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File 125178715241.jpg - (73.05KB , 800x747 , Ant Quest Start.jpg )
1816 No. 1816 ID: 6164e0

So, questions, thoughts, whatever about the quest go here.

This is my first quest, so any suggestions to make it better would be nice.
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No. 1817 ID: ed8d8a

my one piece of advice: don't be tempted to make this into another Evo game where every new critter we eat magically grants huge mutations. Every now and then is sorta fun, and small changes are fine, but I personally want the story to be about ants, not an evolutionary arms-race where we become some giant hybrid monster.
No. 1818 ID: 6164e0

Well, I am still going to give upgrades for discovering new foods and such, but I am following a rule of diminishing returns.

Evolving new strains will always be relatively easy, but trying to make any given strain incredibly potent will be a difficult thing to do. Pretty much the only Ants that have a chance of becoming more dangerous than ants reasonably should are KILLER QUEEN and Hero units (which cannot be made, but earned by a combination of savvy decision and luck)

That might change since the quest is new, but ultimately, I want this to stay on an ant-size scale.

Not sure if that answers your question.
No. 1824 ID: 01383e

guys, I have to wonder- are we using this one hero too much? two beasts it has felled on its lonesome, giving the other warriors no chance to strike. I say the next thing that comes along, we see what everyone else can do
No. 1825 ID: 06fc25


I agree. For the time being, I'd keep Scars of Yesterday on guard duty at the nest until we encounter something our normal/elite warriors can't deal with.

We must also remember that he may be a hero unit, but he is ultimately expendable. The Killer Queen is the only one that truly matters in the long run.
No. 1830 ID: 6164e0

Strictly speaking, he won due to luck. Even in his new form, the odds are not on his side if he tries to tackle a monster that potent on his own again.

It only worked because the creature was distracted that its young had been killed, and the idea to hide under the carcass and swarm it is pretty much the sole reason the ants were able to kill it. Actually getting the ants on such creatures is the hardest part.
No. 1831 ID: 6164e0

And remember, Death on Six Legs have the Proud Warrior Strain Trait. This is something they will frequently attempt when faced with a single foe.
No. 1835 ID: 6164e0

Oh, and FYI, the flower field is indeed HARD MODE.

'Interesting' things will be found as you explore farther and farther from your starting point.
No. 1844 ID: 06fc25

Consideration for the future: Create small auxiliary nests further afield for ants to use as temporary bases. These auxiliary bases would have their own food storage areas so the primary harvesters do not have to return all the way to the main nest, thus speeding up their collection rate, and making it more convenient for them and other ants out on business to eat.

Each of these bases would have wider, straight "ant highways" between them so scout ants can deliver messages quickly and reinforcements can be sent to trouble spots in relative safety. These could eventually lead to a hub base, with its own super highway to the primary nest.

Possibly evolve a "carrier ant" built for speed and carrying capacity to bring food back to the main nest, while sacrificing harvesting/digging/combat capability?

We would probably want to create the Trap Ant breed to defend the bases in addition to garrisoned Merciless/Death on Six Legs.

No doubt this won't be an issue for a while, but it never hurts to plan ahead. Thoughts?
No. 1847 ID: 6164e0


It sounds feasible, but keep in mind the wider you spread, the more you will be ousting other creatures from their habitats/food sources(unless you expand slowly, peacefully and harmoniously, being careful to not take food that other things eat). So expansion will be a bloody thing.

Which is appropriate, seeing as how you are KILLER QUEEN.
No. 1848 ID: 06fc25


Of course. I had no intention of playing nice. If other species don't want to become food than they had better run the hell away or beg to be spared in a suitably obsequious manner.
No. 1851 ID: ed8d8a

I don't see a reason to ACTIVELY hunt other critters. There appears to be food for all here, and we have had plenty of conflict defending ourselves from the aggression of others already.
We will need to expand our foraging radius so we do not clearcut the area around us. I expect there will be opportunities to flex our antly might out there without declaring war on all life.
No. 1857 ID: 961ddb

Name ideas for whenever they might come up: Wrath of the Goblin King, Black Juju, Hand of Fate, Wings of Destiny, Starman, Noble Hatred, Silent Demise, and Forever Fallen.
No. 1867 ID: 6164e0

>Wings of Destiny

Name reserved for when/if you gain a Flying Hero Unit.
No. 1868 ID: 43d730

Suggesting Sweet Lady for an improved version of the Fat Bottomed Girls.
No. 1881 ID: 06fc25
File 125186335063.png - (337.82KB , 517x875 , clay_starman.png )


Step off, buddy.
No. 1884 ID: 6164e0


Video of what the creature attacking the hive can do.
No. 1890 ID: 6faa8c

Questions pertaining to Scar's ability:

Can the blast light things on fire?
Can it blow apart stone? Wood? Soft soil? Glass?
Can a new strain be made focusing on this ability alone?
No. 1891 ID: 6164e0


-The blast is a kinetic wave created by an organic loophole that allows specially designed hollows and bulges on Scars of Yesterday's mandibles to compress air so sharply it briefly becomes a cavitation bubble, which then collapses, releasing light and a concussive wave. It does not produce sufficient heat to ignite most materials. Otherwise Scars of Yesterday, as the origin point of the blast, would be incinerated.
-A standard Stoner Sunshine can blast soil, shatter glass, and really mess with a living creature's internal structure. A full power (all four mandibles) Stoner Sunshine could shatter rock, cause nearby plants to explode as the water inside is vaporized, and generally devastate anything close enough to the blast. The problem is that since the blast is pretty much unfocused, it loses power rapidly as range increases. It is doubtful you will ever encounter an insect that could survive a point blank full power Stoner Sunshine.
-It could be attempted, but would require 2 Upgrade points and there would still be a dice roll involved. Even then, any strain successfully produced with the ability would not have anywhere near the power or Scars Stoner Sunshine. But yes, it could be done.

That answer your questions?
No. 1892 ID: 6faa8c

Most wonderfully!
No. 1895 ID: 6164e0

...I feel the need to make a slight correction to my explanation.

Strictly speaking, for a brief instant (significantly less than a millisecond), Temperatures of up to 5,000 Degrees Kelvin (a little bit colder than the surface of the sun) are produced, but they are completely isolated within the hollows where the sonoluminescent cavitation bubbles are formed. So there is a great deal of heat, but it only exists for a brief instant, and as such Stoner Sunshine is for practical intents not able to set things on fire or enact any other heat based method of mayhem.

Okay. I feel better now that I clarified that.
No. 1909 ID: 6faa8c

>isolated within the hollows where the sonoluminescent cavitation

No. 1919 ID: 6164e0

I am unsure how to interpret this particular use of ASCII imagery.

I will assume it is because you wish you could use the extreme temperature briefly produced when using Stoner Sunshine more directly in combat, rather than just having it be part of the trigger mechanism for Stoner Sunshine.

No. 1920 ID: 7de8b2

I think it is the visual equivalent of: ellipsis, misspelled 'what'.

As in:

... wut?
No. 1923 ID: 6164e0


Okay. While not entirely accurate, you can think of Stoner Sunshine as working by pressurizing air so harshly and rapidly that a tiny sun is briefly made, which is the origin point for the blast. The sun collapses, triggering the blast. Light is released with Stoner Sunshine, but the heat from the explosion does not travel far enough to be useful.

That a bit less Nerd-Speak?
No. 1924 ID: 6164e0
File 125191333375.jpg - (88.60KB , 768x506 , I PUNCH WITH THE POWER OF THE SUN.jpg )

Also, if anyone thinks it amazing that such tiny creatures as Pistol Shrimp (the real life creatures that can do this with a specialized claw) has an insane trick they can pull, know this:

Some Mantis Shrimp punch so fast that on impact they can induce the same sonoluminescent cavitation bubble that pistol shrimp make.


Mantis Shrimp cannot usually be kept in any size aquarium, as they can shatter even thick, break resistant glass without much difficulty.
No. 1925 ID: 789c25

Actually, they can be kept in aquariums, because even though they can shatter the glass, they usually don't.
No. 1927 ID: 6164e0

Huh. I have heard a good number of horror stories about people with giant aquariums getting destroyed by a mantis shrimp. If they don't do it often, then I revise my opinion.

They are still capable of breaking most aquariums if they so choose, though.
No. 1936 ID: 6164e0

Bob finds a migratory ant queen in his house!

No. 1938 ID: 06fc25

Escort it to your neighbor's yard.
No. 1939 ID: 6164e0

Project Completed!

Bob is Amused by these Shenanigans.
No. 1994 ID: 01383e

am I the only one who now is playing simant whenever this quest is active?
No. 1995 ID: 6164e0

I keep forgetting that game exists, and never find the time to find a place to download it.
No. 1996 ID: 01383e

actually, I'm TRYING to find it, and it's very difficult to find a working copy
No. 1999 ID: 6164e0

I know. It is frustrating.

The game was awesome. I loved fighting spiders, even though it was a hopeless cause.
No. 2012 ID: 987386

I'm thinking we should gift the poison spit to Toxic to improve his effectiveness. Plus, it suits his metaphor.

Scars should focus on being able to spam Stoner Sunshine as much as possible, so we need to get him tougher.
No. 2015 ID: 6164e0

1: Toxic cannot have the Poison trait gifted to him, as he is already more poisonous than KILLER QUEEN.

2: Be aware that focusing on just the one method of attack could limit Scars of Yesterday's flexibility in combat.

Also, how is everyone liking the quest so far? Anything you particularly like or dislike?

And what do you think of the whole Valiance thing?
No. 2017 ID: 348cb4

Likin' this quite a bit, Bob, my unfortunate tendency to forget minor details notwithstanding. This stuff's fun!

As to the Valiance thing, it's a neat little concept, makes me think back to Highlander too, heh.

Personally, I think we should try and gift Killer Queen's poison spit to Scars soon, when we've got some more upgrade points to spend. We don't want him dependent on something that's going to sap his energy with every use, and it'd give him a way to do damage that doesn't diminish in output so much at longer ranges, as well as being of a different damage type altogether (possibly even having an over-time component, since it isn't as if it's been tested overly much as of yet).

Also probably a good idea to get Killer Queen a bit more combat experience as well. She's got a diverse range of upgrades, and it'd be a waste to just let her sit in the back ranks and not make use of that potential at least occasionally.
No. 2019 ID: 01383e

so, I am confused. how exactly did politics happen in an ant game? I'm not objecting, but damn that was some transmission there.

Also, as to just general feedback, I like the hunter-gathering portions, and the song/band names. I appreciate any and all scientific accuracy you fit into the quest, and having a diagram here or there helped that.

My complaints are as such: Fuck doodlebugs. Fuck giant hornets. those guys are dicks.

that is all.
No. 2024 ID: 6164e0

Politics happened because I felt the hunter/gathering dealie was fine, but too similar to the already existing Ant Quest on 4chan's /tg/. So I decided to expand. Plus, I really wanted to start making some more quirky and flavorful characters, and that was hard to do when it was just straight up hunter gathering. You could kinda see hints in the more verbose sections of Scars of Yesterday's fights that I was trying to give more personality to the insects.

As to doodlebugs/hornets, yes they are dicks, and you will run into more dicks, primarily because this is a rather different world and culture than our own, where many insects find it perfectly normal to eat other insects for food. When eating your neighbor is an acceptable way to get rid of some munchies, some will just not even bother trying to make nice.

And as to the Valiance thing, I admit I came up with it while listening to Princes of the Universe while reading some JoJo's Bizarre adventures.

And Metallica is a bro.

That is all.
No. 2028 ID: 06fc25

I don't mind the personalities or crazy special abilities, so long as it doesn't turn into Generic Shounen Anime #278, This Time With Bugs!
No. 2029 ID: 43d730

Even if it does, it still has the resource management to back it up.
Everyone but KQ is expendable, no matter how awesome they might end up.
No. 2030 ID: 6164e0


I understand your rather legitimate concerns, so I will make a two part promise.

1: The resource management, hunter gatherer aspect will always remain, so long as KILLER QUEEN does not die.

