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File 134550242352.png - (133.75KB , 458x403 , Grave Matter.png )
59003 No. 59003 ID: 8aff52

Hey everyone! I figured it was time to make one of these.

I'm glad we're receiving such a positive turnout to our new quest! I hope we all have a great time with this.

I should point out that my artist does have a work schedule, and lives in Germany to boot, so can only draw so often. We'll do our best, but be patient with us.

Did anyone have questions?
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No. 63243 ID: f2c20c


Do you draw with your nose?
No. 63247 ID: 3f2f3e

No. 63266 ID: 41d906

Hey sime! Enjoy your stay
No. 63269 ID: 182b11

this art style looks really familiar...

No. 63288 ID: 3f2f3e

Nope! No idea who that is haha.
No. 63297 ID: 182b11

oh, they did some quests around here then vanished i think. I was just noticing their art style looks similar to yours/that image.
No. 63375 ID: 976ee5

Wow, suddenly - thread explosion. Note to self - controversial decisions spur audience response.

I hope you're all having fun! If me and Sime can meet up today, we might be able to get a lot of this part out of the way. I think we're both off today.
No. 63460 ID: 144900

I'm Glad this quest is back, also the new art style amuses me to no end.
No. 63533 ID: 076b78


Amuses you in a good way, I hope.
No. 64107 ID: 83821f

Thanks for reading, everyone! I had been looking to find a way to give the chapter a definitive ending, and after little Chrysalia is rescued seemed like a great time.

Chapter 3 will begin in a couple days or so, and will start where this one left off.

I'll see you then, unless anyone had questions.
No. 65187 ID: 48459c

This sure has been a quiet discussion thread.
No. 65202 ID: 1e72ae

You do a good job of showing things in the quest. I don't have any questions at least. By the way, the wolf in this instantly reminded me of Twygg. (especially with the glowing looking eyes and all) Have you ever seen it before? http://walyou.com/new-geeky-art-iv/jon-snow-3/ (zoom in a bit to see)
No. 65205 ID: f00049


No, I hadn't seen that particular picture before. But I know the duo from the Game of Thrones series, and the way those eyes were drawn was purely a stylistic choice - the wolf is an albino, and should have regular, though red, eyes.
No. 65214 ID: 388aa6

People will make questions and start discussions eventually, just chill and keep updating. I'm liking the quest so far
No. 67224 ID: 83c12a

Sorry guys we're still having motivational issues in the art department! I think college stress is really getting to him, the next update has been 'close to finished' for weeks now XD Hoping the next few weeks we'll start progressing again, but we're not dead.
No. 69751 ID: c3e31b

As you can probably tell, Legacy Quest has acquired yet another new artist - Fen. The last one may stay around for the sake me occasional entries if the current one is having problems, but he is very busy with college so I hope our new one will stick with us.

I'm sure he'll introduce himself in the next few days.
No. 69829 ID: 7d9fa1
File 136545618883.gif - (21.05KB , 100x100 , FenAvatar3.gif )

SO HELLO. Hi. I've taken to holding this fake pen and squiggling it around until vaguely pleasing shapes appear for you guys. I hope you like~!

But I mostly hope I can keep up. ._.;;
No. 70167 ID: e42a0c
File 136666536409.jpg - (89.47KB , 322x500 , Garrl.jpg )

We've been busy during the break before the next chapter!

Behold, our concept art for a new character that will play a big role in the plot - Garrl!

Look at that loveable face.
No. 70168 ID: 001618

I'm lumberjack and I'm ok
I sleep all night and work all day
No. 70172 ID: e1242d
File 136670527244.gif - (0.96MB , 320x287 , 1364895602679.gif )

You say it's garrl but all I see is winnie the pooh.
Or maybe I've been using this gif too much
No. 70173 ID: a2e386

You go, Garrl.
No. 70701 ID: eaf2f5

I'm happy that this quest is still alive, also curious to see how many different artist will draw for it before its over.
No. 70774 ID: 1fcf1d


At least 4. Fen just got a full time job and has informed me he can't commit more than a once and a while update anymore :C

Looking for a new artist AGAIN~
No. 75096 ID: 105554
File 137630974832.jpg - (38.32KB , 100x100 , rueface.jpg )

Hello, I will be your momentary draw thing. What's that? 5 now?
No. 75097 ID: f45e95
File 137631303676.jpg - (54.79KB , 526x390 , 1356201168855.jpg )

I THINK you would be the 4th, nonetheless we appreciate that you have taken up the seat for it and hope to see more of you in the future.
No. 75118 ID: 105554
File 137636320019.jpg - (112.43KB , 357x514 , ohhi.jpg )

Oh, Hiiii! It's the draw thing again. I hope you're enjoying this. I'm trying to get some practice in, so the style may change.
No. 75226 ID: 105554
File 137661732613.jpg - (84.37KB , 261x257 , drawthingtired.jpg )

So, this art thing is tired from a 13.5 hour shift. May be not tonight. :x
No. 75229 ID: 7639a5

This new art stuff is looking pretty good. Please don't let the author drive you to madness like he has all his other victims!
No. 75247 ID: 91c1b3


I really like the way you do backgrounds.
No. 75248 ID: 817a06
File 137668666386.jpg - (43.69KB , 100x100 , itswhatido.jpg )

