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File 130821560035.png - (80.21KB , 600x800 , darlingdarling.png )
37994 No. 37994 ID: 950529

Rocco is an average highschooler who lives a happy life together with his twin sister Ricci - until she suddenly disappears to a private all girl highschool without saying anything! Determined not to give up on her Rocco takes on the guise of a girl and enrolls as well. Will he be able to restore their relationship while he lives the life of a girl at the prestigious Beaton Maidens Academy without being discovered?

Read and participate every day, only on /quest/ !

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No. 38007 ID: ebf89e

What's with the sword? That's freakin' me out. D:
No. 38008 ID: 4183c9

It's symbolic of Rocco's PONOS.

Also I'm concerned that Rocco has gotten off too easy. The lack of compromising situations now might cost him later.
No. 38012 ID: b65457

I think Reaver has most certainly shown a lot of development as a writer in this one. He's playing the long game and seems to have a pretty good idea of where things are headed. It's definately going better than Romanticar Revolution - which I feel was like the Alpha build of Redemption here. We havn't been seeing a lot of SUPER ZANY HIJINKS, but that's fine, since it allows for a more satisfying build up. It kind of reminds me of early in Romanticar Original, where he wasn't in a big rush to get to end (a problem which hit all the other Romanticars, imo). He's definately matured as an author (though by how much remains to be seen) and I sincerely hope he can keep this one up long enough to finish before he gets frustrated or bored with it.
No. 38016 ID: 35e1a0

rocco needs to find the real sword and pull it from the stone. and then use it's power to get all the bitches.
No. 38017 ID: 4183c9

You mean he needs to manipulate the entire school horny beyond belief and then whip out his dick? As much as I like that plan, I prefer the one where Rocco suffers greatly for my amusement.
No. 38018 ID: 875f9c

The background is Beaton Academy's insignia.
No. 38020 ID: e12f51


this. if I see another sickawesome quest get buried in the graveyard because the author got tired of it, or some kind of half-assed attempt at a proper end, I'm going to choke some bitches.
No. 38022 ID: 234c26

Yeah, I have to agree that I like the lack of total zaniness here. With numerous updates it doesn't feel like it slows down the story, and it provides a sense of semi-realism which really helps with getting into the plot. Certain previous Romanticars have generated a near-constant "what the fuck" reaction from me when I wasn't just facepalming, so this is a vast improvement.

Playing things close to straight (given the plot and genre) and giving them time to develop could make this into one of the best quests in a long while, as long as it doesn't break down.
No. 38025 ID: 07416a

Rocco should tell Rachel he has a big secret, but reassure her that it's a harmless one and just ask her to kinda ignore his eccentricities.
No. 38031 ID: e12f51


is the big secret in his pants?
No. 38033 ID: 4183c9

I'm pretty sure THAT secret isn't actually all that big.

...Although if you want some hard data on that, we should direct Rocco to the Doctor's for a scientific measurement.
No. 38036 ID: 400170

I'm noooot exactly sure why this is titled 'Redemption'.
No. 38049 ID: 7aedd2

I believe it's a subtle reference of the author begging this site's forgiveness and looking for redemption after going total drama and quitting it and questing forever and then making his own site before now coming back with the same old stuff.
No. 38052 ID: 4183c9

Personally I think it just continues the tradition of Romanticar sequels self-consciously using generic and overly common movie sequel subtitles, without any deeper meaning.
No. 38064 ID: bccf7b

He had a site? Where?
No. 38065 ID: b72ce8


I totally missed this. has it been recorded?
No. 38068 ID: eab1be

Whatever. We love you, Reaver! We love you in scary, dirty ways.
No. 38071 ID: 4183c9

I'm sorry, but unless Reaver is a cat, I cannot love him.
No. 38079 ID: 07416a

No. 38088 ID: 950529

hey everyone, chapter one has just ended, and it's been great.
thank you all for participating and being good sports, and thank you for all the kind words.
i am indeed trying to put build-up and character establishment/development over gimmicks and rushing out a story. ive just been following suggestions and everything has rolled into place without any planning or strategy on my part (except for the introduction/setup).
usually the romanticar titles arent really related, but as correctly guessed this one is called redemption because its my attempt at redeeming myself after abandoning friends, quests and fans when i abruptly left about a year ago. ofcourse its also called redemption because rocco is trying to redeem himself after not paying attention to his sisters feelings.
however a lot of you seem new, which is also wonderful, and im glad you enjoy the quest.
for my other works, check the wiki
im quite happy with all the quests ive done.
in the year ive been gone i did some comics on entervoid.com
if youre into perverted furry things, i did some things on furaffinity as linked above, which also links to a tumblr page full of terrible pokemon things
so thanks for participating and heres to many more awesome chapters
No. 38089 ID: 835a2d

It's like he spun himself a coccoon or something when he left

It's awesome
No. 38093 ID: af72f6

This is going pretty great so far, Reaver. I'm hoping this Romanticar finishes. Looks like I've got another quest to follow.
No. 38098 ID: b65457

Man, I decided to come back for a little peak after like, 2 years of being away. I couldnt ask for a better time. I'll be following closely.
No. 38103 ID: ba573c


Glad to have you back, man.
Also the Mudy Quest references make me all happy inside.

(ALSO ALSO, WAS THAT A MUDY-ANALOGUE I SPOTTED IN THE BACKGROUND HERE? http://quest.lv/kusaba/quest/src/130802799279.png)
No. 38104 ID: 8e9742

Anyone reading the parody quest?
No. 38106 ID: 3a5756

Anyone NOT reading the parody quest?
No. 38107 ID: 4183c9
File 130830952631.jpg - (307.28KB , 850x565 , Pallas-Cat-MPC0059.jpg )

What parody quest?
No. 38109 ID: 2563d4

The thing Beakie does where he sees something he considers crap, so makes his own more-crap version.

You know, the habit that increases the crap levels on /quest/.
No. 38114 ID: 3a5756

>The thing Beakie does where he sees something he considers crap, so makes his own elaborate parody version.
>You know, the habit that increases the LEVELS OF AWESOME on /quest/.
Fixed for ya, bro. No need to thank me. No really.
No. 38116 ID: 8e18cd


I'm sorry Lionsphil that your humour glands were amputated at birth.

It's parody in the same manner as Choking Goblin, April Fools Switch or Pokeyman quests. I don't see what's so shitty about parody quests.
No. 38117 ID: 2563d4

Oh wow we're really going to argue this then.

There is a world of difference between a parody which---mocking the source material or just being playfully affectionate with it---puts in effort to be good itself, vs parodies which play up the awfulness and pretend that that's funny, rather than, say, awful.

Examples of the former: some of the Goblin Choking Quests (Rand's, in particular); many of the April Fool's quests (helped immensely by most people parodying quests they like)---the true Deep ending (which, based on the art, might even have been Beakie!) in particular.

