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File 133272690473.png - (479.59KB , 800x600 , Discussting.png )
50617 No. 50617 ID: 14a1d0

Since everyone wants to yammer on about game mechanics in the thread, here's a discussion thread instead.
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No. 50618 ID: ed57e8

horse dicks, horse dicks everywhere
No. 50619 ID: 4bdd79
File CoC_0_5_17e.swf - (1.67MB , 1000x800 )

For those of you who aren't familiar with CoC.

Extremely NSFW, obviously.
No. 50632 ID: bdb3f8

CoC is Not Safe For Anything Ever, up to and including Not Safe For Bite Streams.

...which of course makes me wonder if Bite is the secret author of this too.
No. 50638 ID: 527115

Oh gee, that game, I should click on that in school!

Anyways, I'm totally in on the conversation now.
No. 50641 ID: fa9f7e

Including you, apparently. And CoC is pretty funny if you ignore all the porn. Genderless character meets tentacle beast, low-level character goes to the Mountains and meets the TF2 crew, etc.
No. 50642 ID: a2853b

>evade our destiny and actually succeed in killing the demons.
That's not a problem. We need to get the Bright Sword from the Lake and do a few months of speed training.
No. 50643 ID: fa9f7e

Speed isn't much good compared to Strength and Toughness.
No. 50644 ID: fa9f7e

Oh, and that's technically not what's supposed to happen. She's a sacrifice by the elders of her home village to demons. She still firmly believes that she must protect the portal. You can twist her form any way you like if you want or stay pure, but anything that makes her unable to stay and protect is a Bad End. Under NO circumstances whatsoever will the PC leave the portal.
No. 50645 ID: fa9f7e

No. Seriously.


Speed isn't nearly as useful as Strength and Toughness are.
No. 50646 ID: 6e44d2

We should decide now if we wanna go corrupt or stay pure. Which, do you guys think, would be more fun?
No. 50647 ID: fa9f7e

Hm, let's stay pure for now. It's easy to go corrupt, harder to go back. If we ever decide to go corrupt, we can do that easy.
No. 50648 ID: fa9f7e

Purity has nothing to do with how many people you fuck. A naga with 0 corruption can have Tamani, Amily, Marble, Urta, and the desert naga as lovers.
No. 50649 ID: d5ee6f

But if all the characters and enemies and items are based directly on CoC then it won't be a very good quest. For example if we can just go to the lake and get the beautiful sword...
No. 50650 ID: fa9f7e

True. Just repeating what I know of the source. Iora seems dedicated to her village, too. Enough to enter a world of demons, anyway.
No. 50652 ID: e440a4

So I played through this game for the first time.
>didn't eat or drink anything suspicious
>hesitantly agreed to help the mouse girl, and she didn't corrupt/rape me so that turned out okay
>grindan mobs
>beautiful sword
>plate mail
>no rape
>accept lake lady quest
>go to factory
>kill everything
>execute succubus boss
>shut down machinery rather than blowing it up
>confident that I, champion of Mareth, will always be around to shut it down if evil rises again
>cute mouse waifu and alchemist move in with me
>I will guard this portal forever
Well that was kind of dull. Are we talking about the same game here?
No. 50653 ID: 27d278

Er, what quest is this on about anyways?
No. 50656 ID: 4bdd79

That's probably because you knew from the quest thread to avoid items, farm the lake for the sword etc. which resulted in you becoming severely overleveled (all stats approaching max, best armor, best sword) with no corruption. CoC is very easy to break.
No. 50659 ID: e440a4

To be absolutely truthful, one of the first things I did was drink a bottle of something that gave me a horse dick, which I regretted for the rest of the game. I didn't drink anything after that, especially after alchemy guy said most things needed to be purified, and mousewife told me most food and drinks were corrupt. And I did actually get raped once early on by that named goblin girl in the forest, which sucked. But I didn't grind the lake because of the sword, I was grinding every area in the order that it told me to (lake>forest>desert>mountain). I might have wound up OP from that I guess.
One thing that upset me was it made me cheat on mousewife the first time I met the cow lady. My options were caress, suckle, or rape, with no choice to just turn around and leave. I went with the first one because it was the least objectionable but I felt bad about that too.
Other than that everything was peachy.
No. 50660 ID: ed57e8

if you get to 25 corruption a monk will appear in the forest and you can meditate with him to lower it back down. after a few meditates he moves in too.
No. 50661 ID: e440a4

My highest corruption was 2 or 3. I think I was playing wrong.
No. 50662 ID: b85f8c

Yeah, horse cock is pretty lame. Lizard dick is probably the least objectionable. You can get that by downing Reptilum. Cat penis is an alternative too? That's via whisker fruit.

It's too bad you can't revert to human penis... or maybe you can if you completely lose your dick then regrow it? Let me test that real quick-
Yep. If you lose your cock then regrow it, it's human-shaped again.

For you that would probably require a lot of succubus milk and/or labova, which would give you either demon or cow features, and boobs. Succubus Milk also has a chance of giving you a vagina before removing your dick, but labova does not. Both add corruption but that's actually fairly easy to get rid of, especially if you get it over 25 and recruit Jojo. Boobs are easy to get rid of via Reducto. I'd suggest using Reducto on your dick before you attempt to remove it, and save-scumming laBova to remove your dick without getting any cow features.

Getting your dick BACK is fairly simple. Down some Incubus Draft. Again, that can give you demon features.

Purifying all three of these will negate their corruption and body-altering effects. In fact, purified laBova and purified Incubus Draft together are very well suited for this task.
No. 50663 ID: b85f8c

Yeah it's actually kindof hard to get more than 10 corruption without chugging sex-related drinks and willingly fucking demons.
No. 50664 ID: b85f8c

My favorite part of CoC are the mutation mechanics, btw. You can tailor your character to be almost anything by carefully savescumming your item use.

I embarked on a serious project to turn my dude into basically a kobold. Full Reptilum mutations, then removed the extra dick via goblin ale. I lost my original scale color, but oh well. Dark Green is a good color too. I also had a shark fin from blind experimentation, and had to remove that via bee honey... but anyway, success was mine!

It's annoying that you can't go bald. Short hair is as short as it gets.
No. 50666 ID: b85f8c

Oh whoops, you wind up with a dick AND a vag after taking the Draft to regrow a dick, since when you lose the dick via laBova you automatically gain a pussy, and the Draft doesn't remove it ever. You can get rid of the vag byyyyyy....
Well shit. You'd have to either savescum Minotaur Blood or get your hands on a Large Blue Egg. Which is fairly easy and safe I suppose, just a bit time consuming.
No. 50667 ID: e440a4

Or I could just take my deformity as a warning about the dangers of this place and not risk defiling myself further? Mousewife doesn't seem to mind.
No. 50673 ID: 72d49b

The best way to get rid of a vagina is to stockpile a ton of minotaur blood (like, whole chest full) and chug it all.
Unfortunately that'll give you a horse cock again. Being human isn't really the intent of the game.

On the other hand, if you get some hummus that will probably revert your cock just like that. But hummus isn't exactly easy to come by.
No. 50678 ID: 88e5ad

doesn't the factory succubus let you revert your dick into human?
No. 50687 ID: b85f8c

Yes, but he already executed her.

