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File 134382513815.png - (16.23KB , 604x587 , discussion.png )
57930 No. 57930 ID: 34cbef

Players in this game are fighting for their king, they are to engage in melee combat and fight the opposing force. The object of this game is for the king's men to clear the tile grid of the opposing force. Turns are comprised of a move action and an attack or passive action. Each unit takes up one tile on the grid and can interact with objects or other characters on the grid.
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No. 57931 ID: 34cbef
File 134382517398.png - (14.24KB , 656x553 , baseunit.png )

Reading the Unit sheet:
Move indicates the number of tiles a unit can move in any direction. HP stands for the health points a unit has, if this number drops to 0 the character is considered “incapacitated” for this character cannot take anymore actions until the end of engagement. If the characters HP drops below 0 he is considered “Dead” where the player must generate a new character and his old character's body is now an object that other players may interact with. Atk is the amount of attack damage based on weapon currently equipped, this is the main score used to determine how much damage other characters take when an attack action is used against them. Df stands for defense, this number determines how much damage is subtracted from attacks directed towards this character, if an attack is greater then twice the defense of a character's armor then the armor or object is destroyed. Feats are either abilities or moves that improve character effectiveness. Capacity is the number of objects a character can have on his person. A character gains an extra feat or can raise an attribute by 1 once every 10 kills. If a player is shown to be competent in the eyes of the king (be the most valuable asset in an engagement), he may be given a chance to raise any stat by 1 point or gain 1 extra feat as well.

Feats list
dual wield light- lets you dual wield light weapons
dual wield mod- lets you dual wield moderate weapons
dual wield heavy- lets you dual wield heavy weapons
item toss- lets you toss an item or weapon to another character (passive action)
dig- you can dig underground once a turn to avoid engagement (full round action)
medic- lets you heal up to your HP to another characters HP (passive action)
thief- lets you steal one item on another character (passive)
build barrier- lets you construct a barrier of the terrain that takes up a tile to defend against attacks (full round action)
build general- lets you build bridges, weapons, and other things based on objects in characters possession (item specific)(full round action)
meaty- adds 2 extra HP to total HP
spindly- adds 1 extra Move to total Move
animal handling- lets your character persuade an animal to become his ally and it will fight with the kings men for rest of engagement (passive action)
persuasion- lets your character persuade enemy characters to fight for the king on the kings men side during rest of engagement (passive action)
monster taming- lets your character tame hostile monsters to fight with the kings men for rest of engagement (passive action)
pact- enlists a tamed or persuaded character to fight with the kings men permanently until death (full round action)
summoner- lets a character place another character on a tile that is within 2 tiles of the caster (passive action)
built- your character is strong, so strong that he gains 3 more Capacity slots

knife- 1 Atk / 0 Df/ 0 Move/ 1 Capacity
short sword- 2 Atk/ 0 Df/ 0 Move/ 2 Capacity
long sword- 3 Atk/ 0 Df/ 0 Move/ 2 Capacity
claymore- 4 Atk/ -1 Df/ -1 Move/ 3 Capacity
glaive- 4 Atk/ -2 Df/ -1 Move/ 4 Capacity/ this weapon hits targets 2 tiles from character
hatchet- 2 Atk/ -1 Df/ 0 Move/ 1 Capacity
tall cleaver- 3 Atk/ -2 Df/ Move/ 1 Capacity
battle axe- 4 Atk/ -2 Df/ 0 Move/ 2 Capacity
halberd- 5 Atk/ -2 Df/ -1 Move/ 4 Capacity/ this weapon hits targets 2 tiles from character
club- 2 Atk/ -1 Df/ 0 Move/ 1 Capacity
large club- 4 Atk/ -1 Df/ -1 Move/ 2 Capacity
war pillar- 6 Atk/ -2 Df/ -2 Move/ 4 Capacity/ this weapon can destroy solid terrain/ this weapon hits targets 2 tiles form character
spear- 3 Atk/ -1 Df/ -1 Move/ 3 Capacity/ this weapon hits targets 2 tiles from character
crossbow- 1 Atk/ 0 Df/ 0 Move/ 3 Capacity/ this weapon can hit a target 5 tiles away
shortbow- 2 Atk/ -1 Df/ 0 Move/ 3 Capacity/ this weapon can hit a target 8 tiles away
longbow- 2 Atk/ -1 Df/ 0 Move/ 3 Capacity/ this weapon can hit a target 10 tiles away

padded leather- 1 Df/ 0 Move/ 1 Capacity
hardened leather- 2 Df/ -1 Move/ 1 Capacity
wood plate- 2 Df/ 0 Move/ 2 Capacity
stone plate- 3 Df/ -2 Move/ 2 Capacity
iron full- 4 Df/ -2 Move/ 3 Capacity
boulder- 6 Df/ -3 Move/ 4 Capacity
No. 57933 ID: 34cbef
File 134382531998.png - (10.83KB , 465x374 , miscinfo.png )

Answering the questions at hand:
>what do you get to choose for a starting character?

You can choose anything that comes to mind, play as a robot or dinosaur- the kingsmen enlists anybody.

>Do players get a starting feat?
Players get 1 starting feat and gain 1 every 10 kills or are granted 1 for impressing the king.

>Are there any penalties from having a negative Df score?
If a character has a negative DF score- any attack used against them does 1 point more damage

>I'm in for this, once we know how character creation will work.
Character creation is simple, All characters start with the stats as the base unit in >>57931 and have one starting feat. You will be able to choose 1 armor and 1 weapon as you see fit. Tailor your character in a way that suits your taste of play- noted earlier that some armor and weapons will detract from defense and movement so try to make your build wisely. Also noted in the rules are objects you can interract with, some terrain can be used as defense or cover- such as walls or trees. Knowing how to utilize this will help in your conquest under the kings reign.
No. 57934 ID: cdd923

How does Persuasion actually work?
No. 57935 ID: 8042f4

(new plan, steal all the weapons)
If I steal a large club, will I take the movement/def penalty even if I don't use it to attack? Can I equip armor right after it has been stolen?(equip it before they can hit me during their attack round?) If that is the case, I will pretty much win 1 on 1 combat.

I will not charge directly into battle here, but I always love making rogues into the ultimate fighters in Rpgs. (min-max with skills based on established rules to either +8 min damage[for a 1d4 dagger] or +20 to hit; selected as an on turn basis. They adjust the rules to stop me from doing that.) Feel free at any point to outright change the rules on thief, or tell me "you can't do that" or "cut that out"; I won't just quit.
No. 57936 ID: 34cbef

Persuasion is mostly a skill that makes npcs stop to survey their engagement. It's success rate works based on how advantageous a character believes either side would be. If you use persuasion on an enemy character he will look at his team, then look at your team, finally look at his surroundings and based on all that will choose to stay a villain or join the kingsmen.

You will not take the penalties of weapons or armors unless you brandish them. but yes, thief skills can be used in that way.
No. 57937 ID: cdd923

Cool, I like that. Does Animal Handling and Monster Taming work similarly, or do they work differently due to the nature of the creatures involved? Also, How exactly does Pact work, and can it be used on creatures/people that players beside yourself have tamed/persuaded?
No. 57938 ID: 147853

> You will not take the penalties of weapons or armors unless you brandish them. but yes, thief skills can be used in that way.

I wish I'd known that before. How long does it take to brandished or put away weapons?
No. 57939 ID: 5c9525

How does summon work?
No. 57940 ID: 34cbef

Animal Handling and Monster Taming does is more you befriend the creatures so based on how that one creature has been treated before you tame or persuade it is how effective taming or handling is.

it's considered a move action.

a summoner can place an active character or a character that hes yet to be deployed in the tiles around them. This power works "2 tiles from the summoner" which means the tiles that surround a character of a 5x5 tile grid which the summoner is in the center of.
No. 57941 ID: c1a7db

So how does build general work? We've got no building supplies to start with. Do I scavenge materials from terrain / slain foes?
No. 57942 ID: 34cbef

that is correct, it's mostly a mcguyver ability which lets you make rediculous things fromt he resources around you.
No. 57943 ID: c1a7db


Oh my gods, I am going to have so much fun with that. =D

If anyone wants to use me for attempted weapon upgrades, or for combining equipment together, I'll be glad to comply. I make no promises that the results will necessarily be useful or safe, though.
No. 57944 ID: 9202a9

Will there be a alchemy or potion maker skill later? Or more genrally will new kinds of feats be made available later?

Also about leveling will you be counting assed kills? I mean if you only give experience to those who kill then the support characters and those who fouces on defence will be left behind.
No. 57946 ID: 8042f4

If I steal anything good I'll let you have it first. Mcguyver skills are the best skills.
No. 57951 ID: 34cbef

As the game progresses, yes there will be additions to the feats list- and also additions to weapons and armors.
No. 57955 ID: 886a4d

Can you take multiples of feats like built?
No. 57956 ID: 34cbef

Correct, certain feats stack such as Meaty or Built. The passive abilities don't stack. But if you have them you can use them to their full potential- such as build general.
No. 57958 ID: c1a7db

So more ranks in build general make you a better macguyver, then.

How will the building work, anyways? Attempt to make <foo>, roll dice for success chance? I would think there'd have to be a failure chance for balance. That, or I suppose things have to be approved as within my current level of skill.

...if and when I find some chain, I wanna make someone swordchucks. Two sets, for dual wielding. Or maybe a skirt of swords, for the Tozol. A giant crossbow / ballista for one of the high capacity people could be cool.
No. 57959 ID: 34cbef

actually build general is a passive- it takes a full round to build anything you want. But you are limited on resources and capacity space, that is the balance. for more complicated builds such as a ballist or other siege weapon you will have to have a starting point such as a tree, one turn to chop down; one turn to build; and repeat for modification.
No. 58116 ID: 886a4d

How do kill tallies work? We've killed one with multiple vollies of arrows, is that 1 kill for everyone who hit him? One kill for everyone period? or the one who had the kill shot?
No. 58118 ID: 34cbef

Ah, this is the part where I explain the claims system. When a kill is made a body is left on the tile grid. During engagement a unit must collect the body- but only a unit that caused damage to the character can collect said body. Bodies take No capacity and at the end of engagement a Tally is run based on how many bodies were "Claimed" or collected in this way. Any characters that were killed by the means of betrayal where a character is murdered by his own team mate, this is considered a claim for everyone.

The short version is: Collect bodies you made and gain kills for your kill count.
No. 58123 ID: d6c330

Does collecting the body include their gear? Because I was hoping to loot that guy for metal / crafting materials.

Also, are we allowed to go overcapacity and function encumbered? Or to interact with items on dropped on the ground, instead of inventory? Because it occurs to me I'll need to do one or the other to build much, considering my wood and twigs have almost used up my capacity.
No. 58124 ID: 34cbef

You can loot a body and collect it as two seperate actions. You can also interact with objects currently on the ground. But over encumbered in this game is more like a "you are stuck on that tile" until you gain more capacity or drop items.
No. 58207 ID: 8042f4

Do arrows count a diagonal as 1 square moved? (same as a move distance?)
No. 58212 ID: 34cbef
File 134429097574.png - (46.85KB , 1180x932 , radiuscharts.png )

any weapon with a range larger then one square targets opponents the same way you would preform a move action. Refer to this picture for applicable targets within range.
No. 58240 ID: be1ec1

Diplomat SilverFayte didn't provide any orders during the last update. How are players that are away going to be handled? My Pact ability is no use without Persuation to do the groundwork.
No. 58242 ID: 886a4d

Is there any advantage to picking spindly over raising your move attribute?
No. 58249 ID: 8db778

A reply to redaeths comment >>/quest/440131 to avoid arguments in the quest thread.

In update >>/quest/438415 it was shown that a pact can be struck before persuation takes place. It doesn't convert them, but it lets me lay the groundwork for conversion. Unless proven otherwise I will keep using the pact ability on unconverted enemies in the hope that SilverFayte will do something to follow up or that we'll get reinforcements with the persuation ability. It doesn't cost me anything.
No. 58259 ID: 34cbef
File 134438546763.png - (10.09KB , 532x450 , ruleswizard.png )

And so there is a dispute amongst the kingsmen. The king sends out his best negotiator, which is the Rules Wizard. With the wave of his hand the engagement is paused and the wind calms. Time as itself has stood still, and the topic to press upon is: Pacts and Persuasion

A pact is the agreement to fight with the kingsmen permanently. Mostly visualized as a handshake or a verbal agreement to become a loyal soldier in the kingsmen army. The use of a pact ensures that persuaded characters stay with the kingsmen until death.

A persuasion is the ability to convince a character or creature to fight with the kingsmen in the first place. It is the building block that should lead up to a pact.

Though a pact can be used before a persuasion, it will not be effective unless the character is persuaded first. The effectiveness of either will be gauged on how many times it is used against a character. Example is if you attempt a pact before a persuasion, It will not work but the character will keep this "potential agreement" in mind. This character will have less resistance against persuasion because of this. If a character is persuaded and decides he should join the kingsmen he will stand one turn to wait for another pact attempt.

Though Pact will not have it's intended use without persuasion does not mean it is useless.
No. 58263 ID: 34cbef

spindly is like having one extra speed then necessary at the beginning, plus it's stackable. Asside from that it becomes mostly useless after the first time you get it.

If a character does not make an order he stands, unless otherwise stated- such as in Eriks case. Eriks wishes his character is moved to the frontlines in order to attack.
No. 58278 ID: 9202a9

Hey chirps is it possible to tell what kind of equipment an enemy is using or how wounded an particular enemy is?
No. 58279 ID: 34cbef

I can come out and say it in this battle, but that requires a skill that will be eligible to obtain after this battle. The archers are wearing padded leather with shortbows, the crusaders are wearing iron armor with long swords. and the bandits are padded with knives. But after the engagement there will be progress in items obtainable and abilities that are trainable. There will also be more improved weapons and certain weapons get upgraded as time goes on
No. 58287 ID: d6c330

What happens to the equipment when the corpse is claimed? Does it disappear? (ie, we should loot first, then claim). Does remain on the tile where the copse was? Or does it go into a loot pool for us to distribute at the end of battle?

Because I was kind of hoping to loot some of that stuff for build general uses, and it doesn't appear as if I can now.
No. 58302 ID: 34cbef

when a body is on the ground it is lootable. the body will keep the equipment it had in life until a character relieves the body of it's useful items. Note that either the enemy or kingsmen can loot a corpse along with claim it, Which also means that kingsmen can loot or steal from other kingsmen.
No. 58315 ID: 34cbef

Anything that requires building will be instant. If you are using a build skill you make the object you want, but you need to specify what exactly you are building. Build Barrier is the ability to make a flimsy wall that is impossible to traverse normally out of what you are standing on. Build General is the ability to make anything, asside from walls, out of what you have on you or what you interract with- But it needs to be specified what it is the builder is making. Depending on the complication of build it may take multiple uses of the Build General feat, for example if you are making a trebuchette you will need to make a rope in one turn. Build the structure in a second turn. And finally rig the structure in a third turn. A three turn build. This is if the materials are on hand or you are standing next to the needed resources.
No. 58317 ID: d6c330

Thanks. Just for the sake of clarity, I think from now on I'll check the specs/turns/feasibility of build projects ahead of time here in the disc thread, so I can give simple orders in quest.

So does that mean the body Kali claimed still has its equipment, until Kali decides to loot it?
No. 58318 ID: 34cbef

>So does that mean the body Kali claimed still has its equipment, until Kali decides to loot it?

that is correct, but then she loses her claim if the body is stolen when she decides to drop it.
No. 58334 ID: 34cbef

mkay a brief weekend hiatus on this then- will return wither late sunday or early monday to update
No. 58721 ID: 886a4d

some questions on dual wields. What feat do claymores and longswords take? Can you dual wield longbows at all and if so what feat?

Also heres a silly question... could one of us pick up the catupult and wield it as a weapon?
No. 58722 ID: 7472ad

So fellow players, do you think Homeless Man should finish building a wall up top so that they can't attack the catapult from the north, or start building a wall along the road to provide more area protected from enemy archers? Keep in mind that build wall requires a full turn, so he can't build a wall on the same turn that he moves.
No. 58723 ID: 34cbef

dual wield can be used for all weapons that is able to fit in your capacity, accept bows. It is impossible to wield and load a bow or a cross bow with both hands full.

