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File 130833414690.png - (135.48KB , 902x753 , liam is pissed again.png )
38128 No. 38128 ID: 9cb4b3

For Hatchquest, Silvermoon/Foot Delight, Pony Adventures: Star Glitter and all the rest.
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No. 38131 ID: 9cb4b3
File 130833508020.png - (373.02KB , 1920x1080 , Pixar face.png )

>Oh wow we're really going to argue this then.

>There is a world of difference between a parody which---mocking the source material or just being playfully affectionate with it---puts in effort to be good itself, vs parodies which play up the awfulness and pretend that that's funny, rather than, say, awful.

>Examples of the former: some of the Goblin Choking Quests (Rand's, in particular); many of the April Fool's quests (helped immensely by most people parodying quests they like)---the true Deep ending (which, based on the art, might even have been Beakie!) in particular.

>Beakie's Silvermoon-grade stuff is more Pyst than Airplane!

I always try to make Silvermoon surprisingly awful. For example, in the poster I just made up for Doki Doki Heartthrob Foot Delight, they're making the dreamworks face. It can't just be awful on it's own, it has to be terrible but in a way that isn't expected, so it's hard to do successive Silvermoon threads because after a while it starts to get predictable and that's less funny. If it's not funny then it's not a successful silvermoon thread, and I really think my own choking goblin thread was my best silvermoon so far. I still kinda chuckle to myself whenever I think about "Doc Brown Bible Mysteries."

The current silvermoon thread needs a bit more time, but trust me, it's going places. I talked the plot over with Bitequest ages ago, and things are planned, I just decided to start it out by parodying Romanticar, BG's art style and a number of things I can't stand. I don't actually read Romanticar so it won't stay tied to Romanticar for long, and honestly anything similar beyond this point is going to be because of anime cliches or just Reaver being predictable.

Silvermoon is also parodying myself more often than not. I think I might have explained this before but Silvermoon never has any original ideas, and honestly? Neither do I. There's a lot of shots at myself in Silvermoon, even if not everyone gets them.

The "True" deep ending was my april fool's quest, we all did each other's quests that year. I had a lot of fun with that.

But yeah. Silvermoon isn't trying to be Airplane!, it's trying to be The Legend of the Titanic. Something so awful it's hilarious to watch.
No. 38133 ID: 835a2d

>I just decided to start it out by parodying Romanticar, BG's art style and a number of things I can't stand. I don't actually read Romanticar so it won't stay tied to Romanticar for long, and honestly anything similar beyond this point is going to be because of anime cliches or just Reaver being predictable.

So not only do you not respect the 'source material', you don't even know anything about it.

Yeah, this is going places. It's going to be hidden.
No. 38135 ID: 9cb4b3

I know about it. I read all the posts that had been up at the time I started this current thread and I've read some of the previous threads from when they first were posted and quite frankly I don't care for any of them. I know Reaver and I know how Reaver generally runs Romanticar and his other threads (especially that animal crossing one) and honestly, I think he's a terrible author who can't keep his fetishes out of his quest. Oh hey, guess what this Silvermoon is about?

I don't respect the source material though, no. That's why it's a parody and not an homage.
No. 38136 ID: 835a2d

Except he has grown as an author. And without respect, a parody is nothing more than an attack, a strawman erected (With little to no effort) and set ablaze. It's shit. On every level. Every time you run one of these, you lose more of my respect.
No. 38139 ID: 9cb4b3

I don't run silvermoon for respect. I run silvermoon because it's funny, and so long as people keep laughing at it I'll keep running it. If something as silly as Silvermoon gets you all in a huff, you're probably not my target audience and not generally someone whose respect I worry about having.