2: I will not pull bullshit and resurrect dead foes (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, KUBO TITE YOU FUCKING TROLL). The world of bugs is much more brutal than ours, and eating one's fallen foe is a fact of life for them.

That assuage your concerns?
No. 2031 ID: 06fc25
File 125209564599.jpg - (19.70KB , 480x480 , 1251749076697.jpg )

>That assuage your concerns?

You're My Best Friend
No. 2032 ID: 6164e0
File 125209643332.jpg - (51.47KB , 430x280 , Mechazawa.jpg )

Freddie, long time no see.
No. 2035 ID: f21281

...they made a live-action version of Cromartie High?
No. 2036 ID: 6164e0

I don't know. I just saw it when I searched Mechazawa on google.
No. 2046 ID: 6164e0

Really? No one wants to bother writing up some dialogue for Scar's sendoff? I AM DISSAPOINT.
No. 2047 ID: 348cb4

'fraid I'm not much of a writer most of the time, Bob, otherwise I would've tried to come up with something for ya. Could always use this as a pause point if need be and let it roll over until tomorrow, since I'm sure there'll be someone cursing a missed chance at it otherwise.
No. 2084 ID: 6164e0

So have people lost interest in Ant Quest or something?
No. 2088 ID: 6faa8c

what? No.
No. 2090 ID: 6164e0
File 125219027459.jpg - (78.24KB , 480x640 , Metallica.jpg )

'ZEHAHAHA, so it seems.'
No. 2095 ID: b18514

It's moving too dang fast for me. I need to go back and read the whole thing to get caught up, but at the rate it's going I'll either have to stay up all night or get caught in a situation of permanent catch-up. I've lazily chosen the third option of inaction.

So yes, this quest is/was highly interesting, but it's too fast so I'll just find something else. Otherwise I might have written some dialogue for you. I'm into writefaggotry and all.
No. 2097 ID: 6faa8c

No. 2098 ID: 06fc25


It's the weekend, so my other nerdy pursuits take precedence.
No. 2099 ID: 6164e0

HEY DURANDAL, Recap for you, and anyone else:

Crescent colony has been around for 4 hours now.

Attempts to harvest Yellow Flower Nectar/Blossoms were met with violence, which led to a Japanese Hornet attacking the hive. After heavy casualties, the Hornet was killed by Scars of Yesterday, an ant that became a hero unit earlier for killing a dragonfly.

It turned out that the Japanese Hornet was a soldier of the Mandarinian Empire, which rules over most of the flower field.

A small, very fast spider called Motörhead and a giant, powerful beetle called Metallica showed up shortly thereafter, representing a group called The Collective, which has a standing bounty on warriors of the Empire. Scars of Yesterday, after barely surviving from having challenged Metallica to a contest of strength, was gifted a small amount of special fungus called Bohemian Rhapsody, which both strengthens the consumer and acts as a booze-equivalent.

Apparantly, the special trick Scars of Yesterday can do with his mandibles (called STONER SUNSHINE, which is based off of what pistol shrimp do in real life) is something called a Valiance, which is a term for special abilities in the quest setting.

Scars of Yesterday then traveled to The Collective's base with four ants as retinue (one fast one, of the Flash strain, one warrior of the Death on Six Legs Strain, and two large and durable mindless ants of the They Might Be Giants Strain) along with Motörhead and Metallica, to learn more about them and bring word back to KILLER QUEEN.

At the Collective, Scars of Yesterday is preparing to fight in a place called The Fight Song, which is a winner take all arena dealie.

You have now read the crib notes of Ant Quest. Now get back in here!
No. 2101 ID: cdcebc

There! I did it! It took forever, but I read the whole thread.

It was worth it though; this quest is pure, unadulterated awesome. And now I can participate while actually knowing what the fuck is going on. Score!
No. 2102 ID: 6faa8c

I wonder if we can use Sunshine and Aerosmith at the same time...
No. 2103 ID: cdcebc

They seem to draw on different systems: one his energy stores (before becoming lethargic), the other his air reserves (before asphyxiating). He could probably Aerosmith into an enemy before Sunshining them back into the Stoner ages.

No. 2105 ID: 6164e0

That is correct, they do draw on different systems. This tactic would likely be viable, but Scars of Yesterday has never used Aerosmith before, and it will take some time to get used to it.

Hm. Wonder where Ant quest would be if we hadn't gone to the flower field.

I am making this up as I go, because I too know the bitter frustration that is RAILROADAN, and I say fuck that noise.
No. 2106 ID: 6faa8c

Right now it's like One Peice/Jojo meets Sim Ant, and it's AWESOME.

Maybe we should name the Stoner Sunshine/Aerosmith combo.
No. 2107 ID: cdcebc

Aeroshine? Stonersmith? or SunShineSmith?

And that's why I suggested he fight a lower level opponent. He had to use Stoner Sunshine against the Abomination in order to gain understanding of how it works, how arrogant can you be to assume he immediately knows its intricacies and can use it perfectly in combat without even trying it out?

And speaking of which, what's with all this "honor" BS anyway? Ants are the ultimate pragmatists. They aren't nobility in feudal Japan. Our goal is to serve the Queen, not make ourself feel good through our superior morals. We need to prove ourself as a warrior and grow stronger, which requires gaining/improving valiances, and winning BR. Neither of those depend on us participating in 'fair' fights. And we do absolutely nothing if we get maimed or killed in a fight against a higher level opponent because we haven't trained or leveled enough against a lower level opponent.
No. 2108 ID: 6164e0

Proud Warrior Trait: Ants with this trait will attempt to face foes head on, preferrably alone by default.

Scars of Yesterday and Death on Six Legs have this trait.

ergo, Scars of Yesterday disapproves of deception. Doesn't mean he won't use it if he must, though, just that he will try to avoid it.
No. 2109 ID: cdcebc

There's a difference between detesting deception and needlessly showing mercy. Fighting a weaker opponent isn't deceptive; it's brutally honest. "I'm going to beat you because I can and because I need what you have."

Now, if there were guidelines about power level differences in the Fight Song and I wanted Scars to act as though he was weaker than he actually was... then yes, that would be a problem.

But that's not the case.
No. 2110 ID: 6164e0

Okay, you seem to completely grasp Scars of Yesterday's mindset.

Think of him as a viking and a worshiper of Khorne combined: He doesn't care how strong his foe is, he will kill the shit out of them without hesitation, but that doesn't mean he won't respect those who face him without fear.
No. 2111 ID: cdcebc


And with that confirmation, my already healthy respect for Scars has grown even more.
No. 2114 ID: 6164e0

If some people who like Ant Quest could post some album/song/band names I could use to name shit while I'm away, that would be really handy.
No. 2122 ID: 4bc6c2

I'm going to respond to 33bb8b here to keep the quest thread clean.

Your points are all very valid. But I would posit that your examples prove another point you seem to be ignoring. Scars fought those impossible battles because he had to. His will is indomitable, his goal never wavering from his mind. He lives to fulfill his purpose, not to get a really good reputation or make sure all the kids on the block like him. Scars might be a hero unit, but he is still an ant. No amount of leveling up will ever change that.

As for the next fight, I would have supported challenging a level 10 opponent if Scars had been accustomed to his second Valiance I would have been all for challenging a level 10 opponent. But as seen here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/36343.html#37160 it takes some time and at least one use before Scars gains an understanding of his new ability.

Sending Scars into combat against a superior foe without letting him learn to control his powers isn't the mark of a proud warrior. It's just stupid. Scars might be awesome but he can still die just like any other ant. As stated before, the only ant that isn't expendable is the Queen.


Fighting a lower level opponent is a strategical move and purely within the rules. You getting worked up about it is... weird. If the other fighter doesn't want to participate, it can always decline.

My point is, I'm all for pushing the limit (more difficult challenges yield better rewards), but I'll fight tooth and nail to not let pointless idealism get him killed or get in the way of achieving his ultimate goal just to assuage his questionably existent conscience.

And one other question, what's the end goal of developing Scars' personal sense of honor? How would you like it if, when we get back to Crescent, the Queen gives him an order for something she needs done and he decides that no, he won't do it; the action is below him and is not honorable enough. The last thing any RTS commander needs is their individual units considering the social and ethical issues of every left click.
No. 2123 ID: 33bb8b

>impossible battles because he had to
Again, the fight that CREATED him was against a foe that would have been too easy to kill as a group. All the Death on Six Legs posses the Proud Warrior trait.

>Sending Scars into combat against a superior foe without letting him learn to control his powers isn't the mark of a proud warrior. It's just stupid.
It is also what he has done every other time. Scars has never sat down to try and figure out what he is capable of. Trial by fire does the job. And again, fighting the safe fights is not how you become a hero. If this trend continues I would not be surprised to see his morale boosting trait go away. Any old ant can fight when it knows it can win.

>If the other fighter doesn't want to participate, it can always decline.
This is not actually the case. The rules state that to forfeit, you have to pay the challenger half the prize money. That would require having a stockpile of the stuff in the bank, and even then you could probably only do it once or twice. That is hardly the point though.

>what's the end goal of developing Scars' personal sense of honor?
I am not developing it, I am applying what is already there. Scars has two defining character traits: Proud Warrior and Love for Queen. Suddenly making him a careful pragmatist is developing his character. What if he refuses to do something because it is too dangerous? The last thing any RTS commander needs is their individual units considering the potential risk and dangers of every left click.

And anyway, if any unit besides KILLER QUEEN is expendable, what are you worried about losing him for? That statement is supposed to go in MY arguments. You seem to be suggesting that he is important and worth protecting. :p
No. 2126 ID: 6164e0

(Good thing I hopped on the computer before heading out for today)

Let me try and clear this up.

This is what is important to Scars of Yesterday, in order of importance:

1: Doing as KILLER QUEEN wishes.
2: Destroying established foes of Crescent (and by extensions, KILLER QUEEN) when met.
3: Growing Stronger to better serve KILLER QUEEN, and winning glory for her name.
4: Preferrably, fighting head on, directly, and against powerful foes.
5: Finding delicious foods.

Before coming to The Collective, KILLER QUEEN made him promise to return. That, as well as assessing The Collective, are ultimately his top priorities.

Hope that clears it up, now, I'm off to swing axes at chunks of wood and piss off the neighbors because it is early!
No. 2127 ID: 1774dc

Thanks for the clarification, Bob. Good luck with the woodchopping. That can be pretty hard on your back.

My reason for mentioning that he is capable of dying is to point out the fact that he doesn't have plot armor and shouldn't be treated as invincible. Just because he has won every fight so far doesn't mean he will.

Also you seem to be applying your own steadfast devotion to your point of view to what I can only assume is your perception of my point of view. I'm not dead set against him fighting superior opponents. Quite the opposite. I believe we should weigh the risks and not take his surviving as an inevitability (not to mention taking all the necessary steps to make sure he is capable of surviving), but I'm not going to argue against or chicken out of a fight against a tougher adversary. You're the only one arguing /against/ something.

And finally, there's a HUGE difference between sitting down to figure out a power and trying it out against an enemy in the Fight Song. It seems like you think that just because someone is only worth 1 Bohemian Rhapsody that they have the power level of a legless newborn termite.

These are all WARRIORS. They joined to fight. They are not helpless, they are not victims. And there is no dishonor in fighting one. They deserve a chance to test their mettle against a stronger foe as much as we do.

Anyway, from what I can gather, I have canon on my side. You're supporting goal 4 (fight superior combatants), and I'm supporting goal 3 (grow stronger) and goal 1 (stay safe enough to return). I don't mind continuing to discuss it though.
No. 2133 ID: 33bb8b

no, see, I am supporting goals 4 AND 3, just as we are both supporting goal 5. An argument could be made that you are only supporting the first HALF of goal 3, but apart from pointing it out just now, I am not going to go into that any further. I think we have taken the logical arguments of this tangent as far as it can go, and anything further will just devolve into name calling and repetition. We will just have to disagree I guess. Feel free for one last rebuttal should you chose, but lets get back to the issue at hand.

