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File 167898848776.png - (276.33KB , 633x1292 , markup_clip_5571803234603730273.png )
139280 No. 139280 ID: 02d159

A thread for discussion related to O/I/R, because you guys seem to need it ahead of schedule.

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/O/I/R
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No. 139470 ID: 33c147
File 168038622182.png - (147.82KB , 470x544 , image.png )

No. 139471 ID: aa23a8

yes perfect thank you
No. 139472 ID: e770db

Hmmm, the O/I/R triangle logo is upright on the paperwork but upside down on the uniforms. Wonder if there is significance in that. First thing that comes to my mind is a reflection of the logo, which might fit well against a literal interpretation of "translation" like previously discussed.
No. 139480 ID: 99f29a

A normally-sized amtsvane, yes. Now recall the normal size of neumono and extend the thought process.
No. 139481 ID: 668d30
File 168062007509.png - (1.23MB , 2491x2491 , 5C43A19C-3BA9-49FE-803D-502519703244.png )

I thought it might be prudent to try and assemble some sort of meaning behind the colours and symbology utilised by O/I/R in case it ever comes in useful in the future.

First off: what got me to look into this was >>139472 pointing out the whole inverted triangle thing relevant to whether the logos are located on personnel or an object. I looked into it, and it turns out that the upright triangle is also utilised in whatever software is on the proprietary tablet that Kuvusha was issued in her room. I say it's proprietary because if you look closely, you can see that the home button has the upright triangle logo. This leads me to believe that the upright/downright triangle refers to branding and corporate property when upright whereas downright means personnel or subjects.

Moving on, the colours. So far, the only immediately obvious colours are the blue for Kuvusha, the red for Orro, and the yellow-orange for Ontinaz. My current theory is that this relates to the clearance levels that ontinaz mentions to Kuvusha in the very start of the quest. Specifically, she mentions that Kuvusha's current clearance level is two, and she says that that's a mistake, and that it should really be four or higher. Interestingly, if you look at the lanyard shown in the first panel, you'll see a desaturated red colour with a '2' on it. This leads me to believe that this desaturated red represents level two, and that the blue on Kuvusha's uniform represents any level of clearance above or including four. Ontinaz's yellow doesn't have any number I could readily assign but we can pretty safely assume that it's at least one tier higher than two since Kuvusha says that she's her supervisor. Also, going back to the tablet, you can see that there are two weird little triangles with colours we haven't seen yet. Whilst I initally thought that these could be represntative of clearance levels one and two, that wouldn't align with the desaturated red on Kuvusha's lanyard. That said, there could be some significance here given that one of them is inverted. Could just be I'm looking into it too deep... /shrug

Finally, there's the uniforms. The skinsuits that Kuvusha and Ontinaz are wearing are identical save from the colours and the fact that Ontinaz has a sick-ass lab coat over the top of hers, as well as what appears to be some kind of stylish turtleneck or colour-matching scarf underneath. My current theory is that the jumpsuit is mandatory women's uniform (will expand on the gender thing with Orro in a minute) but that you're probably allowed to accessorise on top of it. The other version (the one that orro wears) is a two-piece shirt and shorts with a markedly different but still sensually form-fitting design.

I say it's the women's uniform because Orro doesn't wear one. That said, it could just be that Orro gets a different set of clothes 'cuz hes a subject. If we ever meet another researcher who's not a girl, maybe we'll get to see a different jumpsuit. Who knows. Another detail is that the armband on each jumpsuit's left arm shares one specific thing - the triangle on it has been drawn in #000000 black, as opposed to the #3D3D3D grey of the jumpsuits. This is consistent with every depiction of the triangle so far /except/ for the triangles on the back of the jumpsuits, which are coloured accordingly to the clearance of the wearer. That said, you may have noticed that orro's red triangle is on the /front/ of his shirt.

This can mean only one thing:

Orro has his shirt on backwards.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

(image contains my mad scrawlings and screencaps and could be useful as reference material when reading through the above essay)
No. 139497 ID: 6a4188

When I saw the login window on the tablet, I figured the up and down pointing triangles are buttons for window maximize and minimize, given they're on the same bar as what I assume is a "X" button to close the window. So I think you overthought their meaning.