And yes you can hypothetically wield a catapult if you keep raising capacity to 200. But moving and using a catapult is not wielding a catapult, so it would be unneccessary to worry about that.
No. 58725 ID: d6c330

Since it's almost completed, could we get the stats of the catapult so we can plan accordingly? Move, range, if it can move and fire in the same turn, things like that.
No. 58726 ID: 886a4d

Is it dual wield medium or heavy for claymores? How about longswords?
No. 58727 ID: 34cbef

*looks at write up* so i did forget to put that down.

Alright, Dual Wield Light are weapons that take only 1 Capacity
Dual Wield Medium are weapons that take up 2 Capacity
and Dual Wiel Heavy are weapons that take up 3 or More Capacity
No. 58728 ID: 886a4d

One last question on dual wield... do the negatives stack? For example 1 claymore takes off 1 move and 1 defence... would wielding two be worse off?
No. 58730 ID: 34cbef
File 134507351050.png - (6.88KB , 376x325 , cvst.png )

Now as Dakdo would like to dream, a Trebuchette is unnecessary in first conflict. Now I will detail the differences between the two and lay down the statistics.

Catapult is a small siege weapon easier to construct and has mobility. A Trebuchette is a Large siege weapon and must remain stationary to preform. The real difference between the two is throwing capacity and range.

Move 2
Capacity 100
HP 30
Weight 200
Construction time 3 turns

Move 0
Capacity 300
HP 15
Weight 350
Construction time 5 Turns

As noticed in the stats a Trebuchette is structurally weaker, making it easier to knock over when attacked. A Catapult will have a range of 8 where as a Trebuchette will have a range of 12. They will both strike a 2 Raduis grid with their ammunition and damage is based collectively on what is used for ammo. For example if it were filled with daggers it would do it's capacity worth of dagger damage.
No. 58731 ID: 34cbef

it would, the defence penalty adds damage against you. So dual wielding weapons that you don't have a Defense to cater to will ultimately get you killed faster.
No. 58732 ID: d6c330

A radius 2 circle? What approximation are we using for that in a square grid? A 5-tile plus sign (+)? A 2x2 box (□)?
No. 58733 ID: 34cbef

i did not say circle, I am using 'radius' looseley. It will be the smallest range radius used in the melee range grid here >>58212 but it strikes the center tile aswell as all highlighted.
No. 58735 ID: d6c330

Okay. Wow. A 5x5 square. Nice.

Obvious question: does friendly fire damage apply?

Also, will launching the boulder armor knight kill him, or is that a valid tactic for deploying him out in the field?
No. 58736 ID: 34cbef

frienldy fire does apply, if you were to launch daggers into that square and you have an ally in there he will take the damage along with the enemies.

If you launch a character with the catapult it will vary based on distance, for farthest toss it will deal 2 damage that can be soaked by armor. The boulder knight will be perfectly fine if you launch him out of the catapult.
No. 58773 ID: 54fb5c

Is it possible to take any defensive actions instead of attacking? Like holding still and raising your defensive value or preparing a counterattack against the next enemy that hits you?
No. 58808 ID: 34cbef

if you need to find a better defense the suggestion is to find objects to put between yourself and an enemy. asside from that they would be abilities that will be introduced after this engagement
No. 58840 ID: 214bf9

With a longer reach weapon like the halberd or glaive, does there need to be nothing in the way or could you strike past an allied soldier standing in between you and your target?
No. 58857 ID: 34cbef

Yes you can affect only the enemy if there is an ally in the way. But if there were 2 enemies, you would have to strike the closest
No. 58865 ID: 886a4d

Do you need the build perk to harvest or pick up materials like from shrubs or cobblestone from the road?
No. 58866 ID: 34cbef

You may collect a shrub or a rock, but it does require the build perk to harvest yes.
No. 58918 ID: 34cbef

Taking a 1 or 2 day hiatus for irl stuff. In that time i'll be making rule maintenance for future objects and misc that will be introduced. But when i return we'll have some fancy crusader deaths.
No. 59004 ID: 34cbef

bump in case people have more questions
No. 59020 ID: 7472ad

Well, since we know how much capacity it takes to carry a catapult, how much does it take to carry a wall?
No. 59021 ID: 34cbef

Unlike everything else a wall is impossible to carry.
No. 59108 ID: 214bf9

Why didn't I move this turn? I'm sure I got the position right, unlike last turn.
No. 59111 ID: 1e72ae

What happens to bodies that aren't picked up by the time the battle ends? Is picking up a body a on square activity, or an adjacent square activity?
No. 59113 ID: 34cbef

In order to claim a body you must walk a path that goes through a tile that has a body in it. This is either walking directly onto the tile or moving through it to reach another. When you move onto then move off the tile, that falls within the moving through action of claiming a body. So in short, you cannot take a body that is not directly on your tile.

>"Why didn't I move this turn? I'm sure I got the position right, unlike last turn," says the kingsman to one of the royal guards.

The guard on the right says, "Oh lookit the time," as the other one stares off into the distance whistling. After a stern look from Sir Robes, they mumble out an excuse and run off into the safety of the castle.
it's fixed, but thanks for mentioning something- i would not have seen it otherwise
No. 59137 ID: 1e72ae

Any word on what happens to bodies after battle? Are they divied up, go to the person who did most damage, are they lost for good?
No. 59138 ID: 34cbef

Bodies go by this scenario. A kingsman runs into take trophies or pieces of an enemy when they claim the bodies. If a body is not claimed then they sit out in the fields to rot. In the case of comrades you collect the whole body without taking up any Capacity. IE: If you don't claim a body, they don't go to anyone.
No. 59179 ID: d6c330

That kind of encourages degenerate behavior, like keeping one opponent with his weapon stolen alive at the end of each battle while we collect all the corpses.

...although I guess you could just count on us being too disorganized to try that. :p
No. 59209 ID: 8042f4

We keep him alive til we collect the bodies then persuade him to join us. How is that degenerate?
I just don't want to have the enemies to have died pointlessly. I also suggest that we pick up most of their armor/weapons to be used as materials for crafting.
No. 59220 ID: 7472ad

I imagine that guy left would retreat, ending the battle.
No. 59249 ID: e3814c

Not if we are able to net him.

On that note- Builder guy do you think you could build a large net to be catapulted onto the cluster of archers (and one bandit)?
No. 59250 ID: d6c330

I could probably build a net. Much easier than a catapult, right?. I think I used all my bark rope / cord making the catapult though. I'd probably have to go harvest some from another shrub first.
No. 60013 ID: 34cbef

update on body claims coming soon.
No. 60014 ID: 34cbef
File 134637659008.png - (13.98KB , 502x629 , upgradepanel.png )

Congratulations Kingsmen, Our King is very impressed with your effort.

Claims Made:
Juroko- 3 bodies
Kali- 4
Luke- 2
Rosco- 1
Dakdo- 1
O'Lynn- 1

These characters have proven worthy of more training:
Dakdo- for proving his competence with siege weapons

Now for the news.
The weapon smiths have improved upon the Glaive, it now weighs 1 Capacity Less!!!!!
Anyone who has a glaive may take note of this.

The stables are filled, so now you are able to take Mount as a Feat !!!!!!!!!

Mount- With this feat you can an animal (horse) companion that you may ride

Horse- 6 Move/ 2 Atk/ 0 Df/ 8 Capacity/ 3 Hp

The leather workers have made a new sack which you can carry on your back. Backpack can now be taken as a Feat !!!!!!

Backpack- you have an object that increases your capacity +10, you may pass this object to other characters

The Kings very own animal warren has been restocked with many vicious animals, Mostly dogs.
You may now use a claim to purchase animals to fight alongside in combat. Warning, this will subtract from total claim count.

Current Beast Roster:
Dog- 4 Move/ 4 Atk/ 2 Df/ 2 Capacity/ 2 HP
Bull- 2 Move/ 6 Atk/ 4 Df/ 8 Capacity/ 2 Hp

The Rules wizard has decided to teach his trade to any who wish it. You may now take Magic (_____) as a Feat !!!!!!!!!!

Magic (_____)- the character who takes this feat must choose an element (water, wind, earth, fire, time, shadow, sound). You are able to fire an element based attack range 5 that deals 2 damage Or you may accentuate another feat.

And that is all for kingsmen new, well done all of you.
No. 60015 ID: d6c330

>These characters have proven worthy of more training: Dakdo
Sweet. Uh... what does that mean though? I get to pick a new feat?

Also, if I'm reading this right, the only available use for claimed corpses is to spend them on a pets beasts?
No. 60017 ID: 886a4d

It's also for getting more feats... though at this rate it will take 3 battles minimum.
No. 60018 ID: 34cbef

You can train up one of your attributes or gain a feat.

And yeah, the corpses are pretty much going to be considered money.
No. 60019 ID: 1e72ae

Nice job! I'll also put my metal armor towards any work you try to do before the next combat.

Sorry, but you missed a body for me
>>449332 I had 2 at this update then moved 2 to the right, picking up another along the way.
I'll get a bull though, I need a pack mule to carry all my loot.

Is giving items a free action or a turn action?
No. 60021 ID: 34cbef

well lookit that. you do have 3 claims. and passing off items is a passive action. So you can move then pass an item and end your turn.
No. 60022 ID: e3814c

Is it possible to take Magic Alchemy? How I imagine it would work is like this;
Some times there are Alchemic components hidden in the map (Rare plant, Magical animal droppings, Ect...). I would have to search an area for these components. Once I find these composites I can use them to make potions. The potions could be stuff like; Healing (+1, +2, +3, ect...), Damage (+1, +2, +3, ect...). With higher level potions needing more components.
No. 60027 ID: 34cbef

if you take Magic (water) then you could use it with build general to make potions, but alchemy has not yet been discovered yet. If you find an alchemist in the field you can capture him and it will open up alchemy as a feat and as a resource that you can spend claims on.
No. 60031 ID: d6c330

>You can train up one of your attributes or gain a feat.

Alright! Let's consider some possible builds then.

I'm effectively a back row non-com, so atk and def aren't worth it. Move is valuable, but not more so than a feat.

>MacGyver build general level 2
Presumably, I can make better stuff, faster. The easy, obvious choice.

Massive capacity would be good for carrying build supplies around, and for dumping more ammo in a siege weapon per turn.

>you may accentuate another feat
Augmenting crafting skills with magic could have potentially awesome effects.

Time magic seems the most obvious choice- get done faster, autonomous clockwork mechanisms, temporal effects on manufactured gear.

Earth or shadow could also be interesting- in that they could be used for free materials (call forth stone or metal from the earth, or bind / craft with shadows).

Potentially gives me an actual attack too? (although if I'm reading that right, I think you have to chose between elemental blasting magic, or elemental augmentation of another feat).

Feel free to tell me which of my ideas are crazy and absolutely not how this works. :p

>I'll also put my metal armor towards any work you try to do
Thank you!
No. 60044 ID: 34cbef

it will be about a week or so before i make a new thread for this so you can simmer on this for a bit. I have to think about what the next things are going to be and whether it should be a similar thing like black company.
No. 60052 ID: 214bf9

With Glaive costing less I would like to take the opportunity to switch to the wood plate. Being at -1 df was making me a bit worried.
No. 60053 ID: 34cbef

that's acceptable, anyone can trade in their armor for other types of armor. But in this game there will be instances where for flavor you will be in foriegn lands and need to trade for this ability to gain armor.
No. 60054 ID: 44f50a

Hmmmmm.. Built seems to not be as good as it use to be what with Backpack's increase. I'll still keep it of course.

Say, would Earth Magic be able to improve Built? You know, make it so you could carry a bit more, maybe remove some move penalties with equipment? Kind of curious.
No. 60055 ID: 34cbef

magic is finicky, where it will work with built but it won't when you use it on an object. If you need to accentuate your built it could affect your personal body giving you a temporary rock titan strength. Go with the boulder theme, where your capacity is raised along with your attack and your defense.
No. 60056 ID: 34cbef

and also with built, you can stack built but you cannot carry multiple backpacks.
No. 60088 ID: e3814c

I guess I'll take Magic Water and hope that I can work with Dakdo to build stuff. Also what sort of magic would alchemist fire fall under?

Also I would like to switch my load out-
I want wood plate and a longsword in exchange for the padded leather and the longbow.
No. 60106 ID: d6c330

So... since I wasn't refuted, does that mean my guesses on what using magic to accentuate build general would be like were right?

Just trying to figure out what my choices actually are before I make one.
No. 60119 ID: 34cbef

mkay, i guess someone is confused about this, you can only get an extra feat or raise attributes when you score 10 claims, or have proven competent in a manner that helps engagement.

alright, you can do the equipment swap.

anything you can imagine, as long as it's reasonable.
No. 60124 ID: d6c330

>anything you can imagine
>as long as it's reasonable
That's going to be a fun line to walk.

For my new feat, I'll accentuate build general with time magic.

This will allow work to be completed faster, projects to be built or augmented with autonomous, self powered clockwork, and possibly time magic style enchantments on any equipment I end up manufacturing.

Potentially other uses as I think them up, but I think that's reasonable for now.
No. 60125 ID: 886a4d

Huh, could you enhance our bows to be multishot? Right now their kinda useless once people get armored up. We do have 4 archer's worth of equipment.

Also quick question, does corpse spent on dogs and mounts subtract from the total towards feats \ extra training?
No. 60131 ID: d6c330

>>multishot bows
Hmm, probably easier mechanically to do that with a crossbow than a long bow.

I could either try it mechanically, somehow fusing two bows together so you draw and fire as one (or make a bigger bow that holds two arrows?), or I could try some kind of time magic enchantment, so you have the time to fire twice in one round.

Can I even attempt to build things now, or will projects have to wait till the next map?
No. 60145 ID: e3814c

I just want to clarify; none of the kings men have enough claims to get a new feat yet?
No. 60146 ID: 34cbef

no, the first engagement was pretty much to get your feet wet. in the next session of this there will be multiple areas of engagement with more enemies then previously faced.
No. 60147 ID: 34cbef

mkay, i'll start with the corpse count. It is a game of strategy where the monetary device are claims made by collecting bodies. If you spend money, you don't have that much money anymore- similar concept. You spend a claim, you do not have as many claims, so there is a sort of tedious element to it in the hopes the players figure out how to conserve and use resources when necessary.

The next thing i can press upon is that yes, you can have a sort of "out of engagement" sequence. All this can be played out right here in the discussion thread.
No. 60166 ID: e3814c

Ok it that case I want to keep my bow, but I still want to trade in my armor.
No. 60167 ID: 886a4d

Alright.... might as well RP it

The next day Kali approaches Dakdo with several bows purloined from the castle armory neatly bundled up in her arms.

"Greetings Dakdo, might I ask you a favor?"
No. 60172 ID: d6c330

At Kali's greeting, Dakdo turns and looks up from his workbench, which is currently strewn with a disorderly collection of small gears and cogs.

"Ah, Kali, certainly! You were quite the help manning, uh, Tozoling? the catapult the other day. What did you have in mind?"
No. 60176 ID: 886a4d

"Our bows are no match for any armor greater then wood plate" Kali thumps her own set for emphasis.

"For those Crusaders we faced it would take four archers working in concert to slay just one. I was hoping you could help me change that." Kali lays down the bows she brought. "Perhaps a stronger draw, heavier arrows or the ability to shoot more arrows at once." She shrugs.

"I'm not the genius who constructed a catapult that won the day after all." She grins at him in mock humility. "Just a poor soldier defending her King"
No. 60259 ID: e3814c

I spend the rest of my free time searching the surrounding grounds for a sapling to replace the one we tore out. I also take clippings of any interesting plants along the way.
No. 60266 ID: 8042f4

I leave my set of metal armor by dakdos workbench to do whatever he wants for whoever and then I get 2 more for him from the crusaders. I also check if the bandits had anything they looted before the battle. (and maybe move the bodies into a pile with the bulls help, I've got nothing better to do)
No. 60267 ID: 44f50a

Hmmmm... arrows are pointy. Arrows do not bother the heavy knight and his armor of BOULDER... but it does bother squishier members. Shelter cannot move, and squishier members get shot when THEY try to move. Idea! We get cover to move for us!

