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File 133812219581.jpg - (453.47KB , 858x1412 , GOD QUEST_0002.jpg )
55356 No. 55356 ID: 23bed3

As asked, here is the discussion thread for "God's Quest." If you have a question or the like, I'll do my best to answer them.
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No. 55358 ID: c4a1fc

Is there any particular reason you need to namefag to have your will be carried out for certain? Do you just like it when people use a name, like Flynn did?

Or does some mechanic of the quest require names for the gods, and since one Suggestion already used Suggestion for the chimera thing, it can't be reused?

Some other reason I haven't thought of?
No. 55372 ID: e3aff6

This quest always seems to have sessions exactly when I am asleep.

Anyway, I think Suggestion should remain a crazy multi-split-personality god.
No. 55375 ID: f2cd76


at least one reason is that it's super mega cool to have an actual in-game avatar for you personally rather than one for everyone. it's kinda like what Psithief did once, only you get to roleplay as yourself.
No. 55377 ID: 23bed3
File 133814978101.png - (120.72KB , 500x500 , Kirrer Langel.png )

The reason for the lack of "Suggestion" is that he wields to much power. Since it is the name of Anonymous on /guest/, his will is expressed often. There may be a time when he comes back, like when I know how to better use him. As of right now, "Suggestion" will be treated as suggestions and Mewilk can decide if he likes the course of action.

The deal with the names themselves is that it puts you in the pantheon of the world. It also gives you the ability to directly effect the flow of events in the story. It can be as simple as a new knife or summoning a champion, like a knight or chimera. Mewilk will follow the will of the Gods as best as he can.

I'm just really bad about doing this at a reasonably hour. What would you guys say is the most active time for tgchan?

Pic is a concept sketch of Kirrel.
No. 55384 ID: c315be

So the knolls are barbarians or Mercenaries?
Also, does every race worship their own pantheon or does everyone in the world basically adhere to the same religion?
No. 55389 ID: a980d5

This is actually one of my favourite quests. Your way of personifying readers makes it more engaging, like it is more personal or something.

As for a time, you usually run it when it's about 11PM (AEDST) for me, but the second chapter was at about 5AM, and it is very rare for me to be up that late. Around that (11PM) time, I notice IRC is often quiet, so I assume most people around America and Europe are out doing things or something.

Also, I really like the look of that knight, man. Expect fan art one of these days.
No. 55394 ID: 5c94e7

>There may be a time when he comes back, like when I know how to better use him.
Just go with this: >>407954
>Suggestion is a god of fickle incarnation, not to be predicted, controlled, or understood as anything more than divine lightning, never to strike twice, but always to shock.
In otherwords, keep him around as your personal and close to last-resort deux ex machina as an author and as an entertainer.
No. 55396 ID: 5c94e7

>What would you guys say is the most active time for tgchan?
It's not a question of 'active', this chan is too slow for that. It's a question of when your particular reader-base happens to be usually up.

I suggest that rather than sitting around doing a stream of updates in quick succession, make it more casual; somewhere around six hours to a full day between updates sounds about perfect. Daily updates in that way makes room for everyone whie still making you faster than the majority of authors. If you feel bad about this for some strange reason, just spend longer on the art or the setting/plotlines you have in mind.
No. 55400 ID: b91e54


This is true. /quest/ is generally slow. Some quests are quite fast, but you don't need to have a 'session,' so to speak. Several updates, even one update a day will work well with most people.
No. 55402 ID: 23bed3
File 133820202426.jpg - (894.08KB , 1078x935 , Kirrel and Guards.jpg )

The gnolls are marauders and slavers. Kirrel dabbles in bounty hunting. As for the question of the gods of the lands, there are many. Much like the world we live in, there are even different pantheons.

The daily updates does sound like a nice idea. The art, well I could just spend more time on that anyway. However, I will just stick to line work for now. I played with some colored pencils and all it taught me was how much I miss my tablet. Pic related.
No. 55403 ID: 23bed3

I'm going for semi-daily updates now. However, I will do a big session from time to time as I do like them.
No. 55419 ID: 73b594

No. 55425 ID: c315be

Yes! New mission: have him defeat all the other champions of all the the other Pantheons. eventually we can have him work up his way to God Genocide. Fuck YEAH!
No. 55426 ID: 23bed3

Wouldn't that be something.
No. 55427 ID: e3aff6

An idea about Suggestion:
What if the actions of the god Suggestion for each update are determined by randomly selecting (by dice roll) one of the 'suggestion' posts responding to the precious update? So for example with the update where Alpha appeared, there were three "suggestion"s, so that would be a [dice 1d3] to determine which one is the will of Suggestion.
No. 55431 ID: 72d49b

You know, if we're gonna put a symbol on the knife and champion and on all our shit, we need a symbol to be shared by the pantheon. What kind of stuff do we want to represent in it?

I dunno, I like the idea of just making him a chaos god who says all sorts of shit. I don't really see a need to exclude some comments specifically.

