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File 128466593533.jpg - (150.63KB , 1024x768 , JQ_discussion_image.jpg )
23278 No. 23278 ID: 3416ec

Hello folks! Since this is the very first quest I've ever done, I'm looking for feedback and constructive criticisms. I want to make this quest a good one, and I welcome anything you can offer.

Also, feel free to discuss plot matters here too.

OP pic was requested by Shot.
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No. 55941 ID: 1f8505

Yet more reference.
No. 55949 ID: 7fa03c

Update, plaeeeeeeese...or else you know what will happen
No. 55956 ID: 1f8505


No. 55958 ID: 1f8505
File 133936306498.png - (216.58KB , 1280x800 , ltcmdr_jacobe_reference_sheet_clothed.png )

No. 56417 ID: 1f8505
File 134066941950.png - (78.24KB , 526x800 , sarah_character_reference_sheet_clothed_color.png )

Hastily colored Sarah ref. for Idiom.

Subject to change later if the colors bug me.
No. 56431 ID: 1f8505

Oh hey look another reference sheet.

Just a couple more to go.
No. 56443 ID: 36562b

At last!...but this wont save sarah tonight hahahah!
No. 56622 ID: 1f8505
File 134109270781.png - (154.69KB , 1280x800 , sis_character_reference_clothed.png )

Changed the name.
No. 60690 ID: 1f8505
File 134730123346.png - (12.27KB , 882x880 , Bathroom_graphic.png )

Just wanted to clarify that the bridge bathroom is a unisex bathroom. Rob kind of obscured the graphic on the front.

Apologies for any confusion.
No. 61174 ID: 0b214d


Question, as players in the quest what are we and what role do we have? Are we just helping in an advisory way and such, or can we do other things? Like for example, doing a psychic equivalent (effectiveness could be decided by a dice roll, per individual poster) of a punch/kick/attack to whatever the hell is the source of Sarah's hallucinations?


Hallucination: "Wooo, freaky stuff, ahoy! Come to meee!"

Quest-Players: "Hold it right there, criminal scum! Get her!" *hallucination is rushed by a mob and psychically beaten down and ejected out of Sarah's mind*

Sarah: :D "Thanks, guys!"


Of course if that makes stuff too easy, you can always limit the amount of help, besides advice, we can give.
No. 61176 ID: 1f8505


You, the players, are Sarah's subconscious and as such able to offer suggestions, ideas, strategies, and instinctual actions. You can't really force her to do stuff against her nature though, e.g. "rub your boobs on everything" or "kill yourself." At least within the realm of what is realistic.

Instinctual actions refer to when something happens suddenly and Sarah needs to react instantly, such as a bulkhead is falling on her and the suggestion "JUMP OUT OF THE WAY!" is made, she is going to jump out of the way.

Psychic powers are based on Sarah's physical and mental capabilities, at least for now. There may come a time when you (the subconscious) can directly use her abilities, because I find that idea interesting.

Hope that addresses your concerns! :)
No. 61179 ID: 0b214d


It does, thank you. :)

Anyway, do we necessarily have to have access to her psychic abilities to be able to defend her mind?
No. 61180 ID: 1f8505



Depends on what happens in the story!
No. 61181 ID: 0b214d

You're a tease. :p Anyway, I look forward to the update when it comes...
No. 64886 ID: 9f7b7f

update faaaaster!
No. 65020 ID: ad76be


hooray~ :)
No. 65054 ID: 1f8505


Just be patient, I'm chipping away at it.
No. 67402 ID: ad76be

why is that window so fragile? shouldnt ship windows be super ultra thick or something??
No. 67403 ID: 5d98c3

Amateur spaceship designer here! Why would you have windows on a spaceship? Couldn't you just have Telescreens attached to Hull Cameras?
No. 67404 ID: ad76be


but that's boring.
No. 67405 ID: 9ee360

Well, those are no good during power failures. Or if the computer glitches. Or if the cameras or screens are damaged, both of which are generally more fragile than the not-glass you should be making spaceship windows out of.
No. 67406 ID: 5d98c3