Hummus is a cheat item!
No. 50690 ID: 5878c1

Getting human parts is easy using the eggs. Once you get Marble to live in your camp, you can feed her ovilixers and get free eggs. They make you either grow that part or remove it cleanly, the grown parts are always human and they give no corruption or other effects.
No. 50691 ID: 5878c1

Also prostrats is getting 25 corruption just so you can get jojo in the camp. When I started mousewife's storyline I had a snake tail, indigo skin, horns, bee wings, shark teeth ass long silver hair, and a horrifying bouquet of penises. It was hilarious when she said that it was nice to see someone that the land hadn't tainted.

I just imagined my guy going "grgbrgagrbarg" or something in response.
No. 50692 ID: 5878c1

Alsoalso CoC is perfectly safe for Bitestreams. the only rule is no MLPs.
No. 50693 ID: b85f8c

I just realized that myself, except that you can't grow a new dick via an egg. The only way to make a new non-animal dick is to drink (pure) incubus draft.

Eggs are absolutely perfect for removing genitalia though. Pink egg removes dicks, blue egg removes vags, both with barely noticable side effects.

So I guess the best way to get rid of a horse dick (assuming Marble isn't in your camp) would be to drink purified succubus milk until you get a vag, then lay a large blue and large pink egg. Eat both eggs, then purify incubus draft until you get a new dick. You can lay two blue eggs while possible if you want a bigger dick without any side effects. Imp food works for that as well, up to 12 inches... but that can make you shorter.
No. 50694 ID: a760e9


or you could just... not play.
No. 50695 ID: e440a4

So, just to be clear, your plan to make myself a normal human male again is to grow an entirely new set of sex organs, then lose both of them, and then grow a new dick. And the way I should do this is by impregnating myself with eggs, laying said eggs, and then eating them? And also drinking purified demon juice?
I'll stick with having a horse prick then.
So she wasn't lying about that? I mean, my choices are trust the demon who's responsible for all the evil in the world to magically alter my sex organs, then let her go free, allowing her to just come back and turn the factory on again, OR just snap her neck. I did the latter.

I regretted the horse thing, sure, but the one person whose opinion of my dick I cared about didn't mind, so I'll live.
No. 50696 ID: 3041ed

I am almost entirely sure spotted blue eggs make you grow a dick, but only up to one. You do have to have a vagina to lay eggs though, if you don't have marble at your camp.
No. 50697 ID: 97486c

Isn't this supposed to be used to talk about the quest, not the game?
No. 50699 ID: b85f8c

That way takes the least savescumming. Pretty much no savescumming actually, as purified draft has no chance to make you inhuman. The only reason to savescum there would be to make sure you get the dick on your first bottle. The chance of that is pretty high though. Purified here means removed of most of the corruption, not like, strengthened or distilled, btw. It's less nasty.

It's either that or the previous method I mentioned in the thread... Basically if you don't want to use eggs at all you can use reducto along with laBova to remove the dick (and wind up with a vag, unavoidably) and getting the new human dick requires Incubus Draft. Without eggs, you can savescum Minotaur Blood once you already have the human penis so that it removes your female bits while leaving your male bits alone. It doesn't look like it actually requires much savescumming- it will always make progress towards removing female parts, while the chance to transform your dick is not that large.

Nope. The large blue egg removes vagina but does not add a dick, even eating multiple ones.

They are related subjects.

But y'know the quest seems decidedly less sexual. The imp we saw didn't have a VISIBLE dick, much less a two-foot-long one.

Any comment from the author about how much of the more perverted item effects will be available? I think it'd still be fun if we get the body mutation but not like, 5 dicks and 3 rows of breasts. Becoming a goblin-lamia-slime would be pretty amusing by itself. Like half of the sexual content of CoC is pretty dumb anyway.
No. 50700 ID: e3f578

If this quest is just a more innocent version of that, then mutations will probably also include cleft chins, turning into John Hamm or Alyson Hannigan
No. 50710 ID: a760e9



now that gives me a boner.
No. 50735 ID: 72d49b

>I had a snake tail, indigo skin, horns, [...] ass long silver hair, and a horrifying bouquet of penises.
Were you trying to make Alice from Monstergirl Quest?
No. 51773 ID: 14a1d0
File 133541150549.png - (166.92KB , 341x541 , Educationalimageregardingdivinebirthrightsymbolsth.png )

Somebody was asking where the birthmark was at one point. Have some not-fanservice explaining the answer to this question.
No. 51777 ID: ed57e8

that is indeed educational.
No. 51803 ID: e3f578

aww she's adorable
thought she'd be a brunette though
No. 51806 ID: 99c568

strangely, I also think she looks adorable as opposed to hot despite the fact she's flashing her boobs. go figure.
No. 51810 ID: db91c0

Well I approve. Maybe she'll even get some sexier clothes during the quest...
No. 51813 ID: b26b9b

She was until she let the sand-witch cast a spell on her
No. 51827 ID: 72d49b

Already killing tentacle beasts while hardly using TF items? That's pretty impressive.
No. 51829 ID: e3f578

Purity not-get-raped run is fucking go and going great
But will it be a virgin run?
No. 51831 ID: f70e5e

probably not.
No. 51834 ID: b9e291

Oh jeez. CoC. Why did I not see this before. Yeah, no more suggesting to this quest.
No. 51842 ID: 72d49b

The only way that's at all possible would be if Gnoll gets bored and stops running it before we get to the sex.

What, you don't like CoC? Your taste is clearly shit.
No. 51846 ID: 2fe09b

getaloadofthisguy cam dot jay peg
No. 51852 ID: ce3e58

I hope the injuries suffered fighting the otyugh don't lead to Filth Fever. Dying of infected wounds is a hilarious quest end in theory, but not the kind of thing I really want to play out practice.
No. 51853 ID: ce3e58

>Play out IN practice
Although, assuming that thing is as functionally like a D&D otyugh as the appearance suggests, stealing some of the physical properties could be pretty advantageous if we wanted to ditch human form entirely. You could eat pretty much anything and be immune to most disease. Keen senses with a special bonus of being immune to getting nauseated is a nice combo.
No. 51860 ID: b85f8c

It's not ACTUALLY CoC, as you've seen by the lack of everything-wants-to-rape-you-with-huge-dicks. You can bet most of the items do similar things to what they do in CoC though. Well, the recognizable ones. Gnoll's changing items from here on to be different visually. I have NO IDEA what those devil fruits do, but there are a couple items that normally drop at the Lake, and they could be replacing those. One of them might have the potential to give our heroine extra rows of breasts, and I'd personally like to avoid that.

The horse potions are pretty damn harmless for a girl, btw. Bodily changes are done in order and if we stop once she gets fur there'll be no major alteration to her body. Or heck, we could just stop after the first change. The wiki says it's random, but it's not.

I kinda doubt that any items will make our character go into heat, as this version of the world seems far less sexual, and heat is stupid anyway.
No. 51863 ID: e3f578

I think the most harmless and least disfiguring transformation item is whatever the cat one will be, all that does is give you fur hair ear and a tail and only makes you flexible. No goofy bits, no rows, really no nothing.