Suggestion's disproportionate power is easily equivalent to the disproportionate amount of people he represents. It can easily be justified in-setting by making him the leader and progenitor of the pantheon.
No. 55433 ID: ce4a4d

How active a role are the suggestion-personas supposed to play? Like, I wonder what would happen if a quest author started suggesting as their character or something.
No. 55434 ID: 09e5bf

how about something basic, and abstract that represents us as a whole?

I'm thinking this:

No. 55438 ID: f2cd76


I like the way you think sir.
No. 55439 ID: 392abf
File 133829150247.jpg - (119.09KB , 1000x1200 , BriggzKnight.jpg )

Fanart of that knight. Who is, hopefully, here to help our friend Mewlilk. Is this the same one that I suggested at the last minute?

I would post it in the fanart thread, but I figure you don't really check that, Sirbriggz.
No. 55456 ID: 23bed3


You know what, I'm going to use that design. I like it to much.
No. 55473 ID: 503921

That Knight who saved our champion is awesome. We are definitely granting him a boon when we meet him. as long as it's not something he already has or something unbefitting of a mighty warrior.
No. 55477 ID: 8ffedb

Can it be a lance made of hate?
No. 55478 ID: 503921

Kickass. But we should probably confirm Bro status first. You know, like to make sure he's not some anti cat-god racist champion killer or something.
No. 55490 ID: f5c3c6


I just based the design on the pictures you used to introduce him.
No. 55491 ID: 4e8344

If you wanna do sessions, just get on irc to tell us when you update
No. 55492 ID: 4e8344

Also, i'd really like limits to our powers? Random chimera out of nowhere was not happytimes.

And you should establish a tone you want. What with skullfaced slavers and gnoll buttrape things like godhats dont seem to fit.
No. 55495 ID: 72d49b

Seems like it's working out okay to me.
No. 55497 ID: 4e8344

Fair enough, but potential for horrible bullshit and then there is the hat fetishist shoehorning it into everything.
No. 55501 ID: 23bed3

I'll have you know, that one of the Gods is a hat.
No. 55502 ID: 4e8344

Yer the boss...
No. 55503 ID: dea486

I feel like we're a little uncontrolled as gods, and that Mewilk is not getting enough room to sort stuff out himself, rather than have a million gods, myself included, jump in and intervene.

Although I get that's what the thing is about. Think of the dude when he was running away from Kirrel, and Mewilk used the dagger to pierce the man's leg. Now, it seems like, we'd make the man catch on fire magically and burst into bees.

So yeah. We need some limit to our powers, I think.
No. 55504 ID: 23bed3
File 133837329609.png - (709.66KB , 1145x974 , hat.png )

No seriously, his name is "The Hat" and his avatar is a hat. Look at the attached pic.
No. 55505 ID: f2cd76


I thought everyone loved hats.
No. 55507 ID: 72d49b

There was pretty much no way he was getting out of that shit without us using our god powers. Henceforth, it might be more interesting to let him do shit on his own more, but we can still use god powers now and again if it would be more fun that way.
No. 55517 ID: cf49fc

Man, he picked the best avatar. Besides Elephant Guy, at least. Ganesh is awesome too.
I'm too new to have an avatar.
No. 55519 ID: 8ffedb

I was going to go with a fire an brimstone "I AM THE WRATHFUL SUN" type god, but I think I'll tone it way down and request consensus of at least three other gods before pulling any boons. That seem like a good limiter?
No. 55558 ID: 503921

I like the idea of a limiter for things that could end up OP, and I certainly don't want to give our champion all the powers at the beginning of the quest. That just takes all the fun out of it. But I kind of like the wacky chaotic unpredictability of the god powers.
No. 55566 ID: 72d49b

>I certainly don't want to give our champion all the powers at the beginning of the quest.
It's not like we won't come up with more powers as the game progresses. So far we've discussed a hat, a knife, and some sort of vision thing. Probably at some point we'll make him physically adept, and I've no doubt we'll continuously come up with little bits of odd magic to grant him.
No. 55568 ID: 503921

Yeah i just want him to have little bits of odd magic to solve problems with. Not some fucker giving him a lazer rocket launcher or something when all he's fighting is a wolf. At least for now. If he fights Cthulu then sure.
No. 55783 ID: 23bed3

Don't be silly, you're the hand with the count of "1" above The Hat.
No. 55785 ID: 270ab4

I only started reading the quest today and I have to say I'm enjoying it and the way you draw.
No. 55789 ID: cf49fc

You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Also, this seems to be going well.

What was our chosen actually supposed to be doing again?
No. 55792 ID: 214bf9

Last we talked about it we our plans were for him to unite the tribes of his people under his rule, get a harem and become a wizard.

