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File 131002726334.png - (134.44KB , 800x800 , chee.png )
39266 No. 39266 ID: 651982

Because it's nice to have one of these things.
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No. 39267 ID: 7aedd2

Okay so I wanted there to be a discussion thread because I've got some theories and unlike some people I don't necessarily want to share them with the characters of the quest.

My biggest theory at the moment is that Chee isn't nearly as old as he/she thinks she is. Chee said that the voices have been around as long as he/she can remember, but WE only remember being around since the opening panel of the first Chapter. That, combined with the fact that there's literally no one around to corroborate any of Chee's background story leads me to suspect that perhaps Chee didn't come into existence into just that moment, and all that past history was nothing more than implanted memories from whoever created Chee. Of course, there are some problems with this, such as how Chee would know about that which was on the map we had him/her draw, as well as the necromancer's claim that we'd been dead for at least a year (but if that's merely measured by how distant he could feel the presence of life within a body then it's no matter), but it's still a possibility.

Anyone else got any ideas about the Mystery of Chee?
No. 39268 ID: b1f0e2

so... is there a canonical logical internally consistent reason within the story why cheelop is literally genderless, blank down there. Or is it just to prevent this from becoming a waifu quest?
No. 39269 ID: 453e62

you appear to have missed the part where chee has been dead for at least a year and has no soul. meaning something WEIRD is indeed going on.
No. 39272 ID: ce98ff

Wait... A thought just occurred to me.

The lack of gender suggests that whatever created Chee replicated what they saw, but did not know about body parts that were not in view. That might also explain the hat as being re-created by a regeneration function that sees the hat as part of Chee's body.

This leads me to the following theory:
*Chee is born a Cobold, but dies for unknown reasons
*An unknown force moves into Chee's body, merging with it.
*The body is heavily damaged, but the force has seen Chee at some point before death, and repairs all the features that it knows about.
* The remains of Chee's nervous system are assimilated, resulting in the memories that have been related to us.
* Whatever force is animating Chee is either not sapient apart from Chee's body (using a repaired brain to do the thinking), or is otherwise has an alien enough mind that the necromancer can't find a soul.
* As Chee's body has been repaired to be (more or less) biologically be alive, Chee is healed by healing rather than disintegrated like an undead would be.
No. 39273 ID: 453e62

would mean that if the loincloth is left somewhere it would grow back too.
No. 39274 ID: 451cb8

"Chee is Chee" isn't really apt anymore, huh?

I am sure there's a reason for Chee being genderless and more importantly soulless... but I kind of want to believe s/he's still primarily an adorable kobold. I suppose that's getting harder to do.
No. 39275 ID: ce98ff

Whatever Chee is, Chee is still adorable.
No. 39277 ID: 451cb8

Well yeah!
No. 39281 ID: 856690

Well Hopefully he/she isn't an elder monstrosity.

Though I suppose it should be;

Well Hopefully he/she isn't an evil elder monstrosity.
No. 39282 ID: 7b2cf0

It could be some sort of powerful spell that keeps reverting Chee back to a certain state. Namely, when she's wearing a hat and a loincloth. Would explain why she doesn't eat much or use her genitalia. She might be a perfectly living creature for all we know.
No. 39283 ID: 451cb8

Okay maybe we spoke too soon
No. 39287 ID: ab6eee

We should probably go and find out more about his homeland and what happened there. Seek clues.
No. 39288 ID: 451cb8

I think making sure Chee doesn't disappear or transform or god knows what is a bit of a higher priority right now
No. 39292 ID: 6a5a08
File 131005507542.jpg - (22.32KB , 425x292 , 12004886767.jpg )

Okay, okay, what if...
Chee is a mimic, doppelganger, or some other generally soulless creature that is capable of transformation, that began thinking it was actually Chee.
No. 39293 ID: bccf7b

Branching off of this, it is possible that, having died as a child, Chee never actually learned about gender and thus would not have had the capacity to recognize his/her actual gender, even if he/she were aware of what was down there.

Moreover, it appears that Chee is a material manifestation. We, the ever-present head-voices, may have taken a partial role of the brain.

Think of it like this: Chee has no recognizable soul, as it has left the body. Fragments of the original Chee remain: a latent psychological imprint of what Chee had perceived itself as.

We now act as said alien intelligence -- a soulless amalgam of stray thoughts that otherwise serve as the various functions of her psyche. Chee may very well still be "alive" in this sense, but Chee isn't much more than a single image, a handful of memories, and everything we tell her.
No. 39294 ID: bccf7b

Oh fizgig, I totally forgot.

Remember how we were all wondering about the necromancer that Chee saw and no one else did? Chee was able to see its aura, and had some sort of visceral sense that this was bad (assuming we weren't creating some kind of bias).

Said necromancer also showed Chee where to go (the statue). I'm beginning to think all of these events are actually closely linked. Especially Chee's sudden aptitude for magic.

Perhaps being a "soulless" entity, Chee is more attuned to such things? There's also the thought that perhaps, Chee and this necromancer-entity are somehow related...
No. 39295 ID: 453e62

being soulless makes chee the best anti-necromancer thing around. can hurt their minions and stuff and they can't do much of anything to her.
No. 39296 ID: 451cb8

The Necromancer Melt:

This has only happened twice and we don't even have the full story of circumstances this time (yet) so we can't establish a pattern as things stand. Despite that, both times the character we (as the voices) have been speaking to have been wearing the hat.

Last time it was supposedly because of weird necro-stuff, but now I'm getting awfully suspicious of that hat.

Jeez, hats aren't meant to work this way
No. 39298 ID: 7b2cf0

Why are all the cool characters dying? :<

If it's the hat that causes the necromelting, simply taking it off and destroying it probably won't work: it'll just reappear on Chee.

In any case, Shabin must run to have a chance to solve this mystery. Can't solve much when you're dead.

Or maybe we should just screw it all, let the kobold camp decompose in a grievous manner and see who we'll get bounced to next? What do you think?
No. 39300 ID: bccf7b

Hat-related antics:
1). Chee returns to village to find villagers slaughtered.
2). Chee is assaulted by Chop. Hat is lost.
3). Hat reappears when Chee goes out into the forest on the scouting party, this has no known cause.
4). Pakin get's necro'd (Chee is wearing hat).
5). Hat re-appears when Lancelot comes to visit, the only one (aside from the strangely missing Fraga at the time) who would remember Chee had a hat.
6). Shabin takes hat.
7). Chee teleports hat back onto her head using freaky hat antics. Afterwards Chee finds missingno?
8). Shabin wears hat.
9). Fraga is now being necro'd.

The problem I see here is #3: no one knew Chee before, except possibly Lancelot, who first believed her a girl. Lancelot is the reason for #5. Either way, something caused her hat to come back in #3 and the only other connection is Lancelot, as Shabin (#7) is nowhere to be seen.

My biggest issue, however, is that the "necromancer" we saw with the creepy flame-aura right before #5 appeared, but there was no hat.
No. 39301 ID: 5b95eb

Everyone is a shapeshifter.
No. 39302 ID: bccf7b

Addendum: Shabin only enables #7 to happen because Lancelot (Kradis) caused #5 when he visited... and since Sabin never SAW Chee with a hat when she was first brought in, Sabin never would have known otherwise.

This means that our two Unknown Quantities are Kradis and the necro-bold. Despite Fraga's disappearance during the scene with Beaky Face and the zombolds, I can't list him as one, as he never caused hat antics before then -- and is the only character (other than Shabin) to have spent the most time with Chee directly.
No. 39303 ID: 453e62

or it's all a huge coincidence and the hat is not evil.
No. 39304 ID: 453e62

which then correlates that lagotrope is fucking with us about it.
No. 39305 ID: 7b2cf0

Which is a unique pleasure on its own, really. I don't mind.
No. 39308 ID: b7abd3


if it turns out that the hat is just a hat, I'm going to laugh very, very hard.
No. 39310 ID: bccf7b

Yeah, but at the same time, I'll be a little sad. I mean, have you seen how that hat magically changes size and shape?
No. 39315 ID: 7b2cf0

Yeah. Just like the One Ring.
No. 39317 ID: bccf7b

Oh gods, it is the One Hat... And it's not "Cheelop", but "Cheeron"!
No. 39320 ID: f5fe2f

I just realized Chee had the same has as Yellow.

That's as good a theory as any, but there's nothing much that supports it.

That was a good theory, but now it's invalid due to Shabin seeing auras. If that's anything abnormal, it's due to our presence rather than soullessness.

I'd just judge that as a lack of art consistency, quite frankly. And the hat disappearing/reappearing as an aesthetic thing more than anything else.
No. 39322 ID: b7abd3

so the necromancer draws power via the hat.

remind our host later on to take a shit in the hat and see what happens.
No. 39324 ID: a337cd

That's it, Chee is the product of a lich-ifying spell gone awry, she's still nominally alive but the hat is her phylactery. The construct asked >How does one become weaker in your position?
suggesting that Chee's particular situation (soullessness, surely?) is not unheard of among necromancers and lends itself to great magical strength. (Or that Chee is so weak she couldn't get weaker. I think we can discount that.)
Now we just have to guard the hat from getting soulsucked.

In place of a dark lord, you would have a genderless 'bold, not dark but adorable and terrible as the Moon! All shall love it and despair!
No. 39325 ID: f5fe2f

It just thought Shabin was Cheelop. Chee isn't actually weakened. Shabin just looks like Chee due to having her hat and us. Unless we're the hat? That would make sense since when Shabin took the hat we became able to talk to her and became unable to talk to Cheelop.
No. 39327 ID: e3f578

No Chee lost us and Shabin gained us before we noticed anything about the hat shenanigans and then we asked Shabin to take the hat.
No. 39331 ID: bccf7b

>I'd just judge that as a lack of art consistency, quite frankly. And the hat disappearing/reappearing as an aesthetic thing more than anything else.

That's the joke.
No. 39332 ID: 679e7a

I sort of asked in the main thread a few times, but nobody answered, so I'm asking here.

Anybody know who the artist of the quest is? I'm sort of getting a Reaver vibe, but I'm not positive.
No. 39333 ID: f5fe2f

Check it out:
He's using his name.
No. 39334 ID: 679e7a


So the author of Kobold Camp is making a quest now? Welcome!
No. 39342 ID: 364f46
File 131008012601.gif - (1.06MB , 320x240 , shitbrixbender.gif )

No. 39380 ID: 830984

With recent events, I noticed a striking number of parallels with a certain infamous anime...
* Kid protagonist who has emotional baggage rapidly approaching the size of a planet
* A quite standard (for the genre) special thing the protagonist has [in this case, the head voices] turns out not to be normal in a particularly horrible way that involves people melting
* Various tropes that are artistic license in other series [in this case, persistent hat, voices in a different character, cartoon anatomy of main character] turn out to by justified by yet more horrifying secrets
* Series starts out humorous but gets increasingly mind screwing and traumatic as it progresses

CheeQuest is to Quests as Neon Geneis Evangelion is to giant robot series.
No. 39382 ID: 451cb8

. . . and to think i normally dislike mecha
No. 39395 ID: 398931

Hey Lagotrope, I like your quest so much that it urged me to make a wiki placeholder for it: http://quest.lv/wiki/CheeQuest
No. 39396 ID: ab6eee

lol so tsundere

Do we have to deal with this animu trope again? It's just about one of the most tired cliches I've ever seen.
No. 39397 ID: 651982

..huh, never occurred to me. I do hope to have an ending that makes a lick of sense, though.

Awesome, thank you on both counts!
No. 39406 ID: bccf7b

And yet oddly enough, it makes more sense.

Not to mention it's one of the more engrossing quests I've followed.
No. 39431 ID: 453e62

but.. i like the tsundere trope. and it sounds like she means it when she said it's to make chee stronger.
No. 39468 ID: 03a2aa

Just because everyone out there is using a particular character archetype doesn't mean this author can't pull it off right. Shabin is amusing, if nothing else.
No. 39493 ID: bccf7b

True. Shabin is one of the more endearing tsundere person personalities, rather than the than the typical "I'm really just a softie-bitch"
No. 39515 ID: 0bd0b0

I really hope the author expected sexual talk to happen. If sexuality is the subject, tgchan will derp it like no tomorrow. Chee better snap out of it.
No. 39516 ID: 07416a

Chee is less sexual than a barbie doll.
No. 39517 ID: 1854db

So, yeah. Chee has nothing. Any sexual contact would have to be nose-related, oral, or done via hands or feet.

I really doubt Chee's gonna get into that kind of relationship anyway.
No. 39518 ID: 1902b5

I got this.

we need to get someone to polymorph Chee some naughty bits.
No. 39519 ID: 7aedd2

I reaaally hate people who insist on trying to grill Cheelop about his/her potential genitalia and every possible orifice and physical process he/she may or may not have.
No. 39520 ID: 07416a

It's important. Not for the sex thing, but for the fact that CHEE BARELY EATS AND DOES NOT EXCRETE. Chee doesn't even count as a living creature.
No. 39532 ID: c811c4

After interjecting a love potion into the quest, I was pretty much asking for it.

Without actually asking for it.
No. 39534 ID: 453e62

need to toughen chee up so Shabin doesn't need looming death to admit things.
No. 39540 ID: 7aedd2

That's assuming it's actually a love potion. It's rather cliche; I'm hoping it's actually something much more interesting.
No. 39541 ID: 453e62

what about an inverted love potion? whoever drinks it becomes SUPER attractive to you.
No. 39588 ID: 0bd0b0

Hat teleported back on Chee's head instantly after seeing Shabin.. Worth noting.
No. 39591 ID: f5fe2f

I wonder what would happen if we tried physically damaging the hat.
No. 39592 ID: 29b739
File 131033420925.png - (562.29KB , 900x720 , jedi_ezio.png )


physical strength =/= combat prowess

which is why I'm hoping Chee ends up turning into something like this.
No. 39593 ID: e3f578

That's why I said ASSASSINO! He climbed up a wall from the sides Altair/Ezio style, dodged a lot of ranged weapons, aced with throwing knives and junk. If he's that agile, he should be able to counter, taunt, and kick Chop like a pro.