Well, apparently someone decided large fragile windows were far more sensible than either cameras or anything-but-a-massive-structural-weakpoint. Like the construction crews in Dead Space 2.
No. 67407 ID: 5d98c3

Hold a tick, why do you NEED windows on a starship anyway!? When the hell are you going to be doing navigation at orbital speeds by sight?
No. 67408 ID: ad76be


well it is a civilian ship, so I guess the peoples like looking out at things?
No. 67409 ID: c59939

real men use transparent aluminum windows, but put the bridge and other important bits in the center where hull breaches can't affect it.
No. 67411 ID: bf54a8

actually it was explained in irc, the windows ARE basically indestructible... from the outside :V

it spreads the force evenly across whole pane, but from the inside there is no counter pressure so it overloaded it.
No. 67412 ID: ad76be


No. 67413 ID: f2c20c

That is not what indestructable means. No matter how you shape the material, a bullet will do way less damage than a micrometeorite.
No. 67416 ID: 1f8505

It's a Plot Window. It's cracking due to all the dramatic tension.

(seriously though, it's just a really shoddy window and this ship is a giant bucket of bolts)
No. 67457 ID: aeaf2b


somenbody is gonna get fired over that window... or a lawsuit!
No. 67754 ID: 4d1d8e

hey, so when are you going to update? really want to see what hapens next!
No. 67759 ID: c92d04
File 136151953380.png - (21.79KB , 505x442 , I like law.png )

Did someone say LAWSUIT?
No. 67767 ID: 1f8505


No. 67777 ID: 5d98c3

It's me. I'm a lawyer specializing in faulty construction. Look, Sir Briggz assigned me an appearance, so by god I have to use it.
No. 67935 ID: c59939
File 136177779106.png - (109.73KB , 676x513 , Devin.png )

200% canon view of Devin's head behind the beard
No. 70979 ID: 58038b



lol this is the best.
No. 70982 ID: 095c28

now another two months before the next update
No. 70984 ID: 11a38f


I hope not. somebody threaten anon44's kneecaps if he doesn't update soon.
No. 71001 ID: 1f8505


No. 74567 ID: 794a2b

Kneeee caaaaaps
No. 74572 ID: 1f8505


I'm working on an update, honest!
No. 74593 ID: c3454d

re you sure they are the kneecaps? I'm sure I said porn of Sarah...
No. 74605 ID: 1f8505


...is that you, Pudding?
No. 74691 ID: 60ad76

i thought his grammar made it obvious. also threats of sarah porn.
No. 79086 ID: 1f8505
File 138981968111.jpg - (124.75KB , 750x366 , psu_bulbousbots.jpg )

New Wheelbot design is courtesy of sketches Psuedonym did for me.

No. 79087 ID: e9e331

the wheelbot army is almost complete sir, soon the world shall be ours for the taking.
No. 79090 ID: 955dc5

What will it take to have a pikmin army of wheelbots included in a chapter.
No. 79096 ID: 2784bd

Do want!
No. 79100 ID: 1f8505


Probably getting to the Engineering section and finding the large cabinet labeled "MAINTENANCE ROBOTS."
No. 79594 ID: 1f8505
File 139202069296.png - (27.94KB , 800x600 , June_200.png )

So hey! Upgrades are now a thing!

Also, this marks the 200th update panel I've drawn for June Quest. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for sticking with me this far. Hopefully I will update faster and get this thing going at a better pace.
No. 79830 ID: 1f8505
File 139313621696.png - (65.15KB , 915x714 , seets_character_sheet.png )

Forgot to upload this.
No. 79834 ID: a87e3a

That sideways-pointing foot is too thick.
No. 79838 ID: 1f8505


Yep. Another thing for me to fix.
No. 81884 ID: 2bfcdf

The "Patient Zero" in this case is a crazy psion who is most likely killing people then raising their corpses in various forms. Nobody's been bitten then turned, the zombies just showed up and forced the survivors to hole up somewhere. There's no evidence that people can turn into a zombie without dying first. Also, we've seen that at least one zombie is controlled by the psion, which implies that the others are indirectly controlled at the very least.