More names for poor Bob's naming scheme!
Five Iron Frenzy
Scissors sisters (theres TWO of them?)
Black Sabbath
Stone Sour
Def Leppard
Dire straights
Poison (Confusing? It's what I keep almost calling Toxic)
Tears for Fears


Crazy Train
God of Thunder
No. 2136 ID: 69da19

You're supporting the latter half of goal 3, but are putting goal 4 above the first part of goal 3. You only want to grow stronger if it is against a superior opponent, ergo you are quite literally attempting to follow goal 4 before goal 3, which is more important.

As for a proposed truce, I'll say that if you can go about pursuing what Scars and I see as lesser concerns well enough to make them work without interfering with higher goals, then I don't have a problem a problem with that. But as soon as you start suggesting something that interferes with his ability to return home alive and continue growing stronger to better serve the Queen, I'll have to intervene.

And that includes putting goal 4 above goal 3.
No. 2140 ID: 6faa8c

>Scissors sisters

No. 2145 ID: 6164e0

No. 2146 ID: 6faa8c

The world's largest crabs should be like CRAZY MOBILE FORTRESSES.
No. 2148 ID: 482c0e

No. 2149 ID: 6164e0


Anyone notice anything strange in The Metal's introduction?
No. 2150 ID: 6faa8c

The Metal crippled WHOLE GENRES
No. 2151 ID: 24919b

NOOOO Techno!!!

At least I can still have my Trance and Eurodance. o_o
No. 2152 ID: 6164e0

I also put some lyric from The Metal into the dialogue.


No. 2153 ID: 6faa8c

If someone can make an instrumental version of that, then illustrate the eventual battle between Metal and Scars, and then animate it on flash and use it as boss music, I'll... I'll...

I don't know what I'd do.
No. 2157 ID: 482c0e

And now, names and titles and such... Apologies for any repeats I may have here, I'll be going through my music folder and just listing things as I go, discounting whatever I managed to remember already being out there. Names by themselves are bands, those marked with a dash are songs.

- The Riddle
- Objection Tango
Quiet Riot
- The Final Countdown
- Moskau <--(Catchy song by Dschinghis Khan, check out the youtube vid sometime, it's funny.)
- Dirty Deeds
Bad Company
Bad Religion
- Day Tripper
Black Sabbath
Blind Guardian
- Godzilla (Blue Oyster Cult, fuck yeah!)
- Born to Run
- Glory Days
- Run Free
- Machine Head
Cheap Trick
- Lux Aeterna (Dunno if this counts or not since it's an intrumental, but ehh.)
- Tank!
Crystal Method
Cutting Crew
Da Buzz
Daft Punk
Dire Straits
Drowning Pool
- Mitternacht
- Desperado
- War
- Moonlight Shadow
- Weapon of Choice
- Panzerlied
Golden Earring
- Twilight Zone
- Low Rider
- Crimson Tide (Theme track)
- The Wild Rover
- Waltzing Matilda
Iron Butterfly
- Graveyard Symphony (One of The Undertaker's themes!)
- The Pinnacle
- Danse Macabre (Liszt, so this one's a real oldie, heh.)

That's it for now, maybe I'll post more later.
No. 2158 ID: 6164e0

Oh ho, this should last me a good while.

No. 2159 ID: 482c0e

Yer welcome! And I've still got over half my collection to go through. I guess from that selection it's fairly obvious I have something of an ecclectic taste for music, heh.
No. 2162 ID: 482c0e

Okay, here's another load of names!

Massive Attack
- Superpredators
MC Hammer
- Can't Touch This
- Symphony of Destruction
- Smooth Criminal
Moody Blues
Motley Crue
- Dr. Feelgood
Mr. Big
- Bang Bang
- Bloody Tears (Castlevania!)
New Found Glory
- Red Right Hand
- Shot in the Dark
Papa Roach
- Push it to the Limit
- Gamemaster
- Do the Evolution
Phantom of the Opera (I really don't think this one needs explaining.)
- No Way Out
- True Colors
- Comfortably Numb
- Champion (From PSY, Korean(?) group, if I remember right)
- Beethoven Virus
- Dies Irae (Another classic.)
Restless Heart
- King's Eyes
- Legend of Steel
Rolling Stones
- Street Fighting Man
- Sympathy for the Devil
- Torn and Frayed
- Limelight
- Vermillion
- It Ends Tonight
- Dancing Mad
The Echoing Green
- Supernova
The Guess Who
- No Time
The Infinite Beat
The Tango Project
The Tea Party
- Heaven Coming Down
- Psychopomp
The Verve
- Bittersweet Symphony
Three Days Grace
- Just Like You
- Lunatic Fringe
- Gun Street Girl
- Danger Zone
Twisted Sister
- Vertigo
- Battle Stations
- Gatekeeper
- Bad to the Bone
- Cocaine
- Sharp Dressed Man

Batch number two complete!
No. 2163 ID: 6faa8c

>Just Like You

Are there any bugs that mimic other bugs?
No. 2166 ID: 6164e0

There are several, actually, of assorted species, size and diet.
No. 2173 ID: 6faa8c


I forward that Metallica's regeneration Valiance is named Fuel.
No. 2174 ID: 6164e0

The name is appropriate. And I do like me some Gurren Lagann.

Sure, name approved for Metallica's regeneration Valiance.

No. 2175 ID: 482c0e

Speaking of Gurren Lagann, that about describes the feel I got from Path of Glory. GIGA...ANT...BREAKER!
No. 2176 ID: 6164e0

...He doesn't spin when he uses it....

But I guess it is similar in the sense that both are designed around turning your whole body into a device to pierce through stuff. So on a fundamental level, yeah, kinda like that.
No. 2177 ID: 482c0e

And in any case, it's got style points!
No. 2178 ID: 49667a

Definitely a crowd pleaser move for the Fight Song.
No. 2180 ID: 6164e0

Show of hands, who here went WAIT WHAT when control switched to Metallica?
No. 2181 ID: 120ca8
File 125237563794.png - (149.50KB , 410x274 , hand.png )

I don't normally make a habit of showing off my hands, but I'm willing to make an exception.
No. 2182 ID: 482c0e

Personally, I went YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!
No. 2184 ID: 6164e0

It's funny, the one time the one fighting ISN'T Scars of Yesterday, is the first time you guys don't find some way to keep an opponent from using their best trick.

Xephyr was going to skewer one of Scars' eyes that time you used STONER SUNSHINE on him, and T.B. Sheets was going to spin in the air and come down stinger first at a rather high speed. Both times you kept it from happening.

*Golf Clap*
No. 2185 ID: 6faa8c

Metallica isn't as fast and manueverable as Scars is. Thus, it's harder to pull stunts like his.
No. 2188 ID: 6164e0

He's plenty fast. Remember how he was ridiculously fast and nimble for his size when Scars fought him? And he has the No Time Valiance, which temporarily jacks his speed and reflexes up even higher.
No. 2190 ID: 482c0e

I'll admit that I should've picked up on it a bit sooner, but I'm a little out of practice unfortunately. Also as nifty as 'piloting' Metallica is, it's like test-driving a new car. Gotta get used to how he handles!
No. 2191 ID: 6164e0

I hope to one day be able to come up with a bug/valiance that this song could be used for.


I fear I am normally too rational to be able to do it justice though.

Taking ideas, if anyone thinks they have something crazy enough.
No. 2194 ID: 482c0e

Neurotoxin spit with major hallucinogenic components, contact vector. Launched into midair encased in a thin sheathing of mucus that breaks up a moment after exposure to air to the effect of creating an 'acid' rain, pardon the pun. Or just as a big direct attack that amplifies both the damage and disorientation effect on a single target.

No. 2195 ID: 6faa8c

metamorphosis into a bigger, stronger foe. Lasts for a short period of time.
No. 2196 ID: 6164e0

My apologies for the difficulties in reading Metallica's thoughts when he uses No Time, but I couldn't think of any other way to express how much his sense of time gets ramped up.
No. 2197 ID: 482c0e

Understandable, Bob. Only minor difficulty for me to parse it, and it's both fitting and amusing in one, so no worries!
No. 2198 ID: 6164e0

...Could work. Still going to take any more suggestions.

....Not sure. I like Valiances to at least be partly based on reality, and magically gaining mass is a bit of a stretch for me. Fits the song though...
No. 2199 ID: 482c0e

Heh, coming up with stuff like this is what I do for fun in my spare time. So if you're needin' any more ideas later, feel free to throw out some parameters and I'll see what I can do for you when I see the post!
No. 2200 ID: 6164e0

Hrm. I could use a few Valiances based around spiders and their ability to spin spider silk/make webs.

Could also use some valiances that fall into one of three categories:
That don't too closely mirror existing Valiances and maintain some level of individuality.

And really, any sort of interesting tricks that are mostly biologically possible for bugs would be useful.

No. 2201 ID: 482c0e

Righto, I'll see what I can whip up. This'll be fun stuff to knock around in my head, heheh.
No. 2202 ID: 120ca8

The insect carries a mutated, symbiotic strain of a entomopathogenic fungi (see Cordyceps unilateralis). The fungus grows in small sacs on the insects body and lies dormant until the Valiance is used, at which point the sacs contract, expelling a jet of microscopic spores. These mutated spores latch on to anything they touch and quickly grow hyphae and colonize the insect's cuticle, slowing it down weakening its defenses. Shortly after the fungus breaks into the insect's body cavity. Death shortly follows.

The downsides are potential collateral damage, the targets are rendered inedible, the Valiance owner must eat more to sustain the fungus, and the sacs require a recharge period to develop more spores.
No. 2203 ID: 6164e0

....Are you suggesting Valiances that would be guaranteed one hit K.O.s? And odds are the Valiances I am asking for will be given to new characters that are not part of KILLER QUEEN's brood?

.....Okay :3c
No. 2204 ID: 120ca8
File 125238943247.png - (237.30KB , 384x288 , fungus.png )

slowing it down *and* weakening its defenses.

And to get an idea of what it looks like, see attached pic.

Also, you can decide how quickly it would work. Real world fungi would take too long, so some realism is going to have to be broken to make it an effective weapon.
No. 2205 ID: 120ca8

You asked for something based on that youtube clip. That's what came to mind. You don't have to use it...
No. 2206 ID: 6164e0

Ah, just messing with you. I love the concept especially since it is something crazy and alien from real life. As far as I'm aware, the most common examples of fungus of this type are seen in ants, so no worries (probably).

And it certainly does suit the youtube clip.

Hm. Maybe tweak it a bit, make it cause psychosis, slowing and weakening the infected rather than outright killing them (slowly or not). The Valiance can kill targets outright, but only if a really large amount of spores make their way to the opponent, and/or they are already wounded enough that more spores could get in through gashes in their carapace. Keep the issues with collateral damage and the very slow recharge rate, as well as increased food intake.

Hrm.... That sounds pretty workable, actually. Pretty fair, still powerful, and very suited to the song.

I LIKE IT. This is probably what it will be, give or take a minor tweak. Thanks Durandal.
No. 2207 ID: 482c0e


Okay, put together a sampler.

Spider silk-related:
- Acidic silk that corrodes as well as entangles.

- Silk with NO adhesive properies whatsoever, but rapidly hardens into rigidity once exposed to air, with a limited time frame to shape it into simple objects. Bug-sized caltrops, for example.

- Something of an inversion, but consider a specialized pheromone that just slows down the perception/mental processing ability of any other bug that enters the area of effect, effectively making the user seem faster.

- Two pairs of extra legs specifically designed to jink the owner rapidly from side to side. Great for dodgy bugs.

- Extra spiracles sort of like Big O's, only arranged downward below the owner and acting as primarily as jump jets. Or just something to pulverize whatever the owner might happen to land/climb on.

- Extra set of organs that produce something akin to white phosphorus, which is then spat out as FFFFFFFFFFFFFIRE.

- Ultrasonic screeching/what-have-you that travels along a tightly-focused cone in front of the user and causes disorientation and/or pain.

- A particularly flexible shell that can 'give' a bit with any blow that land before rebounding, to the effect of reducing each hit's damage as a pulled punch would.