Beakie's Silvermoon-grade stuff is more Pyst than Airplane!
No. 38118 ID: 6a5a08

"Making something that is bad on purpose - and not bad inadvertently, which is my usual process - is a whole-body thrill. It goes hard against every natural instinct to write this way. It has the delicious and irresistible texture of sin."
— Tycho, Penny Arcade
No. 38119 ID: f5e4b4

Ok, that's enough. If you people want to argue about Silvermoon, make a discussion thread for Silvermoon, or go argue about about parodies and their quality in the BDA thread.
No. 38162 ID: fde91d

>however a lot of you seem new, which is also wonderful, and im glad you enjoy the quest.
Yes, this is the first quest that I'm participating in and I'm having a great time. Keep up the good work.
No. 38349 ID: 5bc0af

I think the big question we're all dying to know the answer to is this: When are you going to finish WeaveReaveQuest?

It is imperative that you complete this magnum opus, the cliffhanger you left it on was unacceptable.
No. 38372 ID: 445b4c

It kind of strikes me as odd that a maidens academy has one of the most ancient phallic symbols on its coat of arms.

Could be just a little homage to Knights Blades though.
No. 38373 ID: b65457

So I'm willing to bet that the entire student council are all secretly men.

Heck, I wouldnt be surprised if the shcool already had a fairly sizable male population.

Also, yea. WeaveReaveQuest was some amazing shit.
No. 38384 ID: 529a19

>phallus academy
No. 38400 ID: f5fe2f

You know it doesn't really look phallic to me.
No. 38408 ID: 8f32a4

I've been playing Shadow of the Damned for the past three hours and that map didn't look remotely phallic to me.
No. 38414 ID: 2d15f2

I saw the 8I face. Makes sense, all things considered.
No. 38439 ID: 6a5a08

Bottom left hand corner.
No. 38458 ID: 950529
File 130879974442.png - (31.19KB , 270x583 , bonus.png )

bonus content
No. 38460 ID: f3529a


No. 38492 ID: ebf89e

I would of figured reddit... She isn't weeaboo enough for Gaia. D:
No. 38493 ID: 35e1a0

gaia is where people go when they don't know any better.
No. 38510 ID: 07416a

No. 38519 ID: 223884
File 130891161175.jpg - (31.40KB , 500x389 , HA_HA_HA_OH_WOW.jpg )

No. 38528 ID: 0d7a83
File 130894052012.png - (41.89KB , 800x600 , 124831062512.png )

No. 38540 ID: f5fe2f

This was sweet as fuck and masterfully executed.

And then we mix up the crossdressing by throwing in some crossdressing.
No. 38544 ID: 1854db

This quest is hilarious, and touching.
No. 38628 ID: a41aaf

The ultimate goal: To trap Rachel in the middle of as many hugs as possible.
No. 38634 ID: 2d15f2

Challenge Accepted.
No. 38694 ID: c6f9df

Good to have you back Reaver. I found myself coming here less frequently after you left
No. 38882 ID: 27701c

To be honest, this. I haven't been on this site in forever, and a friend was like, 'You know Reaver's back, right?' and here I am.
No. 38934 ID: 950529

thanks for the kind words, everyone. i'm happy that you're all enjoying the quest.
everyone is participating awesomely.
i'm having a great time running it!
No. 39031 ID: 950529
File 130958875717.jpg - (45.16KB , 374x488 , rocco.jpg )

i have not been feeling too good lately, so updates have decreased in quantity and speed.
let's hope we can get back to regular speed again soon!
No. 39039 ID: 817fe7

Am I the only one curious to see the ROBIN END of this story? Just entertaining the thought.
No. 39040 ID: 3416ec
File 130959266662.png - (172.91KB , 800x600 , rocco_and_friends.png )

>Krystal: "Did you finish watching Lucky Star?"
>Taisha: "Not yet- It's- It is cute th-though."
>Rachel: "Isn't it redundant to watch a cartoon about schoolgirls when attending an all girl school?"
>Krystal: "Should we watching anime about boy schools then?"
>Taisha: "Oh- R- Remember Ouran High Host Club?"
>Krystal: "Hahaha~ Maybe we should start a host club with crossdressers- Though that'd be pretty lez."
>Taisha: "Ehehehe.."
>Rachel: "You two are weeaboos."
>Krystal: "You haven't seen weeaboo, Rach- Come to the arts dorm during anime night."
>Rachel: "No, thank you."
>Taisha: "Ehehe.."
No. 39041 ID: 3416ec
File 130959267393.png - (82.07KB , 800x600 , sneaking_mission.png )

*rustle rustle*

>Sarah: "Man, I have the most nagging feeling that chick is a dude."
>Wheelbot: "All me see are leaves!"
No. 39047 ID: d7b78f


I want the Harem end if possible.
No. 39053 ID: 2d15f2

Get better soon Reaver.
No. 39084 ID: 7c5335

Best wishes, Reaver
No. 39089 ID: 420e12

No. 39102 ID: 950529

thank you very much

i lol'd
No. 39122 ID: 223884
File 130975859815.png - (117.03KB , 800x600 , 130975474271.png )

Yo reavz, hope you get well soon, and not just 'cause I really want Romanticar to update more, but I know how being sick while others depend on you for entertainment feels.

Oh, and before I forget, I believe I spotted an error in a pic.

In the bottom left corner, girl with white hair to the right of black-hairded girl. Her eye seems rather strange to me.

Not a big deal, but just something I noticed.
No. 39124 ID: a5a1cd

The white-haired girl has her own subplot available for investigation, part of which is convincing her that she really needs to stop trying to hide the fact that her roommate is regularly beating her, resulting in her swollen face. There was no art error here, merely a plot hook!
No. 39129 ID: 875f9c

Ah, well in that case TO JUSTICE!
No. 39137 ID: a73969

Yes, Rocco can lend her the orb for a weekend and we'll prepare her in an INTENSE TRAINING MONTAGE. Then she'll be all HOOAH JUSTICE PAAAAAWNCH!
No. 39159 ID: 950529
File 130982229512.png - (56.91KB , 725x1075 , uniform.png )

well, guess you should investigate next time you see her.
No. 39187 ID: 9f9c78

Oh cool.

I can finally put my finger on who Krystal reminds me of. If Rachel is a cat, then Krystal is a fox. A mischievous fox. And she's kind of growing on me, I must admit.
No. 39218 ID: 878b59
File 130993818256.png - (50.56KB , 400x300 , take_this.png )

My mind went there and back in 30sec.
No. 39219 ID: 45be60

go read Mudy Quest, and THEN tell me what these girls remind you of. :<
No. 39270 ID: 1444d5

Forget love octagons, Rocco's romantic entanglements can only be fully mapped to a Calabi-Yau manifold. He'd better start taking classes in 11-dimensional hyper mathematics.
No. 39379 ID: 950529

>They were named "Calabi–Yau spaces" by Candelas et al. (1985) after E. Calabi (1954, 1957) who first studied them, and S. T. Yau (1978) who proved the Calabi conjecture that they have Ricci flat metrics.

No. 39436 ID: d6ae01

You are too educated stupid to understand four-dimensional love cube.
No. 39455 ID: f5fe2f

Why is everyone trying to make things complicated? They just need to get to work on it.
No. 39459 ID: 950529

my bad, i often forget parts of what i plan to write while i'm drawing, so some suggestions and questions don't get a proper response.
i should start writing the update before i draw it
and in notepad so i dont lose it either
No. 39478 ID: d7b78f

I'm curious as to the scale of this quest. Will it cover the entire school life of Rocco? With some time skips of course, otherwise it would take something like 4-20 years IRL to finish the quest. Or will it be something like a few weeks to a month or two where all the major events occur. Cus the effort put into some of the suggestions reflect this confusion.