We make wagon, we give it strong roof to protect from the pointy rain, then move it with mighty beasts and strong men while our squishy men are safe inside! MEN! IS THIS BEST IDEA?!
No. 60333 ID: 34cbef
File 134675631842.png - (5.58KB , 418x350 , thedays.png )


And so the passive days begin. Dakdo may now make one of three different enhancements with the bows he is given. He may take a bow and increase on attribute of it, he may make an aether bow (this bow sends an arrow in time to hit a target at a later turn), or he may make a double shot bow (this bow enhances the speed of loading and firing, giving two arrow attacks per turn).

O'Lynn is thanked by the royal gardeners and led to the herbalism garden. If O'Lynn chooses to spend time here, he will be able to research herbalism as a stock feat that anyone can take.

Luke discovers whole found maps and territories yet to be explored amongst the bodies that were left behind. If he takes these maps to the scholars he may learn a "secret hideouts location".

The rest is a mundane task that is up to the players.
No. 60336 ID: 8042f4

>secret hideouts location
I like the sound of that. If nothing else we can prevent the gang from sending another attack.
Mundane task is to move the bodies into a pile to be burned. (after they are stripped of armor of course) Rotting corpses on the front lawn do not help the king's PR. (especially against the crusaders)
No. 60341 ID: 886a4d

What attributes can be increased and by how much?
No. 60344 ID: 34cbef

any weapon attribute, attack/df/move/capacity
No. 60350 ID: d6c330
File 134677799286.png - (109.54KB , 544x616 , MacGyvered timebow.png )

Oh, sorry for leaving this hanging. I actually had a fun idea, and decided to try and draw something for the finished bow, completely forgetting I'm generally incapable in that field. But here we go.

Anyways, behold Dakdo's questionable creation. At first glance, it looks little more than two long bows tied together, with an unwieldy and unnecessary addition of mechanical aids, and what looks like an alarm clock strapped to the side.

Despite questionable appearances, this dual arrangement provides more stopping power, further augmented by the clockwork ratcheting mechanisms. The final touch is the enchantment cast on the arrows as they leave the bow- rapid aging. The arrows actually petrify mid flight- converting wood to stone for an increase in mass and stopping power (violating conservation of momentum, yay!). Less effective at closer ranges, as arrows won't fully convert before impact.

Which, mechanically, translates to a higher damage bow, with either a penalty at close range, or a bonus far out.

I'll leave stating out to the GM. Re, if you'd prefer a bow that did one of the other things suggested, I'll take it back to the shop and tweak it.
No. 60351 ID: 886a4d

Kali looks to the rule wizard and begs "Oh please let us use it. It's beautiful"
No. 60352 ID: e3814c

I thank the gardeners for the use of their garden and spend most of my time there. Also I ask Dakdo what is this I here about experimenting with bows?
No. 60353 ID: 886a4d

As for stats it looks like its a damage (and maybe range) increase at the cost of more weght. The double bows + gears and clock. Plus another damage increase or status effect from the petrified wood. Slowing? Stoning targets?

If my guesses are correct I'll probably trade in my claymore + longbow for one of these and if I still have room a short or long sword.
No. 60356 ID: 8042f4

>any weapon attribute...move...
I say go for increasing movement for a dagger or something later(if it's allowed). Nice job on the bow drawing! It's more than 5 times better than anything I could draw! Also, graph paper makes almost any drawing look technical.(try to have all sides end at the edge of a box next time/not seen from a slanted angle, it will make it look like 60% cooler)
No. 60382 ID: 34cbef
File 134682484451.png - (13.83KB , 604x430 , ruleswizard.png )

The Rulse and Regulations wizard scans the bow to determine what exactly it is capable of. From his quick scan he sees that is is a sort of compound bow, where damage is equal to a characters current capacity (with items), but with the ability to shoot 2 radius farther(instead of 10 tiles away it is now 12 tiles away). The rules wizard looks at the bows decor and mentions that the little clock seems... a little unneccessary, unless you are shooting little clocks instead of arrows. Other then this it passes his inspection and he allows it to be used in battle. He also mentions that you will not be able to retrieve spare bows from the armory unless you barter equipment which you have pilfered from rogues on the field or are willing to spend claims on them. He also says that he will be around if you decide to alter other weapons in similar fashion.
No. 60383 ID: 886a4d

Well I gathered 3 bandits and 2 crusaders (1 post battle that no one else mentioned snagging) so say I used my original bow and traded in some loot for a second one.

What would be the exact weight of the thing so I can plan my other equipment around it.

The clock was supposed to be a time magic enhancement from what I understand.
No. 60385 ID: d6c330

Okay, so if anything wants anything simple, like enchanting an equipment attribute to +1, consider it done. All you need is the equipment you want tweaked, and the request. Dakdo will happily take it into the backroom and tweak it so long as we're camped out in the castle. Until the rules wizard informs me I'm out of spare parts or mana, I suppose.

>I say go for increasing movement for a dagger
...this is an excellent idea. Dakdo modifies his dagger to grant +1 move.

If you want a crazy experiment (like Kali's double bow), you're going to need to supply materials. Bring me stuff off of looted enemies, or that your character might have access to (Maybe I could make some kind of herb-bow for Finn?). You can make up your own crazy ideas, or leave it to me as you wish.

The rules wizard will be deciding how it all works, anyways. :p
No. 60389 ID: 34cbef

>What would be the exact weight of the thing so I can plan my other equipment around it.

it would be similar to the average long bow in capacity, but it's attack is based on how much free capacity you have and it's range is 12.

>...this is an excellent idea. Dakdo modifies his dagger to grant +1 move.

Dagger that makes a person move faster, i see no problem with this.
No. 60391 ID: 886a4d

Kali looks over her new prize carefully then nods to herself. She unstraps the wood plate that served her so faithfully the last battle then puts aside the claymore she used to strike down a single bandit.

She then picks up the masterwork bow and in a swift and smooth motion draws and looses an arrow towards a distant target. There is a far off thump and she jogs towards the post.

Her eyes widen, the arrow had completly punched through the tough treated wood.

"Perfect." Kali grinned and threw a salute towards Dakdo's office. "Well built master builder."


Would a backpack count as increased capacity for this bow? Or would it be better to get built?

In any case next battle all Kali is going to use is the bow. (6 damage, 12 range !!!!)
No. 60392 ID: 44f50a

Hmmmm... I've got 1 crusader, and 2 archers worth of gear and one bandit claim(without gear). Could probably do that bow thing with the two bows I have... but bows are not the style.

Say, since that crusader likely is a bit scrap, could I perhaps make his armor into a shield? Something to hold in that other hand to block more shots with, use some leather bits for straps from the archer armor.

Or.. can I improve my armor with what I have? You know, make the joints and such a bit smoother for better mobility with the armor from the crusader and archers. Being able to move TWO squares is ALWAYS better than 1 square.
No. 60393 ID: 34cbef

any item bonus or restraint that is based on capacity will not apply with a backpack- a backpack is considered a sort of "special" feat where in it's only a feat in context alone. In actuality it is just an item that lets you carry more.

it is all up to your tinkerer dakdo
No. 60394 ID: 886a4d

Right Kali the Horse Archer it is for my first feat once I can get it.
No. 60395 ID: 886a4d

Now that I've decided on my next feat heres the inevitable questions.

How many corpses does a horse take to buy? Also the horses capacity does that include everything on the rider?
No. 60397 ID: 34cbef

If you obtain the feat, the horse is free, and no- that is the horse's independent capacity.
No. 60398 ID: 8042f4

If equipment we can use is from any kill we claimed, I'll keep 1 padded leather, 1 spare longsword, and 2 spare bows in my treasure horde. (and 1 dagger, 2 padded leather, 1 metal armor to dakdo)(1 crusader, 2 archers, the gear of one bandit)
I'd like my padded leather to have increased def by one if I can.
No. 60401 ID: 886a4d

Can the horse equip things? Like armor?
No. 60403 ID: d6c330

(Have I hijacked this quest? By accident? Everyone loves the builder!)

I'd say I can improve the boulder armor's move. Just need to sink some time magic into it so you move quicker. Or... give you wheels. Something.

And I can almost certainly jury rig a shield out of full crusader platemail. Gimmie a bit and I'll see what I can come up with.

Leather armor def+1 is easy. A little reinforcement, maybe a tiny slowing field on incoming hits, and done.

...any idea what you wanted done with all the rest of that stuff?
No. 60405 ID: 8042f4

The rest of the stuff is just free materials for whatever you want to try making later,(consider it a gift/payment for fixing up my armor) I certainly don't need them, and I'm keeping the ones I might use myself. I hope we actually have a place to store all this stuff though.
No. 60411 ID: e32f97

Would you be so kind as to modify my bow to do some more damage? I was thinking of building it bigger so it packed more of a punch. Lastly don't be hesitant to call on me if you need some one's help with plants.
No. 60412 ID: e32f97

What about a war chariot? That would certainly be fun to ride and trample our enemies with.
No. 60434 ID: 886a4d

Might be an idea to set up a wiki page with all the player stats on it, including stored items from kills so we know what we have to trade.
No. 60435 ID: 34cbef

alright, so saturday is the day in which we will begin another engagement. anything related to improving armor or weapons will have the corresponding attribute moved by one. Any vehicles are a tech leve that the game has not yet achieved, which in turn means you must discover it during an engagement before you are open to building them. The only real thing i need to overlook is if you are adding a special ability to any item or character.

If O'Lynn is in engagement and collects herbs as a passive action he will need to preform this 3 times in order to obtain enough knowledge to open up the feat "Herbalism".

The maps have been processed, the Bandits Hideout will be a location the players will be able to choose- note this is more of a 'bonus level' area where the chances of scoring decent quality loot is higher.

all in all, be ready for saturday.
No. 60436 ID: 886a4d

Looking forward to it!
No. 60437 ID: d6c330

Okay, just to make it easy to keep track of, he's the orders completed so far (enjoy your stuff):

+1 Boulder armor (move), Juroko
+1 Padded leather armor (def), Luke
+1 Dagger (move), Dakdo
Custom double bow, Kali

Custom 1h shield (made from crusader armor), Juroko
Upgraded Bow, Finn

Finn, were you just looking for a simple +1 to attack, or were you looking for me to make something up? I don't have another bow to tie this one to, but I could probably find some way to use the materials Luke donated to come up with something.

Anyone else wants plus ones to anything, just ask. Additional custom stuff will be limited by time (I might not have time to think something up before the next round starts!) and resources (I'm abstracting away resources for the simple +1 jobs, assuming the castle's workshop has what I need).

A stats wiki does sound like it would be useful, if anyone wants to set one up.
No. 60438 ID: 214bf9

If you could fix up my new wood plate a bit that would be nice. I could always use more armour, as long as it doesn't slow me down at least.
No. 60439 ID: d6c330

So are you looking for a def or move bonus there?
No. 60440 ID: e3814c

I'm happy with a simple +1 to damage. I was thinking to fluff it as a bow carved specifically to my hight and draw strength.
No. 60473 ID: 214bf9

I didn't expect you to be able to make an armour have +1 move, if such a thing is indeed possible then that would be preferable. But if not then more defence.
No. 60475 ID: 8042f4

The only question I have to ask is if everyone automatically starts in the battlefield or if it's a sign in type of thing. I think I'll be busy most of sat night, so sign me in automatically if you can. (along with my new bull)

My overall role on sat will be to steal heavy armor to free up attacks for those with <4 atk and I assume dakdo will siege; so we will need people with plenty of move/range to take down the quick ones and at least 2 with heavy armor to advance the line and 1 guy to stay back and protect dakdo.(since he is squishy as hell, no offense)
No. 60476 ID: 8042f4

Also, I'll let anyone use my bull(8cap)to hold any stuff they get, so don't be shy about picking up items.
No. 60491 ID: d6c330
File 134706168650.png - (83.65KB , 504x504 , Repurposed Crusader Armor Shield.png )

>New stuff
+1 Longbow (damage), Finn
+1 Wood Plate (move), Sir Robes
Custom crusader armor shield, Juroko

>Shield description
It appears as if Dakdo took the crusader's breastplate, painted a more appropriate crest on the surface, and then strapped addition pieces of armor together until to form something approximately shield shaped. He insists it won't fall apart if the straps are severed (something about spot welding), but they add to the stability.

When asked why he didn't just melt the armor down and cast a shield from scratch, Dakdo pauses and looks briefly baffled.

Awaiting the rule wizard to stat it up. (Presumably it gives more def, or a chance to block attacks).

>I didn't expect you to be able to make an armour have +1 move
I'm justifying it as a simple time magic enchantment. I mean, if you've got 4 move, you just need to move 25% quicker to get 5.

>I assume dakdo will siege
Maybe. I have a sneaking suspicion the next map will be set up to make that less effective. Enemies more spread out, there'll be tall obstacles, less wood or ammo, or I'll need to spend turns building bridges over chasms or something.

Actually, interesting point. Does the catapult from last time carry over?

>he is squishy as hell, no offense
None taken! Fragility 'tis the fate of the useful support unit. :p
No. 60508 ID: 34cbef

Alright, quest is up.
It's a sign in for the first update, and i'll probably have only fluff for actual saturday shenanigans before i lay out the heavy battle plans. Mind you it won't be tedious fluff, it is the pre engagement preperations. There will be multiple locations, and based on how many people we will have there may be a chance to have the kingsmen split into multiple different engagements.

i will allow all the attribute changes, and the shield... huh...

It will be a mobile wall that has the same def as the armor. It will still follow the rules where a single blow that does twice it's defence it is destroyed. This shield, similar to a wall, will be able to deflect arrows.

New quest is here:
No. 60509 ID: a450e0

there sure is a lot of text on this page i haven't read, so please let me know if what i'm asking for won't work.

Rosco would like an AETHER BOW*, and also wants to know whether our resident engineer can fix him up a metal thing that will enhance his natural weapon [claw [1/0/0].

*so, will the aether bow still hit of the target moves since the time delay started? how many turns ahead can it delay to?
No. 60510 ID: 886a4d

Quick question on walls, can a sufficiently powerful blow destroy them?
No. 60511 ID: 34cbef

it will not hit a target that has moved, and it's at least a turn or two ahead

Yes, walls are able to be destroyed.
No. 60512 ID: 886a4d

Would Gungnir (6 damage strike) be able to destroy one?
No. 60513 ID: c7dc56

Few questions:
How do equipment/feat modifiers affect mounts?
Is there any reason to take a shortbow over a long bow?
If our mount dies, do we get a new one after the battle?
No. 60514 ID: 34cbef

walls are based on the material they are made of, dirt would make a def 5 wall, cobblestone a def 10, sturdy tree def 20, and finally a fashioned stone/morter/ big boulder is def 25.

Alright, here is the cool part- your npc based characters can also level up and take claims. If you want to invest your claims into your horse you can, but other then that it will have the base stats as it started with.

If your beast were to ever die, you must buy a replacement by using up a claim.
No. 60515 ID: c7dc56

Er what I meant to ask was: if my player equips something that slows him down like a halberd, does this also slow down the mount? Im assuming both armor penalties and bonuses dont apply to the mount yes?
No. 60516 ID: 34cbef

anything you wear will not over encumber the mount.
No. 60518 ID: d6c330

Yeah sure, I'll whip up an aether bow, and cannibalize some of the armor Luke gave me to make you some metal claw gauntlet things (no schematic for you because this is last minute and it's not like I know how to draw hands or anything :p).

>aether bow
Does this always fire shots into the future, or does the user chose to activate the effect?

Aether bow, Rosco
Metal claw, Rosco
No. 60524 ID: 34cbef

the bow is one of those you can choose things, yes. i'll agree on the metal claws, if the context is more improving one of it's attributes.
No. 60526 ID: d6c330

Yeah, I'm assuming he just wants +damage for his claws.
No. 60527 ID: 34cbef

alright, so i have started the quest and will wait a bit- probably til sunday- to see how many participants will actually be playing. Then we will start the swing of things, now everything from first engagement will be readilly available, such as the catapult and whatever leftovers of equipment you got. This quest will be different from first engagement, where earlier i said you will be given a chance to voluntarilly split up into teams. My plans are to have seperate story driven areas to choose from, along with the bandits hideout as a sort of side quest. Areas will range in size, some as big as the courtyard similar to first engagement, and some being quite small. There will also be locations that have multiple areas of engagement- just to add more flavor to your fights.

