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File 131002726334.png - (134.44KB , 800x800 , chee.png )
39266 No. 39266 ID: 651982

Because it's nice to have one of these things.
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No. 44955 ID: bd7cc2

No. 44956 ID: a9c3df

Chop, maybe we can even find out what's up with that size.
No. 44958 ID: d97c6d

As interesting as Catbold Quest sounds (seriously, that is a very tempting option), I'm voting for Chop, aka the world's greatest muscle-wizard!
No. 44961 ID: 4784be

>> Clamp. Fen. Kip. Chop. Kip's Catbold.

All of these must be done. In any order. I dont care. But I want them alllll~
No. 44967 ID: 6a5a08

No. 44984 ID: d2e26a

No. 44996 ID: c811c4

Alright then we're going to do... chop? Allllright then. Chop. With catbold as a close second.

You guys.
No. 45006 ID: 78b9fc

No. 45017 ID: 2d6d07

A Kip prequel would be more interesting than an epilogue.

Of course it would possibly have the prequel problem.
No. 45025 ID: c811c4

If a quest followed Kip, that's exactly what I would do, now that it's mentioned. Otherwise, the closest that Kip would get to an epilogue is being a major character in Fen's epilogue.

That said, I don't know what the possible prequel problem you mention is.
No. 45027 ID: 4bdd79

The "prequel problem" is that the prequel might conflict with the original story. And this time around, since you don't have the Earth God anymore, you have to come up with yet another deus ex machina to explain the inconsistencies.
No. 45028 ID: e3f578

That's simple, Kip just can't die and neither can anyone established in the future. You just avoid contradictions, like in Deus Ex Human Revolution.
No. 45030 ID: c811c4

A fair point, but since the world was rebuilt from scratch, it actually does allow some liberties, within reason, to be taken. More importantly though, there's plenty to Kip's past that was barely touched on, that can be made into an interesting story while avoiding playing dangerously close to messing with what is established.

I hadn't given it much thought, and I may never, but I'm still sure it's possible.
No. 45044 ID: 2d6d07

Yeah, prequel problem being that you know he can't die, most significantly. Of course, if this somehow is after he is "killed" by his brother and "cursed" by the War God [if that still happened] then the issue isn't whether he dies but whether he fails. Which he could do just fine in some cases.

Also, a lychee in black robes or straw hat+loinwrap.
No. 45045 ID: 2d6d07

Also Kragnar.
No. 45147 ID: 3fd4fb

I cannot help but think that the current quest is going to end with the kobolds being attacked, and all Chop's students needing to go out and use Chop's teachings. Our teaching of them seems lighthearted right now, but if they start dying when that happens it would give seriousness whiplash.
No. 45149 ID: b6edd6

That is why we need to train them into badasses.
No. 45166 ID: 74b4b4

Punylocks is so cute. :3 We'll have to be extra hard to make sure she doesn't get smooshed by whatever comes along.
No. 45219 ID: 618214

...something must have happened to Chop in the past, I'm thinking. But if we will ever penetrate that wall of thousands of percentages of diamond-hard muscle to find out what, we may never know.
No. 48477 ID: c6ec33

Man, no one's DISCUSSed this stuff in a while. :V

Anyways, just wanted to point out that Hilt is pretty darn untrustworthy, and we shouldn't be ~too~ taken in by the CuteGnoll act.

What do we actually know about him?
- He kidnapped a cutebold to "play with"
- He used the first injury he got as an excuse to get out of searching
- He wants certain members of his tribe dead
- He sees Kobold lives as expendable in his goals
- He witheld information from us on where Punylocks was

- He probably killed Stream (not provable, but fits the facts)

Everything else is pretty much questionable. Any reasoning he gives for his actions should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, the blindfold issue with Stream? He could have easily taken that off after the fact. Or he could have taunted her, interrogated her, etc. We really don't know.

We only have the facts and what he's told us to go on, and what he's told us is questionable. He might very well continue to try to find our base to turn it over to the Necromancer after we've helped him. Betraying his allies is obviously not too much of a heartache for this guy.

Of course, being overly paranoid may be bad, too, because this could be an opportunity for some decent help. This is just an appeal to reason to make sure we don't automatically go "CUTEGNOLL GOOD". :)

Just because a compulsive liar occasionally says "I'm a liar, don't trust me." doesn't forgive him for what he's done, make him a good person, or guarantee he won't do it again in the future.

Also, when considering whether or not we should attack, keep in mind that we're mostly a bunch of trainees with only a few truly capable people with us. Most of the gnolls we'd have to take out are large and powerful warriors, even for their species. Even isolating them one-by-one and playing defensively won't guarantee us a victory without losses.

I apologize for being somewhat super-serial, but I would rather not have this turn into "oops we just killed half our protagonists and set up our base for attack"-quest. :)
No. 48481 ID: 1854db

He said he killed Stream, and any other gnoll around would've tracked us down.

Now, I agree that taking on the other gnolls might be beyond our abilities... which is why we kindof need to figure out how much time we have.

