quests (that I know of) among my absolute favourites. .__. And your art style is diverse enough that I didn't figure it out until I saw your user handle.

So, I like this. :] And I wanted to say so.
No. 59254 ID: 8dbc01

ahhhhhhhhhhh thank you so much! ;u; that makes me really happy, guys, ty ty ty
No. 59376 ID: dc4a44

Like Mute and Tutu combined.
No. 59547 ID: 8dbc01
File 134620407808.png - (79.07KB , 700x600 , 0lorettamini2.png )

okay so she didn't get a name in canon, but the heartless rabbit's name is Loretta and here's her humanized version

she was horace's niece but they didn't really talk

she was 22 and her birthday was going to be in a few weeks and she was planning on getting totally shitfaced but then she got eaten
No. 59548 ID: 8dbc01
File 134620410951.png - (275.91KB , 700x600 , 0lorettasplatter.png )

also here's another version because i couldn't decide which one i liked better
No. 59590 ID: d6c330

Alas, poor Lorreta. You made the mistake of inconveniencing us and not eliciting our sympathy.
No. 59607 ID: 0f448b

Oh dear...
She didn't happen to be the daughter of the sister Katherine ate? Either way, Horace probably won't be pleased if he hears.
No. 59613 ID: bdb3f8

how will he find out? there were no witnesses
No. 59640 ID: 0f448b

Im betting she didn't bury the bones, left over fur, or the cute little outfit she had on.
And there's always birds.
No. 59961 ID: 09a2fd

Added to my watch list. I quite enjoy the style of writing and art in this one. Keep it up!
No. 60447 ID: 8dbc01
File 134698661902.gif - (700.55KB , 700x704 , katherineanimationwip1.gif )

hey so uhm this is a fragment of an animation test i wanna do for this quest
this is my first time animating and like...it is really messy and there's a lot that i'm still not satisfied with but i hope to get it up to scratch soon!

ahhhhh ty ty!
No. 60448 ID: 4a328b

Try keeping your first frame on a layer you can toggle on and off as you draw, to try and keep proportions roughly constant

Nice work with the head shape

Keep the motion of the tail in mind as you plan your frames

Nice for a first time animation! :D
No. 60449 ID: 8dbc01

ty, this is all really good advice!
i just realized that i think part of my problem was that as i was animating it i felt like EVERYTHING had to move in EVERY frame, which is why it's so jumbled and unfocused. i'm probably gonna chill out her motion a little when i clean it up, because now that i look at it again i feel like all throughout she's doing extraneous stuff with her arms and ears and tail when she could be a little more still...
No. 60455 ID: 58e163

I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying the quest. It has an engaging narrative and a unique visual style. Keep up the good work, man. <3
No. 60460 ID: 8dbc01
Audio - (4.29MB - 160 kbps - 22.05 kHz , Detektivbyr̴n - Dansbanan.mp3 ) Length: 3:45

ahem i would also like to start sharing songs i've sort of picked out as character themes
they're all songs by detektivbyran because i feel like their music really fits katherinequest
anyway this one is called "dansbanan" and i consider it to be ulric's song

thank you very much! :D
No. 60570 ID: 8dbc01
File 134715383629.gif - (52.63KB , 700x704 , katherineanimationwip1.gif )

i did a lot more progress on the first gif but photoshop closed itself for some reason before i could save and i screamed a lot
but i just decided to restart it and i think this one looks a lot better so hey
silver lining
anyway i know there's barely anything done on this but i just felt like uploading it
No. 60572 ID: 8dbc01
File 134715459938.jpg - (275.26KB , 1280x766 , katherine4.jpg )

because i have drawn absolutely everything in the quest from all the details i could possibly scrape from the three existing drawings and to have a new one is really exciting to me
here's the link to the original post: http://katherinepoe.tumblr.com/image/30254803196
No. 60634 ID: 54fb5c

This quests needs bad, baaaaad foxes.
No. 65951 ID: f2c20c

So uh

Did we fuck up and miss a heart shard somewhere?
No. 65952 ID: 6808dd

nope! katherine's husband had the last shard.
to be totally honest, i'm not sure that i ever really wanted to let you guys get all her heart shards back. i always sort of wanted one of the morals to be that when you really pour yourself into a relationship, it becomes part of your life and even after it's over you can never get everything back again.
not having all the shards also didn't effect the ending at all!
No. 65953 ID: 57a559

Oh okay
So that was Katherine in the last panel and not her husband?

Without the clothing or other characteristics besides the lower half it can get a little confusing with these animals! And afterlife journeys get really confusing sometimes, so maybe the husband plays the wife for a little bit trying to fix what he's done for her in his death hallucination I have no idea how dying works.