I would suggest we start with the wizard part, everything is better with wizards.
No. 55794 ID: cf49fc
File 133885933998.jpg - (74.72KB , 485x720 , Muscle Wizard.jpg )

I suggest we make him a Muscle Wizard, like Sigmar, and Armstrong. Truly, the most terrifyingly powerful branch of magic.
No. 55795 ID: e3aff6

And Chop, master of the SLEEP spell.
No. 55801 ID: 72d49b

Not needing to sleep would be a pretty reasonable benefit to grant, really.

Am I in that picture? I don't recognize myself in it.

He's got a knight sworn to his service now, the knight can teach him swordplay. I reckon that comes before magic given that there's a teacher right there.1
No. 55860 ID: bbaa41

I will be so disappointed if Solar doesn't end up being the frowny sun from Mario.
No. 56438 ID: 23bed3
File 134070288740.jpg - (637.49KB , 1407x2091 , IMG.jpg )

I may not be updating as I said I would but I can at least throw up some unused artwork.
No. 56442 ID: dc0e2a

You should update this quest when you have time
No. 56636 ID: 23bed3
File 134113960365.jpg - (126.68KB , 580x701 , IMG_0006.jpg )

Pandora Playlist

Caravan Palace
Peter Fox
Johnny Cash
Regina Spektor
Amanda Palmer
Rob Zombie
Powerman 5000
Parov Stelar
Mad Caddies
Irish Pub Rock
Nobuo Uematsu
System Of A Down
Reel Big Fish
Korn R
Oingo Boingo
The Vandals
Slash Dot Dash
Rage Against The Machine
Lords Of Acid
Heavy Metal
No. 56637 ID: 23bed3
File 134114120873.png - (140.43KB , 580x701 , shit head.png )

I am surprised this cleaned up as well as it did.
No. 56646 ID: f72f26

I have a very important question

what kind of "buisness" does Kirrel have going on between her legs?
No. 56651 ID: 23bed3

She is a woman.
No. 56652 ID: f72f26

some people give female gnolls pseudo penises
sometimes minus the pseudo part

am I right to assume you aren't one of these people?
No. 56654 ID: bdb3f8

why do I look at this image and think "Johnny Appleseed"? What suppressed, cartoon induced childhood memory is triggering that in me? What is happening to my world?
No. 56658 ID: 23bed3

No, they don't have pseudo penises. I'm keeping the hierarchy system though.
No. 56659 ID: 23bed3

That one
No. 56690 ID: 23bed3

To anyone participating in the quest, would you mind making a portfolio of sorts. What you stand for, what kind of people would worship you, maybe a holiday even. I would like to have the Gods, you the questers, to be more present in the world. Suggestion is taken care of for now.
No. 56691 ID: 67e929

Let's see... I made one suggestion, so I guess I only count as a minor god currently. My one post was rather chaotic and slightly vindictive, though not vicious. No-one listens to me much so I guess I have few followers, but those that do are probably, considering how I acted asking either for me to pull pranks on others for fun, or because they feel the individual has wronged them in some way, or is too up themselves and need humbling. I like dragons, if that's any help.
No. 56692 ID: 23bed3

No. 56693 ID: 7c31d2

I'd like to be the god of crustaceans.
People mostly pray to me to for a luck when crab, lobster and shrimp fishing, also when trying to catch crayfish.
My worshipers would be crab and shrimp fishers.
I had a holiday once, but no one could remember what day it was on, so everyone just kinda forgot about it.
No. 56694 ID: 223190


I wanna stand for laziness and irresponsibility and procrasturbation and Mary Jane. worshippers are obvious. so is the holiday because it's the 20th of April.
No. 56696 ID: cf49fc

I'd like to stand for Ambition, Goal Oriented Thought, and Hands.

My followers would be ambitious people, and those with hand injuries.

And I guess my holiest of days would be the first of the New Year. And Mewlik's birthday of course.
No. 56697 ID: 97fcce

I'll be happy to be a minor god, worshiped by slimes people to always have moist caves and by chefs to make their dessert delicious
No. 56699 ID: 8ffedb

I would like to stand as a harsh bringer of life, light (truth maybe?), and fiery vengeance. Kind of like the gods of old, or Mesoamerica pantheons.

Followers would be all consumed with the pursuit of one of my aspects, and or fire elementals.

Holiday would be the summer solstice.

If none of this works or is too ambitions I'll be the angry sun from Mario!
No. 56701 ID: 99090a

Guess I'm god of the ocean and aquatic life. Or something like that. I don't think I make nearly enough fish puns for that to be the case.
No. 56702 ID: 17b7b4

I wanna be Joe. God of Joes.
No. 56703 ID: dfd365

I'm the god of hats, magic and magical hats.

I favour those who practices magic as well as those who wear or make tall and impressive hats. Which has lead to some wizards making their own hats to gain my full attention.