Also, in your pic, in the blown up parts of the tablet screen, in the lower left did you show it to point out just the black triangle branding of the "home" button, or that plus the white triangle over horizontal rectangle icon in the lower left of the screen? Because I'm pretty sure that icon in the lower left of the tablet screen is a button to pop out a on-screen keyboard.
No. 139504 ID: 273c18

Okay so 002 was Ketza. Totally forgot about that species tbh. Don't remember anything about them needing a special diet either.

I guess 006 could be Scellor after all, then. Or Space Doobie if we're being silly.
No. 139505 ID: aa23a8

Oh geez. I uh. I should probably note that while there is a size-chart being referenced, I'm otherwise just eye-balling the size of the characters.

Anyone who's read DR will know that sizes can be a bit loosey-goosey, so I wouldn't look into them for any Hard Facts.
No. 139506 ID: 71fb6e

yeah, that's probably what the blue and green triangles are for. I knew it was a stretch, but I thought it best to include it.

Hadn't thought about they keyboard, though. That's interesting.
No. 139510 ID: dee951

So what's this species and whose quest are they from and what are some details about them?
No. 139511 ID: 5d9787

I think the ketzas were created by Slinko.
No. 139516 ID: dee951

So could anyone give an overview of Ketzas, and some educated guesses as to how Ketzas probably work in this quest in particular?
No. 139521 ID: 99f29a

they're feathery guys with some magic. fire's common but maybe not the only type iirc. the magic may be related to their setting so it's hard to say what'd happen in a different setting. absent social context that's the important stuff, individual stuff's probably more relevant here.
No. 139522 ID: e770db

Ketzas are from Slissa Quest, one of Slinko's quests.

They have fire magic. I am not aware of magic suppression techniques possible to use against ketzas so I am not sure what the dietary comment is referencing. Also I am not aware of any electrical magic unless the organization is being confused by extreme static electricity. Get Yaku an ESD bracelet or maybe some heel straps.

Really don't know anything about that dietary thing. All I can imagine is keeping him so lightly fed that he can't think straight but I hardly think that is what they imply.

Also ketzas are generally fairly small, closer to the low end of neumono, which seems to indicate so far that the subjects are enlarged by roughly the same scale.
No. 139523 ID: 5d9787

You're almost correct.
The male and female roles are not exclusive to animals so sperm and ovum don't define the concept. A gamete specialized to travel toward a receiver is considered male and a gamete specialized to receive a traveler is considered female. Pollen, for example, is very different from sperm but it's still classified as a male gamete.
Hermaphrodite is not a sex, it's both sexes. Neither is the lack of sex a sex. A true third sex would require a third type of gamete.
No. 139525 ID: 273c18

>sperm and ovum don't define the concept
Male gametes are called sperm. An organism that produces sperm is male. Yes, it is a bit circular, but it boils down to sperm being small and moving and ovum being big and stationary, and that defines sex. Pollen isn't sperm, technically, more like a container for it. The fine details of how pollen works are not important, and it's much faster to just call it plant sperm.

You're trying to detach the terms sperm and ovum from the concepts of giving and receiving and then attach giving and receiving to the sexes but unfortunately that doesn't work. This isn't Golden Treasure: The Great Green.

For example, fish. Eggs are deposited, then sperm is sprayed towards them. The giver of sperm does not send the sperm to a receiver; the ovum is outside the body of the female at that point.

In a way though you're correct. Sperm are smaller than ovum and thus have to go inside the ovum, and therefore they have the motive force. The giver is the sperm, the receiver is the ovum! It follows that the sex that has sperm is the male, and the sex that has ovum is the female, regardless of where the sperm and ovum meet, because giving and receiving are being performed by the gametes... but it's an overcomplicated definition. I think I'll stick with the scientific one.

>hermaphrodite isn't a sex
That is excessively pedantic.
No. 139526 ID: 5d9787

I mean the gametes themselves. The ovum receive the sperm. A sperm have a rotating tail for locomotion, it swim toward a stationary ovum. Pollen contain antherozoid that move by growing toward the stationary oosfera.
Even lifeforms that rely on large quantities for the unlike chance-meeting of gametes in open water or carried by the wind still have male gametes capable of moving a few centimeters to reach the female gamete.