The horse potion does make female bits larger on the inside. It does have that consequence, which may make Iora very uncomfortable if the potion has that effect in this quest.
No. 51893 ID: 105826

I'm kind of wowed at the amount of metagaming going on in this quest. This is probably going to have unfortunate consequences at some point.
No. 51895 ID: 9dba7d

that's what happens when you base something off a popular porn game that everyone plays apparently
No. 51903 ID: b9e291


I actually played it because of this quest. Made me miss those online text dungeons. MUDs or whatever. It definitely could use a bit more of a feminine touch.
No. 51912 ID: 72d49b

>that everyone plays apparently
Well yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the single most popular western porn game. It's certainly the most popular for furry and monstergirl content, and on a board made largely of people from /tg/ and FA, that means it's going to be relevant to a lot of people's interests.
No. 51925 ID: e3f578

You can't fault some people for having bile fascination as well.
No. 52042 ID: 72d49b

Okay, it looks like we'd be well-served busting out the discussion thread to discuss outfits. The poncho thing over the shoulders is kind of important to prevent burning up in the desert. Iora's a bit brown so she's not doing to bad, but spending more than a bit around with her top off is still likely to cause issues. That said, the poncho is a blanket, thus thick and warm so it's liable to giver her heat stroke without a good airflow. All in all, our current shirt situation is less than ideal.
However the poncho restricting sword movements isn't a big deal - a cloth over the shoulders amounts to very little restriction and even were that an issue we could just throw it off to meet combat.
No. 52043 ID: b9e291

I never got to the desert stage, so I dunno. Game broke by never revealing the mountain no matter how much I explored. :c
No. 52045 ID: 6f4add

not much use in overthinking things... she's immune to being hungry, so she might be immune to being sunburnt as well.
No. 52051 ID: e3f578

Wounds still happen here, so she may be harmed by energies. And because her spirit energy fuels her need for sustenance, the spirit realms are like ALL about energies. Sunburns come from the sun's energy burning your skin, it is a wound from an energy, she is not immune to sunburn.
No. 52063 ID: 7d7f79

What is this furry arrrgh....
You show up as a person but the whole point of the game seems to be furry sex, monster sex and turning into some weird atrocity. Reading through the wiki, I'm struck by how paper thin the worldbuilding is. For instance, they only ever put in one half-ruined city full of perverts and one fetish-farm but there's two traveling merchants you can meet in the wild. Do they trade with the demons or something?
No. 52064 ID: ed57e8

probably. giacamo probably has a omega death ray on him so no one tries to take his shit.
No. 52066 ID: 72d49b

Yeah. You'll find plenty of people playing Monstergirl Quest for the story. CoC, not so much.
No. 52070 ID: 7d7f79

Well trolled, I applaud, but I take your point about porn games being about the porn.
No. 52076 ID: 6f4add


>not much use in overthinking things

>Wounds still happen here, so she may be harmed by energies. And because YADDA YADDA SO MANY WORDS CAN'T READ ANY OF THEM OH NOES

>my point
>your head
No. 52080 ID: e3f578

Luka does sound like a boss the more I hear about him
I mean, I don't think I've heard about a single time he actually wanted to partake in any of the porn that was happening and that he just wanted to do whatever he actually set out to do, it's just that all those Monster Girls are just so powerful, perverted and mean to poor Luka that the damn fella just can't walk ten feet without getting horrifically laid.
No. 52081 ID: 3ce5b2

I don't think he's trolling. My experience with MGQ, and I assume most other peoples', is like advance the plot without losing, advance the plot without losing, shit I lost, wait this is actually hot, fap, goto 10.
No. 52082 ID: 7d7f79

If he's not trolling me then don't tell me: I would think more highly of him if he was trolling than if he was sincere.

Either way I'm curious if we have official word on whether the author will be putting in significant original content to make up for what CoC lacks in worldbuilding, or if they'd like us to point out candidates for further borrowing or something. Because we don't run nearly enough hot chicks that aren't furries, so if I can help I'd like to.
No. 52089 ID: 72d49b

There was no troll there. I don't even know what you thought could be a troll in that post.

Just because someone ignores your point doesn't mean they don't understand it, and it's no reason to put a big tall line of green > in the middle of the thread.

Yeah, I usually skip the loss scenes. I don't focus a ton on not losing though, I expect to lose once or twice on most monsters.
No. 52090 ID: b9e291

>playing CoC
>hah lookit all the dicks rape rape rape
>this game will make me even more depraved than I already am
>20 minutes later
No. 52095 ID: 3734f6

So... I vote our goal is to:
1. Kill all the demons
2. End corruption
3. Remain a virgin
No. 52097 ID: b0bf34

Could we change three from "Remain a virgin" to "Don't get raped"?
No. 52101 ID: 6f4add


no. European Extreme is the only way to go.
No. 52111 ID: 7ccd62

Might have another thing to add:
4. Stay human.
No. 52120 ID: 72d49b

3 and 4 don't seem like important goals to me.
No. 52124 ID: 7d7f79

I figured the troll was the idea that Monster Girl Quest or any other porn game has a non-laughable story, as compared to Corruption of Champions. Let me clarify: That is an excellent joke, good job pointing out that no porn has a good story.

I dunno, I'd like all 4 although I'm willing to let oral with Dominika slide, since oral doesn't count:

We have enough quests full of furry sex damnit, why this one too?
No. 52127 ID: 3ce5b2

Let me state my opinion on the matter in no uncertain terms: I think monster girl quest has a non-laughable story. I don't understand how expression of this opinion constitutes trolling; the purpose of trolling is to make someone mad. That wasn't the point, but you got mad at it anyway, somehow.

So, I guess he's not trolling, you're just really good at getting trolled. sry 4 ur mad, bro.
No. 52129 ID: 7d7f79

Not mad, just disappointed. Sorry for getting off topic: My mistake.
No. 52134 ID: 72d49b

Well I could see how someone might not like MGQ's story, it focuses heavily on morality which could easily get tiresome if you're not the philosophical type. And a lot of the "twists" you can see coming from miles away. But if you consider it on its merits it's at least a decent story, certainly above par when it comes to video games.

I agree that not every quest needs to be about sex or non-humans, but this is CoC-based. It seems like we'd be missing out on the majority of what little milieu there is if we didn't deal with transformations and sexuality.
No. 52137 ID: 3eee9d

MGQ has a stronger story than most porn, definitely stronger than CoC. I've seen porn with stronger stories, though. The Dance Until Tomorrow manga, as well as a few visual novels like the Nasuverse stuff, Katawa Shoujo, works by Gen Urobuchi, stuff like that. (Of course, the Nasuverse works had pretty crap sex scenes.)

CoC has corruption and transformation as major themes. And you're viewing the prevalence of "furry sex quests" as higher than it actually is. A fair number of those, yeah, but loads with humans, aliens, robots, stuff like that. As well as non-sexual furries.
No. 52138 ID: 0cb37f

Although the threat of corruption, transformation, and all that stuff is sufficient reinforcement of the themes.
No. 52139 ID: 72d49b

I'm not familiar with all of those directly - checking out Dance Until Tomorrow now. But Katawa Shoujo does not have a stronger story than MGQ.

Yeah, but if the thread is never made good on it loses weight, and we're not making full use of the narrative elements available to us.
No. 52140 ID: 8658c9

I guess that's a matter of differing opinions. For me, MGQ centers upon a particular setting conceit (human semen being a high energy source) that I found it difficult to suspend my disbelief for. That weakens the story for me. It's very obviously an artificial premise for the sake of enabling the pornographic bits. But within the confines of that premise, MGQ does tell a pretty good story.

Also, I guess I just had a personal preference for Katawa Shoujo's focus upon more personal stories and characterization, but that's just a matter of personal preference.