His healing spell just takes the place of the portable medicine Ezio carries around. I also hope he can learn telekinetic spells if only to reenact this scene, with REAL telekinesis kyle!
No. 39594 ID: 453e62

you still need SOME physical strength, in order to push the blade hard enough and not be bogged down by the weight of the weapon.
No. 39595 ID: e3f578

there's probably a spell for increasing strength for a short time
No. 39611 ID: 1854db

Chee also needs endurance, so she doesn't get tired too fast. Remember, she tried to swing around a sword and got tired?
No. 39617 ID: 5e8676

we can possibly still do a wizard/rogue combo

it would be ideal for a small sized creature that relies on agility and aim. ranged backstab damage is also nice.
No. 39643 ID: f5fe2f

Chee is pretty strong, though. We know this because most of those missile weapons require considerable strength. It's not like a gun where you only have to pull the trigger.

I think the giant is just really fucking tough.
No. 39647 ID: 07416a

Strength training requires you tear your muscles and allow them to heal over and over again.

Strength training+magical healing=YES

If the healing works that way... It'd be weird to see Chee as Beef McVanderhuge though.
No. 39648 ID: 519d0a

Next time, should we ask Shabin and/or Fraga to come with us if we were to get banished? I see absolutely no reason why they would ever accept in their right mind, but hey.
No. 39657 ID: c0e7f3

I'd suggest shifting secondary focus from strength to anatomical study: that way Chee can heal where it matters the most AND strike with knives/rocks where it hurts the most.

Primary focus stays on healing, of course.
No. 39672 ID: 1854db

I'm beginning to think that Chee is a weapon. Something designed to grow ever stronger until the time comes when it is unstoppable. On that day, the necromancers kick us out and take complete control.
No. 39674 ID: 453e62

then we need to teach chee the concept of love so when ordered to kill, chee will not listen because shabin is more important.
No. 39676 ID: 0d095c

This is a good plan, however Chee has already demonstrated severe magical instability, and needs both us and the hat to function. I agree that Chee is a weapon, but disagree that we are supposed to just be instantly hurled out.
No. 39677 ID: 1854db

I don't think the hat is needed at all for her to function. It was described as a scrying device, nothing more.
No. 39681 ID: f5fe2f

We'd need a soul for that.
No. 39684 ID: ab6eee

It's not that a soul is required to know how to love. It's that if you don't have a soul, LOVE WILL GRANT YOU ONE.
No. 39689 ID: 2256da

Say, why haven't we had a magician look at the hat and see if theres a way we can destroy it. Like try burning it.
No. 39690 ID: 0d095c

Chop already jammed a blade through it. And left it in a tree 20 miles away. It came back. I don't think fire will work.
No. 39698 ID: 830984
File 131043971163.jpg - (28.40KB , 550x500 , oddjob_010620071057.jpg )

So Chee = Spikesby?

Necrobold probably tried that already. What I was wondering would be if we could attach something to the hat and get it to travel with the hat. Something like a rim of razors. (Pic related)
No. 39708 ID: 9c538a

Guys Guys I just realized.

Chop has no genitals either.
No. 39710 ID: 519d0a

well he reacted the first ti--

wait no he didn't, at least not as much as someone getting kicked in the genitals SHOULD react

oh my god
No. 39711 ID: f5fe2f

Yeah, there's something fishy about Chop. We probably should have figured that out a whole lot sooner, seeing as he's twice the size of any other kobold.
No. 39712 ID: 519d0a

i was being facetious, personally. he's massive, but then, shabin's eyes are weird, the headmaster's a nutcase, and chee doesn't have a soul. i somehow think every kobold here is a bit off.
No. 39728 ID: 6a5a08

Chop is body. That means out of Chee and Shabin one is mind and one is soul.
As Chee has no soul, that makes Chee the mind. So, Shabin's power must be Heart. Also soul.

This is how my logic works.
No. 39731 ID: 453e62

chop could just be so fucking tough that a crotch shot by chee's puny legs was worthless.
No. 39735 ID: 519d0a

>shabin is heart

by your powers combined

i am captain necrobold
No. 39736 ID: bccf7b

I still stand by the decision that bolds have their reproductive organs in-part in the nose.

Prolly explains Cunny Quest and how she survived.


Damn you xD
No. 39746 ID: b6ca92

>author of Koboldcamp
Could someone give me a link to that, please? I can't find it in the archives or graveyard.
No. 39748 ID: 519d0a

It's not what you think, it's a mod for Dwarf Fortress.

No. 39750 ID: 1854db


No. 39753 ID: bccf7b

This may become a "like usual" soon xD
No. 39754 ID: 6a5a08

Tom's eyes seem sort of familiar to me. Anyone else?
They seem kind of... sharp and glowing.
No. 39759 ID: ea9dab

So what's our plan now, gang?

Keep Chee as a phylactery, or help her gain her freedom and become a real girl?
No. 39760 ID: ab6eee

Uh. I never thought I'd say this, but... any chance you could slow down a little? I just woke up to about 50 more pages and I have no idea what's going on anymore: reading all that at the same time is leaving me so confused.

Too damn fast. It's like we're on /tg/.
No. 39761 ID: b6ca92
File 131053670731.gif - (527.48KB , 400x300 , you__re_too_slow_unleashed_by_ur2slowunleashedplz-.gif )

You are complaining about pretty much the only quest that updates more than once a week?
No. 39762 ID: c811c4

And I never thought I'd hear that. Though I'm a little confused as to why you're confused because you had to read it all at once instead of as it was updating.

Maybe it's just confusing? I do need to work on some clarity in both art and words.

Well, if enough people voice the same opinions on matter of pacing, then I'll adjust it accordingly.
No. 39763 ID: ea9dab

I wouldn't change a thing, I love the pacing. These things are way more fun when they're in near real time.

It reminds me of RubyQuest, or of this place when it first started and that kind of update schedule was the norm.
No. 39764 ID: 0d7a83

No. 39765 ID: f5fe2f

You can choose to read slower, if that's your preference. You can certainly come on IRC and ask questions.

I'm appreciating the pace now. But I also know that once I end up with less time, I will almost certainly have difficulty keeping up, and a week off the grid would leave me behind for ages.
No. 39766 ID: 519d0a

it might just be because i'm able to keep up, but i'm loving the energy it gives me to be able to mash f5 like i used to

seriously though, i love the pace, perhaps the exposition can at times be confusing, but i think it suits best being the way it is now and it's really not too bad (for me).
No. 39767 ID: ab6eee

>you had to read it all at once instead of as it was updating.

I was kind of... sleeping... at the time. You know?
No. 39770 ID: 0d7a83

He ment he didn't understand why you said you were confused by reading large portions of the story at once and implied when you wouldn't have been if you read it as it updated.
No. 39771 ID: f5fe2f

That's awfully ambiguously phrased for a clarification.

That's not the point of confusion. He's essentially asking why you feel it would have been less confusing if you had been able to read as it updated. Why is large bursts of reading more confusing than short bursts?
No. 39772 ID: ab6eee

It's kind of like how a little bit of ice cream at one time is good and awesome, but when you stuff it all into your mouth at once you'll only get a headache.

Like, when there's about hundred new posts waiting for me, I tend to skim through them and only read the important ones, instead of reading all of them like I would if there's only a few new ones. Then when there's a new actual post from Chee, I check those quotes to see what he means, but that often isn't enough and sometimes the quotes contain more quotes and I don't understand what they're saying because I didn't read the whole discussion and AUGH

Okay, I mean, most of the Quests here are much too slow and not really getting me involved to them too much. But this one's way too fast and though I was a bit involved at first, I was completely left to dust around the end bits of the first thread because I didn't understand what's going on. I still don't.

I haven't used to having to F5 on Tgchan, instead of simply checking the site every now and then to see if a Quest I'm following has updated. It was a completely new experience to me, one I was not anticipating for, and by the time I did I no longer understood a single thing of what's going on.

I'm clearly alone in this, though, so... you know. Don't go slowing down just because of me, seeing how so many others like it how it is. I'll just, I dunno, keep reading since I already started, probably getting even more confused during the time. Maybe I'll manage to pick up some key events and keep on track somewhat.
No. 39773 ID: f5fe2f

Swing by IRC and ask questions, man. Folks'll help you out.
No. 39775 ID: 1854db

Argh, Chee is going to meltdown so hard if she hears half of what we're saying to eachother. Let's hope our internal dialogue is not counted as revealing secrets to her!
No. 39776 ID: 1854db

I just realized something.

Chee, your soul is right there you... you... DOUBLE PHYLACTERY!
No. 39777 ID: 830984

Yo dawg, the Lich King heard you liked phylacterys...
No. 39784 ID: 7aedd2

Well I WANT her to hear what I've got to say. But considering the numerous attempts to silence my messages, it's not surprising that I'd be going against the flow
No. 39785 ID: 830984

Do you mean that you are sure it won't kill her, or do you mean you don't mind if it would kill her?
No. 39791 ID: 7aedd2

I believe it to be for the good of the world setting. Might end the story prematurely, but I go into Quests with the mindset that the setting is larger than just our protagonist or our interactions with it.
No. 39794 ID: 830984

Are you arguing that saving the live of a paladin with no qualms about genocide* is more valuable than saving the life of an innocent** (and likely an entire village) while also keeping a demon contained ***?

* ("mission of extermination")
** (Chee would almost certainly be torn apart by the immediate destruction of Devourer)
*** (Since being killed the first time didn't stop Devourer from being brought back by the Lich King, I don't see why the Lich King couldn't just repeat the process if we kill Devourer this time.)
No. 39795 ID: 830984

And I forgot to mention that if we make her have a meltdown now, she likely wouldn't even make it to the paladins' base.
No. 39796 ID: 9a34be

Seconding all of this post.

Seriously, Z, you seem to be under the misconception that getting Chee killed will have a net improvement on the world. What you are failing to realize is that in any quest, the voices are the cause of the majority of net positive change. By ending the quest prematurely, the world might be a little better off, maybe (I personally think it would be worse off for losing an innocent such as chee), but it loses out on the more significant amount of positive change that we can bring to it.

Oh shit, narrative metaphysics.
No. 39797 ID: 6a5a08
File 131058324854.jpg - (36.81KB , 470x405 , georgebush_wideweb__470x405,0.jpg )

So you admit you're trying to end the quest prematurely by killing the protagonist? That really seems like a really legitimate reason to 'silence' someone's suggestion.

Then again, if Chee dies and the Devourer is released, that could mean evil adventures with Tom, spreading chaos, ruining lives, switching peoples' bodies for shits 'n giggles. Maybe even a little bit of....
No. 39798 ID: 6a5a08
File 131058328518.jpg - (19.94KB , 320x216 , GeorgeBushSunglasses.jpg )

.... Tomfoolery.
No. 39800 ID: 0d7a83
Audio shades - (169.03KB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 0:07

No. 39804 ID: f5fe2f

Chee's death would cause the death of her fortress, would likely allow the two necromancers to regain their souls (thus allowing them to put the souls somewhere else and escape the normalizing influence of the Lich King) and would cause Tom to either die again or be free. Either way, this would mean he'd be at large, because even if he died the Lich King could just bring him back again.
No. 39805 ID: 00d3d5

Oh, it goes FAR beyond that!
You see, Chee is very a good person, and somebody has put her in control of a significant source of power. Including power over the very existence of two necromancers. She is in a better position to destroy those necromancers than anybody else, and by feeding their souls to Tom (once we figure out how) we'll be able to channel their necromantic abilities into good uses.
Everybody goes on and on about how necromancy is evil, but that all stems from the "meddling in god's domain" schlock that fiction adores so much. This paladin can restore dead tissue to life, move souls around, and can probably resurrect people. That's not even touching on abilities he would have if this were D&D, such as the ability to rip a spirit out of the afterlife and bind it to a task. If his powers came from anything other than a deity he would be called a necromancer.
No. 39818 ID: 9c538a


Dealing with necromancers is like dealing with gods. Tiny little baby gods, but still goddamned gods. Priests and paladins are more stable individuals, from virtue of having the filter of their Gods blocking out all those maddening truths, but their Gods are themselves a lot less stable, having to deal with things like the transient nature of life and death, the question of who doctors the doctor, and how to hold compassion for those less powerful than you. With necromancers you end up with a lot of mildly looney people ostensibly working together hell bent on turning your very existence on its head. With paladins and priests you end up with a lot of well balanced stable people working together and doing the bidding of a completely psychotically insane deity hell bent on turning your very existence on its head.
No. 39837 ID: 9c538a

OK this is a huge spoiler so don't read if you don't want the whole quest ruined and basically owned in every way possible.

This quest is a sequel to Mana Ritual. Lagotrope is secretly Rojo.
No. 39842 ID: f5fe2f

Eh, Shabin's cool. She's had the voices before, and saved Chee. In general we shouldn't go sharing information, but with Shabin we really don't need to worry much.
No. 39848 ID: bccf7b

Shabin's too cool NOT to be told things. Besides, she's our strongest ally.
No. 39852 ID: 4d6a4c

okay, let's be realistic

pretty much everyone who knows chee knows that chee is the reason necromancers have been hanging about lately, and our closest friends - shabin and fraga - have both seen chee disintegrating before their very eyes. the headmaster too (though he's not really part of the 'closest friends' list). it didn't surprise shabin, and somehow i don't think it would really surprise fraga either (plus, he has a way better understanding of magic, he might even kind of understand how it works, too).
No. 39853 ID: e3f578

Don't forget that Necromancers have been a problem before for this fortification, there's something else here they want two.

Now there's just two things they want.
No. 39854 ID: 4d6a4c

i wasn't clear; i was referring to the increase in necromantic activity. yeah, they've dealt with necromancers before, but we've given them one necromancer-like-dead-bird-thing (mastered by the lich king no less) for each quest topic so far - that's gotta be a record for 'em, or something.
No. 39856 ID: 6561ac


anyone else notice how the width of a dwarven shortsword is at least as much as Little Chop's length?
No. 39859 ID: e3f578

>missed the real visual gag
>implying it isn't 1:1 lengthwise
No. 39865 ID: 1854db

Hey, in this universe, why are Kobolds considered to be vermin? Why would the paladins think that exterminating them is a good act?
No. 39870 ID: c811c4

Actually, it isn't confirmed for certain that the rest of the world has a knee jerk reaction to kobolds like a rat in a kitchen.