Like should we care about getting a cell phone vs full school uniform and living supplies. A cell phone now means we can communicate to people quickly and easily, good for a short term quest. School supplies and clothes means we can adapt to long term school life early. Or is this all still in the air.

Because I'm kinda split between a short term quest = I try to get Rocco molested in /ss/ fashion by Robin, then go to our sister or Rachel after she gets bored of us. Though honestly if this is the case I would like Rocco to stay with Robin. OR long term where we take serious consideration into his school life and student council activity's.

I honestly cannot think of a middle ground.
No. 39527 ID: 950529

the focus of the quest is peoples feelings, which will be affected by every single action, big or small. every suggestion, advice and whisper will shape Rocco's view on things, and every action he takes will shape how other people view him and possibly how they view other things as well. it might be visible, it might not be visible, since not everyone expresses themselves openly.
the goal is to help rocco develop until he can take care of himself, or get him involved with someone (or more) else who can take care of him and help him develop. the quest will also end if rocco is screwed over bad enough that damage is permanent. so the quest can keep going forever or be over quickly, depending on where it goes.
when in doubt over what material possessions to get, think of the emotional response rocco and other characters might have.
No. 39533 ID: 40cb26

There's also the matter of how much will happen time-wise from our perspective and how much time will be skipped. Right now it's taking thousands of posts to get through a couple days and that is probably less than sustainable. It would be good if you dropped a hint on that issue for us.
No. 39536 ID: 950529

timeskipping implies nothing interesting happens. but during a timeskip, you also can't make anything interesting happen. rocco will default to all the easiest actions.
life continues.
the timeskip never ends.

however, this is a quest about a boy crossdressing in an all girls school where he becomes part of the student council while his twinsister is in love with him with the help of a supernatural orb full of unstable voices giving him advice. it's interesting all the time!
No. 39548 ID: 950529

about suggesting direct lines to be used in dialogue:
im happy to see suggesters really getting involved with the characters, but usually the lines provided are not something that rocco would say. obviously that makes them difficult to use.
your suggestions have a better chance of being used (at least partially) if instead you talk to rocco about the points you want him to bring up. then rocco knows what you are trying to say and can attempt to fit it into a conversation.
No. 39574 ID: e75de4
File 131029890414.jpg - (29.98KB , 400x400 , 580.jpg )

>Ms. Appleby
No. 39587 ID: 5dece2


I don't get it. :c
No. 39623 ID: 875f9c

I'm glad you do because that totally went over my head.
No. 39629 ID: 950529

quest on indefinite hiatus while i rethink how to run it
No. 39633 ID: 875f9c
File 131036421859.jpg - (77.75KB , 521x621 , VaderNo.jpg )

No. 39634 ID: 2d15f2

Really? I thought everything was going so well, too.

What are you considering, bro?
No. 39636 ID: 950529

I'm considering different formats. Like simple easy to make format for unremarkable situations, something for inventory and needs management perhaps, and then using flash for more cinematic updates that use more than a single image. I'm just gonna take my time figuring that out.
I went into this not planning a thing, but it grew and now it deserves a bit more attention.
No. 39638 ID: a3dd57

No. 39640 ID: 2d15f2

Reaver writing a visual novel?

No. 39641 ID: f5fe2f

I don't think it really needs any change of that nature.
>Like simple easy to make format for unremarkable situations
As far as I'm aware, nobody's complained about the current update rate.
>something for inventory and needs management perhaps,
Inventory could be helpful, I guess, but it wouldn't need more than a frame of "here's what's in your bag". And even then, that's only if it comes up as a thing that matters, which it thus far hasn't.
>and then using flash for more cinematic updates that use more than a single image.
Flash would be cool sometimes, but it's in no way necessary, the current system linking youtube music works fine, at least for me.

>I'm just gonna take my time figuring that out.
>I went into this not planning a thing, but it grew and now it deserves a bit more attention.
You'll forgive us for our concern I hope, but in the past "indefinite hiatus" has meant "It's over".
No. 39642 ID: 950529

I'm also reconsidering my approach on suggester involvement, story depth, pacing, etc
Issues previously mentioned in this thread and more are easily explained by me not planning anything and being easily distracted.
If I can figure out an optimal approach and stick to it, that should provide more consistency which in turns helps people get more involved.

Or something. I'll figure it out somehow.
No. 39644 ID: f5fe2f

>I'm also reconsidering my approach on suggester involvement, story depth, pacing, etc
This stuff seemed to work fine as it was. Pacing and suggester involvement were without flaws. The story isn't extremely deep, but it doesn't really need to be, and in fact greater depth might just make it harder for most people to follow.

>If I can figure out an optimal approach and stick to it, that should provide more consistency which in turns helps people get more involved.
I think that updating consistently does far more good there than any elimination of natural fluctuation in storytelling.
No. 39645 ID: 40cb26

Err... my only advice? Don't get tooo hung up on "getting it just right" and be ready to settle for something that is "just good enough". Because that is a thing that can really kill good quests!
No. 39649 ID: 223884

Honestly, don't fix it if it ain't broke.

The quest is quite fine as it has been going. Inventory isn't much of a concern, flash would be cool, but unnecesary.

Basically, we don't care much about the format. It's fine. What we care about is the story and interaction as that is the biggest point of the quest and takes center stage. So far, it's been smooth sailing so don't sweat the small stuff.
No. 39651 ID: 202e3b

I think the quest is going fine as it is, but, of course, I'm not seeing any of the behind-the-scenes work going on on your end. Hope the hiatus isn't too long, though, this has been one of my favorite quests to watch.
No. 39656 ID: 543375

At least don't stop us in the middle of a chapter!
No. 39659 ID: 890be7

Hmmm... I can kind of see where the worry is coming from in this, what with us still being pretty early in the whole thing, despite how long its been going. If you're looking at matters of pacing, you need to consider the overall length of the work in question. We are still early in the first act, which would imply that this would go on for a long time, but it may seem as though things are just dragging instead. Reaver typically makes Romanticar quests fairly short. Conversly, the way things are going with this one, it would definately qualify for a long-runner standing if it keeps up this pace - this may be causing some conflict with his or our expectations.

We can't even timeskip all that much at this point given that we still have a lot of important establishing work to do. We have to go to classes, go to clubs, all that fun stuff. We need to go through at least another day or two before we can even dream of jumping ahead or fast forwarding, and that could take a long time at this rate. If Reaver has any plans for mid or late game, that could be quite frustrating for him.