Anyway, the most important part's that we both agree that works with a fair deal of pornography can have decent plots, and that one can compare them to each other and say that one has better plot than another. Thus, it's not trolling to say that one can play a game like MGQ for its plot, for example. CoC, yeah, not so much plot though it's still possible to play the game without focusing on its pornographic aspects as suggested by others' accounts right here in this thread.
No. 52166 ID: 7d7f79

You're asking me to justify saying that MGQ has a terrible story? I can do it but is this really the place?
No. 52167 ID: e3f578

Is there a better place to discuss it?
No. 52168 ID: 72d49b

As a matter of fact, there totally is.
No. 52199 ID: 68ff50

Huh. I think that the tentacle monster is a gate guard for the city in the desert that's supposed to be safeish, the real question is how safe is that city?
No. 52220 ID: 1444d5

Maybe the runes carved into the wall were meant to keep something in, rather than out.
No. 52277 ID: 3734f6

I find CoC has a more serious story then MGQ
No. 52305 ID: 6d6017


I... you... what!?
No. 52309 ID: fa9f7e

Well, there's actual romance, a big bad, etc. rather than just some guy being raped by cute monstergirls. Admittedly, they both have a big bad, but I haven't seen any romance sub plots in Monster Girl Quest. In CoC, there's Amily, Marble, Urta, Dominika, Vala, Tamani, and Edryn. Admittedly, how romantic some of them are varies, but they all have progressing relationships with the player.
No. 52310 ID: 6d6017


that shit's not romance by a longshot.
No. 52311 ID: fa9f7e

No. 52312 ID: a2853b

Correction: there is no dating and romance roleplay simulation done in CoC. There is plenty of romance that can occur, but it is dependant on the player's situation and circumstance in-game, not on the player's interaction and communication with the character romanced.
No. 52315 ID: 6d6017


because it's ridiculously flat. the characters aren't characters, the romancing isn't romancing, and even the sex isn't really sex. it's all more like a 13-year-old's imagination of what it should be, and there is not a single conversation in the game that isn't only entertaining because it's so fucking ridiculous.

and yes, I tend to view playing CoC the same as watching a horrible movie and laughing my ass off at how much of a trainwreck it is.

granted, it's the same in MGQ, but this is all irrelevant to the quality of the story, which was the original point. MGQ's story is better because plot twists are a thing that actually exists, and people actually have personalities beyond what their naughty bits look like (well, barely, but enough to make a difference) and the happenings can actually make you wonder what's gonna happen next.
No. 52316 ID: 72d49b

>but I haven't seen any romance sub plots in Monster Girl Quest.
Did you even play it? It's not a huge focus but romance is still there, and it's certainly not worse than what passes for romance in CoC.
No. 52318 ID: 4fd6f7

So now we've run into what looks like a Grell. If this were D&D, I'd be pretty worried, since those things are Always Evil and might be deadly magic users.

But this might be a chill monster, and the fact that we were explicitly grabbed "before we could draw a weapon" may mean it was acting in self defense. Still, I'd be reluctant to go in there until we have an idea as to who these people are.
No. 52369 ID: 68ff50

We're being wrestled by tentacles that may or may not be part of a tamed rape-monster. We are either being led to a gangbang or about to be let into the conspiracy of one of the few places hiding from the demons in a world controlled by demons. Considering we don't have the power to fight back against a rape tentacle monster that already has us captured pretty well and a guy with a polearm at the same time I don't see us having much choice.
No. 52374 ID: 71d68e

There's a discussion about this over in >>/meep/13522
No. 54760 ID: e3350e


I took it to meep.
No. 54964 ID: 68ff50

And the quest has gone irredeemably furry.
Oh well, I think that's my cue to wave goodbye. I'm just annoyed because we have so few quests that aren't furry/weeaboo nonsense. But considering the source material it was really false hope on my part.
No. 54965 ID: fa9f7e

A horsetail is "irredeemably furry" now? Especially when half the suggestions want to cut it off or such? Bahahahahahah.
No. 54966 ID: cc8f16

Not to pour salt on it, but from the very beginning you were reading a quest authored by a furry/weeaboo specializing in nonsense based on a furry/weeaboo porn game. I'm not sure WHAT you were expecting.
No. 54967 ID: 68ff50

Eh, trying not to expect, but you're right of course. I was just hoping enough people would see the rarity of a quest that starts with a human character and actually want to keep that. Yes, it's silly to hope against author history and source material direction like that. Furry/weeaboo porn game about crazy fetish transformation is furry/weeaboo porn game about crazy fetish transformation.

Author obviously wants this to be furry, the source is furry. He accepted a transient majority of opinions to drink the mutation-juice despite the fact that throughout the history of the thread turning the avatar furry was not fully popular.
Now the character's reaction to being furry is badly-acted fake shock. That's the author telling us, "This was going to happen eventually, I wanted this to happen, stop trying to ruin the porn."
No. 54968 ID: fa9f7e

If you thought that, why did you ever get into it?
No. 54969 ID: 14a1d0

>Author obviously wants this to be furry, the source is furry.

I wasn't the horde of people screaming to drink ALL THE POTIONS. I would be fine with going through the whole thing with a human character, but the suggestions don't seem to want it. Not my call, except it is.
Oh well, go be butthurt somewhere else.
No. 54971 ID: e3f578

Since we can't do a human run anymore I will suggest DOING ALL THE POTIONS AND FOOD that aren't corrupted. Then maybe purify the corrupted stuff.
No dicks allowed though. Nope. No incubus drafts.
No. 54973 ID: b0d466

Don't give up so easy, we haven't even tried cutting it off yet.
No. 54974 ID: fa9f7e

How about a large blue egg? It removes vaginas and doesn't grow dicks. We'd end up neuter with tits, iirc.
No. 54977 ID: 699da6


iirc, there are no scenes in the source material that don't involve The Sex Act in one way or the other.
No. 54978 ID: fa9f7e

There are if you're genderless, just talking with a love interest, watching Urta kick an infected wolf-morph's ass, etc.
No. 54981 ID: e3f578

Genderless rustle Tentacle Beast Jimmies. They can't get food from them.
No. 55107 ID: 210977


No. 55108 ID: fa9f7e

There's plenty of flaccid penis, have you seen anyone with a hardon?

The only one was the imp, all the other males have had flaccid penises.
No. 55534 ID: e3f578

I think all those horse potions Iora drank have made her stupid.
It's the only explanation she took that idea and ran with it when she seem of at least average intelligence at the start, and a person of average intelligence wouldn't do this.
No. 55594 ID: 3734f6

somehow it didn't occur to her to question if she should continue feeding it horse potions as it got more and more monstrous.
No. 55796 ID: 3734f6

why is the sword not cutting through his dick?
No. 55797 ID: 132b99

because it's ROCK hard.
No. 55798 ID: 3734f6

You win an internet cookie!
No. 55802 ID: b85f8c

Very likely. It's okay though, we can fix it. Either by reading books or... well, talking to people a lot works. Giacomo didn't seem to be selling any tea, and that's honestly the easiest way to raise it. It's a shame.

Or maybe Gnoll isn't allowing intelligence to go up/down in this 'version'.
No. 55819 ID: 3734f6

He sold potions that increase your magic capability. Perhaps by increasing intelligence.
No. 56066 ID: fb69eb

>A chimeric being with parts of many animals is, by pure definition, a monster, read it how you want, but at that point you'll be anything but human.
Conflating different definitions of a word is not a valid argument (and is also obnoxious).
For example, "monster" is also defined as "any animal or thing huge in size", but it is absurd to say that becoming a monster monster (evil) would by definition make us a monster (enormous). It is similarly illogical to assume that being a monster (hybrid) necessarily makes us a monster (evil).