Then again it's raining and that is supercharging Punylocks. She could use water magic to great effect in battle I think. If we can take advantage of the rain in this way we might be alright... but then, how long will it take for her to recharge her mana? She said she was low.
No. 48487 ID: 459534

>- He sees Kobold lives as expendable in his goals

I'm afraid I'm getting nitpicky here, but I disagree. He said:
>"I think, even if it were four kobolds and Lumei and myself, it would have been worth it for Stream's death."

His statement was meant to show that he believed Stream was so horrible that incurring losses would be worth it if it meant killing her (even if he himself was among those lost). It show's how ruthless Stream was, not how expendable Hilt thinks kobolds are. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. Hilt loves kobolds and hated Stream largely because of the way she mistreated kobolds and other creatures.

[/nitpick] :I
No. 48489 ID: bccf7b

Agreed. I get the feeling this guy is actually a 'bold sympathizer and possibly wanted Stream and the others out of the picture because, as we saw, they seem to have no qualms with just slaughtering them because they can.

Hilt's lying might be a part of that: how else would he survive in such a group? But still, we have to figure out how he wants us to believe him.
No. 48579 ID: 508026

When it comes to dealing with Hilt, my point is simply that we have to be careful to avoid falling into circular reasoning. We need to evaluate the evidence to make sure his stories match up with what we've seen.

>His statement was meant to show that he believed Stream was so horrible that incurring losses would be worth it if it meant killing her (even if he himself was among those lost). It show's how ruthless Stream was, not how expendable Hilt thinks kobolds are. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. Hilt loves kobolds and hated Stream largely because of the way she mistreated kobolds and other creatures.

That was obviously the way he *intended* us to read it, yes. But just because he said it doesn't make it true. We only have his word to go on, although the evidence can be read in such a way to support this assertion.

For example:
Stream and the other gnolls were obviously all for forcing the Kobolds to do their dirty work, and Stream admitted to killing some kobolds at some point, although it wasn't confirmed to be during this expedition. However, it seems safe to assume that it was, since Hilt only joined the group about a month ago and Stream's chat implied that Hilt had at least seen/heard of the gnolls in the group killing 'bolds, and might have had a good idea of how many kobolds individual gnolls were killing.

Does Hilt really like kobolds? The evidence seems to point to yes (treatment of Lilu, testimony from Stream, demeanor towards us), and we haven't seen anything in general to dispute that yet *except* his willingness to lie to us and use us as assassins.

So, while some of what Hilt has said can be easily confirmed true, much more of what he's told us falls into a grey area. He may be a good guy, but we need to think through the evidence and not make rash assumptions or put too much trust in him. We still don't know exactly why he wants Chomp and Clanker dead - we can only go on his explanation or speculate.

Regardless whether or not he's telling the truth, for right now, we've chosen to fight. Once the fight is finished, we'll see whether or not Hilt's really as good as he tries to act.
No. 48680 ID: 807ed3
File 132752202057.jpg - (27.81KB , 555x445 , icame.jpg )

>Your name is DURK NUUK'ERM.


>3 sticks of chewing gum
>2 marble chewtoys (steel)
>Wagon Wheel Spinning Rims - 1 c each wheel
No. 48700 ID: c6ec33

Nice job wrapping up Chop's Dojo! The ending was way better than I could have hoped for when we headed off to the Gnollpocalypse.

I have to wonder whether or not Chop showing up was a bit of last minute Deus ex Machina, or if it was planned all along. :)

Since this setting appears to be getting a lot of love and likely won't go away any time soon, it'll be interesting to see what effects our choice to 'adopt' Hilt will have on the settlement.

Out of curiosity, for the The Oremor Trail, how hardcore Oregon Trail are you going?
No. 48702 ID: d6af4f

Chop showing up was more of a last minute 'this quest is supposed to be about Chop and there have been almost 100 updates with no Chop', and also not wanting to drag out the fighting too long.

As for how hardcore OT this will be... well, don't get too attached to any characters. That said, I'm not going to pull out a BAD END QUEST OVER at the drop of a hat.
No. 48703 ID: e3f578

the bad ends are what people play OT for, and seeing how far they can get before they die the fuck off.

No one finishes Oregon Trail. Intentionally. At most, maybe really close to the end intentionally while the Player Character, the last and only survivor, is dying from diarrhea. You got to make those silly tombstones for the other people in your elementary computer lab to find.
No. 48704 ID: c6ec33

OK. And yeah, I totally get what you mean about Chop - I definitely noticed it. But in the end, I think we got just enough Chop that his... interesting mannerisms... ended up being funny instead of eventually getting on our nerves. ;)

As for OT, the last time I played through the classic Oregon Trail, I actually managed to get everyone to the end alive. It doesn't seem to be that hard as long as you follow the formula of starting early, resting often, and saving your "grueling pace" and shitty ration stints only to areas where it's really necessary. Oh, and being careful about fording rivers and all that.

That said, this is obviously its own unique beast, and I plan to suggest things that are out of the OT norm - at least until I get a better feel for the quest.