My main holiday of my religion is Hatterday that celebrates the makers of hats. In some cities parades are held but usually it's mostly a gathering at the local temple or at minimum a respectful bow outside the closest hat maker's shop for worshippers who don't live near any of my temples. It is also considered good luck to make or buy a new hat on Hatterday even by those who don't follow me.
No. 56706 ID: cdc0e8

Eh, with the way I wander between things I may as well be a god of travel, trade, and roads. My average worshiper would probably be explorers, traders, bards, and hobos. Those who use the roads and travel far and wide really.
No. 56707 ID: bdb3f8

○ is a god of heat and stone and deep places, (and patron of cute-things-that-must-not-be-touched.)

○, often pronounced circle, is not a terribly active god on the surface of the world. There are relatively few active worshipers, except in places where volcanic activity is common. Still, blacksmiths and glass blowers, workers of molten material, sometimes pay homage to ○, as may anyone whose work relies on controlling intense heat. Many a hearthstone also bears a simple charred mark, a small circle adorned with twin tongues of flame above it.

There are no holidays, though each day just after sundown, when the fires are lit, people's eyes often flit briefly to the flamed rabbit and give thanks.
No. 56714 ID: 72d49b

Why do you even care? Do you want to have sex with her?

Personal honor, dignity, and betterment through hardship, focusing on personal splendor (appearance and reputation) and political power moreso than physical power or intrigue.

If you want worshipers and religion info too, then my followers would be forthright and hard working, and would dress and decorate the temple with expensive things and power symbols if they possess the means, but pay little direct regard to such things and go without readily. People who do not lie or cheat when dealing with those in equal or lesser positions of authority, nor their own direct superiors. And people who will take hardship without hesitation rather than violate principles.
No. 56723 ID: d94e2c

I want to be a bear god of bears. Keeping the hunters safe from random encounters, they usually celebrate taking down a bear by getting drunk and wearing nothing but bearskins. When one has successfully avoided angry bears on a hunt, it is customary to celebrate by getting naked and drink while wearing only the skin of a bear. Drinking while wearing bearskins is the traditional way of mourning for any comrades killed by bears during a hunt. Mostly worshipped by Forest people, mountain people and Hillbillies among the humans.

The highly sophisticated intelligent bear communities of the deep forests and mountains hold a quiet day of rest each month on Ursine day where they pray and drink tea with honey.
No. 56728 ID: 147853

God of Beauty, Cute things, and Vengeful Wrath and War.

Cute War.

Followers tend to be scorned women who want revenge on their former lovers. Or scorned traps. Or otherwise effeminate or childlike people who need a boon of grand destruction.

Fuzzy critters like mongooses, wolverines, tasmanian devils, and badgers tend to be seen as my avatars, but they aren't really. I just favor them.

My motifs include smiley sun-faces, daisies, rainbows and skulls and daggers. Sometimes roses with thorns, when people want to get really poetic. Otherwise daisies with thorns, when they realize that I'm not really that melodramatic of a god.

My name comes from the phrase "The twelve faces of wrath." It's spelled wrong, but no one ever really dares to say anything.

I dislike: wussy babies.

I wasn't bestowing my benevolence upon the chosen hero before because he started out as a wussy baby. His new followers have attracted my <3 Attention <3 now though, so I'll help him out.
No. 56738 ID: cf49fc

In the words of One, He Who Is The Boss, Lord of Phalanges, Leader of Men, "Your name is spelled wrong."
No. 56739 ID: da4bc3

So is OVERLORD's; I thought it was a tgchan thing, guess I was wrong.
No. 56807 ID: 147853

There should be an additional anecdote: MORTALS don't dare say anything.

Everyone else gets ignored.

No. 56816 ID: cf49fc

OVERLORD has a cool hat.

TWELVTH on the other hand, is just a One Wannabe. One was here first, and he dislikes the association with Cute Violence.
No. 56842 ID: 72d49b

Pretty much all it means is there's eleven of us in between.
No. 56844 ID: 7fb81d

I didn't know this was here, err...
Right so I think Mewlik should be given a quest to gather 3 objects cursed by us, the gods, that if united can stop an apocalyptic event.
>Only Mewlik can safely carry these items without being turned in a monster
>First item
>>is in the hands of a Drow cult that is terrorizing a city-state on the surface
>>most victims who touch the item turn into skinny-fast version of themselves

what should the first item actually be?
No. 56845 ID: 214bf9

I don't know what item would be good, I could say a hat but he already got one. However the other side of my portal should be a good place for Mewilk to start looking for it.
No. 56846 ID: 7fb81d

What if we went with a helmet?
helmets are like hats
No. 56848 ID: 147853

ONE just doesn't want to admit that TWELVTH fulfills an otherwise lacking yet necessary function.

Besides, violence is ADORABLE.

"There is no wrath like a woman scorned."

Scorned women are also adorable.

Our champion already has two mystic artifacts... but we can always arrange for something/one to remove them from him.