If Reaver wants to step away from the project to re-evaluate how he wants to handle it, then more power to him, I say. If he wants to do flash and stuff and figure out new ways of handling his quest, again, that's his buisness. If he decides to do some other quest, again, all him. I just hope its not the last we hear of him or Redemption.
No. 39679 ID: 40cb26

>If Reaver has any plans for mid or late game
I think the point here is that Reaver doesn't have any plans. He established the characters and the setting and stuck to them but gave zero thought to how things should turn out. Which has some benefits I think, but if anything keeps going strong without any steering or breaks it will eventually crash and burn. I imagine he doesn't want that kind of thing to happen (again) so here we are.
No. 39682 ID: 950529

That's right. I'm not trying to get it just right, but as it is now it's not good enough.
A lot of the issues that are going on I am hiding from all of you; That's why it may appear like there's no problems, but I have narrowly avoided crashes several times now. I tried to just keep rolling, but since the same issues keep popping up, it's obvious I need to change something.
What exactly the problem is and what exactly needs to be changed is what I am thinking about.
That said I really appreciate everyone's involvement and devotion! You're a great audience to work with.
I hope I can get Romanticar up and running again soon, but haste makes waste.
No. 39695 ID: 75bcc0


>haste makes waste

agreed. do your own thing at your own pace. it'd take way more than a little hiatus to make /quest/'s giant throbbing internet penis to grow flaccid anyway.
No. 39718 ID: 383006

You should probably plan out some vague framework of where you want the story to go. Important events you want to happen and potential ways that encounters can turn out. This doesn't mean railroad - just a light sketch of a plot that you erase and revise based on what suggesters do.

I personally think this is relatively fundamental for running a quest that doesn't suck.
No. 39937 ID: 543375

Can you draw us some art to tide us over?
No. 40633 ID: 950529

hello everyone
the quest has started again!
i'm just going to try out some things, but hopefully it will go smooth enough that it's not noticeable.
lets all continue having fun!
No. 40651 ID: 098289

No. 40655 ID: 832499

Cool and here I was thinking you were going to be gone forever again. It's good to know you still love us ;_;
No. 40797 ID: 950529

as you have probably noticed from how weak and slow updates are, i am not doing too well, but i'll try to update at least once a day.
No. 40860 ID: 16511e

Can someone explain the Romanticar thing to me? Are they all related in some way? I know they're the same artist(s), but I was trying to read through some of them in the archives and get a little lost trying to get from one thread to the next. Have any fanatic fans made a wiki or anything like that? :)
No. 40861 ID: 2b8edc

It's implied they're in some weird setting, but they are mostly unrelated.
No. 40883 ID: f5fe2f

The theme and tone remain constant, but they're otherwise unrelated. I'd not bother with any of the unfinished ones. That leaves three self-contained stories for you. The first Romanticar, though finished, is decidedly less coherent than the other completed ones and the currently running one, but you may enjoy it nonetheless.
No. 40930 ID: 950529

most of them share some characters and make references to the others, but you can read them induvidually.
in order of creation its ( I think )
-Romanticar 2 (unfinished)
-Romanticar 3 (unfinished)
-Romanticar Underground
-Romanticar 2k2x
-Romanticar Supremacy (unfinished)

Romanticar Revolution is the only one unrelated (and its also unfinished).
Romanticar Redemption is also unrelated.

On another note, I'm going to try to stick to just one update a day, but make them more thorough.
No. 40980 ID: aec835

They're considered "unfinished," but they all get to the point where a relationship forms so I was ok with it.
No. 41051 ID: 950529
File 131233779298.png - (64.57KB , 1388x938 , familytree2.png )

partially related
No. 41055 ID: 35e1a0

okay then, more then one orb = confirmed.
No. 41058 ID: 7e687b


suddenly, Nicole became much more interesting.
No. 41060 ID: 1963d1

Fiftyeight and Liza had kids?
Since when?! Certainly not in the ending of the quest that's for sure!
No. 41062 ID: 950529

no update today, sorry
still getting my shit together
No. 41063 ID: 35e1a0

since 2k2x.
No. 41092 ID: 950529

So I've been doing one update a day, and it has been pretty cool.
Suggestors have more time to suggest, so suggestions seem more thorough now.
I'm not sure if my updates have also improved since I'm so inconsistent, but it's certainly nice to be able to take a break. (I used to get dehydrated all the time because I'd be like "I'll get a drink when this update is done")
But, the downside is that interaction with Rocco is limited. That sucks because the back and forth between Rocco and the orb was one of the most fun parts of the quests.
So, I was thinking of trying to go back to multiple updates, but this time on a strict schedule. One that determines update time, and a suggestion deadline.
This way regulars will know what time they should check the quest to participate, without feeling rushed or missing an opportunity because they weren't F5ing all the time.
I could also set up a twitter to give updates on the updates.
Might seem overkill, but consistency has always been my major weakness. Hopefully this will help overcome that.
Let me know what you think.
No. 41094 ID: d3ccca

Whatever you choose would be fine with me. I really enjoy your quests, especially the Romanticar series, so I love that your continuing it.
If you do decide on a specific time could you mention what time zone it is in? Because all the quests I follow seem to update at 4:00 in the morning...
No. 41098 ID: 950529

Thank you very much, very happy to hear you enjoy the quest!
I'm in GMT+1. I noticed most suggestions happen between 10PM and 4AM for me, so when I was updating in sessions I tried to hit that sweet spot.
On a schedule I'll probably try to get a bit earlier than that. I can be flexible but sleeping during the day can be impossible sometimes.
No. 41424 ID: 543375

Don't mean to be rude Reavs, but where have you been lately?
No. 41486 ID: 2d15f2

Can someone give me a breakdown of our current short and long term objectives?
No. 41707 ID: 4ec732

The twitter idea sound good
No. 41709 ID: b22452

reavz has obviously been harvesting the nightmares of children as ammunition for his Terror Cannon™ so that he can wage war on the fiends of the 345th dimension.
No. 41842 ID: 5be394

No. 41903 ID: f25cc9

And in a month or two, all will be forgotten while we play the next Romanticar quest.
No. 42146 ID: 950529

Hey everyone
As you've noticed there have been no updates.
I figured you were all tired of me going 'okay im doing it' 'wait im not doing it' 'no im doing it anyway', so I didnt want to post anything until I had something awesome to surprise you with.
But, so much time later, I still have nothing good to offer.
Apart from issues that just plain keep me from drawing, I just can't figure out how to handle this quest. Every plan was a bust. So while I don't want to give up on it I'll have to face reality and admit that there will be no updates for the time to come.
I'm very sorry to everyone who was enjoying Romanticar Redemption. I was having fun too and I had a lot more in mind for it. It's sad to leave it like this.
Let's hope the future brings salvation.
Thank you for your support and, again, sorry.
No. 42147 ID: 2ae337
File 131492277814.jpg - (33.01KB , 500x359 , well-this-sucks.jpg )

No. 42149 ID: c7dc56

You could just throw planning and caution to the wind and recklessly use whatever arbitrary suggestions are posted. I personally think a horrible HORRIBLE shipwreck of a quest is better than the disappointment of an uncompleted one.

It'd be interesting, cause it would have the plot and character development of a "serious" quest, but suddenly the fun and spontaneous nature of a "rudy mann" quest.