I'm not confirming or denying much, just that there are at least some people that view them as either vermin or in the way, and it's only those people that would actively seek out this particular kobold den. There could be people and towns that are relatively tolerant of kobolds, but they aren't the ones that would seek out caves in the mountains. As a result, said kobold den does not have a very good attitude towards outside races coming around, as it generally means trouble. Likewise as a result, Chee's perspective would also be heavily skewed.

In the paladin's case, it was simply a great evil that was sensed, and the rest of the kobolds were caught up in the mess by mere association. Perhaps a misunderstanding, or perhaps the dwarves do hate kobolds innately and make it their mission to exterminate. They didn't particularly grant a good, in depth conversation of their reasoning.

In short, Chee has only seen scraps of information, and as a result there's a whole wide world out there that hasn't had much establishment. That will likely change in the near future though, but at the time there is relatively little about the world's societies as a whole that can be safely assumed.

Anyways, and this goes for everyone, do remember that I'm very open to criticism on this. Even if I don't directly respond, I'll definitely bear in mind all thoughts and impressions.
No. 39872 ID: 830984

Oh, I didn't think about that. We knew there were dwarfs who had come to kill the cobolds before, but it is quite possible these were an entirely different group of dwarfs.

I forgot that it is not necessarily the case to have your standard (and sometimes a bit ridiculous) one-culture-each species.
No. 39873 ID: c811c4

Indeed, and even within the same culture, there can be conflicting beliefs.
No. 39912 ID: 0bd0b0

/quest/ looks dead without this quest being active. But I am still checking it constantly. Good work Lagotrope.
No. 39925 ID: 62dc46


...I simply asumed it'd be flaccid. I suppose it isn't all that unlikely for Chop to have a boner for fighting.
No. 39950 ID: 13b599

In actuality, the sword+Shabin only barely conceals him there
No. 39959 ID: 3785bf

>Lagotrope openly welcomes criticism
>Everyone discusses Chop's penis instead

One thing I've noticed - perhaps it's the fast pace, or the format, or something - is that every part of CheeQuest has had a jolly good romp in bed with my mind. I've been an active suggester from the start (dynamic IP; my ID keeps changing) and I am completely absorbed in the story and characters.

So this mindfuckery has obviously been an enjoyable mindfuckery for me. The insanity of everything has even become a staple of the quest in my eyes. This leads to just one worry - is it going to become difficult to keep up to the standard things have been so far? I mean, I trust you to be well-planned with many horrible and wonderful plot twists coming, but there's a nagging voice at the back of my head telling me that if the twists get any more ridiculous the novelty might wear down a bit. For example, I loved it in this case, but the hat as a plot point was a bit absurd when I think about it.

I dunno, just a thought.
No. 39970 ID: f5fe2f

Lagotrope hasn't really been doing anything wrong, and Chop's penis is an interesting subject.

Also we like penises.
No. 39977 ID: 3785bf

You say that like I suggested anything different!

Penes are a perfectly legitimate discussion topic.
No. 40150 ID: c811c4

Thank you for the kind words!

The silly hat was, indeed, silly, I admit. But no, I don't have some sense that every chapter must be jam-packed of story flipping turns. The standards you mention are quite hard to keep up without good pacing, so said standards would change and the story hopefully will settle into a more steady tone before I really start pulling some ridiculous things like SHABIN IS ACTUALLY CHEE or somecrap. We'll see how it goes though. Sure, I got stuff in mind, but there's quite literally nothing set in stone, so BAD END is a possibility (within reason.)

But more than that, I don't want to add this to the pile of unended quests, so bad end, good end or somewhere inbetween, 3 chapters or 30, it will definitely have AN end.

Anyways. /quest/ wouldn't be the same if there wasn't indepth discussion of what was to be a throwaway visual gag.
No. 40157 ID: bccf7b

In reality... it was all just a dream of Chop's Penis.

What is interesting is the fact that each character secretly plays the role of a metaphor to Chop's Penis and the various views of it.

... I'm stopping now.
No. 40158 ID: 6a5a08

If Chee dies does this become DevourerQuest?

Because Tom is the most adorable evil monster ever.
No. 40161 ID: e3f578

It looks like Tom doesn't need Chee to be looking in himself for Tom to show up I think he was in an image set lagotrope was posting after the self reflection was over to chime in on something a poster asked or something.

I kind of want him to start talking to Chee though as a Spirit guide thing. He probably doesn't give a shit who wins as long as he gets to eat things in the end. They could be total best buddies.
No. 40162 ID: c811c4

Sure, if Chee dies prematurely we can have Tom I mean John I mean DevourerQuest.
No. 40193 ID: 6a5a08
File 131101013937.jpg - (12.17KB , 264x191 , SkeletorPlease.jpg )

No. 40195 ID: c7d7b7

Tom pauses momentarily, stunned by the response. Just as he attempts to explain his situation, a strange crunching sound -- like something being eaten -- comes from the other end, followed by static.

It would appear the line is now dead.
No. 40284 ID: 60228c

Question: is there any significance to the Devourers nickname being Tom, or is it just a reference?
No. 40286 ID: f5fe2f

No real significance. He didn't have a name, now he does.
No. 40287 ID: 57ba59

We gave him the name, because it's easier than typing out "Devourer" all the time. And its more personable.
No. 40316 ID: dee311

Someone said "I'll call you Tom :3" and it caught on really quickly.

And Tom's frosty and needs a frosty name to fit
No. 40319 ID: f77804

he was called that because he looks like tom from ruby quest.

well, minus all the dark visage.
No. 40322 ID: dee311

He does not even look feline, how does he look like RQ Tom?

The bloke's great but I don't think he has quite the same MANLY PHYSIQUE.
No. 40382 ID: 484e3d
File 131124062456.png - (25.55KB , 200x200 , tom.png )


Cat ears I think.
No. 40405 ID: 6a5a08

Looks more like bat ears to me, but I could be wrong.
No. 40420 ID: 0d7a83

Guys he looks nothing like a cat. The nearest thing to him is a cross between a dog and a bat.
No. 40421 ID: d39c0f


...who was assraped by an elder horror and gave birth to Tom. right. so what? he likes being called Tom.
No. 40431 ID: dee311

Well he's cool either way

No. 40472 ID: f26849

Gnoll blight, Essence of Gnoll's effects...I knew it, That kid IS Chop. D:
No. 40487 ID: 0d7a83

Why are you D:? This means the kid survives!
No. 40489 ID: 1854db

No you doofus, it's Shabin. She has gnoll eyes. Chop is just a really fucking big kobold.
No. 40510 ID: 97147b


I thought it was dragon eyes? Geez you don't have to be a Gnoll to smell an obsession. x3
No. 40511 ID: eba49f

The obvious answer to all of this is that everyone is a Commie Mutant Traitor. The Computer Voices are your friend.
No. 40640 ID: bccf7b

So... the pup was Shabin.

I'll hedge a bet now that the reason we just saw all that was because we managed to send Shabin a soul (or two) enough times to make a sort of connection.

Think of it as feedback.
No. 40658 ID: c753db


Um, are you implying that we witnessed memories from Shabin?

It can't be, as Shabin was only in it 10% of the time, you can't remember something you never witnessed.

Those must belong to Clamp himself as he was the only one present 100% of the time.
No. 40662 ID: 07416a

Maybe the gnoll the essence came from was Clamp. Or maybe Tom ate Clamp in the past.
No. 40693 ID: 28e94e

I just finished reading this and oh my god it's so good
No. 40726 ID: 94c0d7

We found Chee's so called grave.
Predictions before the update?
No. 40732 ID: bccf7b

Okay, so... Chee right now is some sort of uber simulacrum. looks like she is actually made from her bones, probably as a binding method of the soul to the vessel.

It's pretty obvious this Chee is fake, but modled of the other. I'd even go so far as to say that Tom exists as a kind of glue for it all, keeping the other souls in check.
No. 40742 ID: 9c538a
File 131174992452.jpg - (1.06MB , 2925x961 , wheeeeee.jpg )


>> kill all the farmers
>> force their souls to drag their dead bodies around the fields without rest

Nope, still evil sorry. I can think of some good applications of necromancy though.

1) Holding death at bay, i.e. using necromancy to stop itself. That which can open the gates of Hell might be the only thing that can close them again. see: Ghostbusters.

2) Understanding things. You can learn things from reanimating corpses and from departed souls that would otherwise be lost to the embrace of oblivion. Tom is basically this, but he's greedy which is evil, and takes the souls against their will, which is evil.

3) Efficiency! Liches for instance aren't evil as long as they keep to themselves. They don't need to eat, sleep, breathe, exercise, or really much of anything. Most lesser undead don't have quite the care put to them that makes liches so efficient at sitting around being wizards all day. This is different from your run of the mill reanimation because enough care is taken to make it efficient, as opposed to just using it as a cheapass way of reducing people to slaves. Other examples might include revenants, crypt keepers, mummies, earth ponies.
No. 40744 ID: 35e1a0

:I skeletons don't need animating souls. they are mindless. they are sorta like bone-golems. they only do what you tell them to do. otherwise they stand there.
No. 40747 ID: 1854db

Yeah, there were a bunch of soulless constructs around. The issue is getting materials without pissing people off. You'd basically have to ask for donations, or go off in the middle of nowhere to dig up bones from ancient battle sites. Or hunt animals for parts.
No. 40752 ID: af6774

...Or possibly Clamp's corpse.
No. 40756 ID: 1cf58e

theres also the exalted way of necromancy.

calling upon the soul of the dead to have a last word with them. politician had a weird death? child lost the father without saying goodbye? chee needed to talk more to the neutral lich we captured? summon them and lets have a chat

healing is also good. keeping a farm of living doctors could work to transplant lost limbs to soldiers. we might even work with criminals.

and then theres pest control. we can use necromancy to keep zombies and undead at bay. if we buy bodies we can just pull off a clean way of making constructs. chee already has a lot of souls inside her remember?
No. 40757 ID: 1cf58e

>keeping a farm of living doctors
derp. living limbs for transplants.
No. 40762 ID: bccf7b

We have a tower now!

You know what that means!?


(I'm sure Tim ate an interior designer somewhere along the way)
No. 40766 ID: 0bd0b0

New quest: Chee's Tower?
No. 40767 ID: eba49f

The part where the lich dies is really interesting since the lich had no problem with murder and didn't even have a particularly noble goal to justify it, yet you still feel really bad about offing him.
No. 40768 ID: 6a5a08

It's because we may have just offed what was apparently the lesser of three evils, and now we're left with a psychopathic lich king whose idea of 'for the lulz' is putting the Devourer and all its legions of souls in a Cutebold, and a second lich king wannabe who probably won't be quite so willing to surrender.

Also because he's Emobird.
No. 40798 ID: 4f9f14

Whoa, I think the whole new turn of this quest is gonna be a little overwhelming. O_O
No. 40802 ID: 1854db

No. 40810 ID: 0d7a83

>Calling the butler Winston

No. 40882 ID: 0bd0b0

Can we change the past? I doubt it, this intermission is sort of pointless.
No. 40884 ID: a43a5c

It's there to fill in details, I think.
No. 40885 ID: 1854db

These are events that we don't know about. There could be consequences of our choices here that we simply haven't seen yet in our interactions with Chee.
No. 40886 ID: 815370

So I guess Chee wasn't always so innocent.
No. 40887 ID: e3f578

she's a biiiiiiitch
No. 40888 ID: 1854db

Chee now is more like Tili was.

No. 40891 ID: 6fcc4e

Let the boob crazyness commence.

Seriously I was expecting bazongas the size of juggles but holy crap Succubi never fail to deliver. =/
No. 40894 ID: 2563d4

I don't see any reason to believe that Clamps' intermission was a railroad. The only historical requirement for consistency was that eventually the potion got to Shabin. He could have died and passed the torch, or not allied with the humans, and the quest would have remained consistent at that point (and obv. be different now since we've re-contacted him---i.e. it had an effect).

That said I have no idea what's going on in this intermission, besides herpaderp tits.
No. 40896 ID: c811c4

That's correct, the way(s) that the intermissions tie in with the main story are more or less set, but everything else, i.e. side details and how the tie-in is achieved, is quite flexible. As such, those side details and information given can come into play to the main story.

That being said, the current intermission is half-intentionally confusing, and will hopefully be explained satisfactorily now that, as the topic was worded, herpaderp tits segment is over.

But I also would like to leave this post thanking everyone that has followed Cheequest for this long.
No. 40903 ID: e3f578

I can't help but feel it's time travel on some sort of weird basis or that we exist non-linearly at times, even with those restrictions of what we know. The universe might have a defense against paradoxes that the time traveling individual can not affect his future significantly that he would lose knowledge of what he's seen then or something.
No. 40911 ID: 9c538a

Non-linear time travel.



Guardian Voices.

I'm telling you Lagotrop has got to be Rojo
No. 40912 ID: c2c011

But it's not a text quest, and it's not horribly written.
No. 40915 ID: 2563d4

Nonlinear storytelling is not time travel. Nor is remembering things.
No. 40916 ID: e3f578

this can't be just remembering things, the probability that Clamp really had us in the originally vague past is low. He hasn't had any real contact with a lich as far as we know.
But, of course, what I was actually talking about though about non-linearity was that the advice souls we exist as percive time in a chaotic form that sometimes is linear before existing in another time period. The past for the world suddenly becomes our present because we have a viewpoint almost similar to Dr. Manhattan, only his viewpoint is constant through his entire existence at every single possible moment for him while ours is random intervals when Chee stops viewing his own linear existence. At those times, we can only be ourselves and we shoot through different times with Chee riding along with us throughout time.

Okay, my real simplified point is that this isn't just remembering. This is us actively doing our thing like Dr. Manhatten sorta.
No. 40917 ID: eba49f

I never really got why Dr. Manhattan couldn't change events. As far as I could tell, there wasn't any force actively preventing him from screwing over the 'fate' he saw.
No. 40921 ID: 9c5e9b

Because Moore was semi-subscribing to the Slaughterhouse Five method of time travel. He could move his consciousness to any point within his lifetime, but his actions and thoughts - and those of everyone else for that matter - were nothing more than the result of causality chain reactions.

Of course, towards the end of the story, he flip-flopped to a probability-based outlook, so he kinda tried to have it both ways.
No. 40922 ID: c2c011

A big part of it was probably also that he saw no reason to change most of the events. He was overall rather detached from existance and the amount of people he actually cared even the slightest bit for weren't that big.
No. 40923 ID: eba49f

A prophesy is a weakness in a chain of causality though. It can only account for its own effects if those who know it are either utterly powerless to or unwilling to change it.

