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File 133812219581.jpg - (453.47KB , 858x1412 , GOD QUEST_0002.jpg )
55356 No. 55356 ID: 23bed3

As asked, here is the discussion thread for "God's Quest." If you have a question or the like, I'll do my best to answer them.
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No. 57022 ID: 147853

After everything we've been through together? Is that how you think of me? Safe and useless? I WORK and I DRUDGE, but it's never good enough for you, is it? Mr. "loneliest number ONE". You know, numbers would be completely pointless if we didn't have any more after! There are many traditional units of measure that operate on base twelve, and the dozenal system is really quite effective!


Although I guess if it's for YOU, deary, I wouldn't mind taking in the cursed artifacts around, I'm just not sure what good the god of BEAUTY would be for protecting things, so I doexpect all the rest of you to contribute too...
No. 57026 ID: cf49fc

You are NOT the god of beauty. You're the god of Cute Things and Violence, you're a GOD, you can protect the damn things yourself, and finally we aren't in a relationship, you crazy old bat, so stop drunk dialing me at four AM.

And as for you, Hat, don't be so thin brimmed. It's wrong to be so hat-ful towards your fedorers, so if you cap-tinue I'll need to re-block your attempts.
No. 57027 ID: cf49fc

Can I be God of Puns too, now?
No. 57028 ID: 68852c

I just realized something.

we're all morons.
No. 57029 ID: cf49fc

I'm not a moron sir, I'm an Asshole.
No. 57030 ID: 68852c


I'm afraid those aren't mutually exclusive.
No. 57031 ID: cf49fc

Well, you're going to need to explain the reasoning behind this revelation. I was informed we needed a conflict, so I have done my utmost to inspire one. What have I done wrong then?
No. 57034 ID: d785c7

You see, Beauty is number 1 on my attribute list. Why does it always go overlooked? >>57026
Are- Are you saying you don't find me beautiful!? That's it, we are SO over! You can protect your evil artifacts yourself! Humph!

Besides, mine is a very specialized kind of violence. We are not a THUG, like SOME gods of violence. We're more the vengeance kind.

For some reason no one respects the beautiful things of this world otherwise...


Aw, it's okay Elephanty. We love you anyways.
No. 57035 ID: 7c31d2

I'm not a moron, I'm a pillbug.
No. 57036 ID: 72d49b

It took you this long to realize that?
No. 57037 ID: 68852c


I think you missed the part about me being a moron.
No. 57050 ID: 7fb81d
File 134199164564.png - (114.76KB , 2355x550 , unholy_spirits_by_shwigityshwonshwei-d539vvj.png )

Hey i found some images of gods.
I'm not sure what form to take...
I guess I'm in charge of destiny so which one looks that?
No. 57051 ID: fa9f7e

Time and Justice seem to fit.
No. 57054 ID: 147853

Well, you are an eye.
No. 57060 ID: 3ae52c
File 134203941535.jpg - (50.95KB , 500x409 , ghost train.jpg )

Considering our young ward is likely going to be doing a lot of traveling, may I recommend one of my personal toys to get him and his party from point A to point B? God of Travel and all.
No. 57062 ID: 214bf9

Perhaps, but that thing seems a bit much to give him right off the bat. However speaking of travel, I don't think anyone noticed my portal so I'm not sure what to do with it now...
No. 57064 ID: da4bc3
File 134204621327.png - (23.17KB , 600x600 , 1339556358484.png )

>I was informed we needed a conflict

Where did the other end of the portal led to?
No. 57065 ID: 214bf9

A wizard, I highjacked a summoning spell >>>/quest/428607
No. 57066 ID: da4bc3
File 134204912097.jpg - (99.79KB , 400x352 , 1340145371126.jpg )

so it leads to a wizard? or it summons a wizard?
if the former then that is awfully nonspecific, it could be a merfolk wizard for all we know and them spawning in the mi- actually, that sounds awesome. Forget I said a thing, mewilk & co. should totally jump into the hat.
No. 57067 ID: 214bf9

The former, basically it replaces whatever the wizard summons with the one(s) using the portal.
No. 57070 ID: d94e2c

If we are talking transportation, we can just inform Kirrel that her rideable doggie is now community property and make it so that it can carry all three of them and go super fast.
No. 57085 ID: 50708f


But Kirrel if already a rideable do...
Oh, uhh...

I like the suggestion as a kobold dracoboldgon and kobold dragon-loving minor kobold god of kobold-like vindictive chaos and jilted kobold lovers...

...maybe they will be the type of village Mawlik next finds.
No. 57086 ID: cf49fc

I think we should give him the Celestial Riding Doggy. Or rather, we should elevate Riding Doggy to Celestial status.
No. 57089 ID: a4b8fa

let's do it!
No. 57091 ID: 147853

Kirrel is an ADORABLE doggy. Be nice...