A better use to throw Rocco at a wall and see what sticks, rather than to let him fall into the obscurity that is the tg graveyard.
No. 42158 ID: 6273c3
File 131493571695.gif - (1.27MB , 319x131 , 127996933061.gif )


Don't cancel it now ;-;
No. 42196 ID: cbc115
File 131499450285.gif - (425.10KB , 240x196 , NOOOOOOOOO.gif )

No. 42198 ID: f25cc9

Yes, Every GM must eventually reach the stage where nothing they have prepared is of use, and wing it, lets go off the beaten path with this.
No. 42489 ID: 2d15f2

You say that every plan was a bust, could you give an example?
No. 42584 ID: 502b15

So, that means no more Romanticar...? What about continuing your older quests, like VoL? It was pure awesome, and I'd love to see the continuation (or a proper closure).
You're awesome anyway!
No. 42819 ID: 1ad1c9

pass the reigns over to someone else?
maybe another person can make this "hip and fresh"
No. 42868 ID: 6af537

If you decide to do that, you absolutely must:
- choose the best questmaster there is;
- dump on him all your thoughts, plans (even those busted ones), ideas, etc;
- still continue to draw the actual pictures. Because, seriously.

Although even then it still won't be the RR we've got used to and love. So, maybe, a compromise between such radical changes and abandonment can be found... like, for example, soliciting help in planning from somebody running similar successful quest(s).
No. 43091 ID: 950529

Aw you guys. Thanks for the continued support!
You do make a good point with rather having a wreck than an unfinished quest. I'll think about it from that perspective.
Maybe doing whatever like in my old random ass quests would work in RR's favor as it is.
Well, right now I don't have time anyway. There's some stuff I have to take care of before I can sit down for this again and it could take a while, so don't hold your breath or you might die. Just have just enough excitement to keep yourself from being sad, ok?
Be well!
No. 43092 ID: 4183c9

A tip from a pro (to wit, a protip): You can never go wrong with hot babes, for such is life in The Zone.
No. 43868 ID: 6e4a04
File 131779598637.gif - (362.23KB , 256x184 , datepisode.gif )

Haha! No matter how much I try, can't get mad at you!

You know, Romanticar (the original) was my first quest. It was the first one I got in touch, but I arrived too late to participate. I read it, anyway. And I really liked it! Seriously! Was captivated by the characters and your drawings!

I read all the other quests and wanted more. Tried to curse you for not finishing some, but found myself unable to do so. My happiness at having met such stories outweighed any disappointment.

Haha! I don't even know if you will read this! Anyway, let me say that your characters, stories and drawings have greatly improved! I mean it! I really would like you to resume the mission... However, much more than that, I want you to do well in whatever you decide to do!

Thank you very much, reavz!
No. 43871 ID: 78b9fc
File 131780383002.gif - (1.64MB , 256x184 , 1196301153291_anonib.gif )

No. 44175 ID: 950529
File 131870088346.jpg - (667.53KB , 600x4050 , preptime.jpg )

I have read your post! And it was very good to read! Thank you very much for your support!

Actually, I have some good news...

Romanticar Redemption is coming back!
I am currently preparing it; My biggest hurdle is relearning how to draw the characters.
<- Here are some sketches.
Just gotta get that under control and we'll be ready to go!

I was also trying to make a Twitter account, but both the names 'Reavz' and 'Romanticar' are taken. If you have alternative suggestions for a recognizable name please share them.
No. 44179 ID: b57910

>Yelling at characters while drawing them
>in the drawing

And this is why we love you
No. 44180 ID: 1444d5

>big 80s hair
No. 44209 ID: 950529

haha hell yes!
and here it is!
i know the quality isn't the greatest, but i thought i'd better just get things rolling again instead of get stuck on the first update.
let's all have fun!
No. 44213 ID: 3fd4fb

Happy times are here again.
No. 44215 ID: d77bf1

Yay! Party!
No. 44305 ID: 15e18a
File 131881561152.jpg - (95.07KB , 500x375 , 127125814991.jpg )

By Rocco's behavior I can say that the orb itself is a potential love interest. The lube, man! The lube! Love this thought, but fear the quest turning into boring and endless pandering and cheap porn. Maybe this would work on a comic or visual novel.

Anyway, inb4italreadyis...
No. 44306 ID: 950529
File 131881893926.png - (365.36KB , 600x1600 , happy-halloween.png )

>You're right, you know what looks delicious right about now? That nice supple neck right next to you. Just marvel at its perfect curve, I bet you could even feel the gentle pulse of blood that courses through her flesh. Wouldn't it be sublime to feast on that crimson elixir? You're so thirsty, I'd bet it would quench it so well...

>Stop that. Rocco would make a terrible vampire.
No. 44307 ID: 3fd4fb

That is ridiculously adorable.
No. 44309 ID: 15e18a

And now we need Werewolf Rachel!
No. 44319 ID: d77bf1


Excellent comic. *nyom*
No. 44344 ID: e3f578

Can I just say it gets a little confusing when Rocco is responding directly to posts without any indication which response goes to which one? And there are so many posts it's impractical to read each and everyone to fully comprehend each update.
No. 44381 ID: 950529

I try to make him respond to each post, but to save you the effort of reading each post yourself, Rocco repeats what is said to him usually in the form of a question.
>"You're saying I should ***? Well, I think..."
That's the intention anyway; I can see where I fail. I'll try to make it more clear in future updates. Thank you for the feedback!
Though do mind that if Rocco is confused so are his thoughts and it's part of the challenge to bring structure to chaos.
No. 44460 ID: 6fa1ef

I can see the intention and I kinda like it, but I do get a bit confused too. Though I like that Rocco gets all confused and muddled at times too--it makes him an interesting quest protagonist.

Oh, and Rocco's so cute. ^.^
No. 44560 ID: 385f21
File 131921533530.png - (190.16KB , 800x450 , 1319214312998.png )

Captions (in Russian):
- Favorite female character
- Favorite male character

Saw the pic, thought of Rocco.
No. 44597 ID: 950529

>but he's a guy

I'm glad you like Rocco!
I admit I am rather fond of Rocco too.

If there's still issues with understanding Rocco, please copypaste the part and explain what you didn't get here, then I'll know exactly what not to do anymore.

As for today's update (October 22), it will not be.
Rocco will see the rest of the student council again.. who are all a bitch to draw again after so long. So I tried and tried for hooouuurrrssss, and now it is deep in the night and I have to admit defeat to try again tomorrow.
I'll try to put in two updates tomorrow if possible to make up for it.
No. 44603 ID: 15e18a
File 131926506763.jpg - (8.06KB , 147x200 , Thor.jpg )

No need to rush.

>but he's a guy
Too late. Rocco already trapped us all. Damn, is he a good kid. Makes me wish for a son like him, someday.