You ask an oracle: What specifically are the next three questions I will ask you?
Unless something forces you to go along with the prediction, there is no answer the oracle can give that you can't immediately invalidate.
No. 40929 ID: 9c5e9b

Moore and Vonnegut would simply argue that that's why there's no such thing as prophecy in real life, or that if it were real, causal forces would indeed transpire to make the prophecy true in one way or another. For example, the Tralfamadore aliens know for a fact that they will accidentally destroy the universe, but are powerless to change the outcome.

But that was Moore and Vonnegut. The particulars of CheeQuest's nonlinear time travel - if that's what this even is - is up to Lagotrope.
No. 40931 ID: e3f578

This is an enjoyable conversation that is not vulgar or angry in the least
Good Job Lagotrope
No. 40932 ID: eba49f

I guess you could have the entire universe conspire against you. With with something as simple as asking a question, preventing causality subversion would involve having anyone who gets the wrong prophesy spontaneously combust, which would be a bit silly.
(Though there was this one short story I read with a similar concept as its premise...)
No. 40968 ID: 6a5a08

>Artifact dealing with souls
>Derrick has to be someone we're close to
>We have him eat everything he finds

>Derrick is Tom
Calling it.
No. 40969 ID: dca391
File 131216602309.jpg - (50.57KB , 333x450 , captainobvious.jpg )


you forgot the pic to go with your post.
No. 40970 ID: 44766a

... I just had a random thought. What if Tom is a combination of Duke and Minci.
No. 40971 ID: e3f578

Uhh I don't know
The Devourer is a legendary Monster from long ago, plus Chee still has her legendary throwing skills and since The Devourer manages the whole power through souls thing, he's already probably IN Chee during this intermission
Even though we don't have a good timestamp on where we are now, I still think the Lich King's whole project with Chee started after the Devourer was destroyed so that the Lich King would go on to revive him within Chee
If DD is The Devourer, that means Derrick has a lot of reputation of evilness ahead of him to build.
No. 40975 ID: 1854db

Nope. Currently, Chee is not a phylactery. Note that the lich is perfectly willing to have her killed.

We don't really know how long the Devourer was active before he was killed and then stuffed inside a half-dead Chee.
No. 40978 ID: e3f578

Alright, so we're assuming that Chee was naturally a legendary marksman capable of throwing a weird chair a few times her own size right out of a window?
She may not be a phylactery now, but unless the above assumption turns out to be correct or Chee can manage soul skills on her own, she still needs the devourer to absorb the skill from the souls.
We may not know how long he was active, but he was active long enough to become legendary, which usually does take a decent amount of time. And then he said Chee didn't really become evil even as a construct until Liches started putting stuff inside her... oh wait.

ugh wow, I think I finally did get it finally. It just seemed far too much of a coincidence for Tom's cat ears to come from good ol' Derrick Duke. If he becomes the devourer, he gets resurrected TWICE. ?BeforeDeath?> Derrick/Devourer> Dies by paladin, ressurected and put in Chee

Derrick just doesn't have Tom's sense of humor, though
No. 40979 ID: 1854db

What does being a marksman have to do with throwing a chair out a window? I don't believe Chee has any souls assisting her at the moment.

I don't really think Derrick is the Devourer. The timeline doesn't fit.
No. 40983 ID: 1854db

...okay I guess there must be some assumptions I made about the timeline that are incorrect. Perhaps the Devourer did not actually last very long before being defeated.

Also Lagotrope is letting through the time travel talk which is really making me wonder if there IS some kind of time travel allowing us to see this stuff. Alternatively this is really a dream, and not exactly what happened, so we can say anything we want so long as the same general thing happens that did happen.

No. 40984 ID: e3f578

Alright, I got that there were allusions and stuff previously and you guys guessed it already but just let me ask this simple question

How in sweet merciful hell did we manage to so perfectly align everything in this manner. We created our own damn foreshadowing here. We had the decision to chose what mage Derrick becomes and what powers he got, but there's no way we could've guessed becoming a shapeshifter would've allowed this. The probability alone of choosing the one school with the shifting power that could allow derrick to take that form... and we're the ones that sorta made it into a joke into eating weird stuff when he got hungry. We could have just made him go get a snack in the tower kitchen!

We MADE him. quest.lv is Phillip J. Fry. We are our own Grandpa.
No. 40986 ID: ccbb8c

Lagotrope is from the future and has already seen himself run this quest, and therefore is simply running it exactly as he already will have been had.
No. 40987 ID: 28e94e

It's because everybody knew where this was going and wanted to stay in character.
No. 40991 ID: bccf7b




.... omg I love you.
No. 40992 ID: 2563d4

>Shape-shifting tentacle monster with succubus girlfriend

It's like you're trying to compete with Halting State.
No. 40997 ID: a337cd

We can always be counted on to offer up stupid joke suggestions like that, the important part is choosing to take the "eat note, hug succubus" suggestions.

What we know now is that Chee is unique - not only does no one else have Duke to nom souls for them, but the soul-transferring powers are from him too, not the spells animating Chee. That's good, but it does mean that she'll be even weaker when we defeat the lich king's trollish ways and restore Duke.
No. 40998 ID: e3f578

Us going to Clamp is still a mystery, since he ain't inside us or every interacted with us before then. If it was Shabin, I'd understand we've transferred souls to her and we could get access to her memories or timeline, whatever.

Maybe soul magic does has something to do with relationships, Shabin's hug established she has memories of Clamp and is close to him so maybe we seeped through her relationships into Clamp's memories-timeline, even if Chee isn't close enough to Clamp to transfer souls to one way or the other. Simply because Shabin is close to Clamp, we could help him in the past... but for that to work Clamp would definitely have to be alive and a part of Shabin's life origenally, but Lagotrope mentioned that Clamp could've died and we'd have saved Shabin some other way. So, logically, that can't be what Lagotrope justifies for us being able to help Clamp. Unless simply trying to save her life and being close friends with her birth parents instills enough of a social connection aagggghhhhhhhh

ugggghhh, souls, how do they work.
No. 40999 ID: eba49f

The lich king can still do stuff like the phylactery swap.

The lesson that I got from this story is that ol' lich king likes to keep a much tighter grasp over the power he grants that he lets people believe.
What that means is that when we fight the lich king, he will have some method of revoking Chee's powers if things start going badly for him.
This further leads to the conclusion that to actually beat the lich king, we allies who have considerable power of their own as well as protection from being magic-insta-gibbed, because we are extremely to lose our own powers at some point during the fight.
No. 41001 ID: e3f578

Why are people discussing the rune alignment note? What detail did I miss that would make me go whatthefuck. Is it associated with the present?
No. 41003 ID: 6a5a08

I don't get it either.
No. 41005 ID: c811c4

Simply that the note was from the succubus. And, despite it not getting used (little priority was suggested for getting the communication device fixed/getting a new one), people still ended up looking to go for the succubus anyway.

But, the note itself didn't turn out to be significant to the story, so there's nothing critical about it.
No. 41006 ID: 35e1a0

well let's get a new ball and see if her number still works.
No. 41012 ID: c811c4

Alas, I will never truly be able to compete with a quest that I've never heard of before.
No. 41020 ID: b6ca92

Halting State was a extreme-far-future-mostly-hard-sci-fi quest. He's atlking about the fact that the main character had somewhat regularcasual relations with a friend who had chosen to not be human and instead be a freely morphing blob of nanomachines, silicon and superconductors. Who we turned out to be a clone of.
Things got pretty freaky and confusing pretty quickly. Thus was a comparison drawn betwixt then and now.
No. 41022 ID: 1854db

No. 41026 ID: 171621


OH THANKS A LOT PAL. *closes HS tab*
No. 41028 ID: 953355

Spoiler fixed.
No. 41030 ID: 2563d4

Also the protagonist had an octopus for a crotch.
No. 41031 ID: c2c011

Nah, there were no octopus crotches, except for possibly Sal but that was a morhping nano creature. So it could have whatever it feelt like for a crotch.
No. 41033 ID: b6ca92

Are you a mod?

Really? Halting state is dead and it's threads archived. How can you spoiler something that's archived?
No. 41034 ID: 89de88

The same way you can spoil anything for anyone who hasn't read/watched/listened to the work in question?

It's not like it's an alien concept to grasp. Not everyone is always up to date on everything forever because they have nothing better to do than lurk on /quest/ day in day out. Not me, though. Ah, that's the sensation of my life wasting away. Tingly!
No. 41065 ID: 9c538a

Ok whose idea was the hate potion. OWN UP.
No. 41087 ID: e3f578

Alright so I came up with a bad idea of my own
maybe bad idea
Goddamn me if it ends up totally being a bad idea
No. 41095 ID: 370fbf

I don't get this post, cause I'm tired and stupid. Somebody 'splain.
No. 41099 ID: 9c538a

Any ideas what to do about the hate potion?
No. 41101 ID: b6ca92

We get in contact with Minci and see if throwing a love potion into chee's face will counter it or make her worse.

Otherwise We'll have to wait it out.

Also possible that Minci could create a 'Hangover Cure', a sort of potion that forces the body to involuntarily flush it's systems clean.This includes, but is not limited to, extreme nausea and dizziness, vomiting, sweating, defecation, and uncontrollable shakes. The upside is it doesn't take much to have an effect.

We could also see what we can do about immobilizing her under a magical cave-in of sorts, maybe make the earth rise up and swallow her sort of thing.

If we can get her with a neurotoxin (snake poison, sarin gas(?)) that would be a one-hit-K.O. as well.
No. 41103 ID: b6ca92
File 131244180932.jpg - (23.48KB , 448x600 , CheeisaRhino.jpg )

Here you go.
I was gonna name this one 'SlenderChee.jpg' but then I noticed the little dots.
No. 41104 ID: b6ca92
File 131244185683.jpg - (29.89KB , 448x600 , CheeTroll.jpg )

I like this one better.
No. 41105 ID: b6ca92

This is how I did it.
No. 41109 ID: 4514b7

...how the hell do you make the images so fast!?
No. 41110 ID: 2563d4

He swallowed Lucid's soul. 'Tis why you don't see Riarda or Island updates any more.
No. 41111 ID: b6ca92

Great. Once Chee quest is over he better spit him out because I WANT MY MONSTER-GIRLS DAMMIT.
No. 41135 ID: 34470e

I'm really liking reading Mana Ritual 2.0. Seriously, there are a lot of similarities in both quests.

A young kobold has his/her village attacked, so they decide to go on a journey to protect their village and get revenge. But a few minutes after the village, they get attacked by someone and meet a bitchy girl. Said bitchy girl takes them somewhere to learn magic. Also liches are involved as well as the threat of the destruction of the world maybe.
No. 41140 ID: ce5017

It's like Mana Ritual but if Mana Ritual were a good quest, you mean.
No. 41214 ID: 2563d4

>hurr durr I am Seven let's talk about character hook-ups squeeeee
Knock it the fuck off.
>hurr durr I am Seven let me show off that I think I know more about economics than the quest author
Because it's totally impossible that there isn't a substantial gold-backed economy between the various productive sapients in this world. Say, the humans.
No. 41216 ID: aa66a4

Seven likes to make authors think they're morons by assuming he knows how their world works and putting forth the idea that any other way is OH MY GOD SO RETARDED I GUESS YOUR WORLD IS POPULATED BY MORONS OH GOSH.

I'm not even joking. And he's creepy as fuck on top of that.
No. 41218 ID: f5fe2f

Unless I'm mistaken:
The hate potion resulted in Chee not eating the soul of the other necromancer, and as a result we're now not powerful enough to really be able to challenge the Lich King.

Therefore, we shouldn't fight him.
The Lich King, thus far, hasn't actually been a very bad guy. Thus killing him isn't necessarily mandatory.
Why don't we attempt to come to some peaceful arrangement with him?
No. 41219 ID: 35e1a0

we have been, but he refuses to compromise. wont give us any demands so we can't settle.
No. 41220 ID: 6a5a08

Chee stated another lich soul wouldn't be much more help, since she already had one.
No. 41232 ID: eba49f

The reason we want to avoid a direct magic-to-magic fight with LK is that he has at least two ways of siphoning mana from Chee. (The first being soul moving, the second being whatever his communicators can do.)

I think the fact that there have been multiple Chees ("I am ready to create a new Chee"), provides further support for the theory of LK harvesting Chees once they have acquired enough power.

Hmm... A thought about strategy...
I wonder if LK can cast through an anti-magic bubble? If we could bury him in a cave in while he is in the effect, that seems like it could slow him down quite a bit.
No. 41234 ID: 2563d4

"Hasn't shown his cards yet" doesn't mean "doesn't have any cards". I'm sure Chee's meeting with him will be informative.
No. 41235 ID: e3f578

The shameful thing is I actually like the guy when we're not talking to him. Most of his actions keep implying he's just a lich who likes fucking around and is powerful enough to stay up top and never have to be serious. But when we do talk to him, he's basically humorless as a... corpse. Doesn't even got some basic trickery, he's like "Yeah, not even gonna joke here. I'll just stay silent on the sensitive stuff. I don't wanna tell you then screw with your heads with lies, just ain't gonna tell you." I mean that's not exactly a bad thing because duuuuh a real lich would be like that but a bro prankster lich that really isn't worried about jack shit or strategic schemes would be pretty awesome. I mean for god's sake, your a lich and immortal now, what the fuck do you do for fun? You don't fuck with weaker people's heads? Well okay I guess you kinda take the fun out of the whole immortality thing.
No. 41243 ID: 950f61


Pulling this back up as an implied (?) confirmation that Tom could survive just fine without Chee.
Lago's ideas might have changed since then though. But still! Stop worrying so much about Tom he is a soul-devouring shapeshifting cat. He will be just fine.
No. 41246 ID: 3bad4c

Speculation time:
'Chee' is also the phylactery for the real Chee, i.e. 'Bitch' Chee.
Bitch Chee will come meet Chee and ask to merge with her, and then Bitch Chee will be the best lich hunter ever.

All those souls? Turns out they were volunteers, dedicated to hunting undead and happy to do so past their mortal lifetimes.