It is quite plausible that potion use it would indeed turn us evil, but that would be because of the demon magic involved rather than because of word definitions.
No. 56067 ID: 71d68e

I'll say that because of that person, I'm going to start voting for drinking/eating everything non-demonic.
No. 56069 ID: 1efbd2

Since essentially we will only be able to see what can be drawn, I'm for letting the author choose the path. :p

Otherwise all we'll get is a nasty game over.
No. 56072 ID: d4f98d

Excellent, bro. Take a stand! Show that netbro who's boss. Bet he's sorry now.
No. 56074 ID: e3f578

I still want to see what the fruit actually does. Just eat a whole bunch of fruit.
No. 56217 ID: a86120

So, items are completely random, but monster drops specifically transform into monsters.

Given this information, I'm for fighting enemies to find out what items to avoid, powering up from items not dropped by enemies (like fruits) and selling the 'evil' stuff for a profit.

Y/N ?
No. 56218 ID: 771d02

there's also the whole corruption thing to worry about you guys.
No. 56221 ID: 71d68e

We have a ferret alchemist that apparently can vet that sort of stuff.
No. 56223 ID: 927efa


Corruption makes you lose control of yourself, pretty much. Which begs the questions whether the demonic invaders even want to invade or not. Anyway you could have three cocks, horse dog and demon, two rows of EE lactating nipples, but if you're low corruption you're still cool as a cucumber. You could resemble nothing stranger than a normal ordinary dog for all intents and purposes, but if you're high corruption you lose your mind and forever become a simple animal. Low corruption milk is nutritious. High corruption milk is nutritious and addictive. Both can be transformative. Low corruption rapists only rape those who deserve it (or enjoy it), and do so covertly. High corruption rapists rape anything and everything heedless of danger, sex, disease or practicality. See how that works?
No. 56228 ID: a86120

sure, i'm not against transformations at all. now add that suggestion to the main thread :)
No. 56241 ID: b85f8c

Actually, with some TF items, if you use too much of it you go full animal, including your mind. It doesn't matter what corruption you have.
No. 56251 ID: 886a4d

Once you get to certain point you simply stop transforming, the big pitfalls are watching your intelligence and watching your corruption. Only when you have high corruption and low intelligence do you give into the animal instincts... just buy lots of tea or go on peaceful walks around the lake.
No. 56264 ID: fa9f7e

Canine peppers and Equinum both cause you to transform completely *just* with overuse. Remember how we were trying to make a horse? It would've worked if we'd managed to finish giving the imp all the needed potions.
No. 56309 ID: 67e8b2

It's kind of unreasonable to expect "a consensus" to form among a bunch of random quest suggesters, some of which are cycling out and being replaced with new ones. If there's disagreement, it's probably going to continue forever. Usually, it's the author's job to commit to decisions. "No, the character decided to stick with X a dozen updates ago," etc.
No. 56310 ID: e8be8d

How about we just have fun, stop arguing and see where this crazy rabbit hole of a quest leads us?
No. 56311 ID: 038641

*Sigh* I really hoped this would get better with time, but I think it's time to give my 2 cents and quit following this quest.

First of all, it's really boring. Is it really necessary to force item discussions constantly? In the entire quest there has been only TWO real fights (The tentacle beast and the horseimp), the rest of the time being divided into meeting some npcs, and all the rest item discussions. I can understand if the TC really likes transformations, but shoving it down your throat until you agree it's not the way to make it work. If you see the suggestions are really divided between TF and noTF you shouldn't force it and take a third way to see if people like it more.

Second, some people are metagaming (Wrong, BTW, you shouldn't metagame while RP) using what I'd call biased reasoning. They talk about the necessity of transforming to become stronger while using CoC lore, but curiously forget about the vitality tinctures, becoming stronger by leveling up, the perks, or the stats increasing by visiting areas. If you'd want to become stronger there'd be faster and safer ways to get it than playing with equine potions.

I'm not getting my hopes too high, but if the suggestions united themselves a bit and stopped arguing constantly without the least consensus, and the TC stopped trying to force transformations every single time and introduced a bit more of action or real decisions, this would be worth following.
No. 56312 ID: 9e3c3d

Wow. It's like you've never read a Gnoll quest before.
No. 56315 ID: b85f8c

At the beginning you don't have any perks, and not enough gems to buy stat-ups from Giacomo in any significant quantity. Selling all the useful TF items is a bad idea at the start unless you REALLY REALLY want to stay fully human. If you play as male and just want to avoid changing your dick, well, that I can understand and basically none of the useful early TF items leave your dick alone. It's kindof annoying. You *can* use a bunch of Wet Cloth to increase your strength and toughness if they're low, but it's probably not worth it. By the time you get enough wet cloth to turn into goo and start gaining body mass from it, you've probably gained stats from leveling up and exploring.

Later on in the game when you've bought the equipment you want already, you'll have enough income to afford to buff your stats via Giacomo. Perks are a natural gain from killing things, so I don't see how that even factors into the TF/noTF question. Neither do the random stat ups from wandering around.

So basically no, it's not better to sell TF items in order to buy tea from Giacomo at the start. You get more bang for your buck by using them.

Personally I think we should find out what all the TF items do in this quest, use the ones we like, and sell the others.
No. 56317 ID: 9718f3

The character has been holding her own against monsters just fine, except for the imp-horse, but special circumstances, you know. I'm also not convinced we couldn't have beat it if we'd tried. Seemed pretty even, really. Didn't even try the sword magic.

Basically what I'm saying is, yes, the transformative items can give you a boost, but there's been little evidence that we particularly need the boost. Nor have we tested the effectiveness of the gains that we've already made from what experimentation we have done.

I oppose transformation for the sake of transformation, and especially using ourself as a test subject. We've demonstrated that, if done carefully, we can use the imps as test subjects. Not perfect ones, due to the gender difference, but it at least gives us an idea of what the items do. I don't mind the transformations, I just don't want to end up with shitty changes.
No. 56318 ID: b85f8c

Oh, I agree that experimenting on that first imp gave good results. However it seems that the author really does not want us to do that with all the items. I mean, nobody said "use ALL THE HORSE POTIONS on an imp", right? Also people have been suggesting using imp test subjects regularly and that went ignored.

So yeah, it's not gonna happen and if we push the issue, the process will be subverted.
No. 56321 ID: 3581fd


>but there's been little evidence that we particularly need the boost.

All you've done is wander around the lake forever and go to the desert.
No. 56326 ID: 14a1d0

If you imp test everything, it's really going to throw a wrench into the whole 'HOLY SHIT, HORRIBLE TRANSFORMATIONS!' aspect.
I mean, what do you think this is?
A quest where you can NOT have fetishy bullshit happen? Not on my watch.
No. 56328 ID: 80d422

need to be a way to turn into a sergal
No. 56340 ID: 038641

Then let everyone have a clear idea you won't allow a human run and you WILL force transformations.

Instead of forcing people to choose your way and giving a false feeling of freedom, simply make them know that there is only a "Pick your TF" option. It was fairly annoying to see how you ignored everyone asking for a necklace with the tooth and immediately after there was ANOTHER item discussion.