Thanks for answering. :D
No. 48717 ID: 0d7a83

Everything you need to know.
No. 48730 ID: 1e3433

LULZ! That guy should write for family guy.
No. 48738 ID: e3f578

a kobold just got payed the worth of four big ass animals plus extra for having sex
my god
No. 48746 ID: 0d7a83

Hail to the King baby.
No. 48759 ID: e3f578

Is that elf we just talked to Eliye Leafburrow? They have the same hairdue man.
No. 48763 ID: 807ed3


goddamn treefuckers all look the same anyway.
No. 48818 ID: e3f578

If we have another adventure and Flava Flav dies (God I hope not), since Flava Flav's Bi's name wouldn't make sense anymore, I propose a rename to Mik Daawson
No. 49112 ID: 1b0f2f

I would like to place my bets now that Clamp is inside the box.
No. 49136 ID: 1854db


The necromancers- or at least that one construct- know the events of at least the beginning of the first Clamp quest. This suggests they have the soul of someone that was there.

Or the construct was made using one of the original gnolls' souls.
No. 49146 ID: e3f578

OR! And I'm reaching here. They know about us. And all we've ever done. And they want us.

I think we're still advice souls, but it's pretty vague. We haven't seen Tom in a while, he could have just sent us down here willy nilly after he got enough power, figuring we're decent servants and shit. Or it could be for non-chaotic based purposes. Who knows. Maybe we got sucked down here after we changed a bunch of lives by the necromancers or liches and now we have the effects of being heard as part of our user's mind now instead of direct interaction again, like in the time travel dreams. Small detail though so forget that.

We tend to black out a bunch, technically forget things that have happened. Supposedly, wee were always with Chee, before we legitimately met her. This coincides with other quests but that's besides the point. During of the black-out periods we could have been swiped by a lich and have our memories read. Then, probably an experiment got us kicked out and moving from friend to friend because that's how we previously worked.

I think WE are the necromancer artifact. Because the previous Necromancer artifact in the kobold caves was made by Lich Chee, however, the original Chee was blessed with having a normal happy life and never became a Lich anymore so she couldn't have made another kobold construct and whatever else was there. Notice how now, there's no real mention of the kobold caves anymore and we're not there anymore. No one is concerned about it so far in the current quest. We're with Clamp. Clamp has been getting attacked consistently just before we managed to arrive, but only just before. We went with Duke (I'm guessing we must have made friends with him by proxy of another friend so we could get into him) and then got transferred by being at least somewhere near Clamp. Won the Oremer trail and only got an epilogue of Duke's quest instead of going all the way back with him with details and shit. So we blacked out again for a little bit and then woke up again with Clamp at the peak amount of ambushes. The Lich was planning on us switching to him before the quest even started and is going to go for the souls of anyone we made friends that he is aware of!

The catbold, Tae(human bigtits for those that forgot), Ears and Kip will all be in danger if I'm right! The bird lich is just biding his time with Ears since he's right at his front door. No idea what Northern Lich is doing.
No. 49168 ID: e3f578

Anyone notice this vampire chick looks like Rachel/Raital?
It's the hair mainly, she's missing the beauty mark beneath her eye.
No. 49418 ID: c6ec33

Lago, not sure if you want to answer this right now, but in ClampQuest, are we the Advice Souls again, or some other kind of external force guiding Clamp, or just Clamp's internal monologue (with no real external presence)?

From what I've seen so far, I'm leaning towards monologue, but it never hurts to ask. :)

I also totally understand if this falls under "secret stuff the players will find out later."
No. 49419 ID: d6af4f

Just a plain old inner monologue, this time.
No. 49420 ID: e3f578

oh well then
that shot down my theory
Clamp's just got a powerful or cool soul then. Well, it was fun making the theory that Lorkim wanted us and we were attached to Clamp's soul.
No. 49534 ID: b6edd6

I have successfully modded Kobold necromancers into the newest version of Dwarf Fortress.
This quest made me do it.
No. 49540 ID: d6af4f

Awesome. I'd actually like to see it uploaded, or just a pastebin of the modded portions of files, so that I may hijack it myself when I find the time to play some DF.
No. 49554 ID: b6edd6

The changes needed are fairly small, though somewhat unintuitive.
My experiments with the secrets of the secrets of life and death are documented here:
The list of the things that need adding are in the Summary section.
No. 125722 ID: c42ffc

Man. I get such major crisis 2 vibes from this quest. Like how chee is really a dead-man-walking, how she becomes stronger by sacrificing more of herself and taking on the abilities of her enemies, and how she (un-purposefully) replaced her previous body with another's and transferred the echoes of her personality into it.

Major crisis 2 vibes.
No. 125725 ID: c42ffc

"It all comes down to how much you're willing to sacrifice"
No. 125729 ID: d5442a

Chee was a great quest, very popular, and one that led to a lot of great stuff after that's still going now. But it's generally considered to be not the done thing to dig up a thread for a quest that's been completed for six years.
No. 125730 ID: afdebc

Eh, there's a reason dis threads don't normally get locked or archived like quest threads. If new readers want to discuss completed quests, or share their reactions or feelings, or express appreciation (or criticism, etc) it's the most appropriate place on the board to do so.
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