In the meantime mull over how you want to play your characters and if you favor other members of the game.
No. 60528 ID: 886a4d

I'll probably support Dakdo. My bow and the fact that I'll have 6 capacity free means I can help man the catapult and not lose too much combat.
No. 60529 ID: d6c330

Regenerative space weasels and rabbits in a medieval setting unite.
No. 60530 ID: 886a4d

If hes willing Juroko should join us. Would mean we'd have a tank to go with our flimsy selves.
No. 60536 ID: 4c7bc9

ok awesome, and yes i would like the claws to be [2/0/0], just in case i end up in close combat.

however due to the fact that the aether bow won't hit moving targets, i'd like to switch that to the double shot bow.
No. 60561 ID: 44f50a

I don't mind if I stick back to defend the lot of you for the initial sortie, but remember that once things start to thin, fling me at the enemy to deal with them. I am at least capable of moving the same speed as the iron plate fighters now.
No. 60565 ID: d6c330

Eh, let's not plan too much till we see the maps. There might be one that requires battlefield engineering to pass, another where archers will shine, or where we could really use a tank boulder in a choke point.
No. 60596 ID: 34cbef

alright, since the forecast calls for a contending tactical strategy quest, i'm foreseeing a drop in participation. But no fears anyone, i will attempt to update after everyones turn- and if not the majority of players get dissuaded away we can go on a momentary hiatus.
No. 60599 ID: d6c330

Well, if we get less people than expected, we can just do the missions in series instead of parallel.
No. 60600 ID: 91c1b3

Do enemies share the 0hp=unconscious and <0hp=death rule? The seems like the only way that we can capture anyone right now.
No. 60601 ID: 34cbef

Yes, but your characters are also considered sentient beings that can take actions based on situations. If you want to grapple another character, say to pin him to the ground, you can do this. Or if you have rope and you want to tie someone up, you can do this. You can do pretty much anything you can think of, as long as you can figure out a way to successfully preform said actions.
No. 60602 ID: 91c1b3

Also, I just now realized that I stole iron armor (3 cap) while wearing padded leather (1 cap), and a longsword (2 cap); which would bring me up to 6. For some reason at the start, I thought I had 3 free and forgot to look at actual cap.
My bad, it won't happen again.
No. 60642 ID: c7dc56

Er we do seem to be having the problem of 3 out of 4 maps needing some sort of pursuasion/pact ability for atleast the secondary objective. I want to say we should just go in and use a show of force to do our persuasion, however that sort of undermines the purpose of pursuade/pact as a feat.

Bottom Line: how much pursuasion and pact making can characters do as a "personal" action before it infringes on the feats themselves.
No. 60646 ID: 34cbef

There is a certain difference between persuading enemies to join the kingsmen in the battle against crusaders and just making them comfortable with living under a monarchy. The line is when you start asking characters to join you and seeing if you either force them or they join you on their own accord
No. 60648 ID: 886a4d

Alright, if we're going to talk to the townsfolk into supporting the King we need some details about what exactly they are protesting beyond Kings are EVIIIIIL!

We'll also need to know what exactly is good about our kings policies.
No. 60649 ID: 34cbef

At the moment all of the players are considered mercenaries, the info you have on the king would be considered in game fluff you'd have to pick up from other characters and npc's. Plus, heck, you guys can make stuff up- i'm pretty okay with the players helping build the setting.
No. 60650 ID: d6c330

Can't you leave your extra stolen items in the castle? I don't see why you'd need to bring clutter along in your inventory if you didn't want to.

>We'll also need to know what exactly is good about our kings policies.
Yeah, be nice to be briefed on the laws and policies we're upholding. It's harder to make a case if we're ignorant.
No. 60661 ID: 34cbef

hmmm, fluff for the king... lets start with the cookie cutout of him being a strong and noble leader- who happens to accept wizardry and witchcraft as an applicable resource to use and improve everyday life. After that, you guys can expand from there
No. 60666 ID: 8042f4

I meant my strategy in the last battle was have leather equipped, then steal armor from the crusaders, and switching between light and heavy for maximizing usefulness of def and movement. My strategy in the last battle hinged on me being able to steal the heavier/stronger armor; which I shouldn't have been able to do.(cannot steal beyond max cap)
No. 60671 ID: 34cbef

minor details that occasionally get overlooked, don't worry about it.
No. 60691 ID: 34cbef

A stat list of all current players

Kali - custom shortbow[gugnir]
Move 4/ Hp 3/ Atk 5/ Def -1
Capacity 3/8

Luke- Longsword, +1 padded leather
Move 4/ Hp 3/ Atk 3/ Def 2
Capacity 3/5

Khangesh- Glaive, stone plate
Move 1/ Hp 3/ Atk 4/ Def 1
Capacity 5/5

Juroko longsword, +1 boulder armor, sheeeeeld
Move 2/ Hp 3/ Atk 3/ Def 6/ Shield 4
Capacity 8/8

O'Lynn +1 Longbow, woodplate
Move 4/ Hp 3/ Atk 3/ Def 1
Capacity 5/5

Sir Robes- not completely sure

Erik- not completely sure

Rosco- same as previous two

I will not penalize players who are currently deployed, but please make a note of what your current equipment in this engagement will be(this is for the people who haven't posted what they are carrying in the quest yet)
No. 60692 ID: 214bf9

Unless I'm mistaken this should be right

Sir Robes - Glaive, woodplate(+1 move)
Move 4/ Hp 3/ Atk 4/ Def 0
Capacity 5/5
No. 60693 ID: 34cbef

your wood plate has no movement penalty, so you movement is at 5
No. 60694 ID: e3814c

But the Glaive dose have a move penalty.
No. 60695 ID: 34cbef

well slap me and call me suzan, it does- talk about not knowing my own rules.
No. 60696 ID: c7dc56

Could I ask you, for the purposes of attack range, where am I when riding the horse? Do I start counting from the head or tail of the horse?
No. 60697 ID: 34cbef

your range is based on how you want to attack, if you want to reach around the front of the horse then you would put your range around the head tile occupied, if you want to attack from the arse of the horse, then you attack the end occupied tile.
No. 60698 ID: c7dc56

That is a very pleasant surprise
No. 60699 ID: 34cbef

by taking the mount feat, it's saying that you were trained in the art of war on a horse. This is the only mount you can do this with, as most beasts are not considered mounts unless you craft special harnesses.
No. 60707 ID: 34cbef

we've got a wiki, right now it's bare bones with the rules and listings of feats and whatnot. I'm not particularly sure what to add to it asside from that but i'm sure we can think of something.

No. 60708 ID: 1987d1

I was thinking we need a roster, ie, a list of all characters, their stats, inventory, corpse count, etc. for easy reference.

I'm willing to put that together when my wiki application eventually gets approved.
No. 60709 ID: 886a4d

Might want to include which weapons are considered light, medium and heavy. Also maybe character sheets, in-castle inventories and corpse counts.
No. 60710 ID: 8042f4

>your npc based characters can also level up and take claims
Do they get increased stats every 10 claims? Can they take feats? If so, which are not able to be taken?(a bull can't take duel wield, but could reasonably be able to take built, meaty, and spindly)
No. 60711 ID: 1987d1


...I'm going to laugh so hard if this applies to the catapult. It's certainly entitled to some kills!
No. 60712 ID: 34cbef

what that means is that yes they can gain levels the same as any character, but instead of them personally having to pick up claims you can give them your own claims. Eventually those of you will be applicable for a feat which counts the claims that you get personally for both you and your beast.

Who hasn't heard of improving the quality of an object, you can make a siege weapon better.
No. 60718 ID: b96ddd

This good?

Name: Juggernaut

Race: Humanoid Flesh Construct (if not allowed just human)

Feat: Meaty

Weapon: War pillar

Armor: Hardened leather
No. 60720 ID: 1987d1

...and here I thought we were getting a caster! *laughs*.

Race is purely cosmetic, pretty sure damn near anything is allowed.

Hmm. Okay, so that means you've got 1 move, 5hp, 6atk, 0 def, 5/5 cap. Kind of going for an ogre build huh? A slow, high hp and offense, glass cannon.
No. 60721 ID: b96ddd


Yeah, I wanted better armor but with the War Pillar I cant take anything better, but I don't think wooden armor is worth it and the padded leather would leave me at -1 armor
No. 60722 ID: 34cbef

>ogre build

this is just so ironic, i'd be giving away the fun if i told you why.
No. 60723 ID: 8042f4

Glad we have archers which high atk then.
No. 60724 ID: c7dc56

Welp I sure as shit wont be the one opening the gate today.
No. 60741 ID: b96ddd

What happens to a Unit when the player doesn't post anything for a while? do they just stand there or are they removed from battle?
No. 60744 ID: 1987d1

>do they just stand there or are they removed from battle?
Yes and yes, eventually.
No. 60752 ID: 3c7600

Another question: Are you able to attack through allies with the spear/glaive/halberd/war pillar without hurting them?
No. 60755 ID: 34cbef

for the three bladed weapons yes, but the war pillar is a special case. The war pillar inadvertantly destroys both tiles when used, which can lead to striking a friendly unit.
No. 60756 ID: 3c7600

Do corpses block the squares they on?
No. 60757 ID: 34cbef

once you collect them they vanish from the field.
No. 60844 ID: 8042f4

A Mortar/fashioned stone wall (like the ones in front of us) have 25 def, right? How much health do they have? As is we only need a few people together to get over 25 damage in one hit. Erik(6), Juggernaut(6), my bull(6), Kali(5 ranged) and O'lyyn(3 ranged) = 26 damage(not counting combo atk bonus)
Is just punching through the wall on the side a viable strategy?
How much damage would we need to do to destroy a wall in one turn without a siege weapon?
No. 60845 ID: 34cbef

walls only have 1 or 2 hp based on design. A makeshift wall, say of dirt or cobble (created from the build wall feat), has only 1 hp. Whereas an actual wall structure, such as those stone walls there, they have 2 hp and are made in multiple turns based on materials you cannot get directly without digging for bedrock.
No. 60846 ID: 1987d1

>Walls with only 2hp
I'm going to assume they have a fair amount of defense as well.

If we really want to break through the walls, we have all the palisades built into barricades at our disposal. I could probably whip up a big fancy battering ram, complete with overhead cover.
No. 60849 ID: 8042f4

The wall has (about) 25 def. The door probably only has like 15 def, so there are easier ways; I just wanted to see if we are able to break through a wall with just our weapons. (just think of how badass that image would look!)
As for making a battering ram, I don't think you have any rope or any sort of binding material (like what you got from the plant before) to hold it together. (sorry if I was/am acting a bit crass, I had a really bad week and it's messing with my head a bit)
No. 60877 ID: e3814c

A few questions about Actions:
-Can I have dependent actions? Like if a kingsmen gets hit I heal him otherwise I do nothing?
-Can I ready an action and if so what dose it mean? Like if I ready an action to shoot the witch if she makes a hostile action?
-Can I ready for more then one thing? Like if I ready an action to heal wounded kingsmen if they get wounded or shoot the witch if she is hostile?
No. 60902 ID: 34cbef

ther is really no initiative in this game per se, if you want to say that you would like to attack the witch if she farts the wrong way you can and i'll try to put that into the order of actions.
The order of actions that i go with are Kingsmen go first, Then enemies, and through the way I word it the people that die are either in between those two or at the end.
No. 60990 ID: 1987d1

Rosco has requested I make him a ladder.

Would be able I cannibalize barricade material to do so? If so, how long would construction take?
No. 61010 ID: 34cbef

2 turns if you want a wooden one of average one story ladders, this is a keep which will have 5 stories, so it will take ten turns.
No. 61012 ID: 1987d1

Does that take the time magic speed bonus into effect?

But either way, I suppose the pertinent question is whether Rosco needs LOS to seduce monsters- ie, is the ladder even needed. (He wanted it so Ogres could see him over the wall).
No. 61016 ID: 1987d1

Hey, I went and put a roster up on the wiki. Please review your stats and inventory for errors- I tried to comb everything out of quests and dis, but I probably missed something.

Out of battle inventory (any spare gear we left stashed at the castle) isn't listed, yet.
No. 61021 ID: 34cbef

No i did not take account of the time magic, if he does magic with it then he would cut that time in half. And yeah to the line of sight question, if the creature can see you the taming will work.
No. 61027 ID: 886a4d

The only thing I can see for me is that I claimed that final crusader corpse to the south post-battle, bringing my claim count to 5.
No. 61028 ID: 8042f4

The only error I can find on my stats part is that after the bull I have 2 claims left instead of one.
(then I spent one on the bull)
No. 61033 ID: 886a4d

Gungnir's damage is based on how much free cap I have. Which is currently 5, you have its damage listed as 4.
No. 61035 ID: ea66bc

Will I hit Juroko if I attack diagonally?
No. 61038 ID: 1987d1

Bugs fixed. I overlooked those claims since they weren't in any of the summaries. And I swear I put the 5 attack in there before, but upon checking, it seems I accidentally gave it to our comatose robot diplomat.
No. 61067 ID: 34cbef

sorry for the delay guys, it's still going to be a bit before i update because of life getting in the way. I'll try to update soonish, i just don't know when. Keep an eye out though, cus there will be an update sometime.
No. 61112 ID: 34cbef

alrighty, so i might have some free time on monday or late sunday- but expect updates soonish
No. 61237 ID: 886a4d

Quick question on the ogres about to smashed by catapult fire. Since points are awarded to those who damaged the ogres does that mean only those who loaded the catapult gets the points? Or does it work as a general kill that anyone can claim like crusaders last battle?
No. 61257 ID: 34cbef

an ogre actually counts as a giants claim, so you can split it as an assist amongst all of the players who hit it
No. 61259 ID: 886a4d

Well techinacally if a catapult kills an ogre with no one else doing so only the catapult hits it. I'm wondering who gets the claim in that case.
No. 61263 ID: 34cbef

well it'd be the one firing the catapult. it goes under the context of weapon, the person (or persons) using it gain the claim or gain an assist claim

sorry guys, no update tonight- i'm too busy laughing my arse off at whose line is it anyway episodes
No. 61497 ID: fe4599

Hey I was wondering. If Rosco (or some one else) get enough claims in this engagement to gain pact could they then use pact (at the end of the engagement) on the ogre fighting with us?
No. 61499 ID: 886a4d

I don't think so. On a related note, 1 more claim and I have 10!
No. 61504 ID: fe4599

It all depends on when we get the pact ability. I just want to keep our ogre minion. Also damn you I just have one claim.
No. 61505 ID: 34cbef

if someone gets pact and has any of the persuasions, all you need is enough time to use it. In this engagement there won't be enough time, but this is a multi engagement session in gar keep. Also, you can ask other players to kindly claim a body for you.
No. 61524 ID: fe4599

So we can keep our ogre friend if one of us gets pact. Awesome!
No. 61531 ID: 86c3a7

...or if we can think of a way to get the absent Lord Evil onto the field. How hard can it be to puppet a pile of bones? Seriously, I'll start rigging him up with clockwork or something if we have to.
No. 61535 ID: fe4599

Lord Evil died last session thats why he's not around.
No. 61540 ID: 1e72ae

Didn't he come back (I got his body too), same as Erik?
>Erik and Evil have been returned to the castle... by magic that is not yet known they are able to be relaunched into combat if they so wish.
(it's post >>448158 in the first thread, can't figure out how to link to archived threads; the function is not listed under Faq)
No. 61549 ID: 86c3a7

If you're linking to a different board, you just gotta tell it so. Like this.