If he can't fix that on his own, what good is he anyways?
No. 56850 ID: 7c31d2

At some point in time I'm going to insist he fights/befriends a giant crab.
No. 56859 ID: d94e2c

I would like to resubmit for your consideration the MONOCLE of SCRYING. A classy accessory that not only grants See invisible, and darkvision, but can also zoom in on far away objects and whose mighty gaze can pierce through even the thickest of walls.
No. 56863 ID: 68852c




No. 56867 ID: 147853

I love you guys.
No. 56869 ID: d94e2c

I would have thought it would be Hat's followers that would take umbridge with that sentiment. No offense, dude but aren't all your worshippers fat lazy bastards covered in Cheeto dust?
No. 56876 ID: da4bc3

So he is the god of neckbeards?
You should listen to him then, he has the most power among everyone here.
No. 56887 ID: 214bf9

As I said, he already has a hat, no need to downgrade to a tacky helmet.
No. 56888 ID: cf49fc

You dare insult OVERLORD's helmet? Both you and Twelvth shall FACE MY WRATH. Great work on breaking up the pantheon, you insolent fools. Now Mewlik's gonna get conflicting instructions even more often!
No. 56889 ID: da4bc3
File 134170162707.jpg - (2.77KB , 126x121 , 1329286788430.jpg )

...I kinda wish this to not be a joke, a broken pantheon in the middle of the quest could prove more interesting than a unified one. However I also get vibes from the TES universe's pantheon where everyone is a dick to each other most of the time.

>Fuck you Boethiah those are my followers!
>Suck it Bal, they're mine now.
No. 56891 ID: 214bf9

I wouldn't dare insult Overlord's helmet, that thing is classy enough to be an honorary hat. But in general helmets aren't good enough to stand up to the pure class contained in a Top Hat
No. 56892 ID: 99090a

You're all morons.
No. 56893 ID: da4bc3
File 134170416680.jpg - (37.58KB , 600x600 , Hispanic morion.jpg )

>But in general helmets aren't good enough to stand up to the pure class contained in a Top Hat

Even hispanic ones?
No. 56895 ID: 214bf9

I said in general, I accept the fact that there are exceptions.
No. 56899 ID: cf49fc

Too late, cur. We are at war. I've had my eye on your portfolio since you appeared. Soon, I shall RULE this pantheon! In concert with my fellow gods Elephant Guy and OVERLORD. Cruxador can come too.
No. 56902 ID: 68852c
File 134170803427.png - (425.16KB , 498x510 , nakedsombrerolady.png )


I'm in war with you too now. prepare to face the wrath of one hundred million neckbeards. none of which, I might add, have showered within two months.


Spanist hats > Spanish helmets.

for irrefutable proof, refer to the attached image.


uh huh. we're all immature little children who are pitiful and stupid and ugly and you're the exception that makes the rule.

complementary eye rolling not included.
No. 56904 ID: da4bc3
File 134170856267.jpg - (149.44KB , 450x393 , quijote-helmet-miniature.jpg )

>for irrefutable proof, refer to the attached image.

That's a mexican sombrero...

Also why can't we have both?
Quixote did.
No. 56905 ID: 9fa28e
File 134170903740.jpg - (21.84KB , 512x1024 , bannerna.jpg )

Well I'd like to be the god of Subjugation, war and death. That sort of thing.

Anybody can follow me, but the more blood they spill, the more favour I have with them. I would put a lot of value in their loyalty, as well.

I don't think I'd have a holiday, but maybe warriors could pray to me for victory at their pre-battle feasts.

My banner would be a clawed gauntlet. Pic is an example, but variations would inevitably occur.

My favoured weapon is a morning star or flail.
No. 56906 ID: da4bc3

Followers examples include Erio I pressume?
No. 56907 ID: 7c31d2


I want to join in on the fighting, but I don't actually have a lot of followers on land. So I think I'll make it so that when any of your followers attempt to eat crabs it'll go bad. Not shrimp crayfish or lobster though. I don't want to deprive them of all types of tasty crustaceans.
No. 56921 ID: f391b1

Fun thing about wars, they are good for both travel and trade. People travel from one place to the next to either continue it or to flee it, roads and paths are made, destroyed, and rebuilt to progress and halt the war, and the selling of supplies, armaments and gear are a source of great profit for merchants. Then you have bards who see the war, get inspired, and then travel to tell their tales. Even the after effects of war are nice since people will need to ship and move supplies to rebuild the war torn lands and people move around more.

So yeah, war? Lovely thing. Keeps the blood flowing and makes things happen? Would I participate? Not really, fighting isn't in my portfolio. Though I will watch and keep the roads running and the trade flowing.
No. 56922 ID: 214bf9

So, One declared war on me and Elephant Guy is my ally? I do not seek conflict but if this is how things have to be then so be it.
No. 56923 ID: 99090a


No. 56926 ID: 147853

You're adorable. Let's hook up.


I'm just saying, there's a probably a good reason ONE's imagery just seems to be a hand is all. Compensating.
No. 56928 ID: 72d49b

You guys are getting a bit overly silly.