So. No contagion, no galaxy-rending outbreak. Calling this a threat to the galaxy would be ridiculous even if it WAS spread by bites or whatever, because any trained military squad would be able to easily take on these zombies. They are vulnerable to bullets and aren't even faster or stronger than normal. The only galaxy-threatening zombie plagues would be airborne and produce smart zombies that aren't immediately obvious as zombies so they can infiltrate security and further spread the plague. They'd have to be physically superior in some way just to turn a profit off of killing people, too.

Oh, and don't bring up necromorphs, they aren't zombies.
No. 81891 ID: e3aff6

They probably wouldn't be able to end civilization, but if they make it to a populated area they would likely be able to take out a city or two, which would still be pretty bad. A military force can fight the zombies as they are now, but as well as the zombies mutating there is the matter of another psychic attack to turn the soldiers into more and better armed zombies. (We have not yet established whether the mass zombification was a one-shot event that missed a small minority or a continual effect that a small minority are immune to.) The doctor's logs also indicate that the psion can disrupt electronics on a ship-wide scale, which combined with the zombifying attacks would leave them only vulnerable to a group of people who are immune or to long range bombardment.
No. 82417 ID: 45e338

That man has no nads!
No. 82447 ID: 1f8505
File 140280290413.jpg - (39.71KB , 800x441 , its_only_a_model.jpg )


It's only a model.
No. 82583 ID: 1f8505

Act done. Time to work on drawing better.

Also, no more GIMP. Gonna be using Manga Studio from now on.
No. 82584 ID: 45e338

Will the uguuuu~ kawaai desu desu pantyshot quotient rise because of this switch, or will things remain suitably western?
No. 82585 ID: 1f8505


Manga Studio is a great drawing tool that has a ton of options that GIMP or Sai do not offer. So things will stay Western, as it were.

Besides, Sarah can't have pantyshots in slacks.
No. 82590 ID: 4a20fa

>You were using GIMP previously
Jesus Christ, you masochist, Anon.
No. 82597 ID: 1f8505


It was a couple years ago, and I was broke. I had to make do. :\
No. 82600 ID: 889404

>Besides, Sarah can't have pantyshots in slacks.
I believe that is what is known as a challenge.
No. 82602 ID: 1f8505


No. 82604 ID: 9dd1ee

>Besides, Sarah can't have pantyshots in slacks.


as you can clearly see from this evidence
Sarah very clearly CAN have a panty shot while wearing slacks!

and as you yourself commissioned these pictures, you were well aware of this
and in fact wanted such a thing to happen!
No. 82605 ID: 1f8505



Let the records show these are considered "wardrobe malfunctions" and not real "panty shots." In the traditional sense, panty shots are when the clothing remains fully intact and the underpants are exposed.

If an actual panty shot were to occur with pleated trousers like the ones Sarah currently wears, either the trouser waistline would need to be low enough for exposure, or high enough for exposure (the latter being statistically unlikely).

Defense rests.
No. 82606 ID: 9dd1ee


Tsk, Tsk I see the defense continues to lack evidence

please review this TV Tropes article
there is NO requirement for clothing to be intact, only for the Panties to be visible

>either the trouser waistline would need to be low enough for exposure
am I to take it the defense is admitting that a pantyshot while wearing slacks is possible in this manner?

and since the defense's original claim is "Sarah can't have pantyshots in slacks." I take it the defense is admitting defeat.

since the defense failed to provide evidence in even this regard the Prosecution will oblige.
note Sarah's visable panty waist line
No. 82612 ID: 1f8505


Defense moves to plead the 5th.
No. 83164 ID: 1f8505
File 140419989480.png - (111.39KB , 1284x804 , sarah_1_2.png )