And I thought the problem was his player disappeared (I mean, the Lich's soul wandered off somewhere! He astral projected or something, and his boney ass is just sitting there).
No. 61562 ID: 1e72ae

oh, so it matches the abbreviations at the top. Thanks.
(I was kinda hoping that evil glossed over the return fact himself and didn't realize he could come back in.)
To keep this from being useless, here are the claim stats so far. First ogre:Kali (2 bow hits), Dakdo (catapult), Robes (glaive), finn (bow), Khan (glaive), and Juroko.
Warrior 1 Kali (K8) to be claimed
Ogre 2 is Drag, Khan, Kali, Jugger, Rosco, and Juro
Warrior 2 Luke
Warrior 3 Kali (P6) to be claimed
Warrior 4 (killed by ogre, claimed by Kali)
Ogre 3 Dakdo, Rosco, Finn, Kali, Drag
Ogre 4(the right one of the duo) Dakdo, Kali, Khan, Juro

That's it for now, if any clarification is needed, I can point out where I got the info. (Kali really knows how to play this system; 7 kills to be earned. Wow.)
No. 61565 ID: 1e72ae

So, Totals (pluses are from the wiki which I don't think was updated for this battle. If it was, disregard parentheses)
Luke 1(+2) Dragline 2 Kali 7(+5) Juro 3(+3) Finn 2(+1)
Dakdo 3(+1) Jugg 1 Erik MIA Rosco 2(+1) Robes 1 Khan 3
No. 61566 ID: 886a4d

those two ogres still have yet to be claimed, but yeah looks right.
No. 61567 ID: 86c3a7

The wiki should be up to date for everything right up to before this battle started (unless there's a mistake in there I missed). I wasn't gonna update anything until after we change maps, or hit another lull between fights.
No. 61626 ID: fe4599

Those two have not been claimed? But one of their bodies have disappeared? If no one claims them before we leave I'll claim the northern one and take the other one to be given to one of us that can claim it.
No. 61627 ID: 34cbef

one was claimed- that post is older then the claim though
No. 61629 ID: fe4599

Ah that makes sense.
No. 61633 ID: 729d21

hmm, ok, not enough time now you say. but never fear; rosco shall be prepared for the next time. should anyone bring along persuasion, i will of course take care of ensuring your target's continued service for future engagements.
No. 61639 ID: 886a4d

Heres a question, how strong would I need to be to pick up the floor of the castle? We're about to run outta cobblestone.
No. 61652 ID: 34cbef

You...um... want to pick up the floor of the Keep? I'm gonna have to say that next engagement is going to be a floor above previous one- so picking up your walking space will leave big holes that people could walk over. But you should have enough cap to pick it up right now.
No. 61653 ID: 886a4d

Thank you, thats perfect.

Wait does that mean I can pick up the floor and basically cut melee fighters from closing in on me?
No. 61654 ID: 86c3a7

...so we can acquire ammunition and strategically create terrain obstacles? Sounds win-win.
No. 61659 ID: 34cbef

...yes, but your melee fighters will not be able to fight them either. As i recall no one took the summoner feat.
No. 61660 ID: 34cbef

Also intermission will be about a day or two, need time to plan out the next engagement in this scenario
No. 61667 ID: 86c3a7

Anyone need any tinkering done, while we're waiting? We're away from the castle and my workshop, squatting in a pretty baren keep, but maybe I can whip something up.

Also, who wants to carry the restraints I've made for our prisoner-to-be? To be useful, they'll need to be accessible to some front line kind of people.
No. 61670 ID: 1e72ae

I can take care of it, but it will leave me a bit less useful stealing wise. I also don't think it would be best to get him at the start of battle because his allies could just pick him up or unchain him themselves. We are also on the second floor of a keep, he can't really run if we block the stairs. (I also just realized catapults cannot easily go up stairs)

An improvement of my sword (or armor) to make it only take up 1 Cap instead of 2 would allow me to steal most armors in the future.
No. 61672 ID: 8bca9c

could you make, like... a bow that shoots... CHAINS?? or a bolas or something we could throw?
No. 61675 ID: 86c3a7

Actually, it would probably make sense to have dragline carry the prisoner-chains until we needed them. No need to waste stealing capacity.

I think I can pare down your armor in order to make it lighter on-site. I don't think I can reforge the sword into something lighter at the same strength without a workshop though... unless maybe I abuse time magic to roll the sword back to when it was first being cast and rework it?

I don't think I have the supplies to build a custom bow like that here (though I could try when we get back to the castle!). If I have any spare chain left after making the bindings, bolos seem reasonable though.
No. 61756 ID: 34cbef

oh man, i'm sorry guys but the hiatus is gonna be much longer then i thought. I've been so busy planning out my other quests that i haven't gotten around to working on the details of this one yet. I'm not sure specifically when I'm going to update this one but It will hopefully be soon.
No. 61764 ID: 86c3a7

That's okay. Gives us more time to make stuff up.

Anyways: battlefield tinkering complete!

*[Luke] lightened Longsword (cost 1 less Capacity)
*[Luke] lightened +1 Padded Leather (+1 def, -1 Cap cost)
*[Dragline] chain bindings/restraints/shackles (whatever you want to call 'em) to secure the Baron Gar with.
*[Rosco] chain bolas

Rule wizard needs to decide: weight of the restraints, and the weight, range and rules for the bolas (presumably used to disable the enemy- makes them temporarily unable to move and/or take action until they're untangled).
No. 61893 ID: 34cbef

everything looks fine accept that armor for luke, was that armor previously improves? If not it'll have to only get one modification per tinkering. The chains will be called chained manacles and the bolas are 1 cap and will yes subdue an enemy that it is used on. Range 6 and can only subdue one tile sized creatures or characters.
No. 61896 ID: 86c3a7

Yes, the armor was given the +1 def before we began the assault on the baron's keep. The -1 Cap is the new improvement.
No. 61897 ID: 34cbef

New Item naming rules (so as to designate level of item)
alright, so now it get a different title. It is now prestigious padded leather. You will be able to add this title to anything that you modify twice. But if you modify something it gets the extra number to the beginning of the name- what i mean is the armor would be a +2 padded leather due to the number of modifications.

When you modify things greater then 3 times you can give the item a name and that item qualifies for the masterwork title.
When you modify things greater then 5 times you can make it character specific and that item qualifies for the legendary title.
No. 61899 ID: e32f97

Hey could you add the attack twice ability to my long bow? If you have the time.
No. 61901 ID: 1e72ae

So I get both sword and armor upgraded? Nice! I expected it to be only 1 upgrade per person per encounter. That's why I only got the armor the first win. I promise not to abuse this horribly.
No. 61903 ID: 34cbef

that's right, prevent me from nerfing this feat you villain!
No. 61907 ID: 886a4d

Can I get my Gungnir modded so I move faster? Or is it already completely tricked out?
No. 61910 ID: 34cbef

you're weapon is just at the naming stage of it, it can be modded more.
No. 61911 ID: 86c3a7

Luke got extra effort from Dakdo out of gratitude for the supplies he provided earlier, and for the interesting challenge of trying to roll the sword back in time to when it was still hot to rework it into something lighter (since it's not like I had a forge handy!).

And because it's not like anyone else was asking for stuff, so why not do two things for you?

But yeah, I would generally bullshit self imposed limits on how much he can do. (Only so much mana, spare parts, and time available!) Nobody's getting a huge pile of multi-upgraded equipment at once (well, unless they found some way to convince Dakdo to spend all his effort on one person that break).

Interesting challenges. I'll see if I have enough on me for the double shot enchantment, and I'll examine Gungnir to see how receptive she is to further modification.
No. 61930 ID: efbafc

I'm a bit confused to how upgrading gear works.
No. 61931 ID: 886a4d

Dakdo is our crafts-neumino. He is the only one currently who can modify items. So you have to make requests to him. He can either make a single stat upgrade per intermission or spend a great deal of time to make you unique item. My Gungnir for example.
No. 61932 ID: efbafc

Thanks redaeth, in that case if Dakdo has the time can he increase my hardened leathers defense by one?
No. 61933 ID: 86c3a7

Basically this. Dakdo's got the craft general skill, with a time-magic augmentation.

If they're simple changes (+1 to a stat or attribute) I just make up something about tweaking the item, adding enchantments, and/or attacking clockwork (Dakdo has a very literal understanding of time magic). If you want something complicated or new built, supplies are needed (for instance, I had to cannibalize two bows to build Kali's).

Equipment upgrades limited by whatever arbitrary restrictions I make up, and that the rules wizard imposes.

It's basically an exercise in collaborative creativity, a little role playing, and balancing.
No. 61934 ID: 886a4d

Speakign of which did my bow get modified to allow me more move? ... I have a feeling I might need it next battle. looks at drakes
No. 61936 ID: 86c3a7

Yup. Last minute enchanted clockwork has been slapped on to your and Finn's bows, and Juggernaut last last minute request got the broken clock casings attached to his leather.

I just threw the weapon stats up in the main thread so they won't be missed.
No. 61939 ID: 8042f4

I know I asked this before, but the way you answered was a bit ambiguous. Do beasts level up at the same rate as people? (every 10 kills?)
Also, do the drakes suffer from the move penalty too? (I can't imagine that they would move very fast on the ground) Since you specifically mentioned "no flying", are we gonna have to fight a dragon/drake that can fly on the top of the tower? (If so, I really need a bow)
No. 61940 ID: 34cbef

beasts do level up at the same rate, but you don't have to deposit claims into them you can collect ten for them and just raise one of their stats as if raising yours.

Yes the drakes are suffering movement issues- the reason for the movement penalty is because you are indoors with a shallow cieling.

...ther is a possibility that the baron is a very high level wizard that might be able to summon a dragon... buuuuuuuuuuut that is a slim possibility.
No. 61941 ID: 86c3a7

Out of curiosity, since I'm currently deprived of my catapult (I'll give the next one legs so it can go up stairs!), and I don't see any materials to Macgyver with (yet, maybe they'll show up when we deploy) am I capable of using time magic offensively?

I was never quite clear whether I have the build general and time magic feats (and I've just been using applying time magic to building) or whether Dakdo is explicitly build general (augmented by time magic), meaning I just have magical building skill.
No. 61942 ID: 34cbef

yes you can use time magic offensively, examples would be to hasten you or your party members giving them an extra attack and move a round or slowing down the drakes making them act once every two rounds or pretty much whatever you can think of that relates to a single target.
No. 61944 ID: 86c3a7

Sweetness. Is there a range restriction on who I can effect, or a mana pool I have to worry about? (Or is magic just 1 spell a round and you're fine).
No. 61945 ID: 34cbef

it's one action a round, no penalties- but it's only used on one target at a time
No. 61946 ID: 86c3a7

>but it's only used on one target at a time
Does that mean I need to maintain effects? Ie, if I slow a drake, and then on a subsequent turn haste a teammate, the slow effect ends?
No. 61950 ID: 34cbef

yes, if you want it to have a longer duration you must take another time magic feat.
No. 61953 ID: 886a4d

Give me two turns... 16 damage!
No. 61954 ID: 86c3a7

...since that means I'm doing half your damage, does that give me access to your claims? :p

I'll consider it, but the wiser option might be shutting down one of the drakes, depending on how powerful they are, especially if they have AOE or range.
No. 61967 ID: efbafc

Is it possible to increase the range of melee weapons?
No. 61968 ID: 34cbef

...throwing them... but then you have no weapon. as a plus side it'd do the same amount of damage if you were to melee with it.
No. 61973 ID: 86c3a7

From a tinkering perspective, possibly. Although if you want to be able to hit a square away with a sword, that basically means strapping it to a pole and making a halberd. We don't have the tech to do zelda style energy sword shots right now.

We can do that even without the item toss feat? What's the range on thrown weapon?
No. 61977 ID: 34cbef

item toss is to throw items at your allies without dealing damage to them.

range is based on your movement.
No. 61998 ID: 214bf9

Unless I'm mistaken I believe I should have an assist claim from one of the ogres last battle.
No. 62000 ID: 34cbef

that is correct, i'll edit it in the wiki
No. 62050 ID: 34cbef

sorry about the delay, my roommates birthday is this weekend and it creeped up on me
No. 62120 ID: 1e72ae

Hey, can I make a request for a specific feat to be made? Mug: deals melee weapon damage and steals 1 item from chosen target. Prerequisites: Thief feat. (for it to not be broken, damage would be applied before the item was taken; so if I stole armor, it would protect him from some of my damage that turn)
No. 62126 ID: 34cbef

i'll consider an ability like that. I'll need to compare it to the rest of the feats that i'm introducing later on, but it will be considered.
No. 62127 ID: 86c3a7

Seems to me it might fit the current system better if you got that from purchasing a second level in thief (allowing for either improved theft, mugging, etc, as you chose to apply it).
No. 62200 ID: 1e72ae

I think of the feats as a combo system instead of a branching system. (like how you can use time magic to enhance building, or maybe combining monster taming with mount to let you fight from monster back without a premade harness or item toss and medic to heal at range) I think of it as there being no distinct linear upward path.(no mount lvl 2, no magic lvl 2 (as far as I know), no pact or persuasion or monster taming lvl 2.[if there were, what would they entail?] It's just a system of figuring out how you can use some feats with others. Since there was no obvious way to make mug, (no feat that combined passive and active actions into one) I asked for it directly. You can't even really use thief to steal two items at once, (because of space issues) so I can't even think of any specific way to really improve stealing. Of course, I may have totally misinterpreted the upgrade system, just like with "no flight".

Since it means no running instead of no flight, does that mean we won't run into a fight where something is flying in the next battle or two?
No. 62204 ID: 34cbef

that is a perfect way to see things, but there will be certain feats that require multiple purchases. These of which are the stackable stat feats, the building feats and magic.

Now that you brought this up to my attention then that means i will have to look into feats more.
On a side note, there will be airborn monsters- but it will be a feat called airborn instead of fly in order to seperate the ability to escape engagement and the ability to take to the sky.
No. 62631 ID: 34cbef

No. 62634 ID: 44f93b

Dakdo reminds the rule wizard that if he's lonely, that's unfortunate, because he's going to have to wait till the kingsman have gear to customize or claims to spend (as well the time to do both) before he sees much action here.
No. 62766 ID: 34cbef

I'd update more lately if i could guys- but i've found that stuff keeps getting in my way. Updates will be happening infrequently now that there are things relating to voting temp jobs around here. Sorry guys, but I'll try to update when i can- and hopefully I can bang out the erratic transitions to make them less hectic.
No. 62774 ID: 44f93b

>voting temp jobs
Hey, if you've found a way to profit personally from the ongoing nightmare that is the election cycle, go for it. Power to you.
No. 62775 ID: 1e72ae

It's cool, so long as you don't drop this quest permanently. Good luck with Hurricane Sandy, and do your best with your temp job.(God, I hope Obama wins)
No. 62787 ID: 3338b5


If Dakdo slows the drake this round, will it miss its next action? (Only being able to act every other round, opposite of acting twice a round, from haste).

>Hurricane Sandy
Hah! My power has already gone out, and been restored, even as the winds rage on.
No. 62790 ID: 34cbef

yes, it would miss it's turn this round.
No. 64372 ID: 34cbef

from the very depths of hell i would think the kingsmen lost- but look on the horizon. Here it is, it's like i can't get rid of it if i tried.
No. 64627 ID: ab6499

Does anyone have a count on all the claims? I think I have 5 claims unless I miscounted somewhere.
No. 64631 ID: ec6d4c

Who were you playing?
No. 64641 ID: ec6d4c

>Could you reduce the weight of Gungnir?
Well... I'm not sure I can shave mass off the bow without damaging it... but time flies, doesn't it? I can probably squeeze some additional enchantment in there that makes it lighter.

>Dakdo, can I get a damage upgrade for my sword?
>Can I get a fang or a claw from the dragon?
In a brilliant experiment, Dakdo decides to attempt to reforge Luke's longsword with dragon bits. That has to be good for something, right?

>completed modifications
*[Luke] Dragonmetal Longsword (lightened, ???) Unknown effects- will need to be evaluated by the rules wizard.
*[Kali]+2 Custom Bow "Gungnir" (attack equals unused capacity, +1 move, lightened)

Alright, 5 assist claims puts his total up to 12, which means I can purchase another feat! =D

Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards another rank in Time magic (so the effects last more than one turn), although I could go for another in build, or maybe one of the other magics for build synergy (shadow crafting, maybe?).
No. 64650 ID: ab6499

Oh, forgot my name, I was >>64627
No. 64652 ID: ec6d4c

Yeah, by my count you earned 4 claims that battle (you attacked everything we killed except the first Ogre). Plus the one you already had, brings you to 5 total.
No. 64655 ID: 34cbef

the wizard wanders in looking ever so flustered and inspects the modifies equipment.

quick note: a drake is not 'officially' a dragon, but is in the dragon specification of monsters. In a moderate gain of 4cap. worth of drake bones you would use 2 capacity of that to make the sword. Where a moderate gain of 4 capacity of dragon bones it would only require 1 capacity of it to make a sword.
the short of it is that a drake is a smaller flightless version of a dragon- so the sword is changed into an amalgam weapon due to the equal amounts of metal per bone.
All this means is that it will be the same size and capacity but do the damage of a claymore due to the width of the blade.