Thus ends CheeQuest, the best of quests.
No. 41248 ID: 0bd0b0

And ten minutes later, it is revealed exactly as such.
No. 41249 ID: 1854db

Not quite exactly.

I am amused that we guessed the final plot twist only a few hours before it was revealed.
No. 41250 ID: ccbb8c

I would like to point out that I wildly guessed the true identity of the Lich King at about 3AM PDT, hours before any of you predicted it. Also I was mostly making shit up at the time, but still.

I am taking all the credit for ruining the ending. All of it!
No. 41251 ID: ccbb8c

Oh whoops, "guessed in IRC" was supposed to be in there somewhere.

Also, this was a pretty awesome quest and everything. Looking forward to more from you, Lagotrope.
No. 41252 ID: 2563d4

It's only the end of that thread. I'm sure there'll be a next one where we get to suggest on what Chee does about the proposed plan.
No. 41254 ID: f5fe2f

I guessed that the Lich King intended to take Chee's body and power quite some time ago, actually, though I said little of it.
And I don't think any of us guessed the "gonna kill me some gods" angle. It wasn't really foreshadowed.

I highly suspect that the next thread will be the last one, though.
No. 41255 ID: c811c4

Indeed, this is no ending, it will continue.

FYI though, I'm taking a trip in a few days and will be gone for a couple of weeks, so CheeQuest's continuation will have a longer break than the norm.
No. 41273 ID: 9c538a

How is Chee the lich king anyway? Didn't Chee say that she hated the lich king in Tom's intermission? Didn't the lich king give (and subsequently withhold from) Chee power? Did Chee defeat the lich king and take his place? And die in the process? But then why didn't she kill the other liches first, and why didn't they notice the old lich king was dead the way the one noticed the other was dead? And if Chee is a necrobold lich, then Chee's soul is in a phylactyry, but that phylactyry cannot be fake-Chee because otherwise it would be the same soul and Chee would just be controlling the lich body and challenging herself to battle, since Chee is the lich. But supposing Chee's soul is in a phylactyry separate from the construct known as Chee, then whose soul is in the construct? Is Chee just that schizophrenic? Are there two Chees?

I totally think Chee could take on the gods. I don't like her "no interfering" policy though, because that's the exact thing what makes gods so interesting. But somehow I think she would come to realize that things are worse when you don't screw with the mortals at least somewhat. Exactly which gods does Chee have such a hate boner for? Armok: God of Blood? Fuck yeah, let's kill the Blood God!
No. 41274 ID: 35e1a0

simple, she made a new chee once, but without tom it was a normal bold.
No. 41275 ID: 1854db

Chee became a lich, killed the Lich King, and then decided the gods were being assholes and she needed to unlich herself while gaining more power. She also wanted the other liches dead, so in order to achieve this she convinced them that making a double phylactery construct was a good idea. In secret, the construct was already her phylactery.

Soulless constructs are not completely mindless, as has been shown by the behavior of the birdlich's minions... The fake-Chee construct was mainly controlled via the whims of the advisor souls. The talent souls in it influence her personality, though, so sometimes she can disagree with the advisor souls and act contrary to their wishes. Chee's soul is there, and the construct thinks it is Chee, so upon discovering it would think it is supposed to be there and not a lich's soul. Chee's soul does not control the construct, just as the two lesser liches' didn't.

Honestly, I think it's a bad idea for Chee to try to kill the gods. She can't possibly succeed, since as we've seen the fake-Chee construct (we need to name her properly!) is not unstoppable. The second lich could've killed us right away, before we thought up any clever plans to ice him. If Chee takes the souls and Tom, she will not become on par with a god. That's just crazy.

Besides, she said herself that most people don't even realize that there are gods pulling the strings. If it's not a problem that people notice, who cares if they get their kicks manipulating events? Also we don't know any specifics. It is entirely possible that Chee is making mountains out of molehills.
No. 41282 ID: 8794ae

>most people don't even realize that there are gods pulling the strings
I think this also supports that Chee will not be able to rival a god - Chee is already surpassing pretty much everyone by supposedly realising they pull strings in the first place. She'd have to be INSANELY powerful to go so far as to defy the gods.

Come on, could Chee actually be exempt? Realistically? I somehow see Chee as being just as much of a puppet as everyone else. We were basically a puppet of Chee even though so many of us thought we were working up to eventually killing the Lich King. Instead, we received somewhat of a proposition to go the next step. I can't possibly see Chee gaining the power to truly rival the gods; I can just see a similar thing happening. We think we're going to kill the horrible deceptive gods but really we just play into some god's hands. I don't know if LiChee is misguided or not - she could be misinterpreting or misrepresenting the gods, or she could be totally right and the gods are totally scandalous – but either way it seems like it's a bad idea.

On the other hand, if it were true that we'd just be playing into a god's hand - well, what's different to our situation now? Just the scale! If we weren't 'playing into' it and it turned out we actually killed the gods... well whether that's good or bad depends on how accurate Chee's interpretation of their behaviour was.
No. 41488 ID: eba49f

Paranoid theory time!
I find it suspicious that LiChee is telling us to give her our souls to fight the gods when we have not so far seen any indication that those gods even exist. (There are paladins, but we have not seen them use any god-based powers. {Healing magic is not deity derived as far as we have seen}).

Also, do we know that LiChee is actually the Lich King? He could simply be talking through her (she is his minion after all) in an attempt to mess with Chee's head.

Lastly, I noticed that the anti-magic bubble we have would not prevent the Lich King from storing a nuke spell in LiChee, setting it off if we don't agree, then scooping up the remains afterwards (we have already seen that some enchantments can persist on being brought into the bubble).
No. 41496 ID: 9c538a

No. 41497 ID: 2563d4

Chee was number 6 all along.
No. 41732 ID: 1854db

Augh I'm dying here without my fix!
No. 41999 ID: 7abdcf

Hooray for the return of CheeQuest!

No. 42006 ID: 9c538a
File 131457989144.gif - (125.51KB , 522x444 , oontz.gif )

No. 42011 ID: 60a3a2

Aw dammit, we're gonna get the bad end for sure with how Ch. 8 ended so fast. ;~;
No. 42016 ID: 2563d4

Stop being a horrendous metagamer.
No. 42019 ID: 1854db

Nah. That wasn't due to something we did.
No. 42026 ID: 6a5a08

It ended because an Intermission started when Chee went to sleep.
No. 42066 ID: e3f578

Well, in our defense, it sounds like he didn't us trusting anyone with the secret for our own good, but the thing is that Kip, for a loyal dog to the King, has been pretty bro to us. If there was anyone we could tell it to, it's probably him. Hell, Lily could have stopped giving a shit about us by now and betray that we know? Kip? This motherfucker? Naaaaawww dawg.

Watch that bite me in the ass in the future while giving us a small bonus. Just like the praying to the war god and channeling hate to Shabin to activate Gnoll berserk.
No. 42187 ID: 1854db

Hey, what if Kip is Ted's brother? I think it's a distinct possibility that the Dragon Knights are composed of defeated gladiators.
No. 42216 ID: 39bb78

That's probably a bit difficult given the whole "Ted's brother is dead" thing, but if there's a dramatic mind-bending reveal, that's certainly an option.
No. 42326 ID: 1854db

God. Damn. IT.

Way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, guys. What the hell do we gain from declining? If he was gonna screw us over somehow he can STILL do that!
No. 42335 ID: 9c538a


What the hell do we have to gain from agreeing? We were pretty much screwed from >>/quest/345058 onward. If I had been around I would have been yelling at the top of my lungs not to freakin' try to pull a fast one over on a professional con man. Smooth move Seven.

That said, we were pretty much pushed into confronting Shup, so I can't really credit anyone in particular besides Lagotrope for taking Seven's suggestion and ignoring the one after it and the one before it. He clearly has a reason for Fen to attempt to best Lord Shup at a battle of wits, which isn't exactly quite yet ...clear.
No. 42337 ID: e3f578

I think that reason was that he wanted Fen in the dungeon sorta so he could do something cool or have ample opportunity to have fun with another character for a little bit.

PS, I've forgotten who Kiki is.
No. 42338 ID: 1854db

Seven's plan was put up for a vote on the update when Fen proposed. It passed.

What did we stand to gain? I explained clearly in the quest, and will do so again now: Agreeing to the deal would mean we wouldn't have to win the tournament. We'd just have to survive it. We could've done that by losing a fight and our opponent being merciful (or the crowd not wanting death) OR by being merciful ourselves in our next fight. OR if possible we could just ask to withdraw from the tournament.

Lily and Fen would still be slaves, but they would be married and happy.
No. 42339 ID: eba49f

If they are still slaves Shup could just keep them in different places, so the marriage would serve only to spite Shup.
No. 42340 ID: 1854db

His wives would object to that.
No. 42342 ID: 35e1a0

will they? they seem to agree to anything he says.
No. 42344 ID: 1854db

"I slowly learned that even he has his ethics and kindness."

This would go against that sentiment.
No. 42910 ID: 1854db


Why why why why WHY did nobody ask Shup ANY fucking questions? Hiding information is less important than finding out information from what is possibly the only person who can give it to us!

We still don't know why the painting moves or why Shup was upset about the box itself you goddamn morons.
No. 42911 ID: a83de5

Maybe you should try actually reading the updates before calling people "goddamn morons."
>>"I will be more apt to answer what's and why's when I am not so drunk or riled up, Fen."
No. 42912 ID: e81abe

isn't it kind of obvious already? think about it.
No. 42913 ID: 4bdd79

Momo is a necromancer. The box is a powerful necromancy tool. It's not rocket science.
No. 42917 ID: e3f578

Also Momo is probably behind the King's replacement in a form, the bad behind the bad, so to speak. The King is free to his own devices and motivations and, but probably serves his Master ultimately and any threat to his or his master's goals will be stopped and he has the free will to do it in any method he desires. A big player and magic user had to have made the fake King and give memories and Momo's the best magic user we know.

Shup's just taking advantage of a situation made by others, Shup is very adaptable, no matter who ends up superior. Fen is proving to become a power player himself and now has to play accordingly, Shup's gathered a form of respect for Fen now, obviously, though he still finds him shortsighted and stupid. He doesn't care who wins as long as he ends up in a comfortable spot, and he doesn't see anything comfortable with Momo with power. The Fake King was okay until now. Shup also has proven to be a decent fighter taking down D Knights, so he's a likely our biggest threat, I bet even moreso then the King and his legendary mercenary champion he's rigged to win to tournament. He's hiding his strengths cleverly under the guise of a regular smug, corrupt noble.
No. 42919 ID: b6edd6

>A big player and magic user had to have made the fake King and give memories and Momo's the best magic user we know.
Well there is conservation of detail, but it would seem like a bit of a stretch to assume that Momo is the only powerful mage with interests in politics.
Also, if Momo had fake King in her pocket, I don't see why she couldn't have him quietly fund her research without all the trouble of the tournament.
No. 42920 ID: 35e1a0

i agree. except for the conservation of detail. for momo to be the one controlling the king would require the most convoluted plan ever.
No. 42921 ID: e3f578

I said behind it in a form. There could be global political plot of some sort, there is a southern continent that I think she's from. There's someone she's likely working with, and the tournament is a great source of gaining public opinion on top of whatever wish you desire. This tourney has political clout.
No. 42922 ID: 1854db

I think we've firmly established that the fake king has no fake memories.
No. 42927 ID: 6a5a08

I thought they were just kobold kingdoms, rather than continents. I assumed this was all in the valley where the Lich Chee was, since that's what she said we'd see.
No. 42929 ID: b6edd6

I somewhat suspect the Cheelop in this memory is actually different than either of the Chees we know. It was said to be a common name after all.
No. 42930 ID: 9c538a

So I'm calling it; Momo already knows how to raise the dead and is going to turn everyone in the arena into her zombie slaves using that box we gave her. And only then will we see her eyyyyesssss

On a related note it looks like Momo is unwilling to go through with a battle facade to help Fen escape, otherwise she would be working closer with Fen instead of distancing herself. She hasn't said no, but I don't think there's any way Fen can trust that it'll go off without a hitch. Unless of course he wants to be a zombie.
No. 42932 ID: b6edd6

>And only then will we see her eyyyyesssss
We have already seen here eyes, though. (In part 1, the link won't work.)
No. 42939 ID: 9c538a


Oh. Uh, never mind then. ._.
No. 42940 ID: 9c538a


Are you kidding me? Did you see the way she was wailing on Fen? That kind of mighty unstoppable fury could only be the Chee we know and love.

No. 42944 ID: c57663

>"I am amazed the king agreed to such a thing. He also agreed to give me the bodies of people I slew in the tournament, which is why I want to kill you. Especially you, Fen..."
Momo is and always has been subtle, and I think she would find it too overt to have the King delivering 'secret funds' - it prompts questions like "where did you get that kind of money?" to her, and questions of "where did that money go?" to the king. I think this arena gig is in itself the king 'financing' her, if such a thing is happening (which I can definitely see happening, but wouldn't ever expect). Why she told Fen I have to question, but maybe she didn't expect suspicion like that.

Additionally, to add an even more ominous note - Momo's distance with Fen lately would normally make sense in terms of throwing attention off them. If they were seen as allies, people would naturally be suspicious of their fight being staged. However, this isn't an agreed "Okay, we'll pretend to be enemies" thing. This is an "I will be considering you more and more of an enemy" thing. Quoting >>/quest/347696.

Furthermore, I want to emphasize: She has never guaranteed she will spare us. She has always either said, "I would spare you," or, "if [something incredibly vague], then I will spare you". She has, however, been very firm in telling us she will see us as an enemy, as quoted above.

Plus, she's perpetually obsessed with the war god aura.

I like Momo less and less.
No. 42946 ID: e3f578

Despite possibly ending up as the villain in the end, I see humanized characteristics in her. She probably has made a friend in Fen and, while leading him astray with lies and half-truths, she does genuinely like him and would totally spare him if not for the aura and risks to her goals, of course then there wouldn't be even a need to kill him at all.

She's a friend, but upfront about how she will kill him when she feels she has to, which she knows she will. A dedicated scholar first, friend and feeling being second. And, well, Fen's pretty much accepted that, and despite looking for her third available option, seems that he understands. He wouldn't hate her if she killed him, not a bit.