The process can be diferente but we identify the same roles. We would still identify aliens as male and female, no matter how different from us, by their gametes specialization.
If, for example, an alien organisms were to produce a large gamete that propel itself like a balloon toward a smaller stationary gamete we would identify the larger gamete as the male.

>That is excessively pedantic.
We are talking about definitions, everything you and I wrote in the last few posts is pedantic.

It doesn't make sense to call hermaphrodite a third sex. It can only exist if the specie have the male and female gametes produced by the same individuo, so this individuo can't be classified as either sex. You need the concept of two distinct sexes to even define the therm "hermaphrodite".
No. 139527 ID: 273c18

>We would still identify aliens as male and female, no matter how different from us, by their gametes specialization.
Yes, which is what I said at the start. Those who have sperm are males, and those who have ovum are females.

>We are talking about definitions, everything you and I wrote in the last few posts is pedantic.
Do you know what excessive means?
Bread and meat are individual foods, yet a sandwich is also a food.
No. 139538 ID: d12415

Oof, first time in this disthread...

Sorry about that... tbh I wasnt sure what sort of tone the quest was going to set so idk.

Also, I am sorry for possibly unknowingly instigating the physics trashfire here...
No. 139540 ID: d12415

So, the setting seems sort of similar to SCP or the FBC in Control. Based on this, what is the end-goal here? Are we supposed to study the subjects scientifically and psychologically and use fancy sensors and instruments (I could break out the useless knowledge I have learned in Engineering College :D), or is that not really the direction this is supposed to go? Like, I could science the shit out of this, and if that is the route this is going, then that would be cool, but if not, that is also cool. I just kind of want to know what sort of mindset I should have.
No. 139541 ID: e770db


My expectation is that the quest includes some thinking about the consequences of the translation process, but it is primarily on Kuvusha's end about essentially being a giant alien therapist. It's a character piece about a small character who has no idea what they are doing trying to help and learn about a bunch of giant aliens. (I sort of half-expect that the organization is using her to gauge public reaction and how well that sort of integration will go.)

Aside from that, the bare rooms and seeming focus on the requisitions make me think it might have a tinge of a needs-meeting sort of gamey-ness to it? Building functional living quarters and offering appropriate amenities, maybe somewhat like the sims or like animal crossing villagers?

I can't be sure of the intention though; I just am pretty sure the hyper-realism people are obsessing over is not really the point. It's worth thinking about what translation is or does, but you shouldn't expect the aliens are just going to suddenly collapse into a bloody mess or that Kuvusha is going to contract some impossible alien disease.
No. 139543 ID: 5d9787

This obsession with the translation process seem sillier to me than any talk about realism. The process has yet to be described and will inevitable be arbitrary techno-magic. Since the rules were not established there is no point in speculating. It might not even be relevante for the plot beyond it's role as backstory element for the aliens.
No. 139545 ID: d12415

I actually didn't (just) mean translation, I meant more just studying in general. You know, how their biology works, how empathy works and what it is, how Ketza (ketsa?) magic works, what they are made of, how they are big or how we are small, where they came from, if they are made of matter as we know it, etc. I mean, it would be neat if ket(z/s)a magic comes from some sort of subatomic particles interacting and forming in exotic ways causing them to be able to manipulate more conventional matter in seemingly impossible ways, but that is also diving pretty deep as well.

Idk, realism, and forcibly trying to rectify the clearly impossible with reality (especially when it dives into the more theoretical and speculative stuff where you can be more creative) is interesting to me, but I also don't want to derail the quest by going too far into that sort of stuff if that is not the intention.

I get the vibe that turning it up to eleven right away like the guy earlier probably isn't the way to go, which is why I was asking Typo how far or how little they wanted us to go in that direction,

and if they say they don't want any of the speculative science at all cuz that isn't the kind of quest they want to run, I am fine with that.

But if Typo does want us to dive into the speculative science at least to some degree, I also don't want to miss out on the opportunity.