Less capacity for the bow? .... yes, but not because of time magic. Your diligence in research of ranged weapon crafts will help this.
No. 64659 ID: 1e72ae

Sword damage increased from 3 to 4. If a brand new longsword was made from dragon(not drake) bone, what would it's base stats be?

With me holding the extra sword, drag is carrying the 3 herbs for Finn, and the manacles which brings him to 4/8 capacity filled. Feel free to have him carry any extra bone, scales, or claws that you guys want to get.
No. 64660 ID: ec6d4c

>Less capacity for the bow? .... yes, but not because of time magic. Your diligence in research of ranged weapon crafts will help this.
Either the rules wizard continues to refuse accepting Dakdo's unusual applications of time magic, or Dakdo is operating in his own delusional little world.

Of course, since the Rules wizard is somewhat gruff and uncompromising, and Dadko is slightly off, the other Kingsmen have no good way to distinguish between the two.

Dakdo is somewhat disappointed his experiment was equivalent to a simple +1 enchantment. Perhaps he'll think of a way to improve upon the design in the future.
No. 64662 ID: 34cbef

a dragon bone is large, a single dragon bone would be able to make a sword with some effort. It would have the stats of a normal sword but with increased damage and when held in combat you can attempt a monster taming check against any dragon class creatures (only once per engagement).

the Rules Wizard makes a brief summary on how time magic does not alter mass or intended job of an item. It only controls the flow of time and it's applications are relative to instance based projects. For example, a double shot bow is not fired as if they were knocking two arrows- it's the character using the bow is able to draw, fire, and knock again for a second shot at such a speed it's almost as if they knocked two arrows.
No. 64663 ID: 886a4d

Alright Updated stats for Kali

Stats: Hp: 3, Move: 5, Attack: 9, Defense: -1
Feats: Built *2
Capacity: 2/11, +2 Custom Bow "Gungnir" (attack equals unused capacity, +1 move, -1 weight)
Claims: 5
No. 64678 ID: ec6d4c

Dakdo throws his hands up in the air, insisting indignantly that RW just doesn't understand his methods, and wanders off muttering.

Speaking of, I'm double down on time magic. Dakdo spends 10 claims to buy a second level of the feat. Good for even faster completion of build projects, and for time magic effects that last more than one turn.

Also, hurry up if you want any last minute equipment upgrades! Time is short before the next encounter.
No. 64679 ID: 4c09e1

Can you please lighten my armor a bit? Only having a move speed of one is makes it very hard to get anywhere.
No. 64681 ID: ec6d4c

Certainly! We'll see what we can do about getting you around a little quicker.

[Juggernaut] +1 Hardened Leather (+1 move)
No. 64684 ID: 4c09e1

Awesome! thanks for that.

Anyone else got a wonderful feeling for this battle?
No. 64688 ID: 8042f4

I'm expecting a dragon to come swooping down. That's why I'm carrying a disposable sword. I'll keep dragline in the back in case something tries to flank us. It will only take me two turns to get to the baron if I have dakdo's help on the second turn. Feel free to slow the baron first turn.(so he can't call out for help easily)
No. 64772 ID: 34cbef

I added the item leveling rules in the wiki so that everyone gets a better understanding of the item leveling system.
No. 64773 ID: 34cbef

also a quick reveal, i'm working on the details of a special holiday mission to send the kingsmen on. Expect snow elves, ice mages, and an ice dragon.

but lets finish this mission first.
No. 64775 ID: ec6d4c

Sounds like I'm going to be trying to figure out a way to make fire enchanted weapons, then. And rC gear.
No. 64778 ID: ec6d4c

Wait, dangit. Just realized this.

>Impossible on the spot MacGyvering skills
>Time Powers
>Slightly wacky, off personality

Guys, I think I might have built a Doctor expy. By accident. :p
No. 64835 ID: 4c09e1

Would it be possible to get a retrieval chain attached to a weapon? So you can just reel it in when you throw it instead of having to walking over and pick it back up.
No. 64836 ID: ec6d4c

Probably! I'd need a chain to use though, or something to make chain/rope/cord out of. The line would probably increase the capacity cost of whatever by one as well.

Regrettably, there's a noticeable lack of useful materials on the current battlefield, and I'm probably more useful throwing time spells than building, at the moment. It'll have to wait till after we clear this stage.
No. 64862 ID: 34cbef

sorry about the lack of activity lately guys, i've been busy with winter shenanigans and debt- but there will be an update hopefully tomorrow.
No. 64879 ID: 1e72ae

It's cool, winter shenanigans are the most complicated/difficult shenanigans.
Hey Chirps, how did you get your comp fixed? Did you just get a new cord or something?
No. 64896 ID: 34cbef

my comp isn't fixed, i just learned how to dabble with the paint program here on my throwback. Still working on it though.
No. 65089 ID: 209a07

So will we still get the claims for that ogre I dropped?
No. 65092 ID: 1e72ae

Does the book let anyone use summon as if they had level 3 of the perk? Also, whoo a dragon! All we need to do now is make sure it doesn't fly off and we can get those delicious dragon bones.(hopefully with a side of fire gland for the alchemist/herbalist)
No. 65093 ID: ec6d4c

The best part of a fire dragon is we can potentially make fire elemental stuff from it's corpse. And there's a winter holiday mission coming up. You know everything thing there will be ice based.
No. 65102 ID: 34cbef

that ogre isn't dead.

yes, good luck with the dragon. I had to make this a handicap engagement to make it fair for you guys.

glad you enjoy the idea of using fire on ice. Now i just need to tweak some stuff for the holiday mission... don't worry, it won't be too horrible for you. mushahah
No. 65160 ID: 209a07


I was afraid you would say that.
No. 65268 ID: 34cbef

sorry for the delay guys, i know everyone participating is all gung-ho about womping some dragon booty and splitting up its organs to get to the holiday even... but i'm still working on stats. I am trying to figure out what the lvl five summon is that rosco has, still banging out the details of the dragons stats, and having issues with other things... But i'm not giving up the quest, it's going in hiatus til this is all resolved. In the meantime since you guys have the prameters down pretty well i am willing to listen to suggestions for npc enemy types.

Just post your suggestions here that conforms to the attribute template: Hp/Move/Atk/Def/Cap/Feats
No. 65300 ID: 1e72ae

You want suggestions for regular npcs, not winter themed ones, right? Is it ok for me to pretty much use classes from fire emblem? I am the most unimaginative person ever, so I won't be able to help much outside of changing things that already exist. Unless you wanted unique/boss npcs in which case I am totally useless. (other than an idea for a possibly awesome berserker)
No. 65330 ID: 34cbef

anything you can come up with
No. 65349 ID: 1e72ae

3Hp/4Mv/3Atk/1Def/Cap:Spear, wood plate/Spindly

Armored Knight
3Hp/2Mv/3Atk/4Def/Cap:Longsword, iron full/Mount (the horse has a few armor too)

3Hp/4Mv/4(or 8)Atk/-1Def/Cap: 2 Battleaxes, padded leather/Dual Wield Medium or berserk. Doesn't equip weapons (no def penalty, would raise it to 1Def) until enemy is in range.

3Hp/5Mv/3Atk/2Def/Cap: Longsword, Wood plate, 1 Cap disabling item(bola, pepper bomb, smoke bomb, something like that)/Spindly Moves in quick to disable or strike

3Hp/2Mv/3Atk/4Def(+4 shield)/Cap: Longsword, Iron full, Mobile shield(like Juroko's, in fact, they got the idea after seeing his in action. 3 Cap instead of 2 because they aren't as good at engineering)/Built

We needed some faster enemies to fight, because we pick off everything as a team if we have 2/3 turns til it reaches us. All enemies built using a base character and adding a feat. The only special items are the mobile shield, and maybe the bolas; all else were available at start.
No. 65350 ID: ec6d4c

Enemy ideas:

Give some units the dig feat, and have them hiding underground when the engagement begins. They can't be picked off in advance via arrows, and can pop up unexpectedly to engage us. Could be flavored as dwarves, gnomes, goblins, molemen, whatever.

Obviously, simply because bows have proved so effective, you need a unit to counteract this. Guys with shields, or kirby style parasols.

Instead of faster enemies, we could have enemies that exploited terrain, better. If we implemented a fog of war effect, and put in cover and stuff to block LOS, we wouldn't be able to dominate at range so well, and things might actually have a chance to close with us.
No. 65423 ID: ec6d4c

So... does Rosco control the construct, or is it an autonomous npc? Do we know it's move, or what it's attacking with?

(Basically I'm trying to assess if I should be hasting it or something else).
No. 65473 ID: 34cbef

it'll move independantly and have it's own actions.
No. 65560 ID: 34cbef

sorry guys for delaying with this, but i had all sorts of stuff to do. It is the last day i have with what i was currently using, but i will try to update when i can.
No. 68160 ID: c6ca67

So, I'm planning on a 'water priest' build of sorts, in the long run, but for now:
Starting build
Race: human
Armor:Padded Leather
The plan is, gain Water Magic for my first ten, and then specialize in water magic (alternate spells, possibly allow for water enchantments for whoever wants them, etc, etc.) and perhaps later on, exchange weaponry to be something like a Mage knight, of sorts.
I'd like to wait until AFTER the baron fight=I see it as far too likely that I would die.
No. 68161 ID: 91c1b3

That would be great, and I would love to keep playing this; but I think chirps has ended this quest. (I hope I'm wrong though)
No. 68166 ID: 85a30a

I think its just on hiatus while chrips gets their shit together.
No. 68168 ID: 34cbef
File 136201593096.png - (27.08KB , 727x654 , cs.png )

I've been busy for the past few months, it's not abandoned. I still need to keep it in hiatus for a bit longer but it will eventually make a return.
No. 68171 ID: 91c1b3

No. 72154 ID: 34cbef
File 137112495093.png - (8.76KB , 695x642 , cover.png )

using the same rules
No. 72166 ID: 19b3c3

Any chance the rules are gonna be a little more generous with xp claims this time round?

One of the difficulties I thought this quest had was how slow it was to for new characters to get started. Maybe something like a flat bonus of a few claims given to everyone who survives an encounter?
No. 72183 ID: 34cbef

i might make an increment system for the claims, still mullying out the details... but for now it's still gonna be the flat 10 claims
No. 72197 ID: 91c1b3

Hey, if you're still doing the MVP thing at the end of each battle, can I ask if you can do a quick sketch (like the ones in the wiki or even a 5 min one) of the MVP doing what he/she did to earn the title? I think it would add a lot of encouragement to being number 1.
No. 72203 ID: e3aff6

Does Medic heal based on total health you have, or current health?
No. 72213 ID: 34cbef

eh, sure why not

total hp
No. 72218 ID: 19b3c3

Wiki roster now updated to include the Equinox forces.

If you notice any mistakes just give a shout and I'll have them fixed and the goblin stenographer responsible put to death.
No. 72228 ID: 4ef89b

I nominate the rat-filled armor for emperor.
No. 72249 ID: e3aff6

Perhaps for future updates we should try to set up some system where if a player does not post in [a set amount of time] the other players will vote in /questdis/ for their action?
(We should only start applying it one update after it gets decided on, so people don't get retroactively caught by it.)
No. 72250 ID: 34cbef

my general update schedule for TCSG is at least once every day, I ttend to push it til the end of the day or really early in the day when everyone has made their action.

But if the majority have made their actions the ones who don't just forgo their turn.
No. 72251 ID: 19b3c3

One way around this is you can queue up your actions if you know they're going to take several rounds. (Like stating your character is going to spend several rounds moving towards a distant space, for example).
No. 72253 ID: 91c1b3

What happens if a character (or minion) ends up having a negative move number? If one was to pick Boulder armor and a War Pillar it would take up 8 slots, which is possible with the built feat, and end up with -1 move.
Summoning still works the same, right?
No. 72269 ID: 34cbef

yes, that is a viable option for any player

designate character and designate spot- that is correct. To add in detail, the summoner chooses who and where to summon- and getting deeper into that you can pick a player character, choose a tile within the two tile radius of yourself and put him there whether he wants to or not.
No. 72270 ID: 34cbef

>What happens if a character (or minion) ends up having a negative move number?

when a character has a move of zero he cannot move. If there is a chance that a character goes into the negatives in move, that character is effectively crushing through the floor. Once ever turn i roll percentile dice irl to determine how deep you sink into the ground or if the floor gives way underneath.
No. 72276 ID: ac82ac

yeeah, wanting to make a character but I messed up the numbers (I'm not quite sure what I'm doing as this is my first time)
planning on a ranged fast character but kind of needs to keep away from close range combat (Jiro) sorry chirps
No. 72277 ID: 34cbef

it's okay, it's not a perfect system either so we are both learning. I can walk you through any finite details you are being mislead on.
No. 72278 ID: ac82ac

well just gave it another 2 reads, think I'm getting the hang of it, with capacity it's 4/5 with padded leather & crossbow, I'm guessing that makes my attack & defence 1/1 respectivly? would move and hp remain at 4/3 then? or am I missing something?
No. 72280 ID: 34cbef

that is correct
No. 72282 ID: ac82ac

alright, thanks, just me messing up
No. 72284 ID: 34cbef

Huzzah, for all players relevant I am adding a new feature to the system Poisons and damage per turn effects!

Soon you will be able to sling vile poisons, set characters on fire, or force them to suffer from extreme constant chill damage.

Another feature in the works are status effects, there are buffs and hinderances but you will soon be able to cause such things as sleep or paralysis.

These things and a flurry of new feats will be coming as soon as i can work them in at some fashion.
No. 72291 ID: 682688

Sounds awesome chirps
No. 72297 ID: d1d627

Speaking of new feats...I was thinking of a line of skills with item toss+wind magic to make 'Tornado Toss' and start chucking units around. Maybe with some sort of limiter to prevent throwing huge units like the Orges or that Dragon we left hanging.
No. 72301 ID: 91c1b3

Both of those are pretty damn cool. I'm glad there is a negative to going overboard.
No. 72304 ID: e3aff6

Will I be able to use my next feat to get water magic and combine it with medic to heal at a range? If so, would that effect my ability to do normal rank 1 magic like the basic elemental ranged attack?
I would imagine that most debuffs you be under the same category as support magic (rank two). Would water magic rank two be usable to create things like poison clouds to cause poisoning and maybe obstruct line of sight for ranged attacks?
No. 72305 ID: 34cbef

controlling a tornado i'm leaving to the greater wind control level of the feat

yes you can combine water magic and heal, that falls into the giving your feats synergy rule

there will be different poisons with different applications so in simple terms yes you could take a certain type of poison and slather it onto an opponent at range.

when it comes to buffs and hinderances in the support level of magic imagine how you can hinder a person with that spell or how you can aid your allies with it. For water i can think of a few, making it so that the enemy cannot walk effectivelly because of water hugging his feet, or trying to suffocate him with a small pitcher of water, or water tendrils pulling a tied shoelaces gag. It's all up to the imagination.

Sidenote, i'm not implementing the complex poisons until the rules are set, but the stock poison if anyone takes poisoncraft will be a basic 1 damage per turn skin applicant sorta deal.
No. 72307 ID: 19b3c3

Brainstorming ideas for low level shadow magic:
(Just to clear up if my ideas work in advance, and to see what level mastery they would require).

Basic attacks: shadow ball, shadow shard, or animating the target's shadow to stab them in the back (different flavors of the basic 5 range 2 dmg elemental attack).

...I assume basic magic attacks scale in power as mastery level increases? Never really came up with Dakdo because, well, time magic is mostly for buffs / debuffs (and crafting speed bonuses and enchanting). And he had a catapult.

More interesting stuff: (Buffs, hexes, utility, etc).

Bind: attempt to restrain or hinder a target with their shadow. (Depending on success, may cost the target a turn as long as it persists, or merely penalize move/dmg/range, etc).
Blind: cover the target's eyes with shadow.
Shadow double: animate the target's shadow into miming their actions. (Basically, a weaker version of haste. Instead of two independent turns a turn, it allows you to double one action, but not your move).
Animate Shadow: Creates an animate shadow to fight your enemies! At low mastery, it's just a generic shadow thing. With better mastery, you can bring a victim's shadow to life, creating a doppelganger with the same stats/equipment/feats.
Shadow Sense: the shadows cannot hide things from a master's sight. Terrain / objects / enemies hidden in the dark are revealed. (At low levels, you'd have to waste a turn to cast it, at higher mastery it becomes passive).