- Secondary eyes placed elsewhere on the body, optional to use, giving the owner a wider vision range at the expense of dividing their attention and inflicting a slight disorientation until they figure out what direction 'forward' is again.
No. 2208 ID: 6164e0

*Golf Clap* This is useful, Idea Person.
No. 2209 ID: 120ca8

Oh, heh. I thought you were implying it was a stupid idea. But yeah, changing it to be less fatal is a good way to make it more balanced, and more realistic considering real fungus would be slow to act and wouldn't reach the fatal stage that fast anyway. The psychosis bit would definitely be interesting, especially if our hero gets affected by it. Nothing like a good interface screw!
No. 2210 ID: 482c0e

I try. As previously stated, I crank out things like this for fun, so it's nice to have a definite angle to apply my hobby to. Granted, I'm more used to conceptualizing superweapons or other esoteric technological things, so tinkering about from a biological standpoint is a neat little change of pace for me. *grins* And in any case, it feels good to give something back to ya in exchange for providing us all with this entertaining venture into the insect world!
No. 2211 ID: 6164e0

Naw, I was just poking fun at you implying you were either a bit foolish or very morbid to suggest such a lethal Valiance that could very well be employed by some foe of Crescent or more specifically Scars of Yesterday.
No. 2212 ID: 6164e0

I feel horrendously disappointed in myself. I like Dragonforce a good bit. Darn near as much as Queen, ZZ Top and Rammstein, and I was unaware they had a song titled 'Scars of Yesterday'

No. 2213 ID: 120ca8

Well, there's nothing like a little doomsday weaponry to make players go "wtf noooooooooooooo", freak out, then try harder to come up with smart ways to avoid it. >=]
No. 2214 ID: 6164e0

Right, but you can't really dodge something you can't see like spores. That is a bit too dickish, in my mind. You have to have at least SOME means of perceiving incoming death in my book.

Gotta always leave some avenue for survival, even if it is a small one. Or at least, that's how I roll.
No. 2215 ID: 6faa8c

Hey, Bob, you ever read Jojo's Bizzare adventure?
No. 2216 ID: 120ca8

Well just because each spore is microscopic doesn't mean you can't see the cloud. I dunno if you've ever found one of those puffy fungi, but you can squeeze them and see the 'smoke' as they spew out spores.

But yeah, that's why I imagined it as a cutscene from a video game. The main character (hero ant or whatever) turns to see a new foe lumber over a hill (or leaf), its exoskeleton glowing with that ominous gold tint. It turns toward an expendable ant (like the Merciless) and billows out a stream of mist. The ant convulses mildly at first and then begins to freeze as visible formations of fungi spread across its body. Then the enemy turns toward the hero. Shit just got real.

But I'm fine with a more mellowed out version. Lets it be used somewhere other than epic uber boss battle.

Another idea I had for a Valiance would be a non-fatal version of the ability demonstrated by Malaysian ants (Camponotus saundersi). They have poison glands that run along their body that they can detonate at will to spray poison on their enemies as a last resort (it kills them in the process). How about a Valiance that grows several glands along the insect's body that can be ruptured and regrown without killing the insect?

Oh, and take a look at the bombardier beetle. That thing basically has a Valiance in real life!
No. 2220 ID: 6164e0

I have, and I believe I implied such when I stated I was running with JoJo naming conventions.

Liking how Steel Ball run has been going, but dang I wish more chapters were translated, sometimes you really have to look for them.

>exploding poison sacs like Malaysian ants.

Why do you think there is a fighter in The Fight Song called Master Exploder? Good job hitting it exactly on the head though.

And there are most certainly Bombardier beetles around in Ant Quest. The weirder/more deadly a bug, the more likely you'll see it somewhere.
No. 2221 ID: 120ca8

Hehe, good to know the author's done his research. Does your profession relate to insects, or are you just interested in them?
No. 2241 ID: 6164e0

....which type of fungus was it that compels those infected with it to try to reach the highest point possible, where they then stay until they die and release more spores?

The name escapes me.
No. 2256 ID: 577055

What happened to your other post? =/

That would indeed be the fungus I mentioned, Cordyceps unilateralis.

>When the fungus is ready to sporulate, the mycelia grow into the ant’s brain. The fungus then produces chemicals which act on the host’s brain and alter its perception of pheromones. This causes the ant to climb a plant and, upon reaching the top, to clamp its mandibles around a leaf or leaf stem, thus securing it firmly to what will be its final resting place. The fungus then devours the ant’s brain, killing the host.
No. 2260 ID: 6164e0

Deleted it, felt like a dick when I read it again today when not-drunk.

I don't like bragging when sober.

And thanks, that was what I was looking for. There are just so many terrifying things out there, it saddens me that so few horror flicks bother doing anything with the things that are real.
No. 2261 ID: 577055

Haha, it wasn't dickish at all, but oh well.

I remember very vividly the first time I saw a picture of an ant riddled with fungus protrusions. It was in a science book, and was a much better picture than I can find on the internet. The idea of something spreading through you, altering your mind and eating your body from within is nothing short of horrifying.
No. 2263 ID: 6164e0


What song/album/group name would suit the trick The Big O did with the Spiracles on his legs?

Also congrats, Metallica was actually the weaker of the two fighters(not by much, but still). Good job leading him to the championship.
No. 2264 ID: 6faa8c

Might be time for a new thread, before the board breaks under the weight if INSECTOID AWESOME
No. 2265 ID: 6164e0

Hmm. I have noticed the thread getting a bit slow.

Do I have to do anything to get a thread put in the archives after I close it to open a new one?
No. 2266 ID: 577055

I was just thinking about that recently. Threads start getting finicky after 400 posts, so you oughta start a new one, Bob. Make sure to request that the old one be archived on IRC.
No. 2267 ID: 6164e0

...I got some issues with a finicky set of Anti-virus, and can't get on IRC until I fix it.

Hm. Can one of you guys ask for it to be archived in my stead? I would like to get to a new thread soon, and won't have time to fiddle with my computer to fix the IRC issue for a while.
No. 2268 ID: 6faa8c

*is a little grumpy about the archival system*

Sure shooting.
No. 2269 ID: b82055

I wish I could. My college network just recently blocked IRC connections, so I can't use IRC at all except for when I go home for the weekend.

... Needless to say I am not amused.
No. 2273 ID: 6164e0

Thanks, How do I shot trip?, I appreciate it.
No. 2274 ID: 954933

It was actually a lot of fun working with a different character for that fight. Thanks, Bob.

The quest has been surprisingly fun thusfar - keep up the good work!
No. 2275 ID: 6faa8c

No prob. It might be a while, Gnome appaerently is a little behind.
No. 2276 ID: 6164e0

Really wish I had a tablet.

I haven't drawn for quite some time, but I really want to take a crack at drawing Scars of Yesterday at the very least.

A shining golden ant with a crest of spikes running from between his antenna the whole way down the top of his body, the four mandibles, long and sharp both inside and on the outer tips, with some visible overdeveloped spiracles dotting his alitrunk, petiole and gaster (basically anywhere that is not leg or head)
No. 2278 ID: 43d730

No. 2281 ID: 5e25cc

Considering how "Showtime!" was how Roger usually called his megadeus into action, perhaps an appropriate song title to use for the Valiance in question would be "The Show Must Go On"?
No. 2282 ID: 6164e0

I was thinking of that one, but it doesn't sound at all like an attack name to me. Besides, something that hits that hard doesn't really make the show go on so much as end it.

Hm. Something shorter, like three words max, would probably work.....
No. 2283 ID: 6164e0

Hrm, there IS a song called Showstopper.......

But it's Big Show's theme song, not sure I want to use that one, partly for that, and partly because it is a somewhat bland song.
No. 2286 ID: 5227a0

Hrm. Well, there's a song called Firing Line, if y'think that'd suit better.
No. 2287 ID: 6164e0

That could definitely work.
No. 2288 ID: 5227a0

And here's another name I just dipped out my collection. Unstoppable Impact, from the awesome X-Ray Dog crew.
No. 2289 ID: 5227a0

Or High Compression, for that matter.
No. 2290 ID: 6164e0

I can't find the song to listen to it, got a link?
No. 2291 ID: 5227a0


Or if that doesn't work...


X-Ray Dog stuff is kinda hard to find for online listening, I'm afraid. I got all mine through an enormous torrent.
No. 2292 ID: 6164e0


UNSTOPPABLE IMPACT has been named.

Congratulations, you just increased the chance that eating the limb will give Scars of Yesterday the Valiance!
No. 2293 ID: 5227a0

At your service, good sir!

And if you're interested in further X-Ray Dog goodness, here's something that looks close to the torrent I had. http://btjunkie.org/torrent/X-Ray-Dog-discography-38-CD-mp3-192-320/28355673596e740ae5a06de0c379ece1f6521a3f2fcd
No. 2296 ID: 5227a0

And by the by, if anything you see listed in that torrent sparks your interest, just let me know and I can do another RS/MU link so you don't have to wait.
No. 2297 ID: 6164e0

I just made a batch of cherry tomatoes with pickled string beans shoved into them with pesto in between.


Thanks for the offer, I think I'm just going to torrent the lot of them.
No. 2298 ID: 5227a0

Righto. Also, now you've made me hungry. CURSE YOUUUUUUUUU!
No. 2305 ID: 6164e0

If I have totaled this correctly, Scars of Yesterday and company have just topped 100 dead termites, most of them dead by Scars' own acts.

No. 2306 ID: 6faa8c

Moar Valiance ideas:

Green Day: Allows the user to blend in with his environs, appears on the user as long shafts that look like grass stalks.

F.I.G.H.T.: allows the user to continue to fight past the point where they would fall unconsious or pass out, whether it be from pain, or tiredness.

Thriller: User automatically grows much stronger at night, and enhances the morale of others around it.

Sail On: Prevents the user from sinking in water and enhances their combat ability when standing on it.

Bullets: User can spit small spines from their mouth at tremendous velocity.

Rob Zombie: Restarts critical vital systems when they fail, but only once.

Scum of the Earth: Allows the user to digest soil as a lowest-quality food.
No. 2307 ID: 6164e0

...Hmm. I can use several of those.
No. 2308 ID: 6faa8c

FIGHT might be a little overpowered if Scars nabs it.

No. 2309 ID: 6164e0

Just because you ignore wounds or fatigue doesn't mean they aren't there.
No. 2312 ID: 5227a0

Sounds kinda like Shadowrun's Pain Editor bioware.
No. 2324 ID: 16067a

If you want a really awesome character in Shadowrun (and don't mind using the rules in ways they might not have been intended to achieve an awesome effect), get the Genetic Heritage positive quality from Augmentation (10 BP) and use it to get the genetic infusion Sideways for free. This gives you +2 dice to defensive tests, +1 on perception tests, +1 on ALL combat rolls, and completely ignore all wound modifiers. Just make sure to include a biomonitor in your armor and you've got the basis for one badass cyber samurai.
No. 2327 ID: 6164e0

I have never really played anything other than DnD 3.5, Dark Heresy and F.A.T.A.L. once (We made a betting pool and whoever kept playing the longest uninterrupted without quitting got the pot. I regret winning.)

How is Shadowrun, and which edition do you find the most user friendly?
No. 2330 ID: 7ac94b

I only do 4th ed. Shadowrun. I find it insulting that they expect us to believe that there's no such thing as wireless internet (Matrix) in 2060. I have looked at the rules and books for 3rd edition, but it seems like 4th edition is a lot more user friendly. Only annoying this is their editors must be retarded/imaginary, because there are so many errors you have to download the errata pdf or get the newer version.

As for the game itself, I really like the feel of it, even if I despise the inclusion of magic. I don't think magic adds anything except making the willing suspension of disbelief more challenging. The game is based on science and technology and megacorporations and you can have a character shoot fire out of his hands just 'cause. I think they were just trying to steal some fantasy players for their cyberpunk game. The two genres shouldn't be mixed. It's like paint ball and hockey. Both are cool, but if you put them together you get something ridiculous. But some people might like the idea of paintballhockey... I'm just not one of them.

Luckily the obvious solution is to simply leave magic out. No teleportation spells to save your ass, no magical healing... makes it much more tense and gritty.
No. 2331 ID: 6164e0

Yeah, I heard about magic being in it, and I heard some friend talking about how it was horrendously broken with (I may get this wrong) a Troll Adept maxing something involving speed.