Anyway, I'm really excited with this quest. I find myself wondering what lies around the corners of Beaton.
No. 44771 ID: 950529
File 131951479564.jpg - (236.83KB , 1200x1125 , halloween2.jpg )

hahaha thank you! that's good to hear!

here is some more halloween art of Taisha and Krystal dressed up as Beyond's Casper and Bubblebucket Quest's Epsilon
No. 44807 ID: 950529

No update for today, October 25th, due to size and complexity. So look forward to that for October 26th!
No. 44812 ID: 4ae313

I am amused. Here's to hoping there's an actual Halloween in the story. XI
No. 44836 ID: 950529

The update may be delayed for yet another day.
I'm not taking a break, but I've run into a crushing issue; Everything is taking way too long to draw! It's taking all my time and energy, even though the actual content isn't that big at all.
I don't want to switch back to that simple messy style. I'm trying to move forward, not backward. ...But I might be forced to.
For now, expect more delays.
No. 44837 ID: 950529
File 131966984508.png - (92.57KB , 800x600 , campus.png )

in the mean time, please enjoy these backgrounds
No. 44838 ID: 950529
File 131966985440.png - (162.96KB , 800x600 , office.png )

No. 44841 ID: 1444d5

>dat clock tower
And suddenly I realise where that vague sense of deja-vu was coming from: Ouran, but with genders swapped.
No. 44843 ID: 15e18a
File 131967573726.gif - (498.54KB , 500x285 , mfw.gif )

No. 44933 ID: 0d7a83
File 131975497539.png - (58.96KB , 350x609 , Lemonyfresh.png )

>In west Philadelphia, born and raised!
>In the toilets is where I spent most of my days.
>Cleaning up, waxing, polishin' to,
>and sweepin' all the hallways inside the school.
>When a couple of stains, they were provin' tough,
>were clearly too much for the standard stuff.
>I got a little bit stressed, but then my head cleared,
>and I thought "I'll make some cleanin' products without peer!".
No. 44970 ID: 950529

hahahaha holy mother of fuck
must find way to put this in somehow
No. 45057 ID: 0448b9

I have successfully read all of RoccoQuest.
It was cute. That is all.

*Faints from lack of sleep*
No. 45061 ID: 15e18a

Welcome to our ranks, soldier!

Less subtle now. The Sword in the Stone.
Pulleth Out This Bitch, Rocco! Call Forth the Rightwise of Queen Born of Beaton!

Strive for improvement. You have my support.
No. 45063 ID: 385f21

Now we need to have a picture of Rocco saying:
> I ask of you, are you my Master?
No. 45103 ID: 950529

Thank you, I'll do my best.

With that, more delays as predicted.
I'm very sorry to disappoint! Thank you all very much for your dedication!
No. 45125 ID: 3e8375

I personally am fine with either style. I enjoy both quite a bit, but I deeply understand the need to improve one's skill, so please do whichever makes you happier.
No. 45218 ID: 950529
File 132013017032.png - (81.22KB , 675x900 , call-me-rose.png )

Rocco dressed as How To Be An Overlord's Rose
No. 45221 ID: 9cc919
File 132013828376.jpg - (187.12KB , 608x371 , HNNNG.jpg )

Before I go... I must say... Why? Why do you make us go through such an ordeal!?
No. 45244 ID: 6af537

That mask reminds me of the 3rd Angel's one... And now I'm thinking that Rocco's (and Ricci's) haircut is similar to Rei's, and that if there is a cosplay event, they could go as The Reiquarium...
No. 45385 ID: d004ed

Oh, boy! It's a rival/counterpart that I see in the near future? No! Not the petite boy! The one with slick back hair!

Crush's love rival? Sister's love rival? Bifauxnen, not accepted in Beaton, that sees Rocco as an unpredictable element in her "retribution"? Even more now with a student who was accepted without evaluation, simply by "her" disabilities?

Hahaha! Of course not!
No. 45396 ID: d004ed

>Crush's love rival? Sister's love rival?
I mean, Rocco's rival for Rachel's and/or Ricci's love! But being Rachel's and/or Ricci's rival for Rocco's love is fine too, I guess!

Damn, only two days and I'm already shipping everyone, even character concepts!
No. 45406 ID: 950529
File 132049281584.png - (244.15KB , 600x960 , deadmount-concepts2.png )

Are you talking about this top secret unreleased sheet of Deadmount concepts???
No. 45410 ID: d004ed
File 132049702349.png - (183.98KB , 450x1200 , reverse.png )

Of course not, my kind sir/madam! Lies and slander, I say! I would never lurk brofist in hopes of seeing news of Romanticar Requiem! That's preposterous!
No. 45464 ID: 72d8c7

What ever the hell this is for, it needs a french resistance. And garrotes.
No. 45465 ID: 1444d5

Did the URL change? .info still seems to be not existing.
No. 45468 ID: 950529

It's brofist.me now, eventhough all the banners and what not still say brofist.info
Since the userbase had declined to just #brofisticuffs@rizon.net users I didn't think it that important. But if everyone is going to visit it now that means I will have to update everything! ...Some time.

Now I'd like to address Rocco not responding to everything that is suggested. (d004ed, your 'is that all? so be it' was so heartwrenching!)
Rocco will never consciously ignore a voice! Au contraire, he will try to listen to all of them as best he can. But with the amount of things in his head he has to process, parts of it will inevitably get drowned out.
When this happens not all is lost! Just repeat what you'd like to say to Rocco; either right away, or at a later (possibly better) opportunity.
No. 45469 ID: d004ed

This wasn't my intention... My apologies... I'm really sorry... It's just my way of recognizing that I'm trying to rush things. I will try to act with moderation from now on.
No. 45501 ID: 950529

Don't worry. Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!

This goes for everyone else too!
No. 45563 ID: 0a345b

>"You know what would be really funny? If one of the Deadmount boys start hitting on Rocco."
No. 45564 ID: 0a345b

>"You know what would be really funny? If one of the Deadmount boys start hitting on Rocco."
No. 45565 ID: 0a345b

>"You know what would be really funny? If one of the Deadmount boys start hitting on Rocco."
No. 45567 ID: 04b491

NO! Not enough tweest!

>One of the boys is actually a girl
>She isn't hitting on Rocco, she's having a major crush on him
>She treats him badly because she can't admit her love
>She blackmail and kinky stuff Rocco when she discovers that he is a man
>She actually hits him with a bat when she discovers that Rocco is going out with Ricci and/or Rachel
>She's a man
>She/he is a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere!

Whew! With this all bases are covered, I believe!
No. 45568 ID: e79d6a


Quintuple posting? Jeez.
No. 45570 ID: 0a345b

>"You know what would be really funny? If one of the Deadmount boys start hitting on Rocco."
No. 45571 ID: b6edd6

So the boy is really a girl who is really a man who is really a duck who is really a duc who is really a flea?
No. 45587 ID: 04b491

No. It was a spy all along.
No. 45590 ID: a00394

Hah! You think it is that simple, you have a lot to learn.
No. 45594 ID: 0a345b

Yeah sorry everyone, the site was acting weird for me yesterday, didn't even know it posted all those posts until just now.

I deleted some of them, but I'm unable to delete the others because they apparently are using a different password (which makes no sense).

If a mod would kindly delete the other extras, that would be great. Thanks!
No. 45616 ID: 04b491

Ugh... Rocco's panic eyes and expression is to die for... To die for!