Gloves make awesome artifacts. But if we're going for a speed item, it should be a piece of the moon pulled from its reflection in mercury.
No. 56930 ID: 09e5bf

I guess I'd like this portfolio: Harvest, Plants, Forest.

Worshiper being Farmers, Lumberjacks, and Woodsmen

Holidays being harvest celebrations.
No. 56932 ID: cf49fc
File 134177650118.jpg - (72.79KB , 685x699 , Black and White Hand of an Evil God.jpg )

Trout, I suggest an alliance. Together, we could CRUSH these insignificant fools.
At least I don't make dick jokes. And a hand is a far better symbol than a smile, as this picture shows.
No. 56934 ID: d94e2c

Guys, I have an Idea. Lets have our boy travel across the world to seek out cultures of each of our followers. Like he goes down a shaft and meets some dwarves for o and goes to the bottom of a bay for Trout and Pillbug.

Them he meets with their spritual leader, gets an artifact, and convinces them to pledge their allegiance of something to him and maybe gets another sidekick!

We'll get to travel the world like a proper adventure and Mewilk'll get fame, glory, followers and power!
No. 56939 ID: 147853

What? Dick jokes? Who does that? That's not very ladylike. How dare you use that sort of language!
No. 56943 ID: da4bc3
File 134180330125.png - (191.81KB , 500x375 , 1328987514759.png )

That does seems more interesting. However I would leave the whole artifact seeking & allegiance pledging aside. It has been proven that the power of the gods can bring objects into existence at will so there is no real reason to make him run around in circles searching for doohickeys unless it is for exterminating their existence due to them being too dangerous on the mortal realm (actually this could prove better than the former idea I think) also it seems pointless or not necessary to make everyone pledge their allegiance to him, he may be the chosen in favour of all the gods in the known pantheon, but that doesn't mean he should be revered as one of the gods themselves, otherwise he wouldn't learn a thing from this journey.
No. 56945 ID: 99090a

Oh hell no, I'm staying out of this. You're still all morons.
No. 56949 ID: 01c93a

The point of sending him to go get stuff would be for the journey, not for the stuff. Hell, the stuff could be anything, even just some colored orbs that don't do anything.

And him getting fealty doesn't make him a god, it makes him an emperor. Which we've pretty much agreed to do already. Personally, I think that's more useful than macguffinquest; just send Mewilk to every power in the world and have him personally subjugate them.
No. 56950 ID: 147853

Well we've got to do something with him. Making him unite all the little squabling squab's is a good way to keep him occupied.

Maybe we can make a big monster for him to destroy or something.
No. 56960 ID: da4bc3


Correction: Him gathering people to plead on his favor doesn't makes him necesairly fealty, maybe a tyrant if subjugation is to be used and indeed an emperor if his allies are many and support him. However, religion has little to do with leadership, and being a leader doesn't turns you inmediately or necesairly into a man of faith. If he is to be an emperor let him explore beyond first as an emperor without knowledge of it's domain, surroundings, allies and enemies is as good as dead.

>The point of sending him to go get stuff would be for the journey, not for the stuff. Hell, the stuff could be anything, even just some colored orbs that don't do anything.

The problem being exactly that. The Mcguffin might be useless and thus the quest may seem empty, I'm not against him questing for items just so he can gain wisdom from the travels but if they are to just carry dust it would be pointless and it would be best if the items instead of being carried to be destroyed(thing I already mentioned), heck maybe even giving a new purpose to the dagger, say that the items can only be truly destroyed by that dagger's sharp edge.


>Making him unite all the little squabling squab's is a good way to keep him occupied.

Indeed, never was against it and can put him in good word if he is to rise into power.

>Maybe we can make a big monster for him to destroy or something.

Would make things too easy.
No. 56971 ID: 72d49b

>Him gathering people to plead on his favor doesn't makes him necesairly fealty, maybe a tyrant if subjugation is to be used and indeed an emperor if his allies are many and support him.
Uh... check your grammar and definitions because this sentence doesn't make any sense to me.

>[throwing monsters at him] Would make things too easy.
Use a bigger monster?
No. 56986 ID: cf49fc

Look, everyone, there's only one thing Mewlik should be doing in the current circumstances: Make the gods stop fighting by forcibly uniting all their followers.
No. 56987 ID: da4bc3
File 134185542237.png - (21.22KB , 196x229 , 1324206154661.png )

The god of competition itself speaking of unity. If there's a hell in this universe it must be freezeing over right now.