I'm thinking blind, and maybe active shadow sense could be pulled off with lesser control (since the eye is a relatively small space). Most of the rest of that through I expect would require getting mastery level to support. Using animate shadow to create a full on doppelganger would probably require getting to manipulate shape. (...I've got ideas for higher level stuff too, but let's save that until it's even remotely possible).

Obviously, duration of these effects scales with the level of the feat.

I'm also hoping with two shadow mages, we might be able to cheat and have them collaborate to cast something above either of their individual mastery levels. (...although I had planned on playing Kalla as kind of a bitch. Dunno how she'll feel about working together. We'll see how character / gameplay segregation works out. :V).
No. 72311 ID: 34cbef

you are also forgetting a very useful shadow skill aswell, hide in shadows

in order to make the magic fair, the minor control of your element is limited in the single offensive bolt spell in any variation seen fit. I would say that blinding goes under the hinderance part of buffs and debuffs, but on the opposite spectrum shadow doppelgangers would be considered a buff if you were to use them as a distraction and not a physical offensive form (such as having shadow illusions of one of your teammates so as to confuse or distract the enemy).

Here is a thing that i have played with before about shadows, you are able to hide in them as earlier stated. What you are doing is hiding in a seperate plane of existence, the shadow plane. If two characters had the same level of shadow, they would be able to effectivelly have a lesser version of summoner where it'd be just between the two casters.
No. 72333 ID: 91c1b3

>lesser version of summoner
Glorious Summoner master race.

Feel free to ask me for summons.
No. 72342 ID: e3aff6

Out of curiosity, what role do the rats play in the magic armor full of rats that is Nevaks? Are they part of Nevaks's though process, or are they just along for the ride?
No. 72350 ID: 23cc62

In the creation of Nevaks new, experimental spells were used. As long as it won´t be completely destroyed, it would return to it´s original form as well as any attachments to it. Sadly they forgot to clean the armor out before enchanting, resulting in an constant numbers of rats living in it.

So yeah, just along for the ride, forever and ever
No. 72392 ID: d30532

Summoners can summon allies who are already on the battlefield (such as summoning the medic to their location), right? Also, for future reference, can summoners summon allies who are incapacitated or dead?
No. 72396 ID: 34cbef

they can summon incapped, but they can't summon the dead- and yes you can summon your allies that are already deployed
No. 72400 ID: 91c1b3

Still only 1 passive or 1 active action a turn, right? (I can't summon 2 people in one turn or attack and summon, can I?)
No. 72401 ID: 34cbef

correct, i'll make a feat where you can forego your move to take a second action on your turn.
but currently yes,there is a move and only one passive action or attack per round.
No. 72415 ID: 91c1b3

And as one final question, these guys have 2 atk right? If I remember right, Def is calculated per turn instead of per attack. (ex. if a def 4 guy gets hit with 5 arrows[1 atk each], he would take 1 point of damage.) Is that right?
No. 72423 ID: 34cbef

these guys are not using weapons so the damage is a little funny but yes, the defense versus attack is per turn. If a normal attack is struck against someone with armor the damage would be subtracted by the armors defense, when multiple attacks the damage stacks.
No. 72449 ID: 682688

Ok, so, how are we going to do this without Someone dying?
No. 72450 ID: 34cbef

it is not a penalty to take the unconcious people and toss them behind you. You can do the same with concious people aswell.
No. 72451 ID: 19b3c3

Yeah, if I remember right, in one of the few Kingsman battles where we had someone go down, an ally grabbed the unconscious body to keep it from being killed. And actually, at one point, one of the crusaders did the same thing to try and deny us a claim!

Protecting downed allies is definitely an option.
No. 72452 ID: 91c1b3

There will only be 6/5 enemies alive at the end of this turn. Only 3/2 of them are within striking range of anyone. If you hit one with your sword next turn, and Mettallo hits one with his club, and I summon in Nevaks to hit a third, Jiro and fargus would be able to kill the one currently at G6.(it will have 2hp at the end of this round)
That would leave only 2/1 left to attack us at the end of next round. That won't be enough to kill anyone even with armor ignoring attacks.
No. 72453 ID: 91c1b3

>it will have 2hp at the end of this round
Make that 1 hp, it was previously hit by Chrafalabagis while it was at G7. Fargus will hit it with another this turn.
No. 72458 ID: 34cbef

many of you folks sound like you're a little flustered by the idea of the encumberance rule.
The rule where you would take as much additional damage based on how low your encumberance of the negatives you are in.

I will explain why this is, you are encumbered. You may not be slow to move but you are carrying an amount of equipment not meant to be carried by normal people. You make an easy target that enemies can score debilitating or even deadly strikes against you.
This rule was set in place as a balance for characters to take a piece of armor and a single weapon at the start, yes you can take multiple weapons due to the feats but if you are able to kill an ogre in one shot you are weak in another attribute.
No. 72459 ID: d30532

I am not so much complaining about the rule itself as I am complaining to people disregarding the consequences of the rule. It is more the equivalent of complaining at someone in DnD making a 3 constitution fighter than about the constitution for health system.

On an unrelated note, how do backpacks work? I assume they can't carry equipment that you are currently using, but there does not yet seem to be much stuff that you could put in them other than weapons to swap out for. Would it be a move action or what to swap used and stored equipment? Could someone with a backpack fill it at character generation with spare weapons at character generation to let adjacent characters swap out weapons (such as between melee and ranged weapons) on their own turns?
No. 72460 ID: 34cbef

it would generally be a move yes, and yes you could assumedly say that you can fill your pack with a weapons cache.

A backpack is a seperate capacity attribute, you would have on armor and a weapon and in the backpack you would have whatever you want to put into it. It'd be quite fine if the backpack cap and the character cap were separate but I can at least do my job in figuring it out if it isn't.
No. 72493 ID: 91c1b3

Do these guys have any loot on them? (armor or gauntlets or maps that would lead to a group of people that want to stop us or anything that can be used as building components?[rope, leather/belts, cloth]
No. 72495 ID: 34cbef

gonna have to search a body to find out.
No. 72505 ID: 4ef89b

Do you need to be on top of a body to make a claim, or just beside it?
No. 72508 ID: 34cbef

you can claim a body that is within reach, so either on top or beside or under it or above it.
No. 72510 ID: 5fd94e

I can attack and then move correct?
No. 72516 ID: 34cbef

if necessary
No. 72536 ID: 34cbef

I found myself incredibly tired, it's been muggy out and the storms that happen don't help at all. The day is very gloomy and I am taking the initiative to get some neede sleep.

No update today, but expect one tomorrow
No. 72545 ID: 91c1b3

Sleep well man.
No. 72608 ID: 4ef89b

Can I get some specifics on throwing weapon rules?
-Will I need to be wielding the weapon, or can I throw a weapon that I am carrying?
-You said earlier in the thread that distance thrown is based on movement. Does that mean that a character who as X maximum movement can throw items X spaces, or that a character who moves Y squares this turn can then throw his weapon up to Y squares away?
No. 72614 ID: 34cbef

it would be up to your move attribute
, if your move is 3 you can throw 3 tile distance
No. 72849 ID: 91c1b3

Elron's Enhancements is open for business! If the rules are the same, my minion has the ability to increase the capabilities (stats) of an item after each encounter. He should also have the ability to fuse together two items to create a new unknown item. To keep this from getting ridiculous, I'll have my guy require items to be used up for parts to increase the chosen weapon or armor's capabilities.(like taking chunks from a set of plate armor to add extra defense to a set of wood armor) Except in the cases where a simple increase would be achievable. (increasing a sword's attack by one by sharpening the blade to a razor's edge or lowering the encumbrance [capacity used] of a set of armor by shaving off the unneeded sections) I may drop some of my personal rules if they end up being bad. (are these ok chirps?)

So now it's request time. Who's first?
No. 72854 ID: 19b3c3

Those sound pretty much like the rules I was using for Dakdo. I generally assumed that in between battles the kingsmen had a workshop with enough materials for small modifications (+1s), which the forge probably counts towards here. Making custom gear or combining things needed looted or collected materials. Same for making things on the battlefield, or during times when we didn't have access to the assumed workshop (like in between floors of the tower we were climbing).

I'm can't remember if I limited the number of upgrades per customer, but upgrading a piece of equipment more than once per encounter was a definite no-no.

Most of the custom gear and time magic enchanting rules were bullshitted on the spot, and deliberately further obfuscated by having him actually argue with the rules wizard about it (because what mad tinker wouldn't argue with someone trying to make sense of their work?).


Kala would like a +1 to attack stuck on Fluffle's shortbow. He's got 4 arms, he can work harder to draw it if he has to.

And if I can get it, a +1 to move on Kala's dagger (she's willing to be dishonest, misrepresent herself, and flirt to try and bend the one-per-player rule to one-per-character, if necessary).
No. 72860 ID: 5fd94e
File 137222871524.png - (12.60KB , 520x395 , Ya2.png )

I assume that is about what you meant by large club.
I am kind of hoping for +1 attack +1 defence but if that is to much don't do the silver bit and just go for lightening it up.

Sir Metallo looks uncertainly at his club, while a solid weapon it was quite unwieldy and left him for to open to attacks for a front-line fighter such as himself, still feeling the effects of the blows he received during the previous fight. Hearing the forge roar once again and seeing Elrond's minion coming out he gives the club a few test swings he conceives a plan to fix the balance of the weapon, before grabbing some silver and heading to the new smiths.
No. 72867 ID: d1d627

Dilios brings her axes to Hammer
"Sooo one upgrade per dude? Any way to, I dunno, make sure I don't die if I miss or something with these babies?
I mean hey, I don't plan on missing, but I also don't wanna be stuck tossing axes from a distance, I'd be a bow user if I wanted to do that!"
(fluff aside, I'm basically axing for a +1 Def to both my axes, if I can get it. If not, I'll be fine with the one, and possibly naming it so as to tell them apart.)
No. 72872 ID: 03ff76

It's one upgrade per player now because you can now get minions that can use weapons. If that wasn't a rule, someone could have an upgraded army of minions in no time.
Igor reinforces the limbs of the bow with some scrap and resplices its string with a stronger weave of his own making. (would normally increase draw strength needed, but 4 arms can handle it) + 1 to bows attack.
[will finish this later, I have real life stuff to deal with for a few hours]
No. 72881 ID: 9d464b

Should have mentioned by lightening i mean the defense increase as it becomes less cumbersome(middle pic)
No. 72918 ID: 34cbef

I've finally figured out what you guys are gonna do.
there will be an update tomorrow, count on it.
No. 72928 ID: d30532

Are there any rules for getting new basic weapons? I am thinking of getting +1 def to my armor then exchanging my crossbow for a shortbow.
Also, when I have enough claims for water magic, would the craftsminion be able to make a water tank pack so I wouldn't be dependent on nearby pools of water?
No. 72929 ID: 34cbef

you can trade in your weapons, its a weapon:weapon ratio so armor for armor and weapons for weapons.

yes you can make a large canteen to hold water.
No. 72940 ID: 0095dc

Hmmm, so if I take the double attack feat I can do 8 damage a turn, and if I get a damage increase on my club i can do up to 10 damage a turn :-D i could have some fun with that.
No. 72970 ID: 34cbef

so be it

attack increase approved

defense increase approved
No. 72971 ID: e3aff6

Chrafalabagis: "Is any material around the forge to reinforce my armor with before we deploy? Apparently we are going to see a lot of close combat in this next mission."
((Requesting +1 def to woodplate armor))
No. 72974 ID: d1d627

Hey Warlord! Any reason for us to not just bum rush each group one at a time? Cause the way I see it, that'd be the safest way to go about things!
No. 72976 ID: 91c1b3

A few hours ended up being a lot longer. My bad.
Writing papers suck.

Added a piece as a counter balance, which lets you move it so you can block/dodge more easily. (getting rid of the def penality on the club, so essentially +1 def)

Added a bit of cloth to cushion the wood plate so as to make hits less devastating. (+1 def)

Same as last one since you have the same armor (+1 def)

I'd like to do the same for my armor too. (+1 def for self)
Anyone else? I'll try to make it quick now.
No. 72977 ID: 34cbef

go about the engagement as you see fit.

armor def approved
No. 73020 ID: 34cbef

i've been busy today, so the game will be on hold til tomorrow
No. 73090 ID: 9202a9

This thing lives? Whats going on and when's the next thread?
No. 73093 ID: 19b3c3

Current thread is here >>/quest/516595, and we've all got new characters and are playing as the bad guys, or something. Feel free to roll someone up and join the engagement (be sure to check the wiki, there's new feats and stuff to chose from).
No. 73094 ID: 34cbef

sorry for the no update today- as i said it's been busy lately so throughout the week it'll be hit or miss with the updates
No. 73095 ID: 9202a9

I think I'll make a tinker.

Feargal O' Duncrack
Health 5
Move 4
Attack 2
Defense -2
Capacity 4/5
Feats: Build General
Items: Longbow, Rope (You'll want it if you ain't got it)
Claims: 0
No. 73292 ID: 34cbef

sorry for no updates this past week, the heat and mugginess hit hard and there was lots of 4th of july activity. Hopefully there'll be an update coming monday.
No. 73306 ID: 91c1b3

's cool. Just keep at it man.
No. 73313 ID: 5fd94e

I hope you beat that mugginess with gratuitous fireworks.
No. 73402 ID: 5fd94e


I just noticed mine was never specifically confirmed, did I get the Def bonus?
No. 73403 ID: 34cbef

yes, all the armor defence in that post was approved
No. 73409 ID: 91c1b3

His defense increase was from removing the negative penalty from the club; not an armor increase.
No. 73410 ID: 9202a9

Hey chirps
Can a work with someone to share the benefit of my feats?
E.G. I want to make a magical bone staff, so I work with one of the shadow mages. Since he knows magic and I know crafting between us we should be able to do it.
No. 73411 ID: 23b97a

At the very least, you'd need to get the bones from somewhere, though.
No. 73412 ID: 9202a9

We have how many wargs in the courtyard just begging to be relieved of their bones?
No. 73413 ID: 9202a9

Now that I think of it there is a whole lot more to use than just the bones. Warg hide cloaks, Warg fang tipped arrows, Warg claw punching daggers. I wonder if goblins could be this usefull too... I must experiment.
No. 73415 ID: 34cbef
File 137342709580.jpg - (16.71KB , 256x352 , link3vj4.jpg )

sure finn, it'd be absolutely acceptable if a kingsman try to work with a forgeling, i mean who am i to stop you.

but in all honesty it would be a little complicated to allow you to share powers in creating an item. imagine if you had a time wizard, a shadow wizard, a crafter and whoever else just working together to make an impossibly powerful weapon- if i allowed that then everyone would probably get some sort of shadow ebony bow that shot out time arrows or some such.
No. 73416 ID: 91c1b3

How about having two build generals working on the same project? We could combine the bone as the base (the underlying magic power), the silver to amplify it's effects, (making it an actual magic item instead of just a bone), and either using the withstanding magic enchantment or the material itself of the enchanted tongs.(which would destroy them obviously, but would stabilize the item enough that it does not explode/has a lesser chance of being a bad item)
No. 73417 ID: 9202a9

I'll take that as a no. Though sarcasm does not work over the internet so clarity would be appreciated.
No. 73419 ID: 91c1b3

This is not taking into account what the base magic of a Warg bone is, what other base components would work better for these items, or fact that I am the only person that bothered to take one of the magic tongs. (and one of four silver bars)
No. 73421 ID: 34cbef

that is correct, sorry for the humor

hmmmm, ... i will allow two characters with build general to work together- it's when the magic starts stacking on a single object that you would need permission on.