And one last thing. Having a pure human run in Corruption of champions is not only possible, but challenging and fun, considering your preferred way of playing the only one it's not fair to the rest.
No. 56348 ID: cf49fc

I really don't see why you all care so much about this, "humanity". I helped an entire Circle get rid of theirs, and did they complain? Not at ALL.
No. 56349 ID: 3581fd


>Instead of forcing people to choose your way and giving a false feeling of freedom, simply make them know that there is only a "Pick your TF" option.

That never happened. Making a necklace out of the shark tooth is just not using it, it ultimately has no impact on anything that happens.
No. 56351 ID: 4bdd79
File 134050916508.jpg - (13.58KB , 126x120 , 1339014016041.jpg )

>waste time on boring experimentation, in a quest that's designed to be fast-paced and fun
>cry railroading when the author intervenes
You are being That Guy. Stop being That Guy.

>taking a Gnoll quest seriously
No. 56354 ID: d7e757

>considering your preferred way of playing the only one it's not fair to the rest.

Considering 'pure human' is absolutely and totally mutually exclusive with doing... pretty much any other playstyle? Yes, it is fair to have it not be one. Otherwise all the folks who came for the typical CoC play and inside jokes will be totally left out!

Further, railroading is an illusion. This has been discussed many a time, and the conclusion is thus: Since we only see one choice each update it is impossible to prove that the author is 'railroading'.
No. 56355 ID: b85f8c

What, when did we conclude THAT?
No. 56359 ID: d7e757

About halfway through Rubyquest?
No. 56361 ID: b85f8c

Oh, you mean railroading into a specific plot thread/sequence? Yeah, that's pretty hard to prove. The ignoring suggestions part of it is fairly easy to notice though.
No. 56369 ID: 14a1d0

I am getting a shit ton of suggestions here and most of them are arguing or incoherent or incoherent arguing. If you didn't get your suggestion chosen, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring suggestions, it means I reached into the pile and tried to interpret what I pulled out.

Get over yourselves, whiny babbies and appreciate the tits I'm drawing you.

Also, the occasional horsecock.
No. 56370 ID: b85f8c

I don't really care. It is pretty obvious that you don't go with the majority, though.
No. 56373 ID: 927efa


Nobody started arguing like this until you drew the tits getting...smaller...
No. 56375 ID: 14a1d0

You knew the consequences! It's your fault!
No. 56382 ID: f5b22e

I do enjoy what you've manged to sift out of the suggestions so far. It looks like you're using a lot of critters from DnD, more than stuff from CoC. I think I saw an Otyugh.. and i'm sure i recognize that brain-looking one that was helping guard the city gates.

Everyone should just accept that, no matter what, something horrible is going to happen to our hero, no matter what suggestions are taken. I mean, with the combination of scenario, suggestions, and Gnoll, it's all a matter of when and how.
No. 56384 ID: 1be70a

You say that as if it was a bad thing...
No. 56388 ID: 223190

be thankful the quest exists in the first place you ungrateful fucks.
No. 56397 ID: be7aa9

Being thankful and providing criticism are not mutually exclusive.
No. 56398 ID: 1be70a

Thankfully we're soon gonna get nagaraped.
No. 56406 ID: fa9f7e

Did someone already bring this up, or am I the first to notice that our champion-mark is apparently gone?
No. 56407 ID: b85f8c

I hate people like you.

It's probably just Gnoll forgetting to draw it. It was there last time we saw her tits; only missing this most recent time. It's been gone before when it should've been visible.
No. 56408 ID: fa9f7e

Okay then. Was wondering if corrupting ourselves had somehow made us unfit to be the champion and we weren't able to hurt demons anymore.

Though if that did happen, we'd probably be far gone enough to count as a demon ourselves.
No. 56419 ID: 927efa


At least according to the game it's pretty impossible to ruin your champion qualifications. You basically have to poison god writh massive amounts of demon death jism. You could also lose your mind in various ways at high corruption, however the game also implies that you are one in a long line of (failed) champions. Another will ostensibly be along unless you corrupted god herself.

This is decidedly not the game.

The sword doesn't like corruption though. Pretty easy to disqualify for it.
No. 56421 ID: 132b99

yeah, high corruption makes the sword grow hot when you try to touch it.
No. 56423 ID: fa9f7e

True, forgot we had the sword. And as for the game, you're right, this isn't the game. CoC's protagonist's sole motivation is to guards the portal. All bad ends result in the protagonist being unable to guard it. Anything short is fine.

We don't really have a motive other than survival, so I doubt even corrupting Mareth would screw us over permanently.
No. 56426 ID: 09e5bf

>We don't really have a motive other than survival

About that...

>Now the seal is weakening and only the only the child born bearing the Mark of the Chosen may stop the ravenous demon horde and drive them back into the pit.
No. 56427 ID: fa9f7e

Do we have any idea how to do that, though?
No. 56448 ID: 1be70a

1- locate the pit
2- locate demons
3- position ourselves properly
4- shove
5- ????
6a- seal pit with visually-impressive shenanigans so that another hero X years from then will have to do it all over again

6b- develop enough talents to eradicate the source of magic and demons, turning the land into boring old earth.

6c- go power crazy and vitrify the whole place, killing yourself in the process. sterile means pure, right ? :3

6d- create an anti-demon drug to heal the world for you and for me and the entire dead michael jackson race, then proceed to innoculate it to everything.

... are the main 'victory' routes i see before us.
No. 56449 ID: 997ce7

How exactly do we do that? All that boils down to "win", which is not an actual plan. How would we get power and/or drugs?

Also, purifying the demons doesn't seem to be alchemically possible, given that Mr. Dook required the imp be liquid first.
No. 56451 ID: c3c502


6e Become sufficiently powerful to stand eternal guard at the edge of the pit, slaying all who try to escape.

It was already established we don't need to eat in this realm. All we need is overwhelming combat prowess, sufficient energy / energy regeneration to keep pace, and some mutation that removes the need to sleep (murder and eat an elf, say).
No. 56456 ID: 151847

Well that's a shame seems all the fighting did the quest in. Hope you do another like this, I really enjoyed the art specially Iora with dark hair and all her silly faces.
No. 56458 ID: c3c502


Ironically, for a quest done in by infighting, the final fatal decision to suicidally mouth off to and attack the invincible boss was nearly unanimous.
No. 56459 ID: 1f8505


I was secretly hoping the boss would throw a temper tantrum and leave.
No. 56468 ID: b2f225


We could've asked to follow a self-proclaimed king that appears out of thin air. Or invent our intentions, but he would see through our lies - we're not a traveler or tradeswoman, we're obviously an armed foreigner. Or asked for mercy. Anyway, we would be enslaved, killed quickly and painlessly or forced to join his army without any hope of getting out.

Of course, I'm a pessimist that have trouble with obeying authorities.
No. 56470 ID: b85f8c

Well we probably could've apologized for trespassing and told him we'd avoid the area from now on but he'd still probably kill us unless we begged for mercy (and when have we EVER done that?).

I think Gnoll was basically like "Okay I want to take this thing in a new direction let's put the PC in a situation where they are sure to die and respawn for the next thread."
No. 56473 ID: 58a693

This is absolutely not true. Gnoll didn't set up the encounter to kill the players, and was surprised when everyone chose to mouth off to the obviously powerful demon king guy.
No. 56474 ID: c3c502


Then he underestimated the fighting spirit of our heroic determination! We may be a bunch of petty squabbling dick-bags when it comes to nonsense like our protagonists' form, but we are united and resolute in standing up to petty, arrogant evil authority figures.