And the crow and third rabbit don't have dead people attached to them? They mean other things?
No. 65954 ID: 6808dd

fielding some questions asked in the main thread:

>But who was the fox girl we met near the end with the paper?
on the surface? the husband's mistress. however, with the styx ending revealing that the entire quest takes place in the afterlife (or limbo), it becomes clear that that can't REALLY be his mistress unless she's dead, which is unlikely.
she's katherine's young, idealistic self, who is symbolically "dead" because of katherine's life experiences.
i'm actually glad you asked that bc it's a little thing i lovingly put in there and idk if it even would have been discussed if you hadn't asked!

>And husband walks away like that? He ain't dead, is he? Or did the husband hang himself and all that shit was self-reflection trying to understand Kathrine's point of view?
the husband's status is technically unknown but i'll just say that no, he isn't dead (which is why, with the styx ending, there's no way we could have found him). katherine hanged herself after he left, triggering the events of the quest.

>Because this fox has no pants and Katherine has a plaid skirt.
she's naked. in the first shot of katherine in her bedroom, she's topless - i just carried that over.

>We also have the other rabbit we saw, the third one with the roses?
he was loretta's suitor. he is not mentioned in the ending montage of "oh god, everyone has been dead the whole time" because katherine doesn't know him and would therefore have no way of knowing whether he was dead or not - but because he shows up at all, we can assume he was another lover's suicide. or maybe he just got eaten or drowned or something - it doesn't really matter.
No. 65955 ID: 0eef61

There were boobies.
No. 65956 ID: 6808dd

oh and the crow was put in there way before i was even CONSIDERING the styx ending. he's not really important.
No. 65957 ID: f1b3ee

If there was a truly good end planned that wasn't just blissful ignorance of the truth, how was it planned or how was it slated to play out?
No. 65958 ID: d1efde

So there were other possible endings?
No. 65959 ID: 57a559


So there were other endings to unlock? Not related to heart pieces I guess, but probably to the responses? Styx/limbo sounds like a neutral-esqe ending if it can be attributed to any sort of scale like that.
No. 65960 ID: 6808dd

well, the entire quest changed entirely bc of a few suggestions.

killing loretta was one of them, and that was kind of a group decision. it made the quest get a lot darker than i think i ever really intended it to be very quickly and before that happened i had not considered the possibility of the quest having such a dark turn as the styx ending. so i guess you could say that in a way the decision to murder loretta was what really made this ending happen.

another thing that really shook the game up, and to an even greater degree, was the single suggestion to ask ulric whether or not he still liked pimento cheese sandwiches.

ulric was never supposed to be an ally. even if the styx ending didn't happen i was planning on writing him as a dangerously obsessed jilted lover, and i was planning to have him be enraged no matter how you guys answered his questions (just to different degrees, i guess?)

if you gave him an answer that was insulting enough, he would have attacked you then and there, and if you guys had made decisions that allowed katherine to survive that he would have chased you throughout the remainder of the plot, making it much, much more difficult to get an end in which katherine didn't die (this would have been a case in which the quest did NOT take place in an afterlife/limbo situation).

otherwise he would have simply stalked you, making the quest much more unsettling until there was a final confrontation that may have ended up being the climax of the quest.

but i loved the suggestion of asking that so much, and how delicately it referenced their relationship and how it appealed so well to making everything come full circle and sort of ...... gosh, i dunno, it was just very much in line with the melancholy tone of the entire quest and i decided i liked it so much that i scratched the entire plotline of ulric-as-crazed-predator altogether.

sometimes i kind of wish i hadn't, because unfortunately that got us trapped in this sort of dull lockstep of talk to person -> get hard shard -> move to new area -> talk to person, which i think was kind of boring and would have been broken up a lot by the addition of a very real, very aggressive antagonist.

as for other endings:
like i said before, i never REALLY wanted there to be an ending where katherine got the last piece of her heart back. but there could have been endings in which katherine confronted him. to be honest i sort of decided to block those off as soon as things started getting darker. i wanted the disappointment of katherine going the entire time with the intent to do so and realizing that there would be no closure. i also didn't really want him to ever appear onscreen, i guess? i wanted him to be a shadowy figure who was only defined by the perceptions of the other characters in the story, especially katherine's own flawed perceptions of him.
there could have been, of course, an ending in which katherine decides to live happily ever after with ulric. that seemed really bland to me, though, so i think even if that had happened i may have made some hinting references at the styx ending. i actually started tucking in a lot of references to it, or at least vague symbolism, so maybe at least an inkling of it would have gotten through no matter what.
also, i never really thought this would happen and of course it didn't, but if you guys hadn't talked katherine out of suicide i probably would have had a much more explicit afterlife narrative take place there - where she actually does die and has to confront that fact.
No. 65961 ID: 60c5da