Anyway, Taisha is quite skillful with her hands! No double entendre! She arranged
Rocco's hair by just petting him! Also, her hair is really awesome! She certainly has some talent!
No. 45621 ID: 1e3433

There are so many potential comics in this, Bernard and Alex's parents meeting for the first time, Ken finding out his girlfriend's cousin is also a crossdresser, Bernard/Alex and Franklin/Anne having a double date. Really it just writes itself.
No. 45728 ID: 950529

Hey everyone.
I'm very sorry for the long delay.
I haven't forgotten, though! It is on its way, just very... very...... slowly.
No. 45733 ID: ddc511

Oh you! I was about to burst in tears here!
No. 45861 ID: 950529
File 132198613188.jpg - (110.48KB , 917x200 , shit.jpg )

No. 45862 ID: 55f0cc

Everyone already knew that! The game is awesome! We understand!
No. 45865 ID: 4183c9
File 132199249919.png - (225.46KB , 870x570 , mygoddamnfreeentertainment.png )

Get the fuck back to work before I send your sorry arse to Sovngarde!
No. 45896 ID: 55f0cc

You can't be serious, Calimari... There are too many references to take that seriously...

I prefer to discuss these issues in a way that Rocco can answer them, but I see no problem if any of you prefer a discussion here.

Now, if I may ask, how are you guys playing this? As a voice within an orb or as someone sitting in front of a computer?
No. 45978 ID: 950529

Hahaha! Thank you for your passionate dedication~

Just to clarify, I am not really delayed by videogames.
I won't bother you with excuses though; I'm very sorry for the continuing delays!
No. 45993 ID: 55f0cc

What! Besides Skyrim, I accept very few excuses!
No. 46760 ID: 543375

yo! reavs? you alright man?
No. 46994 ID: 616fe9

He is dead. Because if he is not...
No. 47316 ID: 950529
File 132407567219.png - (145.81KB , 800x600 , 490.png )

YES Your offering is most acceptable.
You're basically forcing me to update!

...Or at least you've forced me to give an update on the update:
Like last time, I didn't want to keep making excuses and only show up with results.. which didn't happen. I've had the update written out for a while now; It's the drawing part that is killing me. Not just drawing Romanticar, but anything at all.
Since this is most torturous, I've initiated the crisis plan: I've ordered a new drawing tablet. It should arrive this month.
Let's hope this is the miracle.

As always you all have my sincere apologies and grand thanks for your support and dedication.
No. 47325 ID: 616fe9

Go enjoy Christmas and New Year. See you next year.
No. 47335 ID: 4183c9

You do realize that sooner or later, some fishy, impudent individual - not naming any names - might update your quest in your stead, with less than reputable content, right?

Someone who is supposed to work on his project but keeps chronically engaging in unrelated shenanigans.

Unless you WANT Romanticar Redemption to include, for example:
-indoors RC plane dogfights combined with irresponsible use of incendiary mixtures
-1:1 scale cardboard tank battles with historically less-than-accurate uniforms
-"rap battles", if you know what I mean
-and/or more.

No. 47342 ID: 0d7a83

Do it Do it Do it Do it
No. 47344 ID: b9db2d
File 132415076037.jpg - (44.51KB , 340x340 , ff.jpg )

No. 47396 ID: 616fe9

>It's the drawing part that is killing me.
I do not mind if you do the rest of the quest with just text.
No. 47412 ID: 0583a2


I gotta be honest here. I would stop reading Romanticar if it became a text quest.
No. 47481 ID: 1e3433

Some of my favorite quests are text so I wouldn't have a problem with a Romanticar text quest but switching this quest in the middle would be awkward.
Plus my Reaver folder could use a few more Redemption pics.
No. 47557 ID: 2c5c7d

I don't know if it would work as a text quest. Part of what goes on in the quest involves catching facial expressions and noticing stuff in the pics that Rocco misses. We couldn't do that in a text quest
No. 47577 ID: 950529

I'm also not that good of a writer. I depend on images to portay a thousand words.

As hilarious as that is, it wouldn't really be Romanticar anymore, now would it? Something like >>357036 however...

I jest, ofcourse, but I do have bad news.
The new tablet was a bust. It's awful to work with, and I'm returning it.
It was pretty much the last option, so.. No way for me to draw, no way for me to update.
Cruel times.
No. 47581 ID: 4183c9

What tablet was it also stop making excuses or I'll have to either draw morally questionable fanart of ROMRED or not draw morally questionable fanart of ROMRED, whichever option actually makes this a punishment instead of a reward?
No. 47585 ID: f208e4

Tough situation. See you later, then.
No. 47662 ID: 1963d1

Draw some anyway. I'm sure you'll come out on top of this situation somehow(?)
No. 47712 ID: 950529

yes, you're right, i shouldn't make excuses
especially now that there is no chance for me to draw normally anymore, i might as well start making a mess
Merry Christmas everyone

either option is a reward
even you just considering it is
foiled again

No. 47732 ID: 6af537

Yay thanks!

>there is no chance for me to draw normally anymore
implies that it was possible earlier. What happened? Let the Voices of the Orb help you with your predicament too, as we do with Rocco's!
No. 47735 ID: 44e06a

I still want to discuss this. How are you guys playing this? As a voice within an orb or as someone sitting in front of a computer? I wonder if I am acting like an idiot.

> Let the Voices of the Orb help you with your predicament too, as we do with Rocco's!
Poor thing.

Reavz, I know I told you to strive for improvement, but do not force yourself. Do what is more fun and enjoyable for you. We are here precisely because of this.
No. 47737 ID: 210977


what he said.
No. 47738 ID: 72d49b

>As a voice within an orb or as someone sitting in front of a computer?
I do not understand what you mean by this.
No. 47739 ID: 453e62

is asking if you are you role playing as actually in the orb.
answer is no.
No. 47741 ID: 72d49b

But what is the distinction between being a voice in an orb and being a neckbeard at a computer? And why do you speak as though they might be mutually exclusive when clearly both are true?
No. 47745 ID: 4183c9
File 132503594736.png - (112.89KB , 1202x495 , allaccordingtokeikakumeansplan.png )

No. 47750 ID: 72d49b

Finish that art for us, please.
No. 47753 ID: eb83a6

>How are you guys playing this? As a voice within an orb or as someone sitting in front of a computer?
To Rocco, there's no difference, as he's interfacing with us (and we with his world) only through the Orb. We are aware of this limitation, and in order to not introduce further confusion into Rocco's already scrambled thought stream, we (should?) act as simply the Voices.
For me, this may bleed through into discussion threads. Exactly how much is entirely dependent on my mood and the discussion topic. A little role play has never hurt anyone. Except when it did, but... yeah.

Also I'll continue to pretend I believe you guys when you pretend to be real people sitting in front of computers.
Meh, I'm just kidding. Relax.
Although you shouldn't have any means to confirm it either way.
Isn't this little game fun? I'd think that Philosophy Club members (at least some of them) would like it. Although they probably already know the right answers.
No. 47758 ID: 950529
File 132506292825.png - (153.62KB , 720x800 , welcome-to-the-SIC.png )

Teehee, I enjoy reading everyone's thoughts on this.
Thank you for getting so involved!