The quest seems neat regardless and I plan to follow it either way.
No. 139550 ID: aa23a8

We are very much too early in the quest to be discussing end goals!

That being said, I welcome any efforts at "scienc[ing] the shit out of this".
No. 139551 ID: 4bb4df

Considering we are in the tiny cat tridenik version of some kind of cute alien boyfriend panopticon full of cute alien boyfriends who have been infused with a certified Universal Translator, I'm fairly certain the science will be both very soft and very fluffy.
No. 139552 ID: d12415

inb4 lizard
No. 139557 ID: fcb61d

So I appear to have broken a tooth. This may or may not delay updates, depending. Sorry about that.
No. 139568 ID: 5d9787

Be careful with root infections, those can be persistent.
If you have bruxism you have to put an acrylic prosthesis. It's annoying because it will break but if you grind against metal or porcelain your real teeth will break.
Good luck with your treatment.
No. 139569 ID: cce6c4

After meeting with my dentist, I'll have to get a crown.
No. 139570 ID: d12415

How regal! Lucky you!

but seriously, hopefully everything goes well and you are better soon
No. 139573 ID: 2aa5f0

better than a root canal though it is a bit annoying having to wear the temporary crown while they make the real one.
No. 139580 ID: d12415

So here is a weird question: Is there an SCP foundation in Kuvusha's universe? Like, not the organization itself, but the internet stories. If so, what is it called? Just wondering cuz it would be useful to draw parallels that Kuvusha would be more (relatively) familiar with.

Personally, I still think that is where we are.
Two wings over is probably the wing with all of the supernaturally affected alarm clocks or some shit.
No. 139616 ID: ec6d20

Oh you hear that? Ring ring? Somebody get the phone - because I CALLED IT!
No. 139625 ID: d12415

Congratulations, have a sticker.
No. 139674 ID: aa23a8

Hey, sorry for the slight delay. Didn't get the update written as quickly as I would have liked, but it's coming soon.

Also had the first appointment for this today, finally.
No. 139675 ID: 8f9bc4

Oof... good luck with your teeth.
No. 139728 ID: 30d56c

hi i am extremely sick

more quest coming soon though
No. 139729 ID: 443b73

I hope it doesn't have anything to do with an infection on a cracked root. This can be a complicated problem to solve and it's much more dangerous than people realize: an isolate infection pocket inside your bone constantly contaminate your blood and can cause heart attacks.
No. 139730 ID: cce6c4

no this is separate from the tooth
No. 139739 ID: 3936ea

Turned out to be strep. Next update delayed accordingly while I wait for my brain to work again.
No. 139741 ID: 2aa5f0

just getting the crapped kicked out of you by life right now huh?

Well hope you make a quick recovery. Being sick is never fun.
No. 139757 ID: cce6c4

Shooting for the weekend to get an update written. Hopefully this'll be the last interruption for a while.
No. 139810 ID: 5d7c39

I have a quick question about the quest. What is the MC’s race current tech level? As in are the basically modern day earth’s level of tech, closer to world war 2 levels of tech, more advanced than us? Mostly asking since I’ve been assuming that their around our level of tech and have yet to achieve long range space flight.
No. 139864 ID: cce6c4

I apparently cannot catch a break and had my wallet stolen over the weekend. Next update should still be coming soon but is already delayed from when I was hoping to get it written.
No. 139866 ID: 042079

You doing ok?
No. 139892 ID: 8f9bc4

Just want to point out that the research notes explicitly say they had to build a voice synthesizer for moths, so it's not something Kuvusha has to discover or anything.

...she's already forgotten everything in those research notes by now, hasn't she.
No. 139916 ID: cce6c4

Hey all — going to take a little break for a couple weeks. The last, like, two months' worth of updates have been harder to write than they should be and also chronically behind schedule so I'm going to see if this helps.
No. 139921 ID: 8f9bc4

Take care, Typo. Thanks for doing this.
No. 139955 ID: 242107

As if on cue, I'm now experiencing my third extended power outage in the last year.
No. 139970 ID: 443b73

Maybe you are cursed.
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