And really? I don't think he's grown, at all. Every single non-romanticar quest he has authored has gone from a potentially good story to sexual/romantic hijinks and faffing about to the point that it kills the plot entirely and he gives up, "leaving forever" for two days, two months to almost a year before he comes back and does the whole thing over again. The Romanticar Quests all follow the same basic formula and all they have going for them really is the pretty art, but once you get past that, there's just nothing there but Reaver fulfilling his romantic fantasies, whether or not the posts actually want the character to do that.
No. 38140 ID: 2563d4

Well if you're going to quote me, I'm going to point to >>/meep/16358 since Trine covered it all there. The one thing I have to add is:
>That's why it's a parody and not an homage.
That is not what those words mean.
No. 38143 ID: 835a2d

Eeeeexcept the first Romanticar ended with a healthy relationship with a person outside the family. 20XX ended with saving a Hikkikomori from herself. 58 grew as a person and a character, and it was a really fun journey.

Again: Without respect, a parody is little more than a badly-don insult.
No. 38148 ID: b57bb5

>Gnoll respects Golem Quest
No. 38149 ID: 835a2d

At the very least, enough to draw the characters he lampooned on-model, including Mordre.
No. 38150 ID: b57bb5

>implying text quests characters are ever on-model when drawn
No. 38157 ID: 7aedd2

Just noting my approval/support for Beakie.

Also Trine shut up.
No. 38159 ID: 400170

Dear Trine: Shut up.
No. 38160 ID: 2563d4

Cool argument bros. I believe the correct response is "no u"?
No. 38166 ID: 9cb4b3

I would rather you two chime in more than just "Shut up trine." I mean, I like to hear what people think, not just that they don't like what others think.

But Rocco and crew aren't the characters in Doki Doki Heartthrob Foot Delight, they're Nicci and Nacco. Nacco is a cuteblin and Nicci is a new version of Preston "Strider" Strifecloud from the previous silvermoon threads.
No. 38189 ID: 835a2d

It would be more accurate to say you're... trying to lampoon Reaverquests? Maybe? I have no idea what your aim is other than to create something entirely repugnant.

What offends me the most, perhaps, is that you have evident ability, and you're just wasting your time on this... I won't even dignify it by calling it tripe. It's shit. Yes, you made it shit on purpose. Yes, you put effort into making it shit, beyond even garden-variety feces. But guess what? It's still shit! How utterly mind-blowing that when you make something that is complete and utter crap that people will tell you, yes, it is crap, and not the entertaining kind either. Because the entertaining kind is usually accidental, or has some redeeming factor. Naw, this is just you vomiting onto the board with 'mockery' of an art style with is entirely different from what you're 'using' (Have you even looked at Master of Magic?) a 'mockery' of writing that only exists in bad fanfiction, and a level of quality so incredibly low the only thing lower is Alceris, because it is literally impossible to be lower than him unless you actively troll other quests. Which thankfully you haven't done.

What you have done is put forth time and effort into making something terrible, then putting something terrible on the board, then acting like this is an accomplishment, as if being repugnant is good and interesting. It's not. You don't try for So Bad It's Good, it just happens. What you can try for is to make something entertaining, what you can try to do is learn more about Reaver's usual plots and characters, what you can try is to respect other people's work even as you're pointing out how intolerable it is. Because erecting a facade of something you truly hate, putting forth such a terrible piece of work, will get you nothing, except maybe a few people who are simply ecstatic to see you working here at all, and those who enjoy swimming in bile and spewing it onto the board.
No. 38190 ID: 7aedd2

See here's the thing. You are offering opinions, which ultimately mean little. And since we're both non-authors/artists on the board, ultimately our opinions weigh about the same, so watch as I offer some counter opinions to yours. You find Beakie's work to be repugnant. I find Reaver and all his works to be repugnant. You say you are offended by Beakie's ability and yet his choice in this project... I likewise find myself heavily disappointed in reaver's obvious artistic capacity and ease while he chooses to spend his time on reaver-fetish-quests that attract fanboys like yourself and make everyone else either cringe or laugh in derision. In fact, pretty much everything you're ranting about and calling Beakie terrible for I feel much the same about Reaver and his quests. Are you sure you aren't actually talking about him?
No. 38191 ID: 835a2d

No, because Reaver puts forth actual effort at being good at writing, good at art, and in fact is trying to make up for past performances with his current offering. He just happens to be better at romance than... anything else. Which has earned him a reputation, somewhat earned, of using his quests as a masturbatory aid.