He also could never find out if (again, could be getting this wrong) a character that spends points at creation to get an Essence of 7 could then get to rank seven in some sort of magic user specialization class.

Irrelevant, today's Ant Quest should (hopefully) be particularly enjoyable, as I once more have access to CHOCOLATE BEER and am in a state of euphoria. HOORAY!
No. 2332 ID: 6faa8c


Please enlighten, my 21st is coming up.
No. 2333 ID: 6164e0

Friend brews it. Head on it tastes like mousse and coffee, beer itself tastes like bittersweet chocolate and expresso. SHIT IS SO CASH.

(I now have three bottles less than I did earlier today, because GODDAMN, SO FUCKING TASTY)
No. 2335 ID: f6209b

Sounds like he was playing 3rd edition.

My 21st b-day isn't til May. =(
No. 2336 ID: 6164e0

(both soon to be 21)

Goddamn, I'm 21.

No. 2337 ID: f6209b


I'll go be 500 then...
No. 2338 ID: 6164e0

Speaking of OLD PEOPLE, I just got an awesome Irish pipe in the same style as Sherlock Homes was always portrayed as using as a present from my uncle. AWESOME PIPE IS AWESOME
No. 2341 ID: 6faa8c

No. 2342 ID: 5821fc

Scars, TMBG, Flash, D6L... they're all female ants. Why do people (me included) keep using masculine?

Also, how closely are you following real ant reproduction? We never made a drone race, although I guess any ant that ends up male would automatically become a drone... which leads to wondering when drones are laid, or if that's automatic. When we get back to the Crescent, could we create a new race of breeder ants to speed up egg laying?
No. 2343 ID: 6164e0

I am following ant reproduction fairly loosely.

We are dealing with sentient, self-evolving ants, after all.

And Scars is male as are all Death On Six Legs (ant lion flesh cause gender reversal, I forget the technical term for when that happens, several species do this), that is not a mistake on the posters' part. The Heroes Toxic and Wings of Destiny, Flash, Fat Bottomed Girls, Lurkers, The Merciless and They Might be Giants are female (sterile, but still).

Not entirely accurate to how ants work, but then, if this were a biologically accurate quest, no Valiances, no Collective, no The Fight Song, etc.
No. 2364 ID: 6164e0

Just an FYI, anyone in The Fight Song is considered a spectator when they first enter, irrelevant of what they have done in the past.

The moment you fight though, you are treated as a fighter until you leave The Fight Song. Then everything resets.

So The Metal can only challenge Scars of Yesterday if he fights in The Fight Song.
No. 2368 ID: 6164e0


Deceased Grandfather's lucky brown wader hat + awesome Irish pipe from uncle + tinted Oakley sunglasses found on the ground (shit you not) = FUNKY GROOVY AWESOME
No. 2369 ID: d8d7df

Loot corpses! Combine items! Create outfits! ???! Profit!
No. 2398 ID: 6164e0

I believe I have crafted the greatest lunch of all time.

1 pound ground buffalo
2 table spoons garlic
2 table spoons worth of crumbled super sharp raw milk white cheddar
Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, salt and pepper

Mix all of that shit up until evenly spread, make a super patty, throw on grill, cook till medium rare

Top with sun dried tomatoes and slices of cherry tomato, and a garlic mustard mixed with home made hot-as-balls salsa.

Side dish home made guacamole

Serve with two 22oz mugs of beer (one CHOCOLATE BEER, one BLUEBERRY BEER)

No. 2399 ID: 43d730

Except for the guacamole, tomatoes, and beer, that sounds like I need to kill you and wear your skin.

Completely unrelatedly, where do you live?
No. 2400 ID: 6164e0

U.S.A, California, Bay Area.

And don't knock the beer, this is awesome stuff a friend home brews. Feel free to knock the Guacamole and tomatoes, I know some people don't like them (I can't fathom not liking it, but still)
No. 2401 ID: 43d730

Suspicious noises outside your window are certainly not a crazy person from the internet whose family can't cook meat right.
And he's not, by any stretch of the imagination, holding a flensing knife and a lancet.
No. 2402 ID: fc832e

Hmm, hmm, I see. In which case-

I'm against joining the Collective. It sounds weak. I'm all for allying ourselves with the right people, but this sounds like too much. It sounds limiting.

But I suppose I should address something first. How are we representing Crescent? Are we a militaristic people seeking to conquer the area around us through glorious battle? And if not, what are we? Are we some humble sort willing to harness ourselves in the Collective and battle what foes remain?

We can retain all the benefits of the fight song without allying ourselves. And gentlemen, in this sort of thing I believe very much in crushing the weak and absorbing the strong into our forces. If this is how things are done, we simply create our own faction.

Crescent could expand, straying from members of the Collective and the Mandarin Empire, growing in power from conquests and hopefully gaining more Valiance in the process. If we encounter incredible foes, then we either have them join us or we crush them and take their power.

At least, that's my suggestion. But I'd rather not ally with the Collective, and let me tell you my greatest reason. It won't last. You know that we'll end up attacking the Mandarin Empire. The Collective will try to silence us to prevent their attack. Or worse, we'll decide to attack and we'll make a surprise attack on the Founders to prevent such a thing from occurring. Nothing honorable about that at all.

Better to have our intentions clear from the start, I say.
No. 2403 ID: 6164e0

No. 2404 ID: 708a16

Agreein' with you, here. And autonomy can have additional benefits. Say, in the exploitation of inter-faction frictions. For example, if one group had a bit of a grudge against another, but couldn't act on it directly due to Collective restrictions, it could be rather profitible to, oh, take out some of their key combatants through arena challenges that we might've made anyway. It's like Last Man Standing, only with ants instead of Bruce Willis!
No. 2406 ID: 06fc25

Crescent shall serve nothing but the Killer Queen. The Collective has nothing to offer us we do not already have access to.
No. 2420 ID: ed8d8a

>If this is how things are done, we simply create our own faction.

...And we shall call the faction Cydonia, and its greatest warriors shall be known as the Knights.

Because that is a bitchin song which is highly appropriate.
No. 2422 ID: 6faa8c



also, Scars is channeling Mudy AND Beardbeard at the same time. Awesome.
No. 2426 ID: 6164e0

He is like some sort of Khornish Viking Diplomancer.
No. 2434 ID: 6164e0

...You know what, sure.
Just post a suggestion about that when focus goes back to Crescent and KILLER QUEEN.
No. 2435 ID: 43d730

For some reason my brain totally derailed on that and produced 'Khornish Game Hen'.
No. 2436 ID: 6164e0

...would the meat always be bloody, or would it always absorb blood? And do their eggs look like skulls?
No. 2437 ID: 708a16

Yes to all three at once.
No. 2471 ID: 6faa8c

We must prepare a speech for when the Metal lies helpless before us and begs for mercy.
No. 2473 ID: ed8d8a

We can do that if it comes up, but I don't intend to give him the chance if I can help it. In fact, I find it more likely that the fight will go directly from The Metal being active and trying to kill us, to delicious chum inside a hard candy shell with an unconscious ant lying on top. It will not be immediately obvious to the audience who won.
No. 2474 ID: 708a16

No. 2484 ID: 6164e0

As of this post, these are the most current rules governing the Advanced Valiance, Cry of the Brave:

-If a Cry of the Brave is activated with only one mandible (termed Level 1 or 0.5 if the mandible is only opened partway), it will not cause Scars of Yesterday to become Lethargic.
- If a Cry of the Brave using two mandibles is employed, roll a d10. A roll of five or lower will induce the Lethargic Trait.
-If three mandibles are employed, Scars of Yesterday must roll a d10 and roll five or higher to stay conscious (Scars of Yesterday will still become Lethargic).
-If all four mandibles are employed, Scars of Yesterday must roll a d20 and beat a DC 15 challenge to stay conscious. If he rolls a 1, he dies.
-All rolls now gain a bonus of 1 to the roll, to be included when rolling the dice.
-The power of Cry of the Brave grows the more mandibles employed.
No. 2485 ID: 6faa8c

rolled 6 + 1 = 7

So all rolls for Cry should look like this from now on, correct?
No. 2486 ID: 6164e0


Just remember, though, that if you roll a 1 on Level 4, Scars of Yesterday will die, then and there, from his head ripping itself to pieces.
No. 2500 ID: 6164e0
File 125273230423.jpg - (23.83KB , 710x638 , Cry of the Brave Explanation.jpg )

Here is a pic of the range Cry of the Brave has (relatively speaking) at each level, with darker areas being effected more strongly.

Don't be in the black area.

Any questions on what this means, go for it.
No. 2506 ID: ed8d8a

Is that picture to scale?
I mean, only indication I have of relative size is a yellow dot, so its kinda hard to tell.
No. 2507 ID: 6164e0

The Yellow is about the size of Scars of Yesterday, yes, but This isn't entirely accurate, since there aren't separating lines for areas of certain levels of effect, it is really a slow gradient change, but fuck I'm too lazy to do that. But this works to give a general gist of range and potency for reference, I hope.
No. 2548 ID: fc832e

Oh dicks.
No. 2550 ID: 6164e0

Good thing there was a solid general consensus to do something else, huh?
No. 2551 ID: 6faa8c

I almost rolled for a level four, but no one would EVER use a level four.

uhm, if we kill this bastard, I say KILLER QUEEN gets the body.
No. 2552 ID: 43d730

I say we scoop out the insides and leave choice bits of his exoskeleton on display.
No. 2553 ID: 6faa8c

That too.

Or wear bits of him as armor.
No. 2554 ID: 6164e0

Congratulation, you have bested The Metal.

...I wonder how that fight would have gone if you hadn't put it off for so long to do pretty much everything else in The Collective first...
No. 2556 ID: 9891a9

Obviously without the boosts from all our sidequesting, the FINAL BOSS would likely have ended in death for both parties. Of course since we took the time to go for 100% completion we got the GOOD END.
No. 2557 ID: 6164e0

And thus the value of grinding and sidequesting is revealed.



No. 2558 ID: acdc9b

Hmm... Metallica and the honey?
No. 2560 ID: 6faa8c

No. 2561 ID: 6164e0

Not a side-quest, that was just a character development point.
No. 2652 ID: 6164e0

Unless the Ant of Infinite Psyche gets a general consensus that orders should be issued to kill her, she is here to stay or until her death by means other than yours.
No. 2654 ID: 13dac4

We should give her a name. There's a boy band named Blue. We could also call her Eiffel 65 or just Eiffel (a reference to their famous song 'I'm Blue').
No. 2656 ID: 6164e0

(Here's a hint: the ant is having trouble understanding you because a prior thought she perceived identified the thoughts as not-ant thoughts. And she still is considering what is meant by the thoughts claiming to be part of KILLER QUEEN, a part that cannot be seen. Her developing individuality might be helpful.)
No. 2657 ID: 6164e0

(and an FYI, she will not understand the concept of a human, as anything more than a strange insect or arachnid. She has never met one, nor has KILLER QUEEN or any other ant of Crescent and Stealin' Technology is a similarly alien concept. However, she will comprehend things if they are explained in terms that are understood by her.)
No. 2660 ID: 28e9d7

Trying to explain all this to AoIP is making me think about our relationship with the Queen. It seems ironic that out of all the unique ants, she's the one with the least personality. We don't tell her what to do, we do stuff through her. She's the body, we're the mind. Does that make us the Queen? I 'unno...
No. 2667 ID: 6164e0


Well, KILLER QUEEN is the means by which you issue orders to the colony, and is responsible for laying the new additions to the hive as time passes. She is usually pretty busy. And as such, she hasn't had a chance to talk much in Ant Quest. However, this also means that posters pretty much have free rein to define her personality and it's quirks.

Out of all the ants, Killer Queen is the closest to a conventional PC, and will not do things that she is not ordered to do.

So if you want her personality to develop, she would need to start communicating in means other than issuing orders to others more.
No. 2755 ID: 6faa8c
File 125298682183.gif - (1.72MB , 356x215 , 1252980671104.gif )

No. 2761 ID: 6164e0

There are just so many awesome bugs to use.
No. 2774 ID: 6164e0

This is the response that is slated to be used by Toxic addressing Def Leppard. Check it over, and if you have any changes or thoughts to voice, do so, for this will shortly be posted in the actual quest.