On another note, i'm currently updating the wiki info with poisons.
No. 73422 ID: 91c1b3

What does paralyzed do? Is it no movement, no active actions, no actions at all, or no turn whatsoever?
No. 73423 ID: 34cbef

i'll have to detail it a bit better in the wiki- but it causes them to skip a turn- this one will be edited when i come up with the more specific poisons later
No. 73424 ID: 5fd94e


I did say I grabbed one here, however it was in Disc so I guess it wouldn't count :(

No. 73427 ID: 91c1b3

According to the post you linked, you only grabbed silver. None of your other posts mention the taking items either. The magic enhanced tongs were the stopping point and were what I meant by the only person to grab one. Sorry if it seemed otherwise. (no offense meant by any of this, just can't think of a way to rephrase it)
Also, can't remember if I thanked you for the claim yet, so I'll do it now. Thanks, that really helped me out a fair bit.
No. 73428 ID: 5fd94e

Ya, I only meant the silver sorry. Good thinking on the tongs however.
No. 73457 ID: 9202a9

Oh and If anyone has materials to craft I would happy to the work for a small favor.
No. 73459 ID: 9202a9
File 137349332283.jpg - (40.25KB , 384x512 , Wolf Cloak.jpg )

Also I should post some crating Ideas before I forget about them.

Warg Hide Cloak- +1 Df, +1 Capacity
This a improvement to an existing armor add the above stats to it. I imagine it looks something like pic except scarier and wargier.

BonePlate- 3 Df, -1 Move, -2 Capacity
Only problem is where do I get the bones?

Warg Fang Arrows- +1 damage
Each arrow is made Individually and a warg corps only provides two arrows. So I would have a limited number to shots.

Fang Shield (weapon)- 2 Attack/ 1 Defence/ -1 Move/ 2 Capacity
A normal shield that I've mounted teeth along the edges and various painful (for the enemy) places.
No. 73460 ID: 34cbef

miner update to the wiki, necromancer has been added to the feats list and skeleton can now be a purchasable monster
No. 73466 ID: 91c1b3

The fang shield is pretty cool and good idea, but I think it would be better if it dropped the movement penalty or took one capacity instead of two. The arrows would be really cool if were more than 2 each body (18 shots split across almost all ranged users is not a lot), and it might be a bit of a hassle for us/chirps to keep track of. The rest seem kinda... bad stat wise. The improved wood plate is already better than the bone plate and a tradeoff of one cap for an extra def (warg cape) for an improvement that costs some items is a bit off. It may be worth it if it gave 2 def? I'm not sure.
No. 73473 ID: bbaf09

I when making up these stats as I was really trying not to be overpowered. But now that I think of it I can probably afford to buff it some. Of Course feedback would be wonderful.

Improved Fang Shield (weapon)- 3 Attack/ 1 Defense/ 2 Capacity

Improved BonePlate- 3 Df, -1 Move
Some of the bones much be contributed by the person going to wear it. (they have to give me one claim)

New Ideas
Claw buckler
2 Attack, 1 defense, 1 capacity

Warg Claws
4 Attack, 1 Defense, 3 Capacity

Spiked Armor +1 Attack (or two if it was an imp
Improvement one normal where a person gives me a claim that they personally have killed, and I use it's bones and sinew to craft menacing spikes onto their armor. It must their personal kill otherwise the spikes would not me menacing enough.

Also I defend the cloak. It is not good for most folk but those who have capacity to burn (like if they got backpack) it would be great.
No. 73475 ID: 34cbef

backpack is not items in hand
No. 73479 ID: 5d4146

think of backpack as items in your inventory as opposed to on your person, I think is how they're supposed to work?
Like, if Dilios had a backpack, and she carried three axes in there, she wouldn't be effected by the negative defense penalty of carrying them. I think that's how they're supposed to work. Backpacks= inventory system.
No. 73480 ID: 34cbef

that's correct, unwieldy not heavy
No. 73483 ID: 91c1b3

Those claws are an awesome idea, especially since we had someone that used claws before. About the cloak; I always checked the efficiency of each item by matching up its stats. (any def or attack ups add and capacity decreases) Every starting item (except for those with a range greater than 1) had an ending value of either -1(a bit bad), 0 (average and most numerous), or +1 (good). I kinda figured that an equipment that needed common items to make would be worth +1. (rare would be +2 and special ability ones are not in the system) -1 would be a bit underpowered for a special item, and +2 or more would be too overpowered for common items. The cloak had a value of 0 which would be a bit worse than just having me upgrade their armor once.(but it would give another slot to upgrade later)

Also about the normal upgrades, how about they can be upgraded twice with generic/random not inv items.(like the padding I used) In order to get them to rank 3(named item) they would need to use a common item to upgrade. 3 to 4 is another common item, and 4 to 5 is a rare item. It would give more of a reason to upgrade different equipment and to loot corpses. (All of this including the +1 base for crafted items is theoretical and can be shot down with a word from the creator)
No. 73494 ID: 5d4146

...I'm getting the impression the Tower Quinox faction is all about technology and whatnot, if they aren't the Crusaders from the Kingsmen era (For all we know this is countless years in the past!) Which is ironic since so many of the Tower guys are magical.
Meanwhile, the Kingsmen seem to be turning distinctly tech-based through the hard efforts of Dakdo.
Which kinda leads me into something of a propaganda speech for the Crusaders!
"Look at the fall of your Kingdom! Your king trusted in magic, and where are his forces? Stuck defending his ornate throne, too weak to do anything else! He trusts in these interfering Kingsmen mercenaries, but they're only in it for the gold!
They have a Boulder Knight? Even the strongest Boulder cannot last forever!
They have a crafter of time? But all the time in the world won't fix his clumsy paws!
They have a Tozol with a deadly bow, but she cannot hold off an army herself!
Even with these heros, they are doomed to fall before us, assuming they do not flee to save their own skins before our might!"
Your thoughts on this speech guys?
No. 73497 ID: 34cbef

i like it

also it seems that the weapon throwing is confusing people. Its your maximum move- you throw your melee weapons up to your maximum move not at your moves left.
No. 73498 ID: 91c1b3

No. 73499 ID: 23b97a

>They have a Tozol with a deadly bow, but she cannot hold off an army herself!
If she gets the Standing the ground feat and is hasted though...
No. 73501 ID: e3aff6

Would it be possible to put a combat log (a list of attacks made and damage dealt or absorbed) for each turn in this disc thread? If you want to keep the specific numbers damage/def/health numbers hidden, a list of who is attacking who with what weapon would still be very nice to have.
No. 73504 ID: 34cbef

i suppose i could do that, maybe even keep a tally on who has claims aswell.
No. 73506 ID: 23b97a

Honestly, the drudgery of going through and figuring out who has claims and how many is what's been keeping me from getting the roster up to date.
No. 73508 ID: 5fd94e


Emperor: What have I to fear

Sir Robes: The Kingsmen. It's what we call ourselves, sort of like a team. "Kings mightiest men" type thing.

Emperor: Yes I've heard of them

Sir Robes: Yeah, takes us a while to get any traction, I'll give you that one. But let's do a head count here, Rosco the owlbear; Dakdo, a mad scientist who might be MacGyver; a man who wears boulders as armour; a couple of master swordsmen, and YOU, big fella, you've managed to piss off every single one of them.

Emperor: That was the plan

Sir Robes: Not a great plan. When they come, and they WILL, they'll come for you.

Emperor: I have an army

Sir Robes: We have a Tozol
No. 73522 ID: 91c1b3

I can do that if you want. It's great practice for my accounting class. (seriously; making sure every number is correct before moving ahead is like 90% of it. 5% is having a good attention span, and the last 5% is knowing how to have it laid out)
No. 73525 ID: 91c1b3

Damage to kills and kill claims.
Damage to non kills soon. (will be different format and will contain this turns attacks most likely)

Goblin that died at N10
Nerr: 2 Atk
Elron: 3 Atk
Goblin that died at R7
Igor: 1 Atk X2
Nerr: 2 Atk

Bottom Mid
Warg that died at AG2 (claimed by Dilos)
Dilos: 8 Atk
Goblin that died at AD4 (claimed by Nevaks)
Nevaks: Atk 3
Warg that died at Ab7
Fluffles: 6 Atk
Goblin that died at Z5
Kalla: 2 Atk x2

Top Left
Warg that died at J10 (tossed to L11)
Chraf: 1 Atk
Metallo: 8 Atk
No. 73531 ID: 91c1b3

Non-kill damage (they're not dead yet)
Turn 1
Jiro attacks warg at H9 (marked as H10 in quest)
1 Atk, so no lasting damage

Turn 2
Dilos throws an axe at Warg at AH6
4 Atk, 1 point of damage taken. Warg now has 1 Hp
Char shoots warg at H9
Jiro stand-in shoots warg at H9
2 Atk, so no lasting damage
Duncrack Shoots at warg at S9
1 Atk, so no lasting damage.

Turn 3
Chraf shoots bolt at goblin at I12
Jiro stand-in Air blasts the goblin at I12
Atk 3, Expected to die.
Metallo smacks down warg at J11
Atk 8, it will definitely die

Not gonna list anything else because not all moves have been put in.
Correction on last post; since the last goblin in the bottom mid did not die, Fluffles most likely did not hit him. (he would need def 2 armor to live) That means he attacked and contributed 3 Atk towards the death of the goblin at Z5. If you see any errors in my work, feel free to add a correction of your own.
No. 73536 ID: 5d4146

I didn't realize that Warg had an axe in him still!
I thought it was just 'I claimed the kill' that turn, as opposed to tossing!
Ok...I think I should check the rules on actions and making claims and how that works to avoid such missteps in the future.
No. 73546 ID: 91c1b3

Picking up bodies is a free action if I remember right. Looting bodies is a standard action.
No. 73610 ID: 34cbef

sorry for the delay on the updates- there should be more incoming on monday.
No. 73660 ID: 5fd94e

Does anyone else feel like this quest is going to end with us all murdering each other to become the Emperor, and if that happens anyone want a body-guard?
No. 73661 ID: c95833

Obviously we just subvert the death match.

'Evil turns on itself' is the worst trope for making the bad guys fall down. The good bad guys play smart- you work with others to forward your own ends, and you check your own ambitions when it serves your interests to do so. Evil done right is about selfish self interest.

Dunno about you, but I'd rather be grand vizier in the evil empire than dead shooting for Emperor-ship.
No. 73668 ID: e3aff6

>Does anyone else feel like this quest is going to end with us all murdering each other to become the Emperor
Whoever ends up emperor will probably still need a healer when the dust settles.
Besides, you don't have to be Always Chaotic Evil to be a member of the forces of doom. For example, my character is not so much the self-interested type of evil as loyal to a group without really thinking or caring much about their evilness in the greater scheme of things.
No. 73669 ID: 34cbef

it's 80 degrees out at 1am, mugginess is extreme.
cannot move, cannot update...

i'm melting- if tomorrow is better i'll try to crawl outta the icechest to update the equinox
No. 73699 ID: 91c1b3

I agree with the be a group and sort out who leads later thing. (though summoning is very useful to a tactician) As for being evil... my guy hasn't done too much other than kill some lazy people and I plan to have him water the garden with the blood of our enemies. That will really bring the flowers into bloom.

It's cool, just try to beat the heat. (a wet rag tied around the back of your neck might help?)
No. 73990 ID: 34cbef

le bump
No. 74135 ID: e3aff6

> So my favor goes to Metallo.
Wait, characters qualify for Most Valued Minion when they were also MVM it the previous battle? That seems like it could snowball rather dramatically.
No. 74136 ID: 91c1b3

I have to say he did a damn good job holding off the enemy, and that his upgrade did not cause that. No more than 2 in a row though, I hope.
No. 74138 ID: e3aff6

On the other hand, there are worse candidates for emperor than Sir Metallo: warrior of the year, all years.
No. 74148 ID: 5fd94e

And I seem to be pitiful at paint character concept art :(

Anyways, anybody got any suggestions for a perk, or if I should bump my attack/def. Thinking of going for either persuasion equiv or possibly spindly (So I don't have to rely on Elrand to move anywhere.) I kinda sorta almost feel bad about getting it MVM twice though.
No. 74149 ID: 5fd94e
File 137490656086.png - (11.63KB , 252x361 , Knight.png )

No. 74229 ID: 752df9

So, i can safely assume that for the purposes of dual wielding a large club and longsword are both moderate sized?
No. 74231 ID: e3aff6

Looks like that, as they both use 2 capacity, but remember you need to have the capacity to carry both of them.
No. 74233 ID: 752df9

Gonna get built now i think, and when i get 10 claims go with dualwield.
No. 74301 ID: 91c1b3

Ok, so since there isn't much talking I'm gonna start on my own upgrades first. I'll have Igor use some of the warg bones to replace the wood in his crossbow. This should lower its weight enough to let him carry a bit more other stuff. Crossbow: -1 capacity. (According to a quick google, bone is lighter but more fragile than wood, but since it's a ranged weapon, that won't matter much) He then sets out to tan one of the hides into some leather to store it for later. He also rips and prepares a second hide to make into leather chord.

Igor reckons that he can still get a project done per person.
No. 74304 ID: 5fd94e

Oh ya, think you can embed the warg teeth I gathered into the head of my club for extra damage.
No. 74395 ID: cf8f63
File 137527783415.png - (4.50KB , 404x404 , Savagery.png )

Dilios: Right. Since I never DID get an armor and you guys get worried about me dying out there, I'ma pick up a Padded Leather armor.
And I'd like to request an upgrade to my main axe, Savagery! Maybe use some of these Warg fangs to reinforce it's strength so I can block with the thing better? I dunno, I just want this defense penalty to be gone from it! (left is a pic of Savagery post-upgrades, if approved)
(I know, weapons are named at total + of 3, but because of the multiple axes, I'm getting sick of having to specify which one I'm using for what! As an aside, with dual wielding, could Dilios throw both axes at once?)
No. 74635 ID: bbaf09

I'll see what I can do. Maybe I could use some bones to make some handguards or sword catchers. I bet I can also modify the axes to fit your reach perfectly.
Reenforced Battleaxe- 4 Atk/ 0 Df/ 0 Move/ 2 Capacity (+1 to atk if wielded by Dilios)

I also had an Idea for your armor if I may be so bold. Of cource this will be tailored to fit too.
Studded leather- 2 Df/ 0 Move/ 1 Capacity (+1 to DF when worn by Dilios)
No. 74636 ID: bbaf09

It would be simplicity it's self, but why not reach for something greater? My idea would be something like:
Fanged Bone Mace- 4 Atk/ -1 Df/ 0 Move/ 1 Capacity (Remove the penalty to Df if wielded by Hammer)
No. 74638 ID: 5fd94e


I can attack up to 2 times per turn, an attack bonus will effectively be a +2 bonus when I double attack.
No. 74640 ID: 5663f2

Dilios: Wait, you can bind this stuff to be better in our hands!? THAT'S AWESOME MAN! THANKS!
Oh man, this thing gets a few more attack upgrades and I'll be able to destroy BOULDER ARMOR myself in one shot! EEEEEE!!!
*she proceeds to walk away squealing in anticipation.*
No. 74654 ID: 91c1b3

No offense man, but I'm not sure you need more extra damage.(especially with the sword on the way) You can have 8 Atk a turn now, and with a longsword you will have 14 a turn. I think the upgrade would be better spent on reducing your armor's move penalty by 1. It's your choice though, I'll upgrade it either way.
No. 74656 ID: 5fd94e

But attack......................more speed......................brain hurts now.

Al'ight,either remove or replace with warg-hide unnecessary pieces of armour, for reduced weight, to allow for faster movement.
No. 74659 ID: 91c1b3

In that case, Igor would remove a few chunks of armor around the joints of the armor. Reducing the move penalty on his armor by 1. So +1 move Iron full armor (The def penalty from less armor is negated by the defense boost from better ability to dodge, which just leaves it so you can run more)
No. 74672 ID: 34cbef

i have to remember if the battle axes were modified before, battle axes have the -2 df penalty and just have to see if it was raised by one... ya know, only one point of modification per engagement...

movement enhanced accepted
No. 74681 ID: 4c8520

Chrafalabagis: I am finding this crossbow to really not be very effective. If I exchange it for a shortbow, can our craters do something to keep it from getting in the way my defense? ((+1 def to cancel out the normal -1 def.))
No. 74693 ID: 0f0e82

Yes, that axe was previously upgraded to have lessened defense penalty/ improved defensive ability.
No. 74712 ID: 34cbef

alright, i can let it fly then
No. 75259 ID: 34cbef

alright, so honestly i've been pretty lazy and had not counted the claims yet. So the next objective is the bandit camp, though for a sad part of news i'm putting that off for now. I'll be keeping the quest in hiatus for a bit- hopefully not long- but for now the quest will need to sit for a bit til I can find the time to work on the wiki and all the different enemy types.
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