Also, I am an Author, just not an artist. I'm the writer of RAM vs GAC.

Anyway, my point here is that just because you make an effort to make something shit, doesn't magically make it good - Congratulations! You made a shitty quest. Mission accomplished.
No. 38192 ID: 7aedd2

I think it'd be better to be successful at making a shitty quest than to be reaver being unsucessful at making a decent one. You think he's good at romance, writing, etc? Well you're a text-quest author, so that does seem to offer some explanations for your deficiencies. But since I think I've made my point insofar as OPINIONS EVERYWHERE, all else ought be taking to the Big Dumb Arguments thread. But I don't post there so you can rail against someone making fun of your precious quests in peace.
No. 38203 ID: 15b51b

I like beakie's gag quests, but I also hate them.
Also, Trine is boring.
Also, there's no such thing as drawing text quest characters on-model. The model is not drawing them.

>I always try to make Silvermoon surprisingly awful.
Well then mission fucking accomplished.
I was the guy who replied to the end of your goblin choking quest with "Fuck you!"
No. 38205 ID: f7ae22

I think the few updates of Foot Delight so far are amusing, but I have an issue with it. Things like the 1920x1080 image size or the Japanese updates make it harder to actually read the quest, so they shouldn't go on for very long.
No. 38210 ID: 835a2d

>Better to succeed at failure than to try for greatness.

No. 43583 ID: 11bbf5

Okay, since Hatchquest really just makes me depressed every time I look at it, a few folks in IRC have convinced me to put it on hiatus to get out of the Catch 22 that is Hatchquest at long last.

So, soon, I'm going to try running an actual session of updating like once a month or whatever for once, but I want to know which quest you guys would rather see me try to run a session of.

A) An Astranian quest, following an astranian planetary governor and the other heads of his executive branch. At least partially inspired by Metal Wolf Chaos.

B) Cosmic Space Magic quest, a sort of Spelljammer-ish universe featuring a group of cosmic mages. At least partially inspired by Cosmic Marvel. ("Mages" would be "Anyone with powers" in this case, so it won't just be wizards firing beams at each other)

I'll still continue silvermoon either way, that'll probably update more when I get back into updating this other stuff. I actually have some "good" ideas for that.

So yeah, Astranians or Cosmic Space Adventures?
No. 43584 ID: ec0bf5

B for sure.
No. 43585 ID: 3bad4c

No. 43586 ID: 4e4483

Anything that isn't another quest involving someone else's creations. I think you'd do better to not shackle yourself to someone else's constraints for a change. Then again, I'm heavily biased on this matter and strongly dislike fan works on a general basis for being a waste of good creativity, so...

No. 43587 ID: 5eea01
File 131730640752.jpg - (92.87KB , 1366x768 , magicka-wallpaper-01.jpg )

Cosmic Space Adventures, but only if the crew are all like this.
No. 43588 ID: fc1f7f

Cosmic Space Magic.
No. 43589 ID: 3b202e

B, tho A is REALLY tempting
No. 43590 ID: 1444d5

>Metal Wolf Chaos
Automatic A
No. 43591 ID: 11bbf5

None of them will look anything like that.
No. 43592 ID: 2563d4

This, sort of (i.e. B).
No. 43594 ID: 742815


As I have said a number of times, an original setting would do you very well. As such, B is my choice. Magic in space? Potential for Jack-Kirby-circles is off the charts
No. 43602 ID: 11bbf5

Kirby bubbles are a must.
No. 43604 ID: cfa804

I'd be more interested in seeing what Beakie came up with on his own, even with outside inspiration. B.
No. 43605 ID: b79855


Astranian presidential mecha action sounds awesome, but Cosmic Space Magic Adventures isn't something I am willing to not vote for.

Plus there's nothing stopping you from adding tiny angry furries to that.
No. 43606 ID: b6edd6

I vote for both.

Magitech power armor wizard president IN SPACE!
No. 43607 ID: 3bd8ec

I vote for not Astranians.