If Fen dies to her, it would really explain's real Chee's hate of liches and necromancers and hating of what she's become to become the lich king. Fen's her idol and not his brother and sis... I just thought of something, with our little idea we couldn've just changed history. Lily may adopt the Kiki persona, especially if anything happens to Fen and the real Kiki, who really hasn't shown any heroic traits of her own yet. We just might have condemned Lily to the fate of a legendary hero. I doubt it, but it might be one of the outcomes on the table thanks to our temporal interference.
No. 42947 ID: c57663

Wait, how can you say that someone who's made it perfectly clear she would readily kill us in cold blood is a 'friend'? I get, and agree, that she wouldn't kill us if not for the circumstances, but we can't ignore the fact that these circumstances are the case.

Also I think you're putting too much stock into Fen's loyalty. We're the voices, remember. We don't totally control Fen, but we control a great deal, and I think it's only because of us that Fen and Momo could ever have been considered friends.

Besides that I don't really see anything wrong with what you said, since we pretty much have said the same thing about her from different angles. I saw her as threatening, you saw her as honest. It's pretty much the same thing, considering.
No. 42948 ID: e3f578

Well she helps us, for one, granted to probably further her own goals at the same time as evidenced by the box incident, but she never had to help us escape at the church or Shup's, AND she's taking care of Lily and Zizi made friends with her enough to share a bed.

She's pretty bro for a person that wants to kill us. The most bro one can get trying to kill you, since killing Fen isn't her main prerogative, it's Fen's body and potential for magic science.

Guess it comes down to what you call a friend. A friendly individual who you know and positively interact with, possibly exchanging favors sometimes is enough for my definition. Sometimes friends take advantage over one another, sometimes friends may be forced to fight one another for a cause (best example though would be I guess that civil war metaphor "brother against brother")

What is a friend?
No. 42974 ID: 9c538a


A friend is someone you can depend on to some degree to help you in the future.
No. 42976 ID: b6edd6

>What is a friend?
A miserable little pile of secrets?

In other news, I have decided to update the wiki page. There are lots of characters and even more TERRIBLE SECRETS.
No. 43209 ID: 9c538a

I just want to express my dearest hatred for you, Lagotrope. I hate colosseum battle plots, and I hate flashback intermissions, yet you somehow managed to make the flashback intermission, a colosseum plot, more awesome than the actual main quest. T_T Y U DO DIS
No. 43210 ID: e3f578

Amazingly, these descriptions describe Momo, even the meme. The first may be a little iffy thanks to our sparing scheme, but it may come to benefit us in the future. Or fuck us over horrifyingly.

Lagotrope representin' the gladiator plot like a mad pro skillet
No. 43212 ID: 1854db

There are so many secrets oh my god.
No. 43214 ID: c811c4

I can only assume from this that either I have swayed, at least somewhat, your opinion of flash back colliseum plots, OR you hate the main quest with such a burning passion that not even flashback colliseums can match your innermost fury.

Either way I accept your hate or love-hate, and you have my profuse thanks.
No. 43215 ID: 8c3403

how sweet... I think I can hear Karkat fapping.
No. 43248 ID: a83de5

The god of war has more punishments to deal out than mere death, and you can bet your sweet bippy that he would punish someone who directly disobeyed him to put the whole world at risk. Remember what Lance said, "the god has forbade me from speaking of my price. But it is far too much. Death is a far greater fate than living with what he would give me." Disobeying the god of war could end up with a dead Lily or something similarly terrible as a punishment for Fen.
No. 43252 ID: 9c538a
File 131665622143.gif - (1.99MB , 310x176 , ItalianSpiderman.gif )

>> Then the king. Apparently once a day he takes off his disguise to rejuvinate it like clockwork.

No. 43255 ID: ee4f31
File 131666193239.gif - (11.79KB , 320x240 , momo.gif )

No. 43257 ID: 1854db

No, he does it when he goes to bed, and we've seen where Momo sleeps.
No. 43258 ID: e3f578

she's also got an alibi, helped Zizi witness Kip being given the order by the king to kill Fen. She'd have to maintain the illusion disguise AND make him invisible just so Zizi could fuck up the assassination of her biggest threat in the weirdest complex plan ever
Light Yagami couldn't make a plan that crazy and squirrely and make it work

but I take it you just wanted to post that gif because it's a classic
No. 43263 ID: 9c538a


Yeah, kinda. ._.
No. 43273 ID: d97c6d

>Sends us back to Chee right when Fen needs us most.
Lagotrope, you are evil. Thanks for making such an awesome quest!
No. 43279 ID: e3f578

So this quest went from get chee a new home, save chee from things attacking her new home, discovering more about herself, saving Shabin in the past, stoppingbitch chee from gaining power in the past, then saving the world, then learning about the Lich King, then saving Lily, then winning a tournament to save Lily, already save Lily and win it anyway for some reason while unraveling a conspiracy about royalty at the same time learning more about gods. Now it's save the guy trying to do all that.

Christ, goals flip so fast. There's gonna be something after the gods that pop up, like maybe a fucking demi-lich or something.
No. 43280 ID: e3f578

No. 43283 ID: 9c538a
File 131675177871.gif - (1.24MB , 360x360 , hmm.gif )

Hmm. You know killing the gods might not be the best idea at this point. In fact I don't think I've ever been less inclined to kill the gods. Take the god of war for instance. According to him the sleeping god merely needs to realize he is dreaming in order to wake up. So killing the earth god and the war god and such, that doesn't seem like a real goal anymore. What we want to do is find the dreaming god and wake him up just to see what happens.

But then, Kip suggested Dereego realized he was the sleeping god. If that were to occur then reality itself should have popped like a bubble. So either Kip was wildly incorrect, or Dereego is neither a god nor asleep but just thinks he is one. A dream knowingly manipulating itself, Dereego may act like a god with super earth zombie powers and all, within the dream. That is to say, whoever is dreaming dreams that Dereego is a god (in the dream).

Could it be that Dereego is the sleeping god, but somehow found a way to prolong his dream by uh... raising hoards of zombies? That doesn't make sense, but... he did say he needed bodies to maintain the dream. Perhaps he's killing people in his waking world and forcing their reanimated corpses to dream for him? I wish I could say I've never run across that before.
No. 43292 ID: 1854db

No no no no no.

If we wake the dreaming god, then THE WORLD ENDS. Remember the Red King from Through the Looking Glass. That's exactly what's going on here.

The Earth God needs killing. Or, if that won't fix anything, we beat the shit out of him until he's almost dead and threaten to kill him if he doesn't fix the past (which he can, since he can see the future. We would essentially be speaking to his past self.)

Dereego was, I think, the avatar of a different god who was asleep in this dream reality, and woke up to find that he was weakened and needed 'bodies to feed the earth'. He's more of a god of death than the God of War and Death.

Our short term goal is to kill that fucker so that Fen lives and we can go back to find out who the false king is so we can solve that dilemma. Our long term goal is to find a way to keep the dreaming god asleep forever.
No. 43308 ID: e3f578

what? when was this revealed, I thought we could do that before we got the dragon lich soul because Shabin used it to train. Even if I'm wrong, the tower lich soul should have that same ability regardless as that was his master.
No. 43311 ID: d97c6d

You're thinking of sending the talent souls to others to practice with. I think we got that from the paladin. The dragon soul lets Chee learn stuff that other people do as long as they have any of the talent souls with them at the time. Even if said soul doesn't help with what they're doing.
No. 43314 ID: e3f578

I think that was there initially, because I remember us helping Shabin out just before we ate the paladin.

Is this stuff on the wiki which soul does which for us? I don't remember any of this coming up in the quest besides Chee didn't know what the dragon lich soul did when she first consumed it. I just assumed the paladin helped with regular combat and boosted our white magic a tiny bit, but the cleric being legendary only made the boost minor.

It's not like the soul powers are well documented. I just know some boosts based on logic. I just figured any ability we had about the soul talent/skill exchange thing was all natural from Tom.
No. 43315 ID: 9c538a


In Through the Looking Glass, Alice was the dreamer. The Red King was just a bait and switch to trick her into thinking she could not awaken. OR WAS HE LOLOL CARROL TROLLED U ALL (cough) ahem.

But how does the world end? When a dream drinks an anti-dream potion created by a madman who now thinks he is a god, why would that dream see the waking world at all? What exactly is going on here? Why did the dreams all have amnesia ten years (well a few centuries now) ago? The only thing we have to go on is that the god of war, an entity so cruel he would drive a man to beg for death before receiving his blessing, said that waking up the sleeper would destroy us all. I think it might end the story, but it's not unreasonable to guess that Chee, Fen, Kip, and all that jazz, are more than just one person's dreams. In any case making more of Dereego's potions and getting various characters to intentionally or accidentally quaff them might lead to a better understanding of whether we should avoid waking up the sleeper, or whether it is the key to getting the best end of this quest.
No. 43316 ID: 35e1a0

they all had amnesia because that is when they sprang into existence, ten years before is when he fell asleep.
No. 43317 ID: 84b916

I would just like to say that WE are a separate entity of the dreamer. Probably.
It might be enough to counter fate, as it stands.
If not... Well, I do love knowledge, and we may well get to see what the Dreamer's waking world is like. One world, for another. It's a fair enough trade off.
No. 43321 ID: 1854db

No, WE are the advice souls, we're just part of Chee.
Fen drank the anti-illusion potion and thus discovered the truth behind the illusion of reality, even projecting himself there physically. I suppose we could avoid destroying the world by having everyone in the world drink a double dose of this stuff and then wake up the dreaming god while everyone is manifested outside the dream. On the other hand, Fen was still linked to his body in the 'dream'. It could be waking the dreaming god will still poof everyone because they're still half in the dream. We'd have to research a way to actually move everyone out of the dream, kindof like the reverse of the method that put Kip and Ears in.

Then we could keep doing that. Up each layer in turn until we reach the true reality where the first god sleeps.

The God of War isn't so cruel as you say by the way. He gave Lance a choice. The price for living past death twice was simply too high for him to accept. Living past death even once is more than most people get, you know. The aura has worked out mostly in Fen's favor so far anyway.
No. 43324 ID: d6af37

...Did we delete Kradis from history somehow?
No. 43387 ID: 9c538a


No. 43395 ID: 1854db

We probably altered history so that Kradis's ancestors died or something. It's hard to say exactly who was killed to accomplish that, and who did the killing. Was it us or the Earth God?

It may have been Lance :( I hope it wasn't.
No. 43401 ID: 6a5a08

Kajos, perhaps.
No. 43412 ID: 72d8c7

DRUNKEN SHENANIGANS ARE BEST SHENANIGANS. I'm so glad I'm not drinking alone right now.
No. 43414 ID: e3f578

The ancestor has to be a dog kobold (because Kradis shows no obvious signs of draconian bold genes) and grows close to Original Chee to get her hat.

We only know three notable dog bolds in Fen's time, Chee and her parents. Either the ancestor is Chee's sibling, which was prevented being born because of whatever happened to Chee's parents in the timeline where Fen is killed by the Earth God or Kradis was actually a descendant of Chee and an unnamed kobold male. Fen could have been killed by a lich or eath god at a later time in Chee's life, allowing her to develop more normally at first before being revenge driven by Fen's death. Lichee said our Chee's personality was based on her's at second Chee's age before we headed to the past, implying she grew up happy, idealistic, and very nice at first. She could have found love between then and when Fen originally died, producing Kradis's great granpappy/mammy.

Kradis just never knew he was related to the legendary Chee, maybe Chee just left both her offspring and husband. The father never told him/her that Chee was their mother, but passed on her hat and the legend.
No. 43418 ID: 72d8c7

Then clearly, the most logical, reasonable, and practical thing to do once we recover Kradis is explain to him how he was hitting on his own great great super-great gran-mammy's clone. Priority one.

Once that is taken care of finding the then next God on our hit list should be figured out.
No. 43419 ID: e3f578

super-great grand-aunt is also one of the possibilities I lined out, I just didn't elaborate on it because it was simpler to explain way Kradis wouldn't know. Chee's bro just didn't feel like telling his son/daughter that his sister was legendary and the never truly never knew about the aunt.

Getting Chee's Mom and Pop out of captivity should really be a priority to cover both possibilities so they can make another kid.
No. 43420 ID: d97c6d

It wasn't necessarily because of someone died, you know; Fen being eaten by the earth god caused a lot more changes than people dying. One or more pairs of his ancestors may have never met, or met someone else before they met their "original" spouse, or perhaps the ancestor(s) of Kradis that met Chee in the old timeline simply didn't in the new one. Perhaps Kradis or one or more of his ancestors simply wasn't born despite the right people getting together simply because a different sperm fertilized a different ovum. Changes in time are a lot more complicated than who lives and who dies, and results in new people existing as often as people not existing.
No. 43421 ID: e3f578

I only made that theory because it's simpler and it's something we can more easily change. If it's all probability based on actual realistic reproduction then getting Kradis back is practically impossible. I suppose it depends on how realistic Lagotrope is writing how time travel works.
No. 43424 ID: b6edd6

>how realistic Lagotrope is writing how time travel works.
Realistic time travel is a meaningless statement as there is no real thing to compare it to.
No. 43426 ID: e3f578

as realistic as a fictional concept such as time travel could be written. Did I at least get my point across, some adjective works, I just don't know which one.
No. 43427 ID: b6edd6

I guess there is some sense of logical vs random, but even logic doesn't go too far in the piles of paradoxes.
No. 43431 ID: 998059

Since it's irrelevant to the main thread, can I just say I love how Kip is smiling so much now
No. 43434 ID: e3f578

what a waste of a good opportunity to make a pun
No. 43435 ID: 4784be

Its there in spirit.
No. 43436 ID: c811c4

And now it's been shamelessly stolen.
No. 43439 ID: 4bdd79

Holy fuck, it's like Lagotrope actually planned for us to pick the cat.
No. 43440 ID: 1854db

Lagotrope is the best at quests. Seriously. THEEEE BEST.
No. 43446 ID: 9c538a

I'm worried about them. :( Everyone's too jolly.
No. 43447 ID: e3f578

It's the lighthearted episode between two serious ones. However, the funny things are very bittersweet so the drop in happiness won't likely be much. I mean Fen got zombified and slain in a Bad End temporarily, I have no idea how more serious it could possibly get.