>>44872 [Toxic:]
"...He is our comrade, our friend, or at least he has been since we met him some while ago. I suppose he and his companion, a golden spider with Valiance just as Metallica has were the only insects we have met who did not attack us, and then die at the hands of KILLER QUEEN's progeny. Well, obviously besides you of course...
We met when they came to visit our colony recently, seeking out strong tribes to offer membership to a great alliance known as The Collective. One of our warriors challenged Metallica to a friendly sparring match, and they fought to a standstill, no clear victor established, each impressed with the others' abilities. It was glorious. We parted as friends."
"....Now that I reflect on it, I imagine our ruler/god could protect you from Metallica. The titanic beetle respects strength, and our hive has access to certain commodities that Metallica seems partial to. So we could offer you sanctuary, protection from any future incursion by Metallica. ....For a price. Our colony is expanding to go to war with another neighbor, and we need new foods, and to learn of more of the area, as we prepare for battle against them. Give us free reign to move through your land, and the right to harvest from your field in amounts that will not overgraze it, and you shalt never have to worry about that mountainous beetle ever devastating your tribe again."
No. 2777 ID: 2e9afa

They seem to highly appreciate their privacy and not having to do anything, so add in: if you do agree, you won't have to speak with us or do anything for us again, and we will even assist you in fighting off other intruders.

Other 'n that, I like it.
No. 2779 ID: ed8d8a

Do we want to say Valiance? If they haven't heard of the Collective, I bet they haven't heard that term either. I dunno if that means anything, but its a thought.

Also, I think it might be nice to mention that we have experience with not overgrazing our food sources, and that is why we want to expand.

Very minor and optional suggestions though. Durendal's suggestion that we would help protect the land is the only other thing I really wanted to have on the negotiating table. Basically it's good.
No. 2879 ID: d51fa7

Okay, so out of character knowledge is alright here, it would seem.

Bob: ...Okay. Feeding it the following is a good idea, then: Dead foes (preferably the stronger the foe when alive, the better), Bohemian Rhapsody, and Roots of Chaos. DO NOT FEED IT PLANTS IF YOU WANT IT TO BE WAR-ORIENTED. Also, feeding it live foes works even better. Doesn't matter if they are crippled, but the fresher the food, the better the effect.

Bob: If feeding it STRONG THINGS makes it STRONG, what do you think you should feed it to make it SMART? (Hero units are smart) And other hive creatures do have heroes, remember The Metal, and the mention of Red Comet for the Mandarinian Empire? Hero units, complete with Valiance. And maybe you will run into smarter bugs like Motorhead as you explore.

Me: But most insects we've encountered already have names and sentience?

Bob: Sounds like they might be smart then... So, Def Leppard, for example, would not have as much effect as Motorhead, just like feeding it Metallica would phenomenally help its eventual combat abilities

Bob: Valiances can be absorbed, but might not end up the same as they were in the prior owners, what with XOM being part of the creature's developement. But passive Valiances will usually work the same no matter who has them.
No. 2985 ID: 60578d
File 125325143614.jpg - (46.45KB , 832x638 , ant map.jpg )

I'm gonna post this stuff here so I can stop hunting for it through HUNDREDS of posts.

Flash: 5 eggs worth, take 2 hours to mature
They Might Be Giants: 10 eggs worth, take 1 hour to mature, need five units of food per feeding
All other strains cost 1 egg, take 1 feeding and 30 minutes to mature, and are the following:
Fat Bottomed Girls
The Merciless
Lurkers at the Threshold
No. 3044 ID: 6faa8c
File 125334837345.png - (33.35KB , 413x336 , the_search.png )

No. 3276 ID: d1210a

Okay, so, simultaneously lost my wallet and damaged my keyboard, in addition to moving back in on campus.

Shit is fine now, so quest should have updates as normal again.
No. 3299 ID: 9cf2fa

Let me in your room
No. 3967 ID: a1ac99

I don't know if this has been mentioned and have neither the gumption nor the time to read the entire thread trying to pick out a few small phrases, so I'm just gonna put this out there. Sorry if any of it's out of line.

As far as the empire, the collective and the theory that one of the founders is a member of the empire are concerned, what if the first founder is an exiled noble/ruler from the empire? This would explain their reason of keeping the different groups in the collective, possibly the only force capable of destroying the empire from doing so. They're trying to garner favor with the empire and force the members of the collective into complacency while the empire builds up its military to an extent that nothing could stop them. A distraction, if you will. It doesn't explain their practice of putting out bounties on the empire's warriors. Unless, of course they're goading specific individuals out into high traffic areas as revenge.

Something else that caught my attention: only queen ants and some specific male ants grow wings. This could explain Killer Queen's odd irritation at Wings of Hope; a potential rival is in her midst, but not yet strong enough to be more than an annoyance.
No. 3972 ID: 782100

She is also the only ant that isn't under her control. She 'came into being' outside of the hive. Her only loyalty is to Scars.
No. 3977 ID: ed8d8a

I actually got the impression it was more of a budding love triangle thing. Wings clearly looks up to Scars, in that did-he-notice-me? *blushgiggle* sort of way. By the same token, he isn't just some hero to the QUEEN, he's *soft sigh* my hero~<3
No. 3978 ID: d1210a

Yeah, I figured that as they [the ants] gained intelligence and individuality, they would have to gain the ability to form relationships, in some strange, ant way. How do you guys feel about that part of Ant Quest?
No. 3991 ID: 6faa8c

It's slightly disturbing yet also wonderfully unique.
No. 4004 ID: ed8d8a

I am entertained by the concept, yet confused by the implications. How does ant know what love is?

After all, so far as we know, a scant three females are capable of reproduction, and the process is deadly, so the entire idea of romantic boy/girl relationships would be based on what precedent exactly? Should be entertaining to watch.
No. 4694 ID: d1210a

Hmm. Been two days now, since the last Ant Quest post. If anyone wants the quest to continue, please post in it.
No. 4698 ID: 954933

Alright. Here's my thoughts to go along with my post.

I love Ant Quest. It's been a lot of fun, and there have been some great high points. But frankly, I think it could stand to be condensed a little - there is a lot going on at once, and it's difficult to keep track of while still offering sensible suggestions. Like, for example, right now there are three separate things going on - one that seems relatively minor (Killer Queen and the Phantom Valiance), and two that are pretty damn big (Spiders vs. Wasps and BCtH) for determining what will happen next.

We've definitely seen that people are cautious about being the 'first post' in situations like this when the wrong choice could be really bad. But the problem is when there's just too many tough choices to make at once - posters freeze up, or wait for someone else to respond. This leads to the quest dropping away.

I would really like to see this quest continue, but I would suggest trying to focus on one thing at a time a bit more - if others enjoy this kind of wide micromanaging, okay, but I liked it better when we were on one thing at a time. It made stuff like the Metallica fight a possibility (and still my favorite part of Ant Quest, for example) and let you change up the flow of things by shifting from one type of event (fight) to another (negotiation) to another (exploration)... et cetera.

Hope this feedback helps. Long live Cydonia!
No. 4734 ID: ed8d8a

This is a much more verbose version of the sort of thing I have been thinking for a while. (I think I made a one sentence comment in the thread a while back)
I also think the huge thread count gets intimidating for potential new people. I am down with trying to push the existing thread over the 1000 post mark, but after that you might want to consider breaking things up more.
No. 4735 ID: d1210a

I agree, and after this thread hits 1000+, I will have shorter threads.

That in mind, what size would you like to see Ant Quest threads top out at?
No. 4763 ID: 954933

I dunno - various sizes seem to work. I would say seek out good 'chapter end' points and go from there.
No. 4776 ID: ed8d8a

I would say wherever a break point shows up in the area of 300 posts, and don't let things go over 500 in any case.
There was a time when the standard for a quest thread being significant enough to archive was 200 posts. That sorta fell apart lately, but it does give a sense of what a decent sized chunk looks like.
No. 5297 ID: d1210a


I am thinking of running a parallel side-quest for Ant Quest, where you follow short segments from the perspective of other individuals/collectives that the posters get to pick from a selection of possible options.

Example: You might get to see life from the perspective of a simple resident of The Collective, or as one of the many colonies in Brocas Helm, or even see the world from the perspective of Psycho Mantis Dynasty long ago.

Anyone want to see something like that happen?
No. 5298 ID: e1487c

Sounds good to me!
No. 5299 ID: d1210a

First choice:

Follow a lone fly merchant as it trades in The Collective.

Follow a small ant tribe in Brocas Helm as it struggles for greater prominence.

Follow The Beatles as newly matured members are ranked and assessed via a series of tests and tournaments.

See life through the eyes of the termite queens of The Crucible Of Valiance.

Peer back through time at the Psycho Mantis Empire's bloody march across the land.

Vote for the one you want to see.
No. 5300 ID: e1487c


>Follow a lone fly merchant as it trades in The Collective.
No. 5302 ID: af3e6d

My vote goes to Psycho Mantis timewarp.
No. 5304 ID: 6faa8c

Fly merchant!
No. 5340 ID: d1210a

Fly Merchant Chosen

Name the merchant, bearing in mind his slogan is: 'If you can find a better deal, I'll pluck out my eyes, I will!'

Standard naming conventions apply.
No. 5341 ID: 25db2c

Oh dear, it's a bug CMOT Dibbler. I find this amusing.

As for the name, I'm thinking Spleen Merchant.
No. 5342 ID: d1210a

P.M.O.E. Spleen Merchant, businessfly, has been named! Side Quest starting momentarily.
No. 5343 ID: d1210a

Ant Quest Side Story Chapter 1:
No. 5347 ID: af3e6d

What's the acronym stand for?
No. 5348 ID: 25db2c

Pluck My Own Eyes, I expect.
No. 5351 ID: d1210a

No. 5373 ID: 43d730
File 125696004376.jpg - (33.99KB , 376x490 , bowiespider.jpg )

No. 5376 ID: af3e6d

I lol'd. That sentence, out of context, is one of the best ever.
No. 5454 ID: d1210a

Second choice:

Follow a small ant tribe in Brocas Helm as it struggles for greater prominence.

Follow The Beatles as newly matured members are ranked and assessed via a series of tests and tournaments.

Follow the spider Slipknot as she tries to find a new home.

See life through the eyes of the termite queens of The Crucible Of Valiance.

See life from the perspective of an inhabitant of the ancient forest neither The Collective nor The Mandarinain Empire can claim.

Peer back through time at the Psycho Mantis Empire's bloody march across the land.

Vote for the one you want to see, first one to get three votes wins.
No. 5462 ID: 6faa8c

>See life from the perspective of an inhabitant of the ancient forest neither The Collective nor The Mandarinain Empire can claim.
No. 5465 ID: 5d5878

Psycho Mantis timewarp.
No. 5466 ID: 4a736a

>Follow a small ant tribe in Brocas Helm as it struggles for greater prominence.
No. 5469 ID: 3d26c9

>See life from the perspective of an inhabitant of the ancient forest neither The Collective nor The Mandarinain Empire can claim.
No. 5470 ID: 9891a9

I'll throw in the third vote for >>315262 and >>315269
No. 5471 ID: d1210a

See life from the perspective of an inhabitant of the ancient forest neither The Collective nor The Mandarinain Empire can claim.


