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File 129300156353.png - (101.06KB , 500x500 , OAK.png )
28696 No. 28696 ID: a6008c

OAK: Hello everyone, and welcome to
the wonderful world of tgchan!

Here, we have a wide variety
of original characters,

as well as many interesting
settings and worlds!

Of course, we won't be using
any of those last ones.

This thread is for the discussion
and education about these

magnificent creations and their place
in the world of POKEMON!
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No. 28697 ID: a6008c
File 129300178243.png - (90.08KB , 500x500 , Route2.png )

Firstly, and most importantly,
is the humble ROUTE 2.

Here, we normally find the

But we won't be finding them
in this playthrough!

So today we need to find out
what sort of characters should

replace these weak and generally
uninteresting beginning POKEMON!

Some kind of 2 stage beast type
creature seems ideal for RATTATA.

Maybe a 3 stage flier of some type
should replace PIDGEY?

I leave the fate of GNOME in your
hands, tgchan!
No. 28698 ID: 4c2d52

Mice from Squeegy's quest. .evolves into >THAT ONE ADORABLE RAT GIRL FROM GNOLL'S QUEST

Mulder from Tiffany the necromancer. >Evolves into JIM CROW
No. 28699 ID: a6008c

>Rat Quest
This sounds good, but I'm gonna need a link to it.

Actually that is a general rule of thumb. Link to a thread the characters you are suggesting appear in. It would help a lot!
No. 28700 ID: 8bbd68

http://quest.lv/kusaba/quest/res/218779.html The Rat from this Ratquest?

Looks like a good choice to me.
No. 28701 ID: dad664

Baby Hatch -> Kid Hatch -> Adult Hatch
No. 28703 ID: 423100

Might be a bit too strong for start, but can be toned down I guess.

We could start with the dream version
No. 28706 ID: 9cb4b3

Drew should eventually evolve into Blacksoul from Bitequest.

There's not a lot of quest characters I can think of that would make for good evolutions though. Well, Hatch would work like some guy said above and so would Ikar but I'm not going to toot my own horn.

Oh, Tav would definitely work. I'd love to see an adorable little chirping tribble lorhke babby use TACKLE. And Roz would work from that Venji quest. Hell, we've seen Babby Ven too, start out as a little tadpole and work her way up to her main form...

Let's see...

Drew -> Skull King (Mudy) -> Blacksoul (Bitequest)

Tadpole Ven -> Ven -> Cyborg Ven

Ruby -> Third Eye Ruby

Babby Lorhke -> Tav -> Flamethrower Arm Tav

Bats from Fortune's Call -> Kyaos -> Regenerated Kyaos

Fossil -> Ganneda (lawl)

Roz -> Big Roz -> Dragon Roz (all from Venji)

Demesi, of course, would be a LEGENDARY CREATURE...

Spikesby could evolve into that tougher version of Snikt from Bitequest, but the player would be discoraged from doing so because the Light Talon makes him overpowered but he can only use it while still a spikesby...

Oh shit, Elite Four... I'm going to put my vote up for Seal, Lucid, Slowpoke, Weaver and Champion Bitequest. Haha, Reaver can head Team Brofisticuffs instead of Team Rocket...

Oh but wait, we're supposed to be talking about Route 2, right? Then yeah, Murder -> Jim Crow and Mouse from Mice Quest -> Nezu from Gobbo Quest will work for those.

Shit, the four ponies should replace the three legendary dogs... Must stop going off on tangents...
No. 28708 ID: b6c6fc

>Reaver can head Team Brofisticuffs instead of Team Rocket...

YES! Reaver totally has to be giovanni

hmmm, on another note, evalutions seem to be kinda wierd, no matter how you look at it
No. 28709 ID: 9cb4b3

Yeah, but it's the way the game goes...
No. 28710 ID: 9cb4b3

Oh, I forgot Donkey Flare -> Flare (CBSF) -> Flare (Bitequest)

Also Fluffbud/Fluffball -> The Fluffy
No. 28711 ID: 8f247f

Tezakians are the new Pidgeys. They become flying/fire in their final stage.