We just have to find a way to fix the rips.
No. 43449 ID: 3aaf60

what if chee ends up taking over the role of a god to prevent reality falling apart

are we going to make chee into a god? oh can we please make chee into a god!!!
No. 43511 ID: 3fd4fb
File 131723157161.png - (148.88KB , 1313x1057 , realityinchaos.png )

It may not be immediately apparent by reading through the quest, but an individual who looks at the right time might discover that reality is even more mutable than Chee's power makes it. Pic related.
No. 43512 ID: 35e1a0

i think that is others working against us and changing time as well.
No. 43513 ID: 0bd0b0

I think Lagotrope simply uploaded the wrong picture. They probably draw images ahead of time.

One of the wishes was for Shup to appear, but we didn't make that wish. If we did, the deleted image was supposed to be presented. I guess. If time were to be edited by some other entity, we would have gotten a reality-screen-tear-thing.

But if it was intended as an easter egg, it is a good one.
No. 43514 ID: 1854db

Actually it was Lagotrope not reading the list he posted, and forgetting what 'all of the above' really meant.

But... uh... it sounds like we've lost. The paradoxes are unfixable, and the archgod is waking up. The world is ending, and it's our fault.
No. 43516 ID: 3aaf60

for a loss, this is pretty downright amazing, you have to admit
No. 43519 ID: 2563d4

...you what?

I dunno, you turn you back for just a few threads, and /quest/ has destroyed the universe. Tsch.
No. 43520 ID: 3aaf60

...i kind of have to wonder if the dream wouldn't just change rather than the god actually wake up. dreams do weird things, stop making sense, and end all the time... only to have another dream in their place, without the dreamer waking up. maybe that's the mechanic here, too.
No. 43526 ID: 35e1a0

we just need to find a way to replace dereego. would make all the things the earth god did before make sense again.
No. 43529 ID: 4bdd79

We already have that option. Right now it's got about a 15% chance of not somehow breaking things even worse than they already are.
No. 43538 ID: 35e1a0

which is why we eat the water god and use the power of two gods. should at least bump it up to 30%.
No. 43544 ID: 2563d4

I'm sure that won't possibly cause further repercussions.

Holy balls did this quest go snooker loopy. Still makes more sense than Halting State, though. :3c
No. 43560 ID: 84b916

Sadly, this is true. As much as I miss halting state, it felt like a playing a game of eclipse phase without having ever read the player manuals.
Come to think of it, if I had made that connection earlier, it could've saved us a whole lot of confusion.
No. 43561 ID: 72d8c7

So we're entering/entered the endgame yes? Well lets try to nail down our loose ends.

-Whats up with the false king?
-Whats up with Momo and Shup?
-What happened to Kradis?

Of course the most important unanswered question of all:

-What's up with Chop's huge fucking muscles
No. 43566 ID: e3f578

You know, Tae did not get a lot of development at all for being one of Chee's first recruits. She wasn't even there for the party.
No. 43570 ID: a22f27

In fact we haven't even seen a glimpse of her since beating the second lich!
No. 43582 ID: 091033

meh. Tae is a scrappy.
No. 43595 ID: 35e1a0

she was replaced by a non-human with even bigger tits.
No. 43597 ID: 2563d4

It took me until this comment to even remember who the heck she was.
No. 43630 ID: 78b9fc

I'm... I'm stunned Lagomorph. You... you managed to describe two dimensional time. The analogy of a dream of time travel is... awesome at describing that. Time, available in abundance, advances independently from dream time, which is running out. Two dimensions...
No. 43633 ID: 35e1a0

more like incheeption.
No. 43635 ID: 72d8c7

Hey Lagotrope. Just like to say this is a fantastic quest. The art, the fun, the plot, the interaction, the update speed, everything. The sheer determination, skill, and creativity needed to produce all of these updates not just regularly, but multiple times daily. Go look at the graveyard. Everyone of those quest is the dead hope of achieving what you've pulled off. You have great reason to be proud.

Now you'll have to best the thing that breaks even the best authors and anons. The ending. Finish strong Lago.
No. 43638 ID: 1854db

I guessed another plot twist :D
No. 43645 ID: 84b916


I am VERY DISSAPOINTED that we did not get to explore the other-verse.

Take what you can get though.
No. 43646 ID: 3fd4fb

This quest was exceptionally well done in a myriad of ways. My highest congratulations to you for creating it, Lagotrope.
No. 43648 ID: bf95d9

Aww, now I'll never know what happened to Chee's Sword-staff.
No. 43649 ID: 882214

one of the best, no, THE BEST quest ever
No. 43650 ID: e3f578

Smoke a bold
bitchin' quest
No. 43651 ID: 16d65a

SUPER amazing quest! All the time spent following this quest was definitely worth it!
No. 43652 ID: aef021

The first quest after RubyQuest that I've completely saved to my drive. Epic work, Lagotrope!
No. 43653 ID: 6af7cc

Weeeell, we might just get to explore it in another quest.
>"The advice souls are free to guide him, as well."

But I probably am wrong though.
No. 43654 ID: 0bd0b0

So sad that I now have no other quest to check daily. I eagerly await Lagotrope's next quest.
No. 43655 ID: 1854db

It's been a joy participating in this quest.
No. 43656 ID: 2563d4

I am still terrified by your update rate.
No. 43658 ID: bd7cc2

That was amazing. I only came in at the very end, but even that was great.
No. 43664 ID: b6edd6

CheeQuest: In which a kobold fights the universe itself and wins.
No. 43665 ID: 779d92


No. 43679 ID: 38c81d

I cried. Real tears.

This was one great quest. If I had 5 internets I would give you 20. ;w;
No. 43683 ID: 3aaf60
File 131744176489.gif - (1.98MB , 120x99 , WlOAd.gif )

I have a lot of feelings about this quest and I think this gif summarises most of them.
No. 43686 ID: c811c4

Well, somehow, I actually finished a quest. Somehow, despite wondering more than once, 'how in christ can I continue this'. There were rough patches, to say the least.

>>353483 I'm glad this GIF was posted, just so that I can say that it also summarizes my feelings in terms of writing the quest. It was ill planned and what plans I did make I hardly ever stuck to, and I am surprised it made a lick of sense to anyone past, say, two threads. I'm pretty amazed (and very pleased) that there was anyone who actually followed it with me through the end, and enjoyed it, let alone as many as there are. So, despite the issues and how much I would change if I did the quest over again, I can't find much room to complain about how I did it.

Overall, I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and to everyone, thanks for playing/reading!
No. 43687 ID: b6edd6

What were your origional plans for the quest? I take it you didn't originally plan for it to end up as The Matrix x Gurren Lagan?
No. 43689 ID: c811c4

... huh, I'm having an incredibly difficult time typing out a response to "what were your original plans."

I didn't really have any, to be honest. It was meant to be open ended. I guess what I'm saying is that if someone told me, when I first started the quest, that Cheelop would punch a god in the face, I'd probably say "what are you talking about that's silly." But while I didn't plan on that happening, I didn't plan on that NOT happening either.
No. 43691 ID: bd7cc2


Was a lot of the world originally planned? Like did you start knowing that it was all a dream, or did that just seem like a cool effect of overdosing on anti-illusion potions?
No. 43695 ID: c811c4

The 'all a dream' part didn't get thought up till later along in the quest, but still before the anti illusion potions were even mentioned. Overdosing the potions just ended up being a convenient way to make that revelation.
No. 43699 ID: 3aaf60

The idea that punching gods is silly kind of made me start thinking about how you took silly suggestions a lot, even when they didn't really receive any support, and throwaway events or gags sometimes became relatively (in the context at the time) major elements. What effect, if any, do you think those fun and weird and silly decisions actually had on where the overall story went? When you took a silly suggestion, how did it affect further suggestions?
No. 43708 ID: c811c4
File 131748156465.png - (21.83KB , 379x462 , notaccordingtoplan.png )

Generally speaking, I had a tendency to take silly suggestions and run with it, but still write it so that what could've been a throwaway gag would still add to or further the plot. Or simply change it. Pic possibly related. The character you selected could've changed the direction/view of the story significantly. It's hard for me to say how precisely further suggestions were affected, but easy to say that they most assuredly were.

Of course the silly ideas weren't always expanded on. The cat sequence during the party, for example, had no real impact to the story, nor did I ever intend on it to.
No. 43713 ID: 40cb26

That reminds me, did the catbold get reawakened again in the real world?
No. 43714 ID: c811c4


Yes. Somewhere in the land, there is a cat-cutebold abomination running around.
No. 43715 ID: bf95d9

I don't think we saw the catbold's lower half, does he have a tail?
No. 43716 ID: e3f578

Is Ears and his town capable of defending themselves though? Without Chee, they never learned or gained great power.
No. 43718 ID: c811c4

Yes, his tail is still cat like.

They can't defend themselves so well, but they're back under the protection of the southern lich (with a non-Chee phylactery). It's no lavish existence, but the lich did treat them well enough as long as they gave him the bodies of deceased friends and foes.
No. 43721 ID: 1854db

Wah I forgot to ask Momo about her eyes when I had the chance. Any chance you could spill the beans on that? It's basically the final mystery.

I think it'd be fun to have a quest where we mess around with Tom during his stint as the god of chaos. Probably a bit too directionless though. It's not like there'd be any conflict. If anything it'd be like those miniquests that Rand does about Tory doing something completely off the wall and non-canon.
No. 43723 ID: c811c4

Her eyes were lost in an battle a good several years before Fen's story started. Instead of getting mopey about it, she focused her magic to specialize in illusions and magical sight. Since she became masterful on those subjects, she started focusing on things she didn't have by the time Fen met her, i.e. resurrection/necromancy.

As for Tom/GoC quest, yeah, if I did that, it would be one-shot/joke quests. Of course, the rules of the archgod would involve minimal direct interaction with mortals, so without breaking canon, the actions you could take would be limited and restricted.

If you're familiar with Dungeon Crawl - Stone Soup, it would be like a quest where you are Xom, and some poor sap just prayed to you. And from that point on you begin doing things like giving him the best helmet in existence, and Mutation: Horns/Frills.

...actuallyyy... I will keep this idea in mind.
No. 43727 ID: 7ff0e9


you mean d'awwbomination.

if we chose to say no and attack that final god we saw, could Chee have beaten it? could Tom have eaten its soul? what would've happened?
No. 43728 ID: c811c4

I don't even want to think about if that happened. If I even let it happened, I'd probably have to spend a couple of days thinking of what would happen. I wouldn't want it to be "Chee gets her ass kicked BAD END" automatically, but it very likely would have been less than ideal. Or maybe not. As I say, it's a question that hurts my head just thinking about it!
No. 43765 ID: 3aaf60

Given your experiences here: do you think you would conduct a future quest similarly to CheeQuest with its bear-rolling-crazily-on-the-ground writing, or would you be inclined to plan it more carefully and maybe even impose – dare I say it – rules?
No. 43766 ID: c811c4

I would probably feel mostly inclined to try to try to plan it more carefully and make some attempts at sticking to aforementioned plans and - should I feel extremely lucky and dedicated - have some almost concrete or at least wooden rules.
No. 43768 ID: 715620

Haha! I can hardly wait.
No. 43771 ID: 2563d4

>Tom, eventually to be replaced by Chee, can barely influence the world, both in term of rules and actual power limitations
Man, Chee accepted such a bum deal. :B
No. 43773 ID: d3ccca
File 131755888531.gif - (12.14KB , 270x355 , cannotunsee.gif )

No. 43775 ID: 3aaf60

I was wondering when someone was going to point that out. Clearly I am pro at spoilering.
No. 43817 ID: 210977


More like =|
No. 43850 ID: e3f578

Okay two more questions
Was Momo pregnant, even though we pretty just used that as an excuse to justify Fen to not kill her and jumped on that assumption
Since original Chee didn't exist in the Real world timeline, who is Kradis's grandmother of varying greats?
No. 43853 ID: 78b9fc


Momo is a fictional character. She does not actually exist to be pregnant.
No. 43858 ID: c811c4

Though the chance was real, Momo did not actually get pregnant.

And Lich/Original Chee did exist in the real world (and is Kradis' great grandmother). She just led a different life, and ultimately had nothing to do with the Chee the quest was about. Aside from having the same name. So when Kradis assumes it's a coincidence that another Cheelop comes around with a straw this time it really is a coincidence (except not technically, but as far as anyone's concerned.)
No. 43859 ID: e3f578

What? I know that, who wouldn't know that? What do you think that I'm that stupid to think these people are real? Where did you even get that I thought fictional characters were real from? I was just curious if that was an actual thing since we just sorta pulled that from nowhere and Momo was like, "Yeah, there's a chance." and I'm like, "Really? Cool is there gonna be a new Momo descendant in the timeline?" and it never came up again.

Also what never came up again was Chop's origin. Maybe Lagotrope is saving that up, I dunno. YOu just don't leave a strongbold storythread like that hanging loose like a coolkid down the street smoking a bold
No. 43861 ID: e3f578

Oh whoa Lagotrope you just done strolled up in here while I was responding. Thanks for the clear-up.
No. 44923 ID: c811c4

I'd like to run another quest as a sort of epilogue for a character, though it will be ran independently of chee quest (other than being in the same universe.) As such, the vote is this:

Who would you like to have a quest revolve around, Fen or Clamp? Write-in's are still welcome, even at the paralyzing fear there's going to be a 'Kip's Cat Quest' on the wiki.
No. 44931 ID: 4bdd79


Actually, I changed my mind. Let's do Kip's Cat Quest.
No. 44941 ID: e3f578

Chop Quest
Otherwise Fen man

so if Chop is getting shit votes, change mine to Fen
No. 44943 ID: e3f578

Wait, Kip's Cat is the Catbold, right?
Shiiiiiiiiit that's legitimately interesting. But not as much as Chop beating all the bad guys.
No. 44946 ID: 4caae7

No. 44952 ID: 1854db

No. 44955 ID: bd7cc2

No. 44956 ID: a9c3df

Chop, maybe we can even find out what's up with that size.
No. 44958 ID: d97c6d

As interesting as Catbold Quest sounds (seriously, that is a very tempting option), I'm voting for Chop, aka the world's greatest muscle-wizard!
No. 44961 ID: 4784be

>> Clamp. Fen. Kip. Chop. Kip's Catbold.