So B.
No. 43611 ID: 0d095c

Most certainly B. The Astranians already have EVERY ADVANTAGE. They are NOT getting President Michael Wilson as well!
No. 43612 ID: 178c80

B because yeah.
No. 43615 ID: 11bbf5

I'd still like to run that quest eventually, even if not now.

I think it'll be a lot of fun.
No. 43622 ID: 1444d5

Off topic rant:
I fucking hate those things. Really. Fucking. HATE. Even when they're done properly (black-on-coloured-field, edges well overlapping, very thick coverage) they look awful. When they're done like most artists do it, a few separate black circles on solid colour, it looks unimaginably shit. I actually feel physically ill looking at them. The resemblance of Kirby Dots to any sort of even vaguely stylised lightning is precisely dick.

Yes, I indeed mad.

No. 51992 ID: 21807b
File 133571912273.png - (157.81KB , 766x789 , mister and missus bael.png )

Yeah guess what hasn't changed in months!

So here's the update, I couldn't bring myself to put Hatch on hiatus and tried to barrel through it to the end. That was super successful! no wait, the other thing.

Still toying with those two quest ideas, I have some concept art for the space magic quest done but it's all in my sketchbook and I have no scanner, and this is some concept art for the astranian one.

I actually want to do this one more than the space magic one I think, but I'm not sure. I suppose I could do both. Since I'll probably actually be, you know, inspired to do these unlike hatch it'll probably update a lot faster anyways, plus I'll be out of school soon.

And to be fair, the people who voted against the astranian quest idea strictly because they're astranians just makes me want to do the quest way more somehow, like a +2 towards the astranian quest rather than a +1 to the space magic quest. Not that the votes really matter anyways, I just wanted to see what people thought.

Oh, these two are Mikeron and Jodith Bael. Mikeron is the counselor-elect of the arid world, Jalmas, one of the three leaders of the planet along side the counselor-elder and counselor-noble, and Jodith is his first lady, so to speak. You can ask them questions in ITQ if you want.

For the space magic protagonist I have been indecisive as hell regarding his coloration and his name, all I know is he is going to be bee-themed and his girlfriend (Who I'm pretty sure is going to be named Dixie) is going to be bird themed and I have a bit more down for.

Other characters for the main party are of course the redesigned Tienaye and one more I don't think I should talk about before I post an image of. I'll draw them all later this week or possibly little individual shots much sooner if I get ITQ questions that don't relate to what they are currently doing (as that'll be revealed in quest)
No. 85667 ID: 0bbe50

No. 96470 ID: a4b20c

I was really hoping that there will be a new chapter coming I enjoyed the story line and would really love to see how it plays out
No. 96471 ID: a4b20c

Sorry for a double post but i was referring to hatch quest specifically
No. 97109 ID: 8340ec

Maybe someday but I wouldn't count on it anytime soon. It'd be more likely to be a comic.

I've been on the verge of starting a new quest for a long time now but I continuously procrastinate.
No. 97151 ID: 8340ec

Okay, so I've got two quest ideas in the wings and maybe seeing what people would rather see would give me more motivation to actually start one.

The Astranian Jackal quest idea "The Fate of Numaset" has changed a lot in details but also hasn't changed much in concept, due to how the astranian planetary governments work being nailed down. Still going to be jackals in robots, but from what I wrote down years ago now and looking at it today it looks more like a mix of Armored Core V and Metal Wolf Chaos, with astranians.

My other quest idea is a fantasy quest called "Knights Errant" with the three main "Knights" actually being mages with the abilities of the three main sources of power in the setting: Life, the Elements, and Astral. And because it's me, the main character would be the kobold apprentice and servant of a dragon.

Cosmic space magic quest has just kinda died in concept as I literally didn't know anywhere I could take it.

Vote here:

No. 97245 ID: 8340ec
File 145340027025.jpg - (139.67KB , 519x254 , knights-errant-logo-tests-four.jpg )

Okay, Knights Errant has solidly won. Where would you like to see the quest ran?

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