Still I'm up for it as it can enclose all of the previously mentioned points if played right.
No. 56990 ID: 01f6f1

Huh? Sorry for the intrusion, beings of high self-esteem, but don't you need unity to have a proper competition?
No. 56991 ID: da4bc3

Ideally? yes.
For what I meant? no.
No. 56997 ID: d94e2c

That's a good idea. Screw the artifacts, we can just give them to him whenever. Lets go have him kills monsters that are threatening the assorted favored peoples and destroy unholy relics that are blighting the land.
No. 57018 ID: cf49fc

Destroying unholy artifacts may just corrupt everything around ground zero, as Morgoth did when he dumped his essence into Middle Earth. I suggest we sequester the artifacts somewhere safe, and completely worthless. Such as Twelvth's country.
No. 57019 ID: 214bf9

No need to destroy for the other gods, I already got a cursed item available. You see one of my followers actually had the guts of calling a helmet the, quote, "ultimate hat"... I might have overreacted just a little bit and turned it into an artefact of doom that now rules the land and keeps its maker locked down in the dungeon.
No. 57022 ID: 147853

After everything we've been through together? Is that how you think of me? Safe and useless? I WORK and I DRUDGE, but it's never good enough for you, is it? Mr. "loneliest number ONE". You know, numbers would be completely pointless if we didn't have any more after! There are many traditional units of measure that operate on base twelve, and the dozenal system is really quite effective!


Although I guess if it's for YOU, deary, I wouldn't mind taking in the cursed artifacts around, I'm just not sure what good the god of BEAUTY would be for protecting things, so I doexpect all the rest of you to contribute too...
No. 57026 ID: cf49fc

You are NOT the god of beauty. You're the god of Cute Things and Violence, you're a GOD, you can protect the damn things yourself, and finally we aren't in a relationship, you crazy old bat, so stop drunk dialing me at four AM.

And as for you, Hat, don't be so thin brimmed. It's wrong to be so hat-ful towards your fedorers, so if you cap-tinue I'll need to re-block your attempts.
No. 57027 ID: cf49fc

Can I be God of Puns too, now?
No. 57028 ID: 68852c

I just realized something.

we're all morons.
No. 57029 ID: cf49fc

I'm not a moron sir, I'm an Asshole.
No. 57030 ID: 68852c


I'm afraid those aren't mutually exclusive.
No. 57031 ID: cf49fc

Well, you're going to need to explain the reasoning behind this revelation. I was informed we needed a conflict, so I have done my utmost to inspire one. What have I done wrong then?
No. 57034 ID: d785c7

You see, Beauty is number 1 on my attribute list. Why does it always go overlooked? >>57026
Are- Are you saying you don't find me beautiful!? That's it, we are SO over! You can protect your evil artifacts yourself! Humph!

Besides, mine is a very specialized kind of violence. We are not a THUG, like SOME gods of violence. We're more the vengeance kind.

For some reason no one respects the beautiful things of this world otherwise...


Aw, it's okay Elephanty. We love you anyways.
No. 57035 ID: 7c31d2

I'm not a moron, I'm a pillbug.
No. 57036 ID: 72d49b

It took you this long to realize that?
No. 57037 ID: 68852c


I think you missed the part about me being a moron.
No. 57050 ID: 7fb81d
File 134199164564.png - (114.76KB , 2355x550 , unholy_spirits_by_shwigityshwonshwei-d539vvj.png )

Hey i found some images of gods.
I'm not sure what form to take...
I guess I'm in charge of destiny so which one looks that?
No. 57051 ID: fa9f7e

Time and Justice seem to fit.
No. 57054 ID: 147853

Well, you are an eye.
No. 57060 ID: 3ae52c
File 134203941535.jpg - (50.95KB , 500x409 , ghost train.jpg )

Considering our young ward is likely going to be doing a lot of traveling, may I recommend one of my personal toys to get him and his party from point A to point B? God of Travel and all.
No. 57062 ID: 214bf9

Perhaps, but that thing seems a bit much to give him right off the bat. However speaking of travel, I don't think anyone noticed my portal so I'm not sure what to do with it now...
No. 57064 ID: da4bc3
File 134204621327.png - (23.17KB , 600x600 , 1339556358484.png )

>I was informed we needed a conflict

Where did the other end of the portal led to?
No. 57065 ID: 214bf9

A wizard, I highjacked a summoning spell >>>/quest/428607
No. 57066 ID: da4bc3
File 134204912097.jpg - (99.79KB , 400x352 , 1340145371126.jpg )

so it leads to a wizard? or it summons a wizard?
if the former then that is awfully nonspecific, it could be a merfolk wizard for all we know and them spawning in the mi- actually, that sounds awesome. Forget I said a thing, mewilk & co. should totally jump into the hat.
No. 57067 ID: 214bf9

The former, basically it replaces whatever the wizard summons with the one(s) using the portal.
No. 57070 ID: d94e2c

If we are talking transportation, we can just inform Kirrel that her rideable doggie is now community property and make it so that it can carry all three of them and go super fast.
No. 57085 ID: 50708f


But Kirrel if already a rideable do...
Oh, uhh...

I like the suggestion as a kobold dracoboldgon and kobold dragon-loving minor kobold god of kobold-like vindictive chaos and jilted kobold lovers...

...maybe they will be the type of village Mawlik next finds.
No. 57086 ID: cf49fc

I think we should give him the Celestial Riding Doggy. Or rather, we should elevate Riding Doggy to Celestial status.
No. 57089 ID: a4b8fa

let's do it!
No. 57091 ID: 147853

Kirrel is an ADORABLE doggy. Be nice...