All of these must be done. In any order. I dont care. But I want them alllll~
No. 44967 ID: 6a5a08

No. 44984 ID: d2e26a

No. 44996 ID: c811c4

Alright then we're going to do... chop? Allllright then. Chop. With catbold as a close second.

You guys.
No. 45006 ID: 78b9fc

No. 45017 ID: 2d6d07

A Kip prequel would be more interesting than an epilogue.

Of course it would possibly have the prequel problem.
No. 45025 ID: c811c4

If a quest followed Kip, that's exactly what I would do, now that it's mentioned. Otherwise, the closest that Kip would get to an epilogue is being a major character in Fen's epilogue.

That said, I don't know what the possible prequel problem you mention is.
No. 45027 ID: 4bdd79

The "prequel problem" is that the prequel might conflict with the original story. And this time around, since you don't have the Earth God anymore, you have to come up with yet another deus ex machina to explain the inconsistencies.
No. 45028 ID: e3f578

That's simple, Kip just can't die and neither can anyone established in the future. You just avoid contradictions, like in Deus Ex Human Revolution.
No. 45030 ID: c811c4

A fair point, but since the world was rebuilt from scratch, it actually does allow some liberties, within reason, to be taken. More importantly though, there's plenty to Kip's past that was barely touched on, that can be made into an interesting story while avoiding playing dangerously close to messing with what is established.

I hadn't given it much thought, and I may never, but I'm still sure it's possible.
No. 45044 ID: 2d6d07

Yeah, prequel problem being that you know he can't die, most significantly. Of course, if this somehow is after he is "killed" by his brother and "cursed" by the War God [if that still happened] then the issue isn't whether he dies but whether he fails. Which he could do just fine in some cases.

Also, a lychee in black robes or straw hat+loinwrap.
No. 45045 ID: 2d6d07

Also Kragnar.
No. 45147 ID: 3fd4fb

I cannot help but think that the current quest is going to end with the kobolds being attacked, and all Chop's students needing to go out and use Chop's teachings. Our teaching of them seems lighthearted right now, but if they start dying when that happens it would give seriousness whiplash.
No. 45149 ID: b6edd6

That is why we need to train them into badasses.
No. 45166 ID: 74b4b4

Punylocks is so cute. :3 We'll have to be extra hard to make sure she doesn't get smooshed by whatever comes along.
No. 45219 ID: 618214

...something must have happened to Chop in the past, I'm thinking. But if we will ever penetrate that wall of thousands of percentages of diamond-hard muscle to find out what, we may never know.
No. 48477 ID: c6ec33

Man, no one's DISCUSSed this stuff in a while. :V

Anyways, just wanted to point out that Hilt is pretty darn untrustworthy, and we shouldn't be ~too~ taken in by the CuteGnoll act.

What do we actually know about him?
- He kidnapped a cutebold to "play with"
- He used the first injury he got as an excuse to get out of searching
- He wants certain members of his tribe dead
- He sees Kobold lives as expendable in his goals
- He witheld information from us on where Punylocks was

- He probably killed Stream (not provable, but fits the facts)

Everything else is pretty much questionable. Any reasoning he gives for his actions should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, the blindfold issue with Stream? He could have easily taken that off after the fact. Or he could have taunted her, interrogated her, etc. We really don't know.

We only have the facts and what he's told us to go on, and what he's told us is questionable. He might very well continue to try to find our base to turn it over to the Necromancer after we've helped him. Betraying his allies is obviously not too much of a heartache for this guy.

Of course, being overly paranoid may be bad, too, because this could be an opportunity for some decent help. This is just an appeal to reason to make sure we don't automatically go "CUTEGNOLL GOOD". :)

Just because a compulsive liar occasionally says "I'm a liar, don't trust me." doesn't forgive him for what he's done, make him a good person, or guarantee he won't do it again in the future.

Also, when considering whether or not we should attack, keep in mind that we're mostly a bunch of trainees with only a few truly capable people with us. Most of the gnolls we'd have to take out are large and powerful warriors, even for their species. Even isolating them one-by-one and playing defensively won't guarantee us a victory without losses.

I apologize for being somewhat super-serial, but I would rather not have this turn into "oops we just killed half our protagonists and set up our base for attack"-quest. :)
No. 48481 ID: 1854db

He said he killed Stream, and any other gnoll around would've tracked us down.

Now, I agree that taking on the other gnolls might be beyond our abilities... which is why we kindof need to figure out how much time we have.

Then again it's raining and that is supercharging Punylocks. She could use water magic to great effect in battle I think. If we can take advantage of the rain in this way we might be alright... but then, how long will it take for her to recharge her mana? She said she was low.
No. 48487 ID: 459534

>- He sees Kobold lives as expendable in his goals

I'm afraid I'm getting nitpicky here, but I disagree. He said:
>"I think, even if it were four kobolds and Lumei and myself, it would have been worth it for Stream's death."

His statement was meant to show that he believed Stream was so horrible that incurring losses would be worth it if it meant killing her (even if he himself was among those lost). It show's how ruthless Stream was, not how expendable Hilt thinks kobolds are. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. Hilt loves kobolds and hated Stream largely because of the way she mistreated kobolds and other creatures.

[/nitpick] :I
No. 48489 ID: bccf7b

Agreed. I get the feeling this guy is actually a 'bold sympathizer and possibly wanted Stream and the others out of the picture because, as we saw, they seem to have no qualms with just slaughtering them because they can.

Hilt's lying might be a part of that: how else would he survive in such a group? But still, we have to figure out how he wants us to believe him.
No. 48579 ID: 508026

When it comes to dealing with Hilt, my point is simply that we have to be careful to avoid falling into circular reasoning. We need to evaluate the evidence to make sure his stories match up with what we've seen.

>His statement was meant to show that he believed Stream was so horrible that incurring losses would be worth it if it meant killing her (even if he himself was among those lost). It show's how ruthless Stream was, not how expendable Hilt thinks kobolds are. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. Hilt loves kobolds and hated Stream largely because of the way she mistreated kobolds and other creatures.

That was obviously the way he *intended* us to read it, yes. But just because he said it doesn't make it true. We only have his word to go on, although the evidence can be read in such a way to support this assertion.

For example:
Stream and the other gnolls were obviously all for forcing the Kobolds to do their dirty work, and Stream admitted to killing some kobolds at some point, although it wasn't confirmed to be during this expedition. However, it seems safe to assume that it was, since Hilt only joined the group about a month ago and Stream's chat implied that Hilt had at least seen/heard of the gnolls in the group killing 'bolds, and might have had a good idea of how many kobolds individual gnolls were killing.

Does Hilt really like kobolds? The evidence seems to point to yes (treatment of Lilu, testimony from Stream, demeanor towards us), and we haven't seen anything in general to dispute that yet *except* his willingness to lie to us and use us as assassins.

So, while some of what Hilt has said can be easily confirmed true, much more of what he's told us falls into a grey area. He may be a good guy, but we need to think through the evidence and not make rash assumptions or put too much trust in him. We still don't know exactly why he wants Chomp and Clanker dead - we can only go on his explanation or speculate.

Regardless whether or not he's telling the truth, for right now, we've chosen to fight. Once the fight is finished, we'll see whether or not Hilt's really as good as he tries to act.
No. 48680 ID: 807ed3
File 132752202057.jpg - (27.81KB , 555x445 , icame.jpg )

>Your name is DURK NUUK'ERM.


>3 sticks of chewing gum
>2 marble chewtoys (steel)
>Wagon Wheel Spinning Rims - 1 c each wheel
No. 48700 ID: c6ec33

Nice job wrapping up Chop's Dojo! The ending was way better than I could have hoped for when we headed off to the Gnollpocalypse.

I have to wonder whether or not Chop showing up was a bit of last minute Deus ex Machina, or if it was planned all along. :)

Since this setting appears to be getting a lot of love and likely won't go away any time soon, it'll be interesting to see what effects our choice to 'adopt' Hilt will have on the settlement.

Out of curiosity, for the The Oremor Trail, how hardcore Oregon Trail are you going?
No. 48702 ID: d6af4f

Chop showing up was more of a last minute 'this quest is supposed to be about Chop and there have been almost 100 updates with no Chop', and also not wanting to drag out the fighting too long.

As for how hardcore OT this will be... well, don't get too attached to any characters. That said, I'm not going to pull out a BAD END QUEST OVER at the drop of a hat.
No. 48703 ID: e3f578

the bad ends are what people play OT for, and seeing how far they can get before they die the fuck off.

No one finishes Oregon Trail. Intentionally. At most, maybe really close to the end intentionally while the Player Character, the last and only survivor, is dying from diarrhea. You got to make those silly tombstones for the other people in your elementary computer lab to find.
No. 48704 ID: c6ec33

OK. And yeah, I totally get what you mean about Chop - I definitely noticed it. But in the end, I think we got just enough Chop that his... interesting mannerisms... ended up being funny instead of eventually getting on our nerves. ;)

As for OT, the last time I played through the classic Oregon Trail, I actually managed to get everyone to the end alive. It doesn't seem to be that hard as long as you follow the formula of starting early, resting often, and saving your "grueling pace" and shitty ration stints only to areas where it's really necessary. Oh, and being careful about fording rivers and all that.

That said, this is obviously its own unique beast, and I plan to suggest things that are out of the OT norm - at least until I get a better feel for the quest.

Thanks for answering. :D
No. 48717 ID: 0d7a83

Everything you need to know.
No. 48730 ID: 1e3433

LULZ! That guy should write for family guy.
No. 48738 ID: e3f578

a kobold just got payed the worth of four big ass animals plus extra for having sex
my god
No. 48746 ID: 0d7a83

Hail to the King baby.
No. 48759 ID: e3f578

Is that elf we just talked to Eliye Leafburrow? They have the same hairdue man.
No. 48763 ID: 807ed3


goddamn treefuckers all look the same anyway.
No. 48818 ID: e3f578

If we have another adventure and Flava Flav dies (God I hope not), since Flava Flav's Bi's name wouldn't make sense anymore, I propose a rename to Mik Daawson
No. 49112 ID: 1b0f2f

I would like to place my bets now that Clamp is inside the box.
No. 49136 ID: 1854db


The necromancers- or at least that one construct- know the events of at least the beginning of the first Clamp quest. This suggests they have the soul of someone that was there.

Or the construct was made using one of the original gnolls' souls.
No. 49146 ID: e3f578

OR! And I'm reaching here. They know about us. And all we've ever done. And they want us.

I think we're still advice souls, but it's pretty vague. We haven't seen Tom in a while, he could have just sent us down here willy nilly after he got enough power, figuring we're decent servants and shit. Or it could be for non-chaotic based purposes. Who knows. Maybe we got sucked down here after we changed a bunch of lives by the necromancers or liches and now we have the effects of being heard as part of our user's mind now instead of direct interaction again, like in the time travel dreams. Small detail though so forget that.

We tend to black out a bunch, technically forget things that have happened. Supposedly, wee were always with Chee, before we legitimately met her. This coincides with other quests but that's besides the point. During of the black-out periods we could have been swiped by a lich and have our memories read. Then, probably an experiment got us kicked out and moving from friend to friend because that's how we previously worked.

I think WE are the necromancer artifact. Because the previous Necromancer artifact in the kobold caves was made by Lich Chee, however, the original Chee was blessed with having a normal happy life and never became a Lich anymore so she couldn't have made another kobold construct and whatever else was there. Notice how now, there's no real mention of the kobold caves anymore and we're not there anymore. No one is concerned about it so far in the current quest. We're with Clamp. Clamp has been getting attacked consistently just before we managed to arrive, but only just before. We went with Duke (I'm guessing we must have made friends with him by proxy of another friend so we could get into him) and then got transferred by being at least somewhere near Clamp. Won the Oremer trail and only got an epilogue of Duke's quest instead of going all the way back with him with details and shit. So we blacked out again for a little bit and then woke up again with Clamp at the peak amount of ambushes. The Lich was planning on us switching to him before the quest even started and is going to go for the souls of anyone we made friends that he is aware of!

The catbold, Tae(human bigtits for those that forgot), Ears and Kip will all be in danger if I'm right! The bird lich is just biding his time with Ears since he's right at his front door. No idea what Northern Lich is doing.
No. 49168 ID: e3f578

Anyone notice this vampire chick looks like Rachel/Raital?
It's the hair mainly, she's missing the beauty mark beneath her eye.
No. 49418 ID: c6ec33

Lago, not sure if you want to answer this right now, but in ClampQuest, are we the Advice Souls again, or some other kind of external force guiding Clamp, or just Clamp's internal monologue (with no real external presence)?

From what I've seen so far, I'm leaning towards monologue, but it never hurts to ask. :)

I also totally understand if this falls under "secret stuff the players will find out later."
No. 49419 ID: d6af4f

Just a plain old inner monologue, this time.
No. 49420 ID: e3f578

oh well then
that shot down my theory
Clamp's just got a powerful or cool soul then. Well, it was fun making the theory that Lorkim wanted us and we were attached to Clamp's soul.
No. 49534 ID: b6edd6

I have successfully modded Kobold necromancers into the newest version of Dwarf Fortress.
This quest made me do it.
No. 49540 ID: d6af4f

Awesome. I'd actually like to see it uploaded, or just a pastebin of the modded portions of files, so that I may hijack it myself when I find the time to play some DF.
No. 49554 ID: b6edd6

The changes needed are fairly small, though somewhat unintuitive.
My experiments with the secrets of the secrets of life and death are documented here:
The list of the things that need adding are in the Summary section.
No. 125722 ID: c42ffc

Man. I get such major crisis 2 vibes from this quest. Like how chee is really a dead-man-walking, how she becomes stronger by sacrificing more of herself and taking on the abilities of her enemies, and how she (un-purposefully) replaced her previous body with another's and transferred the echoes of her personality into it.

Major crisis 2 vibes.
No. 125725 ID: c42ffc

"It all comes down to how much you're willing to sacrifice"
No. 125729 ID: d5442a

Chee was a great quest, very popular, and one that led to a lot of great stuff after that's still going now. But it's generally considered to be not the done thing to dig up a thread for a quest that's been completed for six years.
No. 125730 ID: afdebc

Eh, there's a reason dis threads don't normally get locked or archived like quest threads. If new readers want to discuss completed quests, or share their reactions or feelings, or express appreciation (or criticism, etc) it's the most appropriate place on the board to do so.
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