And thank you all for your unwavering support during these troubled times.
As some of you may know, I have always been dealing with health issues getting between me and my art, but I'll adapt. Things will just be messy until I can find a groove again, then we'll all pull through.
For now, fuck good art; let's get Rocco through another day!
No. 47761 ID: 950529

just so we're clear, i really enjoy the things you make, please never stop
No. 47764 ID: e3f578

Whoa dude
her hair was acceptable in the 80's
No. 47766 ID: 1444d5

80s Hair is Best Hair.
No. 48508 ID: 4183c9
File 132710995038.png - (45.71KB , 600x457 , justfivemoreminutes.png )

I'm sure Reaver will update soon.
No. 48532 ID: c9a5ce
File 132716165283.png - (147.34KB , 800x550 , theory-vs-practice.png )

Hang in there, comrade. You're not alone.
No. 49035 ID: 4f5430

Don't assume that just because I have my hands full with Katawa Shoujo that I forgot about Rocco! Come on, so much mysteries to unveil! I just can't get enough of Beaton!
No. 49123 ID: 950529
File 132882885184.jpg - (89.98KB , 729x744 , spike-sketch.jpg )

hey everyone!
im very sorry for not updating! as usual!
i havent forgotten about Rocco either- he's on my mind daily.

shit has been going down reavz-side.
some of you may know -- i dont remember if i actually mentioned it here ?? -- that throughout 2010-2011 my health just kept getting worse, until finally killing my ability to draw/quest completely. tried lots of new approaches, nothing worked..
but then!
end of the world?
just like the death tarot card means change, the year begun with a sudden flip in my condition!! health is getting back on track, baby!
good news! good news!!
but-- doesnt that mean that quests are back on track too?
no, silly, after being handicapped for years, i have a ton of shit to do to get my own life rolling. that includes finally turning drawing (comics) into a career, and going to art college (part time?).
i'm fucking swamped!

so i went from inactivity due to inactivity, to inactivity due to activity.
what is up with that!!

anyway, once i get everything set up-- well, will i still have time left to do things..?
ANYWAY, health is no longer a problem, so once time clears up, there'll be nothing standing between me and romanticar.

love that guy rocco and his crew, they the real deal, cant abandon them, or you all, loyal readers and participants, true Gs all of you.

so keep the faith!
twenty twelve represent! year of change!

p.s. picked up paper+ink again after years. what will that mean for quests?? who knows?? absolutely nothing maybe??? leave a comment, thumbs up and subscribe
No. 49125 ID: 16a987

Glad to hear it man, I'm happy for you and take your time, nothing good comes from rush
No. 49127 ID: 9c7c3b

Unless it's a Blitzkrieg.
No. 49129 ID: 4f5430

No need to say more, there's no way to be better than this. I mean, your health is improving and you're progressing in your career and studies. Furthermore, the quest can benefit greatly from this. Now you'll have time to improve your drawings and find new ideas. It's like Christmas and birthday at the same time. With divorced parents... Or some other thing that duplicates gifts. Anyway, godspeed and don't die on us!
No. 49706 ID: 7d7f79

I can't wait... the horrible, horrible reveal that most of the girls at this school aren't girls will be duly epic and hilarious.
No. 54499 ID: 410a04

No. 54543 ID: 8346d2

I'm also wondering if he's well. brofist is down, we can do nothing but wait for some news.
No. 54572 ID: 52a564

reavz is still alive, he has his own channel you know
No. 54576 ID: a2db4e

Maybe some day... Reaver will love us enough.
No. 54653 ID: 8346d2

Actually, I didn't.
No. 55988 ID: 694782

hey guys, there's been a bunch of ups and downs, plans made and lost, etc, so it hasnt been the uphill track i was hoping for.
however, i'm still in a better condition than before, so i cant complain. i'll just take it slow for now.

about my channel, there's #brofisticuffs irc on Rizon. i'm usually there.

thank you all for the continued support, even after so much time.
No. 55997 ID: 1f8505
File 133944823006.jpg - (64.37KB , 415x523 , brian_blessed.jpg )


No. 55998 ID: f387a1

Hey there! As you can see, we just can't stop bitching.

Fuck, now I want a quest narrated by Brian Blessed.
No. 56048 ID: 6f8a53


Take your time! Your health is more important than anything.
No. 56235 ID: 694782
File 134016772377.png - (745.10KB , 2250x900 , romanticar-redemption-promo_resize.png )

Thank you!

This is for you loyal fans.
No. 56239 ID: 92c81e

No, thank you!
No. 56250 ID: 771d02

No. 56261 ID: f387a1

I love you! Your work, I mean! You don't even know how much!

I think... I can endure and wait a little more...
No. 56274 ID: 71d68e

As usual, I love Krystal's expressions.
No. 56284 ID: df6252

But what do we unloyal fans get?
No. 56287 ID: 1f8505


Dishonor upon your household.
No. 63070 ID: 868262

Hey everyone,

It's been a long time.

I think after all this time I should accept I won't be able to continue RoRed properly. I'm going to stop thinking about it and move on.
This unfailing hope that one day I will suddenly pick it up again will never leave my heart, but I shouldn't let it keep me from doing other things.
I'd like to try to run a new quest, something light and simple. We'll see.

Thanks again for all the support from everyone. ♥ I'll miss Rocco and the gang just as much as you.

P.S. I've been updating reavz.tumblr.com as my main place, in case you wanted more Reavz in your life.
No. 63096 ID: 286a64

Don't worry Reaver, take your time. When you are ready to share your stories with us again we will be here :)
No. 63122 ID: 9e628e

Good luck.
No. 63272 ID: 15d77b

Ah well, thank you for your time, reavz. Was great reading your stuff.

As for running a new, simpler quest: You probably don't want to go do anything fancy with your setting just yet, so may as well start with a generic fantasy world. You know, goblins, dwarves, elves and... kobolds. Actually, why not make the kobold the protagonist? Nice and simple. Lets make him a bard too, to give it a bit of a twist. Now, cause we don't want to become complex, we're gonna have to compress multiple characters into one. I've got this neat idea from an old quest, involving romantic interests and family members and a cat...

Just joking! Looking forward to whatever you do in the future! Good health to you, boy princess!
No. 63273 ID: 15d77b

Ah well, thank you for your time, reavz. Was great reading your stuff.

As for running a new, simpler quest: You probably don't want to go do anything fancy with your setting just yet, so may as well start with a generic fantasy world. You know, goblins, dwarves, elves and... kobolds. Actually, why not make the kobold the protagonist? Nice and simple. Lets make him a bard too, to give it a bit of a twist. Now, cause we don't want to become complex, we're gonna have to compress multiple characters into one. I've got this neat idea from an old quest, involving romantic interests and family members and a cat...

Just joking! Looking forward to whatever you do in the future! Good health to you, boy princess!
No. 63340 ID: 4a1394

Perfect time for me to make another passionate declaration about Romanticar... If I didn't know that it could send you on a guilt trip.

It may not be what we wanted, but it's a closure. Actually, I'm relieved. This quest shouldn't be remembered as something unfinished, expectations and promises to hold you back, but as a great time we had together - and for that I can't thank you enough.

Anyway, more than anything else, I'll always wish the best for you. Take care.
No. 63894 ID: e677ca

What's the problem?
I mean I would love to help you if at all possible but don't understand what the problem is.
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