...that or the boss didn't present himself as actually scary enough to cow the appropriate response out of us.
No. 56475 ID: e3f578

Hey, we're having an all consensual run here! And death technically doesn't count as rape, so easy way out!
No. 56486 ID: e3f578

No one wants to cuddle with Denscha :(
How are all of your dook dook quotients already met, people?
The lack of dook dook should be a crime!
No. 56487 ID: 107c3d

so he expected us throw ourselves on the mercy of the leader of the sadistic rape demons?
No. 56493 ID: cf49fc

We'd have to be pretty suicidally stupid to trust the leader of an army of DEMONS. Then again, it was pretty suicidal to threaten the leader of an ARMY of Demons.

Ah well, we just need to try again. With our own army this time.
No. 56494 ID: e3f578

Well in all honesty he looked like a hubris filled faggot riding a horse. And apparently Iora is strong enough to take on a tentacle monster this early.
I don't think anyone actually expected him to go Yu Yu Hakasho pretty-boy is-super-powerful on us and take apart her torso in invisible anime attack fashion.
No. 56495 ID: 223190


I know I didn't.
No. 56497 ID: 3581fd


I actually expected him to just instantly disable her as a stand-in for THE DEMONS.
No. 56526 ID: 1be70a

This probably wouldn't have happened if we actually played along and chugged everything on our way.

Here's to hoping we'll have another try at it in the future.
No. 56527 ID: 1be70a

The very near future. Thanks a lot for the ng+. :)
No. 56530 ID: b2f225
File 134091927148.gif - (5.37KB , 320x224 , nonever.gif )

> chugged everything
No! Never!
No. 56542 ID: 8414e0

what does the fbi know about fighting demon hordes, eh ?
Let's not degenerate the suggestions into more infighting, that only confuses the poor girl.

And then she does dumb things like snark at ultrapowerful things riding camels of DOOM.
No. 56551 ID: 927efa


This times 9001
No. 56552 ID: d4f98d

I fail to see how turning into a horse is a viable defense against vaporization. Maybe I'm just not in the appropriately drug-addled state of mind to appreciate this wisdom.
No. 56557 ID: 886a4d

It isn't so much the horse-traits that we want from chugging horse potions its the endurance and strength that allowed an imp to parry a sword with its penis. Maybe if we were that tough we wouldn't have had a hole blown right through us.
No. 56558 ID: cf49fc

Ayup. If we get strong enough to pick up grains of sand and propel them like ballistic missiles, THEN we can take on the Evil Camel Rider of Doom. Simple training won't allow that, we need to abuse magic.
No. 56559 ID: b2f225

You... you don't know the origin of that image?
No. 56560 ID: cf49fc

Wasn't it from that one boxing game?
No. 56565 ID: 8414e0

I burnt enough coins on the damn things to know where that's from.

Still, a point had to be made. Sorry if I went under your joke to do it. :/
No. 56644 ID: 14a1d0
File 134116926579.png - (710.53KB , 940x705 , goddamnitnaga.png )

If you rely on game mechanics, you're gonna be fucked over, because I'm intentionally randomizing or altering things to throw off metagamers. You know, just in case it wasn't obvious already.
No. 56657 ID: b4bd8d
File 134119637328.gif - (449.54KB , 200x170 , hugsdalf.gif )

No. 56682 ID: 334456


Thats why you are a good person.
No. 56683 ID: 1a49c1

Which is why I'd gulp everything down if it was up to me just to see what you come up with. :)

I'm fine with the current safer approach, though we must be missing on some delicious stuff.
No. 56713 ID: 09e5bf

I think we should go with eating tons of stuff.
No. 56716 ID: 886a4d

With the way things are going I think yes we should.
No. 57219 ID: 272f27


apparently, calculating a minotaur's velocity has been promoted to an exact science now.

well done, Gnoll. well done.
No. 57223 ID: 2dd991

It isn't Gnoll's fault if everyone is eager to die again.
No. 57228 ID: 21a619

It IS Gnoll's fault if he cant make fights that we can win entertaining, and instead just throws random shit we cant beat at us.

I'm just here for the inevitable porn.
No. 57233 ID: 5f8420

No. 57246 ID: b85f8c

How is that relevant?
No. 57247 ID: 5f8420
File 134250475134.jpg - (143.95KB , 498x336 , you.jpg )

No. 57248 ID: b85f8c

Yeah, I don't see how you needed to post that video to compare Warmech to a regular ol' minotaur. Especially with no indication of why you were linking it. No quote, no timestamp, nothing.
No. 57251 ID: 5f8420

You can't win every battle, choose your battles wisely, trying to survive can be more interesting than winning, run and use stairs against opponents with hooves, stop being a dense motherfucker who needs everything spelled out, you're wasting your time if you came for bad pornography.
No. 57253 ID: b85f8c

You don't have to be dense to wonder exactly what part of a 7 minute long video is relevant when presented without context.

I agree with everything you've said there otherwise, fyi. Stop being a jerkass.
No. 57264 ID: 120d63

Hi! You don't seem to realise IDs 21a619 and b85f8c are in fact not the same ID. The ID on these boards is an indication of who is posting and can be used to differentiate posters from each other. As a result, accusing b85f8c of being here for reasons stated by 21a619 is completely nonsensical. It would be similar to accusing Bob of stealing an apple after having seen David steal an apple simply because Bob was the next person to speak to you that day.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings you have about this imageboard.
No. 57267 ID: 997ce7

Alternatively, use ponychan. Coconut Meadow and Spice Flitter are even easier to tell apart.
No. 57272 ID: bf8c23

I knew that already. Thanks, anyway.

> stop being a jerkass
Such a party pooper. It was a simple "figure it out yourself" moment, of course that nobody here is dense.

> agree with everything you've said there otherwise
Besides, Iora is alone against armies of demons and demons kings with absurd powers, just like in a solo run. However, eating things, raising money and training are stupid choices without a good plan, because here there are powerful monsters in every corner and the kings don't sit on their own asses waiting for Iora to power level. She doesn't have access to most of the advantages found in a game, but this also means that she can find alternative and unorthodox routes to her problems.

> fyi
No. 57275 ID: 997ce7

So, I'd just like to get this straight.

Instead of doing anything, like running, Iora just laid there and let the minotaur rape her. We just went from "minotaur pushes her down and tears off her top" to "minotaur rapes her." I could understand her failing to escape, but she didn't even try. Nothing indicated that we failed to do shit due to our position, low speed, or some other factor. Just auto-rape.

Fuck this.
No. 57276 ID: fed066

Sexual violence is better than no violence, I suppose.
No. 57278 ID: 9cde5c

Ok, who's for switching playstyle to happy-eat-everything-go-lucky mode ?

Cause we're probably gonna spawn some minitaurs pretty soon, and it won't likely be the last thing popping out of there if we don't play the fun game.
No. 57279 ID: 60af05


She had already fallen down. Against an opponent that was already a superior fighter, there wasn't much to be done after that.
No. 57283 ID: 107c3d

remember when we had encounters we could beat? that was nice. is there some way of gauging how strong we are? what can and can't rape us is not the way i would like to gauge our strength.
No. 57286 ID: bf8c23

It isn't fun anymore, Dave.

Why attempt something you can have with the actual game?