Besides that, I'd be down with enchanting her mount to carry everyone.
No. 57114 ID: 72d49b

This. We should make the dog huge! And with a golden mane! And give it lots of seats and a little roof on the top.
No. 57119 ID: cf49fc

Give it a White hide, with a halo of light and fire, and shining eyes. And great big pointy teeth.
No. 57123 ID: 72d49b

The halo sounds a bit excessive. It's just a mount we're talking about here.
No. 57125 ID: 50708f


I think another conspires against me... humourous.


I'm not saying she's not adorable as well, I'd say I was being more perverse than mean, and slightly referencing an earlier misunderstanding at the end of the chapter we met her in in a poor attempt at humour. However, Twelvth, I apologise if what this minor kobold god said seemed cruel to you instead, I didn't intend it to be so.
No. 57126 ID: cf49fc

Don't apologize to Twelvth. Someone needs to take him down several pegs. Even if that someone is an ordinary kobold who somehow got into our pantheon chambers.
No. 57134 ID: 147853

No, no apologies will be accepted. Twelvth will accept only BLOOD.

That said, Twelvth really doesn't personally mind. It's not like there was any sort of infraction occuring. I mean, it's not like there aren't likely a large number of "seamstresses" among Twelvth's followers.

Twelvth also doesn't see how S/He needs to be taken down any pegs. Twelvth doesn't recall being up on any in the first place, but makes a note of ONE being passive aggressive for future revenge purposes.

Twelvth also enjoys self referencing in third person.
No. 57153 ID: d94e2c

I like the idea of Celestial Riding Doggie. So the consensus so far is Large (I was thinking tall and bulky like a rhino or hippo, but longer) with divine coloring. White Fur, Gold mane, powerful jaws with long fangs, Shining red eyes, Halo optional? I'd like him to run faster than a horse and was toying with the idea of jumping enhancements(like how super man used to have super-jumps instead of flying? Think the new John Carter movie if you require a visual). I'd really prefer that he didn't get flying because it seems unsuitable for a hyena doggie, but it's up to consensus decision. Any of you arty folks interested in making us a picture to work off of here in the dis thread?
No. 57155 ID: 72d49b

I was thinking bus-sized.

I also like the idea of running and jumping really well instead of flying. Flying is kinda lame. But we could also make him able to run on clouds, that would be handy.
No. 57703 ID: 214bf9

Nothing has happened for a while now...
No. 57712 ID: 5c0329

we probably ruined it for him.
No. 57713 ID: cf49fc

Well, I'm sad now.
No. 57719 ID: e0fde8

Quests die all the time. There isn't necessarily a reason for it.

If you guys want to see another quest like this, I might be able to give a "all suggesters are gods" quest a shot when I consistently live in a house again, probably not more than a few weeks out. It does depend on how much time I have, though, and I can't guarantee it would be great.
No. 58060 ID: ba6d89

I'm working on a update, this quest isn't dead. It is just in a coma like state.
No. 58075 ID: 7fb81d
File 134409302195.jpg - (40.31KB , 320x240 , eyes.jpg )

I am a humanoid god with 713 eyes but I don't have all those eyes in me at the same time.I give out my eyes to my followers so that they may truly see. Unfortunately, not all of my followers use the eyes for noble purposes and schisms exist between my worshipers.
My followers are:
They reduce visibility through smoke screens or by fighting at night so that they can use my eyes to have an advantage over their foe
They lead colonists to lands that they've seen through their given eye. These priests are highly valued by all kingdoms and their pilgrimages to new lands are always well funded and always re-pay the person investing.
No thief can escape their gaze and they are employed to protect important items and people. They are the complete opposite of the ninja-marksmen order
No. 58099 ID: d94e2c

Halleluliah! You know, I never really lost faith. Although maybe it would have been easier if we were better at coming to a consensus?
No. 58120 ID: da4bc3

And here I thought otherwise.
Glad to see you're still around and kickin'.
No. 58122 ID: 214bf9

That is good to hear
No. 58614 ID: 7fb81d

also good to hear
No. 58689 ID: d94e2c
File 134501401745.png - (1.04MB , 1406x1197 , GOD\'SQUESTdisthread.png )

This is my favorite dis thread ever. I love you guys.
No. 58690 ID: d94e2c

No homo.
No. 59286 ID: fd8668

Just wrapped up the script, working on the illustrations next.
No. 59350 ID: e2fe12


Good, good!
No. 65837 ID: ab6499

The quest sure is taking a while waking up from its "coma like state", did something happen? Is it really dead now?
No. 65842 ID: 9db85e

No. 65876 ID: cf49fc

We all miss you deeply, Sir Briggz. We were most certainly amused by your escapades. Also, I am One again, until I can once more work up the courage and art skills to resume SCOM.
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