FURTHER OPTIONS: Should the individual followed be a powerful warrior, a stealthy sneaker, or a leisurely flier?
No. 5472 ID: 6faa8c

No. 5473 ID: 4a736a

Sneaky bug!
No. 5474 ID: 9891a9

Tough choice. I'll say stealthy sneaker, since we've gotten our share of powerfests from controlling Metallica and Scars.
No. 5475 ID: d2baff
File 125703097459.jpg - (4.90KB , 120x117 , mrcrowley.jpg )

Liesurley flier.A moth scholar.Older than most other insects he is a librarian of sorts. Many bugs come to him for knowledge.
No. 5476 ID: d2baff

original character do not steal!
No. 5477 ID: d1210a

Stealthy Sneaker Chosen

What name would suit a tiny beetle who relies on it's bad taste and slick carapace to avoid danger when discovered, and is more than a bit of a glutton (standard naming conventions apply)?
No. 5478 ID: d2baff

mr crowley
No. 5482 ID: d1210a

Mr. Crowley, the reclusive, eccentric beetle, of small stature but great ego, is chosen as the next focus of Ant Quest Side Story
No. 5591 ID: 731dcd

Next time we get in contact with Blue Mind Riot or the Queen, I suggest we assign particular notice to those that have the potential to become heroes. Essentially, any ant that has arisen over their brethren through action should be monitored in some way or fashion, since they're the most likely to become heroes and develop valiance.

So far, we've got the Flash currently talking with the spider, the crew that went with Scars (a D6L, a Flash and a TMBG), and the D6L coming back with Toxic. I figure those are are most likely hero candidates at this point, although I may have missed someone. If they haven't integrated themselves back into society by then, we may want to try and establish some kind of system to track these fellows for emerging heroism.

Also, if our D6L with Toxic goes hero, I'd like to suggest Wiseblood for his name. Jumping the gun a bit but here's to hoping!
No. 5605 ID: d1210a

Alright, from now on, any ant that starts to acquire enough experience in their lives that they start developing their own individual identity and/or start developing a talent their peers lack/have in a lesser form, they will be labeled as Veteran. Veteran units are more capable, and more likely to become a hero unit and/or acquire a Valiance.

That work?
No. 5606 ID: 6faa8c

Civilian (most FBG) -> soldier/normal (Merciless) -> Elite (Do6L, TMBG) -> Veterans

No. 5607 ID: d1210a

More or less. Strictly speaking, the mindless drone They Might Be Giants don't really qualify as 'elites' so much as 'siege' units.

And then above Veterans would be Hero units, who are then followed by Hero units with Valiance, the current highest tier attainable.
No. 5610 ID: 731dcd


Oh wow. That works great, ahah. Wasn't expecting you to step in and figure out a system, no, this works great.

Ahah, well, now I've got all these things to think about out. Umm, I'm going to prattle on now about a few things on my mind. My apologies, but this is going to be anything but brief. I'll be addressing a few subjects here all at once that will surely be tl;dr, but for those of you that do stick with this, I appreciate it.

I think there's quite a bit to be discussed. For now, I think that the first order of business is organizing the ants. I'll then go into the benefits of such, then onto training ants for Veteran status and Heroism, finishing off with some ideas for the next time stamp.

Right now, our forces are terribly unorganized, and while we could continue to do things as we have been, I think there's a bit we could gain from some proper organization. Let's say we create military groups that focus on the strengths of specific strains that are organized in such a fashion to get the maximum benefit from that strain in a certain situation. For example, lately we have been doing a lot of exploration, why not develop an organized group specifically to handle this sort of task. It'd need to be versatile, yet expendable. I'm thinking our standard Exploration Group should be something like 10 Merciless to form the core, a D6L in command with a TMBG mount, a D6L to operate as second in command, a Flash to be diplomat and function as a means of reporting back to the Queen, and a second Flash to operate should the first be incapacitated (an understudy, if you will). This creates a strong core group with opportunities to expose various ants to very specific situations, creating training scenarios to develop our D6Ls into Sergeants, our Flash into Diplomats, and our TMGBs into Cavalry. 2 Exploration Groups organized in this way should be sufficient to meet our needs.

But why 2 Exploration Groups? Why not just one with the same forces? Simple, my dear Anons, as part of specialized training. By forcing ants into unique positions, we encourage the development of unique skills and abilities. As stated earlier, in this sort of organization, those ants that survive sorties will be more likely to succeed in the position that they served in the past. This is my idea for Veteran status training.

Back to military organization. These Exploration Groups are but one type of organization and I don't think it'd hurt to work out some plans for some more groups. I'm thinking full on military groups like Infantry, Elite Infantry, Cavalry, Elite Cavalry, and Scouting Parties. We've also got even more specialized military groups for defense (TMBGs and Lurkers). We might even be able to work out civilian groups to maximize their effectiveness and encourage individuality and skill, although I haven't worked anything like that out. Those are my military ideas for now.

Next is the nature of Heroism and how we can encourage Heroic growth. This is kind of hard since we've only had but so many heroes arrive, but might be able to draw some conclusions by how they became heroes. Scars became a hero through combat prowess and being pushed to his limits. Not something we can really control, but it's definitely a situation we'll be approached with time and again. This might be the kind of instance that produces the greatest heroes. We have Toxic and Blue Mind Riot, who both became heroes through mutation. We've already discovered that different ants react to different foods differently, we might want to experiment with the same type of food with all our types of ants to see if we can't generate anymore heroes in this fashion. This is definitely something we can control, we just need to experiment more often and gain more sources of food. Finally is how Wings became a hero, and her story is really interesting. One might consider it another instance of being pushed to ones limits, but I don't think this is actually the case. Instead, I think it's a reaction to Valiance! She gained her heroism, her intelligence and her wings after Scars had used her as a battering ram using Aerosmith. An ant with aerial flight came into being after being sped about by a Valiance. What if this isn't a coincidence and ants can gain heroism through this sort of exposure? I think we should encourage this kind of cooperation between Hero and Non-Hero units, particularly Veteran units now that we have them. I think we might be able to make some really interesting Heroes in this fashion.

This, of course, leads to the acquisition of Valiance and just how we go about it. Well, that's obvious enough, we simply kill a golden hued foe and then have a desired ant feed upon them. An easy way to promote a Veteran or Rookie to Hero status, though I think we'd all prefer a Veteran for that. But then there's the matter of Valiance generation. Scars got his first Valiance by being, well, Valiant. He didn't consume someone who had Valiance, he made it himself through sheer awesome. Unfortunately, I don't think we can replicate this kind of procedure, we just kind of have to hope it'll happen again.

I think that's about everything on my mind, ahah. Wrapping up ahead of time, I've gone on about a lot, might as well save some for another day.
No. 5626 ID: d1210a

Third choice:

Follow a small yet savage and bloodthirsty ant tribe in Brocas Helm as it struggles for greater prominence in a world where they no longer understand the rules.

Follow The Beatles as newly matured members are ranked and assessed via a series of tests, competitive evaluations and tournaments. Bob Marley will be attending.

Follow the spider Slipknot as she tries to find a new home after her old home was razed by towering monsters.

See life through the eyes of the termite queens of The Crucible Of Valiance.

See life from the perspective of an inhabitant of the ancient forest neither The Collective nor The Mandarinain Empire can claim. (cannot choose Mr. Crowley again)

Peer back through time at the Psycho Mantis Empire's bloody march across the land.

Observe the Battle Angels, a killer bee hive excommunicated from The Collective.

Vote for the one you want to see, first one to get three votes wins.
No. 5628 ID: 1d375b

Termite queens would be interesting.
No. 5629 ID: 111075

termites and i think it might be interesting if we sort of add an alien concept to how they talk.Maybe? you know make them seem more interesting maybe make them talk like the Rachni or Hanar from Mass Effect?
No. 5630 ID: af3e6d

As always, I vote the Psycho Mantis history field-trip.
No. 5637 ID: 3be0dc

>See life through the eyes of the termite queens of The Crucible Of Valiance.
No. 5638 ID: a1ac99

Looks like termite watching has three, but I'm adding a fourth, just because.
No. 5639 ID: d1210a


-See life through the eyes of the termite queens of The Crucible Of Valiance. [CHOSEN]

Please name the Termite Queen
No. 5640 ID: 43d730

Guns of Brixton.
No. 5772 ID: ddad41

If our veteran Do6L survives this little encounter with madness, he's definitely going to need to be promoted to hero status, which means he will also need a name.

I propose: "Veteran of the Psychic Wars".
No. 5773 ID: a2583f

That is appropriate, though kinda long and unwieldy. Can we do something shorter?
I was thinking of a name having to do with freedom. This of course made me think of Freebird. I will now proceed to heckle the band with this song request until such time as they play it. And by that I mean I will now proceed to suggest this name at annoying intervals, until it is given to a character.
No. 5781 ID: a3b36a

Five Finger Death Punch (band)
Way of the Fist (by aforementioned band) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8XyvJ-4EXM
Mama Said Knock You Out(LL Cool J)
Strike of the Ninja (DragonForce)(We've already got Scars of Yesterday)
Beat it (Michael Jackson)
Chop Chop Master Onion (Parappa the Rappa) (Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind!)

Any others?
No. 5790 ID: a2583f

1> how does ant know what fingers is?
2> how yadda yadda fists is?
3> aw HELL no
4> pretentious, but I don't see why not
5> silly, but I don't see why not
6> wut?
No. 5791 ID: 43d730
Audio Masaya Matsuura - Chop Chop Master Onion's RAP - (2.83MB - 157 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 09 Chop Chop Master Onion's RAP.mp3 ) Length: 2:31

No. 5799 ID: 716eb0

How about Will to Power
I don't really care for the punching stuff naming angle.
No. 5804 ID: 836378

I propose for our veteran: Birth of the Hero

Alternatively, the band that plays it:

No. 5991 ID: d1210a

So, in case anyone is wondering what happened to Ant Quest, I am in the middle of crunch time for work and college, and don't currently have time for Ant Quest. I may later in the week, no guarantees. It is important to note, however, that once crunch time is over, Ant Quest will resume as normal. Thank you for your time.
No. 5992 ID: 731dcd

Ah, cool. Was getting a little worried, ahah. Thanks for the update, Bob, and good luck.
No. 6126 ID: d1210a

Okay, Crunch time has ended, updates should be back to normal.
No. 6130 ID: 25302b

Well um... I like this name best so far, but only at B- or so. Maybe something else impressive will happen we can key onto for name inspiration.
No. 6136 ID: 5d5878

It's not only punching, but now kicking is involved. Something martial-arty-sounding. I don't know what. Keeping with the Dragonforce idea would be okay, I guess.
No. 6214 ID: a3b36a

If we found more martial art insects, they could form a group. The Foo Fighters.

Perhaps lend a bit of strength from Metallica
The Frayed Ends of Sanity
Harvester of Sorrow
Battery (Might be apt. Either as in 'Assault and' or to plug into your gadgets.)
No. 6216 ID: 5d5878

I like the sound of Battery, what with the battering the enemy with Pack-A-Punch and shocking them with Thunderstruck.
No. 6233 ID: a3b36a

Idea. Load up the spidermom's webs with dry tinder. We now have someone that can light said tinder. Barbecued spiders, anyone?
No. 6239 ID: 632862

We'll have to discover fire first.

That may take a while.
No. 6242 ID: 5d5878

We already got levers. First the wheel, then we get fire, then we kill the spiders with our robotic ants.

No, I have not missed a step or two.
No. 6250 ID: d7df6a

Suggesting the name of Freak on a Leash for whatever the hell the growth eventually develops into.
No. 6251 ID: 43d730

Countering with 'The Red And The Black'.
No. 6260 ID: a1ac99

Something has occurred to me:
>lithe, fast flier of great size with swift and precise jaws
Wings of Destiny
>monstrously large yet lithe and slender form, with legs like spears and a terrifying fanged maw
Scars of Yesterday
>gargantuan, heavily armored flier, carrying a potent poison under it's thick armor

The similarities are there. I'm bracing for it to ask for one of our heroes.
No. 6265 ID: 1876d1

That seems to fit fairly well, but I think toxic is smaller than both of the other heroes. Actually, since Wings of Destiny was a TMBGs originally, I'm sure of it.
No. 6266 ID: 5d5878

Toxic's a mutated Merciless, which is smaller than a DO6L, which in turn is smaller than Scars, which is smaller than a TMBG, which in turn (I assume) is smaller than Wings of Destiny.
No. 6267 ID: 632862

>Fast flier
Flash or other speed-based food, perhaps wasps?
>spear-legged with monstrous jaws
This reminds me of that red spider we fought before, or just general warrior stuff.
>Huge, heavy armor flier
TMBG and that poisonous bee corpse come to mind here.
No. 6643 ID: 6164e0

So, there haven't been any posts in the Ant Quest Side Stories thread for a while.