Tezakian = flying
Lian = poison
Diuban = ground (replacing Tauros?)
Klis-Khar = bug

evolution chains

Beardbeard > Champion of Xom > Godbeard
Ruby > Third Eye Ruby > Mutant Ruby With Eyes Everywhere
No. 28712 ID: bf1e7e


I agree with babby tezakian -> Tezakian -> Sekanizakian for pidgey, or alternatively Tezakian -> Sekanizakian for Spearow.
No. 28713 ID: 9cb4b3

The Fluffballs should be a Safari Zone pokemon, a bunch of them in a circle who then merge together to become THE FLUFFY when it evolves. The Fluffy's pokedex should say that it gathers more and more fluffballs to increase it's mass, sometimes growing as large as mountains.
No. 28716 ID: a6008c

Reaver has said many times that he never wants any of his works to be involved in projects like this, so him and his works (such as Mudy, Romanticar, and himself) are entirely off limits.
No. 28718 ID: 754124

I think Mulder/Jim Crow should correspond to Spearow/Fearow due to evolution numbers. Also I think that Jim Crow should be that version from the fanart thread or wherever with the huge penis.

Pidgey et all should be a three-step, and ideally the final form should be fairly awesome and have fabulous hair.
No. 28719 ID: 35cea2


What's he gonna do? Whine at us?
No. 28720 ID: 754124

Also I would have said Drew->Grampa (Tiffanyquest)->BlackSoul(Bitequest)
And Ruby would evolve into that aberration ruby rip off in that furry quest with the ruby rip off that I don't read.
Obviously, any quest with a rabbit is a furry ruby rip off.

BeardBeard could only evolve into himself, really.
No. 28721 ID: 754124

Just because he's being a fag about it doesn't mean we shouldn't respect his faggy wishes.
All though a Team Brofisticuffs does seem to good to pass up, and as far as I know, he's only said not to use his characters, nothing about his likeness or his empty chan.
So Team Brofisticuffs, the team dedicated to romance which may or may not include incest. But none of it involves Reaver's characters.
No. 28722 ID: e3f578

If it's called Team Brofisticuffs it should be Q who is Giovanni.
Adept and Reka as James and Jesse.
Brom is Brock right?
No. 28723 ID: 9cb4b3

Okay, so we have Team FistPound lead by a man named Riovanni.
No. 28724 ID: e3f578

Also one of the Ruby evolutions should be Marine Ruby. Three-eyed ruby is okay for the 1st evo though. Point is I think these starters should always be recognizable from each evolution.

BEARDBEARD staying the same throughout each evolution could be a joke. Drew should just grow undead sharks on his feet then turn into well fuck I dunno Killer Whale jetpack?
No. 28727 ID: 644ca1

So, Ruby -> Third Eye Ruby -> Marine Ruby?
Sounds pretty solid, maybe marine ruby should gain the fighter type making it psychic/fighting.
No. 28729 ID: 754124

BearBeard's second evolution should have his mutations visible.
No. 28734 ID: 1963d1

Are we seriously considering Marine Ruby? It couldn't be something a little more... relevant? Like... I dunno, Barbed Wheel Ruby or something?

(Not to assert that Marine Ruby isn't relevant. Marine Ruby is ALWAYS relevant. Just thinking more along the lines of the story, and perhaps an expected psychic Pokemon evolutionary pattern. (Good god, this comment got longer than I intended.))
No. 28758 ID: 0620e3

Marine Ruby could be an alternate evolution line. Like.. hold some stone or something and it'd give access to it.
No. 28759 ID: a6008c
File 129310608629.gif - (25.57KB , 395x389 , RubyPirate.gif )

Marine Ruby is stupid. It's PIRATE RUBY, you plebians.
No. 28762 ID: 8f247f

Ruby and 3-Eye Ruby use the hook as a weapon. Mutant Ruby With Eyes Everywhere has hooks for hands.
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