It's what I do! If you guys keep enjoying it, I'll keep trying. Thanks. <3

As for Kaed, I'm not worried.
No. 76248 ID: 817a06
File 137935643539.jpg - (73.24KB , 205x205 , ruethisdayhead.jpg )

Oh, what was that? I'm supposed to draw something? Diablo 3 seems to have mysteriously appeared for console. Let me get right back with you.
No. 76635 ID: db5510
File 138085741442.png - (398.03KB , 838x1118 , Garrl Copy.png )

A totally sweet new artist ;3
No. 76716 ID: 105554
File 138137028741.jpg - (58.24KB , 199x199 , totally.jpg )

Totally still playing Diablo 3, and I ain't even mad. <3

The new art thing's awesome.
No. 76719 ID: a36601

Are you the one drawing it this time?
No. 76722 ID: da4ec6

>less than two threads in
>five different artists
>possibility of the fourth returning for a period
I pity the poor bastard who maintains this quest's wiki page.
No. 76723 ID: da4ec6

Four threads, sorry.
But that's still pretty impressive.
No. 76725 ID: 2f2cd6

Pff, there are way messier pages to wrangle.

Even if this one does hold the record for most credits among quests not intentionally set up to be a huge multi-author collaboration.
No. 77140 ID: 105554
File 138283023388.jpg - (39.97KB , 100x100 , yupicon.jpg )

>.> Nah, I'm not the new art thing. I'm the previous one. I went AWOL due to video games.
No. 79370 ID: db5510
File 139114235320.jpg - (67.39KB , 768x768 , Nomf.jpg )

Still alive over here, we should be resuming soon. In the meantime, have a doodle.
No. 90735 ID: 9d4ab1

quiet here
No. 90818 ID: e114bc

Are we ever gonna see the unluckiest paladin again?
No. 92213 ID: e114bc

Well I decided to get off my ass and work on decoding the symbols seen in the flower images and the intro image. It's really easy due to having the corresponding plaintext for every flower image, but I found some oddities.

First off, every I is replaced with Y. Similarly, every F is replaced with P. Third, every W and V is replaced with the symbol for U.

The Moondrop text replaces every period and comma with A for some reason. Previous flower texts have symbols for periods and commas, so this might be a problem with (I presume) automated code for making the ciphertext?

There aren't any J, X, or Z present in the plaintext yet, but using what I have now, I can almost completely translate the text in the intro image:

KAERNYPE(1=probably x, for Kaernipex) ARE
MANUPACTURED PROPA(looks like - is replaced by A in this one)

It stops there. So... it was an incomplete copyright warning.
No. 92215 ID: 9d4ab1


Yes. This story will (eventually) include three characters each with their own story that eventually intermingle.

The slow pacing of this has been a great frustration for me, but I have set an artistic standard for this quest that I can't match without outside artists. X_X


You have it basically right, with only a few letters wrong. Unfortunately, when that image was made, I was not aware exactly how wonky it looked when translated, or that the cipher was bizarre and duplicated letters. Or was missing bits. The text, properly translated, is:

Kaernifex are manufactured property of Cynodyne Inspirants. Manufacture of hybrid models must be granted by permission as per contractual obligations. Failure to comply with Inspirant Regulations will result in sanction.

What any of that means is up to reader guesswork. But, I will say.

It's not exactly a copyright statement. :3
No. 114200 ID: f9400c

Hey, everyone!

It's time for a new artist to give this old story a try - me!

Yes, that's right. I have a tablet now, and armed with these new tools, I will be taking over this quest myself!

I'm pretty excited about it :D
No. 114742 ID: 3ce125

Hey I just wanted to let you know I'm glad you're still giving this a shot. The art is clearly understandable which is the important part, though I'm sure you're gonna get tired of drawing trees constantly!
No. 129936 ID: 9ba167

Hey. I wanted to give a notice that this quest will soon be reviving, but more importantly, wanted to talk to people about something regarding this quest in particular and it's protagonists and characters.

When I first started writing this 7 years ago, I had a much less concrete idea about the world setting it was in and particularly the designs of the characters involved. I had a very dog-centric set of aesthetic tastes and not a whole lot of design creativity. Over the period of time where this quest was largely sitting, I had a lot of free time to develop the world and reconsider designs, learn more about what made something feel visually interesting.

And 'regular anthro dog man with some branches growing out of his back' just doesn't really meet the standards I have for design today. So, while it might be a little weird, going forward, some characters, particularly the main one, may suddenly look a bit different in body shape or general design than they used to. I can't go back and revise every piece of art made for me by the frankly massive array of artists who have worked on this quest, but I can just move forward with a look I'm more happy with. This will be sort of a 'retcon' change, and not one that I will explain in-canon in any fashion. I will just treat things as if they have always looked this way and focus on moving the story forward instead of trying to think up reasons in-character why things are different and wasting time acknowledging them.

Also, there is now a Patreon for me and Cervink's quest work. Cervink will be the new dedicated artists for all my quests that continue on this medium. There are already some patron-only rewards up, if you are interested in learning more about this world-setting!

No. 130131 ID: 8eaf98

I personally like how June quest handled its multi year pause >>/quest/920998 mentioning it as a idle thought and then continuing as if nothing happened (because nothing in-verse did)
No. 130455 ID: 9ba167
File 156417882930.png - (66.76KB , 861x1000 , flora3.png )

Some early concept work for new Twygdrassil.
No. 130592 ID: 864e49

You're Back :D
No. 130600 ID: 9ba167

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