If there is a lack of interest in it, the focus could be changed, but that would mean no more chance of refining Bohemian Rhapsody in The Crucible Of Valiance, or finding out more about the Primal Valiance user that followed the path Scars Of Yesterday and his squad followed when assaulting Guns Of Brixton's spire

So, let me know what you guys want to do about that.
No. 6644 ID: 6679d0

It was interesting to see the way your termite mind works, but it is sorta hard to deal with from a reading and story-telling perspective. That stark, flavor free style is best done in small chunks. It is a spice, not a main course.

Not that I don't want to see more of this story, but... not right now.
No. 6645 ID: af3e6d

I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't particularly like the termite thing.
No. 6648 ID: 9891a9

Yeah, the mechanical mind of the termites (while an interesting change) was too much of a change for me, and I'm sure others felt the same. Getting back to a relatable, organic feel would likely bring the posting and interest back.
No. 6650 ID: 6164e0

Okay then.

Choose one:

Follow a small yet savage and bloodthirsty ant tribe in Brocas Helm as it struggles for greater prominence in a world where they no longer understand the rules.

Follow The Beatles as newly matured members are ranked and assessed via a series of tests, competitive evaluations and tournaments prior to the Rite Of Apprenticeship. Bob Marley will be attending.

Follow the spider Slipknot as she tries to find a new home after her old home was razed by towering monsters.

See life from the perspective of an inhabitant of the ancient forest neither The Collective nor The Mandarinain Empire can claim. (cannot choose Mr. Crowley again)

Peer back through time at the Psycho Mantis Empire's bloody march across the land.

Observe the Battle Angels, a killer bee hive excommunicated from The Collective.

Vote for the one you want to see, first one to get three votes wins.
No. 6657 ID: babe2f

follow the beetles
No. 6658 ID: 9891a9

Since there will be an upcoming bit in the main quest with The Beatles and Scars, I vote we Follow The Beatles. It could give us some insight and ideas when it comes to training the apprentices in the future.
No. 6659 ID: f98e0b

Here they are...

The Beatles!
No. 6660 ID: 6164e0


Focus chosen:
Follow The Beatles as newly matured members are ranked and assessed via a series of tests, competitive evaluations and tournaments prior to the Rite Of Apprenticeship. Bob Marley will be attending.

Choose a path:

The Loyal (Apprentice: In The Way)

The Unyielding (Apprentice: Blind Guardian)

The Prodigal (Apprentice: Excalibur)

The Bold (Apprentice: Steppenwolf)

The Brutal (Apprentice: [UNNAMED])

The Judge (Guest Judge: Bob Marley)

Picking 'The Judge' will give a general feel of each of the apprentices, whereas picking any given apprentice allows a thorough, in depth look at their talents and traits, as well as any information gleaned on fellow apprentices.

Vote for the viewpoint desired.
No. 6663 ID: f98e0b

The Judge
No. 6664 ID: e7666f

No. 6665 ID: af3e6d

The Prodigal
No. 6666 ID: babe2f

the bold
No. 6667 ID: babe2f

can we name the bold holy diver? :D
No. 6668 ID: 6164e0

1 vote for Bob Marley, The Judge
1 vote for Excalibur, The Prodigal
2 votes for Steppenwolf, The Bold

Okay, I'm going to give a brief description of each of the three choices to get votes so far.

One sec.
No. 6669 ID: 6164e0
File 125938122480.jpg - (504.44KB , 1024x816 , Bob Marley.jpg )

The smallest living member of The Beatles, Bob Marley is nonetheless a respected member with fairly high status, thanks to his tactical prowess and debilitating rather than direct Valiance capabilities. This is the first time he will be playing the role of judge, and looks forward to the chance to nurture newly matured members into capable and competent warriors for hire.

Bob Marley has been gaining familiarity with the leader and founder of The Beatles, The Ace Of Spades, but at the expense of friendly relationships with several other elder members.

Personally, Bob Marley finds Metallica detestable, as in his eyes the mighty warrior causes far more grief than he is worth for The Beatles.

Next one incoming
No. 6670 ID: 6164e0
File 12593815874.jpg - (43.37KB , 679x481 , Steppenwolf.jpg )

One of the most defensively oriented of the current apprentices, Steppenwolf has become accustomed to her natural durability that borders on invulnerability, and shows little hesitation to engage in even the most reckless of pursuits, and keeps emerging relatively unscathed.

Particularly adept at erecting defensive formations from earth and mud, Steppenwolf does not perform as well as she would wish in the direct martial talent evaluations, but her boldness compels her to through herself at challenges again and again, without flagging or doubting herself. So far, this has led her to eventually succeed at any challenge given to her.

Excalibur incoming.
No. 6673 ID: babe2f

i think that Bob Marley would be the most interesting to play as
No. 6674 ID: 6164e0
File 125938485182.jpg - (328.68KB , 1000x1500 , Excalibur.jpg )

(Didn't feel satisfied with the prior summary, edited it)

Excalibur is technically not yet old enough to conventionally qualify for the Rite Of Apprenticeship, but his prowess at combat and his thus far perfect record in martial contests has led several members of The Beatles to suggest him as ready despite his dearth of age or experience.

While radically competent and level headed in battle, Excalibur frequently becomes bored and dismissive when confronted with lessons on tactics, and has issues learning from those he has bested in practice fights. Normally this would necessitate reprisals for insubordination, but the talent displayed in besting some of his teachers, all graduates of the same program he is part of, has led to several members to suggest his talent should be allowed to grow as far as it can.

Excalibur is distant from his fellow apprentices, partly due to the difference in age, and partly due to the envy directed at him from the more conventionally paced learners. Despite his air of disinterest in social interaction (made manifest in a cavalier, rude and arrogant behavior set) with his fellow apprentices, Excalibur does not stand alone by choice, and hopes to find someone to call his comrade.
No. 6675 ID: af3e6d

Still voting this.
No. 6676 ID: 6164e0

(Vote change noted)
2 votes for The Judge
1 vote for The Bold
1 vote for The Prodigal
0 votes for anyone else

Three (3) votes minimum are required to choose a path.
No. 6683 ID: a1ac99

The Judge.
No. 6692 ID: 6164e0

The Judge, Bob Marley chosen
No. 7722 ID: 6164e0

Just an FYI, I should be back to updating at least once a day now.
No. 7764 ID: 6faa8c
File 126104741753.jpg - (88.38KB , 792x705 , 1261047079993.jpg )

Heya Bob. Thought I might drop you a few bug fotos.
No. 7765 ID: 6faa8c
File 126104744856.jpg - (58.86KB , 980x705 , 1261047098113.jpg )

No. 7766 ID: 6faa8c
File 126104748046.jpg - (98.06KB , 626x705 , 1261047140013.jpg )

No. 7767 ID: 6faa8c
File 126104751180.jpg - (35.27KB , 457x433 , 1261047244407.jpg )

No. 7768 ID: 6faa8c
File 126104772866.jpg - (52.78KB , 800x601 , 1261047370692.jpg )

This one's got an artist's name in the corner.

By the way, I'll be trying to come up with Sta-er, Valiences for these fellows once I'm finished. Not many more.
No. 7769 ID: 6faa8c
File 12610477555.jpg - (130.55KB , 665x489 , 1261047469149.jpg )

No. 7770 ID: 6faa8c
File 126104779226.jpg - (129.45KB , 686x599 , 1261047546289.jpg )

No. 7771 ID: 6faa8c
File 126104781591.jpg - (49.95KB , 461x540 , 1261047584186.jpg )

No. 7772 ID: 6faa8c

This one has the Valience Run For The Hills, a powerful sonic attack that inspires incredible fear in its victims. Only those with specific traits (Merciless, Do6L, Heroes, and TMBG) are not automatically affected, and those who aren't must make a d10 roll. On a 2 or lower, they are shaken. This sonic assault is created with vibrations along those longass spines.

Not sure on this one...

Mr. Crowley controls the Valiance Breadfan, which, when used, exudes a sticky, thick coating. He usually uses it before battle, gaining a strong, thick sort of secondary hide.

Blind Gaurdian uses the Valiance Dead Sound of Misery. This valiance allows it several things: First of all, it is used as echolocation for the creature, as the name implies, it is without sight. Secondly, when focused, the ability works somewhat like a sonic Cry of the Brave, a powerful, short ranged shockwave that can be used at various levels with various dangers to both target and user. Lastly, the creature's trilling voice can be heard from great distances.

Knorkator has another sonic Valiance (perhaps these three should be grouped, idunno) that seems to do nothing initially... until creatures attempt sonic communication. The sound interrupts and scrambles communication to the point of incomprehension. If it's near enough, it can also disrupt pheremones.

I have no idea.

Dragula for a name, but I can't think of much more.

It's interesting to note, there are insects with bioluminescense, but not spiders. perhaps a light-based valiance?
No. 7936 ID: 6faa8c
File 126136424316.jpg - (88.34KB , 570x760 , 1261363173145.jpg )

No. 8000 ID: 45be60
File 126146221830.jpg - (2.02MB , 3648x2736 , PA100045.jpg )

Man, as long as we are throwing cool bug pictures around, I kept seeing these bastards around my house this fall. Always make me think of AntQuest. Sawblade back ridge, gold sparkly bits in the middle of the abdomen. Anybody know what they are?
No. 8001 ID: f21281

Assassin Bugs
No. 8003 ID: ba41e5
File 126146925911.jpg - (27.79KB , 348x267 , 2467.jpg )

These little guys are like STDs for bees.
No. 8013 ID: 6faa8c

No. 8020 ID: cd1ae7

Makes the crabs seem not so bad in comparison...
No. 8035 ID: ab04d4

I just got a really stupid idea. Bob, would it be possible to refine Roots of Chaos into some sort of a portable liquid which could then be utilized as a projectile weapon to lower enemy troops' morale with sporadic mutations and other nasty scary things? For example usage, maybe we could get to a high elevation with a flying bug or tree-climbing and then sprinkle it down on an enemy army or something, then watch the mutants destroy each other.
No. 8061 ID: 6164e0

Very much so it can. The only problem is that to do this, it needs to be crushed to extract the fluids within it. The problem is that any organic material that touches this fluid, other than the innards of the roots and the root's exterior, will also be mutated. So, if you could refine the material, and store it safely, then yes, you very much so could.
No. 10213 ID: 0d648e

The feck mate. What's up with Ant quest?
No. 10288 ID: a1ac99

So, we could, technically speaking, wait until we had a boost in intelligence and make something of a combination between an olive oil press and a foot-powered grain mill out of stone or tougher wood than the roots and just have a chute to funnel it away toward something to catch it in?
No. 10756 ID: 903f16

I'd also like to know what's going on with Ant Quest.
No. 10933 ID: 710bf8
File 126663924188.gif - (947.24KB , 200x150 , bump.gif )

Me too.
No. 12374 ID: 076099

Sooo... Is Ant Quest oficialy dead-and-buried?
No. 12395 ID: 9891a9

I'd wait on word from the creator before saying so, but he's been busy with other things I believe.
No. 12441 ID: d1210a


Currently, college and work are kicking my ass, so I only have time to run one quest, and I was starting to feel a distinct lack of creative juices concerning Ant Quest (a good bit harder than I had thought it would be to convert normal events into bug equivalents), so rather than grind it into the ground I am taking a hiatus from it.

Not what you wanted to here I imagine, but I won't run a quest if I lose the creative juice, so until I have both time and ideas for a bug setting, Ant Quest is on break.

I do, however, really, really want to come back to it, so I do intend to revive it, but be forewarned I intend to redesign it a bit when I do. For instance, all of what happened in Ant Quest transpiring in less than half a day? Clearly, I need to retool things.

Anyway, bottom line, Ant Quest is on leave 'till creativity/a new way to run it occur to me.

Know it's not the answer you want, but there is it.
No. 12451 ID: c05c83

At least it's a better answer than saying you won't continue it at all. Or just never giving an answer.
No. 13436 ID: 582d28

Works for me
No. 63860 ID: 5d98c3

Damned Spammers, getting our hopes up.
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