That was incredibly upsetting and I need chocolate or something

But it was worth it and a beautiful quest. Thank you for doing it.
No. 65962 ID: be7fd9
File 135785688053.png - (9.53KB , 800x600 , pimento cheese angel.png )


...not sure why I felt the green olive with teeny flonne wings was necessary, but whatever.
No. 65963 ID: 6808dd

ah, thank you! i'm really really glad you enjoyed it!

it's lovely i'm gonna print it out and hang it on my wall
you think i'm joking but as soon as i get back to school i'm gonna do it and take a picture
No. 65964 ID: 57a559

Now that's straight up adaptive storytelling.
Questing sounds harder than it has before. And that was pretty hard back then!

Death's weird though no matter who writes it, so everything fits a little. And ulric still has that obsessive sense in him with all the questions he asked, and if they have a nice styx-esqe everafter it'll be roft with it's own problems and not very fairytale at all. He'd obviously be a straight up reflection of what the husband is, who would create distance, and since we called the husband neither good or bad that means ulric is also a neutral husband. Only if the mirror husband theory sticks.

If Katherine did marry Ulric a long time ago, that would not have ended well at all. He killed himself like Katherine did for her husband, that would have been an awful relationship. And then they could have ended up with kids (something tells me that Katherine and Husband didn't ever try to have one and his cheating may have made him less a fertile vigorous male. Ulric, as an obsessive husband, probably would have urged for more lovemaking which more than likely would have resulted in kids in the past) which would have made that alternate story's ending even darker than this one's storyline. Because kids would have been part of it.

I don't even know why I'm thinking of an alternate past. Maybe that's how your story of going person to person getting a heart piece while revealing a bit about katherine each time worked, it's less about the current story and more about the what ifs and the reality of all the ways life could have been for her. Which is funnily also reflected in the way you adapted the story from the suggestions such as killing loretta and asking Ulric about the sandwiches.
No. 65965 ID: 027156


repetition is not a bad thing if used effectively, and fuck me if you didn't do exactly that bro.

since you clearly have a talent for authoring, I'm gonna have to ask that you never stop doing it. to help you accomplish this, I have taken the liberties of finding out where you live and buying a bottle of chloroform as well as a tattoo machine ready to permanently mark your face with a plethora of oversized animal penises.
No. 65966 ID: 139363

Hey FRACTAL. I enjoyed Katherine quest a lot. The setting ended up being quite good although like you said it ended up a bit formulaic towards the end... I was the one who made the "ask Ulric if he likes pimento-cheese sandwiches" suggestion. I'm rather glad you liked it and that it had such a profound effect on the quest. It actually took me a while to think up that simple suggestion too... I knew it was loaded when I got it in mind though.

One thing I thinkwas a huge missed opportunity was that Ulric ended up as a quiet supporter, losing most of his edge after that scene... For example I would have liked to see what could have happened if someone had threatened Katherine with Ulric at her side. Would Ulric threaten them back, retaliate with force or secretly sneak off on his own a few minutes later to vengefully bite the offenders legs off without telling Katherine? What would have happened if one of Ulrics other past lovers had turned up and started bringing up sore points?

Have you had any thoughts about doing another similar quest or one in the same 'universe'?
No. 65970 ID: 6808dd

(i'm gonna answer these here and then everything should be forwarded to my new composite disthread!)

yeah, a relationship with ulric definitely would have been toxic. another theme i kind of wanted to pursue was that sometimes a relationship isn't the healthiest thing to have and that it's not a bad thing to be alone for a while, but i didn't get to get too much into that bc the ulric/katherine shipping was pretty prominent.

thank you!

yes!!! ulric was supposed to be a frightening, unhinged character, and while i did try to keep him at least a little creepy, there was TONS of lost potential there. i'm happy with how the quest turned out but that was definitely something i would have liked to explore.
No. 65973 ID: 29654e

This is an A+ quest and you should feel good about it.
No. 66056 ID: 58e163

Just found that this had been moved to archives - very nice. Good job on a successful quest, FRACTAL!
No. 66126 ID: 36cd0f

Seconded. Did not see the twist comin'.
No. 66433 ID: 25e59d

So Katherine's husband actually left her? What for? And was that really the final straw before offing herself?
No. 66444 ID: 57a559

There's a new main dis for this
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