Besides that, I'd be down with enchanting her mount to carry everyone.
No. 57114 ID: 72d49b

This. We should make the dog huge! And with a golden mane! And give it lots of seats and a little roof on the top.
No. 57119 ID: cf49fc

Give it a White hide, with a halo of light and fire, and shining eyes. And great big pointy teeth.
No. 57123 ID: 72d49b

The halo sounds a bit excessive. It's just a mount we're talking about here.
No. 57125 ID: 50708f


I think another conspires against me... humourous.


I'm not saying she's not adorable as well, I'd say I was being more perverse than mean, and slightly referencing an earlier misunderstanding at the end of the chapter we met her in in a poor attempt at humour. However, Twelvth, I apologise if what this minor kobold god said seemed cruel to you instead, I didn't intend it to be so.
No. 57126 ID: cf49fc

Don't apologize to Twelvth. Someone needs to take him down several pegs. Even if that someone is an ordinary kobold who somehow got into our pantheon chambers.
No. 57134 ID: 147853

No, no apologies will be accepted. Twelvth will accept only BLOOD.

That said, Twelvth really doesn't personally mind. It's not like there was any sort of infraction occuring. I mean, it's not like there aren't likely a large number of "seamstresses" among Twelvth's followers.

Twelvth also doesn't see how S/He needs to be taken down any pegs. Twelvth doesn't recall being up on any in the first place, but makes a note of ONE being passive aggressive for future revenge purposes.

Twelvth also enjoys self referencing in third person.
No. 57153 ID: d94e2c

I like the idea of Celestial Riding Doggie. So the consensus so far is Large (I was thinking tall and bulky like a rhino or hippo, but longer) with divine coloring. White Fur, Gold mane, powerful jaws with long fangs, Shining red eyes, Halo optional? I'd like him to run faster than a horse and was toying with the idea of jumping enhancements(like how super man used to have super-jumps instead of flying? Think the new John Carter movie if you require a visual). I'd really prefer that he didn't get flying because it seems unsuitable for a hyena doggie, but it's up to consensus decision. Any of you arty folks interested in making us a picture to work off of here in the dis thread?
No. 57155 ID: 72d49b

I was thinking bus-sized.

I also like the idea of running and jumping really well instead of flying. Flying is kinda lame. But we could also make him able to run on clouds, that would be handy.
No. 57703 ID: 214bf9

Nothing has happened for a while now...
No. 57712 ID: 5c0329

we probably ruined it for him.
No. 57713 ID: cf49fc

Well, I'm sad now.
No. 57719 ID: e0fde8

Quests die all the time. There isn't necessarily a reason for it.

If you guys want to see another quest like this, I might be able to give a "all suggesters are gods" quest a shot when I consistently live in a house again, probably not more than a few weeks out. It does depend on how much time I have, though, and I can't guarantee it would be great.
No. 58060 ID: ba6d89

I'm working on a update, this quest isn't dead. It is just in a coma like state.
No. 58075 ID: 7fb81d
File 134409302195.jpg - (40.31KB , 320x240 , eyes.jpg )

I am a humanoid god with 713 eyes but I don't have all those eyes in me at the same time.I give out my eyes to my followers so that they may truly see. Unfortunately, not all of my followers use the eyes for noble purposes and schisms exist between my worshipers.
My followers are:
They reduce visibility through smoke screens or by fighting at night so that they can use my eyes to have an advantage over their foe
They lead colonists to lands that they've seen through their given eye. These priests are highly valued by all kingdoms and their pilgrimages to new lands are always well funded and always re-pay the person investing.
No thief can escape their gaze and they are employed to protect important items and people. They are the complete opposite of the ninja-marksmen order
No. 58099 ID: d94e2c

Halleluliah! You know, I never really lost faith. Although maybe it would have been easier if we were better at coming to a consensus?
No. 58120 ID: da4bc3

And here I thought otherwise.
Glad to see you're still around and kickin'.
No. 58122 ID: 214bf9

That is good to hear
No. 58614 ID: 7fb81d

also good to hear
No. 58689 ID: d94e2c
File 134501401745.png - (1.04MB , 1406x1197 , GOD\'SQUESTdisthread.png )

This is my favorite dis thread ever. I love you guys.
No. 58690 ID: d94e2c

No homo.
No. 59286 ID: fd8668

Just wrapped up the script, working on the illustrations next.
No. 59350 ID: e2fe12


Good, good!
No. 65837 ID: ab6499

The quest sure is taking a while waking up from its "coma like state", did something happen? Is it really dead now?
No. 65842 ID: 9db85e

No. 65876 ID: cf49fc

We all miss you deeply, Sir Briggz. We were most certainly amused by your escapades. Also, I am One again, until I can once more work up the courage and art skills to resume SCOM.
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