Working on redesigning Sarah.
No. 83165 ID: 0f858a

i'm seeing a worrying lack of sweaters, anon.
No. 83167 ID: 483d7f

Sheesh, give Anon44 a break, anatomy is hard. First you have to make sure the bones, muscle and other stuff fits together properly, and the skin has appropriate features. Once that's done you can finally work on putting cloth and hair over it.
Depending on how far into the process they are it might be premature to put underwear on her, let alone outerwear. That means you'll get your sweater when Anon44 is good and ready for it, if they want to, and no sooner.
No. 83223 ID: e1609c
File 140428076187.png - (110.38KB , 1284x804 , a quick fix.png )

I fixed the eye
No. 83227 ID: 1f8505


This is some Woll Smoth stuff right here.
No. 83285 ID: ba8629

Rule of thumb for eye placement is to keep one eye-width worth of distance between the eyes.
No. 83286 ID: ba8629

Also, careful with noses. They're hard to draw the same way twice.
No. 83299 ID: 1f8505


Good to know.

Man, don't I know it. I spent a lot of time redrawing noses.
No. 86732 ID: cb63f0

so i've reread this quest and I noticed something: it seems everytime Sarah gets contacted by the entity in the ship, she gets a new power. so far these are the encounters:

~medical bay - telekinesis
~elevator - telepathy
~dream sequence - self heal

confirm or deny?
No. 86787 ID: 1f8505


Hmmmmmm! Interesting relation you've discovered!
No. 88786 ID: 1f8505
File 142171140308.png - (439.23KB , 1823x1678 , Sarah_Reference_Sheet.png )

New character sheet.
No. 88873 ID: a08637

>outfit: blouse, sweater, slacks and shoes
commando mode confirmed.
No. 88887 ID: 1f8505


I didn't list underpants because I thought it was obvious that they are worn.
No. 88888 ID: 6c42b7

Too late! Commando mode is now Double canon!
No. 88890 ID: 1f8505


No. 88892 ID: a19cd5

GET confirmed, it's TRIPLE canon.
No. 88899 ID: 1f8505


Also nope.

It's almost like I have to post the underwear reference page.
No. 88901 ID: 88960e

Where do you think you are.

Of course you need to post panty refs.
No. 88905 ID: 1f8505
File 142208776202.png - (35.38KB , 318x259 , mysterious_thumbnail.png )


This is all you get.
No. 88910 ID: 066a87

You decided to make her boobs bigger?
No. 88924 ID: 1f8505


Not really, no.
No. 88945 ID: a19cd5

It's an optical illusion brought on by her patented FÜtureCrappe® Suctionsweater©, now in select retail outlets across the galaxy!
No. 89023 ID: 1f8505
File 142285358380.png - (502.53KB , 1868x1808 , Lt_Taylor_Reference_sheet.png )

Another one down.
No. 89057 ID: 1f8505
File 142326753039.png - (501.79KB , 1774x1823 , Lt_Cmdr_Jacobe_Reference_Sheet.png )

No. 89521 ID: 066a87

I'm glad they're not red shirts!
No. 89526 ID: 1f8505


There was a time when I was tempted to color them that way...
No. 89897 ID: 1f8505
File 142759167007.png - (687.62KB , 2000x2000 , Cherie_Reference_Sheet.png )

Finally got another done.
No. 89898 ID: 1f8505


Also, that's technically a smart watch. Not a plain ol' early 90's digital watch.

Just FYI.
No. 89981 ID: 2839a0

smart watches are bad and Cherie should feel bad for having one.
smart glasses are where it's at.
No. 90119 ID: 1f8505
File 142847472310.png - (419.46KB , 1680x1891 , Elena_Reference_Sheet.png )

Five down, two to go.
No. 90827 ID: 1f8505
File 143072371211.png - (452.54KB , 1800x1619 , Devin_reference_sheet.png )

Hopefully the last new character sheet.
No. 125037 ID: b5fb67

Why did this thread get bumped? I have a newer one.

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