This certainly explains the pause between updates.
No. 57291 ID: 9718f3

Pretty sure he was saving this update for his birthday, so he could enjoy the delicious rage. Also, pretty lengthy delays between updates anyway.
No. 57296 ID: bf8c23

If 433894 is an automatic follow up of 433098, why release them separately?

> enjoy the delicious rage
Now we're talking.
No. 57297 ID: b85f8c

Gnoll is railroading by his own admission, actually. Also based on something else he said before I can't be sure how often he's even reading the suggestions. You know the update where Iora decided she would avoid drinking potions? For that one, he said he just didn't feel like reading all the suggestions. That's why she went against the majority.
No. 57300 ID: e3f578

the oh my pretty much confirmed her lust stat was at max at the last post anyway, at least in my opinion.
the battle was already lost. She couldn't fight or run anymore. Her head done plopped out on her.

Not once did we ever suggest for her to release that lust in camp, beyond a few suggestions to boink Dencha.
No. 57305 ID: 21a619

I'm completely ok with Gnoll writing his own story

Just so long as he doesnt pretend to be running a quest
No. 57306 ID: 21a619

Also, can we get that minotaur rape in color?
No. 57318 ID: 4bdd79

>this is our immediate reaction
No. 57330 ID: e3f578

I would also like to say I feel legit bad for Iora
I get this was the goal a lot of people were shooting for and was even the main point of the quest considering the source material but still... this is kind of traumatic.

Is this the third or second graphic rape in an official tgchan quest? (if you include any and all Flails Breaker appearances or implications as one rape, granted, I think he only had one we saw on screen. I think that was the first, second I think was in Sanya Quest a while back. Can't think of any more)
No. 57331 ID: 0385fe

The Flails Breaker scene was actually him tearing one of his constructs in half. I don't even know if that counts as "rape" because they were basically mindless, but I guess you could if you wanted. While fucking Sky or Sky II (who was cruelly abandoned) was rape, it was never shown.

Sanja may have been before or after that. It was early on in the quest when she went into the bar. Was Caravan ever shown, or did the catgirl just talk about it?

Also there was that one with the goat, with the traced final picture of graphic rape. I don't remember what it was called.
No. 57334 ID: e3f578

The one in Sanya quest was technically shown through the first-person perspective of the catlady as a flashback. She was also a minor in the flashback so it was super ultra wammy awful.
No. 57335 ID: 60af05

If you pardon me a moment, I'd like to get a little... theoretical, here.

I've been observing what I think is a phenomenon in quests, that the audience becomes invested in the characters much quicker than in any normal story, written or drawn. Partly this is because of the third-person view, following along with them and seeing why as well as how they behave, and even moreso because the ability to influence the character's fate creates a sense of responsibility. A connection forms between the protagonist and the players that's elusive in most other mediums. Except for video games.

On the other hand, it doesn't go as far as video games, particularly ones where the main character is as thoroughly customizable as, well, CoC for example. In that, the protagonist isn't really a character at all, just a vessel for the player to explore things and to toy with. A quest character on the other hand, because they're in no one person's singular control, is always an external "person" that can be felt for to at least some extent. So, again, quest characters make a personal connection with us very easily, relatively speaking. None of this is really conscious, it just happens automatically, without the players really noticing.

Still, it might be responsible for some people's problems, here. Players might feel a bit too close, and with too much sense of control to not be frustrated when it's thwarted, to be able to sit back and read the quest as perhaps it's meant to be read.

If it were me, and it's not, but it if were, I'd do one of two things. The "perspective" of the quest could be made more clear - is it supposed to be just a crazy fantasy sex romp, like its source material? Is this supposed to be just goofy fun, or goofy fun with occasional moments of tension, or serious except for the sex, or... well, that sort of thing? If people knew where to put themselves, it'd be easier, and I know I've had players take a quest differently from how I intended it to be taken, before, even when I thought the "genre" was obvious. Or, alternately, it could be made clearer that the protagonist isn't in any serious danger, emotionally at least. For example, if I made a quest like this with scellor, people wouldn't care because I've already established that scellor don't get hurt that way. That sort of thing.

Anyway. That's my thoughts.
No. 57336 ID: fa9f7e

That does make sense except for the fact that Gnoll is pretty much trolling as far as I can tell.
No. 57337 ID: b85f8c

>Sanja may have been before or after that. It was early on in the quest when she went into the bar.
A dwarf tried to rape Sanya in her sleep iirc but didn't get very far before getting shot in the eye. She still had her clothes on... which was basically just underwear I suppose.

The caravan sequence was really uncomfortable to watch but cut out right as the rape started and didn't show anything. I thought it was pretty effective at conveying how traumatic the event was, tbh, but then the jokes about it spread into the quest itself and that sabotaged the legitimacy of the whole thing.

>Also there was that one with the goat, with the traced final picture of graphic rape. I don't remember what it was called.
Vutheni's Descent. It was a terrible, terrible quest.
No. 57347 ID: 9cde5c

Is it still trolling if we want that stuff to happen ?

Because as we already know it is not the game and I'm very interested about what will happen here.
Plus we'd have a good chance of being on top the next time(s) instead of the current situation.
No. 57353 ID: ab63b5

"We"? Anyway, whatever creams your twinkie.
No. 57356 ID: 14a1d0

Feeling bad for Iora is kind of pointless.
Nobody in CoC ever feels bad about being raped. They just pass out, wake up 8 hours later missing some gems and go back to looking for the item to make the perfect bouquet of penises.
No. 57358 ID: 2972f8

people are still thinking in terms of real-life rape because things aren't nearly ridiculous enough. but that's okay, because we all know nothing can be as ridiculous as CoC except CoC itself.
No. 57371 ID: 60af05

Quest is book inside another quest which is a flashback from another quest?

No. 57372 ID: 6a1ec2


Just wait until


The first getting raped in CoC is always upsetting. After that it's just surreal.

...I'm actually kind of jealous of Iora.

Can we really make a penis boquet? Can we can we?
No. 57374 ID: 14a1d0

>Can we really make a penis boquet? Can we can we?
Are you even familiar with the source material?
No. 57376 ID: fa9f7e

I never did, although that was mostly because I worked on getting a mile-long cock without debug or Minerva.

Managed that, am now working on mile-wide cock 'n' balls, if anyone cares.
No. 57378 ID: b85f8c

Can you even get a >12 inch cock without adding multiple ones, without savescumming?

...well I guess you could eat large blue eggs, but you'd lose your egg-laying orifice while eating them. You'd have to have Marble at camp to keep getting eggs in that case, or get another vag somehow.
No. 57379 ID: fa9f7e

Large blue eggs also drop from Tamani.
No. 57385 ID: 6a1ec2


I could never get the factory to materialize. Not sure what I was doing wrong.
No. 57392 ID: c7f8fb

-Search the lake until you find the boat.
-Use the boat until you find Marae and she sends you out to destroy the factory (you need to have low enough corruption- if you're full on evil she chases you away).
-Search the mountains till you find the factory.
-walk right back out the door and save.
-factory is now accessible.
No. 57496 ID: b85f8c

Hey Gnoll, are you going to be adding anything into the quest from the CoC builds that were released after the quest started? You know, stuff like the spider morphs?
No. 57504 ID: 9cde5c

He already added his own original content, so whatever.
No. 57505 ID: 6a1ec2


How do you get the mountains to appear?
No. 57506 ID: 58a693

Just keep going "explore" or whatever. They show up eventually
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